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Full text of "The Spirit of the public journals ... Being an impartial selection of the most exquisite essays and jeux d'esprits .."

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"toarvarb CoIIeae libran? 



CLASS OF 1871 



or THE 















fJllNTSD FOR ii^MES ftfDOWAY^ NO.- 1^0^ !^ICCASItX.V 

- 181 V "- 

T 3S3.7 



APRIL 0,1921 



& Got NKLL, Printer, 
l4ttle Queen Street, London. 



J\S the commencement of this Pubncation was 
nearly coetaneous to th^ French' Revolution^ and 
as its main object was to record the ingenious essays 
and satires to which that event gave birth; it has 
been thought expedient and proper to terminate the 
present Series with the conclusion of the war. For 
wit and humour the Eighteen Volumes that have 
now been published may boldly challenge comparison 
with any former production of the kind. 

A few complete Sets of this Work, in Eighteen 
Volumes, still remain on sale ; and Subscribers, 
whose Sets; are not perfect, may complete them by an 
early application, — ^The price of each volume is 75, iii 

A Z 


LxAiMSN Tnumpbale for the Cbmmeiieemeot Gf the 

Year 1814 — — — 1 

Chronology fixtraonliDarf — — » 

Letters from a Tourist — — - — 14 

£pigrams> 10, 60, J2, fff, lOZ, Ug, \G6, 186, 706^ QM, 

270, 277, 282, 295 
Spigram on Napoleon*ii Flight from the FieM of Battle I6 
A Petition to Parliament, supposed to be wfUten bf 

Dr. Dromgoo}e' — — — ib. 

On Waltzing — — —17 

€luodltbets, lately eome ever from New Britamola, 

Old Newfoandtand, Arc, -^ — 18 

A Song of Triamph and Peace — — I9 

Impromptus, 2(>, 96, 102, 103, 115, 11^, 141, 186, 194,. 

205, 292, 300, 323 
.Impromptu on reading the Proclamation of Davoost, 
in whid) Butehers and Chimney-sweepers are 
exetupted from the general Order given to those 
who could not lay in a Stock of l^rovisions for 
siK Months, to leave Hambargb -— 20 

Dido et Gerundia — — — 21 

A a Foggian^ 

VI c'oNTEMTS, ^ 

Foggiana — -— * -- ~ 21 

The Ojp.era_ ISu-.^r^-- **"".. ^^^ • -r-- - ,5ti 
Tranblatioii of arapjei secretly ^rculaied in the South 

of France _^. — — . ^-- 25 

Tlie Visit uGtumeS — — — ao 
A Loyal Effusion, on the Courier attributing the late 

abundant Harvest, and the Overthrow of the 

French at Moscow, to the vigorous Exertions of 

the Prince Regent and his Counsellors — 32 

The Oscars — — — ^ ib. 

1 oie.s past, present, an^ltocome: a Rhapsody — » 35 

Fr^'nch Enthmia6(pa : aa lieroi^ Favce^ — 38 

Buonaparte /— -»-.•. -r, . v — 41 

On the late Report of the Death of Buonaparte -<« 42 
Translation of Buonaparte's Speech to his ^ena^, 

Dec. 30, 1813 — » ^ — — ib. 

•iPie Lord Chancellor's Disorder — — 43 
A Great Maa below Ground «— ^44 

jDoUerQl-catching — — r— 45 

BotahiqaJ Presents —7. — . — . 47 
Jipistle, from the Emperor Napoleon, to J're4erxck 

ILU^ ui oaaobf — •— ^"^ *»* 

aaieRat)eoftheLock ~ ' ^ ^ "^ pf 

Storings of the Poor in the MetvopolU '^ w^ 
Epistle from Miss Betty Martin t^ &6a»Ki«abeth 

EokkstlAsli^ IDttChiag the .lale Festivities, a 4. 

Tmaky mi soadry other Matters^ e£ viUl lav* 

: pouance and great national Momeol — Go 

To: Lo»4 Byron • — — — W 

The Three Foetastea — . — '— ib. 

Hteion of John Frost and Miss Snow -r — 03 

EiiBt Bulletin of the Grand Army — — ^ 
Sonnet to Laid Thurlow, en his Poem of " Moon- 

; light" — — — — 67 
Lines on the preaiftt nior»Bntous Contest between 
. Buenaparte and the four allied Powers of Austria, 

. RiaAsia, Prussia, and Sweden — -— . i^ 

On the ptMBiitBll^ssy 1^ ^ 69 
e«raphMse of Hamlefs celebratf^ SoWpquy, '* To be, 

ior.«ottobe" — .. — "3. '**• 
^ ' , , Dupery 



Dupery — . - — • m^ ' .»i^ Sg 
^Igranron a lat^ Sebtbnor of Nioe-Mkmths ImpH* 

soament , - ,i^ . •« — 72 

A legat Quibble — ~ ~ 7^ 
Biographical Memeir of Helea: for the Use cf 

Sdiools »-^ • iLm — ib. 

To Lord Byron -:* .u^ ~ ?* 

On a late Representation of Shjleck — -^ ib« 

The Pohlic Funds — • - -« — 76 
Baromeiei^ Melddtamefi Peadulomsy and Waftn- 

ing-pans — • — - :-u 81 
Projected Union *-*- • -i*- —84 
Irregular Ode to the Ex-Empress Josepbinei nvitb M 

inttiginar^ Present of bbtahtc Plants. Bf ibe 

. Opposition Poets tripartite j»* ■ **-» SJT 

Dramatic Coiiyenatlon, <^ —4 .^ 8d 

GA theieportedBeKh pfBnensrparte — 94 
lams 4S» the monstrous Hoax pra^s^ tipen the 

Pa51if^ oii McMay, die 2Ut of Febraary 

• 1814 — -* ri*- -^ .95 

Sebnet to my oW Seots -*- ^— - : X- ib. 

f aa yoimg Lady • - -^ ▼ -*- t •« lb^ 

Im^roniptii; od seeing Lady B « ^ . w alaiost naked 96 

Sttinet to Nothing . -^ . .^ -^ lb. 

On. a pddr GtentienMn marrying -a Lady of Qoalilj tbi^ 

Sporting Offers — — •^ Sf 

A dry J«^'e^-on a •bad Preacher -— -^ ib» 

Masquerade Bpigratn' ' oi-* ./;-*,' . *^ Hk 
Burning of a Scribbling Mill . — .^98 

The Two Bracelets _ .*- .-^ -gO 

Inrt:riptfon for the Tonnant Man- of War ^^ idr 

Advantage of^ Silence i-** — ^ — * ib» 
Impromptu, by the late' Mrs. Tickell» after parHBing 

Hayley's " Triumphs of Temper" -i- ib. 
Lex Tiritonis ; or, an appropriate iHinislniieDl fer the 

late- Stock-jobbing Imj^osition -^ '^^ ib, 

Theatrieal Impromptu -*• .;— « «i^ 103 

A Tale from Ausonios, itith a Moral iixxii Itowser ' 

«— Exch^mgd ts tio^^ Robbeiy ^m . •^ jh. 

Explanation of a now Military Plu^ase ; :«-^ 104 

A 4 Speech 

SDeech<rf'l1ie King of Rome .-i . . «^ .1^ 

Voornam Delish StM^b 0%t n* hinnble loiitfllloli 

' of Lord B— ^*s Greciaa Sbng — ««• - 1O0 

A GraoMiftnan^s A4vio8 — — «-* K9 

A.PUD — .^ ^ — ^^ ib. 

A Hint to Servants to obey Orders — — ib* 

Uncle Joe's Prodamation to ibe good CilMeii» of • 

Paris — ._ ^ — 108 

The TVranfs Fato — _ — 109 

The Stock Exchange Hoax.— Sergeant Wood'^ft^ 

port — — — — 110 

^BooflBparte's last Address to his Friends and Sol> 

diets — — — -^ 1141 

Written nnder a Notice wfaicb is affiled to the "Wall 

- of the Ad J — — *— /I17 

^Epita|>h on Napoleon Buonaparte, erected ea H" * ' * 

■'■^ Donghil] in the Island of Elba, ISlff --» ' IbJ 

The Fail of a Great Man — * ^^ ^iltf 

Aa Epigraesmiitic on a married Coaple bi h^h.Lift*; ^ 

whose Hours are saiid to be some^i^at diisi>» 

miter — — — . • . -fci ib. 

Imprompta on the new French Constitution **^ *-!§ 9* 

Epigram, to , oa his comparing bis Mistnnirto^-^ 

the Evening Stir — — . «-. w}b; 

Blue Stoekings «— «t-. 119,192 

tetiter from Calais — — . — . 128 

Sidney Food — — • ^' — r- 131 

Lines from a Son to a Motber, open too great an 

^ Exposure of her Bosom — — ib. 

A modern Assembly — — — ib. 

Tfce Retort Simple — — — 132 

Ot the Hoax lipon Royalty, whereby ft w<ir. impu- 
dently pretended that Her M— y bad given 
^ two thousand Ponods in aid of the Subscription 
for the suffering Germans — -^136 

D)urt Apparel — — — 13? 

The Ape and .the Fox : a Fable — —140 

Iinpromptu on a Bankrupt lately turned Preacher 141 

On observingsome very hne Arms on a Lady's Carriage ib« 
Second Letter from a yoUng Lady at Calais to h^r 

Friend in Kent — — — 145 


^ ^- 

On: Mc.KeaD*8 Petfoanance in llie^Pliy «f' '^idba^^**' / » " 

fioonetftand Breecsbes — . «-« ^ «-n • ib« 

FrqgmeBt of an Oriental Epic Poero^^anMed, t ^e o J ^p . 

Haad-grenades-5 or^ the dobroiu Duet of Sum- ' , 

iieK> and Zeman Sbah . **^ . . t-^- 130 

TlieBa4tleofilieI»k$lands - ^. ^ 151 

Tothe Ladies of Kagland — ~' 152 

Napoleon in Elba — . — ^ - JM, 13$ 

Lord BjFfOn's Epic Paeni «-- *— - IM 

Th« Royal Hoax — — . — - 158 

The D^Jfie of Cornwalle his Crafty to his Wi^ :< il^ 

AcfSart of an Epic Story, in macaronic Verse ; sup- 

peaed to a]lade ip certain Pfgceediafi at White's 
• r Ooh — — — ~ ifii 

TheG^odOldTtaaes ^ - . ^ -^ t6!| 

An afiectionate Epistlej shortly staled ^ . ..i. ib. 
Sf^gram^-Platoffr Jeti d*£sprit— knpronvptn/ 00 

seeing the iltostrioas Pi4iice Platoff^, Heimaa of ] 
. the- Cossacks, take his Dc?grce of LL. D. in the 
/*s TlieatreatOxfbrd* June ^14 — -i^ 16$ 

l^ftd&hips of Lord Cochrane ^ . .^ ; . — . ity^ 

The Bo^kieUers* Case — -<- ^ — l^l 

l«ttve.--«By Dr. Svntax — — — ^71 

Toiht^Oidand New Friends of the Africa^ iSlave 

: Trade — — — -*- 173 

Thf Two ionmals — — — ibi 

The Efnperor ^insido the Bank, aipdr John Boll and his 'i 
• Wife outside — . -^ - .^.175 

Buonaparte in Elba — -^ , _ jyQ 

Univer^y Effusions burlesqued — — lyy 

Prince Blttcber and tlie British Ladies . /— ib^ 

Epitaph on a notorious Liar > . — . ♦-^ 379 

P<x>r Mr. M-th— n — ^ --, . 179 

y indication of Oxford Oratory -^ . ^-r • 180 

An Appeal from ot»eof the cream-coloured Horses - IS* 
Yeises — — *-*.• ^ • , •^^ isa 

The Toper's Logier . -^ ~ . -^ jg^ 

The Two. Vereran* r -p^ ,. .»-«..„. . ., .•^.^ iij. 
Impromptu jnactibed on a Portrait of Al^ac^nder of. . 

Russia — — — , -^ . 186 


Epigram^ m Lord B- ■ ... h lisnag tM honortiy 
Degree of Doptof of Lawi conferred m him at 

Q]Lford — -,- ' ib. 

The BlowingB of Ptetee — .-» ib:. 

Squib .. — . — — **- ib. 

i:iie.Tail of the Courier — . ^ -»- 197 

Naval Tactics -^ , ^ ^ l8B 

The Graod Entertaioment . m^ . — 19O 

BhipNews — — ' ..p^ 192 

Official Bulletin — .^ . ^ 19S 

cV Repoct — . .^ . -. -^ ' ib. 

Song .i^ -^ .^ . .^ 1^ 

Domestio NoDiiaation «~ . .i^ ...*-. igQ 
Naval News Es^traordioaiy -^ .^^197 

P«i>lic Notice — ^ .. .*^; 200 

Seipeniiae Nanmacbia — • . '*^ ' . ; p^i 1K$Y 

Ttie Three Parks : aoewTrii> «- ^* a04 

The Qootest a4iU coatinued — . --^z Ml 

Naval Initelligeiice Emraordinaiy -» •. •«^> A>. 

Laudabte Bconootj- — . : -^ ' • -^^ 20(5 

SJiip News ; — — » ..^ ib. 
Naval Intelligence Extra -<- — > • fi07 

The Hyde Park Hoax — • . — - -* 308 

Nautical — , .. — . . — ♦ . , ^-^ . 21© 
The LaU Lay of the Swa^ of th# Serpeniino^ oO tho> ' 

•[ Arcival of the Lilliput Fleet — ' «««* 211 

An Answer to the Impertinence of a silly Swan Ib. 

The Stocks and tbo FiUorj ~ -^ ib. 

Nobodjc. — — — — 212 

State of Prance — — * ~ ib. 
On the Appearance of Lord Erskkie id the Cbaraetsr 

of ao old Gipsy at Watier*s Masquerade -^ 219 

On the Hippomaoia — — -«► ib. 
From a Crcntleman, on sending his Man John to 

borrow a Boot«jack — -— ib. 

Queries for Quidnuncs -^ — -^^ ib. 

Naval Intelligence - — — — 221 

PragresS'Of a Mkiiater of State^ described in* a Letter . 

. from Lord A, to Lord X. — . — 222 

.A Letter 

A Letter fspH^ aa.OfBc^r lop boafd ^^ at ^JUufa; 
of .the Fleet jaowcidiog' in. tlM fieq^tiac^-^aa* 

dreued to bis Fxiend in London — • ^ «^ '233 

Jgnathaaand the Uon — «^ . . *^' 335 

The Serpentine Sea _ .— — 236 

Coiintess of fiuckiughamshire's Breaktet ' -^ 238 
Parvum Parva decent : being a I^efence of the Pbrk * * 
Fleet and the Man that manages k, against pert 

CaviJlers ._ — •-«- S39 

The Serpentine Fleet — — — ib. 

At Home. For the Benefit of the Country -* 240 

The A^)habet for iSi4 — — — 241 
On PlatofT and Blucber being made Doctors of Ci^l 

Law — — ,-, . — 242 

AU the Booths in the Fair . _ • ~ ift. 

Ecooomy* recommended bj Sir WiUiam Petty - "^ 244 

The whple Fjeet fovBdered> Mid wonderful^ sastorad; ib. 

Que of .the Ships hauled ashore by Accident «^ ib. 

A Nautical Phenomenon --y — » • . -*- 4i. 
An Epigram on a Diagram of Euclid, called ** Bona 

Asininus" . -^ «^ .•-^; ib. 

Jubilate. — _ . — ~ a. 
To a Sailor who expressed som* Dislike to gcnag on ' 

boajd the Fleet on the Serpentine •— 245 
Pbtitions ^ . -*- « . .^ 246 
The Reheanal of the Raree Show -- — 248 
A Bull •:-. — -• *— 250 
PaCiiotie- Paradoxes — ^^-r- *- 251 
Protest of the Swans _ — -w 202 
Cantion, copied from a Board stuck up near die. Ser- 
pentine Bi\xr — — -a- 25d 
Log of the Proceedings of His Majesty's Ship Leria** 
, than, James Sham, Esq. Commander^ from the 
latii to the l6th of July — — ifau 
The Soliloquy of a Sailor, with one Eye, one Asm, 
. and one Leg, as he limped tkrov^. St. James's 
Park .-^ — — •*-* 264 
Hyde Park Scandal • f— . . • *- -i»^ ib. 
A Placa Wanted *-:--,> . ~ 255 




Liiiea addrmpd to Mr. Sd M yj 'tke Aeronaut^ by the 

Jobben oo tbe Stock Exchange — — 256 

iMd oi thp Bfidpple, Capt. Y b. fixUact^rdk j 

Despatch from Capt. Y**— h> fate of tlie R^^ ~ ' 
-^ pole Frigate, to John Wrison, Esq. SecreUry o/T -' 
the Lilliputian Admiralty --^ -^^Z 25^ 

TheQchsers; a Dialogae — «^ a^ 

The exclndiDg System — — . ~ 2dl 

Lines by Lord B — — -^264 

Tlie Serpentine Ocean and Fleet, &c. — 2^ 

A Case ^ — — 267 

The Niaomacbi^ — — '— ... ib. 

Patent Snuif^ exploded ; or, a Hint to 4he Com- ^ 

missioners at Elba — : . . — . ^ /•-', ^^ 
Epigram, written before the Railing was set op in Su,' 

James's Park, to separate tbe Part alloiterf tP'* • .0 
^ the' I\ircba8ers of Tickets from that reserved for 
the Public — — ~ J2?<l 

.Lost, Stolen, or Mislaid . — . ,-^^2?^ 

An Accooot of tbe Naval Action which took pl^i^^r 
>' 'm Hyde P^k on the First of August * j x --^ r 1^ 
Jettd'Esprit — _ . ..^ :^ 

Squibs and Crackers — '} — * . .: , — /.-."V 
All £prst]e from a young Lady to her- Sister Jenny ,c. • > 
gifing an Account ot the Orand Jubilee --• o 274 

B]tfgraifr on the Drowning (^.a .Kitten from aPsaia?.. * ' •; 
chute, in the Serpentine River,, fit the graai 
* national F^te, Aug. 1, 1814 -^ .'^27? 

description hv Lord Castlereagh, for t^at; ppFuioal 

In^lid IJff. €^. Canning — . . . .rr;* ^ ib. 

A'Letter mis^tive from the Right Hon. G — T— s'-r-j^- -, 

' to aA Illustrious Female — •^->' ibt 

Epistle from the Right Son, G.'C, ^o Lord G. l..,G> 2/9 

Mylk^lLey'r ~ . — ,i — ^^^ 

Epigrams: ' ' ,• , . ^j 

■- OoLord Cochrane , — . — »., ,-!?-; 4S^ 

* • Oo'the Re-esta'blishtnent of the Inquiskion r^^ iU 

'^'- Go the Jong ^peech^s of the; Members of tfee 

* ft^ench Bbuse of Deputies, about the Li- 

be][ty of iBq Presa -r- , — ib. 

..'1 .5 :»'*' ' ■.-.■'' ■•'•., Epigram 


the Continuance of the Fair in flyde P^rk . •--•,.., 382 
i Chcdrchjrard Reflection : . , '— ; -rt- M3' 

Diis Misanthrope . — . / ' — . «»^ jfat 

Lha addressed to Mrs. Henry John— n» on ber D|s- . . r 

appointment in not ascending with Mr. Sadler 

in his Balloon, on the Day. of* the jQbitee -— ib« 
the Statesman that gave me a Place. Altered, since 

the Death of Mr. Pitt, from •' The pilpjt that .. 

weather'd the Storm/* by thf ^ighjt. Hon* .G». 

c— ^,m:p. — — , — 284 

bathe Fire-works being let off on the N^bi. the ( 
Midri was at fbU — . , -p- > r-* . 283- 

Oo MHi^ Peter Andrews . . — -^ ; ib.. 

New Charitable Institotion ' *- ^^ ib. 

Ahdison to Buonaparte — — — ^ 29Qf 

ImpromptQ on the Trial of Robert Mercier^ the. .i 
Daridng-maitcr, for Crim.Con. . . — i 292 

Ifi^Falrewell : ^dreised to Field-marshal Blucher . ib4 
j^ properly respected . — — —.29?^ 

TW Alexander the Crreat^ Emperor of aU the Rossias 2^ 
On the new Sanday Newspaper^ called the William 

Pitt — , —^ _ ^ Jte^ 

Epigram: Revenge; or^ Fatherly E^iiKiness t- 295* 

Grand Military Dinner — ^ -«- —p. ib. 

liV Prediction v.erified, -T- , — ^- . 3fl8T 

On the Removal of the Stage Pillars from Pnvy Lane , 

Theatie, 1814 .j-r- . *— . .— 2fl». 
The Mistake : a true Story ^ — .<^. ib.; 

The Chastity of Joanna — . -- 800 

Itnpromptn/Dnreading Joanna Soothcott^s InVit^tioa ; 
to. the Bishops to come and examine hei . — » ib. 
Xte the late Jubilee , — .?—'..— ib. 

Oathe Female Fir^reater in Bond Streiet ^^ SOI. 

The HumaV S^amarwier^ . !, — . --r . ib» 

On the Hotfentpt Yienns joining the fashionable Bar- 
ties a^ P^ris "^ — — — 308 
A Countryman's Observation on the Face of Mr. 
'-' Pitt'ji Statue in Guildhall bdag toroed^ ip look- 

• * . . ., PaSi 

ix)|^ aside from that of Lord Chatlmm^ wbich 
stands direcflf opposite — — 304 

TSliam Vicks ; or^ Do as other Peot^ do: a Cockney 

Trie — — • — -^ iK 

Legal Sporttng — — 3W, 306; 315 

Cheap Times ' . — — — 308 

Eipistle'EstraordhHiiy — ' -^ — 3U. 

The National iHtdl^neer anticipated — ib. 

On reading hi the Atnerican Papers of Genera! ftoss 
being fired at by a F^nch Barber — 

A Hint to Pedestrians *- *^ 3 19. 

Different Mode» of selling Seats ~ — 

On Joanna Southcott — — — 

APairxf Plagues • — — — 

£piuph on the famoos Traveller who lately died at 
Piris _«-—._ 
On th6 lefbooflT Poke Bonnet — — 

Anagram: Buonaparte in Elbft ^^ -« 

Impromptn on the new theatrical Performer «^ 

The Derivation of Chancellor — — 

Street Cenversatton — — , — 

Criticism *-^ **. — — 

Advice ibr Conduct m Theatres — — 

On the Law Manufkctery of England -^ 

Graniology — ' — -^ — 

The Coming of Shiioh Southcott — — 

Tops and Botfems — ..^ .^ 

Odo ta Annette — — — 

The Fiddles _ — — ~ 

Spilaph on Martin Van ButcheH •— — - 

Politicsl^ Medley^ in humble Irifitation of Mr. 

W d** Speech, en the Opening of Parlla- 

Itament, NovrS, 1814 — — 349 

Secend^land Clothes -^ .« -^ 35a 

ifew to answer Ctuestions in the House of Com- 

moRS^ —;-»*•— 351' 
€itm. Con. — , — — — ib. 

Taxation on Sl&iader — — — 353^ 

Onthenewl»-«^M-^--^ - — * —^355 

*%g;itatton8 of the High Priest on the Approach of 

Christmas — •. «. 356 




New Debates ^ -^ «^ 36l 

Receipt for a Fashionable Rout *— ' — ^ 35S 

A Character -— — -^ a(l2 

Who*s the Dupe — — — ib. 

Roderick^ the last of the Goths — '«- ib. 
Project for the Pacification of £urope : humbly 8xA>* 

mitted to the Sovereigns in Ckingress *--» 363 
First Scene cf a Farce now acting at Vienna with 

anirersal Applause, called ^' The Congress.'* 996 


OP Tft« 


FOB. 1.8 14. 

For ttie tkmtmencement tf ihe Year 1814. 


:^ I. 

IN happj boar doth he reoaiv)^ 
The Iwiirel^ meed afhmoa* b«di ^ytxe. 
Which DfjpdeD anddiYtner Spena^ woie^ 
In bjippy bovr i atid well may he ra|oice« 
. Whose eadtest task otnm b^** 
To raise th' exultant hymn for victory. 
And join a pation's joy witb tarp aod voice, 
*- ' -Penring the strain of triuml^o on the wind ; 

' Qknty to God, his song— Deliveraoce for tiiankind ! 

I Wake, late and harp ! My. soul, take up tite strain I 
Glory to God ! Deliverance for mankind ! 
Joy,«*-for all nations, joy ! bat most for thee 
Who h^st so naWy fiU*d thy part assign'd, 
O'England ! O my glorious native land 1 

' AgaiBst leagued Europe all in arms zmfd. 

Single and undisoiay'd. 
Thy hope in heaven and in thine own right tttod. . 

Now are thy virtuous eflbrts overpai4# 
Tby generous coufiselt now iheir guerdon fiad,-*- 

Gloiy to (Sod! Deliverance for mankind ! 
voL.XTni« B r 


Dread was the strife, for mighty was the foe 
Who soaght jivith his- whole streagth thy .^erthrow i 
The nations bow*d before him ; soinejn war 
Subdu*d« some yielding to superior art j 
Sabmiss^ they foUow'd his victorious car. 
Their kings« like satraps, waited round his throne ; 

For Bntain*s rtiin apd.tbeir own, r * ^ j 
. By £>rde or fraud, in monstrous league Goittbii^iL - 
Alone in that disastrous hour 
Britain stood firm, and brav*d his power ) 
Alone she fought the battles ot mankind* 

* ir. 
O virtue, which above all former fame 

Exalts her venerable name i 
O joy of joys for every British breast ! 'I 
That, with that mighty peril ftill in view> 
The Queen of Ocean to herself was true V 
That no weajt heart, no abjec^ mind possess'd 
Her counsels to abaae her lofty crest,-*- 
Then Jiad she smk in everlasimg shanUe,-^ * 
But, ready stills succaotir ttie oppressM, " 
Her red oros&fioat»d.OD the waves tin^ii*d, . « 
Otfering redemptioaio the groaning world. 

V. . , 

First from bis trance tb* heroic Spaniard woke; 

His chains he broke, * 

And, casting off his neck the treacherous yoke, 
He call'd on England, on his generous fo&: . 

For well He knew that wheresoe*er 
Wise policy prevail'd, or brave despair. 
Thither would Britain's succours flow. 
Her arm be present there. 
Then too regenerate Portugal displayed 
Her ancient virhie, dormant all too long : 
Rising agaiust intolerable wrong. 
On England, on her old a!ly, for aid 
The fakhful nation calVd in her distress :. 
And well that old ally the call obey*d. 
Well was her faithful friendship th^n repaid. 

"".*.. . Yi. 


- ■ ' vt. ■■ 
Sfl^yfyonitfty trcphied field hcrw wfell, • " 
^Vtoeiw ! rocky Dolird, tell } 
And tboa, Bti«dcd; on whose ^cred Height' 
Th' astonish*d Carmelitfe^ 
Wfazfethoderunwonted thunders shook his cell, 
Join*d -with his prayers the tervout oPthe $ght*j 
Bear witness those old towers^ where many a day« 
Waiting with foresight calm the £tting hour. 
The Wellesley, gaining strength froni Wise delay. 

Defied the tyrant's undivided power — 

Swore not the boastful Frencbtuan, in hb might, 

. Into the sea to drive hi» islapd^foe. ? 

Tagus and Ze^er^, in night. 

Ye saw the baffled rufl^au take bis flight I 

Onoro'fl springs, ye saw bis overthrow ! 

mUent of lo)s, profuse of life. 
Meantime had Spain ettdor'd the strife ; 

And .ihoUgh she saw her cities yield. 
Her aroiie^ sc9tter'd in the fittld^ 
Her McQQgeat bulwarks .fall ,^ 
' The danger. un4ism9^y*d stie viewed. 
Knowing that naught could e*er appal 

The Spaniard's fortitude. 
What though the tyrant, drunk with power. 
Might vaunt himself, in impious hour. 
Lord and disposer of this earthly bail^ 
Her cause is just, and Heaven is over all. 


Therefore no thought of fear debas'd 
Her judgment, nor her acts djsgrac'd ; 
To every ill, but not to shame retagiVd. 
All si^fierings, all calamrties, she bore. 
Shet bade the people call to mind 
Th^ir heroes of the days of yore, • 

Pelayo and the Campeador, 
With all who, once in battle strong. 
Live still in story and iu ^ng. ' 

Against the^Moor, age after age, 
Theii: stubborn warftire did thev wage; 

B 2 ' ' -^ 


Age after age, iron sSre to son 
The hauow'd sword was IsiEiiided down y 
Nor did tbey from that warikre*c6ase» 
And sfaeatfae that liallow'd sword in peaoe^ 
Until the work vras dooe. 


Thus, in the £uuea8 days of jore, 
T^eir £tther» trinOQph'd b*er the Moor : 
They gloHed in his overthrow. 
But toach'd uos. with Mproach his gallant name ; 
For, fairly aed with hostile aim profest^ 
The Moor had raar*d his haughty crest. 
An open, honourable foe : 
But as a firiend the treacherous Frenchman came, 
And* Spain receiv*d hitli as a g\iest. 
*' Tliink what yotir ftitbers 'werel** the cried j ' 
•' Think what ye are in tufferings tried j 
And think of vir^at your sons must be. 
E'en as; ye t^^ them— blares or ftee \*' 

Strain suph as these from 8pain*s three seas, 
, And from the finrf hest Pyrennees, 
Bung through the region. Vengeitnce was the word: 
One iippulsd taall hearts at ouce was given i> " ' ' 
From every voii^e the sacred ciy was heard^ ,. 
And horn^ abroad by all the winds of heaven. 
Heaven too, .to wtwooi the Spaniards look'd for aid, 
-A spirit equal to the hour bestow'd j 
And gloriously the debt they paid 
Which to their valiant ancestors they ow'd $ 
And gloriously ^gninst'the power'of j^rance 
Maintained their children's proud ioheritance. 
Their steady purpose no defeat could move. 
No horror^ could abate their constant mind | 
Hope bad its source. and resting-place abovd j 
And they,^to l<?ss of all on earth resigned, 
Sufier'd, to save their Coontiy ind inatiklad. - ; 
What strain. l>9ioi^ oaigM suffice to tb)i 
How Zaragoxa s^od, and how she fell! 
Ne*er sipce. yon sui^ began |us dMly tout^ ' 
. ^ Was'^gher valacir^ '^oHc/ rurtue iaatii. 

Than on that consecrated ground. 

AJfif^Ahf msiH^. WtigH gl9QS» 

Ere long,, w»J%Jwf«ra'%fl«ip> . 

And diM^b lbai.4931 wji» 4poia'd tp te 

Not vainly I9M tb^ bravisii 
iFor Frenpb 4i»4 S^^qwd tbarr vriglift Me ' 
That l^^it^^.M aro^ wa& $tiraa)f to <Blf^ r 
F^ proq^ U¥li;^ 1^9 W^UfljSy fart. 
And well> in sight a£ earth and heaven. 
Redeemed the. pie<^e whkh tiiena waa^ |^«^- 

Lord ^f €O»qu0at». belr. 9C ftMVjr 
From fe»pii*d Foitv^ te came. 
B.pdrifO:9 walU 10 ^Oiin PPpoiie 1 . 
In v^ii ti^jr bittLwarkp, 9fid«io»j. 
And Sal4iD«pca*a height^ procIa&D ' 
The Gonqp'noifa pr^i«ab t)>e W^k»Wy*8 oamtt; 
Of liad tbf iwaitiHxit ttU) tbat hour, 
W^^ M^iypoiK and i)ii brol«3i. ptiMW 
iled fVom their field of shame ! 
Spaib fblt tbroiigh 41 her realma thr.electfie bfanr t 
Cadiz in peace expand* her gate* ag^jn j. . ' 
And Beti$,^ who, to bondage Jong fesign'd, 
Flbw'd'mSurpfelly along Ihe silenl; plain>. 
Intoher joyful bosom, unconfin'd, * 
Eeceivea once more the treasures qf the mfya$ 

^ , ' J^IM. 

.Tte fyam ^ that victoripw fighfe 
Reviv'd the spirit of the farthest N/Orth y . . 
And England in avispkiQUs hoor poi forth 
« Her .^bole unshacklfed DDight. 
With her im many a fi^ijd approv'd^ 
' The l^MUani^p kjgV>Q» mm*^ : , ^ 
Nor longer now did. gi^tefuj. Spain », ' 

,' Disdain ^c wJUiog fotts t^ s^e 
- By JEugiand traip'd to victory. . 
Patiei^j^ a^biif^ th<^ir,j6^i3e the ^ef^ mvBi, 
..Then Uke a torretit from the hills be burst, 
R3. ' 

<6 'CA%mtf TiAvuntki.n. 

What DOW shall <!back the WdHesley* when at length 
Onward b^gOea^fdjoicHl^hiliii stiiedgthK- 
From Douro> from CustiUa's exiaiided plain, 
. The io^ a f^uineroiu band. 
Retire ; amid: the heights whiefa arerhang 
Dark fibro'siied^ they think to make their stand. - 
He reads their purpQae> and preveots th^vpeed; 
And still ad thej recede, • - • 

Impetuously he presses on their way ^ - • 
Till by;Vfttoria*B walls they stood at bay. 
And drew'their battle up in fair array* 

• ' • ■ 'XT. 

•Valtt'their array, their valour vain * 
There did the practis*d Ft^nchman find 
A master arm^ a master mind !' 
Behold the veteran armv driven 
Like- dust b^ore the breath of heaven; 
Like leaves before th* autumnal wind ! 
Now, BrifaiB, now^ thy brow with laurels bind } 

Raise now the song ot joy for rescued Spain !; -.t 
And, Europe, take thou up th' awakening stmiM^-^* 
Glory to Grod ! Deliverance ibr mai&ind ! . 
, . ,' avifc -''•'. 

: Trom Spain the Kving spark wefnt forth : v* " 
The &me hath caught^ the flame is spread ! 
It warms-^it ifires the fartliest North. 
fiehoiHI th* ^waken'd Muscovite 
. Meets the tyrant in his might : 
•fhe Brarafettburg, at Fceedom's call, '* 

Rises more glorious fitom his fall } 
And Frederic, best and greatest olthenflm^. 
Treads in the piath of duty a*id of fame- j 
See Austriffiff df» -her jnilnful tr^mce awafke t '^^ 
The breath of God goes: lerth-^c dry bones i^hake ! 
Up/<a«itmany*^witb a^ thy nations tlse ! ■ ' 

Land of cfbeVittuottfir and ^ew4se, * - 
No longerJto t\siifvm; that taighty^ mu>d,' ^ 
Endure its shame! — She rose as from the dead. 
She broke her pbains upon th* oppressor's head-^ . 
Gloff n?:^G6d ! Defiyeftpce for, tnankipd T 



Opfio thy gates, Q Hanover ^ dtft^y , 
« Thy loyal iiaaoers to the d*y'| • * ^ 
Receive thy old iHufttrious line onee tliuSre ! 

Beneath' an opkart's yoke "oppretMi; 
Long has it been thy fortune to' deplore >^ 
Thiit line whose fostering and paternal sway ' 

For many an age diy gratefm cbildreA blest. 
The yolce is broken now !-^a mightier hand 

Hath dash'd^^n pieces dasb'd the }fon rod. 
To meet her princes, the deliver'd l^md - 
Poors her rcgoicing multitudes abroad ; 
The happy bells, from every town and towef« ' 
Roll their glad peals upon the joyful wind) - 
And from all hearts and tongues, with one consent. 
The high thank^iving strain to Heaven is sent— ^ 
Glory to GA \ Deliverance for mankind ! 

•■ XVtll/ ' , 

Egmont AQd Horn, heatd ye that hply ciy, ^ ' 
Martjrrir of Freedom, from yocrr imta in be«v«u i 
AM" William the Deliverer,^ jdotbtbtne eye 
RegaM'fr6m yon eriipyrieal ifealni the land 
. , , For'trhlch thy bk>ed laras given ? = 
What TUsihaith: that poor cpantry;Sufimr*d loitt I \ 
Becjsiv'd, .^despis'd^ aod^phinder'fC and opprestVI, 
Mockerjfanfi insult aggravating w^oxigl 
Severely^aheiier'erron'ksth flieon'd. 
And lodg in ftsgoish groaned, '^ ": , V 

Wearing the patient semblance of x k spa ir^ --I't 
While fervent curses, rose With«ev4»y paym I > ^ 

In mercy .Heaven at length its ear inclined t . 
Th' avenging armies of the JNorth draw, nigh; * 
Joy for the injured Hollander,— theory . 
*' Of Orange rends the'sky> ' ; ' 

AH hearts are now in one good cause comhinM,**^ 
Once more that flag trivitiphant floats ^ri high, — • 
Glory Ui> God |. DeliVeraece foir aunkind 1 

x«- . -rj ... . •■ -d ,r 

When sh all the dove go forth > O ,wben. 
Shall peace tetotn among the' soAs of nien? ' 
'•• • " • ■ b4 •• •• H 


V Haslei^ bepignant H^ipvjeyp, the blesaediday ! ; 

^B^qe miit go ijef^r^ . > 

' AndHctributloA WM^I xnaiiB j^io the «qr i 

'fiq)x» WW tecrnaa'd bf jEbrcie/ \. - 
-**^^TiMip«wgr^,eyU bxtbe^wer of gbcxL 

. Or P«»Q» xetoxn 40Aia. ... 

Yeprjjiccyi^aoa jejK^pte^ bbld ri^^bt on I 

I^dldoo^, aE^.he xoor .juip» wijtli all y^x^ gtrfiv^ 

So jsbaU tbi» fht4 tscSiliAj a( kogjtti . 
Bfifom tibe anAf (Of Ppc^edprn fidl ^bdfi*()« 
Then, ^beo tbc^ iK9terA<tf ^ 6ocd dbaie, • 

''^' ^Sk» dove ber nesting-^place secBi« may fini { . 

And France re8tor*d« and shakmff (^ ber cbai% 

-^ aii!pf to eod! EMi^^ 

CHBONOtoor EimAdftCRif Aitr. 

R^tcAiKABt? BTyirrs or trb TBAii lj9:id/ 
' (Fw>in the CKampion, Jan. a> AcJ 

ir\URING this JMntjb iherp wat iw re|»oft of Biiona- 
^^ parie'» dnth ; and of our navy, e^Hnpriaing about 
a liiooMitid ^k\ of armed vessds^ only one has beea 
t»ken by the Amehcan marine, although they have 
/^nearly i^aailin v^wiinissioa. 

An old btack-leiUr mUsal .sold at public auction 

by Mossra./ i^igh and Sotheby ;r^it was obviously not 

worth, one fan b log intriusically 3 apd yet». owing to 

/ \\}e absence of sevseral discemiog amateurs, it ouly 

• 1)rffdffht 57/. toy. . ^ • 

' ''^Duritig. great part, of this month several guineas 

•"ere exhibited in the winxiaW of a lottery-office in 

^iliyi 3 the crowd wa^ ipi^nense* 

. Frosty 

: Fia$t7 wtalher<hiring gcvtt pont^jf tlM moiok^ 4id 
yet onl^ tfairtjr women kurnc m d^atk };ff iUmr <AotfittC! 
oatcbiDg fire.--*One iporniti^'s skailinfi^iiat itbove^ 
t«ii fcople dfoflbned My' the bccakiog oT the ic^^ and 
€«ir of tli«a a QMo. of teoiek 

Tbfr Biimet&Gluirlafttfi.of W^impmakM ^ F? * 
vbil 10 Ikt o«o fiiotbisn - . 

Nojoffer of naitiageviadebf thcDtiiM ^€9iMlce» 

MirrC>-t*i 'i^v^ down St^ ImmmI^ SCMtU in lU 
euvriiqle ; and was takes for a gentlefBa% by a mtlict 
Wbohappened to be pasait^ at tbe tiue. 

A Court of Common CoiKQcil was held on thetolMKt 
ef renewiag tbe Z^u ladja. Company'a charter ; woeit- 
several speeehea .were deliyeved i-^rone of tham waa 
shorty aod tbe sfieaker appeared lei ondeislaad hit 
s^bjeQl• . . 

Fife btirtditd eopiee of Rokeby add aft two gaioiiaa 
each. - ^ 

. Adoltery mad€^ ^iftjfaliiaf ky Law> 
. T^o 4t^iiM€|aa made i^ 

. A tucker meo^c^ed ib the fehiale iaabiqiw for tbia.^ 
rpcM^ti ; abd lio specificfUioor of slaysrta the fttthioBa' 
for gentlemen, ' " 

AFrayer-book published, with notes done l^ya^ljis^ 
tkfe^jl a^d au edition of Di^dto,' wilbout aiiy j^oa 
^ dwe to tbe 0Mes» * '-ij ^ 

A Vice-cbanceUor appbibttd ; bacaney as ttidCfha)i>-^ 
ceBoi" was the keeper of liie £wg*B ooascknee/ if Was 
dj^arted appropriate to have a /'?^<-^faisua€a))iir. to Sdep 
/HftPrioceRegepi^a, * ;V. , 

ManJu ' . 

AHbodeK the t^kof iKi^' month was fast-day^ i^e. 
miittber of grand difiners in the uppef circles, and i>f^ 
dnciktti|-*botit$ among the lower classes^ w«i ibl indre- 
than m^Kt havie been expect* • . i ' 

' .j(^ jMpFi^CTtf fawrmltr, an bofieil lawyer^ «n4 ^ 
oeoieeUk^pg Jew^ tKca uralking arm id arm in' 

JUojC^ ^-^X-^Arrrja^ and Lord Y-r— tfa met on Stto«* 
day in Pall Mall, and were enabled to catch a glimpac 
c^oAf •p^bi9.wit|iaiMr pMiting aside their wlu^ers» 

,Oa(^ c){ the life-gpafds, walking down Bond Street < 
in Juaji^w^dreiiy- was taken for a aoldr«r.. 


: MlPpTiit's monttment opened in Guildhall, inscribed 
with lofty ^nlbgies.' The deceased Premier has found 
an ApoDo in one of hit pupiUf and it is therefore not 
vrofliderfarthat be should have a lyre by his side. , - 
r Tht kntery 6mVhed drawing, and, by aonlie unac- 
coontable.'acciclent, one of 4he capital prines. did not 
-fa]lrto' the lot of the oontractordv By a similar fatality, 
Sir James Shaw voted confonnably to his conviction,^ 
tbcni^b ^it Wais against Nfinisters,-:-and Sir William 
Curtts ought not to have blushed^ and did blush. 

Some of the cowardly hirelings who had been in the 

habit of attaching the P s of W— , began to eat 

their words, and appeared positively ashamM! It is, 
probably, this habit of eating, th^ir own words that 
makes them so foul-mouthed. 
- The coffins of Charles I. and Henfy VIII. opened at 

Windsor, in presenoe of the P— — R ^ who mfade 

.several observations on their respective characters^ as 
the work proceeded*~A drawing of the ceremony re- 
presents His R ■ * H as standing between both. 

< l4>rd M set off from London to embark for In- 
dia,; but, in the hurry of his departure, unfortunately 
left his character behmd. 

. The Douglasses having been .dlscove^od at Jersey, a 
liu^^and cry was raised, and a regular bunt commenced;,' 
t>**li JI^S P,^^>^» *^^!^ ^ ^^^ water,,aad escaped to Gueniv 

■^ to the great morti&caiion of tbi^ir purduern /.. ; 
- ^ ,t ^ Aa 

An iuntnalAaitled'C-^-t-s, brought opmlb« b6ilii^ 
of Dniry Lane Theatre^ for the- benefit 0I ft* gtal^ii 
manager. 7 he public, having protested agMT^t liorsc'^; 
shaCiid not have been insuHcd by cr^tn^ of a bWc^ 

ordtr. • - . • '•. c - ?' .• :.'■».( 

The Don Cossack cxbibkied iAr* a balkotiy bf tbe' 
Hoyal Excbange^ WSir C^^-^^-^s- *pM.^r^ the'LOr^ 
Mayor, &c.; when bis I^rdsbip proposed thfee cheers 
for AouF Ailiu8tnous.Aa)Iy,*lhe /ienineror l?alexaiider» 
[ A merchant discovered residing m the, P>^i W^- 
sevefBi blue-stocking ladies observed to' be awake at 4li 
institution lecture. • . *. 

May* . J . 

The Royal Exhibition opened i a great number of 
nrtists came in their own carriages to view the ppr- 
trait's they had sent; and two historical painters of^ 
merit, having obtained a day- rule from the King's 
Bencby walked to Somerset House'for'the saoie pur- 

T5e Duke of C d left town for Berfin; an4 

^Q individual was heard to express regret on tHe occa^ 
sion. It is presumed he was a tsadesmau whose bjU: 
was utipaid. . 

Mr. Theodore Hook selected as Ibe fittest person to 
be appointed Accomptaui and Treasurer at the Mau^^ 

Moore's Almanack proved correct in one of its pre*, 
dkiions ; and a tavern cjuart bottle discGMrered to eon-* 
tain nearly ja full pint. 

About this period it began to be whispered in th«l 
blue-Slocking circles, that iMfadamede Stael^ the great- 
idol of their idolatry, was» like many other idoh^ mips^ 
respepted when worshipped at a distance.. 

' . My. i. V 

Ptmcb and the puppet -^nows began to disperse 
themselves ofer the couti'tfyi in contequehce' of the- 
fthiHtiog of the regular theatres^ 

a6 * Sey 


r.Seffeod'^mleelibopkeqpefi aqd others,; in Whiffing 
a»d its y'wtniyy iatimated th«ir iiMntioiiB -of moir*gj^ 
ipg to.A4^u^i€ this amtoD. 

..Tbe.Prr^ei ttn — ^i pMveiited^foiog..t» the Vit^ 
toria F//e at Vauxhalf^ by the fear oftneeting hU wife« 
' Agreai-dbft^tk of hearty laagba and AiU joke^^aw- 
lUf, lodib^ C0Bcliiaio& of the aesftioM of PlarMiwnU 

' ' ' ^ ' . AupiU* . . . 

. Five ihous^ncf pounds bequeathed by Xiord Veniaii 
h> hil, fer the purpose of purchasing a seat 
Itr ^ait Partiaiiient which is asserted to be returned by 
the unbiassed and unbought suffrages of the peopfe of 

The pipers ' havifag stated that the FVench had 
crossed the iVaaU Sir Witliam Curtis expressed his 
r^ret that it had not been built higher^ and brokeo 
bottles stuck' At tW top. ; . / V 

: Mpre birds Ihan Sportsmen wminded on tSe first of 
tbiftttioQth.^ Soch a circunistanee h^^not been feiiowtt 
to becur before^ nor probably ever will again* • 
^The weather becoming chilly^ our fasbionabte« re- 
* Airtd into >tbe country, where they will remnaiiS^ en* 
'^«yisig abe. ddiigfats of summer during-Oetobcr^. No*- 
vember, December, January, February, March, land 
April : they will returi^ m May, to pass the winter in 
Zioodbh, - > . : 

- . h pby^aa of Lyons pul^lisbed a dissertation' 4tt 

beards' and roostachios; afErming ^bal.they prOoiote 

stxiengtb^-^and that the present age might not be 

uritbout xnen. as strong as Saehpson,^ were they pcv** 

mitibed to .glrow«-r-N« BU Owr experience in^ ELogHnd 

seems to prov« the contrary ;. those among- <os, m4i» 

ate distinguiabed by b«BBd» and mnstachios, are. the 

weakest nieru , ' . 

The regukr Uteatres^ wore opeaed s*-4he streets wer^ 

n Y:qixsequence thinoidof pi^tilutQ^^I, n^ia dc^of ta^ 

- ' « • leot 

tile learned Pig, andfiuttiors of real genitie weit ^quested' 
Xi§%ff what they couM 4o tti ilii|ircyve Sli«k^peart>«. 

The public were mformed, thfOnghlhe medium of 
Aifr Mbftiittg Hal^aM/ thiit the 11^^-^ ihade^stv^eral 
b#iva^apofi tb«'8teytie at Brighton, «^ in'a manner 
wfaibh '#ilf ^Ver^ait *iiriNi|«tU>n . at defiance.'^ Tbe^^as- 
Biarafiee. was unneeessaiy j fw^tii^ one ever dodMcl his 
matchless talent m leMKermg bimse)f. 
y -^Several ehildren, ino<^alaxe4 &>' the sntalUpoa^ died 
in coiiwjuQnce,— rXbje .parents, and other parties im- 
plicated m the murders will, it is hoped, be brought 
tb condign puntshtnent. 

Ii^orm^tions commenced against varioqs pubtieans 
for^S^^dingout beer in pewter pots. Tavern-keepers, 
. vintners, ah^ pther bottle-^conjurors, expected stmilAr 
proceedings for sending out quarts, inpiivt m^a^uces^. 

Mr. Soutbey appointed Poet Laureat to the Prince 
Regent! ^ . 

In this month Mr. Wellesley Long Pole publishecT 
his adventures, in a journey fnom Wanstead to I^cm- 
^n, in search of a midwife. His lady survived, aU 
though it is stated that she had six physicians in 

Napoleon, being *^ an invincible genius,"' and his 
territory ** sacred from invasion,'* found Wmself every 
where beaten ^ and France was eotered by Xord Wd^ 
Mngton's ittctorbus army. 

Some dashkig youtig -fellows of family and fortune 
passing arm in arm along St. .Faines*^ Street, a blind 
man bawled out, •* Serve tbem right, the rogues!'*" 
He Was led by the clanttng of their chains to take 
tbem if» felons being escorted ,to prison. 

An emtn^t baker was discovared to have been in 
the habit of miidng planter of Pari« ^ith his fiou^f J^ 
a man eat julrkk M iWo for breafcfasti a Kule ph' 
ir$Md Ibc dinner^ and a greal deal for supper, he 

cttry, like the spider, the materials for bis bouse iis 
his stomach. 

Doctor B y was (delivered of a sull-born Lucrt« 

: A Mr. Murray swore, that Mr. Pitt, who di^ 
in 1806,. had eoine' ba^k to us in leather breecbf«w 
Most persons, however, doubted the truth of this ^ 
inasmuch as our arms were successful abroad, and dcio 
new taxes were imposed at home. . 


[From the Morning Chronicle^ Jaa. ii^ . 

, ** Egressttm ioa(>i]4 me exccpk Arict» JLon^l 
Hospitio modico." • Horacki 

Creen Man, Bamet, 
^TpHE date of this scrawl will surprise you, I *m sure y 
•*- But you know you desir'd an account of my tour ; 
And I now have ten minutes with nothing lo do- 
How happy J am 10 devote them to you! 
We arriv'd here in darkness— enveloped in fog, 
:(T is not the first time I have travell'd incog. 
As you very well khow j) but the North road I iifid ' 
Presents very little to call forth the mind- 
No. room for description^ save this where I sit, 
"I&nd nothing can be for description less fit. 
Our scenery here is all deal and oak, 
A rushlight our inoon, our atmosphere smoke 5 
I bdieve I should reaily expire in this state, 
if a beautiful Veno8> just over the grate. 
Did not peep thro* the gloom with a.sweel smiiing fac^ f^ 
In whose every look, ev^ry feature, I trace 
$ome resemblance of you. O God ! what an eye 1 
{That warm flush of passion**-'t is by .Buubury. 
, I have just seen the glorious despatches from Spain, 
We will talk of a fete when I see you again 5 
And Turner reports some good news of the weal her. 
The fog and the Frendh are retreating togelfher. 
So adieu; for we now must re^ Hjatfield to^ojgJit, - 
You shaUr beariioai me there if I find ttaie to wrcte. 

. (P.p.)Q. 


I,STT£B6- rftOM ▲ tQUlU»T#A 1$ 

. . • . , , . ' j . • 


*^'' " [From the same, Jan. 4.} 

' . Cocklnn,^ Biggleswude. 

TI^Ejarriv'd bereij(ist«ow iof t^ri^le plight | 

^^ Now I '11 hastily, tell yoa wM happ«D'd last oigbt. 
We reach*d Hatfield House as the clock stTu<;k eleren^ 
(The Marquis's dinner liad waited from seven j) 
The bells were all ringing, the Hertfordshire corps 
Were«drawn up to salute us on eot'Xfrng the door) 
But, sad to relate, the qurs'd fog, which has daoip'd* 
So many men's joys, so many plans cramp'd. 
Cast a damp on their prime, t)aiilk*d their loyal desire ; 
And, like Salisbnry's jokesj every (trelock miss'd fire ; 
The Captain would fain have me wait at the door 
While they loaded -and prim'd, and presented once nXbre $ 
But I begg'd to decline, as the air was too raw, 
And a warii» Rumford stove is the best feu ^iejaie. 
To describe our repast would be useless to you ; 

I 've said all, when I say it was quite to my ^oa/-— 

Exactly according to order— you know 

I despatcb'd my forerunner a long time ago : 

It traveird, as usual, to Hatfield, by post j 

And from thence, after read, to my next noble host ; . 

For, in order to give people time to prepare, 

I am always a month after my bill <k fare. 
We had Westmoreland, Lonsdale, Cranbourn,and Sandy s> 

And, in spite of the fog, the Sebrights and firands. 

Some Hertfordshire belles, and two or three others^- 

Twenty in all, with niyself and my brothers. 

In the ev'ning we danc'd ; I waltzed with Georgina-* 

Pray don't stab yourself— -O, if you had seen her [ 

• A lady wa» there whom yon met once 4n France, 
-Of slight reputation, except for a dance. 

When we aak'd her to ghre a paf seul, sire fought shy— 
" She never could do it, she did not know why." 
But Lowrher still press'd her a long time in vain. 
Till at last very rudely (you know his odd strain). 
He declared it was corscxlly strange, 'pon his soul. 
That one faa'd forj^mxpsts could not'n»ake*a pas seuL 

* - / . "N 

•' Not 9t all 6tniD|» ^o roe/* she replied, •' I moat owa-r- 
Yoa ninny, do lames tDsSiefaus j6<u 'atone P"* 

Adiea ! we are oflf— this most charming of tours 
Most arouse you^ 1 'ip sure. 

V, Devotedly ybursj, 4P. 

TO TMS BAII^' Ojr *- 

VOUBllJody attd rti?nd coincide, my got)* tonE .' 
* Bettig never at hone, bttt klwayi dbroadi \ ' " 

1? Km 

EPIGRAlVi, . ']. 

C^H NArOl.»0]i> FI»S&|1T FRO BC Tip A Kftlir OP BAT^B. 

[Fram the IVfomif); Post, Jan. 4.} 
X tWrteen days the Hero ran. 
Nor stay'd to look behind ; 
In every voic» be heard a Ian, " > • 
Saw death in every wind« . • -'> 

Pis flight outstripp'd the deatb-fratiglit'4»hi4i. 

For which the world will weep ; 
But when at hpoie, ,he 'U snrely find. 

The curse riot " I'oid, but deep." 



. ^ ... • .1 ' 

' [From' the samr, Jan. 11^} 

npO the Lordss. tCmgihts, and Boi^eases nol^le*. wh^ sit iii 
•*- The Parliament Hoose of the Empire of Britain/ 
The Pape*» iri^h subjects pesentthi^petitjoni 
To state their. preien»ions ^nd.paiat their cooditieo* hold. that, ouf good Lord thePppf; 
Is the only biAie |iBiBh(0« of jcoQUfoit Jia4iw^ f 
And althot)ghi)e!$jute!^» His.Q^r.^easifjUi^ 
That tO; hioi.bdioogi| ix^k ^^e^xiHAj, dorniQi^^ 


WUb i{ige» tWfefere, ImipiBg* ^id Settee ittdi^tiott. 
We bebpld ia-tli^iiw islfwds a. tiMsg^v^mition 
fjom all that b holy, and aocient, ifii'4 t'>^^j 
To a system of faicb that is false as 'tis new 3 
While Kings, Lords, and Commons, for heresy's sake> 
Deservfe- to be blown tt^* <h: bnrn'd at the stake. 
^e firmly demand, tnio, ye Lords and ye Ktiig^tl;, 
hfiJl raslortttk>n of Catholic rights \ 
Let all that we ask, and no leas, be our own. 
Than the bench and the woolsack, the sceptre and throne : 
TheD.sooa.^ll £ilr prd^r from tmpult aiiae^ 
And bar jChurch xxip triumphaot aloft tio the skies \ 
Onr Bishops and Abbots, our Priests and oor Friers, 
Rekindle with raptnre in Smithfield their fires \ 
Whilst an uqiop.whh F^ce, which 00 power can .sever, 
Sfaatl establi^ onr holy religion ^r ever ! 
Otaiot this. Legislators, and then we may say. 
That, wbUsl heretics burn like stnhble and hay. 
To the sticks and the siooc^ in their good anciem way^ 
Your pbus Petitiooert ever will pray. . 

Bated in the Vall^ oir GknalliOj«^oear 
Qtsnk^, in Ireland, this memorable 
dayj thedthof Novjenabar ISIS. 


[Proai dte Moitfif^ Cliffowcie, Jan. U.] 
MR. BDirOR, 

COMG Kneid appeared in yoiir paper a few diiya ago 
^ upon the subject of Waltzingt with the initials of 
Sir ^. E. affixed to them *t They certainly contained 
heavy icbarges of imprppriety against those Ladies who 
practise that dance — such as in the following lines :— 

f^ What ) the girl I adore t^ another embcac'd ? 
What ! the balm of her li|)s shall atiotbar ^an taste? 
What ! touch*d in the twirl by another mati*s knee ? 
What! panting, recll^on another than mt}^ 

• See VoL XVIL ji. 3 js. ' 

?8 .aaucmviBEn* 

After bayiog allo^mi your paper to be the channel 
of such serious imputations, you cannot in candour 
refus^dmission to the following Justificatory Address 
to the author of them : — 

' Shall another roan touch ! b|r. tmotker. embnic*d I . • . 
Shall another ma/i taste bier lip*s. d^w ! ! ! - 

Why/ it *8 on]y another that can be sogr^c'd; 
For d — ^n it, she 'd never let you. 


Sir Hv £. thinks each waltzing Miss 
Trom every partner takes a kiss ; 
Then> O ! how natural die whim 
That makes tbem loath to daoce with hini» 



By R« n* . v,:,# 

Som0iim0 OcvtrtMr of tke Phntations ihere,'^ London, l62t. 
(Frox&thf Bric)ih PfCM, 4*lV tsj 

*' The Married io the Chaste. 

IT would this world quickly depopulate, . 
If every one should die in your estate'.** * . , 

'^ The Chaste to the Marri^. 
Therein you have the odds, herein we 're even j 
You 11 fill the world, but we doe people Heaven.** ; 

*' Why If^ives can make no Wills. 
Men dying make their wills: why cannot wives? 
Because wives have tlieir wills during their lives/^ 

" JVhat Use old Moones are put to. 
What dotb become of old moones, thou dost ask^> 
And where het* borrowed mftuence she shades ? 
For me to telle tliee, 't were loo hard a taske,. 
A witty wagge sayes. They fill women's heads/'^ 

** Amad 


' ** A mad Answer of a Mad'tnan. 
pne askt a mad-man^ if a wife be had? 
•A wifb ! (qaoth he,) I never was -so mad." 

" Wilts Enrwr. ^ / 

Will sayes his wife^s so fat she scarce can go : 
But shi^ as nimbly answers^ *' FaUh, Sir, no.'* 
Alas ! good Will, thou art mistaken quite^ 
For all men know that she is wondrous .% A/." 

- ' *' Spinus his Choice. 
Spinas would wed, but he would have a wencb 
That hath 9II. tongues, Italian, Spanidb^ French > 
But I disswade him j for, if she bath any> 
She bath enough ^ if .two, sh' has two too foaoj* ' 

«f To ike Boobieller. 
Nay, feaserOot, bookseller, this book will sell i 
Forf^e it good, as thou know'st very well. 
Ml will go buy it-, but, say it be ill, 
All will go by it too ; and't is «o still.'* 


* [Prom (he Mornii)^ Cbrooicle^ Jan. 14.] 
A !. LATELY each sense wat weuiid up Jft WB^!$tmy - 
^ The mighty conclusion to wait : 
'Twas fear and 'twas wonder, till, loud burstuig 10 thonder. 

We heard the dread- mandates of Fate ! 
Far from ElbeV hidden source to his brgad" rolling ieoniye^ ; 

Where he visits the dark German iM>d,.r 
For freedom or power 4II BuEope's young ilpwer 

Embattled and menacing, stood. , 
But a sound is come forth on. the winds ^f the* nprth^ 

That shall quicken. each bosom to sladpfsss ^ 
For low is the arm of Oppression and Harm, • - 

And Ambition, the sister of Madness ! / . , 

Sach marvels,' I ween. Old Leipsick hath seen': 

In her streets the avengers are met! 
But Pol^nd*^ bright star *> th« ladt prop Of her war. 

In Part-ha's sad water is -seti ' ' 
— •^ — ^ >.r- ■ ■ ' ' ' •. / ' .I « -i \ — ^'"\' . • ^ ' . ' . '' ' / — — 

• Prioice Poniatbwski J drowned in crossing the ^tba, Oct li 

O I ff 

O I mourn m^ tbe tale pf qus b^i^^et who feff r 

It brings U9 no t(d»njgs of woe : 
From the blood that was ihed on tIietr<:old grassjr h^ 

Ad olive sbaH flourish and grow. 
Yei } Europe shall feel the effects p/ their ste^), 

And honour the deids of ttie'brave^' 
When the arm of Carl- John AM be moulder'd and gone. 

And ^lucher shall sleep m hii grave. 

And thou^ Stster ! too Iqpig estranged from tbe tbrong^ 

Like a separate nation and $avage» * , . 
While Hie sons of thy climci, so belovM 16 their time, . 

Seedi'd but fbr m'd to destroy and to ravage j « 

Awake ! wretched France; fironi thine horrible tfanc^ 

Andllbok lro6tidon the wotld thoo host wr^ig^f 
O! turn je again tatbrfeolstep^ of»nl^» 

And the ties to whieki o»ce you beloag'd. 
Rejoice to eammand >'our own beautiful laatf> ' 

Thirt panKlise. Muture katli ^h'en y 
And let ortiera abide in their IreedomV just prid^^ 

And exult in the birthright from Heaven. 
Then Lqvp be Qut law I and a veil let us draw 

On thie ri^^y of blood we have spilt ; 
And confiision tkall choke the ibtil longtMa tMt provolie 

A^vfO^^ of honor 09d guilts . '& 


airrcBBBfr ah» c«ii«i«y«sw8spbb% abb %xtum^j> 


V £Ffoin the Mdrnitig Fiwt, JsB. 1$^ 
'TPHO*'the Hamburghers Who in their homes would, remain, 
•* Frem Davoutft nothiujg gain by their prayer^ 
The butchefs heS annibus to k^p5-r-s6 't isf plain 
Those skiltd io shed Ihod he can*t spare. 

The cfnmney 'Sweeps, X06, 't is his pleasure should stay :, 

After this we 've no means of concealing, 
Th^tToxHTackguariit whenever they comeiii his Wjqr» 

Her has soBietfeitig rf ytihtrty fe^og . 


[From Che Momins Cbronidd, !•&• 15.] * S 

TXTHEK the ^eat P^infae to Dido tdUd not ^ofDCj, 
^^ She movrn'^ja sileoc^u .and wa« JD^Dp fhnniii. 


A CORREgpONDEl^T, un^er the iijgoatur* of, 
^ ^ ^e&u2o52»^9^' after quoting' the .aacient adaflei, 
that <* Every thing in the Creaiiou Is produced Tor 
s(Tme useful purpose,*' proGeeds gravely to inquire, 
what beuefit. is derived from fogs^ wbicb hQ ieofRS 
inclined to exclude from* the general priticiple above 
recited. This genfleman^s mental eye muat cert»nly 
have been! ^soured by the erroris imhulce^ or bo 
would bave ^t once perceivedj without our assutaixfie, ' 
the multifarious advantages which attend that dense 
state, of ibe atmosphere generally known by the ap- - 
peiktionoif fog ; a few of which we shall endeavour 
to point out. ' 

That surety must be considered a great blessing, 
Wfaich renders invisible, objeots, the sight of which 
wc^d induce unpleasant reflections — that eoables us 
td '^s^s by acquaintances whom we wisb la avoid**^ 
^d ^ielas \is from the attacks of enemies whom we 
<litad tb encounter. In all these, and tnany other 
points, a fog is pregnant with benefits. This asser^ 
tioq we shall proceed to verify, by selecting a few 

How would the tender fedings of JLord Castlereagh 
have been haitowed, if he had nbt passed the island ; 
of W^cheren in i fog^ which completely veiled it 
from bis sight? ''\\ 

?Jo\*.hapgy was It for. ttic ' ■ "" — — -*-j that 
in bis jourtitfy to ^elyoir, the/og tiiil from;, bis. vie* 



number of fan mirlj/ fiiemi^y a «igbt of whom would 
not llav& been very agreeable I 

To what was Lady B , a few nights since, in- 

debted^ for several tender embraces from her Nobje. 
Lprd, a luxury which she had not enjoyed for many 
years before ?**To f heybg ; which prevented his Lord- 
ship from seeing that he was embracing the mistress 
instead of her maid* 

How has it happened, that Mr. Distich, the poet 
(who, during a twelvemonth, could not venture foi^'th, 
except on Sunday) j recently enjoyed the sweets of 
liberty for an entire week? — ^Theyb^f procured* him 
this induTgence-^tinder it^ friendly snaae he was en- 
abled to elude the Sheriff's officers* 
' What was Miss Hoyden's best friend, when she 
eloped from a fashionable boarding-school with ^ 
dancing-tnaster, a fortnighl ago?— Thcybg unques? 
tionabiy, which rendered all search after (be fugitives 

What has occasioned such a suddai change in the 
temper of the Hon. Mr. Squander^ who^ not a monlh 
ago, appeared in the deepest melancholy, but is now 
as gay a^ the most thoughlless of fashion^s fools ?— 
Tht Jog, which has just carried off his penurious fa- 
ther, and placed him in possession of a large estate* 

By what miracle did the Earl and Countess of T-^> 
who never before met without i^uarrelling, sit in the 
same room for an entire hour, without worrying each 
other?— *Tbe fog intervened, arid prevented the 
Countess fcom seeing her spouse. 

Finally, the last Paris papers roundly assert that tbe 
Jogs are favourable to the operations tif the allies, 

The§e are benefits, plain and palpable, which have 
been produced within our owti knowledge ; but, if we 
go^back to ancient times; we ShaH find ih^t fogs mrt 
eminently useful^-— Strange as it may appear, the 
Poets, who, of all •therSj are a cla&s or men that 

3 ■ ' ■ ^'%^^ 

f»ighl be supposed JeasA c^abfe of: ^eciiiagiaiiifrdim 
obscurity f. have repeatedijrV,aad Wt$h varjttpeat .cfleet»\ 

cdXled figs to their assistance. •*► : : ' r. i 

Homer, the father <of the iV)et«, by these obnuhi^' 
latlojiSy frequently Fe»ca#$« hi^pherqes^from the' mo^t 
imminent danger. Thus^;in the .third 'book oC The 
Iliad, Vhen . T^ris, defea^d by Mfcnet^ua, is on the j 
pbint of losing bis life, Venus snatobes him a^^ay ii^; 

^^^Then,. as once more be* lifts the deadly cbrt . i 

In thirst ojf'Yeageance, at his rivaFs heart, . 

The Queeu of Love her fav' rite champion shrouds 

(For Gods can all things) in a veil of clouds.^* 

V . ' ' * • ' 

Again, in the 17th: book, when the:battle is raging 

around the Corse of Patroclus, Jupiter, favouring 

the Trojans, suddenly covers? the field with a tbicK 

• - «'*But now tV Eternal shook his sable shield 
\ That $haded Ide, and all the subject field, 
\ ^neath its ample verge. A rolRng cloud 
Involv'd the mount.*' 

In the 20th book, Neptune preserves iEneas by 
placing a^og before the eyes of 4^chiHes :«-^ 
" The King of Qcean to the fight desceHds, 
Through all the whistling darts his course be bends, 
15wift interpos'd between the warriors flies, ^ 
And casts thick darkness o'er AcHffles' eyes." 

By the same means Apollo saves the life of Hector, ; 
who is near falling a sacrifice to the vengeance of/ 
Achilles :— * 

*' Achilles closes with hfs hated foe. 
His heart and eyes with flaming fury glow ; 
But, present to his aid, Apdlo shrouds 
The favoured hero ilia t^e«/ o/'c/oii<&." 

■ ; ■ ■ " ; * — '-c '. '■■■ ■ — ••'' ■' - '■ " ■ ■ ' ' ' 


iridf.ifk tbe %i$i\ft^r Apollo idtidW &MAfV* 
Affoar bin die ftvoe of Aobttlei, b]r Mflfi0|f «'j^^ 

't0tbr6r»» 1)001: of Viiy^lNi 4^Cieid, v^ find Vequs 
enveloping the hero in n iingpfair kind of/2|f^ whftcbj 
Ikodghh ODDcCiatt AncM from the iTyriui, does bot 
prevent Am from perceiving every thing that U fMfi^ 
ing arodnd :— * 

■' ^. At Vfitn:^ ifiscMr9 gridieotM aiife i^it ) 
]^t mldtQ ii^Mr eircttm pea fudit amictii ; 
Cefuem ne qob eoi, neu qnis confingere posiet#' 
'I4oUriv0 mdraot, nut veoitodi poiccre Manias* 

( tlp%^ ^ ^P^P* >^M^ (roirabile 4ictn !) ^ ' 
' r^ inediosj roiscetque virif } neqoe cernitur uni.** . 

Horace,^ alao^ Ode vii. lib'. 2, expretaly tells uti, that 
he bia Ufe io j^fog, which Mercory conjureil' fip 
to hia aid ip ibe baufe of.Philippi :-—> 
'' Sed IPO |»er jiottes Mercurius c^er 
• i>enfo^paveateKD siut^lit dtre** 

Henceforward^ th«H let va not be toM i\Mfig$ mt 
useless. We think ib^contrary ia proved* 


[Prom the sarac» Jan. x8.] 

^NOTWITHSTANDING the Lord Chancellor ia 
'^^ laid up in the gout, and cannot mov^, we are 
happy to hear that Mr. Taylor ia resolved upon xxifiv* 
ing the more quickly ; and^ therefore, the lovers of 
th\s fasMondlle hunge are not likely now to be diaap- 
pointed. ' 

For' this purpose, Mr. Taylor, at a great price, has 
^Rg^g^ i^ Ycry spacious apartment near the waUa of 


dieKbig'ft.Bfliipht where tbe perfbrmerft will be r^ 
euaineairmn nq^ectmg their duty by rules that ctn* ; 
not be transgreteed* i . • 

The engagementa, at preaent^ arc not ntimeixm^ 
but very select. 

Mr, Taylor himself means to give att «0. P/* 
soil^ to tbfc poDuM^ time of "^ iSrBps of Bmdy^** 
by way of introduction. • ' - 

A ^oungflady i»tofltng|. iirom'thewidls> thefitthe*. 

iicautof ' • ♦ • 1 . . / - 

^'O^ Bkhard! O, iDonRmr . :.. . 

The first iimatff Ameer is now ^ngfR^ on the com- 
position of a ballet^ to be ealled, ^ Prtsmff Borif sr, 
« fifftr Chancery V* m which many 9<evr merisns 
wiU be introduced. 

In the room of Mr. Const, we understand Mr« 
Jonesi ike MmsjkaU is to become trustee to the ooii- 
cft^ and 10 be answerable for the sneoess and af>- 
pearaoce of the parties. .:.•.. ^ 

The only circumstance we have as yet beard against 
its success is, that many young gentlemen of mh«in 
seen lo think' the situation a datigemis? one 'for an 
optra^boiise ; as they might catch cold in going thi« 
th«r ; and^ therefone^ it would be safer for them lo^Dd* 
main at bome^; < which, lo many of the cMdftora<of 
the bousoj wouM be a great disappointmeot. 


... ,'[Rram theTiipep,,J^n. i§.J ^ ^ , 

X.STTfell TO Y£fS' R^ftoit *#P TRB iOfJUTAL t>fif. 

Hin, • 

n^'HE following is ah Addnesief *hf Fwoch People 
^ to the Emperor ^af>oi<^T>|)«^hich is-not-^auirh 
lcm>wn, ahkhou|^ k iffo^ a ifiaiVetc s(» stnkiug^ ^that \t< 
VojL, XVIII. c must 

a6, TJULiiitAario«..oiF.:A.Ki»«i|.^. 

muft make the nott tena^leinpTeaaton upaii.Ui^i^atttr 

the AmtMtd&P Bfkpifef you wiirobrigcLnor;|.tlwi oae 

• I t! ^* ^ • »t . , . • . . , • • "'t • "^ .,* ' . 


StMfr^'^^' difemlt acdhcvities which, hiunei \i£* 
ranmed yoti hi the name of the numerous people vdmae- ' 
felictty yoar b'enefieeit genUis securely \^yi not {a\^. 
filled'^e^nM' 9|t|i&&CtiQli the gr^ait duty wU(j| yvaii iipv. 
po^ ¥p«tt .tbeioo4. Their etOiQiiencej Ua4 .b^OP k^i/Kl^ 
th^tbairitptiing^.iiUo .the qomt^oi^-plaoe^.of a^^Ipa 
adulatkm. They haire compared you. i9,.gx^k»Wf^, 
whfiMs Umr H nothiog oi hiiliiar\i]i; in yq^y tp Cll»s^r^ 
whik yoMT. ptiHtence^ worthy coiniP4tvioQ.Qf .ya^r |iier. 
rotclkeiaedty, had.coostraiDed pact/^.. 

Whiti dfHOpSared t« yoUp' Sire! are tbos^. great, q^p 
so boaalcdiift. biatory.? Alexaader*. Cae^s^^ 'Cbauer 
xna|oe» G«atava$.Ado1pbu9» Ch^rH XU» P^tea tbpL 
Great, Fifedetick; yoi/u* pretend^ fnpd^ki^badaoqpie :. 
brilliaiit vtrtneii vKbich^diUinguisbed theoi.fropt t^. 
ordiiiary raee.of 90Tercigns and gi^nerab^ buti,ttif]^.«. 
were entbu^iaaifi, wbo» by. a false ppipt of bojoour, , 
would have sacrificed themselves at tlve head of their • 
armieS) in endeoyourtng to have saved them. IiiiQ)i<* 
table Napoleon war alone capable of making us admire 
a species of heroism wholly opposite. 

Such Was the tekt of the eulogies which should have . 
beeaiaboien .byHhcrse oramrs. who were. charged ^Pi^X.- 
at the foot of yoor Majeslyfs immpvablc thrune, in the . 
name. of #11 Eirrdpe, and of posterity, fhe uibutj^ of 
adoitial^a IriiA our age atid.all future ages* For^ 
tbeseitbey ba¥^ aubstkuied trivial aduUtipii^ whi^ch the clas% 4>f ordinary heroes,, to whom . 


, .. . -' . ..;.-■ ;■ • -. -.1; "* - '. ' V-'*' 

»raCors, instead of di^Iayipg,^beM:^x^iiilg)iittjl|ltMl^^j^^ 
be attntiri&caiion; of eiiOiistasiti, tfiptJ^$»^J ktf^^ r ; 
p-nnace of jtjieir comiteirances^ fedings ofittrroTi cow-^ 
AisiotiV. perptekityf 'wbiohihave ditpleaMd'yourilmpe^* • 

looks and ihe^tynMSiof yonTTtfiiiesc 

la A^ moiBeoit of; gsnorai (ej:Qltatiooi'tthoi»%>n|l<>r9^ 
hazarded the gloomy; idea of the possibjlitf of^ ywn* . 
deat}ip\. That. ]i4ihiati(m. Sire, hz$j zhmttd -ai^, ^ti. : 
tmth^ .asotie of i}M>»eit»nfor^ baftexqslleatly'expfotaf^' - 
iU ib! rxcustilg lhs;^«dk7vvBrdnes8 of his <;olfeagiief«-^. v 
The*Xif^ntfver dies. Indeed, rovBlty. alwa^ig .e^itHi; • " 
so IcMiig^a^ there exists a branch of the bgil'viQaie r#^/i' -/ 
Judge, thoi, yoursclfy.bow ftrm your ihrotio iHi§hi4er«' : / 
be;.«»il tfow.€xen>pt yourself: from, aii dis^jtiiotl^hs' .. 
upoiif tbil aniyecl, without the' u$elm> rq)etitiwn«f : ^' 
thafpufific^axroni, ou tbe^art of the orators andttli^ . « ^ 
authorities, whose aorcienl versalility reiuUrg tly(i^jt|!9j97«' 
nwc8 $aspei:l!iid,^ta4>e the true organs of yom[-f;fi^h«W i ^ 

SubjfC^.. • /. .,' **. '» m;-..- 

We 'eicus^ ihn mal-addr^^s, inasQjUGh a^ii-^iijl;' / 
proc«rc m aa aiigust fete-, at wkich we sh^t devoiis^' ' 
QUFstlveBHo the son, asjwe Have already d^vote^oum* ' - 
selves^id*trie. father. Yoiw . profonml* policy ai^d* aa-?-^ ^ 
^ttwl -b^ftevidcWcci iiuj^ose on yjou a = kw ^to^ give ihJ^ > 
peppfe tfkeif Wead and shows. We hcgiiv inin*edi4te^ <:: 
to enJ^V.thb stln\\^, waiting for the bread with a bUttdr 

Some .pitailhMniaioiis faniilks, rmkip^ at.«fvof^< tbef r 
! i^alf of t)iif popafaiioh, treinbUo6f0r the iot^of-^j^inr ^ 
inwiiwifcle an»y,fi or. re^rcttiiig' flipijr,^§osjrSf,.bfotl^ - 
loven^ huM>and% wilt conceal /^lic^ qmMii^\,,jphffi '^ 
vhioK u[o»kl 100 much shock ^r.^pisisxpijH^j^ We 
^»fe» Ske i that jjonr ;* ^l^u^eMy; . wil), pasdon n^t r . 
^•l«iief«l pusataniroHyi "an^^pas^ygM-twilliioi it^ii^t* - 
i ^tthhil thoae^pualshnienta wbicb your justice would 
i ' c a hurl 

Kurt trpoQ tlit ghikyt if it tttmnMAca^ctmi hf the 
most extnfmcs gentieiie»s. .' i ; .* r - 

Sotxid Ul-ititei^uoned perMMi» etideaiwir to^ persuade 
ittj that the motnetit is ill chOMRf for • a Ate $ ^ th«t we 
sboi^ld'have waited far the irrt^ of a buHatin) as Ime, 
and less moumfirf than tile precsedtag* our, which 
should inform us definittvely m • what slate and con* 
dition was obr ever-^rtctmous antiy^ Onr^responattto 
these malicious sophisms is simple^ 

We have tempered oar souis id tbt same degsee of 
hardness as the triple bronae wbieh ativdopes yoar ewn« 
>^e have ttis^de the sacrifice of 450^^0 heraes^ iwha in 

' th**^^ mouths' have ^ined twetirjr vi^Kori^s' limh^ you* 
They have done tbetr duty. TbeUiArrcM of tb^ffaiqbie 
sei^5 and the delusive rhodoedonfadeaofoor enenjes, 
exaggerate our losses m vmii. We ICBoas posiihrdy, 
fbat» at the end of December^ tbcRtisaiaMa^haA in 

. their baVids 17^^000 prisoners, of whom 41 aiefgierne* 
t^s/aiid 1200 officers. Thesb' art stitt'calUre*'' You 
win g6 to deliter tbemi and«4n bring tbeln. btelBtri- 
utnphant^ dragging also in your chains th^st^ibar* 
baroui Cbsfifac^s, who, being no longer the objects of 
our fear, will serve to amuse our curioMty'^riM^ the 
triuitiphal flutes that shall attest the edtriplacib aab- 
misMon of the vast Russian empire, whieb, mistaking 
your phUaathropic views, has regarded a war'oPitfiip£ 
policy ai a war of devastation^ and has oowplettid its 
blind obstinacy fay exhausting your c)emendf|'^«ifhich 
you had carried to such a point as to refibse them 
the light and happiness of that liberty which VP^^Mijoy; 
for fear of arming them one against the other. ' 
/Be assured, Sirel that iK)thing can eqn^l o«iV sfenti- 
stents towaiids you. We shall enjoy the fetds which 

; you aire preparing'for os, with the innocetir simplicity 

. which raaricteriaes all your faithful subjects; We 

ijave np country but;7ou. The jfcreat Napoleon is our 

ljl66es--<>ur Mahoinct-^aur Mango Capac.' You 

''. . .. have 

^Hftvff' Initr ^nioQOt m^' F^ar not, that, imitatmg 

the example oi the weak Augu^tua^ we should exclaipi 
t'^^^-ki^wms^ gitm miimck ^ur Ughm I Qa thc'contfary, 
!' fri«wJ iNe?^ Aider; ; 4wi wtf will d4>uble*-<we will tripje 
,. JihdaBB faa^m iri«liiii& of 'your glory,. Jake our cbtt* 
•^:iirfao, i>iir»eivr9; our pra(>eriy }• ail- U ^roura*. Fiiibh 

.]potti* .gloiioua .vKirk^ Do noi content yourself with 
' \hm t«rofwara>wbtch y^u aopport with so Dii3cb glory 

and succesa, at a thousand leagues dUlaiicc one 
'*frvfiK>t3hcr«lker^ ^ttbe two extremities of your «|»ipire 

^^itutnofaMe^ l)eGail#Q it U Ibuiuled upon loye^aad 
.If aaimtratino) parli^arty ^n^ your la^ iriutnp^s^' 
ic ^' £Wmif £50,000 men into £>pau»^ locliMSfise the 6ri* 
''||8tidsf>f that ^atinate peiMadutaj ^ud lo throw tWit 
.4t>pci£diot»alKe9itia»thesea^ .;,;,.' 
. 7iDv>Seo(|joQ^o«uca i^to Turkev^ lio punish theTceUa 
AH Sdlauitra^ftfoe peapfaWbainmde^ and '0 drit^^btiu 
jrjfaM»dEw:Q(iie» w ... ^. -./-'. 

t^Y Ssadj/^a^abiffi^o^ Ae lii^^ Mud '5o>o^Q.mcj|^, to 
tcStoUf^f l«iich49^frcan'tik«nce ibeodiious Bourbdoa find 

.:iu(ii».£«gUei^-. . ,.;,.,..,. ;■ ,,^^:', 

.^j "jS^o4($Otvcaa«(a^Md KO,^od mea to tb« 'suj^port of 
: 'ilw United Slates* ^ . ' . •.., V 

'•.p fi^lid'tiie sMae^fuimber of strips an<^ vieti to securt 

: ;r Apfyw ^ke^tv^o Spanish Americasi Avbich ^cfore you: 

Am^.Sea44nta.tb« Baltic 50^ vessels, todeatroy there the 

* !S»$&iao5 Swedish, and £ngli$b navies, t^et that same 

^^l^piadrpa oarry atso ii9o,ooo laud sbldWr:^, to conquer 

Sw«dei>» and chafe from thence that Bemadotte who 

d^ves to brieve yoo* ,_ .^ ... „ 

Leave in your own ports of France ^o vessels, with 
eiM^aerousflotiilaa; and place alon^ tlie eoasts 150,000 
Hien, aU ready to invftde> England. : 

These div«rsi<wasy worthy of yWr. high cddceptions, 

and proportioned lo your iocalculable power, only re-. 

quire 950,090 menj and 220 ships of the line : wheft 

• these w once arranged with the prudence ttjat ^bara*- 

. -' ''03' ' ■ J. .j^^- 

f30 ,rFWtir4jpT.. 

teriaes M,t^^ffim^^Apd.mitil^^ 
yourself at the k^ot 600^000 dMi^ntojaeo^ver P6« 
land an^ Qooqi^er \&iiiift« We milhkmt^ fiw^y^u «a 
equal Dumber in tM^ve^ fop you- hav^alri^ady proved 
to us tbal.4f||0iact>iWtttfaD*a'reriiot){atiftcieol>uysub* 
due those baibariim. Most aesuied^^ Sm^^ith two 
inilIioaft4>giSdldi«rti and 250 shrps^tbe line; you will 
succeed) by the solefdrce of your genitiSy in the con- 
quest of th^ QHtvcrse^ ^nd tri'sbottiiig up thetemple 
of Janus; and yon- will; then be, not '6niyl)ie.onIy 
sovefeigrjt**t>trt tb^ god oif the, age Nappteoi). . 

We conclude ihlsrbuinbk address, the expression of 
vows the ftnost ardent aijd sincere, by*thec urgent^ayer 

' which '^^ -make to yoti^ that you would (tftdn^how 
yourself in the Senate, where ypunperspn i|iiM saonsd 
as that of Romvjlus.ia the Senate oCBoincj <tsttyou 
wpuld ^|)^^ it our fl^tes^ in our a«;useine«ilSj(r Ui dhr 
spectacles^ bf which, you are too rare .»o. >MrM|Wy -t ; 
land, iS^e^p^ib^yc^;!^^ Ubons mttii^^ilitatnuU 
jfiply your dy aaflty* TtKH;^h Uborc^ is^jOMMMg- iNmiaa 
in you, have the cond^ceosion not tacUskbia iMihg 

' weakaetses of : titiii^f>»ty><»iAiidbie8^9M^^ 
Dead or living, you wifl always bentp^AH IheiaaAfieiiti- 

' coQiprebenail^/ihMie' )Oi|cr«psitfln»iistaKtwW as our 
opinions will ht \nmifiitlUk^*W^^9^\i^if^tkmi^ 
remote posterity will sepeatiheisaytii^v^th^atsel^ious 

terror, . ■ \ - • •.; 

'' There neseK'bas eidstedi, '(ii<ir e«er unU eiasty 
another N^^eonJ'V 

.THE ^VlS\3;^.jJi£Ti;fiNiiB. 

llirHBN r vl4t«rtiBii^llBt»7«ir, in^ life fre^> 
*^ Ev^ry city toy tonifcr&iaodLbftrny ; 

I little expect^^-te^rt^oiift**©!^ .^^ 
•So ao0^ w^ald-my »isk r^ium*. . .(. . .. . 

, What. I *ve |l^6'««> (ft^'I^^d iTiWKUe again^ 

His 'mouth shoqld be cWd, for I *dgiMiuflv«|^ 
^ An'djlo the sartxe tbfOg; for his 4^il4w . 

• ' J ^^^ ^^ 'iwo' niightf cbicft 1 'vii TewlAr'd i 

' For W'd.iboner'ro€ tkb pmoe-iMiir « ipat . 
" Inhere U^ tidanrt^ 

^' ' rrom ^Vlf^Aj^ori ifamteaii a*c»iererr ffl,' v 
1. -»wifVhi8 8hoplceeptrigMslamIA»*b«cV4/ 

iJ^ :m^i :. i l^ifibUourlifiluef^^ J ^ :; '' ' ^ ;- ^ 

r J, 5 .. l^ormjlevias^ai^ slack, '; v ^ • 

1.. ) dr- Aadmjconscnpbl^tpliaGlr^ 

For here I must die, 
, \ If the Bourbon with Wellipgtonjdtd s. . 

I Uidl tbdh deise' to rt^ijjtif, 


fbr bf dll 'HariiaMd''^d scdml! ; ^ 
,.. ^WifibijioiighrMaityfritttie ' * f./ , 

ToMadisoiv i»how I^teiiibawyi; 

Xo hopM that the taicMl * ' -•' - : ^ ^ " 
'M^^ creature^ cotboiank 


3a rmif f>6CAB4» 

,; Th«i^ tMr Sencle ril iMDgle^ 

X , Tfaefr law» ail hew-&ngie, . 

. And jeigh in frioce Madison'ssteid. •*- ^ /" 

■ > • Nk]N>i*eH/. 

A LOTAL BFFDSlOfii; ' '' 



[Fiom Ihc Mbmrn^ Chroniele, Jin: 19.) ^ * ' 

rrB AT tke wisdom and skill cff our A tlifift ' 
" ' ^ -"^ Canard the oonfiict of ke and of sfliow^ - * ^ 
- ^aC at Moscow w potilei tlieFimdb^ r 'Vr 

'Ift/a^t.tfalft we'«Hof-i]BlaMr«i •.! ««' // > 
' AH^t 4^aiv.ibait SBoart nam vilhx«U^r ..*« m / ^ 
^;: Let os.jimiii^alitiyaladdr^Hfi. ( o; a 

t: . IhitrflU^igJin^fMVftttld please^tg \3»]xq^ ,.j ^ ^^ j 
:. . .yj^fifOsUjlHi^Wssuy^^ ^^,, , ,, 

Am tbat, <' bj and with the advice 
/ -''Of'bisMinUters^^-^xci^llentnieri?'^;' ' ' ' 

He would graciously 'pfdi!f the ice '" * -• 

Aad the tixow badt to Moscb# tfgaftt! ^ « 

/."'. '../ ,! ', TII8 OSCARS,** /* ' 

'-•: {From the British Fitssy Jan; 19.} - - , 

J T OBSERVED, with very gr^ mrfrm, in tbf dftijy 
^ f niits xif Saaufdayjlaisi^ Aikl^r,;puf|v>rting talM^ve 
been written by ihoGrMfsir.Princti>Qf^^4iri» to his 
son OscoTs fm.lhe.ocaMitift.ofi4lM. capture of Lubeck. 
I oan ««sure you, Sir, that the letler iv ouestioix is a 
qoinplc^ .ip^fwp^irc;. ;, T^ wbich baji Wen auda- 

.;^io^&lyf)b^cjec( on the public, as the etnanatibi^ of 
the gre^^lf^wrior whofw tliavejust named, is neither 

. ^9r>?^S9Ei?€H tbati Wpardiypn the note seat by Mr. 

; Pyrne, the celebratett dancer,' i^ Mastier^O^car Byrne, 


in consjequancc of hit artrwrdintrjr 8«oM8i» in eic* 
cotii^ the dtace wHh wlitclr fbfrM«r:«|toi^^ Narcn- 
.sky teritiinaieg. Chwce has tbrp^ tp wtv way a 
eopy of ihU a&ctlQnatc ^fiusionj^ which I en^Iofe ; by 
giyiogl^lil^ace in your paper^ yoa wHi'it oncrobli^ 
mtf and assist in iNid«oei¥M the publiCy wbQ^, 
mkkvaptct tq the afticl^* alluded to^ aaineli aa.many 
f^hcrify^ e^roasly Imposed upon., : . , , . ,' ^ 


'Tbs people of London hate assisted, many of tfee 
votaries^ of Terpsichore in raising a fortpAet That 
assistance. U a debt due to geniiiSy^^m^'voii ari Rie to 
claim it t/iilidk4hW hi$«^ ^ fiaiaing pos* 

session of the piiUM voHretsbyMl jHf^,^ I ^pre you, 
witbout great ^eaeriioB^ Thai adhnai^tpge^ >¥jas fi&tKetne- 
ly deajr to.Qie^ thoi:^h it ooat maoy paiof«l?eifiolutioiis.. 
How happy are we». my dear soiVy wtien iMr'eaa comr 
snand the approbatioa of, anandi^neel ' How soun4 
and quiet mvisi bc^ yQur sleep^ when^ &tigp^ with. 

^ the efforts of the eKniQg» yoa retire U> rest!.. If all 
men oouU b^ jOonvi^Hred ofitlMs tcutt)^ t^ere would be 
ao mone a«/ar»— -good daofiSJC&j^lone would govern tbe 
sti^Si-^I set off thU evening foii; the Haymarketi ^nd, 
ia the morniog^ whifher tvtoii may ealf nw. I do 
every thiog ia fofward the good eause ot tny profes- 
sion. The only reconlpenae I desiae/ia^ tbak tny 

-' Conduct oiay inKpii%;yo%i^ fOf dear child, tq und^t^ 
eyeiy thing for lbe.pros})er4i^ and wctfari^ of an art so* 
ckar tp every peUabed ebaii«iinky«'> ' » . . >.; 

YoMr sflRteitonalrfatJiefj,^ « . m . 

"' It IS utf|)eige«Ba^/ to offbf any cbwmcnt^yn this noi^,. 
U is most natural that so good-j^'ftthet a^MG^' Syrik 
should thus Address his son ; but what ob^tJt tht iiM- ' 
tor of Ttui Hum-big-you ^ou\d have in pubiishlhg^a 

HTaiber^ to' Ms Wl#«i*^«btM^ lavckatiribttbg h :to :tte 

"With cqiMl pro^ipty^ have jivisii a lli|^0eiilty0nroB«f 
i'belttHf) &iiri>6tk«d h io ilia? e bcfD8eHft% ilbeJhnKS 
rK^gmtiolMd daughter. ^ 

M. B. The feflowm^'iB-tte^arody^inVX^ 
bug^j/cu. — Pr^ insert U, th^t tbp fjubiicmav be able 
to Qompare iu merits wuh Ihe originafy as aoove. 

*« ^Y DBA* OseA*, ' . .r 

* '^^ THe peopk of Lubeck «9siatfd Gbitetpa 4ii« Fi»M 
<}n teMorir^ liberty 4o bis countiy: :I-'hav«^«lii paHl 
fhis debt of ibe &tii<<iiea~L«bcA ^ -fim. *iMim^kt 
happfiness of fining ^oaseuioii of iibr^cilf^lkbout 
bltH)dshed. Tbis ad¥«tKa|« W'ieme^Wiilt^^imBi a 
vict<^y in a pttebed Mitili^, tevttv^Aiait^'ft td^^ Ik* 
cost me many 'mrti. flowbappy awf^rt^e, tt^ dear 
'aon, when we can [ireveoi tbe shading elf' leaft! 
Hou- sound antj cjuiet is our iitmpl if alTWenv'MUl 
he cofivmced tf this trutb^ there wotiid^.^tmiytt 
eonqtierors, and nations v^oiild be govertfnt.iif)ly'by 
just kings. Isj^ off to-morrow iur OMerstobe, and 
the day ^ter wbitber event« may ealhne» L40 l«ety 
tbingto make4b«|a^'€Mid««iwe't& ihcrffMi^a^se and 
•tbe benefit of my iOMBtryv Tfae^enly reeMfpttftse 1 
desire*i9, that it 'may tMondyim, my^tear c1iiM> in 
every ibing you will one^Ai^-unAmake fdr>ls*|fi^di^ 
rityand welfiW. * '- • ' ^ . 
—'----'•^ « Yum affecti o ngr e ^aTlrer, ^^ — 

?5l t^ ...'•>'■"'» w . i '•' . . • •. 

4^^^ i 

. \.'<itiii»Tm ir'iiWsf B— TO 'b*< «Vb a¥ xiUtifK; 

* ^^* / '. ' BY JOHN iliTPOEft^ Xf4. ;^ ,;*; 

' '(Fr&mtfae Morning 'Foity Jaii. 19.) 

5. , : .-. - *T ^S 'thus ibe pigmy ions of po\/% , . ' . 

"M '' -*•. Advance their v'aiki parswl»» • - ■ 

V;*: ' l)^ft glitter h) tliie darlD^D'cl hoor^ 

*^ " And lilte (be glow-wortti fiide. 

' I'h'e year' &%ig with ifate is gone, 

« V. :: : Add hever 10 ntlmi ; 

When m^ ii gallao^ fellow^s ^oan 
Made cobnt]ess thousands niouni, 
. ^ With indignation and surprise, ' 

^' » ^- A» blar the <le€p 1 bend imfejcs,^ ' 
^ A I^gee^dlenatiorfsliisstlSB'rod, 
d J LAM shrtak beibre th* oppressor's odd. 
i .;c :iX m^Gf^rmw^f aninerom states . 
^ . ..J>isK^^ ^ejoF^ Napole(ui*s fttesj 1 , 
:,' I :^^?^^>viKiel<i*ng^tohisarnf\S4 ._ ... 

^' ' ]Bc?beadi his cla^w is isafp froiii hairois. , ..,, 
*'''^^^ia1!ing Fetters rudely bound, . , . / \ 

. ;^ -' "fi) prts6n driiggM, oraye^Redine 8^^ ' * 

— ' ' " 'WHlst IVutb low wBisBers from Oc groun^" ' 
---> Snel/ is Nap'oleonV liberty! 

;-*' '^hererisiqgirQm the trouble4sea, ,- 

lis , Hef bi^\v«jrks Holland spreads along : 
v7 J /Iliey whom^Bliea first^ ande free**, 
,>:: ; . >WlMB;^va fled fixMKi Yald(ir'» tlMttig^ 
i 'M)fo)A^.^y Napdboo aie pinoUn'd 
*:: ,^ • ITawprthy of n antioo'a luwie; . 
^\..A9d^#^.tbe:p99t.oChQi>ourdalm'd« , ^ 

Are left to beggary, scorn, and shame. ,, 

('« Bi^for^&cgeQ^ivqa «id of Elizabeth, HoUand never eeold M« 
cselbnkKctl h'er tndependcnoe against the /Ar«#cronc.po^£n of ^^aln, 
led on by Alva 4 a monster whose cbaract^^iil)til4 ^>«ib m bid)p«i«l* 
Id with Napolcoo*t. Ii should never be foigotteiv by os, that to Hol- 
land, which that shadow legislator Napoleon declared only f^-fitt*. 
rank as a commercial pEmvince," we are indebted Ibff oof f^oritontdt- 

c 6 Napoie 

' Nipolete dnr«rb^iWf4tM ill '^tiOn i ^ n. i-. i-n 

With marsfaajlM Uiaosatuls dby ^ «M», : A 

To Rnnia treacN the wayward patbj 

To bumbte Alexander^ pride. ' ' » ' ' 
Sannatk trenfiblei fit bii'frow^; ' '^ ' * 

Tbrov^b realmtc^^nbat 1Mb speMt'%«^wijp';* 
All Russia die^<-8abroits each town - ' - 

To Buonaparte's giant sway. ' ^ i ' / 

All pttfate sorrow sinks^-all home-felt ctreir-^ ' ^ 
Before coafosto^. ibonror> and despair. 3 / . 
Beneath bis feet, whilst suffering thousands croa^> 
Triamphaat Murder nK>iints ^er clotted ^hron^i ^ 
And where retiring Peape made nature gay,, ' * ' * 
Stem and relentless Havoc bends bis way . ' ^ ' " ' 
He breathes in fii-e, and blasts the hopefii! year^, * > 
Rage in his front, and Famine in his rt;ar. - 'i 

Swift as the death-Dash lights tli^ i^my sktes^. 
On ev'ry side see Desolation rise -, .1 

The ruin /ises from Iberia's shore '' 

To wberfe the ^inds o'er Sc7tbia*s*deserf« rodr'^ \ . -7 
And, soak'd in hnman Wood, the Duna'l side ' . A 
Bears earth-born fiends to cross his crimsoned tide, 
Whei*e the sweet pipe cheer'd rh«iiy a happy vale> ' ' A 
With shrieks, of murder mourns the loaded gale y ' - 
And where rude yirti'te smtlM in realn»s of snow, . i 
The created flames of Gallic vengeance glow % 
Where Northern grandeur rear'd her sptres on highj^ \ -* 
Lo, one wide waste of srm^'kingniffls fiel ' .^ • '* 
Dim o*er the scc-ne G^oi's utrnggl^ng eagte^ ^^fl' 
And point the /'/•or/jr .^j!>offt^*fc tVeaeherous^ way. - » : a 

Dis.i«trob8 way!'— beheW. he ^wiA— ^he'flkjs-** * • *' 
Keen for revenge a it)HlV>n H^s^ans rise. ^ • 

He flies at !a« before th' avenging^ norf, 

Who shopk Heaven's thunder, arnl defied his Ood*. 
Red o'er the snoiv the toA 6# i^Tgfeaftee gleamff, 
-And GMri-lurns pale where KussiaV ensign ctm n oii ,.... « 
llie veteran K«tiia0tiF^ with jioclLs? of grey » » 

Scatters before bim oerroeanddisnMy. . 
The haitlyChi^f of Sc7tli4a*» barren \9S\^i 
Th' nnwearieU PlatolF,. 8|jnead& his galtr.*?! bands \ .. ^ 
Ueavtm aids thd ^ua^-^Iksizuntka xiUcs cq hi^^h. — . 
Tbey fi|jht--lhey yield;— e^ire^aad &eb)y fly y 


JBUfSSc^^AtlW Vf«»»|ff» ^mi^fBp ,Q()|ff . A47 

Ko, Aoe the Pripce v|iQ^Pei9aa*t joints Imw, ' r 
O'er the dark HeUesficait; m OMmly Aew ; - 

No, jiotthePriiieew)K^^P8t wiiftt«i^Vlo]PieI(f ^ 
To I^erVft«fi«i«4a Fultowa't field j ,. 
Fled half to meanly iRrf mtbeir Mifibrlbg baiid9|.' > 
As Buonapsrle did from J^omU^s Jtttds : 
Dra^'d in • d^e-^Aar, Fanzine, by kU side. 
Flew Europ^'9 9c&urge and boaAtiTg tWlki's pM^i '^^ 
He flew to tdU^What Fhmce Witt long die^ore/"' *'^ '^ -^ 
niree hundred t^ouaMi sleep t4» "MraS^ no xn^re!^*' ''- "^ 
Cold o'ei* thei^twsbfns swe^pa the No^beno giiei< ''* ' '• 
For ttOBO wflh billy whom udoe eaa' bew^K ' * "^ >^ '^ 

O, thaaka be to Him who t]^e lide lias thci3 cbang*^,/ 
For retreat, sinoe that period^ l^ath beeQ Bopfy^s aiq) j^ | 

And att the gr^ pkins, by hia wiadom arrang'iij , ', 
Have ended in misery, BiAeiii9»r ^fear* ^nd shame* . . > 

Through Poland be h\f^4,, ^s.thp* ^taa {)ad,kick;4',hl^. 
Through Prussia and Germany' kept up the daop?. ^ . 

At Leipsk, pooR<aoQi i Wa awii ^iend^ tur9'4 ^n^yick'd 

,:htm>' ..> . . f ^ ' -i ♦ ,, . . ' . 

AndheUlmcet.^iPi^h tha^«apiefr9m.h^jOl4j5:fei? l^ri&ce. 

Quintua Curtius the ipnod^n, i^pon a mad hor^e,^^ . 
nongM iot^ the g^lf, and wa& neYer aeen roore^ ^ ^ • 

And of atl his brave generahx the devila c6r$q^, * ^ „ 
, By the light of the hri4^ made the oppqsjite shore. *\.. 

With koo^-nose all dripp'nig, and lantern J?^ shrivelled, 
trom C^»l^l to Paris Jhe jumps at ope spfiog':.' ^' ' '{ 

At the foot of his brother he trembled an4 'sniyelfd^ .'^ 
The weU^piMed^ smohe-drkd* Westphalian.Kjngy . \ 

Ah, Boney ! this year hath detejrmiri'd' thy fat^ ^ ' „ 
To a hair's breadth U^e Ci-dw^ fViiice hath .measur'^^thy 

. $fi^ * » :i • .'\' '■■' ^ "I 

And sbnmk to a aothipg these biigbears of fete, ^', \?, * 
%e Qreftt N(»tim of Tqgwcr, and their iittk grff(;tt^in!^ - 

Hafl,. thoubrlgiAJatiD^ herald!'ofiheyw^ .v/^^^ . 
Wticft closes only. (HI Nappk'oa-s biei J; , ; i y)yni:] 

. Thii ypar abaK^MM^ tW Opprusur ftciftk the y«mhij^:t r . 

Aadeve^eQwaeeiFi^M^ottt'^i^ag^iVflAitl'd^ ~ I ,^^. r - 

• 11 ; • ^ ■ , ,. Jt^\\ r . .rf , , '? ! ,i. i . 'JYr , -m i .-.mU 

*^Peniat<mtk<^' i^elebr&ted tit his bravery aind waa^ k>f priDtM'' 


a8 J ^miMamn .WmamBMlAM^ 

fiMobarooU trenl^IlN^ 14iim hiiitf liit htadk^;. rA \x- ^.' 
And hope from I)^OMit bmik 6»^^Mi^r . . j ^rc \rai(T 

Andyields, in sfi))eii(ij|^i)fifji ^|j^9/itori|9|3 ^ . , :: a ^u; 
Prwce, Jlil^ Af<^Mil<Tr IMfwM. wUb..^S;Mir« PWiNfti i ad I 
How dark knd' boDe]^ mut^^be^tb^ tol bpufK», *\ <:>« bnA 
Wheo o'er thjpiiUid brow death** i)Jq^Q«||frV«ri^l%; . i«uiV.' 
Aiiddaquriaj(bU9f4i9Pgrl^4A>«hegrairAi . ;t .mt kS 
Die with thy M^Ur'% reigo^fjpr jt|oit> iii|i^4^ „ , - x: .1 
Whofe •ti&beanM.gDlter oaA mufdm^r*4iipia)i|i ,:. * vr'V 
Soon from bii bloody a^ polluted Ibiwii^ . . -it \ 

Unpitied'ibaUh^/aO— AorfidliOMMt^. li . v * ^ 

His Kile-blbod ireetU^ oo tbejdffge«c'a^|li#»,. ,i . ^r;W 
Will reach those bear^ wlio8e<:aDfi)idB wflte4|ii««i»| v< b • 
The joyful news ^lU ^r??d to jv'ry iboyf^ . i ,. i. 
And nnctMin'd muIlonihreatBe^oni^ objure*. 4 
Crawford Sireci^ ^mao^ evening^^ 

• \ 

y: n« }i » . _ av jmao«€ rfcaiBi * ^ v 

' [Rom the MornttigFotr, Jatt; 2^.] ' "' ' 

i«^^ -^ • •8ttri*lti-nfeilW)5i/arb/Aib^ 

^ i%7//ava2W'* . . . / " . 

^T icems the EmpVor > conaing b^e jtcndaj^ . ., : ' 
■■• To take the liule life we have away i^ ^ jr.: 

SadjU oujr /ate w^e itt thii wif^^^ ^ ,.v-l 
t)biig*a to bop to battle iijpon cmtcbe^. • ^ 

^^., ycai^jt, • :. • ' ,\; ». ' » ^ »^ *;<;.,'» ► 
H<?,^c a all who could ptand to voltmUiir. • . ^ . " ,. ."^ 
^They went to fiir the fiifc^^ dipse Jbe.jost^ . ^. , 
*By Cossacks' spears» apd Kussia't blastiog'irQst^i. 
T6 Gemiahy be led ibem* 

* I consider tbii ez«>bitbop as the «r» wom dMuracter that evw kat 
htfl MWt^ td m^ebft*? W^vidcf. ' If lie (Sd'^t itrfi^ ihe tff^Ain > 
banded the daggej;-iif he did'ttdrlH|«lhiik6f^ibt ponohi. ^'iaj/k 
th^i^^ JH»iWci»!aiin U^ jiwbtoiis Sfavtei^wSantf^ \fmAc 
what one avows with Che Cmk of a liiipwiy tha <at|ti» iWjoiiyifch tha 
secictveUofcttmui||.^9f)|ra^(K^^, .,, ,^ ^ ^ , , . v n.. afl^- 

They met, and^MMM^-twr^m m^retM'^itte. . rl 
nhtrtf'ANraM. h wttmt to ttip itat ttti htkvmf ti(c| ,' 

Tlie Batcher's hit opoh to til> his sick * / ,♦ ' . 

Tll9 ■(iAMAMfld'#fftdD6d«hfe'b^|{fii<)g^ hfttMBr^ . 

AiidflBtiriv«tt>idn|p|Ae4toiapaMieistddta^ ' ^: ^ \[\ 

What '8 ytdiir «to}fR<M)r ?^ 

Seeimai/iiMM'* • 11ikt#Mdr7dtfNr«tMhlbCiji V^^^^^ 

'■0 IftCMvtMBiil! lii tts ^teraal nstt* 

Wbj don't kdi Ml hi 6lf at bsia^? «fld<giv( . 

^^ -^^W***^ tf^^^^wnet to fire ? 
ffaf/Jb»Mftf> Of di<yg^tft^at<sied» dfttdiieaftdaai; 

Were better in^Hiedbtf^ Impltll/ 

I 'd lat kb i' lume ifcyt^won'iymy bed» 

Than hobble to the Ckllt liijr^aad tor-glujd* 

That the same fanHct dkHmttklBeoir two. 
&cofii^ hhfMMd. I ^UNM.ioa/MPk'tel still tfa0ve'« littk 
Of g^ing eff.^^^its^lf UsAe'iKiy ^tmipii 

Fifth Invalid^ I 'in biiod as Cupid, i^i'«i not afraid. ^ 
»M^,r0tii,nMaikn:j9mlid9. W^wte^m^M 
. ^ite, and ckonot \^o 
As volunteers ourselves, Willhddlyaiiolv . j* 

You, who have.tMif % leg" or rVro gone-tkad, . 
Had better hide, ordb<§ be-siok in be4* / 
Rnt, Smmifimtd^TkMhtodkts. Well do it kwbdlljri 
but hark! thedrutts • > • 

MnMi^ok ^ftis* Iwfciiof df his "^tttoy 'COikiM* 

[£are«yt^ ti^i/A o/Wf ti^Ao are avatflMd tn.l&r^cinesirayY 
J|fM ifoviiiB/. I Ih^'t&oiigbt "That I shbuU bteta UMTda^ 
Hat took thesight fVOM bbtb tt^ e)M ^Way. 
AmrihJn^aUd. «Mf 'WoQodar thattk Beav'iw ir<Mnddlj^ 

J^ iiwft<M^ The ¥»kin Vherer^'^^ 

dBimay (to CkuluiMnV WJbv, d'--ii:dM»fe fellows, A«tt 
'- .• .- thai'isqtti^hig'sha^t,. - .."' ^•■^ *' ^ ' ' " '\>VV''' " 
IteSMDft tbey know what we ^ ccltkxiratiM. '" ' '^ ' ' 

4» vMifQV onmsffAfM. 

(AhudJ Tbtnksi my taive fellom, for ydmr.iiiU^ senl 
In naj just p^up-^-^hat of lA« €9miiio)i tewt. .. 
ti/m/nva6d, 'Eiup*ror« for 70U pallr lives t«i&*fi 1^ Inj 

£ofigf<. .Yon woold OQt give me e *' demd^ cnmo/' 
Fourth ImuSi. Indeed we would oQt. Sil^— ve^4.ritiflur 


Flfih Invalid. We paor to nrve 70a, Sirn'MCtytetfuw; 
1 itill can tmtA\^Marekes.J • . - i .. • < .^ *: .< 

Ain^y. Bot, ^asotrnd^!- j6a etritt^fei^ "** '^ 

i^A fwvML TrtK$« I 'a rKtfle^ aleii^^t ibet^f ' '- 

Bot still 1*11 march to b^tlendy yfhtt^i ^ ' ^ ^^^<^ •' 

J5oR<y. Your ardout t6acbes me. Ift-fiile'* d«i|»f«^ i* -^ 

If poMiUe.we win'TeBtore 3r<mr'tiglit: ' *' '\ ' « ^ •' 

f Te Swrgeon.J Tflke tbb bnife MfDir^forthe^kld t^iig^. 
I<To. lead him in ; ^thln mstttit coteh M eyes. r ^ '* 

' ' tkirgemi This doste, kr'UwMy lose fawiifei -* 

Bonejf, Yoaite.'* 

How8boiiia]fiWltnoir^ Whatif hi^«es?-^-<3otf^' "^ 
fifik AmtM tf^Uoifi m.hi$ knets.) O! do ii6t dedd rm 
••t6 suth cruel jjain. * ' ' v * -; 

t' • Jtoisjf, Away. \ you *11 tfauik me when yoci aec'abiik '^ 

lExU^rgeon wii(i%ei^iid. 

To bless my people cvef sHtl liidiord, * ^ 

Tjs mine to fifrnish eyesight to the blind. 
CauRncourt. Yea, you 11 cure all his ills.. 
AtMfk • 'Tit very trae> 

As Captain AVright was doctor*d once by you. 
Where's the next volunteer ^-^fTTo /bttriA /iiti«&£> O! 
' yo«*re'the^man. - - • ' 

jRwrM/ifiHtM ! Yes» *8hr, I *11 fight your faMtks 9(ci ckn. 
Bmey. Ifyw^^m ^u^Why that lif? 1 laaeli i^ottMiafc 
yV^know wl^.ytiu«QrcbaiUe^i«h$|pUi«< \ t 1 ./( > • 
What if you .*ve lost ao arm? one*s <|uUe««Dogh».; 
To hint yen CMsn^t ig^» ia alLdw d stuff. . 

.[He^sses^htmwthofhers, who hmfg hst tin.Qirm, 
.These men will florin I wo good one-hnndeJi^ps,. '''* ^ 
Letk them be rangM as Wi^A/sand 7(^1 ifa. scbti^. "'* " *"* ' 
%ut*balry6ur*nimbb'r do'ilot ^et appeari ' '* ' •'' ' '* -^ 
(Ta Officers. X Go drag the icit tb come isrirfVoInnfeer. 

•' '•* ' ' Z^BMemttC^ctrt. 

^ JSa/cr 

. \ \ Enter Sufgetm. . , \ ,• 

SurgmH' Ttfexperfm&typu ordef*diasb«fl ^riecf. ' * 

' B6^. ''^iiit 's ihe t6M?i * " ' ■ *^ • • '^' -^ '^ ' 

Siirgepn,, ■ I. The patient groarifVt'd^d dipd. 

^qhof. 1* U' ao great matter-^xnore xediahi l^l)/fa)d : - 
*ltry the experiaiQttt on all tbe blind. ' '' X^i^,^^i^^' 
Enter Ofimii,Smil^M^I^P»ql^ ¥t^l^• 

O, here you are—now form yc^rs^Wes jn.^9,wj, ,^.^ ,,,,, • 
YoQ shall .(be regiment foroi of /i0i^ffr-/oe9. 
Doobtleai^ eapb^^tbiakibg all his work was done»^ ''7 ' 
♦' ShoulderM his cri^cb^ and show'dhow £elds were woji/* 
Bat gF9^^, happing is yet in? atom-**- .^ • '. . 

Of'glory yoo shall harea^taite octce more. T ,• .1 ' \ ^ 
JSiigr;,!!^ ic wpidi) iy»tur.J6we8 ibow wur j<y> !. ; * ,o -/ '^ 
Your r4H?ti^eta)it»4/i j(9««|hi^jOt^}loy, ,,;: ' \,. 

banda^^^. . . • c '•; ^ 

Andj^ionclose their yet remainftiflKiftd^ ^^ iX i i 
liffff^y yon for your country go to fight, ^ " ^ ''' ^ '^"^ * 
For liberty!— ^r© Gt^ds.) Be sur0 yon jnale all fight 
O <pfcjt:ng|; be.beard,, though hut in joMt^; ; ; > 
That France would.^er:bear.a tyraot*s yoke. 
\Xhe f^olunieers ar^ jif^c^ ^j^^c^fli^^^Esfeunt Ofinm* 

_^.. .. 


^ [Front the biltisli frress',' tan. li.) '^- 

I 'HIS gentleman having'now jeorguaijed liis Corps 
' ycif &ippUs^ under :the, na^^ .^T {hV « Jiational 
QtMd oi Paris,'** who dre cbfbfly intended ' to d^end 
the NaOcml IlttHMe, arfad taOttrneBpiaiGtm of i^a/lm 
goodSf froab b^ing entered by th# ri^itfuf'AtyM^fttrs of 
such goods : thh* gebdeiWah, 'liiTihg tffeased *fe^Ve=i 
wirrl6ri" had d3^;%i?oh1t^Un 'Wstorlaii ebtirely ; ^n^^ 
referring toi his ^pvy^ii ca.oip^gj^l and the ^nthoKzwJ 
violations of l^is/owfi jyliJiefy wpen ^'bey e^^ aii 

enei|i.y*a ^coiioi;ry,'4^?cr,ih£3^ ,i^* very^jpi|[nated4ero!iL 
a)i*the etcesses* \i|^hi9h be SMppgses the. Xtli^s- will 

*4t mnMMfF ARintrt^ VkttS(fig\^ ¥i#B ^bm ate. 

commit ^heti tb^y '^ci^hkfith trktax. No te^ can 
<tor<;rtbc theSc^ lfiilig8"'|*hfer;'<hW m^^^^^r he 
. JuMiwt Ikon practicany tit!d sciehufica^^^ I r- 

«« And n himself ilie^mt ftaWfnie he flrawir , f c { 
'Butthecbhfessions'of a mid^Aa-br 'Mii)p1s^ expected 

Yet, if hurman tiMtfre (Kd not shudder at ,the 
mtmUrons Iniffhonery of the att^oipt to hear a £filcu/ 
appealing to ^the press for support^ Wh^ii 'hi* ^as 
slopped it in everycomitfy'vy^here He bad*p6w?jr— ito 
hear htm talk of the wickedness of vio^tisg rh^dD- 
minions of aMiChtfr, who» itas^iela^ evel^^^]bifl#v, 
from '' Dm to JkBritefia'^'-^mi-tb Utor^indifiiSi^t 
the shedding df IttiH^iti btodd^ ^d^fd tte-^fis^lliifjrof 

{^ AttfRon bektgs l ■ ^icariug and seeing '^attrthisy our 
detesii^ii fiiqst ;t^ 

ON THE LA^«fiSC«f]> OF ;Tiie^««4gQffH9pr 

"*• . This 14 in oonscience plenty ; -• "? r . : .^ 

Bqt tJiere hav« ^'n ,^0 ^€(fffy« H-. »-?«;;>'> 
AXtedAy dio're tban /n^eafy ^ I(^^^j^ 

• ffkali that of peace, and fkance*i happiness. 



T accepf toe ftdr^ pr^iimiiiah^^ 

MeanCime t^VaiVche Comic^ Bearne, AUa'ce^' IBraboD^ ,. 
. Are atii invaded by ih:i^e«craf^ ibes^l^-^ '.' - 

Oar rallying dry js "* THcti dtWrMmte fftxptt 

KlX mynaorrows, and. oiy fame rejfteet T ' ' 

; '|J>' ^ffitpjtionsof my family wouyid day heartf !jk'^^ ^. 

j^a arms then, fr^yoqhmw*^! ^jris^rwitfi BiiU9n^pante» , -; 

To 4rmfrthep, frenchmen 1 andyQ^ll COMt^r yet^ ., 
' [I'^rofiS tRrt^itltKTfess, Jan. ttlj.] 

-Ift/i^kVffiv^fi^ nii\dcK8ta^d;fcSt feii&aHdy Hinder 
* whioh ^his respectabfe nobleman la)[)oiurs 'puzzles 
'Ibe fnculicarwortd eiceldingly. ^A't*1Srst, it>as>attri- 
biitcd to SL Jgi^Up' a^dtion I *but as ihis /hc^^^** ^^ 
^liown 4o prod^ from dBsHnerice^ aftd ^here tlie 
idise^e must liav<^%e€n /stUryed^^quf, ^^Jt^^s idfca was 
•rej^dtea. .'^i-'^ v.*. ... 

A surgeon ofcreS *emTh'^i£ce| and ^hq is wej^ ac- 

LordsW^^fiad ' Witl * ttidc n'Vngage^Behihd' Ac scenes 
of ^n ihe'tBeatfes*ttte!j>i^ ^•he'tnei^he might j^ot bi^re^ 
caught tola in talcing a part in some of tlit; Afic^" ftiecfs 
which have appeared lately ijfi^riictilafly aft Mr. 
Taylor fiaie bflhe Op^aJ '\VQu(^'be ready tp ^t^^t any 
t bing t h^l til i^H % infiame h i i |yo |]dsiT i p ^ , . 

Sir Waiter Farquhar (who is one of .tbetoo^t golly 
of the ijons uf Asculapms), on seejug the ffbnt t>f hi^ 
Lordship's house, .ill %dlbfd $c|iiaxi?^. .^^ributcd.ibt' 


44 A oMBAt Mam itlttcNf ^ftocKii. - 

komphHit' th^]f to thfe ♦I'ett^ 'fftttjco j bftscrVriig, 
*^ thSLt the hovelty anffd elegahce df ft)c ip^rabci in- 
timated dkat there* must have taken place dome changt 
in Ms Lordship's haibitk — and when sytnpttJins'of this 
ltfid'frt*eak but suddenly; they ^rove the constitiitior 
not to be sound.*''' He wquld have rccon?mendcd thi 
"hncet— i-but fie knew his Lordship's obiectioxi xo— 

trrofb die'iftiDt, JftJi. li} 
MR. BDltORy * 

TThas become a, matter of political intjtffly^ wbat 
*" could nidiice "Mtssrs^" Bournes^ of Liverpnaf,^io 
emittalh^Mr. tJanning' iti a salt-mide. Some have 
ima|;ined it was inttMcd «s^ pun upon his u^ii {Sal 
pif^iW9ii>;^.whi1e ptfaera contend^ that, us-^ is ^ 
kiininanf betwixt the hemispheres^ it vroulcl not have 
' been' consj^tent to kive him. am entirtuinmml upoit 

*"' Aa Mr. C^nAlhg Td now supposed io^ m a stgta 
' of /&cit«rK<J^'bef\Vlxt' parties, and, like the Hon.lMr. 
^ JohkWaty, ready to aide wit$ ahy that will 'id^t 
' hirti 5 ' if was lat ffrst ihiagmed it woiiid hiive b^eii mdre 
*^ appro'plriatfe' to 'have* received hira'in *a 'iaflboH.-^ But 
to this Messrs. Bournes, who are weighty dndt'-limid 
vgehtl^hien^ 6b]ec{ed i til mediately,' and particularly as 

* they did ndt wilsfer to lose sight* of ibeir o^ft sKlt- 
' A'orksi ' I^Ac^wiftg 'Ihere' were sufBcTerit numftfcrs of 

* j^(*flpld*ih Livferp'ool Who wbuld be ready" tcf j<>i'n*'in aa 

* amschhAe. "- ^ ' ^- 

On tlAfs fii^ound, therefi^^t, W. f§ i^i&posed thtf ptaa 
wai idbpietf bf entertffning-'Mr. Caftifee ^ubterrafie- 

proved thrft they*h^ given ^Mh Canning any 
support than a laikei lo descend \K, * 


W&aie the tn^re confirmed ki lln^^^ttiipo^ bf 
teamlngy, i)|[)iwit^andipg iht bumbier of lights, i^e&^ 
tion^ that tik^ only • /igA/; there w^s the.^eAtkmaii • 
buaadlfa aodas tq •the ipxpftisioiii amoiig the c^n}** 
.pati)?9 they on^ iP^ose on the dread of one b{i^e sati 
pii/or^ .Having given 'wW; but whether tbey were 
composed of Epsom or (llauter, was not able to be ' 
diitinctly ascertained. / ' • 

laviffooL ANti-LoT. 

[From* the Morning Chronicle, Jan. 27. J 

n^)E ^g\et|ioa of twng this bird is 8oniewh4t, 3mgu<« , 
^.^ Urj, ^nd j^ de3cril)eq, ixf aa^ old book m thp,fi)Upw- . 
ing term&r-4 * ,,. '. * . '. "^ . [ . ,- '' ■•- » .,• • ! 

,^ ./'.TRb^.dottrel is s^ foolish ]bird,,pf tbe .crane sp^c^s, 
ytxy^ taHi^,awKyar4^ ^ixd cpnceited^. . The \(io^^ 

, €^^cK^, v^^en,^ hjis got gej^r eooij^^ turwU bith^d 
round sideways, and makes a teg towards liim ; the 

. bifd^ jBet'iiig , this, xe^\]rns^tbe dvilityi, and n^^es tbe 

-wme sidelpfig inovehieut. These a<i]rancei[ a,ip? rjB- 

, pelted with mutual satisfaQtion^ till the jmaq ap- 
pr^jjcbes pea? fino^gl)| ^d tb«n the bif^,*! ^J^^/'. 
; A Poor- )auce^t> or ^ Treasnry sophist^ is often takien 

,.iDt)cb^.iQ tbe sap^e \^ay. Your opposiiumi^s Sir, was 
eyi^t^Kt^iQ gull:. From the general want ot synijpathy^ 
be ^l# -niiore store by it than ij i^ worthi, and tor tj^e 
smallest concession is prevailed upon tp,give up every 
pringiple^ apd to surrender himself, bound hpnd and 
foot, the slave of a party,' who get all tbey w^irit of 

, .biin, .8nd,t,be9— 5* Spu«g^, you ar,« dry again.r* A 
^trikii^ piW of thj^ has .^t^y' QQCurred in th^ Jn- 
•tanpe^ i^ a»celebrp^ed wnjterj wbjo^e Ipciibi^atipos are 
witbbeid Jfoms the public, p^rtiy^ no doubt, because 
he baa honestly declared i^amst the project of restor* 
ing\be^ourbon§» ... _ . , „,*..: 

46 ugmrmt^i^amm^*^ t 

4s Uie4:<tert Bi|d ^ci^.p^fiMmm* b«v« - apuken «M 
oatl^g sMjIyji^cWtiMJnil ni^ Sir, tfi^fiilf ^ %e* . 

b^f of the country;* I.hjaye no ditlikc wbelevter^ 'pn^ 
▼ate or. public^ to :ihe^B0urf)4|iH^ MQepi^ tn^ Ibei^r. may 
b^ midfAh^ i>ri^^^;tt(<iHittH««hie^ou«.a9cl impractic^bie 
schemes^ A^ the samf tii^^JJia^e not tbeaiight^t 
et|tbi;^iag|^;in tbeit hv^K^ I wp^ld. oqt. saorifice the 
life or limb of a single individual to re^^loce thenr* I 
have vcfy. yearly the sanne feelings towards Ui^m 
which Swift baseapresttd-mbMaecount of theancitaC 
and veticrable raceoS the Struldbruggs. It Is true 
they might in some respects present 3^ d\i^ cbntrafit 
to Buonaparte. . . J . , 

A tortoise placed ou th^ tlyoDCof F^atoce woubl:^ 
the aam^ tl)ing. The Jiterary sycophants of the da^^ 
Sir; are greatly* enamoured (fmin sotne caiise or o^HJ 
with kcreditary^ imb^ilitjE aud natiira «ran.t of taleUff. 
Thjcy are atigly, tiQt'>K^f houf r^EMon, Ihajt a Clorf icari . 
upstart has made the Princes of Eufope toolf lil^e lvax<* 
wock figures, and^given a ihoek 10 thd stHKlff? of 
kmgs. ihey wish to punish this unpardonable pre-- 
sumption^ hy estiabiishing an artificial 'balai^ce 'oF 
weakness throvighout Eutope, and by redricing hamia- tbe level of thrones. We ttiay> perhaps, in 
time, itnpj^ove thia principle of ricketty Ad'miratioii to * 
Eastern perfection; whd-e every chang^lihg is held 
sacred; andihitf whi(?b is thd disgrace of Huthanf jntel-;- 
lett .is hailed as, the image of the.' Divinity I 

If is said, that in France the old royalists and-j(he 
revolu^tiooaiy rq^nblicans . are agreed ih "th'€ same 
point. Btion^p^t^ is tt^e point of union between 
th/ese opposite etjtretnes, the bomnipi^ object of ,ih\?ir 
hate and fear, I can coeceive this very possible from 
what f liaise observed ambng ourselves. He has cer-^^ 
tainly dpne a great deal to mortify 'die |)rid6^o^. birth 
in the 03^/''Ami't!ie vahity'of pmpn^l ta!efits 4ft the ' 
*■'"'■*■'"•■•• •■' ' "^'-''*' •••■•' • 'othx^rs/; 

^,.l . ,„l mh^ ^C«.yp.»r humble servant. 


1... ».«,. '• * 

. [Ffoni. the phartjpf6n» Jao. acj ' 

*^ 5^^*'?P JW*^♦?J^ 'ifk^ stpty respectiOjgth^^pi'ctolt to . 
a Nobje 'MarcKioDes^. 'It ^ ii noVrerj^^iLlbnt, ;}|bweirer, , 
totn^fce rtiore of tli& mattetthan it is worth* , The fetl,. 
^^hMii Ir ptmii;*/^ iMt foMbw»c'4*-^«n«. time agp the 
March«aQ^H. of .Hettfwi «eat Et^Kno^cest/ 

suifs^ a preseiu of.cmioitf ^efi^ .aaf| pf^c^s* In < retting i 

seut.9tnj^k|)^ 09^^aqdj.v4v^t,f<Mi^ • 

^^^RS^^ifcr *^K^?8 l^en (>ervert^4<uito a present from the, : 


^^.:' ;. .:'....'. .,.'-. . • . ^ 
l.H^V]B,fii^gjijl24',pka«wre^»i.^bp^pgiaJ^^ you.. : 

^"ttftr-^^ficf^iT^PJ^yil^th.e boUijical present to the . 
E^Ep^prp^^9^p]^l^cY^ofJwhich .so m^ob has. ki|eiy 
^^cft WW yj t^.q..pu,bljc.pappr8. For tjiis^interosjting : 
conuQp^pg^^p^ J a.^ji laaebM toJMr. Goldsmrth,. ot ^ 
^»e Anti-Gallip^ia*; aud I . caix.asguro you, that ^t is. ^ 
^o{ a, ybjit Iq^ .ftut^it:nti« ih^^ tb* many other dli* 
closucfi^pf^j^jcbJwJsp^perh^fibeea .made the vehicle. 
z:^;,..,.. .. .. » I.a«}, yo,ur«, &c,^ . ) 

*'. ft&py./ "MancbjeHer Sqimi. . 

^^^^ riitUSTRIOUS MAJ^Aji^ ' . ' : . > - / . ., /' . 

Co^for^aj^ly ^ta yoiir. reqMesjik }' hay e .the ludiour of ^^ 
^^psmitti^ig'you *an wsortttieoV of our roost striking 

botanicd « 

jfi BOtAHlAiL >ftlCtttltl. 

botti)Tcft1 cuHosTtlcs #F iht>ttgttMk,fiihtet, MHHMiiit 
'^ecf^^ F6Vtbi8t>uVpo8t1hAvcf^M6litydmw«iirc^ 
my owii ^oltectioDj fcut ht^e feaid* uiBda* '<Hi M i illwfo k 
those of the niost etninent pemvifsffi ttiU dMOtm io 
itfkl' rlibpe Uie fwi-enshnbh wtll tgM j^ik i fMl ti|M- 
thneti t>r otiff vtriotis dfttvml -ptoduellont) itid »tet 
your entire •pprobctkm* I ahotttd htfi^ihid titiocR 
plessufe ID compljring with y(rar urgent ^denialldt for 
Laurel^ of wfatch yoa say there tt $• granf a tauKhr in , 
Frince at ihU moment, that hts tmpmal M^^Mf luu 
beea unable to collect a 8mgktprig;^b^>airtlM g^ 
nakiemwtb of lM» coiHitry haa bead lattly «MMpa- 
naed by*tbeMarouia*or'WeMiD|M|(;4aM| aa«l»v 
tMbably ere thiaiiM' tMe itMHtMi9*nmm^^0f»9mn, 
1 mttWrtffcry^t6bhnftf Aaiippty. * *- '• 

t^hd ymi i ChHvH'Imp^rial/ of -^ich'y^'tnw. 
be partr^ularly caYifutid a French aoll ttt thifteteitig5- 
abi^ ^i^asori, the it will be vhy apt to tiiWibie fix)m 
the ^talk, AuA ber^laced by a FUur^dt-Lys deBouf- 

«o», -*■•••••"' = : '— -' - - .' •'. .i 

As to etir Rofei, they are ail so fond <:if «f(iddM|| to 
lh|Kir places,? that (liey w)!l not ^tar transplanttog: 
ndneof tfiefn>, however/ ar* of the Wushittg^aort :-^ 
the priricipal is the .Do^, ot Fb/(^|rJbtim CoHm Km^ 
which' thrives best amid the ratikcit corrtipttert. 'Our 
BadH^tbr*sf BttitmSf too, are So eagetly tooght t6 be 
ptticiced by the tnatd^'bf honotlf, i^ml X^it i^nsiers^ 
thk 1 Wv^'ti6t%eeo aMe't6 prtM:o¥^ any. I V^onld 

S;l4dlJ' !5«ipi}!y*y6U vfiifc somfe tiearfs B^se;btit I hate 
iaIflyMost aM* niinfe f-i-of Hue, however, my stock in- 
efea#e^ daily; aM hais ^orithideA to do so evev sirne I 
cleared my groiitfds 'of tht Chkie fhWT. 

,T^%-r^^ <iii9mg alwayr tept his pleasure* 
^nteh weR MH^Mf has been etiabted \o mafoe you 
some ifitHMt c ^ fafiugs^ feot he pariooi supply you 
with any plants? of the #^&tr kind, as all that be ooct 
possessed |iave lately wifcerad away. Tbey' flourtsbi 


mf btt^^.n^qdiiftQGt wifie at BUckl^eatbj wi|crej| by au^ 

/iatHarlMxiiice witb tb^^plwi iinmst^^ ibey Ji^^ve lately 

ibi|i9ed to oflTeQlatl fei»ee e?ai ag^ins^ (be attempU of 

Miiii««»9 Md toom^imU^rt. WhiV ^jutUiig Us ttov* 

bfl^eouf iB4Mdiik9r«»^ bis Royal Highiieta.^ave ofdcrs 

for paekbg Wffi.^^.DwU iu a Bmh i and, w a ^bisquit 

baskal.i^f^ bif own inv«a[tU>tt9 you will find tome 

wU|«Kcxi;liK^ Jpple4f a4otncd with powers of tbd 

CSiomnfif Z^i^ m Jdle»^is, French Bean^ a»d various 

^3p^9, . H^ js by no .moans pariial to Grgen phni$y 

lH|iMbef{ir«ferii» Bi4i^si ^nU of tbe various kiods^of 

.Paoifsjappears most attacbe<| to.ibewJfafroit^rai^I 

Stift^ing, s^t« pf wbiob I caa royself afibrd. yon a 

sample. 1 am particMlarly. charged lo «xpi«ss* 

offtr that be oanaot ^^d- yi^u any Thyme, asjie has 

.^sliftU bblf Ofid It if n<iw tQo Jaitie to recover it. 

vf ronj-iibe P-rr-ssof.W— ►s I aiu (xvnmissioned M 

HaAn>M >^oii somp j»anip)es tii tbp.i^Tfi orui aB<i/saf» 

from whicb sbe bas experienced very great relief. In 

alfttevlolem attackf brought on by a deadly, com^ 

ffi^xid MJRghishade^i^ Hemlopk^ Dog^iooik, Dra- 

gonSi^Reisimie^ Stinging Netlk^^ aiKl other {hmsob* 

<vi^.pi4,^)^ mixed up .with the Pri»€€\s Feathery she 

Relived* great tben^fit ftom. thei v^ of JSr^umf > «f wbi^h 

.«he>$Q^^ you ;Soni« slif>s to .serve^iu case of aeed. 

jl^bi^ it ini^^nthe P ■ .. -ss Ch-«** 

'of Wr~Sf. lo 4esife y<#r.^<9ceptaiiGe of.iioiiie jBa^i 
iZo6^^ miihiSQl^e seedtfn|;8 of a Pas$iM FWary^ iust 
DOW iQomi^OMtf and wbid) genar^Uy gives more tma 
oat iioM^ in a aeasoa^ Att^m^a ai« mitioi^ ^aa* 
graft this flo^^r iipOQ.^ Orar£«,3Wc- . 

Tba Lof4\ CbmoiceUor b^^nMy ^b^gs |Q.pi;eMiiM(»y€ttic 
the trunk of an ^ iS^ Ti)6e^ tfom mk^ lem^Bd 
brancbes of.W^iag WitUm apiMMiMNMM|y shool^ 
Jift. cannol myfertaJ^f tP .fcao^Kii|D<e ia» opioion oi^ tbta 
Ii»ji»f NeMrcB^ but will take- the papers home with 

TOL»^ zviix, D f hitr 


iiitn that b^v^ htta written on the tubjectj ao4 ySH 
gifve you h'xs judgment by the next 'opportunity. . 

Mr. (%-Jc-^r^ of the Admiralty » respectfuny-^ers 
a specimen of a rttinarkably quick«sh9«tinjg\iHtifJ[A* 
ro6Mf together with some Creepers^ which in icop* 
genial situation! qyickly change to Ciimhrs of. the 
IrU species. His contributions \|i'Quld have been 
larger ; but having been seized by mistake by the So- 
ciety << For superseding the iiecesiitir of; Qlimpitig 
Boys,'* he has not had leisure tO ailenq to my request; 
' Mr, Whitbrea4 presents, youwjth a sample ot. the 
riiatferilish Heart of Oak^ togeiher wiib two br.thpee 
s{)ecimens of the Medlar, ' */ » '; 

Jfrom Sir V — y <5— si hawe i\ec«siiied,a][^g^'aW)it« 
iricpt pf shoots from the Cral Tree^ Snflp^nganf Mue^ 
fplntniwood„ and BiUhr Mmonds^ ' i . . ' ^ -^ 

"llie' Right port, the Lard Mayor 4r,aqfmiU^^a 

largjstiohdie of London Pride i and Sir Wrrm Cf^, 

having plenty of stufiin^i alitiough no 5^e^. ofiers 

\hii^m'f)i\ii he has to boasiol^ viz^r-^some. &oci#, 

^intiPliirn.' • .',.,. . . .; : '^K ;". ^^/'^ 

^'iVfv'l^rd* E n presents a 'specimen 6ra* la^e 

'doefl^t pfeintj only^fitj for the Kitchen X^argav^a 

WiAt*! Pits^ion, Flower,^ and >pme see4liii^ jj^ the 

some < 
iy \^ay _ 

C-^-j^ feels ,himself at liberty to gfifer y^pii a ^airt 
ht Afiltii^s 3&r*, raised oririnally^ froiri, (rvjBbi^h, in 
;^ itithef cK i Pity\ together witl^ SQnie/p*^f4s of the 
H^^irtf^iery which ll^Vlh^ constant jj^p^rty^ dftui:n- 
itjg ttJ* die rCsiiig sug; ^' He wouJa haVe\f6r,warded.i);^0U 
ittm^^Jimrfbt ^<irp-giinV/ but^'lhe oitty ijioQtBtp'evir 
.Wd was presetUfd some time, ago^to L^ Caaitrereag^ 
and tSk^^j^^'ttikn in ill is €ity ofFet nothing but a 
«ptfft6il5 'kind^ which is generally swoln and puffy 



ibottir^eHniflki MFtlfethc head il kpl lb be weak, 
s»mv'-4iid itdilbv/^ witbopt the least pith. 
'^^p]nit 'Sfieckbeir of an ^Ad succtdeni Plant in pi^ 
Septal b^ Mr. Sheridan, iis well, at some btostotns of 
the Viae ; to ytfb'ich he is so partial, that t|e in in the 
coastint iiabit of carrying M Ca&x or Ciip in his 
hand^ which for some years past has made hh If^se^ 

From Mr, Southey I have to forward you a sprig 
tfTBdy$ rath'er blighted by having been removed to ati 
tmcongenial Court at the west end of the t<)wQ j^ but 
ht Maj^ Used all his Poppies while writing his Carmen 

Sit Jt^hh and Lady Douglas offer you a sour VeaVf 
ottiy fit for crushing;, and a great variety of shoots 
from the Poison Tree. As they have lately disap- 
pti'air^; it ia hoped they hav^ been sent to ^otaay Bay^ 
"nrwilatge tWr collection. 

Some seeds of the Numsdutl^ and a few ^^ngs of 
Afe <^^e-Lberiy, the fruit of which mates a capital 
fool, aire all that I have been ^ble to prpcure . from 
Dr. B — — • I saw hra lately carrying . a niagriac 
Mimts excrescefice upgii bis shooldersj hut he 
>buld hot part with it, and appeared to v?ilue Slavery 
hi^&ly^ although it bad no Scions whatever* I a|)*- 
VJW Jlo biiq for some Birch ; but I Gi^d, be ^ants ic 

Such, Madam, is m jist of the articles which I con- 
^ to you by this opportunity^ and ihaiild any 
wiers, worthy your accep(t£u;ice, be hereafter presenUd 
|o Q)e, I shall he proud ta, add tb^m Jfi ,font col*' 
w^ion^ In Che mean time, ^nd aW^yfjJ hayethe 
Wo&our tobe, , . V - 

l^t IBostrio|}9 Mt()|BMn^^ 

D % 


.. The following Ballad iibo; relates ta the famous in- 
terchange of presents. It gtrea, ^tOebe sure, a different 
account of the irahsatfion horn thit a^otei; ^faut which 
is correct we cannot pretend to^ xietermiiKw'. It was at 
first stated^ that tbey came from 'i\st reigiring, and ntA 
from the Ex Empress s — but we are incSMd to nif 
on Mr. Goldsmith. 

A MODEJm 3^aUJh 

.'■'•• • • ■- i. 

Beat from pillar to post, 

Deprivaboth of army and navy,* 

Prom Leipsic*8 aftay 

Boney scampervaway^. . 
And lustily bawls out ^'Peccavl* ; 

/', '. ' II. ^ ^ . ".' 

" O grant; if you please; . : _ ' 

My bosom reeousiroro these ilaugnters I . , 

Give me back ail. my men^ . 

And'I never ttgdin. . * 1 * 

(Till Fm strongfer,) wiB beat up yiwr quarters.^; 

But the cruel Allies ' . . ' 

All his cantixig despise, A. * i 

And to Frartce' the pdof ftigiii ve toYby^}^ ' 

While all food, but the frogs, 
: *Tho8elonfe4ieardoddog«,»'^ ' - ' «» 
* The Cossack^ waraiiioiisif>sw8lli>vt.u • / * i 

' ^ • 'So'he cries at g^; &«/''' ' ' ''" ' ^ ' 
- ^•*VFw4i^, aird BfoAleut "^ / • 

i 'm plac'd in an awkward quandary^ <* * - • 
"~"'Sui» wlvBu boiMii "by A>fllV - - * 
: . ItbpcsiB(|«u§jr«ff»ar^,. 
To bb ten times more cunning and wary. 

v. "X 


'''^' A peace? bf tome y^w -^ r " 

•WiTI bflahh my ^rarf,- 
(Ofai»«nBeIwUlbeiwfimfeVethfifty^) . ,. 

Shaold his Highnew the Keg^nt . „ , ,. , ,. . 

£^«B think* it expadient, ' 
To grant Qie a good one of fifty., ^ 


" So, Marie Lonisej 

To propi^e peace. 
Send these baubles by way of Court Plaster i 

They- 're meant (as you 'U guess) 

For the plump M . ■ ■ as. 
Not the wiferr*f>Qr the mi^tresa-r-bot Mastir* 

Tiif. • • • • 

•' Let Cornelia ♦ atver. 

That l^er boys Were to her 
Ofjewels the best in creation : 

Such high-sonnding words. 

In the mother rf Ix>rds, * * ' ' . 

(And siicA Lords !) %ou1d be iht^aActation.*** 

. So the diamoDda and|ilat»/ . ^ ' r •' 
^Were firwaidedetraii^. < 
And» to flafctefjber Ladyship's taste, 
Thejeweb were &M«#^ . 
Thmigh ODoe tied iB a noose, . * 
: Aq^ the w\y^. waj» hooe of it cAatV . 

May the first hi commabd ■' " . 

In oui' lempest-^toss'd land. 
Grant to Boney this much-courted^ peace i 

And that Engiishmeo maj 

For his govfernnientnrKy, , ;^ 
May all petticoarj^bveAmeht cea^e f 

»« Mother tf ti^ Qmim:<^ 

.' -"-' J. .'.♦ "•• ;•* ' '..1 ^-^ 


Iniqut htniqaihfi Hi^ ferpeiiift.<^tfti *ci. 

[From die Monjiwg Post, Fcb.'i.J 

A MID conlb^lon dud display's wild reign« 
•^*- To whom shall Buonoparf© Aow comphin? ' 
As gazing round on afV ilie Aitmaiy r^ce, > - 1 

\Vhe»e «hail a T3rrtnf fl«ff>htt« frlen^y ftce, : • ^ i-.-- a 

A tongue th^t spealifmrd^gerl^ ferMg Iwatf > ^^ : I 

'Gainst all niankiad^— invaded «v^ land-^ ^ ' 

Dire imprecations burst afeiud Irom <U/" * ' 
And every*t)¥m! accelerates my fall. ^ •■• 

What df ifefaa evfts fiTw iny Jie«<i ioJpftiMl ^ • : ' '' 

Where shall I («ltl'^' what Tyrant has a- friciiul'! * 'A 
RaiB*d to a dizzy kisight ^ Fprtan^'k wiu^J; ' 'i') 
My braia tnrn» rqond<^;'MDy giMyaeimea rae)^ j ] j ^. 
Too mean a footsnibi/ earth, thy feet to treadf ' . i'^ 
The skies tod leW ^ canoMTft^ head: 
Thus, like tVn ASkiximA lilM» 'MMitfiAfigii '^ 
Spurning the ein\\\ WpAs^HiB 4>» gam w s ^Wtn^ t 
Anda9h^\4e«»iA#lHMat>^^)dbif1l«lD1iH;, * 
In fancy kkkstKte IbWJ^MlpfSillftftO; ' 

But^ 'mid his drefu^ hf}^mti$m fMOantW^m^ ^ : 

Howl adverse wMft,-and^«IMII(iUAr'«bilMtt'4llbaMb : r -^ 
Th* inflated bubble, ^o*t of ^V^yblaatj :^ A 

No more he gurdei, baf ails "Wi^ HmmT HgbM r^ liX 

Darts the ted bolt, t&' aven^inj^ stVoke'ia glv^d, 
And^ like a sbbdttn^ siar> l^'&k jfroro heaven««« 
Unmark*<f,'1vf5 lower pitfiTln d^koWa Ilsaa*^ - ' 
He falls, like Lu^f«f, tt^'isot^to HseV' >! :^ 

The ocean's lord^^ and held 1^ hal^dnaAAfke) i < . A 

If ad not llieiff thuiiM9l[M Mj^ilUMl tfti#nr nwl^r '•'* ?'' ' A 
This hand had ^^jhf^i'Wgt^^^ viom^^y t ': ^ 7 

, V . But 

.3; : 



But v^in fi^y countless hosts all ready stand. 

And barks inninnerous blacken B(>utogne*s strand 1 

Derision becko&& cm tb*«fp{»o)^i>Sr shore^ , 

And boastful tbreat^niogs hide our shame no more* 

A gallant navy, once the pilde of Prince, 
Scarce dares a lea^n^ qu ocean to advance 1 
Our fl^ts are captured if but once espied. 
Nay, not in safety in our ports they ride. 

When with a treacherous hand I seiW on SpaiJI^ 
And led her King a captive m vny chain, 
*Twas cursed England roua*4 the slex^ping fires. 
And slothful ,SpiHa t» iiberiy anirea. 
There burst the fimm amlstmigbt* thro' Surop^ hoipe> 
It spread Mlie vUd-firo 'mid Ibe stundi^g coriu 

Then omtsm Ibe W«lUagtoBr-pO hated oaipe I 
O ! Brltatn's prid«i» a»i4 ^Crallia'a lastiiig sban»e ! 
While vauatiogMttaaeoaith^iveffo braves. 
With threats, to drive bitQ.tohia native w9i(«t**<« 
Vain, empty threataJ-^Waftiiihei^ioi^iteriecia^ 
And flies wiidbtftHtfamiittpvoratrhts hi9^ 
Chief after !Gbi«flJjipmtii<wU:aii>ai)i, . , , , 

Superior gqatHftbUa onr«ff^tft^4). i .^ 
Still on heprtastSi »^^i«.hQ^f^tf9U' ' i . ,, 
While ea?ied la«r^ apriag hen^^lh W- Ah^-. 
Nor arms, nqr bRCfjerf^ Mafbia bokt^adyan^^. 
And hddh lume^liwid l)i« 'SoU.of ^m^l 

But, O ni^r^ibftdMiik 1 w}miU.moat my b^aifi, . 
No rapine blightB, o^ «atbl<m VW^eirs^ «^iA* 
The heyo'apa ite ■ a »;tiiU^ »a»^ in &^r 1 

Ronse mjritfoM sid^j«4ta iMimmpge^l it^* . 
Alas ! my gtrtaeih$»i^ii99^S^^:M ■.. • ■ 
Th' uplilMiN^Bf»i««0titf]tba.yiq|$)r*sa4MU ,,s . , 
Hence apriiigmy;WQrfllipfJ(Ni9^ find bid nse ^xi,. 
Blre coa8taKiMtim;^^lMtahNliK>tf^*» ^ . . / 

Such are the ^ondsb my .spfttt^rA r^alcjf^ present j 
While on the North 9fiiirm6d}<^tinei9l / 
Threatens willk tmi^lbUl. jvei>gft£(nGe tp o'^rwh^Sb 
As wilha trerafeIwft:MlMiJt:h«W^b«^;feelBft; . 
Alas ! wh^ eviUV^ «gr jbend 'mf^\ ? ... 

Where ahail X taiu-l* wbttTgl^liiaa.^iErieDd ? t ^ 

d4 RaoKd" 

tiacK a witn ics aauy cum, tbis tortar'd Inreflst 
^(^ WtiVwf% <J^k'.d in beaiU)r> cWa»t^ ' 1 

Racked with its daily cawfui, tbis tortar*d breast 

* Assiiago 4}ui jiaTTg, o^ ^S? ■ ^ conscience* stii^ 
If o'er my \)uriiing bra m the powers of kleep 
Prevail a while, ancihOBr niy ey g i ids creep^ 

T^ >n|j«f M Joeeftnn^ m ever ucar, "i :z 

Drops on the ihgrat^*i te^t h^ -scalding tear. 
Then deepiM* horrors alf my breast invade; 
Rivers of Wiod, VEr\^h\eti*k tnurder'd shade, 
*^^Jitd vl4ori# ht^A»4»to my B^ul/«rfs«s J^- ' ^' ^ ] /T 

. T*« fdtura Mooarchs of i^ BdnrbfrnKne t • » 

; ^^yM]e ploodiidilgracer tnd darkness eovecs ftiitAl / 
>^ Tjb^ namis ifi^h hade appalled Eurcye stand, 
'Froze' every heart^ and palsied every hand. 
Become^ the theme of^wery habblrng nnrse, \ . '-' 
■ 1*0 fright Wfabe/ or ntte]^*d with a eui«e. * ' * 

* - Atasi I feel, wWle 0>f mybiftid inipfeiid- • *- * -'^ 
^ Dc^tb and disjfiltc^r^a Tyi^nt htfs M liiend !• '-* <: '*' 
'. iba.vain the ti^tiaorper veuod him Aings ' ' " 

. Tliepooi|x'of state-«^die9«cied'8N>lel^f kifl|^-'' 
liUive, delated-— dead, his meanest abve 
Shall spans his clay, and trample on his grave ! 

The hnge Colossns that besttode the vrpild> 
bown from its pedestal shall soon be harl'd. • 
No more shall nations deem the straCdxte faras^. 
No mbre look trp, atid tferiable as they pass. - ^ ' ^ 
'T was soedid cli^ assnihVl the glaiit ftnrm ''^ 

' . That tiiHts and trembles t<> the/ beating mtim % ' v*^ 
: Or kkamtk to dast, • its paitsy no more combfai'd^ ^ '* 

i l^ayei^e iiif air-*-' ooar leave awreck behind/ 

: »* •. T. . THE 

( 57 ) 

• T H'^VEyolenia lock' of your bes^xAMrhAr, 

^ Had I *tiowir/» '^tti'i^mtedii^ tt\y ben^Bcetit lii^T, 
^ The posaesstod of one WDQld tnfing fsfptorerso ntfe, 
I 'cL^ave given ydu «^ tbe whole jaeey.* 

SUFFERINGS iO^ THE l^oh ^IN tttf^ 


• T^r^^^ ''^^^^*^^^^ ^^ rcqeive^l ait vTlic*^ Biilfsh 
f^ Press Office, compiatntD^ oH the /indy wrfrvery 
incompetent relief ifforded to tbrpodr darinkdit late 
extretirj^yy sa^ere season. The follo^¥lng repMt'of a 
case in pbmt is, no doubt, from one of thosQ dis- 
satisfied coiiiplainants r— .' / ,, ,f 

A meeting, of the; ChiircKwardens, Cfv^rseers of 
the Poor, ',4nd injxabitauti of a populous 1 parish at the 
west end of :lbe lowft, was held a few 4^^^.. sif>c^ for 
the purpose irf dciviting some meaos to alleviate the 
distresses of tfa6 iower classes ofsociety, who l^ave been 
so severely ^fBi^ted by the extra<nrdinary tnctcmeaey 
.of the weather. ^ • .'. - . 

Mr, Jnffiplj the parish' apothecary, Dp^Tzei/ the lousi- 
ness of th^ .day vvith an 'e;»oZ/i^nr, harangue; . He 
expatiated^. at great Jeogtb,. on the.* ipiser|es ensured 
by the poor i which, he Qwtended,. ^fjglu to s^mu- 
lafe th^ meeting, to adopt. sqqa^: effiaienl imaMire for 
their relief. < While so mtmj isfforts were making to 
succour thfe wretched inhabit^ts of other countries^ 
he hoped the misery which, was at their own doors 
would not be passed over unnoticed. If, however, 
they would not act from principles of humanity^ he 
trusted the demands of justice would be attended tq. 
They all knew that h^ei bad contracted, for a very trifling' 
■^ .. D^S. - * stipend,. 

58 ^^. suFFERgi^pft.ftj mtani^om 

but tniaiPf noiw fouiul it iinpa^^iUfto^o^wi^dwi ifi4> i 
curring a very great loss; for, io.qm«eQUQi»<^Pof ihe i- 
severity .of th^ewf^f^ex, .^nd t^e ^wam Qt thQ oQfii\noitv 
nec^^jje^ pf lifr, . the nunil^eF of tbc si^k iver<[^dl»ly - 
inci^sioygf ^n4, would auotwue to iacafrawi^ unk)ies^;i9 ^ 
supply ]dt h^f^ ^n^iifiiiy htts^^ ,^nd^ potgtoesy.wM 
imiTiedrately g£aBt^^^,,,^^./>|i9|iWjtbfmfore .proper . 
" *'^«^fi,«"b9,crij)\tifop, .l^.qpcncd f^i^ilhei.jwriKia^ ^f 
prociirjrig.provUioh&f^f jb? .poor;. «od liwt.the Rev* 
Mr;.3'fpi#rC<n'C, ,tl|c Rcptorof: ihft JVi^iibe 5i*^' 
questiid to,v"dcrta}5Qthj©manag^rB^nK>fili«i5WJ^**'- 

Mr*. Be«»-)C/pf ^ .b^gl^^ '<^2iye to. ^^^j'mt ao tifo^iUet: • • 
some'^ 9^9? V i%lf9ulcf ,l>y yio meaps pay i^ m^i . 
ce^sar^'. aUepliau to siil; a trust j. a^r h,e 'was engaged itQ.. ,r 
difltrtnt ,^inneri^ tea, suppar, an^ card p^rliw, fof ; 
* t^e 5P,^y1og ^t^onlbV.b^djes^jbe did not ikutk tb^ 
sitnaiiipnpr,i(<e,p<^ w^ .sayvry desperati?^. If.tbuqK * 
attendc^ r«cyia,rty.:at libcir pfiirish ehurgbi tbey fffnAA 
be ^ptiFuily, supplje^ with; the tr^^i ^Mfs^ «w«j i 

MT.Cpke^i^^viikm^ri in the black-dktitwd tpad^.... 
in a very uarm speech, expressed hisi opinioil^ tbftt: 
the vvanl^ of the poor sbotjld qot be jiegleieted. cHe>*. 
liowieve/^. thouebt it wa& tifore ne^e^^ary to a^[0ed. 
xhtm.QQrnformlefires^ iatbis ingleiweiU jse?i*p0i ib«t/ 
yiwrf. 7 jlf.sucb shpijld belbe seose of -the nae^'ing, fc»j 
had A cpnsiderable qgantitv^f coals m baiK^ ^bieh : 
he wouM^ of very, cheap. - - ' «. . - 

MjiyWicfijf f tajbw-jcbandler, copqufr^d in U»n * 
opinvoi, which the laft speaker had auppoftdd ¥*itfi ' 
such ^e!2/297g,.elQqqexice ; but Wagged Je^Lve to suggtilt * 
the propriety of >aSbrding ihe^. pc**K ifoom-keejierl a« ; 
little^^i4)t^duri(](g tjie dr^rary winter evenings^-'bethier^ . 
fore sjpn)\ttj4M ^ meeiin^ a>.specinH*i) of candfei; n.^i 
whr^ ^3 hU. beaft.vyasyxast ia tbei mould pf-f^Xyi^ rhfen 'J 
was ^vwflmg.tpieUiin cos(«:::. ,.' , > . •', yV} .v'^ 

*. ■; - r • Mr. 

all dm ^obtbiittieitf'to the-WoHfry Qentleman> t thinly . 
iraimbil^in6mm\y jH^fcrtiblc/* . i . , , , , 

hbfi^^Doughi'ih^ hAketf in -a ver^ ^tt;^ brition^, ' 
repr9b#i^^ the- eondikct ^ oF ' ibe last ' th^ee speakers, 
whidiy'te'-aaid^/ tattered strongly of tV t^awm oi .' 
sel6thttese» For hW own part^ it struck^ hiip; tb*t: \ 
the pQior/eoii)<l nbt^ pMstUy D€ in so wfefcbcd 'a situa*,/ 
UoQitfs b«idt b^n d^dribed. He doold pVove, beyood|'^ 
the rca^h of coffitradietion„that Tootf cpiild be pi^oei^ed' *' 
^rariij JSur^y %ik fbeetb^ codM n6t forget, tbai aq^ 
ingeoioiid 'genttemari of tud pibfe«iiQn had I'ec^ndy. 
Wn'^el^'SbMes&fttl hi hi^kine br^ad (nm pfulng* 
5/ont»| a'tetfonc) bad us<ed ptMetiiedl bonei. Tor ttii ; 
Um«^rp^ts I attd a third had nianufactored loay^^ ] 
of ptoiiriar ti^^keuMs, frook phaier tf Paris, tt was 
true, the^Ij^id Maydr, who was = an ed^my to 8uc)i 
ic'AoJ^sbJh^ exprimenu^ had puMsHed those eat^r- 
prisiblgi<>cfhar»6ler«'; but, if the pbbr chose to >c^afe 
on iMkif thiapt Jteseriptlort, it was not in his po\Vet to 
prevent them. He had no dcfubt that excellent brei&d 
conl*'**? made from snw-dus^^Rni even briek-dustp^ 
he bdievedy tnight be used fof that purpose. Wheii 
mat^riids of this kiiid were S6 plenty, he Icoew not 
why)«M|ys shoutd'be ealled upon for sobscriptibns« 

Mf^ eM^, an ettAnent- confectioner^ contend^, ' 
Ihat4tlie,'l^oo^ >so ffe^ fmm berng in a pttiabie sttva* ^ 
tion/<^y« itfteliing itr Inxtmes. Wb^l, he >ouId 
^> was more excellent thart smnv-water^ m' 'the 
^^mpdsiikm of 'paiMrake batf^ ? Whift was more 
palaiU>le %hM fimti #henr^ placed on the to*p of a. 
twelfth, t^ke ? Atnl, aa to icts,^ everjr person mus^ ' 
9II0W that vbey w^re ««ry great Micadfea. 

Meehn^oMfusi^ here took place-^a. do^n of' ora*' 
tors eH^ on their 'le|^ together— il*4rrwJ^wj, thfe ; 
V>viidiir, roared ouY; tiaf the poor sholild be ^pfJiett^' 
with ikffal. Snip, the tatldr^ declared that tKey^odg^ 

6o %Mt£fi-yHb«TjiM#Mfrtti4ii»«riii 

if fhev were fumlsheifVitV cdatV/ th^ h^ vAOaH^Vh^e 
zn o^ei; ta «eod in twenty pair otMUivs: ;*'^ '' . 
< In tlie midst. of ^|hi$ uproagr* the tlSe t^iiwm 

. wlMie' tbe Am ling: was held eut^re4; tW roona^ ^^^ 
annonadedttet i^^i|fi|Ho<Hifi;dinfi«r9 jVrwifMxi^!^^^ 
oeeMiMifj wiW'On-'the lablte. .'• « • •> ' • <^ r,-. a 

The Rev. Mr JBenti-Cl^rp nnmetltlktcty rbso, >&nd 
moved^ as an amendment, « That iht ftftthtt' ebkiaU 
deration of the subject should b*f'postport<fd''lSl the 
first Monday in April 5'^ by thit ttme^.-M-pHWfted, 
the weather would be more liioderate, th^ |)ri<e of 

- pr^visioos would be reduced, and, perhaps^ they'pouU 
tbcb bts able to do sometbiog. ' ^ r ^^ : 

The anfMidment - was t:arried> alter %Qt»fi^p§mg^^ 
obsefVUtidAs from Mr< Julap^ aad ihti>'iiiectwg ad- 

.'1. . 

EPIGRAM. ... „ , . w 

[From the Morning Chronieie,'Fdb. u}- 
T>ILLY Snifi went to skate, when^ die ice beinje^lo^se, 

-■-' He fell iQ i but was sav*d by good lack : 
Cried the Tailor, *' I '11 never more leave i»y hot goise. 
To receive, irt return, z cold duck^ ' B. 



OTaaa maTtrrs of vital iMPoaTANCB, ako 

, [Fr^xs the i»ame.] 
I^EAR. Betsys I iMsv^r was half so delighted !•-<- , 
^^ I saw bml I s^w. bimi— and uncle was knigbtfdt 
The Duke apd ih^ Saches^ ^^ gracious and beudiog^ 
And th^ Bishops ai^d 4iAwii|iijnps so condesceodiug — 
Idsnc'd with a d^r ^JjKpPiJ^in — but mum — ^; 
t say n^mg^\m s^mfH^i^^ ^'^^y ^^y cot^e.' • 
<•: ' ■^- - Sweet 

1 do love the arcojr-r^he realj^ I mean,, ' 
^W^~ f^ Vattl^j aiid breaches^ rfnd si^p^ baW flc€li i *' . 
'* D^ ei-eatures— iheyta^k so divinely df^colurtiifs/ ' 
' ''\ Andf pfaargrng and danking^Oj' Beii ! ' 'f W<tokl Bli vtoitmet. 

And they said that be mov'd dextaiii perto«% d^fir.fiptf* 
AjjtoArff.^ntfi^ii'Kft rery new thittg— T* ' • 
. ' Xte l9«fi WAS by fieckford, «ddi^$s'd jto tbeJLing«;, ..^ 

Ttie ijireath«r waa jcold, and a deqp fall pf joQW j 
,So p^ aiiQt and poy Pa* were ub willing to go; > 

,,. feut } toW them the news in a letter by Mary, ' * * 

T Who .came to the show, but returned to the darrjf/. ^ ' 
• ' '"Btit ar trttnk was discovered!— and this ttnink I saur)-^ 
It was found in the road. Which was cleaifd by the tbtw> 
' '^nd^ wai«bro(tgb€ to n^ Fa% who is one of the c^n^rom, 
^XYflBKypeii'd^ and mmniag*.d» and emptied before hifQ» 
And what think you jomp*d out, to our monstrous ^maze« 
Bm two pair of whisker^j and one pair of stays — 
Six cutlets — a packet of answers — so, so — 
A chocolate cake, and a pint vof noyau ! 
The con&tahle.fakiied away at theiHght, 
.And I thought that poor Pa! would have died of 4he frights 
But my aunt seisM the stays with inordinate gke, * \ 
^ A»d ikey &t her, I vow, my dear Bess, to »T I . 
' The whiskers were given to^ Gern^an. hussar^ 
Who had sing*d off his own with a r«d-hot segar j 
The cutlets albrdeda deticatetreat, 
; tJPa- p^iys^-they 're the nicest' th^t^a^'er ibe eat. 
* Of tiie a?is:wers I took* th^ blwk leaves for ray notes—* 
:;. ,Qf ^he rest, far an age* Xcan make papilloties. 
" To discover the owner all measures were triefl. 
The trunk adv(^rtis'd was,. and posted, and cried 5 
For Pa*, though a justice, was bound, you well kndw. 
Before he ate cutlets ailct dnmk the* noyau. 
To find out the person to whom they b^eteng'dj -. 
BW, nolody found -why no one was wrong*d. 
And so tt) distribute thegnlafrly wa» best, 
- And Pa*s coiiscien(?e, pHfe te^> andmy ttwn, ai'e'^at rest. 
But this rambling e j^R ilfet now hsite «ii end. - 
AkqJ[ never to ieeyaMHl«9wdeeyH[itei^^^^ V '< 
r- '^•^ Where, 

WiMre, wkere are jour vowt?-^! tfeVfigM^mA^Mbitt- 
You laid, three months BgO|liMib]foiVIIOtti«ib)ndM>doHcfa. 
Was not this what foia pt^t^fitfi^ hk^Bcmm'^ifVMtifi 
But friendship is all in tnj eye, - E^f^TiM^^n^. 

TO LORD*YIM)N/ '^ i 

[Frcfn tfxc Morning Po^t» Feb. 7 ] . ' ., \, 

BARD of ungentle, wa/ward mood ! . ^ 

. T is said of thee> . when io the lapi 
*rhj nurse^ to tempt thee to tbj fbod^ ^ 

Would squeeze a kinfm \h Hj^ pap. ' ' ^ ' 

At vinegar how danc*d t|)inf ejres ,' .; 

Before thy tongue a want could utter !^ . ;^ , '■[ ,.. 
And oft the dame, to stop iTiy cries^ 

Strew*d wormwood on Uijr IjwmI and butler. 

And Mthen. in €liadtk>od*s'Aolic hoor» 

Tbou'dst plajt a garland for thjr hair^ 
Xhe ffW/ie bfpoin*d a choseq flpwer, , «^ V' O 

And native thisdes flouri$h*d' there. ' ' \ '.a 

Fur 5»^ar-/)/ifn^ tl|fttji9*er didst pine. 

Thy teeth no sweet-meat ever burt-r 
The sMsjuke was thy favourite wilM9> 

Aud U%r. 4ilpt»mls ffxy d^^s^tU 

Mustard, how strong soe'er the sort is, 
* Can draw no moisture lioai thio^ eye|. 
Not vi])^gar iKMr aqqa^lortis 
Could ever set thy face awry« 

Thus trained a satirist— thy mind 
Soon caught the bitter^ sbafp, «nd ioar ; 

And all their various pow'rs^ ootiibin*d. 
Produced Childe Harold and the Guunir, 



[Fiom the Momti^. Herald, Feb* 7«] 

rpHERE's Lord By— n, X4xd>By— D» :;u 

-"- Whom others conspire 00/ 

IiiBpkiie||P'dPCpali>til»^«iV4tj^ . .. .i-y^- 


-^ WJCbate0eMl)it> U-^H, 

^ 8i|pii JHhf% %bor*) flliv&}P9 withm it 

dan &Dd plenty^ gillj 
>AQd rocigh pens, from tlieir genms of evil^ 

But tl^ '11 do n^mamW^ . i < . * 

Print as much as tbex vUl^ 
Thongb their iQk be at black as the d— 1. 

Yet for work. OQ4ec ground. 
If such moles fpu^ be fou^j ... 
So ready, and fir, perhaps fe^ biaw ;.. , 

Nor e'en how to pick 
From the pack of OMf Ntel^ ^ 


[From the Srtiish >Ws#, P^b.'S:] . " • 
CAYS John Frbst to Miss Sdow!^ " , ; ' 
^ ** My dear/ you well know^ * "' * ' 

What we 've kindly tnet fttrd for togetiiert*' • 
But said Snow t<»hei' Ffost, 
In her loves stmngfefy crost, • 

" You 'lie as changeful, • my dear, as the 'A^reatber*'*' ■ 
Frost coolly replied' ' ' * 

To his cold and fairbfide^^ ;, . » 

"Though my hoar glitfring cottage jfoti^vedwdtto^^ 
You 're as false as the wf^d-i— • . . • 

To coquettirig inclidCdi '1 j . 

And other's arms kibdfy jroirmelt W ^ 

Then, weeping, ^aid SnoW, ... , . 

Dissolved in be? ^Oe, • ^ » 

'' Make me yours in your chains adamantine^**. 

Frost, alarm/d f^.h^ death, , ,^ ^ 

Bound her his hi a bfreath, - *^ " *^ » ^ . 

And an end pot t0:albher gsdhiitfuig - '; 

But this pafr, p^iipH^Mrfiialk;- ' ' ' » \ : • ' ■ j * 
Were divorced in a cii^hsklpi /• " '- . .^ - 

Jf Beau Spring, from* the ekhs sdlt deicilKȣagi i ' 

- '^ Should 


Shotiltf smrie oit the ftk^ ' ' ' ' • " ' ^: ^ • 
So, old ones, beware 
or thelUs dn'stich matches "aepenarng. '• " ^' '^ ; 

''»>•, • . •. . <-.-.., ^{,,i_j. ^ 


[From tic Times; Feb. «:) ' ' ." •' 

Impertdt Head Quarters^ VhalimSf 
Jan. a8> 1814. 
,''PHE third campjiign of the war agajnst^the con- 
. ^ tiqentf for the suppovt of the continental svstepi, 
.haa ifow begun. It w»lJ be/as/^]br)Qiis (o^'rra^Ke^ 
tb^ two preceding. . , * ' . , V^ y, . 

The Emperor left Paris early in the irjornioo; of ihc 
a^tb^ and reached Chalons the same evening," It i$ a 
gjreat convenience to have so easy and expeditious a 
communication between the h^au^quartecs and'ihe 

,c4puai.. .. , . . .,.; :?;^ 

^ We are as yet jgooranl wbere ^be beacl-quanqi^of 
the di0erent Marshals, that were on the Rhine' afi^(^e 

^ Waal, will.b<; fixed. It is believed, that tbej^ wHrfall 
back^on the ^rand army^ with a part of Iheir forces, 
leaving the rest to foHow as soori as circumstaqcfes s&all 

,. permk. ^ ,^ ' '^ "^^ , 't 

. If th« campaign ha» been qp^nec! spmewKat 'easier 

th^n mi^ht have been desirable for the succesS ^qr.tne 

grand plap* in aj^i^ation, the tmperof is by no uieaiis 

to be blamed for this. It results' entirely 'from the 

.precipit4tion of the enemy.' His Majesty ,bas ex* 

J)re8sed bis high displeasure. on this account,* particu- 
arly against; A^iii^ge ScWartzcnbergj who ouffht 6et» 
. tex to have known thegonsideriition due to the greatest 
!,capt4iri of ay.agC6,"pȤt> present, and future. 
,^ On the *6tb, H,is.Maje5ty in person visited tlie 'out- 
,.,postS3, wrapped in a, PpUsh.clo^k. It had snowed du- 
,^ring tbe mgoV and the wl4 wat-at 10 dqgrcesrof jReau- 


mur below the>r|iM«H5KaIWia^\4§^ 
sTvicA criedj^ a la5 /^'fTum^eai^r, .J^j^au^]!^ whose 
good-hufnoar never deserts him, gaily threw off the 
doak, and retired ^-Tns'-fctfl, amidst cries of Five 

lized oy the pencil qf jBaron^t)avid*'^ 

E^wJy on th^^s^yth, news' was brought, that some 
C6s^acft§]*l^ad b^d'the audacity to show themselves on 
the side' of 'S|; bizier. The whole of the army was 
instanljyj)ut in motioii, to'chastjfie 'tHfeitisolenqEof 

'ihls'de^jiicable cavalry. ' Wfc ckitne tip ivith'ttittn near 

''the Vbwn'of St. DizUrl' ^ iSfeVer w^'s'Prtnch heroism 
ipore ajgnally displayed. The di^t^enfre^jKii^nt^ of 
th^^icJ^' an5' young guard rivalled feach othei* fh* tieyo* 

\ f!oil«>:r IhVe .cavalry of the' guard of h'oiiour eieeuted 
several brilliant cbirges/ A few of'tHen^ iVeVe*ilis« 
mounted, owing to (he circunidtance of their not be- 

, ioff^et su^cif ntly exereised in the face of the ^petn^. 

'^l^is'sii^X infect will soon be remedied; ''Af^er sui 

^prs hjaiKi'fightixlg;^ the eiie;my gave way on alF sides. 

^i^ey v^efe puijued without relaxatibn^' r^pikd^fiB les 

reihs^^SLS far as Vassy. M^ny bit the dust : mdtwo 

' CosikcUs were talten'. Th^y ai*e to be sent in obaifis to 
J^fisy^^d presented before His^ Majesty theJEJng of 
Roine^^m order to 611 bis youtbful mind withideas of 
glory/"^ pur loss in the battfe consisted only bf the 
mtTe ^ger Qf a conscript. Te Deufk will .be celebrated 
lis usual by Cardinal Maury. 

Iri the midst of these glorious socce^iesf^tbe thoughts 
of the Emperor are incessantly turned to the attainment 
of peSkce ; but whatever happens, he will cbnsent to no 
terms which shall endanger the integrity of the city of 
.jParis^ He is^rmly resolved ibat tV« Thuillcrics. rtall 
be Ifcared with no foreign sover<i;igrt j stnd he wiH }n«yist 
on ilie guarantee of alt the high contracting {)owers,to 
'secure t(?%e 'Great PTatibn the perpetual possession of 
the Venus de Medicis and of the Apollo Belvedere. 


debitfty had ^mkuA' vffpm 4h« pd6ple of H^rfhij i&d 
tfatr its ttihtabiutftft wiere nfiS^ 4eci^ng it^ tif"^ 
bers; He was t Tpsrtffcf, an* nc v^frtf" bver fti^ii 
forturie»of his ccwtitry* He did morel for lip ^ 
all tbe energies of hi$ mind into actioDj- to rent 
the coastitotions of his 'feUowociticaiSr. C!ek _ 
beds, celestial coaches, celestial etecmcal machnl^j 
with odestial^oBductors^ were formed, and his puprils 
and palients received ethereal flame, transmitted ftom 
the aacred fireeof ^aradha^^ '«ht6ttgb Aiehr bones^ tbdr 
toarrowt and dietr veins. Phantasies ^' ^i>li$aj»- and 
viaponaof iii«ffia«end^t jo^, e^am t^re^ ty^iti 
kis 4raoiiMimd .dtseifl^ar The ^en ^e^d t6t' bladl- 
efed lIeumof'Maiiei«e^ lUMtfbe trohate wtf^ 
dreased by feutba istreoger-lbatiiierc^fo^^ fairtr tihaa 
MeieiiSj gentler 4h«A 'Jide^is, and lePvelter than Ah* 
salom* In iesatban ^ year hem tbe ^ominetifcetrrem 
of bis lalKiufa, if ibe fertedieat writers of'^U^^day 
may '.be- believed, < the ^opnlation of Lohdbn.-%as 
doobled.^ But, atas! the useful efforts of tbiecel^ral 
Doetoir were stopped by the nnfeding 'poficitBfer. 
Doubtless, these senseless fellows 4hougbt t^t if those 
oelealiid practices- weve 'to be Iqtig centinuf^, viAntton 
dmld not be found for M the- tnonths whkh vkAAA 
httve aoon ctewded up t>he Britiefa capital, crytti^ an% 
f < <3ive tie food, gire us food/' Be this aa it t^iy, 
Qraham'a eeleatial beds were overthrown^ btiit'^me 
ever^'active mind of this great- sagei thus abrq^Hy 
driiseii .<fi6oni'its ethereiri speculations, vbegan to^^k 
fnmi^^osDther earthy that aid for hie fellc^v^-nyqiflkfe^ 
wfaicbie^iAM no longer permitted bini^t^ draw' ft6rit 
heit»e»-3"- -'•- .i./.- ::;; -■... •..• . .- ,-•• • -:■ >« --'^'^-^ 
iGiiafaanf Aeia <ihv«nted the.M#f&4aM. ' 'Thll^^liafei 
ou^t^'to 4ave tendered hie^'name immprtal;'^ V'it^ 
n^ewberito^^Mw^iwendediewe of tile lecfittlilr 6fvig^s 
pldittshplMf <thi8^ 66A yfr4i€Aaim ''mi Tem^'^ hi a i 
cenier of a ki% and spm^oi Motti j4b^:floor ^ Mi>lith 
'> was 

ifp ftha9t^:9n^%:COVeMr«lbr the 4«p^6(mti49tLi 

venzedy Ihc sftgf^'s bead only wtA Tuii^lef The mi^F 
, W^ody, tn. puris itoAii^mM, w^a «ublneNMiA iB*t6« 
€ftrt]b^bath. Ifi^ cbin felted gmccfuHy on M kkidfed 
;c1ay^ till his di^^ipile^ nod patients, iHvipped tothe 4cin^ 
like the .pre^amhesji fmk dso iftto kdle*. formed « 
the eartb,,lbr their Yeception. Aisk «tteiMUnt ^rimi 
ioD^eoecI thfi^^y wub a Jkii)dfof^bar,-aro«ml Ihof bo« 
^?> 9^ ,ip(»vj^ II iiM® close eoolacl mt^iftieir thins. 
.Tbe/jSvmgx2a^:s9si^&.b€ung tb»s inhumedi theiieads 
dpp^^d[<jacir9il|^d ia 9 kinS of MKi^OMm^ j^ittfiog at 
tibe* en^ 4o ib^ir gregt prime movisr vnd iUtitnkig 
pbwer^ U)e. illi^strioti^ Grfih^m^ It ^nm» n curious 
specucleto view this plmf^rm of earthy stodded^ with 
bumaix jFaces diyini?,. wbii;:h seemed ^o hwe sprung 
frpm itssurface^ like mushrooms from sl diingbtH, t>f 
animated vi^^s (as fabled by the andents) from the 
slimy mud of^gypt^ Lavater, if be bad been pre- 
senv might have ^ontemplsted the human c6uiite« 
naa^e. m a qew pcHot of view, and in a singtilar and 
mieresting skuatioi). >: . 

Hie great man .dropped bis cbin amid ibe yi^ldrng 
earthy ,wd proclaimed, <* Sil«»cc 1" Then every -eye 
was turned towards the lecturer, beamii^, across thef 
lev^ and clayey surface of the room, borizontalrarys, 
which concentrated, as in a common focus, on his ir- 
radiated and animated visage. 

; He toJd us, that the famous fable of the gtftuit An^ 
tasus. contained a mystic narrative of the ioeonipre«< 
hen3ibie virtues of mother ei|rtb« *^ As often aS yott 
toucb it,'^ said he, <^. your strength will be renewed.'^ 
JWpQWCKs of c}^ he divided,. lilfte.NetwIoniikito two 
grea| kinds, rapukuY^aod al^aQtive* When pv^l*^ 
vesisod oirtb. casi^ in contnot with any anim^M 
substance possessed ioi ^ living soid, it refdied iioBx 
every particle ttf Hs own surfiaee a thaoiaadrftQttya w 


either Minttat^ themiBelvei wHb the t^t of the 
patient, or entered into the eircufation of his Uood, 
And.|jUll(Jt n^, velo9ityj or added mightiljr to the vis 
vifMti^ hU mteai, which they xni^bt in time render 
immortal and imperifhahle9..«du»ubhmed his intellect, 
and gave it clear and distinct views of tbii^a. The 
attractive powers he proved subdacted from the animal 
spirits of the .pati(^|it> every thiipg inertand terrene— 
from the fancy». every thing that impede4 j^^igl^^i 
and from the seat of aieipory and though^ a piousand 
fungous excresqcnces which choked up ^e pineal 
gland. To. sender ^ these p<^^f^ efiec^ua)^ a certaia 
elixir, known only to the,sa£« bmself,^ was necessary. 
Ten drops of this elixir incised into, a bo^ihead of 
healed loamy earth, would efiectually cure a dropsy. 
Gouts were to be removed by mixing lime, hot from 
the kibi> Wtih gravely clay i and aftef ^Kt^cfrefully 
covered the p^rt afected with thi^ coipposUion, slak- 
ing the Tune with the famed elixir, diluted with stag- 
nant water, in which frogs had spawned* The elixir 
was composed of materials which copU onlv have 
been collected at the beginning and end of a l^fcitonic 
yean Methusalem, when a boy, had g4th^/e(|som(i 
of it, and Melcbi^edec was the only m^p^m the worl4 
who could afterwards complete the stock* . . "-^ 

Yoor readers may po&sifaiy imagine that the dis- 
ciples of Graham were not philosophers but madmen. 
No such matter ; they were very grave and very wise 
9iea, net of Gotham^ but of London. , 


Ojd, A LATB SftUTMICa OV mNB MOHTBS laf^atsoiTMjtiMt. 

- [Fialli' tiw Sidrfiint Itdfrt; #!kb^. :Uvj * 

COMtttou^t rfidtthe term <)f the n^meaee #iis odd, 
*< Whidi sent Mary^Ati^ rfAd %er ^irhilerid ^iMltl^ 
Y^t what cuckoldly doit^can there he bet must knew . 
Ihat -tis just ihejull time women usually go I 


At t&e ea4ii««m MilfoMi'^iwifuttllp^ 


[Prom the >lffbm1n|; 'Chlbnic^y Filb^fl.] v 

T^WO learned Sergeants in the law, , 
•■• For a rich prize together draw ; ' , 
To S^geant Sh-ph'*rd wheci It Ml, >| , 
' B*^, hidfi^g ivis ch^iD, crwd '^ W^^'i . 
WhiielockjShttyiiefd, >ia a je^, ^ 

tr. r' r » ... i. ... « 

: ^ BIOeiAinftlCAL memoir of SBLSlf:. 
*' '* ' ' poia tan vw ocf acaooXrS. • / 
[From " PoMlHimoiis Parodks.*^ 

pAlMCESS Helen was boVn of an egg, '• 
•*• * And freely ten years had gone by^ ■ 
When Thesetid, begrrining'to beg, 
BecoyM the young cAk/^fn /oj^. 
When Typdaras heard tl^e disaster^ 
^ He crackled and thimder*d, like iEtna^^^ 
So out gallop'd Bollux and Castor, ^ 

And caught her a furlong from Gretna^ . 
Singit^j rattledum Greek Ronrianorutnj 

And hey classical! ty row. 
Singing, birchery lloggeiy bore 'um>. " 
And fol de rol Vs^back rowdy dow.t 

■ ' * -fi. • '• - •«. 

The newspapera pvlPd li^ oaek-djajjc^ 

Till live Pflat^e^ of Gc^^qepux^e 46.^00 berj- • 
THeHf cQaiU^tbe.i«^,tjDs^^.^4t. 

She took Menelaiis iint^heri . 

VOL. XVIII. . 1 


And we'll all of as lend vou a, lift. , ^ rrrr--* 

Mendaos was hiippy io Wih her. ' * •' ^* ' ■ - 
fiatsAefoondiiccHre^^^.'fiai^^ . ^ 

With Pari#, a^Trajao rffashipiK ^^c* -.- 3 .\ U/ 

The most jeMtny fellow i« lilfe ^ 
Forlie4li-ank U^MHs^lgitf^^ '^-^^ wo.;: --f^ : 

- : *• '. If .■ . w i Stjf. , .'. • ^:uiii -i:3'u ••• 


The Princes Wefe sent Br; Ivfh swore ' ^^ 1 t 
**' Tliey would puolsh tbis..^nM*ine boy j ., /, . . , 
So Acfclles, '^a i^d lieme^d^r^^^ ' '1 V 
trhdertoo* (ttfr'd^tWicli^ 6f«Trdf.^ ' ' - ' ^ 
But AAcb'iUffrgiiim f vilQ.uiis^^tfld, . . - }*.:! ■ . / 

And prevontdd tbeir stjmog a peg, v i •.. r 
Till Paris M fl|J ^t his heit,,^ .1: ,; o^ t^. ,. t "' 
And h'e./Qim^Jww^ptfioiii'jtJAc.^, f ,, *'** 
Witli tis. rattle'dumOreekj; ^c. . '*' 

The Greciana dedjbfishM tKe.cify, ' ■ ^ ' 

And then-^(a9'the poets have told)^-^- ■ ^ 
Da^nae Helen might still be call'd pretty, 

Though very near «xty jrears' old. 
Mehelaus, when Madani was f6u(rd', 

'look her snugly away in 'his isBatse—^ - ' 

So> Trojr \fii\;ig^urntJ^p,^ffo^nd^_, . 
Why the story goes off with a llaze, _ 

/'V^nd fa r*«l^<sffi^redt Rohianorun^^/ 
5Arhey'«ftS^?feR¥f »W#/ • ' - ^ 
'WHba%MI(te^«iJgfe<?fy«^^ "*' 

t H /\ Anl^fiM ^ tt«^«*«hacl8 te^y dow ! * 


[From iaioifMtfiiCVlik/ nilK ,t44 < * -i 

BAUD of »tb6 d^iIm Ir^ cirJUagJ^aur^ 
To Londod taste 'anonorttterncrViics deVj 
Fiiefid of the dog, compaaion of the heaar, 
Apollo drest in trimine$t Turlq^b g^r; . ; ; .. 

Tis thine to ^v^iwe the M Gbrsan*;' ' - ^ '' 
Scorning aU laws that God or man canfi:difK ^, V' 

And yet so form'd to plea«6 the^eniie fair, 
Tbat reading misses wish therr lotes the^'s^ei. ' > 

Thaa pror*st ^al lankMaoifiAs^^Q^iM l(mjir«gg,(.i 
T1^^. jp9p|df|i||i$ «i|d tbl«y«s ^Iom ^e bsHraus A 

That all re|ypw>i| is an idle^sqng,, 
Wluch troubles life, and leaves us at the grave : 

That men and dogs bsve eqoa) daiaof on.Kstipo^ . 

Though dogs but barli^ and m^^^rc^ ^8% jpratef 
That to tbysw' one f^ieikl alone wfi^'glven^ , , ,^'. 

Thai friend a dog^. sow snatch*ii ^waj by.jf^tei % 

AndJait^ can tell li6vdoaglttdr»tMil may sh^ > 
Their love and^nty.ttt* their Mbers dtor, ^ 

Bj TeckoDng txp wliat stnam of fiiial mtM 
Will give to efvery crime a cleansing tear. 

Lotig mayst thott please this wonder-seeking age. 
By Murray purchas'd, and by Moore admir'd $ 

May fashion never quit thy cIsib^ f^ge. 
Nor e*er be:' with thy T\»koa^ia tir*d 1 

[From tiM British Pfess» fdf, 17.] 

^ : Steplp^ Ke^ble acts the Jew, 
le' gives lu^'tn^M «a"tiFely aewj 
For *tif ^a;|^^R^««8^f^^^peab^ 

In hip^jto^jifj^gt V aiS^iml'llf Aisb#*:. AaiOK. 

B 2 THE 

( 76 1 

' MH. BDITOR, ..;.,, 

YN f eadiag^ over the dtffereut public prints, for'abmc 

• **• time pasty I have observed with surprise, that 
their principal attention has been absorbed by the 
state m the mwiied funds of Great Britain y and, as if 
the bope of making fortunes, or the dread of losing 
them, by speculations on the Stock Exchange* were 
akMie worthy of notice, the only original articles 

* which they contain relate expressly to this sordid sub- 
ject. . < It is d6 wonder if foreigners^ on perusing such 
productions, should immediately consider ns as the 
most sdfish people on the &ce of the earfh ; and- yet, 
Sit, the fast is, that thou^nds of Engiishnieiii pever 

• bestow a-thonght upon tb9 Stoc)& Ejtchauge,. nor. Upon 
' QhiKige Alley, or its miserable populatioQ of Ivrgng- 

ling mMs waAleorSk I» Sir, am one of those. |bn- 
*' temtplalive men whose ideals flow in a very di'flfiyent 
' diftnnel..;.'it ^is. my d^ligblt to ej^aminc nbe. s.t^te ^<^the 
.mof<;l, political,.' iitevary*^ apd dramatip fund^^pf^the 
et>uutfy, from which I derive mu<;b amusement^^and 
insirnctinn. I have enclosed, for your /pefasat^ an 
extract from my obs!^rvajlioi)9j. wbtch I tryst you 
will approve; . . , , , .N. [ 

The Neuu Diplomaiuf f>ir^«-*^Tbi& species, of stock i 
l«is been recesitly created by. Viscount Castlereagh, 
who is at present busily employed in endeavouring to 
vend it, at Chatillon; Notwithstanding the alteirvpts 
' made by several Time-serving journalists, to depreciate 
'it, 'we'have nodoubt^ from the friendly intercourse 
which has takeo plaee between Lord Castlereagh and 
thea^eat appoialed by the French government to. 
bargam for a pOJCiiQO i( i^ th^t it will have a very 
Speedy rise in the h^wae-market. The people of 
^Kraitce, we uuiliecstMd^frofn private accounts, are 
*' ready to purchase it at any thing like a J air price. 


But the war-faction in England (whose numbers are 
very contemptible) have expressed grlal unwillingness 
to sell them any of lit^ except. they chose to make their 
payments in NopoUons d'or. The pflopJcaQif fc^nce 
do^iVot deem to rdi«h thfs exchange v?* Ie8t> in ihr^b- 
sencfe (xf their preseiu coin, B&miom d»fiomhm\^t 
be introduced among them* It is reiDarkable>-'Vhat 
the .French have been al-ways more MHscesBTttl \jsk,fki^ 
establishment of diphmaiic funds ihonttbeliiigilisbw 

^ftiy and Navy iAnnuiiies.^^The. former of these 
sloiqkg, chiefly mving to -the eKertions. ot. Ma/^is 
Well^sley, who has' Studied itsHti^'eUAiofcis a boy^ is 
Ipfeatiy abbvef>ar."'In Pcn-lugliU Sfpa»tv andJHoiiaad^ 
u /is 'sought afjtfer'whh avidity^' '41»e Fno^h^my 
^nmiitiesy which were at criie time parftsnouA^- ia 
^very ^country of Europe, hate sunk into ipsigmfi- 
cince, owing ta the influence of* our84*-<rThe Navy 
JlniiuiUeSih^vc alWays been the bmist of this.wuniry* 
The, Afnericans^ -however, lately estHrbHsbed a fund of 
the same description, on a very contracted. soaJe. In 
cfpnsequence, our Annuities have suffered a slight cle* 
pression. This effect haa been attribittcd to the negli- 
gence of those who should have watched the. progress 
of the Americans viiih the utmmt jealousy. 1 cai^not 
s^y thai all the persons connected with that duty were 
equally remiss ; but this I know, that one gentleniany 
whpse attention shooM hare been occupied. by no 
other business^ instead of sending a proper quantity of 
Mnglish Navy Anmiiiles into the American market^ 
amused himsdf with v^riting newspaper essays and 
composing doggrels^ . 

The Imperial Minist&ial 'Anmiilies. — No stpek in 
this political nrarket ha^ fluetgatted so much as this. 
Prior to the expiration of the ^ince.Regent's r/estric- 
tions, jt wasso^^xtreitidy low, that the most Expe- 
rienced sfock-bfdfcei^i w^tje ot*. opinion it nevfsy pould 
k>ok up again; Under thcNi^^^iiicntnsiances^aftnexer^ 
' fe J- . .' tion 

^ not voBuio ' JtiUMi 

Irish Oppmtmm 'Buni$^ wbieli >were' ihiRi at ig iNfty 
high pfemiiMfi. The Biockholdtirs^' )io«ii#rct»>^ rcfened, 
ftml 'the Mi9ds$9fial JnnuUies ^onimvsed to fatk At 
this cDiticftl Qtom^ty the succesMft of Lord' W^Uitig- 
tttft in- Spain r gave them a jWi;», and they hA«e eon^ 
tinned to rise progressively ever since. It is, hoover, 
rumciuruiy that a dispute has recently airiseil i>etween» 
Loi4i^ Liverpool and Castkreagbj on the one mdey 
»nl the head niati of the market, sApponedr'by i«i^raf 
eminent bc>4devs of this «tock» on^ ihe oth^r, r^kiire 
to th6 apfrii€«ii(>n of the N^- DiplomMk f^isidf ^ 
which we have before spoken. SfaD^ld'^ this -lievbd 
case, itnsm>t irftyptobabiethat the Mimsi^ifilflx^^i^ 
^V$ williq^«in!sttik. . . « . ..i ^j/ 

WM ortgiaajUy^rirflted by ^^SaxaAs; but it^fc0tiAiL;* 
totioii tea bitti altered ahdam^nckd'ttt difiinrtmt asMi^ 
At <me littMH Jihoae iM^bo> beM^ PartitftiMataiif /«toQlr 
were> p«M dff MfaMkJfyj at rd subsbqiMm pGri#drifhl»y 
might Mttii^it^ For 1^^ years | at preainf tb^fK^ailiidf 
Hme for 'wbiefa 4^ is- aik>wed f^ be hdd; ; i» ii^en yMM jf 
btir the. stoek is gek^cfralty cavycelled before the 'ex)>i4^tf^' 
tici% of MXi' -At th^ tune when i the paymeiAs weite: 
mn^mMmtMyi, tbep0bpiietUed'tO(dt«ibU«se^th^«i^cd#^ 
saiiy smma; Bnt^ W'heti tfaie iri^nMj and, :tff ter^fiiHiB) 
the i49jb/^mi«J<Aterl9ition8 ir«re made, the Ctmm^ MH 
sai«^, "^^icafite ih&pAyniaBtefi Thisstill comintte'S^tliie' 
most ffipttlar of all the 9tockd ; for a few of the xmfktm 
a<ioepi no-^renmneration, although thtey ^u^hatle -U^ 
slV a ^ary high ftate. They are content' to' hold the 
stock frotfipatnotfiertiotivifs^heitig well aw£u<elhat'«hd 
g«n0«iati 'p«t)Sfibniy of ^ tb«f ^country ^ -dtp^ds^^Oj^fi^ Ihe 
a<ft«drfo\h^^4yi^^ b<)i^ h'-hi^r^ pt\ik ut^it^^^beAf- 
M^6i^ ^itt^'^^f)B9pfiti!^i>>^lff%^dliaiA;'^erida^ %tti* 
w^iMiefA^iilt^oMlh^^i«Piteft»lgt«tt^^; ^Ald^ tkty^M 

= 31ft V ?' 'Of 

ot(ii$i9i»Sed,tJMt|iinfik' ofithM^fftleiMirytMtMit n^^ 
ad9eoli:iK)tsr6.^4ubr^wl^ivr places it.4fM4iik(Q4'tn 

a«igEiM9fjtQ)molrpui ^be akiMer vidiicfat 4i«i^jces]il in^ 

iztf^e«fiMikali; iMut, mriih'ibisjDxeeiilWaf il l^aSiDoikf: 
timnd sexy dead .fer^some j^'f ai«» Manv peofrfe 9t^^ 
f€iifid|>wbettMr.<i^niiiiigJiQagiit.ui# tW an tmitief 
diM^ rt$i(' w^ld .take •phM> t9S it .waaMrhispcmdibat 
li^iwM pQ8iK»9f3d^ pWy of Ah^^^«^^^ which, the 
i9nq«ild>Uyf4)iili«uL9p{)QVlaAil3?t«med.i But ftllr.;WbitK 
%9e3tt>^bty>u|pkt Mibii» tmtk to tbe ^otti^As^oiie^ m4 itiirm 

tf/oei'bor the: worUy halving bqevr k#oivn!«v^il iu the 

«lAt«« J»7l^ll^;tO^A«l4$M9^ iAf tlfAXy'^}MUirrQS}Jk% 

j|tak«itawr«^tfim«i0A!dtstit«lte laf- it. • > 3Vife«flflfiili<waiGi 
^eM9bbM>9e^iWfigl^jEur^ {m[9fi^m%x^y$yetM^. Iiavt 
4Q9i«MiQd':HH^' 4e<^pe >ter}r >miftcb»)* p«nti«iftkir}y ^ ja> 

ntw h^d.oiu, gii^s m« b^pe that it; will $^aMf\iofi}fi 

W&«»yi«wlrvjw^iJ,. who arettfTt^eetc^'bomfWnbis mti ' 
ooi^iiiedalaiackaiiuee of full jo -pier 06nt»> -^i'be '0/(fr 

af^t^i^jtemto |terdL9S^.'i^ild;iSAor/ . 4fumti»Si}f bay«^ ; 
freiniAb^J ^dm«^ $w*se^ risteu very considerjfeWjp. r 

tl^:c^piitiT^^iij|iioi<»iicr^:fiiidrW^^ not load 

Qft^OiJ'ife^gliri^bift fm4 > bigvfcy f«¥'iiy«(kt^/br/tt7fe^. 
byi:Jt.,:Jlij^#a«9*tjrf Qii^iiiWi^i^ t>f piiyaUB 

10 B4 are. 

9^/* U^fM,^ Widief /Se«tV iC^m^dV • iflMU^^ 
Wordsworth^ CrAfcef/- Lf^rd'JBfyrotr, <Lord Thurlow, 
fcc. The fir^t nf ttnoMF gcadciMa hof «tet so much 
paper into the market, that it is at pcefoot^roiiMed 
«aifittteiiably tiwlertpar. JVIr, ,Gainp)iQU htf btfofr A^s 
imiiuie; and^rhis iCMdii.BtUli.ijiamtaina; tt9.i^;fom>a. 
Mr; Sdmkey'a paper wat a^irer viewed. in arfovi^Mble 
tijgdtti* and, iinae-thc office f^r dUtnimting.tli&vMra^ 

forcitir some 35. 6dj -notes imo. the iwkrlU^^. b««thig 
t^r tide W Carman . TWimpAii/ffi bit icivtdil ,b«» dbeco 
iMidi reduced. These: notes kavejbsfd v«ry Utlfe>Mi» 
culation ; indeed it is said, that be has only Teosiireiiift 
M iftfpB. <rf nuii for.tbcbi. .M«cb pains- bmcr^bien 
takifffby thtt'Treasurypfesdi lo prevent ihe ctroiUaiuxa 
of L«rti Bynen'admfis^^rtbtt^tliebeatJfMlgQa jfie irf^ofM 

flmmieswtt eonsiffned todbepMifycook^ jl«0ld^TiMice 
JMr)s»notes.baM}>een.re6»esd iiii^tQriU«iiMtn«^|iis 
i^su«pt>sed#)atibeyilaveA»e«n stolid £n9n».%MuM«ta) 
kn trbiohc'spBcimms of Jibe p»per^i9999y:i^MA by 
eertbin mntor bmdteri- in tbe reign el ^Imab^kt /ircm 

TJmaorioal ^F^d^.-^Tbat of Ck>T<ept 4$afden^ j^M 
9«aB^;^tlib^«a few months in a. moat iii>prof:eden|!sd 
»luiDef«;»./rhift'4Sfif<ictpally owing to dau9 iM^ft^0»l& 
efatrMistSiephenst; iwbose mUes have, hem i^e^ei 
by tbei^poblie witb' Ibe «i<no$t s4tisfa<^Mio«-T4^i|i^|ffyi 
I^ne £iind baS| for some time, been .drooping* .Tbcre 
-is now, • b«wever» a prospect that it /will loeik^up, »k 
the GDduaritlee have engaged SL-Keen fdlpwJlo look 
after the Qftncerm 

•' r.f%* vOpivatHoi»se #^oii^ -^ .- fiiuU^ ,., ,^ '} . 
: > " ti.^ambeoordilto- . « r .. 4hU4 - 
' ... V "^iiaytnaifcetdrlU^- -*- * uskui^t , »/ r 
> i . XtyoeiMlft^^rfllle opeqimg ui p^. , ... . 

t'.^'A'^ •<!,.• » "'♦:')-' J '-i- '»?Uf '- ! * •••*'>•/:.,!♦ 

. ' H ^ BA|lOM£TERSa 

r (. Af J. » A 

BAfiOAIEISa^ .SfELi>S>RAME$. .P£NDm>pM^4. 

- -itii :.£Profp th^. Morning Cbf«nMe, F^b. 1 7.J , ;^ 

W'JiNiiAG no /)omMr(7^^, and nothiag but bgeimity:* 
* fiscludtryv atid mtegrity, to recommend .xn^$' \ 
need'^ot ull you that I am an idie man. I. first tri^ 
tny-bai^d at the church *j but upon finding that tny. 
coc($in Spinlext continued a curate for threc-arvd- 
t^&APy^ ye^afs, whrfe th^ Honourable Titus Tantivy bo^ 
oai»fe d xled^ m ivro year» and a half from thepeciod^f 
fa»s^c»kli nation^ ^f natkirally desisltil from tiHSiJunpi-ofit- 
4bld^wd&it» ' 

^'3l«:^tiem^ted tcfniche'mysdf into other statianSi but 
«^itte equa] iW feiiccesa.* Parliamenlanf interest^ sonie^ 
hb{0^ br tdtli^r, aiway9 gotthe «tart of me, and I had no 
Iiiiedti9'<^6y<erta&kig iti By the by, Mf. Eklitor, tbi9 
8aitt^rsy«(t^i»%iitaScurvy?)tie| Ibruiileas Parharmni^ 
iprlfifiiierM' dhal), by virtn^ of €i ^spedalstatut'e^xxt 
vis&fi'v^tt^^diWie Bill, acquJre the facdtj^ of ti;krnif^ 
Htf ttot ^ ti^riieft^d itHO iaiefit^ ^ouf state'^cfxaob wifo aot 
tcidtiy ootiie lo a foU^t^ foi? want tsiimpukei. rXhat-^ 
to be sure, may be remedied in this age of JiRparoiw-j 
tttot, by ft e- aid of 'machvniffrf^: Wei hive- csani^es 
ih^r go^ without h'oi'ses, and boats im|)edlcd by'^tpaoajf 
and-^'Why may n6t this pblitioat vessel finally -makfi 
^gresd if^ithodt thosfe aids to wbich it waa fiiitaerly 
icftU?6ied, jand sail solemnly afong, iiidipendeot of 
v>kid ani water? and certainly some recent experiJ 
lEnPent^ have sho'wh that the thing is practicable,' . *- 
' To disf^l the incumbency pfermd^ I turned to tli^ 
delights of Natural Philosophy, and inade severkl in^ij' 
provemenls'<^n the Barometer and Thermometer, marlf- 
mg by different scales, not merely the vicissitudes fj 
the \veathei*,'but the variation'^* in other matters whica 
are next in importance to an EnglJshman. The result 
of a few of my observations I sh^ll pp\y,cop3municate 
r- " ' 'e5 " ■ *"'**'*''' 'Ihroi'oh 


jL);>irpugli uxe me^ui^ qf youx.pnnt,>,wnicb xnejiU ^Vfijj 

^£^i.A^ yyfeQ^P ^hftog^.l have y^;^ beea aWe.lo,j^'d|tt^{ 
W.ffglS^r, Tbu«c perhaps,^ J fiiay At )eijg|tb, 6^-)^ 
^fQji^^nft ajfiye at t|ie cuyfable post pf sup^iif^e^dy 
il(>^,Qf i?/(/f/5j or fi(Bt jordof thjeiii^ ,7^ t 

I am sorry to' tell you that paper money i^ va[^ng 
fy^X tp, tbeyrfi^^in^ p^nL It bas been falling', r^lpidfy 
4^jkg^ ibe lafit tbrc/^ years^ withput onge ipoktnji ,t)p 
eJj^iTW^^Jt^At pcrjocj., /jpQiiticml consistencif^ fiv^v'w^ci 
^j. f ox'f dw^hi baft b^n b49w',iaifri<i^^an4,i5^ely 
i^?i9!fe''^,ber dPIRFewed.* Tbpre ^as a<)iiiethi.ii4^ii^^i^lf^ 
^^f^'^ti^xpdihskt |^^^e^a/^ring to ibe wbplf atinosp^^ 
ftoaupd ^inji, ^Ijicb U bas now-los^tj. he hjuJ-ai^^^x^^ 
^^itibifjjf^nd of 4^yg^?i, that cleared an^ viv^pe^ 
ly^^vec i)^ mingled wUh^ /it .purified ev^b the f^ra^o^ 
M.M,^'i| ; ^ bjcbv!^ »ow^growxi quite iense^, |nd pftff 
9ut any taper of common sense that is plun^en.«t9^^f 
^.^(Tbt:R5g? i«/ [aijh ?md lhweat^\yit|.jafo. 
M3?:^W!5 fojra^^^^ i n...j3tjil2 

^j^M^m^MVM #}cjv was op t^ .tbe.^t%f j»f»^ J| 
now between that and llocA Aeo/, 4^i4j^!^R^9'^¥ffiv 

q»i4HflUv^rj..Uw* U. vryi.^on ycrlfy t^ft BL«ifS^^u^^5rjgK(j 
TA»Mf>tif> §^,^q^.?ne>p«e»; ; ... ,: .^^ .,,, ..^^j- 
..^ut ,^t ^oi^idjbe Kupossib^e for va^y y^'^tbt^ youi^lMrj^ 
ffribfidjiiiit^,,* to detail all the ppticca'll)a,Y)B ^9 yf|jj 
]puni€a((^ J: tbey a^je in prep^rf tiou fo)r the j)^f^ a^jf 

»^iiuf. A.S.S. : ■.■:..•':-.:.■, ';:^^, 

^ aft^i^^n t^ie 5l^rge o^Jnfi^etiff U/w?U; !f^^i,4V 
afaioftt,.aK«l..M»«y>*T,^ an^^eip^.ltQ my Utjnoat jsjfl^ 

ivnb ,«W« ^Ij^iil^Jwvherf ^ba4 *.«FWSPS?f»JWi^f 

liaceflaiA Ifat SMSEiniimi of J^jat the buiDan frame couitf 


9adure» 1 4»^iff ed^ngc a series of sifuaiimm i|\ 
tbe tame'^rdi^f^ begioni^ with <m txdsentanshl^y anc^ 
ehfip^ ^i^'t'be wj3|t^ anV hd«r convioced 

tfaf^^ni^e is^ iH 9»oc2^r^ artsciences, an .mberent qoality 
0f t^iMiii^ c^jinptmrt^^ a6d.9f breatfiin^ aod tndv-^ 
itig th' dJ&ntpef'atji^ in wl^ictf oiir iorefathera woiild 
haye *beeti'broUed' IHc^ a beef-ste^ u^a tbt gridi^oti 

( Btti^xjAizt I cbrcfly value my^e^fagon is a ^ompounil 
p^n^bim, )yl^faith^mea9^reft•ujaQe Witb sur^rbing^accu* 
^^^ii ^^i^^\^t6g^ihGtin a ntortaV, a ^ig ami a cake 
i6Pt*0Coliate^ ][)puVin5 in a (jaart of m^a, till the 
Vh6K^VK^ ri^iticed to a mass of Sufficient thickness; 
ibiy I-iM^^tl^eil ^m a yUver saucepan i and, ^wben dry^ 
a|^|^<^f^^-it tp the cxtratpity of c^ gold sticky anld ^Lcd 
H t^ a. c\(3fki wbo^e dtal vyas, mafhcd witb tweWe 
itt^^iiey^^ itiihead of tor^; and t-cah as^^tire y^tt 
ihiri it'^Mcis With an exaccaess Wbic^ Harrison tievc^ 

^fiori0akvHng'pif7i^j on 4 new juid jmi^fd^ ctn- 
slniciioD, I 901 going to^ke oot a^atienii and%ticlfd^ 

W;^hpiWd\bIind - >..: Iv.m 

' ftfyiec^ for fiiekiSravkeSf I can^ assore the pW^. 
pA&rt of1tif^twt)Tiieatres Roya)^ is in hifaRifafe'dtld^ 


MttS <ida la^^i^^liKtiterfi^' baddifti ^^aihtufki-^lilV'Si 
tlitti^'li'brtlft^h ii\^, itute trdmpets^ahd abb^l'ey^ft 
prince or princess in. disguise, an, assa^tit ai&d^^hfl^ 
Wbi^ri^^xhl^^ Iftneel fdlirths bf khe 

€Mb»0W TVr^Adltf/kjfid tUe w«(d^4>f 'tAe'SoVVW/s ^ 

'Vii»i'Wtiiii altwtW^V^ «nay tbi^wtto'l^ 

■iihJoD •v)in6i] ii^iu^jil ^iU j£|^«^io mumrxfii^n »d4 J^i^ti^j^^ 

haj^e 4>cbi'f tachbddD^ who lito^^ <^^'ii«n^'^ 
putting the iuintursf oi lAetr jtmotre^rifltfy bdt tlitS^W^k 
fDeBe>r4ii^M ti)dei^ti«)<> ^fid by M nt^fiuW^'MB^jfitte 
with ihe^ar^lletj Whidi, f tmi^t; ,W -sMbft^ 
dcsiu }V\%ki Aich i9(^» the Of^miM ><>f 'tSpitita^ lis 
pf^yM by thq wntin|8 !of ihii iua^ .tir&ioet-^^** A 
horse not i»r6k^ b6<:otiiaH hed^ktmi^g^ atid si^r^bHci 
left to htrilBelf will teWilftil/*- V'' • \ * 

The Golumfid of.yoi:^ papnr> Sir, convthbe;tne)d<Hy 
that its self- evidence has strdck you, froth ^{fie'^^ddc 
of daiMiagyour ndvertisemcfnts,' ^Sdtes by ittNetrtAi' 
iiaw^ a place allotted to them, diimiict fvbm '6Xkfti 
■odoea. The f^rothiscubus thiiertit^ dffcuch ad«ift^^v 
iilents' ^ the following^ canhbt;' therefoie, be the 
effect of ohonce:-^ - .« 

^Wanted a pair of CiMrridc Befsea.'**^--** A Gcb* 
tlendk^haviiii^ i liaiil^ oMi*berv«&Pdlf&liiJhlii J^Jtei- 
CMS for two." — << A Betifeficed Oii^gyinan, accuatomed 
to Mb^'^dkiMlioiNff Voui§;42tD«iettttMy^ notiicft itoidr^ 
dieatehitavbiikstkBeitaad^tliMilmfeaicluiiwBly^ one/' 
^13 is follow^ by > ^'To b^^soU^ a.HitfM well caloa* 
iatedforaObe-faorseChaisie." • 

We are at^piesetTt bosHjreilii^ vi b6^|iliiig a 

Graininar ibr tbe h)Stru<!:tfdn of ^oof tNbvicea. IWc 
have indeed nqi \ti |got further thao oor ^Ciijid^tis. J 
giw-anieatraet from tbem) taken at rancloin; and if 
oor fnenda m theCniurc^ }tid^> ^frdtn^ Ikne^ ff^cimen^ 
that they. can' d)^iVti any tiseftH hiMaff^mrlHft^raaai 
ofthewhoie, ttiey iire wekoine Co^ copy. :\ 

<< A Qei^tli^n. ofrOxford >i8 i^^^ tbe 

manag^ent of ia^eleg^nt 4fid!.ip^ntjed,yoiiqg^ft^ 

to be an lionoUr to her rein^ Whelher^ aa tone have 
asserted, be had atfdw^d h<jr Vi<&»^ of 

her Qum^ or wbetli!^r< )i/^e accidt^ai ^^as\^^' c^Eeet oi 
mere awkward5^^;^^>fls^;pe6^ i|k 

I with 

4>DB TO THS £X*£MPIIB58 JOitfBlNX. 87 

wji!i^^a»-eagerne8$ to'clK^ct a neat'turbipg iqto the 
4^'p'?in?9d received a most severe contusion. It not 
W9g f|^9i9^d.a^v;^ble tp carry him. up 8t^s« he was 
plape^iW ^% liFst vacant siatL A Court of loquiry. 
y^as pidljLed f^fpy th^ Uttb^ w&w he^a^ ac^itted; it 
a{)pearing froai f Is^e evid^nc^ brought forward^ that the 
tUTfii^g tntoiha Mitre is most TtazardouSp'^d that' 
niany a veteran has miaaed k by gp\M on the urong 
sideqfjhepost:' > 

. f .;(n\i9t ^qw cqncludej ,the Christm^a ^vacation is 
^er.^M the frost at last breaking up« and the two ^o« 
cv^U^s in.u^i return to their i:espective occupations of 
^?ffflg' i/y^Pg mc^iersy and ^Mistering young %orses» 
. , ,.j ... A Mbmber op THB Whip Club, 

^no %Y 'turn- bKMtrruM - m«ci« •«iiinkttghnr«i ' 
• . . 4. ; ;. ; .V j^^^^j^ ^^^,g Niomiog HeriadV Feb, ip-i' * 

'•>■*, ' ,' ■ » . , j 

' ,v.!WnQ *Wl)een— ^8 so^p as barr<^n ioowii-^ * 
r f Kick*^ but' of bed, and dff a Arone I ^ '' ^ 

• ijVficiri^jwra^f tbedsggrellilJe, , 
;..j-j,^ rrtjB.'tbpeerj^eagjild scoOrges of thcNlpe* > . 
Well ^^pyii;iQg^^(t)|ir bplanic^taste, 

. oui. V »» ^ Ve never snieleliefbje, ^ > 

•o 1. . fi- I?PB^rial Panie. to view ,pna, ; 

. you*U,miiiag^in.nbiqrn>.weweeiij ., 
. jTo pi^n^ by sQpe dark^Ageot,^ 
Oidr^f, Fre^cU growtlj those deadJjr |jbnts • , 
Wi^icb England, sp, correctives, . wants. 

To icbir her proud Prince ^-^ — l! ' ' 
But first we 'vo fancie'd, by the hy. 
In delicacy 'we sliould try, 

' "Whatever the anguish, or the pain/ . * •• • ' 
• ' ' Tacleanie<hef little busy brain ; * .' * 

• Of maiimft whidi they •V6> taught her. • - 
So'iend us qxtictcly for this'rnaid» . » .-. - 

. V By us «o be compounded $ i y^ •:) : 

"Then^ Madame JoBephrne, don't fear, . . : . 

But 3^11 in Pari» »9M ^W 'bear* 

IJer aeniea ai« cenifocioded ! ' . : -/ 

A pretty "boucpiet lire '11' prepare, • * fiV*.., 

Tfa^ with it she may deck her hair, 

- And ehmia-faer sprightly iaocy ; ^^ a ^ .^^-n 
WW^ Uh? Wack .bolus wi^ dif p^ose .^ ., . ,[,' ,\ , 
To deaden every hopeful sense, . .., , ! 

By art of necfomancy. ' ...*!.'••■. 

Whether with* jRwr*gloTe on, or off, .,. «^ . , , 
We give it her— she will not scoff, ' ' ^ \ 

O care' a sirtgle rush ) • \: 
On Fenis* thohng^gla$s ihQ^X^TXiy ' -' ' ' 

So sec not, couch'd in " Love's amaze,*^ -•'" 

Our ^< Dm! in a hiuh !7 /' ' 

[From tte Cbatnpleii^- l^db. 20 «nd 37.] 
MR. EDITOR, * . .A 

^INING some time ago at a coffee-houfcc near the 
theatres, I heard two genftcmen, who were sit- 
ting in the next boy to that which I occupied, talking. 
I am not naturally cdricfiiBj yet cbtild not resist a 

' • - ' itrotig 


stFioDg^ire I felt^.itdi-Me;.wbo;th/^ nMetiMl just 
peepd under the ^greeA curUMii )i»4iwh faukigixtweea^ 
their heads and tniht^ uvA diseoverid thsK <;^e was a 
pale, thin, aiithor-liiie Idoking ijian, and tjh\e) other 
an old-fashioo^d country gentiemain, with ^ red face 
and a brown wig. .1 thought it would be uogeateel 
to listen to what they Were saying ; so I called fpr pen, 
ink, -4nd paper, that I might amuse myself l:^ writing 
to a friend in tb^couptry^, B^t pld habits vviU prevail; 
i^r, when the gent^me^ ro^e tp gp^ "pasting piy eye 
over what I .|iad wriUeni J fi>MJ9d j^f^^ih^vkig once 
been a reporter of ,tbe parlian>qaMiry,.4pl)^tmj for a 
new8paper>,\yi^4.m^c;bHQ^ftally^i^Jic<ai 4q^wP «v^ word 
of their com^ersation in ;^))9Rlnhmd*^. ]ShQok«4 at what 
I had done, I ifomediialdy pot tbetfiifimitea iato my 
pocket; and UeteraiJrA^dA #8 tbeonly«nKansvdC'atoning 
for my » ignorant sin,''to s^nd them e»ydii^for piib- 
lication. >»* - ^ *> j 

t^ieTul. And t think you 6t%ht to feel greatly 
obliged. to nae, that J, who have hot 8e.eri,the(, inside 
of a tfa^tre these fivij-and-twenty yeirSjL should cpmt 
to London on purpose to be present at the first repre«* 
scntaiion of your liew ;piece. ; ' , 

-^Aor. Idb; and ihanlfi ypu JiearJtJyf . ./ > 

f^iencL Com^ pfiiee'^ success^ t^T^-rrw^biRi^ds ! I 
rorget its nam?, . /- ^^ ,: 

AmluMT. Kooz^Vang rift« Tvi^ANTi (W».)<Ae Kat 


Friend* That's a tremendous title ! 

Auihxjr. Amt^bk* ';A. soQd.^US^/tHle is aU 
»Jost as nece^»ry. lo^tb^^ugi^Skix^S ft nw piece, as to 
the security of an old estate* . - . - .. ^ « , , 

tt is iip>v M{ijt))in. ibr^ hv«r?* pf ^its perfi;)ri:)i|a,i;]K;e>^l 

^^st.^ fi^^ffii te^ tjtvcl^r ^^ ip6««rics4.oif th^. 

drea4 of (T^Mliw^ ^y.g^ntj«a^jy...l SH^'ffi^t" 

^^hi9 a similar situation. 


fh BMMiMer«OII 

Jktii0r.i «»db I WoiiM ymrhMe mt V ft%httd at 
Mse fire ?" I '»i>e0ilfi<kiJI of 8ucce98---{»KittcleiLTanft 
And >re«i A-i^mirid prbeessidn in my 6ni ^^emtr ^ancl 
ft^aod txpkmQia<ia iHylMt^^^Afy piece wiU nm sH 
th€^ season* .i - . 

jRrmd. Ho wdb you know that ? 
> Author^ Hoo^U^Why, here's the bill fbrto-^mor^ 
JK^w-niglit.'ow^^'^phe new- mdodmmar bavieg bfeenTc: 
MivedUttt "Bigbl^N^ilh the toosi raptorotifr bursts of ap^ 
piiKJIe^ by « ?a9hii)iiabk «ncl oR^evAc^wing «udieiice^ it 
iviil'bs fepealed every !et^i)ing>tiirfti|iibfir Doiioe!''' 

i^imdi B^ if'VtsbcM(»kl4iedamiis»ct^--^wkattiMi«'h ^ 

Auih&r* (bcfaiHiM be darinnMi^^f^'<ii<:/sijlyjte>t/Atf 
^jte^^AflietnV' ibe^bHc'WtUmot damtvib^eerupMi 
l^bieh eo ^«ofa <tiMm^y has 'bemi-^xiMMidcd* ^ 

Prmi,^ BtH>itt]Eij^i04i«k^tttd be danuMdf * ' i 

;jiM*Aer. i<ll be 'fery'«n^ry with «cbe pMxti^ mi' 
wkhirawiu - . (' • , . . - i ;* 

JMMil. <Vniat is a melodrama ? I doiv'4 resolkct 
>«* Aifags in my.pity^ftoing timeJ v » - > 

^iAnAsr. N<i I' fben-I Mi <gtve ymi Jtheir' erigift^mnd 
history. A ffi(md.<tf siEine^ ^|ml^the1fil^l»«i1^f ^i^ 
trajgedy^ peeeiv^d, from xi i^^idow lady, iai*ttep.e*t*in- 
doieiifie^ accompanied by a .jar of :pit;)4le»^ ^^MaA 
hodge^podgiik Shelddihioi, thai ubc^ £as4 4ndiact^» 
bavifi^ 4fkd aM their h$rb» and jvegot^bitis in pi«kliiig! 
•ingly^. atflaat bitiupon the expedient io£i4lniJ^4«l^rftt*ii 
aU^logeAery aiod >«ere rewtwrdcd for' thetir iiig«MNlyi 
by finmig Uwm to- makeavery^voiiry^mbl^fl^i, Sf. 
a transition the.knost dasy Bnd^the4iio9i nataivd' in>the 
iH$oftd/: til|r 4H€»id oatfie4 thei^ideaiADin pidM<fe<(aj 

all the known species of <kafm(ti^'CQin|>CM^tiQnM«Ktfd*^ 
I^E^lyiafMi 4Qmfdy^ ft«4opm» :t]fin4 I^K^Hi itedifan^- 
aptisMlirtilli j»m|l^j^ogfit^if .srik iKifieiseded^ 
tion ; has now'become a drttteaai^-Mieildfng^ d^A^ b«dd . 

^ £M0^9^ Vefjr> ingtnfotM, upoifi my livbithli^'^l^r 

&r tiys ii]e4odfaroa<admits hutvorliiileivarie^ Mtuan 
things being indispensable to its perfection. -For 
instance: a snivelling thild«ftnd'its^ diioonMtaetiio* 
Ukt (by the by^ — the child ought to have more ttnse 
tiion oil tine other i.eharaaters 4»getherj urileis foo 
iiappten<'to^tatMidiioa<a borMtor4idog)*^yott must aet 
youinpianoipab^i^vaiireiltQgy mei^lf 4bat they <May ti^t 
— you jnost being them to the yery v0rg« of telhtig 
some!iia&{>OiliaRt'SeaKt«h the first' aet^ trinclkfbe au- 
ditootftB^yiib«s8tiTeM?tlinotbexUsdosod till tt« laaw— 
]iBDiif Jfioidontaiiiust bettotieniig'oa thd brink af^ionpo^ 
sibiifiy, and7.ibc^diie^8ake'of<ic«eping«tip-*the tntevisc^ 
lead to theito09r'UiMicp%(fted.«tenlslfi^^the^tnosti«iilila- 
tbnd mvtkm i^^-oar cbsmoterar tnust talk nowanieta 
bad English^ and bungle out abstract idels im opan- 
tBnfimet'<j^4oni^*ra.'pifs«<seaW4i feWpuiy-^fliany^ 
shrieks as the occasion, tuay ttqi!imh*^t«vts'iid^/i&il«iir 
-MSttdifaifew attitudes I wd tbenyou h'aVe^a mdo- 
di«inii^ini|ide after 'the'very ^best fasmon^< 
• tkiind. :ilare yoaiany-tbitig »iw ia 3rotir pi^oe^'- 

J[ttlAor« Reatly^ to find anything Clew^is dfiicuit«. 
Tbt/fbsstdtBS 4iai/ie bten'loiig^>erii«iiated*-'-die)vefy in*- 
Srasiliteaiof. Natupeiare pre-oceupicd^i ^io intf oduee a 
birolkieaf/.^dti^y: «r i}(|nfd(^ wouU be<^atkle;, nay, 
tha^'is jbcit little to be gieaned'ei^H^Aoiii'barGaprioes. 
A Wondsrftil oh^id is now tvo longer to: be ^Mondered 
atj sRSitliat novi^ty in the: j»^^Vi/(ay it^liti^ 
uinable; lYet what <?odtf be ddiae, l^^^iik: IJima 
doiie:f>'>and >lqfatlep mysetf thattflvefftioa ^viH<6ii4 4t 
diffi^«dlr^to>gO''^aRBybndine« > '^^^ i-j: •.•7^ .. '.or,-} ...:< 

(iVmsJi: ^iU fceepk^ 4^ m^tft %iipp«p(a? 

TbftipriMFififeitif > tlie^ralaia' ia^ iaa «4ttr gffUNt Imw «a«* 
pitaae^k^^^^^lo'iioM-M.^*: • •;;-.; ..ii\ iz^\ ^;;.. 

AiMm Vhcw^b«tifi^n Adi^tk|i<w whikivMni^ 

9» DjiAM^necmiyxiui^iq^ 

tng-^ftometbing about ottuBe anda lookii^ s\9;?6«-7>an 
antiquated .prec^pt^.. ^iriih which i.i is .expected we 
mcxieroa are to tabackie i7«r^D'm8ie8,.becau«^ Shak-^ 
sp^areg iwb(> had a stri iif ium for. nature^ laid it 
down as the guiile for his. Shakspeare andiparrick, 
and Garrick.andShakspeaceyare for ever and ^eternally 
ringing ia ooe'a tears, I wish to Heaven thej^ bad 
.never <b€£nd They were .very, well in their way ; but 
really the perpetual mention of ihem worries one to 
deatJbu ^n.Garrick's time the drama .was not cousti- is at present* ... 

Friend. Hem I — I admit ihis most readily* 

Authtr, Thai) &ir» fteople were so sti^id as fo pay 
their iponey at the theatre^ to see imHattOQs of Kafure 
so like berself.that they could hardly be distinguished; 
butnitbeseare hard times,, and now^ w ben we throw 
away jour, money 4it playhouses, we very justly expect 
to see what Nature is incapable of showing us^ 
..Sirfevd* Your inventbn .must often be pujszled to 
supply suob exorbitant demands, for novelty ? , r 

.Jblih^i. Toie; but. genius^ mv dear Sir-;-genius 
conquers every .diificully» Inmy last horsQ-piec^— 

FrimU Horse^piece ! What the devil do you hi^n 
by horse- piece f 

Author. You are very ignorant — excuse me— i-I, don't 
wish %o be rude ; but you are as ignorant as an. ox* 

Friends Praydou'tapcdogijse— I a^kfor inrormatioii. 

Autluar. A horse-piece, then, is a piece in which 
the principal, parts are perff>rmed by bgrses. Xix tny 
last borse«*piece (as I was about to say) 1 macje tim 
horses.' do sucU things^ that their. riders looked like 
fi)ola,tu \\m\ri* ^ £ut.aftef they had exhibited, on }be 
stage of the most classical of all possible ti^t^es, 
their OTVix <ioi»(;-^«rfiies, very aiuch rfter the m'iii- 
Btr of «t^:n«t rabbi ts^-r-au^ pierfdnned to admiration all 
that horses might be ^xpectod twt tp do, \\it public 
gicswjticefi bl i^eol^Iaiid; i^ w^r^ dismissed .*< <dch 
^hia several stable." 


^ T^nhi. Wbiidetfiil bfceJ! ' - -. ^ 1 . - . 

'' ' ^ti/^flfr/'But nothing to w\\it wiff 6^ Wnc fe-nlght. 

Iriciiefital^t'o^htS piece, 1 Wave a coniliat' WV^een a red 

Tion ahd Vreal as?, aithcilo^e of ivhich tht! &9i will 
ifevoiirthe fioii. ' ' "' ' ' ' '^ 

' "FriHid. Ydu'me^rnihat^clfoA vinliaeVotil' flie aw ? 
Anik<yf. 1^h^\t might have beeh if tftW incident had 
occurrcfd to an ^ery-dajr wtttcf. Nb, Sif ^ I tteaii 

what T "say." ' " - ' "' '" ' '*' • *• 

Prtendl. Ai a frrend, I ^lih you sttccdis; hot, m 
tiiy oprnion. the introduction of Driaterop the'3tage is 
a^d^rad^li'on. "' '•• '' ' " - "' * ',; *» - 

' '\AiUh(if. That *s neither here'nbr'there. TIerides, I 
'Intjitifl (o'turh the ra^e for reality to a good* account. 
Jfty rii'eAl^s of tba( ver/ infatuation, *< mean to trfiprove 

. ihe'mbi^alitjroTthe JJ^^garV Operd^ which at present 
is •miserably defecMve — and all in conseqdenct df that 
cwrsedi'eprievt^; ■ * * ' *' *' -^ .. .., .^ ^: 

'^Pfi^ftd. Ay; you*H end the opera wn)i atiac(H)unt 
of Ma'cheath's cxbcutibn. ' ' ' ' • •'' : 

'J^Aiithor. An adcdunt of* it ! " there tvonid be nothing 
real iri/ihat-^Barnwelr is h^tigid behind the'ticenes. 

' TnTo, 'rio; I'll hting him outright— in the face of the 

«' audience. ' ''' 

' ' 1^^^ i^ot by tb^ neck > ■ ' -i - • 

lAiithor. Yes, t)y the neckj and till he be dead 
'. tbree tiines over—*-** dead^ dead^ dead.'* This is what 
1 call poetical justice. ' . 

"Priend. Poetical ! THcre is not much of iKe epic 
inhanring. . 

. AutnoT; A moment^is patience,' and I 'II explaittV I 
bAve /hopes, through the interest of i' parliamentary 
frieiia, to get -a bill passed to confine aij ixedutuins to 
the regul.jir thiealres J so (hat men who have lived by 
depredjttious on |the public, may^ iti the eiyl, atooe 
in ^ame; degree for their ofTerici^^jpbj^ makmg their 
deaths a source of profit and am^pnleiit* * . 

fl4 OH THB,|MMtW9^DMT9lPK^BffaV^PARtB: 

fe^l 8&QJe time at work on a new dicfiUiwe tiMall^ « 
fiae view of Newgatedbg^sircniineiii 8ceiie*pamter— 
mob iti perspective, andj|U lly ei ceteras. 

AuUm. ]dUeik.thQlaabian,.aiid^ihc town will. 
Besidet, aa we have lately i^tout nearly all tbe wit of 
the pic«e^ |b($. ool^ w«r to render it.attria$Aive wi»y 
adding to tli^uitereatQ^it . .^ '^ 

PrMfuji. Well^^pfirhaps yoii may lie right; but tis I 
feaf w6«haiL«oibeabIe lo 4xmvifice ^aeh oib^r^ we 
^lid better amount to the theatre, 

^Author. Now xnind-i»cncore all the songs— cry 
Bravo at al| tb^ a^rts a^d Kants-rH.tux^ iki as^ and the 
lion scen^^axiA when the piece is anuounc^ for repe- 
titiony do all together. , . ^. ..« ^^ .- 

Friend.. But, what am I to do if it sbmld^be 
damned i . . 

Author. That's^ all one* For^so long< as the 'au- 
dience make* a noise,, it^will be impossibie. to under- 
stand whether they mean ** yes'* or *' no/' and it 
will be repeated m course. 

Friend. That was not the way formerly, though : — 
then, when a piece was damned, the author's hopes 
were blasted. P. 


[From the British Press, Feb. 21.] 

SAM Sanguine exclaim'd, quite elated aod gay> 
When Napokcai's death Was the. " £i of the %/• 
'' The boniorB of war wiH now cectattily^eBse^ 
And England once mosp enj^ijr durable peace.** 

<' Ah ! no/; sigb*d Tirn Dubious^ with Parifa&*s^^)Man, 
'' OM Satan wUl place some tvrin- fiend 00 1^ thmie 
For one moment hi9 purpose he*li n<ever forsake-^ : 
TheDeviltowscbteT. i5 4waya««v»ft#/.* : « '■' 

" Nay, 

' «MliMv "t^ '^itit; dl^> *aiMnr/' > ^ '^ -'• ^ 93 


^ With rapiiti»t«dos{mrt6ditkegood.'£ockbi»lbna> - 

.^, Pu^fifaey) fipd U WftQ.QQiy a stt)ck"J€ibbii|g*hpl9 1 
Deptjord, Feb. 23. . - .: W- B- 


' '-^ ■ [Fit»m^hc*Mornirf^CjironicIfe,Marcfi I.] "~*' * 

"X/E two cojnpaoiqnd of qay wintiy way ! , ' 
•*' - 06ft we tave trtidg*d ft niktiy a tedious inUe 5 
Through filqp^ and mire, and mud| and clinging clzy. 

Of we im^B^fm^d with true* pedestrian toU : . 
„ Now, 0ore ^tg^i^flt mf jwiil> : we. part at length. 

For ye, .ai^ tlKHl^ growii' q^4> • and bqfth worn oi|t. 
Your tough taiin'd bodies have ce4ign!4 their Btxengfb, 

. Chill y^tew pierce t^e soks tb^ oupe were stoi^. 
What boots it how that ye were Boots of yor^. 

So nealiy shining, supple, smooth, and black ? 
No patent Insure can your gloss restoce. 

No skilful cobbler p l aster ev Vy crack : 
So maj^ shall fail, aiiid all his works to boot, 
Noriart nor med'cine his old age Vecrult. R» P. 


?1f£N 6n^a«d cme, fany dear, hiake ft^ 
^' IwiDme's at fthmfeelc, t will do ; 
Btit tkthd deril; we filagree. • * 

'When one and'dne t>)^ chance itiBike three, Ariok. 



OM Minro CADt ft-^iv' Axiidsr mau^. 
[Pnmi die Momkig Herald, Mamb ^.]' 

Ikif B» bMatiet diarm not which m ahnm - * .. 
•*■" . To every commod eya ; 
The grnoflu which my heart wHt owq» 
Am f att'd wkh modesty. 

Tho lovely rostt when half conoealM, ' 

' Ltret QQt the suminef s day j 
Bat dies ere noon, whene'er it brmrei 

Apollo's fiercest ^ray! - i - Nk If. 


{Ftom the Momiag Ghnmicley Marcb 4..]^ « . 

MYSTERIOUS Nothing ! how shall I define 
Thy ahapelea» haselesi, placeless emptiness 
Nor forms nor colour, sound nor sieej «pe thin^ 1 > ^ 

Nor words, nor figures, can thy void express ; 
fiut though we cannot thee to aoght coB]()are, 

To thee a thousand things may liken'd be 5 
And though thou art with nobody, ho where. 

Yet half 'mankind devote their lives to thee.«^ 
How many books thy history contain ! 

How many heads thy mighty ^latis pursue ! 
What Isb'ring hands thy portion onlv gain ! 

What busy men thy doings only do! 
To tiiee the greats* the proud, the gkldy bend. 
And, like my Sonnety all in nothing end. 

R. ?***•*: 


[From the Britisli Pxe»s» March 8.] 
T SOUGHT for aXady of very high blood, . , , . 
"*■ In hopes that her name from disaster might screen us : 
But I own this high marriage Has done me no good; 
For now^ there is^othinu butr^lcul blood betweep us. 


A huntsman; whos^ jrfatc^ • hto 'beconft Vme. 
"^^ cure^ as his dogi *are now amusmg themselves 
amongst tbe snow^ is desirous of riding to cariy fnet- 
sages for any gentlenian whg may want him,' or con- 
veying tbe news df deaths of lishops, or any other 
dtgnffied dergymq^ ^^ sspeediTy as possible/ ' , 

/'^A|^ffna/lpar/^ of ladles aod. gentlemen are in waul 
of an addition in a projj^cted voyage to Canada, whither ' 
they are going, for the sake otWarwi/A, till the winter 
he over in En^h'd; AAy dorpuleiit kdy or centle* 
man will bci preferred; and the expenses made Hghterj 
according to their weight. 

Wanted, by a gentleman who is ^tng on a t&ur of 
pleasure^ a cothprfriion in an open gig-i-who can bear 
cold, Siates, and eveVy other accommodattoh to 
amuse on the road, ^fll be carried. The party experts ^ 
to return as.isopn a^ tbeTrost and stiow are over, ^d 
to pass tbe Sf^uig. i^ town about the middle of July 
next. * ' . 

[Wool the Satiriu for March.] . . 
TOR a friend Who was iliand xmable to leacliy 
" ITifdogh the pitiless storm rode old Spintext to preach \ 
" I lament you're so weti'*"sa«HiwSick with a ?iigh j 
•^Bttt jet ^9 I^Q paJpi^Aj ziAm^Mer^^qU:ll h^ dry.** 

N I 111 u i ^ ^m^ i ' 


{From the British Press, March ii.J 
*( n?Q tjiis uight*s MaiBquerade,** qnotk pick> . . , 

* /'By pleasure I api beckon^d, 
^nd tliink ^t wouia be a jolly trick, ^ • . « i i 
'to go ii%* Charles the S^cmdy ■ '• ' ' ' ' •• 
vot, xvni. F Tom 

r Twfek:fcrwirtHtca>tMrilv 
' > Atid Iboi to Rickard said :— 

* ' ' ' t^rom the Ch^pioQ^' March 13.] ,* 

* MR. BOITpH^ .. / . \^ ' 1 . \ '. 

TpilE publiQ^pers liaviiMr lately ^nform^oi: ijA$. *^*^ 
/; ' a valuaDli; Scrilblinff Mill has bcen^ desirpyed^ by 
jfre^'and (he dAmaj|e esUmated at 12^096^ I nave bn^en 
anxiously. looliug for further particulars, thaLttmif;ht 
cjeiero^tne whether or not, as a literary tnau/ ^^gusbt 
to feef, grieved or rejoiced at t^e event. If W^. ,- WaJ- 
}^r Scott ^pr^eciates bia future profits by .the j^st, 
t should conjectnret frgm the sunt hiefiti6ne4^ ti)^ 
the Scrilhling Mill in auestipn mus^ have been the cue 
of.wbiqh h^. vi^as the pjKicipal cfonduclor^ and, in <hat 
case, we shaJlliave to regret the loss of three or four 
pretty ballad poema, ia <qtittrtO| and to congratulate 
ourselves upon our escape from as many Instances of 
editorial incompetency. The poet Laureat would 
hardly estimate his itiiiltifarious and Protean labours at 
BO low Jl rate;' but if, \ti smne cmqise fit of modesty, 
he should have hcAfi iildiHscd teitttcn iUii iiiffldeAt 
paragraph W lh« papeisy we mtiM ^plom*ih<t d^ia- 
fition of the only ttiMufaetoiPy for wild -and morrsttdu^ 
pueiiitics, 4tafmtfd in the orfiy genuitie jtinvble^'or 
warranted. tHKeadable rtietre. For the Ckfm^n Tt'mn^ * 
phulCi indeed, we might find a substitute, if we cou/J 
but revive old Jolui Buayau, and dress him up iu a 
suit of Lord' WeHtiigtoti's I'^^iifirtienfat^.^ ' P*rifh?r^Si 
however, I ani <ft •crrof in kitnbutifi^'thecfestr^^^ 
property to dthc¥ 6i the' abbve-mentibriecl ^(»!iC|e^t;ri ; 
and 1 invite youi* fcoirespondeiUS to furbisli/evi^y io" 
forniatioa on the Subjeftj^ %^^ ^<^ o^y kuoyv^^wW to 
bone and what to fear, J- ' 
-^ " AScrihUing 

_,.j... .XWk^lrlWIrJMiAWMWU ' ; tiff 

A Scriiblmg MUl may bvrti ilfl^««tv iisrfiir Joha 
Carr'sdid; battt is.4od>cmiiIiiiealNsdi»fi«ftfaiMiahaicnt 
to be suddenly bdml XX¥^^ g»»tti|riy*WidilhA ^r being 
able to learn the parttctiHm, if we takcf'llhe j)ains tu' 
inquire. Eiclusnve of. the worker of the mill, who'is 
to grind the verses as fast fs b« can, xbero are th6 
gentlemen in the Row, wlio are to receive nine tenths 
of the grist, and. the puffer^ who are to raise the wind 
by means of fiUinc. th^ sails, find various 0thqr^*w|io 
Sfo employed oh sm>ordinat^ parts df <lle.1ylaebtnery|— 
lnBc)las1he engra^hlgy bindttig, vevlewiAg, &d; In 
thbirt; W Ih^feiave as tttany persons ithplicsfted/ ak in 
fhelate iK^pbsttion'pratsiisiMl'upon the Stock' Eic(5tiafiee, 
I ftUlc^f hbpie thai the authors of the hoax, and the 
sdthfor bf the h\xtnv ScfibMing MiR, tndy bfe both' 
4isebveitd^ 'that W« tMv' a^ctfrrain wh^Wei^'they are 

::-.o(iiri-.. .. lB!ar,'Sii',jbim,kc: '"; ■'''*;' '.' 

•niE TWO bracelets! 

[Krom the (ame J * 

AJRAJtIJCA GsnrnA, om Monsieof L 
. Who 4 welt ia FratKe when Lopis iield die thtone, 
l4v*d like a Frinfe» frooi ^ery trouble {pscp 

Except a wife— (th* eiceptioti *s brge, I own >) 
For she was fat as aiiy Marchioness^ 
Attd ^^^ toientrivagahce in qress. , 

Qn^4aysheb$i^t«pa^of:i^yiBceieian*«ftdi>. a u. .. 

\ As few but Roj)ral damsels. would he^akf > 
llicjrcost— -I cannot (^ccollecl: Vow. ipiic^ 

Bat they wei^e ouite n?ag[nificent— upiquej ... 
KtA^ llavSug da^p d thent on^ iaway sh'<? tltes 
OfPldtheOfera tb^ihd^ feer prizfe. ' '; ' '^''f ' 

F2 r 



' «n» . . . • 

It happeo'd that the Queen was there that night. 

Just opposite the' b^x that. Madam ^k^ 
And on the br^elet$ with intense delight ' ' 

Frequently look'd — or else appear'd to look | '' ^ 

For she took special care tQ have them se^n^ ' ' '^* 

As if on purpose to outvie the Queen. ' 

Soon to the box-door came a Page, attir'd 

In the Queen*s proper liv'ry, all in style, 
Andinth^name^Maje^yreqtiit'd'^ ' "^ *• 

Oneof thebraceteti'foraTittle whfle; " ' » t.- 
That by her eye she might the pattern taffce, * t • - ^. ' ! 
And order some of the exact iftifiie make* m ^ 

• V. ■ '• • ^ •-•••■ -'- ^ 
Off went the sparkling bauble in a trke, * • - .>> 

While her roog'd cheeks with exaltation bom. 
As, bowing to th^iloyal party lhiice> u.i . .5 >, . .; » o 

She patiently expected its return). ..-^ « h . < ., .;> 
But when the Qqecn retired, and lieiie wasisaoty • > . / 
Oor Daifte begiti to wonder what k roeaot* '. . y < 

A Lord in waiting soon confirmed her fears r - ^ 

" O! that pretended Page J 've often seen, 

A noted sharper^^^has bee^ sijch for years : , 
Madam, you '-rejo^'d— became not firooii the Queen; 

I knew the rogue, and shouU have had him„. , 

But that be aUpp*d away, and -sav'd his bacon/* * ' '- ^ 

'■''■ • ■'■•'- Vii. ' : ■ ' '-* 

Boiling with anger. Madam caU'd h&c coach. 

And drove to the Bureau de la Justice, 
Wh<Nf^>' With loud tongue and many a keen r^roach> , 

About the shameful state of the police. 
She calVd upon the Provost for reliefi 
And bade hip^ s^dhis so&r to catch the thief. ' ' ' 

vilt. . . 
Early next mora rfie heard the knocker^s din j 
Her heart beat high, with expectation big, 
. \yi^W,^ lo! the Provost's clerk was usherM in, 
A formal consequential IHtle prig, ^ 

4 WI.0. 


Who, with a mighty magiiterial sir, 
Hem'd^-and began his bosioess to ctedare t 

IX. ^ *• 

" Madam^ a man is brought to oar Bureau, 

Oa whom w^s found a bracelet of great cost» ^ 

And we are all anxiety to know ^ 

Whether or not it is the one you lost ; 
Wherefore I 'U take the other if you please. 
Just to compare, and tee if It agrees.*^ 

X. ' .,. 
" Dear Sir, I 'na owjo/d— 'tis mine, J 'm sure 5, ) 

Such a police as otm how few can t>oast ! ^' 

Here — take the bracelet-- keep the rogue secure, \ 

I *11 follow you in half aii hour at most ; 
Ten thousand thanks^-l hope}'nu')l trounce the spark—' 
Open the doWj there^ for the Provost^s Cievk !'* 

. . ' ' ■ %j. ' . . . 

O! bow she dMMkled as she drove along, 

Settling What i^tngs the plIf<B«r sbimld i(R0^> 
No pt ini sh tt WPt appsar'd to her tma strong, 

B*eo should dHS wretch be broken on the wheelf. ; 
For what infliction could be reckoned cruel 
To one who wo\ild purloin so rich a jewel t 


Arriv'd at the Burettu, her joy finds vent ? n *■ 

'* WelU Mr. Provost, ^bere*^ the gtiflty knate> . 

The other bracelet by your clerk I seat, » 

Doubtless it matches with the one you havej " ' 

Wl^, then, outstretch your mouth with such surprise^ 

And goggle on me thus with all your eyes ?'* 


" La ! bless me. Ma'am, you *re finely hoaxM-*-good lack! 

I sent no clerk— no thief have we found out 3 
And the important little prig in black, * '* 

Was the accomplice of the Page, nor doubt .^ < 
Methinks the rascals might have left you one. 
But &oth your bracelets now are firiily gone I*' - • . 

t :^b2 j; 

.[From the Morning Post, Match r;.] 

T^UONAPARTE at last seems a CbrisUan most meek» 
-^^ After ali Kw vile infidel bother ^ 
For, DO sooner iia$ Scbwartzenbei^ smote oo OQe<dieek>' 
But he ofiers Count Blucber tlie otber. 


fFfom the British Press, March f^.] 

^TO meet tbe ibe amid the cannon's roar^ 
-^ The gallant Thtmd^er has saWd away ! 
But where is her Comnumdir ^^--^tk no mcare'i . ^ 
He watca the Issne of the sellMng day ^^ ,,. i A%\^^ 

• J,, II III ! J - *-'^ 


.. If torn (besftme, March 23.} 
T\EAR Bcli, to Kftio moae/^ sttre aifaw is betf i . ' ^ ' 
^^ For duj^b temM fittest to open tie cbestv^ ^^ 


9r TBB LATt MUS. TIC&BLLi APTBl 9MmV^m9i<MAflMj'9 
*^ TBltrMPBt Of TBUMB.*^ 

[Prom -ihe^ 6ame.] 
"ITITTrH fenjale ptietce' here 'b to dchi— 
^^ Serena, and her trials threes 
But I have read Ihe poem throng b*«* 
What (I wou*d ask) d* jfe thwk ijfmtf' 


STOCK-JOfiBfNO llffFOStTtOir. 

fFrom the Mornftig fost, Kfarch 25} 

^'l^ IS said, die lawyers pannqt hit ., 
•'- UpppaDunisbment that's fit 
' ' ^rwsoOe4ce.--WhBtWodcs! 
' "^Sometalk 6ffid|ginj|;, some of fine, ' ' •' 
* • ^JWiilewmef to i»loiy incrine. 

But none have nam*fl«^/Ae Stfidis. "V; Q: 


( »$ ) 


[Fiom the same.] 
VITH^CE has this mighty bustlie Bfnmg , , , 
^^ On Yomig and Kean, apd JLcflO and Yotonj j 
Sioce^ to a letter, it n seen 
lliat Kean is Youngs and Yopng is iCiarif ? 

.:- •VKOMHQBAC&' :"i :.T^ 
JIXCRANOS IS iu» soiisuiy, 
[fiom Ike Qyunpioo, Marck a?*] 

I. .• ' ' 

IN Mb^^dH^MA^^-naAxbAam,} 
A oMeiaBehofy :^^. . . :■-) > ^ •> .; <; .-. .r- 
]les<Av*d, upoa « Mofidy P»nai> 
Togci^aiid,^i^Jiio)ielf« . 

•«u, .-•''''• 
Ife resided % tree, whcf]^ la! he yievi :. ^ ^ - 
'X pot of gold concfard J 7 v - \-r . 

He sitettb'dii up, tbhjw dWri ttomoiw;'* ^ '^ 
A|id 9ceyaper*d iVofii'tittf IMd. 

■■' ^UC "* 

«^^9lii^iywitocffM--*dbi|Ddoiittbetii^ . t 
And, bavhig'#cifltdi4 fiis'iliMid^ ' r "^ 
Took up the rope the other lef^ ^ 
And lieo£ hioitelf iiiatelutt. 

IT. ' * 

Since, then, -w^ eaanot he v»mm - ' ' 

Of either joy or sorrow, . . 

WbMh0« we jtAf hcijdch ar..pDOF« 
Or hang*d, or not^ to-morrow^ - 

. r. f •, ; .-. ,.,.▼•- . . . . , . , ^ 
Befiwwe#fpil^(Wlb;SJ!^^4jtr ^ 

Let 's frolic with the lasses, 
Apd cool our f ]|foats« before t^| 'r^ sc^vM^j^!.^,, 

With overftowing glasifs* 

Tber m9r«Kur of .^f|^,«,vf^ if^^^i^ |:Ior4U9Q : and U 
oW^f 9a w^t^ oj;>¥ff^^ fb^ iii^f: are gjven ratj^er a^ a 
specTmen of the school^ than 'from a veneration for their. 

maxiois. ^-.-^ ^..:. '\^- ,. ..',.,; ^. '. -..^ - Ei>- 


': ^ ' * ' fFtoni Ai«; Moining Herild». Maich z8.] 

' ■ ^l^liOuOH^Bruclier suffer'd (a» Nap swore) , r: - 

-■• /f >tf«iiiAifori©i8^ twice, . - 

^ /* Jj'e'iJ^ risen flow, we find, once more*— . .,, 

'^•^''' ■ No ^ofiBt*tb' sttfftr ihrice. - ' i ' ' 

' ' rfom whence some critics I could name, . . 

♦ ^ ^ "'Stippose, as words are 6s*d,' 
^' That being ftduc*d to niugki*i dke snme 
A* being noiig^ retimed, • >< 


[ffVomiCbe-Tkn^s.-Mlocl^zi^.^' . "r • * 

••" " • J^tfWi, 'JBircA 00. . 
HF^'O-DAY^ beitig.t^ei amiiversary of fl;s Majesty**^ 
* btrth-day> he t^as'teitedbn hisliwe tHrooe, atid 
ycMiY^ 4tie conj;^atulatidn8 of the pryiicipal^rsepa ia,^ 
theWifiire.' Comit Foiituncs ^ayiq^ addressed bini. 
otiti^^an ofliieSbiiatey jeind Count T^babrof on that < 
ofclie prefdctBjliidotbcr civil authorit'Le9^ JIUMalesty,.^ 
with the greatest reiEtdiaeSiS and animatufi;) delivered th« 
folio#itig dhcoime ! . 

** iSttifileAKn of the Senatle, and Gentlemea Pre^ectSj^ '^ 
^ itirfotb^r Magistrates, /" 

^^-l'a<?cept the homage of yout sentimetits : they^ j 
are itear fo «iy Ikllc heart. 

•' TelP my people that I woi always Ibinking of . • 
them, and'^fmyglbr]^. 

'^ My Papktd rgreat thinker ; but I am a greater. 
Although ma three yeart'rfd, i am perfi^ct master of -*. 
-history and nibratiiy. . ' ' 

*i I hivfc^iftuaiW IRWofy fii tKe Moiiiteur, knd'ttio-, ;^ 
rail ty iff the. ac^nH'o^my Pada.^ 

"I have alreadf *iih tAinv brtffiiant sljjbt^ ' I Saw " 
the procesffion of the standaras taken at Leipsic : I saw 

SPEECH OF THE KlkO 09 molffB. IO5 

toe guards of bondar^ when I Uni appeared in militaiy 
costume. Something is yet wantmg. I^islfjpsee 
a coronktfoili ' ' I . - ^ ' . [ \l 

** When mv Papa is dead and gone, \yhich loay not 
be long first, Ihiat wish will be g^a^i^eid, ^nd I shall 
doubtless ascend the throne. If 1 do not^ I j^h^I) cry* 

*' I promise you, wlien I ani Emperor^ l^^iH do 
much greater things than .ever he <lid*» I >^ill«Taiae 
greater conscriptions. I will double i\i^drQilSi.r€unis. 
I will not be satisfied with marching to Moscow. I 
will put my army into winter quarters under the North 
Pole. . ' '*. ■ : . . : 

*' But^ Gentl^men^ ^tn oii^Mitia^, I bog you will 
not let the ugly Co^adcs g^rti^i F^fiSt I don't like 
the Cossacksf. lyiy. surse tells me terrible tales' about 
them/ They are worse than the Ogryif thqt/^|ut' liflilt ^ 
cl^ildreti, and especially little Princes'. , ; ', - ^ 
7.^ Another thing thaV-^roubles me, G^ntJapijn^Vi^M^ 
t(i^)fpow what is DNecome of my- kingdoin of'|iiHBe«'! 
wflere is my kin^om ? Wbo has jfim aw^y i^itb«tiM . 
kingdom 2 They tell me it is*my;uncle.— Pi^.!, tfcat 
is'a very naughty' uncle. ^^.^ ^ : _ ^ 

^^* Gentlemen Prefects, ther^ Ts one of your inamber 
wanting. It is M. Lyncb;^ of ^o^rdeaMX* I amiAfffty) " 
he slays away for no 'good reason. I hms be meaiM to 
condeom, my Papa by a judgment pf jUae Parli^p^ent of 
Bourdeaux, as a rebel and a traitor to King JU^is the 
Ei|]bteenth«> Ah! this idea frightens mcoul of iny^ 
little wits. Not that I care about vay Papaanyjnoi^ ' 
thanvou do, Gentlemen; but if he is hanged, lam 
afr^iq T shall never be axx Etnperor. That thought 
afflicts my feeling hea'ct. O dear I O dear}.*' , .. . 

Here Hjs Majesty's seQsajLk)u^.bQeatiie 40Q.pow6rftfl 
for utterance: he ran away eryipg to bis mamoaa; . 
and the ;u»ep»li{^. broke up y^ confusion* 

Tt 5 VOPEN*' 


[From thcBrlHsh Press,* March' 29.5 


TlJ'AlJD of Blarnej' !^ ere we split, 

•*^^ Give, 01 giVeme Kack my wit j 

For, since tbnt for^titik cnf head. 

Horns have flourish*d in its slefld; 

Hear me swear bcfpre I jog, • • / 

WnirAeen'delisb Sheelah O5 ? ' . ' ;' '^ f v 

By thos^ loiigandioily tresses* ^ 
Never tea$*drwiti>C9mVjieaf<0se9<)* ,^.-: 
By tbit lid whose briilly border 
Kecpi yoor roving eye m order; 
Bv th«lt db#A a« f^tstilnf^ . 
voorneen dejish Sheelah 0^ | 

By thai lip which whiskey wanm, 
By that waj^t whid) fills my wcffn^ ; 
By tl^qse hugs anrd^kissosj honey ! / . 
Wbrch have wbp my heart and monfj^^ 
By my grodns that mock the frqg^ . ^ .^ 
I am yours. Ma voameen Og ! 

' Sheelah ! now my bow I'm roakii^g^ . 
Think of me asleep or wak1ng.> , . 
Though I fly to ClaQawoddy> 
Blarney hoMt my soiri and body! ' ' 
4M«q» me,^ sweet, a portine pdg. 

. A 


Vtttmeen deHsfa Sheelah Og ! CvcmCu^mir, 


s. '«Vow««i< delis V'^te.-^ An expcetsioit tc^cnhil^ Wit1| the «>• 
sence of tenderness, which, like some of rhe ametory efibsions of 
Gneee, ^uied by Lard^ wnotd toA its prhtdpiH ciuiti» by any ^ 
tempt 10 refider k iaienirlUe to the Eaglish reader. 
2. '« MMiiqr.*''i--^Tqttibh(ie^ spel, adnifrfbly described in ttati^T 
pttbr bellad, «< Th« Groves of Btftmeyr 

3. M fieftmi f jc^V'-^Ter >o|;, in (h^ IftAg^e %f SobAson; «•*«>" 

move by succusMtion :" — this terra finely expresses that ^' imrea levfmt*'' 

which marks the Irish charaeitfr; evefo in afHlctien. Instead of a slow, 

broken^ uscic pace, with wbidi othet^ ^it the arms of a ** best bclovM/' 

r ^ , ., ' ,. ' V 1: T* • . oar 


[From th« ^miHg Hemld, Maich 31.] 
" "ftTHEJJ Mmn and mfe at '066s fall QUt/' ^' 
^^ Ij&i Synt9^ be joor ^Buhor i 
T wixt Masculine and FmhiHe 
Wbat s(iould one be but iVeit/er P' 

A PUR 5 

[From Che Morning ChiDiiicYe, Apfll t.} 
A REC£MT Honit Hioogh aomeH'iat dirtj^^] 
*^^ Had OmiiiQia rai»*d> and nvide k thirty ^ 
The White Cpckade {boi look not grdm) 
Will ou^e the Otntimm-^OTknUkBrnf 


[Fronrthe Cbampion, April 3.] 

^ "ry^E'Ll, wM to-day,- the lS^tre«s said, V ' 

» ▼ " Betty, *tis charming drying weather 4^ 

60 take ckb ^edt' froni off your bed, . ,^ 

And make « «bift to-nigKt wUb t' otbter. "" 

■ " ■■■■■ ' * < ■ ■ 

jKir hero, in all, the buoyant spliit of bis couotry^ br^s fcomJitt mis- 
tress at a brisk trot, probably without ** casting ori^ l6n$ing,lin(ering 
lookVhind." ' ■ ' - [ 

4. " By^that waist which' i&ils my aRnE/'-^fioehiistthe tliitige taste 
of the Irish, that they prefer a buxom iass> in. ail I^,-Qc9h^c)um6i- 
nn^ of unfetteivd Nataie, to the airy elegance of our Sylphs of f>shion« 
^hoie detiCate forms* tbe-ectypes V>T spirituality, seem to pine away in 
t4)e << itftet crefortcc" even of liiarnmtm ^afrf^(«haie-hoife5 gOtid* 

,^, ^ Hngpsaiut kiftses»^---Th€se ipore a^eeabla tokcss of . itStsction 
far bill pass the symbolic flowfrs and pebbles of Or ectaircfoucitjr^ C0ii<i>- 
T(^ng in nioie convenient i|i^4^^r4}ibk;laa|iia9C»dia Miags of th^ 
lover. .^ . . . • ♦ : 

^ '< Tboog^ I %»'* 4bc — U»\. Ibis should appear too-paiaa^xicaV to 
the' fastidious philoiiophical reader^ we^>^ kayr> as an '^ nrgameniim 
lui vrr«ar«^k9«/' to ^^t«^i^)# »p^ig^ 9l,^>i^ 
on thjc laws of identity ; . i . * < , . 

" Thoagtt I fly to Jj»lainboift 
, Athens holds "iny htart and wa/.** " - 
7* *<'Pog'*— Is that labial collision which wc call a kiss. 
f6 , 

<«bA vmclb joai'.t wmuk 'Mqoulm atxon. 

Next morn the^bnir Dflnie^.prc|i«tfeft . . 
To have the wasfaing made vonptete^ l^ 

Soord^r'dBet.tas^g,aB.»^^ir«^.^ . -> 

Aod bring her ^h'e.f^o^inii^.fhi^ . '• 

«••. ,' ' , i . .1 

""f* Lank ! Ma'am, I took it/' qnotb the maid, • 
" And work'd all night upon your gift j 
Behold ! your orders are obey*d, 
I 've made myself a tidy shift I" 


[^From the Morning Chronicle, April 9.] 
SIR, * 

Tl AVING retined ftom ibecMiei of govermmtit^ and 
'■' ■■• ihe toils of military preparation, to 3tu^ agri- 
culture and the fine arts with my Matnma at Ram- 
bouillet, I beg to present your very £u:etioiis and cele- 
brated Journal witK the first effusions of thy Muse^ 
viz. an English versification of my dear Uncle Joe's 
Proclamation to Papa's good city of Paris; * 

Your obedient servant, Romb. 

PAaiS. » 

Bh AVE Lads ofPatls ! • never femr, 
' ' ? ' Though Blucher's force be drawing near i 
I, Joseph Buona^arle^ am here. 

The Empress, I yni glad to say. 
And little Rome, have run awav, 
. To " live to fight another day/ . 
Bat I, King Joseph, still f«matn ; 
1, who was lately, .sent to reign . . 
•Over those rebel roguesMn Spain ; j 
Who played ou¥ fbes sq deep a game. 
When o'er the Pyrehtj^ I c^me, 
Inveigling them to do the same'. 

. . . v^ 

/ irid^d the British to tivutm. 

And led Lei^ VMKDCl«r4 (^ 

Into the iBQ^iMNMDi ii^FnipocL 

Ckxunder with wM woticktMit ett^ - ; ^^ 

Your £nipeior bas beaten iheset > 

And all hh other enemies. 

Consider all fae hath acfai^v'4« 

In Bulletins^ by xxs leceW'd, , , 

And^ aD4er pain of death, believ'd. . -'' • 

LfOok on those foes before your gate i 
Conuder how he.did3of late 

^ ^ '^f^'uybo^of tjb^m^nihilatej ■ , i i !.♦ . 
:. .Cawideiji too, the hw?Fpl<^tj ? . » .. ^ 

By which behind tliem he Jhiaa got^ . 
Whether^ I 'm told, he would or not^ 

. ,BeU?!»<e me he will s^9l» hft hei:^! . 

.. Already he is in their rear I ,. . 

S^ how they hithey run for .fear ' . . . , 

. ilj^ djavjp th^m here ^o m^ ^e^r fate^ 
. ^^' 41)4 (if they f9r bis coming, wait) ... , 

'He'll drive tbera through the city gate 5 '. . ^ . ^ 
Or else, perhaps^ upon Jth^ plain, 
^. , With scornful eye and proud disdain, 
Annibilate'tbeni all again. 

Meanwhile/'tis requisite and ri^t •• ? • 

For every citizen to 6ght 

A day or two with all his migbt« . . 

• ■ JoSBFlt. 


[Ffom.the same, April 13.} . 
The blmd of Elba is celeiraiedf<tr thf alumbm€0 ^ lis koa 

nmE Tyrant, in hiaiit|le states 
•^ Sees Heav*n.*s avetu^i^ care 
Anticipate h& final endj.. 
For Elba i^ C7^-/^/ 

[From the Milsli.frin,allpfil f^] .. . ^.^ 

^^ 9 suspifikui lisviiig'fHriictiy Ihst tti» pbiin C0l09fil 
Du BcNiiy, who performed ik> tfonsptcmous ft-tNir% i^ • 
ll^ U» Sic$k Etck»$0 ktmm%' mA ibe^Bwn 4e 
BercDgsr^ ActiDgr-A^ilii^t^si^ ^ ^^* IMw '^*Caai<#. 
beria»d'« Sharp-^tfbooters) commancltd l>y JUonf' Yar^ 
iBoulb) w«» oiie«««l fbe fapBe ptrson } \m iMtdf^h^ 
on the ftSih of March, ct\\tA a tiitctia^ of the ^ocp^ i 
a| which terlain re^olatioBS stere pafsei), et^ttngf . ilft 
subftance^ <^ thai the cofpst fet n% f^^mt -hfOQ^r^ ^ 
shoiiJd rfcc}tv« a fiiil irrodication of the A^tMaui'n.q^in ' 
d^i\ ht)l, aa'ibe wa^ not present, to ps^ the necea*- 
aary ctplanationt ^QoartaivMaster 8er]|^ant Wiood. 
tbottU he direeced jta convey to him a copyrof tipfa r^s^j 
solutions." The Qnarter^Maater Sergeant ibas'hfQiiv 
iodefaiigabte. ia his search, as ^\\\ be^e0froay tbe^l 
anbJoiD^LRepiNrt^ which ^ jhas forward^ to IiMilfi 


4ji> coadbfssitjr with th^ ordctrs ia«>(ed hy yqti, .«. 
Acting Caimnande!; .the Duke. of. Cuml^eriand's 
jCQipa •f Sharp-shooters, directing tne to make thje most 
diligent search after R4mdom de Befengery fbnnerly'^ 
Adjutant of that corps, for thfe purpose of serving 
on him, personally ,"a tdpy of tiye Manifesto published 
by the corps on the tSth titt. iii M'hich.he is called 
«ip6itt<». dear his character from'the stigma which was 
thrown upon it, as a stipp<V#ed agent in the Stock'Ex* 
change Hoax ; ^I '^nrinddiately hastened "ttt ; equip my- 
self 'for this daiifiei'bjJ»ki|ild<idfcateiie#fiefe^^A^ 
from ihe wcffl Known tidarage of the tnah f and drfi^ 
caie, on account of the exited characters -who arc said 
-lo Jiave beea implieirted ia the transaction. 


Tun PfOtK BlMMiM^'VaMII*- III 

As i wii^^^cttf ftWiii«^Wieit«%t«t' JtifiM4k^ been 
far many jreart tklb^ id -baiBb r spebie^ of QueriUa 
(carets dcnoaiiiiftted <B«M^5/ i*4i<il 'eSmky^ aot osier 

lidftMii^ ii«ed tibt be {nimiiirt^ ^ttm^jmmMk^iufpf/ 
itf ' Aiidiiig Ml ^ 4/ie ^dMfwi *mm<H>/f' mgrnsr ^^ 
tfadugirt ir wam-abMlwtdy ^^ccMM^falE nfiolo pMMni^ 

T4iat|ii«Miiii'fbM^«a,' vrtifttt<ii«g«)ar^^ bcitiM^' 
svf^^iiFiy'^ficN^^Mi -' S9v«Pil <iayg *)<f«it(iMfiMtm€di'i«»t 

tte 'Ayifittfi^ #f a fiekt-^f^eil^li^r, %ttt aii^-t*fcdtiotii 
taught me) ttMif xi ^\^h^ ^f^mA ^rrapiduwi Jn tU# 
flhlaiiiiilia^ I wmed dii Mr.Nt^^^'-Mi^, and^ fn^eati 
i^Y iLM^sbtpV <5(Vmp4hM^ )ie<)iii*8led ihe loM <yt 

h^ii^If toaii lifncfft ieA ^kcum^iancesi * Tbfr'fti|!iM* 
Hon. GeiKlcii»apy ho^veirer, refused to fiart iMthi^t^} 
obsepving, thai he kt«e\V IM 4»ow aeon he.inigiu bo 
catb^ upon, by it c%ange^ of affairs, to appear in » 
new cbaraoiarliiinaelf. And, betng fimd of tb^ dai-^ 
^ea^ he immedidteiy repeated ibsb welUkanvMsi Una^ 
** TeaQpen^.motantnr^et riqs laotamur In SHJi^yv**- ' ' 
wftic^ he thua ptrodtad— } . ./' ' / ^ ./ j 

'^ The tiines are chafif^ng ev'ry heuT'-*; /* t 

And whatpfth^tf lpraj'?-r* . . . «^ 

Since stbl I exercise mj pow*r, *' r ^ •' 
Aud oAaff^e^ai f ai^ a; /£^«*V 

Foatediii tbia atenipty I p^rAasedj^ at a very cbeafij; 
rate, the cast-bff aoit of a namtical pahriQi, wWch l^, 
\titw Worfd carry me through thick apii thin ; .^Mt-^ 
bjehig propferiy fitted out, I allied from re)y lodgings, 
at. ihc aign of ih^ Goose, in tf^^d Street^, J^tncola'a 
Inn Fidds/ en tfaejti^^ pf April iB3t. * 

- ^ I iw 

^ I iiiiintcBalsljp prMttdttl to tte AocA 'Bt^kamf, 
fpr)tbt|mfy«ie4>f'dfiiviQg»6Doie infortmtioQ frooT^&e 
Court of Honour, which I understood had been re- 
centl]^ ctUbhabcdi tfeio^ aod fimm whith I expectM 
tp.gimmiGb'Afckie.flt. would infalliUy lead me to the 
iibj^cx of'.rmyiSBarQh^ • Bpt your Lordadip may easily, 
judge of my aatontabmeiity when, on mqoiry,^. t- 
kavoUiroar tbenoldeat tneitibert oflhat retpectiible 
Socifllfry tkai iuch a Couri was never even beatdof In 
lheit'>iieigbboiirliood. Some of theaiy I can asaore 
yooT/Ijinmiipy ^i^d me mhh a aori^of elopid curkKQ,!^ 
mhwulmuimiontAAkoviOfd'komur,f B$i( they (either 
^dtnotr-ictf would not, uiMkrata&d its-nMnia^. 
Whetter ih\%.<kuri ^Bamm was- the mere creaticHi'* 
of tk^ ibtmtf £sUtor of some Sto^kjMing prine» or' 
ivbeihar it teaiiy existed,, and its iiMmfeiMy like those ^ 
of/JBuoBipaHe'e hegknof Honmr^ vi^t^ astumfd^'iAl 
CQsftsr dieic.djgoity^ I caoool pMend to aayi J^ ^ 
undoubtedly I did not meet any individual who tnnte^^ '' 
the smallest Jomwled^of such a tiibuaal. ' ^ j '^ ^ 
.l.sesi' proeeeded. m pufsuanor of y^^n^ Lordships '^ 
eoibnufed5.>tolbU---&rsQcb is the cbaracter of the * 
trat a a M s er» 

' »«''Tell-hirt to gtt toVi^tf, to *eff be go«i> 

In tTial resort of gambling and speculation,' there wa# 
much **' weeping, and wailinff, and gnashing, of • 
teeth ;'' for seitHng-dayf or \htaay ^ju4gV¥itlhi ^^ 
just elapsed. But, though I observed many cbacapterBy ... 
the Baron de Berenger was not among •tbewi^ . »,» 

As I left this scene of wretchedness^ t obs^rfed^. at' 
a distance, a fi^ure^ which seemed to me to Je:>emble t 
4hat.of the iiulividual I was in pursuit oL I cnwjec^ .. * 
on inybelly^ with all t^e silence of an accprnpfiahe^ ^\ 
sharp-shooier, and suddenly poui>ced upon pay ol^e^u.^ 
But wh^i v^as; tnv indignation, whep I found thit'^f j 
bad sei^i^lidld of a Butty which had recently been set 
up for some of the City JtyUmtm lo direct theif shafts 



iilM«Dtim on tkeJlMtf^.fUA iitr<te m^ 
o^ ly, . e iMiur^ 1 bad^tbe ourioshy t^tPQpy ^ it is 

^^ai^f 99 49^})t bat youD Juo^dAi^'sv^ea^fBidgttxtat 
\yi]|. ~§nab|e y^ «AttafftotorUy:to eJqpkiA klRs'oiirtmi^ 
iascripUj(?^ . ^ .' ' • = • " ' ' . • .. . 
,^Wdls4P{^iptmenl did not dtnooungt nMi*«^I<pMi^ 
ceeded. oa, fully deter mined^ though a ri/fenMny to* 
&T^^:ii^^^Uf^i^opi% W^^Wt^trl might liisvraa op^ftu* 
^Uy(vo.)^^^b/tb«»)view I pcrambidalied tbe vphoit -wwd 
Qf^/^ia|i^ ; ibi;i|i^ipg» MB Bertoger's rfiMBOcs . «ere v«ry 
low, tbat he perhiaps bad sought te&qgc ibervi >Bot- 
n9)^utioo8^di%^ce.c(iuldju>L.tisace biiin. > d thought 
it wa^ seiMCcb for him in Candl^wicki iU I 
knew that the transactions stated, were rotten at the 
core^ .1 determined to pay a visit to ^d4le HilU 

t Jtngnred. S^r several d4yS| but nb^Berenger 

t meet. ,,• . . . 
avmgy unsuccessfully^ marched and conntcr^ • 
m^ch^ tbfough the purlieus of Newgate Street and 
thp K)id Bqii^t where I hoped to encounter dieob* - 
ject 'of^ your Lordship's solicitude, 1 determine 10 - 
abandon the City .and ti^ my fortune in the ]^orough« 
My inquiries in Tooley Street were fruitless — I could 
leatfS'^notftftig ttiere of this suspected instrument, oi' 

fratfti.^ ' ' '\ ' .. ' : 

4lj^ atteAtlori' was now* particularly directed to the . 
neigfibbttHfdbd of thfe King s Bench, a strong/or/rw^, ' 
commanded' BvJIf ar5Aa/ Jones, to whom I applied for 
infofniirtfen jn^ stated,' that such a person once com-i 
po»kf i part bf his ^arrwon, but' that he bad left th^ 
firtHsi iome time ago, 'three or four persons, of suf- 
ficient-&j?^ft/J ^having become substitutes for him. J 
then'feltefated my inquiries tn the adjoiu'mg districts; 
bat ^ only ihfbrmition Igained was^ that the Bcaron 

tC4 ''VfL Sn>OK MXStmAJMB^ noAfu, 

4$Bi^p9gm k0d cetaDd, for aevml , mwlhf, t^ llyy^ 

I Qpw determined to explore ibe We9t ^bA>q£ \h^ 
town» to tb« h(>pe iM ^^mi bipcl fifpMwge Jli«4«otig^t 
fi^uge^tbert; but tbete I only found a tew .rooi^ f^4 
piigeonXf the laltef lemarkably bare* As, 1 kiio\^ yoqi: 
Lordsbip has as ereat a love for pigeons as your fsi^pd^ 
4bcjD«ft4€b hfxr tor a/a^ib^ t did not d^tnrb or mqle^t 

it foiw Dcoicred to jne» that perhaps the Btf09^ fat 
thie purpoiCwof retrieving his fortunes; was abo^.^Q 
^nlcr into a matfimooiai epgajgeiDeDt wicb the.^^2fiP*, 

** As nrndHH^im or tfce thoughts of love,** 
t Hmr io fiprir>g Gbrjens— -but tlie Jijutrnt was af 
Vi^rft/e 4a the lady to wbom I.aupposol ^c viaspay^ 
ing^his addresses, 

Thus discomfited, I Vettred fo Prrtw Gardenia de-. 
termined to lie \vl ambush, till 1 had cwpled my pur- 
pose. Here, while I was crouching- upon my beily^ 
ready to seize my man the ifiotn'ent he shomW mak^ 
bis appearance, I heard some person e3(clalcp!ng loudly 
about the Comm?f tee of the Stopk Ex<^;^ge«^ Not 
doubting but this was the i^4rp7i> who ws^.jf f wound* 
ing the nieht'sdull ear'' with his complaints, I start- 
ed up, and, exclaiming, ♦* My toils are at an end — I 
have caught you at last!" iaid.hpjd of a man whose 
dress convinced me I was nght.. He wore 9. ba^' 
cap, and ai> old blaqk coa^ 3ic gJ&;^ftSL'.qf wb^ JiS^ 
badfy covertd'lhe hi^dermp*^ parts of io, pJfl,gSw W^ 
rjBgiincniaV jbreecha^,, tjie, veiry' drqsa ior wbi«h'>lift 
Baron de Beren^er W deBcribea by X^rd CoidiTa^a Id 
&ave left hia dU)rdstrip'^ hoicaein GreenvStreetv H^* 
was'alsoiuU and flushed in the face, aijid had^^ ^ tht 
Kentish |K>st-boy s(a\ed, a ketch ip bi$ ypioe^ is y/cfl' 
as in isiseye^/ wKfeii he spoke. Judged hdwever^^'my 
Ldrd, my astonishnient, when, on looking more 
- '/r. K n . ' closely 

tib^elf ob ihfe'e6nllt)ii routirf hxi eap, ^ttcl^'V vfrltii its' 

motto, I thought W2^B some foreign ordef of iti^riu t 

n^a-^^Scconfl fccfitiori of tbt BriHfefe Pf^^s^Won 

dt Bfefcngdr taJten at '^iih }*• aid feotidn^dt tfeefeuj).' 

posbdBaroQ wa$ neither mor6 nor less that) iAoo^Ti- Joy f 

H^' has threatened to bring an action against P^e re< 

anr assault, but I have not yet heard that proceedings^ 

are commenced. ' f suppose he if deliberating i^heihef 

he shall seek Kis remedy in the Court of Kirif^s Boncf^,' 

or ihe^CbUri tof ifo^oter. 'Thrs unfortunate tincuAi*^ 

^ante Ifes^iYt ati leridto'tirty iearch; AhdTatti no4 

^ftEgfed to Stitf6rfbe' tnyselP '" ' ;\. ' ''\ /' ; V^\ 

Your Lordship^s dJsappbmte^, ' " *' ^ *^ ^ 

' Bill well-meaning Sergeanff 

.-.;, 'ffu fF/PJ» Ac CtiiepI EwiiTOlVWrAl^ -!#*}.' ' >' • ' **** 

: I r ., I ITTLB Nap Hoinef . - 

'•' I- ' w ' ' ^ ^ I5 * <^t?f**''» 

w *. • ^ doleful doom I ' * ; . 

e 6 gave, r other day, 
kingdoiwis aWay, • • ' ■ ■ ' .' 

No# 14 glad' to get «/^«wrob»l7 • . .' 

' " ■ ' "[FroQEl the British Press, , April 15,] 
ii hating been matter of aurpris^ to taiMiBy, that ]3t}oca-» 
p^te kiiodld so qoietly abdicate all his aoquiiidons witbo«(t 
oh^ Adir^^'ttt ^is Oooiptnions in Anna, weareooaWed^ 
bfibeftisfbf a irnnd^ to •praaant wtiit he did aiMreta id 
tb«iB(| lhd)^«liiig|MMM6n»M 9m^y 
l^a^ tp!<^ia^]r:it.tWaugk^te.McioiiMi^.hii wnoQ^ 
tQ^^ tt frkM4 a& >ls. ov^iPMIb APdAlimtcinMfatoJt. 
\Qxy. partiaUy;. /rh|» yn ttemainr vrho oouvf yed i^ ¥> i>i«.ibai: 
purk ill 9n BiH^lisli dress^ for the bett^ uncio^^ 
it' by his Bnj^Isblrelidenu , , ' ., ^ ' 


( "6 ) 


., , . . BWENDSAJO) ,soij>iaais. . . . 

- ^ > 1 . •^Fomamtbkau, ApdL2» 1814. 
yj'Ei chiefs of m^sgangl wha i^y. fooUtep« btiye folio w'd 
. -'' ThroQjdi for^ oc.hrake— ^as I whistled or b^d^'jdy 
Who 6*er Qirtstian or Jew, over Rusfiiartor Turt, ■**/ 
ObeprM all my sign^ils, pnd still did yont work ; ' ' ^ 

'WhO| copjing my title, have " made ytmr part gooit*^** 
In wealth io your throats — to your ankles in blood : 
.With grief ( roust tell yoB*-^wkk «s it it up— 
Apd resembles the fioglish fox-hmiip^-^who'^p! 
For tte'M^hole of our gang, or surrtmnoed o^ iikeir. 
By Uavs^Bnd ooiif^a9km«-^rd saving their boeofi. ' ^ - ' 

But a wpiad epa I goto my Den of Bifpintance, 
Of Cardinal J^Iaury hlaspheme o'er the senteooei- . 
Go— esyh to.the.f ipp'ror of Russia, for life. 
As yon cannot depend^-^as I do— on a wife^ 
Besidess (oi myself— on th*'mnmiiy.pl0n. 
Til mine to continue^ as long as I can; 
And by me, I oonfess,' no cnmplainV shall be made. 
If only titf^ moQ^ be ^mrim^ paid. 
But if aome be too blpck for hi$ •zyipgT:** /wdve^P* 
A^d.mevcy shouM pause o*er the ouitaifs if Heavtu^ 
You know my prescription for /' comforts bereft," 
And each must have Jfi^ers find loudanum, left. 
What plunder yoo 've made 1 advise you to keep. 
It may comfort« w^ep unable to sleep -p 
Or at last, wlien the heart-strings of life part asunder>/ 
You may have some kiQsmen««^yQi» don't wish to plunder. 

And now, *' the scene dropp'd and the candles all ou^/' 
To be sure we have been a most *' povelious rout" — 
What parU' we have acted ! kings, heroes^ and beaux ! ' 
, And how we have atratted " m other men's clothea :" 
How finely the trim men oicowris have we iM>b*d! 
How well have we churches and cabinets robb*d ! 
How well hasre imr ethics timr talona unfurrd, r ■ . 
To prey on and piJfaige the apoiU v£ the world I 
. Bat the scene la now ckang'd and the pantomime o'er« 
In truth 'twas a paatomime-^'dripping with eofe ! « 
But depend on 't we *U .meet to djwcoune on the past — 
For remember pur waich-^ord f^^^^m Catrnn at last. 
• ';..., Mii^Toish^*' FaUen Jngeh,*' 

* Bttoaa-parte. WRITTEN 

( "7 ) 



[Fffom tfae Mornu^Glnooiolcy Afml i^.J 

TXr^N M petted np, «« No beggarg henj^ 

^^ Tiie boQoy S6oto were put in muckle fetor, 
Tifi. C~-^ whisp^r'd^ '< Tbis concerns noc yoa^ Sin^ 
For Scbtchmea are not heggan here^ but dhoeieib !*" 


IlIGTSD OH.A^0UNO9UViV ^^^ IfvUkMOrOi^ MIA^ ^l^k 
[Fmm.tbe General Evening Poati A^ i<*;i 
OTOP, passenger ! oor pass this spot : ' ^ 

^ Without ofiering praise and tbatiksgi^ing- * 

I To the Supreme Being, " ■ . 

I Who here rid the world of that ardi fiend, ' ■- 

Nafolkok Buonapartb> 

A Man ; . -r s . . 

Of obscare birth, but gifted w itb supertei* ttrient*. 
\ lM)ng advantage of the pecaharity oF the If di^) ' ^ 

i He aspired to, and attained, that summit of human grandeur; 

'A Crown. ( 

f Armies encountered hira> and were overthrown \ 

Kingdoms were subdued, and submitted to bis rule j .. 
I y And' Sovereigns courted his alliance'; 

f Bfat fiis eourse was maj4ced with the basest crimes 

, ::] That d^rade humaoiey 5 

ingratitude, "hypocrijnr, treachery, cruelty, and murder !. 
* ^ nis achievements * . 

May acquire h!m the name of 
A Hero 5 
I * But bis conduct designates him . ' 

A Monster. ' 

After being peirmitted by Providence*, for a time, 
[ ^, To oppress Nations with ihipunitjf^, 

I Hlg'career was' Auldenly diocked— his glory !^ed away-—* 
\ And the Disposer of the destirties of Sovereigns 

^ ' ^ ' ' Subsisted lipon alms !'' " *- ^ '• 
.. . "' His crimes, ' " '. 

. No longer gilded by the dazzling splendour of Majesty, • 
-.:.*'.. ^ ^ ' * "...•.'' ". * Appearf 

120 BLUB StOeKIBOft. 

bom cUtned Mi ddbrered, wilh.tbe OBccptioa of^ 
small ikfti koi^ ;#€ fwiiicb the lid, MaAwp^i^<^*ih^ 
conicnlii bid;bew.dbftb€tdealrQgKd.b]r Ui»fim»i ui loii 
in the Wftle pf ««mpT|d^ Qn^ epmiiiit]gr!iliQ;jia|tb8 ^ 
wait which it iii'jJiatti:balf iBcd> .wilka vimn dP^dis^. 
caveciae dictr owner, L fiouttd tbrat toeonmt bf aB» . 
pica.of Ietten> written by a ydting gentleman fwhoQi I ■ 
coBJeeture to jiave been sentio thitxiOtttitrydvrixq^.t&e 
tri»ublei in Spain) to bi9'iincleY>Doa kputeiodeL^a, 
A gefilogjieal old caoon, residing at Mamd ^ and as .his 
always jnteresting ioInYQw,theaenttiiieBtaofforeigBass 
upon one. dustoms andinstitutions, I shall eceasionally 
transink yoa one fortnserttoo, with the doubkt>bjeet 
oCafibffdingaiiittsemenV to your readers^ aad^discotEsr- 
ing^ihe |>roprietoff. In tbe laUer event I afaaii be 
bjtppy toreitore iben, for which purpose I faaiE&Ieft . 
xn^jaddreaa at yocur office ; although I am jncbbed lex 
thiali tbAt Ibe writer has again gone obrcndf bsriag * 
prpbaUy aent this box, with the rest of-b^' I^ggage^ . 
toiba Qmilmm House, to be ahjpped.afier hitti* . Not - 
Ijeing cottvposed with a view to pufaliemion^ yon. wiK 
find Jhiem written in a carekas and famkiar stjrie, 
whieb^ perha^ to aome of your ieader% msfy give 
themmgraater ioterest than if ^heyhad faeeiKirtuiiimia^ 
ly perpored &r the :poblicjey^.-"-£or want of as^moee 
apf^ropnate title, I shall call ibeln.d^a LMers^-qfiA 
VnknmuMf' and I transmit you bei;^wich afragaseatdf -: 
the«4riiest snanuscript^ of which the connrnbgenstol^" 
appeara to ba\)e been burnt* .- ■ . ! ^ * -*> ' 

'P«-& ^bave obeasionally eicpitngie^^r aiiar^^iurniep,^ ; 
frc^iBotiyeaof ddicqscy totndvtfiduals/ *i^:/'^/.^i 'I 

•:*» --' !• '•:• 1 amy Sir, yomay fco*' •- .■''. •*• ^»'' 

v.-.f » ■•'0 Ti;''- ' '•' n^Mf •• '••— -"^ '.''*r f;^*'. u' -»i:«iA4Vi 

*,< IJat, you must positively go," said'tt^xfKciid 
SJble ) <^ Miss Syntax commissioned me to bring you a 



fout prixyand as ibis^ lady, since the dqitrture of 
LidyOii^ Idmake snuff and talk chemistry with Ibe 
B^ftfisofParisi is avowedly at the tiead of the iM ^tm$ 
parttf io LMidmi, you-are sure of seeing ail the Kteiwy 
W01I4 (in which larm, however, nuuiy iUittsmtt per- 
sons are iodacM) assembled at her boitse. 80 bigbiy 
iiKieed does'sbe eiMtaiate the value of yoar atteiidM<«^ 
tbat^ in the failure of all other indflcemwtS) I ^m 
^vnba^d lo ^sk you to dine with ber praivipirtly 10 
faer.g&nd cosarersaauuooe; for there are a set of ' 
sturdy .^vnter$.abaut town, who, bavtuga great il»* 
niamBarureQ as'agceUtiaine^ invariaUy refuse taiUs* ' 
play me .cme^ without fiUlng the other, lliejr ▼wit 
ratber pnifame ^aa pro jaimi^ and yet notbtng ean 
be more niea^ and melancholy than the general wp* 
poiotiuGSit of these blue^stocking dinners : the paovU i 
ders are oocninaDly too poor or too spiritual to atMxt 
ta-tfa^ fl^sUy econcmiy of the table, orTatber they al# ' 
tend too mindi to the eoomusiy, and kiot enough to tke 
ileab* . Thus you have abumlafice of plateau and plale» 
but very little provender ; as much empty pnpie as yoii 
caa swalHhv, out very little solid puddiiig|«-Hirliere tlie 
viands are piod,, you cannot get enough. t» eat| %vA 
wheii tiiey are stifficieiif in quantity, you ase e«fiy 
momeut fftniindedof Poote's welUkuown dcaeripttun 
of so Utrfloana^ repast— <« the fish had bean kqpl.loo 
W'^dae vcoiflon not long eiioogh^r-the veal nvas red 
W^tbe «mttun white \ in short, : every thing wa& ft^ur ^ 
l>ut dM» vint^^UTf and evetjr thing cokf but the iee/'-^ 
^' My dear SabV' 1 exclaimed, <> you hayceffcatiHdiy 
^^W. awaft i|ly appetite; I wtxild lailber dine with 
pule Hiuapbrey. la t(i^-ai«aiti^ hpwev&r, Isbiiil 
I ^ nappy to join bcr ooMsr^ pni t|dce my cbMce pf 
I ^Q Qmwileo \^^ But to wbift am lie Mtribufts her 
I toxiety u> sec ine ?'*--" Sifiply to yoijr beai^ the 
.r n^me which 1)as been affixed In a vohime ^ lelMNV 
. laiely pobliabedy \ assured ^er that tho wor); in .<|iieii* 
r VOUILVIII4 #^ libit. 

4i6fi/8aftfrlTom liavrng Ijeen wrhttti by yioti, wis ttot 

'^♦ert tii^ gcntiitie prodticrion of arty bptfUiard, bul the 

^isgiH^d bantling of^ Well-kitown English bard, vibo 

had t>btained the taurel at tbd very niontMt th^ his 

^ritin^# had- ceased to nrtrit it. My ilfc»tlra«ces were 

^mhef d«d 5 the name, she observed, Wbuld idutfd wefl; 

^anj' would connect it with tbe'bbdic lA qucHtion; 

and Ifonnd it was quite a sufflctetit passport td ti«r 

patties, to be in any way conhedted with stij body, 

^ho b*l/ at any time, written uny ^bing, iip<m any 

subjecf.^ I inquired of Sable how he became^ airti>itw 

'hittlseflF, tieither h<t?ing- written a volcrme, iiof being 

VoMuriate ciioi>gh to bear the name of any otffe'who 

*ad. * •« If a mafi be rich enough,^* he fepU^, *<'to 

'Speculate in the product of his braicis, let him pub* 

^Ii9h^ dnd idee his chance of drawing a priee in the 

fc*teVy bf Piternoster Row; bttt if he etlibraceiit^ra- 

ittVcw >prt>fessfon (an embrace which, Hke Apdfc's 

^hto pttrsuitig Daphne,^ generaHv terminatei^, at the 

AM^, 1!^ obtaining a handful of useless lauYeh), he must 

*ef dthervery Vain or very iticonsidei-ate to encounter 

iHe rti^toccA tofpnodocing a boolc himself, when he 

may, without any risk, obtain a moch int»re certiiifi 

•profit 'by eritici^ing the books of otherd. Impressed 

< With this idea, I bectoe^ a i^evfcwer; and as I am pretty 

sure of 'being <5petH;^ flalfteted by aiiibtfrs befdfe'l no- 

^ifce their lucubratioihs, and very #u« df iieing secretly 

hated jafefrwards, I atn coiHit<tefed of x^hsdcfuence 

enough to pin the ^partie^ df ihe lady in quei^ioir* la 

repfy to aH infervogaionel^', she ttiforms her ffxesttt, in a 

inystertous^whiip^^ that t sfii^bei principai t^oqtrfbutor 

*o the *J-— ^ ftfeview^ «nd i«i virtue of ' my office lam 

:re6^e<Vod by^hem with tf diofe^t Sardonitccmplabency. 

I ahi wtdrig peili^ps lo uvh^etl ■luyself ; ^e man who 

ilhadks a hive should always wear r ^pe, but I dc- 

^se a sti»g whidh^F can retaifate^ hundredfold. An 

Injuxdl ftitthorputs forth Ml angr/ appeal ^ the public 

' ' •" ^ ' . laugh 

iauib dt dxi distfea^e^. of disap|>o&nM vgpUy i iAt>,i|il- 
kpowd Ttfviewi^r in^Pt9 a severer qaftiigaAioain hii t^xt 
numbeiTt ai|d jlbt pul>li(Q l^ii^h.more Tieajruly than be* 
fore^,: |(»n only BiFpri,sed (Ifat/we hav^ ^pyw^iters 
ie^.^ '^U Ibiib ^weycr^. h i»tric|Iy conftoqant tQ the 
Jyit^m af naliufe.' Weareerea^ed Co live upon jsapti 
Qt^er*. IiMn4F«€ts of fi«hoi prey upa^ the whale, aqd 
auimalaulfl^ liav^ bi^en dijscovered io thp haira jof 9 fly ; 
^^ (hftiii^^ld.aMthpriBy who arie sfidom so iwful «• 
tk:W^i<f^.9fld ,siiU:ae)dQiner sq. harmless ^akh^fly, 
ei^pect to.h%^^9iptfd fi-om-the cominon doom,?" 

I anf^reiifhim/to QBJsh his 4rg^mexlty and th^prp-^ 
poB^ VhfLi. wi should diiie tqgetber at a coffeenhp^aey 
^iKi^pr0P€)9d afterwards to the. party; bqtJhaiifqr- 
9H({»^ ihpt my friend Spible wi^ a shrewfl colqid^or. 
Thwgh Z; had.b^en reckoniog without my oos^^^^e 
I^^ yi^jf well that ^^ could not if we,viaitfd a ta^ern^ 
HiKl^^^(bre!s^gg^8ted that it \M9uld 1^ xqu^h.^^e. 
cpnvenienjL to dinic ^imy Mgi^s«r-^% prppos^l^ t0;w|)jv^h 
I';«88ityi(ai.wi*houl:e«a^Uy.; feeing, the aqpi^ior P99?e* 
^Qi^epf die arrai^gement^ in|^9a)uph.l^(;Itrwded,at 
IffM.jthroa miles froni the h^94se where w^ wefp^to 
rwideavoMa in ibe fjvwl^ .. . , .; . n 

. ^(i'ing tM Mr. SaU9 wm ii^pfiately ^nd ex(i^- 
^fyi a^siintefl^ with literary prpdHcMwil of . pu^ry 
^^<»ipi«^^hfilh^dQ#ieMK).an4for^igf »^^ I tpok a4.van* 
^[^^r tUfa tilfi^^iHif to fulfil the injuocti^n^nia y^ur. 
If^^^UoTi liilattve bQ^tteneiv.syftep^ oi'Ck^lpg^ which 
y^u^pRhli^tHsd vtaat yeajT: ai.Madridf^after bavjng de- 
y^M,' t$ ^Sii so ,wv^y yieara • of lajbour^ «A;gr<^ei|h^ to 
)wJteR«5d<n»r I p»rii^larjy inq«ke4>W^ 
wjtfciiibipih yiw ;)b«i» Qj?ertbBowM>/tfe^;fi£ptwjii^ 
VsH8kpiiii>yHoite^ a*<m thfijformftWiiV^jf i";l^4v^^ 

^«y Qf U)0jMQiiai« ^tmmmU bad Jop^ apil^i* fear- 
'ul iitoiiiimitiiHi imoi^t Ibei Abett$irf^ 4>i ibf^ ^sp^i v^ 
3ystews« :4ivd?<ad^ftli.*at P4s^«gi& ^: lW>t,ter. iu 

vhlcli you' tidfcule the , eonftisicm' iWor VRIA M^ 
Ihigluh professors wiKbe itirbWri by yoaf ^fii^fjSk^ 
d^overy^ state yourself prepared fot' the c^tAtfiftf 
V^'bi^l! yaur name wiUacqcilrei fliitei^ yotfteelf tH*t 
>you arc^ now too old and ioo philbsdphical td be ttJtii' 
duly elevafed'byany suggestions of v^«ii(^,^aud''c6tafi 
elude with a request; that f woufd send ybti' tojMtt 
•of all the. fi^views that speak favourably tif you^ 
wtifk, not to gratify any oyefweenirfg s^f-concefti/tiiit 
simply that you may avail youfself^iny soggie^fbH^ 
they may offer. Imagine tny kstoriishimitt; n#y-di*4r 
nnctc, when he informed rtic, that brifcj^ fnfur cbpiefe WF 
the book in question ha<l reache<J this tMiAtry fiiic 
lour I presume which you' yourself transtnilted%> 'thfe 
^dtflVrent Reviews) ; that all tW parties to ^wtrtntt-'^flfiflr 
.werei^ddressed, hafl deemed the system itKi ridkMMR 
'jind untenable to be wpfth a moment's cbn^iderafi^sM^ 

^oWeirs' by telling y6u exactly the extrot 'of ' th^ 'Hi*. 

^'tiirbj^nce eXcitel by' yoiW publldatidn^ 'It'^bfiW* 
pcrhapsj tie mortifying to a c;oifiinQtl fAaA'ttt*a^ de- 
Vp^ed'Tiis life to manufadtxiVe IfnJhg for a IrdiikV dr 
^cpyerihg fof a cheeseCakV J^caxisfe Ifh^ ^airtfe* ft^ 
^inlght bbviQusly l)e produced" at', muetf li?S5 ^itpen^bf 
^iiiia^'and labpufj biVt'yoii h'aVe thecottSblirtfWi of^- 
^rfbctiiw ihat\you share this process with aff the ta6k 
'inlaiBmc philosophers and* tbe^Msts of tthcWrft iUM 
modern titpes. Ffowi Pyth«gtwas:tolOTgom<3lrrts*f>tifc, 
in every' depariteerit *<>f seieni^, ^slems have been 
elaborately constmcted only to b€ ovcWtirned and tx* 
plo4e<)« ^lardigipfi,, hecatombs ^bavc been slain to 
liwStsStt'V Vloetrittfe >hiiA^ t^ iiicifcWih^ -a^e has 
iinrversally pronouric^ ht^elicit. In medicine, still 
..gregtw; nA^inbei^ have been destroyed .by estabii^ed 
.vJQa6<lii9 of treilEtfn^^ Mo^^*^ be^ fuai. 

The jwiioi9rpf] Deacatte^y md tlie atow of Dema- 
fXJAuih '£ptcuxuii» 4nc)X*UGriri\u$,' K^elber with' tbe Jong 
fi^qie^ftion aC pldoeCary syMems from! Ptolemy to Tycbp > 
llmhir^mEe now .only, rememii^red' tp be forgoUei!, 
ivJ^cto will probiibly ^ ^^ '^^^^ pf ^^^ hyppthe9i9' 
wjb&rc^ ibe .Unpo^ali^iluy of , aUaining f^rtainty gWes- 
.nwffwpg oocupaUiOQ to ihe mind of man iiv balanciv^ 
fipbabUiiics. • . //i 

, |After^hi8 dry.digressiQn^ you witt, I dare say, he 
diapused ^9 eavy^ if not to io^Hat^, Mr. Sabl4 V^^^ 1^ 
.ildj»rivvly(H) .that be drank, jt bottle and a half of ylnr^^ 
I^eba^to dtgeat tbe hearty dinner he h^d ea^tei^. 
,If)f\$iejKmony coBqlttded, we set off on foot^tti; join 
4H)r,paij^ty } b>xt hsii aot psoceeded far when niy , com- 
,jil|f|io|i. called acoacby. iJtboQgb on our arrival be bail 
fiiqfi unaccountably forgotten to put any silver in hia 
jpi«if9evjmdi.tlbiere^re paid, the atnount^ after lie\)lad 
^rmptqrily stipulate that. I should altdw him iO' 
4DeaijaEic the, nexjt. time*. Well aware that'6e>nki 
^sif9m$.,]Kp trpit. me f 11 lAf same m^ffnevx , J, thought it 
iffQuld, be, iniberal to . deny bim ; the coach, was dii« 
.c||ai:gied^; and we entered th^ house together as tl?ie 
^^|pck atrucl ten* As this is the. hour at which yoa 
.piisoaily retire to sleep^ I im reniinded of the necessil^ 
.^/^qrding you % little<rest| by reserviuE for another 
>.ktt/^r.tbe aavenUixeSt of the evening, although it it 
,iery, posaible ib^ti I might more cffectualty itMure 
:your ^iunjiber^ by^prpJlonging the presejnt., SJeep, ihep, 
vjuiy dear unc^i;, .ttfj^y yiOu may endure the fatigue >f 
;p^uamg!9Jc^]»tb^^^ \ : '' 

-J .'M' : .r ,: .your affectioni|te JJpp ';^ 

v./ ri£TV^BSW'A^^ SPANISH ' ^^ 

jfifpplyipg the means of an iIiimitaQie iKipenditui^^ nai 

o 3 engaf" 

tl6 Vtt^B STOCKlKm. 

^nga^ecl England^ \tx fo many wars, enabling hef' to 
terminate them with gbiy/ and to take a comiDandifig 
station as arbitit»s of the destinies af Europe, to 
'Which she is neither entitled by her extent norjtopci- 
lation. Glorv, howev<pr, is an expensive eomtncdhy i 
iind if John Bull, through the means of the futMling 
iysienii paya taxes for vietbrves adiieved a bnndnrd 
yc^rs ago, he has the consolation of refliectidg, th^t 
the cost of his present irirnnphsmll be shared by his 
clcscendants a hundrtd years hencte^. This, I presome, 
is what is meant by bequeathing the gtory of Old £iig« 
land to posterity. In $pain yoti can hardly f6hn' a 
iiotinn of the heavy' imposts paid in this toontry; yet, 
so gradual has been their increasttj that the burden is 
'borne^ not only v^ithout neprniiig, but with appaneiit 
^c))eerfulnes^. A Hulaacmtiny, hoillrever, has ^nttnetd 
W' A}4t \heiV vireight tas in lw6 ways maliertatiy 4- 
^fecte^ the comfort, if not 'tins happinesl, of tndirisliNili; 
Tfrirt, eis it has tended to testrict that social iiMerctmrle 
lo which the English are so much devtHed, but wbioh 
the expenses of hospitality bavo tow placed beyiMid 
the means of (he great majority^ lexcept upon rate 
occasions^ and, secondly, as it.operau^s to discourage 
marriage by the frightful though inevitsfble costs f»f 
an establishment. Hence the minri)cr of young dv- 
bspchees and old tnaids; the n^ention of wbteh latter 
class brings me round to Miss Syntax; who may^btis 
logically be praved to owe her chance of leading apes, 
in a place not to be hamed to ^^eatB polite," to the 
jGnanciai policy of King WUbam, who raised the ^t 
loan in this country So c^ose the ^ambition of Louis 
the Fbnrteenth. To such strange causes may events 
be traced, if we do but roncatenate <hem! 

.Miss Syntax is the'vounger daughter of k genteel 
hut iinpoverished family, precisely that description of 
females least likely to marry; since, with lofty expect- 
ftiionSy they afe too po9r to attract suitors in tbeir 

JUJU^ STOCK VliQS^ f qt^ 

own r^nfcr af)d too helplest, to b^ofne prQp^r,wive« 
for tjbe XQoreiadu^triops qlasses, ,Th« e$ubU&b^d niod^ 
of aydv^rtrsii^g wi^vreaort^d. ^^ f she was pi|hcluafljj[ 
€xhibJte4'^'ev^J^y pi^e qf fashionable re-sort in Lop;* 
4o^ Bftb,.^^.^ .^^^^"W*P^^^^^7 ^^^ changed tier 
fto^ije: o£ .%c\JLpu^ apd her modes pf.attraction|butj 
fi% !, ^he ^npv^r Ranged her oafie. V jlow could | 
be a^seot f«Qm .dujty. ,tea days togjetber^'' said th^ 
Irish ^oldier^ ^* wbco.thefe afe but seven d^ys-in *tb« 
wQek??. .Miss Syata?^ would have informed him 
Ww^;, .far «he cjelebrated her twen^ty* fourth blrtl^-day 
|of $13^ yeara successively, before she consented to c;M 
b^^oty-fivez and this latter date cominued to- 
^)^l^^q» fpr Dearly ten y^ara loiter* tier 
fa^l^ba;uveve9;i A^M^cl not be pr/^vailed ob to take part in 
tb^p)u^. but qipsi ungrapously betrayed the errors in 
^rxSfibraiAg;; as the setting sun infallibly declares the 
^n^rqaph orptgb^^ alibpilga the tongue of the clock 
11^ .%Uike, tli^ hpur of noon. While she was thus 
^PP^ing 4at]^: with her vtsage, her parents died^ lind 
.s^e ^t||d have found herself in the most deplorable 
i>f.ali;t^Q^i^ian9, that of ati iiicome^lesft old maidyliUt 
fojr tbp,aeikS(Hiab|e- bequest of an aunt, which secured 
tp her 9 comfortable stipend for fife^ — ^No longer de- 
pendent nppn marriage fui* actuiit subsistence, she had 
nqw the courage to avpW her age, and take out her 
re^ul;ir |^ip)pma,of old maid. The indijcafions of this 
en& this cpuntry according to the fanW of 
;lhe ,party. • In the lower classes the subject seeks con- 
solation and a stimulant, either in puri'tanis^m or dram- 
dripking; in tli;?mpfe.e^aUed,^ the, unoccupied aff^ 
liops commonly vent thom&^Ives^ppon caU and cockit; 
toos. A new^nostr^um to pj^r^ t^e ^spdiun^, spleen, and 
various .diseases of spinsterism, has lately been ^\i^ 
covered j . and. while our fribbling bachelors, and other 
qU womisn of the piale sex^ smitten with thfe blftck*- 
rletter bibliomania^^ are eagerly collectifig alt ihe^'li^raTy 
. , G4 ^ mblbt** 

v"-' - " 


* ! . -' '' * * 

rabbish of Hie ^Md^tmr dowagers 'and old m»dfs, 
fired with the rage cfT blde-sto^!Hfir parftcs^ arp as 
anxious -t(5 collect atl.Ch^ samesort of rubbish, aoioiig 
the living.'*'^Of ibis fasbipiK^ir^ Syntax soqq became 
a dtstingui^l>i^,vofarUt; .apJ it most be conlesMsd^ cbdt 
the tabmes have made a* great improvemefit fa^ this 
aew.deMOUOQ of theif leisure energiea. ' A'converais- 
xtone is better than a irtter of Icitieiis ^ and the'trtth?* 
tattleof AulhorhngS) blid as rt'geMreriliy is, iniist be 
eonfessbd- (Vrefe^abie to the screairiing of paroqueti(. 
Such was thc'^a<*couTrt of oar TiosteW^ giveii. 'ine . by 
Sable, which, I; have repeated .'as jieairly as^dsaiji^Ie'io 
his own wc>rd^, that vou might be the better enabkd 
to (oTs^ an opinion ot a.lady to whom- 1 shall hereafter 
have occasion to xnake jfrequent ref«reoee« ; :' . ^ 

- . • ' Yottfi^* &c*" •• '■'•^- ■•• "' 

...... Mil; If ^i i,;^ 

^, ,. ^ ,.; .^LferTfiR ' rkOM- CALAIS..'.' \i !:"• ^ : 
if»m, th« mnt, M19 8.] ' ' 

Tha fbUowing Is a goi^ of a pbeHcd I>eiter, addressed bj 
a yooog^Lndy, who went to see fbeiaodiog at Cal^'s^ , tp 
her friends in KHiCjf aud^ as it ehtbraoes lever^ partica* 
lars whlchi'thoQgh ti4Hing« have not hitherto ajppeare^ in 
the papers, w^' Willingly givte it insertion. 

ytJiXL, J^Qoy^aU dangers of dfowniag are pasi5' 
^^ And. here! ai^i, )apded io )ast««-^ 
I was terribly uck ou tbo way> yoa must know i ^^ 

But^. as ^poie of the vety firiit fasbioa wens tio» 
I took' }t ^of gs^ted that those wbo>were not 
Were vulgar^ . and so Was content with 
As to uncle, , because he is ua'dto the sea* 
Ho did natkiog k^ut la;ugh at R^hecc« jiodmci f '^ ^ 
Dedartngsea^-^lckow was^aU^^ • v> 

To banisi) ill buojoiirs and sweet^o; the bhiod^-^ 

How«ver« ^^^.^ ^^^f^ >^ -^^9^ ^^ ^^ digbt^ 
And saw the^Kifi^Mo^^bat of tiOf^ doiii't;»9:itQi 


LBTT£ft FftOM CALAiS. • . II9 

Fbr j<m *]1 find it detail'd iu the journaJs* no jdoabt^ 
So I 'H pnlj put iu wl^at the papers l«4^«ttt« ' . . : -iji 
The first thlpg l flid when.I eiUefd jibe lowp^ .. ^..t 
Was/to burst outa-lau{;hmg--->*twa»Tt^lg0rr lowB^. /<:., 
But ftncy/dfeir Jenny, t6e sides of the street* . .j 

All coi^r'd with table-iclolfal, hapkim^ and sheeti; 
'Some 'Olead^and som^ dtrty> som* r^ged 1^ reotj ; ' ',\ 
1 €ot)ld Dot imagine dt icst what It oieant, ' 
And tbooghi 't was their manner <^ dfjriBg 9---^biit;'b ^• '^ 
T waa.iiil dofie oQ.pDrp<l|Be to hoooar *^ k BoL'' * '' - 
The place loofca iiappv«rii^h'4> glooqoj, and dull» ' / ' • 
Some houses qiiite ^mpty, soine al^ops biH ha)£ fuUj -^ 
And, what gave It ipq^i^pofe desolate iaiegp> ;>^.. 
There really Was^kardly a man to foesfeen'i. ,( ; ^. .,. , •'. 
Thewomebi^ however, it must be cQn%8^4> . .. . . , ^^ 
Are elegant ereattxres, thougK aWkwatdry drest.' -. j 

Cloae caps ibrm'd the 'prevdient head-dres«es \ ^di tig ^ 
In lappets, wbiiir,>do\vut)E>t^ ihtnilders^desc^ad!^^ 
Ov flapping about aft tjhe.broese they partook, 
Ha4^4CXt^f aa old-rfasbion'd quizzical look. 
Sleeve jaclieto appear*d.^iiii»tlieiaBhion«-and all- 
Wore over their shoulders a. Wag silken ^^\ 1 
And thus in thelscapr, tbbugh' fh»\i^£ir^was keeoi 
Paraded the streets- aii4:imUxfia^d thiesol^. 
But whaf. «pnp^<i^il ^ ^Jbjs^vjprj^irtiilK^ > ■ .: ^ ^ 1 
«, that' ajrin^lOje^^^Bf^ s^re ppUri^'4 AltKA;* 

vvhete they brought us some soiip which I lik*dLpre^y s^l 
Butas taihe'iaerti^^^^iey^'iaay wi^irsayHisJ^^ ^' V\: 
For I,saw none but^ wl&t Wais Wt^i I'atja sdtie.y 
All roasted, to .frittersttiithe ib»*fe'TVst* the sapae, ' ' "' '~ ' ^ 
How my uncle did s\vtea<»iwbaeR«b4cd*iried,^'Sh 
£or myself, I took ildChix^liMiit soup; Jckl't^^ l^^^r; / ' 
Asmy stomach wad stilFi^atllQr^i^hoM ^* ^ 

Next mora we were iroke^Witb-a'^iTiblediD;^^^'' 7 , ^ 
Twas the^hmoets'aftd ch^e^s^attgatiopiiiglti;* ;\' /': ;. 
O Jenny ! this^ this, was the^s^t of aU'^bti,l ; ' 
Which even ia^baiifr' recollection de!ij;fits. ' 1 Vi 

The chasseurs were fine-loftkinc iellpws^bot, Ax V [^ , ." 
Xbe laiDcers fiBBm. FolaiKl were faindsomer £ic^ ' ' 


80 martial their air> with liieir lances i!iprear*d> 
Sospeoded from which a white banner appear'd ; 
Their dresa so becoining— in pictares, I swear^ 
I never saw half such. a pictnresque air : 
Not even in fancy or dreams have I seen 
Such synaroetrical forms, such an elegant mjen— 
Bocourteoos, though warlike— so graceftiT, though tall-*- 
In short, my dear girl, I^tn- in l ore with thera all. 

The King din*d in public, and uncle declar'd 
He ahould mqch like, to see how His Majesty iiir*d } 
So we wcut— and when next yon encounter papa> ' * 

Say the dinner (to use his own words) Was la ! la f 
And that when he excbihis hehas*d?n*rf like a king, 
If he means like Kkig Loilis/*t islito s^Urh gfeai duTog. 
There were only twocourdet; ^and tbose^adly drest. 
And only two dishes of cbina^the rest/ ' > • : 
(I should ne*er have believ*4 it except op6n ^ighr^) 
Like those in our )(itchen> were, all cominon white* 
After dinner, which lasted about half an honV, ' " 
The English began in great ^nunib^rs to poor . ' 
To kiss the King's hand-^such a bevy of clol/^'iis, 
Wi& their nasty splashed boots and their blue ^a)italoions ! 
Kebeoca and I felt ashamM of- the rae« « t - *] 
Who in such an attire eouM approadi austrlk a plaee^ 
And decfin'd kisung that which so maityi tinaw*d^' \ 
Had so uribecomfngly slabbec'd.andpaw^d. 1- 

We saw him no more tiU he quitted the town. 
And \ *n wager a guinea the bostA wHT borealf dowir. 
For the King> as yon know, has a he^ylsh pauneh« 
And the carriage wasanv thing ratheV than ^aundh | 
And you *ll think I am dealing In figures atrd tropes 
Wheii f tell you the horses were hamess*d with ropea. * 

I have had little talk wirti the natives of France ; 
For they give withaueb ^tijcrgv all they ^dv^nce. 
And shoot out their words with such force^ that^ my dear, 
, They stun you Irikb ptstds let off in yotir tar. 
However, ^^ijen once 1 have learftt t<r»t«rnd^fh«> '■'■ ^' • 
I '11 write yott as fiiudi as'ydur heart* can 'desire : 
But I 'nrciWra l)jr tny'uriifeU to take)* sea^iew, » ^ ^ 
And 8o/^ the i^^i^t> deaf Jeno^, vikt 1 ^ 

aONfiY FOOD. - ; 

[From the Morning GhronicW^ May loj 
'HP IS said, Napoleon has got thiii« 

•*■ Heflecting, on his life of sin j 
But^ though be 's Boney, be it koowa^ 
He^fo^d.for all the ^itaio town. L.A. 

. ,, ,LINJ5S . " 



[Ff^m the >fomins. Herald, Ma^ 44.] 

' :-'nP IS twenty aUimners sioce tha%breai|t 
^ B^stow'4 its mHfc divine^; \/ .'j 
Gave with mr food socb roseate f e<t ' ■■ 
A bcd'cf down wa» oiiQe r • • " 

yhen, '^ from year to year i grew, 
I saw the decent lawn ' ♦ 

Conceal thy matron's neck from irfew, 
, -. ^ . As o'er thy sfaoulders drawn. '* ' 

In age most HodeHy decline^ 

And yidd her charms to FasUm t 
All, gentle lady !-*mother mine} • '• : '. 

Disclaim her lynmt-pMsi<ni 5 " ' 

J^ )^t me blush to.3ep. (hat breait;^ ; . ''* ^ 

Oijce lov'd beyond comp^rp, ^ ' . , , ^ 

£3Lpos*d to every coxcomb's jest^ ^ , ' 

Secau^j-»-no l(mger fehr ! 
Miayn. - «[,B.D. 


£Fioiii the firHiali Ptessi U^ 14 J 
nrOkfae tioierwiMo welbe,in»|ttlie,^»pf«oldEv^ : « 
* An Atfa^9lMf tfa^ test^ a)l thiQg9 } beto^ec ; . 

For the prodT of the. pipvei^b 'A ffves to^ ^^. y^l|)«-<* 
That «< aeeiog'sli^viog, 'hu|/!^e%,'At^,Mi;ia»!'r: . . ! 


O 6 TH^ 

* *♦ THej shy y6t *r6 il cfni^rw^^pt^klh it ittte ff * 

' ** For youf VliFibi{i;de7:6iij, 'be i».fltoj«irok>>^»7wif! •* « 

• • «:;.'.. '.. . ;» •...Am<»'- 

•.••..'" GENTLEMAN* 

: ' .' !•!.. -•-: •.. ^<k* 1".- ; •..'• ..: ,.- ■ « 

' r: ffi»f« the Cfaaroi»o«» M«j 15.] ; , .. ^ . t 

jTULOW me^ niy iletr uncle. Id pvDce^ mih^fny 

: ^«azasibIle• Oo enterii^ .berhoiifle' I* watJcmociishBd at 
tke mifiiter nf Mrvants, «d incocsistenl widi tbemodi- 
4itrt seiie of the Uiitdlng; unlU my cbipetoil wliis- 
fiet^d me^ that ibe nftn wUfi their hverkA^ Mps\\ as 
ihe |)lat^f the^hinai'a part of« the fttmittire^iaivd* even 

' llie^hrobfi and QowtT$i were only hmd^ i«if ithe might 
^^^-soreifmiofnidlJ la the prnfiiaiofi of'vftnity4' 1 1^ itwo 

'4iaw^ifi^rodinay of sottiewh^ 'narrotRr.>dtmeni^a% I 
found assembled forty or fiftv (Hcople xyf. bpth aexes, 

/' wlioae KHiSguei were uiapended atour eniraoce, ^ if by 

"^ ^ottHBOn icotiBetit, that my might f^na'whb'a more 
Ittiaurrly in^isrtiv^esft^ and at last rmly moved in a 
wbiiper to a 'neighbour, of which we were evideiltly 
4he/aui»)c)dt* My introduction' io the lady of the unffk* 
Am ftli^v'ed me from ihc«nb«Mras8inent of this iwni- 
tiny, and h^r loquacity soon made aniends for the taci- 
turnity 6f bef -visitors. N«W'-comer8'n6w4ngfos6ed'that 
attention which irad been ri^ivlod'ttponmei and asiny 
difgrieib^e wort off,- 1 determined tnnhioivr that I Wold' 
inaintdin « cmiyema^dnfii|M>n'^ii'MfM ibttresvti'ir^ 
as^ebest'of thetroeblQes.' ^ - '^ 

A tuble isehtnd'nMvoa which thetaAfStfmUicatmaf 
t^te aiudkmily ^spUycd^ <8aemed lifcely to anfiplyline 

.ii ••' <► •' with 


'^"ith topics. I twwed pyer:aiwel^<lfama, a farce, a 
poem, some reviews,, a s^tire^ijand a whole host of 
parodies andhurlc^ues^; and, l|hws fiirtifie^ ^opjc^y 
»eat by the dUle ofr^^cagre^iaue jjentj^^any w^ I 
Engaged in GOTYviitMtion upon. the: ^ibje^t.o^; coppedy* 
I observed, H had' now «)m(deted itar roovidy .liavuig 

^'tbnWnenccrf in the cart of Thespts, and terminated in 
a display of buffoonery* and nierry-andrew tricks, only 
V^ddhy of'i^iiirifHt^tagfe: *< Wt}at;:;for fti]^«timii^y I con- 
finued, *<can be ttli[ir^. vdr^cUdd-lhan the production of 
last .month, where all is eitffavagansa and burlesque } 
the oharacteb^ Uimttttral, tbb ^^t pkictical, the titaa- 

.^'tidiiB^ithpTbJbabies ;nid ilie-pi<)t ioip9«0iJ)ll!$^^A9rproi 

: Ing* wp^ -into an^ exprcffistoif <)f ' aflWity i ;as if be . were 

'iibiralidwibg' te^ke, on fell his «*o$t :iri!itfl.Ue*iirorb 

' crushed bf'a crab^apple crutchw, I-expre^^i^inj'tfaars- 

>r that he was tmiii'dlv a fiirtotis ^< Pabfai'' wa9cth^ffr{^y ; 

. and,jfiam|tha0<ifly from rhis chair, be iosscdf^fiiol^elf 

ipot dP 'the roma. Ah 1 tbojugbi I, rti^oUeot iipg< ^n^y • 

sel^' bdw^nnfortonate irihitf t^ doabtie«9.^onie. firiend 

> of tbe^author r fwri thati was> to ha^sardnb^e^pdilong 

r .acoinprfn^ of literati i y' .:/;>.) 

/ 1 ~* DdiTroiined to.atoid aaimtlar/crrory I aspppoajsh^ a 

f espedtaUe ekkffly persona^^a^ co«inin^iiie4 a^ Ani- 

' muted cuidmixni^uptti a-aatire lately p.ii|b)j|ibedy eatoU 

. Hfig iherta^m with w^icb it t^a executed, ai^ /the 

-.^ jusikie hf itb 6b)^l| when toy neigbbocir^ ^.hoi t0tniy 

- . astonisttmeni, -foecamt trveiy insitant ' more fidgety in 

-bis chaiir,' pretending lo odd to* a personppp^siif ^ nb- 

^ : fuptly turned bis back, and stalked to \h^ other et^l of 

( the bhambcr.--*^*'Mo8t unaecoustaUel-Vsaid Ij *lam 

I jequally maJ^aprtiposf ta^eeusuretaiid-tn pfais^ where 

; lioth are:^jbe8loMr^ with eqttaijusitike^ 8>YiBry,i|rpfjc, I 

see, has its enemies and ita partisans jbi»ti a. |(feyi^ew« 

L:rivheiie.the'ecmfriil^t)tdrs are ntiffierbtis iaioldniitkiipwn, k 

'^Beinew^ eoo^eredaaja wbotje^imiut^tj^f^t he,ex«^ 


from sacb unworthy prejodices. With the inenJ have 
been unfortunate ; let ^e try my fat£ among the faic 
candidates for tbfi hone * of heaven's own Hue*' ''-^A. 
fat damsel} in green spectacles^ coming up at ibis 
junctuie to make: some inquiry relative to our bull* 
figbtSi of which she wished to iatroduce an account 
\i\ a pastoral she was. compostog, J availed mysdf of 
the opportunity to- expatiate open the meriu of the 
pdinbMCgUKeyiew; its, profound mode of thinkingr-^ 
its, enlarged and generalising viewsr^the piercing ge*. 
nius with which it' penetrates and decompounds th^ 
most intractable subjects— rand the luminous skill with 
M^bicb U. arranges the most complicated materials, so 
as to rendsr .tbem inieliigible .to the commonest capa-- 
city; admittingf at the same time^ the taint with which 
It was oec^ionally. infected by tbe.mani&station of a 
pjdtry pique and .the littleness, of party. O my dea^ 
underdo not l^ish all your compassion upon the un* 
fortunate flouoden who jumped out of ^ the frying-pan 1 
I,,toQ, had: been flouudenngy as I present^ iqund by 
the fircvof the lady!aeyes, and the heat of\tbe philips 
piiQ with which she assailed the work I bad. been iCulo^ 
gi^ng. . The silent ivrath of the niaks I hadi borne 
wit)i r^sigi^ation, bat the voluble anger of this; peUi- > 
i^oat disputant'-— —bow did I sigh for the. placid pbi^t 
losophy of Socrates, who was; only moved, to smile 
by the fury of a $caid ! In vain would i have;, hacked 
p\it of ^y argument and my poaition ; I waa jammed ' 
in betfween her longue and the waU^ both equally un*:^ - 
accustomed. to.give way.; ;and I verily believe I should: 
have been talked into a fever, but for the entry of a : 
servant, bearing on a silver waiter a £ew glasses with 
a little dab of ice at the boltnm» and some cakes that 
appeared, to have 4one several weeks' duty in the sunny: : 
window of a conlectioner* My antagonist turning 
hastily round to secure an ic^ I seiaed the opportu^. 
r . , • . ....... • my: 

oily to escaf»e, and rejomed Mt.'SMe, to'wEdm Tre**- 
Istted my miafortiKiee* 

Sable is ^ne of those dry rogues iv4io never 'laugh 
outwardly, \rhateveT b^ the prptoc^tion ; T)ut I could' 
S€€ by tb^ twinkling ie>f 'his eyes, and the gentle elevft* 
^ion ofthe'oorners dfihis tnMtb, thai he was violently 
<:huckling inwardly. ^^ 1 4eli(ptftte you," said'he, taking 
»ie into a cofitier,' ^^ on <yeur successful debut ^as a lilue 
stocking IfiQngBry)4» iftil a» upon the lucky chrcum* 
stance that indo^^ckone of yooi* ancestors to mix hh 
Spanish bJood^wilh a* Moorish fan^ily ; since to that I 
pri99mne>48 10 be attributed the African contour of 
your nose^'wliichi, hiad tt been of more tweakable di- 
meiiBioil^ wottldprobaUy have been pulkd niore thto 
oike ito^higte;*''' ' i stared my astonishment. ''^ Ao^ 
tUoi%/' be cobtinaed, '< are not the least imtable of 
fiforsabj' ju<%e, theO| of the danger you have incurred; 
v^faea I mfomi you ^arrthe meagre little gentleman to 
whom^pu so el^bqtientiy j^ofnted out the gross abiurdi^ 
tie^^ 6i' the new drama, is hitnsetf the Uuthbr ;T~the 
^ respectable dderiy personage in whose ear yoa poured 
suc^^au anirhated ^pproiral of the satire, is no orher 
than she identical object of its attack ;^«^^nd the bard- 
feaMred virago ef the ^ft sex, is tht; ^itifeof ^ writer ' 
in ^e Gtoarteriy Review, whose distinguisbingcharac* * 
teridtie is a blind opposition to the Eaiabtiigb^ -For^J 
give me,.diy dear Isid(»r, for exposii^ you between ' 
the ScyUa azul Cbarybdia of the blue slof^ing w^rld, 
without gisarding«yoa against the -shoals and breakers* 
I should have tdd you, that, in a litenary coiiveri^az*' 
zioiie^ yon may converse • upon every subject except 
literature^; hence the .dulness, silence, and^ constraint 
which generally pfeimihithegood folksliold it beneath 
them to indulge ia the common tatdeof 5>rdinary'life| 
literary novelties. Lfaey are afraid to notice, being sui*- 
rounded by partka intOHsdiatoly implicated in iheir 
failosie or sucoe^s^i and ilkey faavc^ therefore^ no alterna- 

t^ OH THB aoAx uroM ROTArrr* - 

i'lve but to ^hiftper, or* kbtd f6eir tonguet* Observe 
the air of dUtrust and suspicion with which ihey look 
round before «o iO^fUQkHtiiKi tSiyailured, conceive the 
fetters thu8'i9()p|f^l^{H»ll4h9..IO|licft wH^ fhey 

are most conversant and best pleased, f^ ypit vmiAI be 
m noJlo6a.t9.mi4<ji5|t4a^^W^iy ^,W^?l sil^kipgi IWflrt|r is 

^enefiny tbc^u))^^ th5pgi^)oi?j5i^?U> :, ^.. * -* 

, ;jEuoA^b Jo^.)li)«; pycfeofe ijijf .dear yuiokj^.m.mj 
nj^xi J sM] Qontl^nfr, t^ 4u;cowt of; ^lyUMmrredl 
^yeplures w MiiB. ipwWjaMc .occ^jpur: i . . « v. -t 
,',: * . - ...... . ^^ ..cj, ;;..;• ..-. .cYqiif** JcQf* •^-..-j ''*>rT ^ 

IF Charlotte^ 8Upf:Bi^li,l>ut^,;^;-.)TC iL' i :: *' 
•* The sjjFF'aiMGs of tby6«man uiition^ ,; , .^ 
Sufi BRS her coiiiiti^'mcn'to plead, ' . - jt:. 

Bui gives no doic upon th* CKcasion^r- 
If Charlotte svffers Etig^Iisb folkft 

To fte\^ yet holds herself exempt y, — 
If Chnrlotte su^Fairs htnt and hoax, 

Unmov'd*by pity or eontempt 5 

"Wby should her sluriib'ring purse awake>. 
' Since cwty casuist must determine. 

Rather than ghe^ sheoughti to take. 
Being hcrwH a niffhnng Oermaii/ 

As to two thousand poUndS-^ahhongh 

T were but a fuife fira«n such a store,. 
From such a kMom should they iow; * 

I*m mm *t'ymM swanuLten tiaies-mssftr 
Then quizaers, hcnxers« cease to. Bout : 

Ye Bntosa MBMM^'ye Gsmiaos distant. 
Look to the past^ the pffSMl* dottht» 

Andbe^ Ukeber, atkastcoQiislSBt . . 


, i /,.;. J r COURT APFAREL.' 

• • kit{ fic»tft>^ii, '-'•■";•;'* '' " '■ ' ■ ■ ' /'' ■ 

TJ AVfNO the Uonoilr lobetfaeRei^ord^ iu) e^^^ 
^-^ loyal (X)rpdi^^V ^ ^a^ d^iP^t^ ^d. P^^ 
iQtatolatory^ddfctf^ on- t&^ fate happy ev^d« For 
matty years I haveirppliied niystflf to tf e atiidy 6f ahli^ 
quHy as well asiliw; ^I coneeive that 1 liow have^uM 
knowledge of? ^IKthe ^astonia and regulations of the 
&ig(tBh'^a>art in former times^ andam particiilarif 
conversant with all the statut^ of oiir ancient mo- 
Darchs r^^ieating ap)Mirel. - Of -course, T tvfts much 
]^Ieasod^th ttiis -bp^rtuntty of observing tbeWt^af 
pacllee add Conformity to these ofdiQ^n$*es>^ ;i»l^icli 
] i^stpecied Id itieet i^irh at «ourt. . Ybe inoming that 
1 wentt I first care^lty perused and ^ digesM4D mj 
ffiind the. provistotis of iheitatdte of the 'i4-^y^ of 
Edward IV. cbiip. 5, Jn v(r]i)ich 'u 
>claiase :"tr« ^ .■..;'''--.■•• i-*- - ...;'^\.r ••/. -\iH ^ 
. *• Et ouitre ie rqy i^ ord^oe et^ e|Ub|jf j. q^ j nuH 
Chevalier desouby testate de seig^ou^^ esqc^iri gen til 
hooie nen aiitf^. persphe usf qu. wece^tSSPMPi >g|nine^ 
jaket, ouclocke siln^so^ de t;ie^ Iqiigofi^iCMiUK celuy 
esteant tout droit coyera sej» b^tjU]|^s^,.fUljr.J?lWlel4^for• 
feire au roy at chj^sirMn defai^ i?^iX $*n £t aiW^i'ad or* 
deigne et establie qe,^,tH)li tailoujrjraper^jiivjtscue^eisone 
ascun goune, jak(M^,A.q|i dpcke^/de inssodre iotiguere^ ^ 
sur mesne la p^ii^c; acbajicun^defijute.'li „. .- ^i^. 

If any of your i-eadcffi are fiot f:oiiy!effsaiM with lavr 
French^ they wili^nd t^. sanies ckuse^ansia ted ^ its 
re-enactoiiQist. in <theii2&di^3l0ar of 'tbeJaame tnotiarch, 

chap. I. . - . _; o; r>:^n"' . .".jx. ■•fi ■.,♦'* '^i-.^'-- - '■ i 

** None under lh^^e8lfttetJof/a-iQiid^^irc#^ 
persons particularlfiisatisiMi) .$ibaU>^eat' itt^y^'-^^wn, 
jacket, or manitc^j iniles«r^^it hev 6f Wb l^tigth> th 
(h&betiig upright) it shall cover bis buttocks." 

138 ' coqnT APMftBu 

Could any Ibit^ be mofe w\de and proper thM tiH« 
statutei which, wbikrH iii^tired getieral decency, mark-' 
ed out with kich calte the due gradation of rairii? It 
18 a just complaint against tbe present iiays^(ihart.t4!ie 
mM&femily :of dresa' confouilida ^M dUtinciuiM y h^^ 
mhilt tbb ordinaoce was ohserwd^^ you were 'not re- 
duced to fu«$stng at a titte<froni tbe carriage and l^e^ 
iavtour qfits owiieri or acrutiiiiong for a balfrbiddpi^ 
itar pi* bit of; riband peeping from teider the; coat.; ia 
iv^.impoattbie cvieQ.t# twdk'faditad.a lo^nl ^ilfaottt 
ibe'broail aytaibol uf bif dignity. faring' ^idUNfiirU in 
ibe face. How conducive was in to theimefeiferciaeof 
ibe prerogative id creMtng peera, wiiboul. n poasibi^ 
lit/ uf ibesiDwiog honoura on>tbe Mnwortl^ jr: men. h 
aMat..ha!ve been geneflEiily.know^ .tbougb# perbapai 
aai ackoowkdged atjoawfi^ thztf^v^ry pereoii poaaeas^ 
td a qtmlilkiatioi»>-far iKieaiilpg <he'di^ty>p(opMty^ 
t^ongh it gave bim no po«i^ive e)ai«y and bewaa pro* 
ilibitM frood displaying it 4feo tbe w»(ld. . i will nol^ 
at present^ enlarge upon the* many curious^- inquiriea 
^bicb branch out of thje oo&sidenaioti of tbia statute; 
I MftU only hii)t to pbilolagista^ that it'Oiay-perbaps 
^tist them in explaining the now c^«tntnonly reoet.ve4 
^rase of << The seat of honour}?' And it must, be in«r 
leK9ting to those inquiaidve abmit tb« origio and cony 
aanguinity of nations, to discover tbat the peculiar 
ifanity of the distinguished females in Oiafaeite,. ioh 
atanced iu Cook's Voyage, by the osKQtatiious visit of 
a noble lady to Sir Joseph Banks, so. nearly FesembJea- 
the ancient observances of pride and distinction itv. 
our own court: does it not furnish. au. argument ihai 
the two nations are fundamentallif related ?-i^Uow^ 
ever. Sir, dismissing all that is extraneous^ I proceed 
to the re4l purpose of my letter. 
. When I entered the .palace my surprise was unt 
boundisd, to behold at every step the broadest, and most 
undisguised ire^c/us of' tna statute^ I c^ptoi parti-^ 


ciitari^e tbe vaiiouv^ tftuformt atf>d ntriks Wbieb bad 
been ttiade by the taiiory and were tbus ivora ^y ibe 
purchaser, with |)vrfcct diai^gard ot tfae> penalties 
wbicb-ihiiaot'distincily inflicts ^pon'ead]u Uoweve^» 
upon rcflectii^ af'tdr^ards' that, maoiy police ofli:cers 
and €rthersvtv'eri^. about the.dveiiues of tbe pabce> 
whose inte/iist, andl duty both, it would ^e to turn a 
penny by exacting ibe iSnea; calling to tntnd also, 
that, if the act had been, still in .force, tbe e^ibitio» 
of the HMteiilot Venus (which tvas canvassed in u 
court of law") Mj^onldr' ttave been a base defiance of it; 
unless perhapsthef rank* iti her own tiountry had given 
her siieb entiirnfft greatness ) ami',' above an, ktiowtng 
that mv Stat<ites at Lai^ge art an oM ediiiofi^ I could 
ttot help ibinkttig fhat 'there roust have 'been^aoim* 
very 'kite mpealor reb3tation-(no doubt^ for' wise pur- 
poses) df this seeiihiingly proper (^dict* 'the latter sta^ 
fote^ above cited^»M excepta certain persons particularly 
named/' Ministers, perhapff have availed themselves 
of this loophole, and have .from tin^e to time ^.mu^** 
gled bills through Parliament,' taking off from- their 
more favoured partisans all . restraints on the public 
production of their natural insignia of nobility ; if 
so, it readily Recounts for the long abstinence from 
the creation of any new batches of Peers, since all 
applicants for- siich honour have been gratified with 
this emancipation in lieu of them. 1 should feel 
obligation to any of your correspondents, legal or 
Otherwise, who would inform me how the law now 
aflfects this object; whether this part is at present con- 
sidered to be left at large, or lightened by any restric- 
tions ; and i reserve to myself the liberty of making 
any posierior remarks, 

Lycurgus Terqonem, 

P. S« ft was somewhat of a curious coincidence, 
tbiat, oA'^My return home^ 1 found my youngest s('^ 


' 140 coif AT Jl^rAliBL. 

Taliac^nas ^mplpvej op a V^n^U^ pf th^ fable of 
' the Ape an!d ine To** ^n Pbacdruar, .Tor' his l^olychji 
task. He is s^n'^odd'^ptckle of a facl, and has rendered 
it very xnxxtiix ad llifittrn^ wrth' lio slWtt'^crtnce to 
Latin. I 'do n^. know how hrs miEister ma^; approve ; 
but as the fat>ie bat some reference to the subject? o{ 
mj^«t£l9[y I enclose his translation to ypM^ "^ 

J. ; '1MB APE AND THE ;BQ[Xr; i /;: O .:: 

• " ' ' AFAJiLir---" '^ ^^^ 
^ AscRirfiD TO t^kijsnittjs. i , 

Trb Ajpe once thtnig^t, whh <?bvy hv^/ 'p 

Whiui'eyittg Reynard's iinish; . • 
How he^ /9r waut of such a skfrt^ : 
Put females to the b]u«fa. 
^ *•. Your tail's too large,**"ihe Fox be spoke « 
* ^^ '-'Dirfdelt; thennnfelrneis' ' 
And give me whece«ithii)^ to cloak 
My. own onseem^y bareness^*' 

The Fox replied/ -•fE'«r wSUe I live 

My hrusli my own shall be j 
Wer't thrice as long^ I would oo( jg}^ 

A single inch to thee. ' ' 

Content thee, fool; for all, b^tWrei' 'i''* ' '" 

'* ' Who 'wish fo nralce 6r fitid - v^- '' ^ ^ -^ i <^ '/ 

^ '^'Atr Ape their fHe?nd;inay%cdlelil^d)J iv^lic; " ^ 

<>• ■>'f- -HwnaJPetJIietjBbehlad.-: /. .Vit;;' -jr: Jfii;. o.j '6if 

/f A garb appropriate to efvch bram *^ '' 

. ''*\\l)6lSTafufe's h'^5 o«sr«ri'; ' •/>' -m. •.'•.- 1^'> -.5'.^ 
•^- Ana niine'Vk biishy leh'grK 6f miii,'- '.* i • '' ■: :•:::: 
i / ''*^^Ab<! otter bareness^t&ine." .i.'kpj mj •.!.!: l.vj.w 
•''' "Thhss|«l^ft^}lft|t8r6iyiri»ri|flo<leris) c.;£n« o-^ji" c 
it.'i w i. U»lit<ibf poblic<:g:HBe»- :>. •* . /> . -, vj ^j • ;i t." -.-.if.-, ^ ^. 

^ pTi 

' ' - * * ^. A*rtrarigfer; and 1 toM iriWiif> ^ ''^ • ^ ''^'' • 

ON OBSERVING WnB:.irBtlT tine: JlKMg ON A 

tFron^,tb«v,?/i|ish >r fs&,.^ May ^ 9 .] 
^^ Wii» som^ gay 0ourtezHna qd^' ', * 

A caaf (ijf artri^ Ixet 6wt». V ' ' * y. 
But drop» old fedigr9e,.fi)^frig!tt| T / 
;p[^)ipt,la^ l^f ta (^nari^i^^^ 


.;..«ENTLfiMAN. . , . • 

»WOu IV. • ; 

[From the Chanip^R,May 22,] • " 

\f IT DKAR 17NCL& 

•^^ tailed to^y^fiu in my last leitcr, I determined 
not to quit tbe pMty, ahbough I took special care to 
keep at a respectii^l .<listaiiGe from those whom I bad 
soawkwardly eacoimteredt — I* The ices'are ei^cellent/* 
cried a young lady at n}y elbow. *^ Miiic are exeprable,''^ 
replied her neighiiour. ^* Ah !"..«aid'l to myself,.^* | 
bi«atbe again : berek^ at k9t^ aomethii]^' of wbicb 
we may unreservedly express our opiniontu Thank 
Heaven ! the ice has writ^n nothing; who tbied shall 
<leny that, at a blue stocking rout» ice il a real lux- 
uryi'* An interesting discussion at length conw 
tteOflM^mftd the learned (iff bo^ sexes^ with a 4v 

' • ajSpreciatr 

142 BLDk eniaLiiies. 

uppreciiitioii bf eacb olh^s ulenW^ became deeply en* 

^ged in the respective tneriu of watet 'imd ctedm 

icea^ only irarying the subject by occasional references 

to a dock opon the tnantlr-^iece, and inqipiries whe- 

tber^* shafffould'ctme*^ Upon every neihr jurrivai^ ail 

eyes were eagerly. turned to tbe door; and MU upon 

.eveff /«pr entrance, ' expressed repeated disafmoint- 

^inent. In this fidgety ae n s ol i Da * Miss Syntax fargefy 

^ ^gartioipated} ssaiHringlier gueatsy ^t the Baroness had 

e'poaitiveiy promisetl .^* to .coine;'^camt endeavouring, 

^hy tbe expression of the most confident hopes, to 

iMHI the murmurs of doubt and disappointment which 

began to pervade the roooi^ CohcludiiM; frim these 

' symptouis that som^ dtatlngoished femafe was esipect- 

i ied, I again had* recoiirie to Sable for informsticm* 

'* ^ You, doubdess,knowenougb>of the poli^world/' 

'^d' he, ^* ti be* awane that they, require tbe constant 

itrstimuliBS of novelty .t» wUeva them from the tasditim 

{HTQchiced by idtaesaf the great massconsist of that 


, f, . ■ ■■ ^ lazy, Idlliug sort, 

^ * tTnseen at church, at senate^ or at court, 

r.^ . ' Of ever H$d^ loiterers, that attend ' 

'.; ' Ng cause, no trust, no duty, and no friend.' . 

.These are hatintt;d by the incessant persecutions of 
the fiend Ennui — 

' /Ind by the everhstmg vawn pofifess' ' 
'ltieilkiiiisandpeiialties'<ifldlenesf^% . - 

Hence^ they will go through fire ami water 'to find 
•any thing that will make them open their eyes and 

look' about them ^ the chance of being squeezed to 

.death at ar crowded ^ai hamt^ they >lvlU gladly ^. 
..counter, for. the chance of getting a peep a* any «pe- 
T tue&of novelty j'-and theymll resolutely Bubntit to a 
; ^Tull routine or rtSuls^ to Aare at pcopfe^fot Whom tkey 

3o. not care a idt, rather thdn stay at home^ evett with 
' the jpersons' mey gdnetsdly love^ beat iii» the wMrib^ 


ihemsehes.^ Tkb Itterafy dabblers; vAto form four 
^fths of -every Wue stdclting ftsmnblsge-^ xould'nevt# 
endure its ikihiess, were it not ibr the hope bf eratfrM 
'^ing .their cariostty by the* dgbt of some iient'niAcS^ 
Aiyi^ wonder ; and it is therefiimhebusinesriif.'lhc 
^vcrs of sucb partiestorprov^, as 6fteii as poa^fe,' 
3 fl%«h jaekApo^ing to be atared at. Has an unknoMi^ 
and therefore tmelisinibilied young nian^ distingntshed 
Wtnself by a lacky.jniMcattOB^ happy is tbeifr^rwhb 
can first ^tiiold orhitn to bang htm tip infaei^roofli 
for the gaze of irer^oests. He tAriil hav^ the faantonr <if 
taking occasional pitlcbes of antrfffrom theToAn^kd 
boxes of ^rcysmg bid peers, he wiit^betaR^ to by tea« 
drinktng tabbies; handled by fustjrdOwag^s^'andstar^ 
at with all the pecuKar rudeness of: the! polite ^prM; 
^vho will obBgin^y^ conspire^ ni^t after higbt/ to rob 
binr of that which is most VahxaQe to e literary man«*^ 
his time and* his slodp. Let him hot rpt^somb' upoii 
these fri6n€% demonstrations^ for the itimt tir iflif% «a^ 
ercise of firiendsbip ^ should their golden calf be a oalf 
without gold, be may be arrested; without being able 
to procure bail, or raise a loan of five pounds among 
the whole. circle oT ftis fashionab|e| worshippers. They 
give hiip nothing but their notice, and' that Only so 
long as it serves to excite the idle curiosity of their 
visitors^ in a few months he is eclipsed by somo 
newer monster, and is tossed int6 dbnyion with the 
most supreme indifferehce; LamerrtaMe ' it is to re- 
ject, that many young men of genius, by thusimkihg 
shows of themselves^ become conspirators against 
theiK own respectability, and suffer tbemsielves to be 
^tuci up,' fike^ phppets in a batb^r'a window, to at- 
tract the attention of the numerous, nunlsctills who 
will run to gaze at any head better furnished than thefr 
<>wn» The very beasts at txeter 'Change are sirperior 
to such a degradation ; they are not voluntaiy agenffs 
^ Ih^ir dwft.«hibiuon; ahd are^ .a^imx, neuiaiierate^ 

two-l^ed wbgrn t hare heg\^iili;^i^^ 
9re Tain |o exhibit themselves to be st^r^.iMi^ yi^wd 
at |of » viere tea and ittrn-ouf • 
. ** The Moikf «r rath«r the IkmieMy whose arrival is so 
anxiously expcctecf by 4iie twetent eompahy, is by no 
i^Qjuoi qf this ephemeral eC|s^;. she is too extraordMa^ 
ft woQiaxiji bqth ^j^ her talents and history^ npt toencite 
It'peqna^nt .curiosity, and. ^wiU, probably. eoiitinuey 
dv^imh^r abode in ILoniion^ t9,forat the^o^ntn^ l^ipd 
Mvhid^^ ine /t^ stqckmgs l^'i)! /cipuiinvolvfh ...B^ 
ip^bj^ «^ the Suaan poreliod u^Iumik G^bliKia ^^ 
giiM in )^if l^(jmoiri^ . l>e hiatorian un^yofl^ .i)ed; &AfB 
Gj^oor^.to p4urtf, .i|x a fnnti^n &t of ^allautrv; ^^A,,ffmrt 
titudfiif U>. U>row huin^elf at her feet, . W^w U^ !Mft» 
puffioff upon the road, the. lauyb^d veryiets^n?)u xpirr 
lied JST. i^eekar, ,aiid t,he historian had the addiMM^l 
pioriidcaliou. of, Ending his dUappointpient ,|iijt^bid • 
into this dolorous djstjch;. . -> ..<.'i , , .• «. • 

* •'^'I i^mM o^ th# it^bttitalns on {>crrtK)9e Id'^tbsiik ft«>r/ * 

' And when I gottheitiilM'had married a baoker!* 

^^ Their daughter, Madame de S^— , has lately arrived 
in this country, and the panegyric in the Edinburgh 
Beview^' which preceded her appearance, has inflamed 
the rivalry of the bUtes to such a pitch, that, fbr the 
honour of the firsi shmv-off^ they are now furiously 
CQOibatting among themselves \ although their hmix* ? 
lities, I can a^isure you, deserve any name rather than 
that of a civil war* ' I know no authoress of whoni it 
may so truly be said, < qu*elU gafoit Fespfii gu*eUe 

* avoiif en vwUliU a^ir ce ^'efle n^cipoii fias.[ Qoa- 
scions of pc^siessing, gi^ater sjolidity of tbinkiogjthati 
ttSHafly fafls to tbe lot <>f temaksf she deems it bcoes* 
Mty to iport the p^nfomkl upon ihetnost «omtnofi oc- 
casimis^ mad fesi^ves every tbing inlo a theory npoit 
which she proceeds to systematize and j^^ralii^, until 

The' teikl^ Vecbyiire a ftylof'tnedip^ricsi ,] 
Tp^tf*^^*lWj>oft9^»rfbh of ray «p|wioir ttlcqfs^^ 
wbtWtf'bi WcftcbT^s— " *'/ '.' * y ' '' i\'' , /I 

A buzzliotv^ raii mtmd'the 'td6mVthe Jotig-otw^ 
vWtof etHereU/ s^ ilf . eyis were inaUbtiy fix«! upciii.^ 
her. So far from Appe^Lviu^ ^bastied, fb^ seaeped to ^ 
Idekvef&a tWs^rcctpibrtr^arf^ her cfcisitoicWairy^ hooMgeJf'^ 
a*d4avkig1aKh^»**c^tt.rrte i?p^ (^ of Artdwri^'^ 
a gfttit p«^ ^S*fcbttit»fty*had^1^ !jcki^^ 

piTip«ia?t^'t6''S<3^ trfkri^ 'strati^eliij^ikHraiibiifcd' her' w' 
mdc^ft tidtri^ ri^iciildusi though Vety e^ciisablfe nn$- ' 
tak«>,^atl'd^;fecaHcd' W :my recollettibb Stnpltett'i jiu-' ] 
n i ii #otiB ' ^eunt of the \Dufc^ 6f JMfewcastle's Icveei V*^ 
-^l^{ ftee^^^^if I«goon, I sbaltbr getting c^BicaT^*'! 
let Bie, thmfove^ hflsten to st^c^myiMtk tepufatVoii; '^ 
and ym^^ifmr^Mi^ix^ : - - ' - 

....- ,. I ¥okira>-&e»: :. *' .>'* * 

; ^ - .'.-/ , ,, V ! .".;'. ; ■ . "•• .X 

• ; CALAIS iBVH£R,FaiBi®,Pf lyasT.^^ r* r: 

. [From tf« win««J ju-* ■*■ -\ '.',;.•:. 
TyHENr wrote oaj^ last letter >yous!DarcexciaId.h«ve * 

Oii being so rapidly bof'd with a ^ecc^d 5 , ^ r 

Bc^ for waiit of post-horses we caonot proceed^ ti i 

As tbeKing and his saite have engag'd all the breed 3 . *' , 
So I W nothing; tb dtt hut to sfcrlbhle aft-daV, ^r 

i^^jftjOirir f<^fir^, asa'Pi^chftia»%otila » .i^i 

ReMccsy irhotfrtitindit a'l6fttn^ conRteibtf r^i :; 

Of aUj|heiMhe»t|^:«te'i[Mth»il{M^ - >^ 

And who4i9U»iMp<2r bodies 8hoald.ii0'Br»afa» a mm": ^ 
>™»t,^^ . _.'* ^ .•;•:: • •...'- ' '. .. -f.::- 
Withoot a qinck e^ to our mental iinproremetit^ 
vouKYiiu *•' a ' Doe' 

WkhquettjoDs of 4oep ()(titk)«9^lcat'aiai|t^t8^A' ,n\ i A 
1[>lks of piilaM Cor1»thV<^, QocVipDsite^'QDrksy:'' ^-^i^ ^^ j ^ 
Of bjrdit^en,<bsyged'gM;nfl«f caloric i >•: ... 

Aski If <>ilaii#4i^Hra)lMrilllMMtaatts md wiuit) ' 
The strata of ibatt^ulwiHtiiflm»4naiMi r .t < ' .. 

Inquires the addreas -of ftotne leanved ^iiviuil^ • v ' 

Lnd %htsfl flieJrffcj$ly\rith^'^J/fl<ftfw<j;^* and •^Cbmiiat/r 
Andli<ji<t«pth^t^*^hbaWe>s, their fiattds^ vnd tfaehr ejres/ 
Wkb«hegemilD«^A^ticMfiled«tA«^Bf'«]iprMe, ' '" ' 
Etchnri^i-^''>MMI-, f'9«6fh?ii*i»irteriati^|ra€tf v. -:. -^v' -<-- 
tiave not half Ae.a^taMM^* «rMy{ii|.|^^ 

As to Vkide; hfe foubfea th« fiMntitigliw^ * " ~ ) ^<» - * 
Id ttrolliag the market-piaeei niiiipam» m^^^ay^f ..:... 

^ But halts at the butcher^s^ not far (^nota fOur siroer^ 

Where be never seems* wea¥y of quit^ogithe iiieat« 
Swears thaJfPllaraoh himself could not patiently dioe ' ' 
On'fdbd'so'nitich ieaiief than ^11 his te0V)*kine; ' ;^ ^ '* 
Tells the mett, ^Ifh a gtteWng^%ofiterttj5*i*6^lB stftflei'^ ' 
Not to*;*t^ib4ft6dl^Hllt/'!^*e^^<WlSJ*d^ ^NK^i r 

And when Beccy or Jpt Al i W>iW a<iy<»dtfiylaii8?^viM,. ^,o i. i/t 
Of the plilce or tle^)M)6f>G^,^o^'T^eDiltM W^piriM^ -x^A 

How easy *t would ^^fcttkfie the dteS^tt, ' . ' • -^ • 
He bellows— 'f Why, d-^ it, wh^t ean yc^'ettpekt'' - 
Froin riscals df whom, f wotld ^ag«r ^^tt -' '^•^"^ ^ 
Nokoiife ktit>w« the'meamttg of grtvy or #ik!^* > • • t^ . 

Onrihfhf ytA»yS\ 1 Ve a^en ^Ihcei Jdbided'iA f^n^ -f ^ 
Has banisWildbr e«i^-ai|^ lfc*«^ of MUtoMdef-^ J^i -^ i \* 
For the ftble of*ttJost ^dfilheiw^ortoitddBly rQna '> ^'i- 
UpoD ctmvents. and cioi^tersi and beatiti^ liiiiisf • t ) ^ « x 
And when I got theife I -^xpecte^ t(^dt)d •• ^ " 

The visions codfifm^ Yh^t'had hatniledraiyiQtoid^s i - ■ - 
The building., some ivied ^igh-turrc^ed iki^uudr . *' 
With hi:^e tnasay ^alls all enceupftsiTdM^aml f .^'- -* ^ 
A g'atd^'n of eypreifti #hie«e'fuoteral gloom - • ♦ - -i* » '' 
Hung dark oyf the' vtctlkns <Haf itf*d m ita tottih^^i ^ j L. ^ 
Young beau^^i whos^ featureia beffm*d iVveiy, th^o^;^^^^ 
Through ib^s uiifelehtiag:desiroyer-**tlje wi*;». ^ m.j •.'. 
Some CQuntiog t^etfbeads as they -ponder^ ak|i£^ •- ,- > * ' 
Or chanting «ome iiuljerti iw ^terty soogf 5 
Some steajii^i;, at.nudnigfat'a.loDgnechomg bell^ 
QCL.^ptoeJ'^away from their j^enolate cell, . .. . ^ 

. dfiClMD ^MMPrmi FROM < CMc4UI. Jl4f 

To {»acc^{iil^aN)b^«be*hb of <iih&i«p<>tiHgbjtii idke (ih(ldM« ^ /r 
An<i parley. with:to»«i1»i».aQ&4^oa4«5lt .i -.». .1) z'' 
Sucb convent*^ a^theae having t^^keil flttitrpif^! ^^ o ^yl ,.1 
Imagine, d^ar girl, my^.mrpfiSG md.dlu^,^. \;,. 10 
Wbeaa cf»]|«iQnfi>ld^Q> .Huwblerdpwn&iMel feeJieW*:?/^ 
Wbich all my tonMuijhk OQ9ioept|Ol()»dup^^.^ f.- :i; f,H^ 
No ivy-crown*dH«u!re(9'«ppe&H9g loiscpwi .= - ^ r >.£.;,»: 
O'eP'tfae ratBpaits belaw, and. of course no^ aq 9«fl i ^ A^. 
Tbe^ardon more fruitful in cabbage jtbaft#ii9<j^,:. . .^ .. ,^ 
And the ni^a^,^ f^V^ckiimt fif m9iy liA^, v^ds [ 
On whom Death himself ncem^d i^willing to ^isf, / . , r 
AB4-tfc^^oqi>gfiit Qmoiig tliem was sixty pi least l! . 1 i 
I bad ne'er, tp xny kiiowl^ge, a jot of oua's fle^, y /, 
But this 'b99t.9Vfl^en*d mfiJiorror afresh i 
And thoi:^ X iq geUiog a husbaod qaaj fail^. . /: .' ; [ 
I'drat|ii^»%^fcftppifiaQ, oay iasxp lh«o the veiU , . m „ ?, 
'Mid^tjh^ i^isi|;ofs here, I bare tpet one of two« . ,/ ,< ^ 
Whom at R^mG@at^, last.sumpaer, mq Icith of u^^fep^w ;< ^ 
Sir WHlf^m csm&'hm^ m his eicg<)jut ysioiii, , / , , > 
Which prQ«d^fqoi»veyft4iun.«db«ref80)c>.to,be.goL. .^^? 
Not possessiogi»:^i|r putriciim «k# : . • ; 

Aad d«e9s'd^;]ikeiiifiwei|:»-*# la fi^.^'4^g\sterrt^ .,^ , .t > 
Loose trow8ers-^b«t ^ whlte^shjij^-TpaBd Jiia oect . ^. , J^^ 
I'Oosely.bjHwdiqr/a saiW ., :,\ 

No wonder \hf gu^^wbep be stoutly w^ pressing , , j^ 
For a place Tn tto ball,. w|ierd the mayor was addresising y^ 
"^^e Kiag^Sti a; spciecb, .of whose silbstante, perlu^i^ \ 
My next may C9avfly yom some lauj^ahle scraps, ; /^T 
PashM bifn ^i^ wif h a lbousan4 pardU ancf JB^vijeviy 7 
Aod lovin^f^A^bi^ mpftlBet lofKimmel his^hoegf, ... . , ^ 
Icouldn*tbdplai«hlpgs'ftir»eirwjSirBUly. . .., ^ 

Howerer, ^lioflfeei cw^t.^aiidtbpir^^^ , 

who bad t^Hsa^Vfih ps^n^ jUt ^vancc^ M» lelard. 
When inform'd wbpibe wa$, fnadie ^9^1^ to tj)e ^au4i \ 
Andexprfijfe'^for.hls <^HJ^i»9t^i?qriigrr,pc9fQn^ . , ^' 

K^ohgb. <if Sir WBHawu' »y dear r •* 4nd cn<Mj|gb^*V >* 
Metkmfes yoiti exclaim^ j^^^^f thtsi^oasjpif^ siiiff.*! 
Weg, JeiH^r,i«eicn«<)ibis<,4r4diQMl<if^^ » » 

« iwpes that t^b^ ja«xl »ay *e j*Qrtpr #|tt4 l^eslU^ . r •, 

(148 V * 


iNSi'ANT.' ' ,..":'■ '':' ''\ 

.[f^f^W^l^c Mominf^ClironicIc; May'27.] ' ' '* ' 

^ * To wliom fame »uf>i>Ues riches^ aai Bkkes give fitnpl 


[From the Chaoipioo, Maj 29.] .<..-, u ;. 

And* tbvs fsir h^yiog suudi'd it, licre be wil^ them^ .... . , 

MR. EDITOR, ' ••.'-» ^i\% 

' TVEING this oiormnff at l)Teakfart; T had jdrtiMcm 

,: Aip the Morning Herald with one liandj, wben;nty 

^^1>uttcred roll dropped suddenly from the o^ef/*M'l 

!.f«t<;uded my fingers in ao flttilode corrtnpoadi/tt^yi^ 

^'ihe surprise I felt at the atghr of a btt^e and'rinMilSir 

^'engraving. * I at ^m t(iok it ftfr a* pig m a ^k^^^iM 

^ afterwards for the man in the iron tnaak J hiiV, wp- 

jfiising.lhe description, I discovered thAt ft pnt^oWWd 

tp be a tvoman*s head in it straw hnnei. ft prbRisfed 

^ Jo tepyesent a Parisian belle^ but more cteiely V^b^- 

'^afnteili a^iv^ing-^ll; and^ althoii^n the ttijgedmos 

, ecjitof, assures us, (hat il is SLjac-sfmile of a cpfrecl 

flfawing» transmitted byt bis corropondent at Pdris, 

I am inclined to think that he has literally obeyed tfty 

,xoplto, atid has not only presented his boi&net^' btit 

sireicM tU Pe this as it tnay, I am well assttted that 

tbe^uccej^s which has attended hi^ exertions, Jii flhr- 

pi:dringsoU^ and, instructive inforriiation \fShh reaS^fs^ 

//!ij{K>(i'^^()is, and other equally momentous subjects, t)as 

/excitpdng small jealousy attioM his brother joiimjiU 

I ists^'apd taoi therefore oarticurarly happy in etiabKng 

_ thi ^J^atppiot^'^ riyal,^ if hot to eclipse, his interesu 

^JJig represe«Vaii6n, ' liefewith. Sir, yoU wiH' rktivt 

^ /tffi-sifliAh> .V^napiittcd by my correspondent at Am- 
^fcr^i^^^f A jfei|,6f Z)tt^tA br^eehjS9,' made exproisly 
for the S6vcre.^rt Prince of thfe Netherlands, and to 
be worn by His Bpyal Highness at ihe appfcM^chbg ce« 
recnony of taking his seat dpon ihe throne of his an« 
cjfstprs. You may rely upon Its acctir'acy, as it cat^^e 
^rec^ fron* the tatlor who mai>ijfactorerf the liteeches; 
and I would also ba»re .banded you a drawing of rfae 
goose which assisted in their preparation, nut rhis* 
has unfortimatety been foiresianiid foi' ttte use of the 
Herald. « ' 

Now that prelimmaries of peac<^ are piPobaWfy signed, 

it wjU ^(4, 1 hope, be*tfaotight, that the publication of 

the enclosed ean have any tendency to widen the 

4^%:^bfeiwefn the t,wQ couatries KP^ i^ ^])^yl^ ^ 

'^^(W^Mform.aa interesting siudy to ajtl yoMj? r^^jers, 

|iH(]^^}fpur paper sbQuU happen to travel as far as 

iW^jWlJ-%.' Th'x^ SiXf U po trifliog nia^er of ^iseudsiSu 

:^5iiqiiiiy»^,. When ^e refi^ot on the t^rorsedtaited 

:^pSn the \jfq4d by tht^sans^culoile^y weneedjiok%on- 

^^.4|^&^ jkii^.ap^ pnnoQS sbojuldbeanxions to'g^^^^ 

t^bpttoi^ pf the subject, tfiat they may prdyWei^'fey 

art^f)j^ pf a fan^iomenUtil mt^re, agaln^ thcr reciiV- 

t^WJe of , a^imUar calamity, This has, ho^do^iabt. tn- 

,WWiqf¥J W Sovereign Prince of the NelK^H^^V^W 

: ^^ f >?i!pA? frojnsion whiclv as you will see, be ..Ifiaa 

PW^Cj iQ this aaltilary effect — a provision that seeihS' 

. wi^^^pflBqient tpeipbrace ijip twojgrand oW'ects Wl^^ 

; dcn^j^ity for the past, and siecurity for the future/'; '" 

J ,. |,tfj|^ it for granied^ that these capaciods in^pres- 

^{Ks? W>U qviwy be f^hionable in EjaglanJ : ind^edy 

, wymnst pecessarily have eome-i^ a few years a^,. 

rjyi§,i^n adiyijpistration tfeen projecthig tipona broail 

;baf^'j buit tlie seat pftimour being obtsliiied by idif- 

:> &Ctti|;;,sct, other m^<)[i»r^^ became 'necessary'. To ydu^ 

jaftfcj^adieiTa I need npaij^e ilo apology for mv t^gfri 

are generally ambitioui of wearing^ I hav^^ li<>' itibM 
tfaev f|i}t:%1.^9p»«L'We8 iadebteU to^ ' *j 

• Sir, yoim^ &c^ . 
Tkreadneedle Streeij Hosisk'fS GifOir^ 
Saturday, Majf^u- ' . » ' , k i ^ 

We are inBnitcIy q|)1i£;ed to our cerres^ondent : mi 
really .tW. liinita of our ^paper are insufEcient to at^w 
us to ^ive his iotereatiiig /ac-smi^« The br^hj&s{of 
the Prince f small clothes we would wiUiiigly ^y^ but 
cannot, with any propriety) would spread tneif ia«fipla 
extent overhiro such sheets as ours< Em? 


fProriitliesAtfw.}' -. ; ^ '• ''^ ' 
^ fVe Atf #ooY(l ffte deaf of eaty fhoit fey liis fin^ef' 4lf^^rif 
i ahcmth, and keqp Ms band otat df eht mi^J^J* , L'SrtiUtfMH 

nPH* aij^iB^M sMes mct^ io grave divih, ' r 

< -^ To sifi tho.tnilfty jod acniftiobie fbe pkiO'^ . -, « 

* Ppnd'fing. tb^y. sate^ at ai^iters j(>i fate, . ,, . . ^/ ^ ' 

And Wisdom gmded.ali the deep debate.-- ,, . /. ^-i ; 
. iS^rauicra first arose, whose solemaffown* ,*. '. ' ' 

Appals the waud*ring houris of the town, * '' . 

: -. " J ■ ■ iTrr- ^* , Y 

■ • A teriooi/ritftfs broke out dn Friday ta ttaa itiMS'ite »Ml^N«wBass 

Mice Committeii) between Sir J S*'-^-^ maaJbef Cm tlic «wilro-v 

polls, an(l«1l|r.. U^^ S*«^-r» nicmber for the coumy ;^ j9-«^. 
Something, whid) fell m the e)o4|uehce of the ^rtby Barojnet, j^ad" 
io sodden and ie voce aaeflbct upon the feeling;; of the xndtahetjott 
S ■ ■■ » tbac, jffantin^ wofds for replicatioo^ he seized upon a large 
leaden inkicand, and let^yat the head of the Warsf>i{^ Atd^rmbn,^ 
Thit iigate of ilietoric produced «6 lAstatttaneoos an eihst vpcm ^e 
vofihy AlddrmaiirWaiDi bjt a iJoflinrrilaak> ciMq?rdt^f^\iPf li^t^iie^ 
ipihMmm, ae^Mlaiipihei.leadfifiriBifi^Uf aiid/iuog.itaV^ft^Cfff<^ 
the Qtkaf.taipfi^^hle member, who was e^jiwtlv fortunate in escs^rng 
(he Mu ' No other' accident occU'rYdd at th^ thbment^ iave a coAsiw 
dMi^le flfaare^ wA^kheOv #hich f^ tnMiaUjrte'Uir'otilffiiM-v^ilt 
Ml Uus ^raofdHiailyyieciKii^i G«na;M.lfa*afr^liasliti^jnai«l(l^ 
aiidl|ioi^4Mt#iemthriK>^ombatantSy received most of the htk that' 
fUWOd frcQl th^tWO fly il^ tokSlaMn. ■•■ Mwrnn^ .lf«rmii 

«^-» i. a And 

To uotrcx) siieiDCe and upl^ceos d gloom. .... 
Grave was bis mahner, though' Ms kp^ed^ w^s'loisle^ 
And lofty periods led W\o^ db^se. 

'Wliliitr iu vortex frieads ot ZeiMm SAtAr 
; jBiacMeoi upriMng lo his aqH of blaeki^ 

1S3^ Shah imfoUs Ina kMigitoAe of badc> 
' Whfle iigbtniogs, flasbf^^ iroro bi4 ^efl^ evprar^.- « / 

''The tempest gflthMng 10 bit pompoot bmtu ; 

f^Dvarying ftiead oim^ ^j a n fitkicr, 
-'ilfVtote'er bis bafoits, doctrine, of career^ ^ .; ^ ,. , 

lUbcenld hebroolc aa M^sexit ffieiill'to diH^qi^/ * - , , 

Unless, indee4j ^k^ifiiead uwt^mU qf fiace. 

Boldly he spoke, without remoTM or ruth, .« - 

- Slheu Cpword. plQs*d be^ eyeB> and upward fie^ ^ * , 
^ J^nd txavsaoQ Foty govern*^ jo her steads. 

' With' tatapultine arm 5ffiiiR(^httHs f .' 

; A.pond'ron$ inkstand at thi ZemiirB evtrh | 
,%J^/,1»in ibqrfndnia'gberiiBpul^ - • .1 

i Sar from^ ibe dsstin'd bead tbe fniasne Bh r * 

Th' assembled sa^es dikjc* aiid'dite> aiidUlfiki - % 
. !I?oiaa^ their scim&'dpdejes from lead and ink. 
Although the stand no kindred bent betfBya^ 
Tbe symf^tbetre ink itg powV driplmr», ♦ * . :* 
For, lo! the 2[emiiBln.hi&straintfig hand ' 
-iSxaspjj^ to retort^ an overflowing sitand, ^' A 

rtAody as be ve9xs^ bis rapid arm. tp tlxro)ir, , ^ "^ mTa '• 

- ikdoWti hk powder'd pate the cgif tents flow.^ ! .. V ^ • 
"St^ft ttirtjiflgh^ tb^^ alrit spreads its leaden vtritkp^ ., 

' Streams as it flTe*,' and as Ir clrcfes* «ing^ 5' ' U r : 

But, as if consdoos of its shaftar'd rfigh't,' "./"'' '"' 
If ,«o tbe sujyerje scull it specj its flight, . ^ ' / \ .\ ; 

- Seeks on ii sqjfTer ehemy to fall, . . .u '..,. T ' L.l ' .. 

- And si^ends its bapmlesft fury on ikeiv^U./ . ". !.^) / 
Again tbe sages bob, attd 'ihrog; atld shrink* 

Via > B 4 -..-... 

1m THB BATTLS or TI» I!«KSTA1ID8. ^ 

If the abore wcit ti«t\a AlSj^ment tfllA' #teitt <S f€ pic 
poem, we should imagiAi^ fhitt (t^ ^thbr' riti^lm^ to 
celebrate the conHrct* t^^t i^ently^ t<^<4Cjptac| '^ no 
le«s dignifi^ffround*thaji tfc^t 9T'a'.d!Qin.TOtiwfe^ 
of the H^ 6f C--~>: ' WlE WH^^.tfiifd/'^CAllfipScan 
judges arggiqg.|i pwl^of JaMTi hywkqh.mmik%^Ai^Jnk' 
stands ; but'we iMli^ve 4he«piaibod 4a bat Awu tdtro- 
duced among Briiisb's^ttaloNi. - •' -; i. « . >^ » £'i^. 


T HAW^v^'Witb umk^i1Bwt3i1\y; pkiSXa^f^k^ 
-*- friend Momus^ wKooohstarttly it^^e^A (At com- 
mitiees, and who, on the present occasiop, had ^is 
waistcoat an4 paVitaWnsspoHedMn fits coup iry^a.^y^ 
vice, to favour me ti^ith anaMiheniiccopy gf ^he*nie- 
niorabie Battle of the ' Inkstands ^ for which, I am 
sure, I deserve the public thahks. t <* 

•' Yoiirs, i '.; , A Constant RpAimii. 


Bella I borrida Belial * ■ Z 

I siir« of a hattle, without sword piv.^re> > 
*Twixt a Knight of a citv^ and Kniahi of a shire ; 
Id Di|mbers short, O^us^! declaie, .^ _ . ,j ,,„i 
Who these redoubled chanQpipi)^ wefe, 
* iVho, gravely sitting iu debate, . , ., . \. r 
Torn'd arguments to deadly hajte ! ., 

*' PShawT cries the Muse, *' ,1 must fiol^tell-r ,^ j^ 
Some^neor. allusion does as wrfl ^ , ^ .^ . ^,. 
For, as tbey both are styl'd M. P. ' 
. To speak more plain migh^ libel be ^ 
Therefore I will concealihe uamb, ' ' J ^ 

And yet transmit their deeds tfeTanSe?*' ^ ^'**^; 
Chy/ enrag-d, ta Cdunty cnK ' '^•- '•^-' ^'•^ ^^ . 
' ^^ Your statements are conlbimded lies !" 

jt V Coaiiiy, 


^ .zr^^kn-^u V r -. J "- ^ ^nr ^fT 

Coaoij, not taking time to tbink^ 

J h^^rd It ?it th* 9ggres«)i'« carp . ^ n ^ ;. ! . ; ; 

^hes^Mestreams^a disjfiuH^ht ! ,, . .^,>.)> 

- '»^W^%J^cotfVbtacK tLal once wcri Wblfe 1 " ., • , '.,. 

'''"^[/tti«thetty«tini<tei%'feJtH^Srift, - ^ '' " 

•MI^«*t,t}*te tir^Httoaifoaiiiertir' ' \ ' 

. iiBatvMfe/lwii Ms dotlitift-^fiof hdatf^ ' - " ' ; ' 

F(t each was made of >9*ttlNa^ Mif/ > - iht.'i^ 

JiToy 22. • MoMVs» 

T)r £hgiisn modes for feisbions /f^a^gf^ , ., 

What^ when her aoni renown have woi^ 
^ IS kfrdnl'ahns;. and prondlj shone ' 

A pattern to the n^ons« , ^ . 

Shall England's recreant daughters kneel 
At Gallic shrines, and stoop to steal. 

Fantastic limofBtnHMr I > v.^ 

. 'ii»v ' , • ; ' •'' *' ■ -^ 

Yoor iasiiions now aantnOlale^ / 
. Yoor virtues ^nd yoot duties : 
With all the dignity of Rome^ 
The Gr^ian^gtabes find ff home 

In England's cUi^ic heautieft. . \^ , ; , 

When we behold 39 fit a Mtunpfi^^^-l/j . • . r/ j 

f>- r 

■ I o* 

We deem its inmate all iivif} 


W- -' '"''' -^"^ ''*( 

And thoi:^hts lk;e^tio4ia i;^d[^^^t .1. v.* .^ )- 

ii4 KAf^Ltin^m^nigx* ^ 

But if the case' h6 tsiitehti, "tvUa,' 
Grotesque and gliripg^^we conclude 

It Ju4^ fpo^ )**ortbless idoU ,,, -^ *^ ,, yr 

Let Gai]]a*8 03nitphf.()f .ttpdetti «mi4jH r.. . lu i-. 
To eVeiy wiId.eAtfiine,iDettttf(lr ''^i v*- b<) :.(i/ 

Their laIliog|i let tbeir raodee fnpieil^i ^^.^* *i ^ 
1 "from simpleDest of lool aod ^seis . v . -> l ,0 %; v « 
* * For ever equt«d[]«i«it 

. . .. -"J ^ri."^ ^'^' . .• ' .: 
To-day, NapoleQM's servile seU. , ., . i 
. in roolKtrbos bonnets they coquet, . t ^ 

^ T!ie sHBiisi^ ihe «BIyf " ^ ' ' ^ ^ ^ *^ • ) 

The King eppe&rs^ what raptures fltmt*^ '* ^ 
• Tl|ftgie»MMiMtiyia'WaMii-lali> -oi /r mr v 
AliWitwitiiiwiiiyi - >• .- • -» >4.. ••^*.- 
• i: '^e^to-yddralMnd^cfilp'pert,: .' .--^^-^ i -^ 
•0. Jjit«l«d enlr^qwe .of V every s<]ft- .m-i '^.-•.- /: - 

With steady scom be treHted $ ! ; i 

. . Nor, by art> oaodish foUies* mar . .. 

Tt^e 8wee^e«t» loreliest work by fai 
r That Natwe has conpleied; 

Tor O Mf> in the world's widie ronnd^^ 

One peerless objeet ttiay be foond, " * * 

" A something roorethan hmoini ' ' * '' ''^ 
The ibokleu paragon cottfeas'd, 
JMay m one liner be ril'^iqpeeai?^*^ - i*--^^ >• 
A wBLL-»SBas'«^ boxass W^ 

[From ilie MoriHii^ Foit> Jena 9 J 
TOY to thie weridi the tymot re^na no oiei«( 
^ Go» view hia prostrate fonii on Elbi^a shoiiei . ^ 
Where he shall owq>, wbtle brooding 6>6t the pai^'^ 
His Jge qf Jrofi}* is arriv'df at last. ^ ?.. 

Hint. ' *- 

* Elba is famous for its iron-aaiDCS* 


•*^ OWIB* *MMEb-^ v-vW* '\ 

" [ITrtm the sime.J ' ' ' ' " ' - i^*'^ 
]Lj'OURN »ot/ tfapbleon, that ttb tti<rfo *' 
■"•*' The crown ofiron/vfhSch yoa woi^ 

fflbaBdeck'yottidrobpingha4'''^ ^ ' ' ^ 
The iMiitiT taBObiei^Rkv to wmghfh^^ ' ^^ > t * 
Ccwipmr'd with what yow^«MiM*iMgb<W 
..AiiM»)RilriiiiMd<^ '» ^' . 


fPVom the' MofiliAi|; H^fiU; Jtiht f.y | ' 

TIE know» hixi littTe,,'who has not perceived th^t 
^* Lord Bywf^^Mosi^ » a Mt^eoSfire! . H^qce 
that s^iUafider-lfke'aiitfSAUi^ wfaitk bit LoitfoMp 
po««c8s4s ot^ the ispefcr -pirV o^ - ttiepkittd^ entbKng 
t^ ^methnes Iq Kent n ifonftagration, ttth in hit 
sl^pyMd it may nitofaliy adeouiit fcrim bein^^^r- 
miy one of the first viaitors of tio»e tallatnltDtMiIapce- 

He cao lecoti^' wHh tlfe uttM^ flu^ff fbe rise 
and progre^ cfcVery niembrabte^etfiat Ibi hap- 
pened within the biHt of noortaKty for th6 last twenty 
yeara; and 'though< the elevation of .his.r^k exetaptt 
bim on these, oc^a^ps ifQin' nandin^ . 4 bycket .or 
teking a speU* at an ^Jf^y^^/ii^ eaa.gikve a most cor* 
lect reiocit oif the J^m^mkmti^Ji^ a i tdngr leqfiained 
^iele$4 ftnd ihoftumun-nifftimak tmmifiimmvMk the 
^tmosLvialMMie.^ OvrNobfe^Bafd ww'of course at 
Us post at tbe tate coh.flagrdti<i^ at the Gtt^om H(ms& 
^ London^ where, froni^ the cool command which he 
F*»iNs«ei:b«erliW%iifigiloti^^h€s^ t^caikfas, be was 
enabled to contemplate its dreadful s^nes, not wttb 
^he eye of ^mambtt JttmMurn, boi'wfth » itiinll ca^ 
pacious enough to eMbrace amAtecdnlthi^ varioii^ in. 
«ideiits of ihcHi^t. 'This htf has pjBff<*cted iiij Four 
^^^fil* under tht apjyri^atc titlt of ^ donjflifgra'- 
- * ad timP 

i|^ LQMKMr^OMiaeMW flonco j 

nuscn)M» -^m^/^^m Hnf^H to 4>faii<Mnor mwAptfjf^ 
sublime i having tj^p jf^idTacrK>n ^l Usf ^f^^J^s^Ao 

a fe)v.g|os8|iry couplets by.Mr.^Saoajael ll-r^w, ia 
cTasftical lllusirauom The first Caoio opena £odyo^ 

tbas: , _ _^ ; ' ; ."^'_'"' 

— " fierce Conflagration ) Empress of the ^ighs^ 
Whose lamfceot fianies cbafoiind jDoy's^urjuiil; light^ . ^ 
Oond in ber cpnm (I)>PfaJ^ af&igb(^,»4fof9>ii 
.Nor let Sb('f/a4^tfit.befi(^^,8ppc|H:^f x^Q9»^n?!'., 4. rf^ -. 
Chaste l^rhiqUi]^^ W'^* ,r*»,"* rr t', „., i; ;, , i v 

*«!* ft !?^4 cwjpprxakJ .g^iic%..|it |h^,;^^ 
ppwef,,Viayo};es^,jafl4 tbms bq^ly^JcpipUi^t^flfiA^** 

/«^<< &9e> vrbiia Aanitig ^\»\ and baiki thef cadi fcii lie. 

.Agaai|b4t)t^!(ept«p|e«€!fthi»F^Uk'#tiNsbi>.:: r a'. «(:; i^ 

.^Mmtmcheo/f^j M'^ni^.^fftsJ Ji^tuh-^m^ nun i-^'. 

Rqii/^niffiS^ 8;jd mlow, ftopitl^p gulf o{i^»». .,^ ,, ^^ ^j,,, 

t)i(, ifzwtf, and o^ves,' meet' for noah*s gbodcheerj * 

• AH Ifeft' witli j^j to* fol and peHsh Aere. ' *^' *; 

Bonded b/'pw^yj-.drtr^^g piHa.^ ). v ' .^ i Rr>i.r 
'Io4i«t«aeHr>b(»d»^.wfi»s^H«^ioM ' ' 

Andraa^Ai mavaAMrVdy-nearirinit^^ *■ 

With ovci^elj, li^ifrelib^-G^faM^waMtetjiaiiidti^Jbii t 

CoiiiiNwMfleSiW^H-siiiar/d ftawDocI;^ on.Ai^e^; • /i; f^. .i .' 
.And on tl\y al^ta|p,. pow/?a|r^(i/|oa-;-bla»je ! V ., ,^^^ .. ^^: 

vTlt thift.avGiif(e4» ibe^ buppiefit Apofl^opbe^ui f^drnxi 

,t>^...,»*«< jtiTat^t tfaisiglori0aB8amifii»rtte -) . ir 

P^)4i|P9'of«fcMim^t9 niHsictadlradB^ sn : ^ t^vu) » ^^-t.^ix- 
.,.Xtoi.we9f*»atiooV,iparitiei:.Nght,sail . ^ > n ^ • fvl 

rM?i»^ jbarer ina prospwpi^nsgleJZj ^.CJ , Jt/l 


vHioittlie re6rc^A'(4 ^kk"' tlie mo$t ih'teriestea'^ji^laloi'g 
oTf he growmg scene — 

— " Sun-FJre-i-Atka-^Alhiop— Hind in Hand-i^ V ' 

Royi»l Sxehat]^, *nekth Greshfto^^s g^den faidi^ ': '^ / 
And the vasfSlbt* that should prefect ttt all; ' ^- " ^^ 
Theae viewed tbe tacrtflce In pfospYoas IJgbf, -'* • \ ^ 
And chuckled p^49r Ibe God-Mmds df tbv^ht ! '^ "^ / 

'^t'hftlasV Canto txhfbitt soUbe of th€*'fWi«5i6lttAt>f 
ii^'SckM'tf ttemin fit' thtir Jiet4regr dims r Aie fl66W 
nMHIrdwhig ttaence fafa Ftftroafritte cbtiddstod, tiat^ 
'^Hifkiiteih^hiHii'figbtJ^* - IltKlej-tbis iittptesifori,' ttb' 
doubt, h« was enabled to contetrlpfote thii'p^ifloaii^ 
sitijMim^Hhetmo )iiiiiaM«Dliidtw4ti tin liiikhiF'df'tbe 
flttnia^ And tb« ^toffM^ MM ^''l«H^^l4f»Mlir mM^ 
lin, ^i<h 8'tra¥kqlkilHty ofl^likl tti^ ^fdtBln^ Aibit'or 
tbft phUosuphyof the n^w scKooh could poi8ibfy^^ott»» 
nNmdl Hence be itiight probably have 4^rawti I^is 
conclusion ii\ the following UqeSi^ tbat female iiaqi- 
£ce8* are always deetue4 tbe most ei^piatory ; : 

'^ \V1ietii«rtDii Gfeeian shore we dro^n^ or kill'^«m« 

Or<>nTh3mtt»'m«Aldyba|ik>^ebmi)j <Mr grill *^ 

Theei^atocy rite is sore to^ 'please ; 

Thoqgh/ojr MwM ofiMogs best^H^ €M»$tppemC^^' 

We have given. failhfullj^,' as ouf tnemofy would 
ter^i ^ above ^tracts from this thatchless' Mpic, 
tvbich naturally excites universal curiosity; and th^ 
publication; p£ vfaicfav .it> .»eihs^ only -^^ails for -the 
dark lantern annol^iofia wilth whiefe' Mt# Atiatr^ 
M-r-re has kindlj^ pt^oinbiki to^^gri^ tti«')miffOO' 
Poem of CONFLAG»Antrttii-^ i ^^ ' ^ ^^ ^Cr^^^ 


THERE i«dl^S«ekill a "A^f^ M>t!ib^^ 
• £xUtfi«-ki His ftUii^RUilUujjr'*' '<*)'< ■ 
WhjdulhebaoUkhklovhigfrisoplld,;* ^ 
Wbo crowded tvtry faQme aod stoepk^ 
Hedge and trae, and gate^hod ^tilt^. , . 
Aleag the road, ft>r liiiiAf a* mOe f 
Ah! wby porsoe a priirate road, ' ' c " t 
ikHa not tile wiih%Mnrtii#b« afiiik^> ^ 
Base J&iay aa^s, '' Thf tmtk m ibm^ 
HeS9ar*4«ai» naivafial — ^-r*.*^ ' ,....>« 

• -. " — rr^ — ■-« ^^ 

1 LATELY met with OieifiielpaQd mf tn^kvi bti^ 
^. lad, of which I can. find »o meiilMfi «hher in Dc» 
Beicy'a Rcliquea> cr fivana'a or iJ>i>aoB>>Oaito Wi owg* 
Ita anility I inter froin itB-4Mtt&Mg«^iky9..wJbioh> 
howeveis I have avoderolaidy and kavfiveotoiwd to- 
ooak a few ifiiiK)d«ciory «msiaw^i4todi itiftipal tfffxaati 
eiaential to tbe atorjr.^:— If y0i» ibiak k watUd affgnl 
aoy» aot anc a aen t to youf ^adttra^ it ia» tmi^ at fpuM 
atmiqe^ ' Youra^ &c» 'ALtaBBu 


TO HIS wn*. 

' Vart the flrsx. 

TiMiir CoTQ^flA'a Qnke^ at thiis ralia||^ 

Began to grieve fbll 8or&; . / 

* And while his eyneWe^e dim ^ith*brin^> 

A solemu b^ he swote^ ''* ' ' ^ / /- 

*» Already twice,!, I do c&tifete, ' • 

You have WKh store 'of gold' ' '"'• ''' * ;'"'* 
- Defray*^ arrdars ^hfch iti ^w yearft 

- Were grievous to behoM«. - . t . o J I i .:• . i 

ttJKJBL OP caffKWAiif tf 4i&nr}ff to an inre.> ig^ 
««ODiBeiiB9-fgriitti4*IV>*tinrpqBSiai!» ^ 

" My pranks ju^ ibad^ ut coat so sad; 

Your vaksa^s 8<ve. did me ; 
For Bill and Bit, they paid with sweat; . 

And labtnir of tli^ brOw*--- i 

'' And now, ah woe ! the sums I ow# - 

Do doQble thosa. hfffcBgf^ 
Bat make all oleer, and faer^ t sweat 
1 11 nev* do so more/ '' 

VI. ' ' ^. .•.';*. '-. 

; Wlie¥eftt ffis sire, at bis defcit^, . . • 

' 'Af)fd|M»fteno»eKpais*d; * .. '-.;>. 

'ViSaomtMa^ fk^ 9amt 4id ^^9' ; 

And tooK himm hi» ImaH^.i 

- .. • But erehe |»aid, fae coogi^aci mad^ 
-. . His scp 4»oiriit|a4M» <or wUa^ w 

^ A fair lady, of hig^ d^ree» 
, To live witb bitfi for life* 


▼HI. » 

This tnatch devisM was wleninis'd^ 
Whereat all Boglaod roogif 

And from the pair a dam^t«r fair 
In course of. tiOiQ there sptruagp. 

IX. - 

But loose desires and guiby fires 

His chfttgeful. heart defil'd;. .. ,-, . 

And he cast o^, with taunt aQd.^o£C» . .. 
The mother of bis child, 


At length base spies a plot devise 

With devilish ioteot> . . , . 

To have it thought she was^||ark oaij|g|^ft 
And all incoatioenL 

Bat peijari she did defy,^ .. 

And prov'd to all ;the s^tate. .. , , . ^ , , 
That she was cb$te/a^4 nc*Qr dferijc'j^; j' ,| 
Eacept ii^ vkh a ^a%; ,^ ', "^ ^ ^ ;' .- .^ /. • /i 

^u. • .' .•' 
Wh•reat1o irt her husbaqd*f^sim 

Did ivne a decree, . 
That to bis^cottit tfie 8Dou)(ij £&8Qr^. . .' 

And there rejc^ived be* 

FART Tll» tttOOND* 

Biit^ ontalat! it caHMto pai»/ ' - ^' 

With ag(6 2«ft4 trbtlble e^s^Tdv > '• -» 

HU mind no^afe^ ki'««^^m#>bofe> '» - - '/. ' '^ 
And reason's ray wat'lost^ ' ' •'♦*'* • 

If. ^ 
OtbtnhiasonAflla^tiegM'* * '^ ^ "^ 

To show his veatellA -Mf^lllv ' ' ' i 
Aadiis*dhisp«MMtt>m«vill»Mi' ' ' 

His purpose to fttlfiL - 

tir. ' 
The reptile crew tb#ir ^af<lr »«ti#ir/ ' 

Outcrawllng from their holesj 
And spit and shed npon k^r bead- 

The Yenom of their aaols^ 



Bnt all their qoiles «M dsMooiiHHIei^ 

TriamphanHy sh^met;^ 
And brighter foM'iii0ro^ller fbes 

At everj fresh onsetto- '' -» 

V. ' • .: 
As the sea ^Mve/when telfipesturave,. 

Doth rise more high and whUtoj in. ^ 

So each assault did^oteiaki- ^ » • — ' * '* 

And make her fam^^4nore1>H^tt«^ 

y\. -« 
O then the Duke an dB^h'^ fMk^ - "-> i ^ v - . 

His Vengeance to comptet^^ *" ^ * •• ' - 
That during life hte\i«iedd*^'^J»ile^ ^' -, t^* '' 

He never more, would oMti' ' • ti4 


His mother., who. Ms TJ^^ife 4't^>iew '!'', !^ 7/j .%;.'h' 

In tnoft ^i^graeiiond tort, ' '.. 

Favour'd his plot, that«h^ m^^ noi' 

Receive her at her etttft« 

^'"- . . . . ^ ., Ml 

With studied spite they did unite, ^ . \. . ... . 

Tfaeh- victina to msgrace^ ' ''\ . *^ v 

When potenutes from fbi-ergn stales ' * ' ' ' 

Came flocking in d^ti^ : - \-> ' ' * . 

IX. r 

But innocence will fiod ^effnoft .> ' - ' i. > r *I 
Thdttgh lucc^or 4et« fi^MilBk^l -•« i A^ 

And Ckxl wiUjniik«(|if'|»r«HidMl4Mk#v-* «-:"n *.\7. 
Who do his lawsrilfiyr *' '/ . v . ^ ;o^ v. a 

X. * 

Vor« lo ! ^hmetit the\X>iitke 4U p«t(l ; if / 

To join his mother's tmio, • - 
His TMSals alt, both gr^vt aod Sf|v4l# '' ' * • '^^A. 

Did do him foul disdains ^ • .. .,« rj. 

~j ^. * • . 

For, ii; JiU j»idc,.jMi \m M o<fe» .. *k. * }-i . .1: 
All in> royal Aty^, ... .. , . ^ 

With groanii3g lung^ a«d.^Uling,Jt9t>iO«l^ . ; .su . 
They 4iid tiie Bute reyije„; . , . . ^ ^ ,' 

. »If.»; - 

Then his coachi^A^Q lasbtJ>^(8Ki ^ u- w t* ..r iw^ 
And gallop with good wilLi. 1 > .1 in ; .1 

But the load wind thathias^dMluad * 

Did|;a]l(^iMteK still. . : : , , >. a 

* ■ ' *• Xllf . ■ 

His spouse meanwhile vHh polbKeinite v ^ * 

And knld hoszas was grac'd, . 
And blessings shed upon hei-Jieii^ >. . 

Whenever^ s|»{N|f(S*d. .\ /.u }•. \ .A' 
XIV. , ' . 

O may the Duke b^^jtt^ Fii>gk« i / ; .: ^: 

Be taught a wiser li%i i . . . 
And quickly prove h)<9>lf^>j0V^ . 
j^ By'loving of hl^ ifj^l: . 

ite • > M#r ^ jiif^.Bnlc MtMar^ 

To W^ar her hi btar heart; 
liCt *8 hope bririH n^ mire-folfik 
The oath he tooli te«pa«t. *• ' 

.'f " 


.XK mocarofiic ykssi* ' ' 

•urrosBO to ax.lvdb to ce&tain raocxsxsiKGA AT 

[from the »ame.1 
"D El«LA per AUMtiot^ Aef« tM» x:i vUk CMWjpi^ ^ 

CAofi/a, ni^sH, mihl: cau4^iiaUgii»e|flcUbi . 
NoQ volo« Don oro, te dudc e^ponere : posthac, 
Forsaa et hai etian^jaf^tioui <&(^cr**9^ • • t- : ry- , nX 

OFbem jam toium smilans revisere visa e^t / ' . « 

Pax, praetcr Noruffn^ etfrouder Jmmca: cupda.. j. * 
Letitiam spirant, 'f£;ili& /Tope shn^ irtiffij^ (^^<p9rf''i'^^T 
England, Old Enghmd, through all her oppioa ^;aiMe^ . 
En reges veniuBt, ac explor^re de^xrant^^ . ..,....,. 
Hanc parvam terrain, ^ne tarn fubrimia ^of/Kii^* ' ' ^ 
Sejancta a canctis, CDRctis succcmrere carao9. ^ 

Primns A^xacider, foFtlftsimtis induperator . ' . 

Ac etiam milder qoam fortta:'atnabUis &dstia '" ^ 
Vincere qui scit, et oj^iMiga^tcnitdelia belli 
MagnacHoaiA dictisj ^ iactis Kifi^tu aptk >»^ ' ; i.iV 
Vexatusqof inalis creijui^ Bex Frussieas.: wA 
SpleDdida Imnda OuoaiK,'*«-Biacherug.iDa]uauism& > I 
Quern nequQ tempos edaxj uec cmamM-'talULdQSSkknvattf . 
Nee marchcB rapidaa, vlqc diraii^octe b'lvouach ^^^. 

£t pluresaderunty fie45|Vvpr,ivm,i'u)a)U^>t^f^.n - t]i 
Sliff', consonantal, aq.^v^if>u*-hprrid^,i>p?Uif| ^^jr; , ,. 
Nulla valet versii ni^^^ii^su;a i^MSfk liefcicftv;,,^;^.. . ^-jaA . 
Else V ^pi(^ «{e/i^A^ wie to, (;jk(iuts'jh^^ lr4^[ji(^^gtomuf. 
exploits^ \ , . ^ 

•Hi taQti ^4vQnt4M queis plauslbp* Qxdpi^tux ^^ ^ p... . . 
Principiset pof]^:: Jl^ic CQBium.resoDanfibui A(^^ ^ , 4 
Concutiet; reges alj^r.^fr^oAtr^' 8tu4ebit ^ []i\u.. ^'« 

Hsec meditans, maigno et pattip peTcnlacm Bimatm, V 

MagDO et sAi?2f7onnR^ .gnvodw ct)V^f^f^^9l^W9n ' 'rA 
Magnatum, IFAi/>, noti}«;€OgiK»n(yi»fr Qhbif9» ;\ 
Extemplb statattspecllinQMiipf^lQapfr^pe . . . .« . 4>.* 
Clux viocant Arabam fabeU^^A^igiiii pftTfcx^ 
Hosphibas, digna Angliacis/ se denique digiMU 
Nulla mora est : /aerial spaFtdsaitt'^ll^voiiM ndcm 

Fervet opus : workmms^^nXx ikA«lieiqiie aantnv ' * 

^^l^ ^^liaqVi^^invkpt Iq^08 invitane pUoebit;. .. ^ .^ ^^.. ., •*- 
Craudent AlbanFi pr<k;er^< things smoe^thfy proceedings • 

Princeps et gaudet culfitum exceedingly cord! estv 
Such glad sensaUans*qxx\i disturbare vai)efatit? 1 

Causa qmdemMiBe^tt\ih*effeci^^m^ .<Ji 

Fama ftying spr^at, cdtnitetil cogftiooime' Befttt*;' * * 
(N6biH»€rda<|mlEi^cb/«^nli^flsii<3bUi^^^ < ' ^' \ 

Illam ad regalem* domhsamy whiied^f^wk$* h ^ Mj$f t d -: -* '< 
Few friends to-mkdtkem, kut' fitter Ml hradf^milbHit^ \ 
No]^ eraf'^ '^ loseds tdndeot eompTt8ta^tdetM' " i "^ 
Ardor : *p6tatedi^iwSjfciti^QdridH ttBfttssitni * ^ ^* '^J 
Undi^>hiWfo«/ef^ tf^>«^'iiZ/ifd^ • "''^ : 

Viimqiudeai.iWitA«lv etqttte.QermwiiaLi^^ '-'•':': 
Et qu» deliifast cicttpif et edllibut sdnur « - i^^ » « ' r • •* 
Nutrit Galloruiil t«lliwT'a^dW0fiq«ei»w«lH^ ' ^ • 
CoDtribuuist qnod'hijaeiit ^mifitrecre^tef ft^ieMik/ • ' 
Heu! quanto giteta et qnanto prohiil ore' j * « r .* 
Quisque suam darUrrg cuppem : H^ns jtii^ty (^ glf^Bj ^ " 
JVo w/£i spkiftielFaf, ^SfjerMan ir^mque' aftffiift : et^e*^ ' '\ 
I^arus.erat:. Tyrtthir had goiie to Getmmy^ hitineiit"' '^^ 
£trei;e//i^t'/0{tsf4PyimA^/«2mttifiqUencig»ces^ "» 

Et tenAb tep^dtts de CW^^ et Gm %■ iAc brvdser^ ' ^* '\ 

Sidei^ jam' cQclbrse praKq)hMnfHr soitnifam- ^^ • -v.. . , 
Suadebant: intratsnbitovispaKtdasQfa 
ParvBs thinnus homo, c?ai vi« Sol' Itisinrit ambhoil ' "^ 'a *« 
Tarn ipacleconfecltiv'ett^t^'ti^tfififi^aitititr ' ♦ ='^ t. i • 
£^i^(qb^^^rol#i4iibft&; f«^Ao»e^^^^ ' ^' -- 

IHe refert fomam de Seftotit deque treineiidia«''' '^^ 
Chariisi cuncta illent^omrie^tfeiiibr fcicifo^ ' ~. 

Ob8tupmtit»i^ds^'«ieh**«ebt'r^ft«ttfcibuk^ . r r n .4 

Voxj ac incassum yibuttt'|fi4/j^Jfr^l»<k§«f!.' 'i^r^' ' ^- >* ' 

I $4- ?AVT o? AN EPIC sTomr, 


Brandy ooAdanat r reboant loqoearia tecti 

Brandy i coHfi^fthi^'^raMJ^' portatur 3bondd. ' 7^' ' 

Ille rapit pat^ram, t/ioe^bque ^xhaorit t €t ft*fle - - '. » ^ 

Reddfta'V6it7 Ruftim^ttimdc affelur Acbttem : , ;'\^'". , 

" Sic tibt Slut iiMfken Irieskt/, faemienqtie mbeilti^,; ' ;" 

Sie.'mAplk isa^ihttkeas w »«rte frttiUOkn, ,^ - - i 

Ut to none dea a«x.Timi1i : citb curre; pe^om 

Albanam cralaii:, veiySPlnfv mUtetv, Ttl rea 

Sic dispcMBri, oe mv cbntrt raat uxor. ' 

Ab! pereatfilum, dvkn smi Hon obv^oi Ilti* ' , 

Eripe me, ^-deim^me some dmf wiii I make you U' duke, 


Iste abtit Rufus : i«cit quodamque ralekit • 
Aikmnqtm patrai iMriitn tsofi^ave ttt]e\)aiit« ' 
Conaedere Ihwort €kakmmit mtd rimi d'HiqiUt : 
'« O Seftoo» hdkQiht 0ikai u timi ^AM-Ams «t|Ni^ I 
Factrnn fecisti, raagDuroj^ood'in^A^^aiiftiiili* ^ 
Sic ait, bt 86ftQ&^nitr.jH€ voo&.iaisiitttfifi •. . ^ . t f 
*^ Baci quod volai : feci quod ^fnpiuit.iHiiMi ; v i 
Noa comitea : >^liaui «ii<^ debemr* 'baoormn > v ^ i* 
Penolvi : accepit; nobit^iio fi«epd(9l hc^MWft^*?: f i 

Ttatn eAdtrMan ^amUat^ . fioamHaift et vma t«poitiC> 
'^ lUuttris Qauiine, igDoscaa^ ai Umu^ obermn^^ ^ 
Sed si fas askare mibi nuBC scire r^niro, 
Quicuni, si foraaft veaiat, 'daisitre licebit 
Regalenxidoinioaniv qcne^/V^fmi ornaiB ivyeteit^^ 
Tttm verb ille comes ^ic yei£> cosu^ inquit, 
Sobrideas^— icom.el j'es^ soa lumina skaipfiani, 
" Qaamvis oec formam, nee dansi ml dedit artem, . 
Divus ApoIKj riuai|i : tiec' possum outsteppere Vestrinii^ 
M® rae adsum qui Kum promptus dansare fierooottiein r 
Noctem.:, et avposcaC porp/c^ mea, a// fAc izfx/ day tno^ 
Cluhha tremit cunptas pec b^^ckas: horroa ufaifii^ • ^ 
Seizat : nod audcfquivis ufdifieri vogbiq. . . •* - * 
Ridet et eaodssit Seftoous l^ua ad x^fifax v . 

Groanai, et exceasit niagnl l3tum»«d.aMraa. 
Eveiitiia Riffp^ tf ift«f r*. 4f<oana/^«/|uar4i;^9ft4a/r • 
Audit et^4xTempj^imt^ao?Ljf0^ir«i^^ - ^ 

Ebibit bs iiovies>^;i/«.'DQvije^q4;^£t4^7^^^^^ .7 

Singoltans molti^ini^tandem suc.poa^rft fatur ;i, i . » / 
" (Q mih} Dr^ ciinctis aliis carissicne, Rufa^ 
Kfl'dc^ inline leanpua adast^ qu6 te deoat flaaftiliiift v£ 

A'!'. . 



Longa roor^j?^ 4En/eiuQr;ar^>. aml>};^Jalii{ ffrtibiu jufp|> ^'» 

Vel qo^ nunc bene*, opt^c male cedwnt cftpc^ jp r w f ii rf |/n i bt< 
Musa viam calcare 4iii Wiw«i9lLa wpwwi ..j . .;) « 

Spernit humunp. turpeiniy^tii^^ ^t ^<%. i^^URWi^ im . - A. 
Sub}ectam qui tfj[>i/a fer q]^ et/o//y superba , . , ^ ., ', i 
Uodique disgusl^t \ rj;]^an3 «ed cornpopere opta/( ,., . ' i ^ 

THE CQOP .OI.D .jriMEftp. , f 

' ll^cfd paAU-WarvirafM 1^ erthisoD lance ; 

And Te-as8tiiiie<h(Hr6piriil and Fr^ocf; ' '- ' ' - 
To nili»<tiyi|i94nd^«loti6. ^ ' ' *" ^ . 

Resolv'd 10 jMwre that FniiKe abdSp^ 
Have %ett^?d their oondition, ' 

One bids thef ^dne TVade tWrive again, ' ' 
And 0Ueth^ Inquisition f . t . » ^ 



-•.. 'i^mdn'^Lt stated; " ■ -" • " • -- • 

' ][F^Om th6 'same, June 14.} 

" HgTCgiaih vero laudem et sppHa itmpfa refertiSn 
"^tfqtfe, ptierque mus; magnum «t memonlbile nomcil':. ... . 
Dnfc dolo Divtfti si toentina victz duorutp est.** 

^ ACHpublike place, as well as priyatej 
-" My son wilf leave tbat ydu aitiv^ at • *' ' *^ i ; 
'At private placei'wfaferhopfog' ' "^ /. ?k -j.v,* 
^o door tayoti^AiHIl ev^eritj^un'l ' '^' "^' • ^' ' r 
Bat since We' can •t,W*^^^^-^'iip1iatitdab'Kkej,^::' 7 
i^eep-yott fraitpkces tbaia^^al^kei, y "; : ' '/' V 
We ask,' de^re^-conrinaaijd,' sward ^/ ; V ';,"'?* 
Yoa 'il leave theni of Tour dwn accord* ^ ":. v' I: , 

nl#n t^EjjMKr/ iiBY«rA«i ^' tuft ^^oAMm^t i^'^Aks 

• 'ivnT'lSMi ^ • ' '!: 

^ ^^CtdtntanuKigUv ooncodacburcmUndKl^. 
. TSIS;! thv 8od9^ wkh <^ tod hat ofi; 
•■• Prew throflging^till their toes.^hc, ^ ,^ ^ 
Tp baii the grim and gallant Piatoff« 

i)(Mi-doctor« attS9(^'d Co«sack. 
bravely V he kept his aci.-'*— France mw, 
Trsincefilt the Russian cit/inoJ^-few. 
tkesfumdi, Chelieti. ' •' • ' W. B. 


(From tb« Moroiog ^r4d» 4a9« i^*J) ■ . , 
MR. B£||70ll^ . ' . / 

T WAS gUil iQ observe thai you nnpccd^ thia v%fm^ 
, iogf tb^ grc»t h«rd6hip auflVr^ by I^rd Cophraoe^ 
ia the oonHaitendiuce'Df person^y over whom he might 
be expeded to have 4P^»uGh aaflueoce. The hai|4«bip 
is the moff wofft^rf»}» fa0c»uf4 .if .jDheso.fiersoua tia^ 
attended, and the Cdurt bad beeo induced to graat a 
n<9W trial, they wpui4. b^v^ ba^ tb< f^c b^ii«fii as 
hia liordship of araecpfid cbaiM^ ^fore ^ jqry* ^ Smp*. 
posing 4iicfi ^NaA.tkey thought bi^» iiuMK^enly ftl^y 
roust bave deprived theiuselves of this chanjoe, niet«:|y ^ 
A>r the sake of preventipg l)is Lordship .^ra^jsujpying 
it, wbi<cb ise\U<2iDeIy b«d in^ed I. , ,, / ,. . 

, The cas^>is, bQw^«r,>ftitl/^.Wdshi{}f ^^^ 
thai ibfjf can M wipp9aF^4:W^/«Mbwg>^liH^iwitb 
each otbkr->-!MQ^fllil«th#9iifdf#^ plitlld, 

Look, for io^aMc^ afc t^eiwtHi^Mul fi}m^m^^m(ll^M 
the Stock E^plMJige/i-rf^sing Hi pKSospt, the, frifte#y : 
oflkes of. Mjr. .Obcj^n^ ^oho^to^^ >^« jij? soi^;.^ 

■■ ! '■ * ■ > ■ . ^ - ' ! » '1 ■■ » -■' ■ J ..'.. '' . ' ■ ' ; ■ ■ 

. . . . •, 4idly 

didly boflftftlml^llt^^|K> t^m^ Atr» ^fRlie's proposal 
♦f>rff^*«?»rftb> ivam^ of the lial c<n\$pf|ii^t9| ^ 

muiKkpmiTiisi wbkk*wtrc^t(H^ethcpdbry)yirice:of tbat 
!nvahiAb]6' ifif6ri^ Alton .- - W<h«t man ' 6l -" libenilkj 
coufdKa^ <e»pe««l«<l dtit^ 'af^fUstf SI tliis> in H mattet 
too, which Mt.'^Mb'n^Mfle, wM'an'c^ui^it^ deltC3C]f 
>Df^i«A<r^n«ure,d^cribed as ^^'o^AWtir^'' J^^again^ 
look at the othef drramitaacf of Lord Cochrane 
going voluntarily, Vfore a magistrate^, ^d candidly 
taking an pftfh t6*brs own mnocerice,' Whitman of 
liberality couldl^tenrc expected, after thit, that- a Bri- 
tish Grand Jury, consisting merely '€»f tv»e||ty^lbfifi 
freeholder)^ ^could 1ia«e dtfiiSd to.'&dlKi hie Lordship to 
trial, 'and> to maM hihi dependent upontsther oaths Ihah 
hie 0f«if *0*8irM amiiow irfofe^hsJii ever of i^ig$^ 
niob, "with Lord'<3dc4ita»e ^and Mf.' Cochrane Jofan-^ 
<tone, that very great reforms are o^teaHltey j-^Mid 
uMsm^^m^Kh 4KS^f:t^ rtlat^e«M«f tl^em^thoi^td'bJI 
a >4li^«il9^l«^ (ht^t' Ari Aoe t^ «^rliMiai«y^|br 4 ^Ahhof 

A'«M»^^ Aw^hicb-yoM^iiSall r Wkmt)^ n MdaftiireK^lb^ 
T«r(K^e«riiigf>ik<^lfoH^s ft^Ottr ^itif unAi M)«Ki«B4Atl 

Am^thl^r 'bMtisIl^ U^ rettiirft^bfo i^ 4m iSSAH' 

sl^' thcNI^ifnr]^ CtAiH W61IM ^anrr4^tflj^ a vi/t^MMy^\i€ 
eMtt 'proi^&^witnes^^^'gsit^'^fh^ ^)lf :^t^> H dif<£ 
{^1^ aspe^r^PlMA 4$«M ft %hri^^t )^9emr Vh^^eduri 
told him, thgft he -bad^^ti^ €?Me advti%i^/^)«l fti^^rhi)^ ^ 
aiK*^^%ht tj^e«'fM)dil6ied^l(ie'WH!^^ Ni>W, 

Ij(iM^ dlM4Ad<^m -li^ ^&M^t€^p|iodded >ffa^^ 

b«^ lyii6tif^HiM«|}ft <tfi, '9hsi^ W'v^ ¥^j^n^()ib6^ 
ft w^k- iifll^r %hli «nrf«^^ 4Mf^ti^ 4ie '^(Mbd-f his^ dbbj^KM^ ' 
a^d>fbr9f;iii«h1lt iS^ftK>r^'Fe<i^^^ 



fri \h 

is i!u 





yiax^d^ — the ti^ument.drawu. frpm a dimbulton of 
prqfi/ yi^ould be rcasouable eogugb.^ But \vheu» from 
tinie iing^mpoalj th^y have t^hiowHa predileciioa (or 
the ^tiic ^tpry, and thai too sUiiate4 in ibe most un- 
freflju^ted sireeUj >yheij, iheir food, (if fortunately 
they have any) i^, foe the purpose of more easy diges- 
tion, of the. Jightest .and cheapest description ; . when 
thoir. clQlhes are ipore remarkable for antiquity than 
for any oth^r.iqualitj^j and wbeu, under these cir- 
cumstances, tlvey lire tb^ most placid aud contented 
set of men iu/tlie AVorldv(fi»r the exprcsjiioq of Horace, 
'^ genus my ti;iliile^i}atum,'*aippii^& oirfy to. their acerr 
bily on literary ]fcnatters„ an^ lias nothing ^ do. with 
tb,eir^QlciephcQiidjJct), a\^(v* ^hflt is at aU, conversant 
\V^tf\ tj^ireir,^^'^^^^ to enrich 

jus^ observ^-r- *, 

• '• ». V'^lntferrf and pbtfts n€ver should be yi^i 
r i ' ^ fSonsrof ApciMo, Kfelen well to that !** * 

Awift^gQ^s on to showj that.yi^ operates, with re- 
fereHce tp our ij&a^j, as bird-lime does towards. the 
feitfieiffed race/'it Vprevepts ;lhem *fix)m soaring oit 
Iii^h. The chain uf .reasoning 'then is. obvious--^ 
\yedth begets luxioi/^ i^>'^^y creates^^, and fat de-p* 
stroys the msntul tiitrgles* TThe conclgsion* i?, that 
the excellence of a \\oy\ mdst be i;! direct prbporlioii. 

rtbe poverty of Uie wriler. Therefore I cotitend^ 
at it would very much conduce to the iniefests of 
^'*i,uret ifj instead uV eleven copies of eVery new 
twice that nuihber were demanded, 
'all make only biie, other observation on th>e 
iy of the sy^tt,^m now so much cotriplained '^^ 
^ irust, \^ili have considerable weight. ' 
V t^B.i\ in the country at all con? 
'- '■ ■ ■ ■■ i ' ■ 


^dhramaris wliich resiitto from the ffeiiuri; bf. dbme 
^abc£l devaftcd ^hnatbns at tte ooUrsmtMr^noC^ 
nciar piiUicitioos. Thtxt miads ate «> enriUitdhlfay 
thi« KIcntry ffwiittyAtg; t«ut it fe ini]^Aibte-Acy 
riiooU dbtprodttce t pfen^ixil crtjp bf w6rla> jdAiiMBg 
iwd-inttmttivc, frori the IJght.aad «lega»t jia*fcl'to 
the ptafouml: and abglnae tmatisb oo the planrtary 
iy^em*' The quea^ion tljen i»— Are wc to Io«e snch 
invaluable productions for a trifle } I hope the good 
sense of the Legislature wlff prevent so lamentable an 
event. But U.ia «ai4, why cannot thf Univcrsitiea 
purchase sui:h works as they coi»ceivc ought to occupy 
It place in their libraries ^ I belieyc, Sifc^thw would 
very willingly adopt that mode;, h^t itktk poverty 
places an insupcr aoto bar betweea them 9^: the ac- 
complishment of thwwkhcs. As a proof of that 
fooeriy, which' we most all tameiit^ yeas havf'^only to 
turn your cyea to the proeeedittgs al't)*ftnw. — ^Tbe 
University has been honoured with a ^ii|**fh>m the 
Allied Sovereigns, the Prmce Reagent, 8cc. ; aAU I can 
assure you, it is with the greatest liberality attd plea- 
sure they en^ertam them with all jhat j^ndour 
which their high r^nV demanils, ..Now^.^a when 
this is the case^I will ask apy un^ejudiAed nian, 
how they can reasombfy be expected^ tK» throw away 
money in the purchase of books ? A %rmi ftcm Par- 
liament, for the purpose, is hopiel^ss— ^fdr, I believe, 
\he rejoicings fcr peuce^ thc^^w, tlHimlnatiotis, fire- 
works, &c. which are necessary to celeWate tpe even^ 
except in tlie case of ^le . Gov^rnpier^t 0)0^^ and 
the houses of some few parasites, w^t, H B^ out of 
the pockets of the indiyid^aUpfcafc'M^P^V - lY* ^ . _ 
TP. S. You cantt^i have fqiig^tetwtiOlAl Greek 

- Mty* ^a^ft Hi^ x«>vr-^^ A:^**'fcook is 

^* The Anthdns and 8obktfenir» bave of 

^n ever, tak&i V4ril6 thi>rli<»^;%ithout 

- I even 

<fEUfltQiiMltiili|[ lilt* VakwmAit^' nd. fftnxiAy lit HUnt 
9«» pcKl(aad-(€K8orttioa> to puUisk very /liiMr «■! 
fKj^CDtmi works. Noir^ SoTj nbthbgi ca^ tend mtist 
dTebHidtyito kssca liuik of tbb kui4> tfaair ibe two. 
vidfoidritf^^rtir B9 ^hitt^ Autbonmid BookaelleiVt 
TlnSoeistj^ for the Sup[)ilssiiim of ¥ke^* in* the leiQth 
tif-itflr power, wiUi'Maif BdwWs it its inad^ corid 
neref ^cnrise ' rcnsedy^ pallitlsvti' br pnevoutive, ^ efll^ 
tim^^^^ t >. •< rYcniTi^ • '^ N-^>*^«r 

^ / . tRom the IViomtog Hehdd, 3'unc tJA " ' 
'* '^ OVfe^ Witsetf, IB verygooifi 
*'" ''iX^'^txt Hhbf no means ^id fboJ 5 '■ 

" 'Ai|^ eire 6a» hooisiy-mbon was b*Qr> " * ^' 
-' ^ol Ibtim} weiri«ntedi0tteth2s}|;intiipe; * '^ v 7 
' 'riolSus Wttrtbe tanae 6f ^lioortroobltt ; .'. 
• *'— l^f lN«e^nse w«i}a not €«iri7idoiiWe )— 
< ^r^^t|.tedawqFlblfta9dfiOBfsjiaif ' 

, ;'|q<^ delirium we fprgot. , . :■» 

;, IVI^lUit is lifti*s unremitted lotj 
"Ttiatmai]^. and woman too^ areUora" !- 
'-' Breath ^b roBO toBnd a ihorn. 
' 4V^thoiSgbtyaftdthe)^fiN)khav^dofi6, 
v-? jjTfaatl^nMifsiawiliadiiiadeBSioaej . ' 
.iAtfii«d7£bigotth8t.Nata«e>r4nao , 

...Tl^ve wei^'two moutba that dmlj criedA 
, J At morn and. eve, . to be supplied : v ' 

Hiough'by one vow we were betrolh^d^ ' ' 
' 'JBifere ^ere two bodierto be clolh'd ; 
'' And, to imprdve mxfiappiheiSj • - 

Mv Jk^'ivtrflbMcf^dfm^'' • ^' '- > '»^ 
*^ li^hitf'a^rtaasifltwMMfatf^atido i^w < 
JocVVkaeDbrdtl^'^lMK^ ' .w. 

iir^fJu4i4.fW.d«iPi^flMrW.4^ mmv,> 

I a- , 


^ 1 



[From the Mqri^inj; piwui\icJey J unc .15^ J ,^^ ,^^ . - ' 

T AM deaifed by the GonitntU^eitcr ftq^MHiit yqu, 
-^ that ihere will bea tneciing on Monday next^ the 
aoih instaul, at twelve cydock, ^to the 
best legal meaas of directing the etic^rgies, oF' Great 
Britain to the great channel of comaierce sp ^^ppily 
Tc-opened, and 10 prepare an addresa of thanks tp Lord 

Viscount C hi mhe,iw '•piti^ -of ,M)ei!«d]MKacIe8 

presented by ibp weil-iiUeaUatied (bttl<ii(»i«bihed) ef- 
forts of our Imperial and Royal Allies audr the nibrbid 
sentinientaliiy of Louh le besire^ hid sfiieeee&J in 
restoring to the to^-ldng-desettcd ^liarer of ^^^fca the 
blessings of Earcipean. intercourse. / . ' . '" ' \^ 

It will be proposed to pr,e3.cpt, lb tjiip JfCiipJ^Vlgcount 
a piece of plate, ofo<^ra^t^,Wit}).^|^Vjg|)jl^^ 
and to offer j-ewafd^i^f.i^e.i^il^.b^ittUe^igMlvhich 
shall be seiH^n.byi artists (oamea staled )««)L b/«/w 

Also^ adequate \^ri2es^far the best' f>rad«itti6ns in 
poetry, paintingy and 5cw/pft«r«,t6 be c)fei%le*u/i7A- 
in the next Jive year^, in order tWat lhe,hfe»ie:t|.«borii 
Statesman may havd every chance of hciii^^mbjorta- 
lized as he deserves. . '/^\\ ",', ' . ., ]^ 

June 1 6^. 1*8 14. .. , ..'CAVjpju^ JHpoq^i Sec. 

THE •?:\Vp/>QVU.Iv^ALS. *. V 

<< Look heie u^ion this picture ^snd on this ; 

The counterfeii prrscnisneot 0$ two brotbcrs." Ha m let. 

WITH gratefii*^f^x)MdfcW6tt»«<ftti • ''^^ - -^ ^ 
i tW*«t*d'ftty«€fed. and s^*H^ i*st;-^^^ 
SJjept.Iilw?ii*Y^*i4fi;fitWb9^;' ' v<-^ ^i- ^ t'li^ iA 
Shav*d in a trio»-i^'*lipt'tffl ^y tffiOWfttf, ^-'^ '" ^' i 
Caird up tny !*itfe^«ittd'Kbr kcA/ - - • '-^ f '*"^ 
And walk'd witbf tbfetfci tdlfceoifiagWn.^^' * ^'^ . 
«.i^JV 'Ki *. 'Walking 

tME T^VO'^JCtJIlNA'Lf; rf'^ 

_r 'v •!-•■'» r -' ' '*/ i'4 ' ' '* ' '^ '" s •"'' ' f r 
Walfi ing l>elitnes' Ae sYstei;n tardpo'Sx 
So trudg'd'qdit^' round IW ring, and' gardens : — 
Saw sol^ti^ dHHlng ih' tfte parks, ' ' 
And sloppM to make my own reniarj^, • ' . 
^ '-rXyrbiefijar^he tactics of this n^tiott. ; ,....- ' '. " 
■^ t; Were worUxj^.i^nssiau inai^^tiqu.y ^ ,^ ,, ^, ^f\ ' 
,-j *letari}'d 33 hungry as a fox ^— : ^ *^, j'^,, 1 .. , 
. OfF^ after breakfast, to the docts':. \ / ' '/,,!i 
'^^Ue p'ublki buildings, aslwent^' ^'' ' ' , 

' ''vOb^erv'd niltititoly, U'iih'ihtent ■'*'** * 

"V'^TW ftikwdifcbat h/)n>c livhatever * '^ • " 

<>. 3i:8ttfefAiAtiti thelf o6*)dtttt licW and cltvcr,*^ -• : • 

•i^ <'8af^rfft!d9mlpleltt'dj,.tk» docks. survc^r'd^ 

.. : (! t^BtiQQer diigbt;^ lOOffptaenEs of trade» 

£ • i , "V^hBi^ th^ proud Gud ot Cotnm^rce is ^ . , . ; ) i . 

^ ;.. Tlnron*!} in bu» f)undred palaces. — ,; 

Tobif notes—set pfF— and thought to jotf 
,^ , Home to my own abode' incq^. 
''' * fib< W»dfscdv^r'^6rt my route, ' . ' "^ * 
^ '^^' AW*fo«bwM ^th ^ getieral ^bout^j • ' * = 

^ '''il*«»^lrvHh|j6yffeagr^ting*rrtmg; / - - t j. 
And blesitfl^sAow'd'frooi 6vi^ry totigno^ ': 
- Atlwioo'claok^atdown to dine^ 
.:\\ And 4niiik a sipgle glass of wme.;^ .v • 

'. ; (Engaged to dine again at eight j . ^ , . /< .. 
, . v^^icb I caW supfdn^ Qin in state.) * / j ^ i \i » • 

I'ransactea business till Seven, ' ' ,...,.!.»!' 
^ Dress'd — supp'd — ^got^home about eleWrit— " ' * 
'-""' W^M^tb'TOyVborii, f«igu*d though jby'df' ^ *• ' • 
My'^ed of state left unem^mr'd, 
On a straw mattress laid me down,, ^ 
And sle^ tHl tjatirn' lite f by ^idyi^n.' '^ * . • ' 

*.;. ' ' " \ • = *-•' '■■' * • V. ' '. . « '• 

Boozy^ 6nd akfk^^itb acbilaaf heac^, , ' ' 
Toss*d, ileep!€f^,, oo/Xny. ttw^nsdottrn ht^i-^ 
Sunk towa.rik.n(ioroja^ta^49^: . H t ( \ <^/ 

Methought my wifeH.^witb:>lqoks^nigqi{ : ^t . .^^ 
Fim'd hfir6^i^$^e^m,p^m^f.h* r ... : /. ir^ 
And strove with gi^id^nv^i^l^ ^Vlfl),^ !> ;L/3 
The thaigt;w«»i?wgpi» 9£'lS\viw b/u.^ L.iA 

124 W i^^ >9iiAKiJur« 

And darted at toy l^iift'th^ 'td»g»eB.«» 

Sbudd'riog I tornTd-^wiMm M tynoun^ 

Ba]lv ifisDCS,. dresses, .llt$9, JiqjdeiKV . . / ^ .. 
' ; Atbwart toy vision rigc.aiid fle^ .. . * . ' . /i' lA "* 

While a huge nightmare of bisquit . * . ^.^ ' '- 
.. :Sl9em lobe pDkiDg».4ropibU wallet,. ,//.•/. 

Turtle and venison down my gullet a 
. :^,/Ji%%m^ nwokfi— r^pg for JU (?i9^e-r- ^. .^t >.•.-.. .^ 
;> >^ j^)(iq9ia*d a UijqntioMs Frexwd^ meinoix5-r ^ ,. :, v , ; . 

DreM*d for two hours before the gbgf^ ... 
. ;. With Sc}^^ft%rT4nt(^^f'rfiniQU^l4filaqi^^ 1,^. a 

Finish d by three — took diasie Cf/ffe-^,. . . ,^^ , 

Inspected twertty-severt packets . . ., . . , , 
... , Of patterns for emb^ro^riBg jacWgy /,. \^ ,,y- 

From half past three till neany /our , .. .. ^m^. ^ 
.; : . SigR:^ .paprrjH-r-wbaS a>»4W» ^Q^.lin o.* i r' 3^ .1 1 

Held with my friends a consultation' ^ ^j^^r^^ 

..Ho\«r tOc«b^ajWl>R»fe8efv^t4op,-7^ ^ .iJi J nor i^'o* i 

, ,{ 5y tb^ back tf tfiJBliitfA pUtr-lWafrA^fiajjfi-r^ ^jor avf • 

.. Srfttted.wi*.9gei>9ra|,«roa?-- ....,;. :,u '..U^ ,r.: 

:. From bwsiB^ mobs §on^Vd^4qK^,^^ O 

Beton'd Mg«ll<»— b9we byfiv/f--^ , ^ ^ ,. .^., ,^ ;,./, 

Swore in revenge to spend my life ' _.. . , . ,, 

,^. > drily iaifd^jt^M^vife-rt, v;' /-7; -. ^^; 

Worn with enntai — devour'd with splefia^ r.ii^^jo 
, yfW»*dTH^#5!lrr?9Mi;|»*4rn»Dldjap^ .y.^ 

Wrote to the Square— -got dress'd once^jpfft^ i 

At eight my dianer table grac*d . :,^, . 

All, likemyself, resoW^ by drinking* . ,^/ 

I quaflr d till half were on iht fioor^ • r. ^^ 

<sj.vr"!.v >?ji.a: t;.^* iu u^ x-— . s J. .i\-. .-.'d ^-^wr 'f:2c*!^ 

. - , ^n ^^^*i' /fHs 

LAUK ! why, if ther^ i» liMf^tff^i Hbgjgfitiuf/ as^Me «9 1 'm 
standing hei^y-' '••» ^'^ "^ •-*' --^ '^ ^■'••' *^ '' '^ * 
WeU ! as sdre as eggtfhegsk, it'r Hits: CMcltlt)i-'4i6ir tl* yo 

• do, inydear'?"'' • •' •.'•'•- ^ ^ -i.^ '' H-- • '^ ' 
fxotfy, Aaak yiT;" IkMr at^ }KMip3ttAilMelia^e#an^ Miss ? 
Whv, we're at! bttt itidififer«nt t Mf. mjggttif ^ht$ has got 

Ae fheam^t, '■ -^'^ '"* '•'-- ■ \- -"^ '^ " ^;- ;. 
And the ymmg bhes, lh«y are d«wwrVlt!t' tief'iiqppiag 

WbaHa Hi tb'M «ion8Ttooi¥ttmpt»*r?i*iE^/Mii'itri> \rhy^ 

lack-a-day! - ''*-"* ••""'- •?•-:-»•• .>).:-. 
I>cm*t you kMW'tlilirAIciii]f(}ii^''s'b^i^'!ri Q^^Bin^^ 

ftkiceeleTerir--^'*' ''^* ^- • -'' ♦' * * '' • "•"* 
Heit^i the MiDpeix)«^4ilteftafider/^sr!tft^ 

•seven.— •• " "' "- •'• '- ', '* '' '-• ' 

ynU ymiJSdhlirt tlaWTif^^ idd>l m 'yo^Jiw'a'm.L. • • 
Give you elght-^ta&e' ftine^-^dttie, Mft'Ub', Tflf^Qii teij^- 
\k, %mA, '4Mt peMer. tnfe.^'^hi^, V(m¥ yoa'^take'a koten > 
O, I *ve bad tbe cfaBr;nlDge^ vkNir of ^e Skritteror-^^CbusiD^ 
^iMt eae^t apedp'^t ibe ^cHUAin^diitotmlthd'Siltik he 

steer'd:— . <- - « /. .. 

^n^> tiiey-tdU me he<8 tflicA»ihiiyi <Mdi k^itoitetitoii^ Ibfig* 

beards*-^' --' •'• -^ •- ' '- -' '- ' ^ •■'"'' " 

Zomids ! why # voit mtsh^ne ln'^li^^o^fmt|eN-P^«^^^^ 
How tbe dence dm 1 belp it/ ^fvtefi i6l!Mli^ ^^Ik^^p^shes 

Zounds! Sir/ <)^l«Riiiter ii^^lK^ 

D— n it. Ma'am! tbe stick of yoor ombreUa b^ftgone 

{Aamp into ipy eye* — 
Bless me, bow hot It is !— ^I*n) all in ? Qinck of sweal. 
Wel)^ I declare tl^ Excise Office Xs tbe prettiest tbipg t 've 
,;: - seen yet. 

' 14 PlesK 

Ah, Tom, wbat ! iiiwydQ Ikw ^--bow go^ tbii^B;*lii^+— 
Done at 'ui#/or ^hc «^Qi|i|^Hul^he».aB4 bigger ^]^0ay: 
Jack, y^iMK^i Weo iik> the nmhtti since.. MaM» 4c Sml "all 

All buyers — aaidilanii sfw stuff Ms^b^ear 4e9«4ail^'fiire. 
Ha ( imLihirQl* avco«t4^¥«i4 4 *«^«b rth^4 ^Ag^st a 

llatfoff! bate off I^BricHfll, d0Btii*t'ibM^9»»l>at*a<2ua- 

Thee kM«F*iticB)y came .to difl|w)iQ(yr.lftde'b«f tfi^rfgbt.— 
Sallyj kesp dotsi tQ;fittB».auHi ipiiM^ ]r^.'JB^*ti^>*^ - 
Pray, Sir, ttavetyimr-elboW, ewr » litile>iiint,;: * 
It cpaKS3ij||i^|^ataiy;M^aMGW*^8bK^f(^the^ 
La ! &OW provekiag I tfut tbero moCtftnMAft asJl law ' 
Stands stickbtgrlfaei^ hdmt oa^ w iUptrifki aasveiffi'. b# 

can. — •* , ' ■ . ' ^ '*! ; J ,..i*):'^.> 

Iie9 he cQQies ! fatrnk^qaotetl^-^ 4efr4^{%«li'r 

.-n^bwiti^***. '*>- i /^su *-^' '. ::i«r • 

Huzza I . huzutl bfW(a W|0^ . X^s^tt-^^bf ^^VR^itl^ . ^ 

I saw|]|i»^]^iPiy^CKr^tiai|lv4to.9^^^ 

' bonnet ^ . • .. '*-_"•.' **i. '^^r' 

Itksqght ber bea^ifa^ |^trit«ai4Tsmatlm^|ii^#W'ti()iQa 

Wbat*-rdid bftAil»iltbll^fy.)-'-<Alu.tbfal5^nqnP^^W 

I never seed htvf^^f. 4iii.^*49ifitdiT-fS^ 

Well, I shan't 'lqs» 4oy aBoro time? 1 % go^kfyieV se 

Com&alongi ^J^li^ey;. g^ day^ Mi's^ Hbggtos. ^■i l tfp 'ntiii , I 
wi8byoa«f»gdiiyv ^ m;^. I . i -.. f .• 

[Fipm tberMcHriiing JKiDnldi ilin|« 2Q.]' ' \\ 
' ^np*lS right ihsU i^.wiojurd yjA irp?^^ sw^j^* 
-■' Should end in JSIba's i^e *l»i«*jbte8t diy* * 
AtrB, bound bjf fe^riba«b^'s pdecqt"gJe^. - ^ 
Live on the'iiftt*^m be lbv'a'»-^ir; ' 

i' I 


Nam moiU.komims ^mmmm Mfrntum et •rtRmtm^ mhHiuM inmua h$4ii 

Oxford, raise high tbjr cbiainey-ta|if» ma&ftf* 
.>Fbed«iteWsibobiaKt df:tikii'fTCrlB«di^'^ ' ' . 
Oi^t bM tboB iK#e Mi>a%'4 tlK vQlglir oMtod ^ 
Of comcnoo pkudito to tlie cooimen fteed^^M* •' 

UisguisM the blockhead witli astoiifiii*ii bay$.r a 

Hath gr^od oQoa^«a« rvilh,ker fvaadt9tii9i^, .:-... 

OxKrdyfxultTlrsftekJcverjrbriek aiiduilo^ ' • 
e * 7oi«;h'id,} J8(b^inngic> .msiaMtanMmia tndte^^^ " >> 

Oxford, exuh ! e*en to thy meaoest street - " ' 
v^^i>'<ieiii8r'jJr<«46neJalml»4heJtEQ9&^ieitt>i ' - 

Yes ! we have heard, whib musing- tev^llone, 
c? P>j|i|wini|iBt; Biii>rf^wiaadl}r^wrilt>amdigroatt.y > 
Yet Hopej sweet seraph ! gently. chid oor ftMr»> 

Yes ! then we saw the kindred eagles soapy - "1 ' 

:. . 7^ief»ii^ni.iiuf lioof tMyibie-^C itsar, -.* ^ > 

As when great Marlbro' deafen*d France faefbre ! J _ 
:. onaJrlifltgyaibafJ/'a (E|ile-4ong laliki spMad, 

Crown it with rounds of bee^ with loaves of ^iread. 

.iUaitnoit»^iranget»!- p^rtttetUkxf tbe toir> 
« Wfikooie ^p £rkatn^ wine-dcDylAg soU^ 

And, while these shelves our homely fumes kssatlj 

Tnkf JehnJBi^U Ske, kt 's,aU get drunk wkh ale M 


A FXBB PARAI^BkAiB ojr nUkcti 1»06& t. ODE 8. 

CAY, ladiQs,.:by the£pd&,a%ov:9> :' -^ . . . ^ 
^ Why, \<ritb.8^li Cofid.^fll<?|p\Wjto«^u: .x. -^v. . 
'VUHUYi-.-J 15. .Ye 

178 ; BHTArB OH '^ llf^toatlOUS UMM. 

Old Biticbtr^ dbOttf d tt live in itdnrf ' 
WbyibouMbedraMl tkdlMM^iil |fli(^ 

; . WbF ilwpM tht v«liVa» «MMrioiiidtj. |p mt •^^- 

.OTf tf^.Mclimoe.i9talwadri!KCj * / . / 
. T«M dmnoii te refora alive } 
"Cleaves ht tW Thames? *tia liidy fpr bipi 
, . tim^Jfeiall wUnearoioiwImt ^ - ^ 

ThoQ^^ ^•Nfie^'ct^vy slkotber^ daughter 1 ' *' - 
- ^ Heiii^ittoty ■ >< iiim te tJli» witer^ > ^ .' -' -^ -^ " ' 
' Inivaiftte AtaBittlifcstjBfi. or mio^ •.-;-. ..:; 1 . . -■ 
4 * 'fiok ■aald'faecoHMt iBiiHaiikio^DtBiaer.'* 
., .Though vUe faefay»/iD hm te wiphe « . t ^«.: -, 
.y j«(MXl()r doem'd^pkawiiijpkei. , . 

"Wb^*. idrange tQ say, thp fivitish fair ^ , . , " 
For bb take dote apoii gra J hair! 
W)^ doet he bisde> Naj, rather tet him ' *'' 
- • A^ i^tinMit and' mantle get4iUdt 'J • 4 -^ -'^'' 
r In AiawiK'fiiiikAef4onbnk>tfe' ' ^ '^* "«^ - 
^ > gjugy^arhat. Athilta did hefei > . . I'.r i<> ' 

. WlioiB»«bai!idinguD«ldbBQis>*?:: .>. 
^,; .JDipP^iliBigbt-ic&itMeia/eike-i . •/, ,: j^ . , 

^ Xbua«Ba}^be.iafely pass9laqgy> -^ <-^;.— »9^. 
.^. . tJnh^edadlhrougU the- femaier throng.; 
-* ' For scarce^ I w6en^' their tapture reaches 

' 'i\» '9Dty wcrth-^lmt worth in breeches. ' ' 

'. -.J : \ : ■ * ??•* lJie»Mcmmg Pp«, J»tte aaj 

. ^ ;. -XIEBJB ii0s in de^tb^ bi^i fa^lps ^'er, , ,.j, . 

•*^ Who ty*d in life so oft before ; 

; ,• . His life and death may fairly give / ^,^,^ 

**" '' . 'A useful hint to all tfiat livc.5 **."*"* 

;** ' "The life be led may teach all men ' ^" ' 

.j^ - -^ot to ^^ as be did thfsn } • ' 

'"' ^ Ati^ffori his death* let all^inen know, ' ^--^ 

• -i lli&t ttejy must 'iie ai^he does liovr. • C;T. 

"I^OST peopleikiiaav tii^ :ihere ibctng Jutlmto no 
-*""• traDslatioH of Oid'» $a^[^ f^haoi^, except, 
that made by bht A|exai*Rr r6p<!^, a T^^*«nha|ii 
maoj Mr. M-th—ii has thought" rt his duty , lb trans- 
late that c|lebr£He4. poe"^ bims^f. ^fic '))a9 lft)t yet 
published ft, but we rather think he inteods to'bc pre- 
vailed upq^ to dp so. • In the mean tioie^ those who 
kave the pleasure i oi hit convectalioiiy .nmjit b^ very 
dull, if they do not kno>»» tbat^ whstKei* he. htis out- 
shone the original author or -not, be lias at teiist far 
siirpas«^ |h^ traoflatpr. - Wrtfa tbi^ tir^uisit'^ feel«> 
ings which must be part of the qualification^ of Mr.- 
M-tfa-^n &r that and^bther delicate tasks, hov^ mmst 
he have he^^ hurt, .when, ajftgr having gone, tferoi^jx 
all the cogitations preparatory ip'hU iotei^ed qiotion,.^ 
h^ s^w the hour oi four ^pnyro^hwith^^ Ibe ap^: 
pcoach of membei^Sii AOdiiiGd tbe.numilcai>y th^e Am^tf 
clock, Usteoed'toiu c^tendesv lio'k, and watched the 
inexorable progress of ' the hands^to the point when be 
was sur£ to bear— **^TJi« house iianis (jdwtrne(i" 

The' hour whtcri he had ' long wishea for was no«F 
eome and gone.' ! 

^lu^l^nta acceditj quam yelox praeterit Hora ! 
If there had ))een a promQntory at handj none can^ 
say that M'r. M-th^n might not tiave tn*adi?'a prac- 
tipal imitation of' Sappho ^ but it wait too far to go to* 
L^ucas, thof^ 'he fcnows^ from Stalks thUt Apollo^ 
was worshipped thercl - 

Mr. M^^th^—'h i^eCurned to' his iranalatioOy ^hich^ 
hsf not ^et received its last poluh* H^ wia&iar from 
reading it with bis usual coogiplacency. . Not- well 
pissed wtth.aay thing) be even disappfi0fixt[hf^ own* 
vqrsQs^ «»d r^eotf d sev^ral^ Het^raed o^irrr the ori- 
gina]^ and ki the fdlowihg passage resolved to make 

qiiite a new translation : 

1.6 Gum^^i 

il* YiiimeATiov ^frtttf'eso oratokt. 

Cam mi»<l»l(^3tfll/ JPiigto^ 

Nee roe fl«r0-dni» me potaiMcr loqui \ . i^-i O 
Et ]Sdi^lhtt$'d(^t«mt dcttUs/<t Ihigiis patet(y^ I r 

Astr]ctum''^A)lVij*fok^^cta^^ '" 

But;.ala«'l M'r; ^iViT^^p" ;wri^^^^^ mind 

ftill oLpreseolL ey^^t3..p^odi^cey.^^s as^ for 

the beautiful ini^aiioi^ ne}^(d Ikfofe n^V^eof ^^he ori« 
ginalj'tbe foMo^iing miserabjo^^ i]o^reI ^parody; 

Wlieu some one said— -Vour joys ^ re fied^for thexa will be 

no house, 
No tears could flow, to'ea«6 my >*^o^> I almost lost riiy N5« ; 
I could not cry, mV eyetf ' Wct-e' d//; iitf' W«rAwr^cotild I 

. speak 5 ' ■ •■ - > - • '*•.;-'♦ /r 

My stooiacb^lMId' ^a^ ^t/nd #iflb''fk)kli' i tai^ce had 
• ' ^ehgf^^M sq^t^kr ' ••.— *.' i, ' r,. -/.ii . 

And these lines^W sad meinoriatbf ftfcttttei which 
odght to be/&i^QXteT), may reiriahi a bJttniish'upon a 
trftnidation whi^ nnist godown taall poster^fyy un* 

less Mr. Wh d, of aotiie of the friepcj^ .wb» a** to 

prevail upon* MnM-«th«ii-tt^to ^pttblialt Hj^-ahltll pcr- 
soadehmrtbermrfictti**'' * '^ '• ••*^'''' '^*^ j' 

.. viiW)ic)W;ipN oBOxmBDpv^^ 

[From the Wo/ning Ciironicley Jtme »5,] 

Mmniaipm ^yeanfkr kfqttf ff r5t« /«fa tstnltnre *. 
' ' - ' (Mtio.babila in Theatro OEonte. 

LociMifMCvocabat.^Ovio. .i ot* n ,r' 

Tota doraus gaudet. — Catuvlus.* . ' ' ' 

' •- '^ ' ^ 'M^oh^esqtieltti s^V%ecJt«^l(*piuAtfr, \^ ' • /' *t ) ' /" 

— ^jtfi Antony to move 
1*We'«onH of ttortie to rise ancf TnuM%yf---S#ifi*<tlftii«i*'^ 
J J Aitfii^>Andtf «iImIi IwftifiNt?* Mm «l«>lii«*~4t«^ifl4*M/. ' 1 1. . 

..•ii:^UJIt»biidk/lite0, BaoMat,aatiiian4plastO|»: ,vt^^i 
> ./ M.Acdi»iOo««k0^.n¥Utr9fr*-pii^l9i^r. . i . U'^rif- 

>"■ ' . - '? j i Tir ' vo ' r^ I ■< )£" ■■■ - ■! — / ] v{iD fini 'f v firt — inrr* 

* TriinsHtcft far i^ IMie^ ,l)y,th# Pm^ P«><^i^*' «* T*»^ %M# 

walls them&elves, and the entire whole of the cit/j appeared and s^SI* 

cd to rejoice and be glad." ■' ' • . 


Dflftic» flt<>lhtf imii^i^^ nof^il ||mri«^ n.^ ">Mi/t - ' ' 

WJtK'bearaiDg ^vqs, our windows greti^ttnr^ , 
'''*^' ' 'Oi^r^siantBses run d6wn\o tneei^^^iii: If;.-:.-"' -r^-' 

•Chimni^,eIite;brcatlK*^brrA'anrff^«tty^;'' . '* *^' 
'^' ./ ^':RKrft«v«s'aikl grates <)aite^itfi9 with gl«ef ^ - - 

The coaUhoieft take a jgaytt bne $ . ^ . ^ ' 
^.y. /3?be4«ii6»<gwe owr ]pQkJM;bliie^./ , , „ ^, v, 

\ bl. j:iriMl(9«P«r%TQ9||)ii||MliQialy9^.. ..>/< . M,.^ I 

Tq tbrow tbemsdvesat royal foet | . .^ ,, ^^ 
....: i .Q«r kapfj: ^Ua i:4Dg aU tbeii?. dappjap',., ^ . .' j,^. \ . ; 
And all our doors koock all, fh^k rSP^'?.,,,^ , 

,. Thus, when the speechifying poet, , 

'^ ' " f^e'eiinff great i6y, fiad foird titf showit; '- * '- '•''^' * 
' '*' •'''Ny'donbt remWi^f; lio^owrion gf«%/" •»' ^'^ ^•»^'' 
'-*^ <*tit^1%e\rt6tr*tfri%lfl^Jb€ftfi*j ii ' ^ »ji i.aiMt, 
•*^ '■^'^' Sibee'fai««Hitl(»ti'#^«'tBlcM. :- --i: v^ .-. /i tj-it 
-1:^' ))ltet^toirett;«lm^ett.hto0Mi)ad;(pnlQen4n'jii I ,-: , ^ 
Golgoiha. VmDEx OxoHiji^^fc ,ftEt AtW^ l^ 

:' - ^O0^JOuaBD^ horses. . . 

[Flam tbt €b»i»pktfi, June a6;], - 

MR. BDITOR) . • ' '. "'."" ^'^ ^; ^ -J ^ ' ^ '» » 

"Y^OU will doubtless hie surfirUedit receiyihga letter 
^ from one ot our race; hot, if .y<Mi;baikr^ seen the 
performancfite of Cher "ificbalfe '-^rt*' <J*h«t' feur-footed 
Roscii »t CoveQt Garden^ ^ou will be Je^ ast;9i)bhed 
at ny ad«tr«s#}ng'79b !»''« good ^MlitM{Qf«iiaiulA Be<- 
sides,' Sir//ilrt#oiitd>'be^Mry ,liiitil,>ilj|. an ifinament 
tiben 6oinatf^3tf««9&^e)-tlbeinsekwooiliii6ten/ to be* 
c8me authors, tM*''^!^^ <^^i1i^ trhiDtttd>^b«'DKtbheld 
frotiraTrte^bornriiorsev Ntir am I alic^ether witnont * 
eUiimf'td AffMflff^ : tbt founder "of oar fauiify* li^ifig 
' V •''•:*•■■■--■-• ^''- 'been 

bath hitf 4ifi»9 ktMfift9ftimitt<tm£6f9k wilh.tiMi LqiilbBiTx 

o^hpring ivere bom id Ihe 9«aif^'coMlHimr M^Wj^.ltes 
d^p»t§, tbe fwftily booiQhe tMittiyuktms^MU ^fitf%a 
howeveri we were by fiur tbe mdUX dtttingmalM life.. 
the breed i BuQq>bidu9 wad one of. our ^liceflkorv ;,aifii 
we eliU exhibit ihel lesemhUoce ta ihs btill.'^healEl^ 
frpm wb^, Hud uo% frpm iihe bull's i^etiid. a^piBoo4 - 
upoo hi$ rump, thai. imiBor^ii chttger deitved nta ; 
n«0ie9 a» von wUl St^ mMt foUy^eiMled) miiAoIiia' . 
GhpUiui. we aba re^hoft «niii^ tot^ ^ogew^rs^ the: 
steed wh«Be aeigUog fooented his iMkftlrlo be tDftde , 
Kiog of tbe Pemani; AA ^Koh Waa'ci^ted ("ini : 
Cownl by a Romim Emperor, and tttat wMi:h^ yiiib: 
stiob aalOBiatMOg rapddilv> cariiod ^o ' express ^ ties 
fifgt military .wk^s atibe tame ibe i:a|^oI waa aatPedr.j 
by ribe oaekliog .and.biaaaiig of ge«HW Btit tb« saeo^ .: 
tion of hissing bringa-flie <a the^ntthaisbol)! awbjecfif!! 
of^ my kttan Ah I 8tr# 4ck t*e ^urieamt* torJioiget 
tbe pasii since I cataM| recall hi .WeQ jsaf I m^ . 
claim, <'JVon ntm qtuil^^^mmimto sub regno Cyndri;'* 
in mgr |j9Qd. oU viaster't isiyie^ 'nn .^ttoi wth '.tin- 
scious dignity in our stablest .e8ch.i4tf ma with a .cml . 
up<»i bis back (whence, I presume^ our habitation was 
originally called tbe Mewsji and when ordered out 
upon service, as was freqnentiy the cas«, it was reaUy 
aipleaaure lb dr^^w bicfitisttsb^weilie cordial wel^Dom^ 
and honest hiasasi of tb^ pojii^^« . if»mw% '^Tf se 
sddom ^fant^dy lbat#<atalliin:taui«iah^iaalnK«ifia- 
fat a sineenre a9 a staU^at Canterbnty^ aad, Ipr^'my 
own part^ I am already «» pktbom andvpbtbinled as a 
pfebaubry* This I cdiikleodiir6;.'buty wbeQ ffut^i^wh 
my honour, \ feel alMlie bloods my amieaiQli rw- 
ning restive in my ^etfis) bow-^ben e^D t betHP;tdr'be 
pnrsned with hisste and* bootings wbeMv€r I :app«af 
inpubUc? This is uniarinii^fily tir^ ^Mief 4Pfi toil 


SutoMajift Hadl^Mtfi to^tifebr mrmfniifts, ivfaieh 

ihtti»t|iotd 4if the DMhe^ tt OklMt>ftrg, <lnit I Milled 
aiid'ftitd#«rn in Fleet Sti«et, and was not got upon 
my 1^ again wtebaoT'liBlisMemble iitAmltf, ai wia 
very ^oerectly s^ri^ed hi ^ovv *\m> ncwitRT. 

Sky a» ibe>Heti«iaa Plaioff hat^abown bis^raritude^ 
tbtbet white charger wbkb haa carvied him m eight ^ 
cmDogDBy -by giving him 'to the Pnooe^BiMMity* I 
sbatf be eurtveaiely- {Ratified, if' His^ Ifaiyal Higbniis 
weold prcaenivtna eo theiHtaoMi in ' eaebaage^ for I 
sliDoId theai Jiaafiv^ofa fodiiiiMle'i«eeptk)tf frotfi tfie 
pe»{de; * Ortf i<co«dd^tiiito>llie«e^4ee'«f'«he'Gb(i« ' 
peiory or of tbe^ Kiooa: aC Siusda or France^ or any 
other niODaroh' (for mey alt eeem popular at preeent^ ^ 
wkb am ttuseption), \t would aflbcd me ioexpteesible • 
saiufaettoa. P^api^ Sir, your 'jfriod offieea could 
aoodMflieh tide; mA if §0^'^^^ hut I leave f<m to 
imi^he siy gn^tode^ for^ liaving ju^ got borne 
hisfifij^hot, i am lUkaid i may catch cold if llose^aAj^ 
timein asan ring you bow profoundly I aai> - t- 

i ^ . i ... Siry:yd«irB» kc#^ • -•-*" J^ -^ 
.Ona/ov tse Kwo'tfCBCAai'-eMoottJ^ £fo|tMa» 
ThtMews, SMtufdag Nigla. 

•• ' ^fom tbv tame,] •' - 

' '1TI7EEP not thy nother'i blighted p^ia^ 
'TX Titloiigb daa^ wroagft'b^ beapM tii^'h^ 

Where innocence is all the crime^ ^ •. . 

jtodveepjiot to.thy iiro*^foi!teara - i^ 
ADrhqpekulf akidtmoiy s^ti .0 ' i 

Wheaall client a)bapdo»*^7earft; ,.(. 
Areitbe^Mtte pledge of future guilt* ' .. 

'•.«.. .'. . : I' ■ And 

i94 roM nrpT imnAirs. 

j^ «ffpp nof for ihy«e1f^-^o t^MT 

To vindicate 4^ moJL|jjeF>JV09fifc;.i^ - .. ^ 

TAB TOP*R»8 LOAlC. . ^^ ' 

SOME say that hard drinltln^ yfll 'bajifCn otfr erri 

: And to dusi am all.hflUniBglRgMii ttrtMnPHy^''-^^ "» ^ 
l*oi^)on^otir^iiMie0r^tb|lei^<windd(M^^ -r'^- 


4 . J rFfom^thesamc,. June i^.J ' ' ^^ 

f\l WINE isi the tuipg iQ mal^ ve,terans telj ^^^^ ^^ I'l* 
^^ Of ti?eit deecls and tVeirltrfumpJ&lr-raiiJ^gui^^^c^ 

aswettt ' ' ^ '- / V. 5.**" ,. :. 'i " * J*!. 

As'tlie R t and Bl-ch»r, that »6ber old pair,- * 
Fvd^.Iu;QV*d i'>o|fa«r iiight «bea U)e)^&i^*d*-Hjoiu,kfiov,;. 

where, * j ^ . ,. . i. 

And good-bumouF'd)jr btagg^^d of ite 6at$ Ujetjfj'd jbe^i : 

doing*. ,... " ^": " ., ,,. ,,;> , T.; •• ^i 

O'er exquisite p^nch of my Y-rm-r-tii** own b^^wioj^u t /•. 

This diff'rence there was in the mode* of their strl^^ 

One had fought with the F^ench-^V otiitcT Jo\ight y/it^ \ 

his-r— i"! '* ":. jV, 

" How I "dresi'd them !" said Bl*cb-r ; and fill'd up^sofe- 

lirae-— • 
'' f,-too;"-8ay» the-F=^*«e, *♦ have~dW5S*dTBnr'tQ"ffiy " 

tinie.V '» v/>\ ' •■ : ,.-• * '^ • ''• ''*•.•! ♦ 

jB/». *' One morning at daw n - ■ ■ ■"» 

Beg, " Zounds* how early you fight ! \ 

I could never be readj^^C/uccupsJ—uy things aref 

so tight !•• C 

Bh. ** I sent forward a few pioneers over night——" f 


Reg. ''Ug\yamtiasigtkm^7'^'ipi\ta^1!tbiirrT'fUc^^ 

The a ^^ yoattu^fbkn9r;1i%it|L'clii^f^|i^^ 

Blu. " The foe:carde toiM«et ds-i-ul^ - * 

^^^ r^.:.'4 XiMxe.1 fMnffO better } 

The foe would ,naeetw^, bur.L'md— n'd if. I '11 lei 
her." >^^1 ' "^M'T- ^ • ^^ 

Bitf. '' Pell-nieil wak the worcU^asTi tbroogk' thkk and 

throi^gh ^iw— " 


i . 

^%' ': C-r-r-— :P Xi— re 4rQii tittle t baw.H?^l wf^rfiipie.inl" 
Blu. " Por.l^he/ate pf all Eqrape-*^be fate of nWs rigbti 
We battl^4— r---'" . .. — . <t . . : ' r 

Blu. /' Thlpi^;tb^,.Vlfaj{»^ deep fti^. Hitty^ijii^'Amk^ 

Vign ^" 

%r. " Never talk of the 1STft*or'yo«r ways--thiDk of 

mine /*'- - .'v^ • r ♦ - . — ■" • 
BAi. « And tb^ balW bissing fomi4-— ."V. " ' ' 
*ar. . -^ *'OI those' ballg be i»5jf lot. 

Where it gptfSll/ip^ not. 

And for'i^ii^---wh3r/faJth^ )*ve'M> much ey'ry digy 
That my. t^^rtre^' I dip<!Ct; 'itt,tfefe true roykt "^ayi'. ( j 
'^ WHia&afeiid to jiofetenty, ♦' G?-— ^ SiJ^*r'*' ' 
Bht. «« But we con^Qer*d; we coaqaer-d--blest hotir jbf diy ^ 

■'^^^.^.•^Atidtstest moment of mine, when Vvq tcpqtie^A ' 

nay W-: — I" . . ., ■ v''^ , 

Het^&i> dialogue filtet*4-lhe sUH sfrove to ipeak— 1 

But strong was the pupch, and the R t*s hfl«id .wieak j 

A^nd the. Mat^ar dried '**-tarargb !'* and ttie bumpefl went: 

Til^hi^ fat^'tefiel fcterairsunk' oil tfie ^6tind'y ^-^^ ;• 
And old BKch-r trionrphantly crow*d from his"s1^t/- '* 
Toj»fe'6he>ofth^i)6tfeitatteTii6t(2at'his'f^^ ' 

• Like Louis it Bien'oim^, Louis le DairS^ &c. ftc," ^-^ 

, -v ..,:J-v.u ..,, >.S: -,•■: ••-■'-;'!■ -"J '• 
J . ■ ...•.., ••■...,, r .,•-.,. ..' ..^ 

' , •-:-■;«:.'.•,■■.-•■ .ti- -■;*■,•-■-/ ■; I- xr. •■--'. . .; 


' 1 

( Vft h 

[From the Morning Herald, Jane ^b.] 
' ItrATtyiHi 9 poble person Mve ^ ' T Y, , 

Bpt, what eoiBd fHir a bfemish caira; ■ ^ 

' -fife Wk hh ro^ templfes ^itii/] ^' ♦ * '• '"■ 
Afpaning^ ber teoivite shool^ be 
tmenl^'crown'd by posterftj ! -....* 

CONPERBEB ON »IM,AX O^tyqip* " .i- 

XFrom th* Morning Chronicle, July ^J 4 < . "* 

, * Whea &p—tft at Oxford was seejb .; .. 
Wkrteta^aDoetoK'adegrta . -^^^ 

/ ' WlioaDl^nBaI>C)ctorbad^beaw '« ' .V.' 

... • . v^ ./ .;.: .,.,« v.i j.MV'-^ . : . 

[Ffom the same, Jufyz] • r: i . ' . >'. - . 

T ' We tpdeaTonr'd id render it vate ' 

. Bjr tow^ *ftto4»ng par ^rt-bentm cuastj : - * r . i .p 

• By fleet) proudly jw^eej3y?g th^ ^i^ti* . .,v .^ .^^ . 

H<Hr pl^astDg, tfa^ contrast of peace> ta rcnourli ) j 

V . (Ma»pJaWi3basfepvt^r;^ortjhe|;i!ffi^Ji; aj i.:.', 

. Qur/9i:^WMno^are.i;oafin'^^he?a^[k,j.- i, ^. v 

Ana opfj/^pif^'to .the Sfrpentw i^'ifV^r . . . .11 *^ Is: 

^; •; •;/. ■ ^ - ; ;8iatJIB. . 
■"" '" ' >'t^MnitJie*ssmc.3 
npHEj'KfrtWtt'ifer-dpalers began to complain," ' 
* TOet«riftiei%4)vef,'thett'lafeoatt^a^v^ 
But they aoon: **feife inibtm-d, no contracts ^^xM ie 
If m<$,^maf^4(n #Br>^^wrtild be waite4l»^e: ' ^^- 

i^'^. 1. ;. . . THB 

^ . -jr p^^ ^jj^^ Brhish Prest^ July 4.] , 

MR. EDITOR, ' ^ ' ^^ tond^/um 30. 
'T'HE Courier l)as l6st lis t^^ltr-rl fas^yeheairil i i^ou- 
^ sasiii^persons make the temvk^ mi 9skeA *how it 
happened that this favouritieTreawry >ouffiAl has been 
of late thus car-M'Wi / TotaMywaymW wwT tbenif 
I have written several lettei9» fmrrente calmm, to the 
editors, lamenting the iiu:!^ and ^ecttionately inquiring 
the cause. !^o answer has ever, h^ i:£ti^i| vof 
kind inteiW^TOrteSi ' pifeappdihtei 'lh«re, . I hare 
writteti'thrfed; several tjtlp^ 'to the editor pf^tHe Morn- 
ing Pbst, i^ho!^ i thougHt, must know somettiing o|r 
the affairs of' a fSIlin^ new'sjikper j but* dea| pic^ 5ir^ 
nohvithstandfij^ this call upptl hU atUhtioQ^ he has 
t^$med tikAm^;iPoiti;my ^ir^ask youj 

its j[ near, opf^t^jAxA,^'amyft^^^ friendly 

«nd loving nefgbbour, what is biecome or the tail of 
the Conner? 1 mean,' "Sir, the crowd of ragged 
people who, ^s^pae months ago^ wdreacoustom^^to 
block up the flag- way in ivoni of the Courier news^ 
paperofi^ , in %h^ Strand, e;}ctendi^g someiioM^s half 
way into the street, thus fornfiing a ^rf'of tail oif 
^tieoe to the nrcmises.' I was told that they were 
Wssengers, tvafljfie foi* thi publication of the Courier^ 
Kke chHfhtfi in the desert, gipittjg to dvtoh the dew 
and the dkanna.' Now, tf this w^re the real case^ 
what a terrible MoW Widit t|ie tteace have been to the 
«ate <i( the Cocjricr ! for the d^v-l a tail hatf tU poor 
y>uriet nojv. father M'Shane himself is a bashaw* 
compared With it. 1 eve^y day, pass the door without 
tneeting more obstruction than. I ^nerienced in a late 
visit to the Land's End7. ' ^ " . . ,. ,,. .^.. ,, ,.' ^ . . 

D^r Sir, ]^qu 5?annot ^nMive'n^^ 
«el to have, thb ,)jviinef s .fatitojq.toriiy It 

Would h^ H sb«Wing«hiyQ^ A^defd^.if U^.;|g^QMli){^ ap 


i88 kj^xi'^rAC^W. 

iit the '|)ca^c \y<ere fo be fbe jpiitimg *ivi'n /?f t^^^e Cqiu 
rleVind'lhe JVforhiivg Poiit, Socjner than s&t>hiit to 
such a dire catamityi eive me war for ever,, 
♦ • Yoursj iruiyi 

■u! .iVN . .: * NAVAL*' tactic:*. 

'''"•'' |'7; **' BY THE Tfe'tEiRAPlt. 

undifers^rnd that, on 
'foV^f, of the Ad'miraU 

more ^han copiinonly ckil); ^u|l that ozf jSaV^ijiday 
tadoriiing'he recoveretfhis '8pirhs--^*,signauf,lQa^inj 
bc^fT fiiiacfe tYiat '5^tfen oAdlilonal mihtafure men^^war 
tiai) arrived*, ' and had' beea'add^ to the ^eei aow at 
fachdr 'ih flie' SeFbentine'Bivef ;' Wd' hy 4ri!Sli "S 
Seeik^d^ tl^hihk'thal Hyde l^aVk, iftnsingfonl^^ai; 
antf tne parts adjacent, were m a state of per&ct se- 

fcuritv- '^ "; _" ■;■ : .:''• ';:•;/''";!;;, 

^'' Of the same opinion appeared \he Si^tv^tnienSfant^ 
Dhpihij Banker, arid Sub-inspictorpf- ttyj^fitk\ 
for,, in a letter to Lord Sydney (written ,1tif lipbilully 
good JEndish), he states, ." that*lie. js mcpQe^ISf 10 

iling was put round the Park flae expenWbrw 
^6'uM hi trifling); he shpulH VVofe VaRrtit 
^iW fdea'bemg>id;hefor;e' a Bbard'^^^^tSff 
*^that^ Howe ver'vetiturous. Aid Wj^ 



Bi^entford^nd Paddlngton, was decidedly of the same 
*^' • opinion— 

inim^se' piper that are j^owf ttirnig I^P thfi. PUtbliQ 
streets-^of whrch he profes^dHbd 4^ no judge wbat- 


^'ad th'^ iuggested^' bjrone of the older and 
more cautious LDrab^of the MminUiy; at the day 
of battle appeared now fo be^iicarty' fixed,^ whether it 
"would not be advisable to rejijuest the Duke of Wei* 
lington to stay oye/ that dd]^ ; ^ ^od ^ii lie h^d pabliclf 

or hts '^auntry^^ whether it %Hqprd Jipi be right i|ow lo 

ca^l on J^im to,tuInt^hVi^ P'1^£^«c t . ,^^ ,j 

;-; ^^^^Viug^ agreed; qn, anqte^ on hotTpfCM^,BfWff 
'^'A^^'t^^S?^.'^?^ de^P?t<?h«ri iff hl9a,Wni<wl>afc]br. a 
^'^\n^^m^^v\ tiiyijj, ,we v« bd^py. iA. miaouQ^e, the 
^li^'^l^^}^^ prevgilsnn evqry quiuta^^the:i^t6% 
irk,egj)ci^'attQn of the enewy^ are i^ittirely liud waste-rr 
\^e' cajMinti^Sj^yby coritingfed haminerujg^ prevent 
any sbidiilb from itnproperly sleeping' on tnfcir post9 ; 
^^^^%f^?*'>^^ aM alafbr' sKop every 

p^^l^ ftonx w^lkingj^.abd'.teniple^^ orfire^and brlm^ 
stj^j^^i%.rejidy tp.rajn dovv»PJ^,tb€J tieadp of tbie ene* 

. Syr^Willtapf Cqu^^ a stjj^ of irpofiwed actt- 

y^y^f^^ffW^ *f bi? AS ^Iwjj.^yf Jb<i. <loe6,dpot*jiiiow wb4 

i)e^^ about J but, *^v.vybat./tt,wUl, he is tctRjC)lted*io 
a's|diiiisb ftie..enemy !'^ ,t . » . . 

• Wti/ gracibns , Queen^ we are hfippy to hear, slill 
j^eep^. up hfer. spirits jr and^ -a^ tfee -i j^ tb of iAug'iist 
jeftf^fii^WfQ AcJye't^^ U ijesolv* 

"e^ jsnt^Tier pmi^ of honour, tQ t>e oresenit on. toe gp- 

THE cimb ztmirm^^^ 

TS* R— — wat tdd, 
To]MimrHift«%lMMsVifi^iiMt^ : 

Willi a nuneroiNi Uain^^ . 
. So lie order'a a,mt^ fintfutainmu^ 

: . r Q sMc$^ « i^are cotortalDHMtot ! . 
A woDderlU fiaeeiltertiitttttibtl ' 
WfatteTs anj GuilcUiflii 

Shooldben^lliiiigatiai, .i- 

'^Aknudertf Ilitt5ia> ^ 
Aii4 FMnMt of *Pf««6'ui/' : 
Cteolh be, «' iriiMi thqr foojlit mirfit tttd' mi&). meMt 
ToiiMte.tlieneiidi pay - * > ^jtT 

. And provide the AlUeft^iitmrUiiuiMmtS .^., 

Ba^ figbtiqg'a a vile QnieitMojiiepl^ i . . .V 
A iraged^, not eiHcaliiioaaenl; ? 
And, if Jmofit liy, 

1 sbouM wi* to J^t shy, . j o 

And«s^k to iny owa ent^jtaimieiit/;* 

To buy COtigmvtfrN HMkfett ^ ^-^ '^ 
He emptkjd both'podtiftt*, '' 

• Ai if he bit cogent^ 4HAtk'mt^it f '' 

Axidbfii^eg projected, --t' * ^ • 

^ And temjilflp^liK), .. : .{ 
; Jot firew^ks ai|d imh ^^dmwmmt # ^.i 

i .ftFWa wipeeelerlainittiptj' .^ . ; ;- 
A noble G|iy liux eol^t^uomBat !. 
A puerile (»st^, . , * : /. 

.' ^And^^uloutwjste, V 

• Contended i^-thiaealerlmMiaetyb ' : : % 

*BotffB«CWfde-iliD^r«dl> ^ * *^ 

• Are8otneliai^«teb#Mrtxiritt; '' 

Tliat all their designs ai^ in'^^tto ttieliiit^^ 


- w^ MfiapdU'd-to go bftck - 

fir^ff thi^raaDwWd esiMtmnmetil ; 

Not tlMUr Ifoitf ttiy cliidaiii-iBoant 
To show to xbh i^rime^eaNVtMnBut, 
fittb diey tb9i4^tb«ftttheiifey«8, fo, 
Might <g»fc JK>m<itliiHg;<<i<ttr .: m 

Thad cracker an^ iquih:e9l^taimie«i* . > 

Theo, UktsgUilMtoff; 

'' Yottr H««-*^/* iiid PliloC 
'^ Has shown whst^otor dsssicai bmin meast i 

Andixidi X fltid Bhi€h«r 

Begret that your kici% ' - 
Should flow for a vain enteffafnhieAt : ' 

Such a 'gUDpowdof 'g^dtft ^6t6r(ah)lnCBlt' ^- ' ' 

So truly yoar own eoteriafaitmm ! 
YoDr«abj«ctHrcaQiN»'oi^ • -. 
.^. ...^ .Blitfi j6art^y>hfr*. / 
See ab'otiior suck big^ opiec^iiiupaiit.^^ 

As the StraAgfMB rnkTb^gtant,- ' 
And the^bsAd was >v^l!iidrHwo, . ' . 

Wbtch 9jWBaigfynAp^\Kiitt)T to gaia-me^t^ 
Peopla wadatboif foimrks^ . 
As they walked; lathe Parks/ , 

On the use of thii grand emerCabment : . , , 

'' Such a daDgarcMis, * dear entertah^tnetit ? 
TouBitiam>epteit«inmW> ^* 

To pay t^ou^ tbo mwe . t 

For these gingesl^^sdsbo'nrtii ^ '' ^ > 
To afford certain fools^cntartaiiusMmt/ •' > 

Yet these qnenilolttelviM 1"^^ ^ > 

iDealt in taWiarkstiM)Si»ve*';- -—>•-': 
80 1 cannot 4kM9alve^^»iirM: their %tiafe meant » : 
FoKliie:o^(Ae»)r of' jokes • 
Let off j;afi>^^ foraJioaic ; 

On the anthor of this etttertaiofifM>itt^ 

This Catheria«Mi4ia^ entertalKmeiitl - ' " 
This flash in tif» pan onleKn«HMkifoir! 
Whflftf sfj^il weu4 ^i 
Witii at.|fckf.^,a woffjv ..V V 
. r *^ At this rhodomontade entertainment. \ 


ITmn tke Mbfliin|(CRi«fMftf Mf 4.J 

' ' ' . :s^jmdn,i^;4i^. 

n^UlS iQorpim was launched tk« Trimidoufy Ijvo- 

^ decker. The new method of laundiing succ^^s 

to admiratioo, tod bid« fair ta tfupplatit the unwi<^y 

.and cocDpHcaled tiiode in u§er^t our common <!ock- 

^ yards; viz. a rope b^lng suiifAy crowed ofer^ and ai* 

tacbed to. a hor^ie at the dpposrte nde, the vessels are 

^dragged iWo th't; water. . UnTorton^tfcfy^' liowc\*eK on 

' the present occasion, through the auima( stumbnng, 

' there occurred .^Ijittle check i but i ^niack'of thejK^tup 

^^iving4bi]^ i^fr^sh/ stimulus, ihe nQhIe.,^ip popped 

;, into Oie jpond^jjuqdcf |he ht^zxasof all tKf: bystanders. 

We liave now aflo^ lhre<^ twp-di^ers and tvvo firi- 

files } five of tbem already wilh *ibeif 'yards across, 
he Qfieen, lies highest up the' channel, :wr{h* the 
Prin^ Uegeni niofwd under bef sttro. thtiPrincesi of 
JFaUsp not l^eiog caiculaied for this^species of siervicey 
^still lies up^ ordinary. 1 have not mmt tWniipes 
,o{ the other vessels. It is a proud 'thing really to siir- 
_vey this noble flotflla • all eqiii'ppedlntheshort^spap of 
tviro weeks. Nqvv that^pe^c^e, and hefJlciiV^itiphsyTiaye 
left fiiear Britain no c^inflict 911 \h^ f^VS^.^y 9cean, too 
. much praise cannot. be g\vj£f^ to.tlfose by phose vvisd<^ 
. a»d^enei]gy sM^Ji^prg^vew^nis bave l^n made u pom 
o\xf internal mctxim^^hy wbtcb we . cannot iakV lOiUut* 
do our oni^ remaiuipe enfmy in that s|>ec^s of war- 
fare to whieh he haplwn^imien;. and* whilst this is 
a sufficipot aoBii^er K9 «M the iBvectivesfcspocfiog the 
poaectttioii 4){ 4he wur wiith Amcriaa, the system will 
. be the fullest ^equrity i^ioat aoy sticb ^l^s^r 9^ik^t 
.<)f Ijihs S^ie. Lord havc,mercy ^j)on tbe Taftdw ! 

. ;i .^-orpiipiAL 



iPdom Hie WHih Pim, .July $ 3 

a late ho^r last nigTit isl naval oflS(*er arrived at 
'Vhe Admiralty, Aviih the Jong atid atixiously cx- 

S' eite3 despalchb from the SefpeirtineJ They ire 
afefi fr<An on board the Prince Kegent's'fSrc-fehip the 

J?e4|p6/€', Wfinff the flag; of Lotd Y-^; th,' the 

comiriander In oiief. HiB Lordship staled, that,, after 
laying in a large quantity of the real Greek Brb and 
btfief necessaries, lie had joined Cht fleet 'on IKe even- 
ing' xif the ist itisiant, which he found tnoored in 
excellent order within less than a leacue of Rottcfi 
Ro>v. It was admirably suppfied witn provisions; 
immense shoals of. host fish, with which the pla<:e 
abounds^ having mad^ their appearance HMthin the 
lasjt few days* The Hedpole was just returned front 
wateMrig ia stVange sail, «upt>osed'tol>e t^^ Magnk^ 
nimous Alex^mder,: a Russian vessel of the largest 
"class^ arid ohe of rtie finest that ever swcpf tfie bosotn 
■of the ocean* The Resole dodged the stranger frdht 
the moment of arrivalln these stas, imrtHoirt sight of 
T>flFthe French coast, oh Sunday week." The Redpole. 
is but a clumsy vessel, and carries a!i sorts of coaibui>» 
tibles and other iniptements of dcstructioot" *' 

The Noble Commander in CWef reports^ that no- 
thing material had happened in the fleet, except the 
blowing up of an old bum-'boat, which ran fmil ctf the 
Princess Carotitte %h\p g( ihe Unci ^ ' . . t 


[Kirom file Morning ChfO«i(il«,'^fclf^1f -' - • i- ^• 
Ty^Lmderstand tKat an itiimettse hmmhig topU 
^^ preparing adder Ihe direction nf the Boatd.v6f 
Works, The spindle is to be fifty-two* feet higb^ 

■ ' I ■ I ■■!■ - I ■ - ■'■■ii.» ■■ ■ ' ■ ■ ■ ' " ■ wiw I^IMIT l»*l « ^ 

* Hm P« R. it fafty'f%6 y«tn of afe. 

VOX'* vruK K > «nd 

anfl will be visible' to a gifeat dis^anctti This mechanical 
pkenomefum is to be put \^ r^pid psotio* ;(by an engine 
constructed eipressly, for tbe tuirpose by a military en- 
gineer) ^n ibe. parade. of 4be Hone Guaidt^ for tfie 
atnusement of tbe clerics and others etigaged in the 
Treasury, War Office, and Admiralty, on the J2fh 
of Auffust* It is expected^ that the mellow sound 
proceeding from, ibis truly royal humnwng top will be 
beard to preat efiect at C— — H— — and the 
Queen's Pabce; and tbat it wilt make a great impres- 
sion on tbe distinguished foreigners now in the coun- 
try. . , 


[From tilt same.] 

V¥rH£*N Bluc)ier ^stold^ tb^ti to add ta^isflore^ 
^^ The Regenf ap Order degign'd, . .♦ , • 

He said, '* I'm with Orders so cover'3 teforef 
1 only aax hsmg It hekind.'\ ' ^ 

Sir ChaHes *, ever ready due homage to pay, [' . 

Thus answer'd the vet'ran, " If so. 
Then all who have beard of thy actions^ win say 

It DC*er can be hit by the foe;'* . i 


»'< Tbcire iras a little Man, and be had a little Qun/' &c. &c. 
[From the same, July 8.3 

qpHERB was a great man, 

-^ And he had a great mind. 
And he todt it Intp bis head, head> head* 
-v— > H a w o uld have aTaree*sfaow 

W^ece aU the folks sboqld go, %|t' ' ' 

Ins^'of going to bed> bed, bed. 

. ... ' L ; ~ ::: :. 

'^ Sccwaru 

" Cayfd- 

f* QapA-^K^m;* mid ht, • - 
' ^ Still on tables bpxltmaj be)*' 
9iithf awpr^ his biiil£bg thould> ahittld, ihouid . 
,^^ ^^tand op tbe grottDd^ . ' 
Atidbfaze wiui lights arouixf; ' 

Atx8 he *d have it made of wood« wood, WoodT 

.. And though babies migbt delight - 

To have a sea-fight^ 
In.a basin^ with walout*shelIs« shells* shells. 

He \«)uld have a dozen sail* 

Of ships on such a scale 
As Bhoald outdo Sadler's Welhu Wells, Wells. 

And on the famous xufht . . 

We 're to have diis pretty sight. 
Or certain men tell monstrous fibs, fibs, fibs. 

All in the atmosphere 

W^ «bidl see and we shall hear / 

Abundance of crackers, and squibs^ s<)uitis« squibs., .. v, 

Galantee-show no more * - ! 

ShaU be called to the door, • . > 

After Ums fine show is seen, seen, seen > . r 

For all the mob will say. 

Hurra, hurra, humil . : < «n \\ 

Tis a sight indeed for a Queen, Gtueea, Queen. 

So let no one oomplala 

Of his loss of time and gain. 
Or of bueiliess think, or of lucre, lucre, Ivicce | ,» .. ,. .^ 

For, rf brandy well we tiff, 
> Then a mole-hill *s TenerHfe, 
And a boat-hole the Baycf Abonkiri bodkir, bciAtr. 

* I I " ■ . ■ ■ .. i^ 'i' . — I, ■ m ' .j i hi" <ii Will i t II 

* ^Vlrfti^Might not Mr. Nididlfts Vansith^it ^ove f6^ leave to, 
'>ring io a ^ir to allow the Serptfrntiie tliVSr ttf »ikt -fii^tUutfb W ttfe llf<l' 
Mfic Ooe&n ? 


^riiE theory Of ^b^iMw Bat occupkd.tbe.frtt^x9^t^iQfiip^;pf 
-^ many '(bflolophera;. oi\«eIf ain^ngjbp. .^ug^jj^ ; 
^ut as pt i halv^ cottie to nd Balis£l«tor.y conoCvjsipa 
•concerning (hem.' Fhilvca coihtiion-place bpok^ in 
which I am lb the habit.df regisU;rif^.9fll ttio^.^^/gfin 
•fremetnber, but Ihiiy have bithcrtQK)«6e4.aJI inferc^i^. 
' I have tric^ every species o£ regioH^m, frc^pji ^urm^^T 
, 'up to iurd»-«Mip, tttfd yet I mo>fdiMef^C'f^VIDg^4^it 
1^ the vagaries f^ffaney, frded, lihe.a ^ch^Qljix^ j^i^^^^- 
" iiph, tfbm fhe 6iipierintenden^eof>udgf^iei)(M. ,< .-t^q 
' iiira^ti ho^evet, cjicepi: one teolPiitbitj^ 
^ Ipcoherence^ by which I was visited \2^ jW:^4fVI$4'^y 
'' fiij^ht; atid^'^Kic&'iiwimadd t,^»flf>m^m^W^^S'^ niy 
'; inind«'^f th<»Ug)U the Jtepfr ii^p^^itfiii^TFiiiio^ i99>^ep 
/ipoumhrg, Withfbui'iwd uf lii^ifipiTcffr/imi^s/ppf^^is 
*iieail7 he waidia WaiK)^ andlo^jpod^l^ly^jii^^^f^^ 
1)efore my eyes m taibe.bqdy.foi;ii^d.»f «^cg 
.-. Irish Q'dXhtV^s witkoui( ^a\'iwadi i^s lit][)bs seemed a 
^ good deal convulsed ; and what should ^ft^'<i?5:i>$)^fly he 
heart appeared in ltN» liktass s of a wooden. clock, iTie 
wheel^«.fi>ade.of loard^ and the pendulum composed 
4)f brass. Thi^awkivard' micHJnc, • by'a-eijraplete in- 
.^XercqmtnutiUla'tifH), reguiar^ii thcirM^tions of this in- 
;.' fiifenSfe* fratne, whtise spaims iieeined* ^iioiqtigfr -nuac 


cftiintaHe, fiWn tiw MHure df ibe. i^ivputse. w^hiU/go- 

'-'y'^'^ -'^Bteiipltf/* 'Wt* the* Pope^. « this: bplefog^fitous 

^';%^ikx\in:^h^i^^^i^ iMy :?#ih^ty; 

* * it is not Roman Catholic, b«taaus^ it ^Spp^: iftx the 

^*^ ' ;pbp'$t1^ssfeD<iarj^ittt from:th«)^^ 

/'.'' hivV itt iH ^unirkis yklded atiiolerfef^ceiihftQroi. 

^^|_Mti8ittdHHeiiH^fet(iJ^ vvJ}^'t «, 

"^'*'1f tan scarcely define^ knt what it will become, I have 

power to show yatu** He then touched ihe great toe 

. ' of 

of the xnm»8ter withf h'^; war|d, and the demon of 

Sckism arose from the earth, riding on a hurricane ; 

and immedtkt^^ Wtii^Mg: Ae A^pftOif body, raised 

there the most vicfleni^ oonnoiotion. One arm was 

strained inta sedition, the other scre^^./di^wn.^nta 

'^flhilgliUiii^''^^^Ai\^k^i tnotti tti;iba\di9ec;t)o(i of 4^ ^^^ 

iykAd€ of i\i0 litfiSfiai, and tlw oiW-lbfffnt jtsst^ep lo* 

Wiirtfi'the tem^^ *< Mecca-^the stoqfiach l^^camq ej- 

cei^i^y'cKsdlrdenfd by an iuMi^ of blacfc bifc;, aii^ the 

fam^' of 'M^rhddUm^ Gluak^t»in»> Pre^%tpr^Qismr 

arid 'kn Hi^'btber'n^fltis^ iasu^ ifropi tfto pfliss^gc 

thmiigh th^indokritt thicfc afi4 l«ci4 (ua>es./ JThtr 

wdiid^ l^lotilrn^ Che tnidst ^f ? this,qombiWtiop,ci'um«-' 

Wed»ihtti'|^t^Ges| the ioord was-copsAVij^d j, thie .^^r 

^«»£itt/tt7tti^Mtnelted; i^fidundi^the sufYm t|ie .Jftljct 

of ^ielppoiHted tfmbittott and«el6ab> policy Wen^^lone- 

^ ' ^^^4t'^{|^l»«mMtI4MrakMfcd.iniyoumavJ^ 

ttiy^^tmtfaii-^iMe/'ithrricdiate^ theie particu«> 

)a(s» "wMcli dl«^a«lytciuf aervier^ if yoM thiph thra> wbr« 
tby^^f ^fa«kig inafde^lic4 k»d afi>. Sir, ' / j 
- > t r ; . M vW^imry bumble senrai^^ 

•4-'>^ > otg'jv.r -^ -V :. N-u. - ; ' ^L " • * ' • 

iQttEAT alciffvity has lately, btfen ob^we^ )n the 

Gfaiid Fleet in the Secptntine. It wa;^. rgwf tecC ^bat 
ffiferftdeitajt bad contrired larfiMtaraduoB .^be A^qpfi^ into 

;; iH 'atklihe whole v^ottid h6 Miom^ iMf[ \y;iU)Lo\it,ja ;ino- 

>fient'»^^inolSce>.'' W«;ppy/i ;bpiy|ev^r;»~^ ^ia^e^^ 

; f^^^bis; tindiiftitay other nrai^cM^^r^lp^ the 

'[^'f^of-tke^haifmtff kvti9A\ jdmmt^ p^ jpUpAaJSion. 

^' Xtei^e of •4limlii|hJwe>feitaittlj ;U^;b^^Jit.jl^g^^^^^ the. 

\'': ;'*'^^'"--^^''^' u f/i-Kjij.: :;,:, .;[,^,^.;;,;;feversr 

199 iH^rAh Hwmn BXTHJkouiM«r« 

reverse ofev^ fbiag ftugge«Ud id these ifUe tpmours. 
14 aDpetrd,tl|at oneof tfaenxaids bUhonburyOi: "'"""* ' 
ifig ibe wedtfcer-rghns;. has given 4t ai her det 
aioti, thai the present fine iveaitber umiU fUir Sdr a,'idt 
to-ebnae; mi this opijtion is corn>b<nEted 
rienoe, which hamg' prbved that. the J^^ 
Busstaj in bis late tisit to'tbis,coimtrv^ bitii^ftjL^lkt^ 
0wti <*^ frightful elim^te^ a)ong with fairn^ it fbII6Ws> 
that His IlnpeHal MajcsCy5^ having left thil( cood^, 
i}as earned it back^ wd left us to a fierfect' state cf 
eiikn and tranquilKfy. Sbcmld.this obset^atSbn^^ira 
ihe'd|>proacb}ng weattier ptovt correct, it i$ d)7vjbk»: 
tbftt tt must totally defeat all ^ operalioav dl'^Bi 
€M»idif*leet in the Serpentine. Without Wiild'tbie|^ 
tth' do notbitlg. They camioi taitki m\p or ptaiitrf^ 
^ mahttuvre in^hatev^*' There thejf niirst He ^]&0> 
tiemtess^ like the dead cats and dogs^ to iivhoiig bmhi^ 
l}iey Kaye sueeeededl Alettei'.^paiitaidttiginciic^s^l 
^ this diAcuHy, tbns isagacioosl]^ aintici^ted ^?th| 
Anaid ^of honour, was 00 Toesdsiy dti^tshdP 'ftoffl 
Wiodaor, by a bobby groqin^ and Hnmediale^ qi¥|^ 
into consideration. Aftto* the 'breaking jij[ir df \hc 
Bbrirdi' cbnhpunication by tefcgrapft'was^held, d^i-tng 
tilb.Hburs, >ith the Royal Observatorjr aWie^int^ 
thi particulars of whtdb have not trai(>gptr^d<{^^iayiVij^ 
supposed that the Astrohoiiner Rbyifl' h$s be^n^istiii- 
sdftea-uprtr thfe sufcifect, ahil ibati Ws r^cfftMitrtilS 
the opinion of W maid- of* hofi6uW*at^'Wj8dfeH 
Wt %f^ to wfiiet, tbat the* ihaffi -tjf'^hmc^tSf^^i 
only eon^utied tfale'weather-]gU^ hixitliftmxxxi, gmi 
IJikha, 'tfae-:^<UeiS*1of cfarastity/ atid the' natnritf|>a^ 
tcopesa of all maids of hononr; and that tbtf hiobH* 
and ibi weathei^^c^ass a^e p^fectfy tibihiinous jdpoa 
Itel^estion.; T%e.fct>ncWswtftbckl being/ tfil|itr^^^ 
^•^to.Be^itttttf With i tn<1|ntb bf firi^ &ir; caftn 
^/^nr^^. aild thU natinraf itate of the dement$ b^% 
iy^vWrabtie ioiseaffirgbt^ h k proposed to hate 1^. 


• • , ^ . ' . ' . • • . ,,'..!'».'•.* 

CQUJTBe to art^ to supply th^vl^cveiief of uttuu^i tl^c 

y.,;' i M/j 'being xcsolvedrtoJuMs a^ease(if Qpf 

tft)S?^ suot^ wiad) ao^ a ^ea-iigbt^x^st wbaut kpayr^ 

\ ,^ t0is ext]^it\v th^ Cbanddipr.iQf ib^ ExcbeipMy 

Kaif^pie^a applied tO;, -a refoti having, gone abroa^L^bM 

th^ fili^ht^ IIqu. Gentljeniaa could raUe tbe Mfind > bwt 

bQ declared that lie bad exbauatcd biswhole^sto^k in 

tiradej ^nd had oot a single; faffftfiBaiamgv .; . » 

Tt .was .next au^gest^. that, the Admiral of th^ 

fleet hiQiself,^ t)n board the ritM^poIe^ could ffla< sgn^r 

jAiiQg in thai w^y^ but bia, Impsd^bip {^rqte^a beia#p 

c6it)|»letely exhausted with wmchip^ .tbexoyal >aiid 

Itnf^riat foreigasail lately ccuaiugr io; t^iaTxigan^ 

jttikt^ he \|a rua. entirthf oui'of wind.r^Uimkpf^nted 

bef<d^ it>e a^ms 6f (GrOvetntiiMta|»()tied t^^bo^ Brim^ 

Mmiat^r^ .the £arl of LMrerpool. i Tbfy b^d bemi a 

rc^l^rt that his liordsbip.was m powessioa i^.af bugt^ 

^j^^ ^ ti^U^^Sf, wKidb^ if. we)l ajmlied^r^qiiiklbe^W*^: 

Ito hlW'^up tbe S^rpeatin^ aod, produce^ a^teitible 

. His l^rd^bjp received tb^deputaU(uivitb tbci 

\^Tba,xnty of ;a great atateaman, but^iameiueii that bf 

CQul^ ^nbi cratify, the«Bf)Yal ,»5Wb#^': bia. Lordsbjp not 

haying any ppllowa^ |^v^t ihos<e vvl^i^hibad tb^ 

family fqii ^yqra^^ Ou incjuiry, bis-t-ii^dsbip's 

aiia,w«x wasfcqnd p^rf^qtly, tQr);pcit, .isd, tj^i the tcr 

pttHtjfS'}Hs;W g&tiattjttoxirtou^ paiiTjlj^f- M 

origioateil ih^ ^'^rca&ual/Qbocmtian^ J^y. a^gq^oeo^ 

^&> happcfned io the licuiW of^reera. whifn^ 

Lordship lately ^a^e a apeech eulo^ing ,tlje trfiaiy' 

^ithTfahcc.';-: ■/.".'.'. ^■/■:"':'. 1 -H; !. -••"^-^ ; 

1 Iriiblsexireinity, t^Mopri^e.wa? ha4^. to Jifo/ Choker ^ 

Tbi JLearried Genl!(eoiai said^ a^ a, p^et, he p^ .^ouif a^ 

de»U largely ia fictionV ^J^ woukl pf^^ije a fpain-r 

%ht. With pleasure^ at, tne shortest. nqt^^. !^oy 'in 

itply, be was told, this, would iioido;. ijij m^usjt' pe a 

^iVit Ndumackia-^^^ real fight. The Learned (jlehtle* 

'^ K4 man 

mjg^ffU^oi Irish whiskey tbioWh fotb (be SSr^^^ 
car^;^ing'Uked toljavie a propct ihmibi^'drnrisliPder 
men on^'^'aard; 'bighl angNver tljc -porijfelife ^Ti^^til 
known this pUu resorted lo A^nen^ ihiifr^M^/^ 
never found that it faUccLoLjUUXess. To this it was 
€>bjected, that such a mixture might lead to druuken- 
nessy and ddH^ the (£«cipUfie- ^ Uio Sed> and that 
nothing short of a<reklpropariMmi-wo|iId answer the 
h^pes and eipectations of the projector «{ kTp IM^^ 
tlaantteiytv:. Mrw €i)«! AO^ordAQgly >fi^/^^mf'^ j^ 
wkiiiliilbfhis migbti^ .Md th^iae .bsst m^u^ii^^tifjwitft 
biasmjipui^tj^ flatter ttonielhest tbid k^.m^lnpt^lfi^^jf^y 
iatyniifijf^A 4;pimtry $ob99ki^M^'hd^ j^gt^fA^it^ 
Ivn- IbiBiatoty^^f Jdlysir^imbo Upt .alV. tbfi:|viJ9i<Js m^ 
ba|^; vdnd;ta £pd oqi thai btg '^ iQ0w,(||e %)^^ 9flim 
«D08lliiKseiii;rtseaKttb.n ¥«alfni^tbc.v|i»s§^e9liR(|&^ 
ft^fHrigimfim i»;tbe Cwfl o£ Cha«ceryiyibv^.^8 
wbdle^tt^ejbag^jwfmdd^m ^mWf9^ ^"M^fiPWg^^^/ 
acaM)|le«nL ' : W:ha»otbfr.Z^«gi^ ip^y t^ *>?^ll^^}^«99ni 
t^-^iMdii^ ;iihirri«awcd (5«»li^Q»»#; .fWy^fsift^^ 
mMiifdi^'lt,WiinpMsibkio4i»m9^'f^ ni 

TJftjCl^er toprviii^^i^l(^Hiiij^«U Uxgll «f|ph^df^^ 

•nd:^tl»Coi»tPUtoffi yHjetmao^f t^Cf/s^^c)^, >fim^. 
their eooip«»yf ,% lbl»iPWp«6QS? ^f], a/^pij^ifl/Vf^fl^,^ 
it-.i^:,hefti>y:«oiificd^ th<*l ibo^ejchieff i^jl^jj^iniyii;^ 
home fc&r. th^..fiW« p^i»m\ €^1\-jRfw>rni?g> iM^Wgi. 

and twelve. ,:>:.}^ .-.,,' .i:,;'.'Au-^u!i7i 

X^m1^S>0'^MN9|lrikcUheir owu carriages, are desired 
*" order their coachmen to set down with their horses* 
^$ towards St. Jaq^e^'g feaft. 



Ladies who may ^OQtd^rti ttie ^1)110 carriages oftt% 

-; ';> .SBRPBNtlNJE JSAUI^ilVQSUw. : . .; . ,. 

. ♦! -^-, '. {FK»iAili&ClisispiDs»iJsty4o4. ; ...': ..;r .;..» 

^i/jrffc; IfebKTdff, •■^' l -■•' -^ .'^;T;, ./ ^ »)»..'-,:.! 

\^%)tf "caWaot dMe^rv64he immHicatiaa and disoMfi 

»' ''wilh whicti I i<ead^th^ dMferatiaii of.the Chan^*^ 

ceffer if tWe Exchte^^i-/ iKatttitf intended '|wtaiBt ae»*« 

JS^ki^'Hipfm \be "S^pentiMe^ uatsnot' t» ^ke place*: 

A^ed^ ftiHy S^Ub^ lb* Editoir fyf the Mamk^^Pcmgi 

thA vt t^criirtd have- been #n «BhJbitio0 pesuHarlv t^p^i 

pHibfiai^ to tlfis ^r^ak liava) naiiisii, I am^onMklov 

aa|t>rte9f my f^cfKijg^ 6f Hff^i M the trrefMrabte lUB] 

^J^Utfvcl^ii^t^lkiiWf ftnttasy lifter the decease o£ a^-be«« 

laimpfiltnd^pv/tf derive':^ ^lAetaiidioIy. pleamre^rmii* 

rftfli^iBg^th<niliHiieit ^a^ni<rii4ard of bi8iife,«s(yl Iwveyj 

in sotri^ ftt (I\^ HegKeei, >6doib^ my serrowa, :by. ^ealkct*! ' 

ihg the remains of thc^.defiuirtADd deplered JVioiifia- 

chia. Among the,^^ xyriou^ which my solicitude 

has procured^, is the ^ctdVGMette accoimi of. the en^- 

nen/, w)^ich ^ks ifitenied to have I 

^I'Mlto ''prfiiHfag'oP #hklb> '^dOA 

/^ifiiptM' ii>^^^ ^^ o#. cbiMfeii^ 

Mkfe ^nh the^g^h^edr of the decuiiredce^- arniiig^^ s 
o^tttVT)**e^been;i^adi^ >jrttb»^^ Jlewhwy^vof St. ^ 


ftfeiP^Chuifehyatd. ' I *A^e iw doiUit df ito-aSpfditig : 
ai^ hjnch amusbtti^nfi to' alt blti^t gro^-up cfalldt€fi,i 
ai'l^^tibtle^s^ did ta'ttie^UdbiMm^'proj^tdt^-df the • 
Naumapkia* Yours, &c. t.f . : i> 

iQiinvi^CcMtmtPmtke Siffentim. ' . o- ■ i^.: 

»iir, ' * Ju^ 1814I . \' 
It is my painful duty to communicate to you the 
particulars c^ a signs^ and complete overthrow*, sus- 
tained by. the fleet under my command, in two despe- 
rate ilttacks madejipon the enemj;*s squadrop, which 
wifs fed in a gallant style by the Princess, foreim- 
BMWshl^'ofxvar,^ ' " . " 
' Afict rurtning before \h^ wind in ilie conriih^nce- 
irf^hf ibf my cruise, without chart or compass, X 
fdtfnd mWtIf ^n shoal water (allhough my drqugfiiot 
fl'is'TemkAably'smaTIJ; and, to avoid Jbe break^r,s,. I 
ivas compelled to throw all my 'metal Qverboaird";' not-^ 
•xviftistAndififf which, I still continued lo dnft' towards 
Ihe ^hore; 'wifhdut being able to raise the wihij io as 
td'hacrt'oflTlnto* sriioblh water. In thif emergency J 
^m%\tii*J^t$e'€olmrSy inadc signals of dlstress^.^tnd.the 
Priitct^ lieavirtg' in sight, I gave her a saliit'ej whicS 
the ffetorftcd; wtieri the Vnion flag. was dispfayedyw^ 
wipW lasfted together J and,' by' her assistahce^'J ^irs 
twieed'to a Safe anchorJage. 'ho soon, hov^^ever,, as^ 
had gained wy poitit;! strucl< the Union, *c«^f ^^,^^?!!f 
tltated sKtp'j' ix\A itiimediatety prepiared for; actiohr ,* " 
^' 'rnetrf not luForni you. Sir, that my yesseli though 
liy'nb meslns did, is v^ry crazy from the hard seryice 
•Srh^c has seeiV; the tOurses she has kept, and the efiec^ 
if ^q&> shot to which* she has been perpettxally ex- 
posed.' ' She lias Art unwieldy hull, with a braadjsterb| 
hut Verv'poo)' VJ^arf ; IS islow in answering the*^eliii, 
'Atid f^ui're« a ^66d deal.of ballast to give her. any iK- 
greeof sie^diiie^s.' /''' '^ ^- 

• ' THe*M¥ Btmg drkwn iip jn line oT battle, I ordered 

rttej^pii^, an Ol(i Koyal fire-ship, W\^ Teaser and 

^ ^ . Growler 

for blowing her np by>'|ii«iiii»'Ci*'loipeiJbB^ iibtatttftpftihs^ 
stinkjfK>ts^. and, other secret engines H:>f fikstnpction ;•->• 
biit;^'for feasond of tvhicfi i only ani the jndge^^Ji. 
avoided every opportunity of boardiQg pr cpmtng to. 
close quarters. , .',,,, 

The enemy, notwithstanding (he acv'erity.of the atv: 
tack, 'was so well supported by the Roycd Savierfign^ j 
that she repulsed every eifort ms^de*by the fleet jinder . 
vciY^mmand, without sustaining tlie smallest damage 
herself. My own ship, I am sorry to say, was con^* 
siderably injured by the explosion of the torpedos and . 
othfer contrivances. I therefore hauled o^*, and or-» 
dered the whole fiquadrqn to lie-to, for the purpose of: 

refitting for a fresh attack. 

. The Royal Sovereign^ af(^r. having rendered the 

ccitftitfy the greatest services, was, from a damage re* 

cejved in its Aead works, obKged to be carried into 

dock, whete this gallant old ship w^s at last to be laid 

np in Ordinary. Availing.myself of this advantage, \ 

igait^ ordered the fleet to advance in the same order, a$ 

before; directing that no quarter should be giyenJ 

Observing, however, that thei enemy had sent forward 

i ctitter to take soundings, with a Brooniy thie signal of 

^efiarice, at the mast-head, 1 fell the necessity of ber 

ing wary, in employing the secret engines 5 relying on 

being enabled by njy statibnj |i^)eripr weight, ani^ 

I>cfwer, to run her down at once. Oh advancing for t^ia 

purpose,! found that the place of the Bof/al Sovereigif 

had be^ii' Supplied 'by the John Biilly a formidabler 

tocBcin^'tbree-decker, which, whenever I approached,- 

^tpitted so terrible 2i hissing sound, that I apprehended 

cdtnbustifaieS were at the bottom, and instantly ^hecK* 

ed off for fear of an explosion. In this dilemma J took 

^ I>oshidn for raiiW-r-a manoeuvre to ,whicb t h»e 

. ,1 . .; .. k6. \ ail 


aU my UMsetiicklKMMp banaaditfafe^ilKirtiftrBliiH C«%^ 
find tb^'^itiki^^df^ ttiyMriidt WoulA'feflob f^kkLmtAy^ 
while she' htrifed^ methokt A^ai^'mgly ^tS^vtt]^bfto^d- 
side. Vtam the tiumber bf ;s}Mr^ between ua;*) ^r I 
mast have suffered co paidiam bbf^ and, aUhough nu 
lives were lost) I am siejAsibl^ llMl^in point of cbarac- 
UTf I have ^stained s^ most irretrievable ioj-ury. 

Of ipy officers I can only speak in term ^ gf, com- 
mendation ; all seemed anxiuus to carry my wis]|^s^to 
effect ; they cviaQedxunsidera})le addressin ifvnmw} 
an# w^Q9 got into shalUw j^n4 <^if^ wat^r, ^\^iii^ be- 
came necessary to take soundings, they were all eager 
to lei ihemsefves down for tTie purpose. The ship was 
4tbundaaljy:fi9Vnid9 49ptciaUy in ilfffikp^nmii inqp only 
attribute my wrant of suci^a^ to my going, in every in* 
zUncc,. fifQi^.ti^.t^(fM tack. , .. ^ .^ iTTyy 

■ ^ ,.^ I am,. Sir, . . , . ; ^^ 

Youritmt doleful MK^ .4efeaifi$l »viAnhi\nE 

THE THREE PARks : ' *'* ^ '^ '* 

T*«*-.*« O Ladjf fair." 

O SISTER Gire^^, what 1^ ftje matter ? . ; '. " * ^ 1 
U that a chees^ <if S'tlltopf in a plattex? ' ' ' " '^ 
Cftf«ii'#^ayiJ:^Sbter, Hookd if myiiead^had on it 

•^AjBrDbdigndgia<K)ldenbTirg' bcj^ihet,— ' ♦- ' * *' * 

%ifo />iirl(. Atid iM^b^t Is t^t bridge/ wi«k tmibers «i^ «il3^ 

, "v • 'fltatotiaii. . 'e * 'i n'. ••; -i • _■ . .> > ..^ .vr..^ 

. And wk> is to ioeol such esatfravag^n/eo £nancid ^ *. ;ii. .1 

Jli. Jt^mes's,f.^ St5<4?g,ij tbe..b«irig^„|o bear ,wwr§.jl^ 

- .FqripV, like Us l^unaer^ to enftptyJcjhn BuJU> poQfc<ijtji| 
iry& P. Who, 'Sisters, who can'look^wmi a grave evc^ 

On''fh1sr1difcii}oitsgingerbf<?adnjavV>' ''" f -a- .* 
^imiP^/'WWt stall' W6^^%k«ii:ftrdbgrtdatfii»^ '^-^^-*^. 
Si.Jam^*s jP« Make an appeal to ^e Ruler of tbe nation. 
^ ML 


I TpiF Pt^,^;4f.i9!^'^..'»«>"*.T^^!T9U^own pnya^e pleasure, ^ 

V [t'rom Ihc* IS^orrimg Chronicle) ittly 1 i^jf ^'^ 

'-^PSsi;^ <aoth 6urT--^e, " the ftte I'?e made, ^ 

''^Yei cabnof plfea»e John Biiirr ' * '' 

*ifcSt!tel>evi!'^idwhert he sheath hhhog^, ' '^ ^ - *"- 
-^cir*j|^eAcryaiidiitUewod.- - iRb.lX;*^^ 

.JVi- ' • '^ ^"5 •• «- { '•'. . .. >' ''- ' "'. , i ' ' ».:. .;.. *,^ 

-::>^ iHl; 'contest «TiLii continued^ - - 

"nrHILE Europe's Raleni bid iet ttodfcAet'MBSe;^' -' * 
^^ And wearied nations <^ottrt the smiles of fieao^y . . 
Britaddia-^s Q^iuv sti^l fv^ong9 the 9l*ifh, - -' 
■MfSinmaa tt>acitve'iind inglorioas Vife, 
And seeks new triampbA cCftr hcr.fornaef foes^ 
In a grand contest of Galantee Shows. S. B. 

[Fiom the 5tfOTnmg Herald, July izj 

LAST night thp fallowing; fragptent of ^jmtfal de9« 
patch was picked lip in Hyde Park : — *'* \ { > 
.. . the'Bfo^l Cokssm^ at Setk^^Jufyjipt^ 
Yesterday, at two .r. M, t,\\9 JPowd^r Magazine 
benriiy W...S-^ W%. a bjapk lugger m^m .djescriedi^ q(.^ 
suspicious a3pectj from the mast-head^> Ordered all 
hands for actkm^ presmmng it to be am enimy .' a She 
kxMn^^lftrge. Wlien we^cam^ wiihiri'a cable's te«tgtB[y 

found it to be the ^r m fire-ship, wftfi'thp T-^r — v 

bomb; iiftrfer* BBr 'l^^sibi-rt,, '^n^^.^^i^* ^^f^'^t ^^^^}\ 
conAidAhUf.'* ^0n tljis in^uspicibiiy,*^^ ahdj^? tb(B 
weather bejjfgj ^to loofe'^ijifa/^^^ qv^ C^miifi&qip ^ 

20^' •' ' ' BB^ XBWS7>- 


dcrtd out the fAi tried sloops^ the Tntth ind iCMdlR»r;- 
who having t>oured one broadside into ^tbe etmmimi 
enuntff the/ very adroitly hauled their wind ^nd 
sheered off, under the (H-ocection of a thick and nc&- 
fome fog, which had jtist rinen from the Opposition 
inarshesnear Knaves-acre^ 

P. S. — We have sustained no damage in this slight 
engagement, but a small laceration in the main -sheer, 
which time alone will <iuietiy repair. Several small 
shot grazed tbft figoie of Bntanma^ just above the 
cdl-iMiitrj but, luckily, without doing «ny snatenal 
mischief. Harry Hawser^ one of our foremast'tben, 
and a prime seaman^ fell from the topgallant* mast 
upon the dock (a height of almost eleven^ fetl)^ by 
which be fractured his r^bc 1^ : but the carpenter of 
the fleet sooo fidud bim another^ ash wts> j§|nttN 
natttty> SI wooden limb 1 


[Ffom the British Press, July ti.] ' * . * 

'< TN aiuitieDte^dme»" t(|»s6e>rians know it), 
; . , ■* Sings ^ad two foUowj^rs-^j^ avd po^t > ^ , 
* Jif ore wisdy has tne Regent done^ 
Joiniug the offices in one 5 ' , . 
'. And,, fit the waate. of money. loth, i* .,,,.' 
Names Jklhter S— — y to \hem both. '^ ^ A&iomL 

SHIP NEW$. .'• ' . -M "' 
[From the GencMl Evening T'ost^ "July i'2.] ' 

THE Serpentine Aotilla dJd not form their pcrfcct 
lipe of twenty sail before three o*clock oh Monday, 
P. M. bwirig to the Trtrnendousy in eiideavounng to 
^weather iht turnpike at Hyde Part Cprner, V>n hep 
sledge, missing sta^Sf axkSi taking d lee ivr^h^ hxrinm^ 
foul bf the S\ W. post, carrying away her bowsprit^ 
and [chocking three of iieir jports mto'oncr But being 
* . • towed 

towed^to^^-di^^iiocbon ikt <Fd>ANlef Bimk dde of tbe 
rWer,-^«he tediderwent a thfiir6Ugbr rtpair in ^ less, than 
fifteen tmhiuter;'nvhen sHe was itnnio(MateLf hnmoh^d^ 
and to6k beir station a ctibi^'fr. length aheiMl of 'tli« 
Spitfire^ Cs^xdnBioW'fne^tipI^ 


'T^Hfi upmost «Btivit}y prevaiU in. tbe.eqtiipniait of 
-^ tbefieety which now. csmsiats oftweiity sail,.6hie% ; 
two-^deckers, mooi^ed head ind stern>'down>.ihei ai»- 

choragei Curiosity and conjecture aa tathe abject of 

tb« annament are. agog | ftlfiitg ev^ery^ftiiiid^ and< en^ 

gaging every tongue, but equally in Vain. ' Thfa fa: 

commonlo all expeditions, when these' feelings ha^ 

their short-lived and i.djg, d^y ;,. but long after they 

shall have ,evaporated, lo I a grand despatch suddenly 

arrives^ the hories aVe covered with laurel aixd ite 

chaise with dust^ and straight thfe objiect gloriously di^ 

yelopes Eself in- a London yGazpUe^Ba^POwriiliiafy I So 

it was> • I r^njtelFrtber, with Sir Home 'Pol^harh, at xYit 

Cove . of Cork : t^ety bodv^ wondered whetfe ^e was 

going : he goes, and had oe^n* long fbt-gotteh,.' whea 

at last we have jthe capture of the Uf^pep vj^ic&, those 

chiirlisk fellows the Whigs did iigt think worth 

thanks* . Cotnbining these naVal, with tbe.yasfiand 

preparations going onri^ the vitinity, the present uti'- 

defiaking canpot fail to be worthy o§ ^ufjinagnani- 

ijioia§ .rnTers-;. and then their croalcings will' recoi^t>n 

^l^eglobnfiy, and their pratings on the pert.. 

The pres^E^ce, . hpwever, qf.j^o,grea;i a fl^j,. Ayith .it3 

iJciultUudiaous complement and ret,ainer^,,>nake§ ever^' 

thing Kay feur pn the^joinii^;Co^>|s; .l^i^); itcerj^d^ 

ly occasious. A .^al influx pf wpilie)?;, and ^.pl^asing 

^stir. The officera ^[cry^tea^ cc«uflU,oii>ir4i;tftCQf t9 th^ 

•':* delight 


ddight of our profnenadine MleSf and much enliven 
the a8Minh)i^§<iiMi}R?i^<V^iimg'T#maMddti«;aioa«d^ 
the coDCcyirse ^f ^aH' i!^i^bs4ri»'g:it#d'IAi4U^ "^^t^^^^ 

and win eqiqy. the. dli:iv^ed'u^banit\' .itiij*^^ 


' '{rrk«l'fM»'BtftitH'Ffres»;*3iil7:ij.] - ' ^ » :- 
^^fOVOfr m vain; . like Cafciahdra,' pethapi^ 1 in^^[fi\u 
'* iKtyroio;; in tbete hoaxing aud credobUs d^ysj^^' " . ' 
Yet d*My. <fel|tejads it— and tei'rors impel: .,»!.!' ., .. 

My prophetical .9Qi)I ti^ sad visip^s to telL . '^^ \^ * ^ .^ 
1 aee tUi; c^ ^peptine glowins; Wiib gore," / ^ "■ * 

1 see carcass^ sire w'd on the Serpenthft sli6fte/''* * , "^"^ * 

Foul corpses'*are str^^ich'd all iltJng Ao*/ii'^bvfJ*.'' '/; ^ ^V a 
And Atten the vliljure and pmj^er Ui6 crow.' ^^^' »•/ 1 ' 

frrri) c I 

lo fhoit»..$ii;,^th)e fleet op the Serpen tfii^^^lfi^e/: I' ^ 
Ifl de^'d to Wpt out oi^r'fte^doi© fareyeV -y ',^''-' ^*"'" ^ 

As to feies^pd ^^P^^}^&f ^^y ^^^.^^iPJ^^^^^f <'.^..i, . .^ 
As to al^.iuuit'^ppeaf^. who make use oflteif 'a^ife'i^*' \ .:': 

We rememlier, '* ■"-- ---^ *^" ^-'^'^- <ifiAv,i^.pu^A« ^'U,;Arf-' 

The Goveinnieot fierce aud'despotrc Witl'i'dl^, " ' '^' 
Andiop^ff^^^ieiswriCHie ihnbsXJ'^'io'B*!. ' ^'".^ 
We remember, '{ wm said \>y Jodge^Iaick^tob^a- iw;^^ ^ 
Was needles;^ we :dnctbirigft6 'fe4'r>cJ^ ; 

*Twaa^ fr6ro'*fpreigp t^iV^ipn* t6 saveiit^r/J,■^| ;^^/,^. , 
But could joevj^^d *g^ipst biirs^lvp to ei\^t^iA*'' '] 
.Bat,, alas! ^is ppt sp—aiiu tte ^eet otk'Xhe 'RlweiJ*'^ J.'\.\ 
For his countiiv. may Well make ^2ch £pgfiilim<a!D iSmeu .1 
No geese m.ih^ wa^r,, to wara us of all . * ", 

That 'tbe,Jpapital sob» in^th^ fefale WHI Hefim^] ^ ' '':' 
If you rebithe ac(k)UDl or&e dldTrojaitaol^fft/^^ ^'*- ^ * : 
In-yirnt.tlpot ^'''' : 

Yoti ^r4ad ftfty line?, tfel apply but fy %ell ^ " -* '' ; 
To 5;viel¥w— to the sad and tU^tnigicrf *<-i^u.i o. i 



r-jvjffT^ riourn bnij ,? .a\ -> ^i'. ;[;>•., to rr-ir: 7ro "to !.^ iJjb 

3^?' W?^ *W>pe$t Aat >pa^ter*d tier wreck o*er Ai^ fl6M. '** 
a*eDSi^«g4SS;perhaM; by the:»iA^ofli«r 4pitki~''»- 
While taking the dost and Ae^ahrin thfe Wkr < - ' **^ ' 
Or perbape fetching wat«iu(ajlaULiif the Court), 
To cool some high Sultan's Imperial draughts- 
Shall C17, as sher'taiiU oM tto Wit«fU.<5r A^H this spot 
Saw the fall of t^.^4)g9pkt, ,Hieri#ii,Q^,^l» dffpot.'* 
«S ^T*W ^^^ ^^^ Trqians of o]d were huitibujg'dj^ . _ 
When intp tbeir city t^e. Grecians tJjey Ic^g'tf i ^^ . ,' 1 
When theiy tfiouglfit but with stabling tjfielotiby to trfaii, .^ 
(For they knew that a inpre wobdfen hbr^ Coutd hoi eat,) * 
But found to their iocfow^XOyillanous plan!) * ' 

They bad giVj^, eotertaThq[i|ent for bprse.and for Brtn 1 * ; 
^ thatu though. ^podfp hordes ip gen*ral dQti^.ea^ 
Yet their bc^^s ipa^^V^ V^^ «» ^^ K>r ^ iha^* ., ' /, [\ / 

And that veipy'nigbi,!wheh their glory was sunk, ' ? 

TbeTrcjatis ^.^^^^^^ and'tfratt*;'' •;;• ' 

Were dancinfc/ai^d romping/ ana shi^ogftnoy; ' ^' '*'^- 
Aod playing ?!ie fopl in all wrAdr* dTTfoy j ^* ' ^ '' ' '^ '-'"''' 

^ think iba^^war 80 dis^itroni Aftd teng, ' ^ ' * ^V>* 

Was now but a theme far their ttlumph and aobr^ ' '; 
Tost the br^d it woiildiatt^ ani] the taxes woow eeaie^ '/ 
^,^.**^?.*4;hia!Fejsp>stebIwhinerit proper^ t 

jVhiledoubtJesiPd^J*. Priam . :; 

I^Uk his wife,' by *hc rm>b wa^ ejulltiiigly cbeer'cl : 

-" raving, so ipad, will the scetie be in' L6Md0j. "'••=►" 
^J^ by loljjf Tike ffeeirs will the COO n try be ah'dt:»€f;" ^'' '' ^ 
Wherthe inQh^a^e half cooquer'd jrtr6«<!ly *with' g^i '^ ' * "^ 
TheflfBii will set sail) and the cafijage begin j ' -'": ' *'^ 
yoiaahebrhd jna clwid.thc land-fprc^ wm An:^e/ '* ^ :; 
And destroy al) }^% j^^t §halj hf^ve still left ^iive;*' ; ^ ' 
And the battery (pretended for firewprks) shall plwr'' ' ^^ 
^rom thcXmf>^$t. /ames'^/and tUjckeh thp'My;- '' ^ -; 
J^ven those thaf we diqugh'tfof their 'coiiiiriyV^ye ^W,^J: 
The Emperorf ^d'ltipgTaiid'lJld^bcfe aiid Watpff;' ^<>Y 

Wnifttnrn (as tW Grecians fVomTlsncclo^ came) J \ \ 
And lend tbeir assistances our spixltto tame. ' '" 

I «ee Ibe i^d Sfcf peWitie flowing wifti gofre r ' " * ^ 
I heair I>eath shneX alood fr<)m the Serp^ntme%lmr^. ' 


A NOTHHR officetmrriveilaif'four o'clock yesterday, 
•^^ P;- iM^ -la^itH anr hnpoftatit despa^feh, ctf M^ch the 
following, 1$ an extract : ' '• 

Hiiyal (hfossiis^ al imelwr in tU. $^peniine 
Seas, Jidy W, P.Jtf* 
— ^This afternooDy by the UiMsingof Fip««llp!nce^ 
we had t tine falling ft>ower froin the & W^^>«ibteh, 
in the coune of ten mioiiiesi gave t)9 M'#iitra flood 
tide froQa o^e liatf to threci qparten of . ao; jticby by 
true hydrogra|^ipal.pWrva*i0», TAus ,fertiiilitely 
prevented dur heaving aay ttiore pf.ibe.|loyaI Colos* 
bus's ffuns overboMA, Iq keep her a|k)at« The- Ibm}* 
night before Ibe officer nvhahad the waieh^^ ih itllt van 
ship^ desKtned the motion* of a.daricilaifitem iti the 
skirts of the main ; oi! wc e i v itig this infomiatloti, by 
si^al, I ordefed the Epkhue^s '}^f-ho2Li to be tnatkied, 
With mtiffltd c^atfej' the ct-eW, lati^ng' near the spot; 
soon discovered a one- legged man actively employed 
in dicing a gap at the extremity bf Swan's J&ayp with 
an eyidoBtisleaiiou^ to drain the whole Serpentina Sea 
in the oo'QPSe of the Qight^ in ord^ thus to lay His 
Majesty's squadron hi|^imd (ky, that be might with 
more facftin^ set 'fire '4« the whole ^ fleet ;{fer which 
purpose he hatl a bunch; of phosphoric matches, and 
a hap^J^ <?ir Ttwo Artfully coweal^d jjetw^eainrsi^it 
ancf th^ :iyairtbakft4 of his breeche4 1 He was iotnk« 
diately secured andexaminedy hut be stiUenly refc^ed: 
tQ answer any cpestioiis ; he is now a prisotic^ oii 
board the iiag-^ip, in tke t<>ckpfC, betvff^n mttitf'^nd 
,'./v.^ — ■^- '^^- ■■'■ ' •' •-- '• -^ "Water,- 


water, aqd will there remain tilt I receive iosj^tiontt 

for his dispos^l^ ., .. .- ,v .;,. * * 

The crew of all tl;^e ships continue |;^^2(% b^Ubyi 
and th^ sea^^^chji^^s on bo^rd this $hip iantucib abated 
since the providentiaM^Jl i^.Ll^J^^ ^^^ ^^^^ oi fresh 
water ^ &c. &c. 


^. ,, :_ . .SJERP?NTINU,. . ,..1 ,1.., f,. 


[From the Morning ChrouIole^^^Vilj- ijj • ..,/ . ^ >• 

. ^.n''^.^J^^5F <g^eft,I dolor, dolor^' : T 

'^^' Thus sang the Swan Qn Latin 02or; j -, 

'"'Pare welt, sweet' Serpentine^ - 

' ^ ^Th'jr Hlrerwave; 'thy ni^rgin greeii/* 

• ' J * Where^la^l/I so j^tbud Was rfeefa, * 

«..>otoO ilEii»liliOk^f'idieh>AtM5 »• ^ .:. 
Mi.7p<9%whtttlinri^ifWti^ Swnos *m9'> *^> 
Hr.7 4%,*ieadJt«pi|er, ^ba^I,fl«7>) 
it . f A:»»4dliijg„ {^Ulip^'4 

1. • 


. .. -n ^ 

: 1 

I) • 

• J^ 



•• , 





;'•■-• « 



;... :.'--^' . • - .AKTANSWEE.- ...-v;^ 

.^- V . ,ffioin<h€.?apaeVJuIyi4»J .]sv '; w... ,* ■ ^^^ 
• 5» |^ALL«*ai^<?6»f?^I pontr^ioiyottiftt,:^ !, j^ 
, i ^ For a ^ostf hisses ^Iks^— hot I 'ftj toffVI at*** / ^ 

^: . i> L'iK,![ III i :i'' ,.-- :'v;r, ;■ .\1 
' [firom th^ Morning Post«,i'Jtr!y 14.5- i '; ,^9 

•JMfOURN, patriots' xAfy^axn fotO'^r^^ " 

-*-'^. ®owA on your knefes, lest Saba [ 

Ilrom bis ekainple leard bow ill he rfares' i.^ ^^ • ^^ 
Who fe^a thf yenj^pce of thq fi»^ <c»4 £^ari5 ; 
For doubly bard bis Lord^ip's Ctfe a^ost W> ^ :. ^ 1. t : c *i 
Str4ght from the Stocks to mount the piBoryJ 


{ ztt ) 

^HG^^hty ^^^iF)pfin4bnr tbat^ «ati be fermed ufidhliAe 
^ su^ecSt of Ovi late fttfud is^ tbat ^<4bdfy filaotttttf 
il^ tfdddjf bad atiylnt^i^t ib' H»^ stfcceb, Mttk-AMsi^ 
CdmBiUted it. This is now eertiki ; for Mr* Godhra»e 
JoinMtoM solemnly declared his inftoceMe; bt'tbt 
House of Conrmons ; Berenger declared hW in a pcti- 
tioiy to the Honse otC(^nl6M^ if not in his afficnvit,- 
LoNi Odlcht-lme has made atr affidavit of bU iimocenct, 
and now Mr. Butt declares his in a petition ^i» tUe 
TlwMei 'NdMj^ b(^^ the toot and'Wtiat )<^s)ar a 
person in the country, :who was about to play m/oreign 
J(0toePi^ NMoitly bad^an^ intereat in helping .any ^body 
t»]chiiaigatbk dress {AToAod^ w«^ l|]iar,ofilhis 
.coat. aiM nUTf when ttiey'Wai«'dr4ira»a>ii|P'fip0m'!!the 
.boiiotti '^iht Thames; aiid ikToM^cami afaooftrkini- 
k^ra^tosaof i6o,coo<i upon gtdek^joUii^spMiiii- 
likfki^nm a girin of 10^494/^ llioiigb«Biiidbiid^itfd 
join with othcri in keeping nr-ngdhct^isSit^BMf^ 
alecl^kibing mShortiev^a Gai«rty Hanngiiokihi apartr 
fBentibr tbettiltlv«a"aa«l wothct liDritbtMikfeik U) > 

, Jfrom .the Times, July 14.] »i' ^ifi'" 

A^WPHf^' ^^^ daily novtjUies. which Jssutf^^^^ 

, -^T rP^rj^iA^ press, i^ onp of which .we have tnbught 

pixiper, to presjt^nl oup .readers with a tfarislattiSn :. it 

' is enti^k^ ** Le deroJerTf-aite de Paix ipis a I^" Pgrtee 

^e toyl k jMonde/' ' T^e base and arb\tr^ry/prDjccli 

.'ofxthe .l^te Ru)ct of France, united wil1\ jhefae^ssity 

, ^r^pKth^ in^ppiijd upon, fill' his people b^^gfai si 1^ and 

' justrfying every' one of bis acts,'h6we>^eratVdcious, 

9.een).to.J[^av^jCQrrupt?^ff3ll noti6ns of right ai?d wrong 

i^ tbc nifiilf g^thVj^^^ 

. • f^^^ 

„ s:is: } 
STATl^af )5IQM9t CB. - t ? j 

Vfve iwrlionb^bf ltW 'Fl^h 1^^ XVTII. 

ftbsnBkfi v^e^^ ^^ ^^^mff ^] ¥m l^%0Mi,. after 
^M^AW«Ml3^f'fiy#>yoair0'QJrip^.ij iim mV^ <iW Wt ftt. 
iki^dt»AHp^B',Qi .B^ptti ihf^^r^fc^ thanks afi^r the 
^oriibip^^ thiH'Mol^h IP utbom tb«y Mciificed (heir 

-tcsf cbiidmn^v-.^. ••, -f. - --. ...... ,'^'- \l 

.;.' Wdi«h6H wcmnpzny.%h^&Ciii\mHk\T^y)\>y one of 
.Mtrjomnfj oaktilanfed^to'exppfiii Jbtf ^opbialry j»A^ lalcA- 

\l>o& vlcbeiHigbpAiii^ ^^avt^i/ wh ott|y nftyje 

: >itar1opaBi ir4tt9de fwr.bgiriMn \\9^htmi-9mi(iojim^ 

flRuittogcilD lym«£\l)»iii'4i^ 40 tHis^Majccty 

an<£ tfaoIAMitdiR(y|i^ewMvmQcep^;>>^9Cf M»ftU.ib^ 
cessary for tlie happiness and convenience of one of 

a. The E^sn^^^ *f?^"^^f ?P^^^^ ^^^ **^'^ <^^ 


...-.>. ^,.^^ ^^ _.--^^-. ,j\ii^en 

m=^H^'wat, 'ariU-to^ the iactilficfe'^ V^'hkJh^he'h^Vtti^c 

'■:ttrcjift(ep4s States. ^' 'V V' Z'^'' ' ''' ^.^'y:j.r;^ . 

' ;\5»"^n ^xeijange for Birlgfujii, ^and^ in '<i(totertiif fy tt> 

. ; ;^^Ke 'cleclarallon of Yfankfbrt, btatin^ Ihit Fi^tiiii ffia" 

W greater than under any of her Kings^ His Maje 


tX4 8TAV9 OF FRAlfCB. 

Louis jKVin* . acqu^nes ils^ ^9)>tpmfe(»im aficA^Bbei^ 
to whjch ^8, right i3 iJr^mi^y^SssA^i^illMam dcifv 
order. * , ■ « .,- " > ?• -viv. < ^i-* *> - 

6. the K^j of^Fra^^Q^ will iiftt.)M Jnqwui thtt udU 
Hooa spent uppu t^ pon qf M(imp» .boftiict iBaUHfe 
loaded , with — blesfi^p ; > 4n4 ift .^onsidemtM^ -of ^tliis 
sacrifice, the Kfng o^ Saniixiia shall not.ckniuuidi uif 
war-contribution .9fHiS)]M(j^s^* : * 

7. The King of, S^dinia is toti^kini iiktkks o(^ 
King of Cyprus and of Jerusalem, and may also tmi^ 
with them, ,if Jie.pli9a9Cfi|. tHal of MwnquisJ^ tlit ditfo. 
man empire* 

8. Tb^ FQ[>e recov^r^ Jbis JR9i9an.Sui8s,i&o. ; Ae-^ 
lishes the civil .govemoieiiit} .aBtiii>coiiiniaDds.idI J|it; 
subjects^ bo^n and dead sin^ iSosb to cflAQ&^^nMtBe 
adeclaratioacff it.hefQi!e4he eccl^ii^igldHiiilhoMiife 

9* England, re^tor^f to, France :aU heriroloiues^^^ 
cept Tc^^ago. St^ Wcie, tbe^^^ritiua^ £Ru::^»fe^ 
the rest, the French must conquer these. ^ 

I9« {jpglaQfl g^vjes Norway 4»}$wedcD, UKLSsi-cd^a 
cedes Guadaloiipei to France; Qis BKkBamc:.Ma^tstf 
abandons all his just rights upcm NiMwajrlatid^iiacto- 
loupe. . . "' 

It* Ebjgland consents to l^^ theifaeiof hatwfpy 
on condition that she may maintain a land .army on 
the; contineat* atthefxpei^e of Holland*; • . 

12. of Fraoc!^ shall lie £eitipos€d<)f 
thirteen vessels, fiv^ frigates^ thre^^^nrettes, andfi^^e 
packets, of which ba^o^ly,sliall he«aniicd as ships of 
war at ppp timc;^ As Ip oai^l <^icets» itbeKing shall 
be free to jacrease tb^ir wmlwriaaafinaDf <9ft^'he 

13. H^r .M^je^ty tbe {I(|i|>i«ss aod QueM, UMa 
Louisa, shall be raised to. the dignity i^-Dodiesa'^oi^ 
i^arma and Placepua9^ by %\x^ ca«e of hi^r^ugust iktber^ 
the Emperor pf Austria* , ^ . .^:.\ i. .; , 

. 14. A& a reward, for his frank, noble, and loyal 



conduct, Priace Eugene Napoleon shall ^ea^ev^q b^ 
Vim/ffjiof iteify, and.t^e throne of Naples sli^ll r^,* 
maljii isisidie- pDsaesfiibn of King Joachim Najpol^oa^ 
one of |be sovereigns the inosV uilfaiiil to Biionapa^te^ 
to tbe Pbp^. to Frnice, tod to the A)Hecl lowers J 

:i5i.'J£ngland coi^senta that the French xutyiga^loQ 
of the: Maame^ the Saone, the Dordogne^ f be Isere^. 
an^ (the Gironde, shall be free. Manufactures 
and commerce shall resume their splendqur ; . an^ 
French tii^rdianls shall be allowed to sell nothings but 
EngJifthjirtBw*:' • .. ^ . . • . ^ * 

i6j The Allied troops AbR quit France as sTopi)^ af 
possible, taking care not to return through tbe^CQun^ 
tries fay )vhich-they advanced, . lest they die of tiiipg^r* 

17. All ibrmer treaties, as well a^ the sums, ex^ 
peQded upoa^ the fortiications of Dantzic, l^rajikfoi^U 
Mayestce^ Ga^sd, Mons^ Lux^ibburg, Aiitwerp^anq 
the kJopdrf five millions df Frenchmen, sbed^ 
glory aod. hi^booi^ of P^hee, are di^lared njull ,aa3 
void. '. , ' ' ' " ; '•. ' ■/ ';^ 

xi^ PoidiDg the execution of this treaty^' and tq 
pfQ^&.thsiinton subsisting between all ihe. European ' 
powers^ Te JDeim'shaH be sung in all languages; ini/:^ 
mediately after which, instructions shall ,be given to 
fortify pbcesand i^ruit armies."* ' '^^ ' j . 

The following is the Treaty which we present in ^efi^.^ 

tationof the sophistry contained iti the above 2-r,..» 

The hie Treflig of Peace made easy, td th CapftciiT/,^ 

Ae meanest Man in France. 

" The High AlUed Powers, having been each of tli€;m 

P»st, u©|iisdy atlaeked in their tUrn, theiir territorief 

lavaded, and their independence spught tq, be over* 

throWo^hy^Binonapane, are still unwilling, after they 

^ave4>ii|Baed -that unprincipled tyrant intOj 4he yerj 

heart ^^Fraikc^^ amd deposed him there^" to visit biij 

sins upon the beads of tbfe French people, who hf ve 

• ' "how 

tl6 STATES OF f^AffCE. 

|iow rtciimd t'o iht lej^timate n!k of thw aneiem fe>. 
▼ereigns J and have therefore 'agreed to the followiog 
. terms >— , 

I. Tber^ shalf tie a perpetual' aLHiance * between 
France and the Allied' Power*, 51^ the foVmeV will re- 
turn to habits of peaceful iiidu^t^, and 'siifler her 
neighbours to be at restf 

a.. France, .instead of forming an cnipire for a^Cor- 
aicaot shall become the realm of a Frenchman, a 
Bourbon* ./ * ! / ' 

,. 3. hx, consequence of tlie Frankfort ^defcfaflitfon, 
that a ^at nation should not lose its rank, &c. the 
a^ress^o;D8 of France upon other countries shallbe 
forgotten — her perfidious invasion of Spadn— Th^ nn- 
ptovohed annexation of HoBand. The AHied Powers, 
in possession of her' very capital, wiD feven leave It un- 
hurt, and give her more territories than she possessed 
before her systerp of plunder b^gan.' 

4. The Bclgic proviirces will rtvM to their lawfiil 

ovvners^ the Houses of Orange aod Austria y with t 

I sreatcT sliare to tlie former^ in consideration of the 

heavier sufferings of that family^ and tb^ se\'erer 

crones inflicted oh the country. 

5,, In exchange for Belgium, and in couforrtiity » 
the declari^tion of Frankfort, the French frontier to- 
wards FJanders is rt)uudcd' ancj "rectified," every 
vvhere to the advantage of Frahcfe j and France ac- 
quires a territory towards Savoy, w'hich the victorious 
aims of Louis XIV. were not able to secure to her. 

6. The money spent in improving ihc port of Ant- 
werp will, of course, turn to the advantage of those 
to wtiom the pwt of Antwerp of rirfit belongs: he 
wboTemoyes bis neighbour's landmark^ loses, together 
^ with tile iand which \ft has sained iiy this fr^d, the 
cultivation also whi<;h fie has oestowea upon itj when- 
ever the rightAiI owner recovers his*pfopcrty. But the 
Kiog af SntUoia, whom f*ranee ruintd by various 


^»S^^*,»^«»J^^^»fi» not ^ly, to, France in- 

dempuies.yvmch she would in justice be bound "loat^ 
ford nim. • 

,. ;7MTlK>«»t rtuly to this afti^Je ,is the ,tict, that 
yjf^S^^wnWi lining of $ardiiu^ entered Turtii,,oii 
^$P.^h of Mayjast^ai^idst the^oyout iaccktnattc 
of Ills subjects.' ' ! 

. .'»^ Tb^.Pppe re-entered lijs dcHnhvions aJsb on Hie 
23 ofApril, wii^n the departments of T^orne arid the 
Thrasiaiene ceased to exist. The dedaratVons'of ^rt- 

''Mf%r'^^^?E'9^'^4^^-^-^^' ^y ^^^^ be obtained, Wotiki 

pcH, Q|e voryj^onpurafiik to ifie plunderers of their ^ofks. 

.^fiapce^. ^oyveyer, would not have been siiflfered to W- 

iJllft^^^Jlles.^i ifit^e arch-plunderer himself had rem^ti- 

.ed/^^^h^.bead (^ tW kitigdvm. ,.. . 

\g, ^r^giand cestbres to; the French several of tfeir 

. cotqnjes^nd s^^demetits, as Martiniqu^f I'ohdichetty, 

the Isle de feoufbori^ ^Caycnue, &c. ; nm\6 of- which 

jtj^lj^fe^fh p(^ildev^r otherwise have r^ecovex^d: 4)ut 

; iAAS^appreflead^cl that the cruellies practised by^Buo- 

. papar.te \xi St. pomlngo, and, above afl, ixh secret 

. Je^V^tJ^rgf Tou^saint yOverture, wtll mike ft dTtffi^uit 

forihe French t6^ rkx>Ver their ancient possessions in 

^ ti^^^jisi^nJ- .., .,.. y7; . '"'/ - / 

, .i9..X6rway b^^ already ceded to Sweden bj^Dcn- 
^ ni^'rfe^ it84;^wfuVp\yhef,/io the treaty of Ki^jl,^^^^ 
has. Q^j%ing to dp ^itb that transfer ; but the Kih^ of 
Syveden -agrees \p ^ive/Guadaloupe to France;' and i\u: 
^Wg of Englaiidj ' who took Guajdalouf^e frdni :U^ 
Frepch at hi3, pwri expetise, Consents that it sha^lnbw 
be restored to them : so that Goadalcmpe rway in effect 
•be reckoped an\ong the isja^ds ceded by England' to 
, France:''' ;■_• -"•-.,■• . - -i - -r 

" ij?;TK<*eet cff AuW^rp k tb be drvideifbetwctju 
„the 'Sutchagd French,' •in proportions ftivotiracblir to 
^^^e l|ausd>^ E^ is too powerful hv sea, 'atkf'^oo 

vol; xViii; - , i -' HW&^ 

•2l8 -^TATS OP f-RAMCR. 

liberal^ to view the maritime strength of other motions 
with jiealousy. , . 

12. Referred to the last article. 

t}. As Maria Lonisaj' though dqgraded by her 
union with Buonaparte^ is still the daug^hter of ^. mo- 
narchy the duchies of Parma, Placentia/ atid Gtia* 
stalla, are assigned as a liberal provision for herseff 
>and.her child, which is innocent of the Crimea of jts 

14. There being no'longcr a-kingdnm of Italy at- 
tached to France, there can no longer be a Vice-king; 
but he hw luen otherwise honourably provided for by 
fcis lawful sovereign, his unljawrul one having abdi- 
cated and left him fighting. And Ferdinand TV, hiv* 
ing no great merit with the Allies, is left in possession 
•of Sicily, and nlay recover Naples if he can. 

15. England gives France the free navigation of the 
ocean; in a word, she resKires t5 France half the creat- 
ed world : England gives France cdpfiie», unrestrained 
access to. them, the enjoyment of their -productions, 
sugar instead of extract of beet-root. 

16. The Allied troops shall leave Franee as »oon a* 
|)ossib!e, and it is hoped they will find a more commo- 
dious route than that by which the French quitted 

17. All former treaties, by 9A\\vh Prance had en- 
dcavoured to guarantee to b^self her unlawful acqui- 
sitions, are mill and voidr , As to the blood of five 
millions of Frenchmen, shed in unprovoked aggres- 
sion upon all nations, far and near, from Syria aiKl 
Egypt to the shores of the BkWc and the heart of 
Muscovy, that blood must be required atf the bands of 
him who shed it. 

18- A general amnesty is praclairaed^* ami thanks, 
to Almighty God are feturned for the blessings of 
peace; which, it is trusted that France is at last sin- 
iccrely disposed to suffer harassed Europe to enjoy." 


. ( a»9 ) 


[From the British Press, July 14.] 

^HA^ Erisklne a teller of foiianes' should act, 
"*• His friends all deny to be matter oif fact ; 
But )prify, in tbese days^ is the thing ^o ancommon. 
That a Chancery Lord should become*^au oU woman f 



[From the>attie.] 
T>RAY tell lue, John Bull, why you niake such a clatter?. 
^ Why Tioaour or Blue Beard excite such a rage ? 
And mark the distinction (*tis no easy matter) ' 
Betwixt a stage-horse, and a boriie otf the stage. 

[From the same.] 
*: T SEND fbr your boot-jack, my Jact;^ 5 
^ O ! deny not so hu^nble a soit— ^ 
Let your servant, dear friend, send me back 
Your boot-jack, with my Jack to boot. 
^%A#o«, Aug. 1 2, 1 81 3 .. 


[From the same» July i6.j 


'I" HE matrimonial negotiatioa betweea the Princess* 
Charlotte and the Hereditary Prince of Orange, 
was broken bfF" in consequence of the refusal of the 
lady to reside in Halland,-^f ^irfe the Daily Papers j 
The Prince Regent's friends 3ay he did not want her 
to reside in Holland. 

L 2 The 


The Princess did not wish" to reside in Holland- 
, The Dutch did out want her to reside In Holland. 

The Prince of Orange did not want bertatesidf n 
Holland. • , ^ ' 

The people of England did not* want ter torTesideAB 

Qiicre — IVho wawied Her Royal Highness lo reside 


llie Prince Regent^ it is aaid^ takes no. ii^t^rest in 
the fire-works. \. ./. 

Colonel Congreve says be is tired pf the ftr^fiorks. 
The workmen curse the fire*wprks. .„,. . j.^,; 
The public grumble at the fire^wgrk^.,.. ., . ... 
Nobody likes the fire-wofks.. . . , ; , . '^^ 
Qtiere — Who ordered the fire -works ? 


The Lords of the Admiralty disown the Serpentine 

Mr; Croker wiH not correspond with it, 
' No admiral in the navy commands it. 

No rM,val captain will have any thing to do, with it. 

Nobody fears it. 

Nb'ehemy will encounter it. 
' ^uere^^^Ao 4^dered the Serfmtdine fleet f 


■ IVhb destvoued Buonaparte P 

-' T^he English say, tbc Duke of Wellington did it. 
The Ausrrians say. Prince Schwarizcnberg did k. 

■ ^^ The llu«sians s^\ Pbtoff did it. 

The PHissirtiis say, Bhicher did it* 
•- -^The winter of 1812 says, it did \u 
'-'^ 'The Bourbons say, they did it, « 

k' Ciutr^—lVhhdidilP 

JiAy 13. f ASK, 


( a*l > 


' [Fiom th/e Morning Herald,, July i<5 J ' '^ 

ll;if E have bew CavaufcdvvUh tlie fpllowing copy of 
^ ^ part of yesterday's lo^ of ihe flag-ship ui the 
f^uadranof tb« Serpentine offOSy dafe4 

/{cmd/ Colossus, at Sea^ Friday, Juiy 13. 

'ivhds.ur., ' ' 

«^-*-^ 4 o'clock A.M. hazy; winds light and M^riable 
. at S. E- . 

At 5, fog thick^ied^^Couid. not see the ship 

ahead. ' . » 

■■ . ■ Al 69 fog; scudded a liltle away«^-Hli$c(»vfsred^ by 
Dolkmd's day and night giass^ ^Yellesley ^ouse 
loom large over oiir Jweatherrbow. , . 

■ 3 roincites after 7 piped all hands t^o breakfast t 
signal Qrom the Gorgerofa miumy \n her from 
^he .bum-boats n6t haying arrived with ihe hoi 
rolls and butter. Ftred a forecastle gun to lee- 
ward as a sigriaV to 1^)1111 warmed boats — rowed on 

'board the 'Gor^y and .secured the rkig leaders. 

- At d manned barge to bring Lord Y fcom 

the Pbwder*bank -yhort ; did not fire a salute, 
lest it inight singe \i\% wluskers^i At, half after g 
thy Lord sai<p it was a d-*^ deal mo^ie like a fleet 
of ships than that at Spithead.. 

■' _ ' " At 9 o'clock a s<;|uan caraexHi by shift of. wind 
to the northward^-^ignal made to strike gallant 
royals — ship uneftsy-, and pitched smartly-^my 
Lord sick j not from the Hro/er^ but, as he report- 
ed, from the last night's wiaii. . Veered out more 
Cable.r-*Half past 9, rowed my ijord to bis horses 
that m^t him AirZf seas even. - 

. At 10, erisign-stafif vm jeadyrrrboj^led a bob 

pennant-- ^aied our two lower^deek guns* 

■ . ■ ■ k I, hoisted the yellow jaba^ it the fore, for a dozea 

to be given to thebarbep of the Piyhrer, for pliick- 

1. 3 • Jqff 


. for h\$ shop \n Petty, France,,- . 

> At 12 o'clock, the gale increaslngy ftia^Ci signal 

to strike topsails through the fleet — 20 minutes 
past 12, p. M. several of His Majesty's 6 bigs, 
' from the defect of the cordage, broke from their 
moorings, and three, as per margin, drifted on 
the passy ooze to the southward. All boats of 
th^ fleet manned to assist *em— no cbamie of 
their getting off till a flood tide, after 'a iveetc^s 
rain should float '^m. • 1 . - 

I o'clock, P. M. all hands through th« fleet em- 

pidved in repairing their xlamage in mistil; ytrtb^ 
and'rigging^ i ■» 

— Half after 2, X^c Jtoyal Cohssns sptwg^ieHc, by 
a plank* starling 5 aH hands to cbi(iti'J>iimj]%'-^lcak 
gained on as f-^two inches Water in the bfrfd. ^ 

[Fnorn tW Chimp^/ MfiyitA Aug! ^.] * 
- MA. EDITbtt, * ' ' ''^' " '"*'' 

A FRIEND wlio bought the ottier day a J)afeel df 
■"^ t)ld manuscripts at the sale of a gr'eatman'S"efficti 
Jbuhd among his purchase tTie foUbwttig wrriin^ 
which^ as it did not contain one obsolete 'wbrd, he wais 
^oirtg tb fling into the fire with much cohlemptVfttft 
ai my eti treaty gave it to me. Thave perused 'if, and 
thiVik ftndl entirely uninteresting: it seems tibe^ 
S6rt of coilfession of some statesman, written lo 'fife 
fficnd; 'blit as there is no date to it, and nblfi^me 
hicntiorted at length, it is not eksy to tett'by whom or 
when it was written. This rs not of much eorise* 
que'nce: the" moral of the letter is quite Inlelligifele 
without 'jliiy fclue. Perhaps you may thitft h worthy 
^ insetliotain your paper. - ' «.....,•. 

Yours^ truly^ T. 



• ( »$ ^ > 

*ROGllESS OP A Ml*jr^rEK OF' STAtE, OE^ 
BORDX. -^ 

jir mAK nmif /, y J . . / .. • 

You have done vqry wrong in making an' apoUig/ 
for your etourderie oti Saturday night: though wp have- 
been separated so. many years by. yjour insatiable love of 
travelling, yet. you might have supposc^d that I am not 
so forgetful of our early friendship as to be offended 
vvith any thmg you could say on our first meeting, 
Iad^'€;d. the simplicit}^ of your obajervation not only 
topjc. all, »tipgj,uom }U but . way A^hly .amivsihg : 
Lady A. and myself laugh at the abri^pt niCtv^ti wi^h 
whi,qh you.jcame.ifpj^pd.salul^.uve; " Why, Tom, isr 
it. pQs^^y you are.ihepriocipal Minister 
of ^hje^^aw. , XoU; are a lucky feliovv,. apd.I wish you 
joy hearijly : but who would have thought it ? How 
the deuce did It come about V* This qjuestlon j-wiih the 
good^najtured, unaffected stare that accompaaied it, 
wou)^ (^rfainjy have. made me. laugh tolbe danger of- 
my sides; but, having some of my humblcL aduy/ert 
^bpjiit iife^ I ibaugbt, it nf c;essai:y, to assi^ip§ a /c^ d^g^ 
mt%^ }^ .prd^iT. i^[ ifjepreas . tl^eir. evident diapositiorf to. 
(ilter* , You.AV^re fopfi^lx enpugh to mi^takp tbj? for 
anger, and hjiye written tQ. me a, whole ^beet of .f|X- 
cusesu. For shame! But, by the way, in .tl)e mids^ 
lof all. your apologies, and xomplimeutSj-youi. cannpt 
help recurring to your question, *' How I (^ame to Js^ 
J^iinisierP" As 1 think your curiosjty perfectly - 
reasonable, I shall take some trouble to gratify it: an4^ 
when you hear the gradations by which I ascended^ 
your astoniahment will probably. cease. I am rathec 
apprebensivp that, your respect forme maybe some- 
what dimiuisbed by part? of my relation, put I |rust^ 
all to the candour of a frieud whp has. seem so.muoh. 
of the world.. 

L 4 "TU 


-.'. *Tr. tii/i'' 

andf Wti'e /tl coH^e fogctlicr j ypc were theit -'k 'i 
etMmiimiiy devoured with the love «f travel^cjsind tWffet 
•*!!** ir>^Ah|e the^hde gibbe, whether ha^itaM^ M- 
vlnHab^abk ; and \, a» you usetl to ffay,"inettly ckWl- 
bifed 'fte t)dfl mixture of a plodder arid a VnaH\of 
fetrWoh: 'Y6ti always beat me, yoti know/at btfr col- 
lege ekefcisw ; artd I verrly believe, though yoq \ttt^ 
too* kind -to- say so, younhotight me A very dutt ftllo^. 
Iftmembfef, however, that just before you^eft Eti^- 
land, you were struck with soche synhptoihs of fc^TiI 
cotVrag^'Whkhl displayed, and also With ^V adtlfSfcss^ 
wMtfh'vi^i recibortcd notiitipteaHhigr^u^idW iilch ihi* 
frtii^M yoiJ sfrenaousljr^ advised 'me 'th ehter the amiyi 
as the ortlV'pmfcsiinn' m wfiicli l^hduW s6ctJWd.- f -tcaB 
sbVdfshieHtied to adopt yotiV sugge*tlod'| mdecd, I ^1- 
Mys Riajd a miliiarv ^wiWirnf .^ BiA Whctfl wrote <o 
my fttheroit^the sol3Je<?t, He tbld ifte^ that, as ttir^e of 
Inv brothers had already ettlbrsTcctf th*b modfe of Irfe, 
Tt Was? (jutte tmposslbfc that he' coiildHliiaettafceitbpW)* 

>id^ fibfr a fourth in thesanie Way ;H>itt hebatftKe'riap- 
pineiss'tb afs^ut-e me, that thet'e waif a tAcant bbrdugK 
wW<*->Rt tooia ccwtittiand, ind that •! ihouM^hrtWre-^ 
dtately hav^ tht opportunifty of j^iShfhg^y'fQrtiutic iti 
Parltatitent. f doHfess thatAt fi¥*f I"did not TlidcH*^fe- 
Ksh the ^oposal : I had never turttfed'Vn^ attain tiAn to 
}$nblic'^)t!sniess;aikJ I was rentaitabl]? d^ficieht m the 

,gift^t>f speaftiog. J, however, Telicdso hiuth'on tW* 
pfera^erante of my character, that I did not dcspaij: 
of doing something. My lather, who'was, aS you maff 
rfecoWect, of a very ardent tfnd impatiehl temf)erarti^t> 
was miserably dfsappolntW when* he '*scoW?yed ttly 
small taileht^^ o^at^jfy, ittd'^uied tb #lhg perpetually 
in my ears^-** TOm^ Torti, yoii Will niev^er cbmfe f6 iany 
good': ^ou will'hever be morethdn an Utid^K^erefttry, 
or at moit OhairinaYi to the Gbmmittee of Supply'/*'-*- 
Abotlt this time the Chief Minister of the day^ who 



was on a visit in the neighbourhood,, came to dine at 

^tiflp9e^3J^Q,.,A^'itb .declawaUott^^ oa tjiq^ .^is^opj.,?! 

*!¥efPBH16JS^9, gcjdeft.'pa, oppartul>ity^ Hif Upturcs 

Urediiie^.^ul; .1 will .qqj pre^^na ^hat bis 4oclrij|Ve ft 

air.offi;p4^vi-nie : op the contrjiry^. y(^eh tl^e JPr^m^ 

catqeiJ ^s^ yyitjhpuJtreluctfioceaUmy niean$and arts 

of,jpW?li^g* l'3iiC9iqedjdd ( ^e waf,cbj^rp»edr as I afto 

vai:as hea.i:cl<, wi^h .my.niaunjer, and when^ he, learned 

thai I was /a. young ^ap foofl.qf buaioesf^aofl fii^in^ 

withoptany of the ^Qmiipa vices pf you^bn £e» ex*> 

cl^im^d*. i^atlsboj^ld ex^ct^^ .. / . 

,. AUqw me to s^y^^ iew words, who 

V^f n^y ficst f^lToU'Trl yroxxld say Jrieudf butthewofhi 

^^/?:^^ If^^g^ ^^ n?^ thovtgh yon would not. ^ He was^ ' 

tht^ighf p<>t a ^gre^t man, y«t full of the elem^nt4 of 

gre^tnf;ss.c ,a noble dislntcrestedoessy an int|r^pid..spirit» 

t^ii^^ ^w^rfi4 apd brilliantr. ,and th? most extensive 

infg^i^mtV^nji.^ tp tbiog|9 that) was ever possessed by any 

mfui pf ^.'^ame.years; add to this, the most skilfut 

an4. iqipc^ing rhj^toric. On the otbejr hand, he was ab« 

suluiclyjei^ttfn,up with the love of pawer^ he was 

haughty, and contemptuous; and though his contcp- 

ticf[is.w^,e compr^bepsiy^ and grand, yet, ip the detail 

.of.e^^cM^ipn,.he w,as feeble. ^nd. even ignorant. Buthis^ 

gr^t, defect washi^ tptal want of discernmenl as. t'> the 

cJ)aji;a,9fi^5ja,n4rdi?pp§ition? .of men: iji . that science 

^'Ws^, l^^si/bpen galled .kpowle(Jg^>f the world, he wa* 

as jinios^ructed as a chiUlr. He bad never mi^ej muab: 

^Hi^^^ty, .nor hadjbe expended any observaliofa-upoik 

H; jiq. thai nq /college reclpse ;could l^^ WM^e^ unac*- 

^\uain(ed.wHh. tl^eipilder aijts of g^v^rnni^iXt ;^ suckaa^ 

'U«inuaMpn, accp;nn)9dajtion to (?aprice^ well-.timed 

compliments, ai; aiiy Qlbef pf those methods by whichv 

^ .ip^tructed ambiMPU knows hovv. to sulidue ey£^> 

the^wise .thxpugh the..n?ediun>. of sclf-loye^i, ; J^e gQ^ 

vernedjbyibrge .and fear^ and yet bi^ naturt? was^ 

... . • I, 5 • . ". whoj*. 

iNfhen \)niofltience4:I)y'hi$ absorbMig-paAsjoni ^M^f^ttd 
* |cnUe almost to weakne$8« HU reseivfetpreveated bim 
nrqiri ^avis^ many friends ; but those who ko^> bim 
latioiaieiy w^re closely and dearly aUadhpd to hiiyi ; 
^and I am proud to own that I nevei: think cif* hid) 
without tenderness^ 

But to return to a les^ impprtant subject--**>J tnaati 
to myi^elf. My father, and all my relations and -con* 
nexions^ were eager to congratulate me on havicig en-* 
eaged the attention of a man who was never known U> 
desert any one whom he had taken under h» prptec'^. 
Uon*. I bad sagacity enough to perceive that iqy.mew 
patron was one who wa$ to b.e pleased by. apeniand 
candi^ conduct ; I therefore took care lo teli. bim> 
what indeed be must spon have discovered, that I bad 
no. talent for speakings He smiled, aiMl told me that 
I need give myself no trouble on that score i and at 
the same time encouraged ndc to persevere in my atr 
tempts, for that a certain degree of fluency was soon 
acquirable- The fact was, that he was so strongly and 
^o justly confident in his own powers of- speech, that 
he almost disdained the oratorical assistance of his. col- 
leagues: but be was anxious to have abourt him young 
men of industry, who would, do the drudgery of bu- 
siness, and who were sufficiently attached to him to be 
strenuous in the discharge of their duty* He. gave 
them all the compensation in his power-r-pensions and 
'sinecures ; and, what was better even:tban those, bis glowing and magnificent panegyric. But, as he 
paid muniticeutly, he expected to be served without 
grudge. He soon put mc to a very severe test : having 
first made me Under-sec re tary, and given me large pro- 
mises for the future. About two months afterwards a 
member of the Opposition gave notice of a motion on 
the su}>ject of parliamentary reform. The Minister 
hinted to me that this would be a good opportunity of 
making my debut. My heart was quite warni with his 


anMilr4^dM6r;(H*MM^d^8\?fVice« to nve^Fii^Hiftfdi'af^l^ 

t«^4^^d«)r« alfltfWfttds thrit I recolle'cted Aat' I'lfad 
plerigM^^lf tdfny 6tKmtrtuent8 to support thecntrstf* 
ofiii^ft>^mi ^Hefd'Nvas a-^ad ditenrtniBi 8 I went to ttry 
father^ who laughed at iny scruples, and told me td 
oWg^'idie' Miin^ter,' who would make tny^ fortune, and 
noi'tli^'wfotiguheaded electors, who would rutrt it; 
1 <«tiftfM5 I fras too easily ^rartaded : I was coiirincca 
by Mi>*i^ight argumerit« that Reform would be dan- 
g«ftlm,i and,' ill short, after a deliberation much too 
baity'ffA*'a very conscientious man*, 1 ctmfentcil to do 
as rtie Minfi«ter directed. My heart, however, was not^ 
in my subject; and not being^ famons for eKjqnence, 
i «(IbU§< poor wtyrk ^ith the question: the iMinister, 
houievt^, apptaAded me ^ith much ardour, for Ibe* 
Uevie^he was pleased with a f)iece of apostacy similar to 
thfttwt)it!h Dad once mavked his own c<niduct. The 
fX^iom, 'hbWe^fer,' arfti contenipt ^with which I was as'k 
sailed frAWi all parta of <he House would exceed be* 
Ifef J and' if '^'^o had aeen my condition at this time, ' 
yau would have thought it absurd and monstrous to 
suf>poae Ihdt f could ever be apopular Minister, - It 
was; itrdt^ed, the most trying situation of my hfe; and 
nothing but that cool and d'ltcisive courage for which 
you always gave me praise,, could have saved me fronr 

The'vebemfent reproacRes and bitter sareasms w4fich^ 
FreaMy was so chiidtsh as to think arose from indig* 
Yt^wA at my apostacy fVmn the cause of reform,' 
were, I soon fmmd, ascrihfable to causes of a wry 
dt<fi?reOt nature. The old' leaders of the Opposhion,. 
who coukl' not be supposed either th' dread or envy 
iny talents, were, h6wever, eager to crush me,sbe* 
cause a' young man o^f' good conncxix>n5 and tolerable 
abilrtiea ift' corwidered an immense acre$sion to a 
party; All the- hungry atid youthful expectants gladly 
* ' L 6 joined 

22% lAMitEM AlpTiHiffHtiTW MRJiMn. 

Hou«e; indeed, ibey ^i^hieliikiw tiittie> dBbcnr^oFide- 
fendin| me; btit'ihey fitted th«'d«H)»«p«peN*4fMi^|N9ry 
sort of ffht and feimpoijn'lliirt m^tmmmm^fMid 
iirrent to ruin a rdftatiaie mal;' 1 4i«d reitoh .lotiii^w 
that Iht cleverest am) most'tftingmg 0fnlveiieiM(iMes 
w^d^rlttiei^'bjr ihy cda«Kut4^r ift ><^ev ^^yotam^kn 
whom the'MtnY^t^ blid ihteiy'ttfkM uwridir^taiiiftrbofl:- 
Hon, atid' liAd r^coni^m^nded io my piiAiMk(ftr«g«n]. 
} had| however, ilio dire<l* prtiof^ 0lKl'^the«ff»tCM0ti(I 
must call hrm )bo) behavcd'iMftft 8t«ch>tfhHlii^<eGViU«Iity 
that ( wit$ ptr^led how to aet; ^ To bai^ chotten^ 
hhn'on bare fturmi^i would hftve'ahown««>iOrefiei»of 
temper that would havietnade tnerkKctihNM^ lorhwre 
exposed my suispicionsio the Minister witbouttaiiiMStilb- 
tiirting the charge (for f was bo^iid to c^cmce^l tey^lfti- 
thbrity), woufd only have lowered itif owti'^hiiratfter. 
I dilermtned, therefore, to «waltow ^my teserMiytdt, 
isnd at the iatm time to wilcti my ^dear eolkl^e^with 
the utmost attention. My great 'object-, howf^er, at 
present was to derise some method -of 'bemgiteeftiMo 
the Minister, and I exerted all'my-faeiilties topvoyect 
some practicable scheme which might tit owee'e^^itee 
industry and- knowledge. -As soon as-I had'bMii^t 
my plan into shape, I presented it to the PranierJ^imio 
said he would bring it Forward immediately,' as anati- 
swer and a check to th^ visionary projects wiit(9 wMeb 
one oFth^ Oppositioti'Methbers was perpetuaUyitearing 
the Admtmstratit)n. It was agreed that he should pro- 
pose iht nlea^ure; kut any ridtcutesfamihl' be^east^n 
it ks coming from me-; '«nd wt*en an irttpresstou'hAd 
been ihade', f>»^as^tob^ called ttpontoenphi^vatteilgth 
the minutiae of the plan^wlAch-Ilvas'tiltetitlVemor. 
. - This 

-lbriii>time'0S oi^fiiirpilcoAiiigHtAkP petiilanp^ qf hji^iRy^t 
>/«iieiimc«43(|idrejrfeattie»». Fenopii . ivi^lL y^rj^e^, i la r ^P€ 
•>MrigerlriDiWMA3tl>q iii«98lir« frpm all qM«J^ie<^. or the 

ipm^mttmiimK liwiM^ y<m}b#4 fi^ tbf^,Hp»fbeat,tl)i< 
i^ikwiwtj 1 wiifb, x^Mr. Jkw»^.r^li^ for Jbjwour* ^ ypu 

ii^nflM lifec;! Agitat^aa-I vyas4t.!t£a$^Becoodef^<.of 

AAr,. J foiiiHl{iti4i£ci^t tp Te^t^aip » bi^f^t of, l|iygbver. 

paie^^i^iieo^y ^ihI ^Appointed #i^^^^«^. Our.f^wn 
yOfij^vpftrUgwiB ^t«inf4edito «mUe, pppp n?^ Vt Q^er * 

^-^tlM^jifigh 4b« jd«wa^ ^imo^pb^^ J^is^d by. t^^/Sjr4c, 
^0yi% my* £»ikbf|]l> frifeod/aQd .pQac)jutor,,^bQyerqijPjn* 

' tliiiwdjiirfiftql^l^ly affected to. -pbfier ?>>§ ; ,hui,**j^^arl 
ttmrrUiHutk HAuhis. tbwfl*^ .1 .pwjtili? A})png ispee?^, 
.wbii:b^. ih0i)gb,U d^d pot; advance, wy r^pgtaitioo for 

. fffiktofjy .al: lieaat jcowyiof;^ iJi^ , H^i^^fs ipat , tb^ .plijin 
.ym^mkut^ . J8y thift JUqE%«. M^, Qpppf itiofj,^a4 V^oycfyd 
.ftfjltUlp .frowi .Ibeiir. ,a^ni^bnj»f nt^ ^id bj^gafi^lo st,^rt 

ii4k^ib^Wmhrq^d.^^^emhi^xa h^^J ^)r.^,v,^p their 
.^|»toi^^,;Widja|l U>at.waft,npw ^aidnjierply wq^t ^jr 

« ,; ; I was 

I wa« Qow^t man i^w^alidlAwcMAiysiiAetiwaidWvras* 
tnad9 Secretary «t War^ wtMi dieflmmMof liigfeel^ 
proinDtton«. I lo«k^a«k:tO'ttoi»«laget>f.nM»*«treidVfwifthi 
irmch pittasurt : by 4iiil of iHmoocmlctand petMvttmg' 
exertion, I had «ban}id mf-offtfiimmitB^'i^tte^tbe sta«e* 
some service, and eariMd (ov myself a kicrattvo asid 
distinguished sttualion* -fiiTt^ $i$L%\ tbe-iife ofmfg^i 
tical adventurer cannot be oiarked evevy- where Mdh 
bright spots* Tbingsy bowfitver, wenton^^amooibk 
for a time, till I began to fcei some «)aftn>^at'>tiie* 
progress which my late ^oe^compaanon-was making 
m the Honsee h«e^vas a- mete 4i^0lhy>deo)aioler,f^' 
'with three foimhs of the- members hia"scfaoQl>4joy 
tinsel passed for e]oc|iienee« Xhe Premier, I •believr^ 
felt nothing bot -contempt •foMbis'shaibw imitaloref 
his own fltyte, but he was not insensible to his itsein- 
a large and mixed assembly. It-waa necessary Vo tve^ 
ward this young -dedaimer^ and he was ateeordti^ly 
rapidly promoted. I was -firmly convinced- that'this 
imposture could not last very long^-^hit the bubble 
must some day burst;' yet l was iK>i wilKng that he 
should be placed over my bead even - £Mr thte Bbostcsi 
time. I looked' about for sense ^lew exp^ietHdo-ad^ 
vance my credit with nty par ty>f and) after long deli- 
beration, could think of nothing beider thati apfopossrl 
made by my father, that I should immediately marrjr 
some woman of rank and accomplUhments^ who wOoM 
at once enlarge my eoanetloBa, and bring roand-mea 
circle of politiaal friends,, through the instrumentalrty 
of good dinners^ to the gentlemen, and sptendiil rbuts^ 
for their wives and 'daughters.- We «anva^sed S 4oi^ 
list of our relations and aequaintaAce, and at lastpHcb- 
ed upon a lady whowas reported to be nM< only very, 
beautiful in her person^ but higbty cuicivated in her 
mind and fashionable hi her manners*'' I had not seen, 
her for some years ; I w>as, however, soon imi^itieed^. 
and being much struck with bec» es^cer^daikoay powers 


to pledse;'! ^bcereded/ atid'iiye i^^e^'iip^eiily married. 
WAftticoMiiiienoed intotei«dt h^% ttiAtA lYi iove? T have 
Tsbt onty ikrmd t&i^ th«'pdK<ieil advantaged whieK I ti^ 
pectcd fcotn my unJowwith Lady A. but have* ex]^ri- 
eneed n * portion^ 'domestic* etijoyment Which dan 
soarcely be exceeded by the imagination of a tioveh'st. 
I liniiBrnDt^ howevef, praise my wife too miich, lest yon 
shoDld'laugh vA the uxoridas politician : but come arid 
se^fher often> aird, my life n^on th^ event, ybii will 
^ubscnbe to my opinion^. * ' 

THoaghj aa 1 bavts tniiniated, thisf maWtfgfe has uf- 
thnatdy <proda^ed 6very*advantage' which could b^ Ex- 
pected, yet thc'feffect was nofimm^iate. Itis' tru^i 
that I'very qoickJy increased the mimbeV bf ttiy frithds 
(yoa know what the 'word imports), ^rid Lady A. at- 
tached them to my service. Still my dteclarhalory 
rival waar dttiiy gaining ground, while my gpeecfaes ra- 
ther injured me, and I had not been able to mature 
anytiew prmect. * About rhis time an opportunity oc?- 
cupred which I seized with the utnidst readrness. The 
Klihister wished to gain over to his party a large body 
of men, whose opposition was as formidable as it was 
strenuouTj. For this service he fixed upon me, be- 
cause, he said, he placed much reliance on my con* 
ciKating manners, and my influence in the district 
where-those persons resi'ded. I proceeded upon my 
expedition, armed wiih full powers to threaten, to 
promise, to give. Threats I ^oon Found had little 
avail: 'but, heavens! how I promised, and how I 
gave 1 In short, I must not reveal*, even to yon, all my 
means for .effecting my purpose. After immense la- 
boorr J succeed^, but brought away the execrations 
even of those whom I had persuaded and drawn over 
to our party. The Minister was ready to hug me fot 
joy: he overwhelmed me with panegyric, and inime-- 
diately made' nie one of the Principal Secretaries of 
State. I was noi^', however, more unpopular thari 



ever^ but I was too firmly establish^ to be easily 
8hakeo».,. I ^yas #89%ikdi wM^t.^Kfy AKfa(M>xiiiy)Mcb ia- 

but I wa».a9 del^ifd witb.<oyiMw,4Hpitx^,ti^..^ 
first I did ..not ^ven. f^ju^tSp, oi^f^.l^/ia.didnl^- 
press U». , • . / .-..ii. . 

When tb« Miniater fpund that be c9i^^<i[iat^I$ftp 
his woid> as b^btd ia|ei>d«d,. be resigni^ :bi&> <4&i^ • 
perbapa Ipugbtto bsiv0 foUowed bis f^ajmpl^^jliip^.ihe 
sweets, of pow«r were too new for |n^ Jp rdjipgui^h 
Ibem^ vbm I cpu)4 <wi}]| reta^i^ ib«fn.<. ;B^4:iI^ ^^ 
tbeo^ fi^c4M9^i4erabW periB<ip^ planning eixpfiditipQSj 
most ot wbicbj however, failed ; and making speepb.<^ 
to wbichi baweyj^f^.j^obq^.b^lspcd*. .By.gou4 tem- 
per and bf tbe rnQH^Qwrteoj^a^ynanMr^ I waa grada- 
alljy eiQ^itiog tbe^regar^.^of Ahoffi whoipt^et^nE^ to 
iU>ok Hftcaftlj^ srf.rwy ^updewVanding* .TfiM^i^ftbfiL knew 
my niceness of feeling as to affronts when at Colkg^ 
will ^j^rcely beliciy^jAh^t^.I^^^^jt, day after day, pa- 
tiently attentive to the^ost violent and calumnious 
abuse to which party-spmt ever gave utterance. 
Though my heart boikd with indignation, I never 
afbowrf it t!y word or look. This b^WtuaJ ^uo^ssicm 
of" my fecRngs' has produced, I a A told, Sh bd3^efi?ct 
upon my countenance: tHe outline of bfylace Ts hold 
and determined, but the muscles aiid the fiesh are as 
inanimate and inexpressive as 'wix. I really b^fitve 
that Icoiild not now, from long disuse, express any 
passion by liiy fi^ce^ . unless,, perba^ps, T?y ,mj^ eye. You 
see what it is to be a, deyioted poliiiciaa: ii^de^l^pys 
not only the healtbful tqojgjof th^.consci^iP^^,Jb^4v^a. 
the beauty of the «oittntenap«e<. . Do noi^.kn^w&f 
mistake me<s .1 do^not repent, though' I cansiot-nQW' 
and tfcen avoid a painful tefleeiiori. -t 

I should tire you ft) deaVh, ' tf J wete rd detail step 
by step my political Hfet suffice it* to 6ay^ that, having 
once been e^uVlUhed in bighfUce^ja^^,^^^ 


tediiekktJi^h' cntMr ^tA' IT' fApMliy Vh«t^ aMonkhcd 

cible, luckily began to overthrow himself by obltitYacy 
ZJiiSdtnpem^ th^ipA^i !h^ eltftrilsiiit's^ liKikity for us^ 
roiig^> ag^in^ hinr; fiiaffi^ftda lutMly deteri^d him} 
aiid; l^ily^ be lackily abattiidn^ binhifol& It is ft roie^ 
you'jkiK^, %hat4f fttiyt^^ !^t^^'^<^<^^'f^ diirim^ afi]f 
adehfe]stgrs»ion/ir inuk>ii41 IH; kilfnitMi^t^ iti€eo49Pt^ 

Minii^Psr. V ^ -^'^ ^^•"■' - •'»■' >i .^ " ♦ ^'^>'i . i ^ '. -• : ^ *- rr 
• I hiv^ndwr di»elos(e*«tt<)ftigb' <o < latteiy^ 5^our diMib*; 
lity irgrtd; if Ii^ave Ibwtf^wystif In '^6crr ^DioH 
by ^fthl p4rti of my tfoiMu6>r> I' shall ^p^cr wm 
eodtfierbaiaiice of e^te^ fdt the candocir of nty ioni- 
fesston.- ''- ''-•^•' ■'■* ■-■ ''- ^ rf- .",--■- > •.: \'{i 

'i'i\t'l>U^ > r\ ^ '. ■"■ ' <i- ♦ ••!'>• * J 3.'.. '- 

.t i ".»!■:•. A J^BTTBR." - N^. M» »!»• ,• .» i 

yBOM>ir OFFipSB OH BOaap OlflS pFTSa mpttt OF.TBfl 

, • V ' [From the same, July 17.] 
CAFELY^ anchored at lengthy and in danger no more, 
*^ Such shoals having p^ss'd as werq ne'er pasa*d befose» , . 
Our yards squar'd and trim, here we are, ev*ry sail 
Snugly lock*d in the land, and s^eui'd fr6m the gale j 
So now, uiy dear Tom, as th6f last w'atch was mine, 
Jttst befdfe I tern in, let me drop you a line. 

Our Commodore, fearing unpleasant suspidon 
Might risQ from' the grandeur, of .this .expedition, . 
Lest the natives, poor timorotis foqls!- ^OQuW take fright> 

Whole ifclbudi of tftetti'daUy conie* down lo the strand, 
Where, in stupid astonishment^ gazrag they stand* 


lb grown ^ks^. indeed. w«;E4Eard.}itt)erfli8^iufi» 
fittt tbebpysatid the.girVl ar^amiiii'd b^jwwd «[esifani« 

Oar exploits }^avie beeo wiu^t tlie pao«^ 4^abHi%.4i^uld 
wish : 
We frighten'd ttie frogs, and disper;s*d the sno^ll fish ; 
Then noting a cruiser this ocean upon. 
We chas*d, till we found *t was a monstrous huge swan $ 
Abont-ships we went, iett the bird, in a freak, 
Should take wing, with a man of war hung ia his be^k. 
Yon may laugh if yon will, bat the honest old ranger 
Vow'd he never saw navj» exposed toisqch dajnger } • 
And though some folks are prond-of their casUes«i|i Wj. 
A Heet in the clouds might well make them starQ, , .. « 

You *11 ask, now .the.tale of oar peril is pas^ ... 
What admiral's flag is from' the. A)ast|) . . 
Some guess that the R— * — t i$ coming on board, 
JVoni the pletity of' brandy and tiscuit we 've stor'd : 
Bttt ours are briad^loUoms, ahd these; you well know^ 
He detests for tbeir taking his consort in tow. • < • jt - 

GftUanLCl-r — oe rs namVli and, i'llSith, 'tis bi&t just, . , 
That so great a commander should have this vast trust i 
But His H— ss, with Blucher, hM gone down to Dover, 
And the pair, before ndw, roust be' full ha ff' seas over. 
Some sneer at all this, and boldly pretend 
That Castlereagh*s flag te» the main will ascend y 
But his Lordship a foreign. coanexion has roade^ . 
And wjdi French colours. w**--in.^* AJ^ican tr^4^^^ , r 
Irish Crok«r lays claim (be 's as brav£( as a stqic) . ; *' 
To fight/ as he writes, in bad viock hejroi<*^ 
Bdt satire avaunt — aod^ense be off too,: ., .,-.. 
With a navy like ours )vhat has reason to do i 
Ye ghosts of the mighty departed, awake I 
Come, shades of our Nelson, apd stern-hearted Blake 1 
See our ships, not of oak, but of canvass and leather, 
Neptune flings down his trident, and grasps the tri-feather! 
Though the aisles of St. Paul's the poor tatters display 
Of. the trophies of many a gallant-ioiight day. 
Though our laurels have bloomed, yet never till now 
Did the true naval crown grace Britannia's brow. 

But the question which, puzzled each patriot' breast 
Is settled, I 've leaKn'4i>.and quite for ihQ best* . 
.^- ■" ' ^ . ^ Sir 

Sir William, tte^rleisiitAbse glories have sprcaJ 

From tit6 HeBHdes southwarrd to Ramsgate*s pierihead, 

Wbftee ttterltinbfe coirfage did never yet fall 

At the sight of a turtle or scent of a whale. 

In spit& of the prayers of his friends opon hnd, 

Sir WilJiaai biniself wHI assame the comniand. 

Yet weep not,* lair ladies 3 though stornay our main. 

Your eyes siidll behold yoar Sir William agi^ifi, 

Shall greet fetm when, safe from this perilous tide. 

Fame shall add a fresh wreath to the wMrior's pride. 

And with Walcheren laurels shall closely entwine 

The ocean-green leaves of thy waves. Serpentine i 

O, then, let our foes their torpedoes prepare. 

Or light op with rockets the chambers of air ^ 

At the sight of par hero all discord shall ceasci 

And^ '* speedy and soon " be the visit of peace. 

Bat 'tis time to Mng up^^ phrase, you must know. 

With' utf l6\\f tars tantamount ^b let go : 

So with health to' all those whohi we value most de&rly. 

Believe ifee, d'earTotn, your faithful ' Bill CHfeERLt. 


. .[From, the., sazoe.} 

'WTHEi^lBttgfendi.C^d^EriglaTidi endaunted fttjd fl!fe«^ -; 

Had tWept all her enemies' fleets from the sea. 
In Portugal landing she lifted her lance, 
* winst Europe united and hesrfed by France. 

Derry down, down, &jPr 

■ H'. • 

Quoth Jonathan— '*^ Now I *\\ come on in the nick, 
Ajid jgive the old tottering Lion a kick j 
With th? world on his back he can't stretch out a paw, 
^o I 'U'n'ifbble his tail' without fear of a claw.*' 

. f,. ' , Derry down, &c» 

O, then;,;aL* the. Wusterhig YMJkeefr begin 
lo tkreatei) hb flasks with a^tetcibte di^i, : 


2%$ TB» «9Ii^p^TfHS SBA* 

On Oanjida4}irice,0^ ooauf^ft^^d an atlack^ . 

Aod frtfjpix paxuda thnc^ U^ej nin ^caroperiog b^c&. 

Dertydpwp^ &c 
iv. '' 

Meanticne from (he Lion, by WeDington led. 
His foes in the bloodstaih*d Peninsula fled, ,r».^.\ 

Till be gave toeh a terrible roar at Tcmloose, ' ^"-'^ 
That Boney diang*d coloinr andvhook in hia«baasd r 

Dcfvy donrn^'&c. 

And well might be stare^ with astonisbment struck. 
Betwixt hawk and bnvxanl most awkwardly stui^^ 
IV>r the Bear of the North cfept behitid him, bo snug. 
That ho jttfiq|>*d from hia throne to eactfpt from th^ hug. 

Deny down, &c. 


Hit fiiat» by their conduct; lncreas*d tb^lr rtfiQ^iKQ^ 
For.thejr handsoooely spld.oiin his Hie ifor a qrown^ \^ 
Nay, more — to secure him from trouble and strife^ 
They gave him an Island, axid ttkrit back his w!fe. ' 

Der ry d6#il« &e. 

VII. >>•• i.' ' 

His object accomblfshM— his tfitimpb dohi^tM, ' 
'All Eiirope tmitea In peaee at bis feec^ 
Hie Lion, y^ Yankees, hii notfaMg todki '•' 
'Boi cb mm "wkli A'witheriiig iF0mn upaa, yot|« * ^ * ;« 

De^y .dpwD, &jo. 
♦ ■ '-TUI. .-. \..; ,.. : 

When dangera and £aas« thickened tmni hkn 4tte hail> • 
•If he lash'dye, like troublesome. gnats, wHh hh tail, , 
O think of yo^r doom with well-founded a^'ight^ 
. . When ^tung by yoij^r teasing he mar^hal^ hl^ >^i^h^^ . 

. DeiTy dbwn^ kc. 


, fFrom thc_ British Press, ;Fuiy %%.] 

CEvERAXi tons of rock aalt b,ave been ^firdvyh into 
^. the Serpeptini?, in the course of last week, and it 
is now a real aak sea. Of^ the immense crowd of 
» ^ people 

?eop\e whq ye6t^Vdiiy'1iVM**thtf «uire; 'ttJvmF ladies* 
UStedit^' ^y'^pping their fingefi ftt to thfc briny deep, 
and declarb ibat it is as strong and good as any at 
Margate. I^arg^^ qiianiiiies of pockle-shells, peri^ 
winkles, and ra^pr-fisb, vvkh a portion of sand, have 
been also strewed alang the bainks, to give it a finisbv 
The aaA^QT.^roen is all ibat W wanl^- |o make it 
CGitT)plftte,^ai>d>a composition of sea- weed and verdi- 
gris is preparing by an emimcnt chemist for that pur- 
pose. ' ;- - -.^. • . ,. . .-. . . .. • . 

SeHbtti ^«ppi^h«n^ntin8;' howeiwr, conUnoe Co: be 
entert^tied, fftat thdWf ^witt'bda^warit tif wirid on the 
dary IJxetf ftrthc bittle; It M^'*b«)?ti ^uggested^lo- 
remove the higW lands extending towards Highgate, 
by which means it would be exposed to the north 
wind, 'irid; the dbaqcie djF a Breeze would be ipendeired 
wore pfobable. To tbife there is one great objection, 
that is-^ther^, IS not j^ipii^ for it. As to the expente 6f 
the undeirtaking, no person of any liberal mind would 
0bj€fcton that accQunt. . 

^a this ^re^jftity ^U.baf hffgn iqq^^red. of ,tjb^ Board 
of Admiralty, whe4b^rr it vjfoul4 pot !giv^;a.Jbe,^ef \<}^ 
of vessels tumbling\^aJmitl in rough, waier^ to change 
the seene oi^tX^is&ty^ andiigbt tfa^^ shqis^atlbe^txeets 

It has been recorded itt draise of King Alfred, that 
by hf*^ Vfee'''«lsm(i%k)ii«? He 'bno^^ht^ jartice home to 
€vefy hiftn's dbor. ' WbU^M h ^!W3ft then tedound to tlie 
glory of the^frst Lord tJf the' Admirtihy, io^haie it 
fecorde^'^of himliiat he' brought a sei.fjghtno-^vtry' 
borne? h would be^ have two or three of 
<be new largq watpi>f|{ii>ej8 |o. W sgd^^e^ly, and float 
^be fleet down/piccadllI)?,7ari4along\h The 

gas lights. might bloMr ,iip gt the same tijne,^ apd thus- 
^ve sfj^ulti havi^' alrthe'feteiAieiits'rn aDiiftrkiott k onee^ 
fev ft^m Ihe 'Vuceefe^ 'df ;sO<tft; ^'f ee^Ht ^eitriefimei^ts, it 



10 cvideal ttolhiog- twn be mote easy thai> lo raise a 
breescy if no| 9 9^am, idcA m$n*s own bouse. 

In case o£ ^his prpposal Ukiog place,, one of the 
Gmimiasioners of the Grand Junction has q/BTer^ to 
take command of the rough passage* The rocking of 
the coaches that venture to ply saoce (he watec.pom- 
panie^ b^an to lay ilown their pip^s, mayj^ve an 
idea of how naturally and beautifully the ships will 
heave and rock, on tackio^ at Charing Cross. The 
only objection to this plan is, that the people are so 
used to perils and dangers from the broken*up state of 
the streets,' the distress' and confusion would not be 
«o great as tkal which may be created in Hyit Park. 


[Prom the same.] 

TirHEN you know who T anij you will be ^rprised* 
' ' at my power of addressing you; but very ill 
usage, according to the poet, will make the inimimate' 
alive — 

*•" Preaching to stones might make them capable.'* 
I was. Sir, prepared to pay due honours to the 
Pul^e of Wellington, on bis arrival at the Albinia 
Fete. I was covered with a most beautiful top qF 
sugar, as white as snow,^with,a I^rge laurel-leaf spread 
9vef me; and an exquisite little blue flag, bearing two 
elegant lines, written by the Hon- Mr» i 

*' For Wellington's eatii|g» 
Albinia treating :** 

and there I sat. Sir, in triumph, on a table, the envy 
and admiration of every body, intending to immorta- 
lize the Duke of Wellington, and to reward him for 
all his military exploits. Often and long did the ami- 

ablerJ^obess at tbat nameeye^ me'wiih ragatt)^ in^ 

/ *« But thU eternal fcl^zon eould not be/* ' 
l?^bfeit^ dblefiil to relate ! news arrived that the great 
Dula^ was otherwise engaged, JIo words can properly 
destfib^ the l6ok of despair, rage, and horror, painted 
in the Atbinia countenance. Virgil has something 
like it-i*^ ..■.''. 

" Erectae steteruntque comae ; vox faucibus hae&lt.*' 
Stiff grew her. beard, and motionless her tongue. 

I bav& no .|>ower to add more; and therefore c^ut 
6nly sJubacribiB oiyself, A Plvh Gasb^ , 


[From the Morning Chronicle, July 18.] 
TT E who shall carp at Hyde Park sliows, . ' 

■*-* Proportion's beautj scarcely knows } ' . 

For 0/ apiece the plan is : 
Little each ship — ^with little gan, 
A little ^ta^fbut \\n\efun!J 
And very small the man is. 

* [ftt>m the Britfeh Press, July 19.] 

^PHE Serpentine Seai^as last evening as smooth as a 
-*- mirror; and the fleet lay moored in a line along * 
the southern shore, in perfect .safety. 

The Redpqle, Capt. Lord Y— - — , with a lantern 
ill the poop, was lying off Cuckold's Point, and a]^- 
peared to. rail a JktW^ bai all the rest were snug m 
thei? bert-hs. ; u , • ^ '^ • - ^ ^ 

The^ Lord Caokrene Beamed :to ba^e lately encoon^ 
tered a storm, and was under Jury masts, Although 



ibiB fine vcirt ihwiJfciWiiiiiimbin»gd» A »4h» lyiiiin 

^Itf anaiiiimur— I'll fW|^iiBittsi«<lbat4OTvi&^en 
ar e sound , and she U perfectly sea*\von^jv«il 

TlMelQ^tM first thne'^tf'^eit ^er Mvttfttci t&Is 

t^Sbs'cWiifons. 'Drowrt^jf pufipies th^^fi'&J^^s- 
xovefed to be the only infa^abitanls of this vasty deep, 
from which they inter that the wor(|s of Virgil, 

' ' *' Stan( littore poppes/ 
translated by Dryden, .i-M^oi 4^ 

' ittt ti*k:«finit>ttcui- >tff %bt did iij^litiifla iiftUimA , 'and 
* tneamorigifiallv, a HlUBr ofpuppieuv, Mtiwout^tbeoce 

1fell#ii^, that the EitglUh tbn^age btnore aiidMi%<thln 
.^Itle* Datfii^-%* pi^ce' kX inionnacian 'wuMil ik'«phole 
*fof age of diteo^tVyl ' i ' «•> •^^- .» ^ f ll M«' •* 

H>The*CMwatcr at Plymouth iiaa'beeft fa«AMinftU ibr 
^ti^ neatrbf fhe same prinCtjile*' — ^' ' *«• ••^»<>» 
A<^ > It ia men tlbned fi^ the voyagj^ of Qbrittfttilir Oiriiiin- 
fh\i^ that; after leng wandering upAvilM ^(Mrehtly 

bourtileii ocean, be discovered a fligMvif imoH^^ivMih 

he hailed as a ^qre^ Qip^q cf.j^ii^^i^^ar^i^ytL^^h^o Land. 
I have caiiefully lynWsb^. tl)^ S^h^i^i^m; Sifi ^nce 

the arrival of this. Itrj^iigi^ ^i ipi^ avd.tPf^ftJTight 

of birds have i desori^4ivrewv«fMrvd|ogpi^sptiits. 

1 suppose, tiie9«fo«ey^I'alMili<«tate^afalBiiifcaii(y nipre. 

^ ;.v.' -AT HQME, f\ .^1 ..^^'"^ 


As he rtW sffi fhe»»flfi^J«l, ' ^ lsltd«fe« M llbnfWj^-^ * 
Cried, ** Sore ifrVh^^-tbtftlttyw^tttofaMitfen^i** **•'' *' 
For I vow Dd^** lady'sStons-wiltittp^cftl*^** *<• i** "* 

%^ ^ * Quere — Do j^pp^/u meai) scaven^CfS^ « 


> fiJMSM li«r tihiUMli Mrtf 
"IbtNir widTMi aUft 

Aofi wak 70a a wluiOi aad ao doobt jroB wtil MiB, 
Tfai^ am aQ verf (ood> and-—' ^1 Aome m lAdr /tm/** 

> • ibrtMr^ 

MB. tDtTOBt 

T>EING a g^ ^drnim of iIm N«w iEra^ and the 
-^^ impmramciot of modem tWnei^ I haife invepted 
the foHowiiig Alphabet for 1S149 which I think will 
be fottud a pfeasinff variety to the teachers of that ne- 
cesaarv part, of emealioti} aod^ at the same tnne^ 
•houla it be utiin^raaily iMlopted (whieb I have no 
doiubti when generally tnown> it will)^ prote an ad«i 
inirable meth^ of binding down the present brilKant 
entertiiitttfBla to posterity, as all future ganerationi 
wtU be by ibis means as urell acquainted with, them as 
they are with tbrir A^ B> C» 

^..^tands hit August, the month of the shows, 
j9— For die bri^e butft to Ai|^ten the eroyrs ^ 
£U»|br the Cplonel> With g6iR\t$ 90 rare, 
ly^^ the day when he makes at all stare > 
£^tat the Esiglish who lao^ Hue sight, 
F-^FoIr the liie^ works let df at night ; 
G— For the grandeur these works wilt dis()lay, 
H^^tor the hundreds we for them must pay i 
J^Wor Mid Bali, jual as Mthoas a krk, 
iC«»For ^ fciek-ahaw&lmik i]|^ in th» PlHk ; 
Z<---For the king«boufti4Nir. gala «e crowii* 
if^fiir the loan u^o MMM^'d them to town I 
iV^For the noise wbidt seeois nefir to stqp, . 
a— For the oil-skin o^er eadi tampb top 1 
P— Far Uie powder duit 's m'd by tbe §of^ 
^--For the <|tteer ones that flami*4 sudi^attoa^ > 
rou avfiK w Rr^ 

JP^For the veMele afloatio the Park s » • . . , ^ 

X--]SW-thdtimieatheteveiielftin(Utbear;. .^ 
T^tkt.iU^yimi^vts ^i» sight teepsfrom idiool/;^ - 
.•(JMFor 1^ sB6al with which we plaj the jRx>l. 

DOCfl'ORS OF CIVIL LAW. "r *;• ;^^* 

' pLATOFParta BhjeBer/ thdWferboIts ofwar,^ ^'T^/ 

Anft«laughtei*d hapless tntDiem'^ . 

''Bot peace retttmsw.when, 9t:«ie !ve iatelf smt^ -^ ' ' 

Th6fihrtw4uklewflR:*ftj8e«w,*«^^p^/riWec^^ t ^*^ * 

«. Aadqnieklj torn (Jwi/iaWiK ." - v *. -^ . ^^ 

ON THE SAME SU^EpT.. r/.*T^ • ^^ 
4 , [Fhjm the stmc] .:, ^. ...... ..,, .. 

SOME call the Coisacks aitalf^sarage crew ; 
So Cam*ft sage «op6, eoneMi^ th^-VHa§ tr«e» -v.. 
Thought thtiXi to render tiielr iiti^oveii^f)* bahf,^ ^ "* 
T was needful first to ckilii^ thMr cbiettV'^ 
/w&4, 1814. • ' ' -*•«•- 1 


ALL THE.;]?0dTH$;j(N,tHE,FAI^ . : . 

NeVlOBB^ BXTSAOBPmARV.'K.nt i *f> ^i. 

[ESSRS. ft4si*airfTtu-i-fr-tvPertfqttl<«^ hftveUhe 
honour to'acqdamt their nefnicronff^fn^dsj that 
they have established ti partrierrfhip for ^he apprnieh- 
itig fete, V^herp t^ey/ can *. suppl}? perukefl^ ^ ftoois, 
iillets^ false curlsi scratdi aod, t|e(ivlg8^ $£C. io ai\y w* 
tent, for thf purpose pf mal^{)^,g^.aAy^;^t1|^ 
Hiay*.be met with in the haur otnatioual can^sion. ' 


that il 18 tier mte^tk^ to be in ikttenduK^ op fhe 
ground at Ite Gfeen';)Pi«;\^t!jf ^^^^^^ aes9/^*tf«i^ 
of boddices a Id Praiicatsel long ih3 ' sliorrfiiays, uja- 

de^dWiffei; -tiiii «kfc: - • ^^; '^^ ■» '*^,-*' • i ■ -f • *^-' 
Mrg.^ iBarJL^jU happy t^^ tbit 

she ha3 a latgf Vmc^^pfp^^^ dastjd re^^lRog (^ii'sdby 
calciik^'to k^ep , pff ^c pressure of ,any number,of 

Mr, FA*lr-^r requests the attention of the pubhc in 

geneaillf 1te^^>fetarttthar«d.&W'«r V»*»*ja^ 
with ^hicl\ h^'^|Jar^6ser^i6|' In tlie^ Gre«t;*Pi[j-k 
during' the fire-works; to replace on tfie* instaA any 
cavities that nay laccidetMlly* arise hmhe upper or 
onderjaw woMcirof «*^id^.m6utV«I 8P'w:tabrs4^ ' ' ' 

Cha^t-n^andCo. Wijjnore Stfeeli BaVe tl)^ hpnofar 
to Q«^kpqiiSA^^<HtMr fei»iil<m«f«».^ti^ be 

ready in the Park^ 'dunQ§ilim£ntief, -with innumtinble 
dressing and bed goiirtis,'tQ^€oiveeal| on aft lemeimncy^ 

those charms \vbich, 6ri ihls-u/^clr ^ iearot^'Axn^ 
migHt otherwise be^etfjiosed. ;' / ^ ' i / • '' 

In addition to the abiive, v^eate' credibly inforilied, 
that a deputatiofl itotn tbei^blleseabfTfaybicians and 
Surgeons- will ^be in w fiUngy tirimout fee or gratuity, 
and that ^ti^ Apothecaries) pOQ|i>any have most hu- 
njapely promised a liberal, supply of bfirtshorn, sal 
volatile, lavepcter ftPA \w4a{ju.Asi ^^* » , ^• . > 

lMfes^^,^b~^ke^ajiditp^^^ ^aye Jo assure the 
nobility; gentryj,* Vnd 'ot}i«jSii Tthat, i^ey .• have! just 
<^on^^^^lt.|]b0st<4meosive a^sortmentv {t^iwhich they 
$haU(.MnftKii|ei ttf «idd; jdf ^kB^\ jMBM^dioies, brcast«r 
wolkfl|#«6sovt&«s>of^>0^efy^ «Mtrt|h[fo]|^-lo< repair nhr 
damages wH<Jh'ftAy''b* *liti^!JSnrt'it^iSe?eAwingi!fc-' 
n^ototration of^ifryv '' ' ''' '' - ' ''''^. '' ' ' *' '; - - •' 

N« B. ,X fed}*s spViained, xmte^ braced 'jri fivfe mi- 
nutes ; sa that she qi^y ijetum tome vvjthdut the acci- 

( «44 ) 

»>jJ .iiaii^» A or 

The rndiam ^t^Ut «lHr til«4ta^ #«ilft(Uli)t ^>»^% ^Y 
\ •^^ *.:>))>! r loj3 v/oJ .^jn. iJi u ifiiu-'^^Sh Si ai^V/ 

^a^r-. 'M TWIT., ff^ifrj ,i»M.-3.f':i?i/fn. Tfnum^lq ni ^It/oD 

>^ I orateard « silly (:ainbri4ge Ckrk .^^Ukw VM^^ 
Thus mutter^ at he par*H St, Tameg't Park : 
" What '8 tbia ? A Bndge} I&w hard to be sot over ! 
O ! 't IS the Aiss ^Brii^k\ \ ho9 fliscover/' 

YE young Misses; rqoibi'df llhiil/i^irltt ^^^fff^v , 
WithoQt doobt 't witi'B<RJrd5^\bt(n£i^'i^ 
Rej<Hce, O ye *eMA'6?iloim06dri Pond!^"^^' ^' 
Y^ur abode sbaU no mote bii «' t'b^ 9iotlgtrbfl>fc8|NiiMl !'* 
No more shall Ae^toivtiiiiiiiieJlH^liMiati^ijroiki^^ 
No more shall 4he7 sMmiIMv tew^iKittt kt^y^mttod! 
Mark the paling that riseS'inifiifd {Ml^:ddifliifi!^qU 
And rejoice i— it #il^ wfiatU ijavftded ^agaibl^ JsriT 
Ye Dryeis, who^hniU'i^ SeifentiiUKbiitiM '^^ti: 
Rejoice ! and poor fortb'tio Sir Willtim^bctftlMls : 
His rockits, which e^4^a|rqy;4.9rf|it^a9^^ 
Shall now fs\g\imaJM.nvim%>jB^^^ ! 

--'fc7/')i.jvi 01* 7.>ig t'-j-n id^.c To'i Ye 

TO A f^lMi. 345 

A tuck where ao iiiariDf«i|ii(^»{«i;^ before* 

Tbe 8eaieB8.p0:fiM)f^/|)»ii|sr jo^C 
Be&oM^Wider>^4[K»:^biC^ »<9Y b«wi%M^ vle^; v 

Wkcm die dotf-ilar is raging, how cod ft retreat-— 

Yet \xkifto^*£'^09ii\Hiimgd^6UiAvirTA^^ 
But, JbAii ^filiTi^ lit^gS 5J>»^ J?^ *VC A iJght Jo rejoice- 
In praise of thlij(?jffj uke .fir Fr^ed^ '^ttr4fo j^oor^tp^e.!^ 
Drmk^aJ)eflil(fi W its lS9iin4ei^-rsqif e nppebut ^^I|n6<;ie j 
Coal4» in piaiituDS aiaaseibents, such talents evtn^ ! 
Th»iiMaqytp»iilpijUnm i|t/jp»st4yantgoqMnoaiiiai>»^ 
Husaa ! for the firfKamkaf^axu^^ d— n tfk txpauii*' 

"tM VLBtT *01< THa S£Rr£NTiNe. . . . 

[Pidm tl»e Mbrttfn^Chroitick, Jaly 22.] 
TirHY, Jack, ffyhAAW^^jJie R-.l~is.rjg 

- bJiV4lwfo^Pl3^ihe:iH*fc,iacwft|aaarI^ i . 

:->Jl»«^wag m^mtU ^^mUk v ;^ v , r • 

Up9»iWfbtoig^|rfnolte(a,':vyrf ;^ j^ j.,;-.^:^ , /\ >.. • r 

That, whea^'Mkslir MAMHrfMF ji - ^ ?>' j - j. . '^ ' 
trhe JH^iKMrkhiUtwS hi^«llMgh)^ ^ ^k> >>> . 

^* ;ForQoaghl anal jtop the beUoDfs!-^ : . 

To pour*oftitlrin(f*rii*, ^f cMif f nrf fWI ^ ^'^t ^ omiJor 

' Anrf lest the snjokVaHd-ijcKo figh^Vr^; '" j^!'^*'"'^ 

Should nol bepver till the ntghtj / /. '/, '^ * V ^ 

.Toi^afd /Kotn ill the sdilors, " ' *; \. ' .****^' ! !. 

SpcriQ CoHgreyq-Rockcts ip the t\i ' -^ ' '*.. . .,, Yf •- i 

Shaiyijfl^t thj2 YanaqLtars .<o ftir^.,.' ,, • , ..-,;'. "'^^«i 

l^OZiNG ov^r inry >piEi4 ofv mile and i'laeil'^p^j^ 
^-^ b A ^offee^roitw; th^otbtr '<hyttt 'lel| mU> si 

5i;jl Ve^afn^'thfe riewspa|)6r;'buf*fotfhaHii^^^ it^A 
cfiied i8i6, and thajt a wgu/iift order' of ^jt^fif^ « -^^^ 
to have taken place, a?you wilfbe cdpvindea^ 
.99961 when I band>.t^:j^ tibeUbllowing par£ 
w^ehf "rery weft reto^berJJ-^^* »^ 'r^;; » ""-^ . . 

J Wil^ii^s, widowi Wbieh stated ^ tfiat on July i6i aboiit 
yniue Q'clgak ^Ythe>foiinQcxi,'8lie*)iuH;bise<d^1m^ 
ilqaf of Mr» John Alum, baker, ^tiich \va8 iftlfwa^d'^ 
found deficient four ounces in weTgli't.»-4<W'^'*^lV^^' 
W the table. \ . ,. ^ \ / ^ ^^^ '? i^';*",:^ v 
<j.; "Airs. Wilkms'a pefilW l>ei^Di;jtaRenAn^^ 
<|?r^tion, it;was,rnorea/that Mr. Joqn Alum do Attend 
9f\, tbe bfiT pf this Hpu^^. tji-tnorfow j^^whicSj^^after a 
jdeibaj^ off five ]u)uri/ ' wai,pi;deredr ^ A^p^^^^ TQr ii 
.n^w pair qi ^xf^J^K^^^ (i^.fti^lg.^ 
:%i?e4 tp 4 ,Ca»ipi^>i9^ .1 „; .x:f,7 ; ,i, /i _ .a 4V\ 
.; ^.^I-ftrd, T7^ .prea^iit^.a,jp«titiwi iiiwiphSViniani 
Tfjckaey, a debtor iilj,5T-ftt-]g«!«I| iwh^W l^i^i^^de- 
t^Ued; a sbockiQg-fUtsa&of''idSQ^^ the 

jg^oier. The petittohfi^, Mv^ "SUUkMtif tad /drdered 
n't Lv. half 

hftir« peek of peaa, whi4h cq«i iAr«f ^^AM^Inif ii oh Ibc 
30th of June l«s4 r^^ when tbey were hrou£ht to ha 
table, whtob bis Lordship de§ci!ibe$l at two Ofn) boards 
nailed together^ there' vom tmx above half ra pint of 
peas. ; .• -r.-i,' 70 ' •'•:.! 1';. 

" This was corroborated., by lorA r-'^r!, who had 
likewise received a letter from the petitioaer, reopect- 
ii)g^a very j^opsidera^ie defi^^u^ in melt^ butter aQ4 
peprper,-7-0rdere<J t(} lie.on the table, .• ,' ' . . 

^< A^r. W* presented a petition fr6m Johp Foplipg. 
a joitrneymaa ba^)ejrd«jl^^, atatiog, tt)at,h^ hyljord^rp 

wbea.biro.iSgbt boqie. would' riot ,fi't/ ana. Aat the said 
l§mp^l|afl^ran)p^ed to,the Court jpf Recjuests ' 

^B?fP he/was c^t;ia the yaWof a^u 

^ ^^d ifc^, IJonbiyable ijouse' would' eriabfe fjim \^ 
^j^ifk ftea^e^i.— Ordered, tWat the sjid petition bie 
^^^Ato^i^nsjdpr^tb^ this day se'nriight ] and tb^t. 
^M^^p^ the trm^ for the u^ 

^mej^ei^^^ • .' !v * '» J " • ••' "! • 

^ y Six v ' V ^aidit he' l&eld in his ^'and a petition,^ 
ftaiingja gg^oj^flag^ case. "Oiir lib^rti^s wer^'gonei^ 
;t>uph|^eryersioiispnu{itic^ endured; The 

t^^payi;tl^<itpr^ l^aui sworn^ and ,wa9.i:eady to sw^r 
agami^mat.lWfji^'*]^ was riot th«' 

manj^ inasmuch, jis the persron wjio tqpl^ (He ^'andfter-, 
GJ^ier |i|^^ a^^^^cbdt, atid Mr. Fifch a lfro2(^ oiife," 
Vgt^^ Wtwtf i^ouU not dlsmBs-'tliQ siu 
jtfr,!r^Ic£i'^lt66ut''a rcpr&?ia*l.--Tth-dereff lie oh 

smtan9|l^ jjej^^Qn,.'nespecnfag a Iwickney coachman, 
vv^; ^wai ^^^eicuiei^ f^ taking a shillmg more than 
.%/'#fefen^?>?itef jog^^^ *y>!b^w/ to r 

Vts: WOH8 IZHiiM SHt lO JA8AA9HSir 


Vb \i cb .1.: ii.-w 


^'pH'Al' thfe rnij^nlficMfiit^ cd fa mewo- 

-*^ * rafioh tof ^he peite might not lose any ]j*rt bf ththr 
*ftct^ 5tV*^ deemed hcctei4l7* to rffft^6r5i?Ai6ifep^^ 
of It' V vi^hi'ch tfny failure coQld be expectet!^ ind^.a^' 
thi havad dep^rtm^iit Was thai ^bi6u reauitdd^ the 
in6«t practice, it met, as it de$enred| ihe cbteF iltftw 
tiotu^ Mr. Vamittart^'ttls i^If known^ referred iKdae 
who/m the Houi^e of, Cottimoni, demraded infbl^a- 
tiott,' tb the tordr of the Adrmra!^ ; and thcy,^ ttn 
aaidji' committed the whoM tnahagement of Hie ^affidr 
toifidr Secretary y whose attivHirtipoit W^0ii^i% 
upbn biatiy otheV crJWra^d<teisitio^; tiii$ 'dA^\Hiini' 
upbnhimtfaefkvourofbiseinstoyers/ 'I^tlTltM^' 
evchTng,- 1 km kiTomiied; *e alttrfidld*^6 ihgpWt fte 
llotiftk iiid to iiiinoeimc Ti/- C<*h3«ctttritt|^ #ha¥<Hc 

arbtfght dt>vrn ^rth^ hilh^ crgB 
thdsfe friVrifcfs'^Kdf have bectf ^ iohg^UrtiiiJfthfefl 'HB*^ 
pum$y\o\^A the 'tiiachineiy ; 'thi^r^rtioi^i^^ffte'; 
croWrtetf V(>iih^tomp1 Ae 'siicccsir; iteflla ^I'lr^^tei' ^ 
duM'^itremely Brtisfdctoty \tfz cdrtiiif ^feh ^ -^^^"^ ^ 
age?;^^h& <)^as'a''apectator fritrfrfi-^Tfh« fletefl 
be6bnf^ §Pki W'amt«^ the fteSt'^iKV' 
certained ^as th% eff^Bf iif«r4^6iiBli''jtW ! 

disl^feci'l)bkt^ai^rii^^ t^^ uw^im'^ 

whqW?df 1he;tipfiir^ «ei'- iPTicfpAiti^iAtl^Wia m''^ 
prirA^a ou{ (^^ single p6Wi!fef.lib^^; tW^Xk^Sfitp^^ 
Malced iathe water^ and the reports were heard at tlie 

«BBBAfttift or ras muaat amom*. 249 

.v,om ajwAH ."UT ^o .i.A?«r«.a>i5i» 8ft 
amazing distance of twenty-seven feet^ve ipcbes, by 

the pufpose, who ^utiKd me . cf tbe fact, as I laiMib 
ful]j^«iiif)toysitj'ftr the jjmmal Register, in taking ex« 
act minutes of a traasafftte B- WhiuS will be, as it d*^ 

The skeleto?? p£<he ^rcTrVvoH?* wereibW^f f*™''**'^* 
and they certainly, in my miiid, display a fno^ 9^V^r 


je^off wa^{ mhssing f^rthe^Cathefine wheel?, , 

)f™»J9P ^mr3}'M\_^Js^^ ,»P.We *:,, 
fi«§HPSE« '¥HfWr>9p. W?7'«g .'t.)^r^Uiw, w,t^ .it 

*"^fi1F"lH*;*RW6' ,Qf .arctptecture .to whrati it jvas re- , 
dQg^pj^;.)^,j({ije ^|iq| w^cs, cut, 115 a rcr^^gjth^rmativjcf ^ 

wa« lw<?'d(iir ^up^ thfSegretary^ turned bfu^^, , 


S50 A BULL. 

ju^nqed. ^fjq fabric .tft be pfiueptjy §^cu^e aD,(},^^agT^ 
fo.Wf \efai,of jthyty/^jp ^Hid,sU h6i^r9. It was ^rill 
deemed pt;^5?iaiy .19 wi^^re it at tne 5f<ii pBSc^, ^!^" 
stitution remartable FoVihe tilerajiti/ ofii$poUcy\iLndi 
its-ti^Uual readiness to pronounce that ^m which 
eijery other person considers tcrbe rotten. 

■.$ucb arje* ibCxparlkulars of this.Qaeniprable occur- 
rencei^ s^nd if yoa 4t;em. them worth insertion^ they are 
m^ch a^your-se^vicf.^ > ,, , . . ' ,. •.-T.,3V 

j^,.g, { forgot, to, jp>n;ion a yer^ current report, 
tl^aj^uyp^ t|je j^-aW;JLQ/4s'have1ip^^^^ to 

iftfipe ^^Vipltxs^ tbe^ I z tb. of w^'ugust.. . One of fhem, 
who is celeDrated for scrupulosity, aslsed iFor a prece* 

jvery,tgrfa^ia|^entfpiji^ wjiica this celebrated^^Jatesm^n 
j^frSOHritg of, |;iiia|iefh (Tirected to jie' turning out 
A^ i^is, (Jiif«,_^ it ^' said,j,ii«^,' struck the ' Cbai}PeITor 
forcibly : he has .been pbservcd of late Xo^ havq pi^t 
hiSb,|(iet,. m,r/r^'»«i^^5'an<J; they noxv form, the ^xact 
-*W3«4*.'2/!w/^fft'.^^ ^f %. intend^cl paftD|r^ 
Did^ot^.fapjsf^Jcs/^iJ'f^ hWef/. t^rrns— H wajS^^ yttle 
rtfj^^j^aj^.at. fii?%t,jbia qcpcjuere^ the 

stefl, ^j^^^d his- ^ali^ipiifes ^^V^ Vsa^d tp ]^^ .reni'ailabjj? 
graceful, ;. - \f^ ..,.../.. ,,."'""* //.* 

i- /-^'^ n» \ •*• ;• y.:M 


bnovigfit to^tpe hvghest pfrfeQtio^jj.for that Tff tjje.aid 
<if,.|^ telescope, >vhich' he had just' purchased, he coald 


- ^^^J^Hi ftt. ait incredible diiltDoaa ^\ My dear 

one • Ib^ io the coafliyof Wexfbrd>-ihat ^^h 
be a mM^£or'i%i:foti th« iaititine^fhatHookiblitKii 
eye. peep t^brpugbut^^Mt ibtoo^ihe cbnrch of £tuii9- 
^byMio nearllio my vtw, ti^t I ^uldhrartbeVboib 
congregation singing psalms/' !. - r . . ' * " ' 

1. >. • /pATRIOTie PARADOXES. ' ^ 
' ' ' tfrom ihc Morning Post, Juljr 23.] 

n^'HAT the trial by jury is a '^at and invaluawe 
"*■ /blessing, the bJas/t arid* 'privilege of*a country; 
bilt Ihat the tel-dict of juries is onfly to be regarded 
when the guihy are acquittied and the innocent con- 
demned, ' ^ '"' ' . .' . '■" '\ 

That the "fact of' k' man's Having 'been convicted of 
a. low and infamous trime^ sentenced \h s^n ignomi- 
nious puhishmeftt, and in consequence Jficked ont of 
the House 6f Commons, cbrrstitute?s a new daioi on? 
the public respect j^nd gratitude; and that a fraudulent 
attempt td pick the pockets of other people, is a strong 
.qualification to be chosen one of the guardians of iht 
public purse. 

That the time in which a glorious peace termi- 
nates a war, during which the existence of all Europe 
was in danger of destruction, is not a proper period 
for rejoicing f that festivities ^fe then unseasonable, 
&nd tnat a phari^aical gloom and lengthened extensiob 
of face should be every where visible. ^ 

That when unhappy differences exist in a family, 
the way to heal those: dissensions, is to foment the 
variance by every possible means which envy, offi- 
riovjsness, and hatred can devise; to arm the daugh- 
ter kgainirt the falher, and to select' fer (he principal 
Cioiinsdlor of the mother, a tnan vyhohas defended 
atrocious libels against the father. 

u6 That 

152 FMMrtEW P9 0fB fflTAM* 

That the boil w«y of enabling 9 naliofi Ui CI1J07 Ike 
]ong*looked-for blettings of l^me'is, when our foiciga. 

by weakening the ptiblte itipMt for laws and gofcm* 
menty toendeavoar^ bjN^Wroiti hostility, to aecoin- 
plish thai destruction of the 9oaptry «bich. ^9:f^jH9f^ 
foes could jopt. achieve.. ' ,Zt'.^..iVl 

It 19 very credibly reportedi. that tbp following protest has 
been delivered- la bjr the Swani of St, JaraesV-piuiL^ for 
tbe consideration ot Parliament. 

../ , , [Fiomilvb DwuDj>ion, July 24^^, \ -IH- 

CINCE every Swan is deeni*d a poet^ 
^ And wben iie *fl dyiog tfiigs to iliow IK 
Tbns, in our hour of perils we 
. . Protest M^mst g^e JuHUe. ,/ . ^ . . , - '/ICHT i> 

..«-•.•..• U' .- ., .1.1 . ^^!i n:Ljoni ^ 

. ^ Fintly, because ihif preparation , ... ^t? mo ck. . ' 
' "Destroys the quiet of tbe nation, » - 'm 1/ ^' 

' • ' And all tbe tiolse of nail's and hatpniert ' ' ' * ' 
Is eWhtf d back by ptibHc clamours. ' « V^ ;^**' 

' ' ' - ' Aind'secottdly, another race ^ ' . -> . «^' - - ' • 

• Of BAwr*^^* WiH tisorp our jAacei ' •^*' < ' ..-i .' f.'0>- 
I ' Who/ with tte crackers^ fqfmbSb '^M ^t^kei%^ ^/^ - 

Witi htlp to eaipty peopled vpocketii -, ' v-'^ • ^ 
- '-^ • -> : ' •' - • ■ ' IV. ^ -■; ' ^ 

: Tfairdlyy becatise tfae'4vode of tfeatitig 

Is copied from our ityle pf eating, ..». » ^ • 

- i^-StUjfiejwie* are )M)t.ftUow'd to swill . . ...:^- 

.j Naif|eat^j>wjtj^out a fo»^ A/ac4 lilL . , ,..:...-- . .-, su 

,^,,.j]^tl3f|i*wo|i^Witbi«.C^iDe8<^ bridge, } 
A shameful breach pf privil^ge^ 
And we would sooner seek the grave 
Than wave our right, the right of wave* 

(Signid) The Swans* 

-^^ Lest tbeir robes shoold the hreete^hiter^^tmAitl&ese^^ 
And the fleet be becahn' ^ Ui^a pilUuo at's lee ! 

in ,x:- PP^^S^ bjjaie*ecr<Btirry to the A^doun)^* 

IX>6 OF THE Pt[6ckfii)m<;g 01^ M(S 'l!^AJ£8TrS 

Jkt&r 13., 
CTRONG Breezes and squalfy^allc; A'ltr-liic tar^ 
)^ moulh made the signal Ibr an ^penny's .fIeet-riiov6 
in on our starboard sprrngj/aodbc^at lb d^^^ 4 

"P.M. strange ship? pfovetJ to^etWjBpyal 'Swans 
standing down the Serpen tW 5 beat t|i^ rietreai* ; 

July 14. — ^Light breezes, and clear weather— loosed 
sails to dry — at a P. M. jBetty Martin can;ie.Pix bpard 
from Carlton House^ with an old shirt .to.jrepaii; the 
bunt of 4iie .Wcfjij^ogj^iW-ship's .gompany employed 
Working up oakum ittto wbi^kcrs ^ at 6 funcd safTs. 

Jubf i5.-^Ligbt airs and cloudy — at 10 A. M« 
lighter came along side.wit'h bieer-^^received three ^ta 
and a pint — returned empty pots. 

July 16.— Strong ffaJes artd squally, witb a tremen- 
dous sea — answered ine signal for assistance frbm the 
fiacc/^egttfir•— observing her 'driving, with the Ti^nfejf 
Jying athwart her bows, gdt' all ready ' for veering 
cable — \hQ fVhitbreaitli^^^ in oxirh^^s^: ' 

if , THE 

THE SDLIXX)AUf¥ QF ▲ 8AIL0«,.r ^ 

WUn 0«^ ^B, 9ir^,4AM> AMI> OMB LBG, A« BB UmfMB 

\Jfinak die same, July 2^.3 . . 

BLIND as I am, methioks a camp I y!ew^ 
Maof the <ei|^r tail» 6^ rfjbe <:of!<«9}^ fov. : ..* 
Who fMi|(»ibo.pip9r ?~WUa 4'yf tjiint !-r*A« ^^B^^' 
WhHe ibr bis-wilp Bodbabon te .MfBDts a belly-full. '^ J 
Eor thiiy /lost an eye, an arm, a leg. 
For this poor Nao too is compelM to he^. 
Illumination !— O the ahamt bcmI •candal! 
Got^s Sgki theg gruigg, -wut^nst wy^fartkuig candle, -^ 

All mt Eye. 


[From the Pcblic Ledger, Jnly 17-] 
TITE think it our duty to contradict theftDowing 
/ ^ /aZjTff anj) scan3aibu$ asnetsib&s^ vtports, and ai- 
aertions^ which liave been lately propageRied "df aiid 
concerning the state of iMrifiBiir'affUirtf iik H^de fthrk. 

It is 7Z0/ true that it hH been fotttid il£fd^ai^fD 
issue press-warrants to man this hiivy. ' . ^ ' 

It i&nof true that the VicfualHng Office has enf^r^ 
mto any fresh contracts, or that more than skt ktmr^ 
provisions will be necessary. " * - J 

It is not true that thre fleet \ti in any danger of b^ibg 
lecatmed^ ds the Opposition papers h^ve enlerj^d ililo 
an, agreement to kick up a ire^xe. ' ' '" ' '' 

It 18 720/ true that one of the first- rates' stfbck npona 
sunken rock, by which she was nearly split iii two. It 
was only an old milestone, which, it is supposed^ had 
remained there since the Park was first enclosed, 
, It is not true that any number of Jews from Rag 
Fair. have been hovering on the coast, to purcJh^se the 
searrien's 'tickets. This report was 6cca^oh'ed by cer- 
tain neighbouring publicans, who bad raised the price 
af slops. 


It is nol^ik-ihzirMY cohllS^Ati^ fteisik ttad^ with 
flW W>*fl?Vtr Cottipany for a supply of fi8ghvm6ar<^ 
bands oF'tetrttd'beirtg statibhfed'oni thte'bta*^' \rtiicli, 
it is thought, will havt the 'same eflfect as wh^stUng to 

horses. ^— «■:"•"••>.•.••' — .-,... 

It is nii true that any ArngAr x:aii an$e ftoin the 
apectitbTs tumhting itito^eWacten?,'a8*^cvei»al of thfe. 
newspapers have fucnibKedan eitrk^mrifity of rolRlii^/ 

(By Order) TsLt TiuxHi and Shakb -yHE --i-^ 


Fot life) sis hubdred pownd* o ycv."\^af>tifhFj:fMb. J«Iy,i?fl.' / 

^ v^ry :i^!^lytup' t9„the,^4fy wJ>^,tte, ipay-coaftfi 
^aH^^d. ibis cUy iq .trlu^n^b, ia ho^f>Mt.f^ .\\kt,p^(2(:fi^ 
ffo^'^>!^^|l^ >pK||]^e^t j[ have dedai:e4#i^a;Caga;^4( all 
work^ and have lived for the last monih irke a nobIe« 
map. I have been .present at every ox and sheep 
roasting wiibin ^ circuit o£ t,bii;;ty miIeS| and have often 
driuik the health of the nobl^ Piijce of We|,rn;g|Qp^ t/l.l 
I have been y^f/y ill mygelf^ .Byt X^q[\, §prig?.^ to say, I 
tl^ink. g^nUeipea begin to flag s^ jittlfi now iu giving 
away their beef and nnUton, anid grow stingy to us 
joUy joyMUls; ^Ic^r; ..though I have /been sonie da|rs 
keenly on therscept, I catinot hw a br^th of 'any 
thingof the sort goi«g forward. This, Sfr^'chagriSfis 
me the more, as' my patnotism was oiJy just got into 
futt swing ; and bftiiig ' vm .obstreperous in my^ pitf - 
tics, Siwi d:,^$i4t3j^e draughtsman "{not \n waierto\c)i\m^ 
you may svij^cwe}, 1 was fa^ rking into hotoriety. 
Now, Sir, the Very thought of- a -saucepan or a' tea« 
kettle gives me the horrors, and yet something must 
be done to make both ends nleet, as the saying is* I 


sm tbinkiig of a (>l8ce under Government and rmt 
my claiai9'0«i thfe«ttgobr MtithKvhieh I liaV^ ^^K^diidfg^ 

either as ehaif ofiap or guest. Tfamking, thenrfore^ that 
youi M»» Ediioii «[e 4t, likql^.n^ any fcqdy,-fi»»i^te 
heaps of iie^M4ia(ier^ I, j^e^tlaiiy takm iota }rourfira^ - 
inise%. !• icQow wboD a good berth dR>p9> i aboftM^ 
take it vastly civil of you, just to let me kti^Wbeferr 
it gets wind too genet^Iy*- "I baie had my eye upon 
two.v Ibree gmkMUngti fv Mat* time past. Now, I 
very, much fancy the post <if J!#wift)r«tefSSf« td^he Kii^P 
cistf— or a^infli^«*ilCair in tlm* ViduMing^^OSte-^i^idr "^ 
wha^ think you, Sii> bf 'Wkr^bn ST iht StannoriesX'j] 
or, indeed^ any other coitifortable 8itiecufe,\^Ji^e*/^,! 
there is ffoo2l[ living, no work^ ^o4 ^JUtfe fii^eriijg^pC. r 
the chiiik ? l,^rcfla)^ Sity you aecexa^tly wji^nr<^4, A 
suit mej a^d $0, vwaitiiig. ;be ewmty ( ^mmh^toaM^l 
hearty wetttM^beti^ ♦ v- * > :>v? »i3!ise3d*fer:A 

^■■ur. .-. '..y . • LINES, , _,^x-^ ^^,, uut • .>. 


. 'iJOSM^aS QM THE STOCK BJ^CaMGBt,: "n /j; c f* 

I^RE AT ^itsr i raa that soar aa higi&^gi,wUiU^l . 1 ^: . 
^^ We OmnziiinHoldef».<i^y<^r;^i4,r«fii|S^f--- 3.1. 
O ! try your /o^ fhiloi^p]^ akiU,, J^^ ., .^ : ^ ;. ^:^ -; 
By tomenew^rt.torais^^09r.jpm^i|i|»^^ ^r^l, ij^.' 

Suppoae s^ BBlall; ^ie&;- kiscead oF satfdl^* '- : -^ ^ ' ;^ 
( Wbeo tiixt yoti isi^eep iheTegit>n if A^ iSles^ ; ^; y j 

TooM take1*drne^emrt^(9*»ai7ii,-ij^^^^ ~--* " 

Wottiatff thiB^ tfyl tWi*, SirlU*« K^fltJ^ffiy.^^^ '^ 


UDSft Of rUM RBOPOUI. tjf^ 

'Iteb JW^^ tfW* danger, tbwg|i^ J aofHii|r€«Wrti 

Tqrjj^ouqqn^id^'i m the qoax- migbt be — 
^^AnA, the ja/ii^ moment , would bo-Wal^ff i»p/ 

X»$8 OF IHE HEDPOLE, OAPT, Y-— i-^rt/ 

199 JUDfOJ.!. KEIOArrS, 90 J^ Wtl^MW/Bio!. ttOBM* 

Tj^^nn hih^itunhm AoiuBAtTT. 

;! .< ^ [^foikt ifte Afiliih Press, My 29 J 
: ' ^ Banks tf tfig Sirprnttine, Jiikf ^7, 

^T^ECS l«Mer» ^F^it tfte^ Sfr> is dated on diort, 
-*- Ji'or the good ship the Redpole, i^as { te no more: 
Her loss the whole' Smentine vfvy deplore I ^ v 
Bot stiQ j[ revive roy.saa »pm'*^y ihinJung /' . . . 
I>7oJ$xeftipit was apar'd to prevent her from sinxifig jj. 
The imitedri did aft tiiat seaihen could do, ' ' " * 

And nCKttjbi^ catf attach* f 6 the capteiii br ifrew; 
VrMlet|Mi^«Mfiit tk>pe rMteiift'd we $tack fta to the sbiff/ ^ 
Aiut die lailors were cheer*d with abundaoce 6f 'flf|^. \^ 

I( ^b^miiei Jlow^SF do^^— with grief I *tD)o*emAliT^ > i 
To state what occarr*d since I wrote to you last. " 
Though I strive to be calm, iti l t m y «orrow appears , 
And uie Serpentine's flood will o*erflow with mj tears. 

Haff'pmi itn, Monday nfg^t, 1 was roos'd from mf~ 

By a whirlwind, #bldh* rfiobk' to' it* 'c6nfrt5 thfe deep 1 
I m5>anted on dee];, (*t was a l)o}d:nfi4^a]|biq|^. < j 
For I was half tipsy^ half dozing, half w^ki^g)-— , j . 
There I viewed With iOBateniefit n tertific stght^ ' '• > 
I shaU neffft ftttigit 4hsrt most horrible nij^tf ' • ' " '• ; 
It seem*d as if Aqster* andBbreas, and Sirus^ •"^^* V^' 
Had defermia'tf t<^pdwte the sageWlinuhis; -'^ ' - t^^ 
Who g;nided the heW jiii^ who lopk,*d gui^ fS^^-^i.^' ,v 
For, iteer v^lMx wi^ te wonld, be wa| jnabflg^,^^ ] 
Hoxnaii elfi>rts were yaij^^ittidst thk 4rf;ayd^ 
How th^ ship <Dac|]4^ iliejAy^ liow ,8^ p^^ 

^ ocean I - * 

^ Tb f»r«y'rs " was tb0^word---ea oar knees we all fell^ 
But enr dufUortir Henry, was seog in AA Mall 1 


I feard that ^e JMpQk bttd.bU9»|^*a PR-^ Bopfc^ ^< •. • 
For the SerpenlioeSe^i liteih&iUd Saa, i|»fo^p4- 
With sbal^w^^ apd^quiclum^* and rocka^ loaboond*. 
'' Out, out with the boats/* was the instant comn^nd^ 
*' Let us straia ev*xy nerve to get safe -upon JavdvV 
But vre soou saw our error, no rock;was^ tlb^ ll«ar-^' . . 
Noiy^^ss«i£..^uyi.caAj.«Mfhat«xcUed<>uriear,* . «. ^;... 
A hvige NewfouBbcU»nd dag was forced ri§ht*g»wtctiM4>9F/ 
And had iike to^^r^o fierce wa«.tbe/blow4 ,\ « r^f ■ 
I have heard of .ya-faojj^ef* o^ .^l^ft„^d4>^ wb^^-o. 
Wha will vessels destrcy^ by a Wh of their tatlf j . .. . "[ . -: 
But my crew all inform m^ (in kj^vowledge^ thgrj^. p4^A 
That^^tnonsler so hideous ne'er ^w^pa io Fli^^lt Pi^ic^ « r 

At Jiir the storm ceasM, and our fifet, great and snoj^ - 
Were anchor'd> in safety, ne^. Keusing^ton ^a}L - i, ^^ . . 
The storm, J 'vje since learnt,, which so loudly did ^so^»^ 
&rti«o Smitkus was caus'd^ on th^ vorth and f92K4i{)^« 
*Whi|e som.e hor^- shoes were fbrgion^ ^ pj^ Wf^P ^ 

hello w$,* ' -^/o- 

As bad ng^d;^ pldng'd nae in th^ de^j^ wtji m|/4)te¥f^ii 
The tetnpesU wjjich Tf»g*4 wicb SRch fw^qrt Wljii^.c /; ' 
Was'b'er — wh.en Aese rascals ceas'4 i^(f^i^J^ffJi'[^f h. . 

At eighi, by the Tarltfr aj^i^naj ,w.?^^^^de' . ,, j_ y-, 
Of a foe right ahead— soon bur ^uchor.w^.Wi^dglt^'d'n* ,, 
We pursu'd— love of g\ory inspired ev*ig^ sqjajr-^ ' .,' 
And We soon ran *Jo9gside*--a Tom<;afm a boyl^l;^..fM .^ * 
We chper*di^ as we gaily the action b^aOj^ 
And, in ten minutes, capt^ifd this " ca/-a;raar.a^*' -^ ^ 
Grimalkin, l^elieve'riie, fought hm'd^^((oo^hs^SnSt^^ , 
Till we boarded the bpwl —when at oukkhp turn'iCia^/^ * 
By the bearer the skiri of 't^e vian(julsii*d I send/ ^ ^* . J . 
'Twill make for your Lady' a nice bosom' firieridj '?' 
And here you must knoWj^^w^ite.gpoploy'^^i^this chase^ 
I harpoo;i*(i wit6 my swoi*d-cane, a couple o€ddce ! . 
The, fish WfitglVd e^it o^pce^, m^£^y^ pi^qlj. relief 
To my crew^ .wh^ vvere^i^cK^n'd^of^isqi^^Aib^K., 
' At ie^, as vir0 gallantl^co^st^d 4eifV|,% q^V r^ 
Believing our pferils arid aafjgefs all o er, , rr XI 
Not a b^th of .vvind atirir^jg-^^ej^ calm ano j^I^-t • 
While the '&)t^ were'jjegaling^ on %iffQ ^iififf',/^ ' 

As propdPd^ Jli^icMill t»w*t:drtbeH)p|ioiit9^Wnid f '/ 
In a mdtfiettt i 0hIer*^;Hio Mjb't^.. tie IM'd— ' l 
'T wss io'l^iilv^aUMt^'n k^^e" of/^imk Tock» ivowere 

horror ! Che br^akenraoQO JashVl Ver tiid m89t«o> \ 

1 seiz'd on tb&jbo ^ y k» " te 'fiotr|ie<te^of dfcter ..>"** 
At e^er' grdc'd tl|e*lni&<l 0f ^^tiilor oHMMfer: : * ' U 
On adolphin ^fiienmootited, 'iferntd-dntAnoo :.] 
Sung dttif/jtist ds Imid as^flri^^tsocldlirdiiv; O'Siiito-^-^* '' 
So I bawl'd for ^atrdpe^^'HW mjr lungi w<5rr quite/soite, . 
Abd'Mrasr;^»lra^lilleTd![IHov«rgr^ j^rporse^Jlsliordl? 
The ^c2^m^ft-£»3gKld?^of)e^ mm keen. Aaa AdorMr, 
Swore tbe^i^Hif .« kxarki^r/stoted me bost*' . v 9^r ri Vf 

I ask*d him die rea^dfi^^Wbx, Chiptaifi^V »kp>\iit^ 

^TKioo^ th^ 4«dM.^'l6^/ >etl£pv^fme taichiplttnire, 
Tb fttaf^ ^at Mr«'«»^4dhM*Dji8^evtcfi«l'a8d'8<fi^ 

sure— .^-.^ M •• ' /r 

EiglHf "iixjpel^iiy^ cabiiOh^*^our thorns of trvcite^Nk * * I 
Two oane^ if pd^der-^-a .^iDr of port Vftje*^* . ^ ^ 
Four thttfeiiihSilitog iiiedes-iatt4^feewwe'a tioite, 'A 
Beiog sayVt, tbnst dtaomv n^ g«ioiilii6rd»t;f xtMr cbdier. 
Havins^ g«MnlHM)ug|b''iny ta^^ eadil peintrmbitf ob- 

servant,* • ' ^ ' -•.-••'•. : - ' ^ r \ 

I remaib>'Slir, jOTr^Aen obliged' htunKe'serviM^ > 

V* J8^'— fryoW 'nrgr spirits are lighter ^tid Vnikef^ ' '-^ ", 
I bejr to jqfornf jrou'I lost' half a whisker ' ,'j ' " ; 
In me fray wttTi gnmalkln— -f'stoQld'^t tfiis mention^ 
Bat a loss so seyeijb. surety nierits a pensionT ] / . - 

TTAJlRy apd'^am/:t%'dtlJLe^^ '\ 

; -"•TwSfnb^ji^jfellowf V^'^^^^ -^ Ti-' » 

. .^ere strolling routid to tHafce-^itiirka' ' " 1 ' -^ / 
**'^^n what they saw in certain Par^. 


Wbat tii^ iliMi ^j<i^4 iiia^j ^^ ^^^Q ^^ 
Said »il> ^' 'IWy; ca& joarrflN'ttlrf,^^ ^ J 

Thii t^iittgort, rf^ quickly i&iml ' ^«"^ ^,f 
Alfci tj ^'ftRaM ftr tuAnnftimtnL ' ^ ^^ *'**^ 
^WcB! wbaf«<lletiMr</thif, f pW?*^-^"^' 
« The wi/' qotf^tmA, •* 1 cainiM «in^ ~ * ^ ^ -^ 
UnletB tbi« dofUie, rani tetli or j^latier; ^^ : \^ '- 
li matnt asr^niWbm Af haiiittti<«r, * -•' ^ "^ * - • 
Who, fcaifa) stS!^ Bortteliiftctton; - - '"''" ' . : 
Ne'csriUfihitftccrin^^fpretf^on;*^ --l - '— * 
Qooih 8aiD> ^-^hyz-iW ybbtaHc of mw^piiirr 

Whotp wide ^te di h fei faite^ trtid ttlayftri«p/^ 
liMkr«teft.Airikttd/M7>timpr* ^ - "^^'^ 
> >^ SHMUr MT* friend Ha)j " whr, oiaii»fbiiood^ 
fle^'t what they calt^^ie roydS iooikt*^ 

jhiidoo«ti||Br:9Wthr«trae.MM *j^ r 

That •» maKin| to ecl;jp^,the,i?o(»r, . , • - 

Jn case fhe^hW!4 her viilgar ptUt " :. , * -^ ^ * 

:tj;;ir9BiBf #kflrj|heiMrAeob;tfaei0Mafrii '^ •. ^vt;:'^ <<i 

3": 'Vf^thmk ve/' said Sam j " Tm RUq6 ftej&^r * I 

♦n'nWl<UJ'*'fhif*fea''W'm^^ ^^^ 

• •?■? altor'iikpdeg«,iW^liifQlk« vi^^ :''-'7 -^ 

^jiLiIMor^ftehd')ciuf6aar^th»i)eltlt<ir6^^.>ti .r». ;^ ^y^flii)' 

bMj4tWiN|riMiyentUattAi)i<PfBnUvi> . oi tjJltmi *q ^ J 
«o H4M>dfrf|5iltlWUi.¥ fpOtjaHajr'rtwwchj. o> j.J r .noUKj^, 

Ana walrd across the river Jordan. _», ^f t t^a 

Come) dareyottgof>"— *' Ay, that I wiHr f^^ "^^ 

Mr, "I 

What ImiMm|I8i^ b^a w^i^cifr i^r^ 

*' A €0«r7;^^/P5i^.^aL // .'tM but Rietn pucji ,: 3 
It 'snow MiMQi^dif itiiic^ w^ ||a«i*a^,^««vr 
BatlQok7e^ni^Sf9i.t WJ^'dbelWeill n 
Why, U*ere'8tte^<V''lQI«>'ti*WHr#4tft 

Like lumps ^^.jf^ijU^ Am f^ffn^p. ,,,, ,^,; j^ »» 

Pad hid tbeA wjitji ftis j^^um^xiUal, . '.,,j. . , , .,x 
But see that n^^'pa^jcma^^ ; ,,^.^t o ^ .V 

With c%at u^t\^h\i]ic'\wtmp ;, ,^ : ,v,i« i / ^T 

Why. no, jrSSjJSj^^J^^. t^^^ 

THE BXIXitnMl«3J S«Tte 

n^HE pubhc have nari^^ct^ offj^i^ll jM^ . 

-"^ and moie o( 4«mi^^i^i<^i«(<^^)Hf^ Mi^f 
by which a << inagmlii«mui> H—lai^^iipli^ WiSBMel 
its mentiiiCDlf ; Tb^ tJU^MfMi^o* t|W <A^ MM^'* 

^'^'^^m^ ^"^ catMra!a,04 tf^^^|»g= 

days.* Tlic, ;« pWTflf*; .t9<}*, o^. a^i CP^«^W« JWeopwH 

ed very cax^Ml^i ,9i^t/^V^in^s^ 

cently given trojible m^b^iHoiiiejaff^^ 

beperautted to view^^ft a^tet*- >ftomab»fmil^^ 

statioD. These am JMbk^sdeads; iDd wili^llil^^ eir 

a marble raoDumedtt <he if^,a:of'tbe<tnl5cr^^ 

be takea frtSm^^cTe^^ l^^btf W 

cMMbr iciigKNM freedom ? 

If w€ any JttJigIB hf i^twi fulhi ww^ ke^ 
die fcvMf was diti0 ocmferrafoa MfWy' 
not tht ipltraioe wlikh the ^< mo^ p^HKtt]^ 
in Hm^ft*' would be incEiied to draw« One i 
vl|oie. 4iMrni^^dUtiog»iAjBJ Jher ^veo in iw^ a ipbufi 
hy aqnemiiM or other cjMne lately undkr the iMflpa 
sure of iImi mirnMr af >chi«iliy» thie guMit jolfigtor 
otfbe^nl^YfMaiUeMei. We Aif jmH jul lii<iiifr 
precise ftj hn c c^ tetwe belkee liie>iMea4Ur^'ttt 
beeu honoured bvHhe intime6y of ^dte f t kieUK ^OfcMr* 
lotte of Wales, Who regards her wiA peccdfar li^j^^tf^ 
We belitftti^.alaoj tha the Emperor AleKafkffer |iiid 
her thos^tttnUona which'he thoi^ht due ^ th^J^t 
exquisite example of Ei^tsh beauty and grace* . Wl^ 
tber Ibese mMbec cmuuh wfi knew-nnti ibtvMhMe- 
rtogjb taken on.ibcM eecna. to iirtwir tbal>ilwy<<iif 
iptrfgieec Hf t frniP^ U m mi Hsmksmii Th i i mm^H^ 
sevefte puniiAnnent iniicted oo furt JHdH^ iif i j^fU y 
shut his eyes against one of the gbddetfses on^ MoAqt 
Ida, how much we should have cotnih^^aii^ ner 
fate, and admired his revetige ! But we are k^i^^ 
our readers too long from the following nerw)^.ai« 
tires which this incident has drawn from tlie fien^r a 

young nohltman^ whQ la not «iei|a)y> n vit; 
Lords, b«t :»ho w fifndly csiabUshii^ e ■nsiic|i le- 
puutioDt wkich wW be a -better di«newtMr to his 
name in after^time, than the fteredifaff tMMiM of 
his aristocraticaf rank. Cn. 


Wmui lSie,!nii| triiNnph ef .tb* imperisl lord 
Whom servile Some, obeyed* and yet abhprr*4j 
Gave tb the vojgsr gMe eacb gloriou9 boat ^ 
That lift atteossi of tbebr^maiM} just; . ^. 

. _, 1 lis j^Qry. to endure / 
^-^-^ - _ AldXTolbsstSscotird Becure; 
i^l*'fBIATO^,»$*J-—-y-, oar idmbring gaae 

^ rf ■Plwrr'fi'* P' . #3t- ^-,--- '••,-. 

^ w^o^ tbv ^Ujtle image bear u> part, 
iff^ipeUjihaiie be'tils-^and ours the 

^- ' 


ffm«fr#f it4»ii ¥iittwwl gtfeiyttcwy siiMfcier? . 
yillLpiiifciirwitbi M^sv^n «mp(t AheoMee-*^. 

biliarqlfroco tirwog ^^^o^. ^9 "^re^ pf ibeeV ^^ ' "^^^ 
Bdf trorii on that i^ecalVd .rt^ /'' " 

^hlii'Miie shall not force oh oat ^Ippbu^e.' ''' '^^ ' ' 
# ^'•Ij^ft^/thy7€ft toteridian!usti%1ibiA»'' 

^&fr.^liM|iefey.0f youfhi-HtMgr»!ecxf ndte ,*:.:, ' 
^ThejBy»iii»i gbdctens^alKi thebitiv sf?re&(ir- « . ;: , :lj 

Y^^iiph skad^^ yet fiho«r»,diat for|£ieadra:|Or& ti^ falr.r-- 
Each gkoce that ivini nt-^aad the life that throws 
A spell that uiUlja^ k^ ]|0r\lo«|)is i^|p»fr» ; 
But turn tp gaj&e again, arid find anew * ' , ^ 
Some x:h9rm that weH rewards another View : * *'^^ 
These are not lessened, flie^e are stffl m brighf, " '-^ *; 
Albeit toodazzUag/or li dotarg^Mghi -, : /^ i;f ^^^;f 
Aod those most wait ViH 67*ry tihafDl f^gbA^ *■ ^^^ ' 
' ^1^ please the pattiy heut that pleases aooe ; 


Thtt didU cold mttaaBtt, wboie ndAjej^t 
In eonoos dfabihegt, pass*d th|r portrsit'bf;- 
Wbo OKk'd hit Utftie spirit to combine .^ 
Its hate of fiMdMa*^ lov€Ain«^ ^ tiunis^ r 

[fmei tho Mms4. .. . 

HIS H -^ when htdx soire^riog the ocean^ 
With one single Biccap set aU in a ontioo i 
The saaoit, espectUi^ A t^r^e mpalU 

Thb R«^i«» thinks lo make OS starn •' ^ 
B^gpising rocketsin the air ; 
HU scbimQi to please will faUr he*ll find. 
Since we for i( (most roi^ ^e s<;iBi{^ 

John BulU the oitherdaf, in' pensile v&dod^ 
Near to the Serpentine Flotilla 9lood^^ ^ ~^ 'r. 
His band» wcfethmst Into his emptied pMkets^ •- 
And much of sHlpt^hetOTlterM»4id <lf«lt»dlcil0-» 

Of silly fttes, and Jubilees untbriftf-*: u ;:. 
And bfkbies, overgrown, of twor^md-jlftj^ ^. a 
I guessed the jirain^cj^ tbongbt wbi^ tbenpos^essr j^bhn> 
And deemed th*. occasion fit, and thus addressed 4)if»: 
" Be gen*roas to a fallen foe ^ 

With gratulatlons meet* 
On Elba's Eo^Mror bestow 
Thy Uniputian fleet ^ 

"^ FcMT with .bis isbnd's/iarrow b^mnds . 

That navy jq^gj^tagxeoi^ * ^ 
Which, kaghU^t4ailjhterf^rpdoun4^ , 
3^ ,.Jlijndicotetod*efr. . .. . ,.:i... a 

" Behold Britannia's naTallbrce;^.],r V .: 

, , ^^ Byjieiqufd, extend it§ %\is^ coUTWr * '' 
-^- -■ :']ldown IbeSerpenfine. . '''' '' "' ' " 


HUlfetteA to^e freri." 

-Sajg John, ".-f^^ifMiay I ']^ pfurt 
With these and all the rav (hinn-> 

To take flfw«f fairpkythings/* 

F>K the opiolon of any reader 
WbQpractnte«<ipedaar^lMd«cH Hi ^ 
The Regent meani tb gfte Vi'ptliblid fyBS^"^ • '^ 
The Park ^is place; 2ffid*Mbhday next the ^aj ^ 
* ' And he intends 1o tdcK^tip Wi^ gatej ^ ^ 
And let in only those- wto^ choose to pay : 

But siiK^^ IP ttmaof insaipry «cf man, .> ; ; 
St. Jamea^i Park haa bteit a puhlie way^ v 
'TM^ibmoAK^dmibiadtf'^thftrBi^eiilcaii ' 
_Si^ uplhb gat66} mdioakajtbe peoj^ : 

And ia it not a^ nuisance so to do Y 

And ni^ nbt iatiy one, who can, abate ?t? • ' 
* And' if a sedtihd snonH run ont fhrongh, ' ■ ' '' 
WoqM any action lie ?^Bb j^lcaa'd to stateHt. • '^ 

THE ifAtJMACHtA, '• ;^ 

[From'the sai^e.]' / . ^ 

« ^y $Qdh lYnprtss of seanjen, whose sore task 

IX)es not divide the Sandfty'^tom the week f ^ * 

TisacocM«; tti'a ^dhUtisticll'-^ > \ ' ' * 

A knacky a toyi. a tricky abirb/s ^p.'*«^iitfstaf Asa- 

MR. BDITOR^^ •'-* • ^*'*-'* ' ^-^ ' '^'•' '"-'' "'•} ••''' 

^^HE ingenious contrrter tif the Hiramactiia seems 
^ to have been m' the pre^lc^mcfttbrt^^^ 
nate geatieman who had biit' one idea, 'and that was a 
N z wrong 

TUB SlftPlfrtOIB QCM^^JOXl^ fUUEi;. 

Tiuitdiill,cold«eoiiu8st« wboiencldf «]r«r . 
In enrioas dhbitai, pass*d ihj partrait bfr^ 
Wbo nHfc*d hit litftie spirit to combiiie .^ 
Its hate of tnMkk't lorcAineM ^lid tfuoe^ . 

Igntm tSbm fmmuy .. 

HIS H ■, when Istrijr 8tiiTe9riog the octan, 
WHh one single Biccap set aU in a AMtioBi 
Thesaaoit, eKpectUi7ii.tlMtiUe8q«iU 

Thb VL^^"^ thinks lo make as slam 
Bjjgpinng rockets, in the air $ 
. His schemet to please will faUr he'll find^. 
Since we for i^ (m^ roi^ t^e wind^ ^. ;6. 

John Bull^ the other daf, in pensive tnoml^ 
Near to tiie Serpentine FlotMia 9lood^ ^ 'r 
His bands^ wetethmst Into his emptiedpeefeees, •- 
And moch of slilptlieiOTlterM»a|id <lf«it»dteR!^ 
Of silly f^tes, and Jnbilees uotbrifbrrr: u :. 
And babies, overgrown, of iwoHomd^iif^ - a 
I guessed the jtrainc^ thoagbt which then posq^ssr'drliFm^ 
And deemed th*. occasioo 6r» and thus address'^d'Uad': 
" Be ^n*rous to a fallen foe ; 

WiU) gratulatlons meet^ 
On Elba's Emperor bestow 
Thy Uiliputian fleet ^ 

^ For with. bis island's Mrrow b^nnds . 

TWnavjfjnigjIaag^eer * 
Whicb^hugh'datdaUjiieri^rodounids , 
3, ,. JUl ridica|(B tolfa^. , . . : , ,:,j, a 

" Behold Bntannia*s naval forcCj^^ ; r. i . - 
^ ,^^,^.^ , : ,.As IWiJon W*-i*Br Unei . y. .- - . ,,-. ■; u ? 
, ..^ l,,,^Bvirfeiqiifd, extend it§ giant course ^ ^ ] 
" '"' .'ildown t be Serpentine. " 

^aj8 John, ''!fii|^ ToriHy I *V pfuri 

To take flfw«f fair pte3rth]ngs.** 

Id'."*'- ^^ s ••* '• '■■'-■'>■♦ r-;/.- •ir-f iit^W •*•■*' 
, 1 < * • .;-. • ''A;"**CAJp; • ' *>' ' '♦ *? if > J f r ,■, s^T 

TpOK the opinion Of any reader 
^ Wiicrpractiate«9'ipe«tidr^lMd«cH :^i/r 
The Regent meani W&te Wpmit fi^^r ? vH 

The Park the placer^iftidr^Mtthda/tteict th^^ay ; 
« And he inteiids 1o Mc^ up Wi^ gate] ' ' 

And let in only those- wha choose to paj : 

But BUK;iSj«ia^xiia.of0X6aiPi7«ol' lain, ,] i 
St. Jame**i Park haabfeea a public way i, -r 

^J&k^ lip thb gat66i md nitkfrjthe peo^e pay : 
And 18 it not a-'noisance so to do f 

And fbir^ nbt imy en<^, 'who ^b, abate ?t? -^ ' 
'>Ati(f^if aaedtfh^snoulcl run one fhroiigh/ ' ■ '■'-'' 
WouWany wtioh liePi^Bfe jjleas'dWstatef'^ ' ^ 

THE ^J}AtJ|i!A<^ 

[From'tibe saqac.]' j ' 

« "^y ^u6h lYnpres^ of s^^aib^n, Whose sofeiask 

IX)e^ not divide the Smkfftymni the week f- ^ * 

Tiii-a C6ckle; t^'a iaWtislfctti^''' ""'V ' ■ ''^'^ 

A knacky a toyi. a trick, a ti^/s ^p.'^'^SiiWctyf Aaa- 

MR. BDITOR^^ -'^^ ^-'^^ ■' -' '■•^^■''•^^ -^•:^'-*/ " 

^^HE ingenious oonlftMr W^'ttie ^^i^acbia seems 

^ to have bcfeh id ^ tile j[)re^fcimeii t 6(jStii unfortu* 

oate geatleman who hiid biit one iidea^'^ami that was a 

N z wronr 



wrong one. There iH'«:$bifre.mMi^rvoiii irnxMs present 
scheme^ in regard.ttf 4hA iime, us pi^uTe^aJnd Che mode 
of the fight ; which I humUy •pTOpdsei4<i remedy^ by 
altering tbe^^4i^ of ihe eiiga^einent'to 'dil!^ /Irst of 
next Aprils if it csn^bt ta&ejyface oil t^ 'equally ap- 
propriate anniversary of the Wince fte^g^ht*s birth :— 
the placei to the neighbourhood of the Scilly, Islands ; 
the cannons to pop-guns, atid tht buttet> /to pease, 
which inay1>^ coilecietj'aner k!he b^ttlf?^ and formed 
into an immense natj^oa^/^eoctf pu4dipg^;io jbe perma- 
nently placed in bnei9f tjbJpjiP^'jU :W.,icpfan?finoratio8 
of the peace with Fcwce,. .,. .,,,, j •» :iiA 
I am^Sir, yours^ &c. 
Pudding Lane. , ,.. .^A5ry««JW[ M^BHOWPat. 

::...: .1 . .. •. .» .hi i*:^,y ti 4»?K».I.'' 


[FroflA^he same.] 

•« This^cjnjllc butps |iqt clear ijt.;^, I ^^t fif^ff it. 
And outjt ^oes/'-^iiAKsi;cjLRE. / ."> 

YES, Bdbi)^, Hba ri^i^ltf stitt'ftaVfe'tfflifd^^ 
And kicked 4bbtit y<nir'fo<itf)blP^rld, 
Withoot a chanee-jof failing 3 
Bat, wl^|?o.jx)d trampled on tfteirbaivij* "'^'^^ 
No wonder it» elastic bound "» '* *" -.? 
Should qiuokly 4ay fwm sprawling; 

1. .. 'f ,. . ' -' ;: ... •: -n'' b..:-' t-«;i - 

. ■'.•• J J.,-. • ,; -■ .A^'- •-) ;: ■»/.: . l^/ 
Like Vulcan, from i}mr godlike hi^ighi 
Yon fail, and on an island light, 

Perliapa |Q ape bis labours, .,,.,h < "A 
In forcing W it^ i^op.xite , „j., . ..^aj&a V/ 
The thunderbolt^ of fujtyre jgar. ;. j^ 
V Against your peacefurneighbours. 



/, 111. 

vLjrrj'iBpt WMyotttmljrdttio; . 
' i '^\ ^y '■w*"l> ^w ^iUaf « w^l y^ur jiirigo* , i : t 

rcf*..* V > '* t * .'-IITf/ • - • •» ••. . .1.. J ; 

.,*,> With tJve.i«metpiyr|j^;8i*(j^ttt^ „ . 

; Tne honey-makii^ bee neks X ' 

•ii^' ifAtt'Btoperdrok^e^tcast, you ' '* "^ ^ i •• ' i 
Are '' Ubicumque felui^ '' '-^ '^ '^ * • 

Tvy-o.if ^ ardckifVe iny feiaiUe> • -- ' c - '- ' 

I hope TOO 'U ptcvt an humble hte, ] 

Wbkh, miafad wj th singing, 
Makei a^eat noise with little barm^ 

A dw iAod l^a^^ftD ;pC)iy^rfiC stiiigtag^: : . ^ 

.... , . 4r^: ,'.r 
Cheer op^ my pigmy Prinee! a few 
ifoy iHfD, wHb' D^iMt som^, -yltw. 
The change !n your condittohV 
A patriot Spaniard, I confeis, 
Haa rather cai^ te» x:t4«sQ 4|»n, t)|lf»if -, - ^ ; - 
' .. '*/yoqrd«y.i>f A?p<»iUoA*! . J "r - 

^ > FA' than tfae^^dMard, tmrnkHh tlitn^ <^ / r 

That dares to call itself a »♦ ' ' - v * '-; - • 

Nor had |hose heroes been .enslav'd / ' 

Who from one knave their country sav'd ' *' 
! : . ' 3)||^fl4ttfr#grea9raa('i' r- -c' ./; >v,:* ^ 

Ab^ Bimey I lirhddid llk^»or'kao# ' 
. Wliidiar'ycKirsedr^Viih^^lfiot^^'-'^^^ ' 

• ^ • .^ . . A fiitnre.ffei*« battte'r -^ ' -^ • ^^ *• . 

.•; ' '" ' ^' • 'irf 3^ '•. /-:. 01^- - . . ^ 

*7^ linf^M.) 

To p^{|UAiViAl«DfrabniDA^«Sl|^ 

I view foa u I 

'•■'!^. ':'* LflteaiieipitiA^cana^V; ^^F'i 

jivv jBbtBkyiddUdfibMiLJBtdftBpfi^ Liu; u^lvAoi^ \o 
,,;j ;^, n4QSthr#a||5q|i^lf^Jig]9itiffilin l> >[(,.nx:ij .bti^lJix^ 

VI it T»ii SBj^ORE THE KKiih K G w^^ g*^^ r^**^?a\iKh 


kA*r a shame,'* cr/es mi'^zi^l **^tlftt*ii3%0tSQ^ii&' 

Between tBote wh6 t^iiy tldtdts^ and ttMWgi^ df^^nagl- •' 
Tbe Ministersy haiig 'e^; slikiid Gk^fip^^U^tSMO* Jc' 
*' What a Dinujr," cries Will, with trkiinpfaant xetort> 
^ Not to know, that» while JUtmslfn fonriah the aport. 

Their Cfponmt^, kind soohr ! have tgned to find rai&igr 

T^ple, Mjf ao, 1814. P» 

>-^ -> ^ LOST, 

npHE beautiful Green Part, that usedf to extend from 
j^ St. James's Parte to Hyde PatS; CoWJ waf miss- 
ing on Tuesday nfioroliq^. At this settoicpf t^ year^ 
the 6reen Park has <^eo sbowu §ymftomi^ §fi a dilk 
posiHoD to run awa^, allmbgitiuit it feubdilbli town 
too hot for it ; biit it is tMy asecrtiiuqiil^itliat iu late 
disappearaace was not its vojkintary actj but l)ie itsult 
of violence and ^ffOfuAm^ Stvanll its|rtslirirfe wit- 
nesses have depoaed»^^lbat they saw/it^ SttuMbnday, 
kicked^ Itampfed upcHli and beat d<>Wff^ iitii iQost bni- 
taimanner^ andoeH'fiibming ncft a traee'^^it was 
to be seen* Id its TffJj^fii h<m^tt, ^JEff^i^ ^Mk was 
£(Hsad| buttkis is a most unseemly object^ wbetsc^v 
the Green Par^wj^. tl^e d^fisht of all, the ^^j^bbpurr 
boed. This bad eitcl^^ j)a9# ^ikftfif^i^l ii CHg^ht \f 
ejqpected, giveo arcal uQeas|n£^>^a¥i^£;fQ|^^ 
discoateni a^Af^ii^tifff^Uqiu ' TM ^f/fSP : rPj^k waj 
always beahby^Iivel^ aadfkleasaniUiTw6A9^9 P^rV^ 
on. ibe coauary, is t^pHr. and: diaa^ttaaUi^* Al^, 
iZoN^ who is a near ,^/jdatiy^. .^ the family of the 
Sbmvers, was met with yesten|ayy who is expected to 

to the Brown^^atk^ 
oTtbe latter will 

^I'loJi.! litL-/.^j*i;jiVi ii:''\y ..JiW .iti'nj '\^^i:i::a c JsaW ** 

:^ •.*-.. ': 

/ •• 

r^:■ ...-.:x-0 .. 

AN' ACO90k¥^ OF «9B^Nil#M^ 

Orange Bdven, ' ' ' '^ 

Casikre0ghf Biuubm Bridge^ *-^i 


• /« 

Fannttari. ^ ~ Swrdeii. 

' The ac/ton comtneiicetTabotit seven^ P. M. by a sig- 
nal from the Eldon^ ^nvldJifiriTrafif, #Iien the Regent 
l0r0 down on th& PHnees^ ^^ Wde^5 Attacked her 
iMffifi/yy and had nearly tlrivett^ het t^ vX the fine^ 
Which, beittg observed by the'RovMre!H?ldlte ffigaley 
•be \n\idtA\iXt\y sljfiped'h&r cif^U^^ in 

rencuiiig iblr'Pi'lpces's^ having in** her, Way 'p'^^"*^^ 
Jttni ihc Orange Boveni a Dutch 'shtpjvfyxrth badrm 
her atoTigsid^j^s^^ was preparing to hdard, ' The*Ban» 
don Brioge,* xfofiimanded oy 4an^irat'*tTemeyj 'seeing 
the 5oya1 'Charfoite'in sonie danger'Ttbm ilr^CAsik^ 
reach, which %siixrhn^\y betiingdSw^ 
gatlantly pfaceS himself ^o'effettually 'Bet^rt tbcm, 
rtikl he ftct only received the lroadstde':6f1ht.^S^lh- 
reagh^ but ifeturned yi ^'ithfiucH'succeis, as pretently 
to silente that skip. Tb(?.Spj9s.eic jtoo.f7miferit;r«tf, and 
made a ^^^ for .Ih^ relief of the friga^ej^ bat*^cr a 
hroadsiie fronithe.I-iveq)CMg||, atnd a^n or twxffrom 
the Eldon, which, he unsWered mt<sfs^!^\iff^ dropped 
astertu In short, the fioyal Cbafistte^ tfter {)eifcraB« 
ing wonders, \v^"imi/ed' o^ 4>y ibe Bedfi»'d^ * (Efcqitain 
Whitbread, somewhat crffti^W,- is tj6w%afefet anchor 

in Crantboorn Creek^ aniyinHiS> round the Unt fair 

SyMOmlp'bmiakA.itfityi^' BtfrdM, jEftdU.4arMhe. first 
time;, was observed to becooie 9prigM§^ so thuc her 
owii ' compMraMi iBoiild -s^farcely' behev^ so miKh fro 
proceed^ltinr tii«e dvU <A^ | but ifc ■ wM afterwards 
IpimsA IP ipMifrq>i tt^ttttSsiN?r'!)rfCtt«y^c «»c|BBli-ydl 
scuiibs taken tm 6(mtd, witboul my oratr fron>-f| Im& 
of tbe ^aiiralt]^ aod which tpokfire by accident. 

The Cbie«i, ^ an old 74, was intended to Join this 
fleet, but iiicofpiog. round, ike missed stays^ And waa^, 
cnrippled l>y a fevy;,Vat;)dom shot. The^ QIareace, having 
^rt^ung a leak, xyi^ tl^ugbt too' muoii Sam^ged to bsi 
depended ^^^ 4, K, .^ .^^ ..., ^ 

.' - !.! T J^^ D'BSPRIT. ;. 

>'i ;/l ' V' .£?^'*^.^ l^otntog^ Chronicle, Aug. ^,J 
5 i ;> |Fjllrt*,tar-an4t^i]^?K[in^,. .. , 
• u ; :: %^ jW^^ W^»» ttie Sefp9nfiiit^ , ,, 
■^t£«.o« .^.WereWa^^g, s^t t(je B-t^:r^iV^i8li, _ . , . ^ 
\^ ^ ^^^^.Ai^jWPfcl)iag,upjheliUlefish, ^ ^^ ^ . 

*♦ \ I wonder, if he *d thep aspire ^^ * .' ' ' 

'^ ' " "" Tc set the river Thames a* fire? ' "' ' " ' J*^ 

'SOUI&S AN» CRACKiBRsl *^ / ;^;j^ 

[Ftom' the Morhing Po»t, Aog. 6."] * -^ * ^^ 

.tidiW tnaxiv squibs and crackers too* 
Alt "JSefore the Fdle the i^dIo« threw. 


Each loyal subject knows j ' 
" ' j&ut when the noble iight took place, ''' ^ * ' '' ' * 
Jril'gW^arTsawa Mflr/er's fece * ' ' ' ' '- 
* * Delighted %ith the shows. * 

^ ^There's libtight that Qambrik^J^rince'can^iiSi^ ; 

Ye grmnb}1Qgd6g!^> can quiet ^you^ • ^ - > 

V- : Oridakeyodr<^B»KUf«eaii^>. < ,. . i. ., * j 

-q:iioAa|yet'jy4jSiiilteCfrediy:owa^i. ..-u-. ^Z ..■^:>:\ov 
- I .Heb^3ea«r.'iai^kag^*rflAo*«U^^^ 

fmpUof Ceimrdj jingust i, 1814. A Rociuk.t.: 

» 5 ■* Mif. 

/:^>^ .32j:3ui.aHi^.^ jo thuoooa til 

So he w«*s*Mata'd..»ipw..»4w^^,Wjtf».W^ a^W 

Were ()iip^i,tae.l)abi*.wiAoiJt,wv«r»(f», i,-«.y, 9^-3 bnA 
And Gog % fe«MhWlJ ^Bia^flSlMsH^'A^r*™ eVdW 
WooJdWaljfciftxpfc^pblw «w:!W*n«H|j.awl,li(gr,,,,^ f,^ 
But what wonhjqrotowji »|.<le«»rt. ^•mm^lR^itaU 
Of an overerowM^* 80Btfe:|»y,ye(H»ol4.v- : o, buoJA 

wW%hi»ni^,hl«t«M tad hhbite..ww}.p»ejjj« ,^01 f, „ jfjT 

iN«w Janterns, ne\v^in5do«w,:-aB3.Pld^iS^Vft|iWW%»3sa 
And ot)tf iwttaH ufOiU^ (onnpst^of 11% , '. a^jj ^ » 

.^ucb«;&«.T,4i»r«BB>Bodifldand;r^I. i..i ... . •* ,' /3 
rnr**?'f?*^'*°'^ *^*«* *^* *t« <)''*'» mfitcr J««)4";, ,. t-M' 
The Jubilee 8d»Ue.hai-to«tnaNl and pl^ftVi^ „;.,.t 5 ,^ 

Hence the awiAwxipt-TeH^ 'Wi»h,«¥fx<^;^/V».'i jlfl 
Of his taste and, ^^rl«ap)o*,^ij9 MnJ^fin^:.- . ^ 
Hence tU»fiR«mirlit tfml.«d^9i Ih^rhpftfeftwd t^j^^ig^ 
The gingerbiead-cttwjjf ami |»i<«<9i^d: i^^^rm {>;^ ,. : £ 
AndalietJrninpery yelleur Pagoda that dwells ' 
On 'the head of tht Bridge, ]ike a fool't cap and Bella. . 


i o }A, 


T M sai^, ffiat tbi^ Ji\bilee autocrat elf/ \ ^ 

Withcrat any spbiisonA apptit^d dT itielf, ' 

ADdbegf«6flftftiiiariietb6^th0Mt^ff4W«b. i ^-- 

Cousin Tom v^^iftHdMniefy Mr4viikr«4li»i;itiMi^: ^ 
And* ^9^Mif'l%sis'a«it^in ri^iieilMI^«ildtM^^ 
Away trcttod I, iii'ii.terHbld fiiekav - >: >• ; 

Forli3aril'ilMMI6^«fi)rpattd^lto#tev ^'> -^ i 
Or be stenAf>y^>lMpm& baM^iif^ihalpilK .^ 
The ticket I griA^'aH «he^4it«iy>lNlal<L^ i t» i< i ^^ ^ 
LestkmiglH^lyft^MgolmAy^miMfiiiriMpBi^ ^ 

My Iwart gii^d 1^> i#lMI#fee<l^VMue ionrisii,^^^ - 
And I eatet^a mk ^iMi tf ^ tm w tikm i i m y»to>|wi4Ja,si ^i > i.^ 

At lint, I confeis/ th^iewai' little Wim^^u : ^ ^ 

And the pfe»atefll^feAtigit»tt» teK mJ rwiH ''i-^^' '- ' 
WithnM]|;ht«e^Mivi^ek^eeiiinryied^i^^ ' 

Bnt a pkkpo^ieet %mirl^ tf 8i|niM>li»te*ta^^ 
Some dieaM'^ kmiamU^^^ 
And Bome roi^d abbM tea' boat iwi^ an4iiniin» 1- 
While tbe:difiikyitiH)^idOtti^4atMidedattiieaei^ ^ % C ^ \ 
That wei»^titt^(«Mdei>wid»totllea4md9Q*^. -^ > ::-^'''' 
ynta tfteBallOeo, Ab|tteiq»«>lii«sln«f^:. ^ 
Atoa*d to onrttioMlti b^KWisting^oiir Mea^ ' . . :' - * 
And we trac'd fts kdridl eom^t withdwghl, . . 
Tin it dwtudM; flildd^ndled» and atttodfiem ai^ft. 

lidi^*HiBi4ier^^i#bo4iaKlaa£^ : 

Bagan to&trlbeEtehiinQiiienwaibBiti,/ . . : : 
And hooking DUMi; wkHaao^ «od ehiUt' tajr Uw:^taolb^ 
Diew tten rabidiy op to aORke aeigbboaftia|^ booth. : 
Such clatter of gla naer ftec h f qneeaiog and jannaaiQg^ f 
Bach stuffing and koghttig I 'and ^aattng" aaHl\daauiii]|g f 
'Mkl tch^MolbOTtt aod oMiba aft your Sfe yoo umj-moMt, 
And never beheld wch a'l^oiioat ara a mMew 
BvLt they ^keo'd ne haeky^ ^ I got 9'phite^* - ; 
And thus iiraa etaeabfod t6 baflKjoet hii|tate» i.' 
-tbaoj^^ 'when 1 aiteibpted toditok faom a bdtHiisi. 
I treated my tippet^ kiitead«f toy throtdel ^ > . - . 

S7^ AH Acaovm^wmiifmtpwmimp iSfntia. 

O Jeonj! the Ato^orkMMbec#i9^Mrig^ WQr ikM^ ? T 

I have iipibn«eonaii^ilhifi9Uke.ihii%^^l|ife1iliAl^^ I bu A 

And the groWWre.aM|^'0HMwe)tte ocliK«*iki^^bMMii 



But let tbeiiiiiot^fceB^mftOFgpmMeiitf^bMk :? -^-.oi ,0 

A lofty Pagoda first <)aez!ing the sight. 

From a flame-cover*d Bi1clgrite±irtorrent of light, 

EnrichiDg thelxMigbt of the fljckeripg trees 

With a bamlBh of gdd, ^ thdf tfalhc'd in the bieeie, 

Andgnafttrtfc^a^i^hi, as^litfgcJr'dfwIbiB^;' ' --^ ' ^^ - 

Wfth 1^(1 brtlliatrt Htiht; tidi d gKttertn^ Iglow^^^ '•- -- 

That the boats seem*d to glide oo a liiiirror dfgbUt, • ' ' ^ ' 

While the oafs «<stier*d*ipMigli9 «siJ'1>Ki|^rtD'Miold* 

:a?he lteai|ilb%f AHM>^aad Ike MflHKiiiae f)^» ^ ^^^^ t » 
And the rhvil.Pl^fida/. ttoti^ gasKi m a^feaf^ >>..h ^ • a ^^ 
By keeping ow sensef fcM t qw ad tfi yia imiiH^Ki^ ,- .^ fr,K>* ^^^ a 
While they iY>ar^d<ittM 74te^«jligteii9gia«M)rtlMUHl^*ft 1,7 % 
And thus they opfMiiliiedtealQMdNigitWsky^ V -^fT- ^a 
With fiei^reat«iiotsMMiiii'«m;hiib« : v.> <r-<r^ h« . > 

And rocket* <hatsee«>d{Nl.llM!^4furk^«9flNi^ ^ r v^t ?fM 
To pierce the M^^neiof ^the ay^iartliwp mi^ -«)v.rt -V/ 

)But' jB^t^hen the haogbtj- Salnonetu strove 
From a bridge, to oot*r i » a| ihp thu n d er of Jove, 
To punish ^bis pride he was dooRi*d taexpiie*^ 
From his pinnacle hnJTd) ^ ami deMUistf d in fire p 
Sd^tlforBfidljiMiMv^Fagoda; attempting UMSMOUtte^ a^ oj v ? 
Met a similar fate, «n#^a»te«ieUM iiliiame : 
(You *]1 guess u^toifsi boar€Mr'^^ifa»^ii0il»irefn» 
So I mtty as iff/^ leU;once^C<3iU9in>Tef%>^ P 
However, toturn froii^.^»cjasstpl^9^<. ^ I 
The building leok firi^ «pd waf soon in e bla|» a., . t^ 
Apd^an)i]]-fated one.ofti^ po^pte.^ini^oy^^ 
In trying to jump from tlie lop, was destroy^id^l 
The pillar of fire gare a t«|temg^«rash. 
Then instatitly fell with a terrible smash. 
Its towering grandeiu: and ij^l^ing pnde A 
Laid^'smoigfiif 4n^ninsiorwhelmHi>in4hetii»li.^ i :i kOi:^ 

This fatal event was the oat|^>7allDy 
That lo wer'd the ^taQdard qifi g/^»mi]9T : r ^ ! 
It shattered aUiieryeSr apdao tf rrifi^d iXMpe^ y^ , 

That, th<5 resC of the show b^ipjfgl^cl 'to resign, .', /*. 

I quitted tlie scene wit& a sad robing ieadj^ ^ , ' j 

>tenniik^d, beifpfe IretreatedHtab^d^ , . 

'• " " Tn 

o33iiaUU ilHWa iP mft iW tf WQOOA WA fe^£ 
So no mWll^^'MIr ftr4llB SUffmMHMoFlglil/Vj/y/o?^ f^riJ b.:A 

Or for any tfaiDg^Mliftri^aB«eptil%ad^|fi■# 'A -uil 

^,,..,.,../;'; -.ewgram;*'" ;'';::iv^!\;:^ 

IK THB 8BB?»]IT1««.A1V||I^.AT T^B ABAHI^^ BA^kotUi^*'* 
BBTB, AV70.; i, 481,4» 

TjirHEIT'i^ilbdroti^'i fktl! had I»i0dd FiAice byisina, 
▼^ And RasflelPi^1%k)W imMb^ber itoMluum^ ^ i r // 
A grateful coantiy bikttf tef ^ U i rt C il»^ lli w> - 7 ' v inj^tj:^ r'* 

And diid^tfW^HSfteP fldky^pMlrtlXls WW): - ^(^' :* ^ dW 
As marks of Eng|Wftd^t fiwi ij> i» t ^r^ ii»riito9 ^ ^^ <" ^ *' ^ • '^ 
Proud Blenheim's domvimd QmeamiA «>«nr»>nia4 ' i V^ 
But fli«» 10 m^dmi dliyvi >«al{MM«ll»<ll«t^^ ^ - - ^ A 
We roiif-^'crh ll^i^i/«^|^^4lild <lfciiM^4^^ - ^-^^ » =* 

-• '-■^-^^- -i-'- ^'■^:' ' • ^-y^WuilL-M. 

^ • . .-V,. .. >a • 

;--^'.. FRBSCWPTION ^ n > .''.Ay^ 

BY tOKD OS:Sn.9J|BA0ilj FOB. TIIA9 BOI^iapfC^: flTdJH^lf 3 
■' jUB. .0i. OAN-HIK*,::; .. ""-If* 

. ' X'^ftm the MornSrig' HitMUt, Atfg; ft.] d ' :; 1 1 : . Y > 



TAICB, glckVnig SrH; icrVottt n^A ciwfe/ 
Another bitter pitt'ofionnc J •• "^ ' • 
Then ^'o to LViftjon-^fit^tet placid '^ V^ \ ^ 

For public mnm cleep decUnt^ ' ' ■ ' ' ' C-^-^A 

A LETKft «SSIVEf f ' ^i > * '- -v 

fBOM THB BIOI^'BOR. Q?V-:t4-^Y T>C^ AIV iX^«*1li«eMS 1 

[Fromt^:iMfWi^itt§;p€*t^-Atf|^ io.J • :^ !"'■'•':>: "-.fT 

A ND IS this the rebfp ifcV 6\jP1abdt4r ai^ UiiV/'^ ' :^--'"" f^ 

-^ The strain of cHir'^dngs aiiij'bitf C|[)Wsciett6<ir tb<)'j' ,;^' '^ 

The Prince to insult, and the pedpfe ^tbj>r<iil^ ' " ' * i* | 

In order to whitewash' Your H^^-^is' atew ?^ ' .^m; .-*) ^^ 


Did W . iiB» m Ihfa^ )9iBfii«iUi AbUdmM^ili ifi<)l 
And ctiogo at >w fc»»kif wi <U i u Wto< ttiM ftfa ad Jilak»iA 

AddiMNt ■iiilwiittea hyihrnnlfuli ifwuiili^oAal. itso 9^1 
To abo^ &e'A«d|0iiMD ttftifiiMsifdi o.' §i;i.uon diiVf 

Coold he or mT8dE''llId'am/.fi^ii^thc^gM'f^ {»;; 
When wp c«'4l6fl%fe CiSffitfi^ m^tfarmMd^^ 

. If weiWc tolfcafeln n6'bart'«'t«e'toze'F'5 '"^^ ^^^'^"-^ 


Wat *t for icnUneni. Tirtii^^ 

D* jre tbiok we chibb ct lieads/ 

No» ho; ^f wa» tbe lift ig Uw,mwd that we got> 

When Bonej» oar idol« went fairly to pot % 

That bade na ikm Conit'^'4lbe^llcgent aasail, I 

Tbdka#JMitojr»i^^^*Ql»4h#4f«iH^iH%ted»griM^ mo^^ | 

WeaBlMirninrt|iMiM«iloaria)OI^ ^ 

Tour frferanrnfAMM^onar 8io«Hd*«ibdbi ClHMqlaga^ < 

And roor'd iblniaiidl^tMll^tlieBavtfai)^ | 

And fmik'd tf fir^iaiM Mi vb^roar them^^d ^ t } .oa }ffS 

GaTe to J-r-7 a Broo^ wiildh 'abd^^^^id lilm id siidl^ ^^^ ' 
AJl the'gart«geand!a!th of ttictown hi a bc^^l r^.v.VoH) 
To beapfitter t^ I^iiic^ and hla Coitft; lest the e^; /^jl!/ 
Of John Ban siould be^'torn'd to our grave'pfoibecies'i '/ ^ 
Which miffbt have been verified bad not'vdd'r qpdty^> "^^^^ 
(Yea, Madaai, *tU fact*,) licked twoxit of bts^hbbser'^^ ' I 
Was 8r---^<for'thi8>iih Wphalahjc'e<^b}ti*d/:-,^^^'^^^ ;' 
Patent hustan4, exem^tar, to better toaiikind, ^ '' '^■'" ' , 
Who,, bred in that exauisiie'fiberaJsdiODf''' '''' *^''- \ ! | 
That e*en teacbei cblldrei* their felbera to AiJ^,"'' '"''' 
And preach up rebeltion, when nalOre^acoiitrc^ ' ' ]^' , 

Can by patent bie^ shaken clean oat of the sonlF' 
And is it, I^sk, "for.svicbifirvices given. 

When we '.ve tufn'd topsy tarvy the dUta of Heaveb't' ' ; 
ir d o'er the earth iiwr a preteit and reaiotl '^' .: 

Is left on his rock beS to ti(t[6um'^hm\ "^ ''*'" 

Have scoar d o'er the earth iiwr a pretext u..« >^^^ ... 
To cloud this d-7—dpe4ce with qonfunon andtfreoyi* j;'/. 
That now, wired I^r^oleon, (kr hope and idr idrf, ' ' ' *" 

Whencrar J^esirkihstef bppe/ itx^, buif lh6rno*bf 'a^p^^uS^yV 
Is ezpoTd past redemfftiqk^ ipi lost (6 die base, ' ' * 

like our Jacolfttmdmiifpminmk^ l 

With nothing to tl»tar<sldoric QaKiB4air> : 

^PfMrTT'^>^^^. I,hadgimeia*d on.tlie ftWi 
Your c^i^nkkt haVe had oUukt chan ? p i po alm bfirk Jt f .7 
Faith> yoor gfkiEaQce with ii» wooldjunr^ ir«itjQd>i market 1 
And «i for 3foiir aM^mf/ if thtfl goes oiroad^ 
rUbeiakrJ-tflflthiiikftinicbttM ^^ ^1 

YOU knowi^-«h^'9«» Le^^ttbl^ 1l^ei^^P>V«^Bl9il»^ 

W^lo tit|iiid to^ir^M b3i&«o|r>GflllMM0i>ifi*|^^^^^>.^ h tA 
Ev^ be, th^ lM3^niit9irdi«od^hi«lelli#&ltQ|p^ h ^. ..v^ j> 1 1\ 


How rajj^d*^ ^ci^ d^ps^tclijpif, indi 
Wbea]^,^«^mesis was" urgent'^ d^cjui 

„ , ^ .. ^ . ^^ . -iUi'd my a^sWawccb . .^t ^q 

And oDDps d to*ipy .wjshi^ fucTi civ^ refi8|fan€e;i '. ' • ;i ^^ 
That, Ijjke ^ coy djayiscllpijg soijgbt by hej; swal^^* « ' jyj 
He auginenteil my arcJfourH.l^od'doN^^ ' ' 


To-try their owi^' Jijick^apd feay^ nie to 
Bat that fate, , left aibive^ I^oori'ho^^d ioameo^di" ; . * " .] 
And find a snug berth .rof niyselfand one friend^ ; * . ^ 
For one frii?ndi^pp«|fuJ; if gentle and lipe^ ' \ *V 
And8iicfjjj;'posse3$V, deafest LeYejon,.'ln yo«^ < *.. , 1 

Then shgre my. delight^ wl}e;ii^,][ (elf^o^ .&e ne}^a^^ V ;^ ^',^ 
And invite you to t^^e .wba|: you wjft not^reiuse— , . J*. ., ^ 
Invite you to prb6^ of Ca^iUereii^K's ,l?ouafy^' \]'^ j no -i 
An^. ob^M^iog ^ coronet, ^ive lip ^b^ 

For peacei yd^^jcpusjt Hpqv^^ tui^ aScH'ded bjm j^ist^e. ' 
Qi^inerits to weigb, andou'r talents to measure^ 


MW.> Or O 90 m»«. ft. •» 

So» in spite 4t^i^ DsBtar, Mid AjMcir^' aiid BMt> 

(Mf earliest ftienii,.lfMLMp4iMmt fces^i 

He s offBr'd^lri||Mss«.;.4Mi4«Kt«l^ 1^ 

Not sQch sa would durty our fingon jwtb i»k/^ ,..^ , 

Bnt dignified fosti, \ifbickJie civiliy clipiii,^*^ - L:*^^c/ 

As adapted to dien who iitbek faeallb tied Impose f 

So tolisbQUv I ia&Cf, I sooo sdtall be sebt/ ^ ^'^ 

As'Suiart'i pramoted, and fimngfoidk absent . . 

Where Cmivt^^mtftr f^^N is4ittM«4ft»> v .^ . . 

And t t lift ie iii»e to8iiit*»»pwfOfeit-ierf#gft- tf^ v- - 

Oohr soooetimes, for Ibrtn, I moftt wifie bftma.^oe'j. ^' 

And oranges send him aBd chei e est Port wine. 

(Abis ! that our Pkt and our MelviUeai^ gjoee? .^f -v.- .; 

Where Port wine-iheve.^'pffobabiy'litde cr none«>^- r ^ 

Wdfesley Pble baa tiie MiRti Init oee^neiifsa fig|ii4 ^r^ 

New diOB i^deviie« or tlie coinage to OMod; 

For^ as silver is «e«pce> and^s |pl4 t^tcre ia OQWiPb^ .. ;. 4^ 

He ni|»t |kis| try tp find the philosopher^ stone.... ..^/J- m 

On Boi;Mgdoo'a j>r0W shall neijr dignkiesduDet '^^^^^ 
Futttce Parkers point out the first Earl of their Iioe> . 
And show the fifv baUs, which so gracefuUj^ sit ^ . ^. 
On that hot-bed of honours, of horns, and ofwtty '- ' 
Whilf Hosklisoo^ cntting the woods in rotatjdfi, ***^ -^ 
Each forest shall tbin, and improve each pian trf fto n V^ " -^ 
And, forgetting the Bank and the Bullion Committee, 
Woo Douglaa's df^adi^ Yomote fnpn the city. : v € ocV/ 
^A CoonclUor^t title asfAinnisg shall g&aaef :' ni .?-: o.: v 
And my Want, 4wlM:tfaat title piefaeteaJftee^.ncr^ InA 
And lb«i.Bpard of Control has disdained as unfit 
For his ciasf k^al kam9g aed «i>tical wit»^ ^ r 2ji» i u -r ^K 
They 11 keep the £axig> secretsu. for, a$.,ei^ ogiB Jk^l^;: 
They who.heaf 994 afo^i^tl^iia^ wiU nnlhii^ d y cig g ,. . .V 
Fpr StfUXegftpr Blachford, whiche*er llikeDcst, 
Jenky says he'll ^nd room in the Treasury Nest.^ ^^ -^/7r 
So now we're* all posted, each man to his siationr * /";/! 
And avoid loss of olgc^^ like death and danMiatioti. J// 7 

* '-/no'a ^:.^^ ' jj^ 

WHO » Hie tj^ of Bati^Qoe 00 ibis earth? ' 
Wbo fbedi l^ aM>etite of coauQoii lutdlij . 
Yet ^Ycs no sentiment of harshhets birth ?',' * , 

Who sleeps unoaov'd when m^. ax)4:jQi|Mift fioe ? 
\¥ho cares not twe-peece. Uio(||b the Imt teKae 

Who 's m pUbsopber without his wine ? j 

When Eolus "iM ingrilf SB9ttkT, « : — 
And lereh ett^eV) while thMrtodf^growpde/ 
Who 'R )i»i$ If^ tiibttoai fo the mtUess girie ? - 

WhUe foaming mafcbntents w!U live at odds "" ^ 

Willi troth/ and good^ and rights and fneA rci$, ,\\ 
Who eats his crust with peace^ and thanks the ge4s ? - ' 

Who*d kick tLteriiics^ iaiheir classic beat^. .. .^ 

And laugh lit. all Avintiliaiveirer.^rotet . 

As mocb:aa;£eaOj| Of ja^/ jlime of note } . . . . .. > . . ^ 

..V./.-^ : • .^ .^- - --- ' . -^ My QonXex^! 

Who 'a the tnat' BmiMnti' Inth eae aad dcfs, ^ 

Who acoA frail iMmtlft* -and the'genenrf gaee f > h 

And aeornsthe:^«Mn«friUe»i «nd aUrtkebay^!' * '^^ •• s 

Who'll take his neWSbot^VLiay lift^t^lie^ »#/. «' " '^' 

Spurd%lrfi» feui^efi ah« hfftlfega! €itt -^^ ^' c ^r^ ^ i - 
And cafes ixdi thouMTthe p^feh saW^he^Wsl^^- '^^ ^^ -•'^- ' ^ 

; ;; " •• ^:;^^ ■; -• • '<• --;" -My Dtrnkeyt 

Wbenthei¥5'sjn0 5yrDpton^i» the azure sky, J^ ^; v-^ v; 
And webfveno b^irptii&terja.try.^,. ^ . ^ ^ , ' 
Who brays aloud/ and says tbe storm is niglx ? 

My Donkey! 

While L.L. D.*s and M. D/a shun the anaers . 
Of Satire's sons, and all their cruel fleers/ 
Who candidly, and boldly, shotvs kis earff 

. ..> . ;v' . ' :. Who's 


2i% (bp«Akai4 

Who *B 9bep ^pi fffi im ;r gig aM;ji|iFjtfllg^ ^ > /* 
Who leaves the fool to^ t|^ )« I'fijOjpIs track r 
Who ahake&his Ipad gff wheo it mads hU back?. 

Then>';«id|)en m4hii^,or anj otb^if ^W^.: .r ' ^: 4 rc-^'^' 
Xpot^fi'iower dfigaities on f^ortune*« traio^ ^ ^^ ,^^ , ,: i. 
I^aj pass not bj (to please the weak or vain,) 

My Donkey ! 


tffte«tllle!^IOtlluigJ\)iQ<Alilg;|tIJ . .":^ I 
OK wikii t^ttRAini* • "*^ rjf 

HOW. weak the ties of Uoriour and of iPame/ '" ^ * 
When AT'rice promptly, is prov*d io^ CQ<;hTat^f j^f %uiie. 

.OW TU ISHIftABLISllM^KT 0? T3IS If^pfiai^^tO^. 

To SpaiDj entfaiMfii mgDUfeiiiditaaiil8> ' . ^M 
nk Fraafcm oomoi i . and tcjaptip^^ceaii :1T 
Theh^v'Dl]raHi«)'filan( . . i ^^ n • w??I 
But, ah !.p«hM> «Aiiig^S|Mi'Mii)r'A: ^wQ 
To hold the aHp>MclMin^shM9,t M ^^jj [.qA 

' i::jti'*» ^ "i/; 'Ct.-t ac/CK>JhfoH 
ON TBB LOHo »nMau9ih f^L .TmmAwmmmmwcyMOraM 
FRBNcii BovMnjow-ouif^wtta^rJtmUwi^smmeuaifiil^ ov 

:raB PRESS. ....:.' >[ ,j.. . ,o-. .S:-.| ji:.: ,. -13 "! !lo'5 »• 

Tbb Frm:h hai(fe^fM£nSlfr^m "My Wi ^ '' 
And wher&ft ^he^'inan^tftait t^ts iddbl Hf F^^^ 

For they haV^; -tt^te €lrtr,-€iffc!^«^^ ^' *^^ ^^^T 
The/rfedom of ratfigg.aiw^ i<. P. 

j|ji^iic#,iUWiimj:^rkki^rtrs^^o-'l Wi^WS'Vft 

rpHE R— aSi^^n^fe*!^^ BeerfttjiaL^'' ''V?C\ 
» -■• Ptt»ri8tiS*/«r^il^b6ii/iy»/'atid^;^^^^ 
Jlow here we 'f* iSd^fe^y ^hft*k«i»'«i^ai? 


cyC.Ij(^d(JiV'aiia-Done Ndgs in the churchyard are &d, 
^TbsLll cried the first day I was shown/ein« . 
*' Poor Nags I you^ fiothtng but bbn^ ^xa^^e^ead; . 
2>tf nior/tttf m/ nitt B9NB-UU.** ' . [ , " 1. B^ 



T SAUNXER*I> tbraugh the lonel^ndeU, 

•* TotisitCyQic*«,ipoiSf.fieU|. , , 

Hit aim ipasjolitode^ his plan . . ,r> ., ^ 

J^enisl'etunity to man* . /,; < 

:, - ^1 found hitti ^ittMd beneatb a WHteiir, ' ' ^ ' ' 

" On flow*nr bed and bealher pillow i 
*€ld«rl^fcia*aseriphlay; ' ' ' ''' . 

More lovely tiumtWv^nJaiMqr'.'' j- ^ 
Tlteitt(te^>9iiiiB<h^ti^^ -^ 

Isawhimitealabooey^lcitll - . 
Pwetl db ijg Jtngcf^ ogpittkiB ciwrf« y' - '''"^ 
JM cM^ teer.fik>lilt 4«Glltog:Mi4»i - ^-x^oT 

<? «« Gaase> wiMi.K44 a^ ■^•'^th^us^bimaA 9pm) 
Hold t M your sanctityr-^Mwar ! 

rHiOr'boiat-id»rM(BwtiirHe«fettriiod»ft ^y-' t ^f.-r v:.i 

^'o T<efjpBBMMieaiwtiwiia0tiimpy4q^o' 5-uoi ^:^jii - 
•' Fool r cried the philosophic knave^ c*' j » % i^ii-i 
'* I take I^U)t(ivl^t.^^^i!gfj|rJHr§.j^ r ^r 

The vow ejUeodflAi^ottP-^icfOfitasi;;^ ,t -i 


fffpnj, the MorAiijgCbsPFHfii^ Ai9fei?)S4 1 
I^EAR Joto-ra! Jijt|ya»,re^l3F«;w^ SKl*^ . 
*-f Youdidn9t;t^JM?t,|q,i!^o^j6fti^^ i 


,1- >'*-.-;^.- '.•*•: .f'/*- ;<^ -ft') wi:^ 

For, bad «D «eck)eat<occiirr*d» 

Tlioisgh ybo <» Keav*n >fere vwiiiig » -^^» c ■ ^^ ^' 
. . If so/' fheti^hd^oMenl belb^J^' ^'"^ '''"'^'^^'^f ^ ^f^ 
'» •' tA^a toyiy pd^jlo«5 as they gtovi^' '-''^'^' ^ '''°^^ 

Be prudent, Wtet, Aad steady* ^ "^^^ ^» .o :.- t 

Aool net fbr ^m^mK «tnpt/ fehae ' "' "' ^ ^^ 

Attempt the «kie8ii>jm8e5Po«ffiBiNi»e--^ - *.:::iLu:. x> ^ 
Tito ^vpieodBgh Already! ^ ' •'*' 

THE STATJ&sivUNrTHAX OAVJe" ME ji."^;*t^!$i''' 

AtTBRXO 8INCX TH£ pSAllH OP. HtL, PXTT» FftOlff '*,Tqt 

HON.'o; c-r!-£«,;iir»A =■'■•• ' ;'^ '* * .; \ *; '' * ^ 

A GAIN while around us all Europe is fimflihj/ 
•"• Though Fortune fiom'me'Ba? averted t^tStce, '• 
W^;d^rf^li)inisceno(a misery liQiiaiUiigfti:;^^ .IIU /O 

I req|^{u^r t^ $jfiipm§ff%,tkat gmf^mt^m, • 
At the foot^^ of iMHrartkofiglk n^n f^i^ famth 

FmqjRttj^iiiy.flra^Mjffijjj^vUptM^ •?^ 

I tuni,tQ,}ija t^£t^^0if0 ptd^a^ff^ i^^^ ,^^ >. 

But mrill not the xvmmtky 'ottBritow » m f niti i m noocn ^iil 
That, tntrigoUig wiiklVirriand by CdMlereagh ca«gbt> 

Though I ah^jQe4.apd fot^ty i txraA^^'A/o^r^teat; 
And they *Il add, that at present by plooe 1 am b<ii%ht ? 

Well, let tjiem raW^l'i^pd let Lyttleton * saj;,* ; /. " ^ 
That, in knavery tram*d, aivdMrf^rigln ba^e, y 

I ferst sold ray conscience Jo Pitt for vile pay>" . ,.' '.^ ., 4 
And now cringe to polifickl fbfes for a place. " ' !*1^ , 

Q. Pitt I whea o*er grAt am y im f anuae waa spread,, y. 
„^dt^f^bEg#hiSans;ai?^ •" 

By thy bodhty 'my feopes and my htinger wfere fed. 
And thbti Afli)^'dat;^fiit()BtlheHi^re(^, 6f tr kingllpm mv^lace. 

. : : : — L: 1-Lj — )!:ionrrii,^ 

gur^o ihjQ un^i^ciqQ *pd faulty, at 'Mt^-jC. rgii ^ wrfjtj 
aM mow <lie cowered uod^r It. 


i ftttg'd'ih anp^ce pf St^iel- r 

How I moornM for, tjb^t'OISce^ when lost by itiyt^etdi! 
I edj<^'d of thy son t^fperUtifin itftt, * . r . . , . 1 
My name, and importmxip^i (bononr'dbfiWitliibt a 

And pe«Mon*d my mati^e^it9]ii^9lfr«« «Mt nift. 
Bit^f ^^ liNig Mt iiat gratitude *s only a name* 

A word that a fi othynmOHaranry grace ; 
Sa I Qittt you iq wfcom ^owe fortsiQe .a|^|^ ftw^^ ., , 

{J^l^^S■f^ti^^M'gt.b5^i pq toXi^bpfi repi^r^ .. .'. 
ew trick* I *ll iriveat for my paj^onXdwgrao^, .., .^ 
AndnianoBuyre, intricue,. and cajole ^ventljiere^ 
To destroy {fie*Iast1y/d?fJ?»tdn'«t'/2o gave me a pkce,^^ 


N«inHr>^Hir^M6o^ w^ at fwlu. - ^ 

•» X 1^.. ...,-, ^ ^..^ _-. 

^;^r *',^' 

. [Fro.m the same J . , . > 

MILES 1?eter long bjr gunjpowder ta4' thn^^^ - 

And, though'the, pegOe: was made) contented Tiv'd;^ * 
But wben the; fdlllea rf \h» P^pk he afjied^ . r ! .^ 

*' Was.powder made for ttisf he s^id—and^ie^- . .^. 

MR. -Sl^S^TORy- ^ 


vkpt^n^it t(ilfqft^ceiit«ry &M cQmitlMd ^MPA«fil& 

^irtf i)f fonMiiie4iiiai « GoftupAiittwi hi^KMn^A^bhi am 

i^ddghx for; ttoAM -and tiie^ and tht '{>tilttfe «6lSihMSiy 
^otaSi m prayMk for u# *<l!h, • ' - ^ - ^^ ^^ -T-' 
WifhoAr^ bcMM9«is d^pieoiailtigthe t]le^9^^ 
ttittitig^iliadtMiiUfii^ i fabpfr I tMy be atlo#dl|{J>ifty^ 
that «iy fcheine k totally Md tWrdy ii^w| ft^ tb^ 
itr fidVtetiy^does not arise noth my ^fti^B «6f hi^Hoii^ 
£M^4^di8ciaiai aU apfdifeatboMr for nuaeiiiary dMH^sses, 
aebfct;>afidpain%4ie ibeyfOf "vvhat Una tht^ |tti^'*%at 
soldy f»om this civttunistaBce5 that ' the^bjeiy ^' aiy 
iaiuyidcd obarity art a clasa of hiMMH bel^e^ foi^^ofh 
ao^fMviftion hasxrer yet entered tnte tbe Mad^or^ny 
scheftier whatever* You mil b^ eom^iieed ^ thia^f; 
when I |4V^u, 4hat tb^ pefMna^^MdikHvI'ifliail; 
ara the ifm^cmU^ ^tttM, tMnfU^miidniiii^^^ 
centi are ooiiftiderad aiidf>imftbed atf^gailiy, by^Mrn^i^ 
judget^ jutiea, barriaters, md whlii»s^. . Tm ^cAtk 
waa bnoe tbdught so sm^lt^ that ally applicalioli itt ^beir 
fatoor might aa^xi n&neoessaify brridi<iu}oufirf>|^f4Mf^» 
an toatailce ^ two might octiitr in a ceminry^ miff 
could tber^re make but a'tmaaitut hnpi^aiiiatt^lipdtfr 
the {Aiblid^niiidj but now^wheA iasiaiiQea aur^idM^efy 
greatly multiplied, and when, in defiadeeitf 4h); ^eitfest^ 
evl4^edi ttndeveiyspeciea^iegafi fai«eait|;a«feii/' it 
baa> been detiefmfned-*-ayy aad upon oatb\.ibb^:^«|!|, 
evei^ Ttmi ia innooeiit, who cboosea to thiidt liii^iffi^ 
ao, you will agree with lane, that a moe^ sMfimif' 
class of distfeiaad pevaons never before abU^diedth^ 
- - V compassion 

9« IIE^c^>e4^ foiiRcI jMii^y hy. a jiikry of bi^ opiiiip^jfnm^ 
a8i^.«^ ^jNms^ {NTQiiifeftbat, mm M^^ 99i mn^ 
^^(fn^ivm* cmt of AijMnisaAd 4r« of U^cfuiof opimo^M 
ofi^ my^ piMrhftpst, ap9Mr/rjNntbi^^ Ib^t lim ahum 
%%»f^Mi^^i P^Miula of lamrJiU^AJif^i the Ttmi kg 
Jury. Nothing, Sir, can be farther from my inteoiiMi 
bwb ?»ai9 i^e^ 4i«ig jmrily bimm thm ifb aoftne 
89mU^>$|]§P9Ii <ff iiQperlS^tjoii^rAO xn,tbta/Mir c^f^ bkwiir 
¥%f .U»« Imk by Jiiiy, vif^ bay« iat^jt^imfv^ml tbtft 
tfa^; 49,^9tiim(bi«^ yefyrm^eb amm^ . For iDatanoi^ 
^e^.^mf > found,., that vitb^avff weia ki tbe hfediil 
o€j>T|kwii« \tMi trial byr J»fy, /dwinkingiiu^^abbf aod 
tbft hd^iWi <)fi,ali.frie©d> tQ U, wpiwer^ ,mx awara that 
tb^ ^md ^ntgbt: ^fHm wbenJfurUsjivpidliiMft iipflit 
thfaaMQ i^w^ij^ %9 iweli aft u> «i^9W<-r*a Uhwly^iaftbiA 
tJinWJWi to d«dtrpy.e^ery Qtber liberty* - Ha4 ^^S^ 
sfm^itj^il s«A«^i^u^m^i w.e. ^uW Qoj^bave bjp^A^fo^ 

a«^!OM»o^ ,^e r«ioov$4 m-' hms to rrfiwiy^bufci* 
IPMpiMM^p all=tQ:b^ WWHJeni vv^^ajt tufjbi juri?a;pter? 
»wwc«ai^«yiji^«dvi!i ^aitirtgcfcr that lM|if>y:^a; 
yfb(» «pie : of the. r sob^m^^ jef paf U^^ii^ry aek^n^ i 
aayK ia^<^tir ^i^^g^^ :§haU bO: carried in|o>fi(xeMiioi>^ 
and tbw.fiiye ^ball »b<iw jiiwsi. it^ fbftir-cfo«^.jrt>at^'iii, 
all oaaea where the, Crmm, i^ piosecp|iQ4;,ij|;{Ui<ib^) 

.( A^Ki^weyePrJb^#et«a»faM)epnfmeca m ^j^tpnb'-^ 

c«iii^ ibeytiwie-top,^! te^ony^aniiOi^^jrtftiti^]^, 
8VM^ l^eiiingi^ baviftibrpushl f$>Jt^a6d;«iyj^Wlt%: 
aUeyisM^g^^e d^l6^s^vi»fitbft(kM»^ 

; .:>x:f. .. mentioned 5 

i89. mmm dumTMaUi tjitnnnMfi; 

AMuiiuiicrirj foi niy fint pwpoHti j^llteMi 9 nown^ to 
be done wMuMit money) is, to raiae a lai|;e loiid ftr the 
tajpport df iiit imiodmt'guitty. The oati^ <^ tbis 
•oprioit 18 ympiit, becante it mutt vary ynih the pu- 
oftMienis inUfcied upon imocent persons. Where that 
ia^reslnded'tb jEnei only, the use of tfae fund is ob* 
vknn ; Huid we have a precedent for its being suceeas- 
futly emptm'ed in the ease of a variety of persons con- 
victed of tnsdieoce,. or assanltSj such as hacfcnc^^coacfa- 
tnetti uratermerij bunoelc-bunters^ and' other umms aU 
Jler96ito| who are persecuted by our wicked police 
justices, ' • 

This, however, is that pail pf my plan which re- 
quires the least explanaUon. The puszlin^c^uestion is» 
now bur new charity shall afford relief in the ca^e of 
impritonmeut, piHory, whipping, banishment, or bang- 
itigf; atid I confess, Ihat this was so- Ions a pu«aling, 
question with me, that I more than once detertnined to 
biirn my papers, and abandon m)^ scheme as b!ra61ess, 
or late, however, I caught a glimpse of relief from 
the speeches of soine of the Palace Yard Orators, who 
ceirtainTy,'ibr powers of invention and bfoad assertion, 
ea^eed all others. I heard so many pf these gentle- 
liien Speakii^ in the highest terms of th^ honpur of 
a^Ading in the pillory, and the honour of standing m 
the shoes of the innocerU-guiky objects of their admi* 
ration, that I saw, or thought I saw, at oncc» an'easy 
r<medy tot all the personal inconveniencies to which 
the innocent are liable, nanVely in a system of suhstU 
l«/«5;' and when I consider the zeal,. friendship, and 
atU'chment of (he said orators and their friends, I 
hav^ no manner of doubt that a sufficient number of 
subftitntes may b^ found for every case of personal 
pithishment. I prbpose, therefore, that part of tbe 
fiind^ of mis society shall be appropriated to reward 
such ^ptiblic- spirited characters, where any reward tsay 
be ntcessltry ; which, however, I conceive, jwould be 

in «Ry fc^. ilMWftCfts, It WouW nol^'^indteda^e'liand.' ! 
sbtne to sttppdjte that men who, in ihdi Idve for fbc 
inmcent'guUiy) conseirt* ^o jgive up the evidence of 
cy^ and ears,' and supffcndei* their understand! ngs^ 
would hesitate to go to the d — \ in so glorious a dause, " 
if tliey hid an opportunity, without fee or feward. We' 
are'^^tt) consider, lilcewise, that, as to Iniprisbnmenf and ^ 
wHipping, two very com ifnoa ways in which the isno- ' 
GETti may be punished, if the present corrupt system "^ 
goe^ on, many of thfe persons I have in my eye as 
sttbstUutes, may already have been so familiar with [ 
them»^as to have none of those fine feelings of honour 
wtiicH, atthougli they seldom step in to prevent crimes^ . 
art always sure to be very troublesome ill the Case of * 
punishtnent, '' '. . . ! 

As to the' last-mentioned punishmentj . )tflw^z«^, | 
w^ich always must be the /oi/, some difficulty may 
occuf, and I should, perhaps, have omitted this as 
incurable by our new society; but when I consider , 
hov^ many of the bdi^vers in hmocent-giiilt h3.\e\ 
adopted those principles which tend to malce a mai\ 
somewhat weary oflife; vvhen I consider how many 
have hanged themselves without deriving any credit 
frorri *ff," and hovir many have been bange<f by others I 
without the'satisfaciion of standing in an tnnoceni man*s ' 
shoes, I do not despair*, of seeidg this object likewise 
accomplished, as soon as the instttufioii I propose 
shalf be established, and the laws of it become, as it 
were, i fashion.; Then, Sir, the substitutes' of this . 
last class tpky say, with more truth than they hiad ever 
yet *aid^ if they* can speak Latin; — ^^ D^lcp et decoi-^m \ 
€$t pro pairid mort.*^^ ' . ' ** *• 

I hav^ now explained, as hrleBy as i could, my. 
scheme fbr the relief of the new class of V^no(|w<^, who 
appear to public compassion* Objections may, per- 
haps, be tendered* to some parts of the detail; bm^ ki 
a whole^ I flatter mj^self that it ivilf meet with the 

TOL. XVIII, o lafprobatior 

approbation of that «nlig^itei)ed ^part of.tbep^^iij^ 
for whom it 19 inUiHled ; ^awd^ akhoiigh ibe^eiii^itg: 
laws may militate againttt aome of ita cegdatioos,. ^9t, 
if things go on in their present prosperoug cafeet-j'tiia 
time cannot be far off when every man will make'hif 
'tjwn l^wg, atid try and acquit himself without the ittr- 
pertinent interference bf Judge or jury. 
I am. Sir, yours, . 

... jHlJOH PjSX£RS-. 

T\EAR Bppe}% (bis. C9mc»iu)piQg'yof^viU;be glad. f>d l . 
•*-' To rec^vjB.ii few Jinf«.fronhycMur jl^oeaidein JkUji^'^ 
Tho):gb i^Jettev OEMttt to bi.a iMkrnowftil;8triitU;ui • l^^ ^ ' 
I really think IVe ^{mtf^ngbtiia^comptakir:^ ti '■-> [cu' i 
My last quarter's salafy iakig^iit :bavQ been fontrV^S in-y" > ' 
Befor^;. acAJtanbrtlpt^txiriphMtDi you y^^i \ < .: .v w m\ ' 
For, cheated by otbect# irtofd.«oiiQiric^i09»sieU» .1 — o-» i.ij 
Of ]seyou:'d>aJargatfl^('ttaiul<}U«f^v£r^IwtiKfr{n'^':t. !t vl 

$ince with England ! I ]mad& up iRiy aitnd; tfrtfa)]b>c(nt if /J.' 
You told me tl^eY*fy Ibiog.'sa&il tfj^ld.'fiild;. :<. t tn'.i . ( 
*^ While yofiri^hi btfeiki 1 mij^.sffa^ JioH^hltx^*^ : 
That when Idi!d:thisi'llwiftonfceifDUll^Jb»ili|doi^ . 
Since, master 46£Blissaa^'yQa*'^:SOt>n * /< .! ' 
And if I t<^h.C^da;, did^not yfiO.^|r„IU ;'f o ) ; / 1 • 
Having once there estnbl'tslr*d .yinxnifiyen^giniawagr> >.: * i' 
Sacb arori09:taaidi[Bey(m!qnicUy)({«4ud(i;iil*i^^ i-^ ^ 
At s|]Ott]d make:all'the<Xattke»rconfc4s:'nieijtbeir Kiiig^ • v 
And 't wa8,8eided!thatl:(it iy'its.Beal*^aad/t.^as mgfC4, ■> . 
if sealing and sigBingfto>A#2<wr <an Jiinnj^) ^^r . . . * ^ . > 
Sliould pay you: a aB»<erijg^i^<wrtrf'tr«»Mwltay. throne ^ v j ' 
Than o*er aUi:5^dinr()6:inMfi»<{&ifl4(i(f ttpiitOKtbat'ticxmi. ifM\ 

• ' knonnr.'- -. .iVo. . 1 '.V' c.^i it'O ?• v.- ■: • " . r •••.•.•ii .• - 

♦ Ah, wbat^tihd state>i haw no^tofteplonBf^ . -v 
My sal'ry from you I sba)i o'qver iovtihi morefc . ., ^;-ir -fi ' -. ^ 
X*m obliged to glve;txpi:dJl\d^\»w«ire.ioi»nttotain^ I :. «^r * i. 
Too happy, iiEr^*ba!tiMri*l<BUp^<w>back)ag^|j* • -ci^ i .. 

¥irtkbwW^e; like d vasf bctg of fleas, * "*- 

T^h^'EhglMk ships swarm o'er American seas, 

ikod, not to teli'^li^ and dissemble 1D7 fears, 

X tbiDk tbey *ll sooo batter our iQwns !bout ourears.-j 

"J^^y <corn our torpedoes, mock all I^odgers'is tricks. 

And make ibat a jest df the dread Mister Mix, 

'Who swore he would ronke ev^ry ship a i)alloon. 

Blow the whole British navy at once to the moori. 

While all £ng!and*s sons hi wild anguish s^hould flounce^ 

And hiourn the effects of a damnabie bounce. 

Why — why through this' Vagiafbond did 1 not see. 

And perceive that his 'b^nce was let off against me? 

O, Elba's great monarch 1 I trust that to you 
1 Ve proV'd myself loyal, atidronstacrt, attd htie — 
You bade me the war carry on -yi^li great vfg<iar{ ' * 

llirongll "jib^nHs i GtU this coii»mptibl6 figure ; 
You told roe, i»beo England had tbreate»*d to ban^ 
Her subjects if focmd hi Amerlc5a^'« ff"*R» 
At ^ce In defi^^nee i» lift uf »iy ,v«oe^ • ,^ 

For heroes who fctughft f«r «< tlnfr land of ^lieir dicioe :** ^ 
I did so~^the hanging h«r soRjf i forbid. 
By tbreat*niog tbat. I would hang tooie if the did. • * ) 

Two men; ^irhoastt xronld rMtmrnptt I bade "Wakhtve ' 
To die, if^^sbeiieot tid the '^lIcM^iHie trahflr. 
But this fail'd ilitit an^iit nation df t^pkog ' 
From aeb^irigisodl feXk^tfs to d^n^ at Wapptng. : 
They calm^ ti^pliediby iutt>dtiubiiii^ the numbel: 1 i V , . 
Of those I tiad- ^mia^d a long'night of siuiflibw^ 
And I was cempeiril, itottgb It wetft is /my sioul> i ^ ''^ 
Toleta]lti9)rto8(i^feao«t«cn|>ar9le. ' ^3 ^ V ^^ 

Now£ngbEailfta»aweptfi«MnnitbeiK»^ c ■•■' 

AodVlMt^ DOtf^iovts ki a istjOeof blooMader,;^ ' = • ^ «> ^ A 
The m^0^ ^ahtf £^«e yoirin^lS^lit* a death^btow,. . ^ 
Are daily arriving omhere IrmvBourdf^^^^ .. -: 

Our Gen^Uare afl so d*-d diick in tiie scidtr \ ', - ' 
Theycaa:otilyw6rk true to Ibe pattern of vl^llf^ : / :! 
Our armies get serv'd out lilie Wilkinsoifa fiauad*' >; 
For wer i^lay'd-4ii*?vrt«i bf some •* ict # Q^sf ^ * / - 
Our vessels at sea ate tlie enemy's ipo^fpi-' •{ ' • >;/ \ .i 

Our &fi?jri8 nQW^ieartbdr. ft/tofj^ JoTi^'f > t - ' 
llieir ships ev'ryd^lcAmB soiiteBe «a <tof j^Mee^jL ,«;;., 
TlMt^afety *s a thing we be^n: talk of no more ; . 

o 2', ftveff* 


Even WaAingtoPtourp .is b^i oo.means mcimc^ 

] feel no smttt alarm for my mt¥ J^n^^iur^^ ,> 

Had he not skulk*d so poit» aom^ qi £Rgl9id*s queer 

codgers . - w • ' 

Would have sent to the bottom great LUlU Belt Rodgers. 
The people, to lend the state cash, are unwilling^ ; 
Ouf treasury hardly jcan boa^t of a shiV,iug — 
Ev'ry thing *8 in confusion, and going to waste — 
In short, to the devil w#*r» ail off post haste. 
This, in anguish of heart, I am now forced to say ; 
Can you not ^ive me some little brip on a^ ^Aay } 
O say, ere despair bears him off from t^e earth. 
Can. you not dve your Maddy in Elba soime .bf rtji^V > 
Uo thisi and' tor ever I'll be atyour becl^ . . . , v, v 
if ihe gajlows tjiould not get the loan of, rbj riec^ '' [ \ 


I . ■ I M il 111—^ ' ^ 1 

]\ ' ' . mpROMPTtr ' ' '"•;'"' 


' masVei(, fo» cm*: dbw. ^ .wju*. uv-- 

*;, * . [From the ;ame.j '^ '^ '^-^ **-»->*->• «>• 

«.. T E Rfercjer riebtly punisliM If |^' * V*^ [ '^ '' 
•*-' By Britain 8 equal law-^ ^ ' 

He should teach ladies proper sijpps* '"'* -"^ • /^j' 
'" And not a gcand 'Tatter pa5. . ' '•'-" 


'. I 5» . [(FrpafttfarBsiii«h.F«c^,Atig. 19^.1 • 

'A' FEW days "ago a'fftewl of tninenvas xn^ntionlng 
>^'«)rite Pi'us^an Manzfas, which an Aid-rie-Camp 
.kyf Marshal Sluch^r had written since his departare 
^ftrimlSngUnd/ For the amusement of your readers 
i have ettd«arvo«irtd lo give them aa Engliab veoiion. 
' ABlfix; to the kisses t)f 'Britain ! ' 

>#, : - frb^nohl^t'acdaiitrye'ergav«$ - . 

' ' For no tweeter pratsl^ e^uld be bit on 

Than such kisses embalming a i^rave. 



For they were the kisse? of heaveny 

UopOKdhasM by pmittiBe arloens r 
They w^e free and «poiitatwoi]sly given . . : 

' '^ To ihe fsim^ atid the glory o£ Biucher. . » 

You want not, great warrior ! then. 

The poet to praise, as his trade is j 
For you live in the tongues of the tnen» 

And die on the lips of the ladies ! AAto». 


' IjFram the tame, Aasf. ao.] 
CO, Mr. Editdr, 'I perceive, by the siatcmcntei tff 
"^ the public printe^ that the coi^ductor of tbe Jmr^ 
nal d$ roT%$ endeavours to turn into ridicule the g^n-r 
tiemeit of London, for paying so much attention to 
Joanna Southcott, whoin, in derision, he terms an 
old woman, of sixty-sik. I am surprised that » 
Frenchmany above all other persons, should be ajto*' 
nisbed at such a proof of our increasing politeness, 
since the French ieaux are noted, throughout Europe, 
ferextendi^ng their gallantry to women of every age^ 
from seventeen to seventy. 
: I have beheld, with great pleasure, the attention 
with which, within a few years, young gentlemen of 
fashion in England have begun to treat the niost ve^ 
nerable dowagers, I recollect the time. Sir, when the 
appearance of an old woman, however it might com* 
. mand reverence or respect, was sure to put all amorous 
ideas to flight. Thank Heaven, this is no longer ^tlie 
ease. The «' finest gentieoaan in Europe'* b^.sjhown 
a praiseworthy affection far iha aaci^nt pact ftf the 
female sex, who certainly stand more ijn need <X 
protection than those who have youth, health, and 
strength, to support ibem j and I am extremely hafpjjy 
to observe that the fashion is rapidly gaining ground.. 
I can. readily overlook, however, any. foible, so long as- 
as it 

it is beneficial to the gnoai jbody ef tabbies in England. 
Hereafter, ^. £tff^ cinf lead' of-<2ans^{ltl)$^f«§4*lng in your 
list of marrfag^t pangrapha of ^is ^a)Hiie — ^ Yes. 
terday wafrf^'^rried, Mr. f,to ihe blop^jhj|-Mji^ 5. 
vho hadjufif iiompleted ^c eigb'teepth yeaf ^^^^k^ 
to <)baePvis.tiHiny s«aleineiH« to ibe foilowipk ^ei^fT^a* 
« Ycsterdav iWr. jff«rf led to the hyneneaT ftfiantbe 
vcncri\S\t^AtH: Laufistina Evergnen^ in her eighth 
cth year'.^ ' ^ *- '^'^ 

.. /I remain, Sir, . ." •; "' !: 

^' In hopes of a speedy uritlkTi'' ^ *- " 
: Yttiffar-iM any nnan'a^ 

, .J^4TiLpa Thobkbaou 

itfoMbn Lane, Aug. if. Ml. $ti<B 57. 

. : .' TOAI^EXANDER THE GREAT* r-i/ ' ' 

f iTrom tlie jVloming ^^hcoBtdf , Ai^. juJ :...', i ^ .m 

* *. .^ ., o^-' :Thc fame ^ball bepceforth^ ctai|e ; ; .^ y . j^, j 
.*!., ::, O nftonarch! thine is greater far>, ^ .^/ 

• }^ !. J'or kg but set the world at war, 
' ./ Aijd Mott hast given it.|leace! ' ' '* ' 

ry —> y- '••CttAaiOTt*"BtirA»' 



^.. ; [Frf>hi the Hritish P/cm, Aug. 23.] 

AS Pitt at last is nam'd a j&flpffr, 
>yho made our gold in rag% to caper^j 
Improve upon such jeering wits, 
And call our Bank notes Wiliiam Pitts! 



TiJO( .,r :jifeytj|0Uj OR, FA^THtRlrV Kflll>K<ir, * 

"f.^^^' V; W***thfe Morning Cftfc^ 
Vf ftid?iV wife, who fe« thfe *hoH»fewhiiys irtllim 
-*^Rah to fcw^ fathfef^b^g'a Ire ^iuhe htr, part.: 
^^^-Wftaf fe yoar fatilt?"' said he',^*^totat', »tat« tb«^c«i«/'— « 
"^^^^tllrevr some c©6t* iti oof ho«lia»*V facei 
3Kbr>S»lHch Jie* tett me f '— .^* Beat yooi- did be I 'Slifc I " 
-?fe beat «i^ daughter / Zounds ! I 'H beat his w^ 
Jf for sdfth fauhs he gives my daughter Pjaiii, 
Coqid but jiUi^i^e-^f *d whip lief homo agaia-l" 

: {From the British Pres^^ Au^. 24.} 

TJ OW coipes it, Mr. Edttdr, iliat you, who l»Te paid* 
-*^ so itiutt^ ktteiitidn !6 ifee ifff&r6nVffi4^ given, in 
honour of the ']()feac8,'^thtot%hbtit ttie cduniry, have 
neglected to)' riotkS^ thtf i3¥ttneL MiUiury Dinner pro- ] 
vidcd on theiStK' ult,, in coninaemoraUpii of that' 
happy event %j? tfe OoifipAiy 6f Co^s, of tne popu-. 
loua towa:.of Dwtmouttt ?' This omis»ioni let rae tell* 
you, argues a lan^i^t^l^le .^aht d tbat». 

you . juay have, ap *c^{i6rtunity 6f {iroving^ ^l^<it you 
deserve not such a- stigixu^. Liead you a correct aC"< 
count .of the ^ntertammjentT— ^nd hope you will not' 
refuse tp^^'s/t up, i^. ybuir pk|)ier, ^ ncli"a'«i<^?y m-'^-^ 
l&a^^ for your numerous {"eaders. ' ^'> ^ 

" • Youi^s; ' "! '" Geo. Gobble. 

P. S. A' schoofpiagter,/j{ particular fr5etid*oiF'*tnine;. 
and as clev.6r a fen(i\.v.ii^3 ever' >vi^^^ f^ blrcA rod, 
has written the subjoined article', M^'s^v^bWi'xvMiile 1/ 
was treating him to a pint of. ale, that so divine a. 
subject ought to have. been* banded down to posterity 
in hexameters — but I hate pedantry, and begged of 
him, if he could, to write in piai» Englisb. Whether 

.!v.j»/ion.i ■04-' h^* 

:%^6 ^ wMm urnvMY mmmu 

he has coxnpKcd with toy requeary^ iviient ^9^ 

the best judges, . " ' ' * . ' ■ *;'*-'• 

O Muse ! wWjmtkaapiiirita Stfttte"^ bnMti '^ ' 

To sing, i^waamhtmtW0Eiihy<>i Ibftthmne^ .. * r- ^ri k 
The '< pepip«. podfe» cmnoiMoca"* Q£.£miJmutiMg^ i . 
Assist me iii»«»«^iiow I mmjto paint . .. .a^ « 

The famous enlestatmae^t.laiol^ ghen • .» ^ >/ r i 

By meo of iiot^ jb Dartaiooth*»Biicieii4.tQianL.: . .^ ;.' > : 

Now do I feel thei Muse baro high withio. me ». 
Whence is her ioAqeace I fuKn yma piece of ^eef 
Methinks !t bomes* ^Surelj three sdidflalesy 
From the prize ox, which I have just devoiir'd^ 
Wonld fire a dulier man. My ftfose, begin ! 

Three tedious. wedos weo0.pMs*d 10 fieece 4rtNM 
T wixt yarieus bodiei ef'our dtixensf 
The.siibjeot««how thy blest reloni, O Ftetct ! is 

Sb«aidbeccmaiQmorated. - - \ii}\ *' 

'' Let*4 tmmwmie:Jk9'M&rh$p*.' «Qlafmf.tli€ w%hlf • ^ 
Who deals in tnan^destrogrhig gHB{x>wder. 
" FireT.wock» \m d-«-^/' the taliow-<;b9ndler criet^ ' ^ 
"« Let all our wrndows be itlamtnate ^"--9- 
" Av, and let ^oTj/fr^^ shine in eVy^ sti«et/* 
Vociferates tte ni^edy oil-mertfaaot. ^ 

Now> while the people's' minds waiw' aMMolv^dy 
A veteiaii OatiitoiA up^JMid thus hm^^fmkm vt^- -. 
f Omftn ef.Dsrtmentfa'! teadriaT^hir me^ '^ - v ' 
Norheedjitecailrof iiiea&se]friiileresl<*p- - , 
8|K:h have >i0^ lately. beard, I.blush io say- 
JFtre-Mforki, *i is trae> indeed^ the eye may dazzle-— 
But, my good friends* have they ere fiird the belly I , 
Tell me, • I pray, what pleasure you can find 
In gazing on illnmioated winddws ? ' 
And what are bonfires hot mere nuckuuet^ . . 

Bound which, guile, infamy, and' frafi(|l^ soon gather? 
j^y proposition is an £ngli$h one*^ * 

A good, substantial, plenty-looking feast ; • , - 

Where the proii4 ^ytif, and thesoiokiikig Mirhm >*- ' 
Shall satitiylArre semes 'atcftdiofeffe; ./ . i 

Whete, in qmk euecaasicni, .the .<9e,;tbe nose, * ^.^i.. ' 
The/Ki/atefulbrihall-besatifified/.' , ..i t' h. • 

Lpttd acclamations followed this harangue : 


jToUow, sl second M\na, bum*d with furyr^ ^ 
.And Ao%iff ^/a%*i with more than mortal ire ! 
rPwasaUmiiaMiJ fatl«lciigfti/gaii^'d<the.da9r, 
^nd ev*ry tongt}ft cxdakii'di^" A fiMMt ! a feast!** 

Th^^Iiiaster Cook».<h« wvlkknowji ^SbrZ-^oiiticr*--. 
Xiifce the fam'd Sturgetm^ i^r so ks 6oi*d AtrvAj 
Once trail'd a pike in the ArtUiery Ground* 
Liong had he feft the siorioiis lode of anm > 
Contented with the iatirels he had gain'd' . 
In Battdrsea*Ji.iiadPfiliief*a desperate figbli I * 
Now^ *stead of ^' aettiog Mpaadnonfr in the 6M,** 
His pride consists hi 4$Hhfg Wii o iabh. 
When this old hefo heard tlie people's; choice^. . ^ ^• . 
His foriaer nortial drd^arborn^ withwhim. : 
Thrice did he slap hif kmuL opoa- hia focobsad^^- 
Tbrice he exelatm*d, ^ I have it^^*t^ is engender^ t • • ' 
This shall a military dinner be!*' 

For two long ^ajra'the ISoWA-HaU doors we dos'd^ , 
And none durst enter, save th^ Martar C wifc * > ■> . > 
But> on the thir^ ftke p<wtals wsere throwji ^peQ*- 
Wondrous the scene that binrKt. upon the 4^0 1 
One mighty tabl0att»tchUal€Bg> the Hal!^ « ' 

Groaning beneath the cumbrana weight of viatda^ 
JFnll in the atotre^a huge ven'eoa pasty t« . ^ < : 

Rear'd its enennDiia#h<^4i^like » prond iortisess^ ^ 
At top the Gallic alaadaard gaily waWd*^ < ^ . r '^ 

While marrow'bmesf reptete with luicluoas malfter^. - i ^ ^ t 
Like cannon, frown'd«p«» theigjeese and' d«b6ka ^* 

That sroofc*d below. - . >.-i ,- ., . 

On either- side, pits of z tent^like forna^ . . j, 

Adorn*d withali the:tni|:denients<o£ wa<,v 
Well fram*d in paste^ slio w*d aa » hoslitlft camp^* : ' 
At either end the table a i^rroastood, ^ • ' 
Each on each frowning like Calpe and Abyla* 
Beyond— two mighty seaa^of pukidl weie.aeea^ ^ ., - - 
Fit boundaries to the afield.' • . • • 

Now is the signal glveB-«-the &a]^begiiis^m> 
Dire 13 the clash of knives— <li«adftl «te4iig of wai^.;' 
The Master Cook, tn^ froot, aUacka the iortcto-^ .: 
While I, th' historian of this welWoo^tday, . 

o5:- -'.: ■■ '..•... .CbaaOi. 

And Suei^dnhis etUs^ ♦•Tht d^y^i Ofina^D>i**: . , 

Next we assail the camp — resistance vain ! 
Thoiighiaeglmeota of ducks, and geescy and fo^U,. - i •• 
Command CBch pa^, and bid us Ao/ defiance^ \'' f/ 
Soon do they link before onr angry arms. 
Limbs fly in ^\ directions ? fearful s^bt ! . ''. '^ 

And gravy runs meand*rin^o'er thiei floor! 
Had the fierce crunes^vifho once w\th^gmm^>9ir9n*6; •■ .* 
Or ^'en the ^me who sav'd the Capitol, 
Been riihg'd aroutid the camp — tbe eanifr had £[ril^* 
Coun\ge worVs miracles as well as faith. ^ * ' -■"■ 

Lately I saw two modntaih^ b# 9X*%eikt'^ .1 ,..;;. ^w 
PlacM firmly on the table. 
Calpe stood there — and ^iresfood Abyla ! 
Where are they Dow^^-*Sunk|in that deep^jn-ofoand 
"Where day shall never cotne. - ^ 1 

1 bus having cut our' passage to the sea, 
FatignHi with wai^a'alslhns we sat -tt^- ddwn> * ) 
And spent th6 timeiii igav l«iHvity.* » .;r/; i-MT" j- 
The Master CodlilM^*'<batHw fooglit/agiiov r •' // ^ 
And all the liveloi|gtilfhtrdiscattrs?d of war.*' ' ' ); 
Few were the lo^a^iWhioh* our 4iost raitam^il;' > ) j 
Though krtives c(^Akfli)g: inisobief >dR piteag^d. C; 
Slop, who hfamofiihin&n'aoeoiUheur^i - 
Lost his foT'fifiget'in iht donbtful fray^*-i •'• ' ♦; lA 
And Doctor T^uUibef, a pi^soo lagey m ,.,,.;.- ,.-,.: A 
Who had 'destroyed' Wro ge^Me^n rtiick;.;af fowl«: • a 
Fell by a strokt ftbm^CapNun ilpepkat^ <:>>.. • \v 
Never^ I fear^ toralseiiiabedd a^in;> r.i •. ;, .^ N. 


. , J [Froi^ the sarac^ Au^, zp.^ 

/^RIRU ;Cfrk-i5,{^J»9.\J^HQ>f'ft,aU (bit sigpa in the a^»— 
^^ ** Here 's a thundersUiny coming, ^^ ^^Vire 4s n3y.Jj||e." — 
*« How bo," saidi^ f(i«p4f * '^wbepxtbe .^y i^ so/^?*'«-- 
" 0,1 knew I w^frrighJr Sif t .ff^ym^ *« w>,V/Te •" 

••:;';>;*•* .r.'.v ,:m- 1 ;i;vo. f . ' ■, - /. - vAeIOK* 

'"'•'• ' . « ^ Oil 

ON THE itcaiO^i; OF'T»EASTA&E IfllhASifk 

' ' '[Prom' the same.]' • ' . . - 

•♦ "OTHY; 1)rothef/' dries one of the plUdrs df Df uijr, 

' '^ *« You tremble and seem in a terrible takings 
And for nay part I|'ai not over- well, I assure' ye -, 

Far I feelj like^ a bank' over-drawn, I^oi shaking. , 

^ But the-^rebitt^t tells me (by way of a plastefj) 
He fbds quite asfa4m*4 at obliging tbe tpwn : 

While tkei'vnprJkmeftitillcyyTr*' ri\wQiAid be well, if rbeir 
master ' r .. , . . /" 

'- Woald suffer hitp^Her^ Uke.osj to come down.*" 


^^ ^ THE mistake:: 


♦ • ' . . . I 

[From ^fl Moroing Cl^onicle, Aii^, . 26 .], . . ■ j 

COMETIMES the |U~^ :coi»des«<»id8i 
^ When lalkwftirpeiy vHk his frjifods^ ; 

(The R t , chief' of) Boyal wag8^> . . . ^ 

To call the C ^— ^r "OldJ^i:' 

One day Hi^ HigfaMMiqut^ibrgot^ 
That he addressed Sir William S— tt: 
And said, *' I wish'.yoiiM ^ aod see, 1 

And send'^my frieml, OW Bags^ to niei'*' \' 

And nc4^^ by ibfnl m^raidaie senr^ • s 

With all due speed $ir Wtltiani weiK, - 1 * 

Bid Bankes to Carltoii House repair^ 
*• HTs presence was com^and^ there."— 
«* strange !*• said Bankes. " Yes/' said his wiife. 
The jof and partneFiaf^^is. life > 

•• Bint since we know 'ti^thos^ my deari • I 

To-night yoa'li be, thank Heav'n, a peer !** 

• Ota Hanker, full dress'd; 't Mriktthfee and fodr ^ 
Hahed at the R*genftf diibi'u-^ » . ' 

Wiis there receivM'^gave in bis naijfie^^ 1 

Abd isaid he byappipintmetu catne.^ i ,. .,< i .J • ] 

** Who ? • cried His Royal Highnefi9> •* what ? I 

By order of Sir. William S*-tt ?*^ -J 

0.$. Bankes E 


300 ON THB fLAtrS^ JU^ItEB. 

fiante! Bankes! re.^Jio*<) thrQ^shlbriMKtr -.x 5 
" 1 bever sent for dankes at all." ' 

Bankes was order'd not to stay^- • 
Bai^keji, rejected, drove away. 
Mother B— — 8, with hope quit© mdiy, • ■ 'T 
Plevsr into her l^isband's study— ^ 

*' What *» our title, love ? ** she cried. 
" We have none," her spouse replied. 

Who caii tell ikeir grief and sorrovr 
" Who mourn the past, nor hope the mofrow !" 
They found *t wat as the-A^ot said^ •' s 
Sir William had a blunder made— 
And so mistook the King of wag?, ' 
That he confounded Bankes with Bags. 


[Prom tlie British Press, ^cpt. 2.] 
A VILE Sceptic, who doubted Joanna was chaste,' 
•^ £«cklm*d, in a rage,* •' Who is she'? who fcnowsherr** 
A fanatfcsa] prencher replied, v^ith much bagte;' 

" i kjww.8 her J I knows her!' I knows her ! f *r*r/' 

' . ., TOZHK. 



• J-IFB.) .....».,,' i 

, [Fronx the saoie, §6^1,3.3 . , 

/^UR ArchbislK)|»8'and Bisbbps wera very. unci vil, 
^^ Not to visit Joanna, the breeding dd wench 5 
But I think they were tight, lest the crafty old d — 1 
The bastard shduld swear to some one of the bench. 


[FVom tWt Mdfeihg Ch^onidc, -Sept. 3 .3 
TJOR t^ie e^e, not the stomach, 
'*^ 'This wa* ft gf and treat ; 
Tbtrc was plenty to look at, ' -^ 

And nothing to eat, 


.. STREET,. . . . . i 

[From iJjc. same.]. ' - 

nnO take this fair Lady for better for wbrse> , 
-*■ Might be dangerou»-^na^, tidi hot acoff— 
Since, being combustible^ Sir, .a mere spark' ' 
Might make such a mistress— ^d off- 



[From the 'Champion, ScpU 4.] * ' * • 

•* Did ShadfBC^'s zeal my glowing breast inspire *' 

To weftry Mcmtbi; and lejoice in fire >"— Phioii. 

MR. EDITOR, ■ "^ *'*- 

^pHIS is indeed tbtr age of^weiidlcWi We have not 
'^ only old women of sixty-four who can bear chil- 
dren, but we have yckingones who can bear to gaigle 
their mouths wyth mdted lead and vitriol^^^um ai^air 
while they are standing bar^footeAtipon fed^liotiifMisM^ 
and ogle the men while they are imtnemng-llMfrafrmv 
in scalding water or oil. All this, and more^ may be wit- 
nessed with great satisfactWfe arid convittion,»on pay-' 
ing a visit to Signora Jastpbinfe GirardeHi, the incom*' 
bnstihle Spaniard, now exhibttitig in Lovidon^ in' Whose 
behalf I feel myself oalled u|!>on to contradifct a'tidf* 
dulous rumour, of her being related to the beloved 
Ferdinand, which seerti^ to have lio other foundatioa 
than that shd possesseiJ a'similair faetiliy* to his of get^ 
ting into hot Wa<6^.' Sir, the Si^nofa rejects the im-. 
puted affinity* with disdain, and c^ls upon the world to 
recoftect, that the enlightened monarch in question bad 
riever been able to staddTircj and has always^ shown 81 
mortal aversion to lead, so fai^ as -his i5wn person was 
concerned, though, in spite of dXi his pusittanimity, he 
seems to be in danger of burning his fimers at last* 
So far frorn expecting favour from Hiir^Most Catholic 
Majesty, she has no doubt^ thut> ^pon her return tq 


3QS. TBBmtBiAny^memMomi 

filiation aa lh« retorned firiacrnera of :^ar ;in9»]rvi#lillt4l^ 
very much dttpoaed to believe^ tiul.8bi^i>f^yHl:.^ 
seizfdi by the Inqaiisition, and bttinl f^fiH w|i^j^^%. 
the next auto da ff, were ^be itol h^piniy in^ah-. 
Uistibre. 1 ■:.,: ' 

- For my own fwi,^ sincerely bofte tbati^iisufy^;^ 
ph^roua' prodigy wtU never think of quitiing om^ Vfffv 
country; and as I am a haohelor, I -verily^ be)jeti^'<lu 
jboitid be (empi^ t« make beraotofier o^iiny bisiody. 
could I flatter myself with any cbaoee of raiMpg a: 
flame, or making a mateb^wsihaucbjao unk^a&iia^^j^le 
eommodity.'^Chily aoneeiva the ksiMry^ v^km a m#ii&: 
comes home fatigued, and in a. hurry btijJsi^&jtt^^rpf 
having a'wift who tan iristantiy aake oiitt J^^: h^t<^l^.; 
for the urn with her finger8«i«>s(ir. ib^.fire»wkb ^UfPrrT: 
aikttff candiea with ditto^-^makeia>apit 9i k^jrArffky,^^ 
a ioastio|»ibrk of hertbumbi^tt-Wha^ a^ SAving^'^Q^I^ 
the washing aeaaon, aiDce abe need on}]».boi4 JMr hjao^c 
b^twee»tt^ ban till it ia redhbQlvn«^hfilst^4t,ji'i3^t4]k^^e 

box-iron^ and iron you off a do^ea^clHldn^^V) /f^ffWe 
iR^hile an ordinary laandrea^.^nTouid^ ^e coddling che. 
iiena «ver tha fire, spitting upon them, and holding. 
tbem. to her cheeky to- aacntatn. the lieat before, she. 

But if thr <}«>u|tg lady .W ^a lasetfsibre ti) ip^Bamds. 
of Cupid as she w to those of Vulcan,'! slillthink she 
xnav he highly useful ih a national p6int bf view, and 
well worthy the attenttoa.of .the vji^ifous firc>;a^kp«— 
Now desirable would it-have. beeti at U»e lalaisdareiing 
fire near Loodofi Bridge, td have teulia^nist««W30rtby 
prsoalike her, wHo cou]d:.tieryeo(y)ly peraAibulate.the 
biasing warehouses to rescue from the flames the most 
valuable commodities,, or lolling a<-straddle upon a 
burning beamt hold the red-hot engine^pipe. in her 
band, and^ calmly direct the hissing water to those 
points, where it m^ht be most effectually applied 1 In 
.'■'"• our 

oaf H<aa-^MM^Ix»dirfildlDti^ «ehai i^iKiHitl mnftifhA^' 

ndtbrtotia^^bM^^etft mivehicf 6*ni)eli<iiMSbaii9««frQiiiy 
3iii%iKftyii6%9olrtaffi iwlmi UM>fsand and^flipl hi^e.- 
arriViadi^t 'th(5l{trot>eP degree.^ i\^t(Ml>. ^'>||pv)r GOnS'- f 
plcttrly might this be remedied by merely shutting up-j 
SigAc^a^ Jd^e)4iiti& Oirardeilf in ^ tlte, fimiace $ 4o4 } tf u 
reiiRy S'lMag^ne lunbifig more mterettin^tt)9A to €QQ«7 
t^platb her in that sttuattonf, dressed in; i^a |isbtQ9A9k9 > 
peliM^i NM^atehing the repitodileuoiiof; a pbc^tut )ii!tag^ 
up'm an iron ca|<e by her side, foilditDgia 9prtgjbtl^ Huli$ , 
safateandefy and bathing her ndked fqet in th« vUr^^% 
latiEiy to report upon its intoDsity of h^t. Much m^^i 
nlighl beurgtod^ but I hope Ihav^^d enoM§hji;o dra^^ 
the attention of Gbvernmcm;ito .tlie.;pxopr:i«ty of tj^j 
taming ihi« anti^^gnltible young hdyv not oiily/qr tl>§i 
betl^fifi sh^ may confer upon the public, J^u^^for tb/^^ 
example aheiti^ irfli>yd to uthera of bet >o)Yni^4> i\mhs, 
hy'k pv<^et <ex€irtion of - dauragi^, . ib^ 'm^&i : a)4ej;^i 
sparks^ may be 'sottietiifaes oncouhtered t wMbQUt; /tj^ 
smatkst inconvenience or kijnry^t. . i . ",,,..» >. jq 

I aih^ Sir^ youra^. 8fc«., .>,., /n. ,« i,v 

FASHIONABLE ^AttTraS AT'TMltel* ^'^'* 

[FfqiH the Briti^.P/esj, §?pt, 8.1 j , ^ .^ 

•^^HlSittZ'fe ^'eiflff, eager to- dispJajf; :; li /:!n.. •. H^jji- 
-^ Her dingy kpvdinesrtfi ill mankiocL; :<),.. >i^. ^. J,),? 
From England's shgr^ to Varis ^b^d*. bqr xvay* , .. .^,^j 
-:• But fttU •< bet liMariiJg beauties lag, le/dna!^^. ^ . !^ 

-ji i.. ;i! -ir. ;. ..;. .. ! 


[Pfonxthe llbniiiigXairoi^le, &p». lO.J" ' 

JOHN Lamp, gohig into GoildhaU t* other dky^ 
The sUtne of Pitt iynickly spied. 
And after be *d poode^d some moineots awa/. 
To hit comrade he. thus aicfaly cried : 

'« B* jre see, WiU i tbia olaQ, with his father in vi^^ 

Asbam*d of tbe nation's disgrace^ 
And tbe varions evils he's brought us all to^ . ., 
Dare not look bis old dad in tbe face/* " ,'i 
HoUoway. ■ • ]jf g^ 




[From the safne* l^ept. uj . .. ..;;. 

•irON ViUiam Vjcks, a&>'ve heant teU,., - * -' 
^ A vintne£,)ras at ClerkeovBll ; ., • - - . 

:'/ Hi8>4fe, she VBsa vixen vile^ r ^ \ . 

And oft poor VilJ 8h«-T«ild'ierile>. 
For ever vanting something new. 
She 'd cry, " Ifcar Vill, l^ish a> yon 
Vould do as 0th£r peopkrio/ '*• 

*' There •« arigbbeur Vite'g, tbey keef^a nhmp^ . - **- 
Aad,3it»ik9y vant to dasb av«y, ^ / ' r ■ i 
And vie vith all tbe beaax and belles, . ^ 

Avay tbey vbjip to Homs^ Vcll» ! 
Tben> since ve all vant soioetbin|^new>. 
Dear Villiam Vicks, I vish as you 
Vould do as other people do.'* 

;. '' Vat now J" says Vill J '♦ vat vant you 

" Vy, Vill, I vow it makes me ve^t 
' To think ve lives in dirt and filth ! 

A counfryhottse vould save ray health ; 

And here'* a spot vith charming wool' 

Dear VilUam Vicks, I tdsh as yoo 

Voidd do Of oAer people do:* 


xBOJd* wmtntm^ 305 

7 -^MMiwve'a Goatrhdod gerttaia ibO'i ' . •• 
- V- ^ Af»irq€^ldkigsuiioothand ^cdkj 
And iaku and pmrttes thrke a week : 
And ven poor V ill impatktot grew, 
" Dear'VilV* s^ys she, ** you know that yo» 
^u%t cto as biker people do.** 

But DOW Vni*« cash run verjr brief; 

[ So Viy turn'd d'er anotherleaf : . 

^1%e maids dtsniiss'd-^thd hbvse was sdM— > «« 
And coach aod horses, too, we 're 4oki : * 

' ' •'Lord, VkkJi !'•' she scrwuto'd, «• vat MhaU y« do T*— 

. <..'.'< in tmnk,^: ssy> Vicks*/' you know that jTott 

! :^ Jtf USt.cio at'O^itfTp^i^j^ dQ,l* , . 

« Ma*«m Ad DotiiksitUMBiHiiMrof Kiii» 

: :Stt dealb iiA^sI/off .{mmt ,Vicks*i aile~ 
t And^|^»,retf[ieviDghisa^ir8|i: . , . . » 

Htfost Cbrist^a-like his loss be bears^ 
And veil you asVhim— ** How d'yi dol" 
ym cries^*' Indeed; fo fen you true^ 
t 'S as other people do^'*- .,...•. 

Sept. 9, 1814. "" W. H. M. 


i CONFESS^ sinc^ tb^ da]fa of the stormmg of Pa* 

-^ Ti^y I i^ave not see 11; ao^ thing with more terror and 
disaiay» than on reading in the Game LKi for Mid- 
dlesex, that Sir Vieary Gibbs.b^d taken out. his license 
to kill and destroy game;^ .... , . / . 

I knew, indeed, that Sir Alexander Thomson, 
Knight and^qdgc^, was an old sportsn^au, and a very 
excellent ahot:. but to Ijave another jfudge enter^tha- 
field, with a con and a^jbr^ce of ,po^Qt^ra, cj^tcrmjnpd 
a^ all faa^aras on ex^^ei^iii^il^* tl>^t.dang«i:ovi$.i[ace 
of criminals the part|^48l^ A^a^ i^A^gmrof loid pa* 
triqti^m tljiat pould scarceiyi«haive4>ew.ejq)9cte^ at hia . 
'. If 

3C§ XM^^'-m^wfw^ 

farther upoo the Benebj wcvld it^uc^ i^ 4^raD* 
that the obsolete FreDc;h,^r4f i'^d W;^^^;C^|f^fj 

plintdi would be cfoti//^ i^aq ius^t^Qt; yvhp>,^j^'^9f^9^ 
being properly cb»r^*f}> niighi ^t tbe^^mpjli fs.^ 
m whole covey at once. \i>^«^ . 

hail been^ll tb&moroiip^ trmvel)mg f.f pv^q j^Ae/^^/l^ 
hsritit' Ihal be abould be expec),^d to cf^me jaifi6 jl^ifv'jk 
in all the old cum broas paraphernalia of ^|iia ;jp£$t(^I\f 
Will (if I bavekiaiif^-endeJiYiopM&sii^^eitlpfii^^ 
of a babtl betwixt law and ^ootin^ssta^l^l^^il^; 
ihnUghi M.yv^^y \bat mfiy enabit Jbtm to, we t^ie 
a^ do.bcitb opce., _ . ^^ ..{r.l.;iTi?T -J 
Lincoln's Inn. ' : ... .;,r^ ,ulw?«Sri 

MR. EDITOR, ' ; . : rii v, .^ 

T :Ff ND my kttbr ob the tubject bf Sir VicmJe GM>t 
^'teking out a <Spoftii^'«e,..hiM)i«Mder tk.f'QAil^i 
stir 'arttMig the [irofesisWi' partieiilaffy tihe/olderJpfNt) 
o€it* Many of these* respeetabte^gftntkmedy^tWbeii 
hsfd^fu^^rcd aniiifct dust and* cobwebs, :m \\if^fc^. 
cfiombei^ of -the 'tans of -Court^ as* Serjeatnts al iiawi . 
bad' notidea^f coming forward^ aaSeijeaitts dt Amis^' 

at last. " • • ••<.■' " •^••-*> ," • ; ■:•■. . .-- ;.;:.•: 

c Butnhis^Sir Vicary^ eaterihg^lbeyftold as a-sporfe- 
Ttw^ ha^ 'given ai new^tinrn to Uietr ideas' tmirelrV ^ ' 

'LoM'Erakim, Jtit miderstiand^'basiclecWed, Ibalhe 
has no objection to <* Spofttogiarir.f^Q' Game $V.t and 
hai'^<k^'iad)tiiad^S6a»ettniiBi[^(b> qailjhfd'gtgi ronciiis 
road ti| tfampsutfld^ ta>ieatLllae;bd^ iflric^efiftmLit'«^^ 

.jz'.i And 

^f^Him he «ees ho^ <>t)j«otioh (nd 4eg«l ;o^^^^ 
^bSfftrVt^ry to takmg ati Now'b aoiusem^iit; ^rbvid^ 
^fg^ieUTiiine, and that Iak4ng ool A hteme y^^^^lM 
eir)ft;n's(ve; t>if( t)Mit,^tioi)ldbe bc^ M to gel overHblMe 
srcftitfles^ he must have the proper afficbifif^prM^Mkt 
io^im (hat the goa W80 itafc-^tRe dogs ^ry ^autii^fi 
-*^tfit gimpowder the rettl JQdrl/bitf'^^-'^tid'ihe^itld'ttli 
Afe'^i^t t|ttarter/. before ht could )»rddeed< to^ try ihe^ 
case. ' V • . .i .. / ^ 

T'^fii 98|^ni/ however, to any ^new dress^ he oljecfted 
ih*^lc^} asf he was dotivitrecd Ihere was no bsibit wteat«^ 
^M^so^^ab, sodesiraMe, aodaoexpeditk>iii| aa*^ai 

^Thesegiy^tlaw authorities, acting in edhjjunctfoif' 
i;*i4K:Slr vteify Gtbbs^ may now be «iiflp6se*'fa c«i>i3 
kiMef £ lAiia^of ^poHib^' precaleht; whkh willinjEkid^ 
the rem/mirig pArt of thb Beiicli" to tdk^the Jetd>'ali(t'* 
inti^afii^^the^am^ &/ immediately. • » >: ».: 

Mr. Justice Heath may probably confine himself to 
the NorthernDtltlicft lifter .muir«gam6;'aAcl Mr. Ba* 
Ton Graham^ being « great walkefrOMsy, perhaps^ fol-; 
low in the same line. - / . - ^ -^ ^ 

?^v^2hi»li<6fe?£e Btanie and 'Mr. Justice Daitipfer 
bMfiiol iWrittsated^'a migik io aport beyond ^wluAt^ 
€t»^^bi4hg'vtiy pl«ura»t pickbg; and the Chief Jiis^*^ 
XKi'fin BmM Jhgisx]^meB, «« that having «t>lleQted 
bSkiti^titno a fbctts, a:nd brought them iot<>a{ poimi 
of '^^lidcntfafkm', be has no objection .tO)' lilting; 
<d<ywit Iheanknal'-^ooly he must daitcoelly^'/thfir^ 
being cool beins a material point with him.'' :.-}i yp 
And now, Stry'ceiiseB the' most difficult part ofidl, 
viz. tht'imrenting a droit in which adjudge psMtyii 
pljfistsmtty and eonveniendy lidocr »be fieid| Addntbe 
(kmi immedtktc|)y^ afterwards; . * ._»f i^ ,a i».rd 

'■ i? ppdpose^ therefwe (diffident mnhe ia&kLl^uive Uan' 

dettakefi^;. that i»i L^^tdahip^llastld.iiaveaaklrjiiCXM^^ 

: -^ hat. 

308 CHBA^ TIIfE».* 

hat, a Ytghikdngmg seraickf by way of a mg^ and a 
Uaek ti^rliitiklg jtitcktt, am^iiinetled with: iw^Ivt bnt- 
teas^'wiVh fbe^jsPpendage of a ptitple bag to faoMtlie 
finlitit)fi'ifigi)»»t aild'hts'AOtcsr^ eHipoweritig,' ^ow^ 
e«eT,>bia Loniaiiip'a aecrctt^ to remove the aaid fi^st^ 
/imiis'htfoft trial. »- 

^ ' Hifr'Loifdahip) in the^hurry^ bissinessy might puil 
ODt aparlridgvitmtead bf li pl^ecedent ; while m com* 
men people, in ^tfittr osoal fatailiar atyle, might b^ 
led to ** make game," even of bia taw. 

• ' — Fvus» 


A MONG Qibcf gppd ooDscqocQ^ti of tm Ptaecy it 
*^..hti.b^ca CK(^tod tbut tl)e prica^of iqaI*^ lasds^ 
furaiture, provisionf, and aU mrM^f prQpei^ly»wf»iId 
faU^i^ Other w^oida, thfit w^ahiould :bave f f Cbfa|» 
Time9t''. Xhe^ bopap^.if I.i9ift|i)ce oqt^ biiV^/'Ool 
yk beta realised, and I, for oqey ,prpfeaa tl^A^.Jii^ 
no great regret about the maUer.. . <\CbjQap.Tiaira" 
8e^to$,io.m« a fallacy whi«h'hai deceived «miyi l>r» 
if yw.p)ea^» it is ^, way of apf aHii^t«-ra lMd9<l,w^.Qii>l. 
phrase-^wbich very few vnckisfaad* I have b.een IqQg 
in busiqess-rlong a iiousek^perrr-Jo^g a^f^asjler 9^.1^ 
numeroua Jamilyr^but. I^.uever denved any^ adKantftff^ 
from ** Chieap Time^i-/ ai)^ £(K;thift plaij^ i^eason^ ;b^l 
the cheaper, the lime^/ tbe.ipore.eiLtf^xuig^ot w.^,fpy 
family,' and all the fftmijici* I l^novif? . ^ . ^ . - 

We aqe at {iri^uit. a»iu/^.witb..r^f\i3?seat«.iop%Qf 
the <^ cbeafDi living" in f ra^f^, ^ -apjprjeb^^sifiiiis ar^ 
entertained .of hs^^i eqi^g^ioaa ffom^nis 5^unt(]i; j(^ 
I have no fears on this hea4* 3^9b cpiYfc^Quenoea ni^g^ 
have been expected, jvyhil^ the fap>ili^8 of the Thriffies 
and the Savealla.Iiveid.b^rfi^jiHi^.tbey have bee^, ex- 


dmafjioiiiy Mid it bs» brought, oa .Mi a liae^f dl fnceta 
W^ pay,tbr€e.Aia»^s mone ^r fsvery aartidt tbtnniinerdid 
^ivtbie t^gitiningfif jtbM war^. Tbit, fbfc&rfaffr, weiadi 
n " dear time;", but wbat 8]rinptoiiui;tiaiirQiw6dbaeriK 
^,Qf netuncbaae&ty }i:ifc.4M»kr to uie^ 8tiQb;tttune^ ;Let 
(b^ lOQstvpryiagi or tbe leaai (>ryiog.obaeiiv«rt» jufotnt 
U9 o£]tbeur experiwca^ and idl na (die aorestroriteiian 
of ail) where tbecqmuaaplkHi of aiqptAritekof^ losi^ 
iMif be^n dimtuisbed. Are our tables more sparingly 
furnished — our cellars wrot ae slock ed with wines ? Do 
oar taveroi-keepers complain of .want of customers^ or 
their customers of being changed too much ? Are our 
places of piiblicsamnsemeht einfity» provided they can 
furnish a popular exhibition ? Have tbev eren exp^-» 
iiKSpaab^ Mlnj^'Off^ 'slAMi geilkius s^emedf to have dd^ 
aelvuttbMi^i t'Nbi for^ when we could not see good 
4bkor*.(N!i^ft w«iie cotttmt with good horses^ dogs,- i^x4 
4^^lMrihh^mid M^he^ we coulcTnct get gpod Qrama$^ 
«iivi«rifcripyas^d>te; ht hHgbly iMtghied with pabt6- 
iiiiliib tmd iifammeiyi^ . . i ^ 

* ^^dim^li^fnatterd; what' inferior ^radtiman ^ek 
W6^ l^dtMLte^^hSs ifaiighters at expensive bDardrng'-; 
MUdold^^and pnt^oney into 'i&xt poeketi bf 'his' sbn$^ 
ttiM ttie^maybicotne^gattf/aiteTr, by going through a 
i^e^ar course of wenchisg and drinkttig before they . 
eoE^e of^agti? Do thiscbss-of per^ons^fitid It more 
iHsdiasa^ laeonsiiittfaeir.heiUh at home, tha&fi at ex:^ 
pensive wa4erttig* plates} Nb^Madam and ' the 
Misses, although they can scateely tell who Wa»thei^ 
g^afddfi^h^ wilhoui couifdtmg the records of the p^ 
risfh wbrkhbtis€^ musthafre iMgings at Margat^ and 
Kamsgate, &;c. at three guincsfs a^wcek^ and jini. 
«;^*y<Awgfj' whUe," In order to support kllr this, the 
husband takes an example from^his citstdm^rs^ runs 
xft debt fef what is necessary^ and pays ' most honour- 
ibiy for these luxuries. 

i-riEirw«ft£firaphBiied$ at > 'thr^ct u n Bmi oc ri it ri t!>i£! thnr 
Hascni^ that tbe watsring-places woirid bt defortoi^pMid 
l1iali«]V«vho'oDuid aSscd it, wmtldgatCMFiiinttvlbiit: 
what M* ibefactf ^ The waieriag^fiaBCS mem praba&jii 
never fullvrdiaii at thi» momeM^'aBd eretyvritekfrDai 
eigbt iiundrcd «> one thamand paaapoit^ iaaveribeeii: 
9»nted far France. Affwrdii^ indudl Evceyrbody 
turns «ip the nose at such a suggeitumw Whlitis 
them that we cannot aierd h and^ asaicertam states^ 
niau once satd, << Who has. bosa:seratebed/b.y the 

>'^ Cfaasp Times" may come — I shall not dispute it; 
but our conduct shows itett we are in nu impatience 
about them, Evety thing bears almost ^ihe price it 
did at the beginning of the year; but who regards that? 
We fre<}uently talk of the prodigality, of Govevrni^opl,^ 
and we occasionally affect. to be shocked aiithe cEe:tee4 
tiop of the ^aste of piiblic i^iooey ; but wb^yrfgandS) 
the waste of privatietnoney upm objeotdiaa uAW«rtbj^^ 
But let us suppose that <f Cheap Times" are returned^ 
Already, by anticipation, we show how we will treat 
tfaem. If, in tJiese ^* Cheap Times,"'4tK>/-i- Will pro- 
cure what we must now pay 500/. for, will the surplus 
tool, be laid by for a rainy day ? / No. It will then 
be discovered ^tfiat an addition may b^«Mide to our 
gnMeut-,' perhaps a dby, or a tt^mtf nearlsKn^H,'. 
ahoitef for Jacky, or a new pfaiia for^DulRf. -Are 
wh^cranci- spirits cheap? Thena i/oeimust bt^^itf^fai)' 
and ^ery body invited to partake j and thbjr ^S?;*!*^ • 
dett'itimifs, were content with a sly lialf^6»ett of Ii*f4,' 
corfvejtd s€leretly'tnto a closet, nyosttt'*^ tall^of their 
cellar, the last^pipe they laid in, and theaSMIM^^^f ^^ 
ke*pWapa^rtot3rJ • ' - ' * v '^ ^-J* ^^'^^ 

wiJ« te^ krid>f ih wb«iJea|fecti they are t)^ttibte td'' 
«f I>fiar*Flmci^^**rtd Vidiat gaihe^^ 

;,rf-s: the 


l9id)8iceA!i]fi9tbi]9e;TiaqiectiEibk fi^iKBivlrtadf ti«ta« 

mi^h^teidotie to cemkr^^ Cheap Tfatie9" a.veaibktik 
ijpgif t&Q<( ffbon the biilyie£Eect/iS)'ti!at^oiMries(leiiditiit^ 
ia^tial^ owways/aiid ^eaos^ anft.wilhaiwbjxicffiib 
teadeneyi to go. beyond theai^ I hope I ahaH'be jastifkufe 
io iconcdtu^g, ^«s I. begaa, with asertcnxs douhtsj^ 
wheifaer^^^ Cbeap; Times'', will, not -be more groatiy: 
abused, to tbe injury of fami^iea and individuals^ tfaatt^ 
tfeci8e<which*weilainenled as *♦ Dear Times/* • .» . 
I am, Sir, yours, - • /. •? 

/; '; i ; .: ..•••' OtOfHtrjIKS.' 

-..,•-.' .'■•• n' ,. ]fm7^rrr"= ■■ ;••■>:-!*■ 


' ' ' • - fTFrbm tfie Morning Herald, Aug. 29.] ' ' ^ ' 

W^ HEN grave Dpctor Race's first letter eame odt,' ' ^^ 
SardaLad7 toiS-ttis; '^ Pray, Sir, what ** it about ?*'—i 
' Why; Mft'^m," said the Doctor, and gaVfe' a dj vi^i^K, >^ 
'^ Tte i«tt«ris:all>about^/idrtiflg;'i thlUkA* ^ •/ ';j: 

-:-''-•■>-•'•. ♦ . i '^ .^' ■/ ' : r ••.•;.. 1 r.v n *f-^:. 

, . ,THE iiATipisTAL^XNTELL^ 

. V'^'''^^^Wpf?th-^B^h^j Jill vjf .:.•«.^i. 

npHE i^i^bljc .<ha4^.a^r6% h)^», ip%n^c}^ tbrgfigih;. 
-^, tlie iipie4i?«^ .piovff-: c^Ji^^gs^^ha^^j ^ccpijjing, .4^ -^ 
the repprt>,;of^rt^5lryii^h j^^^ ^itb^ ^^fi. 4 ., 

Yankees figbt^ilfe.^e d??ili'.' ^fj tpj^|ii^ e|eg^^.Jljit,v 
\V4B added , from » p^rjselviBSy, JB pijij^ jap^r . o^. lU^ ,34ti^. , 
inst/lbat thopsands of br^ye men.w^fe ab9tttpt^.^i^c;^,, 
the,adya^i^g,foe> ^iihjjjalpur ir.r/^si^i^^ r^ ^ 

On the day to which we have ji\s^ r^few'^d* ^iwe*,. 
were^ obli^ to.appjogiz^ ^:. tjb^e. han^si^olpvLtjf^i^r. . 
Wfi, saali fK>w uiake up^ fojr ^ tshisji; s^s ^yve.^ ^pri^eiit. 
hav^ it in,Qur. power ,J|0 furiiisb 9n^ tgderaUly^ jat^j,. |t 
is now ourplefiafng ^dt, taJ/ycor^ th^.jgjftric4 of i^\- 

24th > 

3tt tMrvATmif^ AWttaifMSp. 

S4di ) ibd we hesitau) xiofe to ^y, the vittoiy mm^^ 
kf.kHtr army at Bltfdenlbt/rfft where fHrrr thjftiynti 
Aaneriea^s defeated a BritWh force amountiag^J: sue- 
dsrdhig to the mott moderate calculation, to nf^a 
liimiaand men (exclusive of a large body of Indians), 
has never been eqballed in ancient or modern liinesj 
and folly proves ili^bat ^ad stated {n Senate^ that Ro- 
num valour can m future claim blithe second ;degree^ 
American beiiig cntided to the first. 

Our ** fighting like the devil," and our " irresUttble 
vriour/' were crowned vKtb such fuU and complete 
succea, that When General Winder, having gained 
sufficient honour for 6ne day/ tboughl proper trium- 
phantly to retire, t^r British h^.bacdly courage to 
advance one hundred yards to see which way he took» 
Overwhelmed with the disgrace they -bad o^perienqed^ 
they rcmainea motipnle^s for twp v^fioh, hg\\i(^ pre- 
tending to rest, tbernselves* Thep, 'when it ,was 
thought "our herpes were not likely to bo met with, 
sfiQ not before, they 'moved forward ; abd, just about 
nig^tfalL ; came skulking into Washington. . . «. . 

One <ff ilbc principal featqres in liie plan of 'opera- 
tidns proposed by\jeneral. Winder, and approved^ by 
Mr. Madison, was £he throwing oplen th^' capHal, on 
the advance dt 4llll> eoeoly; «aau (rap,'<dli Vnore com- 
pletely to ensure his destruction. T^bis ifpovemem wa#. 
aeeolnplished by our arAiy with praisewprtKy alacrity 
aAd astonishing expedition. 'The promptitude and ,der 
cisfon ivlth wntch Gen. Winder arid Mr. Ma^aon 
headed the trooj^s while isvacuativ^ the ci/y,.are.^tu>ye 
aH^p^negyric. ^, . ' ' ^' . ... r\ 

'The new Essex, . wbic^ was to^h^ve b€£i\ launched 
next week, a sloop^ ^nd^ tb«; dock-yaid, w^er^jGi^j^as 
tbSv parsed* ..It wf|a *iqtended to (festroy tbj rfi/^^*^, 
buildings^ as iprecQuHqn^r^.n^f^urei .]but tb>Mt^^as 
feai;ed,^oujd 1^1 l}\e f J^W top ii\\|cH. into tffp vjfneriirs 
pWif, itid wai therefore d^p^ni&cA with for t)>e present. 
3 ^ That 

"flam. HATWMAh iMTsun^mcm AnnarAT^o* 313 

Th#t part of it, however^ was carried into eflbuu 
through ignorance} by the lEnglish themselves; aM 
sixittly after their entry into Washington, we had tba 
satisfafction to see the Capitol (including the House of 
Assembly and that of Representatives), the Arsenal, 
the Treasury, the President's Palace, the Rope-\valk» 
and the great Bridge over the Potowmac, all biasing 
at once. Every thing that could have caused anxiety 
thus removed, one general glow of patriotism pervaded 
the whole metropolis, and only waited the expected 
signal to burst forth and consume the daring reptiles^ 
who, after such a defeat, had the arrogance to give 
thenist^lvtes The airs of conquerors. 

On the inorning of the 25th, a lar^ party of the 
enemy surrounded this office, and a Lieutenani-coh>. 
nel, sent by 'Gen. Ross, demanded to see the Con« 
ckictor of The 'National Intelligencer, against whom 
the soFdters in waiting, with horrid execrations, 
vowed vengeance for his exertions in the cause of his 
country* The Editor serenely snatched up a pistol^ 
and threatened to put to dt^th the first ruffian who «u 
tempted to arrest bis progress. The Colonel slunk 
away at this, and the Editor quitted the Office pistol 
in handii and, marching to the tune of — 

<' Hail* Columbia ! happy laod !*' 

atlvanced towards the soldiei^, half of whom took to 
flight, ami the rest opened theii' ranks to give him a 
free passage. He had just passed them ; wheni hap- 
pening to scratch his head, hi^ pistol utiforluaately 
went off, and he foutid himself defenceless. The BrU 
ttsh now .advai^ced rn all aides with fixed^ bavonela, 
and having formed a hbltov^ square, ^^ length sue* 
ctkdt6 iit making him ihetf prkmier. In a few 
ntfnitfea he was inrbrmed that he had been tried, con- 
demncd, and ordered for eKectiticm. He calmly re- 
plied, that his c6ii(itrynien v^^tniU revenge his dieath 
VOL. xvtii. ^ *(^s * 

0t4 TBB »AnmmfVBmUMm/¥mBi AlurU^mATBSK 

(ito ibey hjid tidiie fbit of tbe iriabtniBiM 
haoged «C Exccutidn Dock), by i mprispotng t*%iMii 
ttll the Brttith cottfitied four AmoricAis^^uidr tfcen 
ottiiog fheo) at Kberiy* Tliey condaciecibitt^^ a 
field, dUunt about a quarter of a »iity wber^tiMj 
ordered him co pfepare for dealk. Not ^M^hiiig^ 
make this a lengthy bus'iness^ the Editor at mice drri^ 
ped oD bis marrowa, and gave the stgiial by wamc 
over bia head a handkerchief) iniicribed <^ l^^ee Trade 
and Saibra' Rigbta.'* At this momeot thrat Avfcrt- 
can aoMiers were seen at a distance ; at sight of istiicli 
ibe whole deUtchtnenl was so mucb alamted^ that fbe 
men who composed .it could only tbink of p»nd iag 
lor their ovin safely. They fired, butio auch trepida- 
tion, that the Editor escaped uohurt, tbou^ iH&te- 
ceivcd seventeen buileta in his pocket-han3kevebte€ 
The British then took to fl^t, leaving their anas 
and accoutrements behind* The Editorcau^t'Dp the 
nvusktts which hail tnissed fire,' aod diaehargipg'AeiB 
one' after another, inflicted assevere losa-ou' ih.e>e«eniy 
in his retreat, wtiicb, in truth, may b^caHed^a Ator- 
<ler)y ftight. « 

> ' Or thcevenk^of the 25th) every things betog ready 
for the gr^ild attaek, the necessary laeasur^s wete 
taken with .the utmost secrecy. Unfortunately, the 
whole plan was in a great measure frustrated by fbe 
extreme ardour of paft of oor army. A company of 
Captain Jumps's rifle corps, aaxioua again to sbov 
their irresistible valour, by ^* fighting like the devil," 
prematurely entered Washingtunl They were seen 
by the enemy, who instantly commenced bia reMat, 
Wiicfat.henpstidotd: twtfa w moek* apecid^- tbatnlk 
.only did- *he ieave.;tl^i 9"aa b^hini^ wUch* ourranny, 
'^ prudenlialYtmonsj had qimtedabcfday bttfbie^faiR 
-&e!«eyen iefti-tiia spifkesiwbichhe^fakasdbf ball^patiii 
.iiKi% it consideinable tro«dil&aini*ie9pen«&* *WtiB 
.disaatrtMs«elraat4W4ilJwarti bioiBot^o eome tcWadi- 


riH'iA<7K)!4' :I\ ^flBWlWl mtmTWm x . ' .:t:r glj( 

Mikgfly^fi9lfatiig.wprlh bayingrn-biH W«d i:^OHi9k 

I9«l^l0fitell ibe takiofi miki iMicI 4iBgmcA» i A9iii;i«i 
ttieirQiuit oitial b« moit benttfijcmK . U }fanlio| ibDi 
uftttT/zallt parli«a int euppeirt.of a 'GovfriofntDr^^ 
wjiv^ea.over their kiterrat; with B\m\% paMml ^%i69t 
thati it lecks not^whai U aaorificM^ l^i etaur^ Jbmr 
safd)!.; Tbrcb4»Wiii|9>of](^loW 'W4i!rQi^^ 
Tjie«aiiry,:.tcc. ,&«*. i»* ; - io »horty H hqm^ cily,Aivitt| 
fofrflMfigr oxootbc^ employ Ihoa^ wJwi.bavc lately qmi^ 
pfciwyd o( MfMtiof trade. A statue, of Mj;< Madiso^ 
stuQcfing in a ckariQi ofirjumphant fian^f iti. already 
pfd^QwA, ,.aa..tbi(:^f>pr]ppriat« <«iianftei)lj of the mw 
Ga^iaUr Wbeaibia* apkndkl .aefvi^ea ana talien ioia 
owaid«ratiott,i we. tbiok it xTMinat iU» dw^t^d.iha^a 
sufaiM:fii(3jU9tt.wiU juMPedtaitely beraetoii f<4oVt0 cqdace. 
}^ fimij%r>tilaNr#. VQtofil by O^ogress, n^fth^be) paIrM)- 
tkaAyt deieoted'to/niki^ toi^oiMi Ais eomiir)^, ; 

Want of roQit> prevents our giving the fif itiafa atffl«» 
dtka lo-fbyw. We sbaM aet- «paf t> Mum .cqImihiisj iot 
thmoi toHBfMtoiirft, Coffreifondeiits ate pariiouliirly 
rtqacstedio;fO(er€ise tboir iiigentitt^ onDibis'iR^matiiig 
oocaaion* . . i ....... 

'* LEGAL sftifttiSrd. ' ' 

. . , , [prom tbe Btiffstv.Prm, Oct. u] , . , . 

I. HA¥£tkyH.btaira nsaddr of ymMrpafNSp, aiidl>have 
'favdy.fiiiiflaf whrtte^aippiaig my ceffeir twithgf aiQn»p> 
ing>->lo<kmttatiii ni ai n tntyteither fmN» thea<<i^»rqf lite 
i^ilii^f^ C1& aocilef of' ymtn laaiiacMnisi <oorteapoiiiU 
eittB. A fewvdhyft.ftittce) I 'kugb0d{|itarttiy lUi Ibe 
(b^^'^Qfrtlie iatler qMalit)e^/4:pmaiD< a Jkikiec^ 
p 2 • the 

3i(i im^^w9im^ 

Vicary Gibb§*i expedition 4g»«)flf4Kt.pPtirirffift fm 
fb^BOiiiB.^ Your romsponOepl. . 99999^4.^^^!^;^^ a 
IMS to 4'eeanetle the^uiiiany ^HirttMs «iipe p^p^^^M^f^ 
etpocimkr of law «ii4 >a - destroy tr-of- g^^ifi^^/chi^l 
Siff if he had reflected for m <iiiofiiMl,<%4^^« w^ ' ' 
hkve aeeD,i ihattheMwa^aochiiig iiicofigfiioui\i^*^ 
two characters; and that, in fact, thty^wcii^^ni^c^ 
flllred to each ^ther* To poiot out the sijM^ity^^i^- 
twtton ibe' Ztftfjrer attd the j^kM^/itiiaiixiir uljl Q^)^l9f 
thtirpMMit connmmioatUMi. . The.fiiHVHV^/lir I ftHplI^ 
are as necessary to ensure success in the ofiffffj^ 
-M 4ii : "t h«: fi^ld f and . tbcrefei^^ Mr« ,£4ilf«»o$n^#q»t* 
i^» ♦haTSubjeitt^ ifiy ofaservaii#ii« ^ittrre$RrriiQ];9fn|f|Kgr 
4Mfts4n<|j«tKRteU\ ^^ '. .f -' • ^. . -J ^;r .fiH <,.-f 
d.iipiiyttit^ftiickperaaitfetiiig^' no nnttbelmdriqi tj^]|^ 
'f6(ldl<ntwof ilielong^fobe •poasQsa'lwi^Mat A^eji^IlM^ 
iHi^itt%ry<M(faibtoS'Ui ib^wmfmsHtonrof ^/ff cmf^ 
angler ;" every one knows what immemt(fffW¥l/i^ 
IteM^rrfrMiMMimg: >^']a troubled' wiM*c^VV«n^r4fhat 
^ak^^mhen '-^'gtidgeom r«hty Mnlri«eT^fi(i9k«fe 
^itMU^Iti&iimWiiof tfe ^oftfieMU ^Of.c^l(h^/Ms 
'tUJ<fii^dh Uida'jprovsrbrr aaA I* vw9st.i^fm9i(^%%^ 
them yet who had not a hankering after pkihfko o&iff 

^Y% ih^re^aita^hed to ibiojmmaf$0k*v: >P3 * h^^^^i^A') 
*' '"Ail '^t|)ti^^sA»^ tbetr' ibm^ftm rfeng vhota^o^^- 
-bMt^r 'A'qfttti Hep^al^pcapetfthtaiiv/a^Modie ^Wi^va 
^'Miil&j^ib^.^ i^Mlnd is sura to l^h bU«Kedt)ttr«aftVStf|d 

they feel great pleasure in bringing down a tfM^fif. 
s^ii^bflhtsm iis Jiiteod-rtbe QU fiaik)riiaffeK«|dM>Ben 

i^miiriMll^^^tbA^tHrofT oft;Aaic;ib/*anJd: vukbmg^ty^p^f 
^4^hB^IMy<i^M'^p«a'daadHiac;x^ tfaiy:anBi:Ter;f;;M£re in 
^^«16 di^rfik^tbitiof MsiiWnb^ )7TBe}^«i^ 

mihf and v«^'fbvi tf ithpfM lvmeilyjvatiit!nd^ 
^'^ftl^^^l*xblllda'«llUttb^•f£9BUj%iea<i^ TjiAia)ird, 
"^lidWt^er, being at preseigutn: confined to one preserve^ 


ii^^ttkiSMSiMMiSlli^ 6UimlJtec«irf« 

'* 7Uit^^^filii)Me9<'irt MJMfMi^ 'ind ^buiiing afrfuikto 

tti<Palirt'iTi^ ptirsoft dfatie'^rUtf^^. The QfctBai^ty 
tW^ g^fiiectlly liMI %hh' j#<tgt>aiiiQDdt4 and ^baxiog 
(disbe* 'reused their pMy)' Ukey^ttmii^e^ery nemth^iie 

DO mtich for the genM'^l tttnilariu^f beiiwcta spertk" 
iniM^nd kiwyerti I^th|ilin^ii«tail.a<&vir partiaular 
|iMtiift» in irbitfr the reseinfb)«Doeit atiU mete qmi- 

TiM IwlMef ikrrlct « hag for hk:fctpjf3i } tl». spurif. 
Mfr^ltev^W tits ^of^fer gaiM. Th^iemuor^ vbco 
be has no . businets, purchaiea wd^;tt^<psifnim wil^ 
^^hMi^^ ti»<^«iive fait ftiaibla, he fiUa Us b^f the 
%^iev to fbetetn^^fiiafi^er^ whea htibas bcen^rutismh 
'^ie^ttMi' Ijtiyi a fe^ fiiartiidgf^.lO'eseaiK'ibeitw^^ 

^"^ 'Tht^poriMfiM «k^n A|pneat deal.of j^ajt/rftr und ^W* 
l%ie1evvy);r^tifr heptpt <to tlim6^ fnoat ^antinMlei;! to 
^s^^\A€oltsfici pmiin\^ in» his wig-^^vaiNi^ iHdW he 
4hafl ial>eHiBte6ay<rf' « jftol^ ia hit. l^her^^' i^fyhim 

V '^The>:s|^Umaii is ^eoatituMtly: chmg^g^ to4 ^;r* 
cAorgtr^. How* Araqtimlly^ €locs)Abe :Jodge^«4^^ ,e 
^f^^— 4i^ piveb Jaihetcmployed iir ikichmgmg i|f|soU 
vantef ;} Aiftd, mH:aiiy'ime:deiiy)tl)at the wliole pris^ 
<iiesiDiif.ate petfecti adepts^^ ia the uk\fd .th^gmg \Vb^r 

-^'^hirtBpojfiMnmnea^^^^pnrsoesU^fi^em Nfojess 
^eriy <fci6S^the:iasiry^ Inrnti^aftcc .'MtcA 
^' •^^'hcTispoftsmaivhas bisr^fiaalpQwckr.mfid^iiot^ftbe 


' iB^foB^ tbes^pottfUiiintcafQMake thi^ fitld- he i^piust 

3t8 VMiaAL\Biomnn9. 

Jowej to open his lips in couth \,* :''^/g 

Tbe tportaman goesfqrth witjb.hisv^tolcrx, mmersy 
or spanteU. No iXEaom snt tnoFeattadiied'^^Mfitf^ 
than the gentlemen -of iheJong^robe;4«^^i^JuuKe al- 
ways been considered :iiMfi(d>agett^ fn.l;lM:>}a:i^4 ^p^ it 
is not oncnmnwn io Acci .three <or four ycuog aneittbers 
of tbe profession crouching and fawning likoiqiMllildirj 
w(hcn a brief is tobedispdMdof* 1. . . . < n.'W ' 

Then, 8«ry thctideff lof wany of'ihe k|a]:iinilni- 
ftiente afford 4lecidtv« «videnee«^ itte^nflh'>Uf toy 
position. The cluuuiaikjx^^ applies to the case of .a 
'Packer ^ tvbo. brtatcs inta^a^ preserve* * IW wriK de 
fmko judkii rckrs to those im«%preiE^ilcatioKt wbidi 
'tometimes <mi<5e;tt fHdn ten milefr^M^ond the bbunds 
Jie originally intended 4o :have sec to 'Ul'4fiic«o#aii{i^ in 
tfcreifopetVf'Mlmg in tvith 'f/ki^^fj^mtmi hiiiM'Vh 
%^t{vu\ ^at «Ne «^1dnd fsf pffVfiM«e/'''^l>fef«te(»Hd«lMW 
lie had himself been madb jgf«7^ vdf^'^^^ta -^nH Mflf 
Mef^ifn ifMriMid, or the fgMtd^tMitikmf is^ #4M!i^ a 
lotlg'd^ has been jpem by « spoctMMA 'wtrtUMH ba^i 
3^h£')i Singh; bffd. - A«d wha«r k«bt writ«f^'>6MSMk 
«)i^, h(ut the i>^VBktiig tlu-ough it Imms'is^iit^^if^mA 
beatrng about his fields, when you have^lrteiiisfleikl^siiii^ 
shg itot toidb BO t' The v^nVoS Jpfmuliiwvi^^iiM'M^ 
^arti^fr aim at thefiame^inH tmdtiejtlifa cf thett HOftv 
tt^ds tbirt betes beeu the ^siloetfssM gnrrocr^ 'Tb* 
'4Ht. bf Err6r*h iwherc «-c«ttk«ey siportsiaMiii firtstM a 
^si SiiixttAodpattriige^, and i %hixtkth€ 4kntknNrr\ 
*^frioh so bften makes a conspicuous figure in lawtpso^ 
e<kKn^, mav be a\>riy'ctfm|Mved er^tbai' stM^tf^ciP a 

.;jv..-/, .. . .,,:. , , ..X'|^ain,'itb«*^ -■ •"• ^-^ ^ ^" ' 
ttj^ffctaw^, TVfwp^i?, • ^. ; ^ MiTTiwipa; 

'7"''''5e/>^y28;' ' • - •'••'> '^- *•-• -^o/ i.n.. 
^Li'vi : ' V,. - ,, ■, .. ^M'j If • 1 iit.jnji" •• 

- . ON 

^ B^RBEH,. 

''' ' ffirbtnr the Morning Post, Oct.!.} 

, ^J^HE ion^ who nearly had caus'd us ()^e'lo59 
-'-' Of oaf GenVal, bpt sought to defeat 
jAl rivat^ f<)r he Qevdr doubted that fioss 
Was the Bather of Bishopsgaie Street, 

And . wd! might he think so ^ the Gen'ral 's to blame^- 

Who so much like a barber behav'd j 
Bbr all that he met on the way tliat he came, 
V -He baudsooiely lathered and shav*d, T. 

: i ,ry,l , • [F/oin the Champion, , Oct. ».) 

irt^fclB.B^awiief Mdy.«>ntalne^ a v^y ttnwsSag ar- 
1:*^? *icle surfer ilieiabove.headj, lit Whieb the wrfcep, 
Mitfti >}^ pi«ij9ewi>rtfay. fe^ lir>gj. b^vnailcd the. distre^feini 
^^9,jSjfCy tbat i^,lik{?ly:tb sij upon the, counteDances ca 
tbejejiiftn^er'meetera ir^ Jthe strepts, when the Congreai 
^??i<!^tl|i>lhe American war, and the.pqm-biU, ah^J 
ftftye^^9,re^p^tjvj5iy;bro^gJit to,^ conclusion. AfltcV 

iLWi^^rtJfWBck UtiftSie o^ei p^l^y \ ^ica ; bu|t ,drbv«^ning 
inei> wijl'ca^ .5|Vai^s,[,jai|d the^e are in1S,niteI^^^ 
Jeti than i>o,thing;5 ingj^iJiely jpetter than the x^nscibu^- 
H^^y^that, ^fjfer. we have m^t a frierul at a sudden coi:^- 
ner, and goot;.: through the esta^Wished roptfrjeof in- 
qwifiear into the health of ourselvei^ and. our mutual 
ficfquain^anqeS) an<J indulged in a few, priginal ^pecuU- 
tions upon the appearances of the weather, Vve are 
positively at a nonplus far fifrther subjects of conver- 
sation^ . Few dilemmas are rhore emharrassiqg^haij to 
find yourself in this stale of conversatioharinsolyencyi 
writhing under the expectant look of your Friend, 
who,- from having made the last observation,, hsts i 
P4 ' aorl. 

MlQK^cbi vAto 4o» ymi «MrOb:^he podieU.of yQiBr4<m4 

bit%l^.bfahh Md tiie wealberi Mfhicb luv.e b^enjfilT 

)ipti ^fQ.cMigtd to itn^ke a dissperate effort^ andig^ 
Qtti of tbi 4or«p9 by a sudden good mornoig^ ^^j^ 
abrupt, ru^k i^roa^ tlie itrtreU After siic^ .40! op^ilit 
Mfi^ilhfi paiiecits generally endeavoar. to waHQ'olFl^wf 
eoilmnraa$teientSr by abuBtltpga^ceteralion-flTdHitie^i 
an i£ nnake the energ)[ of ib&r bo^s #t^Ml^ 
frir tbt'SluggUbnefts of their ntiD4«i: ai)d prov^.'lttaif 
^Ofhrnand Ql:li42)hB» if not jf< woc^s.- Thia .1$ a.'fi^Gffdpa 
I: caa wfely; r^eoaiiaen^ Htjbfi atnHi^hinf of ym lf)K% 
n»i swinging of niy auM (K dqly pi^i^fin:4. lna«^¥e 
toamaly «i[«r faiM in raqoocU^ogmc; «^n>)'yitii^llM 
Iftti^fyikigiiiue Ibat l>wa9.vA Cac( aiVcry. bFift]^;ai><l£c)f$«^ 
pQ(aDni«e4:. j[ bav^ i»l«^ 5)bt4i;ied .o^n^idf^r^jbUiOr^lirf 
fiQ9i:ri*ticiidg,. tbaJt .tbo»p.>»^.hq >)aT# ibft.m^iflfM 
l«iU9t.are. in,j^»«P4l k«^l gifitcd ^iA;,^« t^knhis^ 
^Qopt- tbou^ MAperficial smatMrri^ai . m^: tJ^lJi^u 
iibilm ^\l*iwipn 9i a man .has ,pleBty ;o£ fnofuff^ 
^yjmiker'fii.althpagb bi^ c4Piiot aW^.^Vfig<^jfeiJ 
Mi *Pwd:nj^t« 49 Qft?i^M hc jn^yJ>^j^tk^^X^nhm 

the street. /:;.. :>KOjq 

;.-arb^rW8 4 f»P^>«»<>f 4l»tr<«it jbpwf w, x)cciMJM^nfffcby 
a#Mp^;abu^hA|! 9f the[5e i»|t-p'-tbc-tonguc.fqo^ite 
Bk^e^r Jfv.f^lbi^^reiiQn^s than that cauwd by i;l^?J^i 
w^jvt.of ihcitt. M^ya.hasty b^oli have I wade ^crof^ 
a.^ojc^rde^p ^e^tieU .or. clown a blind alley, or into. th/| 
4^t^afy cif. a shop, keen eye has^yiugh^t j 
t^mpMloi V^y %Pl^so^chmg friend Loqiiaa. jHia^flESjf 
op«wiion(> to b^W^.bi^ PTey throu^jb ^h^ bifyj^- 
&»l^i^6f4fR^e fipger^ tipg^e,,gfiukialljj 
%lw^lbi* Kpldg ppuw put ^ turren^ of y%^ 
u^h.«9)P^t)i^Wceii andif yoivattemptto redeaQjf(H» 

tot^'itf yhurVin^iiidefitecl for 0dtf)e'^0eks «ipoaUit 
ai^alnfg «i»gerw Thus b^ive f be6lv ^dttamed on 4 
raii>}^#ayy ib one of the noost popukMs thofdii|fifMii 
of^Ldndon, ilt<i^ping th^ whole lining sfraiin oT |1«cl 
Sftect, compelling some to walk into ih^ kennel, 4miC 
9^c^f ing the elbows of the far greater mimlier in lay 
nbs; having my bat repeatedly knocked into tilt 
pocMfe by ombreUas, and once nanron^ly escaping tbi 
m%' of my eye iroin l^^ poinC of a bateber*s tray^ 
Wtiflt ff^ tormentor moeC inexorably perseveved in 
botdiii^ my hand' and not holding bis tongue^ lU 
vtii»''^' I feu* fcim 16 ^alk my way ; — be nev4r ha» 
r'Ufiomehl to spare, though he will waste hoii/a in 
t^v/kn^ egotism and flippant ribukJry^ and 1 must either 
t^maih ^nitt^id tbe predicament I have described^ or 
y^Vk'^'wJAS^ Iwo^itft of -my coiifse tilt I ctivplaii ahd 
^^^lit^^'kiy e^eape.^ As be iti m geitdeftian in ^"^tf 
ibt^ btitliidirbmrocft atfid conversation, j I eantidt pid*i 
|Mibtp^iit hfnh; Toi"^ thougli hvsnoW^etiis^jgtits itt^atotttf 
«iFalid':^U iklf the othe^ I shonid not like httrito tty 
flle^iamtfeipeiJmeat with a buWel j and I ahatt the^e^ 
fci¥^,W|€fy happy, if this letter, by eatcWnghi^eye^ 
Motile eaose m^ toJosle it whcli next we nktl in the 
public streets. ^ - 

. ^llfy*frteid'fV*rt?r hai a fund ^fgdod qii^tles, i^'not 
of ^g6od latent^ ; and indeed I ^^^e an unMgnedrt^^ 
^p^ lat himV fbr I look- ivpon \Am^ itvdispatabiy 'oii^ 
of thfc Worthiest Borers ki existence. He i^ petikS/ 
(ualty doitig some neighbour a goodo^ffic^,' Mtne htll^ 
attchtrve civility for one acquaintance or anoth^^^'anvi^ 
wekf^'all of u^ excessi'vefv glad wheii :h'ii <b«llf;:'^cl 
atftaSingFy tnorc 50^ when he;go^ avwiy* ^he*B^y 
Sirv'bas sucfeiatermihablestoi^ie^, And tdl9^4th^nP id^ 
sotTi • i thondtotiou^ tohe. With i^aoh' af' pt^uiildrt' 6P 
*« Sayar Fs, and S^va fie-s/' iliitV^Vwv v^!ktt<he id rclat-! 
ingfcottie kiiidness'c6!rfifr**6rii)ilAel^^^ 
'--? ^ Fc the 

3M. jcox o'esnttit 

fhc mdWytftwoj^M 'iHdl we oatiiicit, dof%ii8l«fttty^>»fth 
common decency,* frfl \imx htMr 'ikry jJioii^ly \Ve*Wiih 
him at the devil. J would ri^ther n^eet a hyama in the 
streets, than this very good sort of nuisajo^ae. When 
lie begins one of his homdrum stories, how he traced 
cut Wilson's Stihon ebe^e^ that had beeff left at the 
wrong housej and had recoviired the parcel that Miss 
firpwp ,had left in the hackney coach — how, hjW'fi, -I 
wished "for ah earthquake to stop hirri f~i^6t *tliat i 
believe it would, .for I suspect him to be of dose kin 
to the persevering gentleman nienlioned ip^sephus, 
or some of the jest-books, who' was ic fling (lis friend 
in Cranbouriid AHfey hbw shabbtty ^rir-Yftutual ac- 
quaintance, Higgins, had behaved, ' whlefn* tHeiy!. dere 
accidentally ^anedz-^thc'compiaSnattt thrbaVked fiext 
day fbr India'; rertiained there twc^niy years,' kti'a on 
his return 1o England, happeiniti^^ Cd irt^el^ the' Iskme 
friend, instantly resunuid-r-" W.^H, Sir, this shabby 
fellovi* Higgins, about whom 1 was speaking to you — -'' 
But enough of these prdsikig 'gentry — I have a plan 
to propose for the better regulatiQiv^f street conver- 
sation, which T shall detail to you in my next letter^ 
and which I hope wiH relieve such of your readers as 
arc subject to the hieetihgs? w1iitWlTave^ivcln>Vratifh 
annoyance to .ARJiii&iiftoji. 


[From the Morning Chronicle, Oct. 3.3 

CKATS ifi 1?t; JdnwsV Pdrk; we know, 
^ By Pqblic AnctWa are let gp ^ 
While in St. Stephen's, we are told, 
SyTriT'af^CoulVactl hey fife ^di ! 


Some pious old ladies aie said to grow wi)d. 
When they hear so much talk of ** Joanna with child i*' 
•^ ^^ And 

"'BUl^A^ri ON THE FAMOUi TitAV^Lt^il, V(r^(^ lAf kit ^ 

* ',• ' •'•^- * • Diki>'At pAitrt; ' ' ^ ■ - »"•■ ^ 

Baron Munchausen— ^peerless ^ee'r,^ " 

; ;- > .Y^u iU>i!e;«r gc* i» lovec: with thai i^/jr po^Cv*' 

, ^ ^^m^, Jeff ,QSf fh^jr p9^f iji/}iea if capne to , t^q .f i«4». . 

^-J*:* •{:■».• :'; ; -: VM$lllA.I^ARTtt tWellBA. ' ' ' < ' i 

TFrom the same.] 

■*• Napylej^n W<?<? ABLE, once fear*d by each nation f 
Nbiv, stript of iiis em()ire, his legions disperfe'd. 
His rfeal sitiiarioh is xBLKiivef^^ 

, IMPRQMPXav /. 

[From tttc Bi-irt*h Plreis, Oct; >.j J '' 

'T'HE Manager gives a good hoiUe and jfiue.s^erjes^ 
"*• Thus onward he merrily jogs 5 
. But well may w^ Fe»>, aa the i)ObWe lasie lealiSi 

The Stage- iwiti «oo» com^ io the dogs^ 


u/\ > 


^N tti/taM^ lei«er* I'sHwH lft« i}i)Mfy-M(>wl»ieWpi<i 
A ietlHMinl kr^ fi^^^^iUffy tstpiiitd, it&tii teMg lllt>ft 
9lofoplti» f^r §ub)ectl ^ oiMi^^rsliikM m*fttfthl4!fiV^tfi^ 
C0ufii«rtng fttracq^^rtnt^n^c^; efiiMr from the* «i&titftil 
bil»hfuliie^» of an E'ngli^hman, orfrotn his sirMge 
^lyifpntby ftgflinst sflymg acvy thit^ unless :he--%as 
Vedlly lomething lo say. These ar<> feelings «f wMftb 
tf Frenetimanha^ M*arcdy ft t<m<:«ption s be ta^ialifi^ 
gefhter B difimnt antTnut, compbondcd, like «hef<D<^- 
taur, of tivomftt^Hals, attd -trtay becl^scrvbdct^na^ti^if 
amiflfU)!^ and hsftf cbami^^bui^; Th^sb !se(ti[»op09fily 
tnititist^ to ^ach other, and combine •n^'tiltike ii^ the 
X*arlicter ;*■ for hi« head is always vet'y fuH of «iiikff, 
and" hfd aiHift*-l!M>x is rflway^ V<?ry't\^irof «pTl*ii6ii!. 
Tben-^thcy have all a «oW ^ fteema^liry JptcalttlPtO 
themselves, by whir^h th^y ^re etiiibled't^'^rrtaWtliin'A 
"ter^diak^gue ih the streets •withooi the ^sUilWfif iftt«r^ 
Petition bf ^•ords br even MeAtf;- Thefcis'ttMFd^k)^tU9iil 
^thsttmtrii in ashrtigofthe 6hoiiMeFS» thftfti inaid^ii 
«clamaf!on8, or awhoJe filet^f •pHmed^o«e(p^''«d9ri}- 
Mioh : the arch of the eyebrb^i e^i^c^^M' istafch 
^i^hness of ni^aniDg, tlie'eWatioit of tb^ bstids^ia 
vOHttt 6f Such emphitival ^onverdalion, attd the uibV- 
iih*e'y ^b6Ve all, is so i^t^xhaunibte'i fund of mlerlocui 
lioni that aParirian lrtut>gef has ftO inote re^l ^ot*^ 
^n for a «tong<ie tbai^ the Abb€ de PB|^€e's aohtibrs^ 
^vhose finger* ^ippfy'thefti witha vo>ob4Kty whkh m^ 
Vti^ hasd^niWl; 'I bhVe siert atnuaculiif ami sMufifLb^jr 
le^ntertraiioiVibP 'tlVts^sotfeatried on-ft>r >a ooflsiderablfc 
llehgth^Of ¥ifnle^ilh a^jgooddeal of wiiartneaa iUUi^ 
<3l^t^,'tyyarties ttieiHing, discoiii'rtng, tfnd ^ep4raiiti§ 
H^ithbiir'uuet'h^ % single' ^)kbl« b^ond ttiv^o^ablii't 
t^Lj^ w^^^J 'c?'f"j t.. < ^ „■ i" :,., r •, ' ,; ,; ' i,;:i,n nud 
Int. *ji<;b i.i>'j oii oyj;:.-^ 8c< p.-^i^.-^' '-' '' ^^ •' *''^' '■*■ ^••» 
'.;inJ2 each. 

A HINT to fSfMSi^taAMU 325 

each. Aiho^Atti6r<UMbidr£i%Ii{IMc^ 
to Paris, iti 4s :ta Jbe xbofM^ sotneipkilftiltbropist wiU 
draw up a digest of these dumb colloq^i^',4Wttbff<4}8e 
^llfsi(tari|Mt<7(*<>jb<niBfrybifAat h^9^p^ ^.f»/|Q fff- 
jrem ^ijbeik Ifoili ^imdivg ;tK»^ fiill^ atiiMAe^pajliaai 
oilier tvi4itoj|b«>* m^,.i»jall t|»e boiffoV/P^^oliOpkw 
nndjspeQfihiQ9»)yitcw!q)^* ,hkihn'n^9mLti«fif)i^tjm.xf^ 
c^itKweiKl to.itbtim io eftrry a sooff-iboJ^ ^bi^bia tit 
ii\iiar.eimfgmciM bins dene specif ww:^^ X bipiVi^. 
gmlknjttii'^ |h«b«0djufi:bis pFofefi8io^,;.>M\9iI vt^lUy 
InaK^iw is mainly >iii^t^vKttb.i^ {^tajbW. succed^ir 
imup'.fer the tQbafi^Ur be epjoys of ^prpfHojUyiaQiJ 
>Mi»lQm)f JAd':li(b«ife.b!efln >^) forAUilf^Qa§ (q.prq^re his 
r^ffiftif* 6h» tbis:a(eaipQt4i)^4is. pfopesp ftf ^^^^nlf^ 
tdfiif;^ ^id:^»yiii^» .f It ia-ftf foU^Fvs^J^^viDgi^p^Iy 
.dlssM^i-ib^ gokWn . rspOftitpry from y^^r; wftiK^^^t 
Pfwkei» giv<n'.tbrc^dis|!t9p#» iMMl>«fv^ t|^ coa- 
li:nto:4o ypi*ri«Q»tw.fctb «io miii?UL«wg5> PP»«f«ing 
pfi[<Hm£lw9!p^lorAi ^toP'/r-TgigQUy fla^ oflT tb^ ^c^l^ 
Hffi4i ^tifik9t,fyom.yQWr fn)l..wjth tbe kouckles of 
4rbfiijri^bitb«qd9<^la)<q out yo^r . b^^ndk^r^^kf with a 
.liiealrkal swings aad bsvHig gradually f^Mfid ^pwA 
4b«u«xl(S(^it^a.uil.H btts ai^ipi^^ied tbe/bn^pf^.^ilk^^p 
>«U^i pa9s^^aai.^wai^ lh>»,€#ruUge of youcjopse,,beo(^ 
ing H)6m tQithirJ«rft,i|bc» u>tb<? rigbii ag^ti flap> ypj*r 
&lUi mtitrntbff bandk«r<;b>ff wUb t^^ s^i^e.forii^^U. 
ti^i.;aftdt by.Ahr, Mnie ^qu baye ,he$vfx} upan^i^^ 
QkwJ .you \^iU have bieeii able tq.CQiii^pobe a very,,^^ 
leii^Kf) ((nd senientious pj^iQ^ af potjopp^ty.r. Thii»,i t^ 
^be amf>st.adn»irab|^.f>peraUQi| , l»r> ^ouroppoiiem's 
aKeiltiaE> b^Bg . otcupied by tb^ .hoqus.,^ppQU9.. aiid 
mummery^; be 4^^ not p^qeive^tbe jlaj^^erpf Uo^by 
MjbiKb,y«u etiaUte yqiir»«if M^?ge|. up;youf,.iin|HQnif^|Up 
YttW Mftud,> 90 M .werJ«^, -t^fi p^vP^Rpi ,ftBddcUbviratfly 
take .sim, s*l!:y<Hif j^dv^r6ajry,,yvilb # pi^^t<lJ«vh^j« bis. 
ba&jujihmg.buibij.n^i|)ial. w^^^^^ )xp$.t.tP^.9Jnd is 

of course liable to be di^bl^^i before he caa close and 
./i'jsa strike' 

strike a Movf. IWopk Wf any'Ailraitfy' itad ^hin1iitas» 
rriAy vt^iy po««ib^ bbjecl to tlie flibmtt» of iinikmg^« 
dil9trhD)et)f4beit*neto$ ftliey tnay^iiiitflerlJw*>reiMriy 
xvome ttTM) thediisvwey mmubM% like: the! tertiyHb for 
overcoming fhe^stcol^cynioM by>8WftJiowMii|[ g^rihrf 
bttt I ftm liappy toififbiib ttie«fe,4fa«t the tikittitte liy&s' 
ratioal of ciUfmning tbe noitjiki is t^tteonntxrtet«qR4 
You tiHiv'x^arfjr foot point by «yemy inokihig. !»?dl- 
moftiJtraHoii^; and indeed mestM obr iiuliioiMibteylAiiig 
gemlenicn open ft souff^bcist as they cl0*t ^ook^ whh-^ 
yont irVet suficring tbe ODnielilsi>fveiifaer4o ^eoitnli^ 
ttito tfaeir head*. ... , , ., •.,.-.:! 

Howeveff as it is impostible le |iit fltptataDytexpe*-' 
dieM thut shall be unirersaliy aroeptaisle^ and aa abc 
evil is tod distressing to wait^tbe shxttrcffeetaf lour' 
renewed intercourse with France, i' have been '*itt-' ^ 
duced to compose a Conversnfi^wU' jilmanMeif whitbr 
^ill enable gentlemen to4ntetiiit«pic»llBiriidddfn>cdM^. 
loqny the ^i-faeie jrear roiikidj Tbay'iHfiA ane tn the ' 
hilbit of making mpramptus^ beat ^ktiow .4fa} grtoi^ 
time they require, and^wil! beat be>4bkXo ^appaeciaQte^' 
ihy lafcours. fihoold you- think paoju^r lO' itlBefl my 
Ahnamack) I flatter myself it will provia aasfentiaHy^Befv 
viceable to many of your readers. . Befere takingi« 
waHc they wHI have nothing to do but took oat forriie* 
months and tinder that bead t^ey will fiild, ready cm 
and dried,' all the most app^noved topics adaptad aoitfat 
season; and, thns furnished witlv ready-^snade ferlilily^t 
they may sally down Fleet Street or Pall-MaU^ mi^ 
their wiis upon the haif-cotk, readv to^fireat the firaS' 

fame they may happen to start« For .the ai!e«N»ma« 
ation of those i9vh(}'may wish' to ba^-thouglil^^amQfftP 
felkms, 1 have • subjoined • a • few tnonthly- jokes^ luuik 
pun«, whirrbi ihowgh bad enough in th^mselveii, ate 
sufficiently pointed for street imprompCua^ and may 
be bccasionally launched with very aatisfaclory efbct^- 
That tbe dealers inamaU-ialk inay not^iieahogeifaer 
', J unprovided. 

unpraiJfiteif^t khaWprobiably add ii ffo«tiping cHarjr, fcf ' 

n^^ainr^iwMchy throve who can omy ^t cut one day : 

iiL'^tfce ti^eA,; tnaf ^^e appmfyriately foquadious, aft*' 

notjknoilge along, as they do at oreaent, evidetitfy at a 

loBsr^how^toidis^offcf'of'theh'Wyday hilavfty, the ex-' 

pi^aaftofi' of vrhicfa has been hitherto iqamemiQfrialty 

confine to a whistle, or apiete 6f practical miscUer. 

Before;! ^proceed to the C&Ttversati&nat jUmattack' 

SiW^'MtniAfyJt^ loboVe promised, i think it fight 

to ihtiiat^'yodl^ readers into the most approved methods 

of^liusbati^iDg their Wit ivhen they hate got it 5 lesfj; 

by the unskilful management of the weapoA 1 have 

prepared' for thewi; ihef may wocind: themselves moi^e 

severely than their* enemies, as the awkward ban(Mer 

of a fl^rl gedfer^Hy begins by thrashing himself inslea<f 

of the eofri. ? To f^reveat this imto ward occurrence, t 

harmdrawh up-atiinlrodefctory digest of rules, adapted 

botft1o'pbde»tfiatoS: and the frequenters bf regtitar palrU 

tie»^; by acar^irftil peiiisal of which, the reader may 

enjoy thehcapphiess of being as much hated and feared 

as the most inveterate wag npdn record. 

t.. Feel your ground before you take a single ^tep^ 
and ^alapt yourself to your Company. You may lfina 
yotarself among a set of wretches who never reaoi Jo& 
Miller, and yfit Have com prehensioo enough to under- 
stated ^im* This is fine! Make fbe most of such a 
situation, for it. is a happiness not often to recur, it - 
any aspiring member venture to opp6se you, crush, 
him without mercy. If you do not know what he is 
gomg to say, tell him vou can help him out in that 
story, should he be at a loss ; if you do, cut him short 
by; snatching the sting of the tale from him, and turn 
it against himself. You wili get the laugh, for the 
audience will be happy to reduce him nearer to their 
own level by measuring him with ymi.^ > 

2\. Never mind what smart you occasion, provided 
youjcan say a sixiHit thing. Your enemy youha:vea 
,- • right 


fit iP Mtff ^M^fBftffMiM^ 

be^t^ If dm j)^i>h t iViend)* A pltliiy ^i«g,iv/lf?it^ 
j^t #ef^^fb b^ tflifled iedafiie Hfti^ht gite jAid'}'*'' H 
W6uld eive^iAuek miki ta suppress il^^ aend ifxillA»^M 
hfH HOUb l^e ^i(»<e» tow cm ttiey cjipe^il ^M l^jsMi^ 

low it f ^ ^ ^ *''V^- " 

-*^# Laftth AoTf-iiMlf 4re scfe^ if yoQ aqe s#i«r'bf^he 
prbntnottatk)!! ; for, tliey who lindersland tfa^ -^ritf 
IM^ of tx>tsr«e4 aiKi ih^ who do iiot^ for -thir o£j^ 
injg thought ignor^f. wilb w<Mneii this rule Will not 
a{ipty} do not, . .therefore,, ih tkrir soctetf <(i&iie 'f)^ 
race, or confess yoiirdelf a free-roasoil, •fol'-they-ifatt}* 
fallyhftte andsuspeet wkfttever they are excluded- fWdn^ 
•'"4. It IS a very Biiceissfor add fauilable ^ruSfiti fb 
^ach upoa Joe*s prentisea with 9oi»e*peoT^dog^%^1id 
It fain al night to start* the game whicb-ydo^Kave 
marked down in the morning. At t^ given ^igindkf^ 
•y, arid you arejswrer to kill the pre)^,«nd perlwpsdotne 
dfthe oofnpai>y, with t^u|ht^r. N.'Bi Be^rtafti'W« 
vdur pointer is staimch ; it wo^rld he a >atl t^io^^^m 
fcef \6 hin* tn upon the gameTiiwiaetf, ihstead^of 6k^k)^« 
5..W!ien yoo laitnch a good thiiig, ^hftfti^tt'tiaip 
Bhifd by the person "next you^ waif pali^fSly^ftV if 
pause, and throw in 'again in k ib\ii4r key. '3Fo#? 
ft8igKo6ur,p6§siBfy,- will liotVenewibis 1afu|h^*%nt'^ill 
excuse you; welt knowing* thatf yoa eanmi'aShMiS 
iBYoV^r awayagoe>d thSng.^' : ' w - - .: i ?• n^cv. 
-'€4: ff ybdr^patty be sti^d^ aiid yotf wisinf ^Ih ^d3R!tise 
ft$i[' gtMfiig'away, give vent to some dmble-^leUftfi 
to distress the women. This will answer your p«r- 
^%ty^ M the meer-mtirft bcTodls ftideedf if ibey ddiiot 
Kck^^tt down stairs. ' ^ *- 

' 7. rh the \viint of otlier ^ii^jeets for yotir rsi^ry 
iind siifecrs,' personal defectft offera tempting s&utt^^cff 

"jokes -msfy* 

make free with yours* .' « .,.* 

Ifs^ge^^ /^ leoA^ pr ^knU for ^{iriapoff noptflfffii 
Lai^^ iipiii^^miely m ydor pwti layingSi^ aod .iir«|li9>a 
po| H^.vhfuii th^.r»i^ Sliidy 490 to getTnext to wJbai U 
c^^^ gopd ^M^ieti^A.or h^c^y laMgber I for l«itgb« 
tfif^iiltC^M^if^ though wit U not, . . .\ ;: 

in ^!^h JV^M^ rcQIitst^^ b»Ti^ «.bad .li^ad-a^b /^d be 
.^teljt^.L'ifgDi.^cQ^ potsp^k to «4v4^^age,<«ndjtji} 

|o« to^^igtWib^ift ill^jlt. . ,,, . t: . , ,, *>fi.;4: 

^ f»^f.f*iWcW <^pA l^i#K»ie|ry„a« gm4/uh|t}j^ 
»»^Jil^ 2iJJm y»q ipay rwak^ :9ocp^uSfi.4 ja;Br9iipis 
^>HP1% fey M^^^^ Jji^i witb {sigf>e44t^atM% 
afdiUliM^ >i^9e |ime,ibrttftting )pi|r, ^opa«e^ifl4%#W 

^mRf ^Qi<^. thkoH glsp^teFoaQ i. for be ^will , be ;y&i§ 
W^'IgbtQ.^isIiyp^r^oogu^.kcRt where Ui%. / ^..tq 

laugh is a temptiDg thmg» 1 qwjj^^; .W is tMr|lf-fp«ffi| 
4Ji9'^V^iff ^^^^ber U)at a good.djn^etr is in4tse)f f gpod 
w^Mb #<^4 Ab^ paly one tl^i will bear (re^iuea^jr^p^rt 

1,^4,. If yon have once, got. f {pa^dow% l^abo«^ 
him withoQt mercy. Reinecnbe^ the J^yjug^^i^ J^4 
Yrcfeb.bqxef--r*^ Ab, Sir, if yo^ki^wAb^/^ble I 
bad io g^Uipg bim dow9,.you,vv9«HW»5S*^.«friP^ 
l^.get up gjgaMi." , , . . { // .vTin..: > 

,,43, Invariably preserve y^ur be&^ jpk^ for t^Jas^j 
apd wt^n jjou have^u^itrqidi it, ^jowJie^4«Hy?'S'9^W 
«^Wttki>y— ^slcing your leave. 

Yours^ &c« AMftULAToa 

It was his duty to dedda. 

X^tfd £-^^, ivpeitatitig ^ver, . . 

Takes it frqm quancsleu to ; 

And thinki, as this fiMy bear 1. 

His bounded duty /is to doubt/ . j. / . 

nj^ERE U a tett>f penonsfwr^jiosi^ eottoqiaial^edmi 

licitude^ and for wiK>tn we ipattnot %«t be)iar:iliAJ^ni 
)Miif^ e«pt:ciaHy as'duftog the iHs bustle of events 
Ihfy dp^r to tisv^ «een pbt into a vf vastoMtcdkidi- 
#iotr quite uoknown to ^em ^evnitral^ IttU^lM 
stimulus tjf which "they tnu$i very a^miitrty nriki. ^fe 
«titicle to liu>se vh^ irom'beiiig il gobd deal oxiitVtfdborft 
iare'in the luabh df me^fmg tbeir frtbhds m tbVstiltet, 
and pf being obliged'^ to sicfp *ind isiiy •ilinBatt&if& 
These getrHetn^n, f^m the Jbufrmtig df ModcaiM dWu 
to 4He etitry of the. AUM Mogans)^ nilto Vbrni^lVere 
observed to hare beeo giCted-iwkh a^ veiy tmttsnaW^ieit 
of inteHocutton. They met not, as hci^etofofe,f with a 
Bbrt of unnatvinbl look between ardour and doj^pdsid- 
eneyi aad an .attitude prepared to take adjen^tag^of 
the^grst momeat of escape* Tbey tjaodgiuktsd'^e^b 
other with eagerness as persons who had pfbt^ly 
heard the first news — shook haiich^ withrC^rdiaHty^.as 
f f /they, bad n(»l $ts^A ^acb olhef for forty -ei^tcMui*— 
aixd)^<^e«<M to Vcatblesa ttiquiriea reapectiiag thi new& 

'.', . 't 4:lftiA t^M * t t^ic, Pr«»oh Academy. -< - ' 


BuQoaparte>mMiid^^kiciiftjQstfiejr biMbaMten, motherF^ 
and wives -.n^Mh^A^ pi^ v«A]>i i h mt i i Bi gl i i -bf^i cough 
on one side, anil^an i wiiiisi ti im itiiy i irt H/n tthfe oSther ; 
in vain (almost) «tbereast^tM.<itmb:)|irffPh^ 
the shniggiiip^dUarB^itii^i'r cootifor .liays tog^er ; 
——the wind was put aside like antmpertiiientlcUow*^ 
the disease was sunn pur^ted for the time being — ^Mrs. 
and the Misses Wilkins were exploded. 

^Tfjjjk^jyrprid, however, ilow hiving resumed in some 
degree its old modes if pingjatogi ^ci|d news coming 
on^ in aquiet vvay as formerly^ the ch^BOe-fniif eteit are 
-^ignis 4t )a !)dsft.' If in Asa^r^y^ne^ossafy .to ^^at a 
«Qa(%^bism flo ^dB 'lin<xwii^ hMtjas rw^idc) iiot pemeviber 
.ioftniito apeii^il MllsicffibjBdv «^reHilMidu9 foreigMl>s 

. ; L^. /iMimf i»|g^ 03 ;^ |9 M»W np^/H^ iiijh lfe# 
4^i^e;di% J3ra0h0>} .• ■-;• »••» -• •* . t ' •»* 

t-JR^rvydiy^eU^ t^tniimiiiliifcliged't^yo^ J4i»^AdMiM» 
.aiiA^h0ittbil4r«9 ^^I^ Ihopefi' *^ ^^ 

:aB. dElather%ptea$a»t |V«tttber tavtday. , > > >.!<>' 

^;^iL Yes^' butii was.coiditntbetliotoit^^ • •" 

' /JBt T«8^1buti*^iixitist!expedtthai'at^ifrliaie<^'yedi^^ 

.ytf^ Seen 'Smith lately?^ ; 

- B>. *&>; I: can't say i Hiuye* (TtoM tAn^t Ufis^4> 
vepy cbmaptemtic pkmswM&^UA>Asc(nM»fi^ 
iugdhal the 4pe4tk^ prefers irutk-euento the eomfw imf 
having^mer itf^Hefi^tnithe^ he wishe$^ Id HsaoeM 


IktM'seM'SmUk, kt^kai seen T^^^^ipiom^ J^dOis 
in emiiktimiim^^B^i I btye leen Tbomiiibtr. '^^ ^^'''- 

A. Indeed l^-^aad bcnr>itJic^ ^^ mm.; /^ .. 

JBL'y«rjr<MHrtlnak'V«» i: -» •{-•.• .a' 

^ I MD'glsd of iu Well-'-food morning. . 

B.. Good morabgp 


|Flei»«lM MtMi 1>r«i, Dec t^.} ' " /:, 

Itl. JPYT01I» 

T HAV£» for Along .period^ endeavoured to^^ffjomuQ 
"^ the cfiuie which teiOAtee you and ybiti;' ;^itWer 
JBditort» to^devote to larse « portion' i4 joiifiiovii^m 
to lAif«lric«2 foiJueiiKOut I Msure ypu^liUH^dl 
have been inntble lo aatitfy; my mirid oh tti^ ;'^»|M. 
Most of you take it anvagt defigbt in ^'l^B^jEkfjVl 
'4ei|din(^up ^veVy poor devif, who, li^e mffiffi^^w^M 
ibrwara. (o amuse the public* No sdoner dc^^TleMr 
|>erfonner make. VU or ber appearance/ tbl^ a'^d^min- 
tioh oT personal beeufies ana Akfttisr-^ yoi«^^imh 
>— manner-r-ibUowa ifi aU the public' pafieritVWw^hi 
/or minuteness and accuracy/ feavea^it ah iofitni^^ur- I 
>hle distance the pictures that are weekty i^itbiS!^^ in 
-TAe Hue mi €rf. Under su^hcircuthsnmB^: of 
what avail is it to ^ a poor player^' to ch^j^^bis I 
nam^; since» no sooner does he appear oif'tHV ten- 
don boarda, than the nev^^spaper^ gratuitously aSiren'cse 
bis creditors where to look for hi'm." ^TbirJi really 
.very cruel. ^ T recollect that I Wa« myielfaitcijfetl on 
"ihe. seventh'niglu of 'hiy performance,^ iq Ctiihs46%ncc 
^of Jtfic favourable notice 4aWen bt me' in the tllXVd- 
papersV for a ' triHfng pub1ican''s debt cbntfafctirf /ih 
l^inrnjngl^^in ; and I was ^|^ neai; losing tpy'.'ei^ge^ 
'ment' trough ihW.aci^ vTbi^'l ttiinR; Xtat^be 
termed ^* killing a'nuul^rithitilciJnes^/^ N6W. rSn*, 

^' All the world *i«iseigi^'^ b'^j:--' ^-bftl X 
And all the men aod moiaiiuwkfiTfipfhfrhi*' tPt - 

why do' you not^ extend *y6ur sphere* of cWc^|^ a 
little ? It you take the trouble of "lookmg aSout you, 
you will find plenty tif -mikjects on which yoa may 
exercise your abilitieSi^^a^dnpt, meddle with His Ma- 
jesty's servants*^ -^Z. \' .^ .. 

Why not crfticTse "tlie Kussiart^Effipiror's perform* 

TJcvLiId Von not eke out a coritmn or tw^o m obsma^ . 
'^^oBtf o^ Mrj'Madison'slperfiirmarice orJKWi/J'and' 
nis«Qiiisif^ picture 6t wiRtinataayf^ * ; 

^^^v do YOU nc^t giy^ your'gpitiign^on iHe lieKVe^ 
m^s ex^rtibBs a^ tfe'ZjVifocfibV'' ' ""-' 

t^g?^^'' "J^ii^^^^r'^i^^'' ^^%^^fe ^^5(^t^S^^^ 

wiju ncver,waiii subjects for cnlicisinl /* } ^_^''^^^ 

*^'^!l^ere.Ari, in yojur^ own immediate neighibdurhtio^f 
yyieas^t^ tweoty competitofs in the, part of Snatie. ^;. 
j^E^v Crok'e'r ha$, (oi[ a long time, ' been '^layrtig 
^qyfs^^ J^efer Pardgrajf)h i 'Wr. Wtiartoiijliaa been 
Mttally ^iicces'sfiil tis JF^flpy/ITet tittle notice* hii^ b^h 
^fen of either, - . . . , . ... *: 

7|ir^ WelMey Lobct'ole'^some tiific^ «md€5'g^^^^^ itp 
Tie Ad^esi^ he has tilrfy played Sir "JfeAjj;25*oi^iirwfc 
■ - '-.^••^^-- •. .«::-. :^ ^-'' With 

withefiK!!. Why <hm^ yDairviwphi»tf i^iirtifM aWcp 
wkh'i^ipeotu^bjffi',? . • .. . :i ;^ }'*•:» -v- 

You bavc^ oeyej^ 9tatQ4 wM ^m ih » i ag h »^ol^'8gf 
Johu Murray^ft ,perso'ofkti^HK. qfsZvfo JPa^r SoidiBr — 
which m^Bi \\9}^ dif»pp0LQHx),m9ii](.Qf! y^mv. madeis. 

Tb« qtbcr day yopr paper .conUM)ed an acDopcit of 
the auctioa in the Gree^i Parfc-^but aotra wofdi-war 
said about Sir William Congreve's execolioa of 
** jidieu ! thou dreary pile /** 

You must have heand bow excellently Lord E n 

personates the Mh^rt and yet you have written no cri- 
ticism on his performance. . ' * " 

You have been equally silent as* to Joanna South- 
cott's Mother Cole — a>p e if jmrgl!c e^ I understand^ be« 
yond Conccpfiott. 

Again, turn your eyes to the sister country, and Ibod 
for criticism may be found in abundance. 

Mr. Peele has got up The, Curfew^ with very i(ftlp 
success. His colleague, Mr. W. Pilzgefala^ ' wap 
«jua]ly unfortunate wiih* The Choleric Afia/i. "^iTh^ 
latter was thinking of gettmg npTfiid Oti'Bbc^idi^'^ 
but li^ gave up the idea, and has brough^t out Mart 
and IVife, in which he iptroduces the Wdsh air of 
«• Poor Mary Anne !"* 

Mr. Grattart, with a country compail^, has been 
perfottnifig The Man of Ten^ Tfsouscmif. Those for 
whose sakes he got the piece up» have not behaved 
V^ry tenddbmely ; it would, ihereforei tie oniy justice 
in y<)tt ^o make favourable mention of^him. ' 

Mr. Peele^has made some nohezs OufenOlenxtower. 
He bawled out the passage— 

; ^* jl.t^U jr(u««i/spii:tts &pm the vasty dd4^ V^ 
^vkh ai^mUhing Vioteace-^btit fto attentidn waap^id 
to hitn, after Mr. Justice Fletcher, who appeared as 
fproy^-tis/Aw^Ay \xk keen and cutting accents — 

<'0» white you U^^ tell truth, and Aanie tlMrifeviil !'* 

ABVIO& roll obiiMMt'tii rm&mmM.^ ^ 

ceive that it requires very little indflistry to seTeitt aUdn^ 
daBokof 'l»ftCict feif efiiicisnti fVom the gttait theatre 
o£ fcbe^wiorld^ whith *wiil «{itef tavA yoar readers infi-"* 
nkKriy ^DfioDe than obdervations oh the^ imnric scerie* t 
tJtm9^ Skr^r dne^ aiteiKioti will' be piix) to these obser^a- 
4teiM<«^^nd * tb^l, in futcrre, the knights of the seek- 
aoid buii»n will' be permitted '^'to strut their hour 
upon the stage,'' without notice in the daily journats* 
i - - I remain, &c. 


Plai/hause Yard, Blacifriars. 



[From the'samQ, Oct, 19.] v 

T HAVE often regretted,i that a regular code of lawa 
-■' has not been dfaw^ up for the government of those 
dashing young g^qtljem^n who are in the habit of 
visiting the theatres. In the. absence of, any re* 
filiations of, this descriptigi?^ I have thrown togetber 
a few^ hints, which may be of great ^e to them ia 
places of pubJic apiusement*^ye.act^<^a th^m, 
myself, for several, ye^rs, and never, kne^w. them fivil of 
attracting the attention .of an andiepccj which is* «. 
matter of primary importance to those wbp^ instead 
of noticing the ^performance, are anxious to b^, noticed 
ihemselves. . » . . 

I am^ &|6. N< 

If yoir have taken places, be sure^ not »to enter the 
box until after tbe commencement of the piece* Se* 
lect, if ppssiM^jt the mp.n?e|it w.h^n fin aiSestiog^mci-* 
dent has excitgd general attention, tp inaki^yoiir ftp«- 

pearance. ,. It gjiv^ an individual a>;t, air pf^great im- 
portance, when a party of twenty or thirty persons 

■ -0 f ' i*- 

gji AvmK iMr cflMOKr nr Tnoxmm. 

a<*>iMifrf !• .m^^la pefait bb free mgwm to the 
£font icnr. 

:. if nmy fenom officiously lifts vp the ccoittt of i 
Mttia jpenait yon ta 'pttir repfty the civility with t 

SIDile^Qt CQBtMpl. 

If the night be eilremely dirty» od no accoontiieg. 
IfSGl'Avtptiig your 6khy booig on the lopn.Qf the seats; 
by thug fMkhg ymr mark, you are ahnost certain of 
iiecuring two or three row« for yourself; and Qotbicg 
gives a man an air of greatclr consequence .4 ban» in a 
i;rowiied house^ to keep possession of th^ greater part 
of a box. 

^ If the evening be very rainy, forget not to bring 
VQur dripping great coat and umbrella into the box*. 
V ou will thus save sixpencCi and, by annoying aa en« 
tire company^ compel tbeni4p talk about you* 

Should you observe iJu'ee very corpulent persons 
filling a seat, where there is accommodation b>r Jour 
of moderate size^ insist on your right to compleie 
the regular number. If you cannot squeeze; yourself 
among them, you will, at all events, be sure of 
creating noise and confusion, and. of drawing the at- 
tentioa or the audience from the performers la your* 

Self. . . ' ; . 

If you have a friend In the box with you, ^nd ob^ 
serve any foolish fellow very attentive to tbe.busioess 
of the scene, immediately conimence'a conversation 

■■■.>■.■■ ■ > , , im ■ ■■ 

* The youni^ man of ton, we are sure, must admire' very aiuch the . 
introdactioQ of the great coati wet aad drippingt to the annoyance 
Qf every other penott in. the boK. By taking it off in Uiis conditioa, 
aiid ^»kiiig it HI th« ey6$ «f the hidica^ if thfj be of l^e fiiM £nfaio% 
iod display* of amt^/t^ naked sboalders» it wiU be as gpodlas «. shbver- 
bath ; out it has been well suggested as a great impro«etneAt» if, this 
ceremony being over, he vould' fold it tzp carefully into a pad, and 
place it ttifdei him ; as !» will aot only sit «iore»«« his ea^e with this 
addiiiqaal sfuf&tg <ipqii tt^e seat» biit» ihiys ele^-ated, aa it i^'ere upco 
a throQe, must deprive the persons sitting behind him of all' chance of 
catching a $timpie of iimftt is passing upoiv Ihe stage. / 


O^* ^course, jTou will he roroe3U^,|p kcpp sileoce f )>o| 
Wif dtttsi'Hiffi lEvou ^1^ for Bofbife^j talk Icvttder 
iHltd 6vcr« ; Should. yotibe'sibJ, you nay i|iterrttp| 
an atteiuive auditor. hy,B$king for *< pinch of iq^ff^ 
H-'WIiat 18 »t oVJocVT'^^c. '^ • 

If you arc fortunate enough to^ grace tlie ftrmt 
of the 8tag|e-bof , do xMt Eail to criticise th< actors in 
lotiilertoflfieittian tbey express themsetvea; Wben t 
handsome actress appears^ bawlout your approbation | 
knd^ ihonld a pUin-^featored lady come bn^ point out 
her ^ects {s^ boldly aa possible. This ^lode of pro* 
eeedt^g distracts ihe attention of the perforttiertj mi^l 
tfi^mcomntit blunders^ and transfers io youi^sdf ib<^ 
eyes biF the Spectators. 

You thayitill pnrchltse tbe(fe/0ftoftM[.fe2b^-^th 
the, aid pf a few of these you may maj tne finest per* 
formance* 'The explosion, k is 'triie> may throw t 
few femalee inta hydtcrics<^biat what of that ?^ A true 
(Kinger will always derive pleasure from the distresseaf 
of a female* ' . > . • , •. 

Sbottldyou observe an ancient eouple, accompanied 
by half a dozen modest and beautiful girls^ nigbly 
gc^i^ at the entertainment, do not hesitate a mo* 
ment to pick out tBe'mbst abandoned profligate who 
walks the lobby, and cominence, in their hearing, an 
obscene cofiversation. There is soniething wonder* 
faHy pleasing and comical in making a virtuon^^o-^ 
nSiaabJusfa. ' 

[Pi!gm«<h»CtiOT m >ian»wi^1< i».] 

tT is, t think, a master of i;a(lQnfd $u)'pnse,.that, itf 
^ a country lth«:«bk,.wlioie.pomiiiiMr^a0d.i^an«j^ 
t»^s are the main streams of its existence^ we should 
, VOL. xvxii. a have 

ttfW «Pcek)yicdiiNhereiaK4ec0not$ of ike iutrof^friar 

IfVlli'iNIIS OOttOD^* dUt'WQflUCD) ; SfUi . IHKr^ JII811U|mIU«* 

rjfts^^ind^'tba^ M 7«t^ Qb .)9dnUbakbefilpc: thyself 
should have thought of inforuiDK the|Biblitf AanpiM 
l^lf^hr thr moeiriiiip«htiit.^*flV^B^dEki'&c:^b£u- 
IMt^ /^f onr ttilale |aMrft . - : -r.: '* t?-:- 

K-yl Ml J>y tnde-s giQDep:;^:^ ciroEihnfaBte^tiotlwardi 
fii^Mtimmg^ except to ihpw^ tliai^aliiioHgkrnjgaim 
Upentft may mneil of lheab6p,i^ave:b€^^ tarn life. 
iti^irmafixoitedtjm'ite^ii-R^ tn:gwn 

whose aigttmcEilf^re'WMbtdbii^aisibaleigaadkahBJb^ 
afeml^^H^jCbebeKyi^ kmlttS^iaiiUtMli'^ 

(Mt tbeiiigehoiiy cfther ^f jitbRtijkoiqicgabfAitlatti^ 
4a!i9i^9taHdurt3p7 positiaKiftiv" iz:'^ • rsl :: ^l^ne^: 
'i .'Fhe fint fi^omeiit li fklecihiiicil tp( j^nta, rf tloM^ 
it might b'e proper to have^aovMbipgdile anWiiaB 
l94gi(0£d}iec?law, \;^ ib tkft^forraetit'^np apfseMice 
M «A'netghbl9ufang;(iookiie8^^I/a AnpisdbMng.aAam)? 
ydhe foHTt -; ({[-eitpemdbfto 'ate latDubaksqdcftjor/wetdtf 
^rhia U^io wat«padcBta i^iiMCi^ Miiijillif sdipis^ and 
pIeasureii:saEw;htspJay do<ini.'a:baie.H)n]ffw(ihiff{faeaKi^ 
3l(iltl<^»}tii'^h^p"^bmjpui} intovHliy,beah!a} ara^Hed, 
I^Mi^rtiteight^L«itk^afflrop fdii,*£siJt\3rflafaDt)oaMb 
iWpiltliipQfe.: 19ii7v>eQmMia<ndiii>iM»Ur^3^^ 

;£> l}|!:tbmi.vobr- Ws.iafairtn^rpccelkxit^'aadMlliout 
ckHtbi llKijsiArty ' (fa^ imore)Dh^ ( wej|gb;>^ aod lite ^eter 
iHiiphff3ii«ik.havebalfethf%f^'rihffi>ataen|^^:^ koa^^tliey 
iplin bciAKllhi.«flighad>iban %f my fdatr^vindsbd^^lk^ 
c«n,dMi(^^«tto hhmfendithaif b^ teiMiiig^grtassliidia 
^v^thif^M^i^fttA^iifemaelb svrBtjril^aiidj >winiib:4tiiM; 
lV9iW^ iM^]f2maft>*ifiicotnmeiv/iibB0raitiy tnigttosdiaibt to 
}^: gnti^M iKJlhMj^mhfcdiyflKv/kbacniill jproitanmHlhlr- 
iflgJiliaHiljMriietfRVQia^ Miieh A Minlexia: M^ imidl 
«I^Mmid!i%I|(lit0A^^iect a lawyer's head feolxairrjr. 
'OOJC5K/4JO " ? However, 

4«0vi^*aiid;tGnidfarmfmyKnBdBraifth8l l{ie^lln» maniifiM^ 

place the mme in a scale, mkyott^^lrill ftid thhr^^fi^ 
'iMaddnveMliifeioiiaw^cTlic^jIm^ wofe^daiitifiMtirfd 
^ifnug sif«vi(Mbdl54iijfief Tt>i» <tlu MrM 

JVM iHt i^afotomhce,qf lawrtti'k j/buv m^pditiV^ 
fwdglH, airi:lhik?«dilimtsMtqrithrMgb^^ 
4DihMi> Aaitg^igfeioyatiudtji^ fep'tgaeh^TOT?. "> ' '^^/ 

pooncU of law; that waasniMfeiljrj fqnttMM^tw^ht 
jQfifmadt m ^?i]r«ai^; doididbpeiised /tbioa|^ \ttr aitiifaat 

.iNestw^igb) fffOBi:^ ^78^ / tb ^tfj^4^ aipefSod^, iM 
yeatetfv .iEMrer>watl a l^tj^ndefMn^'^'tbiift^i^lM ift 
thia evcBtiil pcriod^r ahd JbenminafaQlor]^ tnnied out 
five poofd^veiffht of goocb» wUcb^ft^^aixteen ounces 
' I^ipiave n^ved,4»^oiid llle^3»sii^ 
doaeo|U)dmy^that.ihit ^ravwimtigei^busiAessbas btai 
iiK^qasejiail ai mwr ioip suu i uiii So^^^a It is r^on^ 
aand^i^itia/tojitfleet^' tbxty lorival i«islta»^4Hi|iiil»>Ai« 
to tbe highest pitch of |]etfcoti;pJ>;Ilo^alltov|ttlt*h 
iiimt9idea«Qund'to:ap|Jy tte^fDwer^ t»la«Mi9dikiilg as 
iMflih^ flialMMJciilgkjThjeyieertaiDly do a4ei|tftf f^M4c^ 
a«4 M^iil loiiMttiMS(ts»ebeafiyi: and -at ^^€0iTeet%^^ as 
ittes^bdekflk^ihi Irhe M «iod^aifi«iaoifti0tiiM If 
as^iarttAg^caHi;of MsrarilifrtialsNiId tM^^'e 
rM]n)tamib|bi Ms^Epleasme^ncilS^lbb^eii^ 
tiuQ»btifs.of):^itr 9UteitBilsw!«fFin«tiit«i^i«^^> ttott tt 
wii^^||<qttf^8l f i ibfDadMwMdkd ^i^^ 
tinMk uikhu^nrnta h siairtdK<^:a&rr)at> l0%H«k^p 
thfiiiidc«.f»>.;ii >•-„ v-//ii! i, y'>!MAti^tii:Mmmoiiws^ 

« " i) at CB4NI0U>Or 

jM^c, l^» 'f Joiin mU «9tt Mallow My Ibbg/' Of 

offered a c«»ir»e nif I>otMfe« oalbe aii of diieovttiag 
tbeoiii^ttiii^ (4* fbe m»W» tijr the .<Ai|^9 of the ter<^ 
wl{if)i ia (Serfnany wa Frsinc^js calleil CV'owiffejyj 
ffid, h)u^ q(bev bufnbogg of |hl^ (und^V^ soo)^ 
^ bpotfid OMt ihf tiiQt)i^owU*i99(Tr-Qui. it is tw 
it will d9 for biQiii^ iJ^, ^.|W» W^xUiixik^fStflD,^^^ 
his money very frwly to Juyc^riiqflll^^Df ;jl(i^^^ 
p^qpk'g headsf whik tl|fyjp«9Ye to him lhAt:lie has 
Upnc M all hini«^lfiir . ^ , ; >,, .,,.-: ,.?, ) >, 1 .,.>; 

Jbaniia, who 'fiemn «l«iQil)«(«riif;i^iV|#}cl9ilM(lfb«i|ab; 
but, after alt^* I sli^^lft noft W ^vy 90wr$ tf thici> MU^iMe 
bad bfea good Cor awieibkig, Wij tre^}f;«i6fy tftfeh 
ivant ft^qie criierif^irr-SQme^ii^bed of ju^gfUsbf tin^e 
K^fids to wbiph .publio alliim 'l»e intrusled ; and if 
this cao be done- by a pr^aef. s<^ si»i{4e «« i«fl|)peiiiig 
the ^i^p^ of ih^ 9C|«/4 J 9hou1d be the fii^t;io sbb- 
scribe fojr a general siumlng of the A^o^s of all tii^ in 
office^ that we a>vgh^J(op>y tb^'iT fitoe$« fi)r ihe aitua- 
tions they boldt i ^bouM,l^(e» fir CMMunple^ to ioapect 
the sculls of thosft «yhp have plaittiej and conducted 
the pr^seot i^amSMgn ia 4pAf ripa; wMaii^ofrppmoa 
tba^ t|^ ^ i;>l^^ 9arrie449Ui wbo0.JLa>oppo9iitioii lo the 
scntiii^DU aod.e|(peri^|^Qe.o£,tl^ Gaercbaiita of Loa« 
ilqn; aud M(l^a«f)Ofqpi]9^i0l^jf|.bat>,p^tiyiry 
4v^ agreetmro^ ^p prp^tyrtax ip^y be mmtioucd he 
*earA t^«oo)e.i Iivall ihese heads there mii«t be some- 
* . thing 


thing worth irifl|»ctmg^s&£mfbiik|^ o«b tt Hie ecxfif^ 
mon shape and size-| ;^iiH{4Mher|H4ncip)e« of Cfanio^ 
logy may be^ relied on/ it is time that we apply it for 
the public gwS, by ^tm\ng af fPHki^ifit of seoH^ for 
public offices, niofei confortnaUe to JihHigHi si^e, 
iKodai-tviiiek tbe'^niitt^ tre -^1 oi> the rt^l jf/dk;' 

I aniy Sk, )KMU8^ . ^ • * 

^ ; tftE eoMiN© Of* suiLOit sotrrflcoirr. v^' 

' [From the Morning Post, Oct. zq'.J ^ . ' 

, . <Sc?»c— Joanna 8 EToy^E.. . . ..' 

* * ^bWjBSR AlSTD COM^Mlftaa OF BfiLlEVEKS,' 

. First fyU^ver.., 

T^E cpmes ben? f9r to affyo\x, if sp !>».:.. 

Joanna *U let m Master Shilph see > 
For unbelievers^ oqt of do6^^, S^ps prating^ 
Ah btom Msup, (Siiyeh iir'd of vaiting. 

Bre I to this presiiu^ Id'aiiswev .aiigbt#. 

*Ti8 fit I ask whttipresenis you have brought^ 

If yoQ htve emptjr hat}ds« yote come 1^ vain i: . • » i 

As jou trudged here, ybri miy f ru^is back agdin i 

For wb?iicvera will eome evei^ dsy> 

Shooldlraply totiioiew{jocmiiiotpay. \ ^ 

Ve is^ Sir, a cotQaBittee> you naust know, - ' •' 

Appointed lately for to come logii 

To ax if Mrs. boutfaeott 's 'm tbe 3tra^« 

And make report of all ve heard or saw | - 

In border to enlighleD \b6 ssbohr towi> 

And put the vidked. anbslte^fei4 ieumk. . 

Tbiux^. ■ ' ■ ' 
Speak, d— n yoli, to th^ p«?Wt— ^nbt «te tf fteFf'- 
What have you brought ^ V^^rtAA yon what *s the rule. 
-. RrsTBeaevSr.""'^ ' •' * ' 

Sir, veVesubsc^^dthi^baMtelficfdallaplttee; 
•Vhlch ve ineana*iR>orfto <M?t>ip€ii^ ifer^ct rstf er 

o a VeVe 

i4i rmi^^kiSh WHUiLM «i»Mit«o%¥r 

'VeVe brought sii cloibt ftAi'Hnn^h^ to hegini 
Besides a gdlod^iid 4i iialf df gtii. - - -- > ' " 

HaTO you so? Come, come, thus far att itVdl;^' ** ' 
Now what you want to learn. 1 11 quickly tell. 
To see all ^ ri^t^ I^'lLtaitq-yxitsr liquar» though > 
Tricks npoo trav'ilers^woi^'r^o here, you. kiiQw.^'. 

: \ : • . ' [Takes €L glass tf gm: 

Tis pretty goodt I ^fnr-ititi^fiiychefit-^>' *u 

Joanna 's very fond of Hedges) best $ d^.* *. 

Soowciines slie<take»a Iktlesbtttfrs in it : 
Now« all you ask I '11 ai^swier ip a nunute. 

• \First:SeMilfa^ T - ?; ?3:p . r/.' 

Ve only vants to kaowif ShUoh?s.cotnej, . ^v < ^ a; ti^n^. i 
Because some people say 'tis,a] » 
Swear that to get the dropsy she mu bapp*d> {^^« ty^ ^^,^^4 ^ 
And never *11 be deliver'4 i^iUfbf -a.tfppU 

This I wdl knoirtbejs^ytb' rtedillbftedsof i^.ra^ ;ti ; 
But *tlsa boiindng lie-'ask Dr. R«-— | 
Or, if you wisb4o sireh^^th^^i»toci«l^/ ^^ 
To find another witness, loblf i>M 'JMiqp*^ " ^ 

J$ Shilob bom?* Say; |rfi^^r X|??«^er,;A^ ''" 

D^n your impertinence,, wh^,^^ *j»tl^jr«f? ;, , 

Ve mean no' barm. {/ >♦ ....n):!."! ni.ii^:i>\v 

n.-' 9Wa€r#'- i" * • "»:*•• ' '-l 
• Tott pot me ina^i > 

Shilob can't make it qidlsc^nvealeiir yk. 

What business, prisy, bave ywle be so tarried > 

D' ye think, for any ofjyo«» be -1) bej^miM ^ 

Has not Joanna, lately, put in^priitf. i ; .. 

What to bebeiaen migbf tef^ gJwn *'r^ b'iflt.f ^ ^7/ 

Oyes! her bintas Ooipel vefee|l«iei - 

But vevant proof t6make.tbevaiCldMiQ|re.' ^ 

That Ve have Sbikdi ieen ve laiii' vould telt~ _ 


That you have seeii-*woi^*t>q9rtfS.^9f«.l^SU ?'?j : c . o9Hr 

O^ just the iaoi^l . ,.> ,r; '*■ . "^ ^ 5%.- .'^ •■ /.-v o;.i4 

. We^^ thoQghliG^wim*tibeia0Qiir'^^ (T 
You '11 hear him if you itand hy yonder aaoen f.- -.: 
Tbore^pkice jousfelt^, and Shiloh from on high 
AVill tell you wheBhetneans^lD lenr^ Ibi alty i% .:. . 7 "'^ T 
But while he does so I must iiot be^jrl: ,./.•• ) . s / 

^ • f9rit BeBebir^ ^ ./'*.. . .v/. 
Vat noise is that ? I voider Vhat^rhear : 
Punch in a poppet*ib«w,^Itfaiiik« tisnoar; .^ * 

I think so too. ^^> j'^^^-' ^:-— v.!^: -... ^ .'.-.:5 

You both hfoet^r^ Rejc^co ! 
rrisnothUiglepsilMAdMttlteabtkA^iMsiai^^rr?: ^v \ fiT 

You, j|^0Ml&9t4(9kief>^. ,^: ;,v» id*^::. . , t/.iV oT 
You cursetd bRn4 hfijms« 

,P«r, spite oTy^iioty 
I wUl bbtfWtbrti dill pteaft?/ ninxj t- - n^C 

Your vaga(botadic«^> :^ 
Would fain bring roe to vieW|; i. *: t^. j-^i *V 
But stay where I am^J> JM^ rather : 

I'll be, corafd if :ijcQip^ t? .j; . , ,... .; , . ,^ 
Tillloaiuithas;^tHial.9^Aj^^^^ , ,/ 

SWd^iir^ay gihome;.' v -•••• -I 

AgainheretbtcOtiiJa'l f-U^ . « >.i u-! 
When y((urpfeii^ltt)ti^^«#«^^k'^8Kitiiaise»f .i 3^ " 

Till then doi|'4<r|^^9ii> 

Or wittM«p^,I shafi^iiA^.'s irra y< ♦ nsy C 
And 8endy«l*(«i|ifcliiig^^ia?ffr^otjT.^ j::sv .11 r ^ 

^I4i wmm^itam fWof totm. 

Well, brotbers of tb' etocl, I hope at last ,'*^\^z: » 

You :re 8ati«fied» am) .i>le4i*d . wj^[ a^^ ^ ^P^ : ' . > 

O rai' mJi ^oaders told i« tb«i^ our (Lija ^ . . 
Via pr^Mntljr. n ne)y tubacripiibn rai^ * 

. ^//.- . - -■■ '> ^ 

Now ve bart lieard his woice vith our omhi eaiji^ 
Each doubt *i removed, and banished alt our fears, 
Ve shall report the niirade v^>* khowo. 
And til yill'bend at.Shrloh SoatbcotCs throtie. 

{Exeuni Omnes. 


[Fcom the Champion^ Oct. 30.] 

TOEING an oM bachelor, aod ooa^nt^Uy fr^ from 
^ aaj^ real miafoftisiiiM o£ asy ip^ar^^ I ; £fH|lifaUf 
visit the theatre, out of xner^ curiosityj^ to behold j()i^ 
fictitioua troiiblet of the .draniia j wd ox^my teturii to 
tha city invariably stop %i a c^rtaiQ^cplTee-tiovife ipthe 
Strand, to digQit.wbat,l liayt; se^Qi^lia i»c|^aa^^ Welsh 
rabbitj, and a tumbles o{., bw>dy <^<>d ifvater fw.e^ned 
w^h capillaire. Lastiiigl^ #f|fu: j.hiid^^enjmy wial 
comer seat next to the bar^ I overheaad ai Wiyef^ %h% adjoining .box,:fn9|(p-^;^fa^|i,4' gathered Jfiat 
its tenanli a. cpnaing oUribii^ h)^ mys^f» was dets^ng 
to bis friend the advantagea~x>f a mttiimooiaiaab^^ 
in which he was about to embaflr with a warm', though 
ene-*eyed widow^ i^ whose name h^ had hiii|self aeen 
thirty thousand potind?, four per cent. stocK, standing 
in the Banjc books. Fropi the snatches of his dis« 
course J concluded that he was proceeding. tq discusa 
the dress in which he should be marri^^and bisplanji 
subaequenit to tbat^^ventf bef rii)g, witU great good bu- 
xnouf. His c()mpf«ioj^*a^^ afccjut his cbafwr's^po- 
nomy of peepers, since, like Marinpi^ei^ Pi!li|9^i^ 

soi^disani^ be only nif^imi^pmtibrSimic fintii i^^'sa 
cmsMH^ • " • -•• t ;/. ^ _ 

Inainediatel]^ behind imthdltedlsifl^fti flir tikr Was 
aherMMlfy gMfig o^dMhi t^ b^ milfinter for various 
articles of finery, pteMA^h tobtr anmtisi ^rfirtollilar^ 
gate, and^ldM ordersr mufi tlie«^aitefs arid others 
for present and £tune feam. Pbrwotts df the tim dm^ 
l^aA i^eeasldnattytubs^iiigeabh bihbr opan;^y ear at 
the same moment, fbftiie^l^^cfa; «^hiiti«ical €ombioa«> 
lions, that, having a petvand ink before ine, I was ibr 
d\tieed lOKcqnemillh^m «o> pa^v, and the following. is 
the exact conversiattoli wirifth my usigfaboar ^.wrae- 
iWnte' I fecttid tb^ be Hoggitis) u Aconsciottsly 'mamffii^^ 
ed with the bustling damsel in the bar, 

' iit. Udgglns. Let me see— I' thihk' T %Mrt*#*ir 

xfiybnAvta bob-wig^ * ' ^ i r . ^ ..t/: - 

^ tJafidtiliu. iSVJtfiaplrik sisrtm cap lahd'aftiB«P eSf^ 

rW • ■ . • • ' '"•• ^*.-^^JV' 

w. i?<7^;gitei/ Bfy snuff-cofdured cdati-^' '^' • 

Landiad^^ A'lloQnc^d petticoat, atld pkteiil stay^; 
' Mi^. Mngglni. As to the breeches—/ ' 
'La?idla£f. All tbe ladies wea¥ Ihenl, yt)u^i 

Mu Hoggins. I think I shall go to church in my 

Landlady* With a poke bonnet and a red* parasol: 

A4r. Hoggins > Ptop)^ will sopn^^dfstover that I am 
possessed of something handsome. 

Landlady. A calf^'s head and a pig's face. 

Mr. Hoggins. Shonlilh^^cbijdrert, the fiir^/h?fig 
Ido will be to seetBetA — * ' ' - -* 

Landlady. Skinntd and cut into f*hm slfcd, * ' • ^ 

Mr. Hoggins. 1 shall tak^ carfc tohavaillem welh 
dresserf— ' *. ... i, ..»?- .^ : •'• • ?. :* v. » • "f ' 

Landlady. In the fish^tentejf Wera-^cftiifcortl'^re. 

Mr. Hoggins* What tf ^^pfeistti^- ly'lfrTiirfd -Ihcm 
frisktng before me— , ^ .-♦ « ^ 

OL 5 Landlady,. 

I ' '.'I 

3^ J^-^''' ^Oi»^«»tllttWi^\r»^'A'::^i 

Mr. Hoggins^ %nit6mitihtir6e»\M4iSoog9»^ 

Mr. Hpggims^ My d^Mi^t^ sh^lt V kcolisplisbed— 
LanilaSy. With jjlAty; tf feio^ - ' V' '"^ 
Jlr. Boggim: Stn^k^ in bjiera-dahbef^ ^ 
Xm«a%. Witfi ^ii^t^TaOie belly. ;^ 
JIfr. Hoggins^ I shall, inake a poi^t of fcong the 

little darlings put carefully tp bei-r ,. 
Landlady* And^oK^eifed m opbi^* , :^,.7 
JIfr. Hoggins. And Mto mjra^li^ I sl^It|pye «p my 

mind and body to tl^fe^frdf 9f>yf^ earn^d-rr 
Idmdlatbf. Th»ibrai:%l9VtK pq?P^ aodi devilled, 

andtlMioleto'befricdb . < .jo .' ..n^ } i H 

I had no sooner written down this unluckv paroration 
to Mr. Hoggins'i coftiplaceht exordium^ than I burst 
Vito aQch a peal if Uiig^tiri that Ute ^rties, of whose 
.^ODiwrsation I had tftUs" eatigbtthe lo>^5 im^ ^Mmi, 
foddenly suspended flRtr'^AscoiMBe to ascertain the 
eausc(<of liif linhrrimiarf and katiii^hoott bel.%aSed 
upon fiitW\^i(Xi'hii\^io;' i 4yiirrkd oiitM>l tbeiraoito, 
delehnineihto pop rtiyw^dfi^'v^ 


" W'^^''"''^'^ a^iMMfl", 4iUJSlia%fjMnR cries-* 

V*i'*^^*'*WiP«9of>P9^otijiJ,,^ iiil^IT 
To shov^Owt m nvnB.wwb.*^? S^i * vo ^ J" 

NodifJMfiC^eH^ri9]L£,^ .,^ .oj.ptc »V;;ooi ti^H 

lot thy fboar pASf^ce;^^ A*h<*fer^ * ^*q^ ^^'A 

The bard*! potion paTriet} 
Else wherefore is thy &ocy aet 

Sp.ttrongly oo tbe Harrys^ 

sffiTAra 09i-M$wmft.<9ifa!t(»P'K!assx. j|| 
Bnt soon the manM»fe>pna8„w»».Sirf*S._st _. i 

As Helen ftii>, b^'^flifi^^f^t 'f^i,\^Z.:L 

JBut if aj0A to take tliee Sue^ .^n C' aloa 9H1 bn£ 
There is lut .on!e«-— old Haeet. 

»/ v/ ' T^ ' iwi'ng hit hand— 

lOugB m^JUaU yoo.iike^ my fo od friendj understands 
That I *m not over-pafli^ mjoan.*' 


HERE, ag^ci^«^$Bt^;^i^pii «Nl'%JM»hett; ^ 
Of whobi ^^drnitkUtSf UMiWp^>' oT 
He look'd as qtieer as M^i§»«fll>)i'l^Wld^ 
And woic a beaad^ *li«bt?:>teSf^1ihol x^Ii mtf 

IN HUICBLB IMDIff^Tl^ir .OP;liK. W--^«-««rD^8 MtVWHH, ON 
TBB OTBHIKO OF PABLIXlffellT, HOT. 8^ 1814. 

' [From ftu MMi^ Ilost> Kot. 14.7 
TiJ'R. SpcAcf, Ai'p»cine!fhyl 
•*-^"*- Diipo0*d (Dfi tbis Biibject .to,cAattCf, 
YottUl think it TOCivtfirr , ' ' 

Don't say a f^w wora on the matter. 
First, why ere-we calPd here so early ? 

For cash > * AfiiterVan, Jb nc% mask Vt-^ 
*T will make the toifR^al) faurly hntlf, ' 
If you should want cc^ngt to fltkk* '^ 

ftum. ti i^MltfV iddity^ 
Rim tiriddlty rdo. 
Of the Wr we ttqw ^wag^ I *m not lo&^ . ' ". 

To tell yott I'tWnft^t a* shame, ' 
The mof^er and seconder both 

ShouM thro^ em the Yankees the blame > 
T was Canning's fiBdtooAy«4*>*«tid'now 

I 'U «<y wikit 1 said td irii^e^) 
And 1*11 kick i^a^i^of'«:w#»' 
(IflMiiM^ :h«iia oot^ieC^iiia'lteei ' 

WbotfOdttrtng? I gfedly VowWWh^ ^7 ,. 

And fcMT 'teaching will' ^ny one tlbrnk, Sir, // 
Tbarnow it' should eowe'te hHi tum' 
' To hold ah ambassador's rank. Sir. 
While I moat kse^beHowkig he#ef • ' '^ '^ 2"-* 

His jcoad to prefecmenl 's made shorter. 
He gets fourteen thoiiuand a year, 

:Andlea»eanM to €oMe Willi iby'^xirtei'^ '- -^^ ^ 
. 'lUHMrtk/jSec. 

Abroad ks ina«|r;tbad] op Jtia rhyme ; '* '*' 

fiofe I've yet » more forcible rub'^- •' ' . * 
He *i ttebteffy** may>!rrfiee.«of) hb^timc^ ^^ 

In theoaBndaf qf< Aoady ^nd Bubk ^.i * ^ ^A 
The death of Ross is an event , 

Which with Drummond'sl ne^d&mustdepIor^^Sir) 
For Barckry's: defeat I lament, 

B^ifor Washington's ca|^ilre mu<A more, S*nr. 

Rum ti, &e. 


l i j m fm.i m . 

By beating the ^anifcib; bs'fwfi '' V^J ' 

So,€>idmaam»zcopffncmt' • , . * . - ft 
Of gallant Re?<pst> prodmitMiih > 

Tbeseltrhigs, an^ a late reprimandi 
Demand ttetver of .tiiaiiiiM|iiiiie>;8ii^>} .^ '^-l 

A8,btifiitii|| gmafe^MMifloi^ailattA- r , ... i ; 
TAe writingsipd-.a^ m tiu^Jitfti, Sin . . - . ( . : 

NotwithrtTO*ng ttic'CQiigr*«rterta!€t,* ' ' ^ 

Tke Continent wilfqjM! be-quiet*-^ ^ ,. 

For flevetdx nacions aspe aef > " 

0» iB&kfng a tjjmble^rfot.* . . ) i' 

To 9ar»nijF sottoe'lRrould advance. 

With the ^nursed TXwi OaiiK»fc ' fierce <'Jiurrah !'' 
And sonaej a^ they Bonej!; froip Freoce; 

From Napl<6s ww^d IfcrofKife peer Jifonit* 
-• JluiB.tii. «tei 

$amereaicaiihaif9tiNlDch«|^^faip^ Sir«> 
, What ww»d|eici pifji i ^i ! r.1bl » tbt^jfi ^ 

^ff. th-?sf.9f lin^xm* ja^aBF^rtwl SBwi,.Sk4 , » f 

4A^mp(rf %EpUv'4heriB^lQfig^ , \ j 

Antf .to hear our dl^^ssfuns w^e fi^, ^Su-^ ;,' ^ / . 

It need's must be ownM thev were \^ropg^, * '* 

Not to cfobqe ani team:wis36hi frnm me. Sir:- ^^ * '" 

■ ^ ■" ^\ '. acrmti> &c.- • •• 

KincFe(dy, though long outat^ool ' ' '' \ 
With Bormyv it seetns/ nagood^tigl&t kj ' 

Cfr ehe-be^ wowl* iwt ptey tWs Ibe**- - . i *U - Jfa 
fiy B0iidkig't6»^Qdk»liahe-Coi«sa.' v . . i : . .. ; 

hjiMSipot-.m^i^OidoE witb Ibf Ad^TMiV . \ . ^ \^ 
, :Rwt,, latriji when Mtn^ w»s ^««gbt» %i . 1 ', . • . . / 

King I^c^is seni prders ^xpr«StS •>."...*'.> 

,, ^bat li^ tplg^t be offi si^wift ^ thpuj|^t, 6ir* .: i , ,' 

Now« May 1ft meii|k;if pif: jbiwv • , \ • .; , .. » 

., Cllit,jp«rjiy,,iiw^^^ ■ , \/ . 

' If so—then. Sir, we (thafs all 1 know) ^ ' ' 
.Stfipport the abhorr'U Inquisition. 

For 8pam> or tbe Flooliff of SonMJiiftb ddl ni aid* 
ir Jk^^m»P?,«^^>m %>.3ri^ to ngie 

Hie JUyroi nukle nie t))e«k titf tStt in1nc^%; ^ '' 
KflT, Ibic'doieiinrroaftdttrdloog, 
ti A» iMi# aTthekt <K^|^ areii^M ta\StT \. rjl 
To flight I '«e ImC&tf or y^iu-timi^ 
Tlie flttendape^ l.wpqM i < wfat n<t> ft thiiinerj 

,., ;;j(1i0 9ti|encQipe«»p:i>q;^ Yy 

.and esp^rkfly any yotnl^l^ ^ 

into |b(? anofiy^ that tie liiU '^i^^iyfe^iffi |iim 

and winuB. ,T^ey hav^ leqxjopip |terjg«^ mA|^^ 

at iiU amUbedi^ bayaag beeia wvixhy^pfla^Affl oCv ^m^ 

aa^Litipproved coinage. and hoooit(^.!w)io.liie9«f itMnra 

their backs on an enemy. The Genna^rj^ore (as 
th*y - - ^^ 


ai)iwer for an HQstei^ R^^m)^, itkl'Bb'tnMde'Md>^^^ 
fwBHhsk'iomrs/ Wf $ii'itiUeM bai ^ n'^Hn 
view legtmcntals Wat iwaJLktttenant-CcMoiieb, ten 
Capto^ns, twelve Ut^xt(9m^^^^ \. , 

Levi Samuek .t^fip^%JiK^ the 

CbhCy tbat^ if not immediately ^viTc}MffA%:iif§y .m^ 

•taifuilw^vwpuWt wijuaBfK^tbpqt ,«i)i;i«)fim«o|nMri 

Far.fiiftber fnji^tsBthi^hf^^ 
m^ of %,£]% qf 'HaXl^Vt^9iHo0me^ i>f MiirabM 
Courts R^^knaty tiaCne* 


^ The^Rtai«bfea«^b^«i^ttSHe^ 
Q. The actii^ Hib mh, and tte public ao deems 

Of the |Nropert]^tax>:iMBOrderi>t >^m^^. Sp it ieema^ 
Q. On Ae CMiiveto^^Jipf many tmni^miutwe pigr 

Now peac^li'eoadiid^d I'^E Aa( LdiidtiBitlorwgb. 
9* Hit licardtbip V^nwd^ btit he wsMjiB'WiiiieB^home 

Cail]^lirt)e^Sritl4-r:^^^^^ a^ebwt^ii^ Mafe'/ ^'?; 

i SkMe j^0dr^b^w\iMa0;mi]H6iaLavef|;.iiinQted>d^^ |Saiti£ 
^: ^4 ; Wifen iftey /jfif§ An^w- h«?w |h© iimH}p»# W«b*pe94o ; 

MtfKIJ^^ Ib^ladj^f e9C8ip^ft wi^b<»m pvnisbinqalji wb}k 



catted^ ban the whole wcMht of 

'ft.^u* iMHtAiaikiMiiiideriaafnaw'dABMMiflliiKiaMiur 

aomewbtt loager in mj lueiiimmisg'hat^hh^^ 
other dqr towK>>M» 9TMHi|lf-]NM^^ 
travels^ a mode of pnn'uhing the adaltreia among the 
North J km wam^ ii^mm$^ oi| which 1 1«;ifh^tygr in^» 
not a theory, oraiyileip> hut m^reljritl.i^^^ to the Le- 

It i^ auds $(f dut when 4N^t]^iUKi^»ha|^fL 
detects bbwi&wapi|iiiiiuJ|i^$ll^i&e biief qfffher 
fipse, axsdth«rkla.hef apfihwt,W*bMWiP6P«r iA^wy 
Sir, as ladiagott^a^ rJHBr i m iiii ip an g hnAa re nwu attii fc ^ 
able far conrtfiMf rMtBrifety, aiidiidv^aabaip|»f4f!i^Mdlels^ 
tfa^Mf kHo m0 tt^«imp^£^frea(sg|ij^ 
theatm, I ^ioJc th<t thia woutd be «> mit^ ^cV 
would serve to raise tbem to th4t ^^iinciion the^Ui^ so 
4e8irpiu( of |t i^beap rate^aiid jwcoiU; i^idee^ 
mfilllbljr ppioi them pitft wU$9ut the hs^^hmxi «<: 
baBgMitakffhr 4i ia^gw .ftei)««^4hf €9»h (fm^^ 
th^MAiooik .It<wo«iU also»aefMM mmi/UvatAAaMit 
rin a rt»a< i t rflhekirift«g aA^cwifdi rfiMi l ^i i fculm d^ 
thai'geankttien ki i^fieat (rf* frail beaoi|f ^simaidef^a^JuEfii^ 
mm iAdiapensaibleiA^rediefH^ ^eStntf pugff^trroi'fOt 
Ifpman. I am likewise iuformfBd t>i a vtjry credible 
f^cx, that there are lailies who silently sitboiii *to\tbe 
loss of thw phaality^ yet .would ma^ ,b^ hideou&ouu 
ofy. fori th^ioaa of meir moffUs^ , ijloi: Hit he tfaovym; 
Sir, that I am proposing this, merely Qiali«& compli'* 
ment to the above- mcati oac d - North Amertcaii In- 
dians, whofn 2 do not aadko^the first iiiTenfeors;6f&e. 
punishment— ^i an^^res^ msstakii^flf ^Itoire herself, 
in mm. 4f9n. matters, htt not freqoend|fi(t%MdeBi^to 
sumUmttMMmi ' v< :. , t » )4ji;- < . •, -.i. • ,^'{ 

. Lsdbriit aK fhi«i hovMvei^ 16 4lkf cxMsidera&iir olF 
lUe Legijihttum yagd if iliefe sl^MMittc^^ykid ii« Mf 

" • husbands 

a^i^ioipioaMr^iUidevidie lilit of uNgs#*M^^- Sttcfa a 
on^ migliV fHtbapii be fetid ' ahuag gwne af liioie 

<*' A ^i^bqg; ft Itarsftncej; ft <!abhe9 VfiiftTiij a rob^i a tnunicreT|i|; 

tiMf kr^wiis Uirf ddwtf {n the mti0 tfiahmr^ itt)(Ai'«4i4^ 
al^ttii%i^wehllo>i^s|ep^ v^etrette; (feriiTg.whkfh the^ 
wiW'in tny-iiscmb weihed tb tiiig: ftf my ^w ift ftJ 

the Tinpteasattt jmgte mirof Ttty -h^rf;' I Wfll n6t 
tn9id>ie .yt|v w/tn on^ t^Qtb part.oCffii]^lllo«glM9^«dr> 
the occ|i8iQ», .bu|4MiV# iMfife Ikm'Mkm^ 4<k»» intd^ 
vyidch'l itifen^b]y ft^bsided. ^ ' • - • ^^ • ♦ ■ ' 

yet Dotc l^9^|iiiii|9b«Ue ty: ibe Ui¥# tf ifae o«^ saM^it ii^^ 
air aT>iiiire|9aa|in^9 witiwH haKtv|«ag ^N4iat kie hiMielf ^ 
said^.folike manaeir ha may siqr in the pid)He streM^> 
nol oQfy ?tha^ a iA8a*g wife is a w*-^r but that the: 
husb^id lept^i^ii^ih^loiiailgfMftM^ 
carry qa bis basiness. These are sach trmea^tbat Ibe 
pttcctji^tf^ Umb henfngr flfnd (frg^feii^ ^tlltfts U 
tbesanor^i viar; ime^biffilng; ' 

' Now, 

}^4 i^*irmi» ^M^mMm .. ^ 

these things with the most philosophic ip4iffarflfai^ae3D^ 
9q«;ia 01^ pojtfit iwtiick t ift omisttwitl»ihliMiffi|igiltg~ 
^ gml V^ •ii^'iMlpyb yiki^h, I f hmkiiMt'>h^galRl7 
llfODUHed by ^Df;«Mnigi«g i^cgfM^^^iiyitato^Hi^i^ 
wJuch>.if jg4i«ioKi#)y 4QP«i :K4^ itunkniAy Ibe^(|i8ie 
i^AaJ^a most pniductiye source <>f.f«v€iii«4iilthcimbn» 
pt^Sje^ tfi^t i^/Huall tfts l^Jaii upoo sImdeK0ii^«rqid9v 
Tlf)^ l.^iNckoowledge woplcl «t firAiappfUftlite^raAHF^ 
i€ff^ $p checkj rather thm^poQitfa^ tbevi }^ ^MfAivill 
mp\fe to yoUr »h^ .«#, m i^ oKtber. C4$fu» fiJeDije hi^^ 
^^apness^ soi,io tbisgch^iypneii^'W^ f9m«MH(e:4pb^mjj|, 
%^ if It werf geni^rally known hqtw mmhMammwuj^ 
be uttered for oae shilling, hj^mmOx^^^ouAn^t 
c^yjQiy 9M would ba^ twdve Bwiiy*woitlio»tiimls} 

^l^^q^jr 19. suob Mi Im^r^^ x\iii^MT^}mMiig^^ 
ttrnii^jHid Ihiqr loMiiRoliefofebMd wbafii A^imd^ 
have to pay» I propose, jhsrfr0|^,th«>flrir<»iriDg!48gil^f 
begtnnioji^ with the ^naU^i dama^ that are ever, 
givenjjy-jurjcj, ;Wl:^lvi(Wjt;b»io|^^ as well as I 
cai^^^^ tp opvn^ within toe shilling; acknowledg- 
ingy as J 00, that the tax on the first article is much 
toa;high' i£ the latter if ejipttoalow : { ^^] ^^ I 5 -T 

And a nuisance to the ndghbourtiood « '.V io* 
You are a damned villain rr:*:'.* • • • • fd. 

Yoa robbed and murdered your father • .^ • 3d. 
The wi^ggon and-horses yon use are trot' palA for |d. 
You sent your wife n w-r4ng to'Maigaleto get 

money to cartyon youc business 


£veiy otfiet > arikle ini propoftiM. m 

Now^ Sir, consider one moment what would he the 
effect of a law, well promulgated, by which every one 

• • could 

teuid>be^ifdiilgcid ii^' the^uliiury 6f tnterii^g^ stidifer M 

Mxtnuqpft/rattf.- •.:>.^i-':in.' r-- •-* ;•.•..; ,...i.^ )"..'# 

supposed ftiily eap^bhtof e^ief^idg tMstriVilt^ei ax^^ 
tfaepoore^ can aifoYJ'it-bnce aweefc— Satiirda5rtt^t 
at Imt;':^hsg at Once brings j^ou in 7,Bod;0bp/. eveiy 
yeary which miiy be ^stitl farlh^ increas^.tbin inr-^^ 
maisa^aiiaioilllt }^ ady good 6ilancier, when the habit 
of uttering ^kiid^ %as ar rtvdl *ltt ks :dcMtWl fie^^.^ 
Tbei^i S)rj 11 Wiir tid feiSgef bb ^inel^ TuxtilTy^ InSt i^ 
s^uMt^wt^tm^f^^ t^Ukig tW.iariJ^ 

a^Kmd^g b''th<^>i(«dth df iH^pa mii>ii eVtry: 
odm ta^ ni^y be rep^Aled. • / • — *' ' 

. At b eollectkig' the ea3^> t cbneeive it (e be hifhii&Ty^ 
]e••^difficull^o <iiviBe b plan for getttDf^evef^'far^hfinr 
into the Treaawrvi ihM te^pmuackj pebble m^geoeraT 

tobgaesy^ind'ftt^s^Mbeip'a'itaW''^^''''*'' '^ <-•>-?•'' '''^^^ 
^•'v*? •^•- ■ 's ^'•■•v"**'*?-^^> |'-a«j5^rf--^ " '''' ::-'Jf'^ i^H^-' 

P. S, I wish your Dcwfcjipondent ♦«' Snout?'/' WduW^ 
nj^ply bis admirable ironical pen t^ thJ5,.8uly«ctjify 
aDbther point of view* . 

,^iim " ' ' '" ' 

^HEplous fiiends^ bf Mothei^-Chtai^cli*'' * ' 
" * Afiect to like our City Birch ^ 
Y^t some of these sly rogues— 'od rot 'em- 
Have mhtW4 iHfn t»MSii m^fUam'^ ; '; 



.APPROACH 9F fiHfOSSmh^ , . . . , 

7WifX«rif iis€Q9eni pensweh kaning 9ver a tomt-shner 

LAX! yfbBi's m^ii^ 9tt^ UiT0wcB^€ "wo^^^', . ^ 
Will j)re«q| $«d of AHkitm ^ 
^Qol thai 1 1IM to l8tte poor fi^tbor Obiinrebj 
For Mother SiolfaoottVMhrice^ u^ the iuroh t*- 
JPsba! ilfoM«r$otttheo^-4)ifiK/aiylyeafe) ito*illbii4^ ' 
Nor c»old 8 8Cor«*of YoWl^ fQldkeli6r^JM^ 

Fbor all your wrath-on tiOft^ivoM^taM^ ^-^ ^^ ^ 

I'm lost! andone! t^^t^iaeif atao^tnd^-*^ 

No buonaa bdoB Utftrpoor TQWta^filiaB{|lr 

i/o^ Jobg ha« here heen fighting in my breatt 

With Fear, and o( (he fVaj ODOe bad the beatf 

And fit^htiog <lea|>!9tely 4aU numy « rovmd« . • ^ 

ifcj^ his antagonist seemM in astoaiid*^ 

Btit be b^s no^ got fh>tti hi^ raSying fbe 

A sad cros8*btittock« and a knook*dbwn^blo\^}: • ^ 

And if Jt am not certain he is ici!l*d> ' ' 

At least I Icnow be has got ioiindl)r mitt'idL 

Fear to my heart, a^lqfd aQd^niaste& tbem>. * - > • r 

Pre{>ares to introdaoe bis friend. Despair t \ ^ 

Haste, baste, JdaonHy baMi^, abtfbyhiTNS 

And not the ^Mr)di^ -bit thy lov 'd Towatr safre* t 

O, if not In the straws Ifioiif b near a wife^ ' ^ • *' 

Thy Towser does not care a straw* for lift. 

But osdess tbeao oomi^'GRts, this aogi^ Vidn t > -^ 

Tbaoiglk «be wind mourns, and skies died tears of mXtfi ~ ' 

Ail win not do— th^ elect tese isannot bum. 

For, ah! that^d^i-dyoiuigrasealj 5% wont come. 

"i Christmas, 

i^hri^iAaSf yAadkhfixtff ^'9^^in^ pB*ft}Wi# ^ 
Will make mi wretcbied'fit of i&r ioot of enrtb. 
Tboa^b 6rei^al{ipd!ft fi^.^oiM with i^^* ^\ too hot 
The town. yU) g^w i|br 1991^11 ^4 1 isiut tiot ; 

Or, tarrying lj«l«* l^ogbiWivlll^ 
What can isay, that will ibe tp^ OQWi^e^t, . • ^ , , 
BaoUi'd, 0a they haw If^Pr <4. .*'/t|ipgript|M[^l4?.:i . ^ 
I swore— *t is true^I wwk 1^ thea,i)uito ioher— •• 
AbratshovUd^forthcoining^Ootohmri . ^ 

I could not show, it &W On Chtm^xat»iigf^. , > 1 - '' 
I then would te^.thcwa tb^f 'wef^/feol'dAomug^^ 
And own JoniQa's>wrUmgi^it--v-r<4'ftv4fi 

Q«, iiil»tlt aftcorallmyJUboan-paft, .t ' 

Since to no khurdmi^ hrpm^ht at laptj 1 

Must I to uAvW^Uim hv haircw^tatOt . . vM« ;/ 

And let tbej[larip|ialimu|wg t^rmmate) ^ . , . . 

Howe*C!r J laugh*dj diveU^ to heboid 
The rabble listen.lo tlte tales ^e totdj ' . ;: ' 

I was, myself; suffiddntlj^ bcguU'd, ^ 

To think she hnd oontriir'd to be witli child* 
Alas ! too }mb thedto mitttik^ I find. 
And fall beiom Ihe di»|^^ or tbe^ wiod< 

If, when on Gikrisliiias»day the niob flrftiael> . 
I tell them Shihh. is' aol rea^ yet. 
With unrestrained deriaioa they !H reply, .» 
While dog8»Mi«4G0t«» iHid noUm^^^k» Ay% 
To make my pulpit but ojy ipillory ; 
They will but xbock mfi, if I say the H?g 
!^teans twelve more months yoong Master Shi to dr^*. 
' My brain 's 00 fire-*-como Sii^tay head runs round. 
Ski Shuthcoit come, err I sink to the ground, 
8win>s> Jusi^f^re tbay dit» a toog i)rodiuie j, ' 
Wh|it it I giv»Mi0 |iroia«HiyUig goosed 
It casDot macb fi^agoi^firol^Qgt .' 
And Shih/f$^^ ms^yHri tht fw^j^^fsoii^^ 


. ^ Tutu^** Will you come to the Bower ?*• 
Will yoo come to the cot we *ve got ready for you ? 
Your quUt shall be white, and your curtains sky-blue ; 



't^tb^vrfdeor^Cit/'aiid'Aldersgato^tiyM^r . ,,^^^ 

1fy^4(m'ikmdd»fc&M^iher^ wilt be ^b^ritHr; W;"^ 

^ ^ woB*ty«Hb iron't )w«i,leci .. • » c 

' 6 coidQ* M«st«ff iSMf 'tis iiabane Umt a son* -.v^ 
Shouldleep bis fathe|: waitiDg so long^yoa *vetioi^rc. : 
tt'jc^ now toM but can/ ffie JB^ievecs.wQold.nijr^i . 
Biit,1riiptlotig^waWrtg, Ibiey;!! aBgoawaj;'; ,;".'-' 
V - . W&ikHjmi wjuHyoti, 'fee. '*'"*' ^^ ,* 7, ^ 

Having urg'd for jroar coming these argqtnrDts itifiH;ii|(» * 

Q9«ienow« WHiepliblte^hidl'fifkdf to ' 

Ifjfoa wofi% jTQu fnayj^ay^^whtna pin na^ / » • ^ ' 

- ^. ^BiUf l«^'t|wearr' :'^ - . :.':•- 

■' ;^^ Woo'itjoa,. won't xo9«.#;^-. :« • ;: bt.-.i' ^ 

\ [From the Cf^enl £irf«ii»^,P^^ IHp^S^ , f . 

^HE short pariiain^tAryjCi|n|)aigiii^H^i)^^ 
•*■ byatroceof two nioi^itM} (j^cihU/awj. to:*m4kef 
li few renurks o% the sgtpie^ pf.warbreAvhiichjSecms' 
qow to hfe btroducedr : Instead .gf th^h^yyjMWktyi^ 
the 42-poi^l(ler3t .|W> fi(€«y»<9nUy. afi4^wUb «uckr tfieot. 
discharged by \Uois^M^m^gfifiip^T»i£fQim^^^ 
Pitts, and Foj^ea, 4^ B(»^ke%3iir^;b»YQ IM^ 
of trpQj^ who coiiteqt l^pMv<l4.>^ith'.'dmlli^^ 
sjQan poppers, iSttejr &r % poupt%of .dujbH»f!l|«iia-Xehff 
tington txi^el Pijt^ t^K| tv^ t^i:9yt.Cp«l^ fia 

a'field of.l^ttle^ ^ In (^hervw^^i Sir;, fpT 1^ am U&H 
16 trust wj(&elf w/ithfiniritRry meta^i^r^cim^yr ^age^i 
oiir <)pj^lpsl^Qmsi^ haviP.a^opt©}; ft newr.,tw|ltwof^:d»f» 

canoM^ l^tieiop^aj me itci rfayff*imt^it><»(Hiir^^ eA(MiA 
that it i» afareaii»r.^W'«i:«r {ftic^^tilK^fonL inibe 
manner ofv^tlbis^^d^libiAifk^bi^t^.ter; tb^ 

nent fol^^lirjg^iit;^^^^^ 

Same of the $JfM^cii^^^^<^v^,|]c^^ 

Thave a notioiiy bfi^y^^i^iAlMithc^iwhgmtfmmtX 
our debii^^rm^r^ilol >bdvte;^og^tliierOT 
love of ease, 4>ritt tlnQ wari^of irtio^^hiltiiie<«[ltetst^ 
which I have alluded^ '<vi tf^r I %hall not be thoitt^t 
to hazard a conjeefii^e%66 bold' arid !l(-i¥M^ woea 
I venture to surmise that^tlie plan has been borrowed 
from the Theatre. MyLjaajwaw rsfor this opinion are^ 
that the practice of .dis<uissing,^cts and Billa, and 
other public measates^ "b^ qUestim'and m$tt;^» began 
to make itfe^ai^Jjieat^ce' at^tfeM^ry^^^ the 

ereat Oppositum-qnestioner became ih^'^itfQStgfP^of 
MhmK^fmt tfeMBKMg^ li' lri$> Wi^ ItftitiWif that he undeil* 
toofetthetnawagetniMfit of that great drahiUfic r^pubKc^ 
whett its affairs tWre iiith^ utttifoSt coJffttii^^: fts^ M^ 
iiomdl'd»bi heai^iy increased/ and it^ j^UbRai^itbii<i' 
in ^imgir 6f li»kig both prihiipal and inteH!StV '^heti 
i«}t Sota^ign ^ibd^dethi^lxl;^!^ {^alaee Udltif/tcii^^s^ 
aiiid^imi^^prosp^^ Y^altt ^e^rlrctiVe maV/ 

chyirr^At-shch rcfteJed^pekodj^^^^ 

M|ki^^iAic^nV^§tPtl6\^^ik)(frtfth%s ih^ 
mettt/:to^th«^feai^^^d8pi^(idi^'^r hTs'v^^ 
diefft' subjects* 

*^ 1 assume. 

)6a MBW |>B9AVW« 

1 4UpilM| l|i€i«feiiei tib^t tio nun toukL h^ve done 
)i^% without buying hm bead fiUed ivUh a new setxjf 
idAMi .w^iqht i^viog been auccc^stfol in «iM p^ace^ ht 
y^^kl^Mirally wMi to trantfer to anoibert wheret ia 
k*» fil^iH0%. th« imoQ gne^»iioei ane Mt^ axid. the aaav 
^mpUiiH/i «fB |9 be btf iuxL ft ir^s ia^fCNisiMii tbal anjr 
Wi^ ^iA compreheiiBWe a miod as tbia gntat Mao»« 
Mfi .riy>yJ4 b«v«fivan hta aigbta and 4ayat0 imgfdtti^ 
SHwai»wa9d :pa(iic»iHfiieft| to Ibe delmq^eoK^ of aen 
(jaMMnaili tDaasufwrs box-kef#er$». ao4 doorrkcapars; 
Ibft Aldariea of pij^aw^ dan^'ai^ aod aiDgacs ;, to. ibe 
qptHfrfaMila pf .atHboiaf. oof»poMei»t ^ec^n^^aiQleri^ 
carpeoteray be* &c, without his imagtnatiou beui§ 
ilbrqi^y impfiMad ivitb aU these vairigii»..acii vaiie- 
gatfd coih:^;^^ }, and avieo bta laiigMagei'^.>cmii|DOft 
QQcaMofii^ aiid bia copduQt ia coonnonUfi^ beiofr 
tioglMl.MrHb a Utile oolouriog of iUfhat wa« perpetuaUf 
before bia eye«« 

Tq all tb»»» tbefef^fe^ I thtob wyidif warraaWd in 
i^^biog tbe irmtiik.Jorm in which iheiptpara have 
lately banded us what us/ad ta beiealled the Debates. 
Wbaa, ioalaad of fwr or five cqIuhmis^ I see the se»^ 
tiaaeiita of an orator given in two or tWee lioea^ and. 
that in tbe form of a questiov^ wHb theempbaiie stage 
dlk^iom of " aJaughj"' or " bear ! bear!". I fancy 
t|)at. I ani reading a cooiedy in the. prompter's eopyy 
and that we riiaH aoon aee inttoduced the sly yam 
tmd^ with the significant local pi^cepts of O. P» and 

, Tbi^s mueb.^ Sir^ for an atJteiDpt to traoe the arilffio 
Qt our new sfmetes of dpbate, Wheihier it ht^ «{MNa 
tbe vf ha^^ an improYepaent, is a qmestion I am nn wjllr 
ing to investigate. To my self^ deeply enga^ in a 
business of importaneei wbich> allows little time for 
political studies^ it bas^ I own^ proved both conve- 
nient and amnsing ; and I. have even ventured to re- 
ale my wife and daugblera with a scew or two at 



breakfast, which they protest ** reads like a cofne<fy/' 
But I have too much of the patriot about me to study 
my own convenience at tbe exp^ise of my country, 
and will be content to sacrifice every selfish considera» 
lion, if it can be proved that the Question znd Answer 
system is not preferable to that to which we have been 
accustomed so many years; aad w^hicb^ among other 
diin^s, had this good effect; it created a reverence for 
Parhament; it excluded tbe petty quibbles of inferior^ 
talent ; it permitted no time to be wasted in << frivolou» 
and vexatious" propositions; and iftlhrew an air 6f^ 
dignfty on the speakers,, and a fame for eloquence and 
argument, elegant aa well as impartial and dispassion* 
ate, which, pro£a££/,. may be ill -exchanged for a me- 
thod within the power of men of very inferior abilities 
and very Contracted principles, and who aire geperally 
more reroarkablc for displays of temper than cf talent^' 
X am, Sir, yours, 

A Debater of twe old ScHOOt* 


[From the same, l>cc. 9.] 

nnAKE all the ladies and gentleman you can geti 
^ place them in a room with a slow fire; stir them.* 
well ; have ready a piano forte, a harp, i handful* 
of books or prints, put them in from tinic to tini^: 
when the mixture begins to- settle, sweeten with po« 
litesse^ or wit' (if you have it) ; if not, flattery will do 
as well, and is vtry cheap. When all have stewed 
togethep for two or three hours, put in one or two 
turkeys, some tongues, sliced beef* or ham, tarts, 
cakes, and sweetmeats, and some bottles of wine ; the 
more you put the belter, and the more substantiat 
your rout will bo. — ^N. B^ Fill your room quite fulV 
and let the scum, run off of itself.. ' 


Kpt^kSkei, Bi heavy find as dtill atf lead, 
Wliich rarely woimd e^en where diey chance t6 M^ 
Mey afaov the nuBt to he alfvff iPA$/^rM(/, 
But cleariy prove he la^ not Ir^ a wUi 

. . Acus« 

[Fiom the Mbriiiiig Heiald^ Dec. 23.] 

^^E TODverh declares, to our senses appealing, 
' -■■' Thobgh '* Seeing *8 believing, the truth lies in Feeling; * 
But now a dup*d Doctor has found out, forsooth. 
Even Feeling is hot, in aU cases, the truth. 


{From the Momm^ Chrofticle, Dec. zSJ] 

Y.^S, Laureate Soathey, hy length unappaU'd, 
^ Thy numbers Miltonic I *ve scanned 'em ; 
So roving thy measure; thy Hero *s miscaird : 
His name should be Roderick Mandom, 

For man and fbr reptile with provender stor*d> 

Hqw kind is thy last of] the Goths ! 
First food for the Critics thy pages afibrd -, 

And secondly, food for the Moths ! 


C 3% > 


uvmBht AUBMiTTSD To^TRi sdYKiEroKft tM 66vomssa > 

(From tiieOlllLivploii, Dw; saw} . 

T SHALL make three ifs0umi>tM>ns,*v^hi«h IxlMvft lid 
^ dofubtwiH be readHy acceded loylyefot^ I (^^ 
state the detail of the^kn^oreant atrm^emieiit fiiMok 
will tranqaillize all Europe. . /i . 

In the first place, the right of tlie strongent is iM 
only right which can possibly be acknowledged ii^ 

In the second place, individitals hglf e no rights, nc^ 
feelings, no happiness, separatdy* considered ; but alrcf 
merely component parts of a g^eat whole. 

In the third place, it is lawful to destroy or annihi*> 
late all those persons or states who shall oppose ttienk-*^ 
selves to the wishes of the majority of the'Strongest. ' 

On these three incontrovertible maxims I shall build* 
my reasoning, or rather tny reeommendation. 

It is obvious, that Europe has been for centur'/es dis- 
turbed by the desires of different grtiiat 8bv^d|nB, 
who have now and then takei^ 4, fancy to some little 
neighbouring territory, which would make the most 
convenient accession in the world to their own domi-> 
nions. The little neighbouring state, instead of quietly 
submitting itself to the wishes of the superior king- 
doni, has generally had the impertinence to resist by 
force of arms ; and then, so strong in mankiii^ id the • 
love of fighting ahd cutting throats, that in k short 
time the whole continent has been engaged iti war* 
about this same paltry principality, -which ought in 
the first instance .to have been blown up by gunpowder. 

Now, I wish to put a stop to all this wretched ab- 
surdity : there should be no small states in Europe ; 
they should all be absorbed in the greater. For in- 
stance, let there be four great states,' England, Frante, 
Russia, and Austria, all of equal strength, and let all 
other states be merged in these. If, after an impartial • 
' ' R a division. 


Antimat there •badt be a fttiperloiitjr remmmag of^etie 
or two odd priMipftltties, tbe best pisA for ^peveatnig 
all future disseosioDt will be to root then ont^ whb ail 
their kdiabiuiKa. Some opposition witt perhaps be 
. made to^his »cbe«iet ProMia afid Tutkey, aodSwe- 
deo and Uolla:nd» may gromble a littk^ to be dcpmed 
sit QMe 'of all their consequesce $ :but tbe bayonet aBd 
asrtillery of tbe majority will soon silence the^ senae- 
leas clamours^ 

It may seem, at first, rather ungrateful to exclude 
Frussia^ which here so disitngoisbcS a part in tbe late 
ivar I but what has gratitude to do with p^itical con- 
vcnienee ? and besides, how dare Fru8«a oomplain, 
who would, if allowed, at once pounce upon Saxony? 
Tbe Turks, it is evident, bsnre no claim to tbe mercifal 
cci^ideratioQ- of a Christian eongreta: indieed, I never 
eonid understand what business they had in Europe. 
It is high time, either that they should all be converted 
to Ch»>6tianvty, or else be transported to Asia .or 
^Aiica, or disposed of in some otlier.i^'ay by means 'of 
Christian fire and ball^ Sweden will hardly have the 
ftce to olgect to a little robbery just after her theft of 
Idorway 5— and as to Holland, I really could never tjee 
why a set of fcllo«»s who wear trunk- breeches and 
sell butter and cheese, should be Allowed to have a 
state of their own, just as if they viere a weiUdressed 
and genteel people, 

: There are, F am aware, several other states and even 
kingdoms, but they are too insignificant for particular 
mention : though t must just hint, that I would con- 
vert Spain into a great Jesuits'^ college, of 'which the 
Pope should be president, and Lucten Buonaparte the 
lecturer on the Belief Lf^ttres. That coufounded naiiie 
puts me in mind.of the .man at £Iba, against w.hom I 
seetio security, unless he is either hanged or made a 
Bow Street runner, I incline toahelatles part of the 
abemattve, bMause I would not destroy a sinner while 

~ there 

tkHe jir«iijrcl»ne& of ibis.fefaitaawiii^ aodsbeooiierHi* 
-actiyily 4fid laf^^i^ience woul4|iiiflrtef biwj^vimisl 
. xisefiil officer of polioek.. •«.... i^ i ^ '5 

The advanuges of Ahe par^Micin vk^KdiJ liftiiie«bdve 
dtBscrtbed, 8eemlo0obvioii«^ bo^^wi^llkttptm.t hatitke 
first placet :tb€ie wouM be: no. tamt S^tAkv^ieinrnt Ibe 
indcpendeDce of petty republiGs^ and free towns^ smd 
tbeae etiMfHybiaiaAQidAauans could j»e^^^ 
of that equality, go to war with any cham^.of.auceef^s. 
Each would bea oaateb for the other $ ^aad fo-preyetit 
any two umtmg against a third, each state shotildkt^p 
Ha own heir apparent, and the two next auccessors to 
the crown^ at the three other courts, and, oti the least 
symptom. of a treacheroos union, the said heir appa- 
rent, &c. should be inimedla,tely strangled, .iV 
The next advjaniage would be, that the four.gwat 
.stales would become m time so s^smilated^ (hat. there 
v^ould be no longer any foolish and partial pwelereace 
of ojne country to another, but we shotild' arU became 
citizens of Europe, There would not be much occa- 
sion for large standing arnites, and the kings would 
just keep up so many soldiers as might serve to amuse 
the women and children. . > 

Finally, it would be as well to have only one religtoa 
in Europe; and as the. Protestant profewors are. the 
least numerous, they ought . to give up their tenets to 
the majority. In the mean time, lawyers, and physic 
.cians, and fisathematicians, and men of lettera, may in 
private hold what opinion they please, but muat nol 
publish them under pain of being deported to Africa. 

This is just an outline of ray scheme and ils: advaQ«> 
lages, and l think it would be mi^eh better {or- the 
Sovereigns at Congress to adopt it at onee, Instead of 
wasting their time in affected hesitation about petty 
depredations. .Let them go to woifk boMly, and tthen 
show me the man who, wij! .dare to oppose them. 

.... W*HIMSICVI*0. 

' ' ' FIRST 

3!6S VHB COWGtiMil§4 A FARCE; 

The victims who, raising tbeir iMttds to the sky. 
And clanking their tortaring i^tltms on bigfaj, 
Appeal to their God as they ^m^d to the bay. 
And groao, with clencltfd fefeth--'' Castlereagh ! Castle- 
reagh !" 

The Pope. 
I have done what I could for tlie good of the worlds 
And the Jesuit banners again are unforlVi ; 
For which all my fbrmer posseasionB in fall 
Again I insist on-^if tiot^ here *8 a Boll ! 

Peace ! toddtei-, yoa shan*t have an atona <jf plunder^ 

The Pope. 
Boob ! ! Fire and fary^ perdition and thunder \ 

Lord Castlereagh, 
Most excellent Pope f worthy monarchs and peersy.. 
I cannot allow you to fall by il^e ears -, 
Your Holiness Knows that in matters most knottjr 
We lately applied to our friend Quarantotti, 
And are willing to pay for assistance at fiome,. 
In curbing our CathoKe subjects at home. 
And you, mighty monarchsj will doubtless alfbw,. 
That at every pinch Johnny Bull 's the milch cow. 
Then settle your claims and your losses^ and sa^ 
. Jteow much compensation you wish ps to pay : 
We paid for the war and assisted your vfews j 
To pay for the peace *t would be- mad to refuse. 
Vansittart wiU manage the Property-tax : 
Besides, we.have Huskisson now at our backs^ 
He '8 a dab at financing, and knows very well 
That a loan or two more is a mere bagatelle ! 

O really, my Lord, you 're exceeding genteel r 
Such generous conduct we cannot but feel; 
You *ve set':led our quarrels fior €v«r, we trust j 
So, up with the Congress, and down with the dust ! 

[ Ex€unt^ 


Prioted by S.. G0snell> l^itde Qveen £>rrctt,. Loadon.. 

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