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Full text of "The Strang genealogy : descendants of Daniel Streing, of New Rochelle, New York, with special records of the Purdy, Ganung, Kissam, Sackett, Bloomfield, Keeler, Belcher, Morgan, Whitney and Thorne families"


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Strang Genealogy 





Compiler of Frost and Haviland Genealogies ; 
Editor of three volumes of Town Records of 
Jamaica, L. I., 1656-1751 ; Member Long Island 
Historical Society; Member Kings County 
Historical Society; Life Member New York 
Genealogical and Biographical Society ; Member 
Daughters of the Revolution; Member and 
Genealogist of the Colonial Daughters of the 
Seventeenth Century. 


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Brooklyn, N. Y. MCMXV 




Members of this family who have delved more or less 
into its genealogical lines have spelled the name in various 
ways, but the pioneer, Daniel, signed his name not only to 
his will but to documents requiring his signature as Justice 
of the Peace, as "Streing," and Charlotte, his widow, used 
the same spelling when signing her will many years later, 
but their children spelled it Strang, which represented in 
English what it sounded in French. 

In the letter of James II, addressed to the Solicitor 
General, authorizing the issuing of warrants of denization 
to French exiles, appear the names of Daniel Streing, 
Charlotte, his wife, and their children, Peter, Matthew, 
Mary and Anne (French Protestant Exiles by Agnew, Vol. 
VI. page 60). None of these children nor their descendants 
have ever been found in this country, unless the daughter 
Mary should prove to be the adopted daughter Mrs. Gilliot, 
mentioned in the Strang Manuscript on page nineteen of 
this volume. 

As there was another Streing family in London at the 
time, it is only fair to assume that there was a confusion 
of parentage. 

Daniel Streing was a member of the Reformed French 
Church, and in his later years a Ruling Elder. He was 
made Justice of the Peace because he was the only one in 
the community who met the required qualifications of a 
knowledge of the English language. 

It should be most pleasing to his descendants to know 
of their elegibility to the Huguenot Society of America, 
and I consider it a most happy privilege to preserve and 

place before them many lines of descent from one of our 
most widely known Westchester County French pioneers 
who suffered many privations in a new and wild country 

for his religious convictions. 

Yours very truly, 

Josephine C. Frost. 

Mrs. Samuel Knapp Frost, 
254 Garfield Place, 

New York. 



Colonial Days and Ways ... 1 

Strang Manuscript . . . . 11 

First Generation .... 24 

Second Generation .... 28 

Third Generation . . .32 

Fourth Generation .... 50 

Fifth Generation .... 68 

Sixth Generation .... 97 

Seventh Generation . . . .124 

Unconnected Strangs . . . 134 

Purdy Family . . . . .139 

Kissam Family .... 140 

Ganung Family ..... 141 

Sackett Family .... 144 

Bloomfield Family .... 145 

Keeler Family . . . . 150 

Belcher Family . . . . .152 

Morgan Family . . . . 154 

Whitney Family . . . . .156 

Thorne Family . . . . 158 



In 1672 Daniel L,Estrange of Orleans, France, was 
matriculated as a student of philosophy in the Academy of 
Geneva, Switzerland, which at that time was the only exist- 
ing place where a French Protestant could receive a liberal 
education in his own language. The "pretended reformed" 
were not allowed to have schools of their own in France; 
nor, on the other hand, was it permitted to send their chil- 
dren to the Catholic schools without previously renouncing 
their own and professing the national faith. 

A few years later we find that M. L' Estrange married 
Charlotte LeMestre of Orleans. A few years later still, 
the pair are residing in Paris, where the husband is tradi- 
tionally believed to have been an officer of the Royal Guard 
— a tradition which seems to derive some support from the 
fact that after his arrival in England he is known to have 
held a lieutenancy in the Royal Guard of James the II. 
Strange as it may seem, many Huguenots filled positions in 
the personal guard of Louis XIV., where they were com- 
paratively safe from persecution, as their places were held 
by a certain unwritten law of inheritance from the days 
when Henry IV. had filled its ranks, from the commander 
down to the privates, with those upon whose fidelity he 
could best rely; and these were undoubtedly his old brethren 
in arms and in the faith which political reasons had caused 
him to forsake. 

While her husband was in the Royal Guards Mme. 
L'Estrange was one of the ladies in waiting upon the 

* By permission of the author, Miss Helen Evertson Smith. 


2 Strang Genealogy 

dauphiness, Marie de Baviere, the gracious, studious, retir- 
ing and accomplished daughter-in-law of Louis XIV. Thus 
the wife of the Huguenot was often obliged to serve her 
turn of duty at St. Germain and sometimes at Versailles. 
Although Mme. L'Estrange was well known to be of the 
"pretended reformed" faith, she was not molested, because 
she was a recognized favorite of the dauphiness. Perhaps 
the position of his wife at court combined with his own in 
the Royal Guard to save M. L'Estrange for a while from 
persecution, although he was known to be a determined, if 
not an aggressive, Huguenot; but the time came when he 
was obliged to seek safety in flight, and that, too, without 
seeing his wife. She was then performing her tour de 
service at Versailles; and her husband could only send her 
a verbal message requesting that she should join him, with 
their child, and as much of their property as she could con- 
vert into ready money, at some designated point on the coast, 
where he would wait for her as long as possible, and whence 
they could take ship for England. 

The person who was intrusted with the message either 
could not or did not convey it to the wife until many days, if 
not some weeks, after her husband's flight from Paris. I 
relate the story as I heard it from the lips of my maternal 
grandmother, who had it from her paternal grandfather. 
Some of the particulars which she related are also given in 
Baird's "History of the Huguenot Emigration to America." 
I believe that the parts which rest only on oral tradition are 
not less trustworthy than those quoted by Mr. Baird, which 
rest upon documentary evidence. 

The husband's message was at last delivered, not di- 
rectly to the wife, but to some one who conveyed it to the 
dauphiness. In spite of, or rather because of, her high posi- 
tion, the dauphiness was herself so closely watched that she 
had not the opportunity to transmit the husband's message 
safely until the hour of the coucher, which that night 

Colonial Days and Ways 3 

chanced to be particularly late. As the Huguenot lady was 
slipping the night-robe over the head of the dauphiness, the 
latter hastily whispered: "In the cabinet at the foot of the 
stairs leading to my apartments, you will find one who will 
tell you what you must do, and do without a moment's delay. ,, 
Aloud she added: "I am sorry you are suffering so much. 
You are excused from duty until I send for you. ,, 

A few moments later Mme. L' Estrange was in the desig- 
nated cabinet. There she first heard that her husband had 
left Paris, she having for some time supposed him to be in 
hiding in that city, and also learned that, his flight having 
become known to the authorities, his property had been con- 
fiscated. The kind dauphiness had thoughtfully given a 
purse of money to the messenger, but it was not large, as 
she was not highly favored by her father-in-law, and had 
never very much cash at her command. The messenger also 
had two horses in readiness, and was ordered to accompany 
Mme. L' Estrange until she should have got safely started 
on her journey, under the care of friends whom she ex- 
pected to meet. But the dauphiness had apparently forgotten 
the existence of the child. The infant of two years was 
under the care of the married sister of Mme. L'Estrange in 
Paris, and thither the mother felt that she must first pro- 
ceed, though the delay was well-nigh fatal to the success of 
her undertaking. 

So well watched was every avenue of escape from Paris 
that several days were lost before an opportunity for leaving 
presented itself. One morning, before daybreak, Mme. 
L'Estrange disguised herself as a very poor woman seeking 
to go beyond the walls to glean food from the over-laden 
market wagons coming in. She carried her sleeping child 
in her arms. Her twin sister, dressed in all respects pre- 
cisely as herself, followed at a safe distance. Arrived at 
the city gate, the mother begged to be allowed to take her 
child with her, but was not permitted, and it was only by 

4 Strang Genealogy 

addressing the sentry in his native patois of Orleans country 
that he was induced to let the mother herself pass out, while 
he retained the child as a hostage for her return. Two hours 
later, while the awakened child was crying lustily, and the 
half distracted sentry was busily looking for contraband 
goods in the market-wagons of the peasants, the aunt sud- 
denly appeared, as if she had come in with the wagons, and 
claimed the child, which was gladly yielded to the supposed 
mother. Not for many years after did the true mother again 
see her child; but when he was grown he came to America, 
and married here. He it was who related the story to his 
son, the father of my mother's mother. 

During several weeks after Mme. L'Estrange had 
escaped from Paris her adventures were many. When she 
finally reached the coast, it was only to find that her husband 
had been obliged to fly some time before. Her voyage to 
England was made inside of one of the very large casks in 
which the common kinds of wine were shipped to the whole- 
sale dealers in London. In similar casks more than sixty 
persons are said to have been shipped, at the same time, in 
the hold of the same small trading-vessel, whose English 
captain was liberally paid for running risks attending such 

During several years there were many hundreds, if not 
thousands, of escapes made in the same manner; and who 
can now imagine the horrors of such a voyage? The trip 
across the English Channel is not very welcome to the 
majority of travelers to-day, when not more than two or 
three hours are required, in vessels which, though bad 
enough according to our present standards, are princely 
compared with those of two centuries ago. In those days 
it frequently took a week to cross, and sometimes as long a 
time, or longer, was spent rocking at anchor, waiting for a 
favorable wind. Of course, the casks holding human freight 
were not hoisted on board until the latest moment; but 

Colonial Days and Ways 5 

whether waiting on shore in momentary peril of detection, 
or confined in casks on board ship, what an eternity must 
every hour have seemed! 

With a small store of wine in a leather bottle, and some 
bread, a pillow or two, and such clothing as might be con- 
veniently packed in with her, the wretched refugee was 
placed in the great cask, into the sides of which many small 
holes had been bored to admit air without attracting notice. 
The head of the cask was then secured in its place, and — 
carefully right side up — it was placed in the hold, where it 
was skilfully braced to prevent its being rolled about when 
the vessel was under way. My mother has seen, in the 
possession of one of her mother's brothers, a small pillow, 
filled with softly carded rolls of wool, covered with a stained 
and faded slip of brocaded silk, which was sacredly 
treasured because it had eased the buffeted head of the re- 
vered great-grandmother, when she was tossed about in her 
narrow prison in the hold of the blockade-running vessel on 
the uneasy waves of the English Channel. * * * * 

For the first few years after their escape, M. and Mme. 
L'Estrange fared comparatively well in England, because 
the friends of the former had procured for him a lieutenancy 
in the Royal Guard of James II. But this monarch was not 
himself a Protestant and not too well disposed towards the 
Huguenots, though state policy forced him to receive them 
well. It was probably for this reason that Lieutenant 
L'Estrange, a few months before James was forced to fly 
from his throne, sold his commission, and, with the proceeds 
of this sale and that, of some jewels, came, with his wife, to 
this country. Here he soon joined the settlement at New 
Rochelle and there and in New York City for many years 
he taught his own language to those Americans who wished 
to learn it, as well as gave instruction in the classical lan- 
guages to boys who wished to enter Yale or Columbia (then 
King's) College. * * * * 

6 Strang Genealogy 

It was twenty years after the first Huguenots came to 
New Rochelle before the refugees could spare the money to 
build a church or support a pastor. The nearest place where 
religious services were held in their own tongue was New 
York City, twenty miles away; therefore, on every Sunday 
during the year, in fair weather or in foul, all who were able 
to do so started very early in the morning, that they might 
not miss the opening prayer at 10:30 A. M. There were few 
horses owned among the refugees and fewer vehicles of any 
kind. Such of both as they possessed were devoted exclu- 
sively to the use of those who were not strong enough to 

Many persons now living (1900) may still remember 
Miss Isabella Donaldson, lately of Barrytown, N. Y., as a 
person greatly interested in religious matters. She kept a 
scrap book composed of original communications concern- 
ing the hardships and trials of those who had come to this 
country under stress of persecution. In this book was a 
copy of a letter which was written about 1704 or 1705. I 
give this letter as I copied it in 1860 from her scrap book: 
"Every week I see the Huguenots pass the house in troops 
on their way to church in the City. As they pass here all 
have lunch bags or baskets and also their shoes on their 
arms. Yet they are not bare-footed, for they are all pro- 
vided with wooden shoes, such as the peasants wear in 
France and in the Low Countries. When they reach a 
stream not far from the church where they have erected a 
shed, they all stop and such of them as have other shoes 
change them before going on ; the others wash their feet and 
their wooden shoes and put them on again. They are all 
very plainly dressed, but some of them are very elegant 
looking persons with most charming manners. As they pass 
they are generally singing some of their psalms, that is, the 
psalms of David, translated into French. Some of the airs 
are very grand and spirt-stirring, but many of them are sad 

Colonial Days and Ways 7 

as dirges, and why should they not be? For surely this 
people have suffered much. Still they are nearly always 
smiling and happy. But to think of walking forty miles in 
going to and from church every Lord's Day- I am afraid 
my Christianity would never be equal to that." * * * * 

Homespun linen yarn of heavy quality was by the Dutch 
and English colonies dyed and then woven into stripes and 
checks of varying degrees of ugliness for bed and window 
curtains. The French settlers used for the same purpose 
either purely white linen or that which had but one color. 
The prefered shades seem to have been a light blue, a sort 
of dusky green, and a subdued gold-color made by dyes of 
which they brought the secret with them. These linens, 
when made into hangings bordered by an embroidered vine 
or arabesque design in white upon the gold or in gold and 
white upon the blue, or of varied colors upon all the white, 
were delicately beautiful, and became heirlooms in many a 
family, including that of my mother's mother. * * * * 
The bedroom of my mother's grandmother L'Estrange has 
often been described to me. The floor was painted as nearly 
as possible to match the subdued gold of the linen hangings. 
The ceilings and side walls were whitewashed with lime. 
The windows and dressing tables were hung with tastefully 
arranged draperies, bordered with a grape-vine pattern em- 
broidered in white, and further trimmed at the edge with a 
knitted fringe of white linen yarn. 

The tall four-posted bedstead of carved mahogany was 
provided with a tester, with long draw-curtains, over which 
valances about two feet and a few inches deep, and cut into 
deep scallops on the lower edge, hung in a full ruffle from 
the cornice. Foot-curtains and all were of the same linen. 
* * * * j^ n } mmense stuffed chair running easily on 
wooden globes the size of billiard balls, which were the pre- 
cursors of the modern castor, had a very high back and side 
wings, against which the head might rest. * * * * This 

8 Strang Genealogy 

chair had a neatly fitted slip-cover to match the draperies of 
the room. 

The linen yarn for the draperies of this room was all 
said to have been spun by the first Mme. L'Estrange and her 
daughters, and it was afterwards woven under their direc- 
tion! and embroidered by themseves. Until a comparatively 
late date there still existed other bits of their handicraft, in 
the shape of fans of peacock feathers and humbler ones of 
goose and turkey feathers — these last decorated with painted 
flowers. There were also some hand-screens made by cover- 
ing small hoops with tightly drawn slips of white silk, the 
joinings hidden by narrow fringe. One screen was em- 
broidered with colored silks, others were daintily painted, 
and all were supplied with handles of carved or smoothly 
turned and polished wood. When a child I saw one of the 
peacock-feather fans (unfortunately moth-eaten), and a pair 
of the prettily painted hand screens. The latter were used 
to hold between the face and the blaze of the open wood 
fires. * * * * 

Very graceful and delicately executed embroideries 
upon the daintiest of muslins are still shown which were 
made by members of this family, but possibly by those of a 
later generation. They are evidently of a French design. 
In the courts of Louis XIV. lace-making was an art culti- 
vated almost assiduously as that of embroidery. My sister 
and I now have a few yards of two patterns of lace made 
by Mme. L'Estrange, which happened to be trimming some 
part of her under-dress at the time of her escape from Paris. 
She taught the secret of its manufacture to her daughters, 
and for three generations her descendants made similar lace, 
though none was as filmy as that wrought in the boudoirs 
of Versailles, because it was impossible to get threads suffi- 
ciently fine. * * * * 

The Huguenot, fleeing from his native land to escape 
death or worse, felt himself an exile and an outcast, and for 

Colonial Days and Ways 9 

those reasons ceased to speak his own language as speedily 
as possible. My grandmother and her many brothers and 
sisters were only the fourth generation in this country. As 
their own grandfather had been left behind in France and 
educated there they might be counted as the third generation 
here. Yet with few exceptions their speech betrayed no 
traces of their national origin. Though their great-grand- 
father, the refugee, taught his own language for several 
years, the household use of it was distinctly discouraged by 
him. * * * * My mother's grandfather and his brother 
fought in the French and Indian Wars and the first was also 
an officer in our Revolutionary Army. 

* * * * L'Estrange was first known as Streing, then 
as Strange, and even, in a few cases, was changed to Strong. 
* * * * * j£ j g a f am jiy tradition that when the young 

Daniel — afterwards the refugee — was sent to Switzerland 
to enter the academy there as a student of philosophy, July 
29, 1672, his surname was purposely misspelled as Streing to 
avoid giving a clue by which his father's persecutors might 
discover whither the son had been sent; and that afterward, 
upon the young student's return to France, and during his 
stay there as a member of the Royal Guards, he had resumed 
his rightful name. But later, when he was obliged either to 
abandon his principles or to fly for his life, he thought it 
wise to again adopt the name of Streing for the sake of the 
members of his family still residing in France; for as is well 
known, the spies of Louis XIV. were almost as active in 
London as in Paris. * * * * The son did not come over 
until he was twenty-one or twenty-two years of age. By 
this time the habit of the name had become fixed. The son 
seems to have retained his name as L'Estrange, and some 
of the others used it, at short and irregular periods. Both 
L'Estrange and Streing appear to be names belonging to the 
numerous ranks of the petty gentry. * * * * 

10 Strang Genealogy 

I would give much if I could recall now the air to which 
my mother's mother and one of her sisters, both of them 
considerably over seventy years of age at the time, tremu- 
lously sang the psalm in which occur the words : 
"Quiconque espere au Dieu vivant, 
Jamais ne perira!" 

But both the air and the rest of the words have escaped 
my recollection. What has not forsaken me is the memory 
of two petite but still remarkably handsome women, one of 
them very erect, the other a good deal bent, but both still 
vigorous of mind and body, as, in the late twilight of a sum- 
mer Sunday evening, they sat together in a shadowy room 
and crooned the old sacred song with a strong and faith- 
inspired emphasis on JAMAIS, stopping in a startled, half- 
ashamed way as soon as they discovered "Little Pitchers" 
trying to efface herself in a dark corner, because she well 
knew that the entertainment would end as soon as her pres- 
ence should be known. 

The Hugenot Church, Erected A. D. 1711 

New Rochelee, N. Y. 


The following account of the Strang family was com- 
municated by the Rev. Charles W. Baird of Rye, N. Y., to 
the New York Record, in 1871, and he said there were rea- 
sons for believing that the writer was Mr. John Strang of 
Peekskill, N. Y., a lawyer and a man of some note, who died 
in that place about forty years ago (1831) well advanced in 
years. The manuscript is copied leteratim and was com- 
prised in a small book of twenty-eight pages. Mr. Baird 
says that the hand writing as well as the construction of the 
sentences, seems to indicate the author's French extraction 
and of which he seemed pardonably proud. 

Strang Manuscript 

A memorandum of the family of Daniel l,estrange and 
of Charlotte, his wife, who escaped from France in the year 
1685, in the time of the persecution under Lewis the XIV. 
and came to America in 1688 and settled at New Rochelle, in 
the County of Westchester, then Province of New York. 

Daniel l,estrange was born about the year 1650 in the 
City of Paris in France, and educated for the mercantile 
line of business; which he commenced at the age of twenty- 
two years, and about that time married to Charlotte Hubert, 
a daughter of Francis Hubert and Levina his wife, Citizens 
of Paris in France, and soon after settled himself in the 
mercantile line in Company with Gabriel Hubert a brother of 
Mrs. L estrange his wife. Mr. l,estrange and his wife had 


12 Strang Genealogy 

been educated in their religious tenants in the Episcopal 
(Reformed) faith. The Protestants in France had for near 
a Century under the Edict of Henry IV continued to exercise 
their religion freely; but in the year 1685 Lewis XIV the 
King of France instigated through his enthusiasm in the 
Roman Catholick faith was induced to revoke the Edict of 
Henry IV which had confirmed the Protestants in the full 
exercise of their religious tenants and continued ever since 
that time. This measure in his revocal of this Edict which 
had secured ever since the time of Henry IV the protestants 
in France in the full exercise of their religion was allowed 
and considered at once very arbitrary and very extremely 
impolitic since scarcely any inconveniencey had arisen in this 
time nearly a Century from the privileges enjoyed by the 
protestants under it. 

It has been considered irrevocable; therefore the great- 
est obstinacy of these religionists as is usual, now arose in 
proportion to the severity with which they were persecuted 
and threatened. Previous to the Edict of Henry IV which 
was passed in the year 1598 and called the Edict of Nantes 
great had been the sufferings of the Protestants; for in the 
year 1572 in one night at St. Bartholomew's (i. e. on St. Bar- 
tholomew's Eve.) 30,000 was massacred among whom was 
Admiral Coligni. The Prince of Conde was at the head of 
the Protestants. The Duke of Guise of the Catholicks ; that 
in about one Centry 1,000,000 suffered. In the course of the 
persecution which ensued the revocal of this Edict by which 
the liberty of conscience and the full exercise of their religion 
was denied to the Protestants about 500,000 persons were 
forced to seek refuge in different parts of Europe, who pre- 
ferred their liberty of conscience to their Country; about 
50,000 of whom sought their safety in Great Britain with 
liberty of conscience, where they were received by James II 
who is known by the name of the Duke of York; who openly 
aided them with money and protected them as protestant 

Strang Manuscript 13 

refugees with his power; admitting of them without any 
expense to the privileges of English subjects. Mr. l,estrange 
and his wife with Mr. Gabriel Hubert and others their neigh- 
bors and acquaintances were among those who were noxious 
to the Roman Catholicks and Jesuits from their great (illegi- 
ble) adherence to their protestant tenants; and therefore 
among those who were constrained to seek safety and take 
refuge in England from the cruelties practiced in the perse- 
cution, by death-tortures-exclusion from sleep-confiscation, 
etc. etc. 

Mr. 1, estrange and Mr. Hubert in their having sought 
their safety and relief, retired to the City of London in Eng- 
land where were some of their mercantile correspondents, to 
whom they introduced themselves; and Mr. l'estrange pro- 
cured for himself a Lieutenancy in the Guards of King 
James II and Mr. Hubert resided in the City of London and 
went into business in the Mercantile line. 

Mr. l,estrange and Mr. Hubert in having so escaped 
had left all of their property in France; and Mr. l,estrange 
had also left his wife with one child, a son, of about one year 
old exposed to the prevailing fury of the times, and to the 
rage and fury of the Roman Catholicks and Jesuits; the 
property of Mr. 1, estrange and Mr. Hubert was confiscated 
and Mrs. Testrange being thereby divested of it, she soon 
became destitute in a great measure of all support and sub- 
sistence and nearly suffering through the malice of the Cath- 
olicks and Jesuits. Under these circumstances, Mrs. 
l,estrange was constrained in the course of a year to attempt 
her escape also, and to seek her husband and brother through 
the extreme sufferings to which she was exposed to — for 
subsistence and necessaries of life; this she effected after 
many and repeated attempts by applications made to the 
guards of the City for a permission to go out of the same into 
the suburbs of the City with a view of procuring of such 
necessaries as those of wood- Meat- Bread- Water etc. etc. — 

14 Strang Genealogy 

the latter of which were frequently refused of which she was, 
and then very often experiencing of the greatest wants. This 
liberty being refused to her upon several and repeated solici- 
tations and applications made in the most submissive terms 
backed with the most pressing urgency painted, (sic.) She 
finally urged by necessity and hunger etc. which not only 
now but generally proves the parnet of all inventions, was 
reduced to the necessity again to attempt a repetition of her 
applications to the guards with all the most feeling urgency, 
and to propose to deposit her child a son of about two years 
old with the guards as a pledge for her return. 

The escape of the protestants was most narrowly 
watched and prevented under the most strict, rigid and at- 
tentive orders. 

This proposition was at length listened to by the officer 
of the guards upon such her most ardent and pressing en- 
treaty and accepted of and embraced, when she was per- 
mitted to pass through the gate of the City upon her so de- 
positing of her child to the care and custody of the guard; 
and so she effected her warmest and most anxious purpose 
under the pretense of passing only into the suburbs of the 
City and for the assigned purposes. 

She having by this means effected her escape did imme- 
diately proceed to England in the pursuit of her husband and 
brother and having come to the City of London, and entering 
the City was passing through a street when she was observed 
by some Gentlemen from an upper loft of a dwelling house — 
and being recognized as a French woman and also supposed 
to be a refugee, they addressed her by an inquiry from where 
she was — her business — her name and her wishes etc. — when 
they learned from her that she was a French refugee, and 
that she was in search of her husband and brother and who 
they were etc. She was then thereupon invited to come into 
the house, when she was soon made acquainted with the 
Gentlemen, and that they were acquainted with her husband 

Page 92 No. 295. Lines 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, from the bottom belong to 

No. 502 on page 118, and not to No. 295. 

Page 94 No. 298. Washington Strang, born 1821, not 1822; 

married 1849, not 1859; his wife born 1814, not 1824, and 
she died 1896. 

Page 94. No. 517. John Lee Strang, born March 17, 1856; died 

April 29, 1907; married, November 15, 1882, Hannah, born 
Dec. 19, 1852; died May 26, 1907; daughter of Enos and 
Julia F. (Wildey) Lee. 

Page 94 No. 518. Henry Strang, resided until 1909 on the 

farm owned by his grandfather and later by his father. In 
1909 he sold it to the State for the Mohansic State Hospital, 
and he now (1915) resides on a farm formerly owned by 
his maternal great-grandfather, Judge Elijah Lee, and his 
sister resides with him. 

Page 100 No. 559d. For Hubert read Rubert. 

Page 108 No. 623. Omit "and had Clara Eunice Plowe, who 

died April 10, 1903. " It was Clara Eunice Deuel Howe 
who died on that date and left no issue. 

Page 109 No. 471. For Craft read Croft. The same on page 

110, No. 629. 

Page 110 No. 472. No issue. The statement under No. 630 

belongs to Louisa M. Owen Strang, No. 472. 

Page 112 No. 477. Ammi Keeler Strang was born 1847, not 


Page 112 No. 478. Ira Crane was the son of Judge Azor Belden 

and Aurelia Crane. Aurelia Crane was the daughter of 
Demas and Roxanna (Richards) Doane. 

Page 115. No. 483. Ira D. Strang was born 1851, not 1857. 

Page 137 In the will of Nancy Strang she does not mention her 

nine children, but does mention her grandchildren, Mary P. 
Marsh, William Marsh and John Marsh, and her daughter, 
Mary Strang, who married a Prevoost. (Mr. Underwood 
told me she was the wife of Joseph Strang.) 



Page 44 No. 135. Descendants of John and Sarah (Gedfield) 

Strang may be interested to know that Mr. Byron E. Under- 
wood, Jr., of 2041 Francisco Street, Berkeley, Cal., whose 
address until 1918 will be Cambridge, Mass., is preparing 
a book on them and would be glad of any data. 

Page 44 No. 136. For buried Feb. 25, 1828, read Sept. 25, 1828. 

Page 65 Seventh line from the bottom : Alson should read James 

H. He was postmaster at Yorktown for fifty years. 

Page 67 No. 324. Omit "He was an elder in the Crompond 

Church; ordained 1826." 

Page 76 No. 374e. John Lee, born Dec. 21, 1815; died April, 

1888 ; married Nancy Perry of Illinois. 

No. 374f. Elijah Lee, born April 3, 1810; died April 
18, 1879 ; married, July 28, 1834, Frances Horton. 

No. 374g. Abijah Lee, born July 7, 1820. 

No. 374h. For Harriet A. Travis read Harriet Newell 

No. 374L James Fountain Lee, born Feb. 18, 1827; 
died April 23, 1892 ; married first Elizabeth Nelson. 

No. 374j. Henry F. Lee, died May 24, 1912; married 
Dec. 17, 1860. 

No. 374k. Mary Lee, born Feb. 12, 1814; died April 
16, 1896; married Feb. 13, 1849. 

No. 3471. Elizabeth Lee, born Sept. 30, 1822; died 
May 21, 1893; married Jan. 31, 1849. 

No. 374m. Catherine Lee, born May 12, 1818; died 
Oct. 3, 1896; married Dec. 18, 1839; she married second 
Dec. 24, 1864, John Lilly. 

Page 88 No. 468. Julia Strang, died June 24, 1870. 

Page 89 No. 479. Mary Esther Strang, born Oct. 21, 1855. 

Strang Manuscript 15 

and brother, and that she should be conducted to them; that 
her husband was in the guards of the King and that her 
brother was in the city and was conducted to her husband 
by the gentlemen. Mr. l,estrange shortly after was from the 
extended benevolence and bounty of the English Govern- 
ment enabled to settle himself in the City of London where 
he resided and remained sometime; he continuing in the 
Guards until about the year 1688 when he having disposed 
of his commission was enabled thereby to aid himself and 
did embark with a number of protestant refugees his asso- 
ciates, many of whom were his acquaintances, for America, 
and arriving there landed at the City of New York in the 
course of the year 1688 with his wife and one son or more 
children, with a large number of those his associates french 
refugees. Mr. l,estrange now in Company with many of 
those his associates french refugees and acquaintances pro- 
ceeded to New Rochelle in the County of Westchester where 
they making a settlement did settle themselvs in their differ- 
ent and respective professions and callings of life, as Mer- 
chants, Physicians, farmers, Mechanicks etc. 

Mr. l,estrange having procured for his use a farm of 
new lands and a lot in the village as named he commenced 
a grazer and farmer. Among those of Mr. l,estrange inti- 
mate friends and associates and who accompanied each 
other to New York and from thence to New Rochelle was 
the family of the l,Besley (sicfl) — known by the name of 
Bayley (the English doctor called) — Allair-Guion Le Hom- 
medieu etc. between the descendants of some of these fami- 
lies there have been much familiar intercourse with Mr. 
l,estranges (until ?) about the beginning of the Revolution 
in America. 

Mr. l,estrange with his associates having made the set- 
tlement of New Rochelle where the Village is, he settled 
himself down on his lot in the settlement and improved his 
farm near where Peter Shute Esquire has since resided. 

16 Strang Genealogy 

Here he commenced the grazing business and occupation but 
his want of a competent knowledge of the business was so 
great as exposed him to many losses and much and great 
embarrassments and inconveniences, so that he did not from 
the newness of the country succeed to his expectation and 
wishes; this induced him to relinquish this occupation and 
turn his mind to some new course of dependence, and of 
embarking in the Mercantile line; this he did in the Village, 
paying an attention to his farming business also. In this 
way he continued residing in the village a few years in this 

Having resided a few years here he determined to settle 
himself at the Town of Rye, County of Westchester where 
was then a settlement progressing; accordingly he moved 
to Rye and there settled himself down with his family in the 
Mercantile-Innkeeper and farming business he having pro- 
cured a Lot in the Town plot and situate upon the East side 
of the Blind Block and including the lands East thereof 
and wheare the Park family have since possessed he having 
likewise a farm lying north of the town plot and near the 
line of Harrisons Purchase, including the lands since pos- 
sessed by Jesse Hunt Esquire; he was likewise a proprietor 
in the pattent of the white Plains where he had a farm sit- 
uate south of the Court house (now) and where Bartholo- 
mew Gedney has possessed and which has descended to the 
Gedney family. Mr. l,estrange resided in Rye for several 
years in the respective business of a farmer-Innkeeper and 
merchant and until his death which was about the year of 
1710 as near as can be ascertained, and was buried at the 
Episcopal Church at which he was an attendant and a mem- 
ber of it is said. His great antipathy to the Catholicks and 
Jesuits is said to have been very warm and almost unbounded, 
so that often it occurred upon the very mention of them and 
upon his recounting and recalling to his mind and memory 
the sufferings, cruelties and hardships which he had himself 

Strang Manuscript 17 

experienced, and which he had seen practiced upon the 
protestants in France he would often be most frequently 
elated to almost a frenzy and fury and scarcely able to resist 
his passion and govern and retain himself from violence 
when any of them was in company with him; of this some 
instances are related in particular. 

Mrs. l,estrange survived Mr. l,estrange with three sons 
— Daniel- Henry and Gabriel — and four daughters — Mary- 
Charlotte Penelope and Lucey. 

Lewis XIV The King of France in his lifetime or the 
Duke of Orleans the Regent after the death of Lewis in or 
about the year of 1720 by a proclamation notified all of such 
of the protestants refugees who had made their escape 
leaving their estates and properties in France to return, and 
that upon their personal application, or upon that of their 
representatives, that their several Estates and properties 
should be restored, returned and repossessed to and by them. 
Whereupon Mr. l'estrange being dead, Mrs. l,estrange em- 
braced the opportunity so offered by the proclamation for 
an application thereunder for that of her husband Mr. 
l,estranges property, and being aided by a Mr. Simpson a 
merchant (a jew) in the City of New York an acquaintance 
of Mr. l,estranges in his lifetime prepared her youngest son 
Gabriel who was so patronized by Mr. Simpson to go to 
France in the name of her husband Mr. 1, estrange deceased 
as his representative, and in pursuance of the proclamation 
to solicit the restoration of his estate in France which had 
been left there by him when he made his escape. Mrs. 
l,estrange having accomplished his preparations he set out 
for New York where he embarked for England and under 
the patronage of Mr. Simpson her friend in his way to 
France counting for the aid of his uncle and his friends in 
England. He arrived in London and from thence proceeded 
to France and arrived in the City of Paris where under the 
aid of Mr. Simpson he made his application in pursuance 

18 Strang Genealogy 

of the proclamation for the restoration of the estate of his 
late father. What aid was afforded to him by his uncle 
Hubert or his friends cannot be ascertained; he was so suc- 
cessful in some measure as report at this time passed as that 
he acquired a considerable sum, but not the full amount of 
the estate, and to what amount or sums remains very un- 
certain — as after he had accomplished his business he re- 
turned to England to his uncle Hubert in the City of London 
and from there forwarded to his Mother and the family a 
sum and but trifling in comparison with what was expected 
and what the estate was estimated at and was expected to 
be obtained as the report then passed, and he settled himself 
with his uncle Hubert and married in England. He only 
enabled his Mother by his remittance to settle her two sons 
and four daughters in a decent way. The Eldest son Daniel 
at the White Plains upon the farm of land asquired by her 
husband, Mr. l,estrange as one of the proprietors in pattent 
of the Wliite Plains, and where the Gedneys have possessed 
about south of the Court House. Henry, the other son, in 
the village or Rye on or near the homestead. Her daughters 
were married into the families of Budd, Purdy and Park of 
the County of Westchester; except the youngest who mar- 
ried to one Davie a merchant or planter from the West 
Indies (one of the Islands) where she went with him and 
settled and resided. Some of her descendants have but a 
few years ago resided in the City of Philadelphia and were 
very opulent. Mary married John Budd — Charlotte married 
Roger Park. Penelope to Samuel Purdy, Esquire and Lucey 

to Davie. Her son Gabriel after his return from 

France, remained in England and remained with his uncle 
Hubert in London where he married a wife and settled him- 
self. He had one child, a son, if no more; report says that 
he was opulent and in the mercantile line; but his filial duty 
and attention to his mother; and attention to the family 
which was much wanting, as he very seldom corresponded 

Strang Manuscript 19 

with them in the lifetime of his mother and less so with any 
of the family after her death. He lost his wife by her death 
and is said to have married a second. 

Mrs. l,estrange died in the town of Rye and about, the 
year of 1722 and aged woman as near as can be ascertained 
from information and was buried in the Church yard of the 
Episcopal Church of the Town having lived to see all her 
children settled from her. 

This information so far has been acquired by the Nar- 
rator, and who is indebted for it to a very respectable old 
Lady in the City of New York by the name of Mary Gilliot 
a widow who was a child of a French family of respectable 
refugees and who escaped from France also with Mr. 
l,estrange and his wife in the persecution to England and 
were intimate acquaintances of theirs; and whose parents 
having died in England Mr. and Mrs. l,estrange patronized 
and adopted into their family when a child, and brought her 
to America with them and with whom she remained and 
with Mrs. l,estrange after the death of Mr. l,estrange until 
she married, when she settled at New Rochelle and from 
thence moved to New York (the City) where she lost by 
death her husband; here she resided when the Narrator 
acquired this information from her on what was then called 
Golden Hill in 1772; her attachment and respect for Mr. 
l,estrange was very warm and strong as appeared from her 
professions and which her advanced age might serve most 
probably to strengthen and contribute more too ; It was such, 
as appeared for when she met with the Narrator and heard 
his name mentioned, and upon inquiry from one of her ac- 
quaintance of the family of the Narrator and found that he 
was a descendant of the family of Mr. l,estrange, she ap- 
peared to be most happy and elated with joy, and made the 
most pressing invitations to the narrator to call upon her, 
at the same time the most warm asusrances of her respect 
and regard for Mr. l,estrange and his family and the Joy 

20 Strang Genealogy 

she possessed at meeting with a descendant of the family. 
This interview occurred in the office of John Jay Esquire 
at the time the Narrator was in his clerkship with him, and 
upon John Jay Esquire's calling the Narrator by name. 

To one other most respectable and antient Lady Mrs. 
Phebe Lee (of the Purdy family) the Narrator is likewise 
indebted for a confirmation of the most of the circumstances 
here related as she had heard them related by Mr. and Mrs. 
l,estrange frequently; and of which and of whom she at the 
time of the relation to the narrator retained the most per- 
fect recollection. 

Gabriel having settled in London and there married had 
by his first wife a son named William. In the year or about 
that of 1754 William came to America and while here made 
several visits to his relations, and spent much time with 
them. He was a Lieutenant in the British Navy and upon 
the station at New York where he remained for nearly two 
years. He had had a liberal education and was esteemed to 
be a young man of good abilities, and was much inclined to 
and had a great propensity for liquor; for this reason his 
father whose aims and intentions were and who had de- 
signed him for the Clerical order and gown, was constrained 
to relinquish such aim and to procure for him a commission 
in the Navy as Lieutenant. While he was upon the Ameri- 
can station he kept up a regular correspondence with the 
families here; and also after his return to England; some of 
his letters are yet to be seen in the possession of Jarod 
(Jared ?) a descendant of one of the families. When he 
left the station of New York, he was from England stationed 
in the East India Seas; from whence there is the last direct 
intelligence from him. His father married a second wife 
but there is no correct information of any family he had by 
her or whether any, nor of the Hubert family, two there 
are of the names in Europe as appears from the Military 
and Naval Calendars in England and France and also from 
the Civil records of both those Countries. 

Strang Manuscript 21 

Not much different of the year 1740 there came to 
America a person who called himself l,estrange from Paris 
in France as he represented and called upon the family in 
the County of Westchester and particularly upon Daniel 
1, estrange who was residing in the Manor of Cortlandt, 
having removed from White Plains. He claimed that he 
was the son of a Mr. Daniel l,estrange and Charlotte 
], estrange and who was left in France with the guards by 
Mrs. l,estrange in the City of Paris when she made her 
escape in the time of the persecution of the Protestants and 
said that he had been brought up in the city of Paris by a 
person, and who claimed to be an acquaintance once of Mr. 
and Mrs. 1, estrange but whose name cannot be called to mind 
by the informant but which he mentioned. The informant 
saw him and heard his relation and claim made; he urged 
many reasons to induce the family to accept of him as a 
descendant of Mr. and Mrs. l,estrange with circumstances 
upon which he founded his claim to be the same person who 
was left when a child and entrusted to the care of the guards. 

Mrs. Phebe Knapp the widow of David Knapp deceased 
is the informant and recollects well the seeing of him, and 
her memory serves her as to all the circumstances and the 
occasion of his visit as he said; she was the daughter of an 
intimate neighbor of the family of l,estrange where he was. 

She says that it was by many persons supposed that it 
was very probable that he was the same person whom he 
claimed to be; however that the family had so much their 
doubts in their minds that they refused to extend to him the 
hand of connection, and as branch of or descendant of the 
family and that he left them and proposed to return to 
France and endeavour to procure the necessary and more 
authentic evidences of his claim. That his visage and coun- 
tenance were generally favorable to his claim and much be- 
spoke it, and that many of the circumstances by him related 
greatly corresponded with those related by Mr. and Mrs. 

22 Strang Genealogy 

l,estrange in their lifetimes and not unknown to the families 
in America and most of their Neighbours. 

However he was not known to return again after he 
left America. In corroboration of this circumstance of his 
coming to America and presenting himself and his claim as 
and for the child which was left by Mrs. l,estrange and de- 
posited to the care of the Guards when she made her escape 
Mrs. Phebe Lee before mentioned as an informant has often 
related the same as received from Mr. and Mrs. l,estrange — 
and there are of the family whose memories serve them well 
to have heard it related by their Ancestors and others, whose 
respectability and veracity must do away all doubts of that 
occurrence and circumstances. 

The Family of Daniel l,estrange and Charlotte had the 
following children viz. 

Daniel — born in England and married to Phebe Purdy 
a daughter of Purdy of Rye. 

Charlotte born at New Rochelle and married to Roger 
Park of the Town of Rye. 

Mary — born at New Rochelle and married to John Budd 
of the Town of Rye and the proprietors representative. 

Penelope — born at New Rochelle and married to Samuel 
Purdy Esquire of White Plains. 

Henry — born at New Rochelle and married to 

Kissam of Nassau Island. 

Gabriel — born at the Town of Rye and went to France 
and returned to England and settled in London. 

Lucey — born at the Town of Rye, and married to 

Davie, a merchant of Planter from one of the 

West India Islands. 

Daniel l,estrange married Phebe Purdy a daughter of 

Purdy of Rye; he settled at the White Plains upon 

a farm now in the possession of the Gedney family and 
moved from there about the year 1744 to the Manor of 
Cortlandt and settled himself; he procured three farms, one 

Strang Manuscript 23 

known by the Name of the Haff farm and included the lands 
now owned by Doctor Elias Quereau called the saw mill 
farm. One situate on the ridge and where once Benjamin 
Field possessed and One in Stoney Street and where Caleb 
Morgan now lives. He is said to have likewise procured a 
farm for each of his children. The first farm he possessed 
himself and died in the possession of. The Saw Mill (the 
other) he settled his son Daniel upon. The second he settled 
his son Francis upon. The Third he proposed for his son 
Gabriel, but died before he settled thereon. 

He had the following children : 

Daniel — married to Elizabeth Galpin a daughter of 
Joseph Galpin in King Street. 

Francis — married to Elizabeth Hyatt a daughter of 
John Hyatt, Esquire of the Manor of Cortlandt. 

Joseph — married to Jemima Budd a daughter of Joseph 
Budd Esquire of the Manor of Cortlandt. He went into 
the provincial service as called as a Lieutenant in the vear 

John — died while in Colledge at Newark In New Jersey 
as a student in the year 174 — . 

Gabriel — married Hannah Clements a daughter of 
Johanus Clements of the Manor of Cortlandt; afterwards 
in the year 1758 went into the povincial service called as a 
Lieutenant and returned home at the cose of the Campaign 
and soon thereafter died. 

Phebe — married Abraham Purdy, a son of 

Purdy of the Manor of Cortlandt. 

Elizabeth — married to Joseph Sackett a son of the 
Reverend Mr. Samuel Sackett a Presbyterian Minister of 
what is now called Yorktown. 

Henry — married to Margaret a daughter of Thomas 
Hazard of the Island of Nassau. 


1 DANIEL STRANG, born Orleans, France, about 
1661, for in 1698 the inhabitants of New Rochelle were listed 
and his age was given as 37 years. He died Rye, N. Y., 
1706-7; married in France, Charlotte, born 1668, as the above 
mentioned census states her age in 1698 as 30 years; died 
Rye, N. Y., 1722; daughter of Francis and Livinia Hubert, 
according to the majority of records, but where the baptisms 
of her children are recorded in the church Du Saint Esprit, 
New York City, she is said to be Charlotte Le Mestre, so 
perhaps she way have been a widow at the time of her mar- 
riage to Daniel, as there seems to be evidence of her con- 
nection with the Hubert family. 

The will of Daniel "Streing," filed in New York, Liber 
7, page 374, is dated Dec. 16, 1706, and proven Feb. 11 fol- 
lowing, calls himself "Gentleman," resident of the town of 
Rye, and after all debts are paid wills the remainder of his 
estate to his wife Charlotte and makes her sole executrix. 

Witnessed by Oliver Besley, Isaac Merrier, 

Le Conte and Orlando Payne. 

The will of Charlotte "Streing" is recorded in New 
York, Liber 9, page 436, dated Oct. 20, 1722, and proven 
January 31st following. Calls herself a widow and of the 
town of Rye. Leaves her youngest son, Daniel Streing, her 
large Bible and 10 shillings; she leaves 10 shillings also to 
Lusian David and Charlotte David, children of her eldest 
daughter, Lusian Forgee; gives her wedding clothes to her 
three daughters, Clorinda, wife of Samuel Purdy; Charlotte, 
wife of Roger Park, and Mary Prudence, wife of John Budd. 


First Generation 25 

To her grandson, Henry Streing, she gives "all that lot of 
land in the Town of Rye purchased by me from George 
Lane, Sr., with all the buildings thereon, and he is to pay 
30 pounds of my debts." Remains of the estate to be sold 
and the proceeds divided among the children. Executors, 
Capt. Oliver Besley and son-in-law Samuel Purdy. Wit- 
nesses : James Searle, John Davis and John Carhart. 

The fact established by the above will is, that Charlotte 
at the time of the making of her will in 1722 was still in 
possession of her wedding clothes which makes one question 
the traditional escape from Paris, unless they had been pre- 
served and were sent to her later by her son Gabriel. 

Issue : 

2 Luisan Strang, called Lucy in the tradition, 
She must have married very young for 
she is not mentioned with the rest of the 
family in the census of 1698 whereby it 
it may be presumed she had a home of 
her own. She married Jean David, who 
is named among the inhabitants of Saint 
Christopher in 1671. He represented 
one of the best families in New Rochelle. 
Before removing to the West Indies, 
three children are recorded as baptised 
in the Church Du Saint Esprit of New 
York City. Jean, born Dec. 23, 1702; 
Daniel, born Dec. 10, 1704, and Petrus, 
born April 23, 1707. In her mother's 
will she is called Forgee and the above 
three children are not mentioned, thus 
suggesting a second marriage. 

+ 3 Clorinda Strang. 

+ 4 Daniel Strang. 

+ 5 Charlotte Strang. 

26 Strang Genealogy 

6 Gabriel Strang, born May 7, baptized May 

17, 1696, Church Du Saint Esprit, N. Y. 
City; mentioned as aged two in the cen- 
sus of New Rochelle, N. Y., 1698. About 
the year 1720, the Regent of France 
made proclamation that upon personal 
application of the refugees, or of their 
personal representatives, their confis- 
cated estates would be restored to them. 
Gabriel was sent to France by his 
mother as her representative and it is 
reported that he secured a goodly share 
of the estate, but that his remittances 
were small. He settled himself with 
Gabriel Hubert, in London, said to be 
his uncle. About 1754 his son William, 
a lieutenant in the British Navy, spent 
much time with relatives here. He had 
been liberally educated and was es- 
teemed a man of good abilities, but he 
had a great propensity for strong drink 
which had occasioned the abandonment 
of the purpose of preparing him for the 
ministry. He was later stationed in the 
West Indies. 

7 Mary Prudence Strang; mentioned in her 

mother's will as youngest daughter: 
married John, said to be son of Joseph 
and Sarah Budd of Rye Neck and 
Southold, N. Y. ; removed to Roxboro, 
Morris Co., N. J. Issue: Daniel, mar- 
ried a Purdy; Elijah, married Ursula 
Sine; Hannah, married Hackaliah Pur- 
dy; Mary, married Caleb Horton; 

First Generation 27 

Joseph, married a Budd; John; Under- 
hill, died unmarried; Sally, married 
Thomas Sawyer; Gilbert, died Oct. 14, 
1805, aged 85, a surgeon in the British 
Army; Abigail. 
+ 8 Henry Strang. 


3 CLORINDA STRANG, daughter of Daniel (1) 
and Charlotte (LeMestre) Strang; called in many records 
Penelope, but Clorinda in her mother's will; born about 1687, 
for in the census of 1698 her age is given as 11 years and 
she is named Clorean; married Samuel, son of Joseph and 
Elizabeth (Ogden) Purdy, of Rye, N. Y. 

Issue (Purdy) : 

8a Samuel Purdy, born Rye, N. Y., March 23, 
1709/10; died Sept. 5, 1796; married 
Dec. 17, 1735, Winifred, daughter of 
Jacob and Winifred (Wright) Griffin 
and had six children. 

8b Henry Purdy; m. Mary Foster. 

8c Gabriel Purdy ; m. Eliza Miller according to 
some records, but according to the 
Ganong Genealogy he m. Bethiah, 
daughter of Anthony and Hannah 
(Ganung) Miller. 
+ 9 Josiah Purdy. 

+ 10 Caleb Purdy; married Hannah, daughter of 
Samuel Brown. 

11 Charlotte Purdy. 

12 Clara Purdy; married George Merritt. 

13. Elizabeth Purdy; married Josiah Fowler. 

4 DANIEL STRANG, son of Daniel (1) and Char- 
lotte (LeMestre) Strang; born 1692; for in the census of 


Second Generation 29 

New Rochelle in 1698 it is stated he was six years of age; 
died 1741 ; married Phebe, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth 
Purdy of Rye Neck. She died 1761. Letters of Adminis- 
tration were granted on estate of Daniel to his son Daniel, 
May 8, 1741. Daniel removed from Rye to White Plains, 
upon a farm acquired by his father as one of the Patentees. 
About 1740 he settled in the Manor of Courtlandt where he 
procured three farms. The Haff farm he occupied himself; 
settled his son Daniel on the Saw Mill farm. The third 
farm was on a ridge north of the town and was once pos- 
sessed by Benjamin Field. Upon this he settled his son 
Francis. He also procured a farm on Stoney St. where 
Caleb Morgan later lived and which tradition says he in- 
tended for his son Gabriel but it was never occupied by him. 


+ 14 Daniel Strang. 

+ 15 Joseph Strang. 

+ 16 Francis Strang. 

+ 17 Gabriel Strang. 

18 John Strang; died in college in New Jersey, 
about 1749, while studying for the min- 

+ 19 Henry Strang. 

+ 20 Phebe Strang. 

21 Elizabeth Strang, born June 7, 1733, died 
Jan. 30, 1773; buried Presbyterian 
Church-yard, Yorktown, New York; 
married Joseph, born April 18, 1733, 
died Dec. 1, 1757; son of Rev. Samuel 
Sackett, Pastor of the Presbyterian 
Church at Yorktown, N. Y. Issue : One 
son, who died without issue. 

30 Strang Genealogy 

5 CHARLOTTE STRANG, daughter of Daniel (1) 
and Charlotte (LeMestre) Strang; born about 1693, as she 
is mentioned in the census of New Rochelle, taken 1698, as 
five years of age. She married, as his second wife, Roger 
Park, who in 1729 was living in Harrison's Purchase, N. Y. 

Issue (Park) : 

+ 22 Roger Park. 

23 Mary Park; married Joshua Purdy. 

24 Sophia Park; married Nehemiah Brown. 
+ 25 Thomas Park. 

26 Lucy Park; married Moses Husted. 
+ 27 Charlotte Park. 

8 HENRY STRANG, son of Daniel (1) and Char- 
lotte (LeMestre) Strang; married according the St. 
George's Episcopal Church Records of Hempstead, L. L, 
October 9, 1726, Elizabeth, daughter of Daniel Kissam of 
Mad Nan's Neck, Long Island. Elizabeth's will records that 
her husband Henry was a sadler of Rye, N. Y., and mentions 
her daughter Levinia as the youngest and not of age; also 
mentions her brother-in-law, James Woods of Rye. The 
will is dated July 27, 1748, and proven at Albany, N. Y., May 
3, 1764, at which time James Woods was not living and 
administration papers were granted to Richard Van Dyck. 
The children named below are all mentioned in the will. 

In the will of Martha Woods, widow, of New York, 
dated May 31, 1764, and proven Nov. 13, 1770, is mentioned 
cousin, Daniel Strang of Rye; cousin, Daniel Kissam of Cow 
Neck; husband, James Woods, deceased; cousin, Elizabeth, 
wife of Richard Van Dyck; cousin, Levinia, wife of John 

On June 24, 1737, Henry Strang witnessed the will of 
Justus Bush of Rye, and on May 14, 1729, that of Joseph 

Second Generation 31 

Cleator of Rye. Letters of Administrations were granted 
on the estate of Henry Strang of Rye to his wife Elizabeth, 
March 17, 1743. 


+ 28 Daniel Strang. 

+ 29 Elizabeth Strang. 

+ 30 Hannah Strang. 

31 Levinia Strang; married John Woods, Esq., 
and had Martha, who married Henry 
Wells; James, who married Sally Hat- 
field; John; Levinia, who married Robert 
Wardle and another child who died as 
an infant. 


9 JOSIAH PURDY, son of Samuel and Clorinda 
(Strang) (3) Purdy; married Charity, daughter of Rev. 
James Wetmore. 

Issue (Purdy) : 

+ 32 Seth Purdy; married Phebe Ketchum. 

33 Alethea Purdy, married first Joseph Purdy; 

second William Purdy. 

34 Esther Purdy, married Henry Purdy of 

King St. 

35 Hannah Purdy, married Josiah Merrit. 

10 CALEB PURDY, son of Samuel and Clorinda (3) 
(Strang) Purdy; married Hannah, daughter of Samuel 


+ 36 Caleb Purdy. 

+ 37 Samuel Purdy. 

+ 38 Josiah Purdy. 

+ 39 Andrew Purdy. 

+ 40 Nehemiah Purdy. 

41 Sylvanus Purdy. 

+ 42 Elias Purdy. 

43 Caroline Purdy. 

44 Hannah Purdy. 

45 Lavinia Purdy. 

46 Anne Purdy. 


Third Generation 33 

14 DANIEL STRANG, son of Daniel (4) and Phebe 
(Purdy) Strang; burial recorded at Christ Church, Rye, 
N. Y., July 7, 1822, aged 96 years; married Elizabeth, 
daughter of Joseph Galpin of King Street upon the Connec- 
ticut line. Her burial is recorded Christ Church, Rye, 
N. Y., April 12, 1827. 


47 Daniel Strang; perhaps the Loyalist of 

Yorktown, who was captured in New 
York and brought to Peekskill, N. Y. 

48 Joseph Strang. (In will of Andrew Millow 

of Cortlandt Manor, dated Aug. 12, 
1785, proven June 29, 1786, he mentions 
his daughter Mary, the wife of Joseph 
Strang, Jr.) 

49 Gabriel Strang; perhaps the Loyalist of St. 

John's, wo died there in 1826, aged 71 
+ 50 Solomon Strang. 

51 Gerard Strang; in some records spelled 

Jared; married Lena Briggs. 

52 Mary Strang; married Jacob Silleck. 

53 Eliza Strang; married John Ward, known 

as Major. Removed to St. John, N. B. 
She was born 1752 and died Nov. 5, 

54 Hester Strang. 

15 JOSEPH STRANG, son of Daniel (4) and Phebe 
(Purdy) Strang; born February 27, 1725; died August 2, 
1794; buried Presbyterian church-yard at Yorktown, N. Y. ; 
married first, April 6, 1750, Jemima, born Jan. 26, 1732, died 
March 6, 1760, daughter of Joseph Budd of Courtlandt 

34 Strang Genealogy 

Manor; married second, May 18, 1763, Anne, born Dec. 12, 
1734, died June 30, 1796; buried by her husband; daughter 
of Jonathan Haight of Courtland Manor, N. Y. 

He was in the Provincial service of the King in the old 
French War of 1757, as Lieutenant, under Capt. John Ver 
Plank, and went to the northern frontiers. He returned 
home dangerously ill, so that he could not make a second 

Joseph Strang (No. 15) was commissioned Major 
Strang Oct. 19, 1775, in the Third or North, Manor of 
Courtlandt Regiment under Col. Pierre Van Cortland. Rev. 
Constant, pastor of the Yorktown Presbyterian Church, was 
a frequent visitor at his house and often preached there, and 
in the diary of the latter we find under date of July 31, 1794, 
"At Major Strang's who is sick," and on Aug. 2, 1794, 
"Major Strang died," and on Aug. 3, 1794, "Attended 
funeral of Major Strang; sermon from Luke X, 37, and Job 
VII. Very hot." On July 2, 1796, he writes, "Preached 
funeral sermon of Mrs. Strang." The British burned the 
house of Major Strang June 3, 1779. It was being used 
as a court house at the time. 

Issue (by first wife) : 

55 John Strang, born June 25, 1751; died Oct. 
15, 1829; lawyer, and without doubt the 
author of the manuscript quoted in full 
in this book, for he was at one time a 
student of law in the office of John Jay 
in New York City. He died at the home 
of Underhill Strang in Peekskill, N. Y. 
+ 56 Gilbert Strang. 
+ 57 Underhill Strang. 

58 Jemima Strang; perhaps died young, as the 
same name occurs among the children of 
the second wife also. 

Third Generation 35 

+ 59 Samuel Strang. 

60 Sarah Strang, born Feb. 17, 1764; married 

Samuel Scudder Waring, son of Jona- 
than of Conn, and had Samuel married 
Patience Wheeler; Joseph; Nicholas; 
Underhill; Gilbert and Mary. 

61 Deborah Strang; born Aug. 20, 1765; died 

Aug. 10, 1787; buried Yorktown, N. Y. 
+ 62 Jemima Strang. 

16 FRANCIS STRANG, son of Daniel (4) and 
Phebe (Purdy) Strang; died at Yorktown, N. Y., Jan. 2, 
1815, aged 88 years; married April 10, 1750, Elizabeth, died 
April 18, 1822, aged 90 years and one month; daughter of 
John and Sarah (Turner) Hyatt of Cortlandt Manor. He 
was a farmer and lived on Crompond St. Sarah (Turner) 
Hyatt died Sept. 7, 1769, aged 84 years 9 months and 18 
days. Francis Strang, his wife and her mother are buried 
on farm of J. J. Roake, Crompond St. ; also Gabriel Strang 
No. 67. 

Issue : 

+ 63 John Strang. 

64 Sylvanus Strang. 

65 Joshua Strang; married at John Sherwood's 

March 22, 1792, by Rev. Silas Constant, 
Rebecca, daughter of John and Phebe 
(Curry) Sherwood; granddaughter of 
Richard and Elizabeth (Curry) Sher- 
wood; she is buried St. Peter's Episcopal 
Church yard at Peekskill, N. Y. 

66 Daniel Strang; married Caziah Chapman 

Oct. 27, 1789, by Rev. Silas Constant. 

36 Strang Genealogy 

. 67 Gabriel Strang; drowned in a lake at Jeffer- 
son Valley, N. Y., July 14, 1798, aged 19 
years 8 months and 9 days. 
68 Phebe Strang; married Caleb Bartow. 

+ 69 Sally Strang. 

70 Hannah Strang; married Gilbert Post. 

71 Betsey Strang; married Daniel Lane. 
+ 72 Jerusha Strang. 

73 Francis Strang. Rev. Silas Constant at- 

tended his funeral from the Methodist 
Church at Yorktown, N. Y., Sept. 25, 

74 Mary Strang. 

17 GABRIEL STRANG, son of Daniel (4) and 
Phebe (Purdy) Strang; born June 14, 1735; died June 11, 
1812; married first Hannah, born Aug. 7, 1760, daughter 
of Johannes Clements of the Manor of Cortland, N. Y., 
afterwards of Beekman, Dutchess Co., N. Y. Gabriel mar- 
ried second, Deborah ; born Dec. 21, 1765; died 

June 27, 1807. He was in the Provincial Service in the War 
of 1757 as a Lieutenant. 

In the will of Johannes Clements of Beekman, N. Y., 
dated May -5, 1780, and proven Dec. 3, 1781, is mentioned 
his two grandchildren, William and Gabriel Strang, of his 
deceased daughter Hannah, wife of Gabriel Strang. 

The statement in this will does not agree with that of 
the family and Bolton as given below. John Strang, the 
author of the document quoted in this book, claims that 
Gabriel died soon after his return from the war. 

Issue (by first wife as per her father's will) : 
74a William Strang. 
74b Gabriel Strang. 

Third Generation 37 

Issue (as given by family) : 

75 John Strang, born Nov. 24, 1777. 

76 Daniel Strang, born May 9, 1780. 

77 Nathan Strang, born Jan. 28, 1782. 

78 Hannah Strang, born June 9, 1784; died 

March 1, 1823. 

79 Gabriel Strang, born Aug. 15, 1786; died 

Nov. 25, 1813. 

80 Clement Strang, born Sept. 22, 1788. 

81 David Strang, born May 21, 1791; died 

April 4, 1832. 

82 Amy Strang, born July 11, 1796; died Sept. 

3, 1830; married a Dillingham. 

83 Joseph Strang, born Aug. 18, 1798; died 

Oct. 15, 1829. 

84 Wiliam Strang, born July 7, 1801. 

On July 16, 1798, Rev. Silas Constant of 
Yorktown, N. Y., preached the funeral ser- 
vice of one Gabriel Strang. 

19 HENRY STRANG, son of Daniel (4) and Phebe 
(Purdy) Strang; born 1739, died July 22, 1802, aged 63 
years, according to his grave stone in the Presbyterian 
church-yard at Yorktown, N. Y. ; married May 11, 1761, 
Margaret, born 1744, died of cancer of the face March 27, 
1822, aged 78 years; buried by her husband's side; daughter 
of Thomas and Martha (Sackett) Hazard of Long Island. 
According to some members of the family she was the 
daughter of Nathaniel Sackett, btit John Strang (55) must 
have known his grandparents very well and he left the 
written word that she was the daughter of Thomas Hazard. 
Henry Strang lived at Yorktown, N. Y., engaged in farming, 
grazing, tanning and shoemaking. During the Revolution* 
ary War he was made Captain in the 3rd Regiment of West- 
chester Co. under Col. Samuel Drake, before June 25, 1778. 

38 Strang Genealogy 

During that trying period he suffered greatly and was often 
obliged to plow with a gun on his shoulder while Joseph 
Sackett, assisted him, being armed also. For some time 
during the Revolutionary War the homestead of Henry 
Strang was the headquarters of Lafayette. Henry was a 
staunch patriot and rendered efficient service while in the 
regiment of Col. Samuel Drake. The house in which he 
lived stood east of the old homestead of the late Hazard 
Strang. The well is still there and also the flat stone sup- 
posed to have been the door stone. The British raided his 
farm and drove off a herd of cattle, taking with them his son 
Thomas, who was later allowed to return home. 

One day a spy named Palmer took him into the woods, 
pricked him sharply with a bayonet, and threatened him with 
death. After getting his freedom, Capt. Strang gathered 
his men together, surrounded the woods, captured Palmer 
and turned him over to the authorities. 

"Trial of Edward Palmer. July 29, 1777. 

The Prisoner pleads not Guilty. He was charged with 
plundering, Robbing and Carrying off the Cattle, Goods, etc., 
from the well effected inhabitants and for being a Spy from 
the enemy. After several men had testified against him, 
Henry Strang was sworn and said : that he being at a black- 
smith's shop about a fortnight or three weeks ago, the pris- 
oner and one with him came into the shop ; upon the Witness 
attempting to get away the prisoner told him to Stand — and 
the Prisoner and the man with him tied him (the Witness). 

The Witness resisted a little upon their tying him — on 
which Palmer the prisoner, pricked him with a bayonet — the 
Witness then went along with them. After getting about a 
quarter of a mile the Witness desired one Griffen as they 
passed by him to send to his family and acquaint them that 
he was taken — upon which the prisoner told the Witness that 
if he said anything more about it he would Run him through 
and pricked him again with his bayonet. Afterwards as they 

Third Generation 39 

passed by John Tompkin's the Women Hallowed out and 
asked who they had there. Palmer answered, one of the 
Rebel Committee — they proceeded with the witness over 
Croton River into the Woods, that Palmer the present pris- 
oner pricked him ten or twelve times with his Bayonet and 
occasioned him to bleed in many spots. Palmer demanded 
and took the Witness's pocket book from him with between 
fifty and sixty dollars in it, which he returned before the 
Witness came away — that they took the Witness in the 
afternoon and Let him go about Eleven o'clock in the night, 
upon the Witness Promising not to molest or Injure the In- 
habitants about the place that the Witness was taken at ; the 
prisoner said he took him because he was one of the Rebel 
Committee. The prisoner and the other man were both 

Many others testified and Palmer was hung on Gallows 
Hill as a spy." 

During the declining years of Margaret (Hazard) 
Strang she was cared for by her daughter Sarah. She was 
noted for her religious life and took an active part in the 
controversy of the Yorktown Presbyterian Church in 1806 
when Rev. Silas Constant succeeded in dividing the church, 
leaving only seventeen members at the old church, while she 
and Judge Elijah Lee the two most prominent members who 
stood firm to hold the church and grounds while the Con- 
stant party held the parsonage. These parties flourishing 
for many years, finally dwindled down to but one in each 
church, came back to the old Presbyterian faith about 1863. 
Margaret (Hazard) Strang was greatly revered by all her 
children and neighbors. She was very patient in her long 
illness and exhorted all who came to see her to care for their 
soul. She had a brother, Abraham Hazard, who was an 
Alderman of New York City, whose son Charles spent some 
time with his aunt at Yorktown, where he died quite young. 

Martha (Sackett) Hazard died March 1, 1830, in her 

40 Strang Genealogy 

83rd year, and is buried near her daughter Margaret Strang. 
On May 2, 1806, one Margaret Strang was visited by a 
committee from the Yorktown Presbyterian Church to in- 
quire why she had ceased attendance at church and on No- 
vember, the same year, a charge was made against her for 
continually absenting herself from church and the worship 
of God and she was cut off from fellowship with the above 
church. (Diary Rev. Silas Constant.) 


+ 85 Thomas Strang. 

+ 86 Ann Strang. 

+ 87 Elizabeth Strang. 

88 Sarah Strang, born Aug. 7, 1768; died 
March 11, 1860; unmarried; engaged to 
her cousin, Joseph Sackett, who died on 
the eve of their marriage. 

+ 89 Ebenezer Strang. 

+ 90 Daniel Strang. 

+ 91 Nathaniel Strang. 

+ 92 Phebe Strang. 

+ 93 Hannah Strang. 

+ 94 Henry Strang. 

+ 95 Margaret Strang. 

+ 96 John Hazard Strang. 

+ 97 Martha Strang. 

20 PHEBE STRANG, daughter of Daniel (4) and 
Phebe (Purdy) Strang; born Feb. 7, 1732; died Courtlandt, 
N. Y., Oct. 27, 1759; married Abraham, born Oct. 10, 1716, 
died Yorktown, N. Y., April 17, 1778, son of Joseph Purdy 
of White Plains. (I am informed that the grave stone of 
her husband in the Yorktown Presbyterian cemetery gives 
his name as Jonathan Purdy and not Abraham.) 

Third Generation 41 

Issue (Purdy) : 

98 Frances Purdy, born July 23, 1753; married 

Col. John Drake. 

99 Ebenezer Purdy, born Dec. 6, 1754. 

100 Jerusha Purdy, called Drake in her father's 

will of April 9, 1778. 
+ 101 Alvan Purdy. 

102 Abraham Purdy, born April 9, 1759; died 
August, 1769. 

22 ROGER PARK, son of Roger and Charlotte (5) 
(Strang) Park; married Sarah Disbrow, who died Jan. 6, 
1811, aged 80 years. 

Issue (Park) : 

103 Jesse (Justus?) Park; married Phebe Saw- 


104 Disbrow Park. 

105 Anna Park; married Lemuel Jagger. 

106 Sarah Park; married Thomas McCollum. 

107 Lavinia Park; married Bilha Theall. 

25 THOMAS PARK, son of Roger and Charlotte (5) 
(Strang) Park; born March 8, 1720; married Jan. 1, 1747, 
Martha, born May 21, 1729, daughter of Thomas and Han- 
nah (Alsop) Carpenter. 

Issue (Park) : 

108 Thomas Park, born Dec. 11, 1747; died 


109 Joseph Park, born Oct. 10, 1750; married 

and had Israel; Charlotte who married 
James Paulding; Mary who married 
William Sniffin ; Abigail. 

42 Strang Genealogy 

110 Mary Park, married Nehemiah Purdy. 

111 Roger Park, born July 11, 1754; married 

first Elizabeth Lyon and had Sophia, 
Phebe, Samuel, Thomas and Timothy 
Park; he married second Sarah Lyon. 

112 Hannah Park, born March 18, 1756; died 


113 Daniel Park, born Nov. 27, 1758; married 

Emma Knapp and had Knapp Park who 
married Elizabeth Wilson; Thomas 
Park, died young, and Daniel Park who 
married Mary, daughter of Timothy 
(116) and Anna (Sniffin) Park. 

114 Stephen Park, born Aug. 17, 1761; unmar- 


115 Thomas Park, twin of Stephen (114); 

married Nancy Lyon. 

116 Timothy Park, born April 27, 1766; mar- 

ried first Anna Sniffin and had Joseph 
who married Mary Delevan; Mary who 
married Daniel, son of Daniel Park 
(113) ; Anne. Timothy married second 
Anna Hubbs. 

27 CHARLOTTE PARK, daughter of Roger and 
Charlotte (5) (Strang) Park; married about 1738, Ben- 
jamin, son of Benjamin and Charity Haviland. His will 
was proven Jan. -4, 1761, and she married in 1765 John Adee, 
a weaver of Hog Pen Ridge, Westchester Co., N. Y. He 
died in 1784 and she made her home with her granddaughter 
Sophia, wife of John Brown, where she died. 

Issue (Haviland) : 

117 Charity Haviland; died unmarried; will 
proved June 21, 1765. 

Third Generation 43 

118 Benjamin Haviland; married Mary, 

daughter of David and Milicent (Lane) 
Haight and their daughter Mary (Polly) 
Haviland married David, son of James 
and Hannah (Akin) Birdsall of Quaker 
Hill, or Haviland Hollow, N. Y., from 
whom descended Dr. Samuel Knapp 
Frost, husband of the compiler of these 

119 Roger Haviland; married Elizabeth Hare. 

120 Thomas Haviland; married Tamar Miller. 

121 Daniel Haviland; married Esther Law- 

rence and Sarah Underhill. 

122 Sophia Haviland; married Jesse Lane. 

123 Solomon Haviland; married Letitia Miller 

and Hannah GrifTen. 

124 Isaac Haviland; married Annie Howland. 

125 John Haviland; married Hannah Purdy. 

126 Mary Haviland; married Gilbert Stedwell. 

127 Abigail Haviland; married John Haight. 

128 Charlotte Haviland; married David 


129 Sarah Haviland; married Nehemiah Mer- 


130 Elizabeth Haviland. 

131 Althea Haviland; died young. 

(See Frost and Haviland Genealogies.) 

28 DANIEL STRANG, son of Henry (8) and Eliza- 
beth (Kissam) Strang; married Mary Hubbs. She died 
aged 88 years. 


132 Daniel Strang of New York; married 
Eliza Taylor. 

44 Strang Genealogy 

133 Joseph Strang of New York; married 

Anne Theall. Issue (perhaps) : Joseph, 
born Aug. 31, 1802; bp. Christ Church, 
Rye, Sept. 11, 1803; Mary, born Aug. 
15, 1804; bp. same place Aug. 25, 1805; 
Sally Ann; bp. there Aug. 5, 1811. Also 
in same church records is the burial of 
a Joseph Strang June 1, 1829. 

134 John Strang of New York; married Sarah 


135 Henry Strang of Rye; married Eliza Rey- 


136 William Strang; married Mary Bartow. 
Among the records at Christ Church, Rye, 

N. Y., are the following: 
Buried : Mrs. Strang, mother of William, 

Sept. 21, 1828. 
Buried: Eliza, daughter of William 

Strang of Rye, Feb. 25, 1828. 
Buried: William Strang of Rye, Jan. 18, 

Baptized: Alfred, son of William Strang, 

Feb. 18, 1810. 
Baptized: Lavina and Henry, children of 

William Strang, Sept. 26, 1814. 
Baptized : Eliza Ann, daughter of William 

Strang, July 31, 1815. 

137 Elizabeth Strang; married Gilbert Brown. 

138 Levina Strang; married Benjamin Crooker 

and had Eliza Mary Crooker, born May 
22, 1804; baptized Christ Church, Rye, 
N. Y, Aug. 26, 1804. 

29 ELIZABETH STRANG, daughter of Henry (8) 

Third Generation 45 

and Elizabeth (Kissam) Strang; married Richard, bap. Dec. 
4, 1717, son of Pietre and Cornelia (Van Varick) Van Dyck. 

Issue (Van Dyck) : 

139 Rev. Henry Van Dyck, born New York, 
1744; graduated from King's (now 
Columbia) College in 1761; moved to 
Stratford, Conn.; studied and prac- 
tised law for a time; then studied for 
the ministry; was one of the first three 
students ordained by Bishop Seabury in 
America in 1785. Rev. Henry was pas- 
tor of several churches in Connecticut; 
also in Poughkeepsie, New York and 
Perth Amboy, N. J., New Brunswick 
and Burlington, New Jersey, and New- 
town, L. I. He left the country after 
the Revolutionary War and in 1784, by 
Act of Legislature, was permitted to re- 
turn. He died in N. Y. City Sept. 17, 
1804. His widow, who died in 1806, 
survived him with a son, Richard, and a 
daughter, Abby, the latter dying in 1826. 
Richard, the son, married Lydia, 
daughter of Isaac and Mary (P.ossell) 
Wood, and they had issue ( 1 ) : Mary, 
who married Benjamin Van Woerts; 
(2) Dr. Marinus Henry, who married 
Catherine Alsop; (3) Margaret, who 
married Benjamin Stevens; (4) Cor- 
nelia, who married Joseph Claypole 
Clark; (5) Benjamin, who died unmar- 
ried; (6) Richard, who married Mary 
Ware Thomas; (7) Caroline. 
Richard Van Dyck (6) and his wife, Mary 

46 Strang Genealogy 

Ware Thomas, had the following chil- 
dren: (1) Louise, who married Charles 
P. Jones; (2) Marinus Henry Ouden- 
arde; (3) Lydia Wood, who married 
Henry C. Payne of Milwaukee; (4) 
Mary Ware; (5) Rudolphus, who mar- 
ried Anna Jarrett; (6) Richard; (7) 
Josephine; (8) Arthur, who married 
Catherine Slipper; Richard died in Mil- 
waukee in 1876, and in 1898 his widow, 
Mary Ware Van Dyck, was living with 
her daughter, Mrs. Payne, in that city. 
The Rev. Henry Van Dyck and Huldah, 
his wife, gave a quit claim deed Oct. 7, 
1799, of his lots on Hanover St., N. Y. 
City. Said lots formerly belonged to his 
aunt, Sara (Van Dyck) Oudenarde, 
widow of Henry Oudenarde and 
daughter of Pietre Van Dyck. The lots 
were then in the possession of her two 
sons. (See N. Y. Gen. and Giog. Rec- 
ord, Vol. 30, pages 58 and 59.) 

30 HANNAH STRANG, daughter of Henry (8) and 
Elizabeth (Kissam) Strang; died Sept. 19, 1784; married 
Gabriel Carman. 

Issue (Carman) : 

140 Henry Carman; married Jemima Foreman. 

141 John Carman; married Susanna Foreman. 

142 Gabriel Carman; died without issue. 

143 Elizabeth Carman; married Jonathan 


144 Peter Carman; married Eliza Foreman. 

Third Generation 47 

145 James Carman; married a Covert. 

146 Martha Carman; married Jonathan 


147 Daniel Carman. 

148 Thomas Carman. 

149 Samuel Carman. 

150 Joseph Carman. 

151 Richard Carman. 

152 Nathan Carman. 

153 Hannah Carman; married a Sutton. 

32 SETH PURDY, son of Josiah (9) and Charity 
(Wetmore) Purdy; married Phebe Ketchum. 

Issue (Purdy) : 

154 Joshua Purdy. 

155 Seth Purdy. 

156 Josiah Purdy. 

157 Keziah Purdy. 

158 Alethia Purdy. 

159 Elizabeth Purdy. 

160 Charity Purdy. 

161 Melinda Purdy. 

162 Phebe Purdy. 

36 CALEB PURDY, son of Caleb (10) and Hannah 
(Brown) Purdy; married Ruth Peck. 

Issue (Purdy) : 

163 Caleb Purdy. 

164 Elias Purdy. 

165 Ruth Purdy. 

166 Sarah Purdy. 

48 Strang Genealogy 

37 SAMUEL PURDY, son of Caleb (10) and 
Hannah (Brown) Purdy; married Glorianna Fowler. 

Issue (Purdy) : 


Gabriel Purdy. 


Samuel Purdy. 


Phebe Purdy. 


Elizabeth Purdy. 


Glorianna Purdy. 


Hannah Purdy. 

38 JOSIAH PURDY, son of Caleb (10) and Hannah 
(Brown) Purdy; married U Knapp. 

Issue (Purdy) : 

173 Josiah Purdy. 

174 Joshua Purdy. 

39 ANDREW PURDY, son of Caleb (10) and 
Hannah (Brown) Purdy; married Phebe Merrit. 

Issue (Purdy) : 

175 Robert Purdy. 

176 Andrew Purdy; baptized January, 1791. 

177 John Merritt Purdy. 

178 Phebe Purdy. 

179 Hevelinda Purdy. 

40 NEHEMIAH PURDY, son of Caleb (10) and 
Hannah (Brown) Purdy; married Elizabeth Burcham 

Third Generation 49 


(Purdy) : 


Thomas Purdy. 


Nehemiah Purdy. 


Caleb Purdy; baptized 





Hannah Purdy. 


Anne Purdy. 


Elizabeth Purdy. 


Deborah Purdy. 

42 ELIAS PURDY, son of Caleb (10) and Hannah 
(Brown) Purdy; married Rachel Merrit. 


(Purdy) : 


Elias Purdy. 


Merrit Purdy; baptized March 4, 



William Henry Purdy. 


Caleb Purdy. 


Sarah Purdy. 


Ophelia Purdy. 


50 SOLOMON STRANG, son of Daniel (14) and 
Elizabeth (Galpin) Strang; married Elizabeth Cove of Long 


+ 193 Daniel Strang of Hallet's Cove, L. I. ; 
married Maria Storm. 

56 GILBERT STRANG, son of Joseph (15) and 
Jemima (Budd) Strang; born July 5, 1753; died Jan. 3, 
1825; married at Salem Church of Christ Feb. 5, 1779, 
Esther, daughter of Gilbert and Elizabeth (Downing) 
Haviland. The will of Hester (Esther), wife of Gilbert 
Strang, is dated July 30, 1832, and proven May 14, 1839; 
mentions daughters, Charlotte Silleck, Maria McCord, Mima 
Smith and Sarah Ann, the latter insane. 


194 Sally Ann Strang. 

195 Nicholas Strang; married a Smith. 

196 Charlotte Strang; married Stephen Silleck. 

197 Maria Strang; married Samuel McCord. 

198 Jemima Strang; married Caleb Smith. 

199 John Strang; married Catherine Sanford. 

200 Samuel T. Strang; married Hester, called 

Hetty Hyatt; born Nov. 14, 1787; died 
June 17, 1875. Their daughter, Hester 


Fourth Generation 51 

Ann, married John W. Hunter, at one 
time Auditor in the office of Collector at 
New York; afterwards Mayor of 
Brooklyn. She died Feb. 19, i886, in 
Brooklyn in her 86th year. Samuel's 
widow married Niles Frost of Peekskill, 
N. Y. (See Frost Genealogy, page 84.) 

57 UNDERHILL STRANG, son of Joseph ( 15) and 
Jemima (Budd) Strang; born April 24, 1756; died April 19, 
1815; harness maker; farmer; married March 27, 1783, 
Sarah, daughter of Reuben Fowler, who died March 13, 
1839, aged 78 years, and is buried in East Church-yard at 


201 Jane Strang; married Oct. 15, 1801, by 

Rev. Silas Constant, Daniel Knapp of 
Yorktown, N. Y. 

202 Frederick Strang; married Catherine 

Hughson of Dutchess Co., N. Y. 
+ 203 Peter Strang. 

204 Pamelia Strang; married James Wright of 

Somers, N. Y. No issue. 

205 Hetty Strang; married Charles Devine, 

son of James. Issue: Juliette Devine of 
Guilford, Conn., and Robert Devine. 

+ 206 Juliette Strang. 
207 Alfred Strang. 

+ 208 Joseph Strang. 

209 Mary Strang; probably died young, as she 
is not mentioned in her father's will, 
dated April 5, 1815, and proven May 6, 
1815. The executors of said will were 
Stephen Brown and Elias Quereau. 

52 Strang Genealogy 

59 SAMUEL STRANG, son of Joseph (15) and 
Anne (Haight) Strang; born Nov. 18, 1768; died Jan. 1, 
1832; buried Presbyterian churchyard, Peekskill, N. Y. ; 
physician; married Dec. 31, 1795, Catharine, born May 30, 
1773 or 1778; died Dec. 30, 1832; buried by her husband; 
daughter of Dr. Ebenezer and Helena (Bartow) White. 
Dr. Ebenezer White was son of Rev. Sylvanus White, who 
was pastor of the Presbyterian Church at Southampton, 
L. I., for fifty years. He was born there Sept. 3, 1746, and 
died at Yorktown March 8, 1827. He married March 19, 
1772, Helena, daughter of Theophilus and Bathsheba (Pell) 
Bartow. He was a surgeon in the New York Militia during 
the Revolution. 


+ 210 Joseph White Strang. 

211 Catharine Ann Strang, born Aug. 11, 
1798; died unmarried July 16, 1836. 
+ 212 Emmeline Strang. 
+ 213 Samuel Bartow Strang. 

214 Marie Antoinette Strang, born Aug. 27, 
1806; died unmarried Nov. 23, 1841. 
+ 215 Louise Strang. 

216 Eugene Jefferson Strang; pnysician; born 
Feb. 10, 1810; died unmarried June 30, 
+ 217 Theodosius Strang. 
+ 218 Stephen Brown Strang. 

219 Matilda Strang; died March 20, 1819, aged 
3 year 7 months and 17 days. 
+ 220 Edward Jenner Strang. 

62 JEMIMA STRANG, daughter of Joseph ( 15) and 
Anne (Haight) Strang; born May 3, 1767; died Oct. 13, 

Fourth Generation 53 

1848; married July 27, 1800, as his second wife and while 
attending the Quarterly Meeting of the Friends at Harri- 
son's Purchase, N. Y., Stephen, son of Nathaniel Browne 
and his second wife. 

Issue (Browne) : 

221 Anne, born May 2, 1801; died Feb. 11, 


222 Egbert, born Jan. 7, 1803; died Feb. 14, 


223 Mary, born Jan. 22, 1805; died April 2, v " 

1885; married Dec. 9, 1829, Sanford 
Reynolds Knapp, born March 12, 1800; 
died July 16, 1832; son of Eben and 
Ruth (Reynolds) Knapp. Sanford R. 
Knapp was a physician in Peekskill, 
N. Y. 

224 Sarah, born Oct. 19, 1807; died June 6, 


225 Jane, born June 13, 1811; died Nov. 29, 


63 CAPTAIN JOHN STRANG, son of Francis (16) 
and Elizabeth (Hyatt) Strang; born Oct. 18, 1753; died 
March 23, 1809; buried Presbyterian Church yard, York- 
town, N. Y. His will, dated March 17, 1809, and proven 
March 27, 1809, mentions wife, Jane; sons, John and Sil- 
venus; daughters, Polly Hopkins, Caty Secor, Hannah Hor- 
ton, Betsey Lee, Jerusha Strang; sister, Jerusha Dilling- 
ham; daughter, Druzilla Strang; grandchildren, children 
John and Druzilla, of Son James; grandson, John Strang 
Hopkins; grandson, John Gedney Secor. He married first 
Drusilla Oakley, born Aug. 13, 1750; died March 17, 1794, 
aged 43 years 7 months and 4 day, and is buried Presby- 
terian Church yard at Yorktown, N. Y. He married second 

54 Strang Genealogy 

Jane, died June 7, 1830, aged 73 years, daughter of Moses 
and Mary (Brundage) Fowler. Moses Fowler was born 
1729 and died Sept. 1, 1821, and his wife Mary died March 
8, 1813, aged 77; buried Fowler Cemetery, near Tilly Foster, 
Putnam Co., N. Y. 

Issue (As given by Eugene Secor of Forest City, Iowa, 
who said his information was secured from his sister Carrie 
(Secor) Sherman of Peekskill, N. Y.) : 

226 James Strang, born April 2, 1776; mar- 
ried by Rev. Silas Constant Jan. 11, 
1797, Margaret Hall, called Peggy. 
Issue: Drusilla Strang and Margaret 
Strang, who carried Thomas Stedman 
Sherman. He married second Eliza 
Hall. His will, proven Sept. 2, 1820, 
mentions Caleb Hall, son of his first 
wife, so evidently Hall was not her 
maiden name and at that date the fol- 
lowing children by his second wife were 
not 15 years of age: Caleb; James, who 

married Julia ; William, who 

married Jane and resided on 

Staten Island, and had a son Robert who 
went west; Hannah, who never married; 
John. (The Children of James Strang 
No. 226 as given by Mr. Franklin Couch 
of Peekskill, N. Y., are as follows: 
Drusilla Strang; Margaret Strang; 
Caleb Strang, whose daughter, Mary L., 
married James H. Lent, born May 21, 
1851, son of Samuel and Amelia Lent, 
farmer at Buchanan, Westchester Co., 
N. Y. Issue: Charles A. Lent, born Oct. 
16, 1874; Evalinda Lent, born 1876, 

Fourth Generation 55 

married Augustus Conklin; William 
Lent, born 1880; died young. James 
Strang; William Strang; Hannah 
Strang; John Strang. 
227 Mary Strang, called Polly, born Feb. 5, 
1778; married a Hopkins. 

+ 228 Catherine Strang. 

+ 229 John Strang. 

+ 230 Sylvanus Strang. 

231 Hannah Strang; married Benjamin Hor- 
ton of Somers, N. Y. She was born July 
10, 1786. Issue: Joseph Horton; 
(2) Drusilla Horton. married David 
Knapp; (3) Stephen Horton, married a 
Lyon; (4) Edson Horton, married 
Amanda Strang (No. 356); (5) Phebe 
Horton, married Orville Fowler; (6) 
Mary Horton, married Lester Halstead; 
(7) Philena Horton, married Harrison 

+ 232 Elizabeth Strang. 

233 Jerusha Strang, born March 17, 1791. 

234 Druzilla, called Zilla, born Sept. 12, 1793; 

married Allen Secor. 

69 SALLY STRANG, daughter of Francis ( 16) and 
Elizabeth (Hyatt) Strang; married Jeremiah Mabie. 

Issue (Mabie) : 

235 Jeremiah Mabie of Peekskill, N. Y. 

236 John Mabie of Richmond, Ind. 

237 Mary Mabie, who married a Jones and was 

the mother of Mrs. Elizabeth Chapin of 
New York City. 

56 Strang Genealogy 

72 JERUSHA STRANG, daughter of Francis (16) 
and Elizabeth (Hyatt) Strang; married Henry Dillingham. 

Issue: (Dillingham): 

238 Polly Dillingham; married Jacob Wilday. 

239 Catharine Dillingham; married Henry 

Griffen of Cross River, N. Y. 

240 Elizabeth Dillingham; married Levi Dear- 


241 Hannah Dillingham; married Abraham C. 

Creamer; res., New Rochelle, N. Y. ; 
three children. 

242 Stephen Dillingham. 

243 Ann Dillingham; married Haviland, born 

1801, son of Haviland and Lavinia 
(Storms) Cornell, and had Stephen D. 
Cornell; William H. Cornell; Wallace 
Cornell; Haviland Cornell; George W. 
Cornell; Lafayette Cornell, twin of 
George; Mary Ann Cornell; Charles 

244 Abigail Dillingham, died 1813; married 

Thomas Strang. 

85 THOMAS STRANG, ESQ., son of Henry (19) 
and Margaret (Hazard) Strang; born April 2, 1763; farmer, 
Yorktown, N. Y. ; died July 29, 1851 ; married first Elizabeth 
Sammis, died March 12, 1825; second Abigail, daughter of 
Thomas and Jane (Seaman) Brown of Rye, N. Y. He was 
a devoted member of the Presbyterian Church at Yorktown, 
N. Y. In his will, dated June 20, 1850, he leaves one Ed- 
mund Strang and wife Hannah, the mortgage he holds on 
their farm, but as they separated he revoked it in a codicil 
to said will. 

Fourth Generation 57 


245 Henry Strang; married Elizabeth, 
daughter of Abraham and Bethiah 
(Hopkins) Requa of Cortlandt Town. 
They lived on a farm in Crompond St. all 
their lives. Issue : ( 1 ) Abraham Requa 
Strang, born Yorktown, N. Y., Nov. 21, 
1812, in what was in 1886 the tenant 
house of Daniel Strang. He was edu- 
cated in the district school and in the 
North Salem Academy. In his early 
manhood he resided in Cayuga County, 
N. Y., for a short time. With this ex- 
ception he resided in Crompond Street 
on the place belonging to the estate of 
Dr. Colgan and on the farm owned by 
himself. He married for his first wife 
Dec. 8, 1834, Julia, daughter of Joseph 
Pardee. She lived only about eighteen 
months. Dec. 8, 1846, he married Eliza- 
beth, daughter of John and Elizabeth 
Hyatt of Putnam Valley, Putnam Co., 
N. Y. No children by either marriage. 
He represented his town in the Board of 
Supervisors in 1852-1853. He was 
Member of Assembly for what was then 
the First District of Westchester Co., in 
1856. From 1860 to 1872 he was County 
Superintendent of the Poor; (2) Will- 
iam Strang; (3) Samuel Fowler Strang; 
married Catherine (No. 374m), 
daughter of Abijah Lee, Sr., and had 
two sons. He died suddenly; lived in 
Illinois. She married second John Lillie 
of Aurora, 111.; (4) Caroline Strang; 

58 Strang Genealogy 

(5) Amanda Strang, married fedson 
Horton (No. 231), and had two sons, 
Herbert and Arthur Horton; (6) Ed- 
mund Strang. 

+ 246 Charles H. Strang. 

+ 247 Margaret Strang. 

+ 248 Ebenezer Strang. 

+ 249 Ann H.Strang. 

+ 250 Joseph Strang. 

+ 251 Abigail Strang. 

+ 252 Seth W. Strang. 

86 ANN STRANG, daughter of Henry (19) and 
Margaret (Hazard) Strang; born Sept. 30, 1764; died Aug. 
30, 1834; called Nancy; married Aug. 16, 1785, Daniel, born 
Feb. 22, 1766, died Yorktown, N. Y., Jan. 9, 1844, a de- 
scendant of Joseph Horton of Rye, N. Y. Resided south of 
what is now called Lake Mohansic. 

Issue (Horton) : 

253 Phebe Horton, born June, 23, 1786; died 


254 James Horton, born Oct. 29, 1787. 

255 Henry Horton, born Feb. 19, 1789; mar- 

ried Jane, a daughter of Dr. Elias 
Quereau, and had Daniel, who married 
Susan Tompkins. 

256 Phebe Horton, born May 23, 1791; mar- 

ried Amzia Close of No. Salem, N. Y. 

257 Nathaniel Horton, born Jan. 17, 1794; 

married Adah, daughter of (90) Daniel 
and Sarah (Rider) Strang of Fishkill, 
N. Y., his cousin. 

Fourth Generation 59 

258 Margaret Horton, born Oct. 20, 1795; 

died Oct. 28, 1795. 

259 Ebenezer Horton, born Nov. 30, 1796; 

died May 13, 1814. 
+ 260 Mary Ann Horton. 

261 Martha Horton, born Sept. 7, 1801. 
+ 261a Margaret Horton. 

261b Caroline Horton, born Feb. 28, 1807; died 
Sept. 16, 1864; married Abijah Knapp; 
died July 15, 1880, aged 81 years 2 
months 19 days. 

87 ELIZABETH STRANG, daughter of Henry ( 19) 
and Margaret (Hazard) Strang; born Sept. 13, 1766; died 
Dec. 6, 1857; married Nov. 16, 1792, by Rev. Silas Con- 
stant, Seth, born Yorktown, N. Y., May 3, 1765; died May 
20, 1835, son of Seth and Sarah (Moe) Whitney of Ridge- 
field, Conn. Seth Whitney was a deacon in the Congrega- 
tional Church at Crompond before May 2, 1806, and in his 
will of May 20, 1835, he leaves that church five hundred 
dollars. The issue given below varies greatly by different 
members of the family. 

Issue (Whitney) : 

261c Eliza Whitney, born June 5, 1810; married 
November, 1833, Cornelius F. Ferris. 

26 Id Margaret Ann Whitney, born Oct. 15, 
1812; married Ezra Kipp of Somers, 
N. Y. They moved to Washington, 
D. C, and had Elbert Kipp, deceased, 
and Eden Kipp, who died in Washing- 
ton, D. C, April 16, 1913. He held a 
position in the Treasury Department for 
over thirty years. He was sixty years 

60 Strang Genealogy 

of age at the time of his death and was 
born in West Somers, N. Y. He was 
survived by his wife, four children and 
one sister, the latter a resident of Cali- 
261e Sarah Whitney, born Nov. 20, 1817; mar- 
ried Bernardus Montross, born April 5, 
1815; died Sept. 28, 1873. 

89 EBENEZER STRANG, son of Henry (19) and 
Margaret (Hazard) Strang; born March 11, 1770; died 
Nov. 6, 1865; farmer, Yorktown, N. Y. ; married by Rev. 
Silas Constant Nov. 11, 1795, Jemima Conklin of Armonk, 
N. Y., who died and he then married her sister Hannah. 

Issue (By first wife) : 

262 Sarah Ann Strang, born July 12, 1803; 
married first George Watson of Auburn, 
N. Y. ; second, April 16, 1864, Elisha S. 
Baldwin (292), whose first wife was 
Aletta L. Stockholm, and went to west- 
ern New York. No issue. 
+ 263 James Carr Strang. 

264 Hester Maria Strang, born Dec. 19, 1811; 
married April 7, 1845, her cousin, Alsop 
H. Strang (304), and had Ebenezer and 
a daughter, Mary Elizabeth, both un- 
+ 265 Elizabeth Conkling Strang. 

266 Amy Strang; married Samuel Fowler of 
Yorktown and had one son who went 
west, and Ebenezer Fowler, who never 
married, and Jemima Fowler, who mar- 
ried John Horace Teller. All buried 
Shrub Oak Cemetery. 

Fourth Generation 61 

267 Stephen Strang, born Nov. 9, 1807; died 

June 25, 1809. 

268 Hannah Strang, born Feb. 20, 1801; mar- 

ried Jesse Horton, a farmer of Somers- 
town, N. Y., and had one son, William 
James Horton, who married Amy 
Brown of Somers and had daughter 

90 DANIEL STRANG, son of Henry (19) and Mar- 
garet (Hazard) Strang; born May 18, 1772; died May 2, 
1869; married first by Rev. Silas Constant of Yorktown, 
N. Y., April 13, 1796, Sarah Rider; married second Sarah 

Issue (By first wife) : 
+ 269 Jesse Strang. 
+ 270 Adah Strang. 
+ 271 Maria Strang. 
+ 272 Phebe Strang. 

273 Sarah Ann Strang, born Fishkill, N. Y.; 
died N. Y. City, aged 61 years; living 
+ 274 Bartholomew Strang. 
+ 275 Margaret Strang. 

(By second wife) : 
+ 276 Benjamin Strang. 
+ 277 Elizabeth Strang. 
+ 278 Daniel Strang. 

279 Caroline Strang; died at age of two years 
at Fishkill, N. Y. 
+ 280 Martha Strang. 
+ 281 William Strang. 

282 Henry Hudson Strang; died young. 

62 Strang Genealogy 

+ 283 Henry Strang. 

+ 284 Abby Jane Strang. 

91 NATHANIEL STRANG, son of Henry (19) and 
Margaret (Hazard) Strang; born July 18, 1774; died Nov. 
6, 1864, aged 90 years 3 months and 18 days ; married Oct. 
2, 1800, Sarah, born Dec. 25, 1780; died July 29, 1855, aged 
74 years and 7 months; daughter of Jacob and Philena 
(Rich) Lent of Somers, N. Y. 


+ 285 Jane Strang. 

+ 286 Jacob I. Strang. 

+ 287 Martin Luther Strang. 

+ 288 Daniel Strang. 

92 PHEBE STRANG, daughter of Henry (19) and 
Margaret (Hazard) Strang; born Dec. 28, 1776; died Jan. 
9, 1856; married Dec. 13, 1802, at Yorktown, N. Y., Ammi 
Keeler of S. Salem; born April 19, 1773. New Canaan, 
Conn.; farmer; died S. Salem, N. Y., June 12, 1859; son of 
Jeremiah and Elizabeth (Weed) Keeler of New Canaan, 
Conn. He was brother to Hannah, who married Ebenezer 
Wood. (See No. 95.) 

Issue (Keeler) : 

289 A daughter, born Feb. 3, 1804; died 
+ 290 Hannah Keeler. 
+ 291 Henry Keeler. 

93 HANNAH STRANG, daughter of Henry (19) 
and Margaret (Hazard) Strang; born March 13, 1778; died 

Fourth Generation 63 

March 13, 1865; married 1797 Daniel, born Jan. 22, 1777; 
died Jan. 25, 1842; son of Elisha and Elizabeth (Cromwell) 
Baldwin of Fishkill, N. Y. Both buried in Methodist Cem- 
etery opposite the Church at Lake Mahopac, N. Y. A mem- 
ber of the family says that the name was Bolden but that 
the sons of Daniel changed to Baldwin for some unknown 
reason and the same party states that the wife of Elisha was 
Elizabeth Cornwell (Cornell) and that Hannah and Daniel 
must have married about 1797, for she rode on horse back 
to her father's funeral in 1802, carrying her second son 
Henry, then six months old, tied in front of her while her 
husband took the eldest son Elisha, then nearly three years 
old, in similar fashion. 

Issue (Baldwin) : 

+ 292 Elisha S. Baldwin. 

+ 293 Henry Strang Baldwin. 

+ 294 Hazard Baldwin, born Dec. 22, 1808; died 

unmarried, aged 78 years, near Norwich, 

N. Y. 
+ 295 Elizabeth Baldwin. 
+ 296 Gertrude Baldwin. 

94 HENRY STRANG, son of Henry (19) and Mar- 
garet (Hazard) Strang; born Sept. 3, 1781; died Yorktown, 
N. Y., Nov. 26, 1860; married 1818 Catharine, died 1854, 
daughter of Rem and Catharine Adriance of Fishkill, N. Y. 


+ 297 Margaret Strang. 

+ 298 Washington Strang. 

+ 299 Mary Ann Strang. 

+ 300 Letitia Strang. 

+ 301 Isaac Adriance Strang, twin of Letitia. 

64 Strang Genealogy 

95 MARGARET STRANG, daughter of Henry (19) 
and Margaret (Hazard) Strang; born Dec. 6, 1783; died 
July 22, 1822; married May 10, 1808, Ebenezer Wood, son 
of Ebenezer and Rachel (Lockwood) Wood; born S. Salem, 
N. Y., Nov. 21, 1773, and died there Jan. 7, 1862. His first 
wife was Hannah, born New Canaan, Conn., Nov. 10, 1776; 
died S. Salem, March 30, 1799; married June 6, 1798, 
daughter of Jeremiah and Elizabeth (Weed) Keeler and 
sister to Ammi, who married Phebe Strang No. 92. 

Issue (Wood) : 

302 Ebenezer Wood, born Feb. 5, 1809; mar- 
ried Dec. 29, 1830, Mary Benedict. 
+ 303 Hannah Wood. 

96 JOHN HAZARD STRANG, son of Henry (19) 
and Margaret (Hazard) Strong, born June 7, 1785, in the 
homestead occupied by his father during the Revolutionary 
War; died Sept. 30, 1878. In the War of 1812 he joined the 
American Greens, where he remained until peace was pro- 
claimed. He married Sept. 20, 1812, Elizabeth Ann, born 
June 23, 1792; died July 4, 1843; daughter of Alvan and 
Lydia (Hunt) Purdy. 


+ 304 Alsop H. Strang. 

305 Lydia Ann Strang, born March 29, 1823; 

died Jan. 19, 1903; married Jan. 23, 
1866, Adrian Sipp. 

306 Phebe Maria Strang, born Jan. 12, 1827; 

died Nov. 3, 1904; married June 11, 
1868, Harrison Barnes, and had son 
John of Yorktown, who married Laura, 
daughter of William Strang and grand- 
daughter of Thomas Strang. 

Fourth Generation 65 

307 Alvan Purdy Strang, born Jan. 1, 1817; 

died April 19, 1881; married Dec. 11, 
1872, Deborah Townsend of Southeast, 
N. Y. 

308 Martha Jane Strang, born June 28, 1829; 

married Jan. 29, 1874, Morgan Town- 

309 Susan Hunt Strang; in 1914 living on the 

old homestead. She owns the sword 
which Henry Strang carried during his 
service in the Revolutionary War. 

310 Richard Wynkoop Strang, born according 

to one record in 1834, but another one 
claims the date as 1840, which is hardly 
creditable, for his mother would have 
been nearly fifty years of age; died June 
15, 1894. 

311 John Grant Strang; died unmarried July 

15, 1874. 

312 David Strang; died September, 1832. 

313 Catharine Wynkoop Strang, born Dec. 10, 

1834; died Dec. 15, 1909, unmarried. 

97 MARTHA STRANG, daughter of Henry (19) 
and Margaret (Hazard) Strang, born March 26, 1787; died 
Aug. 4, 1874 (Other records claim she died Aug. 23, 1879, 
and July 16, 1874, and give another birth date as Sept. 16, 
1799); married May 8, 1810, Alson (322), son of Alvan 
and Lydia (Hunt) Purdy and grandson of Abraham and 
Phebe (Strang) (20) Purdy. 

Issue (Purdy) : 

314 Henry Purdy; married and lived in Jersey. 

315 David Purdy, born May 19, 1826; died 

Oct. 19, 1879. 

66 Strang Genealogy 

316 Alsop F. Purdy, born Sept. 19, 1825; diied 

Sept. 24, 1902; married April 25, 1860, 
Hannah Miller. 

317 Margaret Purdy, born Nov. 24, 1829; died 

Sept. 19, 1894; married her cousin, Ben- 
jamin Strang (276) of Fishkill, N. Y., 
son of Daniel and Sarah (Hutchins) 
Strang; seven children. 

318 (A member of the family claim a Margaret 

Purdy died Sept. 3, 1835.) 

101 ALVAN PURDY, son of Abraham (Jonathan?) 
and Phebe (20) (Strang) Purdy, born Jan. 11, 1757; died 
Yorktown, N. Y., July 16, 1830; married Lydia Hunt, who 
died Jan. 27, 1842, aged 83 years 3 months and 7 days. He 
yas Lieutenant in Revolutionary War nnder Col. Samuel 
Drake. Westchester County Militia. 

Issue (Purdy) : 

319 Abraham Purdy of Goshen; married Char- 

ity Strang and had William, Alvin and 
Howell Purdy. 

320 David Purdy; died March 24, 1803, aged 

18 years. 

321 James H. Purdy; died Feb. 3, 1802, aged 

14 years. 

322 Alsop Purdy, born Aug. 16, 1790; died 

July 26, 1884. Post Master at York- 
town, N. Y.; married May 8, 1810, 
Martha Strang (97), born March 26, 
1787; died Aug. 23, 1879. 

323 Elizabeth Ann Purdy, born June 23, 1792; 

died July 4, 1843; married Sept. 20, 
1812, John Hazard Strang (96). 

Fourth Generation 67 

324 Alvan Purdy, born Aug. 22, 1799; died 
April 12, 1872; married Jane E. Tomp- 
kins, born June 10, 1805; died Feb. 15, 
1887. He was an elder in the Crompond 
Church; ordained 1826. Issue: Mary, 
Ezra, John, Ann, Martha, James and 
Harriet Purdy. 


193 DANIEL STRANG, son of Solomon (50) and 
Elizabeth (Cove ) Strang; married May 11, 1814, Maria 
Storm of Hopewell, N. Y. He resided in New York and 
was in business with Stephen Storm, a great-uncle of Mrs. 
Elbridge Gerry, and "I think his people came from Long 


+ 325 Anna Eliza Strang. 

+ 326 Susan M. Strang. 

+ 327 Thomas Strang. 

328 James S. Strang of N. Y. City; perhaps 
John S. Strang. 

+ 329 Charles E. Strang. 

+ 330 William H. Strang. 

203 PETER STRANG, son of Underhill (57) and 
Sarah (Fowler) Strang; died about 1863; married Caroline 


330a Cornelia Strang; died in Brooklyn, N. Y. ; 
married William Williamson and had 
sons Peter and Stanley Williamson. 

330b Martha J. Strang, born 1831 ; died Dec. 16, 
1873; married George W. Harwood and 
had Emma and Mary Harwood, who 


Fifth Generation 69 

were at one time residing in Peekskill, 
N. Y., the latter a well known musician. 

330c Emeline Strang; married Isaac Smith and 
had daughter, Carrie Smith. 

330d Caroline Matilda Strang, known as Matil- 
da; married Lewis B. Berry and has son, 
Walter, who lived and died in Denver, 

330e William Strang; went to sea and never 
heard from afterwards. 
+ 330f Daniel Stanley Strang. 

206 JULIETTE STRANG, daughter of Underhill 
(57) and Sarah (Fowler) Strang, born Yorktown, N. Y., 
May 16, 1800; died March 17, 1860; married at Peekskill, 
N. Y., November, 1838, Dr. Benjamin Bassett. 

Issue (Bassett) : 

331 Benjamin Bassett of Peekskill, N. Y., in 

208 JOSEPH STRANG, son of Underhill (57) and 
Sarah (Fowler) Strang, born 1798; died Dec. 20, 1864; 
married first Sarah, daughter of William D. Emerson of 
Peekskill, N. Y. One of the proprietors of the Zoological 
Institute. He married second a Johnson. Joseph Strang 
was a man looked up to in the community as one worthy of 
respect and confidence and the trust reposed in him was 
never betrayed. He held the office of Justice of the Peace 
at the time of his appointment. This is one of the stations 
a postmaster is permitted to occupy under the postal regu- 
lations, and he filled both offices acceptably and well. The 

70 Strang Genealogy 

postoffice was located on the main street in Peekskill, but the 
exact place is not known. Judge Strang was appointed June 
16,1840. He also served two years in the State Legislature, 
1830 and 1840, as a member of Assembly from Peekskill. 
He also represented the Town of Cortlandt as Supervisor. 
He was proprietor for several years of the wire mill at 
Oregon, where he carried on a large and prosperous business. 


331a George Strang; died Guilford, Conn.; mar- 
ried Artheria, daughter of Jacob Gard- 
iner of Cortland, N. Y. (Westchester 
331b Joseph Strang; married Anna Wood; re- 
moved to California. 

331c Sarah Strang; married Edward Seward of 
Washington, D. C. 

33 Id Emma Strang; married Thomas P. Lan- 
don; resided Guilford, Conn. 

33 le Josephine Strang; died Feb. 20, 1842. 

33 If Edward Strang. 

210 JOSEPH WHITE STRANG, son of Samuel 
(59) and Catharine (White) Strang, born Dec. 7, 1797; 
died at Yonkers, N. Y., June 4, 1864; lawyer, residing Peeks- 
kill, N. Y.; married Sept. 3, 1821, Elizabeth Morgan 
Belcher, born Oct. 4, 1801 ; died at Yonkers, N. Y., Dec. 22, 
1877, daughter of Elisha Belcher, M. D., and his wife Lydia 
(Reynolds) of Round Hill, Conn., and granddaughter of 
Capt. William Belcher of Preston, Conn. Joseph White 
Strang was called "White Strang," said by the family to 
distinguish him from another Joseph Strang who was very 
dark, but probably because his middle name was "White." 

Fifth Generation 71 


+ 332 Samuel A. Strang. 

333 Matilda Strang, born June 1, 1825; died 

+ 334 Josephine A. Strang. 

+ 335 Lydia Belcher Strang. 

+ 336 Edgar A. Strang. 

+ 337 William Belcher Strang. 

212 EMMELINE STRANG, daughter of Samuel 
(59) and Catharine (White) Strang, born April 9, 1801; 
died May 22, 1859; married Feb. 23, 1821, by Rev. Silas 
Constant of the Yorktown, N. Y., Presbyterian Church, Dr. 
William Nathan Belcher, born Aug. 11, 1860, son of Elisha 
and Lydia (Reynolds) Belcher. 

Issue (Belcher) : 

338 Ebenezer White Belcher; died young. 
+ 339 Samuel B. Belcher. 
+ 340 Elizabeth Belcher. 
+ 341 Charles Snowden Belcher. 
+ 342 Sarah Louisa Belcher. 

213 SAMUEL BARTOW STRANG, son of Samuel 
(59) and Catharine (White) Strang, born Oct. 4, 1804; died 
Elmira, N. Y., Dec. 15, 1863; married Malvina Eldridge. 


+ 343 Henry White Strang. 

344 Samuel B. Strang, born Dec. 15, 1845 ; died 

unmarried, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

345 Catharine Strang, born Nov. 16, 1848; died 


72 Strang Genealogy 

346 Marianna A. Strang, born March 14, 1849; 

died Dec. 24, 1877. 

347 Eugene Strang, born July 20, 1852; re- 

sides Cleveland Ohio. 

348 Ada Eliza Strang, born Dec. 7, 1853; mar- 

ried George Bascome of Elmira, N. Y. 

215 LOUISE STRANG, daughter of Samuel (59) 
and Catharine (White) Strang, born May 27, 1808; died 
at Ithaca, N. Y., Oct. 28, 1841: married Peekskill, N. Y, 
April 6, 1833, James O. Towner, who died at Albany, N. Y., 
Jan. 9, 1875. 

Issue (Towner) : 

349 Mary Towner; died young. 

350 Eugene Towner; died young. 

351 Samuel Bartow Towner, born Jan. 14, 1840 ; 

married 1879 Mrs. Anna Elizabeth 
Rogers and resided in Albany, N. Y. 

217 THEODOSIUS STRANG, son of Samuel (59) 
and Catharine (White) Strang, born Nov. 15, 1810; died 
Orange, N. J., Jan. 24, 1876; married Eliza J. Mitchell, 
widow of Roelof Schenck. Theodosius Strang was a mem- 
ber of the firm Strang, Adriance & Co. of Broadway, N. Y. 


+ 352 Margaret Eliza Strang. 

353 Annie Eugenia Strang; resided in 1912 at 

539 Scotland Road, Orange, N. J. 

354 Catharine Louisa Strang. 

355 Marie Antoinette Strang. 

Fifth Generation 73 

356 Josephine Strang. 

357 Almira Smith Strang. 

218 STEPHEN BROWN STRANG, son of Samuel 
(59) and Catharine (White) Strang, born Oct. 14, 1812; 
died South Orange, N. J., Jan. 7, 1883; member of firm 
Strang, Adriance & Co., N. Y. City; married Louisa 


358 Mary Luqueer Strang; residing Pueblo, 


359 Samuel Bartow Strang; residing Denver, 


360 Frank Titus Strang. (One paper gives his 

name as Francis Luqueer.) 

220 EDWARD JENNER STRANG, son of Samuel 
(59) and Catharine (White) Strang, born 1819; married 
Marion Munn, daughter of David of Haverstraw, N. Y. 


361 Jeannette Strang; called Nettie; married. 

362 Kate Strang; died young. 

363 David Strang; died young. 

364 Eugene Strang; died young. 

365 Theodosius Strang; died young. 

228 CATHERINE STRANG, daughter of John (63) 
and Drusilla (Oakley) Strang, born Jan. 5, 1780; died 
Feb. or May 15, 1861; married first April 16, 1802, by Rev. 

74 Strang Genealogy 

Silas Constant of the Yorktown Presbyterian Church, Ged- 
ney Secor; she married second Andrew Hill of Carmel, 
N. Y., son of William and Nancy (Pinckney) Hill. They 
removed to Steuben Co., N. Y. 

Issue (Secor) : 

366 John Gedney Secor ; married a daughter of 

John Covert and had son J. Frank Secor. 

367 Alson Secor; farmer, Justice of the Peace; 

Putnam Co., N. Y. ; married and had (1) 
David Secor; (2) Egbert Secor, milk 
dealer, Peekskill, N. Y. ; married Jan. 4, 
1862, Mary R., daughter of Benjamin 
Curry, and had Louisa, Stephen and 
Adelaide Secor; (3) Eugene Secor, 
Postmaster at Forest City Iowa; (4) 
Kate Secor; married Orville W. Fowler; 
(5) Abby Secor; (6) Phebe Secor; (7) 
Julia Secor; married a Champlain; (8) 
Carrie Secor; married John D. Sherman 
of Peekskill, N. Y. 

368 Isaac Secor. 

369 Elizabeth Secor; died May 25, 1863; mar- 

ried an Anthony. 

370 Rhodes Secor. (?) 

371 Mary Secor; married first Micajah Purdy; 

second . 

372 Washburne Secor. (?) 

Issue (Hill): 

373 Leonard Hill, born June 6, 1824; died in 

Iowa, April 27, 1882. 

229 JOHN STRANG, son of John (63) and Drusilla 
(Oakley) Strang, born July 1, 1782; married Polly Nelson, 

Fifth Generation 75 

daughter of Abijah and Susannah (Anderson) Nelson, and 
"was the father of James of Iowa, who died many years ago" 
(1914). "His wife also and as to his children they are 
widely scattered." 


373a Emily Strang; married Dec. 23, 1840, Har- 
vey Greene of Somers. 

373b Susan Strang; married Richard Kirby. 

373c John Strang; married Jane Seymour. 

373d Nelson Strang; married a Wright. 

373e Hester Strang; unmarried; lived and died 
in Jefferson Valley, N. Y. 

373f Mary Ann Strang; married July 24, 1849, 
William Baily Hazelton. 

373g Elizabeth Strang; married John B. Tomp- 

373h James B. Strang; married a Baily. 

373i Matilda Strang; married Anderson 
Thorne of Somers, N. Y. Tho sons, 
Nelson and Irving Nelson Thorne, who 
married Carrie Seymour of Somers, 
N. Y. 

230 SYLVANUS STRANG, son of John (63) and 
Drusilla (Oakley) Strang, born Aug. 31, 1784; died April 
6, 1818. "Father of Aunt Mary Knapp;" buried Yorktown 
Presbyterian Cemetery; married Ann, called Nancy, born 
Sept. 5, 1790; died Yorktown Jan. 13, 1863, widow of one 
Curry and daughter of Elijah and Mary (Brown) Lee. 


+ 374 Mary A. Strang. 

374a Elizabeth Strang; married Augustus 

76 Strang Genealogy 

374b Jane Strang; married Absalom Nelson. 

374c Hackaliah Strang; married a Denike; sec- 
ond a Halsey; third Margery Clark. 

374d Robert L. Strang; married Susan Ferris, 
parents of Ann L. Halstead. 

232 ELIZABETH STRANG, daughter of John (85) 
and Drusilla (Oakley) Strang, born Sept. 14, 1788; died 
Oct. 2, 1841; buried Presbyterian Churchyard, Yorktown, 
N. Y. ; married Abijah, born June 14, 1788; died Nov. 4, 
1878, son of Elijah and Mary (Brown) Lee. His second 
wife was Ann H. Strang (249). 

Issue (Lee) : 

374e John Lee; "removed to Illinois." 

374f Elijah Lee; married a Horton; removed to 
Illinois. Issue: Horace and others. 

374g Abijah Lee; died Aug. 9, 1888; married 
Dec. 5, 1845, Mary Ann (299), daughter 
of Henry Strang (94). 

374h Joseph Lee, born Nov. 21, 1824; died Dec. 
18, 1901 ; married Feb. 16, 1853, Harriet 
A. Travis of Putnam Valley, N. Y., 
daughter of Daniel and Phebe Ann 
(Buckbee) Travis. 

374i James Fountain Lee; married first a Nel- 
son; second Belle Travis of Putnam 
Valley, N. Y. 

374j Henry F. Lee, born July 3, 1830; married 
December, 1860, Ann Townsend Cooper 
of Camden, N. J., and had Helen Lee, 
married Edward Record ; Josephine Lee, 
died young; Henry Lee, died young; 
Anna Lee, married William Willet; 
Alice Lee, who married James Rogers. 

Fifth Generation 77 

374k Mary Lee; married Washington Strang 

3741 Elizabeth Lee; married Amzi Slauson. 

374m Catherine Lee; married first Samuel Fow- 
ler Strang (245) ; second John Lillie of 
Aurora, 111. 

374n Jane Lee, born Feb. 6, 1812; died Oct. 6, 
1882; unmarried; buried Presbyterian 
Cemetery, Yorktown, N. Y. 

246 CHARLES H. STRANG, son of Thomas (85) 
and Elizabeth (Sammis) Strang, born Yorktown, N. Y., 
Sept. 2, 1802; died Nov. 12, 1868; married Sept. 1, 1830, 
Theda, born March 26, 1806; died April 19, 1866; daughter 
of Eli and Fannie (Crane) Ganung; buried Gilead Cemetery,. 
Carmel, N. Y. 


+ 375 Elizabeth Strang. 

376 Eli Strang, born Carmel, N. Y., March 7, 
1837; died Eastchester, N. Y., 1875. 
+ 377 Gerard C. Strange. 
+ 378 Thaddeus Strange. 

247 MARGARET STRANG, daughter of Thomas 
(85) and Abigail (Brown) Strang, died July 3, 1849, aged 
61 years 1 month and 24 days; married Reuben Wright in 
1808, who died May 9, 1843, aged 65 years 1 month and 13 
days. Both buried Yorktown Presbyterian Cemetery. 

Issue (Wright) : 

379 Caroline A. Wright, born March 3, 1809; 
died Feb. 25, 18 — ; unmarried. 

78 Strang Genealogy 

380 Ann Eliza Wright, born April 3, 1811, 

died Nov. 10, 1874; married Job B. Rich- 
mond and had George Richmond and 
Margaret Richmond. 

381 Thomas S. Wright, born Feb. 5, 1813; died 

September, 1876; married June 24, 1837, 
Elizabeth Crane and had Benjamin T. 
Wright; Reuben Wright; Caroline A. 
Wright, who married a Sackett; Mor- 
timer Wright. 

382 George W. Wright, born Feb. 6, 1815; 

married Oct. 28, 1840, Jane R. U. 
Mitchell, and had George Wright; Caro- 
line Wright; Florence Wright. 

383 Joseph S. Wright, born March 9, 1817; 

died May 22, ; married June 4, 

1845, Almira Walters, and had Edgar 
Wright; Isabel Wright; Alice Wright; 
Florence Wright. 

384 Phebe Q. Wright, born Jan. 9, 1819; died 

May ~20, 1906; married July 17, 1854, 
James Clayton, and had Charles Clayton 
aand Louise Clayton. 

385 Mary L. Wright, born Dec. 27, 1820; mar- 

ried Ezra Frost; no issue. 

386 Susan K. Wright, born April 15, 1822; 

married John McLaklin; no issue. 

387 Elizabeth B. Wright, born May 31, 1825; 

died Sept. 20, 1892; married George 
Ketcham and had George Ketcham and 
Louisa Ketcham. 

388 Ephraim R. Wright, born April 23, 1827; 

died Oct. 6, 1911; married Sept. 7, 1853, 
Mary E. Browning, and had Ada 
Wright and Mary Wright. 

Fifth Generation 79 

389 Abba Jane Wright, born June 30, 1829; 

died Nov. 15, 1911; married May 4, 
1850 or 1852, Benjamin Crawford. 

390 Charles W. Wright, born May 5, 1831; 

died Sept. 5, 1885; married June 5, 
1856, Emma . 

391 Theron O. Wright, born April 12, 1835; 

married Jan. 7, 1858, Mary E. Johnson, 
and had Joseph W. Wright; Edgar 
Wright; Arthur U. Wright; Edith E. 
Wright. In 1911 residing 322 State 
Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

248 EBENEZER STRANG, son of Thomas (85) and 
Elizabeth (Sammis) Strang; married Hester Carpenter, 
daughter of Walter and Mary (Requa) Carpenter. Lived 
near Clyde, N. Y. 


392 Elizabeth Strang. 

393 Thomas Strang. 

394 Edmond Strang. 

395 George Strang. 

396 Walter Strang. 

397 Mary Ann Strang. 

398 Adelaide Strang. 

249 ANN H. STRANG, daughter of Thomas (85) 
and Elizabeth (Sammis) Strang, born July 13, 1793; died 
June 1, 1880; buried Presbyterian Churchyard, Yorktown, 
N. Y. ; married Abijah, son of Elijah and Mary (Brown) 
Lee, born June 14, 1788; died Nov. 4, 1878. The first wife 
of Abijah Lee was Elizabeth, daughter of John and Drusilla 
(Oakley) Strang (232). No issue. 

80 Strang Genealogy 

250 JOSEPH STRANG, son of Thomas (85) and 
Elizabeth (Sammis) Strang; married Rhoda Carpenter, 
daughter of Walter and Mary (Requa) Carpenter. The old 
Carpenter homestead is in Shrub Oak, N. Y., and is now 
owned by a Horton. They moved to Seneca County, N. Y. 

Issue : 

399 Walter Strang; married first Eliza Conklin 

and had William Strang and Frances 
Strang. Another writer claims that it 
was Joseph, No. 250, who married sec- 
ond Eliza Conklin and had William and 
Frances Strang. 

400 Ann Strang. 

401 Hester C. Strang. 

402 Ladusha Strang; buried in old Southeast 


403 Sackett; died young. 

251 ABIGAIL P. STRANG, daughter of Thomas 
(85) and Elizabeth (Sammis) Strang; married Paddock C. 
Lawrence, born Dec. 27, 1791, son of Samuel and Thankful 
(Crosby) Lawrence of Southeast, N. Y. Descendants 
eligible to the Mayflower Society. 

Issue (Lawrence) : 

405 Thomas S. Lawrence; married Sarah 

Barnes, daughter of James of Dyke- 
man's Station, N. Y. 

406 Elizabeth Lawrence; died July, 1876; un- 


407 Sarah Lawrence; died unmarried. 

408 Mary Esther Lawrence, born April 10, 

1838, Yorktown, N. Y. ; died January, 

Fifth Generation 81 

1914; married July 1, 1872, Daniel R. 
Hayt, a farmer of Patterson, N. Y., and 
had Oscar Eugene Hayt, born Decem- 
ber, 1874; Sarah E. Hayt; Edgar L. 
Hayt, born Sept. 18, 1875; married 
Helen Bradford May 24, 1913; resides 
on homestead, Elm Tree Corner, South- 
east, N. Y. 

252 SETH WHITNEY STRANG, son of Thomas 
(85) and Elizabeth (Sammis) Strang; married first Abigail 
Fowler, who died Jan. 25, 1836, aged 40 years and 18 days, 
daughter of William aand Esther (Brown) Fowler. She is 
buried in the Fowler Cemetery at Tilly Foster, Putnam Co., 
N. Y. Seth W. Strang lived and died on a farm near Crom- 
pond Road. He married second Annie Holmes, the widow 
of Jonathan Fowler, who died Aug. 30, 1882, aged 73 years 
6 months and 1 1 days. 

Issue : 

408a William F. Strang; married first Elizabeth 
A., daughter of Alfred Todd of Court- 
landt, and had William H. and Franklin 
Strang, the latter marrying Sarah E., 
daughter of Daniel R. and Mary E. 
(Strang) Hayt (408) of Southeast, N. 
Y. William F. (408a) married second 
Tamar Christian, a cousin of his first 
wife, and had three daughters: (1) 
Laura, who married John A. Barnes, a 
grandson of Hazard Strang; (2) Mary 
H.; (3) a daughter, died young. 

408b Easter Strang; married William Ogden. 

82 Strang Genealogy 

260 MARY ANN HORTON, daughter of Daniel and 
Ann (86) (Strang) Horton, born Sept. 2, 1798; died May 
19, 1823; married Nov. 1, 1820, by Rev. Charles Butler of 
Presbyterian Church at S. Salem, N. Y., Jeremiah Wood, 
born March 14, 1799, at South Salem, N. Y., son of Ebenezer 
and Hannah (Keeler) Wood; he married second her sister, 
Margaret Horton (261a). 

Issue (Wood) : 

409 Daniel Horton Wood, born May 18, 1823; 
died Sept. 4, 1823. 

261a MARGARET HORTON, daughter of Daniel 
and Ann (86) (Strang) Horton, born April 26, 1804; mar- 
ried Oct. 13, 1824, by Rev. Asa Bronson of Presbyterian 
Church, Jeremiah Wood, the husband of her deceased sister, 
Mary Ann (No. 260). 

Issue (Wood) : 

+ 410 Mary Ann Wood. 

+ 411 Margaret Louisa Wood. 

+ 412 Ebenezer Wood. 

263 JAMES CARR STRANG, son of Ebenezer (89) 
and Jemima (Conklin) Strang, born Sept. 18, 1805; died 
May 24, 1845 ; married Catherine, June, 1830, only child of 
George and Elizabeth Fowler. 

Issue : 

+ 413 George Strang. 
413a Elizabeth Strang. 
413b Jemima Strang. 
413c Sarah Strang. 
413d Catharine Strang. 

Fifth Generation 83 

of Ebenezer (89) and Jemima (Conklin) Strang, born Aug. 
10, 1796; died July 12, 1872; married Jan. 11, 1815, Samuel 
Brewster, born May 14, 1786; died April 26, 1871; of Brew- 
ster, N. Y., formerly of Haverstraw, N. Y. 

Issue (Brewster) : 

414 Frederick G. Brewster; married Margaret 

Strang (297), daughter of Henry and 
Catharine (Adriance) Strang. 

415 Theodore Thompson Brewster; died un- 


416 James Brewster; went south and was lost 

track of. 

417 William Charles Brewster, born May 30, 

1816; married Dec. 6, 1848, Julia Ann, 
born July 11, 1826, daughter of Rev. 
Richard Wynkoop, a Presbyterian min- 
ister at Yorktown, N. Y. He died at 
Hagerstown, N. J., leaving one son, 
Richard, who at one time was in the 
Custom House in New York. 
+ 418 Samuel Brewster. 

419 Harriet Brewster; married William Town- 

269 JESSE STRANG, son of Daniel (90) and Sarah 
(Rider) Strang; married Deborah Lounsbery of Fishkill, 
N. Y. 


420 Isaac Strang. 

421 Jacob Strang. 

422 Nelson Strang. 

423 Susie Strang. 

84 Strang Genealogy 

270 ADAH STRANG, daughter of Daniel (90) and 
Sarah (Rider) Strang; married Nathaniel, son of Daniel 
and Ann (Nancy) (Strang) (86) Horton. 

Issue (Horton) : 

424 Sarah Horton; married Elijah Nelson. 

425 Edgar Horton. 

426 Sackett Horton. 

427 Margaret Ann Horton. 

428 Daniel Strang Horton. 

429 Van Wyke Horton. 

430 William Wallace Horton; killed by burst- 

ing of a buzz saw. 

431 Nathaniel Howard Horton. 

271 MARIA STRANG, daughter of Daniel (90) and 
Sarah (Rider) Strang; married James C. Barrett of Fish- 
kill, N. Y. 

Issue (Barrett) : 

432 John Henry Barrett. 

433 James Augusta Barrett. 

434 Walter H. Barrett. 

435 Margaret Ann Barrett. 

436 William C. Barrett. 

437 Maria Elizabeth Barrett. 

272 PHEBE STRANG, daughter of Daniel (90) and 
Sarah (Rider) Strang ;married Isaac R., son of Robert and 
Sarah Wright of Fishkill Mountain, N. Y. 

Issue (Wright) : 

438 Daniel Wright. 

439 Robert Wright. 

Fifth Generation 85 

440 Susie E. Wright. 

441 Sarah Wright. 

442 Benjamin Wright. 

443 Jacob Wright. 

445 Martha Wright. 

446 Phebe Ann Wright. 

274 BARTHOLOMEW STRANG, son of Daniel 
(90) and Sarah (Rider) Strang; married first Etna Warner 
of Connecticut; second Mary Ann Nelson of Madison Co., 



447 Sally Strang. 

448 Robert Strang. 

449 Mary Strang. 

450 William Strang. 

275 MARGARET STRANG, daughter of Daniel 
(90) and Sarah (Rider) Strang; married William Pugsley 
of Ossining, N. Y. 

Issue (Pugsley) : 

451 Sarah Pugsley. 

452 Frances Pugsley. 

453 Maria Ann Pugsley. 

454 William Pugsley. 

276 BENJAMIN STRANG, son of Daniel (90) and 
Sarah (Hutchins) Strang; married first Sarah Phillips; sec- 
ond his cousin, Mary Purdy (317), daughter of Alsop and 
Martha (Strang) Purdy. 

86 Strang Genealogy 

277 ELIZABETH STRANG, daughter of Daniel 
(90) and Sarah (Hutchins) Strang; married first Isaac 
Beatty; second Alfred Disbrow of Ossining, N. Y. 


455 Benjamin E. Disbrow; had three wives: 
Saline, Anna and Fannie; one daughter, 
Eva, by second wife. 

278 DANIEL STRANG, son of Daniel (90) and 
Sarah (Hutchins) Strang; married Hester, daughter of 

John and (Putney) Nelson of Madison Co., N. Y. 

She died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. McDonald, No. 
1 West 72nd St., N. Y. City, Nov. 5, 1912, in her 90th year. 

Issue : 

456 Georgeann Strang; married John B. Mc- 

Donald, the noted subway contractor, 
and had two children, John B. McDon- 
ald, deceased, and a daughter, Mrs. 

457 Nellie Strang; married Abraham Stock- 


280 MARTHA STRANG, daughter of Daniel (90) 
and Sarah (Hutchins) Strang; married George Hutchins of 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Issue (Hutchins) : 

458 George Hutchins ; married Cora , 

and had Howard Hutchins of Fort 
Worth, Texas, and Florence Hutchins. 

Fifth Generation 87 

459 Evlyn Hutchins; married William Bar- 
nette and had two sons, Murray Bar- 
nette and Bradford Barnette of the U. S. 


281 WILLIAM STRANG, son of Daniel (90) and 

Sarah (Hutchins) Strang; married Winegar of 

Tompkins Corners, N. Y. 

283 HENRY STRANG, son of Daniel (90) and 
Sarah (Hutchins) Strang; settled in California; married and 
had two sons. 

284 ABBY JANE STRANG, daughter of Daniel 
(90) and Sarah (Rider) Strang; married Franklin Vincent 
of Washington Hollow, Dutchess County, N. Y. 

Issue (Vincent) : 

460 Clara E. Vincent; married Jesse W. 


461 Ida Hudson Vincent; married David T. 

Foutared and had daughter, Bertha 

462 Kate Hutchins Vincent; married George 

E. Baldwin and had son, G. Raymond 

285 JANE STRANG, daughter of Nathaniel (91) 
and Sarah (Lent) Strang, born Aug. 12, 1801 ; died Dec. 12, 
1864; married June 22, 1831, Abraham Requa, who was 
three years younger than she. He went to live with his 

88 Strang Genealogy 

maternal grandfather, Judge Elijah Lee of Crompond, be- 
fore he was 21 ; lived there until April, 1831, when he bought 
part of the farm he died on. 

Issue (Requa) : 

463 Philena Requa, born June 21, 1834; mar- 
ried June 21, 1879, Reuben Barger, born 
May 5, 1830. 

286 JACOB I. STRANG, son of Nathaniel (91) and 
Sarah (Lent) Strang, born July 31, 1803; died Sept. 6, 1881; 
married Sarah Lee, daughter of Robert Perine and Caroline 
C. (Hawkins) Lee, born July 29, 1809. He lived on the farm 
which was given to Paulding in 1780, one of the captors of 
Andre, the spy, about three miles from Peekskill, N. Y. Was 
an elder in the Reformed Church at Peekskill from 1871 to 

Issue : 

+ 464 Jacob Lent Strang. 

465 Harriet Newel Strang, born Dec. 26, 1832; 
died March 26, 1914. 
+ 466 Caroline Hawkins Strang! 
+ 467 Martin Van Buren Strang. 

468 Julia Strang, born Sept. 20, 1838; died 
May 7, 1901. (Another record is June 
24, 1870.) 
+ 469 Jehiel Jagger Strang. 

470 Sarah Lee Strang, born Aug. 13, 1842; 
+ 471 Robert Lee Strang. 
+ 472 Edward Beverly Strang. 
+ 473 Emily Augusta Strang. 

Fifth Generation 89 

287 MARTIN LUTHER STRANG, son of Nath- 
aniel (91) and Sarah (Lent) Strang, born Jan. 1, 1807; died 
Jan. 1, 1895; a farmer; lived on Crompond Street, Yorktown, 
N. Y. ; united with the Methodist Episcopal Church at Shrub 
Oak, N. Y., in 1843; was trustee and steward until compelled 
by infirmities of age to leave the work for younger men; 
married Jan. 30, 1833, as his first wife, Eliza, daughter of 
John and Ann Conklin of Shrub Oak; he married second 
Nov. 17, 1845, Elizabeth, born Nov. 21, 1820; died Aug. 27, 
1883, daughter of David D. and Hester (Clark) Lent of 
Cortlandt, N. Y. Both buried Shrub Oak Methodist Ceme- 

Issue (By first wife) : 

+ 474 Sarah Ann Strang. 
+ 475 Nathaniel C. Strang. 
+ 476 JohnM. Strang. 

(By second wife) : 
+ 477 Ammi Keeler Strang. 
+ 478 Louise E. Strang. 
479 Mary Esther Strang, born Oct. 21, 1850; 
married Nov. 24, 1903, Benjamin W. 
Yarrington of N. Y. City, but in 1913 of 
Ogden, Utah. 

288 DANIEL STRANG, son of Nathaniel (91) and 
Sarah (Lent) Strang, born March 12, 1808; died May 1, 
1889; married Dec. 20, 1837, Sarah Jane, born Jan. 3, 1818; 
died Feb. 6, 1906, daughter of Daniel B. and Deborah 
(Hoag) Tompkins of Yorktown, N. Y. Member of Board 
of Supervisors of Yorktown, 1857, and a prominent member 
of the Presbyterian Church of that place. 

90 Strang Genealogy 


480 Margaret Strang, born Sept. 30, 1838; 
died Dec. 25, 1838. 

+ 481 Mary Jane. 

+ 482 Albert Strang, M. D. 

+ 483 Ira D. Strang. 

290 HANNAH KEELER, daughter of Ammi and 
Phebe (92) (Strang) Keeler, born S. Salem, N. Y., March 
16, 1805; died June 11, 1903, at the home of her son Clark 
in South Salem; married Nov .9, 1825, at her father's home 
by Rev. Stephen Saunders, Presbyterian minister, Richard, 
son of Clark and Lois (Gilbert) Mead and a grandson of 
Rev. Solomon and Hannah (Clark) Mead, the first pastor 
of the Presbyterian Church in South Salem, N. Y., from 
1752 to 1800; Richard Mead died Nov. 14, 1875. 

Issue (Mead) : 

+ 484 Solomon Mead. 
+ 485 Clark Mead. 
+ 486 Linus Mead. 
+ 487 Henry Mead. 

488 Stephen S. Mead; unmarried. 

291 HENRY KEELER, son of Ammi and Phebe 
(92) (Strang) Keeler, born Jan. 19, 1813; died suddenly 
of heart disease Feb. 7, 1875, aged 62 years; married 
Nov. 28, 1837, Loretta, born Sept. 12, 1816, daughter of 
Peter and Betsy (Smith) Benedict, who died April, 1893. 
Buried in S. Salem, N. Y. 

Issue (Keeler) : 

489 George Elbert Keeler; married Fannie 

Fifth Generation 91 

Tuttle and had one son, John G. Keeler. 
George E. Keeler died two days after 
his mother died, and his wife, Fannie, 
two weeks later. 
+ 490 Henry Clay Keeler. 

292 ELISHA S. BALDWIN, son of Daniel and 
Hannah (93) (Strang) Baldwin, born 1798; died March 3, 
1873; lived from early boyhood with his paternal grand- 
mother in Hopewell, N. Y. ; married first Aletta L., daughter 
of Aaron Stockholm of Fishkill, N. Y., born Dec. 29, 1804; 
died May 8, 1858; married second Sarah A. (Strang) Wat- 
son (262), who died April 16, 1864; married third Phebe D. 
Payntar, who died Oct. 19, 1906, aged 83 years; they were 
married in June, 1865. 

Issue (Baldwin) (By first wife) : 

+ 491 Thomas Strang Baldwin. 

492 Daniel S. Baldwin; died Dec. 8, 1893, aged 

66 years; married Catharine Millham, 
who died Feb. 7, 1892, aged 57 years. 

493 Peter A. Baldwin, born Sept. 20, 1830; 

married Mary Green, born June 21, 
1831; died Feb. 9, 1900; he died Jan. 17, 
1903; residence, Fishkill. 

494 Walter Baldwin; died Oct. 9, 1841, aged 

9 years. 

495 Edgar Baldwin, born 1834; died February, 

1891 ; married first Jane E. Genung, who 
died June 8, 1864; married second Eliza- 
beth Miller; resided near Norwich, N. Y. 

496 Aaron Stockholm Baldwin, born 1837; 

died Aug. 21, 1912; married Elizabeth 
Watson in 1868, who died Feb. 9, 1912. 

92 Strang Genealogy 

293 HENRY STRANG BALDWIN, son of Daniel 
and Hannah (93) (Strang) Baldwin, born Nov. 13, 1801; 
died March 31, 1893, aged 93 years; married Eliza C., 
daughter of Eleazer and Hannah (Cole) Baldwin, who died 
Dec. 22, 1884, aged 76 years. Henry S. Baldwin was en- 
gaged to be married to Tamar, daughter of Nathaniel Crane, 
but she died before the wedding day. Eleazer Baldwin had 
a son, Reuben D. Baldwin. 

Issue (Baldwin) : 

497 James M. Baldwin; resided, 1913, Burling- 

ton, Kansas. 

498 Eliza Baldwin. 

499 Henry C. Baldwin. 

500 Henry R. Baldwin of Ossining, N. Y., 

1913, born Aug. 29, 1837; married first 
Margaret H. Peters of Mansfield, Ohio. 
Issue: Laura, who married Harry Doo- 
little of Minneapolis, Neb. Hotel busi- 
ness. No issue. 

295 ELIZABETH BALDWIN, daughter of Daniel 
and Hannah (93) (Strang) Baldwin, born March 2, 1806; 
died 1894; married 1840 Samuel Berry; died 1852 or 1853, 
aged 45 years; buried in Methodist Cemetery opposite the 
church at Lake Mahopac, N. Y. Samuel Berry was one of 
the first men to assist in making the laws in the legislature 
of Colorado, from Huerfano County and also in New 
Mexico. Was twelve years in the Legislature in Colorado 
and sixteen years in that of New Mexico. 

Issue (Berry) : 

501 Charles H. Berry, M. D.,; deceased. No 
+ 502 George B. Berry. 

Fifth Generation 93 

296 GERTRUDE BALDWIN, daughter of Daniel 
and Hannah (93) (Strang) Baldwin, born Sept. 30, 1810; 
died Oct. 23, 1893; married Dec. 30, 1834, Dr. Robert 
Worthington Smith of Sharon Conn., who died Sept. 10, 

Issue (Smith) : 

503 Gilbert Livingston Smith, born Dec. 29, 

1835 ; never married. 

504 Helen Evertson Smith, born Aug. 22, 1839 ; 

of Sharon, Conn.; author of "Colonial 
Days and Ways," and who kindly gave 
gave permission to the compiler of these 
notes to use the extracts from it which 
are placed at the beginning of this book. 

505 William Mather Smith, born Sept. 30, 


506 Gertrude Baldwin Smith, born Oct. 20, 

1850; married April 20, 1881, Robert 
Clinton Geer of New York, where they 
were living in 1913. They had two chil- 
dren, but both are deceased. 

297 MARGARET STRANG, daughter of Henry 
(94) and Catharine (Adriance) Strang, born July 12, 1820; 
died 1907; married Jan. 31, 1845, Frederick G. Brewster of 
Putnam Co., N. Y., born April 3, 1821 (They settled on a 
farm near Brewster, N. Y.), son of Samuel and Elizabeth 
C. (Strang) Brewster (No. 265). 

Issue (Brewster) : 

+ 507 Eliza Brewster. 
+ 508 Henry Strang Brewster. 
+ 509 Walter Adriance Brewster. 
+ 510 Harriet Brewster. 

94 Strang Genealogy 

511 Mary Brewster; educated for a teacher; 
taught for several years and died July 
29, 1878. 
+ 512 Margaret Brewster. 

513 Martha Brewster. 

514 Josephine Brewster; living with her sister 

Martha on the old homestead in Brew- 
ster, N. Y. 

515 Frederick Brewster; died an infant April 

10, 1864. 

298 WASHINGTON STRANG, son of Henry (94) 
and Catharine (Adriance) Strang, born Oct. 11, 1822; died 
May 26, 1911, at home of his son Henry; married Feb. 13, 
1859, Mary, born Feb. 12, 1824; died April 16, 1898; buried 
Presbyterian Cemetery, Yorktown, N. Y. ; daughter of 
Abijah and Elizabeth (Strang) (232) Lee. 


516 Elizabeth Ann Strang, born Jan 15, 1850; 

died April 26, 1907. 

517 John Strang. 

518 Henry Strang, born July 25, 1853. 

519 John Lee Strang, born March 17, 1856; 

married Hannah, daughter of Enos and 
Julia F. (Wildey) Lee. 

520 Mary Strang, born Dec. 29, 1858. 

299 MARY ANN STRANG, daughter of Henry (94) 
and Catharine (Adriance) Strang, born Sept. 10, 1823; died 
Feb. 1, 1885 ; married Dec. 5, 1845, Abijah, born July 7, 1820; 
died Aug. 9, 1888, son of Abijah and Elizabeth (Strang) 
(232) Lee. Both buried Presbyterian Cemetery, Yorktown, 
N. Y. 

Fifth Generation 95 

Issue (Lee) : 

521 Henry Alexander Lee; died an infant. 

+ 522 Sarah Elizabeth Lee. 

+ 523 Mary Ann Lee. 

524 Catherine Lee; died an infant. 

+ 525 Jennie Lee. 

+ 526 Emma Hester Lee. 

+ 527 Henrietta M. Lee. 

+ 528 Washington Irving Lee. 

300 LETITIA STRANG, daughter of Henry (94) 
and Catharine (Adriance) Strang, born Dec. 19, 1824; died 
September, 1905 (another record claims Jan. 12, 1894); 
married Feb. 23, 1848, Alexander E. Titus, born May 24, 
1817. He married first Mary, daughter of Alvin Purdy, on 
May 16, 1844. She died March 16, 1845, leaving a daughter, 
Mary Titus, born March 14, 1845. 

Issue (Titus) : 

529 Samuel Titus, born Jan. 23, 1849; died 

Sept. 17, 1849. 

530 Henry Titus, born June 24, 1850; died 

July 15, 1850. 

531 Isaac Titus, born June 24, 1850; died July 

13, 1850. 

532 Catherine Adriance Titus, born June 30, 


533 Edwin Titus, born Sept. 14, 1853. 

534 Ann Amelia Titus, born July 12, 1855 ; died 

March 31, 1913. 

535 Eleanor Titus, born June 5, 1857. 

536 William Titus, born Sept. 23, 1859; died 

Oct. 12, 1866. 

96 Strang Genealogy 

537 Augustus Titus, born Dec. 9, 1860; died 

Oct. 18, 1866. 

538 Emma Titus, born Dec. 5, 1862; died Oct. 

18, 1866. 

539 Stephen Titus, born Aug. 5, 1866. 

540 Lillian Titus, born Nov. 6, 1870. 

301 ISAAC ADRIANCE STRANG, son of Henry 
(94) and Catharine (Adriance) Strang, born Dec. 10, 1824; 
died July 25, 1888; married February, 1848, Hester Mon- 
tross, died Dec. 8, 1886, daughter of Jacob of Yorktown, 
N. Y. No issue. Buried in Presbyterian Cemetery at 
Yorktown, N. Y. 

303 HANNAH WOOD, daughter of Ebenezer and 
Margaret (94) (Strang) Wood, born June 22, 1813; died 
1904; married May 28, 1834, David Close Keeler, son of 
Jonah and Rebecca (Raymond) Keeler, born Aug. 11, 1811; 
died March 18, 1900. 

Issue (Keeler) : 

+ 541 Margaret Elizabeth Keeler. 
+ 542 Ebenezer Wood Keeler. 

304 ALSOP H. STRANG, son of John Hazard (96) 
and Elizabeth Ann (Purdy) Strang, born April 12, 1813; 
died Nov. 15, 1881; married first Elizabeth Ferris; married 
second, April 7, 1845, Hester Maria Strang (264), his 


543 Ebenezer Strang, deceased. 

543a Mary Elizabeth Strang, deceased. 


325 ANNA ELIZA STRANG, daughter of Daniel 
(193) and Maria (Storm) Strang; married William H. 
Craft of Portchester, N. Y. 

Issue (Craft) : 

544 William Craft, born Sept. 19, 1842; mar- 

ried Sarah Heustis, born July 4, 1835, 
and had Edith Huestis Craft, born Feb. 
14, 1867, and Evelyn Wilson Craft, born 
May 6, 1870. 

545 Mary Strang Craft, born Aug. 5, 1848; 

married William Stebbins of New York; 
their daughter, Julia Morris Stebbins, 
born 1870, married Mr. Sexton of Staten 
Island; their son, William Morris Steb- 
bins, born 1872. "I do not know the 
month, as his mother died several years 
ago and I secured this information from 
Mrs. K. M. Stillwill of South Dakota. 
Mary Stebbins and her husband are both 
dead." (Writer of letter not identified. J 

+ 546 Catharine Craft. 

+ 547 John Storm Craft. 

326 SUSAN M. STRANG, daughter of Daniel ( 193) 
and Maria (Storm) Strang; married 1849 Edward Bogar- 
dus, born Dutchess Co., N. Y., Oct. 20, 1827; farmer, East 


98 Strang Genealogy 

Fishkill; town auditor; son of James, who was a son of 
Cornelius Bogardus. 

Issue (Bogardus) : 

548 Charles S. Bogardus. 

549 James W. Bogardus. 

550 Mary J. Bogardus; living Hopewell Junc- 

tion, N. Y., 1912, who says her mother's 
mother died when she (her mother) was 
a month old, and the father when her 
mother was 7 years old; that her mother 
lived at Portchester with a cousin, Mar- 
garet Strang, for a few years> then went 
to Dutchess Co., with the Storm family, 
as her mother's guardian was brother of 
her grandmother. 

327 THOMAS STRANG, son of Daniel (193) and 
Maria Strang; married Martha Bryan. He had a dry goods 
store; resided in Mobile, Ala. Lost eighty thousand dollars 
during the Civil War. He went to Mobile to live, when a 
boy, with his father's brother Thomas. He was never north 
after the war, but the southern papers spoke beautifully of 
his Christian life. 

329 CHARLES EDWARD STRANG, son of Daniel 
(193) and Maria (Storm) Strang of Katonah, N. Y., who 
had his father's Bible. Resided at one time in New York 


551 Mary E. Strang; married Andrew Kipp. 

552 Sarah Frank Strang; married Polhemus 

Humphrey, who is deceased. 

Sixth Generation 99 

553 Susan Strang; married. 

554 Charles Edward Strang, Jr.; married 

Sarah Reeves. He had his grandfather's 
family Bible, but he died very suddenly 
and the member of the family writing 
about it does not know what became of it. 

330 WILLIAM HENRY STRANG, son of Daniel 
(193) and Maria (Storm) Strang, born 1822; died 1888; 
married Amanda Dolson in 1844, who was born 1822 and 
died 1888. Salesman in New York City. 


555 Phebe Ann Strang, born 1850; unmarried. 

556 Mary Eliza Strang, born 1852; married 

James H. Cook. 

557 John Storm Strang, born 1854; married 

Rena Dolson; son, John A. 

558 Thomas P. Strang, born 1858; married 

Louisa Mallich and had two children, 
William H. Strang, unmarried, and 
Mary E. Strang, who married Nov. 16, 
1910, Harold Noble, cashier in Park 
Avenue Hotel, New York. 

559 Charles Strang, born 1862; unmarried. 

330f DANIEL STANLEY STRANG, son of Peter 
(203) and Caroline (Stanley) Strang; married Elizabeth 


559a William H. Strang; married Anna La 
Roche; resides Brooklyn, N. Y. Issue: 
William H. Strang, Jr. ; Anna L. Strang; 

100 Strang Genealogy 

Walter D. Strang, married; Harry A. 

Strang; Charles D. Strang; Lillian A. 

Strang; Grace E. Strang. 
559b Joseph S. Strang; married Emma L. Fenn; 

resides Brooklyn, N. Y. No issue. 
559c Juliet D. Strang; married William L. 

Creighton; resides Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Issue: William E. Creighton; Elizabeth 

A. Creighton; Laura D. Creighton. 
559d Emeline A. Strang; married Hiram K. 

Everdell; resides Brooklyn, N. Y. Issue: 

Hubert K. Everdell. 
559e Charles D. Strang; married Tinea Storms; 

resides Brooklyn, N. Y. Issue: Edith 

C. Strang. 

332 SAMUEL A. STRANG, son of Joseph W. (210) 
and Elizabeth (Belcher) Strang, born April 2, 1823; mar- 
ried Mary Lapsley. 


560 Nelson Strang; died young. 

561 Anna Strang; died young. 

562 Minnie Strang. 

563 Agnes Horner Strang. 

564 Bessie Strang. 

334 JOSEPHINE A. STRANG, daughter of Joseph 
W. (210) and Elizabeth M. (Belcher) Strang, born Jan. 21, 
1828; married Theodore F. Hay. 

Issue (Hay) : 

565 Arthur LeStrange Hay. 

Sixth Generation 101 

566 Philip Van Courtland Hay; died young. 

567 Philip Van Courtland Hay ; died young. 

568 Walter Hay; died young. 

569 Theodore Hay; died young. 

570 Josephine Hay; died young. 

571 Lizzie Hay; died young. 

335 LYDIA BELCHER STRANG, daughter of 
Joseph White (210) and Elizabeth Morgan (Belcher) 
Strang, born June 18, 1831; married Richard Wynkoop of 
Brooklyn, N. Y., born June 29, 1829. 

Issue (Wynkoop) : 

572 Joseph S. Wynkoop, born July 10, 1864; 

died July 20, 1865. 

573 Hubert S. Wynkoop, born Sept. 20, 1866. 

574 Eugene Wynkoop, born July 23, 1870. 

336 EDGAR A. STRANG, son of Joseph White 
(210) and Elizabeth Morgan (Belcher) Strang, born Dec. 
3, 1833; died Feb. 10, 1909; married Anna Suydam, who died 
in Peekskill, N. Y., Dec. 21, 1907. 


575 Annie Strang. 

576 James S. Strang; of Stamford, Conn., in 


577 Clifford H. Strang; died Aug. 30, 1903. 

578 Jane H. Strang. 

337 WILLIAM BELCHER STRANG, son of Joseph 

W. (210) and Elizabeth M. (Belcher) Strang, born Nov. 2, 

1835; living, 1912, Yonkers, N. Y. ; married Florence Rich 

102 Strang Genealogy 

Clark, born July 13, 1847, daughter of Ebenezer and Abigail 
(Rich) Clark. " 

Issue : 

579 Lucius C. Strang; died young. 

580 Florence E. Strang. 

581 Bertha E. Strang. 

582 Walter S. Strang. 

339 SAMUEL B. BELCHER, son of Dr. William N. 
and Emmeline (212) (Strang) Belcher; married Elizabeth 

Issue (Belcher) : 

583 Edgar Belcher. 

584 Catharine Belcher. 

585 Ella Belcher. 

586 Louis Belcher. 

340 ELIZABETH BELCHER, daughter of William 
N. and Emmeline (212) (Strang) Belcher; married Augus- 
tus H. Seeley. 

Issue (Seeley) : 

587 William B. Seeley. 

William N. and Emmeline (212) (Strang) Belcher; died 
1872; married Annie Morgan. 

Issue (Belcher) : 

588 Two sons. 

589 Caroline H. Belcher. 

Sixth Generation 103 

342 SARAH LOUISE BELCHER, daughter of 
William N. and Emmeline (212) (Strang) Belcher; married 
first Edward Thompson; second William Savory. 

Issue (Thopmson) : 

590 Lyman Thompson. 

591 Emma Thompson. 

Issue (Savory) : 

591a Mary White Savory. 

343 HENRY WHITE STRANG, son of Samuel 
Bartow (213) and Malvina (Eldridge) Strang, born Jan. 
2, 1844; married Clara Thurston. 


592 Catharine M. Strang, born 1868. 

352 MARGARET ELIZA STRANG, daughter of 
Theodosius (217) and Eliza J. (Mitchell) Strang; married 
Rev. Charles Baird. 

374 MARY A. STRANG, daughter of Sylvanus 
(230) and Nancy (Lee) Strang; died April 12, 1896, aged 
83 years 1 month and 25 days. Her death is recorded in 
Carmel, N. Y., and the names of her parents are given as 
Sylvanus Strang and Nancy Lee. She married Nov. 5, 1829, 
John L. Knapp, born Putnam Valley, N. Y., Sept. 1, 1798; 
died April 11, 1868. Both buried Yorktown Presbyterian 
Cemetery. His mother was Abigail, sister to lawyer Robert 
Perine Lee, and his father was David Knapp. The parents 
of Abigail Lee were John and Sarah (Perine) Lee. 

104 Strang Genealogy 

Issue (Knapp) : 

593 Matilda A. Knapp. 

594 Sylvanus Strang Knapp; died Jan. 29, 

1897, aged 59 years 1 month and 22 
days, in Jefferson Valley, N. Y., and is 
buried in Yorktown Presbyterian 

595 Jane Knapp ; died at her home in Jefferson 

Valley, N. Y., May 27, 1913. She died 
in the house where she was born and had 
always lived. Member of the Yorktown 
Presbyterian Church. 

596 David Knapp, born Dec. 17, 1835; resided 

in the old home, Jefferson Valley, N. Y. ; 
died May, 1914, aged 78 years 4 months 
and 19 days. 

597 Mary Lucretia Knapp; died May 29, 1907, 

aged 62 years 4 months and 14 days. 

598 Ann Knapp. 

599 Emma Knapp; residing in the old home in 


600 Elizabeth Knapp; living in the old home in 

1914, which is on the road from 
Mahopac to Peekskill, N. Y. 

375 ELIZABETH STRANG, daugther of Charles H. 
(246) and Theda (Ganung) Strang, born Aug. 17, 1832; 
married March 5, 1863, John F., son of Israel Hamilton of 
Carmel, N. Y. Moved to West Virginia. 

Issue: (Hamilton): 

601 Gertrude Hamilton; married Joseph 


602 Ida Hamilton; married Dr. McBee. 

Sixth Generation 105 

377 GERARD C. STRANGE, son of Charles H. 
(246) and Theda (Ganung) Strang, born Dec. 4, 1840, in 
Carmel, N. Y. ; married. Residence, 4633 Richardson Ave., 
N. Y. City. 


603 Gerard C. Strange; residing with his 
father in 1913. In a letter, Gerard C. 
Strange states he had the letter "e" law- 
fully added to his name, or, as he claims, 
the name restored to its correct spelling 
in 1868. In the same letter he states he 
met a "Strang" in Owen Sound, Can., 
who said he was from Williamsburg, 
N. Y. (Brooklyn), and that he was the 
son of Nelson Strang. He also met 
some people in New Orleans who were 
French, spelling their name De La 
Strange, some forty years ago (1913). 

378 THADDEUS STRANGE, son of Charles H. 
(246) and Theda (Ganung) Strang, born Carmel, N. Y. ; 
married. Removed to Eastchester, N. Y. 

Issue (From an undated letter. Perhaps 1913) : 

604 Ada Strange; married. Issue: Victor 

, aged 18; Albert, aged 15; 

Emerson, aged 14; Herbert, aged 11; 
Theda, aged 22 years, who married a 
McBride and lives in Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 

605 Thaddeus Sidney Strange; aged 39 years; 

married Mrs. Williams. One son, Thad- 
deus Harcourt, aged 19. 
+ 606 Ethel Strange; married a Hitchcock; four 

106 Strang Genealogy 

children. The above information from 
an undated letter. 

607 Rachel Strange; married an Irving; two 


608 Alice Belle Strange, aged 24; married a 

McBride; one child of 6 years. 

410 MARY ANN WOOD, daughter of Jeremiah and 
Margaret (261a) (Horton) Wood, born April 13, 1827; died 
Aug. 12, 1894; married Dec. 30, 1846, Elias Quereau Lyon, 
born April 8, 1823; died July 26, 1905; son of John and 
Catherine (Quereau) Lyon. 

Issue (Lyon) : 

+ 609 Mary Ann Ophelia Lyon. 

610 Katherine Elizabeth Lyon, born May 29, 

1859; died Aug. 28, 1859. 

611 Clementina Quereau Lyon, born July 14, 

1860; died July 21, 1863. 

612 Louisa Matilda Lyon, born Jan. 16, 1862; 

died Jan. 18, 1862. 
+ 613 Carrie Emma Lyon. 

411 MARGARET LOUISA WOOD, daughter of Jere- 
miah and Margaret (261a) (Horton) Wood, born April 5, 
1844; married Richard Keeler of Ridgefield, Conn. 

Issue (Keeler) : 

614 Ebenezer Keeler of Ridgefield, Conn.; 
Member of Assembly in that State; mar- 
ried and had son Ebenezer, deceased, 
who had a daughter Margaret who mar- 
ried a Betts and resided in Brooklyn, 
N. Y. 

Sixth Generation 107 

412 EBENEZER WOOD, son of Jeremiah and Mar- 
garet (261a) (Horton) Wood; married Polly Benedict, 
sister to Henry Keeler's wife. 

Issue (Wood) : 

615 Ebenezer Wood; married Mary J. Strang 


616 Julia Wood; married Cyrus Reynolds of 

Cross River, and had Eva Reynolds, who 
married a Russell. 

413 GEORGE STRANG, son of James (263) and 
Catherine (Fowler) Strang; married a daughter of Egbert 
Howland. He and his father were unfortunate in business 
affairs and lost their farm (given them by Ebenezer Strang, 
the grandfather of George), now known as the Hillside 
Cemetery, Peekskill, N. Y. George died in Peekskill, N. Y., 
Jan. 7, 1912, aged 75 years. One sister at the time of his 
death resided in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

418 SAMUEL BREWSTER, son of Samuel and 
Elizabeth (265) (Strang) Brewster; married Harriet 
Crosby of Patterson, N. Y. He died November, 1912, aged 
88 years, and is buried in the old Southeast Cemetery at 
Brewster, N. Y. 

Issue (Brewster) : 

617 Issabelle Brewster; married Daniel Gallup 

of Utica, N. Y. 

618 Walter Brewster; married Roseanna Jack- 

son of Brewster, N. Y., and had one 
daughter, Rosetta Brewster, who mar- 
ried Leander Lent of Brewster, clerk. 

108 Strang Genealogy 

464 JACOB LENT STRANG, son of Jacob I. (286) 
and Sarah (Lee) Strang, born Oct. 10, 1831; died May 7, 
1901; married Dec. 6, 1859, Abby J. Denike. 


+ 619 Elijah Lee Strang. 

+ 620 OlinTodd Strang. 

+ 621 Mary Tamma Strang. 

of Jacob I. (286) and Sarah (Lee) Strang, born Jan. 13, 
1835; died June 22, 1914; married March 2, 1864, Andrew 
J. Deuel. 

Issue (Deuel) : 

622 Julia Annie Deuel, born March 26, 1868; 

married Oct. 1, 1890, Charles Rich, 
M. D., of Yorktown Heights, N. Y., and 
had Mildred Beatrice Rich, born Feb. 
27, 1896. 

623 Clara Eunice Deuel, born July 9, 1873; 

married, 1899, Lawrence E. Howe, and 
had Clara Eunice Howe, who died April 
10, 1903. 
Two boys died in infancy. 

Jacob I. (286) and Sarah (Lee) Strang, born Sept. 10, 
1836; died Aug. 6, 1901; married Nov. 23, 1865, Aida 
Augusta Jacox. 


624 Claudia L. Strang, born Aug. 10, 1886. 

Sixth Generation 109 

625 Claribel Strang, born Feb. 14, 1879; mar- 
ried Dec. 30, 1903, Elihu B. Gooding, 
salesman, living in Detroit, Mich. Issue: 
Chester Martin Gooding, born Oct. 30, 
1908; Marion Augusta Gooding, born 
May 6, 1911; Marshal William Gooding, 
born Nov. 14, 1913. 

469 JEHIEL JAGGER STRANG, son of Jacob I. 
(286) and Sarah (Lee) Strang, born May 12, 1840; mar- 
ried March 13, 1873, Kate Conklin. 


626 Eugene Strang, born March 30, 1875; 

married Jan. 1, 1901, Grace A. Loomis, 
and had Roland Strang, born Dec. 21, 
1901, and Camilla Strang, born Aug. 23, 

627 Grace Alma Strang, born July 3, 1878; 

married June 24, 1908, Albert L. Felt, 
lawyer, Long Beach, Cal., and had Seth 
J. Felt, born Sept. 20, 1909, and Albert 
Lorrimer Felt, born March 21, 1913. 

628 Carrie May Strang, born Nov. 7, 1881; 

married Aug. 9, 1911, Frank O. Swem, 
jeweler, Grand Rapids, Mich., and had 
Louise A. Swem, born Aug. 13, 1912, 
and Frances Katherine Swem, born 
Nov. 27, 1913. 

471 ROBERT LEE STRANG, son of Jacob I. (286) 
and Sarah (Lee) Strang, born Oct. 4, 1844; married May 
17, 1882, Hannah Craft, daughter of Matthias Craft. 

110 Strang Genealogy 


629 Frances Craft Strang, born Feb. 7, 1883; 
married Oct. 12, 1910, Elias S. Chap- 
man, teller in Peekskill, N. Y., Savings 
Bank. Issue : Robert Lee Strang Chap- 
man, born Sept. 9, 1911. 

472 EDWARD BEVERLY STRANG, son of Jacob 
I. (286) and Sarah (Lee) Strang, born June 30, 1847; mar- 
ried Nov. 14, 1895, Louisa M. Owen; residence, Guthrie, 


630 Louisa M. Strang; died Arcadia, Okla., 
Jan. 22, 1908; buried Presbyterian Cem- 
etery, Yorktown, N. Y. 

473 EMILY AUGUSTA STRANG, daughter of 
Jacob I. (286) and Sarah (Lee) Strang, born April 8, 1852; 
married Oct. 27, 1887, Henry H. Rand. 

474 SARAH ANN STRANG, daughter of Martin 
Luther (287) and Eliza (Conklin) Strang, born Oct. 28, 
1835; died March 13, 1899; married Jan. 12, 1859, George 
W. Horton of Somers, N. Y., born Oct. 28, 1835. 

Issue (Horton) : 

+ 631 Delos S. Horton. 

632 Martin L. Horton, born March 9, 1862; 
died unmarried March 13, 1903. 
+ 633 Mary E. Horton. 

Sixth Generation 111 

634 George W. Horton, Jr., born March 15, 
1866; residence, Peekskill, N. Y. 
+ 635 Lizzie S. Horton. 

636 Jennie L. Horton, born Oct. 15, 1871; died 
unmarried June 3, 1899. 
+ 637 Harry Horton. 

638 Hattie S. Horton, born March 8, 1877; 
died March 31, 1877. 

475 NATHANIEL C. STRANG, son of Martin 
Luther (287) and Eliza (Conklin) Strang, born Sept. 25, 
1838; married Hester A., daughter of James and Sarah 
(Conklin) Nelson, Sept. 25, 1867; residence, Yorktown, 

N. Y. 


+ 639 S. Jennie Strang. 

640 Anna E. Strang; died young. 

641 William Strang; died young. 
+ 642 James N. Strang. 

476 JOHN M. STRANG, son of Martin Luther (287) 
and Eliza (Conklin) Strang, born April 8, 1837; married 
March, 1868, Lydia Seymour Lent. Residence, Yorktown, 
N. Y. 


643 Martin L. Strang, born April 14, 1869; 

resides at home. 

644 Benson L. Strang, born April 15, 1871; 

farmer, Crompond St. ; married May 20, 
1896, Kittie Conklin. 

645 Sara Elizabeth Strang, born January, 

112 Strang Genealogy 

1873; married Sept. 6, 1896, Edward B. 
Conklin, farmer of Putnam Valley, N. 
Y. Issue: Galdys Strang Conklin, born 
May 15, 1899; now a student at Drew 
Seminary, Carmel, N. Y. 

646 Hattie E. Strang, born January, 1875 ; died 


647 Ethelena Strang, born February, 1878. 

477 AMMI KEELER STRANG, son of Martin 
Luther (287) and Elizabeth (Lent) Strang, born Jan. 31, 
1844; died April 24, 1908; married March, 1872, Eugenia, 
born July 30, 1849, daughter of Nathan Delevan and Sally 
(Field) Ganung, of Salem, N. Y. 


+ 648 Herbert Strang. 

649 Harold E. Strang, born April 6, 1877; 

farmer, Crompond, N. Y. 

650 Bessie M. Strang, born May, 1885. 

478 LOUISE E. STRANG, daughter of Martin Luther 
(287) and Elizabeth (Lent) Strang; married Oct. 3, 1883, 
Ira Crane, son of Judge Azor Belden and Demas (Doane) 
Crane of Southeast, N. Y., born Aug. 13, 1834. Inherited 
the old homestead, which has been in the possession of the 
family for three generations, upon which he has passed his 
days as an agriculturist. For many years connected with 
town affairs of Carmel, N. Y., as Commissioner of High- 
ways. The house was built shortly after the Revolution but 
has been greatly enlarged. All residing on the home farm, 
1914, Carmel, N. Y. 

Sixth Generation 113 

Issue (Crane) : 

651 A. Belden Crane, born Oct. 8, 1884; grad- 

uated from High School in Carmel, N. 
Y., 1905 ; entered Eastman's Colleee at 
Poughkeepsie. Since 1906 has managed 
his father's farm. In 1913, elected Com- 
missioner of Highways in Carmel. 

652 Elizabeth Aurelia Crane, born March 20, 

1886; died Nov. 10, 1888. 

653 Mary Amelia Crane; after graduating 

from Carmel High School, attended 
Lyndon Hall, Poughkeepsie, graduating 
in 1906. In the fall of 1908 entered 
Syracuse University, graduating in 1911 
with the degree of Ph.B. Now teaching. 

654 Louise Strang Crane; graduated from 

Carmel High School in June, 1907; en- 
tered Syracuse University, taking a 
course in oratory; graduated in June, 
1913; returned in fall of 1913 for a Post 
Graduate course. 

481 MARY J. STRANG, daughter of Daniel (288) 
and Sarah J. (Tompkins) Strang, born Feb. 2, 1840; died 
Oct. 9, 1875; married Dec. 1, 1858, Ebenezer Wood, Jr. 
(615), a farmer of Salem, N. Y. 

Issue (Wood) : 

655 Daniel Strang Wood, born Feb. 12, 1863; 

unmarried; real estate; resides Peeks- 
kill, N. Y. 

656 Ebenezer A. Wood; lawyer of Peekskill, 

N. Y.; born Sept. 28, 1875. In the fall 
of 1892 Ebenezer A. Wood entered 

114 Strang Genealogy 

Chappaqua Institute; remained for two 
years. In 1894 enrolled as a student in 
Williston Seminary, Easthampton, 
Mass., remaining three years and grad- 
uating in 1897. In 1902 he formed a 
partnership with his uncle, Ira D. 
Strang, in Peekskill, in the real estate 
and insurance business. In September, 
1902, he married Elizabeth, daughter of 
James F. Lawrence of Lewisboro, N. Y. 
Resides on Walnut St., Peekskill, N. Y., 
and has one son. 

482 ALBERT STRANG, son of Daniel (288) and 
Sarah Jane (Tompkins) Strang; a physician of Yorktown, 
N. Y., born Oct. 13, 1843; died Jan. 24, 1888. Attended 
school Poughkeepsit, N. Y. In 1864 entered Bellevue Medi- 
cal Hospital. Commenced his professional studies under 
Stephen Smith, M. D. Graduated 1867. Junior assistant at 
Bellevue 1866; senior assistant 1867; house surgeon 1867-8; 
assistant to chair surgical anatomy 1868-70. Successful phy- 
sician in Yorktown, N. Y., from 1872 until his death; mar- 
ried Sept. 2, 1868, Kate Depew, daughter of Isaac and Mar- 
tha (Mitchell) Depew of Peekskill, N. Y., and sister of the 
Hon. Chauncey Depew. 


657 Martha Depew Strang, born June 1, 1871. 

658 Elsie Hageman Strang, born Jan. 15, 1875 ; 

M. D.; married Mr. L'Esperance. In 
1900 was in charge of the children's 
clinic of Bellevue Hospital, New York. 
She was a graduate of the Woman's 
Medical College of N. Y. City. In 1914 

Sixth Generation 115 

she was instructor in pathology at Cor- 
nell University Medical College; sailed 
later for Europe to continue her work in 
Munich with Professor Borst. 
659 Mary Jane Strang, born Dec. 15, 1879. 

483 IRA D. STRANG, son of Daniel (288) and 
Sarah J. (Tompkins) Strang, born March 22, 1857; married 
first Oct. 14, 1874, Katie V., daughter of Nehemiah S. 
Jacobs; second, Oct. 13, 1880, Mary B., daughter of George 
H. Fowler; third, Oct. 16, 1895, Flora B. Mead. Residence, 
Shrub Oak, Westchester Co., N. Y. 

Issue (By first wife) : 

+ 660 Kate V. Strang. 

(By second wife) : 
+ 661 Arthur F. Strang. 

662 Florence A. Strang, born Sept. 22, 1883; 

died Aug. 28, 1889. 

(By third wife) : 

663 Ira M. Strang, born July 28, 1903. 

484 SOLOMON MEAD, son of Richard and Hannah 
(290) (Keeler) Mead; married first after settling in New 
Haven, Conn., Elizabeth Deming; married second a Miss 
Green, who survives him. 

Issue (Mead) : 

664 Frank Mead; died in early childhood. 

665 Sophia Mead; died in early childhood. 
+ 666 William Deming Mead. 

+ 667 Fannie Mead. 

116 Strang Genealogy 

668 George Mead; died in his teens; twin of 


669 Charles Mead; married Mattie Post. 

670 Maryanna Mead; unmarried. 

485 CLARK MEAD, son of Richard and Hannah 
(290) (Keeler) Mead; died April 4, 1907; married first 
Aurinda, daughter of George and Maria (Green) Fox; 
married second March, 1885, Lydia Paddock, born June 3, 

Issue (Mead) (By first wife) : 

671 George Richard Mead; died shortly after 
his father; married Ida Dorman and had 
one daughter, Leila Mead, who married 
a Lee. 

486 LINUS MEAD, son of Richard and Hannah 
(290) (Keeler) Mead, born Sept. 20, 1835; died August, 
1906; married first Sarah Elizabeth, daughter of Linus and 
Laura (Pardee) Bouton, who died November, 1877; he mar- 
ried second, May, 1883, Harriett Laura, daughter of Jacob 
and Matilda (Greenley) Hoyt. 

Issue (Mead) (By first wife) : 

672 Fred Llewellen Mead; married Alice Rus- 

sell and had two children, May Mead 
and Walter Mead. 

(By second wife) : 

673 Clarence Hoyt Mead ; married Maud Dick- 


674 Florence Mead; died in infancy. 

Sixth Generation 117 

487 HENRY MEAD, son of Richard and Hannah 
(290) (Keeler) Mead; married Elizabeth, daughter of An- 
son and Lydia (Lounsbury) Pardee, who died June, 1894. 

Issue (Mead) : 

675 Ida Belle Mead; married June, 1883, Clif- 

ford Main. She was drowned 36 hours 
after her marriage, by the burning of 
the steamboat Granite State at Good- 
speed Landing, Conn., aged 20 years. 

676 Stephen Clark Mead. 

677 Carrie Ely Mead; died in infancy. 

678 Edna May Mead. 

679 Lydia Mead; died aged 7 years. 

680 Louis Hoffman Mead. 

490 HENRY CLAY KEELER, son of Henry (291) 
and Loretta (Benedict) Keeler; married Ocelia Todd. 

Issue (Keeler) : 

681 Susan Mead Keeler, born 1874; married 
about 1896 (residing East Norwalk, 
Conn.), Albert Nicholls and had issue: 
Edith Nicholls ; Ralph Nicholls, who died 
in infancy; Albert Nicholls, Jr.; and one 

491 THOMAS STRANG BALDWIN, son of Elisha 
S. (292) and -Alette L. (Stockholm) Baldwin, born March 
10, 1825; died May 3, 1866; married Jane A. Monfort. 

Issue (Baldwin) : 

682 Elisha T. Baldwin. 

683 Hattie M. Baldwin. 

118 Strang Genealogy 

684 Aletta C. Baldwin, deceased. 

685 Walter M. Baldwin, deceased. 

686 Olivia M. Baldwin; married first a Bryant; 

second, Sept. 30, 1913, Dr. C. M.Buf- 
fington of Pawling, N. Y., at the home 
of her brother, Elisha T. Baldwin. 

687 Ida K. Baldwin, deceased. 

502 GEORGE B. BERRY, son of Samuel and Eliza- 
beth (295) (Baldwin) Berry, born Oct. 27, 1847; married, 
DesMoines, Iowa, Mary J. Royal, born May 1, 1850. Resi- 
dence, Taos, New Mexico. 

Issue (Berry) : 

687a Charles H. Berry, born DesMoines, Iowa, 
Oct. 27, 1865 ; married March 20, 1889, 
Adeline Arnold, and has one son, 
Charles H. Berry, Jr., born April 20, 
1892, who married Feb. 10, 1813, Ter- 
reita Sanchez. 

687b George B. Berry, Jr., born Granite, Col., 
Sept. 3, 1868; married March 3, 1893, 
Paulita Sandovol; no issue. 

687c Royal J. Berry, born Nov. 23, 1871, at Gas 
Creek, Col. ; married Dec. 10, 1897, Dora 
Shrurich and have one daughter, Mary 
T. Berry, born 1898. 
+ 688 Kathryn Berry. 

688a Samuel A. Berry, born Lagrita, Col, Sept. 
11 (no year given) ; married and living 
in Arizona. 

507 ELIZA BREWSTER, daughter of Frederick G. 

Sixth Generation 119 

and Margaret (297) (Strang) Brewster; married Dec. 27, 
1871, Daniel M. Barnes of Putnam Co., N. Y. 

Issue (Barnes) : 

689 Grace Barnes. 

690 Alice Barnes. 

691 James Barnes. 

508 HENRY STRANG BREWSTER, son of Fred- 
erick G. and Margaret (297) (Strang) Brewster; died Dec. 
27, 1910; married Oct. 16, 1872, Lucie Gilbert of Brooklyn, 
N. Y., who lived about four years only after her marriage. 
On Feb. 17, 1892, he married Millie B. Lee of Yorktown, 
N. Y., and they resided at Brewster, N. Y. 

Issue (Brewster) (By first wife) : 
692 Edith Brewster. 

Frederick G. and Margaret (297) (Strang) Brewster; mar- 
ried Isabel McLeod Ridgeway, granddaughter of the Rev. 
Robert Bruce McLeod of Philadelphia. 

510 HARRIET BREWSTER, daughter of Frederick 
G. and Margaret (297) (Strang) Brewster; married Oct. 
23, 1877, Walter Crosby Johnson of Dutchess Co., N. Y. 

Issue (Johnson) : 

693 Antoinette Johnson. 

694 George B. Johnson. 

695 Howard I. Johnson. 

120 Strang Genealogy 

512 MARGARET BREWSTER, daughter of Fred- 
erick G. and Margaret (297) (Strang) Brewster; married 
William Armstrong of Peekskill, N. Y. 

Issue (Armstrong) : 

696 Frederick A. Armstrong of Denver, Col. 

697 Herbert Armstrong; died in infancy. 

522 SARAH ELIZABETH LEE, daughter of Abijah 
and Mary Ann (299) (Strang) Lee, born Sept. 15, 1847; 
married Nov. 28, 1866, John J. Travis, born April 26, 1841. 

Issue (Travis) : 

698 Anna Matilda Travis, born Jan. 10, 1868; 
died Dec. 25, 1884. 

699 Mary Jane Travis, born Dec. 5, 1869. 

700 Saraetta Travis, born Jan. 5, 1872; mar- 

ried June 14, 1899, George W. Merrick 
of Brewster, N. Y., and had Richard 
Henry Lee Merrick, born Jan. 14, 1900; 
Violet Louisa Merrick, born July 31, 
1906, and Irving Travis Merrick, born 
Aug. 6, 1913. 

701 Jessie Ada Travis, born Sept. 22, 1873. 

702 John Lee Travis, born May 18, 1880. 

703 James Irving Travis, born Feb. 22, 1882; 

died May 28, 1900. 

523 MARY ANN LEE, daughter of Abijah and Mary 
Ann (299) (Strang) Lee, born N. Y. City July 14, 1850; 
married Dec. 23, 1874, Edward Munson, son of Munson and 
Mary A. L. (Hitchcock) Frost, born Carmel, N. Y., May 28, 
1848; farmer and treasurer of the Yorktown, N. Y. Tele- 
phone Co. 

Sixth Generation 121 

Issue (Frost) : 

+ 704 Edward Irving Frost. 

+ 705 Eleanor Lee Frost. 

+ 706 Mary Ann FrOwSt. 

+ 707 Alice Belle Frost. 

+ 708 Frances Jane Frost. 

+ 709 Harriet Montross Frost. 

+ 710 Samuel Tilley Frost. 

+ 711 Robert Strang Frost. 

+ 712 William Cumming Frost. 

+ 713 Flora Louisa Frost. 

714 John Munson Frost, born Feb. 11, 1894; 
resides Ithaca, N. Y. Unmarried. 

525 JENNIE LEE, daughter of Abijah and Mary 
Ann (299) (Strang) Lee; married Sept. 13, 1877, Dr. Isaac 
Reynolds Secor, who died at the age of 35 years from in- 
flammatory rheumatism. Resided in Ossining until about 
1900; removed to Mt. Vernon, Ohio, which place is still her 

Issue: (Secor) : 

715 William Lee Secor; physician and surgeon, 

Kerrville, Texas; aged 35 years (1914) ; 
married Aug. 21, 1899, Gattie Thornton, 
and has two sons, William Thornton 
Secor, aged 13 years, and Creighton 
Secor, aged five years. 

716 Elbert Irving Secor, of East High St., Mt. 

Vernon, Ohio; travelling salesman for 
automobile supplies; married July 30, 
1903, Etta Cole, and had in 1914 Elbert 
Raymond Secor, aged 10 years; Helen 

122 Strang Genealogy 

Secor, aged seven years, and Dorothy 
Secor, aged four years. 

717 Edward Thomas Secor; physician and sur- 

geon residing 87 Fifth Ave., La Grange, 
111.; 30 years of age in 1914; unmarried. 

718 Debora H. Secor; eldest daughter; 27 years 

of age in 1914; married Aug. 9, 1911, 
Otto M. John, professor of sciences in a 
college at Washington, D. C. Issue: 
Edward Allen John, aged two years in 

719 Jennie Rebecca Secor; youngest daughter, 

aged 24 years in 1914; married Aug. 6, 
1912, Sevellon C. Rockwell, principal of 
an academy in Pomona, Cal. Address, 
815 E. Fifth Ave. 

526 EMMA HESTER LEE, daughter of Abijah and 
Mary Ann (299) (Strang) Lee; married Samuel G. Lilley. 
Residence, 636 Pierce St., Gary, Ind. 

Issue (Lilley) : 

719a Katherine Lilley; married E. T. Dolly, and 
has two children, Helen Ann and Ed- 
ward Lillie. Resides Rock Island, 111. 

719b Mary Ann Lillie; married L. E. Wood- 
ward and resides Gary, Ind. Two chil- 
dren, Alan Lee and Lewis Woodward. 

527 HENRIETTA M. LEE, daughter of Abijah and 
Mary Ann (214) (Strang) Lee, born Feb. 29, 1860; mar- 
ried Aug. 26, 1878, Oscar V. Barger of Putnam Valley, 
N. Y., born Sept. 27, 1855. Residence, Peekskill, N. Y. 

Sixth Generation 123 

Issue (Barger) : 

719c Mabel Lee Barger, born June 11, 1879; 

married April 2, 1903, J. Arthur Bassett, 

and had Donald Lee Bassett, born March 

2, 1907. 
719d Herbert T. Barger, born Sept. 3, 1883; 

married July 9, 1909, Eizabeth Sarah 

719e Henry L. Barger, born May 19, 1890. 

528 WASHINGTON IRVING LEE, son of Abijah 
and Mary Ann (214) (Strang) Lee; married May 30, 1888, 
Mattie Haring of Cloister, N. J. 

ter of David Close and Hannah (303) (Wood) Keeler, born 
July 22, 1835; married November, 1856, Matthew Betts. 

Issue (Betts) : 

720 Carrie Elizabeth Betts; died September, 

1864, aged 7 years. 

721 Fred Keeler Betts, born about 1861; mar 

ried Jessie Sherwood, and had Bertha 
Betts; Fred Keeler Betts, Jr.; Walter 
Betts; Margaret Betts. Residence, 
Kingston, N. Y. 

542 EBENEZER WOOD KEELER, son of David 
Close and Hannah (303) (Wood) Keeler; married, 1889, 
Emma Paddock. 

Issue (Keeler) : 

722 Harold Keeler, born March 18, 1900. 


546 CATHARINE CRAFT, daughter of William and 
Anna Eliza (325) (Strang) Craft, born Portchester, N. Y., 
Dec. 28, 1847; married Norman L. Noble of Oakfield, 
Genesee Co., N. Y., Jan. 13, 1863. After his death she mar- 
ried, May 4, 1912, Charles H. Stillwell of Lyndall, South 

Issue (Noble) : 

723 Clifton C. W. Noble, born July 7, 1866; 

married Oct. 20, 1892, Drusa M. Hill 
of Buffalo, N. Y. 

724 Frank Noble, born Batavia, N. Y. ; mar- 

ried Dec. 29, 1888, Sara Bloomfield. 

725 Clarence Noble, born Jan. 15, 1879, Buf- 

falo, N. Y. ; unmarried. 

726 Bertrand Harold Noble, born Buffalo, 

N. Y., May 4, 1887; married Nov. 16, 
1910, Mary E. Strang. 

547 JOHN STORM CRAFT, son of William and 
Anna Eliza (325) (Strang) Craft, born Portchester, N. Y., 
Sept. 4, 1844; married, May 22, 1867, Elizabeth Hatfield. 

Issue (Craft) : 

727 Adelbert Merton Craft, born Sept. 9, 1876; 
married Oct. 6, 1895, Mabel M. Will- 


Seventh Generation 125 

728 William Henry Craft, born Nov. 11, 1871; 

married July 11, 1894, Florence A. Rob- 

729 Charles Francis A. Craft, born May 28, 

1873; married Sept. 16, 1902, Margaret 

730 Clarence Bull Craft, born May 6, 1876; 

married Jan. 10, 1906, Katherine Bos- 

731 Marion Hatfield Craft, born May 12, 1883 ; 

married Oct. 25, 1911, Ernest Wisnell 

732 Ella Grace Craft, born Aug. 19, 1885 ; mar- 

ried Feb. 17, 1903, Roy Thomas Mar- 

609 MARY ANN OPHELIA LYON, daughter of 
Elias Quereau and Mary Ann (Wood) (410) Lyon, born 
April 16, 1856; married, Oct. 26, 1876, Arthur Whitney 
Bouton, born June 22, 1853, son of John Fowler and Sarah 
Ann( Reynolds) Bouton. 

Issue (Bouton) : 

733 Mary Ann Bouton, born Sept. 19, 1880. 

734 Ethel Irene Bouton, born May 22, 1888. 

613 CARRIE EMMA LYON, daughter of Elias 
Quereau and Mary Ann (Wood) (410) Lyon, born April 
21, 1864; married, Oct. 26, 1886, Weston Eugene Denton, 
born March 15, 1864, son of Amos and Mary (Seaman) 

Issue (Denton) : 

735 Harold Weston Denton, born July 31, 1892. 

126 Strang Genealogy 

619 ELIJAH LEE STRANG, son of Jacob Lent 
(464) and Abby J. (Denike) Strang, born Aug. 31, 1860; 
married Nov. 22, 1882, Hattie L. Smith. 


736 William J. Strang, born Sept. 28, 1883; 

married Aug. 24, 1904, Minnie I. War- 
ren, and had Kenneth W. Strang, born 
Dec. 11, 1906, and Gladys lone Strang, 
born Dec. 24, 1910. Residence, Ypsi- 
lanti, Mich. 

737 Myrtel E. Strang, born Oct. 11, 1886; mar- 

ried June 27, 1906, Leroy C. Lewis. 
Residence, Toledo, Ohio. Issue: Irene 
E. Lewis, born Sept. 1, 1908, and Henry 
S. Lewis, born Aug. 11, 1911. 

620 OLIN TODD STRANG, son of Jacob Lent 
(464) and Abby J. (Denike) Strang, born May 22, 1865; 
married Jan. 14, 1897, Cora E. DePew. 


738 Lois E. Strang, born June 14, 1898. 

739 Gilbert O. Strang, born Feb. 7, 1901. 

740 Alice L. Strang, born Juy 26, 1903. 

621 MARY TAMMA STRANG, daughter of Jacob 
Lent (464) and Abby J. (Denike) Strang, born Sept. 1, 
1867; married Jan. 22, 1890, Alfred G. Huston. 

Issue (Huston) : 

741 Genevieve Huston, born April 1, 1891; 

died aged 12 years. 

742 Ralph Huston, born Jan. 6, 1894. 

Seventh Generation 127 

631 DELOS S. HORTON, son of George W. and 
Sarah Ann (474) (Strang) Horton, born March 1, 1860; 
married March 17, 1886, Lillian M. Light; foreman and 
builder on N. Y. Central R. R. Residence, White Plains, 
N. Y. No issue. 

633 MARY E. HORTON, daughter of George W. 
and Sarah Ann (474) (Strang) Horton, born Sept. 15, 
1864; married first Dec. 11, 1889, Artie H. Whitlock, who 
was an engineer on the Putnam Div. of the N. Y. Central 
R. R. and died Dec. 9, 1892; she married second April 15, 
1903, George W. Brandt, an architect and builder. Resi- 
dence, New York City. 


743 Anna H. Whitlock, born Sept. 2, 1890. 

635 LIZZIE S. HORTON, daughter of George W. 
and Sarah Ann (474) (Strang) Horton, born Dec. 13, 1868; 
married first Eugene Purdy of Shrub Oak, N. Y. ; married 
second his brother, Oscar Purdy. Residence, Van Cortland- 
ville, N. Y. Farmer. 

Issue (By second husband) : 

744 Lewis Purdy. 

745 Sarah Purdy. 

746 Grace Purdv. 

637 HARRY HORTON, son of George W. and 
Sarah Ann (474) (Strang) Horton, born Aug. 5, 1875; 
married Jan. 1, 1900, Adelaide Spock. Residence, Peeks- 
kill, N. Y. 

128 Strang Genealogy 


747 Walton Jay Horton, born Oct. 12, 1900. 

748 Clifford Leslie Horton, born April 15, 1902. 

749 Harriett Sarah Horton, born April 22, 


750 Adelaide Horton, born Jan. 13, 1910. 

639 S. JENNIE STRANG, daughter of Nathaniel C. 
(475) and Hester A. (Conklin) Strang, born Aug. 12, 1868; 
married June 1, 1892, James B. White, a farmer of York- 
town, N. Y. 

Issue (White) (1913): 

751 Edith Louise white, aged 17 years. 

752 Margaritte White, aged 13 years. 

753 Anna White, aged 9 years. 

753a James S. White, born June, 1914. 

642 JAMES N. STRANG, son of Nathaniel C. (475) 
and Hester A. (Conklin) Strang, born April 23, 1874; mar- 
ried Alice, daughter of Clark and Sarah (Reynolds) Mead 
of Yorktown, N. Y. He was elected supervisor at the last 
election in Yorktown, N. Y. (1913). 

Issue : 

754 Clark Nelson Strang, aged 15 years 


755 James Strang, aged 13 years. 

756 Marie Strang, aged 10 years. 

Three boys died when two or three years 

Seventh Generation 129 

648 HERBERT STRANG, son of Ammi Keeler 
(477) and Eugenia (Ganung) Strang, born Jan. 21, 1873; 
farmer, Crompond, N. Y. ; married May 19, 1903, Clara, 
daughter of Wilbur and Emma L. (Newman) Todd of 
Golden's Bridge, N. Y., born March 8, 1877. 


757 Mildred E. Strang, born May 21, 1904. 

758 Harold T. Strang, born June 1, 1910. 

660 KATE V. STRANG, daughter of Ira D. (483) 
and Kate V. (Jacobs) Strang, born Oct. 27, 1878; married 
June 1, 1902, Warren M. Young, a merchant of Pough- 
keepsie, N. Y. 

Issue (Young) : 

759 Donald Young, born 1903. 

760 Holden Young, born 1906. 

661 ARTHUR F. STRANG, son of Ira D. (483) and 
Mary B. (Fowler) Strang, born Aug. 28, 1881; married 
May, 1902, Bertha Vandewater of Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 
Residence, Shrub Oak, N. Y. 


761 Florence Strang, born 1902. 

762 Marjorie Strang, born 1903. 

763 George B. Strang, born 1909. 

666 WILLIAM DEMING MEAD, son of Solomon 
(484) and Elizabeth (Deming) Mead; married Anna Price. 

130 Strang Genealogy 

Issue (Mead) : 

764 Esther Mead. 

765 Kenneth Mead. 

667 FANNIE MEAD, daughter of Solomon (484) 
and Elizabeth (Deming Mead; died November, 1912; mar- 
ried Claude Post. 

688 KATHRYN BERRY, daughter of George B. 
(502) and Mary J. (Royal) Berry, born Carnero, Col., 
March 25, 1875; married May 25, 1891, A. J. Muller of New 

Issue (Muller) : 

766 Mary Frances Muller, born March 8, 1892. 

767 Harry Cecil George Muller, born June 20, 


768 Frederick Berry Muller, born Aug. 27, 


704 EDWARD IRVING FROST, son of Edward 
Munson and Mary Ann (Lee) (523) Frost, born Yorktown, 
N. Y., Oct. 24, 1875; married Oct. 18, 1899, at Carmel, N. Y., 
Georgiana, born Carmel, N. Y., July 11, 1879; died Jan. 7, 
1911; daughter of Hosea and Elizabeth (Curry) Lounsbery 
of Carmel, N. Y. Resides Berkshire, Tioga, Co., N. Y. She 
died January, 1911, and he married second, March, 1912, 
Amy Whitney of Plainfield, N. J. 

Issue (Frost) (By first wife) : 

769 Evelyn Lounsbery Frost. 

770 Marion Elizabeth Frost. 

Seventh Generation 131 

771 Helen Lee Frost. 

772 Edward Munson Frost. 

773 Hazel Louisa Frost. 

774 Howard Irving Frost. 

705 ELEANOR LEE FROST, daughter of Edward 
Munson and Mary Ann (Lee) (523) Frost, born Yorktown, 
N. Y., April 27, 1877; married there June 10, 1896. James 
J., born same place, March 8, 1870, son of William L. and 
Louisa (White) Mead; farmer, Yorktown, N. Y. 

Issue (Mead) : 

775 Mary Cornwall Mead. 

776 Mildred Frost Mead. 

777 Eleanor Louisa Mead. 

706 MARY ANN FROST, daughter of Edward 
Munson and Mary Ann (Lee) (523) Frost, born Yorktown, 
N. Y., Sept. 25, 1878; married there June 1, 1898, Lewis J., 
born Somers, N. Y., March 1, 1878, son of Cyrus and Jose- 
phine (James) Beyea of Somers, N. Y. ; farmer and miller, 
Baldwin's Place, N. Y. 

Issue (Beyea) : 

778 Ralph Frost Beyea, born Somers, N. Y., 

June 2, 1900. 

779 Eunice Beyea; died soon after birth. 

707 ALICE BELLE FROST, daughter of Edward 
Munson and Mary Ann (Lee) (523) Frost, born Yorktown, 
N. Y., Feb. 21, 1880; married there Oct. 10, 1900, Lewis W., 

132 Strang Genealogy 

born there, May 20, 1864, son of Clark and Sarah (Rey- 
nolds) Mead; farmer, Yorktown, N. Y. 

Issue (Mead) : 

780 Ethel Frost Mead. 

781 Florence Elizabeth Mead. 

782 Mary Ann Mead. 

783 Helen Mead. 

708 FRANCES JANE FROST, daughter of Edward 
Munson and Mary Ann (Lee) (523) Frost, born Yorktown, 
N. Y., Nov. 18, 1881 ; married L. C. Penn of Mount Vernon, 

Issue (Penn) : 

784 Helen Cynthia Penn. 

785 Florence Penn. 

786 Elizabeth Penn. 

709 HARRIET M. FROST, daughter of Edward 
Munson and Mary Ann (Lee) (523) Frost, born Yorktown, 
N. Y., April 10, 1883; married May, 1913, Harold S. Smith 
of Berkshire, Tioga Co., N. Y. 

710 SAMUEL TILLEY FROST, son of Edward 
Munson and Mary Ann (Lee) (523) Frost, born Yorktown, 
N. Y., Dec. 25, 1884; married Eleanor Knokey of Hoquiam, 

711 ROBERT STRANG FROST, son of Edward 
Munson and Mary Ann (Lee) (523) Frost; born Yorktown, 

Seventh Generation 133 

N. Y., Dec. 21, 1886; married July, 1913, Julia Dwyer of 
Lake Mahopac, N. Y. Resides Brewster, N. Y. 


787 Robert Frost. 

712 WILLIAM CUMMING FROST, son of Edward 
Munson and Mary Ann (Lee) (523) Frost, born Yorktown, 
N. Y., Aug. 18, 1888; married July, 1913, Agnes Soule of 
Chatham, N. Y. Resides Brooklyn, N. Y. 

713 FLORA LOUISE FROST, daughter of Edward 
Munson and Mary Ann (Lee) (523) Frost, born Yorktown, 
N. Y., May 28,* 1890; married, March, 1913, Otho C. 
Punches of Mt. Vernon, Ohio. 


Burials Episcopal Churchyard, Newtown, L. I. 

Isaac B. Strang, born Jan. 17, 1820; died Nov. 3, 1901. 
Ann Bragaw, wife of Isaac B. Strang; died Dec. 2, 
1855, aged 73 year 6 months and 5 days. 

I. W. Strang; died July 17, 1875, aged 8 months. 
Phebe E. Strang; died Aug. 17, 1882, aged 4 months. 

Presbyterian Churchyard at Newtown, L. I. 

Garret S. Strang, born June 21, 1789; died Oct. 1, 1864. 

Cornelia Strang, born Sept. 21, 1802; died Feb. 23, 1879. 

Sarah Elizabeth, daughter of Garret and Elizabeth 
Strang; died June 23, 1837, aged 3 months and 11 days. 

Solomon Strang, born April 21, 1817; died Nov. 5, 

Cornelia Strang, wife of Cornelius Woods, born Dec. 
17, 1834; died Dec. 19, 1895. 

Charles W. Strang; died Aug. 7, 1876, aged 53 years. 

Cornelia L., wife of Charles W. Strang, born Nov. 21, 
1821; died Sept. 27, 1877. 

Newspaper Clipping 

June 21, 1913. — Barbara Strang, wife of 
Seeley Strang, of Yorktown, died on Sunday, June 


Unconnected Strangs 135 

8th, in her 75th year. She is survived by her hus- 
band, two sons, Hickson K. Strang of Peekskill, 
and Seeley Strang of Yorktown, also one daughter, 
Mrs. Alfred Chase of Pleasantside. The funeral 
services were held from St. Catherine's Church, 
Field Home, at 12 o'clock noon on Wednesday. The 
interment was at Hillside Cemetery. 

ELIZABETH STRANG, born Clear Spring, Ind., May 
12, 1821 ; married Juy 30, 1840, John A., born Aug. 18, 1814; 
died April 22, 1882, son of Abraham and Sophie (Vander- 
pool) Wemple of Duanesburg, N. Y. 

DAVID STRANG; farmer, Cortland, N. Y. Will on 
file in White Plains, N. Y., dated Nov. 25, 1844; proven Sept. 
25, 1854; mentions children as below: 

John Strang. 
Joseph Strang. 
Caleb Strang. 
William Strang. 

Mary P. Strang, who married Wm. P. 

BENJAMIN E. NEWS, son of William and Mary P. 
(Strang) News, born Yorktown, N. Y. ; died March, 1911, 
at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Lent, in his 73rd year; 
married June 25, 1863, Sarah M. Lent, who died in 1880; in 
1891 he married Elizabeth McCoy, who survives him. He 
learned the trade of a shoemaker with Mansell Wright and 
went to Peekskill, N. Y., in 1862, where he conducted a shoe- 
maker shop for many years. He was a member of the First 

136 Strang Genealogy 

Baptist Church, and in 1862 joined the Columbian Engine 
Co., No. 1. He was buried in the Yorktown Baptist Ceme- 

Issue (By first wife) : 

Mary News, who married W. C. Lent. 
Alice News, who married Jacob Conklin. 

Letter from Mrs. Edward L. E. Phipps, Mt. Vernon, N. Y., 

undated : 

"My husband was a decendant of the L'Estrange who 
fled from France to England in 1685 (?). He was named 
for his great-uncle, General Edward L'Estrange, an officer 
in the British Army. 

We have the pedigree of the Phipps family, and I note 
there is a John Phipps (my husband's grandfather), who 
married in 1809 Anne, daughter of Anthony L'Estrange of 

My husband had cousins named L'Estrange in Ireland 
and England whom he visited. 

Anne L'Estrange had a large marriage portion, and to 
this day we are receiving every year interest on an annuity 
which was part of it." 

In the Presbyterian Churchyard at Yorktown, N. Y., is 
buried Rebecca A., born Nov. 11, 1811; died April 9, 1865; 
wife of Samuel Strang. 

ALFRED STRANG; married Ellenore , who 

died March 24, 1876, aged 64 years 9 months and 8 days, and 
is buried in the Ferris Cemetery in Westchester, N. Y. 

Unconnected Strangs 137 

JARED STRANG; perhaps of Fairfield, Conn.; will in 
White Plains, dated April 18, 1837, does not mention wife, 
but gives children as : 

Wiliam Strang of Greenwich, Conn. His 
will, filed in White Plains, N. Y., dated 
May 22, 1840, proven Oct. 6, 1840, men- 
tions his brother, John Strang; nephew, 
James H. Strang; father, Jared Strang, 
and sisters, Mary and Catharine. 

Mary R. Strang; married a Vail and had 
Henry Allen Vail. 

Catharine Strang. 

Allen Strang, who had daughter Sarah 
Hunt Strang. 

John Strang, who had son James Henry 

The will of Jared mentions also Ann 

Eliza, daughter of Daniel Strang. 

NANCY STRANG; will filed in White Plains, dated 
Aug. 1, 1838, proven April 9, 1839, mentions nine children, 
but onlv those below named. Executor, William Provoost. 

Mary P. Strang. 

William Strang. 

John Marsh Strang. 

Mary Strang, who married a Prevoost; 

Burial and birth recorded at Christ Church, 
Rye, N. Y. 

Joseph Strang, of the Sawpits; buried June 

1, 1819. 
Mary Strang, born Aug. 15, 1805; died 

138 Strang Genealogy 

Aug. 25, 1905; daughter of Joseph 
Strang and wife. 

Marriage at Baptist Church, Bangall, N. Y., 
Joseph Strain to Liddy Reynolds, Dec. 7, 1777. 


Seth Strang; settled in Carleton, N. B. 
Lot Strang the 3rd; settled in St. John, N. B., and died 
1819. Said to be from Massachusetts. 


First Generation 

FRANCIS PURDY, sometimes spelled "Pardee," born 
in England about 1610; came to America 1635; died Fair- 
field, Conn., in 1658; married Mary, daughter of John Brun- 
dage, of Wethersfield, Conn., who after his death married 
John Hait of Rye, N. Y. 

Second Generation 

JOSEPH PURDY (Judge), son of Francis and Mary 
(Brundage) Purdy; under age in 1661; removed to Rye, 
N. Y., in 1670; died Oct., 29, 1709; married Elizabeth, 
daughter of John and Judith (Budd) Ogden, who died in 

Third Generation 

SAMUEL PURDY, son of Joseph and Elizabeth 
(Ogden) Purdy, born May 1, 1695; lived Rye, N. Y.; died 
March 4, 1753; married first April 19, 1709, Clorinda 
(No. 3), daughter of Daniel and Charlotte Strang. 


140 Strang Genealogy 


This family name was originally in England and Wales 
written "Casson"; later, in Ireland, with the prefix of an 
"O"; later still, in Amsterdam, Holland, it was spelt and 
written by the refugees, "Ockerson," and is so written in the 
early records at Albany, N. Y. 

First Generation 

JOHN KISSAM; of Flushing, L. L, 1644; of English 
origin; had a license dated July 10, 1667, for marriage with 
Susannah, daughter of William Thorne, of Jamaica, L. I. 

Second Generation 

DANIEL KISSAM, son of John and Susannah 
(Thorne) Kissam, born 1669; farmer at Great Neck, L. I.; 
elected vestryman of St. George's parish at Hempstead, L. L, 
in 1703. He married Elizabeth Coombs, born 1673; died 
May 12, 1736. He died Dec. 26, 1752, and was buried in his 
family plot on his farm, since owned by William Mott, and 
later by Wm. H. Onderdonk (his son-in-law). In this plot 
his wife Elizabeth, his son Daniel and daughter Hannah 
were buried. His will, proved Jan. 10, 1753, gives his family 
Bible to his son Joseph. 

Third Generation 

ELIZABETH KISSAM, daughter of Daniel and Eliza- 
beth (Coombs) Kissam, born , 1703; married Oct. 

9, 1726, Henry Strang (No. 8). 


First Generation 

JEAN GUENON; died before May 21, 1714; born in 
France; as a Huguenot he left France for Holland and from 
Amsterdam sailed April 2, 1657, for New Amsterdam, now 
New York. He settled at Flushing, L. L, and is mentioned 
as having property there Oct. 9, 1675. In 1680, he with two 
other Frenchmen petition for more land, claiming to have 
lived there over twenty years. In the census of 1698 he and 
his wife Margreta are mentioned. His will is dated 24 No- 
vember, 1703, and proven May 21, 1714. He married in the 
Reformed Dutch Church in Brooklyn, N. Y., Aug, 13, 1662, 
Margreta (Grietie) Sneden, daughter of Jan and Grietie 
(Jans) Sneden, who were descended from prominent old 
resident families of Holland. Jean Sneden, his wife, two 
children and his brother Claes sailed from Amsterdam for 
America Dec. 23, 1657. He was the first settler to die at 
New Haerlem, and his wife the second. She made her will 
Feb. 21, 1721, as of Flushing, and it was probated March 
4, 1727. 

Second Generation 

JEREMIAH GAMNUNG, son of Jean and Margreta 
Guenon, born 1671; died June 20, 1748, at Flushing, L. I. 
Baptized at Reformed Dutch Church in New York April 9, 
1671. In the census of 1698 of Flushing he is mentioned 
with his wife and child. He emigrated to Westchester Co., 


142 Strang Genealogy 

then called the "Main Shore," and when he made his will, 
Sept. 8, 1746, he called himself of North Castle. He married 
about 1690 Martha , who died after June 20, 1748. 

Third Generation 

JEREMIAH GENUNG, son of Jeremiah and Martha 
Genung, born 1695; died May 7, 1776. Probably born at 
Flushing, L. I The first mention of him is Sept. 27, 1741, 
when his first wife, Deziar, was buried at Whippany, Mor- 
ris Co., N. J. In 1744-7 he was overseer of the poor at 
Hanover, N. J. In 1746 his father was mentioned in his own 
will as of North Castle, N. Y. July 11, 1770, he deeded to 
his son Jonas land in Hanover, N. J. Buried at Madison, 

N. J. He married first Deziar (?), born 1703; 

died Sept. 27, 1741. He married second Elizabeth , 

who signed as his wife when the property above mentioned 
was deeded to son Jonas. 

Fourth Generation 

JOHN GENUNG, son of Jeremiah and Deziar ? 

Genung; died 1795; served as private in 1st Regt. of the 
Continental Army of N. J. during the Revolution. In the 
Field Book of Survey of Lot No. 6 in Philipse patent he is 
mentioned in 1762. In 1777 a taxable inhabitant of Freder- 
icksburg. Lived at Lake Mahopac in 1747, 1752 and 1762. 
His will, dated Feb. 12, 1786, names his children but not his 
wife, so she was probably deceased. It was proven in New 
Jersey Dec. 21 1795. The name of his first wife is un- 
known, but he married second, Aug. 22, 1751, at First 
Church in Hanover, N. J., Sarah Clark. 

Ganung Family 143 

Fifth Generation 

JOHN GANONG, son of John Ganong and his first 
wife, died about 1807. Lived in Southeast, Dutchess Co., 
N. Y. His will, dated April 18, 1804, proven April 16, 1807, 
does not mention his wife, and she was probably deceased. 

Sixth Generation 

EDWARD GANUNG, son of John Ganung, lived at 
North Salem, N. Y. His will, dated May 10, 1851; married 
Sarah, born Aug. 1, 1783, daughter of Nathan and Hannah 
(Vail) Delavan. 

Seventh Generation 

and Sarah (Delavan) Ganung, born March 2, 1801; died 
Dec | 17, 1877. Farmer at Southeast, North Salem and 
Croton Falls, N. Y. Married at Southeast, Jan. 5, 1825, 
Sally, born Feb. 7, 1806; died Oct. 21, 1849; daughter of 
Stephen and Betsey (Brown) Field. 

Eighth Generation 

EUGENIE GANUNG, daughter of Nathan D. and 
Sally (Field) Ganung, born July 30, 1849; married Ammi 
K. Strang (No. 477). 


First Generation 

SIMON SACKETT, with wife Isabel and their infant 
son Simon, came to America on the ship Lyon, which left 
Bristol, England, Dec. 1, 1630. She did not reach Boston 
until Feb. 5, 1631. About a month previous Governor Win- 
throp had selected a site for a new town, a few miles from 
Boston on the Charles River, and in the spring of 1631 
Winthrop, Dudley and Bradstreet, with six other "principal 
gentlemen," including Simon Sackett, commenced the erec- 
tion of some substantial buildings. The house built by 
Simon Sackett and occupied by him and his family stood on 
the north side of what is now Winthrop Street, in the centre 
of the block, between Brighton and Dunster Street. This 
place was called Newtown, but three years later christened 
Cambridge. Simon Sackett was a potent factor in laying 
out this embryo city, but the exposures of his mid-winter 
voyage had undermined his health and he died October, 1635. 

On the third day of November following his widow was 
granted authority to administer his estate. Her name as 
his widow appears on the Newtown records for the last time 
on Feb. 8, 1636. In June of that year Rev. Hooker's con- 
gregation, having either sold or leased their dwelling, re- 
moved to Connecticut, widow Sackett and her boys forming 
part of the migrating company. 

They located in Hartford, Conn., and she became the 
second wife of William Bloomfield. 


Sackett Family 145 

Second Generation 

SIMON SACKETT, son of Simon and Isabel Sackett, 
was born in England in 1630 and died July 9, 1659. About 
1652 he married Sarah, the daughter of his step-father, 
William Bloomfield. At that time he was located in Spring- 
field, Mass. 

William Bloomfield, born 1604, died 1664, the father 
of Sarah, wife of Simon Sackett, sailed for New England 
in 1634 on the ship Elizabeth, which left Yarmouth in April 
and reached Boston in June. He brought with him his wife 
Sarah, aged 25, and their only child, an infant daughter, 
aged about one year. He removed from Cambridge (then 
Newtown), Mass., to Hartford, Conn., in 1635, and in 1637, 
with Capt. Mason, participated in the campaign against the 
Pequot Indians. In 1638 the records of Newtown, Mass., 
show that he sold to Robert Stedman the house and lot on 
the north side of Winthrop Street, between Dunster and 
Brighton streets, which property, according to Paige's Map 
of Cambridge in 1635, was the Saskett homestead. 

Porter's Map of Hartford in 1640 shows his dwelling 
in the centre of a spacious corner lot near "Little River" on 
road from "Mill to Country." 

The historical catalogue of First Church of Hartford 
records that William Bloomfield and family remained there 
until 1648, when they removed to New London. It is not 
known how long they remained there, but in 1656 were in 
Springfield, Mass., and later at Middleberg, Long Island, 
where for the remainder of his life he was a leading citizen. 
In 1663, when the English towns of New Netherland re- 
belled against the Dutch authority, the civil affairs of Mid- 
dleburg were by choice of the inhabitants placed in charge 
of Wm. Bloomfield and five other trusted citizens. 

146 Strang Genealogy 

Third Generation 

JOSEPH SACKETT, son of Simon and Sarah 
(Bloomfield) Sackett, born Feb. 23, 1656, at Springfield, 
Mass.; died Sept. 23, 1719, in Newtown, L. I. After the 
death of his father in 1659, he appears to have been mostly 
with his grandfather Bloomfield. He lived practically all 
his life at Newtown, L. L, and his name frequently appears 
in the list of Road Commissioners, Assessors, Collectors and 
Supervisors of the town. 

The Colonial and Documentary Histories of New York 
show he was commissioned by successive Governors of the 
Colony as Ensign, Lieutenant and Captain of Long Island 
troops. His name also found in lists of recipients of Royal 
Patents or land grants, and of Commissioners selected and 
appointed to adjust town and county boundary disputes. 

He married three times. His first wife was the mother 
of all his children but one. She was Elizabeth, daughter of 
Capt. Richard Betts. His second wife is unknown, living 
but a short time after marriage. His third wife was Mercy, 
widow of Capt. Thomas Betts, brother of his first wife. 

Daniel Whitehead, 1603-1668, the grandfather of 
Mercy, the third wife of Capt. Joseph Sackett, was the 
founder of the Long Island family by that name. He was 
one of the Patentees of Newtown, L. I. He was chosen in 
1668 as a Town Surveyor, and died on his farm at Mespot 
Kills in November of that year. At the time of his death he 
was one of the Chief Magistrates of the town. 

Major Daniel Whitehead, his son, and father of Mercy, 
married Abigail Stephenson, daughter of Thomas, and set- 
tled in Jamaica, L. I. He was a Magistrate, a Member of 
the Colonial Assembly and a trustee of the Parish Church. 
His will, dated Nov. 13, 1703, proved Oct. 30, 1704, disposes 
of land in Jamaica, Hempstead, Oyster Bay, Flushing, 
Orange and Suffolk counties, all in the Colony of New York. 

Sackett Family 147 

Capt. Joseph Sackett married Mercy Whitehead 
(Betts) in 1711, when he was 55 years of age, and had ten 
children, while she was 48 years and had nine children. 
With their son Samuel, born to them in 1712, it made an 
even score. Sixteen of this number married and had chil- 
dren, and among their descendants have been Governors of 
States, Cabinet Officers, Bishops, Authors of note, Judges, 
Generals and Ministers of the United States to the principal 
courts of Europe. 

Capt. Joseph Sackett's will, dated Sept. 20, 1719, and 
probated Dec. 22, 1719, mentions his wife and children, calls 
himself of Newtown, L. I., and leaves his son Samuel, not 
of age, "all my manshon where I now dwell, with all the 
buildings, and the lot of land and garden and orchards, and 
all that land I have of my uncle Daniel Bloomfield, &c." 

Fourth Generation 

REV. SAMUEL SACKETT, son of Capt. Joseph and 
Mercy (Whitehead-Betts) Sackett, born Newtown, L. I., 
March 2, 1712; died June 5, 1784; married Hannah Hazard, 
daughter of Nathaniel and Deborah (Alsop) Hazard. 

In 1735 they removed to Orange Co., N. Y., where both 
families were largely interested in unimproved lands, own- 
ing thousands of acres in what are now the towns of New 
Windsor, Cornwall, Woodbury, Blooming Grove and Mont- 
gomery. The young couple resided during the greater part 
of eight years at the foot of Storm King Mountain, near 
Cornwall, where he labored as a missionary. In 1742 he 
was sent to preach in Westchester Co., the special field 
assigned him being Cortlandt Manor. In 1743 he was in- 
stalled pastor of the Presbyterian Church at Bedford. 
From 1747 to 1749 Crompond (now Yorktown) secured his 
services for half the time. From 1749 to April 11, 1753, he 

148 Strang Genealogy 

labored at Bedford. He was then settled over the church 
at Hanover, where he remained until 1760, when he returned 
to Crompond. In 1765 he was again at Hanover, which be- 
came the scene of his labors until after the commencement 
of the Revolution. A letter written by him to his son 
Nathaniel at Fishkill, N. Y., dated Hanover, Oct. 29, 1776, 
says: "Send us two wagons immediately to help us away 
with some small things before the enemy are upon us." 

During the struggle his position was most trying. His 
daughter Hannah, the wife of Stephen De Lancey, was in 
a noted Tory family ,and his son was in the American army. 
His flock was divided. 

In July, 1779, the meeting house at Crompond was de- 
stroyed by fire kindled by the British cavalry. 

For over a century his grave has been plainly marked 
in the yard adjoining the Presbyterian Church at Yorktown. 

Thomas Hazard, the grandfather of Hannah, wife of 
Rev. Samuel Sackett, came to Boston in 1635. He had two 
wives, both named Martha. In 1652 he became one of the 
first magistrates of Newtown, Long Island. 

Jonathan Hazard, his son, married Hannah Laurenson, 
daughter of James, and resided at Newtown. He served 
under various Governors of the Province, thirteen years as 
a Magistrate, four years as Supervisor, one year as Assessor. 
He died in 1711. 

Nathaniel Hazard, son of Jonathan and Hannah (Lau- 
renson) Hazard; married Deborah Alsop Simpkins, 
daughter of Richard Alsop and wife of Capt. John Simp- 
kins, and they were the parents of the wife of Rev. Samuel 

Fifth Generation 

JOSEPH SACKETT, son of Rev. Samuel and Hannah 
(Hazard) Sackett, born April 18, 1735; died Oct. 1, 1757; 

Sackett Family 149 

married Elizabeth Strang (No. 21), daughter of Daniel 

A letter written from Hanover, June 7, 1757, to his 
brother Nathaniel in New York may be of interest as regards 
the business of the times : 

Dear Brother: 

The boat not going off as soon as I expected, I have 
taken some more butter, which I send with the other to you 
with a staff I have made for you. I believe if I had a dozen 
pairs of spectacles they would sell pretty soon. The rum 
goes off briskly. The two pieces of forest cloth, the shallows, 
and especially the two dozen worsted capes seem to stick on 
hand slowly. I shall be glad if you will inform me what 
skins I sent you fetch apiece, and also how much I may 
allow for mink skins, if you can inform yourself handily, 
and also whether I may take sewing thread and at what 
price, and you will oblige, 

Your affectionate brother, 

Joseph Sackett. 

P. S. — The butter I send was all in one large butter 
tub, two small tubs and a pail ; all good, fresh butter except- 
ing that in the great tub, which is middling. I must get you 
to keep a memorandum of what the butter fetches or comes 
to. I must beg one more favor of you, and that is that you 
will send a pair of men's glasses to me by the bearer that 
will about suit yourself, which a certain person desires me 
to send for. I am, in haste, 

Your affectionate brother, 

Joseph Sackett. 


First Generation 

RALPH KEELER, one of the first settlers of Nor- 
walk, Conn., born England, 1613. First wife not known; 
second wife, Sarah, widow of Henry Whelphley of Nor- 
walk. His will, dated Aug. 20, 1672, says he is about 59 
years old. It was probated the same year in Fairfield, Conn. 

Second Generation 

JOHN KEELER, son of Ralph Keeler; married July 
18, 1679, Hittabel Rockwell, born Stamford, Conn., daughter 
of John and Elizabeth (Weed) Rockwell. They settled in 
Norwalk, Conn., and probably spent their lives there. 

Third Generation 

DANIEL KEELER, son of John and Hittabel (Rock- 
well Keeler; married Hannah, daughter of John and Eliza- 
beth (Finch) Whitney. They settled in New Canaan, Conn., 
and were members of the Congregational Church in that 
place.' His will is dated Nov. 4, 1764, and is filed in Fair- 
field, Conn. 

Fourth Generation 

JEREMIAH KEELER, son of Daniel and Hannah 
(Whitney) Keeler; farmer, shoemaker; born about 1740; 


Keeler Family 151 

married, S. Salem, N. Y., June 15, 1769, Elizabeth Weed, 
daughter of Peter. They joined the Presbyterian Church 
there June 2, 1787. He died Jan. 14, 1818, aged 78 years, 
and she Dec. 21, 1807, aged 64 years. 

Fifth Generation 

AMMI KEELER, son of Jeremiah and Elizabeth 
(Weed) Keeler, born New Canaan, Conn., April 19, 1773; 
married Dec. 13, 1802, Phebe Strang (No. 92). She died 
S. Salem, N. Y., Jan. 9, 1856, aged 70, and he June 12, 1859, 
and both are buried there. 


First Generation 

GREGORY BELCHER, born about 1606: was in New 
England as early as 1637, and on Dec. 30, 1639, was granted 
a lot of 52 acres at Mt. Wollaston (Braintree), Mass. He 
was admitted Freeman May 13, 1640, and made Selectman 
in 1646. On July 14, 1664, he purchased of John Smith 
nine acres of land in Milton, which he gave to his son Joseph 
as a marriage portion. He died Nov. 25, 1674, and his 
widow Catherine presented his will Jan. 29, 1675. 

Second Generation 

SAMUEL BELCHER, son of Gregory and Catherine 
Belcher, was born Aug. 24, 1637; resided Braintree, Mass., 
where he died June 17, 1679. He married Dec. 15, 1663, 
Mary, daughter of Roger Billings of Dorchester, Mass. She 
married second, April 20, 1680, Samuel Niles of Braintree. 

Third Generation 

DEACON MOSES BELCHER, son of Samuel and 
Mary (Billings) Belcher, born Aug. 14, 1672; died May 4, 
1728. Purchased a farm in Milton, Mass., where he resided 
until 1720, when he removed to Preston, Conn. He and his 
wife were admitted to the Milton Church Jan. 19, 1695-6, 
and dismissed to the Second (Preston, Conn,) Church Nov. 


Belcher Family 153 

13, 1720, where he was elected one of the first deacons. In 
1721 he represented Preston in the Connecticut General 
Assembly. He married Dec. 19, 1694, Hannah, born Nov. 

14, 1673, daughter of George and Hannah (Tolman) Lyon 
of Milton, who died in Preston, Conn., Aug. 20, 1745. 

Fourth Generation 

WILLIAM BELCHER, son of Moses and Hannah 
(Lyon) Belcher, born Milton, Mass., Dec. 20, 1701; died 
Preston, Conn., Feb. 7, 1731-2. He married Mehitable 


Fifth Generation 

CAPT. WILLIAM BELCHER, son of William and 
Mehitable Belcher, born Aug. 29, 1731; resided Preston, 
Conn., where he died in his 70th year. Commanded a com- 
pany during the Revolution. He married April 23, 1752, 
Desire, born Feb. 27, 1736; died May 15, 1801; daughter of 
Daniel and Elizabeth (Gates) Morgan of Preston, Conn. 

Sixth Generation 

ELISHA BELCHER, son of William and Desire 
(Morgan) Belcher, born March 7, 1757; married Lydia 

Seventh Generation 

Elisha and Lydia (Reynolds) Belcher; married Joseph 
White Strang (No. 210). 


First Generation 

JAMES MORGAN, born Wales, 1607; came to Amer- 
ica 1636; married Aug. 6, 1640, Margery Hill of Roxbury, 
Mass., who died in 1685, aged 78 years. 

Second Generation 

CAPT. JOHN MORGAN, son of James and Margery 
(Hill) Morgan, born March 30, 1645; married first Nov. 16, 
1665, Rachel Dymond, daughter of John. He married sec- 
ond widow Elizabeth Williams, daughter of Lieut. -Gov. 
William Jones of New Haven, and granddaughter of Gov. 
Theophilus Eaton. He removed to Preston, Conn., about 
1692, and died in 1712, aged 67 years. He like his father 
was a prominent man, being Indian Commissioner and Ad- 
viser, Deputy to the General Court in 1690 from New Lon- 
don and in 1693-4 from Preston, Conn. 

Third Generation 

JAMES MORGAN, son of John and Rachel (Dy- 
mond) Morgan, born about 1680; died in Preston, Conn., 
Nov. 7, 1721, where an inventory of his estate was taken. 
He married Bridget ( ?). 


Morgan Family 155 

Fourth Generation 

CAPT. DANIEL MORGAN, son of James and 
Bridget Morgan, born April 16, 1712; died Saturday, Oct. 
16, 1773, aged 61 years, at 7.37 o'clock P. M.; married Sept. 
24, 1730, Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph Gates of Preston, 
Conn., born March 1, 1713; died Feb. 11, 1793. 

Fifth Generation 

DESIRE MORGAN, daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth 
(Gates) Morgan, born Feb. 27, 1736; married April 23, 
1752, Capt. William Belcher. 

Sixth Generation 
See Belcher family for connection. 


First Generation 

HENRY WHITNEY, born England about 1620. The 
first authentic record of him in America is Oct. 8, 1649, when 
he was associated with Edward Tredwell and Thomas Bene- 
dict in the purchase of land in Southold, L. I. Who his first 
wife was is unknown, but he married second probably Sarah, 
the widow of Edward Ketcham of Stratford, Conn., who 
died about 1655. He was afterwards in Huntington, L. I., 
and later in Jamaica, and removed to Norwalk, Conn., where 
an inventory of his estate was taken Nov. 8, 1673. 

Second Generation 

JOHN WHITNEY, son of Henry and his first wife, 
born before his father went to Southold. He was of full age 
prior to Jan. 20, 1665-6. He settled in Norwalk, Conn., and 
succeeded his father as a millwright and miller. Married 
there March 17, 1674-5, Elizabeth, daughter of Richard 
Smith. He died in Norwalk in 1720. She was living as late 
at April 3, 1741, when her son Joseph in his will makes pro- 
vision for her support. 

Third Generation 

NATHAN WHITNEY, son of John and Elizabeth 
(Smith) Whitney, born Norwalk, Conn.; married about 


Whitney Family 157 

1715, Sarah , whose history is not known. He 

took the Freeman's oath at Ridgefield, Conn., Dec. 9, 1728, 
and was living there in 1739. 

Fourth Generation 

SETH WHITNEY, son of Nathan and Sarah Whitney, 
born Ridgefield, Conn., Feb. 8, 1726; married Sarah Mow 
or Moe, who was probably from Greenwich, Conn. He was 
a farmer, currier, shoemaker, and the indenture of Ezra 
Mow, son of John of Greenwich, dated Dec. 23, 1758, as his 
apprentice, shows he was then living in Cortlandt Manor, 
N. Y. He married three times. 

Fifth Generation 

SETH WHITNEY, son of Seth and Sarah (Mow) 
Whitney, born Yorktown, N. Y., May 3, 1765; made his 
will May 20, 1835, and died the same day of hernia. He 
married Nov .17, 1792, Elizabeth Strang (No. 87). He was 
a farmer; settled in the house in which he was born; joined 
the Presbyterian Church at Crompond June 9, 1802, and 
elected as deacon May 2, 1806. 


First Generation 

WILLIAM THORNE was made Freeman at Lynn, 
Mass., May 2, 1638, and in the same year had 40 acres of 
land apportioned him there. In 1645 he was of Flushing, 
L. I., the original patent of that town being granted by the 
Dutch Governor to him and seventeen others Oct. 19, 1645. 

In 1646 he was granted a plantation lot in Gravesend, 
of which Lady Deborah Moody, her son, Sir Henry Moody, 
and others had received a general patent Dec. 19, 1645. 

In 1657 he was one of the proprietors of Jamaica, L. I., 
which had been conveyed to the white settlers in 1656. The 
Name of his wife was probably Sarah, for in 1712 a sloop 
was named The William and Sarah, which sailed from New 
York to Boston and was owned by Joseph Thorne his son 
John Wright and Daniel Lawrence, all of Flushing. 

Second Generation 

SUSANNAH THORNE, daughter of William and 

Sarah (?) Thorne; married July 10, 1667, John 

Ockerson, the ancestor of all the Kissams on Long Island. 
(See Kissam family.) 




Charlotte, 42 
John, 42 


Catharine, 63, 83 
Rem, 63 


Hannah, 43 




Catherine, 45 
Deborah, 147 
Hannah, 41 
Richard, 148 


Susannah, 75 


Elizabeth, 74 


Frederick A., 120 
Herbert, 120 
Margaret, 120 
William, 120 


Adeline, 118 





Charles, 103 

Charles W, 11 
Margaret E., 103 
Mr, 2 


Aletta C, 118 
Aletta L, 60, 91 
Aaron, S, 91 
Catharine, 91 
Daniel, 63 
Daniel S, 91 
Edgar, 91 
Eleazer, 92 
Elisha, 63 

Elisha S, 60, 63, 91 
Elisha T, 117, 118 
Eliza, 92 
Eliza C, 92 
Elizabeth, 63, 91, 92 
G. Raymond, 87 
George E., 87 
Gertrude, 63, 93 
Hannah, 62, 92 
Hattie M, 117 
Hazard, 63 
Henry C, 92 
Henry R, 92 
Henry S, 63, 92 
IdaK, 118 
James M., 92 
Jane A, 117 
Jane E, 91 
Kate H, 87 
Laura, 92 
Margaret H, 92 
Mary, 91 
Olivia M, 118 
Peter A., 91 
Phebe D, 91 
Reuben D, 92 
Sarah A, 60, 91 



Strang Genealogy 


Thomas S., 91, 117 
Walter, 91 
Walter M., 118 


Elizabeth S., 123 
Henrietta M., 122 
Henry L., 123 
Herbert T., 123 
Mabel L., 123 
Oscar V., 122 
Philena, 88 
Reuben, 88 

Alice, 119 
Daniel M., 119 
Eliza, 118 
Grace, 119 
Harrison, 64 
James, 80, 119 
John, 64 
John A., 81 
Laura, 64, 81 
Mary H., 81 
Phebe M., 64 
Sarah, 80 


Bradford, 87 
Evlyn, 87 
Murray, 87 
William, 87 


James A., 84 
James C., 84 
John H., 84 
Margaret A., 84 
Maria, 84 
Maria E., 84 
Walter H., 84 
William C., 84 

Caleb, 36 
Helena, 52 
Mary, 44 
Phebe, 36 

Ada E., 72 
George, 72 


Donald L., 123 
Benjamin, 69 
J. Arthur, 123 
Juliette, 69 
Mabel, 123 




Elizabeth, 86 
Isaac, 86 

Annie, 102 
Caroline H., 102 
Catharine, 102 
Catharine, 152 
Charles S., 71, 102 
Desire, 153, 155 
Ebenezer W., 71 
Edgar, 102 
Elisha, 70, 71, 153 
Elizabeth, 71, 102 
Elizabeth M., 70, 153 
Ella, 102 
Emmeline, 71 
Gregory, 152 
Hannah, 153 
Joseph, 152 
Lydia, 70, 71, 153 
Louis, 102 
Mary, 152 
Mehitable, 153 
Moses, 152 
Samuel, 152 
Samuel B., 71, 102 
Sarah L., 71, 103 
William, 70, 153, 155 
William N., 71 

Betsy, 90 
Loretta, 90 
Mary, 64 
Peter, 90 



Polly, 107 
Thomas, 156 


Adeline, 118 
Caroline M., 69 
Charles H., 92, 118 
Dora, 118 
Elizabeth, 92 
George B., 92, 118 
Kathryn, 118, 130 
Lewis B., 69 
Mary J, 118 
Mary T., 118 
Paulita, 118 
Royal J., 118 
Samuel, 92 
Samuel A., 118 
Terreita, 118 
Walter, 69 


Oliver, 24, 25 


Bertha, 123 
Carrie E., 123 
Elizabeth, 146 
Fred K., 123 
Jessie, 123 
Margaret, 106, 123 
Margaret E., 123 
Matthew, 123 
Mercy, 146, 147 
Richard, 146 
Thomas, 146 
Walter, 123 


Cyrus, 131 
Eunice, 131 
Josephine, 131 
Lewis J., 131 
Mary A., 131 
Ralph F., 131 

Mary, 152 
Roger, 152 

David, 43 

Elizabeth, 48 
Hannah, 43 
James, 43 
Mary, 43 
Polly, 43 

Daniel, 147 
Isabel, 144 
Sara, 124 
Sarah, 145 
William, 144, 145, 146 


Charles S., 98 
Cornelius, 98 
Edward, 97 
James, 98 
James W., 98 
Mary J. 98 
Susan M., 97 


-, 63 


Katherine, 125 


Arthur W., 125 
Ethel I., 125 
John F., 125 
Laura, 116 
Linus, 116 
Mary A., 125 
Mary A. O., 125 
Sarah A., 125 
Sarah E., 116 


Helen, 81 

Ann, 134 


George W., 127 
Mary E., 127 


Strang Genealogy 

Edith, 119 
Eliza, 93, 118 
Elizabeth C, 83, 93 
Frederick, 94 
Frederick G., 83, 93 
Harriet, 83, 93, 107, 119 
Henry S., 93, 119 
Isabel McL., 119 
Isabelle, 107 
James, 83 
Josephine, 94 
Julia A., 83 
Lucie, 119 

Margaret, 83, 93, 94, 120 
Martha, 94 
Mary, 94 
Millie B., 119 
Richard, 83 
Roseanna, 107 
Rosetta, 107 
Samuel, 83, 93, 107 
Theodore T., 83 
Walter, 107 
Walter A., 93, 119 
William C, 83 

Lena, 33 

Asa, 82 


Abigail, 56 
Amy, 61 
Betsey, 143 
Elizabeth, 44 
Esther, 81 
Gilbert, 44 
Hannah, 28, 32 
Jane, 56 
John, 42 
Mary, 75, 76, 79 
Nehemiah, 30 
Samuel, 28, 32 
Sophia, 30, 42 
Stephen, 51 
Thomas, 56 
Egbert, 53 

Jane, 53 
Jemima, 53 
Mary, 53 
Nathaniel, 53 
Sarah, 53 
Stephen, 53 

Mary E., 78 

John, 139 
Mary, 54, 139 


Martha, 98 


Olivia M., 118 


Phebe A., 76 


Abigail, 27 

Daniel, 26 

Elijah, 26 

Gilbert, 27 

Hannah, 26 

Jemima, 23, 33 

John, 18, 22, 24, 26, 27 

Joseph, 23, 26, 27, 33 

Judith, 139 

Mary, 18, 22, 26 

Mary P., 24, 26 

Sally, 27 

Sarah, 26 

Underhill, 27 

Ursula, 26 

C. M., 118 
Olivia M., 118 


Elizabeth, 48 


Justus, 30 


Charles C., 82 



John, 25 

Daniel, 47 
Eliza, 46 
Elizabeth, 46 
Gabriel, 46 

Hannah, 46, 47 

Henry, 46 
James, 47 
Jemima, 46 
John, 46 
Joseph, 47 
Martha, 47 
Nathan, 47 
Peter, 46 
Richard, 47 
Samuel, 47 
Susanna, 46 
Thomas, 47 

Hannah, 41 
Hester, 79 
Martha, 41 
Mary, 79, 80 
Rhoda, 80 
Thomas, 41 
Walter, 79, 80 



Julia, 74 


Elizabeth, 55 


Caziah, 35 
Elias S., 110 
Frances C, 110 
Robert L. S., 110 


Alfred, 135 

Tamar, 81 


Abigail, 102 
Cornelia, 45 
Ebenezer, 102 
Florence R., 102 
Hannah, 90 
Hester, 89 
Joseph C, 45 
Margery, 76 
Sarah, 142 

Charles, 78 
James, 78 
Louise, 78 
Phebe Q., 78 

Joseph, 31 


Hannah, 23, 36 
Johannes, 36 
Johanus, 23 


Amzia, 58 
Phebe, 58 


Etta, 121 
Hannah, 92 

Dr., 57 

Alice, 136 
Ann, 89 
Augustus, 55 
Edward B., 112 
Eliza, 80, 89 
Evalinda, 55 
Gladys S., 112 
Hannah, 60 
Jacob, 136 
Jemima, 60 
John, 89 
Kate, 109 
Kittie, 111 
Sara E., Ill 
Sarah, 112 


Strang Genealogy 


Silas, 34, 35, 36, 37, 39, 40, 
54, 59, 60, 61, 71, 74 


James H., 99 
Mary E., 99 


Elizabeth, 140 


Ann T., 76 

Ann, 56 
Charles, 56 
Elizabeth, 63 
George W., 56 
Haviland, 56 
Lafayette, 56 
Lavinia, 56 
Mary A., 56 
Stephen D., 56 
Wallace, 56 
William H, 56 

Elizabeth, 63 


Franklin, 54 


Elizabeth, 50 



John, 74 


Adelbert M., 124 
Anna E., 97 
Catharine, 97, 124 
Charles F. A., 125 
Clarence B., 125 
Edith H., 97 
Elizabeth, 124 
Ella G., 125 
Evelyn W., 97 
Florence A., 125 
Hannah, 109 

John, S., 97, 124 
Katherine, 125 
Mabel M., 124 
Margaret, 125 
Marion H., 125 
Mary S, 97 
Matthias, 109 
Sarah, 97 
William, 97 
William H., 97, 125 


A. Belden, 113 
Azor B., 112 
Demas, 112 
Elizabeth, 78 
Elizabeth A., 113 
Fannie, 77 
Ira, 112 
Louise E., 112 
Louise S., 113 
Mary A., 113 
Nathaniel, 92 
Tamar, 92 

Abba J., 79 
Benjamin, 79 


Abraham C, 56 
Hannah, 56 


Elizabeth A,, 100 
Juliet D, 100 
Laura D., 100 
William E, 100 
William L., 100 


Elizabeth, 63 


Benjamin, 44 
Eliza M., 44 
Levina, 44 


Harriet, 107 
Thankful, 80 



Ann, 75 
Benjamin, 74 
Elizabeth, 35, 130 
Mary R., 74 
Nancy, 75 
Phebe, 35 



Charlotte, 24 
Daniel, 25 
Jean, 25 
Lusian, 24, 25 
Petrus, 25 


Lucey, 18, 22 
Lucie, 18 
Lucy, 25 


Elizabeth, 46 
John, 25 
Jonathan, 46 

Elizabeth, 56 
Levi, 56 

Marie, 2 


Hannah, 148 
Stephen, 148 

, 105 


Hannah, 143 
Nathan, 143 
Sarah, 143 

Mary, 42 


Elizabeth, 115 



Abby J., 108 


Amos, 125 
Carrie E., 125 
Harold W, 125 
Mary, 125 
Weston E., 125 


Chauncey, 114 
Cora E., 126 
Isaac, 114 
Kate, 114 
Martha, 114 


Andrew J., 108 
Caroline H., 108 
Clara E., 108 
Julia A., 108 


Charles, 51 
Hetty, 51 
James, 51 
Juliette, 51 
Robert, 51 

Maud, 116 


Abigail, 56 
Amy, 37 
Ann, 56 
Catharine, 56 
Elizabeth, 56 
Hannah, 56 
Henry, 56 
Jerusha, 53, 56 
Polly, 56 
Stephen, 56 

Alfred, 86 
Anna, 86 
Benjamin E., 86 
Elizabeth, 86 


Strang Genealogy 

Eva, 86 
Fannie, 86 
Saline, 86 
Sarah, 41 


Demas, 112 


E. T., 122 
Edward L., 122 
Helen A., 122 
Katherine, 122 


Amanda, 99 
Rena, 99 

Isabella, 6 

Harry, 92 
Laura, 92 

Ida, 116 


Elizabeth,, 50 


Frances, 41 
Jerusha, 41 
John, 41 
Samuel, 37, 38 


Julia, 133 

John, 154 
Rachel, 154 



Theophilus, 154 

Malvina, 71 

Sarah, 69 
William D., 69 


Emeline A., 100 
Hiram K., 100 
Hubert K., 100 


Albert L., 109 
Grace A., 109 
Seth J., 109 


Emma L., 100 


Cornelius F., 59 
Eliza, 59 
Elizabeth, 96 
Susan, 76 


Benjamin, 23, 29 
Betsey, 149 
Sally, 112, 143 
Stephen, 143 


Elizabeth, 150 

Eliza, 46 
Jemima, 46 
Susanna, 46 


Lusian, 24, 25 


Elizabeth, 102 

Mary, 28 

Bertha, 87 
David T., 87 
Ida H., 87 



Abigail, 81 
Amy, 60 
Annie, 81 
Catherine, 82 
Ebenezer, 60 
Elizabeth, 28, 82 
Esther, 81 
George, 82 
George H., 115 
Glorianna, 48 
Jane, 54 
Jemima, 60 
Jonathan, 81 
Josiah, 81 
Kate, 74 
Mary, 54 
Mary B., 115 
Moses, 54 
Orville, 55 
Orville W, 74 
Phebe, 55 
Reuben, 51 
Samuel, 60 
Sarah, 51 
William, 81 


Aurinda, 116 
George, 116 
Maria, 116 


Agnes, 133 
Alice B., 121, 131 
Amy, 130 

Edward I., 121, 130 
Edward M., 120, 131 
Eleanor, 132 
Eleanor L., 121, 131 
Evelyn L, 130 
Ezra, 78 

Flora L., 121, 133 
Frances J., 121, 132 
Georgiana, 130 
Harriet M., 121, 132 
Hazel L., 131 
Helen L., 131 
Hetty, 51 
Howard L, 131 

John M., 121 
Julia, 133 
Marion E., 130 
Mary A., 120, 121 
Mary A. L., 120, 131 
Mary L., 78 
Munson, 120 
Niles, 51 
Robert, 133 
Robert S., 121, 132 
Samuel K., 43 
Samuel T\, 121, 132 
William C, 121, 133 


Daniel, 107 
Issabelle, 107 


Elizabeth, 23, 33 
Joseph, 23, 33 


Jeremiah, 141 
Martha, 142 

John, 143 


Edward, 143 
Eli, 77^ 
Eugenia, 112 
Eugenie, 143 
Fannie, 77 
Hannah, 28 
Nathan D., 112, 143 
Sally, 112, 143 
Sarah, 143 
Theda, 77 

Artheira, 70 
Jacob, 70 


Elizabeth, 153, 155 
Joseph, 155 


Strang Genealogy 

Sarah, 44 


Bartholomew, 16 
Family, 22 


Gertrude B., 93 
Robert C, 93 


Deziar, 142 

Elizabeth, 142 
Jane E, 91 
Jeremiah, 142 
John, 142 
Jonas, 142 
Sarah, 142 


Elbridge, 68 

Lois, 90 
Lucie, 119 

Mary, 19 


Chester M., 109 
Claribel, 109 
Elihu B., 109 
Marion A., 108 
Marshal W., 109 


Jonathan, 47 
Martha, 47 


Emily, 75 


Harvey, 75 
Maria, 116 
Mary, 91 
Miss, 115 

Matilda, 116 


— , 38 

Catharine, 56 
Hannah, 43 
Henry, 56 

Jacob, 28 
Winifred, 28 


Grietie, 141 
Jean, 141 
Margreta, 141 







Abigail, 43 
Anne, 34 
Charlotte, 43 
David, 43 
John, 43 
Jonathan, 34 
Mary, 43 
Milicent, 43 
Polly, 43 


John, 139 
Mary, 139 


Caleb, 54 
Eliza, 54 
Margaret, 54 
Peggy, 54 



Ann L., 76 
Lester, 55 
Mary, 55 




Elizabeth, 104 
Gertrude, 104 
Ida, 104 
Israel, 104 
John F., 104 


Elizabeth, 43 


Mattie, 123 

Emma, 68 
George W., 68 
Martha J., 68 
Mary, 68 


Elizabeth, 124 
Sally, 31 

Abigail, 43 
Aletha, 43 
Annie, 43 
Benjamin, 42, 43 
Charity, 42 
Charlotte, 42, 43 
Daniel, 43 
Elizabeth, 43, 50 
Esther, 43, 50 
Gilbert, 50 
Hannah, 43 
Isaac, 43 
John, 43 
Letitia, 43 
Mary, 43 
Polly, 43 
Roger, 43 
Sarah, 43 
Solomon, 43 
Sophia, 43 
Tamar, 43 
Thomas 43 


Arthur Le S., 100 
Josephine, 101 
Johephine A., 100 

Lizzie, 101 
Philip V. C, 101 
Theodore, 101 
Theodore F., 100 
Walter, 101 


Caroline C, 88 


Daniel R., 81 
Edgar L, 81 
Helen B., 81 
Mary E., 81 
Oscar E., 81 
Sarah E., 81 


Abraham, 39 
Charles, 39 
Deborah, 147 
Deborah A., 148 
Hannah, 147, 148 
Jonathan, 148 
Margaret, 23, 37, 39 
Martha, 37, 39, 148 
Nathaniel, 147, 148 
Thomas, 23, 37, 148 

Mary A., 75 
William B., 75 

Sarah, 97 


Andrew, 74 
Catherine, 74 
Drusa M., 124 
Leonard, 74 
Margery, 154 
Nancy, 74 
William, 74 

Ethel, 105 
Mary A. L., 120 


Deborah, 89 


Strang Genealogy 

Annie, 81 

Rev., 144 


Bethiah, 57 
John S., 53 
Mary 54 
Polly, 53, 54 


, 76, 80 

Adah, 58, 84 
Adelaide, 127, 128 
Amanda, 55, 58 
Amy, 61 
Ann, 58, 84 
Arthur, 58 
Benjamin, 55 
Caleb, 26 
Caroline, 59 
Clifford L., 128 
Daniel, 58, 84 
Daniel S., 84 
Delos S., 110, 127 
Drusilla, 55 
Ebenezer, 59 
Edgar, 84 
Edson, 55, 58 
George W., 110, 111 
Hannah, 53, 55, 61 
Harriet S.. 128 
Harry, 111, 127 
HattieS., Ill 
Henry, 58 
Herbert, 58 
James, 58 
Jane, 58 
Jennie L., Ill 
Jesse, 61 
Jessie, 61 
Joseph, 55, 58 
Lillian M., 127 
Lizzie S., Ill, 127 
Margaret, 59, 82 
Margaret A., 84 
Martha, 59 
Martin L., 110 

Mary, 26, 55 
Mary A., 59, 82 
Mary E., 110, 127 
Nancy, 84 
Nathaniel, 58, 84 
Nathaniel H., 84 
Phebe, 55, 58 
Philena, 55 
Sackett, 84 
Sarah, 84 
Sarah A., 110 
Stephen, 55 
Susan, 58 
Van Wyke, 84 
Walton J., 128 
William J., 61 
William W., 84 


Clara E., 108 
Lawrence E., 108 


Annie, 43 
Egbert, 107 


Harriet L., 116 
Jacob, 116 
Matilda, 116 


, 18, 20 

Charlotte, 11,24 
Francis, 11, 24 
Gabriel, 11, 13, 26 
Levina, 11 
Livinia, 24 


Mary, 43 


Anna, 42 


Catherine, 51 


Polhemus, 98 
Sarah F., 98 




Jesse, 16 
Lydia, 65, 65, 66 


Hester A., 51 
John W., 51 

Lucy, 30 
Moses, 30 


Alfred G., 126 
Genevieve, 126 
Mary T., 126 
Ralph, 126 

Cora, 86 
Evlyn, 86 
Florence, 86 
George, 86 
Howard, 86 
Martha, 86 
Sarah, 61, 66 


Elizabeth, 23, 35, 57 
Hetty, 50 
John, 23, 35, 57 
Sarah, 35 


Josephine, 131 


Grietie, 141 

Anna, 46 


John, 20, 34 


Debora H., 122 
Edward A., 122 
Otto M., 122 


, 69 

Antoinette, 119 
George B., 119 
Harriet, 119 

Mary E., 79 
Walter C., 119 


Charles P., 46 
Elizabeth, 154 
Louise, 46 
Mary, 55 
William, 154 


Rachel, 106 


Roseanna, 107 


Katie V., 115 
Nehemiah S., 115 


Aida A., 108 


Anna, 141 
Lemuel, 41 



Ammi, 62, 64, 151 

Daniel, 150 

David C, 96 

Ebenezer, 106 

Ebenezer W., 96, 123 

Elizabeth, 62, 64, 151 

Emma, 123 

Fannie, 90 

George E., 90, 91 

Hannah, 62, 64, 82, 90, 96, 

Harold, 123 
Henry, 62, 90, 107 
Henry C, 91, 117 


Strang Genealogy 


Hittabel, 150 
Jeremiah, 62, 64, 150 
John, 150 
John G., 91 
Jonah, 96 
Loretta, 90 
Margaret, 106 
Margaret E., 96, 113 
Margaret L., 106 
Ocelia, 117 
Phebe, 62, 64 
Ralph, 150 
Rebecca, 96 
Richard, 106 
Sarah, 150 
Susan M., 117 


Edward, 156 
Elizabeth B., 78 
George, 78 
Louisa, 78 
Sarah, 156 


Phebe, 32, 47 


Andrew, 98 
Eden, 59 
Elbert, 59 
Ezra, 59 
Margaret A., 59 
Mary E., 98 


Richard, 75 
Susan, 75 


Harrison, 55 
Philena, 55 


, 22 

Daniel, 30, 140 
Elizabeth, 30 140 
Hannah, 140 
John, 140, 158 
Joseph, 140 
Susannah, 140, 158 


Abigail, 103 

Abijah, 59 

Ann, 104 

Caroline, 59 

Daniel, 51 

David, 21, 55, 103, 104 

Drusilla, 55 

Eben, 53 

Elizabeth, 104 

Emma, 42, 104 

Jane, 51, 104 

John L., 103 

Mary, 53, 75 

Mary A., 103 

Mary L., 104 

Matilda A., 104 

Phebe, 21 

Ruth, 53 

Sanford R., 53 

Sylvanus S., 104 



Eleanor, 132 

Emma, 70 

Thomas P., 70 


Betsey, 36 
Daniel, 36 
George, 25 
Jesse, 43 
Milicent, 43 
Sophia, 43 


Mary, 100 

Anna, 99 

Hannah, 148 
James, 148 



Abigail P., 80 
Daniel, 158 
Elizabeth, 80, 114 
Esther, 43 
James F., 114 
Paddock, C, 80 
Margaret, 125 
Mary E., 80 
Samuel, 80 
Sarah, 80 
Thankful, 80 
Thomas S., 80 



Abigail, 103 

Abijah, 57, 76, 79, 94 

Alice, 76 

Ann, 75 

Ann PL, 76, 79 

Ann T., 76 

Anna, 76 

Belle, 76 

Betsey, 53 

Caroline C, 88 

Catherine, 57, 77, 95 

Elijah, 39, 75, 76, 79, 88 

Elizameth, 76, 77, 79, 94 

Emma H., 95, 122 

Enos, 94 

Hannah, 94 

Harriet A., 76 

Helen, 76 

Henrietta M., 95, 122 

Henry, 76 

Henry A., 95 

Henry P., 76 

Horace, 76 

James F., 76 

Jane, 77 

John, 76, 103 

Joseph, 76 

Josephine, 76 

Julia F., 94 

Leila, 116 

Jennie, 95, 121 

Mary, 75, 76, 77, 79, 94 

Mary A., 76, 95, 120 
Mattie, 123 
Millie B., 119 
Nancy, 75, 103 
Phebe, 20, 22 
Robert P., 88, 103 
Sarah, 88, 103 
Sarah E., 95, 120 
Washington L, 95, 123 




Charlotte, 1, 24 


Amelia, 54 
Charles A., 54 
David D., 89 
Elizabeth, 89 
Evalinda, 54 
Hester, 89 
Jacob, 62 
James H., 54 
Leander, 107 
Lydia S., Ill 
Mary, 136 
Mary L., 54 
Philena, 62 
Rosetta, 107 
Samuel, 54 
Sarah, 62 
Sarah M., 135 
W. C, 136 
William, 55 

Elsie H., 114 
Mr., 114 

See Strang 


Henry S., 126 
Irene E., 126 
Leroy C, 126 
Myrtel E, 126 


Lillian M., 127 


Strang Genealogy 


Emma H., 122 
Katherine, 122 
Mary A., 122 
Samuel G., 122 


Catherine, 57, 77 
John, 57, 77 

Rachel, 64 


Grace A., 109 

Deborah, 83 
Elizabeth, 130 
Georgiana, 130 
Hosea, 130 

Lydia, 117 

Louisa, 73 


, 55 

Carrie E., 106, 125 
Catherine, 106 
Clementina Q., 106 
Elias Q., 106 
Elizabeth, 42 
George, 153 
Hannah, 153 
John, 106 
Katherine E., 106 
Louisa M., 106 
Mary A., 106 
Mary A. O., 106, 125 
Nancy, 42 
Sarah, 42 



Jeremiah, 55 
John, 55 
Mary, 55 
Sally, 55 


Clara E., 87 
Jesse W., 87 


Clifford, 117 
Ida B., 117 


Elizabeth, 99 

Louisa, 99 

Ella G, 125 
Roy T., 125 


Capt, 145 

Dr., 104 
Ida, 104 


Alice B., 106 
Theda, 105 

Sarah, 41 
Thomas, 41 

Maria, 50 
Samuel, 50 


Elizabeth, 135 


Georgeann, 86 
John B., 86 
Mrs., 86 

John, 78 
Susan K., 78 


Robert, 119 


Alice, 116, 128 




Alice B., 131 
Anna, 129 
Aurinda, 116 
Carrie E., 117 
Charles, 116 
Clarence H., 116 
Clark, 90, 116, 128, 132 
EdnaM., 117 
Eleanor L., 131 
Elizabeth, 115, 117 
Esther, 130 
Ethel F., 132 
Fannie, 115, 130 
Flora B., 115 
Florence, 116 
Florence E., 132 
Frank, 115 
FredL., 116 
George, 116 
George R., 116 
Hannah, 90 
Harriet L., 116 
Helen, 132 
Henry, 90, 117 
Ida, 116 
IdaB., 117 
James J., 131 
Kenneth, 130 
Leila, 116 
Lewis W., 131 
Linus, 90, 116 
Lois, 90 
Louis H., 117 
Louisa, 131 
Lydia, 116, 117 
Mary A., 132 
Mary anna, 116 
Mary C, 131 
Maud, 116 
May, 116 
Mildred F., 131 
Richard, 90 
Sarah, 128, 132 
Sarah E., 116 
Solomon, 90, 115 
Sophia, 115 
Stepen C, 117 
Stephen S., 90 

Walter, 116 
William D., 115, 129 
William L., 131 


George W., 120 
Irving T., 120 
Richard H. L., 120 
Saraetta, 120 
Violet L., 120 


Hannah, 32 
Josiah, 32 
Phebe, 48 
Rachel, 49 

Clara, 28 
George, 28 
Nehemiah, 43 
Sarah, 43 


Anthony, 28 
Bethiah, 28 
Eliza, 28 
Elizabeth, 91 
Hannah, 28, 66 
Letitia, 43 
Tamar, 43 


Catharine, 91 


Andrew, 33 
Mary, 33 

Eliza J., 72 
Jane R. IL, 72 
Martha, 114 


(See Mow) 


Deborah, 158 
Henry, 158 

Jane A., 117 


Strang Genealogy 

Bernardus, 60 
Hester, 96 
Jacob, 96 
Sarah, 60 

Annie, 102 
Bridget, 154 
Caleb, 23, 29 
Daniel, 153, 155 
Desire, 153, 155 
Elizabeth, 153, 154, 155 
James, 154 
John, 154 
Margery, 154 
Rachel, 154 


William, 140 


Ezra, 157 
John, 157 
Sarah, 59, 157 

A. J., 130 
Frederick B., 130 
Harry C. G., 130 
Kathryn, 130 
Mary R, 130 


David, 73 
Marion, 73 



—. > 76 

Abijah, 75 

Absalom, 76 

Elijah, 84 

Hester, 86 

Hester A., Ill 

James, 111 

Jane, 76 

John, 86 

Mary A., 85 

Polly, 74 

Sarah, 84, 111 
Susannah, 75 


Emma L., 129 


Alice, 136 
Benjamin E., 135 
Elizabeth, 135 
Mary, 136 
Mary P., 135 
Sarah M., 135 
William P., 135 


Albert, 117 
Edith, 117 
Ralph, 117 
Susan M., 117 


Mary, 152 
Samuel, 152 


Bertrand H., 124 
Catharine, 124 
Clarence, 124 
Clifton C. W., 124 
Drusa M., 124 
Frank, 124 
Harold, 99 
Mary E., 99, 124 
Norman L., 124 
Sara, 124 



Drusilla, 53, 79 


(See Kissam) 


Easter, 81 
Elizabeth, 28, 139 
John, 139 
Judith, 139 
William, 81 



William H., 140 

Henry, 46 
Sara, 46 


Louisa M., 110 


Emma, 123 
Lydia, 116 


-, 38, 39 

Edward, 38 


Anson, 117 
Elizabeth, 117 
Joseph, 57 
Julia, 57 
Laura, 116 
Lydia, 117 



Abigail, 41 

Anna, 41, 42 

Anne, 42 

Charlotte, 18, 22, 24, 30, 41, 

Daniel, 42 
Disbrow, 41 
Elizabeth, 42 
Emma, 42 
Hannah, 42 
Israel, 41 
Jesse, 41 
Joseph, 41, 42 
Justus, 41 
Knapp, 42 
Lavinia, 41 
Lucy, 30 
Martha, 41 
Mary, 30, 41, 42 
Nancy, 42 
Phebe, 41, 42 

Roger, 18, 22, 24, 30, 41, 42 

Samuel, 42 

Sarah, 41,42 

Sophia, 30, 42 

Stephen, 42 

Thomas, 30, 41, 42 

Timothy, 42 


Ernest W., 125 
Marion H., 125 

Charlotte, 41 
James, 41 


Henry C, 46 
Lydia W., 46 
Orlando, 24 


Phebe D., 91 


Ruth, 47 


Bathsheba, 52 


Elizabeth, 132 
Florence, 132 
Frances J., 132 
Helen C, 132 
L. C, 132 


Sarah, 103 


Margaret H., 92 

Sarah, 85 


Anne, 136 
Edward L. E., 136 
John, 136 


Nancy, 74 


Strang Genealogy 


Claude, 130 
Fannie, 130 
Gilbert, 36 
Hannah, 36 
Mattie, 116 

Mary, 137 

William, 137 


Anna, 129 

Frances, 85 
Margaret, 85 
Maria A., 85 
Sarah, 85 
William, 85 


Flora L., 133 
Otho C, 133 



Abraham, 23, 40, 41, 65, 66 
Alethea, 32 
Alethia, 47 
Alsop, 66, 85 
Alsop F., 66 
Alvan, 41, 64, 65, 66, 67 
Alvin, 66, 95 
Andrew, 32, 48 
Ann, 67 
Anne, 32, 49 
Bethiah, 28 
Caleb, 28, 32, 47, 49 
Caroline, 32 
Charity, 32, 47, 66 
Charlotte, 28 
Clara, 28 

Clorinda, 24, 28, 139 
David, 66 
Deborah, 49 
Ebenezer, 41 
Elias, 32, 49 
Eliza, 28 

Elizabeth, 28, 29, 47, 48, 49, 

Elizabeth A., 64, 66 

Esther, 32 

Eugene, 127 

Ezra, 67 

Frances, 41 

Francis, 139 

Gabriel, 28, 48 

Glorianna, 48 

Grace, 127 

Hackaliah, 26 

Hannah, 26, 28, 32, 43, 48, 

Harriet, 67 
Henry, 28, 32, 65 
Hevelinda, 48 
Howell, 66 
James, 67 
James H., 66 
Jane E., 67 
Jerusha, 41 
John, 67 
John M., 48 
Jonathan, 40 

Joseph, 28, 29, 32, 40, 139 
Josiah, 28, 32, 47, 48 
Joshua, 30, 47, 48 
Keziah, 47 
Lavinia, 32 
Lewis, 127 
Lizzie S., 127 
Lydia, 64, 65, 66 
Margaret, 66 
Martha, 65, 66, 67, 85 
Mary, 28, 30, 42, 67, 74, 85, 

95, 139 
Melinda, 47 
Merrit, 49 
Micajah, 74 

Nehemiah, 32, 42, 48, 49 
Ophelia, 49 
Oscar, 127 
Penelope, 18, 22 
Phebe, 22, 23, 29, 32, 40, 47, 

48, 65 
Rachel, 49 
Robert, 48 
Ruth, 47 
Samuel, 18, 22, 24, 25, 28, 

32, 48, 139 




Sarah, 49, 127 
Seth, 32, 47 
Sylvanus, 32 
Thomas, 49 

U ,48 

William, 32, 66 
William H., 49 
Winifred, 28 




Catherine, 106 
Elias, 23, 51, 58 
Jane, 58 



Emily A., 110 
Henry H, 110 

Rebecca, 96 


Edward, 76 
Helen, 76 


Mrs., 76 

Sarah, 99 


Abraham, 57, 87 
Bethiah, 57 
Elizabeth, 57 
Jane, 87 
Mary, 79, 80 
Philena, 88 

Cyrus, 107 
Eliza, 44 
Eva, 107 

Julia, 107 
Liddy, 138 
Lydia, 70, 71, 153 
Ruth, 53 
Sarah, 128, 132 
Sarah A., 125 


Abigail, 102 
Charles, 108 
Julia A., 108 
Mildred B., 108 
Philena, 62 


Ann E., 78 
George, 78 
Job B., 78 
Margaret, 78 


Sarah, 58, 61 


Isbel, McL., 119 

J. J. 35 


Florence A., 125 


Elizabeth, 150 
Jennie R., 122 
Hittabel, 150 
John, 150 
Sevellon C, 122 

Alice, 76 
Anna E., 72 
James, 76 

Mary, 45 


Mary J, 118 

Alice, 116 
Eva, 107 


Strang Genealogy 


Caroline A., 78 

Elizabeth, 23, 29, 146, 149 

Hannah, 147, 148 

Isabel 144 

Joseph, 23, 29, 38, 40, 146, 

147, 148, 149 
Martha, 37, 39 
Mercy, 146, 147 
Nathaniel, 37, 148, 149 
Samuel, 23, 29, 147, 148 
Sarah, 145 
Simon, 144, 145 


Elizabeth, 56 


Terreita, 118 

Paulita, 118 


Catherine, 50 


Gertrude, 104 
Joseph, 104 

Stephen, 90 


Mary W., 103 
Sarah L., 103 
William, 103 

Phebe, 41 
Sally, 27 
Thomas, 27 

Bishop, 45 

Eliza J., 72 
Roelof, 72 

Jane, 56 
Mary, 125 


James, 25 


Abby, 74 
Adelaide, 74 
Allen, 55 
Alson, 74 
Carrie, 54, 74 
Catherine, 74 
Caty, 53 
Creighton, 121 
David, 74 
Debora H., 122 
Dorothy, 122 
Druzilla, 55 
Edward T., 122 
Egbert, 74 
Elbert L, 121 
Elbert R., 121 
Elizabeth, 74 
Etta, 121 
Eugene, 54, 74 
Gattie, 121 
Gedney, 74 
Helen, 121 
Isaac, 74 
Issac R., 121 
J. Frank, 74 
Jennie, 121 
Jennie R., 122 
John G., 53, 74 
Julia, 74 
Kate, 74 
Louisa, 74 
Mary, 74 
Mary R., 74 
Phebe, 74 
Rhodes, 74 
Stephen, 74 
Washburne, 74 
William L., 121 
William T., 121 
Zilla. 55 




Augustus H., 102 
Elizabeth, 102 
William B., 102 


Edward, 70 
Sarah, 70 


Julia M., 97 

Carrie, 75 
Jane, 75 


Carrie, 54, 74 
John D., 74 
Margaret, 54 
Thomas S., 54 

Elizabeth, 35 
Jessie, 123 
John, 35 
Phebe, 35 
Rebecca, 35 
Richard, 35 

Dora, 118 


Peter, 15 


Charlotte, 50 
Jacob, 33 
Mary, 33 
Stephen, 50 


Deborah A., 148 
John, 148 

Mr., 117 


Ursula, 26 


Adrian, 64 
Lydia A., 64 


Elizabeth, 77 
Amzi, 77 


Catherine, 46 


, 50 

Betsey, 90 
Caleb, 50 
Carrie, 69 
Elizabeth, 156 
Emeline, 69 
Gertrude, 93 
Gertrude B., 93 
Gilbert L., 93 
Harold S., 132 
Harriet M., 132 
Hattie L., 126 
Helen E., 1, 93 
Isaac, 69 
Jemima, 50 
Jonh, 152 
Richard, 156 
Robert W., 93 
Stephen, 114 
William M., 93 

Claes, 141 
Grietie, 141 
Jan, 141 
Jean, 141 
Margreta, 141 

Anna, 42 
Mary, 41 
William, 41 


Agnes, 133 


Adelaide, 127 


Strang Genealogy 


Caroline, 68 

Julia M., 97 
Mary S., 97 
William, 97 
William M., 97 

Robert, 145 

Gilbert, 43 
Mary, 43 

Abigail, 146 
Thomas, 146 


Benjamin, 45 
Margaret, 45 


Catharine, 124 
Charles H., 124 

K. M., 97 

Aaron, 91 
Abraham, 86 
Aletta L., 60, 91 
Nellie, 86 



Maria, 50, 68 
Stephen, 68 


Lavinia, 56 
Tinea, 100 


Abby J., 62, 87, 108 
Abigail, 56, 58, 81 
Abigail P., 80 

Abraham R., 57 
Ada, 105 
Ada E., 72 
Adah, 58, 61, 84 
Adelaide, 79 
Agnes H., 100 
Aida A., 108 
Albert, 90, 114 
Alfred, 44, 51, 136 
Alice, 128 
Alice B., 106 
Alice L., 126 
Allen, 137 
Almira S., 73 
Alvan P., 65 
Alsop H., 60, 64, 96 
Amanda, 55, 58, 99 
Ammi K., 89, 112, 143 
Amy, 37, 60 

Ann, 40, 58, 75, 80, 84, 134 
Ann E., 137 
Ann H., 58, 76, 79 
Ann L., 76 

Anna, 70, 99, 100, 101 
Anna E., 68, 97, 111 
Anna L., 99 
Anne, 34, 44, 136 
Annie, 81, 101 
Annie E., 72 
Anthony, 136 
Artheria, 70 
Arthur R, 115, 129 
Barbara, 134 
Bartholomew, 61, 85 
Benjamin, 61, 66, 85 
Benson L., Ill 
Bertha, 129 
Bertha E., 102 
Bessie, 100 
Bessie M., 112 
Betsey, 36 
Caleb, 54, 135 
Camilla, 109 
Caroline, 57, 61, 68 
Caroline H., 88, 108 
Caroline M., 69 
Carrie M., 109 
Catharine, 52, 63, 71, 82, 83, 




Catharine A., 52 

Catharine L., 72 

Catharine M., 103 

Catharine W., 65 

Catherine, 50, 51, 55, 57, 73, 

Caziah, 35 

Charity, 66 

Charles, 99 

Charles D., 100 

Charles E., 68, 98, 99 

Charles H., 58, 77, 105 

Charles W., 134 

Charlotte, 1, 11, 17, 21, 22, 
24, 25, 139 

Clara, 103, 129 

Claribel, 109 

Clark N., 128 

Claudia L., 108 

Clement, 37 

Clifford, H., 101 

Clorean, 28 

Clorinda, 24, 25, 28, 139 

Cora E., 126 

Cornelia, 68, 134 

Cornelia L., 134 

Daniel, 1, 9, 11, 17, 18, 21, 
22, 23, 24, 25, 28, 29, 30, 
31, 33, 35, 37, 40, 43, 50, 
57, 58, 61, 62, 66, 68, 86, 
89, 137, 139, 149 

Daniel S., 69, 99 

David, 37, 65, 73, 135 

Deborah, 35, 36, 65, 83 

Drusilla, 54, 79 

Druzilla, 53, 55 

Easter, 81 

Ebenezer, 40, 58, 60, 79, 96, 

Edgar A., 71, 101 

Edith C, 100 

Edmond, 79 

Edmund, 56, 58 

Edward, 70, 136 

Edward B, 88, 110 

Edward J., 52, 73 

Eli, 77 

Elijah L., 108, 126 

Eliza, 33, 43, 44, 54, 80, 89 

Eliza A., 44 

Eliza J., 72 

Elizabeth, 23, 29, 30, 31, 33, 
35, 40, 44, 50, 55, 56, 57, 
59, 61, 75, 76, 77, 79, 82, 
86, 89, 94, 96, 99, 104, 
113, 134, 135, 140, 149, 
153, 157 

Elizabeth A., 64, 66, 81, 94 

Elizabeth C, 60, 83, 93 

Elizabeth M., 70 

Ellenore, 136 

Elsie H., 114 

Emeline, 69 

Emeline A., 100 

Emily, 75 

Emily A., 88, 110 

Emma, 70 

Emma L., 100 

Emmeline, 52, 71 

Esther, 50 

Ethel, 105 

Ethelena, 112 

Etna, 85 

Eugene, 72, 73, 109 

Eugene J., 52 

Eugenia, 112 

Eugenie, 143 

Flora B., 115 

Florence, 129 

Florence A., 115 

Florence E., 102 

Florence R., 101 

Frances, 80 

Frances C, 109 

Francis, 23, 29, 35, 36, 73 

Francis L., 73 

Frank T., 73 

Franklin, 81 

Frederick, 51 

Gabriel, 17, 18, 20, 22, 23, 
^ 25, 26, 29, 33, 35, 36, 37 

Garret, 134 

Garret S., 134 

George, 70, 79, 82, 107 


Strang Genealogy 


George B., 129 

Georgeann, 86 

Gerard, 33 

Gerard C, 77, 105 

Gilbert, 34, 50 

Gilbert O., 126 

Gladys L, 126 

Grace A., 109 

Grace E., 100 

Hackaliah, 76 

Hannah, 23, 31, 36, 37, 40, 

46, 54, 55, 56, 60, 61, 62, 

94, 109 
Harold E., 112 
Harold T., 129 
Harriet N., 88 
Harry A., 100 
HattieE., 112 
Hattie L., 126 
Hazard, 38, 81 
Henry, 17, 18, 22, 23, 25, 

27, 29, 30, 31, 37, 38, 40, 

44, 57, 62, 63, 65, 76, 83, 

87, 94, 140 
Henry H., 61 
Henry W., 71, 103 
Herbert, 112, 129 
Hester, 33, 50, 75, 79, 86, 96 
Hester A., 51, 111 
Hester C., 80 
Hester M., 60, 96 
Hetty, 50, 51 
Hickson K., 135 
I. W., 134 
IraD, 90, 114, 115 
Ira M., 115 
Isaac, 83 
Isaac A., 63, 96 
Isaac B., 134 
Jacob, 83 
Jacob L, 62, 88 
Jacob L., 88, 108 
James, 53, 54, 55, 75, 128 
James B., 75 
James C., 60, 82 

James H., 137 

James N, 111, 128 

James S., 68, 101 

Jane, 51, 53, 54, 62, 75, 76, 

Jane H., 101 
Jared, 20, 33, 137 
Jeanette, 73 
Jehiel J., 88, 109 
Jemima, 33, 34, 35, 52, 60, 

Jerusha, 36, 53, 55, 56 
Jesse, 61, 83 
John, 11, 23, 29, 34, 35, 36, 

37, 44, 50, 53, 54, 55, 74, 

75, 79, 94, 135, 137 
John A., 99 
John G., 65 
John H., 40, 64, 66 
John L., 94 
John M., 89, 111, 137 
John S., 68, 99 
Joseph, 23, 29, 33, 34, 37, 

44, 51, 58, 69, 70, 80, 135, 

137, 138 
Joseph S., 100 
Joseph W., 52, 70, 153 
Josephine, 70, 73 
Josephine A., 71, 100 
Joshua, 35 
Judge, 70 
Julia, 54, 57, 88 
Juliet D, 100 
Juliette, 51, 69 
Kate, 73, 109, 114 
Kate V., 115, 129 
Katie V., 115 
Kenneth W., 126 
Kittie, 111 
Ladusha, 80 
Laura, 81 
Lavina, 44 
Lena, 33 
Letitia, 63, 95 
Levinia, 30, 31 
Liddy, 138 
Lillian A., 100 
Lois E., 126 
Lot, 138 





Louisa, 73, 99 

Louisa M., 110 

Louise, 52, 72 

Louise E., 89, 112 

Lucey, 17, 22 

Lucius C., 102 

Lucy, 25 

Luisan, 25 

Lydia A., 64 

Lydia B., 71, 101 

Lydia S., Ill 

Malvina, 71 

Margaret, 37, 39, 40, 54, 58, 

61, 63, 64, 66, 77, 83, 85, 

90, 93, 98 
Margaret E., 72, 103 
Margery, 76 
Maria, 50, 61, 68, 84 
Marianna, 72 
Marie, 128 
Marie A., 52, 72 
Marion, 73 
Marjorie, 129 
Martha, 40, 61, 65, 66, 85, 

Martha D., 114 
Martha J., 65, 68 
Martin L., 62, 89, 111 
Martin V. B., 88, 108 
Mary, 17, 33, 36, 43, 44, 51, 

55, 77, 85, 94, 100, 137 
Mary A., 63, 75, 76, 79, 85, 

94, 103 
Mary B., 115 
Mary E., 60, 81, 89, 96, 98, 

99, 124 
Mary J., 90, 107, 113, 114 
Mary L., 54, 73 
Mary P., 24, 26, 135, 137 
Mary R., 137 
Mary T., 108, 126 
Matilda, 52, 69, 71, 75 
Mildred E., 129 
Mima, 50 
Minnie L, 126 

Mrs., 44 

Myrtel E., 126 

Nancy, 58, 75, 84, 103, 137 

Nathan, 37 

Nathaniel, 40, 62 

Nathaniel C, 89, 111 

Nellie, 86 

Nelson, 75, 83, 100, 105 

Nicholas, 50 

Olin T., 108, 126 

Pamelia, 51 

Peggy, 54 

Penelope, 17, 22, 28 

Peter, 51, 68 

Phebe, 22, 23, 29, 36, 40, 61, 

62, 64, 65, 84, 151 
Phebe A., 99 
Phebe E., 134 
Phebe M., 64 
Polly, 55, 74 
Rachel, 106 
Rebecca, 35 
Rebecca A., 136 
Rena, 99 
Rhoda, 80 
Richard W., 65 
Robert, 54, 85 
Robert L, 76, 88, 109 
Roland, 109 
S. Jennie, 111, 128 
Sackett, 80 
Sally, 36, 55, 85, 
Sally A., 44, 50 
Samuel, 35, 51, 52, 136 
Samuel A., 71, 100 
Samuel B., 52, 71, 73 
Samuel F., 57, 77 
Samuel T., 50 
Sara E., Ill 
Sarah, 35, 40, 44, 51, 58, 61, 

62, 66, 69, 70, 82, 85, 88, 

Sarah A., 50, 60, 61, 89, 91, 

Sarah E., 81, 134 
Sarah F., 98 
Sarah H., 137 
Sarah J., 89 
Sarah L., 88 


Strang Genealogy 


Seeley, 134, 135 

Seth, 138 

Seth W., 58, 81 

Silvenus, 53 

Solomon, 33, 50, 134 

Stephen B., 52, 61, 73 

Susan, 75, 76, 99 

Susan H., 65 

Susan M., 68, 97 

Susie, 83 

Sylvanus, 35, 53, 55, 75, 103 

Tamar, 81 

Thaddeus, 77, 105 

Thaddeus H., 105 

Thaddeus S., 105 

Theda, 77 

Theodosius, 52, 72, 73 

Thomas, 38, 40, 56, 64, 68, 

79, 98 
Thomas P., 99 
Tinea, 100 
Underhill, 34, 51 
Walter, 79, 80 
Walter D, 100 
Walter S., 102 
Washington, 63, 77, 94 
White, 70 
William, 20, 26, 36, 37, 44, 

54, 55, 61, 64, 69, 80, 85, 

87, 111, 135, 137 
William B., 71, 101 
William F., 81 
William H., 68, 81, 99 
William J., 126 
Zilla, 55 


Hannah, 47 

Anna, 101 


Carrie M., 109 
Frances K., 109 
Frank O., 109 
Louise A., 109 

Eliza, 43 


Jemima, 60 
John H., 60 

Anne, 44 
Bilha, 41 
Lavinia, 41 


Mary W., 45, 46 

Edward, 103 
Emma, 103 
Lyman, 103 
Sarah L., 103 


Anderson, 75 
Carrie, 75 
Irving N., 75 
Joseph, 158 
Matilda, 75 
Nelson, 75 
Sarah, 158 
Susanna, 140 
Susannah, 158 
William, 140, 158 

Gattie, 121 

Clara, 103 


Alexander E., 95 
Ann A., 95 
Augustus, 96 
Catherine A., 95 
Edwin, 95 
Eleanor, 95 
Emma, 96 
Henry, 95 
Isaac, 95 
Letitia, 95 




Lillian, 96 
Mary, 95 
Samuel, 95 
Stephen, 96 
William, 95 


Alfred, 81 
Clara, 129 
Elizabeth A., 81 
Emma L., 129 
Ocelia, 117 
Wilbur, 129 


Hannah, 153 

John, 39 

Daniel B., 89 
Deborah, 89 
Elizabeth, 75 
Jane E., 67 
John B., 75 
Sarah J., 89 
Susan, 58 


Anna E., 72 
Eugene, 72 
James O., 72 
Louise, 72 
Mary, 72 
Samuel B., 72 


Deborah, 65 
Harriet, 83 
Martha J., 65 
Morgan, 65 
William, 82 


Anna M., 120 
Belle, 76 
Daniel, 76 
Harriet A., 76 
James I., 120 
Jessie A., 120 

John J., 120 
John L., 120 
Mary J., 120 
Phebe A., 76 
Saraetta, 120 
Sarah E., 120 

Edward, 156 


Sarah, 35 


Fannie, 91 



Sarah, 43 



Hannah, 143 
Henry A., 137 
Mary R., 137 

Pierre, 34 


Bertha, 129 

Sophie, 135 

Abby, 45 
Anna, 46 
Arthur, 46 
Benjamin, 45 
Caroline, 45 
Catherine, 45, 46 
Cornelia, 45 
Elizabeth, 30, 45 
Henry, 45, 46 
Huldah, 46 
Josephine, 46 
Louise, 46 
Lydia, 45 
Lydia W., 46 


Strang Genealogy 

Margaret, 45 
Marinus H., 45 
Marinus H. O., 46 
Mary, 45 
Mary W., 45, 46 
Pietre, 45 46 
Richard, 30, 45, 46 
Rudolphus, 46 
Sara, 46 

Cornelia, 45 

Benjamin, 45 
Mary, 45 

John, 34 


Abby J., 87 
Clara E., 87 
Franklin, 87 
Ida H., 87 
Kate H, 87 



Almira, 78 


Eliza, 33 
Elizabeth S., 123 
John, 33 


Levinia, 31 
Robert, 31 


Gilbert, 35 
Jonathan, 35 
Joseph, 35 
Mary, 35 
Nicholas, 35 
Patience, 35 
Sarah, 35 
Samuel, 35 

Samuel S., 35 
Underhill, 35 

Etna, 85 


Minnie L, 126 


Elizabeth, 91 
George, 60 
Sarah A., 60, 91 


Elizabeth, 62, 64, 150 
Peter, 151 


Henry, 31 
Martha, 31 


Abraham, 135 
Elizabeth, 135 
John A., 135 
Sophie, 135 


Charity, 32 
James, 32 

Patience, 35 

Henry, 150 
Sarah, 150 


Anna, 128 
Bathsheba, 52 
Catharine, 52 
Ebenezer, 52 
Edith L., 128 
Helena, 52 
James B., 128 
James S., 128 
Louisa, 131 
Margaritte, 128 
S. Jennie, 128 
Sylvanus, 52 




Abigail, 146 

Daniel, 146 

Mercy, 146, 147 

Anna H., 127 

Artie H., 127 

Mary E., 127 

Amy, 130 
Eliza 59 
Elizabeth, 59, 150, 151, 156, 

Hannah, 150 
Henry, 156 
John, 150, 156 
Joseph, 156 
Margaret A., 59 
Nathan, 156 
Peter, 151 

Sarah, 59, 60, 156, 157 
Seth, 59, 157 

Jacob, 56 
Polly, 56 


Julia R, 94 


Anna, 76 
William, 76 


Elizabeth, 154 
Mabel M., 124 
Mrs., 105 


Cornelia, 68 
Peter, 68 
Stanley, 68 
William, 68 


Elizabeth, 42 




Governor, 144 


Anna, 70 

Daniel H., 82 

Dainel S, 113 

Ebenezer, 62, 64, 82, 107, 


Ebenezer A., 113 

Hannah, 62, 64, 82, 96 

Isaac, 45 

Jeremiah, 82 

Julia, 107 

Lydia, 45 

Margaret, 64, 82 

Margaret L., 82, 106 

Mary, 45, 64 

Mary A., 82, 106 

Mary J., 107, 113 

Polly, 107 

Rachel, 64 


Cornelia, 134 
Cornelius, 134 
James, 30, 31 
John, 30, 31 
Levinia, 30, 31 
Martha, 30, 31 
Sally, 31 


Alan L., 122 
L. E., 122 
Lewis, 122 
Mary A., 122 



Abba J., 79 
Ada, 78 
Alice, 78 
Almira, 78 
Ann E., 78 
Arthur U., 79 
Augustus, 75 
Benjamin, 85 
Benjamin T., 78 
Caroline, 78 


Strang Genealogy 


Caroline A., 77, 78 
Charles W., 79 
Daniel, 84 
Edgar, 78, 79 
Edith E., 79 
Elizabeth, 75, 78 
Elizabeth B., 78 
Emma, 79 
Ephraim R., 78 
Florence, 78 
George, 78 
George W., 78 
Isaac R., 84 
Isabel, 78 
Jacob, 85 
James, 51 
Jane R. U., 78 
John, 158 
Joseph S., 78 
Joseph W., 79 
Mansell, 135 
Margaret, 77 
Martha, 85 
Mary, 78 
Mary E., 78, 79 
Mary L., 78 
Mortimer, 78 
Pamelia, 51 
Phebe, 84 

Phebe A., 85 
Phebe Q., 78 
Reuben, 77, 78 
Robert, 84 
Sarah, 84, 85 
Susan K., 78 
Susie E., 85 
Theron O., 79 
Thomas S., 78 
Winifred, 28 

Eugene, 101 
Hubert S., 101 
Joseph S., 101 
Julia A., 83 
Lydia B., 101 
Richard, 83, 101 


Benjamin W., 89 
Mary E., 89 


Donald, 129 
Holden, 129 
Kate V., 129 
Warren M. f 129