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Full text of "Bulletin of the State Teachers College: Alumnae Issue, Farmville, Va."


M - :.'.',£. VIRGINIA 



State Teachers College 

Volume XXXI 

Farmville, Virginia 

Alumnae Issue 

No. 4 

December, 1945 

To the Alumnae 


arch 9, 1946, will be observed 
as the sixty-second anniversary 
of the founding of State Teachers Col- 
lege. Owing to travel restrictions, we 
were unable to have a full-fledged cel- 
ebration in 1945. With the coming of 
peace, however, I am hoping that a 
number of the alumnae will be with 
us. Founders Day is not an anniversary to be observed only by those of us 
who live in Farmville. To be successful the day must be observed co-opera- 
tively. Those in Farmville, certainly, will observe the day, but Farmville 
alumnae everywhere also have a part in the day, and I am looking forward 
to seeing a large number of you here on March 9. 

Your Alma Mater has survived another — and I hope the last — war. The 
College is prepared to render even a greater service to Virginia than it has 
rendered in the past. With the co-operative effort of all of us — Administra- 
tion, Faculty, Friends, and Alumnae — we shall go forward to greater and 
greater service. 

Your friend, 

J. L. Jarman 

Richmond, Virginia, 
September 19th, 1945. 

Dear Alumnae: 

It is a privilege to send greetings again to all of you who received your training at Farm- 
ville State Teachers College. 

Today, we proudly share the same common interest in the rapid development of a 
great Teachers College in Virginia. 

In this memorable year, with the restoration of peace, our thoughts and efforts can be 
turned once again to usual pursuits and accomplishments, which make a richer, fuller 
life. We shall have time for our friends; we shall be able to see them more frequently. 
As members of the Alumnae Association, we can meet more often, and enlarge the scope 
of work for the benefit of our college. You have been a great support, but more than ever 
Farmville will need a strong Alumnae Association, ready to meet new demands of a post- 
war era. 

Perhaps you have heard something of our plans for a greater General Alumnae Fund 
which we are presenting to you for consideration in this issue of the Bulletin. 

The Executive Board decided, after studying the trends in other Colleges and Uni- 
versities of substantial large-scale fund-raising campaigns, that it is an appropriate time 
for Farmville Alumnae to have a more definite goal and a plan whereby we may reach 
that goal. This is a business-like way of meeting needs of our College, which cannot be 
supplied by anyone else but the Alumnae. 

This year, in addition to taking care of the general running expenses of the Associa- 
tion, we are starting a special fund for an organ. It will be a memorial to our beloved Dr. 
Jarman. He has been approached, and the idea seems pleasing to him. Very soon a new 
auditorium will be built. In it we hope to have the organ, a gift from all Alumnae. 

It will be a pleasant, happy experience to meet many of you in Farmville on Founders 
Day. I am confident that in the coming year you will inspire your College with the same 
loyal spirit you have always shown. 

Sincerely your, 

Louise Ford Waller, 

President, Alumnae Association. 

December, 1945 

Bulletin of The State Teachers College 



Number IV 

Volume XXXI 


Published by 





Editor Ruth Harding Coyner 

Business Manager Mary Wisely Watkins 


Executive Board — Alumnae Association 

Dr. J. L. Jarman President of S.T.C. 

Farmville, Virginia 


Louise Ford Waller 301 West Dr., R. 13 

Richmond, Virginia 

First Vice-President 
Mary Berkeley NELsoN....Manassas, Virginia 

Second Vice-President 

Virginia Brinkley 310 Cedar Street 

Suffolk, Virginia 

Ex-President (1941-1943) 
Mary E. Peck Farmville, Virginia 


Carrie Sutherlin Chevy Chase Junior 

College, Washington, D. C. 

Mary Dornin Stant Lee Heights 

Bristol, Virginia 

Executive Secretary and Treasurer 
Ruth Harding Coyner Farmville, Virginia 

Custodians of the Files 

Carrie B. Taliaferro Farmville, Virginia 

Mary Clay Hiner Farmville, Virginia 


To the Alumnae Inside of Cover 

Alumnae President's Letter 1 

The Alumnae Fund 3 

Three New Portraits 4 

Founders Day 1945 5 

Scholarships and Other Chapter Activities.. 6 

Founders Day — Homecoming 7 

Ballet 8 

Class Reunions 9 

Gifts 1 3 

Station S.T.C. News Broadcast 14 

Among Our Alumnae 15 

Our Granddaughters' Club 22 

Freshmen Granddaughters — 1945-1946 26 

Faculty News 29 

Marriages 30 

Births 3 1 

A Day in School 32 

Reunion Classes 34 

In Memoriam Inside Back Cover 

entered as second-class matter November 12, 1914, at the post office at farmville, Virginia, 

under the act of august 24, i912. 

2 Alumnae Magazine 

The Alumnae Fund 

OUR student body and our alumnae aie accustomed to raising money for gifts to 
the college on Founders Day in March each year. Questions are repeatedly asked 
about the use of this Founders Day Fund, as we have called it in the past, so we wish to 
recall to your mind some of the investments you have made in your Alma Mater. 

First of all, the Student Building was erected largely through your effort and coop- 
eration. The state appropriated $59,000 and you and other friends gave $110,000. All 
sorority and honor society rooms were paid for and furnished by students in residence 
and by the alumnae and friends of the college. You have been investing in scholarship 
funds as loans and as gifts, and one of our alumnae has made it possible for a number 
of girls to remain in college until graduation, when they could not have done it without 
her help. Certain ones of our alumnae have made personal gifts to the college in memory 
of some one who lived and worked with us in the past. You have put into the Library 
many portraits of men and women who have helped in the building of our Alma Mater, 
and you have added to the shelves in the Library many books in memory of one who 
gave books a new meaning for you. It is not possible to cover the scope of your giving, 
but your gifts have proved your loyalty to Farmville and your continued interest in edu- 

At a meeting of the Executive Board last May a committee was appointed to study 
methods of financing Alumnae associations of other colleges, and ways of raising money 
for special objectives. That committee is ready to make the following recommendations 
for your consideration : 

1. Make all gifts payable to The Alumnae Fund. 

2. Let one dollar and a half be deducted from each gift for current expenses. 

3. Designate the objective for which you wish the remainder of your gift spent. 

We have a wonderfully well organized alumnae, with a central office here that we 
mention with pride. Dr. Jarman managed to get two thirds of our part-time secretary's 
salary on the state pay-roll, but it takes money to run that office, as you will see from Mrs. 
Coyner's report. If your gifts to the college can be only a dollar and a half, we feel it 
should be used for keeping our office going. 

The committee wishes to suggest a long-range objective, which we believe we can at- 
tain, since the Student Building was so well supported and so admirably sustained. Some 
day we shall have a bigger and a better auditorium, and when that time comes we should 
have a pipe organ for it. Dr. Jarman has wanted to start an organ fund for years, but 
each year .there are more immediate demands on the Founders Day Fund, and we think 

December, 1945 3 

the fund should be launched on our next Founders Day. Because of Dr. Jarman's love 
for music and the service he has rendered here through music we feel confident this ob- 
jective will make a popular appeal. Several Farmville friends have already offered to buy 
bonds for that fund — provided it be known as the Jarman Organ Fund. 

Please read Mrs. Coyner's report carefully, and use your ballot to advise us about 
the running expenses and the long-range objective proposals. These matters, will be voted 
on at the March meeting on Founders Day. 

Louise Ford Waller Mary Clay Hiner 

Mary E. Peck Ruth H. Coyner 

Some Facts About the Cost of Running an Alumnae Association 

Do you realize that it costs us about 

(1) $ 300.00 for mailing a letter to our Alumnae? 

(2) 110.00 for record cards, stationery and postage a year? 

(3) 25.00 for extra clerical work a year? 

(4) 20.00 for membership in American Alumni Council? 

(5) 15.00 for supplies and servicing typewriters and the addressograph? 

(6) 360.00 for our part of the Alumnae Secretary's salary? 

(7) 30.00 for traveling expenses of the Executive Board? 

Note: Last year we could not have met these expenses except for a balance from the 
year 1943, and the profits for three years from the sale of our College China. 

Do you realize that the College pays for 

(1) Two thirds of the Alumnae Secretary's salary? 

(2) One student for approximately two hours of office work a day? 

(3) Printing and mailing the Alumnae Bulletin to 7000 Alumnae? 

(4) Expenses of the Alumnae car? 

Note: We may have to take over some of the above expense at any time! 

Three New Portraits 


LUMNAE, faculty and friends made fine likeness of each of these beloved 
it possible to add three new por- teachers. The two sons of Dr. F. A. Mil- 
traits to our "Hall of Fame" in the Col- lidge joined with the Alumnae in giving 
lege Library this year. All Alumnae who this memorial to their beloved father, 
gave so liberally to these funds should visit The following letters have been received 
S.T.C. as soon as possible and see for from Miss Lula Andrews and Miss Minnie 
themselves the splendid work of our Alum- Rice: 
nae artist, Julia Mahood, who did, such a (Continued. on page 20) 

4 Alumnae Magazine 

Founders Day 1945 

FOUNDERS DAY 1945 will go down in the history of our College as a war casualty 
for our Alumnae. This had been our annual homecoming day since the beginning of 
the student building, but when news came that our government had ruled out all meet- 
ings which would cause as many as fifty people to travel, the invitations to our Alumnae 
had to be cancelled. As disappointing as this was, all true Farmville daughters realized 
that winning the war was our first duty and they were willing to make this sacrifice. 

The Farmville Alumnae Chapter helped greatly by attending all the functions in larg- 
er numbers than usual. At ten o'clock in the morning they gave a coffee in honor of our 
new Dean of Women, Dr. Martha Smith. The usual celebration was held in the audito- 
rium an hour later. At this time the three portraits which Alumnae and friends gave this 
year were presented by the following: 

Dr. F. A. Millidge by M. Boyd Coyner; Miss Lula O. Andrews by Miss Mary Clay 
Hiner; Miss Minnie V. Rice by Miss Carrie B. Taliaferro. 

The Alumnae Secretary read reports of the Chapters for the past year. Especially did 
everyone miss the Class Reunions this year. Kate Burton Glenn of the Class of 1895 was 
present. Clare Woodruff Bugg represented the Class of 1905 and gave some interesting 
news items about the absent members. Letters from the other Class presidents were read 
from the following: Evelyn Noell Wood, 1915; Victoria Vaden Worden, 1920; Kitty Mor- 
gan Hogg, 1925; Frankie McDaniel Cargill, 1935. 

Dr. Fannie Wyche Dunn, professor emeritus at Columbia University and a former 
member of the Department of Education at S.T.C., gave a forceful and inspiring talk on 
"Why Teach Today". 

Concluding the day, the Dramatic Club, under the excellent direction of Miss Leola 
Wheeler, presented Shakespeare's "Midsummer Night's Dream." 


March 9, 1946 
9 to 11 a.m. Registration of Alumnae, Main Building 
1 1 a.m. Exercises in the Auditorium 
Gifts and Responses from 

(1) Students 

(2) Alumnae Chapters and Individuals 
1 : 30 p.m. Alumnae Luncheon — Business Program 

Tour of the Campus — Granddaughters Club Hostesses 
6 p.m. Dinner (formal) — College Dining Room. Tables 

will be reserved for Reunion Classes. 
8 p.m. Dramatic Club Play — Directed by Miss Leola Wheeler 

December, 1945 5 

Scholarship and Other Chapter Activities 

Sarah Dorsey Greene 

Betty Ree Pairet 

Betty Lewis Shank 

FARMVILLE is proud of the continued 
activity of her Alumnae who are or- 
ganized into Chapters. In spite of war's 
effect on all organizations the large Chap- 
ters have continued their work for Alma 
Mater, with few changes. Most of the 
Chapters worked faithfully on the objec- 
tives outlined in a joint letter from the 
Alumnae president and secretary last fall. 
The following Chapters have either gift 
or loan scholarships; Culpcper, Farmville, 
Hampton, Newport News, Lynchburg, 
Norfolk, Richmond, and Roanoke. 

The Farmville Chapter, under the lead- 
ership of Martha Ann Laing Pearson, gave 
an award to be known as "The Mary 
White Cox Scholarship." It was offered 
to a Prince Edward County girl who was 
outstanding in scholarship and citizenship. 
Betty Ree Pairet of Farmville High School 
was the winner and it was presented at the 
June commencement. Sarah Dorsey Greene 
was presented the Richmond scholarship 
at the Thomas Jefferson High School grad- 
uating exercises. Betty Lewis Shank of Jef- 

ferson Senior High School received the 
Roanoke Chapter Scholarship. 

We are delighted to add a new chapter 
to our family this year. It is The Farm- 
ville Fairfax County Alumnae Chapter 
and it was organized in February, 1945. 
The officers are : Louise Howerton Cobb, 
President; Elsie Story, Vice-Pres.; and 
Mildred Corvin, Sec'y Treas. They sent a 
nice contribution and they entertained the 
high school graduating girls at a tea in the 
spring. The best of luck to our baby chap- 

Maude Pollard Turman, the delightful 
Georgia lady of the famous class of 1894, 
was made president of the Atlanta- Chap- 
ter, to take the place of Elizabeth Bugg 
Hughes who has moved to Dallas, Texas. 
The following is an excerpt of Mrs. Tur- 
man's letter describing their spring meet- 

"Miss Loula McKinney, our Hostess and 

a retired teacher of Agnes Scott College, 

greeted the ten Farmville Alumnae most 

(Continued on page 8) 

Alumnae Magazine 


To the Alumnae in World War II, 
please send to the Alumnae Secretary a 
complete record of your service for the 
Alumnae Office files. 

To the Alumnae Class Secretaries, please 
send a news letter each year to the Alum- 
nae Secretary before September first, to 
be published in the Bulletin. 

To all Alumnae, please notify the Secre- 
tary of all births, marriages, deaths and 
all changes in addresses. This is most im- 

To the Alumnae Chapters, please send 
in news of all of your meetings, so that 
they may be reported in the Bulletin. 

Nominees for Alumnae Officers 

(Read before voting) 

The nominating committee presents the 
following ballot with pride and pleasure. 
Each nominee is an outstanding person 
and it will be hard to vote for one. The 
policy of the Association is to have each 
section of Virginia represented on the gov- 
erning board. We hope the following brief 
remarks will help you in making a choice. 

Helen Costan, 1928, is a teacher in 
Lynchburg, Va. She was a most efficient 
recent president of the Lynchburg Chap- 

Ann Bidgood Wood, 1909, (Mrs. T. Gil- 
bert Wood) is active in civic, patriotic 

Founders Day - Homecoming 

(Please fill out both sides of this questionnaire and return with your yearly Alumnae 
contribution to Mrs. M. B. Coyner, Box 123, Farmville, Virginia.) 






What degree? 

Date of Graduation: 

Do you expect to attend Founder's Day celebration, March 9, 1946? 

When will you arrive? Do you wish a room in the college dorm- 
itory ? 

Roommate preferred 

Do you wish a ticket for the Alumnae Luncheon and Business Meeting on Saturday, at 
one o'clock? (Price, $1.00; tickets unclaimed by Saturday at noon will be re- 

Do you wish a ticket to S.T.C. Dramatic Club Play on Saturday night? (Complimentary 
to Alumnae) 

Are you contributing to the financial support of your Alumnae Ass'n ( 1 ) with this letter, 
or (2) through your Chapter? (Underline which) 

Do you approve of the Jarman Organ Memorial as outlined on page 3? 

December, 1945 7 

the various buildings and about the lovely 
and church organizations in Roanoke, Va. 
She has worked in the Roanoke Chapter 
since its organization. 

Charlottee Baird Ferebee, 1920, (Mrs. 
G. Benson Ferebee) is a teacher in the 
City of Norfolk, Va. For the past two 
years she has attended the summer school 
at S.T.C. 

Mildred Dickinson Davis, 1922, (Mrs. 
Charles Hall Davis) teaches English and 
Government in Farmville High School. 
She is a past president of S.T.C. Alumnae 

Henrietta Dunlap, 1906, has taught a 
number of years in her home town, Lex- 
ington, Va. She has served faithfully as 
president of the Lexington Chapter. 

Sally Johnson Eldred, 1915, (Mrs. E. 
F. Eldred) is a representative citizen of 
Staunton, Va. She is especially faithful to 
the Staunton Chapter. 

Scholarships, etc. 

(Continued from page 6) 

cordially in the commodius and attractive 
Alumnae House of Agnes Scott. After 
tea was served she conducted us through 
campus. We shall always remember that 
afternoon with that gracious "old girl" 
who has such a warm place in her heart 
for Farmville both as her home town and 
as her Alma Mater. She was a member of 
the second graduating class." 

The Baltimore Chapter had a luncheon 
during the summer of 1945, and they are 
planning a larger meeting in the fall. 

The New York Chapter had a luncheon 
for Miss Mix when she visited there dur- 
ing the Christmas holidays. 

The Lynchburg Chapter, our oldest 

Chapter, is still most active. They meet 

monthly in the Alumnae homes and since 

(Continued on page 25) 


(Be sure to vote) 

Vote for one: 
First Vice-President 

] Helen Costan 

] Ann Bidgood Wood 

Second Vice-President 
] Charlotte Baird Ferebee 
I | Mildred Dickinson Davis 

] Henrietta Dunlap 
□ Sallie Johnson Eldred 

Vote for three: 
Nominating Committee 

] Helen Draper 

] Kitty Hatch Whitfield 

] Winnie Hiner 

] Adele Hutchinson Watkins 

] Lucie Scott Lancaster 

] Agnes Watkins 

Alumnae Magazine 

Class Reunions 

NOW that the war is over, we hope to resume that happy custom of Class Reunions 
on our campus for Founders Day. The"Six" Classes are the lucky ones for they are 
the specially invited guests in the year 1946. Read the following letters from Class Repre- 
sentatives and predict which one will win the Jarman Cup for the largest percentage of at- 
tendance on March 9, 1946. 

Dear Classmates of 1886: 

This is an advance notice that the "6" 
classes, (of which our class holds the senior 
place), are scheduled for reunions on next 
Founders Day, March 9, 1946, and I urge 
that we begin to plan now to meet at our 
old Alma Mater for the occasion. In num- 
bers we are few, but that five of our class 
of eight are still "carrying on" into the six- 
tieth year since graduation strikes me as 
being something of a record. 

Since Farmville is the "old home town" 
for three of you, (of whom one has re- 
turned to live there), that added pull 
should help to draw you back, in spite of 
the miles from Georgia and Mississippi — 
and the other two of us, in the Old Domin- 
ion, are not very far away. 

I am increasingly convinced that people 
do not change very much, not essentially, 
in the course of a life-time, even a long 
one. Inherently we remain much the same, 
in spite of what the years may do to us, or 
bring of good or ill. So with reunion we 
would feel again the warm comradeship 
of the long ago years when we worked 
shoulder to shoulder as students. Many 
happy memories would spring at the sight 
of "the old familiar faces." As I write 
these words I can see each of you in mem- 
ory — and each face is smiling. "Memory is 

Some of us have not been back to the 
College for several years and it is high 

December, 1945 

time for us to show our continuing loyalty 
and interest by a return visit. We know 
we would have a warm welcome because 
we know the place and its spirit — not to 
mention the honor of leading the Alumnae 
procession, Time having seen to that fea- 
ture. Moreover, we could give the Alum- 
nae classes an example to live up to — 
literally — that is, to aim to return for their 
sixtieth class anniversaries! So meet me in 
old Farmville. 

Meanwhile I want to share with you 
a favorite little poem: 

"Let me grow lovely, growing old, 
So many fine things do; 
Laces, and ivory, and gold 
And silks need not be new. 
And there is healing in old trees, 
Old streets a glamour hold; 
Why may not I, as well as these, 
Grow lovely, growing old?" 

Madeline Mapp Barrow 

Dear Classmates of June 1896: 

Can you realize the years count up to 
fifty since we were happy graduates at the 
S. N. S.? The dear old Normal is calling 
you back to be her guests on Founders 
Day, March 9, 1946, that we may cele- 
brate after so long a separation. "Time and 
tide await for no man" so let's think in 
terms of a reunion and start right now 

planning for such. Don't bother to fix up 
too much, that was not 1896 style. We 
were just plain school girls learning "to 
paddle our own canoe" as we were so often 
reminded to do by our dear Mr. Cunning- 
ham. Let's give our Alma Mater a big sur- 
prise by being stronger in number than 
she expects. 

We will have to guess who is who, but 
that will be fun, and to meet each other 
face-to-face will be a good spring tonic. 
Then, too, you will say to me, I am sure, 
that we need to renew the much help and 
inspiration we gained during our years in 
Farmville. With love to each one of you, 
Rosalie Stuart Bland 

Dear Classmates of Feb. 1906: 

Do you realize that it has been ten years 
since the "6" classes met at their Alma 
Mater? This year let us celebrate Victory 
and win the Jarman Cup by having a big 
reunion of the February, 1906, graduates. 
I know that there are several vacant places 
in our small group of twenty-one, but 
wouldn't it be fine if all of us who have 
been spared could meet at old "S. N. S." 
on March 9, 1946? 

Make an effort to come, won't you? 
We are not too old to have a good time, 
though I have had to pack away my black 
and gold Classpin years ago, for it too 
surely dated me. 

If you can do so, please communicate 
with some other member of the class, and 
let us all get together in Farmville for a 
real celebration. 

Yours for auld lang syne, 

Florence L. Ingram 

Greetings to the Class of June, 1906! 

Saturday, March 9, 1946 will be our 
fortieth graduation anniversary, and Dr. 
Jarman has invited us to meet on Foun- 
ders Day for a reunion. 

Our class poem closed with this verse: 


Our thoughts turn back to scenes now 

For, Alma Mater, we soon must part; 
The years that we have spent with thee 
Will live forever in the heart. 
We'll ever love the grey and gold, 
And the year nought six shall be 
A beacon light to guide us 
"Out of port into the sea." 

It would be interesting and a real treat 
to get together and exchange experiences 
since we set sail upon the sea of life. 

How many of our forty-nine members 
will make an effort to meet once again 
in the halls of our Alma Mater and be 
greeted by Dr. Jarman? 
Mary Preston Clark 


Dear Members of the Class of 1916: 

Again we are to celebrate our class anni- 
versary and may we all say with Harry 
Emerson Foswick "It is a great time to 
be alive." 

I wish that I had the power to wave 
a magic wand so that all of the years that 
have gone could come back, but I can't, 
and the next best thing is for us to make 
a promise and plan to meet March 9, 1946. 
At this time we may recount our experi- 
ences, divulge our secret formulas for "long 
life," and renew the friendships that we 
made in our earlier years, and live in and 
with that grand spirit that pervades S.T.C. 
An added thrill will be to have Dr. Jar- 
man call us by name and give us the 
"once-over" from his sparkling eyes. 

I am far from the paths of most of my 
classmates, but through correspondence I 
have gotten some news which I hope you 
will enjoy — and incidentally make you 
want to come back more than ever. It is 
true, we of many years ago, may have 
plenty of competition but I am sure that 
we can take it, can't we? Julia Philips 

Alumnae Magazine 

Hanger is living in Cynwyd, Pa. a busy 
mother and housekeeper. Her son attends 
The Citadel in South Carolina and her 
daughter is a High School Senior. (I bet 
her daughter is just like her "Ma". How 
about it Bigum?) 

Virginia Watkins Douglas (more famil- 
iar to us as "Little Jennie") lives in 
Catonsville, Md. Her son was to have 
studied Medicine at Johns Hopkins when 
he completed his Academic work at Prince- 

Lula Jones Worsham is living in Rich- 
mond, Va. and has two lovely and charm- 
ing young daughters. 

Dreama Chambers, she of the "Teeny 
Weeny" type has taught in Teaneck, N. J. 
for the past sixteen years, and she says she 
is fast becoming a skinny, little old maid. 
She is having a leave of absence this year 
to be with her Mother who is sick. (We 
hope she will improve, Dreama.) Dreama 
said that she saw "Bugs" Noel and Nancy 
Lewis who live in New York. 

The Russell sisters, Mary Russell Piggott 
lives on a lovely farm near Purcellville. 
Ruth Russell Westover lives in Morgan- 
town, W. Va. where her husband is head 
of the Horticultural Dept. at the W. Va. 
University. They're anxiously awaiting the 
return of their son from Europe. He is a 
Lt. in the Army Air Corps, has had 46 
missions, and has never been injured. 

I saw Lois Smoot Dymock not so long 
ago and she with her two children are 
living in N. J. where her husband is teach- 
ing in a Boys School. 

Do you remember that quiet little 
Brenda Griffin? — Now Mrs. Doggett and 
lives at Isle of Wight. She has four chil- 
dren — two boys and two girls. The girls 
are S.T.C. Alumnae. Congratulations! 

I hear that Florence Hall is a most 
successful teacher in the city school sys- 
tem in Portsmouth, and that she had had 
much praise for her outstanding work and 

Ruth Jamison is connected with the Ex- 
tension Work at Blacksburg, Va. as House 
Furnishings Specialist. 

Mary Pond is in the commercial field, 
being in business with her father. 

Olive Branch operates a Dairy Farm 
near Smithfield. 

Eleanor Daughtery Stephenson and 
Thelma Parker Babb are living at Ivor, 
after a year or two of school teaching. 

Marcella Barnes Newell is living in 
Charlotte, N. C, after having been music 
supervisor in Richmond schools. She mar- 
ried an Insurance man, they have two 
sons. While being necessary for the main- 
tenance of their home she finds time to 
continue her music — she teaches piano, di- 
rects several choirs and still sings. And for 
good measure she studies during the sum- 
mer. Brave, our 1916 songbird. 

Lelia Richardson Williams has continued 
her artistic tendencies while living in Mor- 
risville, Pa. She is quite an authority on 
Interior Decorating. As for your Class 
President, I'm afraid that she cannot have 
the added glory that has come to many of 
you. I'm still trying hard to be a Georgia 
Cracker, but that is a hard job, when I 
have so many sweet memories of "Vir- 
ginia". (The mildness of the climate has 
done its part to keep my hair red.) 

Unfortunately, we have no children, but 
I keep busy with our home and doing the 
many tasks that fall on the civilian to do. 

With every good wish and hearty con- 
gratulations for each of you, and looking 
forward to seeing you in Virginia March 
9, 1946, may I close with the lines from 
James Whitcomb Riley: 

Memory Lane — "with sunshine spread 
As thick as butter on country bread 
Our care behind, our hearts ahead." 

I am 

Sincerely yours, 
E. Louise Chiles Weisiger 

December, 1945 


Dear Classmates of 1921, 

Do you realize we are about to have our 
twenty-fifth anniversary? I know that 
seems impossible but next year is 1946! It 
is the year for a big reunion and I'm hop- 
ing each of you will start planning im- 
mediately to meet me in Farmville on 
March 9. 

How many times have I thought of you 
during these years! And how I have 
lamented the fact that I was too far away 
to look you up, say "hello", and ask all 
the questions that came to my mind. I 
feel sure you have felt the same way so 
now's our chance. It is our chance too, to 
win that silver cup that Dr. Jarman gives 
each year to the class having the largest 
percentage of attendance at these reunions. 
We are not so great in number and with 
many living near we should have one 
hundred per cent attendance. 

I understand many changes have taken 
place at S.T.C. since we were there. Some 
will sadden us but others should make us 
very proud. Do you remember how hard 
we worked as a class on the very first 
Founders Day? Of course you do — and 
don't you think it would be fun to get 
together — all of us — and see how our 
brain child has progressed? And aren't you 
anxious to start reminiscing about our 
college days together and to talk about 
the many changes and experiences that 
have come into our lives during the busy 
years since 1921? It's a date then — March 
9, 1946. Let's make it a happy reunion 
and the best Founders Day ever. 

With every good wish to each of you, 

Katherine Stallard Washington 

Dear classmates of 1926: 

Can you realize the time for our 20th 
reunion is almost here? Now that the war 
is over, we can turn our thoughts toward 
happy times once more. What better place 
to turn our thoughts and feet toward than 
Farmville and "those two eyes of blue, 
still smilin' thru"? Remember how the 
tears flowed when we sang that song to 
Dr. Jarman? Well, let's all be there next 
March to shed happy tears when he gives 
us, the degree class of 1926, his cup for 
having 100% attendance. Miss Mary Clay 
has sent me a list of the class with the 
latest addresses she can find, so I hope to 
send each of you a personal letter during 
the winter. Kate Trent, Olive Smith Bow- 
man, Ida Hill and Elizabeth Roberts are 
here in Washington and I am sure 
they will help me write to you. They will 
come with me to Farmville in March, I 
hope, and it will be grand to see all of 
you again and hear the news about each 
of you. Miss Mary Clay is waiting to wel- 
come us and she will add a post script to 
my letter. 

Make your plans now to be there and 
help us turn back the years — and I do 
mean all of us. 

With love to each of you and looking 
forward to March 1946 I am, as always 
^our friend through the years, 

Ann Smith Greene 

P. S. I am looking forward with pleasure 
to seeing you in March. Do come, every 
one of you, if it is possible at all. 
With love, 
Mary Clay Hiner 


Alumnae Magazine 

Dear Class of '36: 

Does it seem possible that we have been 
away from Farmville, and "out in the 
world" for ten years? The years have 
passed so swiftly that for each of us this 
realization, I'm sure, comes with a bit of a 
shock. It seems but yesterday, doesn't it, 
that we were bidding each other tearful 
goodbyes, sad at parting and at leaving the 
portals of our second home, yet full of 
eagerness and excitement because we were 
ready to step out on bigger ventures. 

These ten years have been crucial ones 
for the world; perhaps each of us has 
likewise met our own individual crises. I 
trust that for us all, as for the world, 
things are now looking up, and that by 
next Spring there will be a happy ending 
to the whole story. 

Anyway, whatever these ten years have 
unfolded for us, let's get together again 
next Founders' Day at Farmville, and re- 
gale each other with tales of our past! 
What could be more fun than sharing our 
histories, swapping stories of our careers 
or our families, whichever the case may 
be? There are so many of you whom I 
haven't heard a trace of these ten years 
and I'm really eager to hear about that 
husband, those little ones, or that grand 
position you're filling. 

The war has restricted travel a great 
deal, but for the most of us who aren't 
too far away, it should be possible for us 
to meet at Farmville next Spring, and 
have a glorious reunion. Please let's all 
start scheming right now to be there. 
Bring the family album, and all the news 
you can glean from the classmates who 
may not be able to be there in person. ( I 
hope they'll be few.) 

Very best wishes to you all, and I hope 
to see you everyone in March of '46. Till 
then — 


Tac Waters Mapp 


The following special gifts have been most 
gratefully received since the last issue of the 
Alumnae Bulletin: 

1. Money for a silver bowl for Longwood, 
from Kate Perry, Culpeper, Va. 

2. Money for the Morrison Memorial Library, 
from the Class of 1905. 

3. Portrait of Dr. F. A. Millidge, from his 
two sons, Stanley and DuBlois, the frame 
for the portrait from the Alumnae. 

4. Five hundred dollars to establish a Mary 
White Cox Memorial Loan Fund, from an 

5. Six thousand four hundred four dollars and 
eighty-three cents from the will of Mrs. 
Lula Bradshaw Turpin, to establish a stu- 
dent loan fund in memory of her sister, 
Carrie Fowles. 

6. A Chinese Altar Rug to the Senior Parlor 
from Susie Warner Maddux. 

7. Funds to build two walks from the Junior- 
Senior Dormitory to the street, from the 
June Class of 1945. 

8. Five hundred fifty-eight dollars to Student 
Loan Fund, from Marion King Sirianni, 
New York City. 

9. A Book of Biographical Sketches of the 
people whose portraits hang at S. T. C, to 
the Library, from Dr. Francis B. Simkins. 

10. Money to the J. L. Jarman Loan Fund, 
from Mary Elizabeth White. 

11. An 1897 dress to the collection of Miss 
Gleaves' period dresses, from Zillah Mapp 
Winn, Washington, D. C. 

12. Funds to repaint Joan of Arc in the re- 
ception hall, from the August Class of 

13. Books to the Morrison Memorial Library 
from Miss Martha W. Coulling. 

December, 1945 


Station S. T. C. News Broadcast 

By Virginia Treakle 

THIS is station STC broadcasting to 
you from the news room of the Farm- 
ville State Teachers College, located in 
Farmville, Va. The broadcast is designed 
for the purpose of bringing to you, the 
former daughters of Farmville, news and 
views of our campus as recorded during 
the past session, 1944-45. 

On September 18, 1944, some of 316 
freshmen, coming from almost every coun- 
ty in Virginia and from several other states, 
entered the doors of Farmville to begin 
what was to be for many of them a four- 
year college course. Regardless of heavy 
rain, these girls entered our halls of learn- 
ing to pick up and to carry on the torch 
of Farmville spirit, that spirit which each 
Farmville girl cherishes. By the end of the 
first week, new girls and former students, 
then totaling 842, were well on the way to 
one of the most successful years that this 
school has known. 

Shortly after the arrival of the students 
on campus, Alpha Kappa Gamma held 
its quarterly tapping service at which time, 
two seniors and three juniors were recog- 
nized. Martha Higgins, Portsmouth, and 
Sally Robertson, Lynchburg, were the 
senior members tapped, while Frances Lee, 
Richmond, Ann Martin, Suffolk; and Vir- 
ginia Treakle, Farmville, represented the 
junior class. 

Our first formal lyceum was held on 
October 13, at which time the All-Ameri- 
can Ionion Quartette presented a program 
of male voices. Also in the realm of musi- 
cal programs was the concert of songs of 
the Allied Nations presented by Joan Ruth, 
a native of Boston. Wearing costumes 
representative of the different songs and 


countries, Miss Ruth rendered English, 
Chinese, French, and American numbers. 
Appearing on the campus at 8:30 o'clock 
on January 9, the Canadian String Quartet 
presented a concert in three parts. A world 
famous group, this quartet has participated 
in coronation ceremonies for their Ma- 
jesties King George and Queen Elizabeth 
in Westminster Abbey. 

Flash! Flash! Eighteen students repre- 
sented Farmville State Teachers College 
in the eleventh edition of "Who's Who 
Among Students in American Colleges and 
Universities" for the year. Those students 
whose names were listed were Marilyn 
Bell, Richmond; Mary Elizabeth Fuque, 
Cape Charles; Martha Higgins, Ports- 
mouth; Mary Ann Jarratt, Jarratt; Fay 
Byrd Johnson, Vinton; Marilyn Johnson, 
Roanoke; Jane Knapton, Covington; Sara 
Dailey Moling, Winchester; Harriette 
Moore, Gastonia, N. C; Sally Robertson, 
Lynchburg; Jane Waring Ruffin, Charles 
City; Barbara Scott, Franklin; Mary Pres- 
ton Sheffey, Marion; Lucy Manson 
Sharpe, Virginia Beach; Eleanor Wade, 
Charlottesville; Ophelia Whittle, Peters- 
burg; Sara Bird Williams, Woodstock; and 
Helen Wilson, Petersburg. 

Following the Farmville custom the 
"sophiscated" sophmores prepared to pes- 
the "seditious, sciolistic" freshmen for two 
traditional rat days. These big days were 
climaxed by "Big Rat Court" which was 
held in the auditorium on the last night. 
Having undergone the perils of ratting, 
another class was ready to become a vital 
and real part of our college. 

News hot off the wire of the Associated 
(Continued on page 21) 

Alumnae Magazine 

Among; Our Alumnae 

Mrs. Eva Lovelace Tuck 

Farmville is proud to have among her Alum- 
nae Virginia's First Lady, Eva Lovelace Tuck, 
wife of Governor William M. Tuck. After 
leaving Farmville she taught in North Staun- 
ton High School in Halifax County and in 
Portlow, Spotsylvania County. In 1917 she 
married Lester Layne Dillard, and lived at 
Portlow until his death in 1921. Her son, Les- 
ter Layne Dillard Jr. is a graduate of Hamp- 
den-Sydney College, and was studying law at 
Washington and Lee University when the Pearl 
Harbor attack came. He is now a Senior Lt. in 
the Navy and is on the Battleship Missouri. 
In 1928 she married William M. Tuck, and 
they have lived in South Boston, Va., ever 


The Virginia friends of Fannie Bugg (Mrs. 
D. B. Blanton) are happy that she and her 
husband decided to make Farmville their home 
upon his retirement from business. They had 
lived in New York City for many years. Their 
address now is 400 First Ave., Farmville, Va. 

Irene Bullard, a well known physician in 
Charlottesville, Va., writes of her early mem- 
ories of Farmville: "A stout homesick girl was 
blessed by rooming with Virginia Hathaway, 

December, 1945 

who made life endurable. It was she who 
elicited and relayed to me the statement made 
by the president, Dr. Cunningham, that Miss 
Bullard has some sense if she ever learns how 
to use it. Without any visible signs of mentality, 
his assertion of its embryonic presence has 
sustained me for fifty years." 

The Bessie Dunn Miller Clinic for Cancer 
Prevention, the first clinic of its kind in Vir- 
gna and the seventh to be establshed in the 
United States, was opened in February, 1945, 
at the University of Virginia. It is a memorial 
to the late Mrs. Bessie Dunn Miller, who was 
actively interested in public health work and 
in cancer control activities during her long 
service as home demonstration agent for Albe- 
marle County. 

Belle Wicker had a happy and unique end- 
ing to many happy years of teaching and 
study, the last twenty-eight in the Bainbridge, 
Georgia, high school. At the close of her last 
session, she was asked to make the commence- 
ment address. When she ended her talk, she 
was presented with $1,000, the gift of many 
former pupils and friends. Instead of making 
a degree her aim, she studied along the lines 
she felt would enable her to contribute most to 
character development and scholarship of her 
students. She attended summer schools and 
traveled in this country and Europe. When a 
student at S. T. C, then State Female Normal 
School, she participated in examinations given 
at the University of Virginia, instigated by 
Miss Celestia Parrish, to show that women 
students were prepared to carry studies in Uni- 
versities. She was the only student in Virginia 
to try all of the subjects, and made the highest 
marks, receiving the "Distinguished Grade" and 
a gold medal. 

Lucy Rodes Irvine (Mrs. J. M. Irvine), 
Route 4, Staunton, Va., taught fourteen years, 
then married. Her husband died in 1934. Last 
winter she spent with a niece in Alaska. 


Pauline Camper, Associate Professor of Ed- 
ucation at S. T. C. and adviser of the Sigma 
sorority, received the Emily Gates National 
Award for outstanding service to the sorority 
last year. In the history of this sorority only 
nine people have ever received this recognition. 

Estelle CrafTord (Mrs. R. B. Watts) Amblers- 
on-the-James, Williamsburg, Va., "is doing a 
noble part in many constructive activities of 
church, community and state," so writes one of 
her class mates. 


Sallie Goggin (Mrs. Otto Rode) is principal 
of the North Staunton Elementary School near 
Lvnchburg. Her daughter, Sara, is supervisor 
of the Messenger Service Ordinance Division of 
the War Dept. in Washington; and her son 
Lt. David Rode served as pilot on a bomber 
in England and Germany. 


Emily Johnson is working with the U. S. 
Public Health Service in Washington, D. C. 
She has an A.B. degree from George Washing- 
ton University and a M. A. from Teachers 
College, Columbia. 

Annie Warren Jones (Mrs. F. D. Starritt) has 
two sons in the service, one has been overseas 
since October 1942, the other is a flying in- 
structor. Her daughter is almost old enough 
to enter S. T. C. Annie Warren has recently 
studied remedial teacher training under Dr. 
Samuel Orton of New York. She has been a 
substitute teacher in Charleston, W. Va., for 
the past three years. 

Charley Jones (Mrs. Robert H. Beck) volun- 
teered for teaching in the emergency shortage 
in Hollywood, Calif. Her son is a Junior in the 
Engineering College at the University of South- 
ern California. 

Carrie Mason (Mrs. W. J. Norfleet) is ac- 
tive in community work at her home in Beth- 
esda, Maryland. One of her daughters, a grad- 
uate of Cornell University, 1943, completed 
O. T. in University of Pennsylvania, and has 
since been O. T. in Walter Reed Hospital; her 
second daughter is a sophomore at Cornell this 

Edna Miars (Mrs. Leo L. Davis) is respond- 
ing to the critical teacher shortage in the war 
project town of Richland, Washington. 

The Parrott Sisters, Rose and Eleanor, known 
at S. T. C. as "Polly and Little Polly Parrott," 
have kept up the College tradition in their fam- 
ily. Their father was a Professor at V. P. I. 
and Rose is the wife of Dr. E. B. Fred, Presi- 
dent of the University of Wisconsin. Eleanor 
is the wife of Dr. John R. Hutcheson, President 
of V. P. I. 

Margaret Pottage (Mrs. Wooding) taught a 
few years before becoming postmistress at News 
Ferry, Virginia. She has served in this capacity 
for twenty-six years. 

Willie Stebbins (Mrs. Edmond W. Hubard), 
Cumberland, Va., has a son, Second Lieut. Ed- 
mund Hubard, Jr., better known as "Buddy," 
who was decorated with an Oak Leaf Cluster to 
his Air Medal. He is a co-pilot of a B-17 Flving 
Fortress and is a veteran of many huge daylight 
precision bombing assaults on industrial and 
military objectives in Europe. 

Anne Wilkinson (Mrs. J. W. Cox), former 
director of handwriting at S. T. O, is now 
supervisor of handwriting in Newport News, 
Va. She was secretary of The National Asso- 
ciation of Penmanship Teachers and Super- 
visors for two years. At the national meetings 
her comprehensive exhibits have always occu- 
pied a prominent place because of outstanding 
originality,, atractive arrangement and a high 
standard of penmanship. These exhibits have 
been borrowed by directors of handwriting in 
Teachers College. Her contributions at V. E. 
A. meetings have been influential in promoting 
better teaching of handwriting in Virgina. 

Louise Broocks (Mrs. R. M. McGirt) is 
teaching again in Lenoir, N. O, as a result 
of the acute teacher shortage. She has a son 
in junior high school and one in the third 


Frances Butler is studying at Concord Col- 
lege, Athens, W. Virginia. 

Olivia Compton is working with the Disburse- 
ment Division of the Treasury Department in 
Washington, D. C. She atended the graduation 
of her niece at S. T. C. in June. 

A. Merle Davis is now a member of the 
State Department of Education in the capa- 
city of assistant State supervisor of elementary 
education. Her previous professional positions 
have included teacher of high school mathe- 
matics, principal of high school in Pamplin, 
elementary school supervisor in Greensville 
County, and director of instruction in Henrico 
County. She will work now in all divisions of 
the State to improve the level of instruction in 
the first seven grades. 

Carrie Fitzgerald, Buckingham, Va., is teach- 
ing in Amelia High School. 

Mae Kelly, for four years supervisor of ele- 
mentary education in Charlotte County, re- 
signed in 1944. The Community League of 
Madisonville, Va., drew up resolutions to ex- 
press "our deep and grateful appreciation for 
faithful and valuable service to our teachers, 
to our children and youth, and to our com- 
munity." She spent 1944-1945 at George Pea- 
body College for Teachers and received her 
Ph. D. degree. 

Martha Lee (Mrs.. George Doughty) writes 
that her first encouragement to write came 
when "The Focus" published one of her stories 
thirty years ago. She has published a book of 
poems, "Shore Sketches." For four years, she 
has written a weekly column in The Eastern 
Shore News called "Along the Shore." It con- 
tains poems and some prose. She also writes 
editorials and other articles for the same news- 
paper. Her poem "Alma Mater" was published 
in the Founders Day Rotunda. 

Harriet Parrish (Mrs. George Caldwell) has 
served for two years as Director of Citizens 
Service Corps of O. C. D. for Knoxville, Ten- 
nessee, and Knox County, giving four days a 
week volunteer service. Her son, George, Jr., 
is at U. S. Naval Academy at Annapolis; and 
her daughter, Harriet, is with the Army Air 
Force (civilian employee) Pentagon Building, 

Pearl Smith (Mrs. E. B. Felty) is assistant 
clerk to the Local Draft Board No. 1, Lynch- 
burg, Virginia, while her husband is serving in 
the U. S. Navy. 

Willie E. Sutherland is the new Dean of 
Students at Blackstone College for Girls. She 
has obtained a Master's Degree from the Uni- 
versity of Virginia. 

Victoria Vaiden (Mrs. Stanley Worden) 
president of the class of 1920, married Dr. Stan- 
ley Worden, a Johns Hopkins M. D. in May 
1929. They have a son twelve years old, and a 
daughter ten. They live on "The Green," 
Dover, Delaware, facing Delaware's State 

Josephine Wayts (Mrs. John N. Howdershell) 
is principal of Fairfax Elementary School. She 
received an M. A. degree from George Wash- 
ington University. Her article "Citizenship 
Training Through Student Organizations" ap- 
peared in the 22nd Year Book, National Ele- 
mentary Principals, and "Relationship Between 

Alumnae Magazine 

the Elementary Principal and the Supervisor"" 
was published in Dec. 1944 Virginia Journal 
of Education. She has a son in the Navy and a 
daughter in the Red Cross. 

Ola G. White (Mrs. John C. Steck) is serv- 
ing as secretary to Dr. E. G. Gammon, Presi- 
dent of Hampden-Sydney College, while her 
husband, Captain Steck is overseas as a com- 
pany Commander in the 42nd (Rainbow) Divi- 

Celestia Wright (Mrs. F. D. Terry) is teach- 
ing in Lovingston, Va. She has two sons. 

Annie Winslow (Mrs. C. Frank Baxter) has 
lived in Tennessee since 1923. She has one 
daughter who is a Junior at Maryville College, 

Mary Finch is teaching Bible and American 
History in Payne College, Augusta, Ga. Mar- 
garet, who has taught in the Demonstration 
School in Williamsburg, Va., for several years, 
likes her new work in California very much. 


Ruth Bartholomew, librarian and teacher of 
English at Paine College, Augusta, Georgia, 
received her doctor of Philosophy degree from 
Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, 
in June 1945. Her dissertation was entitled 
"Some Services of Milton's Doctrine of Free 

M. Louise Bondurant is teaching in Roanoke 
this session. 

Ruby Branch (Mrs. W. B. Carlton). The 
Richmond Times-Dispatch devoted a feature 
article to the seventy-year-old Antioch School 
in Henrico County and its capable, scientific 
teacher who has just completed eighteen years 
of service in what county and State educators 
rate as "one of the best schools in Virginia." 
While this is a one-room school, it is up-to-date 
in equipment and instruction, and the patrons 
showed their appreciation by a banquet in her 
honor at the close of last session. 

Mary E. Bryant (Mrs. Pack) is teaching the 
first grade in Wytheville, Virginia. She has 
two daughters, ages thirteen and ten. 

Elizabeth Bugg (Mrs. Gordon Hughes), has 
been living in Atlanta, Ga., for some time, but 
last summer the family moved to Dallas, Texas. 
She has two daughters, Martha King and 

Sammy Scott, teaching mathematics in Taze- 
well High School, is the author of an article, 
"I'm Thankful I am a Teacher," which so im- 
pressed the officers of the Virginia Education 
Association that it was printed in pamphlet 
form and sent to each local chapter of V. E. A. 
Sammy has taught in other schools, worked at 
various other occupations in vacations, and last 
summer she began to work toward her M. A. 
degree at Duke University. 

The Rucker sisters are both Lts. in the Army 
Nursing Corps. Frances E. Rucker served in 
North Africa for more than a year. After a six 
months leave in this country she again volun- 
teered for foreign service and has been near 
Manila in the Philippines for about six months. 
Margaret K. Rucker made two trips to Africa 
on a hospital ship. After serving in a camp in 
New Jersey for awhile, she went to Hawaii 
where she has been serving in a general hospi- 

December, 1945 

tal near Honolulu for aDout eighteen months. 
These two girls have four brothers who have 
served in the army overseas in World War II. 
Mary Shelton (Mrs. John Whitehead) of 
Radford, Va., was the official Alumnae visitor 
or. our campus last year for the Tri-Sigma 
sorority. She attended the national convention 
in Chicago and was made the national secretary 
of social service. 

All the friends of Ann Smith Greene (Mrs. 
James F. Greene) will be happy to know that 
her husband will be coming home again soon. 
Major Greene saw service the 3 /6th Bom- 
bardment Group, one of the most decorated 
units of the Army Air Forces. He was awarded 
the bronze star in April, 1945, and he wears the 
ETO ribbon with thirteen battle stars, also the 
victorv medal ribbon for World War I. 

Jov Mae Burch (Mrs. Charles P. M. Sheffey) 
is the wife of a medical missionary who has 
spent his life and talent with the natives of the 
Belgian Congo. In the past year they have 
revisited the United States and reported some 
very wonderful experiences in Africa. 

Lyla Colonna (Mrs. Verne C. Hill) taught 
a few years in Hampton, then married Lt. Col. 
Hill, and has two daughters, Ann Louise and 
Elaine Randolph. At present, they are stationed 
in Oklahoma City after living in Hawaii, Guam, 
the Panama Canal Zone, Shanghai, Hongkong, 
and the Philippines. Lila and the children were 
evacuated from the Philippines in 1941 be- 
cause of the Jap menace, and her husband fol- 
lowed among the last fifty officers to leave 
Manila before Pearl Harbor. 

Mattie Lula Cooper, Birmingham, Ala., 
joined the staff of the editorial division, Gen- 
eral Board of Education of the Methodist 
Church, as assistant editor of children's publica- 
tions. After undergraduate work in elementary 
education at Farmville and at Jacksonville, 
Ala., State Teachers College, she received the 
M. A. degree from Scarritt College, Nashville, 

Elizabeth Crute (Mrs. Joe Goode) is assistant 
principal of Jefferson School in Alexandria, Va. 
Hannah M. Early of New Hope, Va., is serv- 
ing with the American Red Cross in England as 
staff assistant. 

Mary Elizabeth Glidewell (Mrs. William De- 
Long, Jr.) is teaching in the Waynesboro High 
School while her husband is serving as meteor- 
ologist with the Fourth Air Force in San 
Francisco, Calif. 

Genevieve (Billy) Holladay returned to 
Hawaii after spending several weeks in Farm- 
ville last summer. Natalie accompanied her, 
and will teach there next session. 

Elizabeth B. Levick (Mrs. Royall Beckham), 
after living in Farmville for several years, and 
teaching in the Training School, has moved 
with her two daughters, Betty and Evelyn, to 
be with Mr. Beckham in Hopewell. 

Helen McHenry (Mrs. B. N. McComb) is 
very active in many church and civic activities, 
in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She is serving now 
as president of the Woman's Auxiliary of the 
First Presbyterian Church there, an organiza- 
tion with a membership of 750 women. An- 
other officer in this Auxiliary is Virginia 
Daughtrey Conners. Helen is a member of the 


Staff Assistant Corps, Red Cross, the U. S. O., 
and many other civic clubs. 

Jane Royall (Mrs. Mosby Phlegar) is still 
going from port to port in good navy style with 
her husband, Lt. Phlegar, U.S.N.R. She was in 
California last spring. 

Polly Riddle (Mrs. J. W. demons) is running 
true to form doing all kinds of community work 
in Leesburg, Virginia. She is president of the 
P. T. A., head of the Red Cross canteen, and 
an officer in the church auxiliary. 

Bessie Meade Riddle (Mrs. Lacy Tynes) is 
still in Washington with her children while her 
husband Major Tynes, Medical Corps, is in 

Lt. Ellen Smith, ANC, spent a thirty-day 
leave with her parents in Farmville last fall, 
having just returned from eleven months serv- 
ice in Europe. She was one of the two physio- 
therapists of the 174th General Hospital Unit. 
She did special work in Scotland first, then after 
six weeks period of field training and observa- 
tion in Normandy the 174th set in operation 
its huge tent hospital at La Have de Puits, 
thirty miles from Cherbourg. Her unit was sent 
last April to Marsellaise where special training 
in Pacific problems, procedures and tropical 
diseases were conducted. Their orders were to 
go direct to the Far East, but after V-J Day, 
they were changed and Lt. Smith had an oppor- 
tunity to visit sections of beautiful Southern 
France and the Riveria. 

Polly Smith (Mrs. Robert Johnson) is do- 
ing a fine work as Chairman of Supplies in the 
Red Cross at Columbus, Ohio. 

Lola A. Taylor is supervisor of elementary- 
education in Shenandoah County Schools and 
lives at Woodstock, Virginia. 

Sara Hyde Thomas (Mrs. J. V. Douglas) is 
administrative dean in Sayre School for Girls, 
Lexington, Ky., while her husband is serving 
in the U. S. Air Forces. 

Susie Watson (Mrs. Clyde St. Amont) is 
very active in all worthwhile women's activities 
in Gonzales, La. Her main interest, however, 
is making a home for a husband and three 
children, two sons, Penrose, 10 and Eric West, 
5 and a daughter, Martha Sue, 8. Susie visited 
S. T. C. when she was in Virginia six years ago. 

Martina Willis is teaching in Wiscasset, 
Maine, but she never forgets to send Dr. Jar- 
man a red rose on Founders Day. She is great- 
ly missed in Farmville where she contributed 
much to the civic and business life of the town. 

Mary Alice Young (Mrs. Ralph L. Parter) 
was a field worker for the Virginia Tuberculosis 
Association in Tidewater, Virginia. She is now 
teaching in Newsoms High School. 


Peggy Ann Allen is now an Ensign in the 
Navy Nursing corps. She is stationed at the 
U. S. Naval Hospital in Portsmouth, Va. 

Jean Barbara Altiere, whose home is in Rye, 
N. Y., was serving as staff assistant with the 
Red Cross in France last summer. 

Elizabeth Barrett (Mrs. Joe Sturdivant), au- 
thor of a book "Stars and Tears on the Sea," 
is living in Roanoke. Her husband, Sgt. Joe 
Sturdivant, was killed in action over England 
in Sept. 1944. 


Eleanor Boothe, Wakefield, was one of the 
six girls on the Fall, 1944, dean's list of the 
School of Pharmacy of the Medical College of 

Lt. Sara Buchanan was with the 56th Gen- 
eral Hospital in Liege, Belgium, early in 1944. 
She had a nice visit with her brother just after 
he had been in the battle of the bulge. She 
was stationed in England in the spring. 

Mary Frances Bowles (Mrs. Richard Van 
Norton) is employed by the Institute of Living 
in Hartford, Connecticut. For four months she 
was a psychiatric aide and worked with insulin 
and electric shock patients. She is now labora- 
tory technician in charge of X-ray department. 
She was married last summer. 

Geneva Blackwell is bookkeeper for The 
Buckingham Farmers' Cooperative Inc., in ad- 
dition to teaching shorthand, typing and Eng- 
lish in the Buckingham Central High School. 

Mary St. Claire Bugg of Farmville, taught 
last year in Suffolk High School. She was the 
Alumnae visitor for the Alpha Sigma Alpha 
sorority, on our campus. 

Elizabeth Jones Clark has been made super- 
visor of audio-visual education in the city of 

Katherine Coleman (Mrs. Clifford V. Allen) 
is supervisor of typing in the Historic Section, 
Army War College in Washington, D. C. 

Frances Ellen Copenhaver (Mrs. James V. 
DeFoe) Farmville, was for two years head 
of the Baptist Student Center in the Cactus 
Inn on High Street. 

Bernice L. Copley of Kenbridge, Va., was 
employed by the Quartermaster Laundry Office, 
Camp Pickett, Va., when she joined the staff 
assistant's corps of the American Red Cross. 
She is serving the armed forces in this capacity 
in Italy. 

Lelia Montague Dowell (Mrs. John George 
Ringler) before her marriage to Dr. Ringler 
was in training as medical technician in Doc- 
tors' Hospital, Washington. 

Lucy Davis is taking art courses at night 
while she is teaching in Ginter Park School. 
She spent last Christmas in New Orleans. Sue 
Davis, her little sister, entered S. T. C. last fall. 

Carol Diggs is doing mathematical work in 
the Navy Department in Washington. 

Nancy Dupuy is on the program staff of the 
Y. W. C. A. in Pasadena, California. She has 
visited Mexico, and is still taking an active in- 
terest in all sports — the Ski Camp, Rose Bowl 
games, etc. 

Alice Elder is teaching grades three and four 
in the high school at Riner, Virginia. 

Beulah Ettenger (Mrs. Howard C. Cobbs) 
and son are making their home in Richmond 
while her husband is serving as Chaplain in 
the Navy. 

Eleanor A. Faison is medical secretary for 
Dr. Copley in Charlottesville. 

Pat Gibson of New York City gave up teach- 
ing and joined the American Red Cross. She 
was stationed at the 321st General Hospital, 
Camp Miles Standish, Mass. 

Roberta Grigg (Mrs. Matthew C. Harrison) 
and her small son are living at West Point, 
New York, while her husband, Major M. C. 

Alumnae Magazine 

Harrison is instructor in history at the U. S. 
Military Academy. 

Betty Hardy (Mrs. Charles Murdoch) and 
her young daughter, Margaret Elizabeth, left 
New York last February to join her husband in 
England. They now live in Chestham Park, 
Henfield, Sussex, England. 

Roberta Haskins (Mrs. Hunter Cunningham) 
is teaching at Warfield, Virginia. Her sister, 
Sadie, now Mrs. Hawley Hawthorne, has two 
sons, Hawley, Jr., and Robert Edward. They 
live in Alberta, Virginia. 

Mary Fidele Haymes is one of twenty chem- 
ists at the Richmond Spruance Rayon Plant of 
duPont de Nemours and Company. Her partic- 
alar work is to calculate the per cent of re- 
gained moisture of the threads of rayon, also 
to analyze materials to be used in the rayon 
products, and to check the product in each 
stage of its production. Perfection is essential 
for the safety of the men using the fabric in 
its various forms. 

Virginia Hooke, McDowell, Va., has arrived 
in Hawaii to serve the armed forces as an Amer- 
ican Red Cross Hospital Recreation Worker. 
Until her Red Cross appointment she taught 
in Highland County, Virginia. 

Lt. Thelma Houpe, WAC, Army Air Corps, 
stationed at Tyndall Field, Panama City, Fla., 
was married to Major Arthur James Foster, of 
Statesville, N. C, last summer. Before entering 
the service in 1942 she taught in Waverly 
High School. 

Kitty Hoyle is now visiting teacher for the 
city of Petersburg. Evidently Kitty did a fine 
job in Newport News. 

Mary Stafford Hubard (Mrs. Ralph L. 
Payne) "Chellowe", Buckingham County, be- 
fore her marriage to Lt. Payne on June 16, was 
a classification analyst with the War Depart- 
ment, Washington, D. C. 

Anna Browne Jones (Mrs. William Crisp 
Abel) Macon, Ga., formerly of Farmville, con- 
tinued her studies at Draughton's School of 
Commerce, Atlanta, Ga. Previous to her mar- 
riage she was secretary to a prominent Atlanta 

Florence Whiting Lee (Mrs. Carl V. Putnam) 
was serving as junior mathematician on the Na- 
tional Advisory Committee of Aeronautics at 
Langley Field, Virginia, when she resigned to 
marry Lt. Putnam of the Army Engineers. 

First Lieutenant Elizabeth Irving Mcintosh, 
ANC (Mrs. Edward Lee Smith) had a truly 
military wedding on July 14 at the U. S. Army- 
chapel in Nancy, France. All the bridesmaids 
were lieutenants, and Captain Smith's best man 
was Col. E. H. S. Schoolinger. Following the 
ceremony, the couple left for a wedding trip 
to the French Riviera. 

Edythe J. Martin (Mrs. Marshall Hunter, 
Oakville, Va. ) spends a large part of her time 
traveling, as her husband is connected with 
the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad. However, 
she is still interested in teaching and often 
visits schools in her travels. 

Anna Maxey (Mrs. R. H. Boelt) has been 
teaching at her home in Powhatan, Virginia, 
while her husband, Lt. Boelt, served with the 
15th Air Force in Italy. 

December, 1945 

Catherine Maynard (Mrs. Frank M. Pierce, 
Jr.) is living on Capital Landing Road, Wil- 
liamsburg, Va., and is teaching at Camp Peary, 
Va. She writes that it is fine teaching under 
the supervision of the Navy. 

Marjorie Nimmo (Mrs. Frank Kiser) taught 
physical education in Woodrow Wilson High 
School, Portsmouth, last year while her hus- 
band was still overseas. 

Eugenia Ramsey is shown in a spring copy of 
the Richmond Times-Dispatch administering 
the Stanford Achievement Test to a 6-H grade 
in Nathaniel Bacon School. Both teacher and 
pupils seem to enjoy the test, which is presented 
as a challenge. 

Dorothy Reynolds, in March was a member 
of the winning debating team of the American 
Institute of Banking which opposed a Winston- 
Salem, N. C, debating group. In February her 
unit had won a debate with representatives of 
Philadelphia bankers. The subject each time 
was compulsory military training for youths of 
17 to 21. Before going to Richmond, where she 
is employed at the Federal Reserve Bank, she 
taught in Pamplin. 

Henrietta Salsbury (Mrs. H. W. Farber) was 
married in August 1939 to Dr. Farber, who 
was then practicing medicine in Richmond. 
Now he is a Major with the 227th Station 
Hospital in the Philippines. He had not seen 
his year old son. 

Lieutenant (j.g.) Jane Cabell Sanford, 
WAVES, who was stationed at San Francisco 
for fifteen months, has been transferred to 
Washington, D.C. 

Virginia Kent Sedgley, is a specialist, second 
class in the enlisted class of the WAVES. She 
is a gunnery instructor at the U. S. Naval Re- 
pair Base, New Orleans. She likes this teaching 
job so well that she refused the opportunity 
to attend an officers training school. 

Lucy K. Shields, B.S. of S. T. C. and a M.A. 
of the University of Virginia, was one of ten 
"distinguished guests" listed on the official pro- 
gram for the American Memorial Day services 
held at Varois, France, in 1945. She was the 
official representative of the American Red Cross 
and the only woman so honored. Entering the 
Red Cross service after work with the Char- 
lottesville motor corps, she went directly over- 
seas, and was stationed in Africa, Corsica, Sar- 
dinia, France, Sicily, Germany and Austria. Her 
work for two years was with the 42nd Bomber 
Wing of the AAF, and she has been awarded 
the Air Corps Certificate of Merit. 

Virginia Carol Simmons (Mrs. George War- 
ren) for more than a year was with Air Trans- 
port Command headquarters. West Palm Beach 

Pattie Venable Smith (Mrs. Donald Kaylor) 
after her marriage in London, engaged in 
foreign duty with the American Red Cross 
while Capt Kaylor was in the U. S. Army. They 
are both out of the service and living in In- 

Shirley Ann Stephens (Mrs. Edward Clau- 
sen) was a recreational hospital worker with 
the Red Cross in England when she married 
Major Clausen of the Army Medical Corps, in 
London, June 1944. 


Caralie Nelson, Olivia Stephenson, Frances 
Hudgins and Marian Lee Harden studied at the 
Baptist Training School, Louisville, Kentucky, 
last year. They celebrated our Founder's Day 
by dining together at the "French Village" in 
Louisville. Each one received the Master of 
Religious Education degree in May and each 
one is working in one of our Virginia Colleges 
this year. Caralie is Director of Religious Edu- 
cation at Westhampton College and Olivia is 
serving her Alma Mater as Baptist Student 
Secretary. In the same capacity, Frances is at 
Mary Washington College and Marion is at 
Radford. Marion married Lt. George Park, a 
Navy Chaplain, in September but she will con- 
tinue her work at Radford until he is out of 

Imogene Wright and Frances Wolfe, Rich- 
mond, members of the Volunteer Service Motor 
Corps were awarded certificates of commenda- 
tion by the commander of the Richmond Army 
Air Base. All types of vehicles were driven by 
them in their voluntary assistance to the Base. 

Mrs. Theresa Wallace, Chase City, and Mary- 
Paul Wallace, Lynchburg, were first and second 
honor graduates of the class receiving degrees 
in August, 1945. 

Mary Anne Jarratt was elected permanent 
Alumnae secretary for the Class of 1945 and 
the following news was sent in on time. (Con- 
gratulations, Mary Anne!) First, the weddings. 
Mary Aline Boss was wed to Ensign William 
R. Wimbrow in Los Angeles, Cal., in July. Elsie 
Thompson and Robert Burger were maried in 
Clarksville in September. Virginia Terrell is 
engaged to Richard Barton. Those teaching are: 
Nancy Harrell and Mary William Calvert in 
Handley High School, Winchester, Virginia; 
Virginia Parson and Spottswood Honeycutt in 
Smithfield ; Martha Higgins in Portsmouth ; 
Hackie Moore and Marilyn Bell in Suffolk; 
Sarah Lee East, Nancy Dickerson and Jean 
Akers in Martinsville; Beatrice Jones and 
Mary Sterrett in Front Royal; Eleanor Wade 
in James Monroe High School, Fredericksburg; 
Elizabeth McLean, Pie Chick and Nancy Wil- 
kinson in Kenbridge ; Virginia Frances Wentzel 
Gayle and Sally Robertson in Richmond ; Lucy 
Manson Sharpe in Virginia Beach; Virginia 
Prince in Waverly; Martha Watson in Big 
Island; Betsy Caldwell, Helen Wilson, Jean 
Prosise, Mary Franklin Woodward, Virginia 
Lee Abernathy, Helen McGuire, Lucille Win- 
ston and Mary Anne Jarratt in Hopewell. Now 
for the "Working" girls; Pat Maddox and Mary 
Lib Harvey at DuPont in Richmond; Dodie 
Jones at Thalhimers in Richmond; Ophelia 
Whittle in the Recreation Office at Camp Lee; 
Mary Walker Watts at Piney River Chemical 
Plant ; Bobby Scott in the Welfare Department 
of Southhampton Count; Jo Shaffner for the 
Red Cross in Newport News; Sarah Moling in 
Winchester; Mary Watkins for Johns-Manville 
in Jarratt ; Poguey Massie for Eastern Airlines 
in Washington, D. O; Carol Diggs in Wash- 
ington, D. C; Olive Bradshaw is studying at 
the University of Chicago and Joyce Cheat- 
wood is teaching horseback riding at Randolph 
Macon's Woman's College. 

Three New Portraits 

(Continued from page 4) 
Dear Farmville Alumnae: 

My thoughts will be turning all this 
week with special longing toward Farm- 
ville and Founders Day. More than any- 
thing else I can imagine, I should love to 
be there! 

The College meant more to me than it 
is possible to measure. And the fact that 
some of the Alumnae want me among 
those whose faces look down upon them 
in friendly and grateful remembrance 
reaches the deepest place in my heart. 
It was a joy to serve the College to the 
best of my ability, and the dearest friends 
I have ever had came from the faculty 
and students. They constitute my only 
riches and they are fortune enough for 
any one! How I wish I could be there to 
put into personal words — or to try — my 
grateful appreciation for the honor they 
have given me. 

The best of everything to the College, 
its president, its faculty, its students, and 
its wonderful Alumnae! 

Faithfully yours, 
Lula O. Andrews. 

Dear Friends: 

When I think of trying to thank you 
for what you have done for me, by pre- 
senting a portrait of me to S.T.C., for 
the picture gallery in the library, the pret- 
tiest part of our College, I am overcome 
by emotion too deep for utterance. 

The honor that you have conferred 
upon me is the greatest that I have ever 
received in my life. This action on your 
part, as long as I live, will always speak 
to me of the love of my friends. 

To each one of you, all that I can say 
is I thank you, I thank you. 

Sincerely your friend, 

Minnie V. Rice 


Alumnae Maoazine 

S.T.C. News Broadcasts 

(Continued from page 14) 

Press — Alpha Kappa Gamma raised the 
"Big Top" over the annual circus which 
was held on campus November 4. The 
program was planned around the theme of 
a Manhattan Merry-go-round of fun. Be- 
ginning with a parade at 3:30 in the after- 
noon, the affair was brought to a final 
climax in the gym on Saturday night, at 
which time, Helen McGuire, Grundy, 
reigned over the circus, attended by Peep- 
sie Brooks, Farmville; Margaret Lohr, 
Brightwood; and Jacqueline Parden, Ports- 
mouth. The majestic seniors captured first 
place in the stunts, and the sophomores 
came in second, thus making a circus tri- 
umph for green and white. 

Under the direction of Miss Leola 
Wheeler, the Dramatic Club presented on 
November 1 7, Allan Kenward's saga, "Cry 
Havoc." A realistic play based on actual 
facts and set in Bataan in 1942, "Cry 
Havoc" is the story of the work of a 
group of volunteer workers on an army 
base during the most difficult period of 
Japanese raiding. 

Also around the middle of November, 
Betty Deuel Cock, Hampton, and Ann 
Masloff, Danville, tied for top honors in 
the annual short story contest sponsored 
by the Colonnade. 

That night of night which is anticipated 
by each senior class became a reality for 
the seniors of '45 on December 9, at which 
time, Bubbles Becker and his orchestra set 
the dance tempo. Shirley Pierce, honorary 
class member, and Eleanor Wade, presi- 
dent of the class, led the figure. 

Sponsored on this campus by the Col- 
lege Choir and Choral Club, Jean Love, 
Australian soprano, and James Mont- 
gomery, New York lyric tenor, appeared 
in the annual Christmas concert on Decem- 
ber 17. Also appearing in the concert were 

the various music groups on campus under 
the direction of Mr. Alfred H. Strick. 

The world known author, lecturer, and 
traveller, Dr. Sherwood Eddy came to the 
campus for two days in January, sponsored 
by the Young Woman's Christian Associa- 
tion. Not only did Dr. Eddy speak to the 
student body in chapel, but he also led 
informal discussions on the problems of 
the world as they confront the college 
student. The author of thirty volumes on 
international, economic, social, and reli- 
gious questions, he was well qualified to 
lead us in intelligent, world-wide discus- 

Flash! Flash! Flash! Robert Frost the 
internationally famous lyric poet, came 
to the campus on January 22, under the 
auspices of Beorc Eh Thorn, English 
honor society. We heard the English teach- 
ers discussing his visit delightedly, and we 
heard the eager note of expectancy in the 
voices of the students who were looking 
forward to his coming. Then Monday 
, night came, and we heard Mr. Frost read 
to us some of his own charming poems 
and talked to us in his own friendly way. 
He again spoke very informally at the 
reception following his lecture, They, the 
People, sat in a semi-circle on the floor 
about his feet . . . and We, the Radio 
Reporters, sat among them . . . our ears 
strained and our minds feverishly taking 
mental notes, vainly hoping we could 
catch everything he said in order to give it 
to You, the Public. 

Back we went to the hum-drum college 
life, but not for long. On January 24, 
AKG again surprised us by having its 
quarterly tapping service. This time, Nancy 
Harrell, senior from Emporia; Shirley Cru- 
ser, junior from Norfolk ; and Dora Walker 
Jones, senior from Radford; Patricia Mad- 
dox, senior from Roanoke; Eleanor Bisese, 
junior from Norfolk, were recognized and 
tapped as future members of the Joan 
Circle. (Continued on page 27) 

December, 1945 


Our Granddaughters' Club 

First Row 

Ahernathy, Hilda; Ammore.tte Daniel 
Abernathy, Virginia Lee; Ammorette Daniel 
Addleman, Lucie Meade; Lola Foster 
Addleman, Maria; Lola Foster 
Alphin, Carolyn; Laura Johnson 
Anderson, Estaline; Estelle Vaughan 

Second Row 

Anderson, Grace; Jessie Adams 

Anderson, Martha Ella: Alma Virginia Abernathy 

Anderson, Virginia; Roberta L. Walker 

Apperson, Helen; Louise Pruden 

Babb, Jean; Agnes Thelma Parker 

Bailey, Josephine; Marion Moore 

Third Row 
Bailey, Mildred Ellen; Marion Moore 
Bear, Margaret; Margaret Porter White 
Bell, Lucille; Bettie Carter 
Bell, Rosa Lee; Bettie Carter 
Blair, Dorothy; Ellen C. Easley 
Bondurant, Betty; Mollie Moore 

Fourth Row 

Bousman, Dorothy; Elizabeth Gowen 
Bowling, Lucy; Sara Hatcher Johns 
Bridgforth, Kitty Sue; Kathenne Allen . 
Brooks, Ruth; Ruby Overton 
Brooks, Louise; Ruby Overton 
Butler, Virginia; Katherine Hatcher 

Fifth Row 
Carter, Elizabeth Lee; Alice Mae Carson 
Castle, Sue; Abbie Mae CondufT 
Daniel, Jean; Helen Blanche Colley 
Davis, Juanita; Lucy Pearson 
Davis, Roberta; Alice Healy 
Dickinson, Susan; Susan Emily Ford 

Not Pictured: 
Bond, Mary Jane; Kate Cox 
Dale, Patsy jane; Jennie Bailey 
Dale, Virginia; Jennie Bailey 
Davidson, Lucille; Mildred Jones 
Davis, Audrey Lee; Kathleen Harvey 
Davis, Sue Duval; Sue Duval Adams 

First Row 
Dillard, Betsy; Mildred Booker 
Doggett, Eula Belle; Brenda Griffin 
East, Martha Russell; Louis Drummcller 
Edmunds, Vivian; Maria Edmunds 
Edwards, Elizabeth; Clemmie Solets 

Second Row 
Gillespie, Betty; Sallie May Gray 
Godwin, Florence; Lell M. Cox 
Goodwyn Josephine; Mattie Harrison 
Gordon, Mrs. Frances B.; Frances Cauthorn 
Grizzaid, Charlotte; Marjorie Lena Mathews 
Grizzard, Evelyn; Marjorie Lena Mathews 

Third Row 

Gunn, Marian; Irene Harris Inge 

I I. ml-. in-. Catherine; Helen Jarman 

Harrison, Ethel; Ethel Squire 

Hayslett, Carolyn; Edna Rader 

Headlee, Anna Stuart; Kathleen Crute 

Hite, Martha; Cornelia Powell 

"Now Mrs. J. Merritt Lear. She and her husband were honorary 

Fourth Row 
Hoge, Mary Ellen; Frances Jones 
Huddle, Carolyn; Lille Cook 
Jarratt, Mary Anne; Elsie Davis 
Jennings, Mary Frances; Fannie L. Christian 
Johnson, Marilyn; Kathleen Nance 
Jones, Elizabeth Ann; Maria Shugart 

Fifth Row 
Jones, Martha Ellen; Harriett Gilliam 
Kearsley, Kathenne; Katherine Krebs 
Kirkland, Edith; Sue Lambert 
Lear, Robin**; Rachel Robinson 
Leslie, Vivian; Inez Canada 
Lewis, Betty; Martha Cole 

Not Pictured: 
Hanes, Eloise; Annie T. File 
Hubard, Fredrika; Billie Stebbins 
Kellam, Barbara; Langhornc Lewis 

members of Alumnae Association. 

First Row 
Lotts, Marion; Margaret Claire Fullerton 
Love, Virginia; Sarah Love 
McGuire, Helen; Marjorie Mae Combs 
Mclntyre, Margaret: Margaret Boatwright 
McKenry, Lucie; Ellen B. S ott 
Maddux. Katherine; Katherine Anderson 

Second Row 
Morris, Mary Ann; Naomi Duncan 
Nichols, Bernice; Ethel Grey Crews 
Norfleet, Rebecca; Lillian Reynolds 
Overbey, Cabell; Henson Walker 
Palmer, Bctly Anne; Carrie Ramsey 
Parson, Virginia; Virginia Fraher 

Third Row 
Patterson, Glenn Ann; Perry Wilkinson 
Pullen, Virginia T.; Virginia Andrews 
Rainey, Katherine; Louise Morris 
Rattray, Mary; Jeannette Frances Edwards 
Rives, Louise; Olive Ferguson 
Saunders, Helena Patterson; Frances Coyner 

Fourth Row 

ShafTner, Josephine; Ada Smith 
Shriver, Grace; Grace Bonney 
Stokes, Agnes; Sally T. Jackson 
Stringfield, Martha; Lydia Edwards 
Tucker, Gene; Margaret Alexander 
Upshur, Lucile; Lucile Snow 

Fifth Row 

Upshur, Martha Anne: Lucile Snow 
Vaughan, Marjorie; Katherine P. Harrell 
Watkins, Martha Elise; Lillian Mae Tinsley 
Watkins, Mary Ella; Emma Webb 
Weaver, Mabel; Ida Walton 
Webb. Nannie; Lila B. Simmons 

Not Pictured: 

Overton, Dorothy; Alice Mottlcy 

Page, Jane; Helen Rogerson 

Stephenson, Virginia, Mamie Woodson 

Wilkinson, Mrs. Margaret Walton; Gladys Jane Blankenship 

First Row 
West, Charlotte; Mary M. Gwaltney 
Whittle, Ophelia; Ruth Purcival 
Winston, Lucille; Marie Woody 
Woodward, Betty; Edith Minor 

Second Row 
Woodward, Mary Franklin; Edith Minor 
Bennett, Dorothy; Lillian Keen 
Cook, Page; Maude Moseley 
Young, Constance; Constance Whitlock 

Not Pictured: Yonce, Virginia; Josie Guy 

Scholarship and Other Chapter Activities 

[Continued from page 8) 

1909 they have had a student loan fund. 
Under the leadership of Agnes Murphy, a 
beautiful dinner was held at the Virginian 
Hotel. Dean Martha Smith and Dr. Jar- 
man were the main speakers for this occa- 

The Norfolk Chapter, with Lillian Wa- 
hab as president, is still going strong. They 
have monthly luncheons at Ames and 
Brownley's Tea Room. In May, Dean Mar- 
tha Smith, Virginia Wall and Ruth H. 
Coyner were guests at their luncheon. At 
Christmas they entertained the present 
S. T. C. Norfolk Students at tea. 

In addition to their two regular meet- 
ings last year, the Washington Chapter 
had an informal tea for Misses Grace E. 
Mix and Mary Clay Hiner last June in 
the home of Anne Smith Green in Chevy 
Chase. Under the able leadership of Kate 
Trent, this Chapter is doing a splendid 

The Hampton Chapter, since withdraw- 
ing from the Peninsula Association in 1943 
has had seven meetings, five business and 
two socials, namely, a tea in the home of 
Julia Brittingham Monroe in May and a 
luncheon at the Hampton Woman's Club 

December, 1945 


Freshman Granddaughters 1945-1946 

First Row (Left to right) 
Orgain, Ann; Alice Clark, *MoIly Bridgforth 
Hanks, Virginia; Mary C. Martin 
Purccll, Harriet; Ruth Rimer Hatch 
Bagley, Phyllis; Eva Rutrough 
Barnes, Mary; Mattie Blanch 
Davis, Thelma; Ethel Taylor 
Thomas, Rachel; Adele Webster 

Second Row (Left to right) 
Davis, Mary; Alice Haely 
Blair, Patsy; Ellen Easley 
Rush, Lizzie; Fern Reaves 
Lawless, Mary; Mury Parrish 
Lilly, Martha; Alma Shield 
Walker, Frances; Anne Elizabeth Garnett 
Coleman, Iris; Kate Elizabeth Glenn 
Barksdale, Anne; Nancy Womack 
* Grand mother's Name 

Third Row (Left to right) 
Paiham, Mary; Miriam Reaves 
Williams, Frances Anne; Verrah B. Collie 
Stephenson, Peggy; Mary Harrell 
Whittle, Margaret; Ruth Percival 
East, Anne: Louis Drummeller 
Drewer, Elizabeth; Georgia Mae Seward 
McBride, Helen; Helen Hayes Read 

Not Pictured: 
Cake, Jean; Lelia Haden 
Hawks, Shirley; Fannie Lashley 
Patterson, Evelyn; Perry Wilkinson 
Peake, Marian; Maude Martin 
Pullen, Ann; Virginia Andrews 

in October. A number of Hampton High 
School girls were guests at both socials. 

The Peninsula Chapter now has three 
divisions, Newport News headed by Annie 
Mae Marshal Edwards, Warwick County 
by Helen Shawen Hardaway and Hilton 
Village by Susie Floyd. The Warwick 
County division entertained for the senior 

girls at Morrison High School last spring. 
The whole chapter had a tea in the home 
of Dora Lee Peebles in May. They planned 
a picnic at Chubby Gray's farm in June. 
Eunice Bassett Leyland is treasurer of their 
loan fund. 

The Gloucester Chapter, under the lea- 
(Continued on page 33) 


Alumnae Magazine 

S.T.C. News Broadcast 

(Continued from page 21) 

Sponsored on the campus by Pi Gamma 
Mu, the annual Mardi Gras ball was held 
on February 10, with Virginia Terrell, 
Front Royal, reigning over the festival. The 
queen was attended by Jane Philhower, 
Williamsburg; Elise Hume, Bluefield, W. 
Va.; Luz Quinones, Hato Rey, Puerto 
Rico; Peggy T. Ross, Onley; Lynn Sprye, 
Lynchburg; Virginia Travis, Lynchburg; 
Mary Walker Watts, Amherst; and Mary 
Watkins, Emporia. 

One week during each college year, the 
Y. W. C. A. sponsors what is known as 
Religious Emphasis Week, during which 
time special programs are held in Chapel 
and special discussions are held daily or 
nightly for those students who like to at- 
tend. Dr. Churchhill Gibson of Richmond 
was the guest speaker for the 1944-45 
Religious Emphasis Week. 

Presented as third in the Artist Series 
for the year, Janet Bush, contralto, and 
Gertrude Hopkins, harpist, appeared on 
the campus on Friday night, February 16. 
Entertainment on the "lighter" side was 
also furnished during that week when the 
sophomore class gave its annual class pro- 
duction which was this year directed by 
Nancy Whitehead, Kecoughtan. 

A combination of the Red Cross and 
World Student Service Fund drives, the 
War Chest drive was opened on the cam- 
pus in February. This drive, which was 
headed by Shirley Cruser, terminated on 
Wednesday, February 21, the day which 
was set aside by the administration, faculty, 
and students as a day of emphasis on the 
war and on the peace that was to follow. 
Major Noel T. Adams, post chaplain for 
Camp Pickett, was the main speaker for 
the day. 

The end of February rolled around, and 
with that came the appointment of publi- 

cation heads and two weeks later, the 
election of major officers. Lillian Elliott, 
Farmville; Nancy Whitehead, Kecough- 
tan; and Virginia Treakle, Farmville; 
were appointed editors-in-chief of the three 
college publications, the Virginian, the 
Colonnade, and the Rotunda, succeeding 
Marilyn Bell, Richmond; Jane Knapton, 
Covington, and Jane Waring Ruffin, 
Charles City County. 

Jacqueline Parden, Portsmouth, was 
elected president to the student body to 
succeed Harriette Moore, Gastonia, N. C; 
Minnie Lee Crumpler, Suffolk, was elected 
president of the Y. W. C. A. to succeed 
Sara Bird Williams, Woodstock; Freddie 
Ann Butt, Portsmouth, was elected presi- 
dent of the House Council to succeed 
Martha Higgins, Portsmouth; and Frances 
Lee, Richmond, was elected president of 
the Athletic Association to succeed Helen 
Wilson, Petersburg. 

On Saturday, March 10, the Founders 
Day program was held at the college, at 
which time, Dr. Fannie Wyche Dunn, a 
former member of the local department of 
education and now professor emeritus at 
Columbia University, was the guest speak- 
er. As a climax to the day, the Dramatic 
Club presented Shakespeare's "Midsum- 
mer Night's Dream," a comedy in three 

The freshmen came to the spotlight on 
April 4 to present one of the best class 
productions in recent years. Mary Rattray, 
Long Island, New York, served as chair- 
man of the production. 

The election of class officers occurred 
around the end of March when Eleanor 
Bisese, Norfolk; Margaret Ellett, Jennings 
Ordinary; and Peepsie Brooks, Farmville, 
were elected presidents respectively of the 
incoming senior, junior, and sophomore 

Of special interest to the students was 
the return of Dr. T. Tertius Noble, choir 

December, 1945 


master emeritus of St. Thomas Episcopal 
Church, New York, to our town and to 
our campus. Dr. Noble conducted the 
choral groups in the traditional spring con- 
cert sponsored by the music groups of the 
college. Gertrude Gibson, lyric soprano, 
and Lloyd Linder, tenor, appeared as solo- 
ists for the program. 

Receiving high honors for the senior 
class were Sara Dailey Moling, Winchester, 
who was named as first honor graduate, 
and Mary Preston Sheffey, Marion, who 
was named second honor graduate. 

Representing the spirit of New Russia 
Betsy Caldwell, Sweet Briar, reigned as 
queen over the May Day festivities at 
Longwood on Saturday, May 5. Repre- 
senting the Nationality, Elise Hume, Blue- 
field, W. Va., attended her as maid of 
honor. Under the direction of Miss Emily 
Kauzlarich, the festival was based on a 
Russia of yesterday and today with a re- 
discovery of the past and a re-appraisal of 
the present and future. Members of the 
queen's court were Marilyn Bell, Rich- 
mond; Ann Blair, Portsmouth; Peepsie 
Brooks, Farmville: Joan Davis, Lynch- 
burg; Martha Russell East, South Boston; 
Martha Higgins, Portsmouth; Marilyn 
Johnson, Roanoke: Mary Jane King, Rad- 
ford; Frances Lee, Richmond; Jacqueline 
Pardcn, Portsmouth; Theresa Powell, 
Richmond: Berkley Richardson, Rich- 
mond; Lucy Manson Sharpe, Virginia 
Beach; Martha Lynn Sprye, Lynchburg; 
Virginia Terrell, Front Royal; Virginia 
Travis, Lynchburg; Mary Watkins, Em- 
poria, and Nancy Whitehead, Kecoughtan. 
Dora Walker Jones, Radford, was the 
general chairman for May Day, and 
Catherine Trower, Eastville, served as busi- 
ness manager. 

At the spring tapping service, Alpha 
Kappa Gamma recognized four juniors, 

Minnie Lee Crumpler, Suffolk; Lillian 
Elliot, Farmville; Jacqueline Parden, Ports- 
mouth ; and Agnes Stokes, Kenbridge. 

Throughout the entire year, the interest 
in sports on the campus was unusual. 
Games between classes and between colors 
were held from time to time, and then on 
May 23, the big day for all Red and 
Whites came when Helen Wilson, senior 
from Petersburg and president of the 
Athletic Association, presented the color 
cup to the red and white classes, the fresh- 
men and juniors. Also at this time, eight 
seniors were awarded blazers for outstand- 
ing sportsmanship and active participation. 
Receiving white blazers for participation 
in more than one sport were Barbara Scott, 
Franklin; Mary Walker Watts, Amherst; 
and Helen Wilson, Petersburg; and receiv- 
ing blue blazers for participation in one 
sport were Margaret Bear, Churchville; 
Edith Lovings, Farmville; Jean Carter 
Smith, Williamson, West Virginia; Eleanor 
Wade, Charlottesville; and Ophelia Whit- 
tle, Petersburg. 

Ending another year of life at our own 
State Teachers College, Dean George B. 
Zehmer, Dean of the Summer School at 
the University of Virginia, delivered the 
graduating message, and the Rev. A. H. 
Hollingsworth, pastor of the Second Pres- 
byterian Church, Roanoke, preached the 
baccalaureate sermon. 

Through this, the first broadcast from 
station STC we have tried to give you a 
brief account of the activities as they have 
existed on the campus and a brief insight 
into the campus leaders of today and 
future citizens of tomorow. Of course, we 
have picked only a few of the highlights 
on our campus; time and space will not 
permit us to go into a more lengthy broad- 
cast. Come back to see us, and we shall tell 
you everything. 


Alumnae Magazine 

Faculty News 

Miss Lucy Adams, B.S. of S.T.C. and M.A. 
of Columbia University, is the new supervisor 
of the fourth grade in the Farmville Elementary 
School. She is taking the place of Miss Georgie 
Norris, who is at her home in Columbia, South 

Miss Betty Bridgeforth, B.S. of S.T.C, M.A. 
of the University of North Carolina, is taking 
the place of Mrs. Adele Hutchinson Watkins as 
supervisor of the kindergarten in the Element- 
ary School. 

Miss Zita C. Bellamy of the Business Educa- 
tion Department, was married on June 24, 1945, 
to Mr. John R. Hanford, in the Y.M.C.A. 
Chapel, Philadelphia, Pa. She is continuing her 
work here while her husband is a medical stu- 
dent at the Hahneman Medical College. 

Mrs. Ruth H. Bradshaw has resigned as Asst. 
Prof, of Music since her husband has returned 
from overseas. They expect to make their home 
in Norfolk, Va. Mrs. Bradshaw will be greatly 
missed in the Music Dept. and as organist and 
choir director at the Methodist Church. 

Miss Margaret Sprunt Hall of the Home 
Economics Dept. has a leave of absence to 
study this year. She is at the Woman's College 
of the U. of N. C. She expects to return for the 
spring quarter. 

Dr. Edith Stevens, Assoc. Prof, of Biology, 
was badly burned in the Biology laboratory on 
July 21, 1945. Her condition is improved 
though she is still in the Southside Community 
Hospital, Farmville, at this writing. Dr. Robert 
Brumfield, Ph.D. Yale University, is substitut- 
ing for Dr. Stevens in the Department. 

Miss Jessie Patterson, former supervisor of 
music in Warwick County, is now associate 
Prof, of Music. She has an A.B. degree from 
Oberlin College, a B.S. and M.A. in Music 
from New York University, and has completed 
practically all work for a doctor's degree. 

Miss Maude K. Taliaferro, postmistress since 
1912, has been confined to her home this fall 
on account of illness. Margaret Grigg Cox is 
acting in this capacity. 

News of Former 
Faculty Members 

Dr. Bessie Carter Randolph, president of 
Hollins College, made the Twenty-fifth Anni- 
versary talk to the Womans Club of Farmville 
on October 3, 1945. Dr. Randolph was teach- 
ing at S.T.C. when the Womans Club was 
organized and was a charter member. 

December, 1945 

"The Educational Forum"' of January 1945 
carried an excellent summary of an address de- 
livered at the University of Idaho by Dr. J. 
Franklin Messenger on the subject "From My 
Generation to Yours." His former students who 
read it will recognize the same clarity of ideas, 
the same naturalness of style and tone that 
characterized the professor they loved and 
admired a generation ago. 

Harper and Brothers has recently published 
a timely book by Miss Mabel Culkin and her 
sister, Mrs. Margaret Culkin Banning, on the 
ethics of good manners and courtesy. It is both 
a report and a needed warning on the manners 
of America at a time when the world is watch- 
ing to see how people brought up in a democ- 
racy conduct themselves. 

This excerpt from a letter of Dr. Elmer E. 
Jones will warm the hearts of the Class of 1904, 
and other Alumnae who were privileged to have 
classes with him: "I deeply appreciate your 
inquiry of me and I am certain that you under- 
stand my feelings for my students at Farm- 
ville in the early years of this century, and my 
love for Virginia and Virginians. Those six 
years were the happiest I have spent on this 
planet, and after thirty-six years of absence, 
I have more dear friends in Virginia than in 
any other state." Dr. Jones has retired and is 
living in Colorado. 

Miss Georgia Norris is at her home in Colum- 
bia, S. C, and is teaching in one of the city 

With deep appreciation of a life well lived 
we pause to pay tribute to Miss Mary St. Clair 
Woodruff who passed to her reward October 
31, 1944, at her home in Anniston, Ala. Miss 
Woodruff was a member of the faculty of 
Farmville S.T.C. for fifteen years. During that 
time she served as principal of the Training 
School and later as Y.W.C.A. Secretary and 
teacher of Biblical History. As Miss Minnie Rice 
so beautifully expressed it, "Miss Woodruff did 
not seek that easy distinction that comes from 
superficial work. She knew that to serve worth- 
ily one has to be equipped adequately; therefore 
she sought every opportunity for training." Her 
academic attainments were many, and in addi- 
tion to these, Miss Woodruff possessed those 
sterling qualities of character which made her 
a strong factor in any faculty or community. 
She was liberally endowed with those personal 
qualities that lend themselves to the highest 
measure of success in the instructing of youth. 
She being dead yet lives in the hearts and lives 
of the many who came under her Christian 



Gloria Allen; Mrs. Robert Lee Kent, 405 Westham Park- 
way, Richmond, Va. 
Emma Leroy Allen; Mrs. P. Ashby Fulcher, 708 First 

Ave., Farmville, Va. 
Dorothy Elizabeth Anderson, '43; Mrs. John C. Morgan, 

Jr., Andersonville, Va. 
Emily Kyle Ainsworth; Mrs. Jack Edgar Watson, c/o 

Mr. B. P. Ainsworth, Lexington, Va. 
Constance Marie Arwood; Mrs. Orville Oliver Scroggin, 

III. 920 Sabot Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Julia Ethel Ayers, '43; Mrs. James Cooper Youngblood, 

Jr., c/o Mr. R. B. Ayers, Arvonia, Va. 
Frances Anderson Barrell, '32; Mrs. Carlyle Page Stall- 

ings c/o Mrs. C. M. Barrell, Buckingham, Va. 
Mary Bell Bear, '39; Mrs. John Curtis Fray, McCormac 

Apts., Winchester, Va. 
Mary Emilv Booker; Mrs. James Alexander Filler, c/o 

Mrs. L. H. Booker, Hurt. Va. . 

Virginia Carolyn Boyd; Mrs. Raymond S. Hudgins, 

Mathews, Va. 
Ruby Maxine Branch, '45; Mrs. William Bryant Carlton, 

Westhaven Apts.. Richmond, Va. 
Anne Holmes Brooks, '43; Mrs. Robert Lewis Givens, 

Hampton, Va . 

Agnes Dinwiddie Buchanan, '40; Mrs. Maurice Delong, 

Jewell Valley, Va. 
Mae RuHin Bostick, '32; Mrs. John Warren Stone, c/o 

Mr. W. P. Bostick, Burkeville, Va. 
Louise Barlow Bryan, '39; Mrs. John Philip Ballard, 1005 

St. Patrick St., Tarboro, N. C. 
Mary Frances Bowles, '43; Mrs. Richard H. Van Norton, 

160 Retreat Ave., Hartford 2, Conn. 
Ann Amory Bradshaw, '42; Mrs. J. A. Millner, 143 Har- 
bor Drive, Hampton, Va. 
Lois Barbee, '40; Mrs. Rowland W ; atkins Pattillo, 1664 

Shadyside Road, Baltimore, Md. 
Alpha C. Booth; Mrs. F. D. Scott, Vinton, Va. 
Elizabeth W. Berryman, '39; Mrs. William A. Gwaltney, 

Jr., Surry, Va. 
Leta S. Buford; Mrs. John R. Apperson, Dillwyn, Va. 
Mary Jane Campbell, '43; Mrs. William T. Everett, 204 

Garden St., Farmville Va. 
Ann Marshall Camp; Mrs. Leif Aagard, Amherst, Va. 
Rachel Clarke, '41; Mrs. Ernest W. Hite, c/o Mr. John 

D. Clarke, Martinsville, Va. 
Mabel Gertrude Criser, '17; Mrs. W. T. Winborne, Hol- 
land, Va. 
Imogene Gordon Claytor, '43; Mrs. P. L. Withers, 726 

Park St., Bedford, Va. 
Mrs. Etta Camden Clark, '30; Mrs. Ivy Foreman Lewis, 

Jr., University, Va'. 
Lieut, (j.g. ) Virginia Carroll, '39; Mrs. Thomas Blan- 

chard Worsley, c/<j Mr. R. S. Carroll, Rocky Mount, 

Elizabeth Jane Carter, '42; Mrs. Samuel Randolph Penn, 

Grove Park, Roanoke, Va. 
Ann Covington, '43; Mrs. Edwin Morton Fulghum, 915 

Green St., Danville, Va. 
Esther Montague Coleman, '39; Mrs. Lewis D. Shultz, 

c/o Mr. J. J. Coleman, Greenfield, Va. 
Frances Ellen Copenhaver, '45; Mrs. James V. DeFoe. 

Farmville, Va. 
Ruby Mae Conner, '42; Mrs. L. G. Newton, Jr., South- 
western Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas. 
Judith Scott Connelly; Mrs. Edward Worthington Coslett, 

c/o Mr. L. B. Connelly, Lebanon, Va. 
Frances Allyne Craddock, '44; Mrs. Walter Kellogg 

Hardy, 13 Chestnut Place, Danville, Va. 
Elizabeth Agnes Cooks, '26; Mrs. S. W. Knapp, Syracuse, 

N. Y. 
Lyla Colonna, '25; Mrs. V. C. Hill, 2801 24 St., N. W., 

Oklahoma City, Okla. 
Annie May Davis. '31; Mrs. Robinson H. Barber. Apt. 

12, 3701 13th St., N. W., Washington 10, D. C. 
Dorothy Friend Darracottj Mrs. Frank Edward Duarte, 

524 S. Sheppard St., Richmond, Va. 
Lelia Montague Dowell, '42; Mrs. John George Ringler, 

c/o Mr. W. Fred Dowell, Grant Ave., Manassas, Va. 
Dorothy Jenevieve Dunnavant, '42; Mrs. Charles L. 

Bochman, c/o Mrs. S. E. Dunnavant, Enonville, Va. 
Betsy Brooks Dillard; Mrs. Charles August Gomer, 134 

Fieldrest Rd., Draper, N. C. 
Ann Hubbard Ellett, '43; Mrs. George Olin Hardy, III. 

c/o Mrs. E. C. Ellett, Jennings Ordinary, Va. 
Alma Doris Eason, '37 : Mrs. Robert Gardiner, Jr., 75 

Hopkins St.. Hilton Village, Va. 
Texie Belle Felts, '42; Mrs. Jules Malcolm Miller, Elm 

Court, Apt. 3. 405 Armistead Ave., Hampton. Va. 
Nancy Fulton, '44; Mrs. G. W. Harbuck. 


Hellen Lucille Floyd; Mrs. James Aid win Hight, Man- 

quin, Va. 
Cleo Marie Frick; Mrs. Ernest Arthur Dewey, 15 N. 

Granby St., Richmond, Va. 
Ruth Fraughnaugh, '43; Mrs. Lyle H. Pond, Sparta, Va. 
Lilla Foster; Mrs. J. K. Ellington, South Hill, Va. 
Mabel Phillips Gregory: Mrs. Walter James Craig, 221 

Buchanan St., Alexandria, Va. 
Ellen Elizabeth Gray, '39; Mrs. Emmett H. Anderson, 

102 Matoaka Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Lillian Noble Goddin; Mrs. Richmond Harrison Hamil- 
ton, 1216 Bellevue Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Charlotte Friend Gresham, '39; Mrs. John Joseph Miller, 

80 Linden Ave., Hampton, Va. 
Ellen Elizabeth Gray, '39; Mrs. Emmett H. Anderson, 

Jr., 102 Matoaka Ave., Richmond 21, Va. 
Blanche M. Gentry; Mrs. Lawrence W. Douglas, 1918 

N. Glebe St., Arlington, Va. 
Carrie Gudheim; Mrs. P. H. Spear, Blacksburg, Va. 
D. Elizabeth Goodwin, '44; Mrs. Jack Sale, c/o Mr. R. 

C. Goodwin, Orange, Va. 
Polly B. Hughes, '42; Mrs. John Walton Weathers, Jr., 

c/o Mr. J. P. Hughes, II, R. F. D. 1, Lynchburg, Va! 
Elizabeth Hurtt, "30; Mrs. Barraud Tankard, Nassawad- 

dox, Va. 
Fannie Will Hall; Mrs. John Hilery Land, III, c/o Mr. 

Childress Hall, Christiansburg, Va. 
Mrs. Helen Hobson Clark, '20; Mrs. Cortez M. Cox, 

c/o Mrs. J. S. Hobson, 1105 Burnside St., City Point, 

L. Elizabeth Hillsman, '42; Mrs. Floyd Young Hartwell, 

McKenny, Va. 
Nell Gwynne Holloway, '44; Mrs. William Braxton 

Elwang, Jr., c/o Mr. W. H. Holloway, Purdy, Va. 
Hallie Meredith Hillsman, '43; Mrs. James Milton Fleet- 
wood, Jackson, N. C. 
Thelma Houpe, '39; Mrs. Arthur James Foster, Tyndall 

Field, Panama City, Fla. 
Mary Stafford Hubard, '39; Mrs. Ralph L. Payne, c/o 

Mrs. R. T. Hubard, "Chellowe," Buckingham. Co., Va. 
Bettye Carolyn Hammond; Mrs. William Thomas Phillips. 

Lynchburg, Va. 
Lelia Alice Holloway; Mrs. Charles Russell Davis, c/o 

Mr. W. H. Holloway, Purdy, Va. 
Dorothy Lee Haile; Mrs. George Robert Bowery, 1014 

Taylor Ave.. Richmond, Va. 
Martha Louise Hall, '41; Mrs. George Andrew Zirkle, 

Jr., 209 Sherwood Ave., Roanoke, Va. 
Marion Lee Harden, '40: Mrs. George Park, Woman's 

College of V. P. I., Radford, Va. 
Kathryn Savedge Hargrave. '27; Mrs. Thomas J. Rowell, 

Surry, Va. 
Edith Hines, '44; Mrs. J. D. Alexander, 4001 Colonial 

Ave., Norfolk, Va. 
Frances Magill Hutcheson, '39; Mrs. John S. Pancake, 

c/o Mr. R. S. Hutcheson, Lexington, Va. 
Virginia Epes Irby, '39; Mrs. Frank Maynard Smith, Jr.. 

3600 Conn. Ave., Washington, D. C. 
Anna Browne Jones, '40; Mrs. William Crisp Abel, 1000 

Ridge Ave., Ingleside, Macon, Ga. 
Celia H. Jones, '33; Mrs. Burnett Williams, 122 E. 36th 

St., Savannah, Ga. 
Ruby Onetta Johnson, '25; Mrs. W. T. Cook, 508 N. 

7th Ave., Portsmouth, Va. 
Pauline Carroll Keller, '42; Mrs. Harvey Ray St. Clair, 

228 Thornrose Ave., Staunton, Va. 
Marion King; Mrs. Francis A. Sirianni, New York Life 

Insurance Co., 41 East 42 St., New York, N. Y. 
Gwendolyn Long, '42; Mrs. B. A. Borden, Bumpass, Va. 
Doris M. Lowe; Mrs. Marion Kirkland Fort, 214 

Richelieu Ave., S. Roanoke, Va. 
Elizabeth Radford Lewis. '33; Mrs. Robert Leonard Max- 
well, c/o Mr. C. S. Lewis, DeWitt, Va. 
Margaret Lee Lawrence, '44; Mrs. James McDonald 

Grayson, Holland, Va. 
Sarah Margaret Leech; Mrs. John William Johnston, 

Lexington, Va. 
Madeline McGlothlin; Mrs. O. B. Watson, Jr., Orange, 

Ethel C. McNutt; Mrs. Ralph W. Jollensten, 2703 

Memorial Ave., Lynchburg, Va. 
Elizabeth Irving Mcintosh, '36; Mrs. Edward Lee Smith, 

c/o Mr. F. W. Mcintosh, Farmville, Va. 
Elaine McDearmon, '35; Mrs. Harold Yancey Spencer, 

Appomattox, Va. 
Eugenia ("Gene") McClung; Mrs. John A. Nesbitt, Jr., 

8017 Eastern Ave., N. W., Silver Spring, Maryland. 
Frances Parham Mallory; Mrs. George J. Miller, c/o Dr. 

J. B. Mallory, Jr., Lawrenceville, Va. 
Mary Alice Marshall; Mrs. Claude Oliver Tatman. 
Virginia Louise Mottley; Mrs. Wilton Earl Brown, 104 

N. Virginia St., Farmville, Va. 

Alumnae Magazine 

Nancy Douglas Maclay; Mrs. Robert Robey Garvey, Jr., 

c/o Mr. J. A. Maclay, Hilton Village, Va. 
Dorothy Ella Marrow, '43- Mrs. Linton Briggs Ward, c/o 

Mr. J. A. Marrow, Clarksville, Va. 
Catherine May, '43 ; Mrs. Carl E. Helsing, Box 741 , 

Norman, Oklahoma. 
Emily Flint Moore, '40; Mrs. S. Campbell Littleton. Jr.. 

314 E. Fifth St., La Junta, Col. 
Hope Minter; Mrs. Robert Banks, Blacksburg, Va. 
Ada Clarke Nuckols, '43; Mrs. Charles Raymond Davis, 

c/o Mr. F. C. Nuckols, Route 2, Richmond, Va. 
Addie Nathalie Nor fleet, '36: Mrs. James Manley Long, 

419 N. Main St., Suffolk, Va. 
Marie Wynne Nichols; Mrs. Russell McDonald, c/o Miss 

Mary Nichols, Farmville, Va. 
Doris Leone Newton; Mrs. August George Biedenbender, 

c/o Mr. Leslie Newton, Chase City, Va. 
Mary Sue Palmer, '44; Mrs. Thomas H. Parvin, Box 

33, Chester, Va. 
Christine Pate; Mrs. J. R. Mitchell. 
Nettie Anne Paytas; Mrs. Reginald Lassiter Ferguson, 

c/o Mr. M. J. Paytas, Emporia, Va. 
Mildred Elizabeth Pillow; Mrs. ^ Cully W. Poston, c/o 

Mrs. Grace Pillow, Keysville, Va. 
Frances Beatrice Pritchett, '41; Mrs. Samuel W. Lippin- 

cott, Jr., 27 S. South St., Petersburg, Va. 
Nancy Clayton Pierpont, '41; Mrs. Vernon Benjamin 

Mountcastle, Jr., c/o Mr. G. E. Pierpont, Salem, Va. 
Phyllis Payne Pedigo, '28; Mrs. Clinton F. Grant, c/o 

Mrs. LI. S. Pedigo, Covington, Va. 
Martha Elizabeth (Betty) Peerman; Mrs. Nathaniel 

Terry Coleman, 144 Holbroad Ave., Danville, Va. 
Irene Marshall Pugh, '17; Mrs. Dwight Foster Evans, 55 

Nyack Ave., Landsdown, Pa. 
Anne Fleenor Price, '43; Mrs. Horace Curtis Paist, Rice, 

Marv Louise Partridge, "36; Mrs. S. M. Haga, Montross, 

Melissa Pack; Mrs. Robert Taylor, Box 503, Blacksburg, 

Dorothy Nelle Quinn, '41; Mrs. Lewis George Richards, 

Jr., c/o Mr. Frank S. Quinn, Lynchburg, Va. 
Kathryn Hutson Renneker, '43; Mrs. Charles Brown 

Pearson, 3522 Hanover Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Delia Ella Rainey: Mrs. Norvel M. McClung, c/o Mr. 

R. S. Rainey, Dillwyn, Va. 
Elizabeth Estelle Ranson; Mrs. John M. Burroughs, c/o 

Mr. R. B. Ranson, Dillwyn, Va. 
Stella C. Scott, '43; Mrs. E. W. Bosworth. 
Pattie Venable Smith, '41; Mrs. Donn Grev Kavlor, 

Oakland, Charlotte C. H., Va. 
Virginia Martin Snead; Mrs. William Sevier Trinkle. 
Katherine Cowherd Spencer, '42; Mrs. Marcus Lundy 

Powell, Jr., c/o Dr. R. M. Spencer, Gordonsville, Va. 
Ann Lauretta Snyder, '44; Mrs. Max Edward Pettit, 1311- 

23 St., Newport News, Va. 
Nell Joann Shanklin; Mrs. William A. Snare, Jr., 3766 

Fort Ave., Lynchburg, Va. 
Mrs. Marion Robinson Slater, '22; Mrs. Clinton Nelson 

Stiff, c/o Mrs. R. Lee Robinson, Hartfield, Va. 
Katherine Shelburne, '43; Mrs. John Gilbert Kenyon, 

Colorado Springs, Col. 
Jacqueline K. Showalter; Mrs. Donald Robert Knouse, 

c/o Mr. Collin L. Showalter, Norge, Va. 
Virginia Carol Simmons; Mrs. George James Warren, 

c/o Mr. J. W. Simmons, Farmville, Va. 
David Williams Terry; Mrs. A. William Cave, Jr., 507 

N. Boulevard, Richmond, Va. 
Evelyn Byrd Timberlake, '39; Mrs. David Lauder Robert- 
son, Jr., 2022 W. Grace St., Richmond, Va. 
Anne Thomas, '34; Mrs. Russell C. Williams. 
Mary Ambler Thomasson; Mrs. George Gilmer Loving, 

{r., c/o Mr. F. L. Thomasson, 704 Riverside Drive, 
.ynchburg, Va. 

Shirley Moore Turner, '43; Mrs. John Henry Van Land- 
ingham, Jr., 403 St. Andrew St., Petersburg, Va. 

Nan Withers Throckmorton; Mrs. Thomas Alexander 
Browning, El Patio Apartments, Bradenton, Fla. 

Elsie Thompson; Mrs. Robert B. Burger, Farmville, Va. 

Nellie M. Turnes; Mrs. W. R. Jobe, Gladstone, Va. 

Myra Jacquelyn Vestal; Mrs. Donald D. Bouman, c/o 
Mr. J. A. Vestal, McKenney, Va. 

Margaret V. Webster, '42; Mrs. Sherwood S. Day, Box 
621, Amherst, Va. 

Eleanor Webster, '22; Mrs. J. L. McMillan. 

Ruth Woody; Mrs. D. M. W. Lindquist. 

May M. Wertz; Mrs. Henry Roediger, Jr. 

Barbara Gresham White, '43; Mrs. James Wright Ken- 
nedy, 18 Washington St., Portsmouth, Va. 

Mary Elizabeth White; Mrs. Robert Morris Wallace, 
2911 Noble Ave., Richmond, Va. 

Nancy Harris Watts, '44; Mrs. William LaFayette Han- 
bury, St. George St., Farmville, Va. 

Decemeer, 1945 

Margaret Walton; Mrs. Richard Franklin Richardson, 

Toano, Va. 
Christine Wood, '33; Mrs. Dudlev V. Coleman, Enon- 

ville, Va. 
Julia R. Whaley, '30; Mrs. John Walter Powell, c/o Mrs. 

R. K. Whaley, White Stone, Va. 
Jean Shields Watts, '40; Mrs. E. D. Poe, Jr., 1602 Rol- 

worth Road, Northwood. Baltimore, Md. 
Mary C. Womack, '25; Mrs. Jos. L. McDonald. 
Caroline Frances Wentzel; Mrs. John L. Gayle, 3215 

Edgewood Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Roberta Elma Wheeler, '41; Mrs. Charles H. Adams, c/o 

Mr. J. D. Wheeler, Rivermont Apts., Lvnchburg, Va. 
Addie Mae Wells, '36; Mrs. J. 1. Dunn, Grantham 

School, Goldsboro, N. C. 
Isabel Wilson; Mrs. Richard O. Obenchain, Staunton, Va. 
Violet Mae Woodall, '43; Mrs. Virgil Elliott, 2004 Dela- 
ware Ave., Norfolk. Va. 
Pauline E. Yancey; Mrs. Raleigh Kendall, c/o Mr. W. 

T. Yancey, New Canton, Va. 
Charlotte Young, '35; Mrs. J. B. Delano, Sherwood Park, 

Hampton, Va. 


Rachel Abernathy Paulson, a son. 

Elizabeth Ruth Andrews Jennings, a son, Car- 
roll Martin, Jr. 

Martha Bailey Slacum, a daughter, Anna Gar- 

Lois Barbee Patillo, a son, Rowland Watkins, Jr. 

Anne Benton Wilder, a daughter. 

Elizabeth Berryman Gwaltnev, a daughter, Ann 

Florence Booton Goodman, a son, William 

Ann Bradshaw Millner, a daughter, Bonnie Lee. 

Martha Brothers Fitzhugh, a daughter, Betty 

Sars Button Rex, a daughter, Martha Carol. 

Virginia Campfield Hav, a son, William Pierce, 

Mabel Carleton Rist, a daughter, Daren Lee. 

Sara Carter Bruce, a daughter. 

Audrev Chewning Roberts, a daughter, Ann 

Frances Cobb Bishop, a daughter, Joan. 

Edith Coffey Evans, a daughter, Betty Gay. 

Susie Crocker Jones, a son, Franklin Vincent. 

Jestine Cutshall Henderson, a daughter. 

Dorothy Davis Bowles, a daughter, Elizabeth 

Ann Dugger Mcintosh, a son, William Yancey. 

Grace Eubank Spencer, a son, Combs Montague. 

Elizabeth Field Williamson, a son, Thomas Jr. 

Evelyn Gallaher Connelly, a son, George Ter- 
rell, Jr. 

Louise Gathright Lea, a daughter, Charlotte 

Nan Gilbert Aman, a daughter, Jane Eleanor. 

Jane Gray Irby Weaver, a daughter, Betty Jane. 

Roberta Grigg Harrison, a son, Matthew C, Jr. 

Nell Sue Hall Wilbourne, a daughter, Susan 


Claudia Harper Strum, a daughter, Judith 

Sadie Haskins Hawthorne, a son, Robert Ed- 

Anna V. Jones Diamond, a son, Richard. 

Inez Jones Wilson, a daughter, Gayle Frances. 

Jessica Jones Binns, a son. 

Louise Jones Broske, a son, Stuart Page Frances. 

Anne Kelly Bowman, a son, Cecil Richard. 

Frances Lancaster Roberts, a daughter, Louise 

Mary Mahone Grannis, a daughter, Jane Given. 

Lelia Mattox Lippard, a daughter. 

Jean McClung Nesbitt, a son, John A., Jr. 

Martha McCorkle Taylor, a daughter, Elizabeth 

Myra Mcintosh Shepard, a son, Leonard Jr. 

Cornelia Mclntyre Highsmith, a son, John 
Murdock Mclntyre. 

Essie Millner Dresser, a son, H. G., Jr. 

Warwick Mitchell Garfield, a son, Harold 
Theodore, Jr. 

Bruce Nicholson Gill, a son, Richard. 
Nancy Putney Baker, a son, Elijah IV. 
Joan Poole Wood, a son, Richard Joseph. 
Catherine Ritter Zeno, a daughter, Constance 

Henrietta Salsbury Farber, a son, Mark Bernard. 
Virginia Saunders Nott, a son. 
Lucie Scott Lancaster, a daughter, Lucie Scott. 
Betty Sexton Wills, a son, John Jr. 
Marion Shelton Combs, a daughter, Nancy 

Jerry Smith Shawen, a son, Neal Jr. 
Eunice Tanner Bailey, a daughter, Carolyn 

Zaida Thomas Humphries, a daughter, Zaida 

Lilian Turner Hall, a son, David William. 
Nellie Turner Johe, a son. 

Katherine Wise Clay, a daughter, Susan Wise. 
Norma Wood Tragle, a son, Washington Irving, 

Ruth Woods Lingquist, a son, David Grier. 

A Day in School 

(The following is a "Composition," writ- 
ten by Etta Hanbury (Mrs. L. L. Sawyer), 
dated April 10, 1887. She was a student at 
"The Normal" in 1886-1887.) 

SOME where in the small hours of the 
morning, say about nine o'clock, if you 
happen to be on any of the streets near 
the College, you will be apt to hear a con- 
fused sound, which will perhaps startle 
you at first, but on asking someone versed 
in Normal lore, you will find that your 
first fears of an earthquake or a tornado 
were groundless, and that the girls are only 
practicing their "vowels." This may strike 
you as rather peculiar, but it is a key to the 
work of the Normal, and if you know your 
"vowels" well, it is very apt to prove a key 
to the teacher's hearts. 

The morning devotions came after the 
"vowels" and are usually conducted by Dr. 
Ruffner, the President of the College. Then 
the members of the Preparatory School 
march out of the Chapel by music, and if 

there is one thing that we should be proud 
of, it is the way we march. Not a crooked 
line, not a misstep, everything is done like 
trained soldiers. 

The school-room usually presents a very 
neat and tidy appearance except around 
the fourth desk and second row which is 
usually in a very tumbled condition, but 
we should not be too hard on its occupants 
as they are from Hampden Sidney. It is 
to be hoped that this sad state of affairs 
will not last long as these benighted mor- 
tals are soon to be separated and placed 
where their influence upon another will not 
be so much felt. 

I will not dwell much on the lessons in 
the morning as they are always perfectly 
recited, except by the occupants of the 
fourth desk, second row. The report in 
the afternoon is not so good as a trouble- 
some element has arisen in the shape of an 
odd class of Normalites, who take the 
leavings in the morning for the sake of 
enjoying the high intellectual privilege of 
the "Prep" room in the afternoon. 

The first impression of a stranger upon 


Alumnae Magazine 

entering the Normal School is that about 
one third of the girls are red headed, and 
our room is not far behind in that partic- 
ular. It is for the sake of these that rule 
eight was placed among the new set of 

School closes about four o'clock, and the 
pupils are at liberty to go home and study 
for the next day's lessons. 

Scholarships, etc. 

(Continued from page 26) 

dership of Edith Estep Gray, entertained 
the senior girls of Botetourt High School 
at a tea on April 5, 1945. Dean Martha 
Smith, Virginia Wall and Ruth H. Coyner 

The Portsmouth Chapter gave a tea to 
the Wilson High School graduating girls 
in the home economics living room at the 
high school, April 10, 1945. Beth Johnson 
and Dorothy Diehl are the home econom- 
ics teachers there, and Mary Rice is the 
Chapter President. Virginia Wall and 
Ruth H. Coyner were guests for the occa- 

The Roanoke Chapter found it difficult 
to have many meetings due to the many 
war activities there. Last spring, Tux How- 
ison Metcalfe, their president, entertained 
the group with a tea in her home. 

Esme Howell Smith, president, and 
Mary Dornin Stant, entertained the Bris- 
tol Alumnae at a tea in Mary's home on 
Lee Heights last fall. They sat around a 
big open fire with annuals, pictures and 
Rotundas to start their much "reminis- 

The Richmond Chapter held its exec- 
utive board luncheon meeting in the home 
of Louise Ford Waller in the fall, at which 
time plans for the year were made. The 
annual spring luncheon was well attended 

at the Franklin Terrace Tea Room. Dr. 
Jarman and Dean Smith were the speak- 
ers at this occasion. Myrtle Dunton Curtis 
was elected president to succeed Maria 
Bristow Starke, who has served in this 
capacity so faithfully since the reorgani- 
zation of this Chapter. 

In Greensboro and Winston-Salem, N. 
C, our Alumnae represented S. T. C. on 
"College Day" in the high school. 

Lila McGeehee Vreeland of Charlotte, 
N. C, sent their Chapter greetings and 
contribution on Founders Day. This Chap- 
ter has entertained our College Debating 
Team when they were visitors in this City. 

The Staunton Alumnae entertained at 
dinner at The Triangle Tea Room on 
May 9, 1945, when Virginia Wall and 
Ruth H. Coyner were guests there over- 
night. Frances Crawford, librarian at the 
Robert E. Lee High School, is president 
of this loyal group. 

The Blacksburg Chapter met in the 
home of Louise Vaden Threlkeld the lat- 
ter part of May. Mary Spiggle Michael, 
former president, wrote: "When our regu- 
lar business was over we enjoyed a de- 
lightful social hour. We looked at current 
Rotundas and talked over old times." A 
corrected list of Blacksburg Alumnae was 
sent in. and the following are the new 
officers: President, Louise Vaden Threl- 
keld: Vice-President, Louise Presson 
Swink; Secretary-Treasurer, Ruth Jami- 

The most pleasant rumors have come 
out of the "Deep South" concerning the 
New Louisiana Alumnae Chapter. Helen 
McHenry McComb and Virginia Daugh- 
trey Conners of Baton Rouge invited 
Alumnae from New Orleans and Gonzales 
to a bridge luncheon, (this gave them a 
chance to show off their lovely new Farm- 
ville China!) We hope they will do this 
at least once a year and really be a "Louis- 
iana" Chapter of Farmville Alumnae. 

December, 1945 






CLASS OF 1886 

Anderson, Catherine; Deceased 1940. 

Blanton, Bessie; Mrs. Egbert R. Jones, Box Hill, 
Holly Springs, Miss. 

Brightwell, Carrie; Mrs. Carrie Brightwell Hop- 
kins, Bedford, Va. 

Bugg, Fannie ; Mrs. D. B. Blanton, First Avenue, 
Farmville, Va. 

Carruthers, Jean ; Mrs. Boatwright, Lynchburg, 
Va., deceased. 

Mapp, Madeline; Mrs. H. E. Barrow, Keller, 

McKinney, Lula (Mary Louise), 165 South 
Chandler St., Decatur, Ga. 

Parrish, Celestia, deceased. 


Brown, Myrtle, 878 Green St., Danville, Va. 

Curtis, Bettie; Mrs. Ashton Sunday, deceased. 

Hardy, Zou; Mrs. S. W. Duerson, deceased. 

Lee, Nellie, 3624 California Ave., North Side, 
Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Lindsey, Bessie; Mrs. E. R. Farmer, 1307 Shep- 
herd St., South Boston, Va. 

Morris, Louise, deceased. 

Painter, Martha; Mrs. J. H. Greever, address 

Phillips, Jennie; Mrs. H. W. Elliott, Route 3, 
Box 103, Hampton, Va. 

Thornton, Mattie, deceased. 

Vaughan, Lizzie; Mrs. David Hinkle, 226 Law- 
rence St., Petersburg, Va. 

Verser, Merrie; Mrs. W. O. Howard, 3804 
Seminary Ave., Richmond, Va. 

Warren, Mary, 1 Griffin Road, Clinton, N. Y. 

Wicker, Maude, R. F. D. 1, Black Mountain, 
N. C. 

Wilson, Mattie, deceased. 

Miller, Maggie, address unknown. 

Welsh, Mabelle, Mrs. Clifford Rudd, address 


Ashley, Daisy, address unknown. 

Berkeley, Robbie Blair; Mrs. George W. New- 
garden, 1633 Mass. Ave., N. W. Washington. 

Bland, Pattie; Mrs. Birdsall, address unknown. 

Bland, Rosalie, Shackelford, Va. 

Cameron, Jean; Mrs. Henry D. Askew, Fasso- 
ferm, Lafavette, Ala. 

Carroll, Marguerite; Mrs. T. D. Cannon, 5133 
Savoy St., St. Louis, Mo. 

Chrisman, Lila, deceased. 

Davis, Azile; Mrs. B. B. Ford, Macon, Ga., ad- 
address unknown. 

Fletcher, Kate; Mrs. E. C. Bralley, 1 Scott 
Circle, Gen. Scovy Apts., N. W. Washington. 

Haislip, Theresa; Mrs. W. C. Williams, address 

Hatcher, Elizabeth; Mrs. H. W. Sadler, address 

Holland, Mell; Mrs. Robert H. Jones, 805 W. 
5th St., Winston-Salem, N. C. 


Lindsey, Ellen, address unknown. 

McCabe, Margaret, deceased. 

McCraw, Annie, deceased. 

Morton, Loulie; Mrs. G. G. Gooch, deceased. 

Neale, Russell; Mrs. John Curlett, Bowler's 
Wharf, Va. 

Parsons, Bertie; Mrs. E. T. Taylor, deceased. 

Scott, Annie; Mrs. Robert Branch, 2925 Midlo- 
thian Pike, Richmond, Va. 

Smith, Eva ; Mrs. Ferebee, address unknown. 

Smithson, Elizabeth; Mrs. Thoman Morris, 510 
Church St., Martinsville, Va. 

Taylor, Mary Byrd, Amelia, Va. 

Tavlor, Marv Hannah, Tennessee St., Salem, 

Vaughan, S. Eugenia; Mrs. S. A. Branton, R. 
F. D., Hollandale, Miss. 

Venable, Rubie, 1718 Eye St., N. W., Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

Walthall, Julia, deceased. 

Walton, Lily; Mrs. W. W. Bondurant, 2001 N. 
Flores St., San Antonio, Texas. 


Bugg, Hattie King; Mrs. W. C. Duvall, Farm- 

Carneal, Nettie V., address unknown. 

Childrey, Helen Agnew; Mrs. Corliss Blanton, 
address unknown. 

Crawley, Fennell; Mrs. J. P. Harwood, 104 
Granite Ave., Richmond. 

Dunlap, Henrietta O, Lexington. 

Ford, Mary I. ; Mrs. A. B. Gathright, 700 Her- 
mitage Road, Richmond. 

Ford, Susan E.; Mrs. J. L. Dickinson, Front 

Himer, Lucy O, 3002 W. Cold Spring Lane, 
Baltimore, Maryland. 

Ingram, Florence L., 3 Oak Lane, Hampton 
Gardens, Richmond. 

Ingram, Nell D., Winthrop College, Rock Hill, 
S. C. 

Jolliffe, Anna; Mrs. J. S. Denny, White Post. 

King, Gertrude O; Mrs. W. H. Wheelwright, 
6 Maxwell Road, Richmond. 

Price, M. Estelle, address unknown. 

Rogers, A. Roy; Mrs. John Costen, Mavsville, 
N. C. 

Starling, Bettie Price; Mrs. J. D. Estes, Cascade. 

Stephenson, Georgiana, Covington. 

Thompson, Lillian; Mrs. A. L. Carlton, de- 

Vaughan, Iva Pearl; Mrs. W. A. Childrey, 4525 
Brook Road, Richmond. 


Abbitt, Merle; Mrs. Russell Kirk, R. 4, Suffolk. 
Adams, Louise ; Mrs. J. A. Armstrong, Keswick. 
Ashby, Florida; Mrs. C. B. Robinson, Norwood. 
Baker, Nellie, 201 W. Berkeley Ave., Norfolk. 
Bowers, Gertrude, deceased. 
Brydon, Margaret, deceased. 
Bull, Carrie, deceased. 

Alumnae Magazine 

Burton, Gertrude; Mrs. Rea Schuessler, 210 
Thomas St., Tuscaloosa, Alabama. 

Campbell, Steptoe; Mrs. Steptoe C. Wood, 
King William. 

Coleman, Mary A, deceased. 

Compton, Isa, Front Royal. 

Cox, Bevie; Mrs. James Nesbit, deceased. 

Cox, Edna; Mrs. Charles Turnbull, Lawrence- 

Cox, Sallie; Mrs. J. W. Hayes, 308 Park Ave., 
Hilton Village. 

Dobie, Belle, deceased. 

Dungan, Carrie, 1816 Buena Vista Road, Win- 

Farish, Margaret; Mrs. J. G. Thomas, Atlee, 

Henderson, Margaret, Mrs. A. P. Forbes, 
2504-A Grove Ave., Richmond. 

Holland, Elise ; Mrs. Russell Perkins, 1111 Sixth 
Ave., Huntington, W. Va. 

Howard, M. Elizabeth; Mrs. N. P. Jenrette, 
Conway, S. C. 

Jackson, Lelia, Prestwould Apt., Richmond. 

Jones, Sallie E., McKenney. 

Justis, Bessie, deceased. 

Kelly, Hattie J.; Mrs. Roderick Thomas, ad- 
dress unknown. 

Kizer, Lizzie, 226 Norfolk Ave., Lynchburg. 

La Boyteau, Zoula, deceased. 

Lewellyn, Frances; Mrs. Foster Lankford, 
Moore's, York Co. 

McCue, Virgie; Mrs. W. D. Walker, 1301 S. 
19th St., Birmingham, Alabama. 

McCraw, Bessie, deceased 1941. 

Mason, Maud; Mrs. Philip Dunbar, 636 Har- 
rison St., Petersburg. 

Massey, Julia; Mrs. J. B. Sinclair, 63 Cherokee, 

Munden, Frances, address unknown. 

Nunn, Virginia; Mrs. H. R. Williams, 1704 E. 
13th St., Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

Preston, Mary; Mrs. Roland Clark, Salem. 

Redd, Mary Elizabeth, deceased 1944. 

Richardson, Elizabeth, deceased. 

Rogers, Dorothy, Herndon. 

Sanderlin, Clara; Mrs. G. B. Walton, 619 Mt. 
Vernon Ave., Portsmouth. 

Scott, Rhea, address unknown. 

Smith, Ada May, address unknown. 

Smith, DeBerniere; Mrs. M. M. Gray, 2104 
Brandon Circle, Charlotte, N. C. 

Thomas, Mary, Cumberland College, Williams- 
burg, Kentucky. 

Verser, Elizabeth; Mrs. W. B. Hobson, Farm- 

Walton, Grace; Mrs. P. B. Barton, 2285 Cedar- 
dale, Baton Rouge, La. 

Waring, Emma; Mrs. J. L. Long, deceased. 

Williamson, Pauline, 15 Gramercy Park, New 
York Citv. 

1916 CLASS 

Abbitt, Eleanor; Mrs. J. M. Scott, 148 Granbv 

St., Norfolk. 
Allen, Annie B. ; Mrs. A. R. Council, address 

Armstrong, Alice, 29 Court St., Portsmouth. 
Armstrong, Grace B; Mrs. B. M. Wood, 2110 

Barton Ave., Richmond. 

December, 1945 

Bain, Amelia B. ; Mrs. G. H. Lightner, Kahalui, 
Maui, Hawaiian Islands. 

Barnard, Margaret T.; Mrs. W. E. Cassidy, 445 
Pennsylvania Ave., Norfolk. 

Barnes, Marcella; Mrs. T. D. Newell, Jr., 2400 
E. 5 St., Charlotte, N. C. 

Barnhart, Ida M. ; Mrs. N. I. Hampton, address 

Bennett, Mary O. ; Mrs. Harvey Nottingham, 
Bon Air. 

Blakelv, Dandridge, address unknown. 

Bowles, Esther R. ; Mrs. W. W. Knibb, 2101 
Erdman Ave., Baltimore, Maryland. 

Barden, Mozelle; Mrs. O. L. Hunt, address un- 

Branch, Olive, Smithfield. 

Brittingham, Julia; Mrs. E. A. Monroe, 80 
Victoria Ave., Hampton. 

Brooks, Evelyn, 935 North St., Portsmouth. 

Bugg, Martha King; Mrs. H. L. Newbill, Farm- 

Bunch, M. Louise, 1 Arlington Place, Lynch- 

Bvrom, Margaret; Mrs. R. T. Little, Jr., Bram- 
well, W. Va. 

Caldwell, Margaret; Mrs. R. N. Newton, 
Shenandoah Road, Hampton. 

Carter, Lelia R. ; Mrs. E. A. Thomas, Box 445, 

Chambers, Dreama, 270 Orchard Terrace, Bo- 
gota, New Jersey. 

Chamblin, Julia; Mrs. Loewick Fowler, 1410 
N. Blandena St., Portland 11, Oregon. 

Cheadle, Annie, 232 26th St., Newport News. 

Chiles, E. Louise; Mrs. Addison Weisiger, Jr., 
1006 Monte Sano Ave., Augusta, Georgia. 

Clarke, Elizabeth R., address unknown. 

Cobb, Hazel E., address unknown. 

Cohen, Lena F.; Mrs. M. A. Jackson, address 

Cooley, Gladys; Mrs. E. A. Gilley, Williamsburg. 

Cooper, C. Irene, address unknown. 

Cover, Catherine B., Woman's Hospital, Phila- 
delphia, Pennsylvania. 

Cox, Bertha Mae; Mrs. C. W. Wilson, 696 
Stratton St., Logan, W. Va. 

Crawley, Charlotte, 2714 McCarver St., Ta- 
coma, Washington. 

Curling, Harriette; Mrs. H. W. Rose, 1054 
North St., Portsmouth. 

Dadmun, Charlotte, 418 W. 19th St., Norfolk. 

Darby, Mary A.; Mrs., Clarence Clark, Mc- 

Daughtry, Eleanor; Mrs. E. V. Stephenson, 

Davis, Sarah A., 2811 Marshall St., Newport 

Dixon, Zozo, address unknown. 

Downey, Mary D. ; Mrs. Julian Lawrence, 216 
East Road, Glenshealah, Portsmouth. 

Drinkard, Kathleen; Mrs. J. O. Carson, Concord 

Dunton, Myrtle; Mrs. W. F. Curtis, 3206 Noble 
Ave., Richmond. 

Edmunds, Marie, 657 Pearl St., Bluefield, W. 

Edwards, Ruth; Mrs. John R. Tucker, address 

Ellett, Pearl; Mrs. J. H. Crowgey, 615 4th St., 


Ellett, Ruby, deceased. 

Fearing, Ettie; Mrs. Ettie Fearing Cunningham, 
823 Redgate Ave., Norfolk. 

Fletcher, L. Louise, address unknown. 

Fulton, Annie S. ; Mrs. J. M. Clark, Stuart. 

Fulton, Louise, Critz. 

Garnett, Nannie; Mrs. L. B. Powell, Jr. 

Gatling, Annie; Mrs. L. E. Dowling, 1603 
Berkeley Ave., Petersburg. 

Gettel, Winifred; Mrs. C. J. Eaton, R. 2, Nor- 

Gills, N. Isadore; Mrs. D. L. Claville, R. 6, 
Fort Myers, Florida. 

Goodwin, Ellen ; Mrs. G. W. Skinker, Moss 

Gray, Mary Helen; Mrs. F. V. Vance, 317 5th 
St., Bristol, Tennessee. 

Griffin, Brenda; Mrs. E. H. Doggett, Isle of 

Groves, Grace ; Mrs. Norman Kelly. 

Guy, K. Josie; Mrs. G. V. Yonce, B-4 Daven- 
port Apts., Greenville, S. C. 

Hall, Florence, 931 B St., Portsmouth. 

Hankins, Ruth; Mrs. Neale Stacy, address un- 

Harris, Willie, address unknown. 

Harrison, Myrtle, Rocky Mount. 

Hatcher, Rita, Chester. 

Heatwole, Hazel; Mrs. G. L. Miller, Jr., 7th 
and Jefferson, Charlottesville. 

Hundley, M. Louise; Mrs. J. E. Macon, Ivor. 

Hunter, Irene; Mrs. W. D. Lvons, Box 576 
Holden, W. Va. 

Jamison, Ruth, V. P. I., Blacksburg. 

Jarman, Elizabeth P. ; Mrs. T. G. Hardy, Farm- 

Johnson, Eliza D.; Mrs. H. D. Williams, 

Jones, Lula M.; Mrs. J. T. Worsham, 314 S. 
Columbia Ave., Richmond. 

Jones, T. Dennie, Newcastle. 

Kayton, Aurelia ; Mrs. W. H. Porter, 536 Val- 
ley St. Center, Dayton, Ohio. 

Kline, Esther; Mrs. A. L. Clabough, address 

Lash, Ellen, 31 Court St., Portsmouth. 

Lee, Lily; Mrs. C. V. Taylor, R. 1, Burkeville. 

Lee, Virginia ; Mrs. W. G. Coleman, Marshall. 

Lewis, Nancy E., 55 W. 11th St., Apt. 2-D, 
New York City. 

Logwood, Eunice; Mrs. Hugh Wheat, R. 5, 

McCabe, Dixie; Mrs. M. S. Hairston, Nettle 

McCabe, Mary, 2456 20th St., N. W., Apt. 304, 
Washington, D. C. 

Macon, Mary; Mrs. N. B. Lovelace, 3007 W. 
Grace St., Richmond. 

Matthews, Marjorie ; Mrs. M. D. Grizzard, 

Middleton, Katherine; Mrs. W. G. Gwin, Rich 

Monroe. Kathleen, deceased. 

Morris, Mary E.; Mrs. W. E. Snipes, Jr., 928 
Woodrow St., Columbia, S. C. 

Murphy, Minnie; Mrs. E. T. Caton, Jr., 6141 
Sylvan Ave., Norfolk. 

Neivbill, Olivia, Newport. 

Nichols, Helene, 271 Washington St., Hemp- 
stead, Long Island, New York. 


Noell, Marie; Mrs. Lee Harr, Holly Chambers, 
Washington Square, New York City. 

Page, Margaret W. ; Mrs. J. E. Massey, North 

Parker, A. Thelma; Mrs. L. H. Babb, Ivor. 

Parsons, L. Ellen, Capeville. 

Phillips, Julia, Charlestown, W. Va. 

Pond, Marv, Wakefield. 

Porter, Doris; Mrs. D. J. McLean, 2406 Vine- 
wood, Ann Arbor, Michigan. 

Powell, Lucy J.; Mrs. William Hanlon, Amarillo, 

Prince, Gertrude; Mrs. J. B. Gibson, 3512 Bain- 
bridge St., Norfolk. 

Pulliam, Elizabeth; Mrs. J. W. Edmunds, Eggles- 

Raney, Irma, Smoky Ordinary. 

Richardson, Alice T. ; Mrs. David Laughn, 

Ridgway, Minnie, address unknown. 

Richardson, Lelia ; Mrs. J. A. Williams, 3 Ridge 
Ave., Morrisville, Pennsylvania. 

Rogers, Irene ; Mrs. F. T. Joyner, Ivor. 

Rothwell, Sadie, deceased. 

Rowe, Elizabeth ; Mrs. Elizabeth Rowe Caro, 
108 N. Barcelona, Pensacola, Florida. 

Russell, Mary E.; Mrs. S. T. Piggott, Purcell- 

Russell, Ruth; Mrs. Kyle Westover, Morgan- 
town, W. Va. 

Seabury, Cornelia, 321 W. Cypress St., San 
Antonio, Texas. 

Sedwick, Buelah; Mrs. E. D. Haines, address 

Shelor, Fitzhugh, deceased 1943. 

Shepherd, Lucile, address unknown. 

Sinclair, Mattie; Mrs. G. B. Field, Jr., 128 
Locust St., Hampton. 

Slaughter, Jane G, Brandon Ave., University, 

Smith, Alice; Mrs. H. M. Starke, Jr., 3119 
First Ave., Richmond. 

Smith Emma R. ; Mrs. C. A. Jacobs, Box 112, 
Selma, N. C. 

Smith, Eunice; Mrs. R. S. Clarke, North Gar- 

Smoot, Lois; Mrs. Douglas Dynock, St. Bernard 
School, Gladstone, N. J. 

Snead, Florence; Mrs. Jack Ransome, Island. 

Squire, Mary; Mrs. E. M. Wrenn, Emporia. 

Stewart, Nannie, 33 Court St., Portsmouth. 

Strohecker, Honoria, Lawrenceville. 

Swain, Mary; Mrs. C. D. Shepherd, address 

Todd, Lillian, 142 Algonquin Road, Hampton. 

Turner, Doris M.; Mrs. F. C. Copeland, 200 
North St., Suffolk. 

Walker, Gilliam; Mrs. D. D. Lamond, 908 Hud- 
son, Takoma Park, Md. 

Warburton, Madeline Mapp; Mrs. A. D. Cars- 
well, R. 3, Sanford, N. C. 

Ward, Dorothen; Mrs. J. A. Hudgins, 214 E. 
41st. St., Norfolk. 

Watkins, Eloise ; Mrs. G. D. Lambeth, Rocky 
Mount, N. C. 

Watkins, Virginia W.; Mrs. V. T. Douglas, Jr., 
1603 Ridge Road, Catonsville, Maryland. 

White, Elizabeth B., 1828 Monument Ave., 

Williamson, Mary, address unknown. 

Alumnae Magazine 

Wonycott, Margaret ; Mrs. J. H. Newson, 25 
Burtis St., Craddock, Portsmouth. 

Wood, Carrie; Mrs. G. D. Massenburg, Hamp- 

Woodson, Lucile; Mrs. B. E. Nicholson, address 

Young, Elizabeth, Prospect. 


Beard, A. Grace; Mrs. A. L. Lockwood, address 

Davis, Merle, 410 Stuart Circle, Richmond. 

Draper, S. Helen, Farmville. 

Gresham, Hattie, Oceana. 

Harrell, Edith; Mrs. J. H. T. McCarthy, 101-08 
64th Ave., Flushing, Long Island, N. Y. 

McClung, Elizabeth; Mrs. C. C. Pulsifer, Lex- 

Purdy, Harriet; Mrs. Ashley Blackwell, Brook- 
lyn Court Apt., Charleston, W. Va. 

Stallard, E. Katherine ; Mrs. L. A. Washington, 
Jr., 1405 Locust, Owensboro, Kentucky. 

Stephenson, Mary A., Wakefield. 


Anderson, Alice Irene; Mrs. Turner, 1231 11th 

St., Washington. 
Andrew, Sarah Rebecca, address unknown. 
Armbrister, Nina Belle; Mrs. J. E. Wilson, 216 

Powell St., Henderson, Kentucky. 
Bacon, Jane Overton; Mrs. J. A. Lacy, 7715 

Frederick Road, Hyattsville, Maryland. 
Bagley, Bessie Burdette, address unknown. 
Baldwin, Marie E.; Mrs. Carlos Collejos, San 

Grose. Costa Rica. 
Barclift, Sethelle; Mrs. W. L. Rossie, address 

Bargamin, Grace; Mrs. Walter T. Bohannon, 

5319 Argall Ave., Norfolk. 
Barksdale, Sallie Phipps; Mrs. Felix Hardrett, 

525 Avenham Ave., Roanoke. 
Bolen, Mary George, R. 1, Culpeper, 
Booker, Susie; Mrs. W. D. Christian, 3021 

Kensington Ave., Richmond. 
Bouldin, Virginia, address unknown. 
Brewer, Louise, 220 Johnson St., Bristol. 
Bristow, Kathleen Kerr; Mrs. Vernon Seward, 

3601 Montrose Ave., Richmond. 
Brown, Sue Lewis; Mrs. W. R. Harrison, Forest 

Hills, Danville. 
Bullock, Anne A., 183-B North Chestnut St., 

Venturia, Calif. 
Burrow, Lelia Peebles; Mrs. Emmett Davis, 

Greenwood, S. C. 
Camper, Marion; Mrs. Landon E. Fuller, Wood- 
Carlson, Ellen; Mrs. J. R. Hopper, Box 134, 

Carr, Edith P.; Mrs. T. O. Pugh, deceased. 
Carwile, Grace Brown; Mrs. J. H. LeRoy, Jr., 

Elizabeth City, N. C. 
Chambers, Mary Aileen, address unknown. 
Chappell, Lucille; Mrs. T. C. Jones, Meherrin. 
Chappell, Myrtle; Mrs. C. B. McCutchen, 3006 

Montrose Ave., Richmond. 
Claud, Mary Lois; Mrs. Hugh Vernon White, 

Clingenpeel, Flora Tice; Mrs. L. H. Patterson, 

Rocky Mount. 

December, 1945 

Clopton, Eliza Turpin; Mrs. H. W. Anderson, 
Jr., 109 W. Maple St., Alexandria. 

Conwell, Johnnie Blanche; Mrs. Euclid M. Han- 
bury, 605 Western Branch Blvd., Porstmouth. 

Cralle, Martha Katherine; Mrs. C. G. Knox, 8 
Pine Circle, Atlanta, Georgia. 

Crenshaw, Elizabeth Rice, Cambria. 

Crooker, Clara Daniel; Mrs. Charles Anderson, 
LaSalle Ave., Hampton. 

Cutts, Ruth Moris; Mrs. T. S. Allen, Warren- 

Dameron, Elinor Roy; 132 Fredonia Ave., 

Darden, Pattie Lee; Mrs. Daniel Fisher Worth, 
Jr., Mahwah, N. J. 

Derieux, Mary D., 1105 Jackson St., Lynch- 

Dinwiddie, Mary, Harrisonburg. 

Doyle, Louise; Mrs. Clarence W. Rigdon, Hope- 

Dugger, Virginia S. ; Mrs. Louis Robinson, 

Easley, Mary Lucy, City Point Inn, Hopewell. 

Evans, Annie Taliaferro; Mrs. Charles Short, 

Forestal, Madeline Rowena, address unknown. 

Foster, Anna Guthrie; Mrs. Clem Hamilton, 
2505 Hayes St., Alexandria. 

Fowlkes, Nannie Irene; Mrs. B. F. Sours, Chat- 

Fox, Lucile Lee; Mrs. Charles E. Smith, Delta- 

French, Margaret S., London St., Portsmouth. 

Gannaway, Mary Elizabeth, Draper. 

Garner, Marv Elizabeth, Garvsburg, N. C. 

Gates. Ella; Mrs. W. N. Rankin, 1209 Miller 
St., Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Garrett, Pattie Frances; Mrs. Walker Bright- 
well, 3002 Montrose Ave., Richmond. 

Gibbs, Virginia Eldred ; Mrs. Albert L. Jeffreye, 
Chase City. 

Gibson, Justine ; Mrs. C. W. Adams, Clover. 

Gilliam, Daphne; Mrs. D. Todd Wool, The Sher- 
aton, Lexington Ave., 37th St., New York. 

Glenn, Audrey May; Mrs. Jesse Mustoe, Hot 

Glenn, Frances Ethel, Prospect. 

Glenn, Maude, Prospect. 

Graves, Reva Willis; Mrs. M. H. Gregory, Ken- 

Gregory, Lou McCargo, Ontario. 

Hall, Mildred Lee; Mrs. F. M. Forsberg, 1033 
Graydon Ave., Norfolk. 

Hammond, Mary Sue; Mrs. E. C. Oliver, 
Meredith ville. 

Hancock, Katherine G., 1501 Hanover Ave., 

Hargraves, Cecil Scott; Mrs. W. C. Rives, Jr., 

Hargrave, Leona Adelaide; Mrs. J. S. Easterly, 

Harrell, Carolyn Louise, 96 31st St., Newport 

Hawks, Sarah Pauline; Mrs. O. L. Birdsall, R. 1, 

Helm, Otey Brooke; Mrs. R. C. Grubbs, 102 
Osford St., Roanoke. 

Holland, Mamie Lou, 3900 W. Broad St., Rich- 

Horton, Erma Christine, Whaleyville. 


Howell, Lucye Bernice; Mrs. K. Y. Bailey, 

Hughes, Sarah V. ; Mrs. W. C. Revercomb, 

917 Edgewood Drive, Charleston, W. Va. 
Hutcheson, Anna Clifford, address unknown. 
Irving, Lucy Taylor; Mrs. William Shepard, 

119 N. Ridgewood Ave., Daytona Beach, 

Jarman, Helen Amanda; Mrs. Frank Stipes, 

1359 Lepeer St., Flint, Michigan. 
Jett, Dora Ficklin; Mrs. F. L. Mabie, 132 

Arlington Ave., East Orange, New Jersev. 
Jinkins, Ella B.; Mrs. Donald A. Zinn,' 237 

Chestnut St., Battle Creek, Michigan. 
Johnson, Earline; Mrs. M. L. Patterson, Jr., 

843 Cooper Ave., Columbus, Georgia. 
Johnson, Iola Virginia; Mrs. F. C. Maloney, Jr., 

Brown Ave., Hopewell. 
Jones, Ellen Minor, Clifton Forge. 
Jones, Julia Ethelyn; Mrs. W. H. Vest, 408 N. 

First St., Charlottesville. 
Jones, Ruth H. ; Mrs. Dan Lynch, Tazewell. 
Jordan, Frances R. ; Mrs. Richmond Moore, 

4006 Hanover Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Kane, Sarah, address unknown. 
Kernodle, Ruth Emma; Mrs. Earl W. Miller, 

Warm Springs. 
Lang, Stella Marie; Mrs. J. S. Taylor, Temper- 

Lavinder, Ruth A. J., W. Main St., Salem. 
Lawson, Margaret M., address unknown. 
Lewis, Minnie Kathyrn, address unknown. 
McGinlev, R. Paulett; Mrs. Lacy Trinkle, Dub- 
Mcllhaney, M. Lucile, address unknown. 
MacKan, Frances H.; Mrs. Frederick D. Adams, 

R. 3, Ellensburg, Washington. 
Marshall, Edith M., address unknown. 
Mason, Thelma M., address unknown. 
Mears, Margaret Rose; Mrs. D. Ames, deceased. 
Moring, Mary Elizabeth; Mrs. W. E. Smith, 

Meredith, Maria Deswell; Mrs. Alfred W. Tur- 
ner, Ashland. 
Meredith, Martha Elizabeth; Mrs. Robert E. 

Hunt, Jeffs, Va. 
Mitchell, Mildred; Mrs. W. T. Holt, Victoria. 
Moring, Claudine H.; Mrs. J. E. Hardiway, 

Mosteller, Eva Irene, address unknown. 
Myers, Ruth Hunter, Boonsboro Road, Lynch- 
Nelson, Virginia Anne, Nelson. 
Nicholas, Mary, S. T. C, Farmville. 
Oakes, Annie Grace; Mrs. E. W. Burton, 134 

College Ave., Danville. 
Obenshain, Sallie Page, 1100 Terrace Road, 

O'Brien, Mildred Eva; Mrs. R. E. Alvis, Ap- 
Parker, May Ellen, 215 Clay St., Suffolk. 
Paulette, Rubv; Mrs. G. L. Omohundro, Jr.. 

Box 181, Scottsville. 
Ponton, Alice, 517 Craford Place, Portsmouth. 
Porter, Sarah Maude; Mrs. J. C. Bussev, 4 

Erion Apt., 2499 Madison Road, Hyde Park, 

Cincinnati, Ohio. 
Powers, Eva R. ; Mrs. W. T. Madrin, 1016 

Park Ave., Norfolk 6. 

Presson, Allice May; Mrs. F. W. Cobb, address 

Pruden, Eva Tapelle, 407 W. Washington St., 

Pruden, Mary Cephas; Mrs. William J. Baines, 
315 Bosley Ave., Suffolk. 

Pugh, Bessie Nowlen; Mrs. Frank H. Evan, 
Clifton Forge. 

Rice, Mary Ritchie; Mrs. Ralph Douglas Fea- 
gin, address unknown. 

Richardson, Hettie A.; Mrs. J. G. Ellis, 2026- 
Stuart Ave., Richmond. 

Robertson, Nellie Moore; Mrs. T. F. Akers, 
U. S. Dept. of Agriculture, West Point, Miss. 

Rountrey, Florence E.; Mrs. Richard E. Collier, 
address unknown. 

St. John, Mamie V.; Mrs. Wallace Crump, 109 
S. Boulevard, Richmond. 

Saunders, V. Welby, Center Hill Apt., Peters- 

Schaefer, Dorothy C; Mrs. Roscoe Oglesby, 
1105 Jackston St., Lvnchburg. 

Scott, Louise; Mrs. Alfred H. Robbins, 3390 
Oakwood, Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Sinclair, Lila Wiate, City Point Court, Apt. 2, 

Skillman, Helen Alice; Mrs. W. H. Jernigan, 
2008 New Government, Mobile, Alabama. 

Smith, Theo, 315 La Verne Ave., Alexandria. 

Somers, Mildred C; Mrs. Harry Terr, Chinco- 

Squire, Emma O; Mrs. Summer Rawls, Hol- 

Sutton, Marie; Mrs. J. C, McCurdye, Sandidges. 

Thomas, O. McClain, decease. 

Thompson, Kathryn; Mrs. George A. Rever- 
comb, Covington. 

Thrift, Virginia, address unknown. 

Traylor, Margaret D., R. F. D. 10, Richmond. 

Trent, Mildred J. ; Mrs. J. L. Burkey, Appomat- 

Trevillian, Helene; Mrs. Martin Kerns, Glouces- 

Trotter, Virginia; Mrs. John Brosnaham, 904- 
Pine Ridge Road, Richmond. 

Tune, Annie Davis, address unknown. 

Tune, Louise Crews; Mrs. J. L. Osborne, In- 

Van Sickler, Delma N.; Mrs. T. Carson Penn, 
address unknown. 

Venable, Jacqueline; Mrs. C. D. Fox, Jr., 
Box 534, Roanoke. 

Vries, Anna; Mrs. E. B. Carter, 1319 Wash- 
ington St., Petersburg. 

Wade, Virgie Elizabeth; Mrs. J. W. Rogers, 

Walker, Lorie Mae, 605 N. Elm St., Greensboro, 
N. C. 

Watkins, Emma Louise, Mt. Olive, N. C. 

Wells, Addie May; Mrs. J. L. Dunn, Grantham 
School, Goldsboro, N. C. 

Wells, Dorothy C; Mrs. Lucius Greve, 220 
Madison Ave., New York. 

Whitlock, Constance E.; Mrs. R. W. Young, 
420 W. Bath St., Covington. 

Wilkinson, Edna Mae, Holdcroft. 

Willan, Ruth Estelle, address unknown. 

Williams, Lois T., 125 Hatton St., Portsmouth. 

Williamson, Edith Irene, 207 N. Meadow St., 


Alumnae Magazine 

Wilson, Violetta S., 4853 Washington Ave., 
Newport News. 

Woodward, Elizabeth C. ; Mrs. Straughan Burks, 
616 Rose St., Clifton Forge. 

Woolfolk, Helen G. ; Mrs. Russell Wolfe, 627 
Frederick St., Staunton. 

Woolridge, Coralie, 709 W. 37th St., Norfolk. 

Worrell, Barta; Mrs. J. H. Hogg, Gloucester. 

Wright, Celestia V. ; Mrs. F. D. Terry, Loving- 

Yost, Thelma; Mrs. N. R. Lehmann, 522 Vir- 
ginia Ave., S. R., Roanoke. 

Young, M. Pearle; Mrs. William J. Culross, 
Strosrider Apt., Williamson, W. Va. 


Anderson, Elise ; Mrs. C. W. Rogers, Jr. High- 
land Hospital, Asheville, N. C. 

Anderson, Laura; Mrs. C. G. G. Moss, Farm- 

Baird, Sadie R. ; Mrs. Sadie R. Mahanes, Fair- 

Blankenship, Hattye, Box 246, Gallup, New 

Bowman, Mrs. Olive Smith ; Mrs. W. D. Bow- 
man, 2910 20th St., N. E. Washington, D. C. 

Boyd, Virginia; Mrs. E. W. Barr, Tennyson 
Ave., Winchester. 

Bugg, M. Elizabeth; Mrs. Geordon Hughes, 4717 
W. Pardue St., Dallas 9, Texas. 

Chewning, Audrey; Mrs. F. J. Roberts, K-4 
Raleigh Apts., Raleigh, N. C. 

Cobb, Frances Allen; Mrs. J. E. Bishop, Farm- 

Coleman, Harriet, Boydton. 

Daniel, Mamie; Mrs. R. H. Barbee, 3015 4th 
Ave., Richmond. 

Diehl, Elizabeth; Mrs. C. C. Laws, 52 Casa 
Way, San Francisco 23, California. 

Edwards, Mrs. Mae Marshall; Mrs. J. D. Ed- 
wards, 92c Kecoughtan Court, Hampton. 

Hill, Ida, 3737 Military Road, N. W. Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

Hindle, Selina, Amelia. 

Jennings, Ruth ; Mrs. G. E. Adams, Clover. 

Jones, Bessie Gordon, Farmville. 

Keith, Lucy; Mrs. E. W. Smith, Jr., 607 Church 
St., Greensboro, N. C. 

Meeks, Cora Helen; Mrs. E. P. Anthony, 310 
Ramsey Ave., Hopewell. 

Mitchell, Daisie; Mrs. J. A. Vincent, deceased. 

Moses, Gladys; Mrs. J. R. McAllister, Boydton. 

Murdock, Catherine, Blackstone. 

Noel, Grace; Mrs. Alfred Mistr, R. 5, Rich- 

Nunn, Lilian, 1807 Hanover Ave., Richmond. 

Puckett, Sue; Mrs. L. C. Lush, 3610 Decatur 
St., Richmond. 

Quinn, Gertrude; Mrs. H. E. Thomas, 304 
Wellington Ave., S. Roanoke. 

Riss, Florence; Mrs. Walter Richardson, Farm- 

Roberts, Elizabeth, 20 6th St., S. E. Washington, 
D. C. 

Robertson, Anne; Mrs. Richard Tuttle, 137 
Grayson Ave., Portsmouth. 

Shorter, Fannie B., Darling Heights. 

Smith, Anne A.; Mrs. James F. Greene, 4802 
Leland St., Chevy Chase, Maryland. 

December, 1945 

Stearnes, Margaret; Mrs. E. W. Senter, 233 
College Ave., Salem. 

Thompson, Clara; Mrs. A. R. Caulk, St. 
Michaels, Maryland. 

Thompson, Rachel; Mrs. T. J. Bivens, Greens- 
boro, N. C. 

Trent, Katherine, 1301 15th St., N. W. Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

Vaughan, Mary, address unknown. 

Whaley, T. Celeste; Mrs. W. J. Reynolds, 1151 
Central Ave., Bridgeport 8, Conn. 

Williams, Wilma, R. N., 4940 Eastern Ave., 
Nurses Home, Baltimore, Maryland. 

Willis, Martina, Wiscassett, Maine, 

Winn, Mary Ruth; Mrs. H.. Lacy, Culpeper. 

Woolfolk, E. Thelma; Mrs. M. D. Monegan, 
care United Fruit Almirante, Panama. 

Wright, Bessie; Mrs. J. R. Barlow, Smithfield. 

Wright, I Lucille; Mrs. F. B. Eberwine, R. 2, 


Allen, Mary Frances; Mrs. W. M. Puckett, 507 
Mulberry St., Martinsville. 

Amory, Mildred; Mrs. Mildred Heptinstall, ad- 
dress unknown. 

Anthony, Clara Virginia, 249 Jefferson Ave., 

Ayres, Mamie, West Main St., Bedford. 

Baber, Nellie; Mrs. J. W. Pierce, address un- 

Bacon, Harriet, Kenbridge. 

Bagby, Mary, deceased. 

Banks, Mary N. ; Mrs. James Fretwell, Farm- 

Barksdale, Ethel; Mrs. Claude Whittington, 912 
Dale Ave., Roanoke. 

Barrett, Mabel; Mrs. R. F. Nelson, R. 5, Rich- 

Beale, Marion; Mis. J. R. Darden, Holland. 

Bell, A. Evelyn, 1 1 W. Princeton Circle, Lynch- 

Bennett, Margaret, address unknown. 

Billups, Mary K., Port Haywood. 

Black, Claire; Mrs. J. L. Baldwin, 563 Oak- 
dale Ave., Glencoe, Illinois. 

Black, Mary J.; Mrs. J. H. Luke, Holland. 

Blankenship, Virginia; Mrs. James McGehee, 
address unknown. 

Blanton, Mary Alice; Mrs. J. D. Roberts, 3313 
Park Ave., Richmond. 

Bowers, Mary Ruth, address unknown. 

Bradshaw, Bertha; Mrs. David Stilwell, 
demons, N. C. 

Bradshaw, Esma; Mrs. R. H. Worell, Cape 

Bramlett, Lois, R. 1, Laurens, S. C. 

Branch, Mamie; Mrs. H. J. Southall, 1610-B 
Monteiro Ave., Richmond. 

Branch, Tena, 3019 Semmes Ave., Richmond. 

Brown, Fannie Rowe, 5120 Cary St. Road, Rich- 

Brown, Minna ; Mrs. Edward Rhodes, Pocahon- 

Bryant, Virgie ; Mrs. S. E. Porter, Handsom. 

Burch, Mrs. Berkeley G., 1305 Jeffers St., South 

Burrow, Odelia ; Mrs. J. H. Clark, Burrowsville. 


Carleton, Mae Hill; Mrs. W. B. Peck, 2203 Or- 
cutt Ave., Newport News. 

Carter, Marv Elizabeth; Mrs. A. W. Jones, 55 
W. 44th St., New York City. 

Chapel, Altie; Mrs. Maurice Azrael, 3925 Car- 
lyle Ave., Baltimore, Maryland. 

Chapman, Anne; Mrs. T. R. Adkins, Dinwiddic. 

Chappell, Eloise, Meherrin. 

Clark, Frances; Mrs. R. W. Sexton, address un- 

Cland, Robbie, Franklin. 

Cobb, Alice; Mrs. Ray Carriker, address un- 

Cobb, Marv Edith; Mrs. Haves Holland, Frank- 

Cobb, Sara G. ; Mrs. James Rakestraw, Went- 
worth, N. C. 

Cocks, E. Agnes; Mrs. S. W. Knapp, 1846 Belle- 
view Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. 

Cohen, Helen, 1401 Park Ave., Baltimore, Mary- 

Consolvo, Eugenia, address unknown. 

Cook, Bessie; Mrs. L. A. Durfee, Prospect. 

Costan, Angeline; Mrs. F. A. Coyle, 1060 Uni- 
versity Place, Schenectady, N. Y. 

Cralle, Janet, 2618 Fendall Ave., Richmond. 

Crocker, Bertha, address unknown. 

Crowder, Catherine; Mrs. Henry Brothers, ad- 
dress unknown. 

Culin, Jo; Mrs. Harry A. George, Jr., Farming- 
ton, Charlottesville. 

Cutts, Mabel; Mrs. Clarence Herndon, 5002 
Virginia Ave., Charleston 4, W. Va. 

Darden, Mary, 8 Mansfield Ave., Suffern, N. Y. 

Davidson, Helen Isabel; Mrs. E. R. Taliaferro, 
726 W. Princess Anne Road, Norfolk. 

Deaton, Thelrna S. ; Mrs. J. K. Beam, address 

De Mott, Mary Amonette; Mrs. Dan Phillips, 
Chestnut Ave., Newport News. 

Diggs, Mary Rebecca; Mrs. Mary Diggs Moore, 

Drummond, Alva Irene, address unknown. 

Dudley, Helen Thompson, Hickory. 

Dulaney, Evelyn Virginia; Mrs. E. C. Cassidy, 
1121 Myra Barnes Ave., Pikesville, Kentucky. 

Duling, Mattie; Mrs. B. P. Lynch, 4 Prospect 
Pkwy., Cradock, Portsmouth. 

Dunton, Alida Van Ness, Birds Nest. 

East, Lillian, Chatham. 

Edwards, Nelie Berta; Mrs. W. E. Eubank, ad- 
dress unknown. 

Edye, Gwendolyn; Mrs. Charles B. Mitchell, 
1415 Buckingham Ave., Norfolk. 

Eppes, Nancy, Rocky Mount, N. C. 

Estes, Mamie Billy; Mrs. L. R. Igler, 1606 Main 
St., Jersey City, N. J. 

Farmer, Bessie Floyd; Mrs. E. D. Reynolds, 

Fisher, Ethel Fox; Mrs. J. T. Claud, Drewry- 

Folston, Mildred Joyce, address unknown. 

Fowlkes, Doris Frances; Mrs. M. S. Wimer, 3700 
Mormon Ave., Baltimore, Maryland. 

Frood, Alice Marie; Mrs. Alice Frood Morris- 
sette, R. 4, Raleigh, N. C. 

Gibson, Elsie Claire, 576 Albemarle St., Blue- 
field, W. Va. 

Gilliam, Sallie Kate; Mrs. E. S. Fraley, Norton. 

Goode, Frances Katherine, Henry. 


Griffin, Willie B. ; Mrs. A. J. Jenkins, Jr., Jar- 

Groseclose, Mabel, Pulaski. 

Gwaltney, S. Emily; Mrs. D. Stafford, 424 S. 
Sycamore, Petersburg. 

Hall, Amy Virginia, R. F. D. 4, Norfolk. 

Hall, Helen G.; Mrs. H. A. Pickford, Medium's 

Hall, Mary Grice; Mrs. H. L. Duff, Newsoms. 

Hall, Sarah Virginia; Mrs. S. A. Kent, 413 E. 
Thomas St., Rocky Mount, N. C. 

Hamilton, Louise Mattie; Mrs. C. E. Hardy, 

Hancock, Lilla W., address unknown. 

Harper, Ella B., White Stone. 

Harrell, Ada Virginia; Mrs. G. E. Tyler, ad- 
dress unknown. 

Harris, Josephine H.; Mrs. S. G. Howell, Linden 
Ave., Suffolk. 

Hayden, Lucy Octavia; Mrs. Lucy Hayden Mc- 
Ghee, Oliver Ave., Crewe. 

Hester, Emma Averett; Mrs. T. C. Humphries, 

Hodges, Helen Elmo; Mrs. J. B. James, address 

Hudson, Dorothy M. ; Mrs. R. W. Rickertts, ad- 
dress unknown. 

Hufton, Chester Ellen; Mrs. R. R. Shackelford, 

Inge, Martha Virginia, 212 N. Columbus St., 

Jenkins, Edith Estelle; Mrs. Charles Farmer, 

Jennings, Helen Virginia; Mrs. L. L. Rangeley, 
address unknown. 

Johnson, Amelia Alice; Mrs. Everette Callaway, 
503 Tazewell Ave., Bluefield, W. Va. 

Johnson, Marv Chastain; Mrs. Russell Hughes, 

Jones, C. Louise; Mrs. W. M. Broske, 4104 
Wythe Ave., Richmond. 

Jones, Frances L.; Mrs. F. A. McEachern, R. 1, 
Box 42-A, Riverside, Conn. 

Jones, Ida Elizabeth; Mrs. C. C. Hamlett; 1553 
Crescent Drive, Kingsport, Tenn. 

Jones, Phillis Leonne, 611 New Jersey Ave., 

Kelly, Mary Elizabeth; Mrs. L. G. Ross, West 
Main St., Salem. 

Knight, Bessie Rose; Mrs. C. R. Jones, Wake- 

Lackey, Gladys Starke, Covesville. 

Landrum, Kathryne E.; Mrs. C. W. Smith, 4311 
Wentworth Road, Baltimore, Md. 

Love, Esther Pauline, address unknown. 

Lowe, Eva R., address unknown. 

Lucas, Maxine Lee; Mrs. C. Van Patten, 105 
E. Prentis Ave., Greenville, S. C. 

McClenny, Mary Aileen, Pamplin. 

McClung, Rose Bright; Mrs. Meredith Leitch, 
Glenn Ave., Staunton. 

McCormick, Louise Steele; Mrs. Dale Brown, 
5513 Edna Ave., Baltimore, Md. 

McCoy, Margaret; Mrs. S. G. Baughan, Rich 
Square, N. C. 

Markley, Mary, 1212 Franklin Road, Roanoke. 

Marsh, Louise Douglas, 9 Russell Road, Alex- 

Martin, Viola Mae, 1531 Barron St., Ports- 

Alumnae Magazine 

Mattox, Dorothy Alice; Mrs. J. E. Taylor, 
Lynch Station. 

Minton, Sallie Elizabeth; Mrs. T. J. Saunders, 
Jr., R. F. D., Suffolk. 

Mitchell, Jean Mangum; Mrs. C. Montgomery, 
address unknown. 

Mitchell, Myrtle Louise, address unknown. 

Moffett, Catherine; Mrs. C. S. Walters, 2318 
Walker Ave., Greensboro, N. C. 

Moore, Jean; Mrs. Carpenter, R. 3, Charlottes- 

Morgan, Violet Constance, address unknown. 

Morse, Mildred, address unknown. 

Moses, Alice Ellen, address unknown. 

Newell, Berta Mae, 2400 Semmes Ave., Rich- 

Nimmo, Faye Elizabeth; Mrs. Webb, 101 
Brewer Ave., Suffolk (forwarding). 

Noel, Jacqueline Alice; Mrs. S. A. White, Glen 

Owens, Mary Louisa, 2725 Kimball Terrace, 

Parsons, Lucy Ellen, Capeville. 

Paxton, Frances; Mrs. J. Guerrant, 400 Henri 
Road, Richmond. 

Payne, Isabelle Virginia; Mrs. J. P. Engle, 2153 
California St., N. W. Washington, D. C. 

Peak, Mary Evelyn; Mrs. J. W. Mays, North 

Peery, Rosalind Thompson, Marion. 

Perkins, Mary Virginia, address unknown. 

Perkinson, Mar)' Frances, 1056 Hanover Ave., 

Perrow, Fannie Mabel; Mrs. C. B. Rhodes, 139 
Tradd St., Charleston, S. C. 

Petty, Margaret Eliza; Mrs. E. Hinton, 419 
Patrick St., Portsmouth. 

Phillips, Ruth M.; Mrs. L. Coyner, Fairfax. 

Phipps, Ada Evangeline; Mrs. D. M. Cassell, 
Burkes Garden. 

Pierce, Dorothy Azile, Drewryville. 

Poe, Gladys Hargrave; Mrs. J. P. Harmon, 2415 
Monroe St., N. E., Washington 18, D. C. 

Pond, Louise Mabel; Mrs. L. Jenkins, Crewe. 

Ponton, Ruth Virginia, Ontario. 

Ponton, Willie, Apt. 307, 906 S. Washington St., 

Potts, Jane Byrd, Armstrong Hotel Apts., Gas- 
tonia, N. C. 

Powell, Rose Hope; Mrs. W. Cassell, 1504 High- 
land Ave., Norfolk. 

Quarles, Mittie Graham, Four Oaks, N. C, 
Box 7. 

Reid, Emily Katherine; Mrs. H. D. Ebert, 322 
Sumpter St., Lynchburg. 

Reveley, Margaret Branch; Mrs. G. D. Kratz, 
address unknown. 

Richardson, Ruth Garland; Mrs. R. G. Horton, 
1222 Greycourt Ave., Richmond. 

Riddick, Agnes Eley; Mrs. R. E. Brittle, Suffolk. 

Riddick, Willie Cross; Mrs. J. E. Edwards, Jr., 

Riddle, Mary Morton; Mrs. J. W. Clemens, 

Ryland, Catherine Earl, 214 Franklin St., Peters- 

Savedge, Florence Carrie, address unknown. 

Savedge, Lillian Victoria, address unknown. 

Scott, Anna Louise, 809 S. Wayne St., Arling- 

December, 1945 

Sharpe, Viola Audrey; Mrs. G. W. Moore, Jr., 
R. 9, South Richmond. 

Shields, Helen De Armand, 400 Janette Ave., 
S. W. Roanoke. 

Shryock, Virginia Shannon; Mrs. J. C. Gregory, 
Stephen City. 

Shumadine, Luola Virginia, address unknown. 

Smith, Mary Moore; Mrs. G. Fitchett, Kipto- 

Smith, Pauline Lillard; Mrs. Robert Johnson, 
1082 Castlegate Rd., Berwick, Columbus, 

Smith, Rosa Codd; Mrs. Belch, Waterview, 

Snellings, Anna Ruth, 905 Hollway St., Ports- 

Steger, Frances; Mrs. B. Pulliam, 2213 Mont- 
claire Ave., Norfolk. 

Stewart, Jean Davis; Mrs. Jean Stewart San- 
ford, 74 Don Ave., Rumford, Rhode Island. 

Styne, Evelyn Gay; Mrs. H. Ritsch, Covington. 

Teel, Agnes; Mrs. G. Dunn, 101 Princeton Ave., 
Swarthmore, Penn. 

Thomas, Alice Louise; Mrs. L. W. Finks, Jr., 358 
Allison Ave., Roanoke. 

Thomas, Marjorie W.; Mrs. C. P. Johnston, 
South Hill. 

Thomas, Mary Thelma; Mrs. Mary Thomas 
Thomson, 603 King St. Road, Alexandria. 

Thomas, Rebecca Louise, Gladys. 

Townes, Rosa Stephenson, care R. E. Lee 
School, Petersburg. 

Truitt, S. Elizabeth, Birds Nest. 

Turner, Mary Norman, Boykins. 

Urquhart, Cora Blount; Mrs. C. G. Olinger 
1348 Boiling Ave., Norfolk. 

Varner, Elizabeth Sloane, 1114 Rugby Blvd., 

Walden, Marguerite Spotswood, Ino. 

Walton, Hattye; Mrs. Otis Geddy, address un- 

Ware, Margaret Frances; Mrs. D. Luter, Am- 

Warren, Delta Beulah; Mrs. Stephenson, Onley. 

Welchin, Edna Louise. 206 E. Franklin St., 

Welchin, Lena Mildred, 206 E. Franklin St., 

Wetzel, Dorothy Vernon; Mrs. M. G. Wright, 
4619 King William Road, Richmond. 

Wilkins, Alice Vera ; Mrs. Vera W. Woods, 
1224 N. Main St., Danville. 

Wilkins, Margaret, address unknown. 

Williams, Ida Elizabeth, address unknown. 

Williams, Lottie Lee, 2320 North St., Ports- 

Wilson, A. Violet; Mrs. W. Crymes, Keysville. 

Winn, Lucy India, Hebron. 

Winston, Annie Lee; Mrs. A. H. Clarke, Nelson. 

Woodhouse, Virginia McKenney, 113 Hinsdale 
Ave., Fayetteville, N. C. 

Young, Elizabeth Agnes; Mrs. R. Doar, 10th 
St., Huntington, W. Va. 

Younger, Ruby Joyce, Rustburg. 

Zacharias, Eleanor Louise, Salem. 


Alsop, Margaret Virginia; Mrs. A. E. Hackley, 


Bailey, Mattie Louise; Mrs. T. W. Elam, Basker- 

Bailey, Mildred Irene, Fairfax, 

Barrow, Grace Winn, Cluster Springs. 

Bass, Grace Virginia, Brookville H. S., Lynch- 

Billings, Dorothy, 1123 Shuford Ave., Fairfax. 

Bingham, Emma Fenn; Mrs. R. F. Anderson, 
1810 Bourbon Ave., Norfolk. 

Bland, Nancy Leigh, Plain View. 

Blanton, Ruby Hazel, Guinea Mills. 

Bondurant, Agnes Meredith; Mrs. C. B. Mar- 
cuson, Rice. 

Booton, Marjorie Mariella, Luray. 

Boswell, Nell Gray, Faculty Apts., Rugby Roads, 

Briggs, Annie Louise; Mrs. F. D. Childress, 

Burch, Mrs. Berkely G., 1305 Jeffress St., South 

Byrd, Caroline Houston; Mrs. R. V. Lancaster, 
Warm Springs. 

Chappell, Ruby Katherine; Mrs. Warren M. 
Shaw, 637 Bennett Ave., Vallejo, Calif. 

Chenault, Mary Adeline, Venter. 

Clark, Margaret Whitehurst; Mrs. H. H. 
Hanger, Miller School, (temporary) 

Clements, Audrey Mae, 235 Chapel St., Hamp- 

Coates, Doris, 700 W. Princess Anne Road, 
Chelser Apt., Norfolk. 

Cobb, Kemper; Mrs. Herman Pollard, Jr., 3123 
Edgewood Ave., Richmond. 

Coleman, Elizabeth Irene, Nelly's Ford. 

Collings, Alice; Mrs. J. A. S. Rohrer, address 

Covert, lone Elizabeth, Ruffner Jr. H. S., Nor- 

Crockett, Agnes Oglesby; Mrs. John C. Davis, 
Max Meadows. 

Crockett, Mrs. Mary Nottingham; Mrs. Rufus 
White, address unknown. 

Deans, Dorothy Allen, 930 B. St., Portsmouth. 

Elliott, Alma Thomas; Mrs. Edwin Anderson, 
214 E. Thomas St., Danville. 

Eubank, Grace Willard ; Mrs. Herbar Spencer, 
63 Post St., Hilton Village. 

Eubank, Winnie Frances, Boykins. 

Farrar, Margaret Reed; Mrs. C. G. Baab, 444 
Newport News Ave., Hampton. 

Ferguson, Nancy Margaret ; Mrs. Everett Mot- 
ley, 639-C Holbrooke Ave., Danville. 

Foster, Ida Belle, Dumfries. 

Francis, Mary Louise, White Gate. 

Gathright, Louise Goodwin; Mrs. S. B. Lea, 
Grant Bldg., Apt, A22 Presidential Gardens, 

Glass, Marv Alice; Mrs. R. H. Goldsmith, South 

Gleaves, Josephine, 412 Stuart Circle, Rich- 

Gleaves, Ruth, S. T. C, Farmville. 

Goodman, Winifred ; Mrs. Charles Turner, ad- 
dress unknown. 

Gresham, Susan Emmerson, 518 Craford Place, 

Hall, Nell Virginia, 1619 Grove Ave., Rich- 

Harper, Claudie Ethel; Mrs. Henry Sturm, 117 
35th St., Apt. 5, Newport News. 


Harris, Grace Louise; Mrs. W. M. Pond, Wake- 

Harrison, Dortha Louise ; Mrs. Nelson R. Not- 
tingham, address unknown. 

Harrison, Martha Lucile; Mrs. R. J. Bailey, 

Hart, Bessie Dru; Mrs. L. T. Payne, Chatham. 

Hart, Elizabeth L., Sutherland. 

Harvey, Kathryn; Mrs. W. C. Newman, Farm- 

Hooke, Virginia, McDowell. 

Hoon, Carolyn; Mrs. H. J. Graham, Boerne, 

Houck, Ethel Izell, address unknown. 

Hundley, Myrtle Marie; Mrs. J. R. Hook, 643 
Highland Court, Park View, Newport News. 

Hurtt, Margaret Armstrong, Nassawadox. 

Huse, Elizabeth; Mrs. John E. Ware, 21 Bran- 
don Road, Newport News. 

Jones, Jeannette Barham; Mrs. S. D. Spivey, 
Box 23, Harrington Park, N. J. 

Jones, Lois Crenshaw, Avon Ave., Hyattsville, 

Lee, Virginia Mae; Mrs. W. C. Hughes, address 

McNamee, Dorothy; Mrs. Allen N. Fore, 208 
Second Ave., Farmville. 

Main, Jane Alyce; Mrs. M. C. Pfalzgraf, Fair- 

Mason, Ellen Burruss; Mrs. C. E. McMurda, 2 
Vista Ave., Lynchburg. 

Massey, Evelyn Cosby; Mrs. T. S. Coleman, 

Mayo, Elsie Lee, Schuyer. 

Moore, Doris Cecil; Mrs. James L. Turner, Jr., 
509 Pelham Drive, Richmond. 

Morgan, Billie, 608 S. Washington St., Falls 

Norfleet, Addie, 419 N. Main St., Suffolk. 

Nottingham, Martha Bacon; Mrs. David Rice, 

O'Brien, Claudine D., Lawrenceville. 

Payne, Ernestine, Warm Springs. 

Payne, Virginia McClure, Lafayette St., Peters- 

Pollard, Margaret Beverly; Mrs. W. T. Flippen, 
711 Ferdinand Ave., S. W. Roanoke, Va. 

Potter, Virginia Louise; Mrs. R. F. Kirks. 

Powell, Mary Lee; Mrs. S. P. Johnson, Jr., 339 
N. Boulevard, Petersburg. 

Pruden, Eva Tapelle, 407 W. Washington St., 

Ranson, Mary Kathleen (Lt. j.gj) B. O. A. A 
54, Naval Operating Base, Norfolk. 

Rawlinson, Mrs. Nora Berden, 422 Locust St., 
Kalamazoo, Michigan. 

Rhodes, Dorothy Evelyn; Mrs. J. M. Putney, 
Jr., Cartersville. 

Robeson, Mary Evans; Mrs. John Dudley Wood, 

Sadler, Mary Frances, Wilmington. 

Salsburg, Henrietta, 620 North Road, Rich- 

Samford, Edith Neblett, Lawrenceville. 

Sanford, Florence H.; Mrs. H. O. Lyne, Jr., 
427 N. Stafford, Richmond. 

Sanford, Lelia Johnson; Mrs. W. L. Shumate, 
Box 165, Orange. 

Shields, Lucy Knight, Farmville. 

Alumnae Magazine 

Simmerman, Ellen; Mrs. Aubrey N. Heflin, 425 
McDonald Road, Norfolk. 

Smith, Hazel Mary; Mrs. Louise Hancock, 404 
Marshall Ave., Roanoke. 

Smith, Mildred Winston, Stewartsville. 

Smoot, Catherine Griffith, 1 1 14 Prince St., Alex- 

Sutton, Elizabeth Bland, Covington. 

Slayton, Mildred; Mrs. J. T. Sydnor, 1524 
Versailles Ave., Suffolk. 

Tankard, Florence Mabel; Mrs. Thurman C. 
Renner, Franktown. 

Trent, Elizabeth; Mrs. C. R. Hall, Box 145, 

Tuck, Clyde Amelia, McHenry. 

Umberger, Marion Howe, address unknown. 

Vick, Marcia Hundley, Carrsville. 

Waldo, Sue; Mrs. R. G. O'Hara, 600 Taylor 
St., Arlington. 

Walker, Linda; Mrs. Decatur Rogers, 323 14th 
St., Charlottesville. 

Walmsley, Louise Jordan, Marion College, 

Walton, Elizabeth James, 501 N. Blvd., Rich- 

Waters, Itarca Mapp; Mrs. H. W. Mapp, 918 
19th St., Newport News. 

Wilkinson, A. Beverley; Mrs. Beverley Knighton, 
College Ave., Salem. 

Wood, Mary Elizabeth, Amelia. 

Yester, Frances Aleen, address unknown. 


Arthur, Mary Irvin; Mrs. R. C. Larsh, 509 
High Street, Franklin. 

Bagby, Dorothy, address unknown. 

Barrett, Juliette Frances, Boykins. 

Bradshaw, Leslie Chappell, Waverly. 

Britton, Frances LaMay; Mrs. A. A. Hayman, 
Jr., care Area Engr. Off., Ft. Bragg, N. C. 

Carter, Rebecca Dale, Burkeville. 

Callis, Juanita Rosalind: Mrs. C. S. Hammond, 

Cocks, Minnie Louise, Woodstock. 

Conner, Martha Elizabeth, Nathalie. 

Cunningham, Amy Louise, Elington. 

Davis, Virginia Lucile; Mrs. G. H. Byrd, Fudge 
St., Covington. 

Dickcrson, Ena Thornton, Crewe. 

Dickerson, Evelyn; Mrs. E. H. Frazier, Alta- 

Dodson, Eleanor Laird; Mrs. S. Nottingham, 
413 Carlysleway, Norfolk. 

Duck, Maude E., Mrs. H. Gwaltney, Windsor. 

Dunham, Eleanor T., 1806 Edwin Road, Dur- 
ham, N. C. 

Dunnavant, Sylvia Lee; Mrs. Allen, Wood- 

Elliot, Charlotte, Hampton, deceased. 

Ellis, Ritchie O., P. O. Box 512, Lawrenceville. 

Faris, Frances C. ; Mrs. Ball, 303 Oliver Ave., 

Fitzgerald, Kathryn ; Mrs. A. N. Hodgson, Jr., 
1929 Northwest Blvd., Columbus, Ohio. 

Fraley, Mary Margaret, Appalachia. 

French, Mary Louise; Mrs. J. E. Hargroves, 
State Farm. 

Godwin, Leah, Cypress Chapel. 

Gunter, Thelma C, Princess Anne. 

December, 1945 

Hailey, Clara May; Mrs. Floyd Wagner, Poca- 
hontas, Va. 
Hamilton, Ervin May; Mrs. W. L. Eubank, 

Hankley, Elizabeth J.; Mrs. R. B. Cage, 2513 

Seminary Ave., Richmond. 
Hansbrough, Marion W., Salem. 
Harrison, Betty Gray; Mrs. J. L. Thacker, Dis- 

Harvey, Edna Earle, Dilwyn. 
Harvey, Virginia Lee, address unknown. 
Haskins, M. Roberta; Mrs. H. Cunningham, 

Henrickson, Gladys Mae, Dumfries. 
Hines, Edith Eloyse; Mrs. J. D. Alexander, 4001 

Colonial Ave., Norfolk. 
Hock, Anne Louise, Lewisburg, W. Va. 
Hurt, Mrs. Rebecca L. Coleman, 1313 Clay St., 

Jamison, Kathryn H.; Mrs. M. Dillard, 434 

Guilford Ave., Roanoke 15. 
Johnson, Anne Ransom; Mrs. R. C. Edmunds, 

Old Hickory, Tenn. 
Johnston, M. Lucille; Mrs. W. E. Baynor, R. 

F. D. 2, Farmville. 
Joyce, Anne K., Fries. 
Levy, Gertrude R. ; Mrs. Ellis Conn, care Mrs. 

E. Conn, 628 28th St., Newport News. 
Lybrook, Jane, Box 1 17, Ft. Belvoir. 
McCann, Kathleen, 305 St. Andrew St., Peters- 
Marsh, Elizabeth, Miskimon. 
Marshburn, M. Elise, Legett's, N. C. 
Moore, Martha Louise ; Mrs. W. R. Savage, Jr., 

Nelson, Alice M.; Mrs. G. M. King, Thornhill. 
Nichols, Edith B. ; Mrs. W. O. Baucom, Jr., 5809 

Ellen Road, Betsy Lee Gardens, Newport 

Nimmo, Valla I.; Mrs. M. E. Stallings, Park 

Road, Suffolk. 
Ovefbey, Elizabeth Hyde, Gloucester. 
Parker, Dora Virginia; Mrs. D. H. Horton, Box 

290, Suffolk. 
Partridge, Mary Louise; Mrs. S. M. Hoga, ad- 
dress unknown. 
Pendleton, Mary Jane; Mrs. J. H. Saunders, 

Smithwick St., Williamston, N. C. 
Perdue, Helen Fern; Mrs. C. Busch, Chester. 
Phipps, Mary W., address unknown. 
Pilcher, Mary Virginia, address unknown. 
Pinckard, Clara Elizabeth, Stuart. 
Pleasant, Mildred L. ; Mrs. B. E. Rhodes, 344 

Warwick Rd., Hilton Village. 
Pollock, Ada Virginia, Dogue. 
Powell, Agnes B. ; Mrs. R. Scott, 2003 Chest- 
nut Ave., Newport News. 
Puckette, Nannie Elizabeth, Gladys. 
Reynolds, Cleo F. ; Mrs. R. M. Coleman, 504 

Victoria Ave., Lynchburg. 
Robertson, Elizabeth O.; Mrs. J. H. Asher, 

Brookneal, R. 1. 
Russell, Margaret L., Scottsburg. 
Scanlan, Virginia Elizabeth, West Point. 
Shackleton, Mary Eleanor, Meherrin. 
Shorter, Elna Lucile, Charlotte C. H. 
Spiers, Kathryn E., 1926 Princess Anne Ave., 

Stephenson, Louise Hale; Mrs. R. L. McKee, 

410 Botetourt St., Norfolk. 


Tanner, Eunice G.; Mrs. O. T. Bailcv, Jr., 

Taylor, Sarah Irene; Mrs. E. H. Harper, 1716 

Oakdale Road, Richmond. 
Teass, Frances C, 223 Lansing Ave., Lynch- 
Thomas, Mary Lynn, 42 Gibbes St., Charleston, 

S. C. 
Upshur, Caroline G; Mrs. H. F. Green, Jr., 

Vainer, Aurelia M.; Mrs. J. A. Hazelgrove, 

care W. A. Varner, Cumberland. 
Waldo, Julia Ann; Mrs. R. W. Campbell, 

Wood, Eleanor W.; Mrs. R. L. Bowles, Maidens. 
Zeigler, Frances Juanita, Norton. 


Aldredge, Margarette Miriam, 520 Worsham 
St., Danville. 

Anderson, Anna Lockette ; Mrs. T. L. Wood- 
ward, Suffolk. 

Boney, Mrs. Mae W., Appomattox. 

Clevinger, Chloe; Mrs. Edd Sutherland, Prater. 

Coffey, Edith Christine; Mrs. L. D. Evans, 2917 
James St., Roanoke. 

Covington, Ethel L. ; Mrs. C. A. Allen, Pros- 

Daniel, Omara, Coltranc Hall, Roanoke Rapids, 
N. C. 

Emory, Annie Marie; Mrs. Burley Garner, Em- 

Gray, Amanda Norrel, Chesapeake Ave., Hamp- 

Harris, Katherine Eugenia, Newport News. 

Harvey, Hilda Elizabeth, Apt. 1, George, Char- 

Hillsman, Byrdie Mae, 512 Campbell Ave., S. 
W., Roanoke. 

Jennings, Sallie Caroline, address unknown. 

Jones, Mildred Boiling, 321 Clinton St., Pe- 

McManus, Margie, 2179 Gaston St., Winston- 
Salem, N. C. 

Marshall, Verna Williams, Hilton Village. 

Martin, Edythe Josephine; Mrs. Marshall 
Hunter, Oakville. 

Murphy, Agnes Christine, 506 Harrison St., 

Newbill, Olivia Simmons, Newport News. 

Parker, Geneva Lee, 137 Marshall St., Peters- 

Perrow, Sallie T, ; Mrs. Norman Cutler, 1106 
Federal St., Lynchburg. 

Pohlig, Ann Elizabeth; Mrs. R. C. Poage, 529 
New Hampshire Ave., Norfolk. 

Ramirez, Myrtle Elvina, address unknown. 

Rode, Mrs. Sallie Goggin, Nathalie. 

Simmons, Virginia Whitaker, address unknown. 

Storey, Daisy, 227 Rosalind Ave., Roanoke. 

Wells, Addie Mae; Mrs. J. I. Dunn, Goldsboro, 
N. C. 

Robinson, Sue; Mrs. James Turner, 403 An- 
drews St., Petersburg. 

Wells, Mary Lee; Mrs. C. K. Miller, Luke, Md. 

Whitehurst, Mrs. Lottie West, 12 Cavalier Apt., 

Williams, Juanita; Mrs. L. R. French, Jr. 

Wilson, Amanda Maude, 109 Vermont Ave., 

Wilson, Audrey O'Dessa, Ridgeway. 


Alumnae Magazine 

3n Jlemortam 

Miss Clara Wilson Atkinson, '29* 

Mrs. Agnes Lee Barlow Vaughan, E '38 

Mrs. Fanny Bland Schommes, '12 

Miss Avaughn Chafin, E '42 

Miss Mary White Cox, '98 

Mrs. Gladys Felts Dunn, E '20 

Mrs. Mary Fitzhugh Eggleston, '94 

Miss Carrie Fowles, E '99 

Mrs. Ida Hamlet Chambers, E '85 

Miss Ormand Hamlet, E '85 

Mrs. Zou Hardy Duerson, '96 

Mrs. Sallie B. Ivy, '95 

Mrs. Edna Landrum Martin, '12 

Mrs. Daisy Mitchell Vincent, '26 

Mrs. Loulie Morton Gooch, '96 

Mrs, Betty Parr Wood, E '85 

Miss Louise Parramour, '03 

Mrs. Bertie Parsons Taylor, '96 

Mrs. Belle Porter Ellington, '92 

Mrs. Lottie Primm Stone, E '17 

Mrs. Inez Prince Nash, '32 

Miss Mary Elizabeth Redd, '06 

Mrs. Maude Vaughen Warriner, E '03 

Mrs. Hattie Williams Sydnor, E '84 

Miss Preston Womack, '92 

*The numeral alone gives the date of graduation. The 
numeral with E is the date of entrance for non-graduates. 

Edith Stevens 
Maud K. Taliaferro 


Produced by Wedgwood 


Plates, 10J/8 inch size — Rotunda or Longwood 1 each $1.50 

Tea Cups and Saucers — Rotunda each $1.50 

Ash Trays — Rotunda each $0.80 

After Dinner Cups and Saucers — Rotunda each $1.00 

Salad Plates each $1.25 

Bread and Butter Plates each $1.00 

Blue or Mulberry 
A new supply of china is expected in June, 1946 

The proceeds from the sale of this china will go to meet the expenses of the Alum- 
nae Office. Send all orders with check in payment for same to the Association of 
Alumnae, State Teachers College, Farmville, Virginia. Express charges collect. 

The Farmville Plates are being produced under the supervision of 



U. S. Agents for WEDGWOOD