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Full text of "Catalogue of the library of the Royal geographical society. Containing the titles of all works up to December 1893"


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Royal Geographical Society. 

^Rec'd 2 4 NOV 1964 






Published for the Royal Geographical Society by 


50 Albemarle Street, W. 



^ Library 




Prefacp: v-viii 

General Alphabetical Authors' Catalogue - - - 1-52 1 

Appendix I. — Collections of Voyages and Travels - 525-612 

Appendix II. — Government, Anonymous, and other 

Miscellaneous Publications ----- 615-769 

Appendix III. — Transactions and Periodical Publications 771-833 


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THE first Catalogue of the Library of the Royal Geographical Society 
was prepared by the Secretary, Dr Norton Shaw, in 1852. It was 
superseded in 1865 by a larger Catalogue, comprising 542 pages octavo, giving 
the contents of the Library down to that date. This was arranged in one 
alphabet, according to authors' names, as far as possible, but with subject 
headings for anonymous books, and extensive sub-divisions under "Voyages," 
" Transactions," &c. This Catalogue bears marks of having been rapidly 
compiled and not very carefully revised. In 187 1 an Appendix of 136 
pages was prepared by Mr Godfrey M. Evans, of the British Museum, 
containing the accessions up to the end of 1870. Mr Evans also prepared 
a Classified Catalogue brought up to 1870. The accessions for the ten 
years 1870-80 were catalogued by Mr E. C. Rye, at that time Librarian 
to the Society, and his is an admirable piece of work, the revision having 
been very thorough. It consists of 380 pages, and necessarily follows the 
classification of the main Catalogue and its first Supplement, but uniformity 
was introduced into the cataloguing of compound names, and some im- 
provements were made in the manner of entering official publications. 

On my appointment as Librarian in March 1892, it became my duty 
to prepare a third Supplement to the Catalogue, containing the accessions 
for the ten years ending in 1890. This was completed, with the aid of Mr 
Vincent S. B. Hawkins, the Assistant-Librarian, in February 1893. But 
after estimates had been obtained for printing the third supplement as a 
volume of 420 pages, the Library Committee decided to incorporate the 
Catalogue of 1865 and the three appendices, and to print the whole as 
one volume. The additional material was prepared for the printer, and 
after several experiments the form now adopted was arrived at as the best 
and most convenient ; the use of double columns being necessary in order 
that the whole might be contained in a single volume. 

The one aim kept in view was to produce a Catalogue of the most con- 
venient form for the use of Fellows of the Society and practical geographers. 
No attempt was made to give a bibliographical description of the books or 
a full transcript of the title-pages. Nor are the contents of books, except 
in the great collections of travels in Appendix I., noted, save in a few cases, 
and papers in journals are not catalogued. The size of the volumes is 


only approximately given by the terms folio, quarto, octavo, &c., and some 
inconsistency may be found in this respect, as it was not considered advis- 
able to delay the Catalogue for six months in order that the size of the 
sheets on which each book was printed could be ascertained. When the 
place of publication was London it is not noted, and where no town is 
given London is to be understood. The names of other towns are given 
as currently written in English, although on the book they may be latinised 
or in a foreign form. The titles in their entirety or in a slightly abbreviated 
form, are given in the language in which the book is written, except in the 
case of Russian, where it seemed better to translate than to transliterate the 
Russian into Roman letters. The words [In Russian] are added to these 
titles in every case. 

The present Catalogue includes all books, pamphlets, periodicals, and 
other printed papers, in the possession of the Royal Geographical Society 
in May 1895, which had been published up to 31st December 1893, but 
new editions of works previously catalogued are included down to 1895. 
The Catalogue is arranged in four divisions, obviating the difficulties of 
reference arising from a mixed system of Author and Subject headings in 
the same alphabet. 

I. General Alphabetical Authors' Catalogue. — The object of 
this Catalogue is to show which of the works of each Author are in the 
Library. It is arranged in strict alphabetical order according to surnames. 
The names of important ships have been added to those of authors, and 
in most cases biographical notices have been entered under the name of 
the subject of the memoir as well as that of the author. Where the 
biographical notice is anonymous, it appears under the name of the subject 
only. The convenience of these transgressions of the rule will, we believe, 
excuse the inconsistency. 

The entries are of three kinds : — (r.) Titles of books distinguished by 
a small circle following the number which indicates their size, e,g., 8°, for 
an octavo book. Papers in the Ergdnzungshefte of " Petermann's Mittheil- 
ungen," and in the Supplementary Papers of the Royal Geographical 
Society, are included. (2.) Pamphlets of less than 100 pages, and kept 
unbound or in plain cardboard covers, including extracts from periodicals, 
reprints, and cuttings. These are distinguished by a star, e.g., 8*, for an 
octavo pamphlet. (3.) Cross-references to names of joint-authors, and to 
the authors of papers noticed in Appendices I. and II., as well as to the 
early travellers whose works are noticed in Appendix I. 

In many cases the alphabetical arrangement of names presents serious 
difficulties, and in spite of much care some anomalies remain in the 
text. The inconvenience due to this cause is, however, minimised by 
the copious use of cross-references. The difficulty arises sometimes 
from uncertainty as to the true surname, e.g., E. de Bourgade la Dardye, 
or A. Bouquet de la Grye. In such cases the titles are given under 


the name to which it seemed most natural to refer, with cross-references 
under the other names. Following the rule adopted in Mr Rye's supple- 
ment, foreign names in de, cP, le, von, or van, e.g., De Candolle, D'Anville. 
Le Blanc, von Richthofen, van Noort, are given under the initials of the 
main word ; but names in De la, Du, Von der. Van der, are given under D 
or V. Where such names belong to Englishmen or Americans, the article 
or preposition is in all cases treated as part of the name, e.g., De Ranee, 
Le Messurier. Where deviations from this rule escaped notice until the 
proof was in pages, a cross-reference is inserted in the proper place. For 
the sake of uniformity, names in Mac — appear as if fully spelled even 
when the authors use the form J/' or Mc\ but the use of a capital or 
small letter following Mac or Fitz — which does not affect the alphabetical 
arrangement — is in accordance with the authors' usage. The contraction 
St is placed along with Saint. Russian names in Ch are sometimes given 
under Teh or Tsch when occurring only in French or German titles. 

The military, naval, or other official designations of authors are given 
merely for the purpose of allowing the author to be more easily recognised. 
As a rule, the highest rank reached by an author is stated when this was 
known ; but some cases may have been overlooked, and in other cases 
reasons, which will be apparent on reading the entry, make a deviation 
from the rule advisable. Every effort has been made to give the works of 
different authors of the same name correctly ; but there are a few cases in 
which it was found impossible to ascertain whether certain books were by a 
particular author or by a contemporary of the same name. The Christian 
names or initials of some authors, particularly of Frenchmen, could not be 
discovered without an expenditure of time that seemed unjustifiable. 

The 521 pages of the alphabetical Catalogue were revised carefully by 
Lieut.-Col. J. Dalton and Mr E. G. Ravenstein, members of the Library 
Committee, whose corrections were of the utmost value. 

2. Appendix I. — Collections of Voyages and Travels. — The 
collections are arranged alphabetically under the names of their compilers 
when these are known, and the anonymous works are placed at the end in 
chronological order. The contents are reprinted, with corrections when 
necessary, and many additions, from the previous Catalogue and Supple- 

3. Appendix II. — Government, Anonymous, and other Miscel- 
laneous Publications. — These are incapable of alphabetical arrangement, 
except so far as concerns the larger divisions. The continents are given 
in alphabetical order, the chief countries in each also arranged alphabeti- 
cally ; and whenever the number of publications to be catalogued is large 
enough the countries are subdivided, the divisions being indicated, for 
convenience of reference, by letters of the alphabet. The ultimate 
arrangement under each head is chronological. When authors' names 
occur, they are as a rule referred to in the alphabetical part of the Cata- 



logue, to which the Appendices are subordinate and supplementary. In 
this Appendix the pamphlets have not been distinguished from the bound 

4. Appendix III. — Transactions and Periodical Publications. — 
The Library of the Society is particularly rich in sets of transactions and 
periodicals, and these have recently been put in thorough order by Dr 
James Murie, by whom this Appendix has been compiled and revised 
directly from the works. The arrangement is geographical, as in the case 
of Appendix II. The continents are arranged alphabetically, the countries 
and the towns in each country being also in alphabetical order. Notes and 
comments on the sets of serials are given in a brief form when necessary. 

A new Subject Catalogue of the Library is at present in course of 
compilation, in which the principal contents of all the geographical books 
and periodicals belonging to the Society will be classified, and so the 
Library will be made for the first time fully available for geographical 

In preparing this Catalogue for press, I have received much helpful 
advice from the President, Mr Clements R. Markham, C.B., and from 
Mr J. Scott Keltic, as well as great assistance from Lieut.-Col. Dalton, Mr 
Ravenstein, Dr Murie, Mr Vincent Hawkins, and especially from Mr 
Edward Heawood, M.A. 


Librarian, R.G.S. 

1 Savile Row, London, W., 
27//^ May 1895. 


A. . . . Abd-el-Qader et sa Nouvelle 

Capitale. Map. 8* Paris, 1840 

A K. See Hennessy, J. B. N. 

Aa, Van der. See under Robide van der 

Aa ; Van der Aa. 
Abad, J. R. La Republica Dominicana, 

Resena General Geografico-Estadistica. 

8° Santo Domingo, 1888 

Puerto Rico en la Feria. Exposicion 

de Ponce en 1882. Memoria redactada 
de orden de la junta directiva de la 
misma, por Don Jose Ramon Abad. 
8° Ponce, 1885 

Abbadie, Antoine d'. Notice sur les 

Travaux Scientifiques ; Voyage a Olinda. 

4* Paris, 1836-37 

Voyage en Abyssinie. 8* Paris, 1839 

Note sur le haut Fleuve Blanc. 8* 

Paris, 1849 
Reponses de Falasha dits Juifs d'Abys- 

sinie aux questions faites par M. Luzzato. 

8* Paris, 1850 
Observations relatives au cours du Nil 

et aux lacs de I'Afrique Centrale. 8* 

Paris, 1 85 1 
Geodesic d'Ethiopie, ou Triangulation 

d'une partie de la Haute Ethiopie, 

executee selon des methodes nouvelles. 

Verifiee et redigee par Rodolphe Radau. 

Maps. Imperfect. 4° Paris, 1860-73 

Description d'un instrument pour la 

pratique de la Geodesic expeditive. 4* 

Paris, 1863 
Geographic de I'Ethiopie. Ce que j'ai 

entendu, faisant suite a ce que j'ai vu. 

Premier volume. 8" , Paris, 1890 
and J. A. Chaho. Etudes Grammati- 

cales sur la Langue Euskarienne. 8" 

Paris, 1836 
Abbadie, Arnauld d'. Douze Ans dans 

la Haute Ethiopie (Abyssinie). Vol. I. 

Map. 8" Paris, 1868 

Abbate, Enrico. Guida al Gran Sasso 

d'ltalia, publicata per cura della Sezione 

di Roma del Club Alpino Italiano. 

Maps, plans, and illustrations. 12" 

Rome, 1888 
Abbate Pasha, Dr. De la jiretendue 

Sphericite de la Terre connue des An- 

ciens Egyptiens. 8* Cairo, 1893 

Abbate Pasha, Dr. II Genio e I'obbiet- 
tivo di Colombo. In rapporto alle con- 
dizione geografiche contemporanee dell' 
Egitto. 8* Naples, 1893 

Abbe, Cleveland. Smithsonian Miscel- 
laneous Collections, 843 : The Mecha- 
nics of the Earth's Atmosphere (a Col- 
lection of Translations). 8° 

Washington, 1891 

See United States, H, /; : Appendix 2. 

Abbot, H. L. Reports of Explorations 
and Surveys to ascertain the most prac- 
ticable and economical route for a Rail- 
road from the Mississippi River to the 
Pacific Ocean. Vol. 6. 4° 

Washington, 1857 

See Humphreys. 

Abbott, Charles C. Primitive Industry ; 
or, Illustrations of the Handiwork, in 
Stone, Bone, and Clay, of the Native 
Races of the Northern Atlantic Seaboard 
of America. (Peabody Academy of Sci- 
ence. ) Map and illustrations. 8* 

Salem, Mass., 1881 

Abbott, Major F. Selections from the 
Report of, on the Grand Trunk Road from 
Goorsahai Gunge to Dehlie, 1844. Plate. 
(In India Records, N.-W. Provinces, 
Vol. 2.) Allahabad, 1856 

Abbott, Francis. Results of Meteoro- 
logical Observations for twenty years for 
Hobart Town, from Jan, 1841 to Dec. 
i860. 4* Hobart, 1 86 1 

Results of Five Years' Meteorological 

Observations for Hobart Town, with 
which are incorporated the results of 
twenty-five years' observations. 4* 

Hobart, 1872 

Abbott, Capt. J. Journey from Heraut 
to Khiva, Moscow, and St Petersburg 
during the late Russian invasion of 
Khiva. Map and portrait, 2 vols. 8° 

See India, G : Appendix 2. 

Abbott, Samuel W. On the Geographi- 
cal Distribution of certain Causes of 
Death in Massachusetts. Maps. 8° 

Boston, Mass. [1893] 


Abd-er-Razzak. See Hakluyt Soc. Publ. , 
Vol. 22 : Appendix I. 

Abdoul-Kerim. See Schefer. 

Abdy, E. S. Journal of a Residence and 
Tour in the United States of North 
America, from April 1833 to October 
1834. 3 vols. 12° 1835 

Abel, C. Narrative of a Journey in the 
Interior of China, and of a Voyage to 
and from that Country, in the years 18 16 
and 181 7. Maps and plates. 4° 1 8 18 

Abel, Sir Frederick. The Work of the 
Imperial Institute. Address delivered at 
the Royal Institution of Great Britain 
. . . 22nd April 1887. Map. 8* 1887 

Abel-Remusat, J. P. See Remusat. 

Abendroth, . Ritzebiittel und das 

Seebad zu Cuxhaven. Afap and plates. 
8° Hamburg, 18 18 

Abercrombie, Lieut. R. Rajendraname ; 
or, History of Coorg. With an English 
Translation by Lieut. R. Abercrombie. 
4* Mangalore, 1857 

Abercromby, Hon. John. A Trip 
through the Eastern Caucasus, with a 
chapter on the Languages of the Country. 
Maps and illustrations. 8° 1 889 

Abercromby, Hon. Ralph. Principles 
of Forecasting by means of Weather 
Charts. Issued by the authority of the 
Meteorological Council. Charts, &'c. 
8° 1885 

Weather : a Popular Exposition of 

the Nature of Weather Changes from 
Day to Day. Illustrations. Small 8° 


Seas and Skies in many Latitudes ; 

or, Wanderings in Search of Weather. 
Maps and illustrations. 8° 1888 

See Symons. 

Abercromby, Sir Ralph. See Pinckard. 

Aberdeen, Earl of. See Walpole, Travels : 
Appendix i. 

Abert, Col. J. J. Report on the Com- 
merce of the Lakes and Western Rivers. 
8° Washington, 1841 

Report on the subject of Rivers and 

Harbours. 8° Washington, 1850 

Abich, H. Geognostiche Reise zum 
Ararat und Verschiittung des Thales von 
Arguri, 1840. 8° Berlin, N.ii. 

Meteorologische Beobachtungen in 

Transcaucasien. 4* Berlin, N.D. 

Ueber das Steinsalz und seine geolo- 

gische Stellung im Russischen Armenien, 
Palseontologischer Theil. Plates. 4° 

St Petersburg, 1857 

Sur la Structure et Geologic du 

Daghestan. Plate. 4* 

St Petersburg, 1862 

Aper9u de mes Voyages en Trans- 

caucasie en 1864. 8* Moscow, 1865 

■ Beitrage zur geologischen Kenntniss 

der Thermalquellen in den Kaukasischen 
Laadern. Lief. i. Map. 4* Tijlis, 1865 

Abich, H. Einleitende Grundziige der 
Geologic der Halbinseln Kertsch und 
Taman. Plates. 4* St Petersburg, 1865 

Karten und Profile zur Geologic der 

Halbinseln Kertsch und Taman. Als 
Beitrag, &c. 4* Tiflis, 1866 

Translation by A. Phyladelphyn of 

Abich's "Earthquakes at Shamack and 
Erzeroum in May 1859." [In Russian.] 
Maps. 8* N. r., N. d. 

Zur Geologic des siidostlichen Kau- 

kasus. Bemerkungen von meinen Reisen 
imjahrei865. 8* St Petersburg, 1^66 

Report on Explorations in Naphtha 

districts in the Trans-Kuban District 
and the Peninsula of Tamand. [In 
Russian.] 8* 7//?w, 1867 

Bemerkungen liber die Geroll- und 

Triinmier-ablagerungen aus der Gletsch- 
erzeit im Kaukasus. 8* 

St Petersburg, 187 1 

Ueber die Lage der Schneegrenze und 

die Gletscher der Gegenwart im Kau- 
kasus. Small 8* St Petersburg, 1877 

Ein Cyclus fundamentaler baro- 

metrischer Hohenbestimmungen auf dem 
Armenischen Hochlande. 4* 

St Petersburg, 1880 

See Baer and Helmersen, 13. 

Abney, Capt. W. de W. See Cunning- 
ham, C. D. 

Aboulfeda (or Abulfeda, or Abu-Ufeda). 
Geographic de. Traduite de I'Arabe, 
et accompagnee de Notes, et d'eclaircis- 
sements, par M. Reinaud. Maps. Vol. 
I and Vol. 2, Part I. 2 vols. 4^ 

Paris, 1848 

Geographic d'Aboulfeda. Traduite 

de I'Arabe en Fran9ais et accompagnee 
de Notes par M. Stanislas Guyard. 
Tome II., Seconde partie, coritenant la 
fin de la traduction du texte Arabe et 
ITndex general. 4° Paris, 1883 

See De la Roque; Pocock ; also Astley, 

Vol. I ; Allgemeine Historic, Vol. i ; 
Thevenot, Vol. i : Apjicndix i. 

About, E. Rome Contemporaine. 2nd 
edition. 8° Paris, 1861 

Abrahall, Chandos Hoskyns. Arctic 
Enterprise : a Poem. 8* 1856 

The Career of Franklin : an Ode ; 

with other Poems. 12* 1S60 

Abu'abd Allah Baka Ad-din Al-Janadi. 
See Omarah. 

Abu Ishak-el-Farssi-el-Istachri. See 

Abu'l Ghazi Bahader Khan. A General 
History of the Turks, Moguls, and 
Taters, vulgarly called Tartars, together 
with a Description of the Countries they 
inhabit ; the Genealogical History of the 
Taters. Translated from the MS. in the 
Mogul Language by Abu'l Ghazi Bahader 
Khan of Khowarazm. 2 vols. 8°. 2 
Maps. 1 730 



Abu Riha el Biruni. See All:)eruni. 

Abu Talib Hussyny. See Timur. 

Aby-Serour, Mordokha'i. Premier etal> 
lissment dcs Israelites a Timliouktou. 
Plate and map. 8° Incomplete 

'iParis, 1870] 

Acerbi, Joseph. Travels through Sweden, 

Finland, and Lapland, to the North 

Cape, in 1798-99. Maps and plates. 

' 2 vols. 4° 1802 

Acheson, Fred. Collection and Storage 
of Water in Victoria. See Victoria, 
Prize Essays : Ajipendix 2. 

Achmet, Chan. See Appendix i ; Purchas, 
Vol. 2, Book 9. 

Ackermann, Dr Carl. Beitrage zur 
physischen Geographic der Ostsee. Map 
and tables. 8° Hamburg, 1883 

Acland, H. W. The Plains of Troy. 
Map. Royal 8^ Oxford, 1839 

Acosta, Joaquin. Compendio Historico 
del Descubrimiento y Colonizacion de la 
Nueva Granada, en el Siglo Decimo 
sexto. Map and plates. 8^ Paris, 1848 

See Jomard. 

Acosta, Joseph. Historia natural y moral 
de las Indias. En que se tratan las cosas 
notables del cielo . . . y los ritos 
de los Indios. Sq. 8^ 

Madrid, 1608 

The Naturall and Morall Historic of 

the East and West Indies. Intreating 
of the Remarkable Things of Heaven . . . 
together with the Manners ... of the 
Indians. Translated from the Spanish 
by E. G. [Edward Grimston]. Sq. 8° 


See Hakluyt Soc. Publ. , Vols. 60, 

61 ; Gottfried ; Purchas, Vol. 3, Book 5 : 
Appendix i. 

Acosta, Dr Nicolas. See Rada. 

Acuna, Father Christoval de. See 
Ilakluyt Soc. Publ., Vol. 24; Allge- 
meine Historic, Vol. 16: Appendix i. 

Acunha, Tristano d'. See Gottfried : 
Appendix I. 

Adalbert of Prussia, Prince. Travels 
in the South of Europe and in Brazil, 
with a Voyage up the Amazon and 
Xingii : with Introduction by Baron 
Humboldt. Translated by Sir R. H. 
Schomburgk and J. E. Taylor. Plates. 
2 vols. 8° 1849 

Adam, Alex. Roman Antiquities. 8° 

Edinburgh, 1797 

Summary of Geography and History, 

both Ancient and Modern. Maps. 8" 


Adams, Arthur. Notes from a Journal 
of Research into the Natural History of 
the Countries visited during the Voyage 
of H.M.S. "Samarang," cScC. 8° 1848 

Travels of a Naturalist in Japan and 

Manchuria. Frontispiece. 8° 1870 

Adams, Arthur. See Belcher. 

Adams, A. L. Field and Forest Rambles ; 

with Notes and Observations on the 

Natural History of Eastern Canada. 

Maps and plates. 8° 1873 
On a Fossil Saurian Vertebra (Arcto- 

saurus Osborni) from the Arctic Regions. 

8* Dublin, 1875 

Adams, Clement. See Purchas, Vol. 3, 
Book 2 : Appendix i. 

Adams, Cyrus C. Railroad Develop- 
ment in Africa. (From the Engineering 
Magazine, February 1893.) ^^''■P (^'^'^ 
illustrations, 8* 1893 

Adams, Edwin. Geography Classified : a 
Systematic Manual of Mathematical, 
Physical, and Political Geography ; with 
Geographical, Etymological, and His- 
torical Notes. 12" 1863 

Adams, Francis. The Australians : a 
vSocial Sketch. 8° 1893 

Adams, F. O. Despatches from Mr Adams, 
Her JNIajesty's Secretary of Legation at 
Yedo, resj)ecting the Deterioration of 
Silk in Japan. (Including Report by 
Mr Robertson, Her Majesty's Consul at 
Kanagawa, on Silk Cultivation in Japan.) 
Map. Folio* Yedo, 1871 

The History of Japan from the 

earliest j^eriod to the present times. 
Maps and plans. 2 vols. 8° 1874-75 

Adams, J. The Flowers of Modern 
Travels : being Elegant, Entertaining, 
and Instructive Extracts, selected from 
the works of the most celebrated travel- 
lers. 3rd edition. 2 vols. 12° 1792 

Adams, J. Q. Letters on Silesia, written 
during a tour through that Country in 
the years 1800, 1801. Map. 8° 1804 

Adams, Capt. John. Remarks on the 
Country extending from Cape Palmas 
to the River Congo ; with an Account 
of the European Trade with the West 
Coast of Africa. Maps. 8° 1823 

Adams, John. See Juan. 

Adams, Robert. The Narrative of a 
Sailor, who was wrecked on the Western 
Coast of Africa in 18 10, was detained 
three Years in Slavery by the Arabs of 
the Great Desert, and resided several 
months in the City of Timbuctoo ; with 
Notes and an Appendix. Map. 4° 1816 

Adams, W. B. Baikie, and C. Barron. 

Manual of Natural History for the Use 
of Travellers : being a Description 
of the Families of the Animal and 
Vegetable Kingdoms, with Remarks 
on the Practical Study of Geology and 
Meteorology ; to which are appended 
Directions for Collecting and Preserving. 
12° 1854 


Adams, William. See Astley, Vol. i ; 
Hakluyt Soc. Publ., Vol. 8; Harris, 
Vol. I ; Kerr, Vol. 8; Purchas, Vol. I, 
Book 3 ; Gottfried ; AUgemeine Historic, 
Vol. I : Appendix I. 

Adamson, John. Obituary Notice of. 
8* Newcastle-iipon- Jytte, 1856 

Adanson, M. A Voyage to Senegal, the 
Isle of Goree, and the River Gambia. 
Map. 8° 1759 

See Pinkerton, Vol. 16 : Appendix i. 

Adderley, Sir Augustus. The West 
Indies at the Colonial and Indian Exhi- 
bition. 8* 1887 

Addison, Charles G. Damascus and 
Palmyra : a Journey to the East, with 
a Sketch of the State and Prospects of 
Syria under Ibrahim Pasha. Coloured 
plates, 2 vols. 8" 1838 

Addison, Joseph. Remarks on several 
parts of Italy, &c., in the years 170 1, 
1702, 1703. 3rd edition. 12° 1726 

See " The World Displayed," Vol. 

19, p. 609: Appendix i. 

Addison, Lancelot. West Baibary ; or, 
a Short Narrative of the Revolutions of 
the Kingdoms of Fez and Morocco ; 
with an Account of the Present Cus- 
toms, &c. 8° Oxford, 167 1 

See Pinkerton, Vol. 15 : Appendix i. 

Adelung, Friedrich von. Kritisch- 
liter^rische Uebersicht der Reisenden in 
Russland bis 1700, deren Berichte be- 
kannt sind, 2 vols. 8° 

.5"^ Petersburg, 1846 

See Baer and Helmersen, 4. 

Adelung, J. C. (-irammatisch-kritisches 

Worterbuch der Hoch-Deutschen Mun- 
dart. Mit D. W. Soltau's Beytragen; 
revidirt und berichtiget von V. X. Schon- 
berger. 4 vols. 4" Vienna, 1811 

■ and J. S. Vater. Mithridates ; oder 

allgemeine Sprachenkunde, mit dem 
Vater Unser als Sprachprobe in beynahe 
fiinfhundert Sprachen und Mundarten. 
3 vols. Vol. I, Asia; Vol. 2, Europe; 
Vol. 3, Africa. 8° Berlin, 1806-16 

Adhemar, J. Revolutions de la Mer. 
Plates. 8" Paris, 1842 

Adolph, J. G. B. Mathematische und 
physische Erdbeschreibung mit beson- 
derer Riicksicht auf Euroj^a. Portrait 
and maps. 8° Mayence, 1829 

Adolphus, John Leycester. Letters 
from Spain, in 1856-57. 8° 1858 

Adrichromius, Christianus. Theatrum 

Terroe Sancta.' et Biblicarum Historiarum 

cum tabulisgeographicis. Maps. Folio 

Cologne, 1600 

"Adventure" and "Beagle." See 
P'itzroy, King ; Macdouall, John. 

Affarosi, D. Cammillo. Notizie Istoriche 
della Citta di Reggio di Lombardia. 
Part I. 4° Padua, 1755 

Agapito, Conte G. Descrizione di 
Trieste. 12° Vienna, 1830 

Le Grotte di Adlersberg, &c. 12" 

Vienna, 1823 

Agapitoif, N. Programme for the Study 
of Shamanism in Siberia. [In Russian.] 
8* Irkutsk, 1884 

Agas, Ralph. Civitas Londinum : a 
Survey of the Cities of London and 
Westminster, the Borough of Southwark, 
and parts adjacent, in the Reign of 
Queen Elizabeth. Facsimile by W. II. 
Overall and E. J. Francis. 4* 1874 

Agassiz, Prof. Alexander. On the 

Embryology of Echinoderms. 4* 1864 

North American Acalephse. 4* 

Cambridge, Mass., 1865 

Letter (No. i) to C. P. Patterson on 

the Dredging Operations of the United 
States Coast Survey Steamer "Blake," 
during parts of January and Fel^ruary 
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Coast and Geodetic Survey Steamer 
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tennial Anniversary of the Birth of 
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and Mrs Agassiz. A Journey in 

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pendix I. 



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searches in Assyria, Babylonia, and 
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Minor, Mesopotamia, Chaldea, and 
Armenia. Alaps and woodcuts. 2 vols. 
8° 1842 

Report on the Feasibility of establish- 
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the Mediterranean Sea and the Persian 
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The Euphrates Valley Railway. Map. 

8* 1872 

A Personal Narrative of the Euphrates 

Expedition. 2 vols. Maps. 8° 1888 

The River Karun. 12° 1890 

See Petachia. 

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Plates. 8° Camb7'idge, 1842 

— Plan of the Buildings and Grounds of 
the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, with 
Explanation and History. Plate. 4° 


Report of the Astronomer Royal to 

the Board of Visitors for 1840 and 1852. 

Treatise on Trigonometry. Revised 

by Hugh Blackburn. 8° 1855 

The Transits of Venus, 1874 and 

1882. On the Preparatory Arrangements 
for the Observation of the Transits, &c. 
8» N.u. 

Determination of the Longitude of 

Valentia in Ireland by Transmission of 
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by Mr Alabaster, Mr Oxenham, Mr 
Markham, and Dr Willis, of Her 
Majesty's Consular Service in those 
Countries. Map. Folio* 1869 

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Autografos de Cristobal Colon y Papeles 
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Facsimile autograph letters. Folio 

Madrid, 1892 

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erates sobre los Rios Negro, Limay y 
CoUon-Cura, y Lago de Nahuel Huapi. 
Con nunierosas vistas de los parajes re- 
corridos, desde la barra del Rio Negro, 
hasta el limite occidental del lago de 
Nahuel-Huapi, &c. Vol. i. Plates. 
Oblong 1 2° Buenos Ayres, 1 886 

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pendix 2. 

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tionibus, qua; in J. et R. Pittiana 
Palatina Bibliotheca adservantur. 8* 

Florence, 1843 

Risposta sul preteso ritrovamento 

delle Effemeridi Galileiane dei Satelliti 
di Giove. 8* Marseilles, 1844 

Ultime Parole a' suoi Galileiani sui 

Satelliti di Giove. 8* Bologna, ^.n. 

"Albert." SeeUo\m. 

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van Afrika, Natuur en Geschiedkundig 
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Amsterdam, 1810 

Description Physique et Historique 

des Cafres, sur la Cote meridionale de 
I'Afrique. Map and plates. 8^ 

Amsterdam, i8ii 


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Philosophy, Literature, Geography, 
Chronology, Astronomy, Customs, Laws, 
and Astrology of India, about A.D. 1030. 
An English Edition, with Notes and 
Indices, by Dr Edward C. Sachau. 
2 vols. S" 1888 

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Apuntes sobre las Regiones Amazbnicas. 
J/a/. 8* Lt'wa, 1885 

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grahical and Historical Dictionary of 
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from the .Spanish, with large Additions 
and Compilations from Modern Voyages 
and Travels, and from original and 
authentic information, by G. A. Thomson. 
5 vols. 4° 1812 

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of Nations. 8* 1872 

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Japanese Grammar, for the use ef 
Beginners. Small folio Shanghai, 185 1 

The Capital of the Tycoon : a 

Nanative of a Three Years Residence in 
Japan. 2 vols. Maps and plates. 8° 1863 

Art and Art Industries in Japan. 

Plates. 8° 1S78 

See Margary ; Treacher. 

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Turkey, and Greece, in 1828-29. -^/«/ 
and plate. [Not published.] 8° 1S31 

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Zoological Collections made in the Indo- 
I'acific Ocean during the \^oyage of 
H. M.S. "Alert," 1881-82. Plates. 8° 

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to England, with a Visit 10 the Burman 
Empire, and a Journey through Persia, 
Asia Minor, European Turkey, &c., in 
1825-26. Maps and plates. 4° 1827 

Visit to the Cavern Temples of 

Adjunta, in the East Indies. Plate. 4* 


• Alexander, Sir J, E. Travels to the 
Seat of War in the East, through Russia 
and the Crimea, in 1829, with Sketches 
of the Imperial Fleet and Aimy, &c. 
2 vol?. Map and plates. 8° 1830 

Transatlantic Sketches, comprsing 

Visits to ihe most Interesting Scenes in 
North and South Ameiica and the West 
Indies. Map and plates. 2 vols. 8° 1833 

Narrative of a Voyage of Observation 

among the Colonies of Western Africa, 
and of a Campaign in Kaffir-Land, in 
1835. Illustrated by Major Michell. 2 
vols. Maps and plates. 8° 1837 

Expedition of Discovery into the 

In'eii' r of Africa, through the hitherto 
undescrib3d Countries of the Great Na- 
maquas, Boschmans, and Hill Damaras. 
Map. 2 vols. 8° 1838 

L'Acadie ; or, Seven Years' Explora- 
tions in Biitish America. Maps and 
plates. 2 vols. 8° 1849 

Notes on ihe Maories of New Zealand, 

with Suggestions for their Pacification and 
Pieservaiion. 8* N. P., N.I). 

Alexander, J. H. International Coinage 
for Great Britain ard the United States : 
a Note inscribed to the Hon. James A. 
Pearce. 8* Baltimore, 1855 

International Coinage : a Note. 12* 

Oxford, 1857 

An Inquiry into the English System of 

Weights and Measures. 12* Oxford, 1857 

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History of Land Titles in the Hawaiian 
Kingdom. 8* Honoluht, 1882 

A Brief Account c f the Hawaiian 

Government Survey, its Objects, 
Methods, and Results. 8* 

Honoluln, 1889 

The Relations between the Hawaiian 

Islands and Spanish America in early 
times. 8* \^Honoliilii\, 1892 

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Population of Zillah Muttra. [From 
Selections from the India Records, N.W. 
Provinces, Vol. i] Allahabad, 1855 

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Alexander the Great. See Purchas, 
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( t appliquce de Geographic ; ou Manuel 
du Maitre, etablissant la maniere de 
mettre en reuvre les differents ouvrages : 
manuels de I'eleve, Exercices cartograph- 
iques. Atlas, Cartes murales, ecrites ou 
muettes, Tableau Carte, Reliefs, qui 
composent le Cours de Geographic. 
V^. Partie, Theorie generale et applica- 
ti<m a la Geographic locale. New 
edition. 13° Liege, 1883 


Alfano, Guiseppe Maria. Compendio 
portatile di lutte le Dodici Provincie che 
compongono il Regno di Napoli. 12° 

Naples, 1798 

Alfonso X., Regis Romanorum et Castelle, 
Tabulae Astronomicae. Opera et arte 
mirifica viri solertis Johanis Hamman de 
Landoia dictus Mertzog. Blacklctter. 
2nd edition. [With correspondence re- 
specting the Astronomical Tables of 
King Alfonso the Tenth, of Leon and 
Castille, between Augustine of Olmutz 
and John Lucilius Santritter of Heil- 
brunn.] Small 4° Venice, 1492 

Libros del Saber de Astronomia, 

copilados, anotados, y comentados por 
Don Manuel Rico y Sinobas. Plates. 
Vols. I and 2 (1863), 3 (1864), 4 (1866), 
5 pt. I (1867). Large folio Madrid 

Alford, C. J. Geological Features of the 
Transvaal, South Africa. Maps, dfc. 8° 


Alfred the Great. A Description of 
Europe, and the Voyages of Ohthere 
and Wulfsian, written in Anglo-Saxon 
by King Alfred the Great ; with his 
Account of the Mediterranean Islands, 
of Africa, and of the History of the 
World to the year li.c. 14 13, chiefly 
taken from Orosius : containing a Fac- 
simile Copy of the whole Anglo-Saxon 
Text from the Cotton MS., and also 
from the first part of the Lauderdale 
MS. ; a Printed Anglo-.Saxon Text, 
based upon these MSS. ; and a Literal 
Engl'sh Translation and Notes, by the 
Rev. Joseph Bosworth, D.D. 4° 1855 

See Kerr, Vol. i : Appendix i. 

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of Victoria (Australia). 8° 1869 

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2, Book 10 : Appendix i. 

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Appendix i. 

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Cyprus, Egypt, Arabia, Syria, and 
Turkey, 1803-7. Maps and plates. 2 
vols. 4° 1 8 16 

AH Mohammed Khan. Political and 
Statistical History of Gujarat, translated 
from the Persian, with Annotations and 
an Historical Introduction by J. Bird. 
Royal 8" 1835 

Alis, Harry [Hyppolite Percher]. A la 

Conquetedu Tchad. (Z(?/'>>a;-o, Supple- 
ment Litteraire, No. 48.) Illustrations 
and map. 8* \Paris, 1890] 

— La Mission Paul Crampel. (Supple- 
ment du Journal des Debats du Lundi 
16 Fevrier 189 1.) Map. 8* 

IParis, 1 891] 

A la Conquete du Tchad. Maps and 

illustrations. Large 8° Paris, 18^1 

AHshan, L. M. D. Armenian Popular 
Songs, translated into English. 8* 

Venice, 1852 

Introduction to the Geography of the 

Physical World and the Geography of 
Europe. [In Armenian.] Maps and 
woodcuts. 4° Venice, 1853 

Le Haygh, sa Periode et sa Fete. 8* 

Paris, i860 

Physiographic de I'Armenie. 8* 

Venice, 186 1 

Assises d'Antioche, reproduites en 

Fran9ais et publiees au sixieme Cen- 
tenaire de la mort de Sempad le Connet- 
able, leur ancien traducteur Armenian. 
Dediees a I'Academie des Inscriptions et 
Belles Lettres de France, par la Societe 
Mekhithariste de Saint-Lazare. [Trans- 
lated by Prof. Leon Alishan.] 4° 

Venice, 1876 

Schirac, Canton d'Ararat, Pays de la 

Grande Armenie, Description Geographi- 
que, illustree (en Aimenien). Maps and 
illustrations. 4° Venice, 1881 

Sissouan, Description Physique, Geo- 

graphique, Historique, et Litteraire de la 
Cilicie Armenienne et Histoire de Leon 
le Magnifique. [Prospectus.] Illustra- 
tions. 4* Venue, 1885 

Tableau Succinct de I'llistoire et de 

la Litterature de I'Armenie. 8* 

Venice, n.d. 
AUan, George. The Land of the Duallas. 
Notes of Life in the Cameroons. 12* 

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1885 

Allan, William. Description of Direct 

Line Ipswich to Warwick (Brisbane to 

Sydney). Map. 4* 1890 

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Allatif, Abd. See Pinkerton, Vol. 15 : 
Appendix I. 

AUeizette, C. d'. See Vaillant. 

Allen, Charles H. A Visit to Queens- 
land and her Goldfields. 8° 1870 

See Gurney. 

Allen, Grant. Science in Arcady. 8° 


Bates of the Amazons. (From the 

Fortnightly Revieiv, for December 1892.) 
Large 8* 1892 

Allen, John. Speciminalchnographica; or, 
A Brief Narrative of several New Inven- 
tions and Experiments, particularly the 
Navigating a Ship in a Calm, the Im- 
provement of the Engine to Raise Water 
by Fire, &c. Plate. Small 4° 1730 

Allen, J. A. Catalogue of the Mammals of 
Massachusetts ; with a Critical Revision 
of the Species. 8° 

Cambridge, Mass., 1849 

See United States, G, a: Appendix 2. 


Allen, Lieut. Henry T. Report of an 
Expedition to the Copper, Xanana, and 
Koyukuk Rivers, in the Territory of 
Alaska, in the year 1885. Maps and 
plates. 8° Washington, 1887 

Allen, Capt. William. The Dead Sea, a 
New Route for India. Maps and plates. 
2 vols. 8° 1855 

Sec Beck, William. 

Allen, Capt. W., and Dr T. R. H. 
Thomson. Narrative of the Expedition 
to the River Niger in 1841. Maps and 
plates. 2 vols. 8° 1848 

Allen, W. Pessoa. Portugal e Africa. 

Primeira parte. A Questao do 7^2i\x&. 8* 

Lisbon, 1884 

O Porto de Leixoes. 8* Lisbon, 1891 

Allgemeine Historic . . . 1748-74. For 

full Title and Contents, see A])pendix i. 

Allison. See Pinkerton, Vol. i : Ap- 
pendix I. 

Allman, Professor. The Method and 
Aim of Natural History Studies : being 
an Introduction to a Course of Lectures 
on Natural History, delivered to Work- 
ing Men in the Edinburgh Museum of 
Science and Art. 8^' Edinburgh, 1868 

Almada, Andre Alvares d'. Tratado 
breve dos Rios de Guine do Cabo- 
Verde, desde o Rio do Sanaga ate aos 
Baixos de Sant' Anna, &c., 1594. Pub- 
licado por Diogo Kopke. Map. 8° 

Oporto, 1 84 1 

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Didacus). See Gottfried ; Laharpe, 
Vol. 10 ; Allgemeine Historic, Vol. 15 : 
Appendix i. 

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Samodu), his Early Years and Con- 
quests. MS. Folio N.D. 

Almansor, Jacob. See Purchas, Vol. 2, 
Book 10 : Appendix I. 

Almaraz, Ramon. Memoria acerca de 
los Terrenos de Metlaltoyuca presentada 
al Ministerio de Fomento por la Comision 
exploradora. Plates. 8* Mexico, 1866 

Almeida, A. J. P. d'. Principios de Geo- 
logia. .Small folio* Coiinbra, 1838 

Almeida, A. Lopes da Costa. Roteiro 
Geral dos Mares, Costas, Ilhas, e Baixos 
recontrecidos no Globo. 8° Lisbon, 1845 

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tugal, B : Appendix 2. 

Almeida, Manuel d'. See Gottfried ; 
Thevenot, Vol. 4 : Appendix i. 

Almeida, P. Camena d'. Les Pyrenees. 
8° Pai-is, 1893 

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Description of the Captaincy of Matte 
Grosso. MS. T2* 1797 

Almeyda (or D'Almeida), Francisco de. 
See Astley, Vol. i ; Gottfried ; Kerr, 
Vol. 6 ; Allgemeine Historic, Vol. i ; 
Collection of Voyages, p. 610 : Ap- 
pendix I. 

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West of Scotland. Compiled, with others, 
for the British Association Meeting, 
1876. 12* Glasgow, 1876 

Alt. See Brampton and Alt, in Eyries, 
Vol. 4 : Appendix i. 

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See Ballivian. 

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Kerr, Vol. I ; Ciottfried : Appendix i. 

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Ramusio, Vol. 3 : Appendix i. 

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Publ. , Vol. 64 ; Purchas, Vol. 2 ; 
Ramusio, Vol. i : Appendix i. 

Alvarez, Pedro. See Ramusio, Vol. i : 
Appendix i. 

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Geographical Account of the Province 
of Misiones (Paraguay), by Don Diego 
Alvear, one of the .Spanish Boundary 
Commissioners [MS. in Spanish]. 2. 
Description of various Provinces and 
Districts, chiefly in Upper Peru, under 
the Vice Roy of Buenos Aires, 1780 
[MS. in Spanish]. 3. Account of the 
Population of the several Provinces of 
Chili and their Productions [MS. in 
Spanish]. Folio. N. p., n.d. 

See Angelis, Vol. 4 : Appendix I. 

Alves, Capt. W. See Dalrymple, Reper- 
tory, Vol. I : Appendix i. 

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also see Goblet d'Alviella. 

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p. 549 : Appendix i. 

Amat di S. Filippo, Pietro. Delia 

Relazioni Antiche e Moderne fra ITtalia 
e ITndia. Memoria premiata dalla Reale 
Accademia dei Lincei. Maps. 8° 

Rome, 1886 

Amante, Fedele. Considerazioni sulle 
formole adoperate comunemente dai 
Geografi, per calcolare le posizioni 
Geografiche dei vertici dei triangoli 
geodetici. Plates. 4° Naples, 1837 

Sulle formole da usarsi ne' calcoli 

geodetici per la rlduzione degli angoli 
air orizzonte della Stazione. 4° 

Naples, 1837 

Amari Michele. Bibliotheca Arabo- 

Sicula ossia raccolta di tesli Arabici che 

toccano la Geografia, la Storia, le Bio- 

grafie, e la Bibliografia della Sicilia. 8° 

Leipzig, 1857 

Amelineau, E. La Geographie de 
I'Egypte a I'Epoque Copte. Large 8° 

Paris, 1893 

Americus Vespucius. See Vespucci. 

Amicis, E. de. Morocco, its People and 
Places. Translated by C. RoUin-Tilton. 
Plates. 4° N. D. 


Amico et Statella, Vitti M. Lexicon 
Topographicum Siculuni, in quo Sicilse 
Urbes, Opplda, cum vetusta, turn ex- 
tantia, Montes, Flumina, Portus, ad- 
jacentes Insulae, ac singula loca descri- 
buntur, illustrantur. Plans. 3 vols, in 
6. 4° Palermo, 1757-60 

Amigorena, J. F. de. See Angelis, Vol. 
5 : Appendix i. 

Amoretti. See Maldonado ; Pigafetta, A. 

Ampere, J. J. Voyage en Esjypte et en 
Nuhie. 8° Paris, 1868 

Amrein, K. C. Marco Polo : OefTent- 
licher Vortrag, gehalten in der Geograph- 
isch-Kommerziellen Gesellschaft in St 
Gallen. 8* Zurich, 1879 

1889, Weltausstellung in Paris. 

Schweiz, geographische und cosmogra- 
phische Karten und Apparate, Klasse, 
16. 8* Zurich, 1890 

Atnunategui, M. L. La Cuestion de 
Limites entre Chile i la Repi'iblica 
Argentina. Vols. 1-3. 4° 

Santiago, 1879-80 

Anacharsis. Recueil de Cartes Geograph- 
iques, Plans, Vues, et Medailles de 
I'Ancienne Grece, relatifs au Voyage du 
jeune Anacharsis. 2nd edition. 4" 

Paris, 1789 

See Barthclcmy. 

Anaman, Jacob Benjamin. Anaman's 
Gold Coast Almanack for 1890. [i Sheet.] 

Ancelle, J. Les Explorations au Senegal 
et dans les contrees voisines, depuis 
I'Antiquite jusqu'a nos jours ; precede 
d'une Notice Ethnographique sur notre 
Colonic, par le General Faidherbe. Map. 
12" Paris, 1886 

Anchieta, Joseph de. See Colleccao 
de Noticias, Vol. i, p. 610 : Appen- 
dix I. 

Andagoya (or Andagoza). Pascual de. 
See llakluyt Soc. I'ubl., Vol. 34, 
Appendix i. 

Anderson, Adam. Historical and Chrono- 
logical Deduction of the Origin of Com- 
merce, from the Earliest Accounts, 
containing an History of the Great 
Commercial Interests of the British 
Empire ; to which is prefixed an 
Introduction, exhibiting a view of the 
Antient and Modern State of Europe, 
and of the Foreign and Colonial Com- 
merce, Shipping, Manufactures, Fisheries, 
&c., of Great Britain and Ireland, and 
their influence on the Landed Interest ; 
with Appendices on the Modern Politico- 
Commercial Geography of the several 
Countries of Europe. Maps. 4 vols. 4° 


Anderson, Dr A. ^<?^Dalrymple, Oriental 
Repertory, Vol. i : Appendix i. 

Anderson, iSneas. A Narrative of the 
British Embassy to China, in the years 
1792-94. 3rd edition. 8° 1796 

Anderson, A. H. Notes of a Journey 
to the Auriferous Quartz Regions of 
Southern India, with facts relating 
thereto. 12* 1880 

Anderson, Andre^v A. Twenty - five 
Years in a Waggon in the Gold Regions 
of Africa. 2 vols. Ilhistrations, 8° 


Anderson, Benjamin. Narrative of a 
Journey to Mussardu, the Capital of the 
Western Mandingoes. Map. 12* 

Ne-u York, 1870 

See Blyden. 

Anderson, Sir C. H. J. The Lincoln 
Pocket Guide: being a Short Account 
of the Churches and Antiquities of the 
County, and of the Cathedral of the 
Blessed Virgin Mary of Lincoln, com- 
monly called the Minster. Map and 
plan. 12° 1880 

Anderson, G. Remarks on the Hus- 
bandry and Internal Commerce of 
Bengal. 8° Calcutta, 1804 

Anderson, H. L. Census of the Sawunt 
Waree State, for 1851. Census Table. 
[From the India Records, No. 10] 

Bombay, 1855 

Anderson, Johann. Nachrichten von 
Island, Gronland,und der Strasse Davis. 
8° Hambu7-g, 1746 

Description Physique, Historique, 

Civile et Politique de I'lslande. 2 vols, 
12° Paris, 1764 

Anderson, J. W. Notes of Travel in 
Fiji and New Caledonia, with some 
Remarks on South Sea Islanders and 
their Languages. Map and plates. 8° 


• The Prospector's Handbook: aGuide 

for the Prospector and Traveller in Search 
of Metal - bearing or other Valuable 
Minerals. Illustrations. 12° 1886 

Anderson, James. Glaciation and Raised 
Beaches in Jura and Isiay. (From the 
Trans. Geol. Soc, Glasgow, Vol. 8, 
Part 2.) 8* IGlasgow, 1888] 

Anderson, John. Observations on the 
Restoration of Banca and Malacca to the 
Dutch, as affecting the Tin Trade and 
General Commerce of Pinang, the Result 
of a Political and Commercial Mission 
to the States of Perak, Salengore, and 
Colong in 1818. 4° 

Prince of Wales Island, 1824 

Mission to the East Coast of Sum- 

matra, in 1823, under the direction of 
the Government of Prince of Wales 
Island ; including Historical and De- 
scriptive Sketches of the Country . . . 
and a Visit to the Batta Cannibal States 
in the Interior. Maps and plates. 8° 


Anderson, John. DuraDen: aMonograph 
of the Yellow Sandstone and its Remark- 
able Fossil Remains. Plates. 8° 1859 


Anderson, John. A Report on the Ex- 
pedition to Western Yunan via Bhamo. 
Royal 8° Calcutta, 187 1 

Mandalay to Momein : a Narrative of 

the Two Expeditions to Western China 
of 1868 and 1875 "nder Colonel Edward 
B. Sladen and Colonel Horace Browne. 
Maps and plans. 8° 1876 

The Selungs of the Mergui Archi- 
pelago. Plates. 8* 1890 

English Intercourse with Siam in the 

Seventeenth Century. Map. 8° 1890 

Anderson, Richard. Lightning Con- 
ductors, their History, Nature, and 
Mode of Application. 3rd edition. 
Ilhtstrations. 8° 1885 

Anderson, Major William. An Attempt 
to Identify some of the Places mentioned 
in the Itinerary of Iliuan Thsang. (Ex- 
tract from the Bengal Asiatic Journal. ) 
8* ' Calcutta, 1847 

Anderson, Capt. W. C. Papers relative 
to the Introduction of revised Rates of 
Assessment into the Hoongoond and 
part of the Uthnee Talookas and the 
Yadwar Mahal of the Gokak Talooka, 
all of the Belgaum CoUectorate ; with an 
Appendix, bringing up the Revenue His- 
tory of these Districts to 1862-63. Map 
and diagrams. [From the India Selec- 
tions, No. 81.] Royal 8° Bombay, 1864 

Andersson, Charles John. A Journey to 
Lake 'Ngami. 12* 1854 

Lake 'Ngami, or Explorations and 

Discoveries during Four Years Wander- 
ings in the Wilds of South - Western 
Africa. Map and plates. Royal 8° 1856 

The Okavango River : a Narrative 

of Travel, Exploration, and Adventure. 
Plates. 8° 1 86 1 

Notes of Travel in South Africa. 

(Edited by L. Lloyd.) Plate. 8° 1875 

Andersson, N. J. See Virgin. 

Andia y Varela, Jose de. See Recueil de 
Voyages, Vol. 4, p. 61 1 : Appendix I. 

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8* ^ 1891 

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naissances scienlific|ue de Don loam de 
Castro. 8* Paris, n.d. 

Andrade, J. L Memoria dos Eeitos 
Macaenses contra los Piratas da China, 
e da entrada violenta dos Inglezes na 
Cidade de Macao. 12° Lisbon, 1835 

Andrade, Jeronimo Jose Nogueira d'. 

Descrip9a6 do estado, em que ficavao os 
Negocios da Capilania de Mossambique 
nos fins de Novembro de 1789 ; com 
algumas OVjserva^oens e Reflexoens sobre 
OS niesmos Negocios e soljre as cau'^as da 
Decadencia do Commercio e dos Estabil- 
ecimentos Portuguezas na Costa Oriental 
d'Afiica. escripta no anno de 1790. 
MS. 4° 

Andrae, C. G. Den Danske Gradmaaling. 
Vols. I to 4. 4° Copenhagen, 1872-84 

Problemes de haute Geodesie. 4* 

Copenhagen, N.D. 
!'='■ Cahier : Formation et Calcul des 
Triangles geodesiques. 

2*= Cahier : Calcul des Latitudes, des 
Longitudes, et des Azimuts sur le Spher- 
oide. 1882 

3'' Cahier : Determination du Spher- 
oide Terrestre par la Combinaison des 
Mesures Geodesiques avec les Observa- 
tions Astronomiques. Plate 1883 
Andreas, F. C. See Stolze. 
Andree, Karl. Geographic des Welt- 
handels : mit geschichtlichen Erlauter - 
ungen. Erster Band, zweite Auflage. 
Durchgesehen und ergiinzt von Richard 
Andree. Portrait. 8" Stuttgart, 1877 

ZweiterBand. Die aussereuropiiischen 

Erdtheile. 8° Stuttgart, 1872 

DritterBand. Europa,bearbeitet von 

II. Glogau, J. Minoprio, Lorenz Brauer, 
M. Haushofer, Tos. Fischer: erstelliilfte, 
er>ter Theil. 8° Stuttgart, 1877 

DritterBand. Europa, zweite Ilalfte, 

bearbeitet von Dr Max Haushofer. 8° 
Stuttgart, 1877 
Andree, Richard. Ethnographische Paral- 
lelen und Vergleiche. Plates. 8° 

Stuttgart, 1878 

and E. Deckert. Handels- und 

Verkehrs- Geographic. Lehrbuch fiir 
Handelsschulen und verwandte Lehr- 
anstalten. Bearbeitet von Emil Deckert. 
Zugleich zweite Auflage von Richard 
Andree's Handels- und Verkehrs- Geo- 
grajihie. 8° Stuttgart, 1882 

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bouchure de la Mer-Noire, ou F'ssai sur 
la Bosphore. 8° Paris, 1818 

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Branches of the Legislature of Massa- 
chusetts, 8th January 1864; together 
with accompanying Documents. 8* 

Boston, Mass., 1864 

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and its Relations to the Euphrates Valley 
and other Routes to India. Maps. 8* 


Memoir on the Euphrates Valley 

Route to India, with Official Corres- 
pondence. Maps. 8" 1857 

The Indus and its Provinces, their 

Political and Commercial Importance 
considered in connection wilh Improved 
Means of Communication. Maps. 8° 


Port of Kurrachee : Depth of Water, 

and Commerce, 1856-57. Map. 8* 1857 

The Punjaub Railway : a Selection 

from Official Correspondence regarding 
the Introduction of Railways into the 
Punjaub. Map. 8* 1857 



Andrew, Sir W. P. Letter to Sir Stafford 
H. Northcote on the Euphrates Valley 
Railway. Folio * 1867 

On the Completion of the Railway 

System of the Valley of the Indus. A 
Letter to His Grace the Duke of Argyll. 
Maps. 8* 1869 

■ The Euphrates Route to India. 

Letters Addressed to the British and 
Turkish Governments, &c. 8* 187 1 

The Euphrates Valley Route to India 

in connection with the Central Asian 
Question. Map. 8* 1873 

The Bolan and Khyber Railways. 

Reprinted from the Times. With a 
Memorandum by Sir Henry Green on 
Portable Railways in Military Opera- 
tions. Small 8* 1879 

Euphrates Valley Route to India. 

Map. Large 8* 1880 

Our Scientific Frontier. Map. 8° 


Andrews, Capt. Journey from Buenos 
Ayres through the Provinces of Cordova, 
Tucuman, and Salta to Potosi, thence 
by the Deserts of Caranja to Arica, and 
to Santiago de Chili and Coquimbo. 
2 vols. 8° 1827 

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and Prospects. 8° Neiu York, 1887 

Andrews, John. Historical Atlas of Eng- 
land, Physical, Political, Astronomical, 
Civil and Ecclesiastical, Biographical, 
Naval, Parliamentary, and Geographical, 
Ancient and Modern, from the Deluge 
to the Present Time. [Imperfect, and no 
maps.l 4° 1797 

See Dalrymple, Oriental Repertory, 

Vol. 2: Appendix i. 

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well, to the Death of Charles the First. 
8° 1870 

Andrews, W. H. C. A Pamphlet and 
Map of Southern Morocco; or, "Siis" 
and the " Ait Bon Amaran." 8* 1884 

Andros, A. C. Pen and Pencil Sketches 
of a Holiday Scamper in Spain. Map 
and plates. 8° i860 

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Popular Account of its Physical Features, 
Inhabitants, Natural History, and Produc- 
tions, with the History of its Colonisa- 
tion. Map. 8° N.I). 

Polynesia : a Popular Description ot 

the Physical Features, Inhabitants, 
Natural History, and Productions of the 
Islands of the Pacific ; with an Account 
of their Discovery, and of the Progress 
of Civilisation and Christianity amongst 
them. Map. 8" [1866] 

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General y Compendio Historico del 
Estado de Antioquia en Colombia. 
Maps and plates. Large 8° Paris, 1885 

Angelis, Pedro de. Biographia del 
Sefior General Arenales y Juicio sobre 
la memoria historica de su segunda 
Campana a la Sierra del Peru en 1821. 
Maps. 8° Buenos Ayres, 1 832 

Coleccion de Obras y Documentos 

relativos a la Historia, Antigua y 
Moderna, de las Provincias del Rio de 
la Plata. 6 vols. Folio 

Buenos Ayres, 1836-37 
For Contents, see Appendix I. 

Historical Sketch of Pepys' Island, in 

the South Pacific Ocean. Plate. 8* 

Buenos Ayies, 1842 

Memoria Historica sobre los Derechos 

de Soberania y Dominio de la Con- 
federacion Argentina a la Parte Austral 
del Continente Americano, comprendida 
entre las Costas del Oceano Atlantico y 
la Gran Cordillera de los Andes, desde 
la Boca del Rio de la Plata, hasta el 
Cabo de Homos, inclusa la Isla de los 
Estados, la Tierra del Fuego, y el 
Estrecho de Magellanes en toda su 
extension. Royal 8* Buenos Ayres, 1852 

See Parish. 

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I : Apjiendix i. 

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des Westjordanlandes. Entwurf einer 
Monographic des Westjordanischen 
Palastina, mit einem Vorworte von Prnf. 
Dr Th. Fischer. 8" Frankfort, 1887 

Annandale, Charles. Scotland in Pre- 
historic Times : a Brief Summary of 
what is known regarding the Country 
and its Inhabitants in times anterior 
to the Roman Invasion. Illustrations. 
Large 8* 1892 

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Anrique, R. Nicolas. Diario del Coman- 
dante Benjamin Munoz Gamero a los 
lagos de Llanquihue, Todos-Santos, y 
Nahuelhuapi en 1849; con una intro- 
duccion biografica. 8* Valparaiso, 1893 

See Beranger. 

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tato di Pronunzia Inglese. Small 8° 

Naples, 1867 

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Account of his Expedition, &c. 8° 1744 

Voyage Round the World, 1704 44, 

compiled from Papers and other Materials 
of Lord Anson, and published under his 
direction by Richard Walter, Chaplain 
of H.M.S. "Centurion." Plates. 2 
vols. 4" 1748 

Life of. By Sir John Barrow. Por- 
trait. 8° 1839 


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5 ; Callander, Vol. 3; Harris, Vol. i ; 
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15 ; Allgemeine Historie, Vol. 18 : 
Appendix i. 

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4th edition. Maps. 12° 1870 

and Robert Gordon Latham. The 

Channel Islands ; with Illustrations by 
P. J. Naftel. 8° 1862 

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of the " Antelope," East India pacquet, 
on the Pelew Islands, situated on the 
Western Part of the Pacific Ocean, in 
August 1783. Plates. 12° Perth, 1788 

Anthony of Armenia. See Haitho. 

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sique et Politique de I'Espagne et du 
Portugal. 8^ Paris, 1823 

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Citta antiche tuttora esistenti in Tunisia 
nella Provincia del Fas-el-Riah. Due 
lettere. See Gubernatus, E. de : Lettere 
sulle Tunisia, &c. 16° Florence, 1867 

See Petermann and Hassenstein ; 

Inner Afrika, No. lo. 

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Vol. 22. 

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Geografic al Judetului Masca. 8° 

Bucharest, 1891 

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Ilistoryof theKnowledge of Siberia before 
Verinak. [In Russian.] 4° AIoscoiv, 1890 

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Proposition d'une Mesure de la Terre, 
dont il resulte une diminution considerable 
dans sa circonference sur les Paralleles. 
Map. 12° Paris, 1735 

Eclaircissemens geographiques sur la 

Carte de ITnde. 4* Paris, 1753 

A Geographical Illustration of the 

Map of India. Translated from the French 
of Mons. d'Anville . . ; with some Ex- 
jilanatory Notes and Remarks by William 
Herbert. Map. 4° 1759 

Index ad Specimen Geographicum 

(to facilitate reference to d'Anville's Map 
of Ancient Greece). 4° 1 762 

Considerations generales sur I'etudeet 

les connoissances que deniande la com- 
position des ouvrages de Geographie. 
Small 8° Paris, 1777 

Dissertation sur les Sources du Nil, 

pour prouver qu'on ne les a point encore 
decouvertes. 4* \I'aris, n.d.] 

Memoire concernant les Rivieres de 

I'interieur de I'Afrique, sur les notions 

tirees des Anciens et des Modernes. 4* 

{^Paris, N.D,] 

— — Memoire sur les mesures du Schene 
Egyptien et du Stade qui servoit a le 
composer. 4* \_Pa7-is, n.d,] 

Anville, Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d'. 

Discussion de la mesure de la Terre 
par Eratosthene. 4* \^Paris, N.D.] 

L'Euphrate et le Tigre. Map. 4* 

Paris, 1779 

Notices des Ouvrages de, ]>recedees 

de son Eloge par M. Dacier. 8* 

Paris, 1802 

Compendium of Ancient Geography. 

Translated from the French, with Pro- 
legomena and Notes by the Translator. 
]\Iaps. 2 vols. 8° 1 810 

Oiuvres. Publiees par M. de Manne. 

Portrait and map. 2 vols. 4° 

Paris, 1834 
Vol. I. — Connoissances Geographiques 
Generales : Traite et Memoires sur les 
Mesures Anciennes et Modernes : avec 
Table Analytique des Matieres, et 
cartes qui s'y rapportent. 
Vol. 2. — Memoire et Abrege de Geo- 
graphic Ancienne et Generale, avec 
Table et Nomenclature des Nonis 
de Lieux Anciens et Denominations 
Modernes correspondantes, suivis des 
cartes qui s'y rapportent. 

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sur la Topographic et la Geologic du 
Mexique et I'Amerique Centrale. 8* 

Paris, 1865 

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und Gefangenschaft unter Konig Theo- 
dorus II. 8* Zurich, 1866 

Apianus, Petrus, and Gemma Frisius. 

Cosmographia, sive Descriptio Universi 
Orbis ; adjecti sunt alii, turn Gemmse 
Frisii, turn aliorum Auctorum ejus ar- 
gumenti Tractatus ac Libelli varii, 
quorum seriem versa pagina demonstrat. 
Woodcuts and diagrams, some movable. 
Small folio. Antwerp, 1584 

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Py Francis Fawkes. Frontispiece. 8° 

Apostolides, S. Our Lord's Prayer, in 

One Hundred different Languages, &c. 

12° [1869] 

Appell, J. W. Monuments of Early 
Christian Art. Sculptures and Cata- 
comb Paintings. Illustrative Notes, 
collected in order to promote the repro- 
duction of remains of Art belonging to 
the early centuries of the Christian Era. 
8° 1872 

Appleton's General Guide to the United 
States and Canada. Illustrated with 
Railway Maps, Plans of Cities, and 
Table of Railway and Steamboat Fares. 
12° Edinburgh, 1892 

See Conkling. 



Appun, Carl Ferdinand. Unter den 
Tropen : Wanderungen durch Venezuela, 
am Orinoco, durch Britisch Guyana und 
am Amazonenstrome in den Jahren 1849- 
68. 2 vols. Plates. 8° Je>ia, 1871 

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soljre o Descobrimento da America. 
Large 8* Lisbon, 1892 

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\'oyage de Circumnavigation de la 
lionite. 4" Paris, 1835 

Lettre a M. A. de Huml^oldt, sur les 

Precis d' Astronomic de M. de Ponte- 

coulant, et I'Academie des .Sciences. 8* 

Paris, 1840 

Arago, J. Promenade autour du Monde 
pendant 1817-20, sur les corvettes 
I'Uranie et la Physicienne, commandees 
par M. Freycinel. 2 vols. 8" Paris, i2>22 

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on Bolivia by Avelino Aramayo, pub- 
lished in London in 1863. 8* 1874 

Aramon, D'. Le Voyage de Monsieur 
D'Aramon, Ambassadeur pour le Roy en 
Levant. rescript par Noble Homme 
Jean Chesneau, public et annote par Ch. 
Schefer. (Recueil de Voyages et de 
Documents pour servir a I'Histoire de la 
Geographic. . . . Public sous la direction 
de Ch. Schefer et H. Cordier.) Vol. 8. 
Illustrations. Large 8° Paris, 1887 

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Pacitico (1879-80). Maps. 8" 

Santiago, 1880 

The same. Tomo IL (1880-81). 

Map and plan. %^ Santiago, 1881 
Vida e Viagens de Fernao de Magal- 

haes. Traduc9ao de Hespanhol de 

Fernando de Magalhaes Villas - Boas. 

Com um Appendice original. Map. 8° 
Lisbon, 1881 

Aranha, Brito. Subsidios para a Historia 
do Jornalismo nas Provinciasultramarinas 
Portuguezas. 8'' Lisbon, 1885 

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Madrid : Fauna Americana. 4° 

Madrid, 1892 
Arata, P. See Peragallo. 

Araujo Porto Alegre, Manoel de. Co- 
lombo : Poema. Large 8° 

Rio de Janeiro, 1892 

Arber, Edward. See Howell, J. 

Arbousset, Thomas, and F. Daumas. 
Relation d'un Voyage d'cxjjloration au 
Nord-est de la Colonic du Cap de Bonne- 
Esperance en 1836. Map and plates. 
8' Paris, 1842 

— Narrative of an Exploratory Tour to 
the North-east of the Colony of the Cape 
of Good Hope. Translated by John 
Croumbie Brown. 8° Cape Town, 1846 


Arbuthnot, Alex. J. Papers relating to 
Public Listruction, comprising a Memo- 
randum of the Proceedings of the Madras 
Government in the Department of Public 
Instruction ; with an Appendix. [From 
the India Records, No. 2.] Royal 8° 

Madras, 1855 

Report on Public Instruction in the 

Madras Presidency for 1855-56. [From 
the India Selections, No. 35.] Tables. 
Royal 8° Madras, 1856 

Arbuthnot, Lieut. G. Herzegovina, or 
Omer Pasha and the Christian Rebels ; 
with a Brief Account of Servia, its Social, 
Political, and Financial Condition. Maps 
and plates. 8° 1 862 

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uana Language. 8° Grahamstown, 1837 

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Book 9 : Appendix I. 

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vey of the County of Dublin, with Obser- 
vations on the JVIeans of Improvement. 
Map. 8° Dublin, 1801 

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in Parts of the Himalaya Mountains. 2 
vols. 8° 1833 

Archer, W. H. Statistical Notes on the 
Progress of Victoria from the Foundation 
of the Colony, 1835-60. First Series. 
4" Melbourne, 1861 

Statistical Register of Victoria, from 

the Foundation of the Colony ; with an 
Astronomical Calendar for 1855. 8"' 

Melbourne, 1854 

See Victoria, C : Appendix 2. 

Archer, Hon. W. See Whiting. 

Archer, W. J. Report of a Journey in 
the Vice-Consular District of Chiengmai, 
Siam. Maps. Folio'' 1888 

Extracts from a Journal kept on a 

Visit to Chiengtung in May and June 
1888. Map. Folio* 1889 

Report on a Journey in the Me-Kong 

Valley. Map. Folio* 1892 

Archer, William. See Nansen. 

Archiac, Viscount d'. See Sedgwick 
and Murchison ; Tchihatchef. 

Archibald, E. D. See Symons. 

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Viaggio in Arabia Petrea (1865). 4°. 
Maps and photographs. Atlas. 4° 

Turin, 1872 

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suivies de la Vie du General^ J. M. 
Borgella. 2 vols. Portrait. 8^ 

Paris, 1853 

Arenales, General. Biografia, y Juicio 

sobre la Memoria Historica de su 

segunda campana a la Sierra del Peru en 

1 82 1. Por P. de Angelis. Maps. 8° 

Bueiws Ay res, 1832 



Arendarenko, — . Darwaz and Karate- 
ghin. [Russian Abstract.] From the 
/yiissian Military Journal, for November 
and December 1883. 4* 1884 

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Purchas, Vol. 4, Book 9 : Appendix I. 

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Argovie, J. MuIIer d'. See France, B : 

Appendix 2. 
"Ariel." ^tv Glen. 

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Appendix I. 

Arias, Juan Luis. See Hakluyt Soc. 
Publ., Vol. 25 : Appendix I. 

Aristotle, The Life and Writings of. By 
Frederick A. Trendelenburg ; trans- 
lated from the German by G. Long. 8° 


Arnieis, Juan Ignacio de. Les Cranes 
dits deformes : Memoire lu en Espagnol 
a la Societe Anthropologique de la 
Havane, le i*' Novembre 1885. 8* 

Havana, 1885 

Armenio, R. A Liberta9ao des Ra^as de 
Cor por uma revolu9ao na applica^ao das 
Machinas a Vapor. Relatorio das Con- 
feren9ias Scientificas pelo rapido atraves- 
sador dos Desertos e das Savanas. 8° 

Rio de Janeiro, 1873 

Armentia, Padre Nicolsis. Biblioteca 
Boliviana de Geografia e Historia. L 
Navegacion del Madre de Dios. Map. 
8° La Paz, 1887 

See Ballivian. 

Arminjon, V. F. II Giappone e il Viaggio 
della corvetta "Magenta" nel 1866. 
Map. 8' Genoa, 1869 

Armit, R. H. The Wind in his Circuits ; 
with the Explanation of the Origin and 
Cause of Circular Storms and P^quinoctial 
Gales. Diagrams and chart. 8" 1870 

Light as a Motive Power : a Series 

of Meteorological Essays. Vol i. Plates. 
8° 1875 

The History of New Guinea and the 

Origin of the Negroid Race : a Resume 
of Past P^xploration, Future Capabilities, 
and the Political, Commercial, and 
Moral Aspect of the Island. 8* 1876 

Armit, Capt. W. E. Armit's l-^xpedition 
into New Guinea. (Cuttings from the 
Melbourne Argus.) Maps. 4* 1883 

Armstrong, Alex. Personal Narrative of 
the Discovery of the North- West Passage, 
with Incidents of Travel and Adventure 
during nearly Five Years' Service in the 
Arctic Regions, while in Search of the 
Expedition under Sir John Franklin. 
Map and plate. 8° 1857 

Armstrong, A. Shantung (China) : a 
General Outline of the Geography and 
History of the Province, &c. Map and 
illustration. Small 4° Shanghai, 1891 

Armstrong, James, John Young, and 
David Robertson. Catalogue of the 
Western Scottish Fossils ; with Intro- 
duction by Professor Young. Compiled 
for the British Association Meeting, 
1876. 12° Glasgow, 1876 

Armstrong, John, R.E. History of the 
Island of Minorca. Map and plates. 8" 

Arnaud, — d'. Documents et Observa- 
tions sur le Cours du Bahr-el-Abiad, ou 
du Fleuve Blanc, et sur quelques autres 
points de Geographic. Map. 8* 

Paris, 1843 
See Jomard. 

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van. 2 vols. 8° 1877 

Arnold, E. See Nicholls, K. 

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[Travels]. 2nd edition. Illustrations. 
8° 1891 

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the Black Sea, and the Danube. 2 vols. 

8° 1868 

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Vol. 2. 8° 1840 
The Second Punic War : being 

Chapters of the History of Rome. 

Edited by William T. Arnold. Maps. 

Crown 8" 1886 

Arnold, Mrs William. See Lebon and 

Arnot, F. S. From the Zambesi to 
Benguella. Extracts from the Diary and 
Letters of Frederick Stanley Arnot, 
1884. Map. 16* Glasgow [\?,?,s\ 

Among the Garenganze in Central 

Africa : being the Diary and Letters of 
Fred. Stanley Arnot, from March to Sep- 
tember 1886. Map and illustration. 
12* [1887] 

Garenganze, No. 2. Six Months more 

Among the Garenganze : Letters from 
September 1886 to March 1887 of Fred. 
Stanley Arnot. Map and illustration. 
12* [1887] 

Garenganze, or Seven Years' Pioneer 

Mission Work in Central Africa. i\faps 
and illustrations. 8° [1889] 

Bihe and Garenganze, or Four 

Years' Further Work and Travel in 
Central Africa. 8° [1893] 

Arnot, Sandford. See Asia, General : 
Appendix 2. 

Arnott, F. S. Report on the Hill Fort 
of Powagur, in the Rewa Kanta, pre- 
pared June 1838. [From the India 
Records, No. 23.] Royal 8° 

Bombay, 1856 



Arrian. Expeditionis Alexandri liliri 
septem, et Historia Indica, ex Bonav, 
Vulcanii Interpretatione Latina, post 
variam aliorum industriam, ila lacunis 
vel cognitis vel ignotis etiamnum ct 
obscuris suppletis, ila Auctoris in Graicre 
Lingure native usu prtestantia et facultate 
restituta ex plurium Manuscriptoruni et 
pnijsertim unius optimi coUatione, ut 
nunc demun prodire hie autor videri 
debeat, opera J. Gronovii. (Gr. et. 
Lat.) Portrait. Folio Leyden, 1 704 

History of Alexander's Expedition. 

Translated by Rooke. To which is pre- 
fixed Mr Leclerc's Criticism upon Quintus 
Curtius. Map. 2 vols. 8° 1729 

Voyage round the Euxine Sea. 

Translated by W. and T. Falconer. 
Maps ami plates. 4" Oxford, 1805 

See Ramusio, Vols, i, 2 ; Vincent, 

Vol. I : Appendix i. 

Arriens, N. A. T. Aanteekeningen om- 
trent eenige vulkanen van den Indischen 
Archipel. Map. 8* {Balavia, 1865] 

Arrow, Sir Frederick. A Fortnight in 
Egypt at the Opening of the Suez Canal. 
Map. 8* 1869 

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dc Tarrarecua, Canton Minas, District of 
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Plan. 8° 1778 

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mouillage marque au Sud du Cap du 
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Siecle, et conserve aujourd'hui au Musee 
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phiques intitules de ce nom ; suivi d'un 
Appendice, contenant la Version Latine 
abregee, attribuee a S. Jerome, d'une 
Cosmographie supposee, ecriie en Grec 
par le noble Istriote Ethicus ; publiee 
pour la premiere fois, avec les Closes et 
les Variantes des Manuscrits. 4° 

Paris, 1852 

Grands et petits Geographes Grecs et 

Latins ; Esquisse Bibliographique des 
Collections qui en ont ete Publiees, 
Entreprises ou Projetees ; et Revue 
Critique des petits Geographes Grecs, 
avec Notes et Prolegomenes de M. 
Miiller, compris dans la Bibliotheque 
des auteurs Grecs de M. A. F. Didot. 
8° Paris, 1856 

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I'Histoire du Bresil, Examen critique 
d'une nouvelle Histoire generale du 
Bresil recemment publiee en Portugais 
a Madrid par M. F. A. de Varnhagen. 
Maps. Large 8° Paris, 1857 

Les Voyages de Americ Vespuce au 

compte de I'Espagne, et les Mesures 
Itineraires employees par les Marins 
Espagnols et Portugais des XV'=- et 
XVI'=- siecle, pour faire suite aux con 
siderations geographiques sur I'Histoire 
du Bresil. 8° Paris, 1858 

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Encyclopedic Pittoresque.] Folio* 

Pans, N.D. 

L'Expedition Genoise des freres 

Vivaldi, i la Decouverte de la Route 
Maritime des Indes Orientales au Xllle. 
siecle. 8* Paris, 1859 


AVE— B. 

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ses applications a I'etude des Phenomenes 
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Sur un Globe Terrestre trouve a 

Laon, anterieur a la decouverte de 
I'Amerique. A/aJ>. 8* Paris, 1861 

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Grec de la Geographie de Ptolemee aux 
Chap, V. et VI. du Sept. livre. F/a/e. 
8* Farts, 1862 

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la Cathedrale de Hereford. Determina- 
tion de sa date et de ses sources. 8* 

Fart's, 1862 

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jection des Cartes de Geographie. 
ra/>/e. 8* Farts, 1863 

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Lieut. -Gen. Albert de la Marmora, et 

du Contra- Amiral John Washington. 8* 

Fart's, 1864 

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depuis 1781-1801 ; contenant la Descrip- 
tion Geographique, Politique, et Civile 
du Paraguay et de la Riviere de la Plata ; 
I'llistoire de la Decouverte et de la Con- 
quete de ces Contrees, &c, ; avec une 
notice sur la vie et les ecrits de I'Auteur, 
par C. A. Walkenaer, et Notes par G. 
Cuvier et Sonnini. Maps and plates. 
4 vols. 8° Faris, 1809 

Descripcion e Historia del Paraguay 

y del Rio de la Plata. Tomo i. 8" 

Madrid, 1847 

Viajes ineditos de D. Felix de Azara 

desde Santa-Fe a la Asuncion, al interior 
del Paraguay, y a los Pueblos Misiones ; 
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D. Bartolome Mitre, y algunas notas jior 
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Buenos Ay res, 1873 

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riflessioni varie sopra le Comete passate 
e future, ove si tratta il loro sistema 
e calcolo. Flates. 8° Bologna, 1735 

Azurara, Gomes Eannes de. Chronica 
do Descobrimento e Conquista de Guine. 
Transladada do manuscrito original do 
\'isconde da Carreira, precedida de una 
Introduc9ao e notas pelo Visconde de 
Santarem. Fortrait. 8° Faris, 1841 

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Madras to London and Edinburgh, and 
back through France and Italy. 8* 

Madras, 1879 

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containing : i. A Strange and True 
Account of the Travels of Two English 
Pilgrims some years since, and what 
admirable Accidents befel them in their 
Journey to Jerusalem, Gr. Cairo, &c. ; 2. 
The Travels of Fourteen Englishmen in 
1669 to Jerusalem, Bethlem, Jericho, the 
River Jordan, the Lake of Sodom and 
Gomorrah, &c. ; with the Antiquities, 
Monuments, and Memorable Places men- 
tioned in Scripture. By T. B. ... 16° 1715 

B.— BAG. 


B. . . ., — de. History of the Expedition 
of Three Ships sent by the Company of 
the East Indies of the United Provinces 
[Dutch East India Company], to Terra 
Australis in 1721, by Mons. de B. 
Printed at the Hague, 1739. [MS. 
translation from the Dutch.] 4° N.D. 

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d'Alger. 8° Toulon, 1830 

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By M. V. B. Map. 8* 1868 

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Adelaide, 1869 

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of the Natural Numbers i to 108,000. 
2nd edition. 8° 1831 

See Quetelet. 

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Africa, and the way to reach them. 12* 


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hammed Baber, Emperor of Hindustan, 
written by himself, in the Jaghatai Turki. 
Translated by J. Leydenand W. Erskine, 
with Notes and a Geographical and His- 
torical Introduction ; together with a 
map of the countries between the Oxus 
and Jaxartes, and a Memoir regard- 
ing its construction by C. Waddington. 
Map. 4° 1826 

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through Western Yunnan, from Tali to 
T'eng-yiieh. [Foreign Office Publica- 
tion.] Folio* 1877 

Report on the Route followed by 

Mr Grosvenor's Mission between Tali-hi 
and Momein. Map. [Parly. Rep.] 
Folio* 1878 

Report on a Journey to Ta-Chien-Lu. 

[Parly. Rep.] Folio* 1879 

Travels and Researches in Western 

Supplementary Papers. 
Large 8° 1886 

; Lacouperie. 

Universel de Geo- 

China. R. G. S. 

Vol. I. Maps. 

See Gill, W. 

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graphic, systeme 

IVoodculs. 4* Paris, 1855 

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Appendix 2. 

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Her Majesty's ship " Bacchante," 1879- 
82. Compiled from the Private Jour- 
nals, letters, and Note-Books of Prince 
Albert Victor and Prince George of Wales, 
with Additions by John N. Dalton. 2 
vols. Maps, charts, plans, and illustra- 
tions. 8" ^ 1886 

Bach, J. F. Introduction \ la Connais- 
sance des Montagnes, Vallees, Lacs, et 
Rivieres de la Suisse ; pour servir a 
I'Explication de la Carte en Relief de 
Bauerkeller. Revu par J. B. B. E-yries. 
8* Paris, iS^2 

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Provincia de Otuquis en Bolivia. Map. 
4* Buenos Ay res, 1843 

Ditto. 2nd edition. 4* 

Buenos Ayres, 1843 

Reimpresion Publicada per el Dr 

Antonio Quijarro. Map. 8* 

Buetios Ayres, 1885 

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Application of the Galvanic Circuit to 
an Astronomical Clock and Telegraph 
Register in determining Local Differ- 
ences of Ivongitude, and in Astronomical 
Observations generally. 8* 1849 

Notices of the Western Coast of the 

United States. U.S. Coast Survey, Dec. 
1850. 8* Washington, 1851 

Additional Notes of a Discussion of 

Tidal Observations made in connection 
with the Coast Survey at Cat Island, 
Louisiana. Plan. 8* 

Neiv Haven, Conn., 1852 

Tide Tables for the principal Sea- 
ports of the U.S. 8* JVezv York, i^St, 

The Tides of the Atlantic and Pacific 

Coasts of the U.S., the Gulf Stream, and 
the Earthquake Waves of Dec. 1854. 
Maps. 8* New Haven, Conn., 1856 

Tide Tables for the Use of Navigators, 

prepared from the Coast Survey 01)ser- 
vations. Map. 8* New York, 1857 

On the Heights of the Tides of the 

United States, from Observations in the 
Coast Survey. Plates. 8* 

Washington, 1858 

Lecture on the Gulf Stream. Plans. 

8* New Haven, Conn., i860 

On the Influence of the Moon on 

the Declination of the Magnetic Needle. 
Plate. 8* New Haven, Conn., 1861 

Records and Results of a Magnetic 

Survey of Pennsylvania and parts of 
adjacent .States, in 1840-41." 8* 

Washington, 1863 

On the Heights of the Tides of the 

United States ; on the Winds of the 
Western Coast ; and on the Measurement 
of a Base on Epping Plains, Maine, U.S. 
Plates. 8* V.P., v.D. 

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phi(jue, precede de la granmiaire. 12" 
Augsburg, 1868 

Pasigraphisches Wiirterbuch zum 

Gebrauche fiir die deutsche Sprache. 

Augsliurg, 1868 

Pasigraphical Dictionary and (Gram- 
mar. 12" 1 87 1 

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Arctic Land Expedition to the Mouth 
of the Great Fish River and along the 
Shores of the Arctic Ocean, in 1833-35. 
Map arid plates. 8" 1 836 


Back, Capt. Sir G. Narrative of an 
Expedition in H.M.S. " Terror," under- 
taken with a view to Geographical 
Discovery on the Arctic Shores, in 
1836-37. Map and plates. 8° 1838 

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Appendix i. 

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to the Australian Golonies. Alaps and 
plates. 8° 1843 

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See Pinkerton, Vol. i : Appendix i. 

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Bacon, Roger. See Purchas, Vol. 3, Book 
I : Appendix i. 

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Studies from Nature in Hindostan ; em- 
bracing an Outline of the Voyage to 
Calcutta, and Five Years' Residence in 
Bengal and the Doab, from MDCCCXXXI. 
to MDCCCXXXVi. 2 vols. Plates. 8° 


Baddeley, P. F. H. Whirlwinds and 

Dust-Storms of India : an Investigation 

into the Law of Wind and Revolving 

Storms at Sea. Plates. 2 vols. Royal 8" 

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Thorough Guide Series. Maps arid 
plans. 12° 

The Peak District of Derbyshire and 
Neighbouring Counties. 3rd edition 

The English Lake District. 3rd 
edition 1884 

Ditto. 5th edition 1889 

The Highlands of Scotland (as far as 
Stornoway, Lochinver, and Lairg), with 
a full Description of the various Routes 
from England and the principal places of 
interest upon them, including Edinburgh, 
Glasgow, Melrose, and the Falls of 
Clyde. 1881 

Scotland. Part I. Edinburgh, Glas- 
gow, and the Highlands as far north as 
Aberdeen, Inverness, Gairloch, and 
Stornoway, with a full Description of the 
various approaches and chief places of 
interest in the Lowlands, ist edition 

Ditto. 5th edition 1887 

Scotland, Part 2. The Northern 
Highlands. Containing a full Descrip- 
tion of Aberdeen, Inverness, Loch Maree, 
and Gairloch, and of the Mainland north 
of those places in the Counties of Aber- 
deen, Banff, Elgin, and Nairn, Inver- 
ness, Ross, Cromarty, .Sutherland, and 
Caithness. 1st and 3rd editions 188386 
Scotland. Part 3. The " Lowlands," 
including Edinburgh and Glasgow and 
all Scotland south of those places 1886 

Baddeley's Guides — continued. 

Ireland. Part I. Northern Counties, 
including Dublin and Neighbourhood. 

[For Part 2, see Ward, C. S.] 
Baddeley, M. J. B., and C. S. Ward. 

North Wales. Parti. Chester, Rhyl, 
Llandudno, Bangor, Llanrwst, Bettws- 
y-Coed, Carnarvon, Llanberis, Bedd- 
gelert, and Ffestiniog Sections 1887 

Part 2. Llangollen, Bala, Dolgelley, 
Barmouth, Oswestry, Shrewsbury, Welsh- 
pool, Llanidloes, Machynlleth, and 
Aberystwith Sections 1885 

South Wales and the Wye District of 
Monmouthshire 1886 

South Devon and South Cornwall, 
including Dartmoor and the Scilly Isles. 
2nd edition 1885 

Ditto. 3rd edition 1889 

[For North Devon, &c., and for other 
Guides of the Series, see Ward, C. S.] 
Baden-Powell, B. H. Handbook of 
the Economic Products of the Punjab, 
with a Combined Index and Glossary of 
Technical Vernacular words. Vol i. 
Economic Raw Produce. [By " Baden 
H. Powell."] Plates. 8° Roorkee, 1868 

Handbook of the Manufactures and 

Arts of the Punjab. Forming Vol. 2 to 
the " Handbook of the Economic Pro- 
ducts of the Punjab." Plates. 8° 

Lahore, 1872 

Baden- Powell, B. F. S. In Savage Isles 
and Settled Lands : Malaysia, Austral- 
asia, and Polynesia, 1888-91. Map and 
illustrations. 8" 1892 

Baden-Powell, G. S. New Homes for 
the Old Country : a Personal Experi- 
ence of the Political and Domestic Life, 
the Industries, and the Natural History 
of Australia and New Zealand. Map 
and plates. 8° 1872 

Baden-Powell, W. Canoe Travelling : 
Log of a Cruise on the Baltic, and 
Practical Hints on Building and Fitting 
Canoes. Map and illustrations. Small 
8° 1871 

Badger, Rev. George Percy. Descrip- 
tion of Malta and Gozo. Maps and 
plates. 12° Malta, 1838 

The Nestorians and their Rituals, 

with the Narrative of a Mission to Meso- 
potamia and Coordistan in 1842-44, and 
a Visit in 1850. Maps and plates. 2 vols. 
8° 1852 

Description of Malta and Gozo, im- 
proved on that by George Percy Badger. 
Map and illustrations. 12° Malta, i2>^i 

Visit to the Isthmus of Suez Canal 

Works. Map. 8* 1862 

See Hakluy t Soc. Publ. , 44 : Ap- 
pendix I. 
Badgley, J. See Roussin. 



Badia, lodoco Del. See Dante, 


Baedeker, K. Handbooks for Travellers. 

Maps and plans. 12° Leipzig and London 

Mittel- und Nord-Deutschland 1872 

Northern Germany. (5th edition) 1873 

Ditto. (9th edition) 1886 

Ditto. (loth edition) 1890 

Siid-Deutschland und Oesterreich. 
(l6th edition) 1873 

Southern Germany and Austria, in- 
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Siid-Baiern, Tirol und Salzburg, Steier- 
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(l6th edition) 1874 

Southern Germany and Austria, in- 
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(6th edition) 1887 

Ditto. (7th edition) 1891 

The Eastern Alps, including the Bava- 
rian Highlands, The Tyrol, Salzkam- 
mergut, Styria, and Carinthia. (4th 
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■ Ditto, with Carniola, and Istria. 

(6th edition) 18S8 

Ditto. (7th edition) 1891 

Oesterreich und Ungarn. (i6th edi- 
tion) 1873 
Les Bords du Rhin, depuis Bale 
jusqu'a la frontiere de Hollande. 

Coblenz, 1864 

Die Rheinlande von der Schweizer bis 

zur Hollandischen Grenze. (i8th edition) 

The Rhine from Rotterdam to Con- 
stance. (5th edition) 1873 

Ditto. (8th edition) 1882 

Ditto, (loth edition) 1886 

Ditto, (nth edition) 1889 

Ditto. (i2th edition) 1892 

Belgien und Holland. (12th and 13th 
editions) 1873-75 

Belgium and Holland. (4th edition) 


■ Ditto. (8th edition) 1885 

Ditto. (9th edition) 1888 

Ditto. (loth edition) 1891 

Ditto. Including the grand 

Duchy of Luxembourg (nth edition) 

Die Schweiz, nebst den angrenzenden 

Theilen von Ober-Italien, Savoyen und 

Tirol. {i5ih and i6th editions) 1873-75 
Switzerland, and the adjacent Portions 

of Italy, Savoy, and the Tyrol 1867 

Ditto. (6th edition) 1873 

Ditto. (7th and 8th editions) 1877 

Ditto, (nth edition) 1885 

Ditto. (13th edition) 1889 

Ditto. (14th edition.) Alaps, 

plans, and panoramas. 12° 1891 

Ditto. (15th edition) 1893 


Baedeker's 'iiia.nAhoo'k.s—coniiniied. 

Paris and its Environs, with Routes 
from London to Paris, and from Paris to 
the Rhine and Switzerland. (4th edition) 


Le Nord de la France jusqu'a la 
Loire, excepte Paris 1884 

Northern France from Belgium and 
the English Channel to the Loire, ex- 
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Le Midi de la France depuis la Loire 
et y compris la Corse 1885 

Southern France 1891 

Italien. Erster Theil. Ober-Italien 
bis Livorno, Florenz, und Ravenna, nebst 
Ausflug nach Nizza und nach Ajaccio 
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Zweiter Theil. Mittel-Italien 

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Dritter Theil. Unter - Italien 

und Sicilien, nebst Ausfliigen nach den 
Liparischen Inseln, Sardinien, Malta, 
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Italy. P'irst Part : Northern Italy, 
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cona, and the Island of Corsica. (3rd 
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Norther-n Italy, including Leg- 
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Corsica, and Routes through France, 
Switzerland, and Austria. (7th edition) 


Ditto. (8th edition) 1889 

Ditto. (9th edition) 1892 

Second Part : Central Italy and 

Rome. (4th edition) 1875 

Second Part : Central Italy 

and Rome. (9th edition) 1886 

Ditto. (loth edition) 1890 

Italy. Second Part : Central Italy and 
Rome, (nth edition. ) Maps, plans, ^^c. 


Third Part : Southern Italy, 

Sicily, and Excursions to the Lipari 
Islands, Malta, Sardinia, Tunis, and 
Athens. (5th edition) 1875 

Third Part : Southern Italy and 

Sicily. (9th edition) 1887 

Ditto. (loth edition) 1890 

Palaestina und Syrien 1875 

Palestine and Syria 1876 

Palestine and Syria. (2nd edition.) 

Maps, plan, and panorama 1894 [1893] 

/Egypten, Erster Theil : Unter- 

/Kgypten bis zum Fayiim, und die Sinai- 

Halbinsel 1877 

Zweiter Theil : Ober-.Egypten 

und Nubien bis zum zweiten Katarakt 


Egypt. First Part : Lower Egypt, 

with the FayCim and the Peninsula of 

Sinai 1878 

Ditto. (2nd edition) 1885 

Second Part: Upper Egypt 1892 


Baedeker's Handbooks —continued. 

Great Britain : England, Wales, and 
Scotland as far as Loch Maree and the 
Cromarty Firth 1887 

Ditto. (2nd edition) 1890 

Griechenland 1883 

Greece 1889 

Ditto. (2nd edition.) Maps 

and plans 1894 [1893] 

London and its Environs. (6th edition) 

Ditto. (8th edition.) 

plans. 1 2° 

Norway and Sweden. 

Maps and 
(3rd edition) 

Ditto. (4th edition) 1889 

West- und Mittel- Russland 1883 

The United States ; with an Excursion 
into Mexico. 1893 

The Dominion of Canada ; with New- 
foundland, and an Excursion to Alaska 


Baer, K. E. von. Ueber den jahrlichen 

Gang der Temperatur in Nowaja Semlja. 

8* ISt Petersburg] 1837 

Ueber den taglichen Gang der 

Temperatur in Nowaja Semlja. 8* 

[St Petersburg] 1837 

Ueber das Klima von Nowaja-Semlja 

und die mittlere Temperatur insbe- 
sondere. 8* St Petersburg, 1837 

Expedition a Novaia Zemlia et en 

Lapponie. 8* St Petersburg, 1837-38 

Sur la frequence des Orages dans les 

regions Arctiques. 8* 

St Petersburg, 1839 

Klima der Kirgisen-Steppe. 4* 1840 

Why are the Right Hanks of our 

Rivers flowing Northwards high, and 
the Left depressed? [In Russian.] 8* 
\_Moscoiv, 1857] 

• Der Alte Lauf des Armenischen 

Araxes. Maps. 8* 1857 

Dattel-Palmen an den Ufern des 

Kaspischen Meeres, sonst und jetzt. 8* 


Crania Selecta ex Thesauris Anthro- 

pologicis Academire Imperialis Petro- 
politanae : Iconibus et Descriptionibus. 
Plates. 4* St Petersburg, 1859 

Ueber Papuas und Alfuren : einCom- 

mentar zu den beiden ersten Abschnitten 
der Abhandlung, Crania Selecta ex 
Thesauris Anthropologicis, &c. 4* 

St Petersburg, 1 859 

Kaspische Sludicn. Maps. 8° 

St Petersburg, 1859 

Ditto. VIIL Ueber ein allgemeines 

Gesetz in der Gestaltung der Flussbetten. 
8* i860 

Ueberdasbehauptete Seichter-werden 

des Asowschen Meeres. Map. 8* 1861 

Das fiinfzigjahrige Doctor -J ubilaum 

des Geheimraths, am 29th August [864. 
Portrait. 4* St Petersburg, 1865 

Baer, K. E. von. Nachrichten iiber Leben 
und Schriften des Herrn Geheimrathes. 
Portrait. 4* St Petersburg, 1865 

Berichte iiber die Anmeldung eines 

mit der Haut gefundenen Mammuths 
und die zur Bergung desselben ausger- 
iistete Expedition. Plates. 8* 

St Petersburg, 1866 

Das neuentdeckte W'rangells-Land. 

Small 8* Dorpat, 1868 

See infra, Baer and Hehnersen, 4, 7, 

9, 16, 18. 

and Gr. von Helmersen. Beitriige 

zur Kenntniss des Russischen Reiches 
und der angranzenden Lander Asiens. 
Vols. 1-26 (Atlas to 23). 8° 

St Petersburg, 1839-71 
Vol. I. — Wrangell, Contre-Adm. von. 
Statistische und ethnographische 
Nachrichten liber die Russischen 
Besitzungen an der Nordwestkiiste 
von Amerika. Map. 8° 1839 

Vol. 2. — Gens, Gen. -Major. Nach- 
richten iiber Chiwa, Buchara, Chokand, 
und den nordwestlichen Theil des 
Chinesischen Staates ; bearbeitet und 
mit Anmerkungen versehen von Gr. 
V. Helmersen. Map. 8^ 1839 

Vol. 3. — ^Hagemeister, Jules de. Essai 
sur les Ressources Territoriales et 
Commerciales de I'Asie Occidentale, 
le caractere des habitans, leur indus- 
trie, et leur organisation municipale. 
8° 1839 

Vol, 4. — Herausgegeben von K. E. von 
Baer 1841 

Adelung, Fried. Ueber die alteren 

auslandischen Karten von Russland. 
Baer. Eine alte Abbildung der Ruinen 

von Madshar. Plate. 
Hofmann, Ernst. Geognostische Beo- 
bachtungen auf einer Reise von Dorpat 

bis Alx). 

Schrenck, Alex. Gust. von. Skizze der 
Vegetation auf der Insel Hochland im 
Finnischen Meerbusen. Map. 

Koppen, P. von. Ueber Wald- und 
Wasser-Vorrath im Gebiete der obern 
und mittleren W^olga. Map. 

Baer. Neueste Nachrichten iiber die 
nordlichste Gegend von Sibirien 
zwischen den Fliissen Pjassida und 
Chatanga in Fragen und Antworten 

Vol. 5. — Helmersen, G. von. Reise nach 
dem Ural und der Kirgisensteppe, in 
1833-35. PartL 1841 

Vol. 6. — Helmersen, Gr. von. Reise 
nach dem Ural und der Kirgisensteppe 
in den Jahren 1833 und 1835. ^^'t 2. 
Maps, profiles. 1843 

Vol. 7. — Nachrichten aus Sibirien und 
der Kirgisensteppe, gesammelt oder 
herausgegeben von K. E. von Baer. 8° 




Baer,K. E. von, andGr. vonHelmersen. 

Contents, \"o1. 7 — continued. 

Dahl, W. F. Bemerkungen liber L. 
Zimmermann's Entwurf des Kriegs- 
theaters Russlands gegen Chiwa, und 
die beigefiigte Geographische Analyse, 
&c. 1840 

Dahl. Ueber den Kumyss. 

Baer. Nachrichten aus Ost-Sibirien, 
gesannnelt vom Herausgeber. 

Schrenk, A. Bericht liber eine, im Jahre 
1840, in die ostliche Dsungarische 
Kirgisensteppe unternommene Reise. 

Middendorff, A. T. von. Bericht iiber 
die ornithologischen Ergebnisse der 
naturhistorischen Reise nach Lapp- 
land, wahrend des Sommers 1840. 

Nachtrag des Herausgebers. Map. 

Vol. 8. — Eichwald, E. Neuer Beitrag 
zur Geognosie Esthlands und Finn- 
lands. Plates 1843 

UeberdieObolenund densilurischen 

Sandstein von Esthland und Schweden. 
Plate 1843 

Ueber das Seifengebirge des Ural 

und seine organischen Einschliisse. 


Vol. 9.— Baer, K. E. von. Kurzer Bericht 
liber wissenschaftliche Arbeiten und 
Reisen, welche zur nahern Kenntniss 
des Russichen Reichesin Bezug auf seine 
Topographie, physische Beschaffenheit, 
seine Naturproducte, den Zustand seiner 
Bewohner u. s. w. in der letzten Zeit 
ausgefuhrt, fortgesetzt oder eingeleitet 
sind. 8° 1845 

Vol. 10. — Pogodin, — . Nestor, eine 
historisch-kritische Untersuchung iiber 
den Anfang der Russischen Chroniken. 


Danilowitsch, — . Ueber die Litauis- 
chen Chroniken. 1844 

Vol. II. — Koppen, P. von. Ueber einige 
Landes - Verhaltnisse der Gegend 
zwischen dem Untern-Dnjepr und dem 
Asow'schen Meere. Plate 1845 

Teetzmann, F. Ueber die Slidrussis- 
chen Steppen und liber die darin im 
Taurischen Gouvernement belegenen 
Besitzungen des Herzogs von Anhalt- 
Kiithen. 1845 

Middendorff, A. T. von. Bericht liber 
einen Aljstecher durch das Innere 
von Lappland, wahrend der Somnier- 
Expedition im Jahre 1 840. 1845 

Vol. 12. — Ilofmann, E. Reise nach 
den Goldwiischen Ost-Sibiriens. Maps 
and plate 1847 

Vol. 13. — Koppen, P. von. Kurzer 
Bericht liber eine im Jahre 1846 von St 
Peterslnirg nach Kasan, Wjatka, 
und Wologda gemachte Reise. 1849 

Abich, II. Die Besteigung des Ararat 
am 29 Juli 1845. 1849 

Baer, K. E. von, andGr. von Helmersen. 

Contents, Vol. 13 — continued. 

Warelius, A. Beitrage zur Kenntniss 
Finnlands in ethnographischer Bezie- 
hung. 1849 

Buhse, F. A. Bergreise von Gilan 
nach Asterabad. 1849 

Vol. 14. — Helmersen, G. von. Reise 
nach den Altai, im Jahre 1834. Maps. 
8" 1848 

Vol. 15. — Basiner,T. F.J. Naturwissen 
schaftliche Reise durch die Kirgisen- 
steppe nach Chiwa. Map and plates. 
8° 1848 

Vol 16. — Baer, K. E. von. Peter's des 
Grossen Verdienste um dieErweiterung 
der geographischen Kenntnisse. Maps 


Vol. 17. — Lehmann, Alex. Reise nach 
Buchara und Samarkand in den Jahren 
1841 und 1842; nach denhinlerlassenen 
Schriften desselben bearbeitet, und mit 
Anmerkungen versehen von G. von 
Helmersen ; mit einen zoologischen 
Anhange von J. F. Brandt. Maps and 
plates. 8° 1852 

Vol. 18. — Bode, A. Verbreitungs- 
Granzen der wichtigsten Holzgewachse 
des Europaischen j\usslands. 1856 

Beitrag zur Wiirdigung der Forst- 

wirthschaft in Russland. Maps 1856 

Baer, K. E. von. Die uralte Wald- 
losigkeit der slldrussischen Steppe. 


Noschel, A. Bemerkungen liber die 
naturhistorischen, insbesondere die 
geognostich - hydrographischen, Ver- 
haltnisse der Steppe zwischen den 
Fliissen Or und Turgai, Kumak, und 
Syr-Daria. 1856 

Wesselowsky, C. Tabellen liber mittlere 
Temperaturen im Russischen Reiche. 


Vol. 19. — Bode, A. Notizen gesammelt 
auf einer Forstreise durch einen Theil 
des Europaischen Russlands. Plates 


Vol. 20. — Wlangali's Reise nach der 

(istlichen Kirgisensteppe, libersetzt 

von Dr Loewe ; herausgegeben von 

G. von Helmersen. Map. 8° 1856 

Vol. 21. — Helmersen, G. von, und R. 
Pacht. Geognostische Untersuchungen 
in den mittleren Gouvernements Russ- 
lands, zwischen der Diina and Wolga, 
in 1850 und 1853. Plates. 8° 1858 

Vol. 22. — Antipow, Q. Character der 
Erzfiihrung und Zustand des Hergbaus 
im Ural. Plate 1861 

Vol. 23. — Radde, G. Berichte liber 
Reisen im Siiden von Ost-Sibirien. 
(And Atlas, oblong 4") 1 861 


Mfe— BAI. 

Baer, K. E. von, andGr. von Helmersen. 

Contents — continued. 
Vol. 24. — Helmersen, Gr. von. Der 

Peipus-See und dieobereNarova. i860 

Die Geologie in Russland. i860 

Gerstfeldt, G. von. Der Verkehr Russ- 

lands mit Westasien. Alap i860 

Vol. 25.— Schmidt, J., Glehn, P, von, 

und Brylkin, A. D. Reisen im 

Gebiete des Amurstromes und auf der 

Insel Sachalin. Maps 1868 

Vol. 26. — Meinshausen, K. Nachrichten 

iiber das Wilui-Gebiet in Ostsibirien. 

Map 1 87 1 

Baffin, William. See Hakluyt Soc. 
Publ., Vol. 5 ; Purchas, Vol. 3, Book 4 ; 
Allgemeine Historic, Vol. 17 : Appen- 
dix I. 

and Bylot. See Hakluyt Soc. Publ., 

Vol. 5 : Appendix i. 

Baggallay, Henry C. Access to Liver- 
pool, with suggested Improvements. 
Map. 8* 1884 

Bagge, A. H. Report on the Settle- 
ment of the Siam and Tenasserim 
Boundary. [From the India Records, 
No. 50.] Royal 8° Calcutta, 1866 

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I'Intendance de la Flandre. 12° 

Brussels, 1739 

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Paraguay. 8° Ant7verp, 1873 

Baikie, R. Observations on the Neil- 
gherries, including an Account of their 
Topography, Climate, Soil, and Produc- 
tions. Edited by W. H. Smoult. Maps 
and plates. Royal 8° Calcutta, 1834 

Baikie, Dr William Balfour. Narrative 
of an Exploring Voyage up the Rivers 
Kwo'ra and Binue (commonly known as 
the Niger and Tsada) in 1854. Map and 
plates. 8° 1856 

Observations on the Hausa and 

Fulfulde Languages, with Examjjles. 
Privately printed. 8* 1861 

Reports on the Geographical Position 

of the Countries in the Neighbourhood 
of the Niger, and on other matters con- 
nected with his Expedition. Map. Folio 


Despatches from, relative to the 

Trade of the River Niger, and to the 
eligibility of Central Africa as a future 
Cotton Field. Map. Folio* [1862] 

Notes of a Journey from Bida in Nupe 

to Kano in Hausa, performed in 1862, by 
Dr W. B. Baikie, R.N., extracted from 
portions of Dr Baikie's Journals in 
possession of the Foreign Office. [Foreign 
Office publication.] Folio* 1866 

See Adams ; Reichardt. 

Bailey, Capt. George W. Report upon 
Alaska and its People, giving Statistics 
as to the Numbers, Location, Pursuits, 
and Social Condition of the Inhabitants, 
the Climate, Productions, and General 
Resources of the Country, and of the 
Commerce, Ocean Currents, &c. Map 
and plate. 8* Washington, 1880 

Bailie, A. C. The Amandebele. 8* 

Grahamstoiun, 1885 

Baillie, Alexander F. A Paraguayan 
Treasure : the Search and the Discovery. 
Map and plans. Crown 8° 1887 

Kurrachee (Karachi): Past, Present, 

and Future. Map, plans, and photo- 
graphs. Large 8° 1890 

Baillie, Marianne. First Impressions of a 
Tour upon the Continent in 1818, through 
Parts of France, Italy, Switzerland, the 
Borders of Germany, and a Part of 
trench Flanders. Plates. 8° 1819 

Lisbon in 182 1-2-3. Plates. 2 vols. 

12° 1825 

See Phillips [3], Vol. I : Appen- 
dix I. 

Baily, Francis. Account of John Flam- 
steed. Compiled from his own MSS. , 
and other Authentic Documents ; to 
which is added his British Catalogue of 
Stars, corrected and enlarged l)y P^ancis 
Baily. 4° ^ 1835 

Supplement to the above. 4° 1837 

The Catalogue of Stars of the 

British Association for the Advance- 
ment of Science, containing the Mean 
Right Ascensions and North Polar Dis- 
tances of 8,377 Fixed Stars, reduced to 
January 1850, together with their Annual 
Precessions, Secular Variations, and 
Proper Motions, as well as the Logarith- 
mic Constants for Computing Precession, 
Aberration, and Nutation, with a Preface 
explanatory of their Construction and 
Application. 4° 1845 

Journal of a Tour in Unsettled Parts 

of North America in 1796-97, with a 
Memoir of the Author. 8° 1856 

See Herschel, Sir John F. W. 

Baily, John. Central America, describ- 
ing the States of Guatemala, Honduras, 
Salvador, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica, 
the Natural Features, &c. Plates. 8° 1850 

Baily, Lieut. J. See Juarros. 

Baily, L. C. Ship's Course Corrector. 
One leaf. 8* N.D. 

Bain, Joseph, and Charles Rogers. 
Liber ProtocoUorum M. Cuthl)crti 
Simonis, notarii publici et scribse capi- 
tuli Glasguensis, A.D. 1499-1513 ; also 
Rental Book of Diocese of Glasgow, 
A.D. 1509-70. Edited by Joseph Bain 
and the Rev. Charles Rogers. {^Gram- 
pian Club Publications.^ Vols. I and 2. 
8° Edinburgh, 1875 

feAl— BAL. 


Baines, Thomas. Explorations in South - 
West Africa, being an Account of a 
Journey in 1861-62 from Walvisch Bay 
to Lake Ngami and the Victoria Falls. 
Maps and illustrations. 8° 1864 

The Gold Regions of South-Eastern 

Africa ; accompanied by a Biographical 
Sketch of the Author. l\Iap in cover, 
photographs, S^c. 8° 1877 

See Lord, W. B. 

Baird, Major A. W. A Manual for Tidal 
Observations, and their Reduction by 
the Method of Harmonic Analysis, with 
an Appendix containing Auxiliary Tables 
to facilitate the computations. Illust>a- 
tions. 8° 1886 

Spirit Levelling Operations of the 

Great Trigonometrical Survey of India. 
R.G.S. Supplementary Papers, Vol. i. 
Large 8" 1886 

and E. Roberts. Tide-Tables for 

the Indian Ports for the years 1881-87. 
6 vols. 12° 

See Hill ; Rogers. 

Baird, Prof. S. F. Directions for Col- 
lecting, Preserving, and Transporting 
Specimens of Natural History, prepared 
for the use of the Smithsonian Institution. 
8* Washington, 1852 

Ditto. 2nd edition. 8* 

Washington, 1854 

See United States, K ; California : 

Appendix 2. 

Baker, A. Southern Servia as a British 
Map. 8* 1888 

C. See United States, E, 
Off. Publ., No. 35 : Ap- 

Baker, A. 


pendix 2. 
Baker, F. 

of 1871. 

Report on the Butesur Fair 
[From No. 2 of Vol. 6 of India 
Records, N.-W. Provinces.] 8° 1872 

Baker, Capt. George. See Dalrymple, 
Repertory, Vol. i : Appendix i. 

Baker, Hon. James H. The Sources of the 
Mississippi, their Discoveries, Real and 
Pretended : a Report read before the 
Minnesota Historical Society, 8th Feliru- 
ary 1887. 8* .Saint Paul, Minn., 1887 

Baker, J. Turkey in Europe. Maps. 8° 

Baker, Marcus. Boundary Line be- 
tween Alaska and Siberia. Map. 8* 

Washington, 1882 

Baker, Sir Samuel White. Eight 

^'ears' Wanderings in Ceylon. Plates. 

8" 1855 

The Albert N'yanza, Great Basin of 

the Nile, and Explorations of the Nile 
Sources. 2 vols. Maps and plates. 8° 1866 

Ditto. New edition. Map and 

illustrations. 8° 1888 

The Nile Tributaries of Abyssinia, 

and the Sword Hunters of the Hamran 
Arabs. Maps and plates. 8° 1867 

Baker, Sir Samuel White. Cyprus as I 
saw it in 1879. Frontispiece. 8° 1879 

Ismailia : a Narrative of the Expedi- 
tion to Central Africa for the Suppression 
of the Slave Trade, organised by Ismail, 
Khedive of Egypt. 2 vols. Maps and 
plates. 8° 1874 

Another edition. Map and illus- 
trations. 8° 1886 

Wild Beasts and their Ways : Re- 
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Derzelver aangrenzende Ryken, en het 
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omstandige en grondigh doorzochte ont- 
dekking en wederlegginge van de Af- 
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. Zijnde hier by gevoeght een 
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12° 1874 

The Central Alps, including the 

Bernese Oberland, and all Switzerland 
excepting the neigh Ixjurhood of Monte 
Rosa and the Great St Bernard, with 
Lombardy and the adjoining portion of 

to the Western 

a Naturalist in 
Crown 8° 





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A Guide 

xMaps. 12° 

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\_Calcuita, 1870] 

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Names of Birds, &c., in Four of the 

Aboriginal Languages of Western Ben- 
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Distribution of Ancient Stone Imple- 
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ciones, reproducciones y documentos 
ineditos ; Segunda Parte — Diario del 
Viage al Madre de Dios hecho por el P. 
Fr. Nicolas Armentia, en los aiios de 
1884 y 1885, en calidad de Comisionado 
para explorar el Madre de Dios, y su 
distancia al rio Acre, y para fundar algu- 
nas misiones entre las tribus araonas. 
Small 8" La Paz, 1890 

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Historia de la Mision de los Mojos, por 
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la Compaiiia de Jesus. 8° La Paz, 1891 

and Eduardo Idiaquez. Diccionario 

Geografico de la Republica de Bolivia. 
Tomo Primcro, Departamento de la Paz. 
Large 8° Lm Paz, 1890 

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Productions in the Animal and Vege- 
table Systems of that Country, and an 
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Vol. 35. — California Inter Pocula. 
Vol. 36. — Popular Tribunals, vol. i. 
Vol. 37.— Ditto, vol. 2. 
Vol. 38. — Essays and Miscellany. 
Vol. 39. — Literary Industries. 
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et Considerations relatives aux Droits du 
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de Cabinde, et d'Ambriz, et autres lieux 
de la cote Occidentale d'Afrique. Maps 
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ministra9ao Colonial, 8° Lisbon, 1873 

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seance solennelle de la Societe de Geo- 
graphic de Lisbonne, le 7 Mars 1877, 
par R. A. Pequito. 8* Lisbon, 1878 

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Trade in Slaves from Africa as connected 
with Europe and America, from the In- 
troduction of the Trade into Modern 
Europe down to the present time, 
especially with reference to the efforts 
made by the British Government for its 
extinction. Royal 8° 1842 

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cus, being a list, alphabetically arranged, 
of the Principal Places in Her Imperial 
Majesty's Indian Empire, with Notes 
and Statements, Statistical, Political, and 
Descriptive, of the several Provinces and 
Administrations of the Empire, the Native 
States, Independent and Feudatory, at- 
tached to and in political relationship 
with each ; and other information relat- 
ing to India and the East. Maps. 8° 


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pendix I. 

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and Complete System of Universal Geo- 
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other celebrated Navigators of various 
Nations, in the different Hemisjiheres, 
and containing a Genuine History and 
Description of the whole World. Maps 
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ence Geographique de Bruxelles. Map. 
8° Brussels, 1877 

Ditto. 2nd edition. Maps arid 

plates. 8° Brussels, 1878 

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d'apres les Transactions Internationales 
les plus recentes (1885 a 1888). Map. 8° 

Brussels, 1888 

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British Interests, and the Interests of 

the Native Tribes at and near Natal, in 

South -Eastern Africa. Map. 8* 1838 

Control of the Privy Council over the 

Administration of Affairs at Home, in 
the Colonies, and in India. 8* 1844 

On the Right to be heard on Petitions 

to the Crown, and the Control of the 
Privy Council (by Appeal) over Indian, 
&c.. Affairs. 8* 1844 

Classical Sources of the History of 

the British Isles, or the Rise and Fall 
of the Romans in Britain. I\Tap. 8° 1849 

Pictorial Maps for the Illustration of 

the Land, the Sea, and the Heavens, on 
the Walls of large Buildings and Geo- 
ramas, and Lectures on Geography. 8* 


Records of British Enterprise beyond 

Sea, from the Earliest Original Sources 
to the Present Time. Vol. i. Part I. 8* 




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French Embassy to China, 1698- 1 700. 
Translated from an unpublished MS. by 
Saxe Bannister ; with an Essay on the 
Friendly Disposition of the Chinese 
Government and People to Foreigners. 

^° .... '859 

Some Revelations in Irish History ; 

or, Old Elements of Creed and Class 
Conciliation in Ireland [including T. 
Sheridan's Discourse on the Rise and 
Power of Parliaments, 1677]. Square 8° 


Prospects and Progress of British 

Colonisation and Foreign Commerce. 8* 


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Caminho de Ferro da Beira a Manica, 
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Etudes sur les Oasis, les Dunes, les 
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Historia de Venezuela, desde el Descu- 
brimiento de su territoria por los Castel- 
lanos en el Siglo XV., hasta 1797 ; ha 
cooperado a el en la parte relativa a las 
guerras de la Conquista de la Costa- 
Firme el Ramon Diaz. Portraits. 8° 
Paris, 1 84 1 

and Ramon Diaz. Resumen de la 

Historia de Venezuela, desde 1797 hasta 
1830 ; tiene al fin un breve Bosquejo 
Historico que comprende 1831 hasta 
1837. Portraits. 2 vols. 8° 

Paris, 1 84 1 

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de I'Aude. 8* Geneva, 1802 

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S. Giacomo Baratti, an Italian Gentle- 
man, into the remote Countries of the 
Abissins, or of Ethiopia Interior. . . ; 
together with a Confirmation of this 
Relation drawn from the writings of 
Damianus de Goes and Jo. Scaliger. . . . 
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de tous les Lieux de la France et de ses 
Colonies ; contenant la nomenclature et 
la description exacte sous les Rapports 
Geographiques, Statistiques, Commer- 
ciaux, Historiques et Administratifs, des 
Villes, Bourgs, Villages, et Hameaux 
composant les 37,207 communes de la 
France, &c. 2 vols. 8° Paris, 1831 

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Geografica d' Italia, Antica e Moderna. 
Map. 2 vols. 8" Milan, 1806 

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Geographique, Historique, et Litleraire 
de la Perse et des Contrees adjacentes. 
Extrait du Mo'djem El-Bouldan de 
Yaqout, et complete a I'aide de docu- 
ments Arabes et Persans pour la plupart 
inedits. 8° Paris, 1861 

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plement aux Dictionnaires publics jusqu'a 
ce jour. 2 vols. (11"= series, Vols. 4 and 5 
of Publications de I'Ecole des Langues 
Orientales Vivantes.) Large 8° 

Paris, 1881-86 

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Cacahuamilpa, datos para la Geologia y 
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lajara, capital del Estado de Jalisco. 
Plans. 8* Mexico, 1880 

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Leyton, Essex. Vols. 1-4, 1862-77. 4° 




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Folio* Madrid, 1730 

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8^^ 1891 

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Appendix 2. 

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dix containing the Result of Experiments 
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illustrations. Small 4° Netu York, n.d. 

Bamett, Capt. E. West India Pilot. 
From Cape North of the Amazons to 
Cape Sable in Florida, with the Out- 
lying Islands, the Caribbean Sea, from 
Barbadoes to Cuba ; with the Bahama 
and Bermuda Islands, and Florida Strait. 
2 vols. 8° 1859-61 

See United Kingdom, A: Appendix 2. 

Baron, Rev. R. On the Flora and 
Geology of Madagascar ; with Two 
Papers on Fossils and Rock Specimens 
from Madagascar, by R. B. Newton and 
F. H. Hatch. Maps and plate. 8* 1889 

See Madagascar : Appendix 2. 

Baron, S. See Churchill, Vol. 6 ; Pink- 

erton. Vol. 9 ; Allgemeine Historic, 
Vol. ID : Appendix i. 
Barr, Capt. J. T. Narrative of the 
Nature of the British Relations with the 
Native States in the Province of Katty- 
war, with Notes. Royal 8° 

Bombay, 1856 

Information relative to the Wander- 
ing Tribes in the Province of Kaltywar. 
[From the India Records, No. 37.] 
Royal 8° Bombay, 1856 

Barr, William. Journal of a March 

Peshawur, and from 

. ; including Travels 

a Visit to the City of 

Lahore, and a Narrative of Operations in 

the Kyber Pass undertaken in 1839. 

Plates. 12° 1844 

Barral. See Silas, F. 

Barrande, Joachim. Defense des Colonies. 

[Geological.] Parts i and 3. Map and 

Prague, 1861 and 1865 

from Delhi to 
thence to Cabul , 
in the Punjab, 



Barraud, C. D. See New Zealand : Ap- 
pendix 2. 

Barret, Dr Paul. Senegambie et Guinea : 
la Region Gabonaise ; I'Afrique Occi- 
dentale, la Nature et I'llomme noir. 2 
vols. Maps. 8° Paris, 1888 

Barret, W. See Kerr, Vol. 8: Ap- 
pendix I. 

Barrett, Alfred. See Yates, James. 

Barrett, C. R. B. Essex : Highways, 
Byways, and Waterways. Illustrations. 
Small 4° 1892 

Ditto. 2nd series. Illustrations. Small 

4° 1893 

Barrett- Lennard, Capt. C. E. Travels 
in British Columbia, with the Narrative 
of a Yacht Voyage round Vancouver's 
Island. Frontispiece. 8° 1862 

Barring^on, Daines. The Probability 
of reaching the North Pole discussed. 
Small 4° 1775 

The Possibility of approaching the 

North Pole asserted ; with an Appendix 
containing Papers on the same Subject, 
and on a North -West Passage, by 
Colonel Beaufoy. 8° 1818 

Barrio, Don Paulino del. Noticia sohre 
el Torreno Carbonifero de Coronel i 
Lota. I\Iap ami plates. Folio* 

Santiago, 1857 

Barron, C. See Adams. 

Barron, Lieut. -Col. The Cadastral Sur- 
vey of India, R.G.S. Supplementary 
Papers, Vol. i. Large 8° 1886 

Barros, J. de. Da Asia de Joao de Barros 
e de Diogo de Couto. Nova edifao. 
Plates. 24 vols. 12° Lisbon, 1777-88 
Da Asia de Joao de Barros. Dos 
feitos que os Portuguezes fizeram na con- 
quista e descubrimento das terras e mares 
de Oriente. [4 decades, each in 2 parts] 

Vida de Joao de Barros, por Manoel 
Severim de Faria, e Indice geral das 
quatro decadas da sua Asia 1778 

Continua^ao da Asia de Joao de Barros, 
por Diogo de Couto. Da Asia de Diogo 
do Couto. Dos feitos. Sec. [as above]. 
Decada IV., 2 pts., 1778; V., pt. i, 
1779; pt. 2, 1780; VI., 2 pis., 1781 ; 
VII., pt. I, 1782, pt. 2, 1783; VIII. 
and IX., 1786; X., 2 pts., XI. and 
XII., 1788. 

Indice geral das Decadas de Couto. 


See Astley, Vol. i ; Ramusio, Vol. 

I ; Allgemcine Historic, Vol. i : Ap- 
jK'ndix I. 

Barrow, Major E. G. Routes in Dardi- 
stan and Kafiristan. 8* Simla, i886 

Report on the British Trans-Salween 

Districts of Indo-China. Map and plan. 
8° Simla, 1890 

Barrow, Sir George. Ceylon, Past and 
Present. Map. 8° 1857 

Barrow, John [Author of the Geographical 
Dictionary\. A Collection of Authentic, 
Useful, and Entertaining Voyages and 
Discoveries, digested in a Chronological 
Series. Vol. i. Plates. 12° 1765 

Barrow, Sir John. Account of Travels 
into the Interior of Southern Africa in 
1797-98, including cursory Observations 
on the Geology, Geography, and Natural 
History of the Southern part of that 
Continent, and Sketches of the Physical 
and Moral Characters of the various 
Tribes surrounding the Settlement of 
ihe Cape of Good Hope. Alaps and 
plates. 2 vols. 4° 1801-4 

Travels in China, containing Descrip- 
tions, Observations, and Comparisons, 
made and collected in the course of a 
Short Residence at the Imperial Palace of 
Yuen-Min-Yuen, and on a Journey from 
Pekin to Canton. Plates. 4° 1804 

Voyage to Cochin-China in 1792-93 ; 

to which is annexed an Account of a 
Journey made in 1S01-2 to the Residence 
of the Chief of the Booshuana Nation, 
being the remotest point in the Interior 
of Southern Africa to which Europeans 
have hitherto penetrated. Map and 
plates. 4° 1806 

Chronological History of ^'oyages 

into the Arctic Regions, undertaken 
chiefly for the purpose of discovering 
a North-east, North-west, or Polar 
passage between the Atlantic and Pacific, 
from the Earliest Periods of Scandinavian 
Navigation to the Departure of the 
Recent Expeditions under Captains Ross 
and Buchan. Map. 8° 18 18 

The Life of George, Lord Anson, 

Admiral of the Fleet. 8° 1839 

Voyages of Discovery and Research 

within the Arctic Regions, from the year 
1818 to the Present Time, abridged and 
arranped from the Original Narratives, 
with Occasional Remarks. Maps and 
portraits. '&' 1 846 

An Autobiographical Memoir of, 

including Reflections, Observations, and 
Reminiscences at Home and Abroad, 
from Early Life to Advanced Age. Por- 
trait. 8° 1847 

BarroTV, John. Excursions in the North of 
Europe, through parts of Russia, Finland, 
Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, in 1830 
and 1833. Map. 8° 1834 

Tour Round Ireland, through the 

Sea-Coast Counties, in 1835. Map and 
plates. 8" 1836 

Visit to Iceland, by way of Tronyem, 

in 1834. Plates. 8^ 1837 



Barrow, John. Tour in Austrian Lom- 
bardy, the Northern Tyrol, and Bavaria, 
in 1840. 8° 1 84 1 

The Life, Voyages, and Exploits of 

Admiral Sir Francis Drake. 8° 1843 

Tour on the Continent by Rail or 

Road, in 1852, through Northern Ger- 
many, Austria, Tyrol, Austrian Lom- 
bardy, &c. Map. 12° 1853 

Barro^v, J. Expeditions on the Glaciers ; 
including an Ascent of Mont Blanc, 
Monte Rosa, Col du Geant, and Mont 
Muet. Portrait. 8" 1864 

Barry, David. .SV^Juan. 

Barry, Frederick W. See Cyprus : Ap- 
pendix 2. 

Barry, Dr Martin. Ascent of Mont Blanc 
in 1834. Plata. 8" Edinburgh, 1836 

Barry, John Warren. Studies in Corsica, 
sylvan and social. Map and illustra- 
tions. 8° 1893 

Barth, Dr Henry. Wanderungen durch die 
Kiistenlander des Mittelmeeres, 1845-7. 
Erster Band. Das Nordafrikanische 
Gestadeland. Map. 8° Berlin, 1849 

Travels and Discoveries in North and 

Central Africa, being a Journal of an 
Expedition undertaken in 1849-55. ^lap^ 
and plates. 5 vols. 8° 1857 

Reise von Trapezunt durch die nord- 

liche Halfte Klein-Asiens nach Scutari 
im Ilerbst 1858, mit einer Karte von Dr 
A. Petermann (Erganzungsheft Vol. i, 
Petermann's Mittheilungen). Maps and 
plates. 4° Got ha, i860 

Sammlung und Bearbeitung Central- 

Afrikanischer Vokabularien. . . . Col- 
lection of Vocabularies of Central- 
African Languages. . . . Part i. Larger 
Vocabularies of the Kanuri, Teda, Hausa, 
Ful-ful-de, Sonoai, Logone, Wandala, 
Bagiimma, and Maba Languages. In- 
troductory Remarks, Chap. 1-6, &c. 
Large 8" Got ha, 1862 

Collection of Vocabularies of Central- 
African Languages. Part 2. — Intro- 
ductory Remarks, Chap. 7-12. Analysis 
of the Fulfulde, Songai, Logone, Wan- 
dala, Bagrimma, and Maba Languages. 
Part 3, Nouns. Royal 8° 6'^//<a, 1863-66 

Travels and Discoveries in North 

and Central Africa, including accounts 
of Tripoli, the Sahara, the remarkable 
kingdom of Bornu, and the Countries 
around Lake Chad. (Minerva Library.) 
Map and illustrations. 1 2° 1 890 

Ditto. — (II.) Including accounts of 

Timbuktu, Sokoto, and the Basins of 
the Niger and Benuwe. (Minerva Lib- 
rary). Illustrations. 12° 1890 

Dr Balfour Baikie's Thatigkeit am 

unteren Niger, mit besonderer Berlick- 
sichtigung der Flussschwellen dieses 
Stromes und derjenigen des Tsad- und 
Nilbeckens. Tables. 8* Berlin, n.d. 

Barth, Dr Henry. See Hodgson, W. 
B. ; Jomard ; Malte-Brun ; Petermann ; 

Bartholemaeus, — . Breves in Sphseram 

Meditatiunculse, includentes Methodum 

et Isagogen in Universam Cosmo- 

graphiam ; hoc est, Geographise pariter 

atque Astronomiae initia ac Rudimenta 

Suggerentes. IVoodcuts. 12° Cologne, 1563 

[Bound up with works by Borrhaus, 

Theodoricus, drc, the whole entitled 

" Cosmographia. "] 

Barthelemy, Abbe. Voyage du Jeune 
Anacharsis en (jrece, dans le milieu du 
quatrieme siecle avant I'ere vulgaire. 
7 vols, and atlas vol. 4° Paris, 1790 

Voyage en Italie. 12° Paris, 1801 

Barthema, Ludovico di. See Varthema. 

Bartholomew^, Capt. D. E. Voyage to 
the Cape Verd Islands, Coast of Africa, 
and Western Islands. MS. 4° 1819 

Bartholomew, John. Gazetteer of the 
British Isles, Statistical and Topo- 
graphical, with Appendices and Special 
Maps and Charts. Large 8° 

Editiburgh, 1887 

The same, with Census Supplement, 

1891, and Appendices. [Without maps.] 
Large 8° Edinburgh [1893] 

Bartholome^w, J. G. The Pocket Gazet- 
teer of the World. 16° 1888 

Ditto. Census edition 1892 

Bartlett, John Russell. Personal Narra- 
tive of Explorations and Incidents in 
Texas, New Mexico, California, Sonora, 
and Chihuahua, connected with the 
United States and Mexican Boundary 
Commission, 1850-53. Maps and plates. 
2 vols. 8° New York, 1854 

See United States, E (H>drogr. Off. 

Publ., No. 48): Appendix 2. 

Bartlett, W. A. See MacArthur, W. P. 

Bartlett, W. H. Syria, the Holy Land, 
Asia Minor, &c., illustrated by Bartlett, 
Purser, Allom, &c., with Descriptions by 
John Carne. J\faps and plates. 3 vols. 
4° . 1836-38 

Canadian Scenery Illustrated. The 

Literary Depart4nent by N. P. Willis. 
Map and plates. 2 vols. 4° 1842 

The Nile Boat, or Glimpses of the 

Land of Egypt. Maps and plates. 
Roval 8° 1850 

Gleanings, Pictorial and Antiquarian, 

on the Overland Route. Plates. Royal 
8° 1851 

American Scenery ; or. Land, Lake, 

and River Illustrations of Transatlantic 
Nature. The Literary Department by 
N. P. Willis. Maps and plates. 2 vols. 
4° 1852 

Jerusalem Revisited. Plates. 8° 1855 

Walks about the City and Environs of 

Jerusalem (1842). Maps and plates. 
Royal 8° n.d. 



Bartlett, W. H. Forty Days in the Desert 
on the Track of the Israelites, or a Journey 
from Cairo by Wady Feiran to Mount 
Sinai and Petra. 4th edition. Map and 
plates. 8" ,, , ; , , N.D. 

Bartoli, D. Missione al Gran Mogor del 
P. Ridolfo Aquaviva della Compagnia 
di Gesu, sua Vite e Morte ... 8° 

Piacenza, iSig 

Bartoli, M. E., and L. P. de Ram6n. 
Espana y sus Colonias : Noticia de su 
PoV)laci6n, Agricultura, Industria, y Com- 
ercio, iSic, &c. 4° Barcelona, 189 1 

Bartolini, D. Viaggio da Napoli alle 
Forche Caudine ed a Benevento, e di 
ritorno a Caserta, ed a Monte-Casino. 
Small 8" Naples, 1827 

Bartolomeo, Fra Paolino da San. 
Viaggio alle Indie Orientali, &c. Plates. 
4° Koine, 1796 

A Voyage to the East Indies, con- 
taining an Account of the Manners, 
Customs, &c. , of the Natives, with a 
Geographical Description of the Country ; 
collected from Observations made during 
a Residence of Thirteen Years, between 
1776 and 1789, in Districts little fre- 
quented by the Europeans ; with Notes 
and Illustrations by John Reinhold 
Forster. Translated from the German 
by William Johnston. 8° 1800 

Bartolozzi, Francesco. Ricerche Is- 
torico-critiche circa alle scoperti d' 
Amerigo Vespucci, con I'aggiunta di una 
Relazione del Medesimo, fin ora inedita. 
8* Florence, 1789 

Barton, E. See Hakluyt, Vol. 2; Pur- 
chas. Vol. 2, Book 8 : Appendix i. 

Barton, Lieut. J. See Dalrymple, Re- 
pertory, Vol. 2: Appendix i. 

Barton, Richard. Lectures in Natural 
Philoso]ihy upon the Petrifications, 
Gems, Crystals, and Sanitive Quality of 
Lough Neagh in Ireland. Maps and 
plates. 4" Dublin, 1 751 

Bartram, John. Observations on the Inha- 
bitants, Climate, Soil, Rivers, Productions, 
Animals, and other Matters worthy of 
Notice, in his Travels from Pennsylvania 
to Mondaga, Oswego, and the Lake On- 
tario, in Canada ; to which is annexed 
a Curious Account of the Cataracts at 
Niagara by P. Kalm. Plate. 8" 1751 

Bartram, W. Travels through North and 
South Carolina, Georgia, East and West 
Florida, the Cherokee Country, the ex- 
tensive Territories of the Muscogulges 
or Creek Confederacy, and the Country 
of the Chactaws, &c. Map and plates. 
Ar" 1792 

Bartsch, S. Rotatoria Ilungariae. Plates. 
8^ Budapest, 1877 

Barttelot, W. G. The Life of Edmund 
Musgrave Barttelot, Captain and Brevet- 
Major Royal Fusiliers, Commander of 
the Rear Column of the Emin Pasha Re- 
lief Expedition : being an Account of 
his Services for the Relief of Kandahar, 
of Gordon, and of Emin, from his Let- 
ters and Diary. 2nd edition. Maps and 
portrait. 8" 1 890 

Baruck, Elie M. See Hassan. 

Barwick, Captain F. M. Diary of a 
Voyage from Bhamo to the Upper 
Reaches of the Irrawaddy, in the B. G. 
launch " Pathfinder," and from Sinbo 
to Mogaung, and thence to the Indawgyi 
Lake by way of the Indawchaung. Maps 
and plates. Folio* Rangjon, 1890 

Barwick, G. F. See Columbus. 

Barzi, C. M. See Mosca-Barzi. 

Bas, F. de. De Residentie-Kaarten van 
Java en Madoera. Maps. 4* 

Amsterdam, 1876 

Avis Impartial dans la Question du 

Congo. 8* Schiedam, 1890 

Basevi, A., and G. E. Fritzsche. La 
Rappresentazione Orografica a Luce 
Doppia nella Cartografia Moderna. 
JVate. 8* Rome, 1892 

Basevi, Capt. J. F., and W. J. Heavi- 
side. See India, F, c, Trigonom. Sur- 
veys: Appendix 2. 

" Basilisk." See Moresby. 

Basiner, T. F. J. See Baer and Ilel- 
mersen, 15. 

Bass, George. 
pendix i. 

Basset, James. 
the Imams : a 

See Eyries, Vol. 4: Ap- 

Persia, the Land of 
Narrative of Travel and 
Residence, 1871-85. Map. 8° 

1887 [1886] 
Bastiaanse, J. H. van Boudyck. Voy- 
age a la Cote de Guinee, dans la Golfe 
de Biafra, a I'ile de Fernando Po, Tile 
de St rielene, et autres ties dans le 
Passage, a bord du brickgoelette " Le 
Lancier." 8° The Hague, i%$t^ 

Bastian, Adolf. Afrikanische Reisen : 
Ein Besuch in San Salvador, der Haupt- 
stadt des Konigreichs Congo ; ein 
Beitrag zur Mythologie and Psychologic. 
8" Bremen, 1859 

Der Mensch in der Geschichte. 3 

vols. 8° Leipzig, i860 

Die Volker des ostllchen Asien : 

Studien und Reisen. 8° Leipzig, 1866-6S 
Vol. I. Die Geschichte der Indo- 


Vol. 2.' Reisen in Birma in den Jahren 

1861-62. 8° Leipzig, 1866 

Vol. 3. Reisen in Siam in Jahre 1863. 

Vol. 4. Reisc durch Kambodja nach 

Cochin China. 8° Jena, 1868 



3astian, Adolf. Das Bestandige in den 

Menschenrassen und die Spielweite ihrer 

Veranderlichkeit ; Prolegomena zu einer 

Ethnologic der Culturvolker. Map. 8° 

Berlitt, 1868 

Die Deutsche Expedition an der 

Loango-Kiiste nebst aiteren Nachrichten 
iiber die zu erforschenden Lander. 2 
vols. Map atid plates. Small 8° 

Jena, 1874-75 

Die Culturlander des alten America. 

2 vols. Maps. 8° Berlin, 1878 

Konigliche Museen zu Berlin : Stein- 

sculpturen aus Guatemala. Plates. 4* 
Berlitt, 1882 

Inselgruppen in Oceanien : Reiseer- 

gebnisse und Studien. Plates. 8° 

Berlin, 1883 

Zur Kenntniss Hawaii's : Nachtrage 

und Erganzungen zu den Inselgruppen 
in Oceanien. Plan. 8° Berlin, 1883 

Volkerstamme am Brahmaputra und 

verwandtschaftliche Nachbarn : Reise- 
Ergebnisse und Studien. Plates. Large 
8° Berlin, 1883 

Indonesien oder die Inseln des Malay- 

ischen Archipel. Plates. 8° Berlin 

1. Die Molukken 1884 

2. Timor und umliegende Inseln 1885 

3. Sumatra und Nachbarschaft 1886 

4. Borneo und Celebes 1889 

5. Java und Schluss 1894 

Der Papua des dunkeln Inselreichs 

im Lichte psychologischer Forsehung. 
8* Berlin, 1885 

Zur Lehre von den geographischen 

Provinzen. 8° Berlin, 1886 

Controversen in der Ethnologie : I. 

Die Geographischen Provinzen in ihren 
culturgeschichtlichen Bertihnmgspunc- 
ten. 8* Berlin, 1893 

See Humboldt, Alex, von ; and Neu- 

mayer, G. 

Bastidas, Rodriguez de. See Gottfried : 
Appendix i. 

BastOS, T. A livre navega9ao do Ama- 
zonas. [In Nos. 22-24 of ihejornal do 
Para, 1864.] Large folio* Para, 1864 

Bataillard, Paul. Nouvelles Recherches 
sur I'apparition et la dispersion des 
Bohemiens en Europe. 8* Paris, 1849 

Batchelder, H. M. See Osgood. 

Batchelor, Rev. John. The Ainu of 
Japan : the Religion, Superstitions, and 
General History of the Hairy Aborigines 
of Japan. Illustrations. 8° 1892 

See Chamberlain. 

Bate, John. Emigration : Free, Assisted, 
and Full-Paying Passages ; together 
with the Conditions for obtaining Free 
Land Grants, &c. 8* n d. 

Bate, Comm. W. J. China Pilot ; Ap- 
pendix No. 9 : Sailing Directions for 
Palawan Island and Passage, being the 
Result of the Survey in H.M.S. " Roy- 
alist," made between the years 1850-54. 
8° 1855 

Bateman, Charles Somerville Latrobe. 
The First Ascent of the Kasai, being 
some Records of Service under the Lone 
Star. Map, plan, and illustrations. 
8° 1889 

See Carvalho, H. A. D. de. 

Bates, C. E. See Central Asia, A : Ap- 
pendix 2. 

Bates, Henry Walter. The Naturalist 
on the River Amazons : a Record of Ad- 
ventures, Habits of Animals, Sketches of 
Brazilian and Indian Life, and Aspects 
of Nature, under the Equator, during 
eleven years of Travel. Maps and 
plates. 2 vols. 8° 1863 

— — The Naturalist on the River Amazons ; 
with a Memoir of the Author by Edward 
Clodd. Afaps and illustrations. 8° 1892 

Illustrated Travels. See United 

Kingdom : Appendix 3. 

See Allen, Grant ; Koldeway ; Stan- 
ford, E. ; Somerville, Mary ; Warburton. 

Bathgate, J. New Zealand, its Re- 
sources and Prospects. Maps aiui illus- 
trations. 8° 1880 

Batres, L. "Clasificaciondel tipo etnico 
de las tribus Zapoteca del Estado de 
Oaxaca y alcolhuadel Valle de Mexico," 
and " Civilizacion de algunas de las 
diferentes tribus que habitaron el terri- 
torio, hoy Mexicano, en la antiqiiedad." 
Map and plates. 4° {^Mexico, 1889] 

Battell, And. See Astley, Vol. 3 ; Gott- 
fried ; Pinkerton, Vol. 16 ; Purchas, 
Vol. 2, Book 7 ; AUgemeine Historic, 
Vol. 4 : Appendix I. 

Battely, John. Opera Posthuma, Anti- 
quitates Rotupime, et Antiquitates S. 
Edmundi Burgi ad annum 1272 per- 
ductae. Maps and plates. 4° 

Oxford, 1745 

Batten, G. H. M. Information regard- 
ing the Cotton Cultivation. in the N.-W. 
Provinces. [From the India Records, 
N.W. Provinces, Part 37.] Folio 

Allahabad, 1862 

Information regarding the Slackness 

of Demand for European Cotton Goods. 
[From the India Records, N.-W. Pro- 
vinces, Part 40.] Folio Allahabad, 1864 

Batten, J. H. Notes and Recollections 
on Tea Cultivation in Kumaon and Gar- 
wahl. 8* 1878 

See India, O : Appendix 2. 

Battenberg, Franz Joseph, Prinz von. 
Die volkswirthschaftliche Entwicklung 
Bulgariens von 1879 bis zur Gegenwart. 
Large 8° Leipzig, 1891 



Battle, E. Report on the Khirkee and 
Chutturpoor Bunds near Dehlie, April 
1848. [From the India Records, Vol. 2.] 

Survey Report of the Jumna River, 

between Delhi and Agra, 1856. [From 
the India Records, N.-W. Provinces, 
Part 33.] 8° Allahabad, i860 

Baude, Baron. L'Algerie. Maps. 2 
vols. 8" Paris, 1841 

Baudier, — . See Churchill, Vol. 8 : Ap- 
j^endix i. 

Baudin, Capt. See St Vincent. 

Baudot, Maurice. Le nivellement-gen- 
eral de la France et le nivellenient de 
precision de la Suisse. 8* Paris, 1874 

Bauer, Gustav. Gedachtnisredeauf Otto 
Hesse gehalten in der offentlichen Sit- 
zung der Akademie der Wissenschaften 
zu Miinchen, zur Feier ihres einhundert 
und drei und zwanzigsten Stiftungstages 
am 28 Marz 1882. 4* Munich, 1882 

Bauerkeller. See Jomard. 

Bauernfeind, Carl Max von. Gedacht- 
nisrede auf Joseph von Fraunhofer zur 
Feier seines hundertsten Geburlstags. 
4* Munich, 1887 

Das Bayerische Pracisions-Niveile- 

ment. 4* [J/««?V//] 1888 

Baumhauer, E. H. von. Sur un Meteo- 
rographe universel destine aux Obser- 
vatoires solitaires. 8° Haarlem, 1874 

Baumann, Dr Oscar. Beit rage zur 
Ethnographic des Congo. Illustrations. 
4° Vienna, 1887 

Beitrage zur physischen Geographic 

des Congo. Map and plate. %" 

Vienna, 1887 

Eine Afrikanische Tropen - Insel : 

Fernando Poo und die Bube ; dargestellt 
auf Grund einer Reise im Auftrage der 
k. k. Geographischen Gesellschaft in 
Wien. Map and illustrations. 8* 

Vienna, 1888 

In Deutsch-Ostafrika wahrend des 

Aufstandes : Reise der Dr Hans Meyer' 
schen Expedition in Usambara. Illus- 
trations. 8° Vienna, 1890 

Usambara und seine Nachbargebieten. 

Allgemeine Darstellung des Nordost- 
lichen Deutsch-Ostafrika und seiner 
Bewohner auf Grund einer im Auftrage 
der Deutsch -Ostafrikanischen Gesell- 
schaft im Jahre 1890 ausgefuhrten Reise. 
Maps and illustrations Berlin, 189 1 

Baumgarten, Dr Johannes. Deutsch 
Afrika und seine Nachbarn im schwarzen 
Erdteil ; eine Rundreise in abgerun- 
deten Naturschilderungen, Sittenscenen 
und ethnographischen Charakterbildern ; 
nach den neuesten und besten Quellen, 
fiir Freunde der geographischen Wissen- 
schaft und der Kolonialbestrebungen, 
sowie fiir den hoheren Unterricht. Map. 
8° Berlin, 1887 

Baumgarten, Dr Johannes. Ostafrika, 
der Sudan und das Seengebiet ; Land- 
und Leute ; Naturschilderungen, char- 
akteristische Reisebilder und Scenen aus 
dem Volksleben; Aufgaben und Kulturer- 
folge der Christlichen Mission, Sklaven- 
handel ; die Anti-sklavereibewegung, 
ihre Ziele und ihr Ausgang ; Kolonial- 
politische Fragen der Gegenwart ; nach 
den . . . testen Quellen. 8° Got ha, 1890 

Baumgarten, M. See Churchill, Vol. i : 
Appendix i. 

Bausset, Arthur de. Aerial Navigation. 
Illustrations. 12* Chicago, 1887 

Bauza, Don Philipp. Ueber den gegen- 
wartigen Zustand der Geographic von 
Siid-Anierika. Uebersetzt durch W. F. 
von Karwinsky. [German and Spanish.] 
4° Madrid, 18 14 

Bavier, S. Die Strassen der Schweiz. 
Gedriingte Darstellung ihrer historischen 
Entwicklung und ihres gegenwartigen 
Bestandes, mit einem Anhang iiber das 
schweizerische Postwesen. Map and 
plates. 4° Ziirich, 1878 

Bavoux, Evariste Alger. Voyage Poli- 
tique et Descriptif dans le Nord de 
I'Afrique. 2 vols. 8° Paris, 1841 

Bax, Capt. B. W. The Eastern Seas : 
being a Narrative of the Voyage of 
H.M.S "Dwarf," in China, Japan, 
and Formosa ; with a Description 
of the Coast of Russian Tartary and 
Eastern Siberia, from the Corea to 
the River Amur. Map ami plates. 8° 


Baxter, W. Glossarium Antiquitatum 
Britanicarum, sive Syllabus Etymo- 
logicus Antiq. vet. Brit, atque Ibernise 
temporibus Romanorum, accedunt Ed- 
vardi Luidii de Fluviorum, Montium, 
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Maritime Positions in the Gulf and 

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Directions for the Gulf and River, 2 
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Shamans Hwui-Li and Yeu-Tsung. With 
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NaNngable Rivers ; together with the 
Propertiesand Strength of Materials. Use- 
ful Numbersand Logarithms; also Pheno- 
mena of Tidal Rivers. Maps. 8° 1852 

Manual of Hydrology, containing : — 

I. Hydraulic and other Tables ; 2. Rivers, 
Flow of Water, Springs, Wells, and Per- 
colation ; 3. Tides, Estuaries, and Tidal 
Rivers ; 4. Rainfall and Evaporation. 
Maps. 8° 1862 

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Tippoo Sultaun, comprising the Opera- 
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Ditto, in 1857-58. Map in separate 

case. Royal 8° Bombay, 1859 

[From the India Records, Nos. 50 
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Cascades les plus remarquables. Par L. 
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8° 1828 



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Map. 8* Paris, 1868 

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from Italy to Germany, through Tyrol. 
Plates. Folio 1792 

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Charles- Fran9ois Beautemps-Beaupre. 4* 

Paris, i860 

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gonal. 4* Paris, 1863 

Tableau des Donnees Numeriques 

qui fixent les 362 points principaux du 
reseau Pentagonal. 4* Paris, 1864 

• See Dufrenoy. 

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d'un Meridien Initial Unique. Map. 8* 

Geneva, 1880 

Presentation, avec Cartes Nouvelles 

d'une Cartographic generale pour le 
meilleur enseignement de la Geographic. 
Map. 8* Geneva, 1891 

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Hydrographique des Cotes Occidentales 
de France, suivi d'un Precis des Opera- 
tions Geodesiques par M. Daussy. 4° 


Rapports sur les Rades, Ports et 

Mouillages de la Cote Orientale du Golfe 
de Venise. 8° 1849 

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By a Templar. 12° 1862 

Observations on the People inhabiting 

Spain. 8* N.p. 

See Pouchet, G, 

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to an Attempt to Establish a British 
Settlement on the Island of Bulama, on 
the Western Coast of Africa, in the year 
1792 ; with a brief Notice of the Neigh- 
bouring Tribes, Soil, Productions, &c., 
and some Observations on the Facility 
of Colonising that part of Africa with a 
view to Cultivation, and the Introduction 
of Letters and Religion to its Inhabitants, 
but more particularly as the means of 
gradually abolishing African Slavery. 
Maps. 4° 1805 

Becher, Capt. A. B. Tables of Mast- 
Ilead Angles, for 5 feet intervals from 
30 to 280 feet, and varying distances 
from a Cable's-length to 4 miles, with 
their application to Nautical Surveying, 
also the Determination of Distance by 
Sound. 16° 1854 

The Landfall of Columbus on his First 

^ oya^ge lo America ; with a Translation 
of the Baron Bonnefoux's History of his 
previous Life, and a Chart showing his 
Track from the Landfall to Cuba. Map. 
8° 1856 

Tables for Reducing Foreign Lineal 

Measure into English, and English 
Measure into Foreign. Part i. 8° n.d. 

Navigation of the Atlantic Ocean, 

with an Account of the Winds, Weather, 
and Currents found therein throughout 
the year, according to the most approved 
authorities ; including Extensive Extracts 
from 77/1? Nautical Magazine. 4th edi- 
tion. Charts. 8" 1883 

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Notes of a Journey from Lake Erie to 
Lake Tezcuco and back, with an Appen- 
dix about the Ancient Nations and Races 
who inhabited Mexico before and at the 
time of the Spanish Conquest, and the 
Ancient Stone and other Structures and 
Ruins of Ancient Cities found there. 
Photographs. Square 8° Toronto, 1880 

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Soudan Fran9aise. Map. 12° /"arzj, 1889 

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East by a Valley of Passengers, N.B., 
suggested by Captain Allen, R.N., in 
1855 : Thoughts on its Advantages and 
Feasibility. Plans and section. 8* 




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G, c (Monographs, Vol. 3) : Appen- 
dix 2. 

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Trois ans dans I'Afrique Centrale ; avec 
Preface du C'^ Goblet d'Alviella, et 
Appendices, &c. 2 vols. Map and 
illustrations. 8° Paris, 1887 

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Vienna, 1 871 

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nischen Reise durch Ungarn und Sieben- 
biirgen. Plates. 2 vols in i. 12° 

Freiburg, 18 1 5 

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Spain and Portugal, by the Author of 
"Vathek." 2 vols. 8° 1834 

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ploration of a Route for the Pacific Rail- 
road, near the 38th and 39th Parallels of 
Latitude, from the Mouth of the Kansas 
to Sevier River, in the Great Basin. 
Maps Washington, 1854 

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Coast : being a Sketch of the History, 
Social State, and Superstitions of the 
Inhabitants of those Countries. Map. 
12° 1841 

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Voyage to the Pacific and Behring's 
Strait to co-operate with the Polar 
Expeditions, performed in H. M. S. 
"Blossom," 1825-28. Maps and plates. 
2 vols. 4° 183 1 

Zoology of Voyage, compiled from 

the Collections and Notes made by Capt. 
Beechey, the Officers, and Naturalist 
of the Expedition, by J. Richardson, 
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R. Owen, J. E. Gray, Rev. Dr W. Buck- 
land, and G. B. Sowerby. Coloured 
plates. 4° 1839 

Voyage of Discovery towards the 

North Pole, performed in H.M.SS. 
"Dorothea" and "Treat," 1818 ; with 
a Summary of all the Early Attempts to 
reach the Pacific by way of the Pole. 
Map and plates. 8° 1843 

Report on Observations on the Tidal 

Streams of the English Channel and the 
German Ocean, in 1848-50 ; with Charts 
and Tables giving the Direction of the 
Stream in all Parts of the Channel and 
North Sea. Maps. 4° 1851 

Beechey, Capt. F. W. and H. W. 

Proceedings of the Expedition to Explore 
the Northern Coast of Africa from Tripoly 
eastward, in 1821 and 1822, compre- 
hending an Account of the Greater 
Syrtis and Cyrenaica, and of the Ancient 
Cities composing the Pentapolis. Maps 
and plates. 4° 1828 

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Appendix i. 

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desiques relatives aux travaux Hydro- 
graphiques executes sur les Cotes Septen- 
trionales de France. 4° Paris, 1839 

Traite de Geodesic a I'Usage de 

Marins, ou Methodes et Formules Tri- 
gonometriques relatives au Leve et a la 
Construction des Cartes Hydrographiques. 
Plates. 8° Paris, 1839 

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North-West, its Past History, Present 
Condition, and Glorious Prospects. 8* 
Montreal, 188 1 

Canada and its National Highway. 

Large 8* 1886 

The Great North-West of Canada : 

a Paper read at Conference, Indian and 
Colonial Exhibition, London, 8th June 
1886. 8* 1886 

Emigration : a Paper read at Con- 
ference, Indian and Colonial Exhil:)ition, 
London, 23rd July 1886. 8* 1886 

The Canadian Pacific Railway : a 

Paper read at the Birmingham Meeting 
of the British Association, 2nd September 
1886. Map. 8* 1886 

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kehrsmittel : Dampfschiffe, Eisenbahnen, 
Telegraphen (Erganzungsheft, 19 — 
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maps. 4° Gotha, 1867 

See Petermann and Hassenstein. 

and Dr H. Wagner Die Bevcil- 

kerung der Erde. I. (ErganzAingsheft, 
33 — Petermann's Mittheilungen.) 4° 

Gotha, 1872 

Die Bevolkerung der Erde. II. 

(Erganzungsheft, 35 — Petermann's Mit- 
theilungen. ) 2 coloured maps. 4° 

Gotha, 1874 

Ditto. HI. (Erganzungsheft, 41 — 

Petermann's Mittheilungen.) 4° 

Gotha, 1875 

Ditto. IV. (Erganzungsheft, 49 — 

Petermann's Mittheilungen.) 2 coloured 
viaps, 4° Gotha, 1877 

Ditto. V. (Erganzungsheft, 55 — 

Petermann's Mittheilungen.) 2 maps. 
4° Gotha, 1878 



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Bevolkerung der Erde. VI. (Ergan- 
zungsheft, 62 — Petermann's Mitthei- 
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— Ditto. VII. (Erganziingsheft, 69 — 
Petermann's Mittheilungen.) 2 maps. 
4° Got ha, 1882 

See also Wagner, H. 

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Hartz - Forest, in His Majesty King 
George's German Dominions. Trans- 
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Allgemeine Historic, Vol. 17 : Appen- 
dix I. 

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Mining on Physical Principles for Gold 
and Coal. 12* Melbourne, 1875 

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or. Researches in Primeval History. 
Map. 8° 1834 

On the Geological Evidence of the 

Advance of the Land at the Head of the 
Persian Gulf. 8* 1835 

On the Complexion of the Ancient 

Egyptians. 8* 1836 

On the t ormer Extent of the Persian 

Gulf, and on the Non-identity of Babylon 
and Babel. 8* 1836 

Additional Remarks. 8* 1837 

Vertheidigung gegen Dr Paulus iiber 

Origines Biblicse. 8° Leipzig, 1836 

On the Passage of the Red Sea by the 

Israelites, and its Locality, and on the 
Situation of Mount Sinai. Map. 8* 1838 

On the Alluvia of Babylonia and 

Chaldea. 8* 1839 

Route from Ankober to Dinia. 8* 


Abyssinia : being a Continuation of 

Routes in that Country. 8* Map [1842] 

Memoire justificatif en rehabilitation 

des Peres Pierre Paez et Jerome Lobo, 
Missionnaires en Abyssinie, en ce qui 
concerne leurs visiles a la Source de 
I'Abai (le Nil) et a la Cataracte d'AIata. 
Map. 8* Paris, 1842 

On the Countries south of Abys- 
sinia. Map. 8* [1844] 

On the Languages and Dialects of 

Abyssinia, and the Countries to the 
south. 8* 1845 

A Statement of Facts relative to the 

Transactions between the Writer and the 
late British Political Misssion to the 
Court of Shoa, in Abessinia. 8* 1846 

Christianity among the Gallas. 8* 1847 

Description of the Ruins of the 

Church of Martula Mariam, in Abessinia. 
Plates. 4* 1847 

On the Korarima, or Cardamom of 

Abessinia. 8* 1847 

Essay on the Sources of the Nile in 

the Mountains of the Moon. 8* 

Edinburgh, 1848 

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the Gallas. 8* 1848 

Remarks on the Mats'hafa Tomar, or 

the Book of the Letter, an Ethiopic 
MS. in the University of Tubingen. 8* 


On the Sources of the Nile : being an 

Attempt to Assign the Limits of the 
Basin of that River. 8* 1849 

On the Geographical Distribution of 

the Languages of Abessinia and the 
Neighbouring Countries. Map. 8* 

Edinburgh, 1849 

Ueber die Geographische Verbreitung 

der Sprachen von Abessinien und der 
Nachbarlander. Map. 8* 1849 

Letter to M. Daussy, President of the 

Geographical Society of France. 8* 


Observations sur la Communication 

supposee entre le Niger et le Nil. 8* 


Enquiry into M. Antoine d'Abbadie's 

Journey to Kaffa to Discover the Source 
of the Nile. Map. 8* 1851 

Reasons for Returning the Gold Medal 

of the Geographical Society of France, 
and for withdrawing from its Member- 
ship. 8* 185 1 

A Summary of Recent Nilotic Dis- 
covery. 8* 1 85 1 

The Sources of the Nile : being a 

General Survey of the Basin of that 
River and of its Head Streams, with the 
History of Nilotic Discovery. Maps. 8° 


On the Mountains forming the 

Eastern Side of the Basin of the Nile, 
and the Origin of the Designation of 
" Mountains of the Moon " as applied to 
them. 8* Edinburgh, 1861 

The French and English in the Red 

Sea. 8* 1862 

A Few Words with Bishop Colenso 

on the subject of the Exodus of the 
Israelites, and the Position of Mount 
Sinai. 8* 1862 

Views in Ethnography : the Classifica- 
tion of the Language, the Progress of 
Civilisation, and the Natural History of 
Man. 8* 1863 

Who Discovered the Sources of the 

Nile? a Letter to Sir Roderick I. 
Murchison, with an Appendix. 8* 1863 

On the Sources of the Nile. 8* 1864 

The British Captives in Abyssinia. 

8* 1865 

The same. 2nd edition. Map. 8* 1867 

The Idol in Horeb. Small 8"^ 187 1 

The late Dr Charles Beke's Dis- 
coveries of Sinai in Arabia and of 
Midian. Edited by his Widow. Map 
and plates. 8° 1878 

See Lacerda, 



Beke, Emily. Jacob's Flight ; or, A Pil- 
grimage to Harran and thence in the 
Patriarch's Footsteps into the Promised 
Land. Map and plates. 8° 1865 

Summary of the late Dr Beke's pub- 
lished Works, and of his inadequately 
requited public services. Small 8* 

Tunbridge Wells, 1867 

Belavenetz, \. Deviations of the Com- 
pass and the Compass Observatory. [In 
Russian.] I'late. 8° 

St Petersburg, 1863 

Fixing the Compass in the Submarine 

Boat. [In Russian.] Plates. 8* 

St Petersburg, 1867 

Belcher, Sir Edward. Treatise on 
Nautical Surveying : containing an out- 
line of the Duties of the Naval Sur- 
veyor, with Cases applied to Naval 
Evolutions, and Miscellaneous Rules 
and Tables useful to the Seaman or 
Traveller. Plans and plates. 8° 1835 

Directions for the River Gambia. 8° 

Narrative of a Voyage round the 

World performed in H. M.S. "Sulphur," 
1836-42, including Details of the Naval 
Operations in China from Dec. 1840 to 
Nov. 1 84 1. Maps and plates. 2 vols. 
8° 1843 

Directions for the River Douro, 1833. 

8° 2nd edition 1847 

Narrative of the Voyage of H. M.S. 

" Samarang," during 1843-46, employed 
Surveying the Islands of the Eastern 
Archipelago ; accompanied by a brief 
Vocabulary of the Principal Languages, 
with Notes on the Natural History of 
the Islands by A. Adams. Map and 
plates. 2 vols. 8° 1848 

The Zoology of the Voyage of H. M. S. 

" Samarang," under the command of 
Sir E. Belcher, during the years 1843-46, 
by J. E. Cray, Sir J. Richardson, 
A. Adams, L. Reeve, and A. White. 
Edited by Arthur Adams. Plates. 4° 


The Last of the Arctic Voyages : 

being a Narrative of the Expedition in 
H.M.S. "Assistance," in search of Sir 
John Franklin, during 1852-54; with 
Notes on the Natural History, by Sir 
John Richardson, Professor Owen, T. 
Bell, J. W. Salter, and Lovell Reeve. 
Maps and plates. 2 vols. Royal 8° 1855 

See Smyth, Admiral W. H. 

and Capt. W. T. Bate. China 

Pilot: Appendix, No. 2, General Obser- 
vations on the Coasts of Borneo, the 
Sulu, and Mindoro Seas, with Sailing 
Directions for Palawan Passage and 
Island. 8° . 1859 

Beldam, Joseph. Recollections of Scenes 
and Institutions in Italy and the East. 
Plates, 2 vols. 8° 1851 

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sur I'Etat probable des Eaux courantes 
du Bassin de la Seine dans I'ete et 
I'automne de 1870. 8* Paris, 1870 

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E, a (No. 54) : Appendix 2. 

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a Report presented to the Winnipeg 
Board of Trade regarding the Hudson's 
Bay and Straits, being a Statement of 
their Resources in Minerals, Fisheries, 
Timber, Furs, Game, and other Products ; 
a'so Notes on the Navigation of these 
Waters, together with Historical Events 
and Meteorological and Climatic Data. 
Maps. 8* Winnipeg, 1884 

The Selkirk Settlement and the 

Settlers : a Concise History of the Red 
River Country, from its Discovery, in- 
cluding Information extracted from 
original doruments lately discovered, 
and Notes obtained from Selkirk Settle- 
ment Colonists. Illustrations. 8* 

Winnipeg, 1887 

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Bell, Col. C. W. Bowdler. See United 
Kingdom, G, War Office Publications : 
Appendix 2. 

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of Scotland, with Reference to the 
Reports of the Boulder Committee of the 
Royal .Society of Edinburgh. 8* 

Glasgmu, 1888 

Bell, Horace. The Great Indian Desert. 
8* [1889] 

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an Account of the Physical Features, 
Climate, History, Inhabitants, Produc- 
tions, and Trade. Alaps and diagram. 
Folio Colombo, 1883 

Bell, James. New and Comprehensive 
Gazetteer of England and Wales, repre- 
senting under each Article respectively 
the Population of the Towns and Parishes, 
according to the Census of 1831, and the 
State of the Elective Franchise as fixed 
by the Provisions of the Reform Hill. 
Maps. 4 vols. 8° Glasgow, 1837-38 

System of Geography, Popular and 

.Scientific ; or a Physical, Political, and 
Statistical Account of the World and its 
Various Divisions. Maps and plates. 6 
vol--. 8° Glasgoiv, 1838 

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Residence in Circassia during the years 
1837, 1838, and 1839. 2 vols. Map 
and plates. 8° 1840 

See Tempsky. 

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Russia to Diverse Parts of Asia. 2 vols, 
in I. Map. 4° Glasgow, 1763 

Ditto. 2 vols. Maps. 4° 

Glasgo^v, 1763 



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Russia to various Parts of Asia. Maps. 
2 vols. 8° 1788 

See Pinkerlon, Vol. 7 ; Knox's New 

Collection, Vol. 6, p. 608: Appendix 1. 

Bell, Col. Mark S. China : being a 
Military Report on the North- Eastern 
Portions of the Provinces of Chih-Li and 
Shan-Tung, Nanking and its Approaches, 
&c. ; together with an Account of the 
Chinese Civil, Naval, and Military Ad- 
ministrations, &c. &c., and a Narrative 
of the Wars between Great Britain and 
China. Maps ami plates. Vol. i. 
Large 8" Simla, 1884 

Afghanistan as a Theatre of Opera- 
tions, and as a Defence to India. Map. 
8* 1885 

Imperial Strategic Communications 

with Special Reference to the Turko- 
Persic - Indian Line, and the Strategic 
Considerations influencing its Alignment. 
Map. 8° Simla, 1885 

Turkey in Asia and Persia. Sections 

2 and 3 : Reconnaissances in Mesopo- 
tamia, Armenia, Kurdistan, and Azar- 
baijan in 1885-86. Forming Appendix i 
to Central Asia, Part 5, and Routes in 
Central Asia, Section i. Compiled by 
Lieut. -Colonel C. M. MacGregor (1872). 
Maps, plans, and plates. Large 8° 

Simla, 1889 

Extracts from a Letter from Colonel 

M. S. Bell to Major-General Chapman, 
Quartermaster General in India, dated 
Suian-fu, i8th April 1887. Folio.* 

Letter on proposed Journey to Kash- 

garia. Map. Folio* 1887 

Reports of proceedings in Kashgaria 

and Manchuria, with Sketch Map, dated 
from Peking, 20th March 1887. Folio.* 

China : Reconnaissance Journey 

through the Central and Western Pro- 
vinces, from Peking through Shansi, 
Shensi, Kansuh.and Sin-Kiang to Ladakh 
and India, together with Notes on the 
Districts adjoining the Route taken and 
the Roads traversing them. 2 vols. 
Vol. I, India via Peking to Hami ; 
Vol. 2, Hami via Yarkand to India. 
Maps, plans, and plates. Large 8° 

Calcutta, 1888 

A Visit to the Karun River and Kum. 

(From Blach.uood's Magazine, April 
1889.) Map. 8* 1889 

Isfahan to Bushire : Roads and Re- 
sources of Southern Persia. (From 
Blackwooifs Magazine.) 8* 1889 

Bell, Robert. Wayside Pictures through 
France, Belgium, and Holland. Illus- 
trations. 8" 1849 

Bell, Dr Robert. The " iMedicine-Man," 
or Indian and Eskimo Notions of Medi- 
cine, 8* Montreal, 1886 

Bell, Dr Robert. On Glacial Phenomena 

in Canada. 8* Washington, 1890 

The Nickel and Copper Deposits of 

Sudbury District, Canada. Illustrations. 
Royal 8* Rochester, U.S., 1891 

Bell, T. L. See India, C (Geological 
Papers) : Appendix 2. 

Bell, Dr William. Ein Versuch den 
Ort Schiringsheal der fiinfmal in dem 
Periplus von Othere und Wulfstan ent- 
haltend in der anglosachsischen Ueber- 
setzung von Orosius des Konigs Alfred, 
&c. 8* 1847 

On the Head of Janus found on a 

British Coin. 8* N.D. 

See Lepsius. 

Bell, W^. Letter from Koslogir, on Forest 
Culture. 4* Edinburgh, 1868 

Bell, W. A. New Tracks in North America: 
a Journal of Travel and Adventure whilst 
engaged in the Survey for a Southern 
Railroad to the Pacific Ocean, during 
1867-68. 2 vols. Map and plates. 8° 


Ditto. With Contributions by General 

W. J. Palmer, Major A. R. Calhoun, 
C. C. Parry, M.D., and Captain W. F. 
Colton. 2nd edition. Maps and plates. 
8° 1870 

Bellasis, A. F. An Account of the 

Ancient and Ruined City of Brahmina- 

l)ad, in Sindh, situated on a branch of 

the Old Bed of the Indus. MS. P^olio* 

Kurrachee, 1854 

Report on the Southern Districts of 

the Surat Collectorate. [From the India 
Records, No. 2.] Plate. Royal 8° 

Bombay, 1854 
Bellefonds, A. Linant de. Journal of a 
Navigation on the Bahr-el-Abiad : De- 
scription of a Journey across the Pro- 
vince of Atbara, in a direction from 
South- West to North- East. Map. 4° 


Memoire sur le Lac Moeris. Alap. 

4* Alexandria, 1843 

L'Etbaye, pays habite par les Arabes 

Bicharieh : Geographie, Ethnologie, 
Mines d'or. Map and plates. 8°. Folio 
Atlas Paris, 1858 

Memoires sur les Principaux Travaux 

d'utilite publique executes en Egypte. 
8°. Accompanied by Folio Atlas 

Paris, 1872-73 

Bellefonds, E. Linant de. Meteoro- 
logical Tables, February to July 1875 : 
Observations made in Various Localities 
near the Victoria Nyanza. MS. Folio* 


Bellemo, Vincenzo. I Viaggi di Nicol6 
de' Conti. Maps. 12° Milan, 1883 

Bellew, Dr H. W. Journal of a Political 
Mission to Afghanistan in 1857 . . ; 
with an Account of the Country and 
People. Plates. 8° 1862 



Bellew, Dr H. W. A General Report on 
the Yusufzais. Map. 8° Lahore, 1864 

Record of the March of the Mission 

to Seistan under the command of Major- 
General F. R. Pollock. [From the 
India Records, No. 104.] Calcutta, 1873 

From the Indus to the Tigris : a 

Narrative of a Journey through the 
Countries of Balochistan, Afghanistan, 
Khorassan, and Iran, in 1872 ; together 
with a Synoptical Grammar and Voca- 
bulary of the Brahoe Language, and a 
Record of the Meteorological Observa- 
tions and Altitudes on the march from 
the Indus to the Tigris. 8° 1874 

Kashmir and Kashgar : a Narrative 

of the Journey of the Embassy to Kash- 
gar in 1873-74. 8° ^ 1875 

The History of Kashgharia, 4° 

Calcutta, 1875 

Afghanistan and the Afghans : being 

a Brief Review of the History of the 
Country and Account of its People, with 
Special Reference to the Present Crisis 
and War with the Amir Sher Ali Khan. 
Small 8° 1879 

Bellin, S. Description Geographique de 
la Guyanne : contenant les Possessions 
et les Etablissemens des Fran9ois, des 
Espagnoh, des Portugais, des Hollandois, 
dans ces vastes Pays ; le Climat, les 
Productions de la Terre, et les Animaux ; 
leurs Habitans, Moeurs, Coutumes, et le 
Commerce qu'on y peut faire. Maps 
and plates. 4° Paris, 1763 

Belling'shausen, Capt. Voyage round 
the World in the sloops " Vostok " and 
"Mirnye" in 1819-21. [In Russian.] 
2 vols, in I. 4° St Petersburg, 1831 

Bellitti, D. Ant. Silvestro. Delle Stufe 

e de' Bagni di Sciacca. Plates. Folio 

Palermo, 1783 

Belloni, Antonio. Memoria Idrometrica 
sopra il Plume Arno. Plate. Small 
folio* Venice, 1778 

Bellonius, Petrus. Plurimarum singular- 
ium et memorabilium renmi in Grsecia, 
Asia, /I'lgypto, Judaea, Arabia, aliisq. 
exteris Provinces al) ipso Conspectarum 
Observationes, C. Clusius Atrebas e 
Gallicis Latinas faciebat. Illustrations. 
12° Antiverp, 1589 

Bellot, J. R. Journal d'un Voyage aux 
Mers Polaires, execute a la Recherche de 
Sir John Franklin, en 1851-52 ; precede 
d'une Notice sur la Vie et les Travaux 
de I'Auteur par M. Julien Lemer. Por- 
trait and map. 8° Paris, 1854 

Lines on the Loss of. 8* 

Manchester, 1853 

Belluno, G. S. da. See Pellegrini. 

Belly, F61ix. A Travers I'Am^rique 
Centrale, le Nicaragua, et le Canal Inter- 
oceanique. 2 vols. Map. 8° Paris, i86y 

See Gamond. 

Belmar, A. de. Voyage aux Provinces 
Bresiliennes du Para et des Amazones en 
i860, precede d'un rapide coup d'ceil sur 
le littoral du Bresil. 8° 1861 

Beloch, Dr Julius. Campanien : Topo- 
graphic, Geschichte, und Leben der 
Umgebung Neapds im Alterthum. 8°, 
Atlas 4° Berlitt, 1879 

Die Bevolkerung der Griechisch- 

Romischen Welt. Erster Theil. His- 

torische Beitriige zur Bevolkerungslehre. 

Leipzig, 1886 

Beloe, Rev. W. See Herodotus. 

Belon, M. See Ray, John : Appendix i. 

Belt, T. The Naturalist in Nicaragua : 
a Narrative of a Residence at the Gold 
Mines of Chontales, and Journeys in the 
Savannahs and Forests ; with Observa- 
tions on Animals and Plants in reference 
to the Theory of Evolution of Living 
Forms. Map. 8° 1874 

The Glacial Period in the Southern 

Hemisphere (Reprint from the Quarterly 
Jottrmil of Science, ]\x\^ x^']^). 8* 1877 

Beltrame, Giovanni. Di un Viaggio sul 
Fiume Bianco nell' Africa Centrale : 
Lettera. Maps. 8* Verona, 186 1 

II Sennaar e lo Sciangallah. 2 vols. 

Map attd plate. 12° Verona, iSjg 

II Fiume Bianco e i Denka, A/ap. 

12° Verona, 1881 

Beltrami, Costantino. Costantino Bel- 
trami da Bergamo : Notizie e Lettere 
pubblicate per cura del Municipio di 
Bergamo, e dedicate alia Societa Storica 
di Minnesota. 8* Bergamo, 1865 

Beluacensis Vicentius. See Vicentius. 

Belzoni, G. Narrative of the Operations 
and Recent Discoveries within the 
Pyramids, Temples, Tombs, and Exca- 
vations in Egypt and Nubia, and a Jour- 
ney to the Coast of the Red Sea in 
Search of the Ancient Berenice, and 
another to the Oasis of Jupiter Amnion. 
Plate. 4° 1820 

The same. Map and plates. 2 vols. 

8° 1822 

See Walpole, Travels : Appendix i. 

Benaduci, Lorenzo B. Idea de una 

Nueva Historia General de la America 
Septentrional. Frontispiece, 4° 

Madrid, 1746 

Benard, E. Nicaragua and the Inter- 
oceanic Canal. 8* Washington, 1874 

Ben Batuta. See Ibn Batuta. 

Beneke, F. W. On the Warm Saline 
Springs of Nauheim (near Frankfort- 
o/M). Translated and abridged from 
the German by S. Sutro. Tables. 8° i860 

Benicken, F. W. Die Elemente der 
Militar-Geographie von Europa. Map. 
8° Weimar, 182 1 

Benisch, Dr A. See Petachia, 




Benjamin, Rabbi, of Tudela. Itiner- 
arium Benjaniini Tudelensis. Ex Heb- 
raico Latinum factum B. A. Montano. 
8" Antwerp, 1575 

Itinerary. Translated and edited by 

A. Asher. 2 vols. 8° 1840 
See Harris, Vol. I ; Kerr, Vol. i ; 

Pinkerton, Vol. 7 ; Purchas, Vol. 2, 
Book 9 : Appendix i. 
Benjamin, I. J. Empfehlungsschreiben 
der grossten Gelehrten Europa. 8* 

Hanover, 1862 

Reise in den ostlichen Staaten der 

Union und San Francisco. Portrait. 
8° Hanover, 1862 

Eight Years in Asia and Africa from 

1846 to 1855 ; with a Preface by Dr 

B. Seemann, and the Bible Notes from 
Benjamin of Tudela, R. Petachia, P. Teix- 
eira, and Ritter's Erdkunde. Map and 
woodcuts. 8° Hanover, 1863 

Benjamin, S. G. W. Persia and the 
Persians. Portrait and illustrations. 
Large 8° 1887 

Benko, Freiherr Jerolim von. Reise 

S. M. Schitfes "Zrinyi" iiber Malta, 

Tanger, und Teneriffa nach West-Indien 

in den Jahren 1885 und 1886. Map. 8° 

Pola, 1887 

Die Reise S. M. Schiffes " Frunds- 

berg " im Rothen Meere, und an den 
Kustens von Vorderindien und Ceylon in 
den Jahren 1885-86. Alap and plans. 
8° Pola, 1888 

Reise S. M. Schiffes " Albatros," 

unter Commando des k. k. Fregatten- 
Kapitans Arthur Miildner, nach Siid- 
Amerika, dem Caplande, und West 
Afrika, 1885-86. Map. 8° Pola, 1889 

Das Datum auf den Philippinen. 

8* Vienna, 1890 

Die Schiffs - Station der k. und k. 

Kriegs - Marine in Ost-Asien : Reisen 
S. M. Schiffe "Nautilus" und "Aurora," 
1884-88. Maps. Large 8° Vienna, 1892 

Benmohel, N. L. Epea Pteroenta : 
conveying Revelations of the Past. 8° 
Dublin, 1 86 1 

Benmohel, N. L. Sa/JaAatwv, ;31-ii:53d- 
Inscription de Treves ; avec une Digres- 
sion sur rOrigine du Langage. 8* 

Dublin, 1868 

[Bennassuti, Dr G.] Guida e Compen- 

dio Storico della Citta di Verona e cenni 

intorno alia sua Provincia. Maps. 18° 

Verona, 1825 

Benndorf, Otto. Altgriechisches Brot. 8* 
Vienna, N.D. 

• See Turkey in Asia, A: Appendix 2. 

Bennet, J. H. Winter and Spring on 
the Shores of the Mediterranean ; or, 
The Genoese Rivieras, Italy, Spain, 
Corfu, Greece, The Archipelago, Con- 
stantinople, Corsica, Sicily, .Sardinia, 
Malta, Algeria, Tunis, Smyrna, Asia 

Bennet, J. H.— continued. 

Minor, with Biarritz and Arcachon, as 
Winter Climates. (5th edition.) Maps 
and plates. Small 8° 1875 

Bennet, J. W. Ceylon and its Capa- 
bilities : an Account of its Natural 
Resources, Indigenous Productions, and 
Commercial Facilities ; to which are 
added Details of its Statistics, Pilotage, 
and Sailing Directions. Alap and plates, 
coloured. 4° 1843 

Bennett, F. Debell. Narrative of a 
Whaling Voyage round the Globe, from 
1833-36, comprising Sketches of Poly- 
nesia, California, the Indian Archi- 
pelago, &c. ; with an Account of South- 
ern Whales, the Sperm Whale Fishery, 
and the Natural History of the Climates 
visited. Map and frontispiece. 2 vols. 
8° 1840 

Bennett, George. Wanderings in New 
South Wales, Batavia, Pedir Coast, 
Singapore, and China ; being the Journal 
of a Naturalist in those Countries during 
1832-34. Frontispiece. 2 vols. 8° 1834 

Gatherings of a Naturalist in Aus- 
tralasia : being Observations principally 
on the Animal and Vegetable Produc- 
tions of New South Wales, New Zea- 
land, and some of the Austral Islands. 
Coloured plates, &r'c. 8° i860 

Bennett, James F. The South Australian 
Almanack and General Directory, 1841, 
1842. 8° Adelaide, 184 1 

Bensengra, V. N. Instructions for the 
Study of Comparative Psychology. [In 
Russian.] 8° St Petersburg, 1879 

Benson, Capt. George. Sketch of 
Christmas Island. 8* 1838 

Benson, Robert. Sketches of Corsica, or 
a Journal written during a Visit to that 
Island in 1823 ; with an Outline of its 
History, and Specimens of the Language 
and Poetry of the People. Plates. 8° 


Benson, William. Universal Phono- 
graphy : an attempt to select and 
classify the principal sounds of Human 
Speech, and to denote them by one Set 
of Symbols for Easy Writing and Print- 
ing ; with an Appendix on the Use of 
Phonography for the Blind. 8* 1887 

Bent, J. Theodore. The Cyclades, or 
Life among the Insular Greeks. Map. 
Small 8° 1885 

The Ruined Cities of Mashonaland : 

being a Record of Excavation and Ex- 
ploration in 1891 ; with a Chapter on 
the Orientation and Mensuration of the 
Temples by R. M. W. Swan. Map and 
illustrations. 8° 1892 

Ditto. New edition. Small 8° 1893 

Mashonaland and its People. (From 

the Contemporary Review,) 8* 1893 



Bent, J. Theodore. The Sacred City of the 
Ethiopians : being a Record of Travel and 
Research in Abyssinia in 1893 > with a 
Chapter by Professor H. D. Miiller on the 
Inscriptions from Yeha and Aksum, and 
an Appendix on the Morphological 
Character of the Abyssinians by J. G. 
Garson, M.D. Alap and illustrations. 
8° 1893 

See Hakluyt Soc. Publ., Vol. 87: 

Appendix i. 

Bent, S. An Address delivered before the 
St Louis Mercantile Library Association, 
6th Jan. 1872, upon the Thermal Paths 
to the Pole. Maps. 8* St Louis, 1872 

Bentham, G. See Orsted, A. S. 

Bentley, C. S. A New Theory of the 
Tides. Polio* 1879 

Bentley, Rev. W. Holman. Dictionary 
and Grammar of the Kongo Language, 
as spoken at St Salvador, the ancient 
capital of the Old Kongo Empire, West 
Africa. 8° 1886 

The same. Compiled and prepared 

for the Baptist Mission on the Kongo 
River, West Africa. 8° 1887 

Life on the Congo ; with an Intro- 
duction by the Rev. George Grenfell. 
Map and illustrations. 12° 1 887 

Bentley, T. Select Views in Mysore, by 
Mr Home. See Home. 

Benyowsky, Count Mauritius Augustus 
de. Memoirs and Travels of ; consisting 
of his Military Operations in Poland, his 
Exile into Kamchatka, his Escape and 
Voyage from that Peninsula through the 
Northern Pacific Ocean, touching at 
Japan and Formosa, to Canton in China ; 
with an Account of the French Settle- 
ment he was appointed to form upon the 
Island of Madagascar. Written by him- 
self; translated from the Original Manu- 
script. 2 vols. Maps and plates. 4° 


Benzoni, Hieronym. Novoe Novi Orbis 
Historiae, id est, rcrum ab Hispanis in 
India Occidentali hactenus gestarum, et 
acerbo illorum in eas gentes dominatu, 
libri tres ; Urbani Calvetonis opera ex 
Italicis commentariis descripti, &c. ; his 
ab eodem adjuncta est, De Ciallorum in 
Floridam expeditione, &c., brevis his- 
toria. 12° Geneva, 1600 

See Gottfried; Hakluyt Soc. Publ., 

Vol. 21 ; Purchas, Vol. 4 : Appendix i. 

Beranger, Don Carlos de. Relacion 
Jeografica de la Provincia de Chiloe. 
Publicada jwr primera vez con una 
Introduccion i nolas esplicativas por 
Nicolas Anrique. Royal 8* Santiago, x^f)"^ 

B^rard, A. Description Nautique des 
Cotes de I'Algerie, suivie de Notes par 
De Tessan. Plates. 8" Paris, 1837 

Berchet, Guglielmo. La Repubblica di 
Venezia e la Persia. Photographs. 8" 
Turin, 1865 

Relazione dei Consoli Veneti nella 

Siria. %° Turin, 1866 

II Planisferio di Giovanni Leardo dell' 

anno 1452. 4* Venice, 1880 

Berchtold, Count Leopold. An Essay 
to Direct and Extend the Inquiries of 
Patriotic Travellers ; to which is added 
a Catalogue of the most Interesting 
European Travels up to 1787. 2 vols, 
in I. 12° 1789 

Berdmore, Septimus. Report on the 
Inzer Estate, situate in the (government 
of Orenberg . . ; accompanied by 
Plans. Folio 1865 

Berenger-Fdraud, L. J. B. Les Peup- 
lades de la Senegambie. 8" Paris, 1879 

Berengier, T. La Nouvelle-Nursie. 
Ilistoire d'une Colonic Benedictine dans 
I'Australie occidentale {1846-78). Alap 
and plates. 8° /^am [1879] 

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Berg, A. Bid rag til Kundskab om Fcero- 
erne. 8* Nykjohin in Zeeland, 1889 

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Astronomy. 4th edition. 8° 1876 

Seamanship. 3rd edition. 8° 1877 

Berger, Capt. Directions for the Use of 
the Patent Sphereometer, invented for 
the purpose of obviating all abstruse 
Calculations in Navigation, likewise for 
facilitating passages from one place to 
another. 8* n.d. 

Berger, Dr Hugo. Die Geographischen 

Fragmente des Eratosthenes. 8° 

Leipzig, 1880 

Geschichte der wissenschaftlichen 

Erdkunde der (jriechen. Erste Abthei- 
lung. Die Geographic der lonier. 8" 

Leipzig, 1887 

The same. Zweite Abtheilung. Die 

Varbereitungen flir die Geographic der 
Erdkugel. 8° Leipzig, 1889 

The same. Dritte Abth. Die Geo- 
graphic der Erdkugel. 8° Leipzig, 1891 

The saine. Vierte Abth. Die Geo- 
graphic der Griechen unter dem Einflusse 
der Romer. 8° I^eipzig, 1893 

Bergeron, P. Voyages fails principale- 
ment en Asie dans les xii., xiii., xiv., et 
XV. Siecles, par Benjamin de Tudele, 
Jean du Plan-Carpin, N. Ascelin, Guil- 
laume de Rubruquis, Marc Paul Venilien, 
Haiton, Jean de Mandeville, et Ambroise 
Contarini ; accompagnes de I'histoire des 
Sarasins et des Tartares, et precedez 
d'une Introduction concernant les voyages 
et les nouvelles decouvertes des princi- 
paux voyageurs. 2 vols, in i. Maps. 4° 
The Hague, 1735 



Bergh, Augustus. An Essay on the 
Causes of Distant Alternate Periodic 
Inundations over the Low Lands of each 
Hemisphere, suggesting the means where- 
by the Earth's surface is renovated . . . 
8" 1830 

Die ersten Elemcnte der Erdbeschrei- 

bung. 12° Berlin, 1830 

Berghaus, Heinrich. Asia. Geo-IIydro- 
grapliisches Memoir zur Erkliirung und 
Erlauterung der reduzirten Karte von 
Ilinterindien, Persischer Golf, Philip- 
pinen, Sulu-Ins. Assam, und seinen 
Nachbar - Liindern Bhotan, Djyntia, 
Katschlar, Muniper; nebst Benierkungen 
iibcr die nordlichen Provinzen des Birma- 
Reichs, Syrien, Arabia, und dem Nil- 
Lande. Maps. 2 vols. 4° 

Gotha, 1832-35 

Allgemeine Lander und Volkerkunde ; 

nebst einern Abris der physikalischen 
Erdbeschreibung. Frontispiece and 
tables. 6 vols. 8" Stuttgart, 1837-44 

Annalen der Erd-, Volker- und Staaten- 

kunde (continuation of "Ilertha"). See 
Germany, Stuttgart : Appendix 3. 

I'hysikalischer Atlas. Geographi- 

sches Jahrbuch zur Mittheilung aller 
wichtigern neuen Erforschungen. Maps. 
Parts I to 4. 4* Gotha, 1850-52 

Berghaus, Heinrich, and Hoffman. 

Ilertha, Zeitschrift fiir Erd-, Volker- und 

Staatenkunde. See Germany, Stuttgart : 

Appendix 3. 
Bergman, Torbern. Physicalische Be- 

schreibung der Erdkugel, auf Veranlass- 

ung der Cosmographischen Gesellschaft. 

Aus dem Schwedischen iibersetzt von L. 

H. Rohl. Plates. 2 vols. 8° 

Greifs'cuald, 1 79 1 
Bergmann, J. Untersuchungen liber die 


und V^orarlberg. Map. 8° Vienna, 1844 
Bergmann, Minna J. A. See Wissmann. 
Bergner, Rudolf. Rumanien. Eine 

Darstellung des Landes und der Leute. 

Map and illustrations. 8° Breslau, 1887 
Bergsma, P. A., and L. Backer 

Overbeek. Bijdragc tot dc Kennis 

der Weersgesteldheid ter Kuste van 

Atjeh. Maps. 4° Batavia, 1877 

Bergstraesser, Dr. Die Verbindung des 

Caspischen mit dem Schwarzen Meere. 

Map. 4* Gotha, 1859 

De la Reunion de la Mer Caspienne 

a la Mer Noire. Map. 8* Paris, 1861 

Berjeau, J. P. Calcoen : a Dutch Narra- 
tive of the Second Voyage of Vasco da 
Gama to Calicut, printed at Antwerp 
circa 1504 ; with Introduction and Trans- 
latif)n. Square 8* 1874 

Berkley, J. J. Surveys by the Great 
Indian Peninsular Railway Comjmny of 
the North- Eastern extension from Mun- 
mar to Mirzapore. Map. Royal 8° 1855 

Berkley, J. J. Extracts from a Report 
relating to the Nerbudda River and 
Valley. [From the India Records, Nos. 
14 and 19.] Royal 8° Bombay, 1855 

Berlepsch, H. A. Die Gotthard-Bahn. 
(Erganzungsheft, 65 — Petermann's Mit- 
theilungen). 3 coloured maps. 4° 

Gotha, 1 88 1 

Berlioux, Etienne Felix. La Traite 
Orientale : Ilistoire des Chasses a 
I'homme organisees en Afrique depuis 
quinze ans, pour les Marches dp I'Orient. 
Map. 8° Paris, 1870 

The Slave Trade in Africa in 1872, 

principally carried on for the supply of 
Turkey, Egypt, Persia, and Zanzibar ; 
with a Preface by Joseph Cooper. 8° 


Doctrina Ptolcmrei ab injuria rccenti- 

orum vindicata, sive Nilus superior et 
Niger verus, hodiernus Eghirren, ab anti- 
quis explorati. Maps. 8° Paris, 1874 

Andre Brue, ou I'origine de la Colonic 

Fran9aise du Senegal, avec une Carte de 
la Senegambie. 8° Paris, 1874 

La premiere Ecole de Geographic 

Astronomique et la prochaine decouverte 
du pays des Garamantes. 8* Lyons, 1%"]% 

— — Les Anciennes Explorations et les 
futures decouvertes de I'Afrique Centrale. 
2nd edition. Map. 8* Lyons, 1879 

Lecture de la Carte de France : Le 

Jura. Maps. 8" Paris, 1880 

Les Atlantes : Histoire de I'Atlantis 

et de I'Atlas primitif, ou introduction a 
I'histoire de I'Europe. Large 8° 

Paris, 1883 

Les Chetas sont des Scythai. Small 

folio* Lyons, 1888 

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Book 7 : Appendix i. 

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Lllustrations. 12" Paris \\^%'j'\ 

Bernard, Capt. F. De Lyon a la Me- 
diterranee. Map and illustrations. 
Small 8° Paris, 1855 

Quatrc mois dans le Sahara : Journal 

d'un Voyage chez les Touareg suivi d'un 

aper5U sur la deuxieme Mission du 

Colonel Flatters. Map and plates. 12° 

Paris, 1 88 1 

Bernard, H., and E. Tissot. Itinerairc 
pour I'Isthme de Suez et les grandes 
villes d'Egypte (Vocabulairc Francais- 
Egyplien). Afap. 12° Paris, 1869 

Bernard, W. D. See Hall, W. H. 



Bernardin, R. J. Classification de loo 
Caoutchoucs et Gutta-Perchas. 8* 

Ghent, 1872 

Les Richesses naturelles du Gli>be et 

I'Exposition Universelle de Vienne. 8* 
Ghent, 1873 

Classification de 250 Fecules. 8* 

, Ghent, 1876 

L'Afrique Centrale : Etude sur ses 

produits commerciaux. Map. 8* 

Ghent, 1877 

Bernardine. See Churchill, Vol. 8 : Ap- 
pendix I. 

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Ethiopia, designed from nature ; with 
Descriptions of the Plates, and Extracts 
from a Journal of Travel in that Country. 
2 vols in I. Oblong folio 1852 

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Teaching of the Science and Technology 
of Plant Life. 8* Brisbane, i%T^ 

Acclimatisation Society of Queens- 
land. [Report for the year 1879.] Folio* 

l^BrisOane] 1880 

Economic Tropical Horticulture in 

Northern Queensland. Folio 

{Brisbane'] 1880 

Cultural Industries for Queensland : 

Papers on the Cultivation of useful Plants 
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Vol. 3. — Part I. Memoires de Jacques 
Rennell ; Plan d'Administration pour 
ITnde ^ 1788 

Vol. 3. — Part 2. — Divers Memoires His- 
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Alger, ou recit des Evenemens qui s'y 

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Contractarum, Libri Quinque cum Lu- 

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Coma, 1825 

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Tombeau d'Aaron. Cades : etude sur 

ITtineraire des Israelites dans le Desert. 

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munication faite a la Societe de Geo- 
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Expose d'une Communication sur 

Tientsin, Peking, la grand muraille de 

• Chine, Residence Imperiale de Djehol 
(Mongolie interieure), les tombeaux des 
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Societe de Geographic de Geneve le 6 
Janvier 1893. 8* Geneva, 1893 



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— See " Polaris." 
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Memorandum on the System of 

Irrigation in the Madras Presidency 

[From the India 


Best, Capt. Thomas. 

Vol. 9; Purchas, Vol. I, Book 4 

Appendix i. 
Betagh, William. 

World : being ai 

Records, Vol. 2. ] 
Madras, 1855-64 
6"^^ Gottfried; Kerr, 


of a 


markable Enterprise, liegun 17 19, chiefly 
to Cruise on the Spaniards in the Great 
South Ocean, relating to the True 
Historical Facts of that whole affair. 
Map. 8° 1728 

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Appendix i. 
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Betham- Edwards, 

See Harris, Vol. i ^ 
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de. See Ternaux- 
: Appendix i. 
M. The Roof of 
The Gausses of the Lozere. 


8° 1889 

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coveries in New Guinea. — Newspaper 
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and illustrations. 8° [^Sydney] i?>^% 

Toil, Travel, and Discovery in British 

New Guinea. Maps. 8° 1890 

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and H. W. Phillott. Medieval 

Geography : an Essay in Illustration of 
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tic Society of Bengal. 8* Calcutta, 1891 

Sahibganj and Rajmahal. (From 

the Calcutta Review.) 8* 1893 

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Totidem Arithmeticis Chronologicae 
Libellis. Small 4° 1669 

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12* 1884 

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the Coast-route to the North Cape and 
Overland Routes to Christiania, by 
Viljam Olsvig. Maps arui panoramic 
view. 12° Bergen [1887] 



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Blitze im Konigreich Bayern, wahrend 
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4* [Munich, 1886] 

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Character.) Edited by Francis H. 
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mowicz, 4. 

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Bianco dell' Anno 1436, in dieci Tavole. 
Facsimile Fotografico nella Grandezza 
dell' Originale che si conserva nella 
Biblioteca Marciana, con Illustrazione 
di Oscarre Peschel. 4* Venice, 187 1 

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Ciita di Bologna e suoi Sobborghi. 2 
vols. Map and plates. 12° Bologna, i?,20 

Guida di Bologna. Map and plates. 

12° Bologna, 1826 

Bianconi, J. Joseph. De Mari olim occu- 
pante planities et Colles Italiae, Grsecise, 
Asia; Minoris, &c., et de /Etate Terreni 
quod Geologi appellant Marnes Bleues. 
Plate. 5 parts. 4* Bologna, 1846-52 

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8' 1830 

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with a Preface by the Bishop of Exeter. 
Alap and illustrations. 8° 1893 

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Hairy Men of Yesso, Saghalien, and the 
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London," or the Rajputs of Meywar. 
8* 1891 

Four Months in Persia, and a Visit to 

the Trans-Caspian. Large 8° 1892 

Physical Geography of Persia. (From 

the Imperial and Asiatic Quarterly 
^gz'iVTC/, July 1892.) Large 8* 1892 

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Koosh. Map and plates, 8° 

Calcutta, 1880 

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C (Forschungen, &c., Vols, i and 2) : 
Appendix 2. 

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Plate. 8" 1865 

The Balearic Isles. Map and plates. 

12° 1876 

The Cost of Living Abroad : Reports 

and Statistics showing the Prices of 
House Kent, &c., at the present time, 
and compared with those of the year 
1858, at most of the principal places in 
Foreign Countries ; . . with an Appendix 
showing Hotel Charges, &c. 12° 1876 

— Account of the Aborigines of the 
Island of Puerto Rico. Compiled from 
"La Historia Geographica Civil y 
Politica de la Isla de San Juan Bautista 
de Puerto Rico," by Fray Inigo Abbad ; 
published at Madrid in 1788. 8* 1879 

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aus der Umgegend von Winterthui". Die 
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Winterthur, 1863 

Petrefacten aus der Umgegend von 

Winterthur, Viertes Heft, Reste aus Vel- 
theim. Plates. 4* Winterthur, 1873 

Cheloniens Tertiaires des Environs de 

Winterthur. Traduction Fran^aise par 
O. Bourrit. Plates. 4* Winterthur, n.d. 

Bielenstein, Dr A. Die Grenzen des 
Lettischen Volksstammes und der Letti- 
schen Sprache in der Gegenwart und im 
13 Jahrhundert ; ein Beitrag zur ethno- 
logischen Geographic und Geschichte 
Russlands. With atlas. 4° , 

St Petersburg, 1892 

Bielz, E. A. Siebenbiirgen : ein Hand- 
buch fiir Reisende nach eigenen zahlrei- 
chen Reisen und Ausfliigen in diesem 
Lande. 2nd edition. Maps and plaits. 
12° Vienna, 1885 

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Appendix 2. 

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Effect of Sixteen Years of Freedom on a 
Slave Colony. 12° New York, 1851 

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down the Danube. Illustrations. Crown 
8" 1892 

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South Brazil : Three Years of Forest 
and Prairie Life in the Province of 
Parana. 2 vols. Map and plates. 8° 1878 

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or. Pictures of Travel in the Canadas. 
Maps and plates. 2 vols. 8° 1850 



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together with Clinton's International 
Pronunciation Table. 8° 1877 

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Fremde im Aachen, Burtscheid, und 
ihren Umgebungen, nebst einem Ausflug 
nachSpa. Map. 2,* Aix /a ChapeUe, l^2i, 

Bilgrami, Syed Hossain, and C, Will- 
mott. Historical and Descriptive Sketch 
of His Highness the Nizam's Dominions. 
2 vols. Map. Large 8° 

Bombay, 1883-84 

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L'lle de Rhodes. Map, plan, and ilbis- 
t rat ions. Large 8° Rhodes, 18S1 

Bille, Capt. Steen. Beretning om Cor- 

vetten Galathea's Reise omkring Jorden, 

1845-47. Maps and plates. 3 vols. 8° 

Copenhagen, 1849-51 

Billecocq. See Pallas. 

Billinghurst, Guillermo E. Reconoci- 

miento Militar del Rio Desaguadero y de 

la Altiplanicie Andina. Plate, Large 8° 

Lima, 1880 

Estudio sobre la Geographia de 

Tarapaca (paginas de un libro) trabajo 

escrito para el Ateneo de Iquique. 8* 

Santiago, 1886 

La Irrigacion en Tarapaca. Maps 

and plates. Large 8* Santiago, 1893 

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Vol. 6 : Appendix i. 

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Fossils of the Island of Anticosti, with 
Descriptions of some new Genera and 
Species. Cuts. 8° Montreal, 1866 

See Canada, A : Appendix 2. 

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(Tenth Census, Vols. 11 and 12): Ap- 
pendix 2. 

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potamie et en Perse (Mission scientifique 
du Ministere de I'Instruction publique). 
Map and ilhistrations. 4° Paris, 1887 

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populations indigenes de la Cochinchine 
Fran^aise. Map. 8* Paris, 1863 

Notice sur la Basse-Cochinchine. 8* 

Paris, 1864 

Binger, Capt. L. G. Du Niger au Golfe 
de Guinee par Kong. Map. 8* 

Paris, 1889 

Esclavage, Islamisme et Christianisme. 

8° Paris, 1891 

Du Niger au Golfe de Guinea par 

le pays de Kong et le Mossi (1887-89). 

2 vols in I . Map and illustrations. 4° 

Paris, 1892 

Bingham, J. Elliot. Narrative of the 
Expedition to China, from the Commence- 
ment of the War to the Present Period. 
Map and plates, 2 vols. 8° 1842 


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Binnie, A. R. On Mean or Average 

Rainfall. 8* 1892 

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Years' Travel in Persia, Ceylon, &c. 

2 vols. 8° 1857 

Biolley, Paul. Costa Rica and her Future. 

Translated from the French by Cecil 

Charles. Map. 8° 

Washington, D.C., 1889 
Biondelli, B. Scoperta dell' America fatta 

nel Secolo X. da alcuni Scandinavi. 8* 
Afilan, 1839 

Sullo Stato attuale della Sardegna. 8* 

Milan, 1 841 
Biot, Edouard. Memoire sur divers 

Mineraux Chinois appartenant a la 

Collection du Jardin du Roi. 8* 

Paris, 1839 
Recherches sur la Hauteur de quel- 

ques Points Remarquables du Territoire 

Chinois. 8* Paris, 1840 
Recherches sur la Temperature 

ancienne de la Chine. 8* Paris, 1840 
Etudes sur les Montagnes et les 

Cavernes de la Chine, d'apres les Geo- 
graphies Chinoises. 8* Paris, 1840 
Dictionnaire des Noms Anciens et 

Modernes des Villes et Arrondissements 

compris dans I'Empire Chinois. Map. 

Royal 8* Paris, 1842 
Memoire sur les Changemens du cours 

inferieur du Fleuve Jaune. Map. 8* 
Paris, 1843 
Memoire sur I'Extension Progressive 

des Cotes Orientales de la Chine, depuis 

les Anciens Temps. 8* Paris, 1844 
Sur la Direction de I'Aiguille aimantee 

en Chine et sur les Aurores Boreales 

observees dans ce meme pays. 4* 

Paris, 1844 
Le Tcheou-Li, ou Rites des Tcheou. 

Traduit du Chinois par Biot ; avec Table 

Analytique. Map and plates. 3 vols. 8° 

Paris, 1 85 1 

Biot, J. B. Relation du Voyage de De- 

couvertes, execute par ordre des Etats- 

Unis d'Amerique, pendant 183S-1842. 

Redigee par le Lieut. Charles Wilkes. 

Map. 4° Paris, 1849 
Notice sur la Vie et les Travaux de, 

par Alfred Maury. 12* Paris, 1851 

See Kiefer ; Maury, A. 

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between the Danube and the Black Sea. 

Folio* 1839 

Birch, S. See Ebers, G. ; Wilkinson, 

Sir J. G. 
Birch, W. De G. See Hakluyt Soc. 

Publ., Vols. 53, 55, 62 : Appendix i. 
Bird, Charles. A Short Sketch of the 

Geology of Yorkshire. Ma/> and plates. 

Small 8° 188 1 



Bird, Isabella L. [Mrs Bishop]. The 

Hawaiian Archipelago : Six Months 
among the Palmgroves, Coral Reefs, and 
Volcanoes of the Sandwich Islands. 
Map and plates. Small 8° 1875 

Unbeaten Tracks in Japan : an Ac- 
count of Travels in the Interior, including 
Visits to the Aborigines of Yezo and the 
Shrines of Nikko and Ise. 2 vols. 
Map and illustrations. Small 8° 1880 

Unbeaten Tracks in Japan. New 

edition, abridged. Illustrations. Crown 
8° 1885 

The Golden Chersonese, and the 

Way thither. Maps and illustrations. 
8° 1883 

Journeys in Persia and Kurdistan, in- 
cluding a Summer in the Upper Karun 
Region, and a Visit to the Nestorian 
Rayahs. 2 vols. Portrait, maps, and 
illustrations. 8° 1 89 1 

A Journey through Lesser Tibet. 8* 


Among the Tibetans. (From the 

Leisure Hour for February and March 
1893.) Illustrations. 4* 1893 

Bird, James. Abyssinia, Eastern Africa, 
and the Eihiopic Family of Languages 
Reviewed. Table, 8* Bombay, 1845 

Discourse on the Object and Progress 

of Investigation into Oriental Literature 
and Science. 8* Bombay, 1845 

Birdwood, Sir George. See Stevens, 

and William Foster. The Register 

of Letters, &c., of the Governour and 
Company of Merchants of London trading 
into the East Indies, i6cx)-i9. Large 8° 


Birkbeck, M. Tour in France in 1814. 
8° 1815 

Birkmyre,W. 5"^^ Victoria, C : Appendix 2. 

Birlinger, Dr A. Schwiibisch-Augs- 
burgisches Wdrterbuch. 8° Alunich, 1864 

See Germany, C (Forschungen, &c., 

Vol. 4) : Appendix 2. 

Birt, W. R. Tabulae Anemologicse ; or. 
Tables of the Wind, exhibiting a New 
Method of Registering the Direction of 
the Wind, by which the Variations of 
the Upper and Lower Currents of the 
Atmosphere, at several stations, are 
shown at one view. Nos. i and 2. 4* 

Biscan, Ignazio Paterno [Principe di], 
Viaggio per tutte le Anticheita della 
Sicilia. Map and plates. 12° 

Palermo, 181 7 

Bischof, Gustav. Die Gestalt der Erde 
und der Meeresflache, und die Erosion 
des Meeresbodens. 8* Bonn, 1867 

Bischoff, James. Sketch of the History 
of Van Diemen's Land, and an Account 
of the Van Diemen's Land Company. 
Maps and plates. 8° 1 832 

Biscoe, John. Journal of a Voyage 
towards the South Pole, on board the 
brig "Tula," under the command of 
John Biscoe, with cutter "Lively" in 
company, 1830-32. MS. Folio. 

Bishop, Mrs. See Bird, Isabella L. 

Bishop, N. H. Voyage of the Paper 
Canoe : a Geographical Journey of 
2,500 miles, from Quebec to the Gulf of 
Mexico, during the years 1874-75. ^lap 
and plates. 8° Edinburgh, 1878 

Bishop, William Henry. Old Mexico 
and her Lost Provinces : a Journey in 
Mexico, Southern California, and Arizona, 
by way of Cuba. Maps and illustrations. 
8° , 1883 

Bissachere, M. de la. Etat actual du 
Tunkin, de la Cochinchine, et des 
Royaumes de Gamboge, Laos, et Lac-tho. 
. . . Traduit d'apres les Relations 
Originales, &c. 2 vols. 8° Paris, 18 12 

Bissel, J. Joannis Bisselii, e Societate 
Jesu, Argonauticon Americanorum, sive 
Historise, Periculorum Petri de Victoria, 
ac Sociorum eius, Libri xv. 16° 

Munich, 1647 

Joannis Biseliie Societate Jesu, Palpe- 

stinse, seu Terrse - Sanctse Topothesia, 
secundum Regiones ac Tribus expressa. 
Maps. 12° Amberg, 1659 

Bissell, Capt. Austin. See Dalrymple, A. 

Bissuel, Capt. H. Les Touareg de 
rOuest. Map. Large 8* Algiers, 1888 

Bissy, R. de Lannoy de. Voyage du R. 
P. Mercui des Missionnaires d'Alger de 
Quilemane au Lac Nyassa et retour, 
1889-90. Map. 8* spinal, 1892 

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en Afrique ; Algerie et Tunisie ; Senegal 
et Dependances ; Gabon et Congo. 8* 
Paris, 1883 

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cluding the Batiles of Lewes and Eves- 
ham. 8° 1871 

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Garrison at Mancunium, and its probable 
Influence on the Population and Lan- 
guage of South Lancashire. 8* 

Edinburgh, 1856 

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by its Rail, Carriage, and Forest Roads. 
Illustrated by five maps and one plan. 
12* Edinburgh, 1888 

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Surveys, 1875-90. Map and frontispiece. 
Folio 1 89 1 

See Popowski. 

Black, J. G. See Hutton and Ulrich. 

Black, J. M. An Account of the Eruption 
of Mount Vesuvius of April 1872. Chart 
and plate. 8* 1874 

Black, William George. Heligoland and 
the Islands of the North Sea. I2° 1888 




Black's Picturesque Tourist of England 
and Wales. Maps and plates. 12° 

Edinburgh, 1854 

Picturesque Tourist of Scotland. 

Maps. 12° Edinburgh, 1859 

Blackbourne, H. S. A and B Tables for 
Correcting the Longitude and facilitating 
Sumner's Method on the Chart. 8° 1883 

Blackie, Miss C. Geographical Etymo- 
logy : a Dictionary of Place-Names, 
giving their Derivations ; with an Intro- 
duction by John Stuart Blackie. 3rd 
edition. 12° 1887 

Blackie, Dr W. G. A Supplement to the 
Imperial Gazetteer, &c. 8° 1868 

The Imperial Gazetteer : a General 

Dictionary of Geography, Physical, Poli- 
tical, Statistical, and Descriptive, with a 
Supplement bringing the Geographical 
Information down to the latest dates. 
Half volumes, i and 2. Plates 1872 

On Geography and Etymology : 

What these Embrace. Sketch of the 
Present State of our Knowledge of 
the Island of New Guinea. Map. 8* 
Glasgoiv, 1884 

Commercial Education : an Address 

to the Educational Institute of Scotland, 
on Saturday, 17th March 1888. 8* 

Glasg07u, 1888 

Blackwell, J. H. Report of the Examina- 
tion of the Mineral Districts of the Ner- 
budda Valley. [From the India, Bombay, 
Records, No. 44.] Map. Royal 8" 

Bombay, 1857 

Blackwell, Thomas Evans. Results of 
a Series of Experiments on the Discharge 
of Water of Waterfalls or Weirs. Plates. 
8° 1851 

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unpublished Journals and Correspondence 
in the possession of his Family, By 
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map. 8° 1880 

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[From the India Records, No. 24.] 
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Skulls, with especial reference to a Skull 
from Louth, in Ireland. 8* n.d. 

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taining Capt. George E. Tyson's won- 
derful Drift on the Ice-floe, a History of 
the "Polaris" Expedition, the Cruise 
of the "Tigress," and Rescue of the 
" Polaris" Survivor.* ; to which is added 
a general Arctic Chronology. Map 
and plates. 8° Neiv York, 1874 

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Notice of Remarkable Strata con- 
taining the Remains of Infusoria and 
Polythalamia in the Tertiary Formation 
of Monterey, California. 8* 

Washington, 1855 

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graphy and Geology of the Coast of 
California, from Bodega Bay to San 
Diego. Maps. 4* Washington, 1855 

On the Rate of Evaporation on the 

Tulare Lakes of California. 8* 

Washington, 1856 

On the Grooving and Polishing of 

Hard Rocks and Minerals by Dry Sand, 
and Remarks on the Geology of Cali- 
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Months in Algeria, with a Visit to 
Carthage. Maps and plates. 8° 

Cambridge, 1859 

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How to Teach Geography : an Intro- 
duction to J. R. Blakiston's Glimpses of 
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on the Exploration of two Passes through 
the Rocky Mountains in 1858. ]\Iap. 
8° Woolwich, 1859 

Five Months on the Yang-Tsze, with 

a Narrative of the Exploration of its 
Upper Waters ; illustrated by A. Barton. 
Maps and plates. 8" 1862 

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in Abyssinia ; with some Account of the 
late Emperor Theodore, his Country and 
People. Plates. 8* 1868 

Blanc, L. G. Handbuch des Wissenswiir- 
digsten aus der Natur und Geschichte 
derErdeund ihrer Bewohner . . ; achte 
Auflage, durchgesehen, berichtigt, fort- 
gesetzt, und vermehrt von Dr Henry 
Lange. Vol. i. Maps. 8° 

Brunswick, 1868 

Blanc, Vincent le. Les Voyages Fameux 
qu'il a faits depuis I'age de douze ans 
juscjues a soixante, aux (juatre parties du 
Monde ; a s9avoir, aux Indes Orientales 
et Occidentales, en Perse et Pegu ; aux 
Royaumes de Fez, de Maroc, et de 
Guinea, et dans toute I'Afrique interieure. 



Blanc, Vincent \^—contintied. 

depuis le Cap de Bonne Esperance jusques 
en Alexandrie, par les terres de Mono- 
motapa, du Preste Jean et de I'Egypte ; 
aux iles de la Mediterranee, et aux 
principales Provinces de I'Europe, &c. ; 
le tout recueilly de ses Memoires par le 
Sieur Coulon. Small 4° Paris, 1648 

The World Surveyed ; or, The Famous 

Voyages and Travailes of V. Le Blanc. . . 
Originally written in French, and faith- 
fully rendered into English by Francis 
Brooke, Gent. Folio 1660 

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dislocation de I'extremite sud-est du 
Continent Asiatique pendant I'age mod- 
erne de la Terre. 4* Paris, 1890 

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oceanique maritime a grande Section a 
travers le grand Isthme Americain par 
le Nicaragua ... 4* Bourges, 1875 

See Pouchet. 

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tischen Verhaltnisse von Afrika. (Ergan- 
zungsheft, 90 — Petermann's Mittheil- 
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connected with the Districts of Jhalawar, 
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Burda, Gohelwar, Oond Surweya, and 
Babriawar. [From the India, Bomljay, 
Records, No. 37.] Royal 8° Bombay, 1856 

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ological Reporter to the Governn»ent of 
Bengal : Meteorological Abstract for 
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The Rudiments of Physical Geography 

for the use of Indian Schools, and a 
Glossary of the Technical Terms em- 
ployed. Plates. 12° 1874 

Report on the Meteorology of India 

in 1879, '80, '81', '82, '83, '84, '85. Maps 
and charts. 4° Calcutta, 1881-87 

A Practical Guide to the Climates 

and Weather of India, Ceylon, and 
Burmah, and the Storms of Indian Seas, 
based chiefly on the Publications of 
the Indian Meteorological Department. 
Diagrams. 8° 1889 

An Elementary Geography of India, 

Burma, and Ceylon. 12° 1890 

See Gastrell, J. E. ; also India, C 

(Palseontologica Indica) : Appendix 2. 

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to Puppadoung, an extinct Volcano in 
Upper Burma. Map. 8* Calcutta, 1S62 

Notes on a Journey in Northern 

Abyssinia. 8* {Calcutta, 1868] 

Observations on the Geology and 

Zoology of Abyssinia. Alap and plates. 
8" 1870 

On the Mineral Resources of India. 

8* 1873 

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(Mammalia) of a General Work on the 
Fauna of British India, including Ceylon 
and Burmah. 8° 1888-91 

Address delivered at the Anniversary 

Meeting of the Geological Society of 
I^ondon, on the 21st of February 1890. 
8* 1890 

See Medlicott; also India, C; Persia: 

Appendix 2. 

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.Situation Economique de nos Posses- 
sions dans le Nord de I'Afrique. 8° 

Paris, 1840 

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trois forteresses Tauro-Scythes dont parle 
Strabon. Maps, plans. 8" Odessa, 1831 

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Trigonometrical and Astronomical Posi- 
tions determined in the Russian Empire 
and along its Frontiers up to i860. Maps. 
[In Russian.] 4° St Petersburg, 1863 

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Russland in den Jahren 1840 und 1851. 
2v0ls.ini. Plates. 8° Brunswick, \%a,ai 

Blatna and Rotzmital. See Horky. 

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der Meeresstromungen. JMap. 8* 

Prague, 1876 

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Linguarum Africa; Australis, Copticse, 

Semiticarum aliarumque Sexualium. 8° 

Bonne, 1851 

The Languages of Mosambique : 

Vocabulary of the Dialects of Lourenzo 
Marques, Inhambane, Sofala, Tette, Sena, 
Quellimane, Mosambique, Cape Delgado, 
Anjoane, the Maravi,Mudsau,&c., drawn 
up from the MSS. of Dr W. Peters, 
&c. Oblong 12° 1856 

A Brief Account of Bushman Folk- 
lore and other texts. Folio 1875 

See Cape Colony : Appendix 2. 

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chas. Vol. 3, Book 3 : Appendix i. 

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Paris, 1890 

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Paris, 1866 

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pendix I. 

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Mutiny on Board II. M.S. "Bounty," 
and the subsequent Voyage of part of the 
Crew in the ship's boat from Tofoa, one 
of the Friendly Islands, to Timor, a 
Dutch Settlement in the East Indies. 
Maps. 4° 1790 




Bligh, Lieut. William. A Voyage to the 
South Sea, undertaken by command of 
Mis Majesty, for the purpose of conveying 
the Bread-fruit Tree to the West Indies, in 
His Majesty's ship " The Bounty," com- 
manded by Lieut. William Bligh ; includ- 
ing an Account of the Mutiny on board 
said Ship, &c. Plates. 8° Dublin, 1 792 

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Bewoners in betfrekking tot de Europe- 
esche Staatkunde en den Handel. Map. 
8° Haarlem, 1891 

Nederland en zijne Bewoners: Hand- 

boek der Aardrijkskunde en Volken- 
kunde van Nederland, met Kaarten en 
Afbeeldingen. 3 vols. 8" 

Amsterdam, n.d. 

See Germany, C (Forschungen, <S;c., 

Vol. 4) : Appendix 2. 

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Maps in the Royal Geographical Society's 
Publications, 1830-83. Large 8* 

Cambridge, Mass., 1886 

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nung der Polaris-Azimute zunachst mit 
Rticksicht auf die Zeitbestimmung im 
Verticale des Polarsterns. 4* 

St Petersburg, 1875 

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Franzosischen Kaiserreichs, in ihren 
wichtigsten stalistischen Verhaltnissen. 
Maps. 12° Got ha, 1861 

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edition. Maps. 8° Paris, 1892 

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sylvania. ]\Iap ami diagram. 8° 

Harrislmrg, 1889 

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Michigan, in three parts ; containing a 
General View of the State, with a succinct 
History from the Earliest Period to the 
Present Time ; and an Appendix, con- 
taining the usual Statistical Tables, and 
a Directory for Emigrants, &c. 12" 

Detroit, Mich., 1838 

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logiska Undersokning : Appendix 2. 

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of Jamaica, with the other Isles and 
Territories of America to which the 
English are related, viz., Barbadoes, St 
Christophers, Nievis or Nevis, Antego, 
St Vincent, Dominica, Montserrat, An- 
guilla, Barbada, Bermudes, Carolina, 
Virginia, Maryland, New York, New 
England, Newfoundland. Taken from 
the Notes of Sir Thomas Linch, Knight, 
Governour of Jamaica, and other 
experienced Persons in the said places. 
12" 1672 

"Blonde," H.M.S. See Pacificlslands: 
Appendix 2. 

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Colony. 8" Cape Town, 187 1 

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Colonies Penales de I'Angleterre dans 
I'Australie. 8° Paris, 183 1 

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a Breife Relation of a Journey lately 
performed by Master 11. B. , Gentleman, 
from England by the way of Venice, into 
Dalmatia, Sclavonia, Bosnah, Hungary, 
Macedonia, Thessaly, Thrace, Rhodes, 
and Egypt, unto Gran Cairo ; with 
particular Observations concerning the 
Moderne Condition of the Turkes and 
other People under that Empire. 12° 


See Churchill, Vol. 7; Gottfried; Pin- 

kerton, Vol. 10: Appendix i. 

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Anthropological Institute, Index to Publi- 
cations: Appendix 3. 

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Ostafrika und seine Niederwerkung im 
nordlichen Theil mit einem Nachwort 
iiber die Deutsche und die Englische 
Emin Pascha Expedition. Map and 
illustrations. Large 8° Berlin, n.d. 

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de Nasporingen op Borneo van O. M tiller. 
8* Lcyden, 1842 

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Communale des Indigenes des Philip- 
pines places sous la domination Espag- 
nole. Traduit de I'Allemand . . , par 
A. Hugot. 8* Paris, 1881 

Versuch einer Ethnographic der Philip- 

jiinen. (Erganzungsheft, 67 — Peter- 
mann's Mittheilungen.) Map. 4" 

Got ha, 1882 

Vocabular einzelner Ausdriicke und 

Redensarten, welche dem Spanischen 
der Philippinischen Inseln eigenthiimlich 
sind ; mit einem Anhange : Bibliotheca 
Philippina ; Alphabetisch geordnete 
Sanimlung einer Anzahl von Druck- 
schriften und Manuscriptenlingiiistischen, 
geographischen, ethnographischen, his- 
torischen und naturwissenschaftlichen 
Inhalts die auf die Philippinen Bezug 
haben. 8* [Leitmeritz, 1882] 

The same. II. Theil. 8* 

YLeitmeritz, 1885] 

Die Sprachgebiete Europas am Aus- 

gange des Mittelalters, verglichen mit 
den Zustanden der Gegenwart. 8* 

{.Prague, 1883] 

Breve Diccionarrio Etnografico de 

J"ilipinas. 12* Manila, 1889 

Alphal>etisches Verzeichnis der einge- 

borenen Stamme der Philippinen imd 
der von ihnen gesprochenen Sprachen. 
8* Berlin, 1890 



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Church Missionary Record, consisting of 
Extracts from the Journal of C. H. 
Blumhardt, during his Voyage to Abys- 
sinia.] 8* 1838 

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Peyton to the History of Virginia, and 
of the Civil War in America, 1861-65, 
Reviewed. 8* 1868 

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ing Eight Treatises. [On Navigation.] 
4th edition. Small 8° 1613 

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the Euphrates. 2 vols. Alaps and 
plates. 8° 1879 

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the Arab Race. A Visit to the Court of 
the Arab Emir, and " Our Persian Cam- 
paign." 2nd edition. 2 vols. I\Iap, 
portraits, ami illustrations. Small 8° 


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and Ice in the North Atlantic Ocean. 
Maps. 8" New York, 1856 

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Anderson's Journey to Musadu. Small 8* 

Neiu York, 1870 

Report on the Falaba Expedition, 

1872. Map. Folio* Freetown, 1872 

Christianity, Islam, and the Negro 

Race ; with an Introduction Ijy the 
Hon. Samuel Lewis. 8° 1887 

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Blyth, Edward. See Speke. 

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the Course of Time. 8* 

Christiania, 1886 

The Probable Cause of the Displace- 
ment of Beach-lines : an Attempt to 
compute Geological Epoclis. Plate. 8* 
Christiania, 1889 

Additional Note to the probable 

Cause of the Displacement of Beach- 
lines. 8* [1889] 

The Displacement of Beach-lines : 

Second Additional Note (read 15th 
February 1889). 8* 1889 

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zungsheft, 80 — Petermann's Mittheilun- 
gen). Maps and sketches. 4° Gotha,\^%^ 

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Appendix 2. 

Bocage. See Barbie du Bocage. 

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di Latt. in volgare da M. Niccolo Liburnio, 
doue per ordine d'Alfabeto si tratta 
diffusamente de' Monti, Selva, Boschi, 
Fonti, Laghi, Stagni, Paludi, Golfii, e 
Mari, dell' Universo Mondo, d'Asia, 
Africa, ed Europa. 12° Florence, 1598 

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Spazi, climi e meteore, corso completo 
di Geografia Fisica e di Meteorologia. 
Maps. 8° Genoa, 1862 

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quests, p. 612: Appendix i. 

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a Narrative of Travel up the Mahakkam 
and down the Barito, also Journeyings 
in Sumatra. Alap aiui coloured plates. 
Large 8° 1881 

Templesand Elephants: theNarrative 

of a Journey of Exploration through 
Upper Siam and Lao. Map, coloured 
plates, and illustrations. 8° 1884 [1883] 

Reis in Oost- en Zuid-Borneo van 

Koetei naar Banjermassin, ondernomen 
op last der Indische Regeering in 1879 
en 1880; met Aanteekeningen en Bij- 
lagen van P. J. B. C. Robide van der 
Aa, eene historische Inleiding over 
Koetei en de Betrekkingen van dit 
Leenrijk tot de Regeering van Neder- 
landsch-Indie, door S. W. Tromp, en 
een Atlas van 30 ethnografische platen 
in Kleurendruk en Schetskaart. 4° 

The Hague, 1887 

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Arabe ; revu et augmente par A. Caussin 
de Perceval. 2 vols. 4° Paris, 1828-29 

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the Pacific. Plates. 8° 1876 

Across Central America. 8" 1877 

Roraima and British Guiana, with a 

Glance at Bermuda, the West Indies, 
and the Spanish Main. Map and plate. 
8° 1879 

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troleum may be used with advantage in 
Manufacturing Operations for the pur- 
pose of heating Steam - boilers and 
generating Steam. 8* n.p., n.d. 

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the Holy : Scenes in Mohammedan 
Africa. Map ami plates. Crown 8° 1885 

With Russian Pilgrims : being an 

Account of a Sojourn in the White Sea 
Monastery, and a Journey by the old 
Trade Route from the Arctic Sea to 
Moscow ; Appendix, giving a full His- 
tory of the Solovetsk Obitel, by the 
Archimandrite Meletii. Maps and illus- 
trations. Small 8° [1892] 

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Forstreise durch einen Theil des Euro- 
paischen Russlands. Plates. 8° 

St Petersburg, 1854 

See Baer and Helmersen, 18, 19. 

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stan and Arabistan. Maps atui plates. 
2 vols. %" 1845 

See Khanikoff, N. de. 

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mathemalischen, und astronomischen 
Kenntniss der Erdkugel. Alap. Small 
8° Berlin, 1820 

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2, 3: Appendix i. 



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sur la Vilie de Saumur. Plates. Vol. i. 
8° Saumur, 1812 

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East Africa. (From Blackwood' s Maga- 
zine.) 8* 1888 

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der Schweiz, ein Beitrag zur Erklarung 
der Thalbildung. Profiles, 4* 

Zurich, 1880 

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Graptolitherne. Plates. 4* 

Christiania, 185 1 

See Gainiard. 

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Congresses (Geological) : Appendix 2. 

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gacion del Bermejo y Colonizacion del 
Chaco. Map. 8" Buenos Ayres, 1873 

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und die Bildung der Mineralquellen. 12* 

Frankfort-a-M., 1843 

Das Erdbeben und seine Erschein- 

ungen. Map. 12° 

Frankfort- a-M. , 1 847 

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Volcanic Eruptions and Earthquakes in 
Iceland within Historic Times. Trans- 
lated and condensed from a History by 
Th. Thoroddsen. 8* Washington, 1886 

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mijn verblijf op Sumatra's Westkust 
gedurende de Jaren 1831-34. 8* 

The Hague, 1841 

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torical, and Political Description of the 
Empire of Germany, Holland, the 
Netherlands, Switzerland, Prussia, Italy, 
Sicily, Corsica, and Sardinia, to which 
are added Statistical Tables of all the 
States of Europe, translated from the 
German of J. G. Boetticher . . . Map 
(in 3 sheets, by Capt. Chauchard, &c. ) 
and plans. 4° 1800 

Bogle, G., and T. Manning. See 
Markham, C. R. ; also Eyries, Vol. 14: 
Appendix i. 

Bogfue, Adam. Steam to Australia, its 
General Advantages considered ; the 
different Proposed Routes for connecting 
London and .Sydney compared ; and the 
expediency of forming a Settlement at 
Cape York, in Torres Strait, pointed out, 
in a Letter to Earl Grey. Map. 8* 

Sydney, 1848 

Boguslawski, Dr Georg von. Hand- 
buch der Ozeanographie. Band i. 
Raumliche, physikalische und chemische 
Beschaffenheit der Ozeane. Illustrations. 
8° Stuttgart, 1884 

and Dr Otto Kriimmel. The same. 

Band 2. Die Bewegungsformen des 
Meeres, von Dr Otto Kriimmel ; mit 
einem Beitrage von Prof. Dr K. Zoppritz. 
Alap and figures. 8° Stuttgart, 1887 

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der Enns und Steyr. Map and plate. 
Large 8° Vienna, 1885 

See Penck ; Penck's Abhandlungen, i. 

Bohm, Dr Richard. Von Sansibar zum 
Tanganjika : Briefe aus Ostafrika, nach 
dem Tode des Reisenden, mit einer 
biographischen Skizze herausgegeben von 
Herman Schalow. Alap and portrait. 8° 
Leipzig, 1888 

Bbhmert, Dr Victor. Die Ergebnisse 
der sachsischen Gewerbezahlung vom 
5 Juni 1862. Zeits. des K. Sachsischen 
Statistischen Bureaus 2, Supplement heft, 
Jahrg. 1886. 4* Dresden, 1886 

Bohn, H. G. See Humboldt, Alex. von. 

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Appendix i. 

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fried : Appendix i. 

Boid, Capt. A Description of the Azores, 
or Western Islands, from Personal Obser- 
vation ; comprising Remarks on their 
Peculiarities, Topographical, Geological, 
Statistical, &c., and on their hitherto 
neglected condition. Alap and plates. 

8; 1835 

Boie, F. Tagebuch gehalten auf einer 
Reise durch Norwegen im Jahre 1817; 
herausgegeben mit Anmerkungen von 
H. Boie. Map. Small 8' 

Schleswig, 1822 

Boileau, A. H. E. Tour through the 
Western States of Rajwara in 1835, 
comprising Beekaner, Jesulmer, and 
Jodhpoor ; with the passage of the Great 
Desert, and visit to the Indus and 
Buhawulpoor. Map and plates. 4° 

Calcutta, 1837 

Letter on the .Elliptical Tunnel Bridge 

at Seonee. Plate. 8* 1849 

Extract of a Letter from, on the Con- 
struction of Metalled Roads and Bridges. 
[From the India Records, Vol. 2, N.-W. 
Provinces.] Allahabad, 1849 

Boileau, J. T. A New and Complete 
Set of Traverse Tables, showing the 
Differences of Latitude and the De 
partures to every minute of the Quadrant, 
and to five places of Decimals ; together 
with a Table of the Lengths of each 
Degree of Latitude and corresponding 
Degree of Longitude from the Equator 
to the Poles. Plates. 8° 1839 

A Collection of Tables, Astronomical, 

Meteorological, and Magnetical ; also, 
for Determining the Altitudes of Moun- 
tains, Comparison of French and English 
Weights and Measures, &c.. Computed 
in the Office of the H.E.I.C.'s Magnetic 
Observatory, Simla. 4* Umballa, 1850 

Papers regarding Suspension Bridges 

in the North- Western Provinces. [From 
the India Records, N.-W. Provinces, 
Part 29.] Agra, 1856 



Boisgelin, Louis de. Ancient and 
Modern Malta ; containing a Full and 
Accurate Account of . . . Malta 
and Goza, the History of the Knights of 
St John of Jerusalem, &c. 2 vols. Map 
and plates. 4° 1805 

Boissier, Dr E., and Dr F. A. Buhse. 
Aufzahlung der auf einer Reise durch 
Transkauka^ien und Per.-ien gesammelten 
Pflanzen. ]\Iap and plates. 4° 

Mosco-M, i860 

Bokemeyer, DrHeihrich. DieMolukken, 
Geschichte and quellenniassige Darstel- 
lung der Eroberung und Verwaltung der 
Ostindischen Gewiirzinseln durch die 
Niederlander ; mit einem Anhange von 
bisherungedruckten Aktenstlicken. Map. 
8° Leipzig, 1888 

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Smith's Voyage in Russia. [In Russian.] 
8° St Peter sbtirg, 1893 

"Boldrewood, Ralph." Ups and Downs: 
a Story of Australian Life. 12" 1878 

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Lettre et Journal, 1842-43. 8* 

Quebec, N.D. 

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public of Venezuela. (From The New 
Englattd Magazitte. ) Illustrations. 8* 
^Boston, Mass."] 1892 

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Vol. 10 : Appendix i. 

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nological, and other Researches in New 
Granada, Equador, Peru, and Chile, 
with Observations on the Pre-Incarial, 
Incarial, and other Monuments of the 
Peruvian Nations. Plates. 8° i860 

Maya Hieroglyphic Alphabet of 

Yucatan. 8* [1865] 

Contributions to an Introduction to 

the Anthropology of the New World. 8* 


See Hakluyt Soc. Publ., Vol. 28: 

Appendix i. 

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Africa. (From the Leisure Hour.) 
Illustrations. 4* 1888 

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de ITnde. Maps, plans, and illustra- 
tions. Large 4° Paris, 1893 

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Note sur les Salanganes et sur leurs Nids ; 
Especes nouvelles d'Oiseaux d'Asie et 
d'Amerique, et tableaux paralleliques des 
Pelagians ou Gaviae, &c. 4° 

Paris, 1855 

Bonaparte, Prince Charles Lucien. 

Catalogue des Oiseaux d'Europe. 8* 

Paris, 1857 

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forme intermediaire aux Turnides, aux 

Laniides, et aux Muscicapides. Plate. 8* 

Paris, 1857 

Parallelismo fra la tribu' dei Cantori 

Fissirostri e quella dei Volucri Hianti e 
dei Notturni ovvero Insidenti. 8* 

Turin, 1857 
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marques sur cerlaines Notes, certaines 
Observations, et certaines Corrections 
dont M. J. Vinson, a accompagne I'Essai 
sur la langue Basque par F. Ribary. 8° 
Paris, 1877 

Remarques diverses sur la langue 

Basque. 8° 1884 

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Les premiers Voyages des Neerlandais 

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Versailles, 1884 

Les Habitants de Suriname : Notes 

recueillies a I'Exposition Coloniale 
d'Amsterdam en 1883. Maps and plates. 
Folio Paris, 1884 

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a la Nouvelle-Guinee. Map. 4* 

Versailles, 1885 

Les derniers Voyages des Neerlandais 

a la Nouvelle-Guinee. Map. 4* 

Versailles, 1885 

Note on the Lapps of Finmark. 

Small 4* Paris, 1886 

La Nouvelle-Guinee : IIP notice. 

Le Fleuve Augusta. Map. Small 4* 

Paris, 1887 

The same. IVe notice. Le Golfe 

Huon. Maps. Small 4* Paris, 1888 

La Laponie et la Corse. 8* 

Geneva, 1889 

Le Glacier de I'Aletsch et le Lac de 

Marjelen. Plates. 4* Paris, 1889 
Le premier Etablissement des Neer- 
landais a Maurice. Plates. 4* 

Paris, 1890 

Une Excursion en Corse. Plates. 4° 

Paris, 1 89 1 
Bmiar, Dr Horatius. The Land of 
Promise : Notes of a Journey from Beer- 
sheba to Sidon. Maps and plates. 8° 

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dans le Rio de la Plata, d'apres les Docu- 
ments Nautiques les plus recents. 8° 

Paris, 1857 
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Zambesi, South Africa. 8* 1874 



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a Table for obtaining the Dew - point 
and Moisture by Inspection. Royal 8* 


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S^ 1865 

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scription of Texas, with an Account of 
the Indian Tribes. 18" 

Austin, Texas, 1840 

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Bordeaux, 1881 

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Fragments d'un livre. 8* Paris, 1884 

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et Monumental : L'Extreme Orient. 
Maps and illustrations. 4° Paris \^i^2>j'\ 

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Gunversdahl (Justedal). 8* [1870] 

The Lofoten Islands. 8* [1870] 

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tions. Large %" 1893 

The Year Book of Science. Edited 

for 1892 by Professor T. G. Bonney. 1893 

See Symons. 

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America, or a Descriptive, Historical, 
and Geographical Account of the Do- 
minions of Spain in the Western 
Hemisphere, Continental and Insular. 
Maps and plate. 2 vols. 8° 181 8 

Newfoundland in 1842 : a Sequel to 

"The Canadas in 1841." Map and 
plates. 2 vols. 8° 1842 

Canada and the Canadians in 1846. 

2 vols. 8° 1846 

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(jeographie : Sommaire historique des 
Travaux Geographiques executes en 
Egypte .sous la Dynastie de Mohammed 
Aly, 8° Cairo, 1889 

La Question des Noms Geographiques 

en Egypte. 8* Cairo, 1893 

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pendix I. 

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Dc Moscou en Bactriane. Map and 
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En Asie Centrale : Du Kohistan a la 

Caspiennc. 3Iap and illustrations. 1 2° 

Paris, 1885 
Du Caucase aux Indcs a travcrs le 

Pamir. Map and illustrations. 4° 

Paris, 1889 [1888] 
Through the Heart of Asia over the 

Pamir to India. Translated from the 

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and illustrations. 4° 1889 
A Travers le Thibet. Supplement au 

Journal Le Temps, Janvier 189 1. Map 

and illus'rations. 4* Paris, 1 89 1 
Across Thil^et ; with Illustrations from 

Photographs taken by Prince Henry of 

Orleans. Translated by C. B. Pitman. 

Map. 2 vols. Large 8° 1891 

• De Paris au Tonkin a travers le Tilset 

inconnu. Map and illustrations. 4° 

Paris, 1892 
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New Zealand. 3rd edition. 12° 

Melbourne, 1856 
The Wild White Man and the Blacks 

of Victoria. 2nd edition. Plates. 8' 
Melbourne, 1863 
Astronomy for Young Australians. 

12° Melbourne, 1864 
Daily Life and Origin of the Tas- 

manians. Map and plates. 8° 1870 
The Last of the Tasmanians, or the. 

Black War of Van Dieman's Land. 

Plates. 8° 1870 
The Mormons and the Silver Mines. 

Small 8° 1872 
The Resources of Queensland. Map. 

12° 1880 

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sources. 4 vols. Maps. Crown 8° 1886 

French Colonies and their Resources. 

Map. Crown 8° 1886 

Early Struggles of the Australian 

Press. Facsimiles. 8* 1890 

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Titles of Publications relating to the 
British Colonies, their Government, &c. , 
in connection with Imperial Policy. 8* 


See Crozet's Voyage. 

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Guide to London for 1839-40. 12° 1839 

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Home, and the Men who make them in 
Victoria. Map. 8° 1869 

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including the Application of the Geo- 
logical Observations to Agriculture. 8° 
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8 : Appendix I. 



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ale. 8° Brussels, 1883 

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Trinidad sous le gouvernement Espagnol. 
Premiere partie. 8° Paris, 1876 

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Contemporaines : La Geographic Medi- 
cale. Maf^s. \i° Paris, 1884 

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si Ragiona de tutte I'lsole del Mondo, 
con li lor nomi Antichi e Moderni, His- 
toric, c modi del loro vivere, &c. Maps 
and woodcuts. 3 Books in i Folio vol. 
Venice, 1528 

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scription des Rives de ce Fleuve et des 
Populations qui les habitent. 8* [1865] 

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Langues et Races des regions Amhara, 
Oromo, et Sidama. 4° \_Paris'\ N.D. 

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mon voyage aux pays Amhara, Oromo, 
et Sidama, Scptembre 1885 k Novembre 
1888. Maps and illustrations. 4° 

Paris, 1890 

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nung eines einzelncn Iloch oder Niedrig- 
wassers nach Zeit und Hohc. 4* Berlin 

See Polar Regions, Arctic, G : Appen- 
dix 2. 

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[Newspaper Cuttings.] 8* N.D. 

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Elementa Commentatio, Astronomica, 
Geographica. Woodcuts. 12° Basle, 1555 

Astronomica - Geographica. Wood- 
cuts. 12° Basle, 1555 
[Bound up with works by Barthole- 
viceus, Theodoricus, ^ifc, the whole 
entitled ' ' Cosmographia. "] 

Borlase, W. Observations on the An- 
cient and Present State of the Islands 
of Scilly, and their Importance to the 
Trade of Great Britain. Map and plates. 
4° Oxford, 1756 

Borne, William. A Regiment for the Sea, 
containing verie nccessarie matters for all 
sorts of men and trauailers ; whervnto 
is added an Hidrographicall discourse 
touching the fine seueral passages into 
Cattay, written by William Borne, 
newly corrected and amended by Thomas 
Hood, D. in Phisicke, who hath added 
a new Regiment, and Table of Declina- 

Borne, William — continued. 

tion ; whereunto is also adioyned the 
Mariners Guide, with a perfect Sea 
Carde, by the said Thomas Hood. 
Woodcuts. Small 8° 1596 

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2 ; Appendix i. 

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Egypt, and the Peninsula of Sinai ; with 
a Translation of M. Linant de Belle- 
fond's Memoire sur le Lac Mreris. Map 
and plates. 8° 1845 

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nuova Missione delli pp. della Com- 
pagnia di Giesu all regno della Cocin- 
cina. 12° Rome, 163 1 

See Churchill, Vol. 2 : Appendix I. 

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count of the Gypsies of Spain. 2 vols. 
8^ 1843 

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Adventures, and Imprisonments of an 
Englishman in an Attempt to Circulate 
the Scriptures in the Peninsula, with a 
Biographical Introduction. 2nd edition. 
Illustrations. Crown 8° 1889 

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degl' indigeni Americani. 8* 

Naples, 1888 

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La Conquista della Pampa ; II. Un 
sessennio di Presidenza. 8* 

Naples, 1888 

Geografia, Etnologica, e Storica della 

Tripolitania, Cirenaica, e Fezzan, con 
cenni suUa storia di queste Regione e sul 
silfio della Cirenaica. 8° Turin, 1888 

L'Atlantide saggio di Geografia Pre- 

istorica. 8* Naples, 1889 

Le Zone Colonizzabili dell' Eritrea e 

delle finitime regioni etiopichc. Maps. 
8° Milan, 1890 

Etnologia Italica : Etruschi, Sardi e 

Siculi nel XIV° secolo prima dell' era 
volgare. 8* 1891 

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fornia. Map. 8° Edinburgh, 1857 

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dix 2. 

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with Notes by Leisner. Translated by 
Stockdale. 8" 1772 

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tutte le Isole, Scogli Secche, e Bassi 
Fondi, con i Mari, Golfi, Seni, Porti, 
Citta, e Castelli ; nella Forma, che si 
vedono al tempo prescnte ; con una suc- 
cinta narrativa de i loro Nomi, Favole, e 
Historic, tanto antiche quanto moderne. 
Maps. 8° Venice, 1658 




Bosnian, W. A New and Accurate 
Description of the Coasts of Guinea, 
divided into the Gold, the Slave, and the 
Ivory Coasts, containing a Geographical, 
Political, and Natural History of the 
Kingdoms and Countries, with a Parti- 
cular Account of the Rise, Progress, and 
Present Condition of all the European 
Settlements, &c. [Translated from the 
Dutch.] 2nd edition. Maps, plates. 
8° 1872 

See Pinkerton, Vol. 16 : Appendix i. 

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sur Tyr et Paketyr. Maps. 4° 

{^Paris, 1844] 

Essais de restitution et d'interpreta- 

tion d'un passage de Scylax. Map. 8° 
Paris, 1863 

See Recueil de Voyages, Vol. 7, 

p. 612 ; Appendix i. 

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Parana, Paraguay, Sn. Lorenzo, Cuyaba, 
y el Arino tributarlo del grande Ama- 
zonas ; con la descripcion de la Provincia 
de Mato Grosso, bajo su aspecto Fisico, 
Geografico, Mineralojico, y sus produc- 
ciones naturales. Illustrations. Imperial 
8° Paris, 1863 

Viaje descriptive de Montevideo a 

Valparaiso, por elEstrecho deMagallanes 
i Canales Smith, Sarmiento, Inocentes, 
Concepcion, Wide, i Messiers. 8* 

Santiago, 1874 

Exploracion de la Tierra del Fuego 

con el Vapor Oriental Charrua. Map. 
8* Montevideo, 1882 

La Causa Principale del Terremoti 

e di altre Perturbazioni della Natura. 
8* Porto Maurizio, 1887 

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vols. 8° Milan, 1818 

Vita di Cristoforo Colombo, scritta e 

corredata di nuove osservazioni di note 
storico-critiche, e di un' Appendice di 
documenti rari o inediti. Plates. 8° 

Milan, 18 18 

Guide des Etrangers a Milan, et dans 

les Environs de cette Ville. 18° 

Milan, 1 819 

Bossu, — . Nouveaux Voyages aux Indes 
occidentales ; contenant une Relation 
des differens peuples qui habitent les 
environs du grand Fleuve Saint-Louis, 
appele vulgairement ie Mississipi, &c. 
(2 parts in i, 2nd edition.) 12° 

Paris, 1768 

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of Dorset methodically arranged. Map. 
8" Sherborne, 1795 

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Journal of a Tour to that Island ; and 
Memoirs of Pascal Paoli. Map. 8" 

Glasgoiu, 1768 

BoSTvell, J. Boswelliana : the Common- 
place Book of James Boswell ; with a 
Memoir and Annotations by the Rev. 
Charles Rogers, and Introductory Re- 
marks by the Rt. Hon. Lord Houghton. 
Frontispiece. 8° 1874 

Bosworth, J. A. C. A Manual of the 
Nellore District in the Presidency of 
Madras. Afap in cover. 8° 

Madras, 1873 

Bosworth, Rev. Dr J. The Origin of the 
Germanic and Scandinavian Languages 
and Nations, with a Sketch of their 
Literature, and short Chronological 
Specimens . . . ; with a Map of 
European Languages. 8" 1836 

The Origin of the Dutch, with a 

Sketch of their Language and Literature, 
and Short Examples, tracing the Pro- 
gress of their Tongue and its Dialects ; 
also a Map of European Languages, 
indicating not only the Oriental origin 
of Europeans, but that the Dutch were 
amongst the earliest Teutonic tribes 
settled in Europe. (2nd edition.) 8" 1846 

See Alfred the Great. 

Boteler, T. Narrative of a Voyage of 
Discovery to Africa and Arabia, per- 
formed in His Majesty's ships " Leven" 
and " Barracouta," from 1821 to 1826, 
under the command of Capt. F. W. 
Owen, R.N. 2 vols. Plates. 8° 1835 

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Estatistica sobre os Dominios Portu- 
guezes na Africa Oriental. Maps. 8° 
Lisbon, 1835 

Botella y de Hornos, F. de. Espana 
Geografia, Morfologica y Etiologica ; 
observaciones acerca de la Constitucion 
Orografica de la Peninsula, y leyes de 
direccion de sus Sierras Cordilleras, 
Costas, y Rios Principales. Maps. 4° 
Madrid, 1886 

Botfield, B. Shropshire, its History and 
Antiquities. Plates. 4° i860 

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graphie des Kongobeckens. ]\Iap and 
plates. 8° Berlin, 1887 

Bottego. See V , G. D. 

Bottis, Gaetano de. Ragionamento 
Istorico Intornoall' Eruzionedel Vesuvio 
che comincio il di 29 Luglio dell' anno 
1779, e continuo sino al giorno 15 del 
seguente mese di Agosto. Plates. 4° 
Naples, 1779 

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Appendix 2. 

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Occidentale : la Cote des Esclaves et le 
Dahomey. Map. 12° Paris, 1885 

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ti(iues et Antediluviennes : Memoire sur 
rindustrie primitive et les Arts .\ leur 
origine. 3 vols. Plates, 8° Paris, 1847-64 



Boucher, F. The Inrlian Archipelago : a 
Concise Account of the Principal Islands 
and Places of the Indian Archipelago. 
Map. 12° 1857 

Bouchette, Joseph. The British Domi- 
nions in North America ; or, A Topo- 
graphical and Statistical Description of 
the Provinces of Lower and Upper 
Canada, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, 
the Islands of Newfoundland, Prince 
Edward, and Cape Breton ; with Statis- 
tical Tables and Tables of Distances, 
&c. Plates. 2 vols. 4° 1832 

Topographical Dictionary of the 

Province of Lower Canada. 4° 1832 

Boudewijnse, J. See Catalogues, A : 
Ajipendix 2. 

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servations sur la Geographic, Geologic, 
<S:c. ,de cet Empire. 4 vols. 8° Paris, 1840 

Itineraires dans la Turquie d'Europe. 

2 vols, in I. 8" Vioina, 1854 

Ueber die Oro-Potamo-Limne (Seen) 

und Lekavegraphie (Becken) dcs Terti- 
aren der Euroi)aischen Tlirkei, und 
Winke zur Ausfiillung der Liicken un- 
serer jetzigen geographischen und geo- 
gnostischen Kenntnisse dieser Halbinsel. 
Maps. 8* Vienna, 1879 

Autobiographic du Docteur Medecin 

Ami Boue ne a Hambourg le 16 mars 
1794 et mort comnie Aulrichien a 
Vienne. 8° Vienna, 1879 

Die Europaische Tiirkei (La Turquie 

d'Europe par A. Boue, Paris, 1840) : 
Deutsch herausgegeben von der Boue- 
Stiftungs Commission der Kais. Aka- 
demie der Wissenschaften in Wien. 2 
vols. Portrait. 4° Vienna, 1889 

Bouet-Willaumez, Comte E. Descrip- 
tion Nautique des Cotes de I'Afrique 
Occidentale comprises entrele Senegal et 
I'Equateur. Maps, plates. Paris, 1846 

Bougainville, Jean Pierre, Baron de. 

Memoire sur les Decouvertes et les 
Etablissements faits le long des Cotes 
d'Afrique par liannon, Amiral de 
Carthage. 4° 'iParis, 1779] 

Bougainville, Louis Antoine de. 
Voyage autour du Monde par la Fregate 
la " Boudeuse " et la Flute "I'Etoile," 
1766-69. Maps. 4° Paris, 1771 

Voyage autour du Montle par la 

Fregate du,Roi "La Boudeuse" et la 
Flute " L'Etoile," en 1766, 1767, 1768, 
and 1769. Seconde edition, augmentee. 
2 vols. Maps. 8° Paris, \T]2. 

Journal de la Navigation autour du 

Globe dc la " Thetis "et " I'Esperance," 
1824-26. 2 vols. 4° Paris, 1837 

See Burney, Vol. 5 ; Kerr, Vol. 13 ; 

Laharpe, Vol. 18; "The Modern Tra- 
veller," Vol. 4, p. 610 : Appendix I. 

Bougard, Lieut. Le Petit Flambeau de 
la Mer, ou le Veritable Guide des Pilotes 
Cotiers ; ou il est claircment enseigne la 
maniere de naviguer le long de toutes les 
Coles de France, d'Angleterre, d'lrlande, 
d'Espagne, , . . &c. Kevii, corrige 
et augmente. Derniere edition. Illus- 
trations. Square 8° Havre, 1731 

Bouguer, Sig. Nuovo Trattato di Navi- 
gazione, che Contiene la Teoria e la 
Practica del Pilotaggio. Tradotlo in 
Italiano, con Continuazione dal V. 
Brunacci. Maps and plates. 2 vols. 8° 
Leghorn, 1795 

Bouguer's Voyage to Peru. See Pinker- 
ton, Vol. 14 : Appendix I. 

Bouigu, Edouard de. Description de 
rinvention de Voitures roulant sur des 
Rails mobiles tournants et parcourant 
toutes les Routes, les Champs et les 
Deserts. Illustrations. 4° 

{^Marseilles, 1874] 

Boiiinais, A., and A. Paulus. La 

Cochinchine Contemporaine. Map. 8° 

Paris, 1884 [1883] 

L'Indo - Chine Fran^aise Contem- 
poraine. Cochinchine. 2* edition, revue 
et augmentee. Cambodge, Tonkin, An- 
nam. 2 vols. Maps and illustrations. 
Large 8° Paris, 1885 

La France en Indo-Chine. (3rd 

edition.) Map. 12° Paris, 1890 

Bouillet, M. N. Atlas Universel d'His- 
toire et de Geographic contenant 1*= La 
Chronologic, 2'= La Genealogie, 3^ La 
Geographic. Maps and plates. 8° 

Paris, 1865 

Dictionnaire Universel d'llistoire et 

de Geographic , . . Nouvelle edition. 
8° Paris, 1867 

Dictionnaire Universel d'Histoire et 

de Geographic contenant i"= I'Histoire, 
2*= La Biographic, 3*= La Mythologie, 4^ 
La Geographic, ancienne et moderne. 
Nouvelle edition, par L. G. Gourraigne. 
Large 8° Paris, 1893 

Boulangier, Commandant. Essai sur 
les Origines de laMediterrane : Nouvelle 
Methode de Geographic et de Carto- 
graphic. Maps and illustrations. 8° 

Paris, 1S90 

Boulger, D. C. The Life of Vakoob 
Beg, Athalik Ghazi, and Badaulet, 
Ameer of Kashgar. Map. 8° 1878 

Boult, Joseph. Speculations on the 
former Topography of Liverpool and the 
Neighbourhood. Part i. 8* 

Liverpool, 1866 

Further Observations on the alleged 

Submarine Forests on the Shores of 
Liverpool Bay and the River Mersey. 
Privately printed. 8* Liverpool, 1866 

Bouniceau, Prosper. De Paris au Cap. 

ou le Chemin de Fer Transsaharien. 8* 

Paris, 1880 



Bouquet, Col. See Knox's New Collec- 
tion, Vol. 2, p. 608 : Appendix i. 

Bouquet de la Grye, A. Pilote des Cotes 

Quest de France. Tom. i. Maps. 8° 

Paris, 1869 

Bourchier, Capt. W. Narrative of a 
Passage from Bombay to England, de- 
scribing the Author's Shi['Wreck in the 
"Nauiilus" in the Red Sea, Journeys 
across the Nubian Desert, &c. Map. 
12 1834 

Bourdieu, Capit. L. du. Notes sur 
quelques Ports de Tile de Haiti. 8* 

Paris, 1844 

Bourdonnais, Comte A. Make de la. 
See De la Bourdonnais. 

Bourgade la Dardye, E. de. Paraguay. 
Map and illustrations. 12° Paris [i2>2>^\ 

Paraguay, the Land and the People, 

Natural Wealth, and Commercial Capa- 
bilities. Edited by E. G. Ravenstein. 
Map and illiist7-ations. Crown 8° 1892 

Bourgfoing, J. F. Tableaux de I'Espagne 

Moderne. Maps and plates. 3 vols. 8° 

Paris, 1797 

See Phillips [i]. Vol. 9 ; Pinkerton, 

Vol. 5 : Appendix i. 

Bourgoing, P. de. See Cortambert. 

Bourjolly, Gen. Projets sur I'Algerie. 
Map. 8^ Paris, 1847 

Bourke, John G. Notes upon the 
Gentile Organisation of the Apaches of 
Arizona. 8* N.P., N.D. 

The Snake-Dance of the Moquis cf 

Arizona : being a Narrative of a Journey 
from Santa Fe, New Mexico, to the Vil- 
lages of the Moqui Indians of Arizona, 
with a Description of the Manners and 
Customs of this peculiar People, and 
especially of the revolting religious rite 
the Snake-Dance ; to which is added a 
brief Dissertation upon Serpent Worship 
in general, with an Account of the 
Tablet Dance of the Pueblo of Santo 
Domingo, New Mexico, &c. Plates. 8° 

Compilation of Notes and Memoranda 
hearing upon the Use of Human Ordure 
and Human Urine in Rites of a Reli- 
gious or Semi-Religious character among 
various Nations. 8* Washington, 1888 
Bourne, Benjamin Franklin. The Cap- 
tive in Patagonia, or Life among the 
Giants : a Personal Narrative. Plates. 
12" Boston, Mass., 1853 

Bourne, F. S. A. Commercial Report 
on a Journey through the Provinces of 
Ssuch'uan, YUn-nan, Kwang-si, and Kuei- 
chou, from 26th October 1885 to 5th May 
1886. Part I. Ch'ung-ching Fu to Pi- 
chieh Hsien. Map. Folio* 1886 

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Navigation in India, by the use of a new 
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tion a la Minerjilogie en general, une 
Theorie de la Cristallisation et son appli- 
cation. Plates. 3 vols. 4° 1808 

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Davy. 12° Nonvich, 1776 

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chaine des Alpes Pennines et Rhetiennes. 
Map and plates. 2 vols. 8° 

Geneva, 1783 

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See Ziegler. 

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Nueva Granada, Ecuador, y Venezuela. 
Traducidas, &c., por J. Acosta. 8° 

Paris, 1849 

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Appendix i. 
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Bailments venant en Nouvelle-Caledonie 

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Paris, 1858 
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Illustrations. 8* N.l>., N.D. 
Nicaraguan Antiquities. Maps and 

plates. 4* Stockholm, 1886 
Resa i Central-Amerika, 1881-83. 2 

vols. Maps and illustrations. 8° 

Upsala, 1887 



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Argentina : Informes preliminares pre- 
sentados a los Ministros del Interior y 
de Guerra y Marina de la Repiiblica 
Argentina, y publicados bajo la direccion 
del Institute Geografico Argentine. 
Maps and plates. 8° Buenos Ayres, 1883 

Patagonia, Terra del Fuoco, Mari 

Australi ; Rapporto del Tenente Gia- 
como Bove, Capo della Spedizione al 
Comitato Centrale per le Esplorazioni 
Antartiche. Parte i. Maps and illus- 
trations. Large 8° Genoa, 1883 

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N. IngersoU Bowditch. Portrait. 4° 
Boston, Mass., 1839 

See Pickering, John. 

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Cape Coast Castle to Ashantee ; with a 
Statistical Account of that Kingdom, and 
Geographical Notices of other parts of 
the Interior of Africa. Map aiul plates. 
4° 1819 

Essay on the Geography of North- 
western Africa. Maps. 12° 

Paris, 182 1 

Account of the Discoveries of the 

Portuguese in the Interior of Angola and 
Mozambique, with a Note on a Geo- 
graphical Error of Mungo Park. Maps. 
8° 1824 

Excursions in Madeira and Porto 

Santo, in 1823, while on his Third 
Voyage to Africa ; to which is added a 
Narrative of the Voyage to its comple- 
tion, with Occurrences from Mr Bow- 
ditch's arrival in Africa to his death, a 
Description of the English Settlements 
on the River Gambia, with Zoological 
and Botanical Descriptions, and Trans- 
lations from the Arabic. Plates. 4° 


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Appendix 2. 

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Travel between the Mississippi River 
and the Pacific Ocean. . . . Map, por- 
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Natural y a la Geografia Fisica de Es- 
paiia. Small 4° Madrid, 1775 

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Philippine Islands. Plates. 8° 1850 

The Kinjjdom and People of Siam, 

with a Narrative of the Mission to that 
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plates. 2 vols. 8° 1857 

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Theatrum, sive Hollandice Comitaius et 
Urbium nova descriptio, qua omnium 
Civitatum, prrecipuorumq. locorum 
Icones, Origines, Incrementa, Res domi 
forisq. gestae. Jura, Privilegia, Immuni- 
tates, ipsis Principum tabulis expressa, 
et Viri illustres, exhibentur. Maps. Ob- 
long 8° Amsterdam, idyz 

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Transferring the Unemployed Labour of 
Van Diemen's Land to New South Wales. 
8* ■ Sydney, 1847 

Steam to Australia and New Zealand. 

8* 1850 

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Virginia, showing the Mineral Deposits 
of Iron, Coal, Zinc, Copper, and Lead, 
also the staples of the various Counties, 
Methods of Transportation, Access, &c. 
Map and plates. 8° New York, 1881 

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and the Chilians during the War 1879-80. 
Map and illustrations. Small 8° 1881 

Opening Address, Session 1890-91, 

of the Civil and Mechanical Engineers' 
Society, read 17th December 1890. 
Large 8* 1890 

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dix I. 

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to Barbary, containing an Historical 
and Geographical Account of the 
Country, with the Hardships, Suffer- 
ings, and manner of Redeeming Chris- 
tian Slaves ; together with a curious 
Description of Meguinez, Oran, and 
Alcazar, with a Journal of the late 
Siege and Surrender of Oran ; to which 
are added, the Maps of Barbary and 



Boyde, Capt. Henry — Continued. 
the Sea-coasts, the Prospects of Meg- 
uinez and Alcazar, an exact Plan of 
Oran, and a View of the Ancient Ro- 
man Ruins near Meguinez, — the whole 
illustrated with Notes, Historical and 
Critical. 2nd edition. 8° 1736 

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The Free Indian Tribes of Central 

America. 8* 1867 

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sonal Narrative of Wanderings through 
Nicaragua and Costa Rica. 2 vols. 
Plates. 8° 1868 

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Railways, Japan : Report on the Routes 
for the Main Trunk Lines through Cen- 
tral Japan, viz., from Tokio to Kioto and 
across to Niigata. Alap. 8* Kol>e,\%'j(i 

Descriptive Reports of Lines laid out 

from Kioto, via Otsu and Maibara to 
Tsuruga, and from Maibara to Kano, 
Miya, and Doda. Map. 8* Kobe, 1876 

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count of the Embassy of the Dutch East 
India Company to the Court of the Em- 
peror of China in the years 1794 and 
1795. Translated from the original of 
M. L. E. Moreau de St Mery. 2 vols. 
Map. 8° 1798 

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Aar-Cat. Maps and plates. Large 8° 

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degli Dei : poema Piacevole. Portrait. 
8° Milan, 1804 

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to the Homes of Norway and Sweden. 
Plates. 8° 1857 

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Kingdom : Appendix 2. 

Brackenbury, Major-General Henry. 
The River Column : a Narrative of the 
Advance of the River Column of the 
Nile Expeditionary Force, and its Re- 
turn down the Rapids : with maps by 
Major the Hon. F. L. L. Colborne. 
Crown 8° 1885 

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ana, containing Geographical, Statisti- 
cal, and Historical Notices of that vast 
and important portion of America. 12° 
Baltimore, 181 7 

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in the Frigate "Congress." 2 vols. 8" 


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Vol. 3 : Appendix i. 

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of America in 1809-11, including a De- 
cription of Upper Louisiana, the States 
of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and Ten- 
nessee, with the Illinois and Western 
Territories. 8° Liverpool, 181 7 

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quities, and Researches into the Origin 
and History of the Red Race. 8° 

New York, 1843 

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and Sport in Burmah, Siam, and the 
Malay Peninsula. 8° 1876 

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Waters, Climatic Health Resorts, Sea 
Baths, and Hydropathic Establishments. 
2nd edition. Map and plans. 12° 1883 

ABC Dictionary to the United 

States, Canada, and Mexico, showing 
the most Important Towns and Points 
of Interest ; with Maps, Routes, &c. , 
also Large General Skeleton Map show- 
ing the various Steamship Routes to 
various points. 12° 1886 

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visions, Resources, Development, and 
Prospects. 12* Houston, 1871 

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First Catalogue of Books about Tobacco. 
Square 8° [Privately printed] 1874 

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Wales, from its Settlement to the close 
of 1844. 2 vols. Illustrations. 8° 


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Ross's Second Voyage in Search of a 
North- West Passage. 4* 1835 

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Liverpool, 1883 

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Appendix i. 

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pendix I. 

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Laos ouvert. Map. 8° Paris, 1887 

The same. New edition. Maps 

Paris, 1889 

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Geographen Eudoxos und des Astrono- 
men Geminos. Ueber die antiken Na- 
men und die geographische Verbreitung 
der Baumwolle im Alterthum. Zwei 
geographisch - antiquarische Untersuch- 
ungen. 8" Leipzig, 1866 

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[From the India Records, No. 28.] i860 

Ditto, for 1857-60; with Appendix. 

Tables. [From the India Records, No. 
31.] Calcutta, 1861 



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of the Forests of the Tenasserim and 
Martaban Provinces, for 1858-60. Map 
and tables. [From the India Records, 
No. 29.] Calcutta, 1861 

Report on the Attaran Forests for 

i860 ; with Appendix. [From the India 
Records, No. 32.] Calcutta, 1861 

Reports on the Teak Forests in Pegu 

and the Tenasserim and Martaban Pro- 
vinces, 1860-61 ; to which is added. 
Correspondence regarding the opening of 
the Pegu Forests to Private Enterprise. 
Tables. [From the India Records, No. 
35.] Calcutta, 1862 

Progress Report of Forest Adminis- 
tration in British Burmah, 1861-62. Map. 
[From the India Records, No. 37.] 1863 

See ColHns, J. ; Leeds. 

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isirung der Epik der Malaien. Large 8* 
Lucerne, 189 1 

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Die Beziehungen des Malagasy zum 
Malaiischen. 4° Lucerne, 1893 

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Naturgeschichte des Mammoth oder 
Mamout (Elephas primigenius). Plates. 
8* St I'etersburg, 1866 

See Baer and Ilehnersen, 17 ; Hel- 

mersen and Schrenck, i. 

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of Fernando de Noronha. Illustrations. 
8* Neiv Haven, Conn., 1890 

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Remains. 8* 1866 

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Charles. Lettres pour servir d'lntro- 
duction a I'Histoire Primitive des Nations 
Civilisees de I'Amerique Septentrionale. 
[French and Spanish.] 4° Mexico, 1851 

Aper9us d'un Voyage dans les Etats 

de San-Salvador et de Guatemala. 8* 
Paris, 1857 

Histoire des Nations civilisees du 

Mexique et de I'Amerique - Centrale 
durant les siecles anterieurs a Christophe 
Colomb, &c. 4 vols. 8° I\iris, 1857-59 

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beam : " Our Home on the Ocean for 
Eleven Months. 9th edition. Maps 
and illustrations. 8° 1880 

In the Trades, the Tropics, and the 

Roaring Forties. Maps and illustra- 
tions. 8° 1885 

The Last Voyage, to India and 

Australia, in the "Sunbeam." Map, 
chart, and illustrations. 8^ 1889 

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Adjusters of Compasses. 4* 1871 

See Grenfell, W. P. 

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in Europa, durch eine Vereinigung 
des Schwarzen Meeres mit der Ost und 
Nord See vertmittelst der Weichsel und 
des Dniesters erneuert vorgeschlagen. 
4* Berlin, 181 5 

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Tokio. Plates. 4° Tokio, 2541 (1881) 

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Niveau de la Mer dans le Finmark. 
Map. 8* Paris, N.D. 

See Gaimard, P. 

, Brawern, H. See Churchill, Vol. i : 
Appendix i. 

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pendix I. 

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deSavorgnan de Brazza, Ogooue et Congo 
(1875-82). Par D. Neuville and C. 
Breard. Portrait and map. 8° 

Paris, 1884 

Conference faite par P. Savorgnan 

de Brazza, le 21 Janvier 1886, en la 

seance extraordinaire tenue par la Societe 

de Geographic. Portrait and map. 4* 

Paris, 1886 

Texte Public et Coordonne par 

Napoleon Ney : Conferences et Lettres 
de P. Savorgnan Brazza sur ses Trois 
Explorations dans I'ouest Africain de 
1875 ^ 1886. Map and illustrations. 
Large 8° I'aris, 1887 

See Nardi. 

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dix 2. 

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Statistical, and Descriptive. Map. 8° 


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Interior of Russia. Portraits. 2 vols. 
8° ^ 1839 

Excursions in Denmark, Norway, and 

Sweden. Portraits. 2 vols. 8" 1840 

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ain. Troiseme edition. Map and plan. 
18° Toulouse, 1868 

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Cruise of H. M.S. " Cura9oa " among the 
South Sea Islands in 1865. Map and 
plates. 4° 1873 

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tion. [In German.] 8* Posen, 1866 

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des Olaus Magnus vom Jahre 1539, nach 
dem Exemplar der Miinchener Staatsbib- 
liothek. Map. 8* Christiania, 1886 

Olaus Magnus und seine Karte des 

Nordens. Small 8* Christiania, 1886 



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World : Fasciculus I., On the Con- 
figuration of Continents. 8* 1850 

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a Proposal for the Foundation of a 
Church, Mission House, and School at 
Sarawak. Maps. 8* 1846 

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I, Book I : Appendix i. 

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Wales, Western Australia, and Van 
Diemen's Land, during 1830-33. Plates. 

8" 1834 

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\'alue of Chinese Botanical Works, with 
Notes on the History of Plants and 
Geographical Botany from Chinese 
Sources. Plates. 8° Foochcnv, 1870 

Fu - Sang ; or, Who Discovered 

America? 8* 1870 

On the Knowledge possessed by the 

AncientChinese of the Arabs and Arabi in 
Colonies and other Western Countries 
mentioned in Chinese Books. 8* 187 1 

Notes on Chinese Mediseval Travellers 

to the West. 8* Shanghai, 1875 

ArchKological and Historical Re- 
searches on Pekin and its Environs. 
Plates. 8* Shanghai, 1876 

Die Pekinger Ebene und das benach- 

barte Gebirgsland. (Erganzungsheft, 
46 — Petermann's Mittheilungen.) A/ap. 
4" Gotha, 1876 

Recherches Archeologiques et Histor- 

iques sur Pekin et ses Environs. Tra- 
duction Fran9aise par V. Collin de 
Plancy. [No. 12 of Publ. del'Ecoledes 
Langues Orient. Viv.] Maps, plate. 8° 
Paris, 1879 

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Asiatic Sources ; Fragments towards 
the Knowledge of the Geography and 
History of Central and Western Asia, 
from the 13th to the 17th Century. 2 
vols. Maps. 8° 1888 

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Edited by E. Ernest Bilbrough. Maps 
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Map and plates. 8" 1868 

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Appendix 2. 

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tion, Properties, and Analogies of the 
Three Conic Sections. 8° 1831 

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Wight, by Two Wights. l6" 1884 

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1885-87. 12° 1888 

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Travels round the World. Map and 
plates. 8° 1883 

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pendix I. 

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8* Paris, 1881 

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over the Nurbudda, near Jubbulpoor. 
Plates. [From the India Records, 
Vol. 2, N,W. Provinces.] 8° Agra, 1856 

Report on the Operations connected 

with the Hindostan and Thibet Road, 
from 1850 to 1855. Maps. [From the 
India Records, No. 16.] Royal 8° 

Calcutta, 1856 

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Gujarashtra, their Topography and His- 
tory illustrated in the Journal of a 
Recent Tour. 4° Bonibay, 1850 

The Parsis, or Modern Zerdusthians. 

8° Edinburgh, 1852 

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relative to the History of the Rajas of 
Satara, commencing with 1707 ; and to 
the Satara Jageerdars. [From the India 
Records, No. 41.] Royal 8° 

Bombay, 1857 

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the Earthquakes of New England, 1638- 
1869. 4° Boston, Mass., 1871 

Guatemala, the Land of the Quetzal : 

a Sketch. Maps and illustrations. 8° 


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through Lower Hungary, with some 
Remarks on the State of Vienna during 
the Congress, 18 14. Alaps and plates. 
4° Edi7iburgh, 1818 

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Callander, Vol. 3 : Appendix i. 

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Rebellion in China : a Narrative ( f its 
Rise and Progress, based upon original 
documents and information obtained in 
China. Map and plans. 8° i86i. 

Travels amongst American Indians, 

their Ancient Earthworks and Temples. 
Illustrations. 8" 1894 

Brine, F. Iceland and the Faroes. 8* 


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Elements of Plane Astronomy. Edited 

by the Rev. Thomas Laby. Plates. 8° 

Dublin, 1845 

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Floridian Peninsula, its Literary History, 

Indian Tribes, and Antiquities. 8" 

Philadelphia, 1859 

The Lineal Measures of the Semi- 
Civilised Nations of Mexico and Central 
America. 8* Philadelphia, 1885 



Brinton, Dr Daniel G. On the Ikono- 
matic Method of Phonetic Writing, with 
Special Reference to American Archae- 
ology. 8* Philadelphia, 1886 

A Review of the Data for the Study 

of the Prehistoric Chronology of America. 
Address before the Section of Anthro- 
pology, American Association for the 
Advancement of Science. 8* 

Salem, Mass., 1887 

Were the Toltecs an Historic Nation- 
ality? 8* Philadelphia, 1887 

On Etruscan and Libyan Names: a 

Comparative Study. %* Philadelphia, 1890 

The American Race : a Linguistic 

Classification and Ethnographic Descrip- 
tion of the Native Tribes of North and 
South America. 8° New York, 1891 

Anthropolog}', as a Science, and as a 

branch of University Education in the 
United States. 8* Philadelphia, 1892 

The Tribute Roll of Montezuma . . . 

Part I. The Written Language of the 
Ancient Mexicans. Reprinted 20th May 
1892, from Trans. Amer. Philos. Soc, 
Vol. 17. 4* N.P., 1892 

Reminiscences of Pennsylvania Folk- 

Lore. 8» 1892 

Analytical Catalogue of Works and 

Scientific Articles. 8* N. p., 1892 

Further Notes on the Betoya 

Dialects, from unpublished sources. 8* 

{Philadelphia'] 1892 

Further Notes on Fuegian Languages. 

8* {Philadelphia] 1892 

Address delivered on Columbus Day, 

2ist October 1892, at the . . . Univer- 
sity of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. 8* 

Philadelphia, 1892 

Studies in South American Native 

Languages. 8° Philadelphia, 1892 

The Etrusco- Libyan Elements in the 

Song of the Arv'al Brethren. 8* [1893] 

The Native Calendar of Central America 

and Mexico : a Study in Linguistics and 
Symbolism. 8* Philadelphia, 1893 

Ethnology. On various supposed 

relations between the American and 
Asian Races. Reprinted from Memoirs 
of the International Congress of An- 
thropology, Chicago. 8* Chicago, 1893 

See Thomas, Cyrus. 

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dougall. Reminiscences of General Sir 
T. M. Brisbane. Poi-traits and plates. 
Privately printed, 4° Edinburgh, i860 

See New South Wales, D : Appendix 2. 

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Draining of Lake Fucino, accomplished 
by His Excellency Prince Alexander 
Torlonia : an Abridged Account, His- 
torical and Technical. English transla- 
tion by V. de Tivoli, jun. 4°; Atlas, 
folio Home, 1876 

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Wright. The Handbook of British 
Hondurasfor 1888-89, com prising Histori- 
cal, Statistical, and General Information 
concerning the Colony. Map. 8° 1888 

Thesame, for 1889-90. Map. 8° 1889 

The same, for 1 890-9 1 . Map. 8° 1890 

The same, for 1891-92. Map. 

Large 8° 1891 

The same, for 1892-93. Map. 

Large 8° 1892 

' ' Brltannicus. " The Dominican Republic 
and the Emperor Soulouque: being 
Remarks and .Strictures on the Misstate- 
ments, and a Refutation of the Calum- 
nies, of M. D'Alaux ; preceded by a 
concise Account of the Historical Events 
of the Dominican Republic, and a 
glance at the Peninsula of Samana. By 
" Britannicus." 8* Philadelphia, 1852 

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sobre a Capitania de Santa Catharina, 

escripta no Rio de Janeiro em 18 16. 8° 

Lisbon, 1829 

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bridge Wells and the Calverley Estate. 
Maps and plates. 8" 1832 

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some of the Tribes in the neighbourhood 
of Ghazni ; and on the Route from 
Cjhazni to Dera Ismail Khan by the 
Ghwalari Pass, 1839. Edited by Major 
William Broadfoot. R. G. S. Supple- 
mentary Papers, Vol. i. l\Iap. Large 
8° 1886 

Broadfoot, Major William. The Career 
of Major George Broadfoot, C.B., 
Governor-General's Agent North-West 
Frontier, 1844-45, i" Afghanistan and 
the Punjab. Compiled from his Papers, 
and those of Lords Ellenborough and 
Hardinge. PorU-ail and 7)iaps. 8° 


Broadhead, G. C See United States, K 
(Missouri) : Appendix 2. 

Broca, Paul. On the Phenomena of 
Hybridity in the genus Homo. Edited 
by C. C. Blake. 8° 1864 

Brocchi, G. B. Giornale delle Osser- 

vazioni fatte ne' Viaggi in Egitto, nella 

Siria e nella Nubia. 5 vols, and Atlas. 8° 

Bassano, 1841-43 

Broch, O. J. Le Royaume de Norvege 
et le Peuple Norvegien, ses Rapports 
Sociaux, Hygiene, Moyens d'Existence, 
Sauyetage, Moyens de Communication 
et Economie. Rapport au Congres de 
Bruxelles. Plate. 8 Christiania, 1876 

Brockedon, W. Illustrationsof the Passes 
of the Alps by which Italy communicates 
with France, Switzerland, and Germany. 
Maps and plates. 2 vols. 4° 1828 



Brockett, W. E. Narrative of a Voyage 
from Sydney to Torres Straits in Search 
of the Survivors of the " Charles Eaton." 
Plates. 8° Sydney, 1836 

Brocklehurst, Thomas Unett. Mexico 
To-day : a Country with a Great Future, 
and a glance at the Prehistoric Remains 
and Antiquities of the Montezumas. 
Map and illustrations. 8° 1883 

Brocklesby, J. Elements of Physical 
Geography, together with a Treatise on 
the Physical Phenomena of the United 
States. Maps. 4° Philadelphia, 1868 

Brocquiere, Bertrandon de la. See 
Hakluyt, Vol. 4 : Appendix i. 

Brodhead, John Romeyn. Documents 
relative to the Colonial History of the 
State of New York, procured in Holland, 
England, and France. Edited by E. B. 
O'Callaghan. Maps. 10 vols. 4° 

Albany, N.Y., 1856-58 

Reports of, relative to the Colonial 

History of New York. 8° 

New York, 1845 

Brodie, Sir Benjamin C. Address to 
the Ethnological Society of London, 
1853 ; followed by a Sketch of the 
Recent Progress of Ethnology, by R. 
Cull. 8* 1853 

Ditto. 8* 1854 

Brodie, Lieut. See India, I : Appen- 
dix 2. 

Brodie, Walter. Pitcairn's Island and 
the Islanders in 1850, with Extracts from 
his Private Journal, and a few Hints 
upon California ; also the Reports of all 
the Commanders of Her Majesty's ships 
that have touched at the above Island 
since 1800. Portrait and plates. 8° 1851 

Brodribb, W. A. A Plain Statement of 
Facts, addressed to the Small and Large 
Capitalists, and the Labouring Classes 
in England and elsewhere, on the great 
Capabilities and Natural Advantages of 
the Australian Colonies, particularly 
New South Wales and Victoria, for 
Emigration. 8° 1862 

Gipps Land and its Explorers. [Ex- 
tract, Australian Newspaper.] 8* n.d. 

Recollections of an Australian 

Squatter, or Leaves from my Journal 
since 1835. 8° Sydney [1883] 

Brogger, W. C. See Sweden, A : Ap- 

jjendix 2. 
Broke, George. With Sack and Stock 

in Alaska. Maps. 12° 1 89 1 

Brongniart, A. See Cuvier ; also Greece, 

Morea : Appendix 2. 
Broniouius de Biezerfedea, Martin. See 

Purchas, Vol. 3. Book 3 : Appendix 1. 
Bronner, F. J. Parallelismus der Fluss- 

systeme Europas, Asiens, Afrikas, und 

Amerikas, Vergleichungen der wich- 

tigsten Strome dieser Erdteile. 8* 

Munich, 1885 

Brooke, Sir A. de Capell. Travels 
through Sweden, Norway, and Finmark 
to the North Cape. Alaps and plates. 4° 


Winter in Lapland and Sweden. 

Map and plates. 4° 1827 

Sketches in Spain and Morocco. 

Plates. 2 vols. 8" 1831 

Brooke, Francis. See Blanc, V. Le. 

Brooke, Capt. J. C. Report of a Tour 
through the Districts of Ajmere and 
Mairwara, N.W. Provinces [India Re- 
cords, Part 32, N. W. Provinces] 

Calcutta, 1858 

Brooke, Sir James, Rajah of Sarawak. 
Letter from Borneo, with Notices of the 
Country and its Inhabitants. 8* 1842 

See Keppel ; Mundy, R. 

Brooke, R. Extracts from the Journal 
of an Excursion to Explore the Mahavil- 
laganga (Ceylon). 8* Colombo, 1833 

Brooke, T. H. History of the Island of 
St Helena, from its Discovery by the 
Portuguese to the year 1823. 2nd edition. 
Plate. 8° 1824 

Brookes, R. General Gazetteer, or Com- 
pendious Geographical Dictionary, con- 
taining Descriptions of every Country in 
the known World, with their Towns, 
People, Natural Productions, &c. Re- 
vised and corrected to the present period 
by A. G. FindJay. Maps. 8° 1854 

Brooks, C. W. Early M igrations : • 
Early Maritime Intercourse of Ancient 
Western Nations, Chronologically ar- 
ranged and Ethnologically considered. 
Frontispiece. 8* San Francisco, 1876 

Japanese Wrecks, stranded and 

picked up adrift in the North Pacific 
Ocean, Ethnologically considered. Map. 
8* San Francisco, 1876 

Origin of the Chinese Race, Philo- 
sophy of their Early Development, with 
an Inquiry into the Evidences of their 
American Origin. Alap. 8* 

San Francisco, 1876 

Onthe "Jeannette" Arctic Expedition 

and the missing Whalers. Maps. 8* 

San Francisco, 1880 

The Object of Arctic Explorations. 

(Proceedings of the California Academy 
of Sciences. ) 8* San Francisco, 188 1 

Early Discoveries of Wrangel Land : 

some Evidence regarding conflicting 
Claims ; Plans of the Rodgers Expedi- 
tion. (Proceedings of the California 
Academy of Sciences.) 8* 

San Francisco, 1 88 1 

Arctic Drift and Ocean Currents 

illustrated by the discovery on an Ice- 
Floe oft the Coast of Greenland of 
relics from the American Arctic 
steamer "Jeannette." Chart. 8* 

San Francisco, 1884 
See Pierce, H. A. 



Brooks, Francis. See Gottfried : Ap- 
pendix I. 

Brooks, H. Natal : a History and 
Description of the Colony, including 
its Natural Features, Productions, 
Industrial Condition, and Prospects. 
Edited by Dr R. J. Mann. Photographs 
and coloured plates. 8° 1876 

Brooks, Shirley. Russians of the South. 
12°. [Bound with M'Culloch's "Russia 
and Turkey."] 1854 

Brooks, W. A. Euphrates, the Road 
to the East. Maps. 8* N. p. 

Honduras and the Interoceanic Rail- 
way : Report on the Line and its Pro- 
spects. ... 8* 1874 

Brossary, Chiron du. Instructions Nau- 
tiques sur I'Atterage et la Navigation de 
la Plata. 8° Paris, 1845 

Brosselard, Henri. Voyage de la Mission 
Flatters au pays des Touareg Azdjers. 
Map and illustrations. 12° Paris, \%%t, 

Brosselard-Faidherbe, Capt. Casa- 
mance et Mellacoree : Penetration au 
Soudan. Maps and illustrations. 4° 

Paris [1892?] 

Brosses, Charles de. Histoire des Navi- 
gations aux Teires Australes. 2 vols. 4° 
Pa7-is, 1 761 

See Pinkerton, Vol. 11: Appendix i. 

Brosset, F. Description Geographique 
de la Georgie par le Tsarevitch Wakh- 
oucht, publiee d'apres I'original Auto- 
graphe. Maps. 4° St Petersburg, 1842 

Rapports sur un Voyage Archeologique 

dans la Georgie et dans I'Armenie, 
execute en 1847-48. 8° ; and Atlas, 
oblong 8° St Petersburg, 1849-51 

Histoire de la Georgie, depuis I'Anti- 

quite jusqu'au xix«. Siecle. Traduite du 
Georgien. 4 vols. 8° 

St Petersburg, 1849-58 

Brough, Bennett Hooper. Tacheometry, 
or Rapid Surveying. 8* 1887 

Brough, Louisa. See Umlauft. 

Broughton, E. Six Years' Residence in 
Algiers. 8° 1839 

Broughton, Lord. Italy : Remarks made 
in several Visits from 1816 to 1854. 
2 vols. 8° 1859 

Broughton, — . See Eyries, Vol. 2 : 
Ajipcndix I. 

Broughton, Thomas Duer. Letters 
written in a Mahratta Camp during the 
year 1809, descriptive of the Character, 
Manners, Domestic Habits, and Religious 
Ceremonies of the Mahrattas. Plates. 
4° 1813 

Broughton, W. R. A Voyage of Dis- 
covery to the North Pacific Ocean ; in 
which the Coast of Asia from the lat. of 
35° North to the lat. of 52° North, the 
Island of Insu (commonly known under 
the name of the Land of Jesso), the 
North, South, and East Coasts of Japan, 

Broughton, W. R. — continued. 

the Lieuchieux and the Adjacent Isles, 
as well as the Coast of Corea, have been 
Examined and Surveyed. Performed in 
His Majesty's sloop "Providence" and 
her Tender, in the years 1795, 9^) '97> 
'98. Maps, plates. 4° 1804 

Broun, Sir Richard. European and 
Asiatic Intercourse via British Columbia 
by means of a Main Through Trunk 
Railway from the Atlantic to the Pacific. 
Map. 8* 1858 

Broun, Capt. Thomas. Manual of the 
New Zealand Coleoptera. (N.Z. Institute.) 
Parts 5-7 (i vol.) 8° Wellington, 1893 

See New Zealand, A : Appendix 2. 

Brown, Alexander. The Genesis of the 
United States : a Narrative of the Move- 
ment in England, 1605-16, which resulted 
in the Plantation of North America by 
Englishmen ; disclosing the Contest be- 
tween England and Spain for the 
Possession of the Soil now Occupied by 
the United States of America ; set forth 
through a Series of Historical Manu- 
scripts now first printed, together with a 
reissue of rare Contemporaneous Tracts, 
accompanied by Bibliographical Memo- 
randa, Notes, and brief Biographies. 
2 vols. JMaps and portraits. 8° 1890 

Brown, Arnold. See Purchas, Vol. 2, 
Book 10 : Appendix i. 

Brown, A. Samler. Madeira and the 
Canary Islands : a Practical and Com- 
plete Guide for the Use of Invalids and 
Tourists. 2nd edition. Maps. 12° 1890 

Brown, C. Barrington. Geological 

Report on the Districts bordering on the 

Curiebrong, Ireng, Takutu, Rupununi, 

and Upper Essequebo Rivers. Folio* 

Demerara, 187 1 

Canoe and Camp Life in British 

Guiana. Map and plates. 8° 1876 

and W. Lidstone. Fifteen Thou- 
sand Miles on the Amazon and its 
Tributaries. Map and plates. 8° 1878 

Browra, E. An Account of Several 
Travels through a great Part of Ger- 
many, in Four Journeys, from Norwich 
to Colen, &c. Plates. Square 8° 1677 

Travels in Divers Parts of Europe. 

Plates. Folio 1685 

Brown, Rev. G. Notes on the Duke of 
York Group, New Britain, and New 
Ireland. (From the Journal of the Royal 
Geographical Society, 1877.) 8* 1878 

and B. Danks. A Dictionary of the 

Duke of York Islands Language, New 
Britain Group ; also a Grammar of the 
same, and an Introduction. MS. 8° 

Sydney, 1882 

Brown, H. A. A Winter in Albania. 8° 




Brown, H. Y. L. Western Australia : 
Geological Description of Country to 
the North-East of Champion Bay. Map. 
Folio* Perth, IV. A., 1871 

Brown, J. A. Paltcolithic Man in 
N.-W. Middlesex: the Evidence of his 
Existence, and the Physical Conditions 
under which he lived, in Ealing and its 
neighbourhood, illustrated by the con- 
dition and culture presented by certain 
existing savages. Frontispiece and 
plates. 8° 1887 

Brown, John. The North-West Passage, 
and the Plans for the Search for Sir John 
Franklin : a Review. Maps and plate. 
8° 1858 

A Sequel to the North-West Passage. 

Map and facsimile. 8° i860 

Notice sur la Vie et les Travaux de, 

par M. de la Roquette. Portrait. 4* 
Paris, 1863 

Brown, Rev. J. Croumbie. Hydrology 
of South Africa, or Details of the former 
Ilydrographic condition of the Cape of 
Ciood Hope, and of Causes of its present 
Aridity. 8° 1875 

See Arbousset and Daumas. 

Brown, J. E. A Practical Treatise on 
Tree Culture in South Australia. 2nd 
edition. Illustrations. 8° Adelaide, 1881 

See South Australia, A : Appendix 2. 

Brown, Rev. J. T. See Underbill. 

Brown, Capt. Lewis. Private Journal 
kept while in the Murree Hills, also 
during his Occupation of the Fort of 
Kahun, and during his Retreat to Poola- 
jee, from 8lh April to 1st October 1840. 
[From the India Records, No. 17.] 
Royal 8° Bombay, 1855 

Report showing the number of 

Fortified Places within the Districts 
under the Pahlunpoor Superintendency, 
prepared in 1844. [From the India 
Records, No. 25.] Royal 8° 

Bombay, 1856 
Brown, M. See Mueller, Baron Sir F. 
Brown, Marie A. The Icelandic Dis- 
coverers of America, or Honour to whom 
Honour is Due. Illustrations. Small 
8^ 1887 

Brown, P. Hume. Early Travellers in 
Scotland. Edited by P. Hume Brown. 
Maps. %° Edinburgh, 1891 

See Kirk and Thoresby. 

Brown, R. Annual Report of the Munni- 
pore Political Agency for 1868-69. 
[From the India Records, No. 78.] 
Royal 8° Calcutta, 1870 

Brown, Richard. A History of the Island 
of Cape Breton, with some Account of 
the Discovery and Settlement of Canada, 
Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland. Maps 
and plate. 8" 1869 

Notes on the Northern Atlantic, for 

the use of travellers. Map. Small8° 1880 

Brown, Dr Robert. Vancouver- Island 
Exploration, 1864. [With unpublished 
sketches.] 8* Victoria, B.C., 1^6^, 

■ A Monograph of the Coniferous genus 

Thuja, Linn., and of the North American 
Species of the Genus Libocedrus, Endl. 
8* 1867 

Florula Discoana : Contributions to 

the Phyto-Geography of Greenland 
within the Parallels of 68° and 70° North 
Latitude. 8* Edinburgh, 1868 

— — - Notes on the Historyand Geographical 
Relations of the Pinnipedia frequenting 
the Spitzbergen and Greenland Seas. 8* 


Observations on the Medicinal and 

Economic Value ot the Oulachan. 8* 

On the Mammalian Fauna of Green- 
land. 8* [1868] 

On the Nature of the Discoloration 

of the Arctic Seas. 8* Edinburgh, \^()% 

Synopsis of the Birds of Vancouver 

Island. 8* 1868 

Noteson the History and Geographical 

Relations of the Cetacea frequenting 
Davis Strait and Baffin's Bay. 8* 1868 

On the Geographical Distribution 

and Physical Characteristics of the Coal- 
Fields of the North Pacific Coast. 8° 

Edinburgh, 1869 

On the Geographical Distribution of 

the Coniferse and Gnetacese. 8* 

Edinburgh, 1869 

Das Innere der Vancouver-Insel. 

Map. 4* Gotha\,\%()()\ 

On Arctic Exploration. 8* 

Edinburgh, 1870 

Physics of Arctic Ice. 8* 1871 

Descriptions of some new or little- 
known Species of Oaks from North-West 
America. 8* 1871 

Die geographische Verbreitung der 

Coniferen und Gnetaceen. Map. 4* 
Gotha, 1872 

Geological Notes on the Noursoak 

Peninsula, Disco Island, and the country 
in the vicinity of Disco Bay, North 
Greenland. 8* Glasgow, 1875 

The Countries of the World : being a 

Popular Description of the various Con- 
tinents, Islands, Rivers, Seas, and 
Peoples of the Globe. 6 vols. Maps 
and plates. Small 4° [1877-81] 

Notes on the recent Progress of 

Botany in Denmark. 8* N.D. 

The Races of Mankind : being a 

Popular Description of the Character- 
istics, Manners, an<I Customs of the 
Principal Varieties of the Human Family. 
4 vols. Plates. Small 4° N.D. 

The Peoi)les of the World : being a 

Popular Description of the Characteristics, 
Conditions, and Customs of the Human 
Family. 6 vols. Illustration^. 4° 1882 



Brown, Dr Robert. Our Earlh and its 
Story : a Popular Treatise on Physical 
Geography. Edited by Robert Brown, 
Ph. L). 3 vols. Maps, coloured plates, 
and illustrations. 4° 1 887 -89 

The Adventures of Thomas Pellow, 

of Penryn, Mariner, Three and Twenty 
Years in Captivity among the Moors. 
Written by himself; and edited, with 
an Introduction and Notes, by Dr Robert 
Brown. Illustrations. 8° 1890 

The Story of Africa and its Explorers. 

3 vols. Illustrations. 4° 1892-94 

See Dickie, G. ; Green, A. H. ; Rink. 

Brown, Lieut. -Col. R. H. The Fayum 
and Lake Mcjeris ; with a Prefatory Note 
by Colonel Sir Colin Scott-Moncrieflf, 
and illustrations from photographs by 
the Author. 4° 1892 

Brown, Samuel. On the Statistical Pro- 
gress of the Kingdom of Italy. 8* 1S66 

Browne, A. H. The Political Economy 
of Indian Famines. 8* Bombay, 1877 

Browne, Lieut. -Col. Edmond Charles. 
The Coming of the Great Queen: a Narra- 
tive of the Acquisition of Burma. Maps 
and illustrations. 8° 1 888 

Browne, Edward. See Harris, Vol. 2 : 
Appendix i. 

Browne, Edward G. A Year amongst 
the Persians : Impressions as to the Life, 
Character, and Thought of the People of 
Persia, received during twelve months 
residence in that country in the years 
1887-88. Map. 8° 1893 

Browne, J. Ross. Report of the Debates 
in the Convention of California on the 
Formation of the State Constitution in 
1849. 8° Washington, 1850 

Browne, Lieut. R. A. Russia and the 
Invasion of India. (From Jourtial, 
United Service Institution of India.) 
8* 1893 

Browne, W. H. See Maclean, A. J. 

Browne, W. G. Travels in Africa, 
Egypt, and Syria, -from the year 1792 to 
1798. Plates. 4° 1799 

The same. 2nd edition. Maps and 

plates. 4° 1806 

See Pinkerton, Vol. 15 ; Walpole, 

Travels: Appendix I 

Browne, Walter Raleigh. [A Memoir.] 
Excerpt, Minutes of Proceedings of the 
Institution of Civil Engineers, Vol. 79. 
8* 1885 

Brow^ning, George. The Edda Songs 
and Sagas of Iceland. 12* 1876 

Browning, Walter Westcott. Ireland. 
Handbook of Railway Distances. Map. 
Large 8" 1874 

Brownrigg, Rev. Canon. The Cruise of 
the "Freak": a Narrative of a Visit to the 
Islands in Bass and Banks' Straits, with 
some Account of the Islands. Map and 
plates. 8* Lauiueston, Tasmania, 1876 

Bruce, James. Travels to Discover the 
Source of the Nile, in 1768-73. 5 vols. 
Maps and plates. 4° Edinburgh, 1790 

Travels into Abyssinia to Discover 

the Source of the Nile. Abridged by S. 
Shaw. 12° 1790 

Account of the Life and \Vritings of. 

By Alexander Murray. i\Iap and plates. 
4° Edinburgh, 1808 

The Life of Bruce, the African 

Traveller. By F. B. Head. Maps, 
plate. 12° 1830 

See Robinson, F. 

Bruce, John. Annals of the Honourable 
East India Company, from their Estab- 
lishment by the Charter of Queen 
Elizabeth, 1600, to the Union of the 
London and English East India Com- 
panies, 1707-8. 3 vols. 4° 1810 

Bruce, R. B. J. Notes on the Dera 
Ghazee Khan Desert, North-Western 
Frontier of India, and its Border Tril)es. 
[No. 9 of New Series of Selections from 
the Records of the Government of Panjab 
and its Dependencies.] Royal 8° 

Lahore, 1871 

Brucker, J. Decouvreurs et Missionaires 
dans I'Afrique Centrale au XVI^ et au 
XVI le Siecle. 8* Lyons, 1878 

Decouverte des grands lacs de 

I'Afrique Centrale et des sources du Nil 

et du Zaire au seizieme Siecle. Map. 8* 

Lyons, 1878 

Positions Geographiques determinees 

par deux Missionaires Jesuites dans le 
Turkestan Oriental et la Dzoungarie en 
1756, d'apres deux lettres inedites des 
PP. Amiot et Gaubil. 8* Lyons, \%^ 

Benoit de Goes, Missionaire Voyageur 

dansJ'Asie Centrale, 1603-7. 8* 

Lyons, 1879 

Briickner, Dr E. Das Klima der Eiszeit. 
8* Davos, 1 89 1 

Ueber Schwankungen der Seen und 

Meere. Vortrag IX. Deutschen Geo- 
graphentage in Wien, 1892. 8* 

Berlin, 189 1 

Eiszeit-Studien in den siidostlichen 

Alpen. 8* Berne, 1891 

Ueber die angebliche Aenderung der 

Entfernung zwischen Jura und Alpen. 
Separatabdruck aus dem XI. Jahres- 
Ijericht Geog. Ges. Bern, 1891-92. 8*. 

Ueber den Einfluss der Schneedecke 

auf das Klima der Alpen. 8* 

[Berlinl 1893 

Bericht iiber das Projekt einer Erd- 

karte ini Masstab i : 1,000,000. 8* 

Berne, 1893 

5^<?Penck ; Penck's Abhandlungen, i. 

Brucks, Capt. George Barnes. Me- 
moir descriptive of the Navigation of the 
Gulf of Persia. [From the India Records, 
No. 24.] Map. Royal 8° Bombay, 1856 

See Jones, Felix. 



Brue, Andre. See Aslley, Vol. 2 ; 
Laharj^e, i ; .\llgemeine Historic, 2 : 
Appendix i. 

Brugsch Pasha, H. Reise der k. preiis- 
sichen Gesandtschaft nach Persien, i860 
und 1861. Map and illustrations. Large 
8° Leipzig, 1862-63 

Dictionnaire Geographique de I'An- 

cienne Egypte : contenant par ordre 
Alphabetique la Nomenclature comparee 
des Noms propres Geographiques qui 
se Rencontrent sur les Monuments et 
dans les Papyrus. Folio Leipzig, 1879 

A History of Egypt under the 

Pharaohs, derived entirely from the 
Monuments, to which is added a Dis- 
couise on the Exodus of the Israelites. 
Translated and edited from the German 
by Philip Smith. 2nd edition, with a 
New Preface, Additions, and Original 
Notes by the Author. 2 vols. Maps 
and illustrations. 8° 1 88 1 

Brugniere, Louis. Orographic de 
I'Europe. Map and plates. 4° 

Paris, 1830 

See Recucil de Voyages, Vol. 3, 

p. 611 : Appendix i. 

Bruhns, Karl. Alexander von Humboldt, 
eine wissenschaftliche Biographic. 3 
vols. Portraits. 8° Leipzig, 1872 

Resultate aus den meteorologischen 

Beobachlungen angestcllt an fiinfund- 
zwanzig konigl. Sachsischen Stationen 
im Jahre 187 1. 4° Leipzig, 1874 

Brulle, — . See Greece, Morea : Ap- 
pendix 2. 

Brumund, Jan Frederik Gerrit. See 
Leemanns, C. ; Veth, P. J. 

Brun, Cornelius le. Voyages de, par la 
Moscovie en Perse, et aux Indes Orien- 
talcs . . . On y a ajoute la route qu'a 
suivie Mr Isbrants, Ambassadeur de 
Moscovic, en travcrsant la Russie et la 
Tartaric, pour se rendre a la Chine ; et 
quclques Remarques contre MM. Chardin 
et Kcmpfcr. 2 vols. Maps and plates. 
Small folio Amsterdam, 1718 

Travels into Muscovy, Persia, and 
part of the East Indies, containing an 
accurate Description of what is most 
Remarkable in those Countries . . . ; 
to which is added an Account of the 
Journey of Mr Isbrants . . . through 
Russia and Tartary to China ; together 
with Remarks on the Travels of Sir J. 
Chardin and Mr Kempfer. Translated. 
2 vols. A'laps and plates. Folio 1737 
Jrun, Isidore le. Tableau Statistique et 
Politique des Deux Canadas. 8° 

Paris, 1833 
)runet, J. New Guide to Boulogne-sur- 
Mer and its Environs. Map and plates. 
18° Boulogne, 1858 

Brunet, J. C. Manuel du Libraire et de 
I'Amatcur de Livrcs : contenant, I. Un 
Nouveau Dictionnaire Bibliographique ; 
II. Une Table en forme de Catalogue 
Raisonne. 5 vols. 8° Paris, 1842-44 

Brunet, G., and P. Deschamps. 
Manuel du Libraire et de I'Amatcur de 
Livres. Supplement, contenant 1° un 
complement du Dictionnaire Bibliogra- 
phique de M. J.-Ch. Brunet. . . See 

Brunner, Samuel. Reise nach Sene- 
gambien und den Inseln des griinen 
Vorgebiirges, in Jahre 1838. 8° 

Berne, 1840 

Brunnhofer, Dr H. Iran und Turan : 
historisch-geographische und ethno- 
logische Untersuchungen Uber den alte- 
stcn Schauplatz der Indischen Urge- 
schichte ; Einzclbeitrage zur allgemeinen 
und vergleichenden Sprachwissenschaft. 
Fiinftes Heft. 8° Leipzig, 1889 

Brunnmark, Gustavus. A Short Intro- 
duction to Swedish Grammar, adapted 
for the use of Englishmen. 2nd edition. 
8° Stockholm, 1820 

Brun-Renaud, C. le. Les possessions 
Fran9aises de I'Afrique Occidentale. 
Maps. 12° Paris, 1886 

Brun-Rollet, M. Le Nil Blanc et le 
Soudan, etudes sur I'Afrique Ccntrale, 
moeurs et coutumes des Sauvages. Map 
and plates. 8° Paris, 1855 

Bruns, Paul Jacob. Neue systematische 
Erdbeschreibung von Afrika. 6 vols. 
Maps. 8° Nuremberg, 1799 

Brunson, Alfred. Prairie du Chien 
(Wisconsin), its Present Position and 
Future Prospects. 12* Mihvaukee, 1857 

Brunton, John. Description of the Line 
and Works of the Scinde Railway. 
Edited by C. Manby and J. Forrest. 
Maps. 8* 1863 

Remarks upon the Ruins of the 

Ancient City of Brahminabad in the 
Province of Scinde. MS. 4* 

Kurrachee, 1866 

Brunton, Dr T. L. , and J. Fayrer. On 
the Nature and Physiological Action of 
the Poison of Naja Tripudians, and other 
Indian Venomous Snakes. Parts i and 
2. 8° 1873-74 

Bruton, W. See Churchill, Vol. 8; 
Hakluyt, Vol. 5: Appendix i. 

Bruun, P. J. Notices sur la Topograpliie 
Ancicnne de la Nouvelle Russie et de la 
Bessarabie. 12* Odessa, 1857 

Bruyn, C. Le. See Brun. 

Bruyssel, Ernest van. La Republique 
Argentine, ses Ressourccs naturclles, ses 
Colonics Agricoles, son importance 
comme Centre d'Immigration. 8" 

Brussels, 1888 



Bruyssel, Ernest van. La Republique 
Orientale del Uruguay. 8° 

Brussels, 1889 

La Republique du Paraguay. 8° 

Brussels, 1893 
Bryan, F. T. See United States, K, 

Texas : Appendix 2. 
Bryan, Margaret. A Compendious Sys- 
tem of Astronomy in a course of 
familiar lectures . . . : Trigonomet- 
rical and Celestial Problems, with a 
Key to the Ephemeris, &c. Plates. 4° 

Bryans, J. W. The Retention of Can- 
dahar, briefly considered as a Military, 
Civil, and Religious Question. 8* 1880 
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a Delineation, by Pen and Pencil, of 
the Mountains, Rivers, Lakes, Forests, 
Waterfalls, Shores, Caiions, Valleys, 
Cities, and other Picturesque Features of 
the United States, with Illustrations on 
Steel and Wood by eminent American 
Artists. Edited by William CuUen 
Bryant. 4 vols. 4° N.D. 

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graphy, Descriptive and Physical, forming 
a New General Gazetteer of the World 
and Dictionary of Pronunciation. Map 
and illustrations. 8° Glasgow, 1856 

and K. Johnston. The Library 

Cyclopaedia of Geography, Descriptive, 
Physical, Political, and Historical, form- 
ing a New Gazetteer of the World. New 
edition. Woodcuts. Small 4° 1880 

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Ararat : being Notes of a Vacation Tour 
in Autumn of 1876. Frontispiece and 
map. Small 8° 1877 

Bryce, Rev. Professor. Manitoba, its 
Infancy, Growth, and present condition. 
Map and illnstrations. Small 8° 1882 
Bryden, H. A. Kloof and Karoo : Sport, 
Legend, and Natural History in Cape 
Colony, with a Notice of the Game Birds, 
and of the present Distrilnition of the 
Antelopes and larger Game. Illustra- 
tions. 8° 1889 

Gun and Camera in Southern Africa : 

a Year of Wanderings in Bechuanaland, 
the Kalahari Desert, and the Lake River 
Country, Ngamiland ; with Notes on 
Colonisation, Natives, Natural History, 
and Sport. Maps and illustrations. 8° 

Brydges, Sir Harford Jones. Account 
of the Transactions of H. M. Mission to 
the Court of Persia in 1807-11, with a 
brief History of the Wahauby. 2 vols. 
Map and plates. 8° 1834 

Brydone, Patrick. Voyage en Sicile et a 
Malthe. Traduit par Demeunier. 2 vols. 
Ma^. 8° Amsterdam, I'j'jd 

Brydone, Patrick. A Tour through Sicily 
and Malta, in a Series of Letters to Wm. 
Beck ford, Esq. A new edition. 2 vols. 
Map. 8° 1790 

Ditto. New edition. Map. 8° 1806 

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Buch, Leopold von. Description Phy- 
sique des lies Canaries, suivie d'une 
Indication des principaux Volcans du 
Globe. Traduit par C. Boulanger. 8° 
Paris, 1836 

Die Baren-Insel nach M. B. Keilhau 

geognostisch beschrieben. Plate. 4* 
Berlin, 1847 

Ueljer die Juraformation auf der Erd- 

flache. Map. 8* Berlin, 1853 

Ueber Ceratiten, besonders von 

denen, die in Kreidebildungen sich 

finden. Plate. 8* n.p., n.d. 

Buchan, Dr Alexander. Handy Book of 

Meteorology. 2nd edition. 8° 1868 

The Mean Pressure of the Atmosphere 

over the Globe for the Months and for 
the Year. Part i. [An Extract.] 8* 
[Edinburoh, 1858] 

■ the Mean Pressure of the Atmosphere 

and the prevailing Winds over the Globe 
for the Months and for the Year. Part 2. 
Plates. 4* Edinburgh, 1869 

Note on the Determination of Heights, 

chiefly in the Interior of Continents, 
from Observations of Atmospheric Pres- 
sure. 8* {^Edinburgh, 1869] 

The Temperature of London for 130 

Years, from 1763 to 1892. (From the 
Journal of the Scottish Meteorological 
Society for 1892.) Large 8* 1892 
See United Kingdom, H, " Chal- 
lenger " : Appendix 2. 
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Seringapatam. 4* Bangalore, 1883 

[ ] To the Kaveri Falls. Map. Small 

8* Bangalore, 1886 

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also Pinkerton, Vol. 8 : Appendix i. 
Buchanan, John. The Shire Highlands 
(East Central Africa) as Colony and 
Mission. Map and plan. 8° 1885 

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Sulphur in Marine Muds and Nodules, 
and its bearing on their Mode of Forma- 
tion. 8* [Edinburgh, 1890] 

On the Composition of Oceanic and 

Littoral Manganese Nodules. Map and 
plate. 4* Edinburgh, 1891 

On the Composition of some Deep- 

Sea Deposits from the Mediterranean. 
8* Edinburgh, 189 1 
See United Kingdom, H, •' Chal- 
lenger " : Appendix 2. 
Buchenroder, W. L. von. See British 

South Africa, A : Appendix 2. 
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liUC— BUI. 



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owicz. Beitriige zur Kenntniss des 
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and T. Pleske. See Helmersen and 

Schrenck, 4. 
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Munich, 1875 

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Ozean. 8° Breslau, 1878 

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d'un Atlas en Langue Catalane, Manu- 

scrit de I'an 1375. 4° Paris, 1839 

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iigyptischer Herrschaft : Riickblicke auf 
die letzten sechzig Jahre ; nebst einem 
Anhange : Briefe Dr Eniin Pascha's und 
Lupton Bey's an Dr Wilhelm Junker, 
1883-85. Maps and portraits. 8° 

Leipzig, 1888 

See Junker. 

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through the countries of Bashan and 
Gilead, east of the River Jordan. 2 vols. 
Maps and plates. 8° 1822 

Travels among the Arab Tribes 

inhabiting the countries east of Syria 
and Palestine, including from Nazareth 
to the mountains beyond the Dead Sea, 
and through the Plains of the Hauran. 
Map and illustrations. 4° 1825 

Travels in Mesopotamia, including a 

Journey from Aleppo to Bagdad ; with 
Researches on the Ruins of Nineveh, 
Babylon, and other ancient cities. 2 
vols. Map and plates. 8° 1827 

Travels in Assyria, Medea, and 

Persia, including a Journey from Bagdad 
by Mount Zagros to Hamadan, the 
Ancient Ecbatana, Researches in Ispahan 
and the Ruins of Persepolis. 2 vols. 
Map and plates. 8° 1 830 

America, Historical, Statistic, and 

Descriptive. 3 vols. Portrait, map, 
and woodcuts. 8° 1 84 1 - 4 5 

Autobiography of, including his Voy- 
ages, &c. (Vol. 2.) 8° 185s 

Buckland, Rev. William. Reliquiae 
Diluvianae ; or, Observations on the 
Organic Remains contained in Caves, 
Fissures, and Diluvial Gravel, and on 
other Geological Phenomena attesting 
the Action of an Universal Deluge. 
Maps, plates, and table. 4° 1 824 

Buckle, Major C. Papers relative to the 
Improvement of the Forest Revenue of 
the Panch Mahals. [From the India 
Records, No. 77.] Map Bombay, 1863 

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Works in India and Egypt. Maps and 
plates. Large 8° 1893 

Buckman, J. See Murchison. 

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moetingen in de zestien jaarige Reize naa 
de Indien. Map and plates. Small 8° 
Haarlem, 1744 

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tegenwoordige Standpunt en de Weten- 
schappelijke Beoefening der Natuurlijke 
Aardrijksbeschrijving. 8° 

Haarlem, 1846 

Budge, E. A. Wallis. Description of 
the Tombs of Mechu, Ben, and Se- 
Renpu, discovered by Major-General 
Sir F. Grenfell in 1885. 8° [1887] 

The Nile : Notes for Travellers in 

Egypt. Map and plans. 12° 1890 

Buelna, Eustaquio. Peregrinacion dS 
los Aztecas, y nombres Geograticos Indi- 
genas de Sinaloa. 8* Mexico, 1887 

Constitucion de la Atmosfera o leyes 

que rigen la densidad, peso, altitud y 
temperatura del aire. 8* Mexico, 1889 

Bufifier, P. Geografia Universale, ex- 
posta ne' differenti modi che possono 
abbreviare lo Studio, e facilitar I'uso di 
questa Scienza, col Soccorso de' Versi 
Artificiali, e col Trattato della Sfera. 
Maps. 12° Venice, I'j'^x 

Bugeaud, M. Memoire sur notre Etab- 
lissement dans la Province d'Oran par 
suite de la Paix. Map. 8° Paris, 1838 

De I'Etablissement de Legions de 

Colons Militaires dans les possessions 
Francaises du Nord de I'Afrique. Map. 
8° Paris, 1838 

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dix 2. 

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pharmacologisch-wichtige Pflanzen und 

iiber die grosse Salzwiiste in Persien. 8* 

\_Moscow, 1850] 

Eine Reise durch Transkaukasien und 

Persien in den Jahren 1847-49. 8* 

Moscoiu, 1855 

■ .SV^Baer and Helmersen, 13; Boissicr. 

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tions of the British Troops in Scinde and 
Afghanistan betwixt November 1838 and 
November 1841 ; with Remarks on the 
Policy of the War. Plate. Small 8" 

Bombay, 1843 
Result of the Comparison of the Ob- 
servations of Nine Different Barometers, 
read every half-hour for twenty-four 
successive hours. 8* Bombay, 1S43 

Memoir of. Plates. 8* Cttpar, 1846 

Annals of India for the year 1848 : 

an Outline of the Principal Events which 
have occurred in the British Dominions 
in India from ist January 1848 to the end 
of the second Seikh War in March 1849. 
8° Bombay, 1849 



Buist, George. Manual of Physical Re- 
search for India. Part i. 8° 

Bombay, 1852 

Index to Books and Papers on the 

Physical Geography, Antiquities, and 
Statistics of India. 8* Bombay, 1852 

Notes on a Journey through part of 

Kattiawar and Goozerat, in January 
1855. Plates. 8° 1855 

Corrections of a few of the Errors 

contained in Sir W. Napier's Life of his 
brother Sir Charles Napier, in so far as 
they affect the Press of India, in a Letter 
addressed to the Author. 8* 1857 

See India, C (Geological Papers) : 

Ai>pendix 2. 

Bulard, — . Sur un Nouveau Systeme de 
Representation d'Oiiservations Meteoro- 
logiques continues faites a I'Observatoire 
National d'Alger. 4* \^Paris, 1873] 

Bulgaria, Thomas. Russland in historis- 
cher, slatistischer, geographischer, &c. , 
Beziehung. Geschichte ; Erster Band, 
mit 2 Karten, Statistik ; Erster Band, 
mit 3 Karten. 8° Rig^^i 1839 

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Bangalore to Calcutta, thence to Delhi, 
and subsequently to British Sikkim, 
during the early part of 1867. 8" 

Secunderabad, 1869 

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Portugaises, Court Expose de leur Situa- 
tion Actuelie. 8° Lisbon, 1878 

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pendix I. 

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a Guide for Settlers in the British West 
Indies, and Tourists' Companion. ]\Iap 
and illustrations. Crown 8° 1889 

Buliar, John. Hints to Assist the In- 
quiries of Visitors : being Brief Notices 
of Local Antiquities in Southampton and 
its Neighbourhood ; also. On the Objects 
worthy of Attention in an Excursion 
round the Isle of Wight, by John Drew. 
Map. 8* Southampton, 1846 

" Bulldog" Voyage. See Wallich. 

Buller, E. W. Semi-Azimuths : a New 
Method of Navigation. Parti. 8" 1893 

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in Shahjehanpore. [From the India Re- 
cords, Vol. I, N.W. Provinces.] 8° 1855 
Buller, Sir Walter. L. New Zealand Ex- 
hibition, 1865: Essay on the Ornithology 
of New Zealand. 8° Dunedin, 1865 

A Classified List of Mr S. William 

Silver's Collection of New Zealand Birds 
(at the Manor- House, Letcomb Regis), 
with short Descriptive Notes. Plates. 
8° 1888 

See New Zealand, A : Appendix 2. 

BuUo, C. La vera Patria di Nicolo de' 
Conti e di Giovanni Caboto. .Studi e 
Documenti. 8° Chioggia, 1880 

Bullo, C. 11 Viaggio di M. Piero Querini 

e le Relazionie della Repubblica Veneta 

coUa Svezia. 8" Venice, 1881 

Bullock, C. J. See United Kingdom, 

A (China Sea) : Appendix 2. 
Bullock, W. Six Months Residence and 
Travels in Mexico, containing Remarks 
on the Present State of New Spain, its 
Natural Productions, &c. 2 vols. Plan 
and plates. 12" 1825 

Bullock, W. Polish Experiences during 
the Insurrection of 1863-64. Map. 
Small 8° 1864 

Bullock, W. H. Across Mexico in 1864-65. 
i\Iap and plates. 8" 1866 

Bulychef, I. Travels in Eastern Siberia. 
Part I. [In Russian.] Royal 8° 

St Petersburg, 1856 

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dence at the Cape of Good Hope, with 
Excursions into the Interior. Plates. 
8° 1848 

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Ancient Geography among the Greeks 
and Romans, from the Earliest Ages till 
the Fall of the Roman Empire. 2 vols. 
Maps. 8° 1879 

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Europe, including Sketches in Sweden, 
Norway, F'inland, the Aland Islands, 
Gothland. 2 vols. 8° 1856 

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turn Voyage from England to South 
Australia, via Ceylon, Singapore, China, 
Japan, California, Honolulu, and New 
Zealand. 8° Adelaide, 1882 

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and Maximowicz, 3. 

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Republica Argentina. [Supplement to 
No. 47 of -£■/ Invalido Argentino.^ Fo.* 

Bunsen, Ernest de. The Origin of the 
Saracens. 8* N.D. 

Bunsen, Georgius. De Azania, Africa 
Littore Oriental!, Commentatio Philo- 
logica. Map. 8* Bonn, 1852 

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Mercatore nella Biblioteca Governativa 
di Cremona. 8* Cretnona, 1890 

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Volcaniques de la France Centrale. 
Plates. 8° Paris, 1833 

Voyages sur les Cotes de France. 

Plates. 8" Paris, 1880 

Burbidge, F. W. The Gardens of the 
Sun, or a Naturalist's Journal on the 
Mountains and in the Forests and 
Swamps of Borneo and the Sulu Archi- 
pelago. Plates. 8° 1880 

A Trip to the Sooloo Archipelago. 

8* 1884 

Burchell, W. J. Travels in the Interior 
of Southern Africa. 3 vols. Map and 
plates. 4° 1822 



Burckhardt, C. The Wildbad Spa in 
the Kingdom of Wlirttemberg. Map and 
plans. 12* Stuttgart, 1863 

Burckhardt, John Lewis. Travels in 
Xubia. Maps and portrait. 4° 1 8 19 

Travels in Syria and the Holy Land. 

Maps. 4° 1822 

Travels in Arabia in 1814-15, com- 
prehending an Account of those terri- 
tories in Hedjaz which the Mohamme- 
dans regard as sacred. 2 vols. Alaps. 
8" 1829 

Arabic Proverbs, or the Manners 

and Customs of the Modern Egyptians 
illustrated from their Proverbial Sayings 
current at Cairo, Translated and Ex- 
plained. 4° 1830 

Notes on the Bedouins and the 

Wahabys. 2 vols. Map. 8° 1831 

See Phillips [3], Vol. 2, New Voyages 

and Travels : Appendix i. 
Burdo, A. Niger et Benue : Voyage 

dans I'Afrique Centrale. Map and plates. 

12° Paris, 1880 

The Niger and Benue. Map and 

plates. Z" 1880 

Burdwood, J. Tide Tables for the Brit- 
ish and Irish Ports for 1865 ; also the 
Times and Heights of High Water at 
Full and Change for the Principal Places 
on the Glolse. Computed by J. Burd- 
wood, Staff Commander. 8° 1864 

A Method for Finding the Latitude 

by the Simultaneous Altitudes of Two 
Stars. 2nd edition. 8* 1869 

Sun's True Bearing, or Azimuth 
Tables, computed for Intervals of Four 
Minutes between the Parallels of Lati- 
tude 30° and 60° inclusive. 2nd edition. 
8= 1869 

Burdy, — . The Life of the Rev. Philip 
Skelton. [Bound up with the Lives of 
Dr Pocock, Dr Pearce, and Dr Newton.] 
2 vols. 8" 1816 

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la double Conquete de I'Algerie par la 
Guerre et la Colonisation. 8° /"ar/j, 1842 

Buret and Desor. See Ritter, Carl, 
p. 403. 

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tory of the Royal United Service Institu- 
tion. 8* 1887 

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Measurements by Means of the Baro- 
meter and the Boiling-point Thermo- 
meter. 8" Calcutta, 1859 

Remarks on the Bombay Tidal Ob- 
servations for 1 86 1, and other Papers 
relative to the Tides, Weights, and 
Measures, &c. 8* 1863 

Notes of a Visit to Satrunjaya Hill, 

near Palitana, in September 1868. 16* 

Bombay, 1868 

Burgess, Dr J. The Rock-cut Temples 
of Ajanta ; with an Account of a Trip to 
Aurangabad and Elora. 12* 

Bombay, 1868 

Notes of a Visit to Somnath, Girnar, 

and other places in Kathiawad, in May 
1869. 16* Bombay, 1869 

Memorandum on the Survey of 

Architectural and other Archreological 
Remains, with Lists of the Rock-Excava- 
tions, Temples, Mosques, &c., in the 
Bombay Presidency, Sindh, Berar, 
Central Provinces, and Haidarabad. 
Folio* Bombay, 1870 

See India, A : Appendix 2. 

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Obelisks in Rome, and Monoliths as 
Ornaments of Great Cities ; with a Dis- 
cussion. 4* 1858 

Burgkhardt, Dr J. See Germany, C, For- 
schungen, &c.. Vol. 3 : Appendix 2. 

Burgo, Giovanni Battista de. Viaggio 
di cinque anni in Asia, Africa, el Europa 
del Turco . . . ; con la descrittione 
di Gierusalem, Gran Cairo, Alessandria, 
Constantinopoli, et altre Citta di Tur- 
chia, &c. 12° Milan [1686] 

Burgst, Baron Nahuijs van. Beschou- 
wingen over Nederlandsch Indie. 8^ 

The Hague, 1847 

Burkart, Joseph. Aufenthalt und Reisen 
in Mexico in 1825 bis 1834 : Bemerk- 
ungen iiber Land, Produkte, Leben 
und Sitten der Einwohner, und Heobacht- 
ungen aus dem Gebiete der Mineralogie, 
Geognosie, Bergbaukunde, Meteorologie, 
Geographic, &c. ; mit einem Vorworle 
von Dr J. Noggerath. 2 vols, in i. 
Maps and plates. 8° Stuttgart, i^T)6 

Burke and Wills. See Westgarth. 

Biirkli, A., and A. E. von der Linth. 
Die Wasserverhaltnisse der Stadt Zurich 
und ihrer Umgebung. Map. 8* 

Zurich, 1 87 1 

Burmeister, Dr Herman. Geologische 

Bilder zur Geschichte der Erde und ihrer 

Bewohner. Vol. 2. 2nd edition. 12° 

Leipzig, 1855 

Anales del Museo publico de Buenos 

Aires, &c. Entrega i. Plates. Folio 

Buenos Ayres, 1864 

Los Caballos fosiles de la Pampa 

Argentina. Plates. P'olio 

Buenos Ayres, 1875 

Physikalische Beschreibung der Ar- 

gentinischen Republik, nach eigenen und 
den vorhandenen Fremden, Beobachtung- 
en entworfen. 8" Buenos Ayres, 1875 

Description physique de la Republique 

Argentine, d'apres des observations per- 
sonelles et etrangeres : — 

Vol. I. (Traduite par E. Maupas) and 
II. (Traduite par E. Daireaux). 8' 

Paris, 1876 



Burmeister, Dr Herman. Description 
physique de la Republique Argentine ; 
d'apres des ol»ervations personelles et 
etrangeres : — 

Vol. III. (Traduitepar E. Daireaux), 
Animaux Vertebres, i"^"'" ptie. 8° 

Buenos Ay res, 1879 
Vol. V. (Traduite par E. Daireaux), 
Lepidopteres, i'^'^'^ ptie. 8° 

Buenos Ay res, 1878 

Atlas, livraisons i and 2. 4° 

Buenos Ay res, 1879-80 

Bericht iiber die Feier des 50-jahrigen 

Doctor -Jubilaeums des, begangen den 
19th December 1879, in Buenos Aires. 
8* Buenos Ay res, 1880 

Atlas de la Description Physique 

de la Republique Argentine. Le Texte 
traduit en Franfais avec le concours de 
E. Daireaux. Deuxieme Section. Mam- 
miferes, Deuxieme Livraison. Die See- 
hunde der Argentinischen Kiisten. Plates. 
Folio Buenos Ay res, 1883 

The same. Troisieme Livraison. 

Osteologie der Gravigraden. i. Abth 
Scelidotherium und Mylodon. Part i. 
Plates. Folio Buenos Ayres, 1886 

Los Caballos fosiles de la Pampa 

Argentina : Supplemento. Die fossilen 
Pferde der Pampas formation, beschrieben 
von Dr Hermann Burmeister, Director 
des Museo Nacional in Buenos Aires. 
Nachtrags-Bericht. Plates. Large folio 
Buenos Ayres, 1889 

See Petermann. 

Burn, Jacob Henry. Descriptive Cata- 
logue of the London Traders', Tavern, 
and Coffee-house Tokens current in the 
Seventeenth Century ; presented to the 
Coporation Library by Henry Benj. 
Hanbury Beaufoy. Port7-aits. 8° 1855 

Burnaby, Rev. Andrew. Travels through 
the Middle Setllenientsof North America, 
with Observations upon the State of the 
Colonies. 4° "^IIS 

See Pinkerton, Vol. 13 : Appendix i, 

Burnaby, Capt. F. A Ride to Khiva : 
Travels and Adventures in Central Asia. 
Map, and tuaps in cover. Small 8° 1876 

On Horseback through Asia Minor. 

2 vols. Maps. 8° 1877 
Burne, Sir Owen Tudor. British Agents 

in Afghanistan. 8* [1879] 

Burnell, Arthur Coke. See Yule. 
Burnes, Sir Alexander. A Memoir of 
a Map of the Eastern Branch of the 
Indus, giving an account of the altera- 
tions produced in it by the Earthquake 
of 1819, and Bursting of the Dams in 
1826, &c. MS. Small 4° 1827-28 

Travels into Bokhara : being the 

Account of a Journey from India to 
Cabool, Tartary, and Persia ; also a 
Narrative of a Voyage on the Indus, 
from the Sea to Lahore, in 1831-33. 

3 vols. Mat) and plates. 8° 1834 

Burnes, Sir Alexander. Leech, Lord, 
and Wood's Reports ; Political, Geo- 
graphical, and Commercial, on Scinde, 
Affghanistan, and adjacent Countries, 
in 1835-37. By Order of Government. 
Maps. 4° Calcutta, 1839 

Cabool : a Personal Narrative of a 

Journey to, and Residence in, that city 
in 1836-38. Plates. 8° 1843 

Burnes, James. A Narrative of a Visit to 
the Court of Sinde ; a Sketch of the 
History of Cutch . . . , and some 
Remarks on the Medical Topography of 
Bhooj. Maps. 8° 1831 

MedicalTopography of Bhooj. [From 

India Records, No. 15.] Bombay, 1855 

Burnet, Bishop Gilbert. See Harris, Vol. 
2 : Ap]jendix i. 

Burnett, G. See Murray, Hugh. 

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History of the Discoveries in the South 

Sea or Pacific Ocean. 5 vols. Maps 

and plates. 4° 1 803 - 1 7 

[For Contents, see Appendix i.] 

A Chronological History of North- 

Eastern Voyages of Discovery, and of the 
Early Eastern Navigationsof the Russians. 
Maps. 8° 1819 

Burney, W. See Falconer, W. 

Burnouf, E. M. Burnouf on the History 
of Buddhism in India. [A Review.] 8* 


Burr, G. D. Short Essay on Sketching 
Ground without Instruments, deriving its 
Principles from a few Elementary Pro- 
blems in Geometry, and Showing the 
Practical Method of performing them. 
Plates. 8° 1830 

Treatise on Practical Surveying and 

Topographical Plan Drawing, with a 
Short Essay on Sketching Ciround with- 
out Instruments. Plates. 8° 1829-30 

Burr, Higford. A Trip to South America. 
8* 1866 

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Kerr, Vol. 7 ; Allgemeine Historic, Vol. 
I, p. 600: Appendix i. 

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See Hakluyt, Vol. i : Appendix i. 

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Cinque Ports. Maps. 12° 1888 

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kisthan. Map and plates. 8° 1846 

Burton, Lieut. -Gen. E. F. An Indian 
Olio. Illustrations. 12° [1888] 

Burton, Frances B. Thoughts on Physical 
Astronomy, with Practical Observations. 
8* 1842 

Burton, Isabel, Lady. The Life of Captain 
Sir Richard F. Burton. 2 vols. Portraits, 
illustrations, and maps. 8° 1893 

The Reviewer reviewed. 12* n.d. 

Burton, Sir Richard F. Scinde, or the 
Unhappy Valley. 2 vols. 8° 1851 




Burton, Sir Richard F. Goa and the 
Blue Mountains, or Six Months on Sick 
Leave. Map and plates. 8° 1851 

Personal Narrative of a Pilgrimage to 

El-Medinah and Meccah. 3 vols. Maps 
and plates. 8° 1855 

Notes relative to the Population of 

Sind, and the Customs, Language, and 
Literature of the People. [India Records, 
No. 17.] Royal 8° Bombay, \%^^ 

First Footsteps in East Africa, or an 

Exploration of Ilarar. Map and plates. 
8° 1856 

The Lake Regions of Central Africa : 

Picture of Explorations. Maps and 
plates. 8° New York, i860 

The Lake Regions of Central Africa : 

a Picture of Exploration. 2 vols. Plates. 
8° i860 

The Lake Regions of Central Africa, 

with Notices of the Lunar Mountains and 
the Sources of the White Nile. [Vol. 
29, R.G.S. Journal.] Map. 8° i860 

City of the Saints, and across the 

Rocky Mountains to California. Alap 
and plates. 8° 1861 

Abeokuta and the Camaroons Moun- 
tains : an Exploration. 2 vols. Por- 
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A Mission to Gelele, King of Da- 
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"Amazons," the Grand Customs, the 
Yearly Customs, the Human Sacrifices, 
the Present State of the Slave Trade, 
and the Negro's Place in Nature. 2 vols. 
Plates. 8° 1864 

Explorations of the Highlands of the 

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Two Trips to Gorilla Land and the 

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Part 2, Captain Speke's Discovery of the 
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Vol. 2. East Coast, Torres Strait, and 
Coral Sea. 

Vol. 3. North, North-West, and West 
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Ports ; also the Times and Heights of 
High Water at Full and Change for the 
Principal Places on the Globe, for the 
years 1856-64. 6 vols. 8° 1855-63 

Tables of the Sun's True Bearing or 

Azimuth, from Sunrise to 10 h. A.M. and 
from 2 h. P.M. to Sunset, at intervals of 
Four Minutes, for the Parallels of 49° and 
50" North. 8° 1862 

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den, und das Russische Reich. 
Vol. 2. Preussen, Polen, Hungarn, und 

die Europaische Turkey. 
Vol. 3. Portugall, Spanien, und Frank- 

Vol. 4. Italien, und Gross-Britannien. 
Vol. 5. Das Deutsche Reich ; Bohmen, 

Oestreichische, Burgundische, West- 

phalische, Chur-Rheinische und Ober- 

Rheinische Kreis. 
Vol. 6. Schwabische, Bayerische, Fran- 

kische, und Obersachsische Kreis. 
Vol. 7. Niedersiichsische Kreis. Unter- 

schiedene unmittelbare Reichslander. 
Vol. 8. Niederlande, Helvetien, Schle- 

sien, und Glatz. 
Vol. 9. Lander von Asia. 
Bushby, G. A., and Major Harris. Re- 
ports on the " Oothaeegeerahs," or Pro- 
fessional Thieves of the Tehree, Dutteah, 
Shahgurh, and Chundeyree, or Banpoor 
States. [From the India Records, N.VV. 
Provinces, Vol. i.] Agra, 1855 

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Mont-Righi et du Lac des quatre Cantons, 
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Lucerne. ]\Iap and plates. 8° 

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Ancient Peruvian Skulls, presented to the 
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Propriedad, Extension, Ubicacion, &c. , 
de los Terrenos cedidos a la empresa del 
r'erro-Carril Central Argentino en la Pro- 
vincia de Santa-Fe. 8* Rosario, 1866 

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a Paper contributed to the Anthrojio- 
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geologic du Department de la Somme. 
8* N.P., N.D, 

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Cheap Dinner ; translated from the 
German into Hungarian and English. 
With an Allegory and a Few Fables, by 
Fay ; translated from the Hungarian 
into English and German. Plate. 12* 

N. D. 

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brief Account of the Natural Resources 
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Land : a Narrative of Travel and Ad- 
venture in the North-West of America. 
Map. 8° 1872 

The Wild North Land : being the 

Story of a Winter Journey, with Dogs, 
across Northern North America. 4th 
edition. Map. 8° 1874 

Akim Foo : the Histor}' of a Failure. 

Map, plate. 8° 1875 

The Campaign of the Cataracts : 

being a Personal Narrative of the Great 
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trations from Drawings by Lady Butler ; 
also a Map of the Nile from the Medi- 
terranean to the Equatorial Lakes. 8° 


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Charakterbilder. Maps ami illustra- 
tions. 8° Leyden, 1890 

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fiir den Unterriclit in der griechischen 
Geschichte und die griechische Lectiire 
aut hoheren Unterrichts-Anstalten. 8° 
Berlin, 1872 

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lande, Ausgefiihrt im Auftrage der Afri- 
kanischen (iesellschaft in Deutschland. 
Dritte Auflagc. Map. 8° Leipzig, 1890 

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North-West Passage to China, Cathay, 
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]\Iap. 8° 1840 

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Newcastle, 1838 

The Art of Dual Arithmetic. Small 

4* 1878 

Navigation and Nautical Astronomy. 

4° 1875 

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an Account of the great Distresses 
suffered by Himself and his Companions 
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explicatur, et omnium quae hoc Lapide 
cernuntur causae propria; afferunlur ; 
nova etiam Pyxis construitur, quae 
propriam Poll elevationem, cum suo 

IMeridiano, ubiquedemonstrat. Woodcuts. 
Folio Ferj-ara, 1629 
Cabeza de Vaca, Alvar Nunez. Nau- 
fragios de Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca, 
y Relacion de la Jornada que hizo a la 
Florida con el Adelantado Panfilo de 
Narvaez. Folio N.P., n.d. 
Comentarios de Alvar Nunez Cabeza 
de Vaca, Adelantado y Governador del 

Cabeza de Vaca, Alvar Nunez. Exa- 
men apologetico de la historica Nar- 
racion de los Naufragios, Peregrin- 
aciones, i Milagros de Alvar Nuiiez 
Cabeza de Baca en les Tierras de la 
Florida i del Nuevo Mexico, contra la 
incierta i mal reparada Censura del P. 
Honorio Filipono . . . por Don 
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graphic, d'une Bibliographic, et d'une 
Chronologic des Voyages au Nord-Ouest 
de 1497 a 1550 d'apres des Documents 
inedits par Henry Harrisse. (No. i de 
Recueil de Voyages et de Documents 
pour servir a I'Histoire de la Geographic 
depuis le XHI^ jusqu'a la finilu XVI'' 
siecle, public sous la direction de MM. 
Ch. Schefer et Henri Cordier.) Maf>. 
Large 8° Paris, 1882 

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[Paris] N.D. 

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et dans cinq autres Oasis, 1819-22. 
4 vols. Plates. 8° Paris, 1826 

Atlas to same. 2 vols. Folio 

Paris, 1823 

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Temboctou et a Jenne, dans I'Afrique 
Centrale, precede d'Observations faites 
chez les Maures Braknas, les Nalous et 
et d'autres peuples, pendant les annees 
1824, 1825, 1826, 1827, 1828. 3 vols. 
Portrait, map, and plates. 8° Paris, 1830 

Travels through Central Africa to 

Timbuctoo, and across the Great Desert 
to Morocco, in 1824-28. 2 vols. Maps 
and plates. 8° 1830 

Notice Historique sur la Vie et les 

Voyages de. ParM.Jomard. Portrait. 
8* Paris, 1839 

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moralizada del Orden de San Augustin 
en el Peru, con sucesos egenplares en 
esta Monarquia. Plates. Folio 

Barcelona, 1638 

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do la Nueva Granada, Miscelanea de 
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Nueva edicion, . . . con el cuadro original 
de la Geografia de las Plantas del Baron 
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dition of the Colony of Tasmania. MS. 
Folio 1867 

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Tribes of Tasmania. 12° Hobart , i?,"] t^ 

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■ and F. Quirogfa y Rodriguez. 

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Madrid, 1877 

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Storico del Stato Pontificio. 4° 

Perugia, 1829 

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[For full Title and Contents of the 
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The Mineral Resources of Western 

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Recent Explorations in Australia 

(1891 Ex]5edition). Map, plan, and 
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Western Australia and its Gold-Fields ; 

with Government Map. 12° 1893 

— — ■ The Discovery of Australia ; with 
il/a/j and illustrated Appendix. 4" 1893 

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Ancient Geography of the Troad, con- 
sisting of Investigations relative to the 
Sites and Remains of Colonnse and of 
Ophrynium ; with a Notice of a Bronze 
Weight found on the Site of the Helle- 
spontic Abydos. Map and plate. 8° 


Contributions towards the Ancient 

Geography of the Troad : On the Site 
ofGergis. Plate. 8° n.d. 




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Britain and Ireland, and a General 
Outline of the Gold Regions of the 
World, with a Treatise on the Geology 
of Gold. 8° 1853 

See Wallace, A. 

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Country of the Vazeers, in Kuhi, its 
Beauties, Antiquities, and Silver Mines ; 
including a Trip over the Lower Hima- 
layah Range and Glaciers. Map ami 
plates. 8" 1873 

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cion Soto. Republica de Costa Rica. 
Apuntamientos Geograficos, Estadisticos, 
e Historicos. 8'^ 

San Jose de Costa Rica, 1886-87 

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Instrumentos de Sondar e Perscrutar 
OS segredos da Naturesa Submarinha. 
Seguida de um Appendice contendo 
estudus feitos sobre as causas de variayao 
de densidade das agoas no porto de 
Montevideo. Illustrations. Large 8° 
Rio dc Janeiro, 1878 

Ensaio sobre as Construccoes Navaes 

IndigenasdoBrasil. Illustrations. Large 
8° Rio de Janeiro, 1888 

Relatorio dos Estudos feitos no 

Interior do Porto da Bahia relativa- 
mente ao local mais appropriado para 
a mudan9a do Arsenel de Marinha da 
mesma provincia e construc96es de 
diques. /Va;?. 8* Rio de Janeiro, 1^%^^ 

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Fyletia e Arbenore prej Kanekate Lao- 
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gra])hicall Description of the most 
Flourishing Kingdomes, England, Scot- 
land, and Ireland, and the Islands 
adjoyning, out of the depth of Anti- 
quitie : beautified with Mappes of the 
severall Shires of England. Written 
first in Latine by William Camden, 
Clarenceux K. of A. ; translated newly 
into English by Philemon Holland, 
Doctour in Physick ; Finally Revised, 
Amended, and Enlarged, with sundry 
Additions by the said Author. Folio 


Britannia. Newly translated into 

English, with large Additions and Im- 
provements, by Bishop Edmund Gibson. 
Maps. Folio 1695 

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scriptive Account of Singapore, Penang, 
Province Wellesley, and Malacca, &c. 
Plates. 8° 1865 

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West of Scotland. Published for the 

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Glasgow, 1876 

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as to the outlet of Lake Tanganyika and 
its supposed connection with the Congo. 
Folio" 1874 

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plates. 8° 1877 

The same. New edition, with New 

and Original Matter and Corrected Maps. 
Illustrations. 8^ 1885 

The Trade of Central Africa, Present 

and Future. 8* 1877 

Our Future Highway. 2 vols. Map 

and plates. Small 8° 1880 

The Log of a Jack Tar ; or, The Life 

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first published ; with O'Brien's Captivity 
in Prance. Edited by Commander V. 
Lovett Cameron, with Introduction and 
Notes. Illustrations. 8° 1891 

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Pahang. 8* [1882] 

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The Discovery of India, an Epic Poem. 
Translated from the original Portuguese 
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Map. 8° 1 798 

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lished by Richard Francis Burton 
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World, 1806-12, in which Japan, Kams- 
chatka, the Aleutian Islands, and the 
Sandwich Islands were visited; includ- 
ing a Narrative of the Author's ship- 
wreck on the Island of Sannack . . . ; 
with an Account of the Present State 
of the Sandwich Islands. Map. 8" 

Edinburgh , 1 8 1 6 

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goo Language. 4° Madras, 1820 



Campbell, A. f). Dictionary of the 
Teloogoo Language, commonly termed 
the Gentoo, peculiar to the Hindoos of 
the North - Eastern Provinces of the 
Indian Peninsula. 4° Madras, 1821 

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North Corea, in September and October 
1889. [Foreign Office Report.] Map. 
Folio * 1 89 1 

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to India, partly by a Route never gone 
before by any European. 4° 1795 

Narrative of the Extraordinary Ad- 
ventures and Sufferings by Shipwreck 
and Imprisonment of; comprising the 
Occurrences of Four Years in an Over- 
land Journey to India. Plates. 18° 1808 

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of Colonial State - Paper Catalogues. 
Edited by Frank Campbell. No. i. 
Cape of Good Hope, 1892. 8* 1893 

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Hebrides, Loyalty Islands, New Cale- 
donia ; with an Account of the Early 
History of the New Hebrides Missions, 
by A. J. Campbell ; a Narrative of the 
Voyages of the " Dayspring," by D. 
M'Donald ; and an Appendix, contain- 
ing a Contribution to the Phytography 
of the New Hebrides, by Baron von 
Mueller. Map and plates. 12° 

Geelong, 1873 

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from "The Challenger." Chart. 8° 1876 

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Empire. Crown 8° [1887] 

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Ceylon, its Commercial and Military 
Importance. 2 vols. Maps and plates. 
8° 1843 

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Britain : being a Series of Reflections 
on the Situation, Lands, Inhabitants, 
Revenues, Colonies, and Commerce of 
this Island. 2 vols. 4° I774 

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undertaken at the request of the Mis- 
sionary Society. Map and plates. 8° 


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1 819. Map and coloured plates. 2 vols. 
8" ^ 1822 

See Eyries, Vol. 1 1 : Appendix i. 

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G, c : Appendix 2. 

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Motherland, or Reminiscences of a 
Sojourn among the Egbas and Yorubas 
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South, written during a Journey to 
Algiers. 12° Philadelphia, 1836 

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Island of Corsica in 1868. Plate. 12° 


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Report of the Select Committee on the 
Claims for the Discovery of Gold in 
Victoria. 8° Edinburgh, 1856 

India in Six, and Australia in Sixteen, 

Days. 8* 1883 

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the Pescadores. 12* Amoy, 1886 

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san, edited from Gravius's edition of 
1661. 16° 1888 

The same. (Sinkang Dialect) with 

Corresponding Versions in Dutch and 
English, edited from Gravius's edition 
of 1661. 4° 1888 

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the Island of Formosa, published in 
London in 1650, and now reprinted 
with copious Appendices. 2 vols. 
Portraits, map, and plan. 12° 1889 

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count, &c.): Appendix 2. 

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its Difficulties and Present State, sug- 
gested by a recent Visit to that Country. 
8* 1877 

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mlung merkwiirdiger Reisebeschreibung- 
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plarios." [Reprinted by J. D. Wagener, 
and forming Vols, i and 2 of the 
"Coleccion de las mejores Obras Es- 
paiiolas."] Small 8° Hamburg, ijcj^ 



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manent de Geographic en Portugal au 
XVe Siecle. 12° Leiria, 1878 

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Journey performed by command of the 
Prince Regent of Portugal in 1808, from 
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tuguese.] 4° N.D. 

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8" Paris, 1867 

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Observationum circa Species novas aut 
non satis cognitas fasciculo. 8° 

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Notice sur la Longevite des Arbres, et 

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Geneva, 183 i 

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Alpi e gli Appennini. 8* Genoa, 1878 

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worte zur Charte von der Verbreitung 
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korper. 8" Berlin, 1834 

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stances which affect the Value of Forest 
Land in the Colony of Mauritius, to- 
gether with the Approximate Valuation 
of all Private Forest Land contained 
therein, mere fragments of small area 
excepted. Map. Folio n.d. 

First Annual Report on the Forest 

Department, Straits Settlements, its 
Organisation and Working. Folio* 

Singapore, 1885 

• Straits Settlements. Report on the 

Forest Department, for the year 1886. 
Folio* Singapore, 1887 

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Mcmoria historica, acompanhada de 
muitos documentos ineaitos. Small 
square 8° Pont a Delgada, 1883 

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of the Portuguese and English Lan- 
guages, abridged from Vieyra's Dic- 
tionary, with many alterations and 
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Decouverte et Description des lies Gar- 
banzos, d'apres le Manuscrit de I'Archivo 
de Indias, de Seville, intitule : Secretaria 
de Nueva Espana. Ecclesiastico. Au- 
diencia de Filipinas. Descubrimiento y 
Descripcion de las islas Garbanzos. 8* 
Paris, 1 88 1 

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Cartes des Vents et des Courants du 
Golfe de Guinee. Traduit du Portugais 

par West et Le Gras. 


Paris, 1862 
Ivens. De Ben- 
lacca : Descripyaa 

Africa Central e 

Capello, H., and R. 

guella as Terras de 
de uma viagem na 
Occidental, comprehendendo narra^oes, 
aventuras e estudos importantes sobre as 
cabeceiras dos rios Cu-nene, Cu-bango, 
Lu-ando, Cu-anza, e Cu-ango. . . . 
Expedi^ao organisada nos annos de 
1877-80. 2 vols. Maps, portraits, and 
illustrations. 8° Lisbon, 1881 

From Benguella to the Territory of 

Yacca : Description of a Journey into 
Central and West Africa [as above}. 
Translated by Alfred Elwes, Ph.D. 
2 vols. Maps, portraits, and illustra- 
tions. 8" 1882 

De Angola a Contra-Costa. Dc- 

scrip§ao de uma viagem atravez do 
continente Africano comprehendendo 
narrativas diversas, aventuras e impor- 
tantes descobertas entre as quaes figuram 
a das origens do Lualaba, caminho entre 
as duas costas, visita as terras da Garan- 
ganja, Katanga, e ao curso do Luapula, 
bem como a descida do Zambeze, do 
Choa ao Oceano. 2 vols. Afaps and 
illustrations. 8° Lisbon, 1886 

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Morronc, ed alia Maiella. 4* N.i'., n.d. 

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Dictionary of the United Kingdom, con- 
taining Geographical, Topographical, 
and Statistical Accounts of every District, 
Object, and Place in England, Wales, 
Scotland, Ireland, and the various small 
Islands dependent on the British Empire. 
Maps. 8" 1808 

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Passage to India through Egypt. . . . 3rd 
edition. Maps and plates. 8" 1785 

Observations on the Winds and Mon- 
soons, with Notes Geographical and 
Meteorological. Map, 4° 1801 

Journal [in India]. [Title-page want- 
ing.] 4° N.D. 



Capper, John. The Three Presidencies 
of India : a History of the Rise and Pro- 
gress of the British Indian Possessions, 
&c. Plates [map wanting]. 8° 1853 

Capper, S. J. The Shores and Cities of 
the Boden See : Rambles in 1879 and 
1880. Maps and plates. 8° 1881 

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Capreoli, moderatoris Scholse Harcu- 
rianre, professoris philosophiae. 12° 

Paris, 1623 

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from its Discovery to the Present Time ; 
with a Journal of the Voyage from New 
York, via Nicaragua, to San Francisco, 
and back vid Panama. Map. 12° 

Boston, Mass., 1854 

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the Aryan Tribes in the Sub-Pamirian 
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A Travers le Royaume de Tamerlan 

(Asie Centrale), Voyage dans la Siberie 
Occidentale, le Turkestan, la Boukharie, 
aux bords de I'Amou-Daria, a Khiva et 
dans rOust-Ourt. Map and illustrations. 
8° Paris, 1892 

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Vol. 2, p. 611 : Appendix i. 

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zione della Regia Corvetta " Caraccioio" 
(Commandante C. de Amezaga), negli 
Anni 1881-82-83-84. 4 vols. Maps and 
plates. 8" Rome, i885-[i887] 

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Peopled ? An Essay on the Origin of 
the Natives of America found by Colum- 
bus. 12* 1893 

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cronologico, para la Historia general de 
la Florida . . . desde el ano de 15 12 
. . . hasta el de 1722. Folio 

Madrid, 1723 

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Appendix i. 

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stampate in Italia fra il 1800 e il 1890. 
Saggio di Catalogo. 8° Rome, 1892 

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ou Noticia Historica de todasas Cidades, 
Villas, Lugares, e Aldeas, Rios, Ribeiras, 
e Serras dos Reynos de Portugal, e Al- 
garve, com todas as cousas raras, que 
nelles se enconlrao, assim anligas, como 
modernas. Vols, i and 2, A-C. 2 vols. 
Small folio Lisbon, 1747-51 

Cardozo de Castellobranco e Torres, 
J. C. Feo. Memorias contendo a Bio- 
graphia de Vice Almirante Luiz da Motta 
Feo e Torres, a Historia dos Governa- 
dores e Capitaens Generaes de Angola, 

Cardozo — continued. 

desde 1575 ate 1825, e a Descrip9a6 Geo- 
graphica e Politica dos Reinos de Angola 
e de Benguella. Maps. 8° Paris, 1825 

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di Napoli : Relazione del Progetto di 
Spedizione ad Assab. Map. 8* 

Naples, 1880 

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Chinese Turkistan and Northern Tibet ; 
and General Prejevalsky on the Oro- 
graphy of Northern Tibet. R.G.S. 
Supplementary Papers, Vol. 3, Part i. 
Map. Large 8° 1890 

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Appendix i. 

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graphy, History, and Statistics of America 
and the West Indies, exhibiting a 
correct account of the Discovery, Settle- 
ment, and Progress of the various King- 
doms, States, and Provinces of the 
Western Hemisphere. Plates. 8° [? 1824] 

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Dress. 12* Southampton, 1891 

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pendix I. 

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Corea. 8* [Shanghai, 1884] 

Report on a Journey in two of the 

Central Provinces of Corea, in October 
1883. 8* 1884 

Report of a Journey in the North of 

Corea. 8* 1885 

Report of a Journey from Soul to the 

Phyong Kang Gold - Washings, dated 
1 2th May 1885. 8* 1885 

Report of a Journey in the North of 

Corea. 8* 1885 

Life in Corea. Maps and illustra- 
tions. 8"^ 1888 

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the Indus. Report upon the Portions of 
the River Indus, surveyed in 1836-37, 
accompanied by a Journal. Memoir on 
the Province of Lus ; and Narrative of a 
Journey to Beyla. Memoir on the Bay, 
Harbour, and Trade of Kurachee. [From 
the India Records, No. 17] Bombay, 1855 

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AUgemeine Historic, Vol. 4 : Appen- 
dix I. 

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Imperio della China, e di qualche altro 
Paese adiacente, con la vita di Confucio. 
12° Florence, 1697 



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Emigration to the Province of Ontario. 
Maps. 8* Toronto, 1869 

Carlini, Francesco. Dell' Ampiezza dell 
Arco di Meridiano, che attraversando la 
Pianura di Lombardia, e terminato dai 
Paralleli di Zurigo e di Genova, premessa 
una Notizia sui gradi del Meridiano di 
Roma e di Torino. Plan. 8* 

Milan, 1843 

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Greek Waters. 8° 1854 

Carlisle, Nicholas. Historical Account of 
the Origin of the Commission appointed 
to inquire concerning Charities in Eng- 
land and Wales, and an Illustration of 
several Old Customs and Words. 8° 


Carlleyle, A. C. L. See India A : Ap- 
pendix 2. 

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ungarske Polarexpedition. (1872-74.) 
12* Tromsbe, 1875 

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Erik Gustaf Geijer. 8* Stockholm, 1870 

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pendix 2. 

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Turkey : Appendix I. 

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its Mission P^ields. 8° 1878 

The Fetichism of West Africa. 8* 


African Colonies and Colonisation, 

with Notices of Recent Annexations. 
Maps. 8° Glasgow, 1885 

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District of Vizagapatam in the Presidency 
of Madras. Plate, map, and plates in 
coz'er. 8° Madras, 1869 

Carmichael- Smyth, Major R. The Em- 
ployment of the People and the Capital 
of Great Britain, in her own Colonies, 
... by Undertaking the Construction 
of a Great National Railway between 
the Atlantic and the Pacific, from the 
Harbour of Halifax, in Nova Scotia, to 
the Mouth of Frazer's River, in New 
Caledonia. Maps. 8* 1849 

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the Druses of the Lebanon, and Notes 
<jn their Religion. 8" i860 

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S'' 1826 

."iee Bartlett, W. H. 

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and the Chinese Empire. Map. 8° 1872 

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Boston to the West Coast of Africa ; 
with a full description of the manner 
of Trading with the Natives on the 
Coast. 8" 1853 

Cameyro, Antonio de Maris. Hydro- 
grafia la mas curiosa que asta oy a luz a 
Salido, recopilada de varios y escogidos 
Authores de la Nauegacion. 4° 

SaJi Sebastian, 1675 

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Tombouktou : Voyage d'une canonniere 
Fran9aise, suivi d'un Vocabulaire Sonrai. 
Maps. Large 8° Paris, 1891 

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pendix I. 

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dene Polnische Provinzen. 2 vols. Plates. 

8° Leipzig, 1781 

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lineated Forth in Two Bookes, contain- 
ing the Sphericall and Topicall Parts 
thereof. 2nd edition. Small 8° 

Oxford, 1635 

Carpenter, DrW. B. On the Temperature 
of the Atlantic. 8* 1874 

Report on Scientific Researches 

carried on during the months of August, 
September, and October 1871, in H.M. 
Surveying Ship ' * .Shearwater." Tables. 
8* 1872 

See Jordan, W. L. ; and Jeffreys ; also 

United Kingdom, H, " Challenger " : 
Appendix 2. 

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Carpin [or Carpini], Jean du Plan de. 
Relation des Mongols ou Tartares : pre- 
cedee d'une Notice sur les Anciens 
Voyages de Tartaric en General, par 
M. d'Avezac. Map, 4° Paris, 1838 

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luyt. Vol. I ; Kerr, Vol. i ; Allgemeine 
Historic, Vol. 7 ; Recueil de Voyages, 
Vol. 4, p. 611 : Appendix i. 

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Meteorological Service of the Dominion 
of Canada, for the year ending 31st 
December 1880. 8° Ottawa, 1882 

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Philosojihy . . . ; to which are subjoined 
.Small Tables of Logarithms . . . 2nd 
edition. 18° 1843 

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along the right and left banks of the 
Rhine, to the .South of Germany, in the 
Summer and Autumn of 1806. Map and 
plates. 4° 1807 

See Phillips [2], Vols. 3, 5, 8 : Ap- 
pendix I. 

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la Valachie, &c. 8" Netichatel, 1781 

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sentacion . . . al Soberano Congreso' de 
1853 ... en uso del derecho que la 
Ley le concede. Folio* Lima, 1853 

Carrasco, E. Calendario y Guia de 
Forasteros de la Republica Peruana i)ara 
Ids anos de 1850, 1851, 1852. 3 vols. 
12° Lima, 1849-51 



Carrasco, Gabriel. Datos Estadisticos 
de la Provincia de Santa- Fe (Republica 
Argentina). Plan. 8° Kosario, 1881 

Descripcion Geografica y Estadistica 

de la Provincia de Santa- Fe escrita para 
la Exposicion Continental de Buenos 
Aires. Plates. 8° Rosario, 1882 

Ditto. (3rdedition.) 8° Rosario, \^%i, 

Carre, — . See Allgemeine Historic, Vol. 

10 : Appendix I. 

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gambie Fran9aise. 8° Paris, 1855 

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Preuves des Variations de I'Axe Ter- 
restre. Map. 12° Paris, 1877 

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being brief Notes of a Visit to the out- 
lying Islands of the Colony. Maps and 
illustrations. 8° Wellington, 1892 

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sur J. Balmat, dit Mont Blanc. Portrait. 
Small 8" Geneva, 1854 

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of 3,755 Circumpolar Stars, Observed at 
Redhill in 1854, 1855, and 1856, and 
Reduced to Mean Positions for 1855-60. 
Plates. 4° 1857 

Carrington, Robert C. Foreign Measures 
and their English Values. 8* 1864 

Table of Metres, Feet, and Fathoms. 

8° 1873 

Glossary for French Charts. 12° 

Calcutta, 1879 

See India : Appendix 2. 

Carroll, B. R. Historical Collections of 
South Carolina, embracing many Rare 
and Valuable Pamphlets, and other 
Documents relating to the History of 
that State, from its First Discovery to its 
Independence in 1776. 2 vols. Map. 
8° New York, 1836 

Carron, Wm. Narrative of an Expedi- 
tion, undertaken under the Direction of 
the late Mr Assistant-Surveyor E. B. 
Kennedy, for the Exploration of the 
Country lying between Rockingham Bay 
and Cape York. Map. 8" Sydney, 1849 

Carruthers, John. Report on the Trian- 
gulation of portions of the North-West of 
South Australia. Folio* Adelaide, 1892 

Carruthers, W. On the Structure and 
Affinities of Lepidodendron and Cala- 
mites. Plates. 8* n.d. 

See West Indies, A : Appendix 2. 

Carstensen, A. Riis. Two Summers in 

Greenland : an Artist's Adventures 
among Ice and Islands, in Fjords and 
Mountains. Map and illustrations. 8° 


Carta, J. B. Nouvelle Description de 
la Ville de Milan. 12° Milan, 1819 

Carter, SirG. T. Report on Blue-Book for 
i885[Sierre-Leone]. 8* Bathurst, \'6%(> 

Report on the Gambia for 1885. 

[Parliapient^ry Paper.] 8* 1887 

Carter, H. J. A Geographical Descrip- 
tion of certain Parts of the South-East 
Coast of Arabia, with an Essay on the 
Comparative Geography of the whole of 
this Coast. 8* Bombay, 1851 

Geological Observations on the 

Igneous Rocks of Maskat and its 
Neighbourhood, and on the Limestone 
Formation at their Circumference. 8* 

Bofnbay, 1 850 

Memoir on the Geology of the South- 
East Coast of Arabia. Plate. 8* 

Bombay, 1852 

See India, C (Geological Papers) : 

Appendix 2. 

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Survey Operations, Abyssinia. 8° 1868 

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Kerr, Vol. 12 ; Laharpe, Vol. 18 ; 
Modern Traveller, p. 610 : Appendix i. 

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Insulinde, Sumatra, und dem malaiischen 
Archipel. 8° Leipzig, 189 1 

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Voyage de Jacques Cartier au Canada en 
1534. Documents inedits sur Jacques 
Cartier et le Canada (Nouvelle serie), 
publics par H. Michelant et A. Rame ; 
accompagnes de deux portraits de Cartier 
et de deux Vues de son Manoir. (Note 
sur le Manoir de Jacques Cartier par 
M. A. Rame.) 8° Paris, 1867 

See Hakluyt, Vol. 3 ; Kerr, Vol. 6 ; 

Pinkerton, Vol. 12 ; Ramusio, Vol. 3 : 
Appendix i. 

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Transactions and Events during a Resi- 
dence of nearly Sixteen Years on the 
Coast of Labrador. 3 vols. Maps and 
portrait, 4° Newark, 1792 

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7 ; Gottfried ; Purchas, Vol. 2, Book 9 : 
Appendix i. 

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Paper read before the Bournemouth 
.Society of Natural Science, on Friday 
Evening, 2nd November 1888. 12* 

. Poole, 1888 

Carusso, C. D. Inriportance de la Carto- 
graphic Officielle: Etudesurl' "Ordnance 
-Survey " du Royaume Uni dc Grande 
Bretagnectd' Irlande. 8* Geneva, \2>^6 

Notice sur Ics Cartes Topographiques 

de I'Etat-Major General d'Autriche- 
riongrie. 8* Geneva, 1887 

Carvalho, A. Nunes de. See Castro, I. 

Carvalho, Henrique Augusto Dias de. 
O Lubuco. Algumas Observa96es sobre 
O Livro do Sr Latrobe Bateman intitu- 
lado "The First Ascent of the Kasai " 
[with the English Translation]. 4° 

Lisbon, 1886 

L'Influcnce de la Civilisation et de la 

Colonisation Latinc et surtout Portugaise 
en Afrique. §* i^isbon, 1889 



Carvalho, Henrique Augusto Dias de. 

Expedi9ao Portugueza ao Muati- 
anvua. Methodo pratico para fallar a 
Lingua da Lunda contendo narra^oes 
historicas dos diversos povos. 8° 

Lisbon, 1889 

Ditto. Descrip^ao da Viagem a 

Mussumba do Muatianvua. Vol. I. 
De Luanda ao Cuango. Maps and 
illustrations. 8° Lisbon, 1890 

Ditto. Ethnographia e Historia Tra- 

dicional dos Povos da Lunda. Maps 
a}id illustrations. 8° Lisbon, 1890 

Memoria. A Lunda ou os Estados 

do Muatianvua, dominios da soberania 
de Portugal. 8° Lisbon, 1890 

Carvalho, Jose Carlos de. Meteorite de 
Bendego : Rapport presente au Ministere 
de I'Agriculture, du Commerce, et des 
Travaux Publics et a la Societe de 
Geographic de Rio de Janeiro, sur le 
deplacementet le transport du Meteorite 
de Bendego de I'interieur de la Pro- 
vince de Bahia au Musee National. 
Plan and plates. 4* Rio de J aneiro , \%'i% 
Carvallo, — . See Allgemeine Historic, 

Vol. 16 : Appendix i. 
Carve, T. Itinerarium Thom:e Carve 
Tipperariensis, sacellani majoris Anglo- 
rum, Scotorum et Hibernorum, sub exer- 
citu Csesarese Majestatis militantium cum 
historia facti Butleri, Gordon, Lesly, et 
aliorum. (Nova Editio ; Quaritch.) 
Square 8° 1859 

Carver, J. Travels through the Interior 
Parts of North America, in the years 
1766, 1767, and 1768. Maps and plates. 
8° 1778 

Cary, John. Itinerary of the Great Roads 
throughout England, Wales, and Scot- 
land. Maps. 8° 1812 
Casa, Giovanni della. Opere. 4 vols. 8° 
Milan, 1806 
Casalis, E. Les Bassoutos, ou Vingt-trois 
annees de sejour et d'observations au Sud 
de I'Afrique. Map and plates. 8° 

Paris, 1859 

The Basulos ; or, Twenty-three Years 

in South Africa. Map and plates. 8° 


My Life in Basutoland : a Story of 

Missionary Enterprise in South Africa. 

Translated from the French, by J. 

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Storico, Statistico, Commerciale, degli 

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Asiatica : Informe sobre si conviene a 

Chile la Inmigracion de los Chinos. 4° 

Santia^^o de Chile, 1880 

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of Lectures on Commercial Geography. 

ia° Manchester, 1884 

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las Indias. 5 vols. 8° Madrid, 1875-76 

Istoria 6 brevissima relatione della 

Destruttione dell' Indie Occidentali. 
Trad, di Francesco Bersabita. 4° 

Venice, 1626 

Conquista dell Indie Occidentali. 

Tradotta di Marco Ginammi. Square 
8° Venice, 1645 

See Laharpe, Vol. 9 ; Purchas, Vol. 

4; Allgemeine Ilistorie, Vol. 15 ; Cartas 
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Translated from the original Italian Manu- 
script by the Hon. Mrs J. Randolph 
Clay, assisted by Mr J. Walter Savage 
Landor. 2 vols. Maps and illustra- 
tions. 8° I 89 I 
Casdagli, A. S. IIoKr 'Ei»pov tov 
Ai^iyKO-Twva. [Greek Translation of 
" How I Found Livingstone," by H. 
M. Stanley.] Map. 8° Smyrna, I'i'j'j 
Casoni, L. Vannicelli. Relazione alia 
Santita di nostro Signore Papa Pio IX. 
suUa eseguita Revisione dell' Estimo 
rustico nelle provincie di Camerino e 
Perugia. Maps. Folio Rome, 1848 

Ditto. Dellc Provincie componenti 

la Sezione dellc Marche. Map and tables. 

Folio Rome, 1847 

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Appendix i. 
Cassell's Gazetteer of Great Britain and 
Ireland : being a complete Topographi- 
cal Dictionary of the United Kingdom. 
[In progress.] Maps and illustrations. 
Large 8° 1893, &c. 

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Appendix 1. 
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eprouver les Montres Marines, inventees 
par M. le Roy ; avec le Memoire sur la 
meilleure maniere de mesurer le tems 
en mer, qui a remporte le Prix double au 
jugement de I'Academie Royale des 
Sciences ; contenant la Description de la 
Montre a Longitudes, 1766, par M. le 
Roy. Map and plates. 4° Paris, 1770 

A Voyage to Newfoundland and 

Sallee, &c. See Auteroche, Abbe 

Chappe d'. 

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della Geografia nei tempi Antichi e 

Moderni. 8* Pisa, 1824 

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Spedizione Portoghese in Abissinia nel 

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les lies de Cerigo, Hydra, et Zante. 2 
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Appendix 2. 

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Hombre del Peiion, Noticia sobre el 
Hallazgo de un Hombre prehistorico en 
el Valle de Mexico. Plates. 8* 

Mexico, 1885 

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Espaiia, y sus Provincias de Cuba, 
Puerto Rico, Filipinas, y posesiones de 
Africa. 4 vols. Maps and illustrations. 
4° Barcelona, 1889-92 

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Field-Notes on Parish and Railway Sur- 
veying and Levelling, with Plans and 
Sections, &c., and a Traverse Table. 
Maps and plates. %° 1847 

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pendix I . 

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de I'Amerique du Nord. Plates. 4° 

Pans, 1842 

Expedition dans les Parties Centrales 

' de I'Amerique du Sud, de Rio de 
Janeiro k Lima, et de Lima au Para, 
executee par Ordre du Gouvernement 
Fran9ais, pendant les annees 1843 
a 1847. 15 vols. 8°, 4°, and folio, 
viz : — 
Histoire du Voyage. 6 vols. 8° 

Paris, 1850 

Itineraires et Coupe geologique. Plates, 

partly coloured. Folio Paris, 1852 

Geographic. Maps, coloured outlines. 

Folio Paris, 1853 

Vues et Scenes. Plates, some coloured. 

4° . , P^'is, 1853 

Antiquites des Incas et autres Peuples 

Anciens. Plates. 4° Paris, 1854 

Botanique. Chloris Andina. 2 vols. 

Plates. 4° Paris, 1855 

Zoologie. Animaux Nouveaux ou 

Rares. 3 vols. Coloured plates. 4° 

Paris, 1855-57 

Renseignement sur I'Afrique Centrale 

et sur une Nation d'llommes a Queue 
qui s'y trouvent d'apres le rapport des 
Negres du Soudan, esclaves a Bahia. 
Map and plates. 8° Paris, 185 1 

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"Challenger" Reports: Appendix 2. 

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Freye de Andrada. Portrait. 18° 

Lisbon, 1747 

Roteiro em que se contem a viagem 

que fizeram os Portuguezes no anno de 
1 54 1, partindo da nobre Cidade de Goa 
atee Soez, que he no fim, e stremidade 
do Mar Roxo, com o sitio e pintura de 
todo o Syno Arabico . . . tirado a luz 
pela primeira vez do manuscrito original 
e acrescentado com o itinerarium Maris 
Rubri, &c. . . . pelo Doutor Antonio 
Nunes de Carvalho. Map and plates. 
8° Paris, 1833 

Vida de, escripta por J. F. de 

Andrada, Impressa conforme a primeira 
edi9ao de 1651. Adjuntao se algumas 
breves notas, auctorizadas com Docu- 
mentos Originales e ineditos por D. 
Francisco de S. Luiz. Portrait. Small 
4° Lisbon, 1835 

Primeiro Roteiro da Costa da India ; 

desde Goa ate Dio ; Narrando a Viagem 
que fez O Vice-Rei D. Garcia de Noronha 
em soccorro desta Ultima Cidade, 1538- 
39. Plates. 8° Oporto, 1843 

Roteiro de Lisboa a Goa, annotado 

por Joao de Andrade Corvo. Maps 
and plates. 8 Lisbon, 1882 

Memoire sur les connaissances scienti- 

fiques de, par F. D'Andrade. 8* 

Paris, N.D. 

See Astley, Vol. i ; Gottfried ; Kerr, 

Vol. 6 ; Purchas, Vol. 2, Book 7 : Ap- 
pendix I. 

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5 vols. 12° Lisbon, 1745-58 

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Map. 8* Paris, 1890 

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the iVIanners, Customs, and Condition of 
the North American Indians. 2 vols. 
Maps and plates. 8° 1841 

Notes of Eight Years' Travels and 

Residence in Europe. Plates. 2 vols. 
8° 1848 

Catalogueof Indian Collection. 8° 1848 

Steam-Raft, suggested as a Means of 

Security to Human Life upon the Ocean. 
Plates. 8* Manchester, i860 

Catlow, A. and M. E. Sketching 
Rambles, or Nature in the Alps and 
Apennines. 2 vols. Plates. 8° 186 1 

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Dynasty in India, from its foundation by 
Tamerlane in 1399 to the accession of 
Aurengzebe in 1657. Translated from 
the French. 8° 1826 

Cauce, F. See Tellez. 

Cautley, Col. Sir Probyn T. Report 
on the Khirkee and Chuttupoor Bunds, 
December 1848. Map attd plates. [From 
the India Records, N. W. Provinces, 
Vol. 2] -^g^a, 1856 




Cautley, Col. Sir Probyn T. Memo- 
randa on Hall and Ainslie's Brickmaking 
Machines, as used in the Roorkee 
Brickfields. [From the India Records 
N.W. Provinces, Vol. 2] Ag^ra, 1856 

Report on the influence of the Jumna 

Canals on the Jumna River. Plate. 
[From the same] Agra, 1856 

Ganges Canal : a disquisition on the 

Heads of the Ganges and Jumna Canals, 
North-Western Provinces, in reply to 
strictures by Sir Arthur Cotton. Maps. 
8* Privately printed, 1864 

Ganges Canal : a Valedictory Note to 

Major- General Sir Arthur Cotton re- 
specting the Ganges Canal. 8* 

Privately printed, 1 864 

Cave, Laurence Trent. The French in 
Africa. Maps. 8° 1859 

Cavellat, Gulielmus. Elementale Cos- 
mographicum, quo lotius et Astronomire 
et Geographins rudimenta, certissimis 
brevissimisque docentur ajiodixibus; adi- 
unximus huic lil^ro Cosmographiae Intro- 
ductionem cum quibusdam Geometrire 
ac Astronomise principiis ad earn rem 
nece sariis. Diagrams. 12° 

Paris, 1550-51 

Cavenagh, Capt. Orfeur. Rough Notes 
on the State of Nepal, its Government, 
Army, and Resources. Map. 8° 

Calcutta, 1 85 1 

Cavendish [or Candish], Sir Thomas. 
Life and Voyages. See Drake, Sir F. ; 
also Rurney, Vol. 2 ; Callander, Vol. 
I ; Gottfried ; Hakluyt, Vol. 4 ; Harris, 
Vol. I ; Kerr, Vol. 10 ; Laharpe, Vol. 15 ; 
Allgemeine Historic, Vol. 12 : Appen- 
dix I. 

Caviezel, M. Tourists' Guide to the 
Upper Engadine. Translated from the 
German. Map. 12° 1877 

Cayley, Arthur. Life of Sir Walter 
Raleigh. 2 vols. Portrait. 8° 1806 

Cayley, Dr H. Report on the Route to the 
Karakash River vid the Changchenmoo 
Valley and Pass. [From the India 
Records, No. 2 (Punjab)] Lahore, 1868 

and W. H. Reynolds. Report on 

the Roads through Ladakh to Yarkand ; 
with a Letter and Memorandum from 
Major T. G. Montgomerie on the sub- 
ject. Folio* Simla, 1871 

Cazal, P. Manoel Ayres de. Corografia 
Brazilica, ou Rela^ao Historico-Geogra- 
fica do Reino do Brazil. 2 vols. 8" 

Rio de Janeiro, 1817 

Cazeneuve, Dr Paul. De I'Alimentation 
chez les peuples sauvages et les peu])les 
civilises. 8 Lyons, 1882 

Cazwini, Zakarija Ben Muhammed 

Ben Mahmud el. Kosmographie. 

Ilerausgegeben von Ferdinand Wlisten- 

feld. [In Arabic] Vols, i and 2. 8° 

Gottingen, 1848-49 

Cecchi, A. Da Zeila alle Frontiere del 
Cafia : Viaggi di Antonio Cecchi, publi- 
cati a cura e spese della Societa Geogra- 
fica Italiana. 2 vols. Maps, portraits, 
and illustrations. 8° Rome, 1885-86 

Cecil, Evelyn. Notes of my Journey 
round the World. Lllustrations. 8° 


Cecille, M. Extrait du Rapport \ la Pro- 
tection de la Peche de la Baleine, pend- 
ant 1837-39. 8* Paris, 1840 

Cella, P. Delia. See Della Cella. 

Cellarius, Christophorus. Notitia Or- 
bis Antiqui sive Gecgraphia Plenior, ah 
ortu rerumpublicarum ad Constantinorum 
tempora Orbis terrarum faciem declarans. 
2 vols. ALaps. 4° Leipzig, 1701-6 

Gecgraphia Antiqua. By S. Patrick. 

6th edition. Maps. 8° 1816 

Geographia Antiqua, recognita denuo, 

et ad veterum novorumque scriptorum 
fidem, historicorum maxime, identidem 
castigata ; edidit Samuel Patrick. Maps. 
8° 1821 

Celoria, Giovanni. See Issel. 

" Centurion," Ship. See Kerr, Vol. 7 : 
Appendix i. 

Centurione, P. See Pierling. 

Cernik, Josef. Technische Studien- 
Expedition durch die Gebiete des Euphrat 
und Tigris nebst Ein- und Ausgangs- 
Routen durch Nord-Syrien. (Ergan- 
zungsheft, 44 — Petermann's Mittheil- 
ungen). Maps. 4° Gotha, 1875 

Ditto (Erganzungsheft, 45). Maps. 4° 

Gotha, 1875 

Cernuschi, H. Mecanique de I'Echange. 
8" Paris, 1865 

La Monnaie bimetallique. Small 8° 

Paris, 1876 

Bi-metallic Money, and its bearings 

on the Monetary Crises in Germany, 
France, England, and the United States. 
2nd edition. Small 8° 1876 

See Jacquemart. 

Cerquero, Don Jose Sanchez. Memoria 
sobre la posicion (ieografica de Sevilla. 
Small 8* San Fernando, 1832 

Ceruti, Antonius. Statuta Communitatis 
NovariiE. 4° Novara, 1878 

Cervati, Domenico. Studi e Considera- 
zioni intorno ai Porti e segnatamente su 
quello di S. Venere, e del bisogno di 
costruirsi un nuovo Porto a Napoli con 
un Dock. Plan. 8° Naples, 1859 

Cervelli, Aug. See Recueil de Voyages, 
Vol. 2, p. 611 : Appendix i. 

Cesnola, L. P. di. Cyprus, its Ancient 
Cities, Tombs, and Temples : a Narra- 
tive of Researches and Excavations dur- 
ing Ten Years' Residence as American 
Consul in that Island. Maps and plates. 
8° 1877 



Ceuleneer, A. de. Type d'Indien du 
Nouveau Monde represente sur un bronze 
antique du Louvre : Nouvelle Contribu- 
tion a rinterpretation d'un fragment de 
Cornelius Nepos. Plates. 8* 

Brussels, 1890 

Cevallos, P. T. Compendio de la His- 
toria del Ecuador. Segunda edicion. 
12° Guayaquil, 1885 

Cevasco, M. Statistique de la Ville de 
Genes. 2 vols. 8° Genoa, 1838 

Chabas, F. Les Pasteurs en Egypte. 4* 
Amsterdam, 1868 

Chack, Martin. See Burney, Vol. 2 : 
Appendix i. 

Chaddock, G. A. South-Eastern Africa. 
Explorations by a Member of the Mer- 
cantile Marine Service Association. Map. 
8* 1885 

Narrative of a Voyage of Exploration 

in the s.s. "Maud," on the East Coast 
of Africa, undertaken for the purpose of 
ascertaining the Value of Waterways 
hitherto unexplored, and with the object 
of establishing Trade thereon, in British 
interests. Maps. 8* Liverpool, 1890 

Chadwick, J. O. Perseverance in Arctic 
Exploration : an Enquiry whether the 
advantages which may be expected to 
result from a successful Expedition to 
the North Pole are sufficient to justify 
further efforts in the attempt. 8* 1877 

Chaffanjon, J. L'Orenoque et le Caura : 
Relation de Voyages executes en 1886 et 
1887. Maps and illustrations. 12° 

Paris, 1889 

Chagas, M. P. Os Descobrimentos Por- 
tuguezes e os de Colombo. Tentativo de 
Coordena^ao Historica. 8° Lisbon, 1892 

Chaggi, Memet. See Purchas, Vol. 3, 
Book I : Appendix i. 

Chaho, J. A. Voyage en Navarre pend- 
ant I'lnsurrection des Basques (1830-35). 
Plates. 8° Paris, 1836 

See Abl)adie, Antoine d'. 

Chaigneau, Michel D. Souvenirs de 
Hue (Cochinchine). Map, plate, and 
plan. 8° Paris, 1867 

Chaille - Long Bey, Colonel. Central 
Africa : Naked Truths of Naked People. 
An Account of Expeditions to the Lake 
Victoria Nyanza and the Makraka Niam- 
Niam, west of the Bahr-el-Abiad (White 
Nile). Photograph, 7)iap, and plates. 8° 


L'Egypte et ses Provinces perdues. 

8° Paris, 1892 

Chailley, Joseph. Paul Bert au Tonkin. 
Portrait. 12° Paris, 1887 

Chailley- Bert, J. La Colonisation de 

rindo-Chine; 1 'experience Anglaise. 12° 

L'aris, 1892 

Chaillu. .See Du Chaillu. 

Chaix, Prof. Emile. La Circulation 
Oceanique generale. 8* Geneva, 1890 

Chaix, Prof. Emile. Une Course a 
I'Etna. 12* Geneva, 1890 

L'Irrigation de I'Egypte. 8* 

N.P., N.D. 

La Vallee del Bove et la Vegetation de 

la Region superieure de I'Etna. Plates. 
8* Geneva 1891 

L' Eruption de I'Etna en 1892. Plates. 

8* Geneva, 1893 

Chaix, Prof. Paul. Precis de Geo- 
graphic Elementaire. 12° Geneva, 1843 

Histoire de I'Amerique Meridionale 

au Seizieme Siecle, comprenant les De- 
couvertes et Conquetes des Espagnols 
et des Portugais dans cette partie du 
monde, — Perou. Afap. 2 vols in i. 12° 
Paris, 1853 

Des Canaux qui unissent a la Neva le 

Bassin du Volga. Map. 8* Geneva, 1856 

Explorations Arctiques : Le Dr Kane, 

MacClintock. Part 2. 8* Getieva, i860 

Esquisse Chronologique des Voyages 

sur le Senegal et la Gambie. Map. 8° 
Geneva, 1866 

Etudesurl'Ethnc^aphie de I'Afrique. 

8* Geneva, n. d. 

Isthme de I'Amerique Centrale. 8* 


Le Bassin du Mississippi au Seizieme 

Siecle. Maps. 8* n.p., n.d. 

"Challenger" Voyage. Preliminary 
Reports, Nos. i to 7. Maps. Folio 


The "Challenger" Expedition Papers, 

by Sir Wyville Thomson, Mr Murray, 
Mr Moseley, Mr Buchanan, and the late 
Dr von Willemoes-Suhm, communicated 
by permission of the Lords of the Admir- 
alty to the Royal Society, and printed in 
their Proceedings. Charts, sections, and 
plates. 8° 1876 

Report on the Scientific Results of 

the Voyage of H.M.S. "Challenger" 
during the years 1873-76, under the 
command of Captain George S. Nares 
and Captain Frank Tourle Thomson. 
Prepared under the superintendence of 
the late Sir C. Wy^ulle Thomson, and 
now of John Murray. 4° Charts and 
plates :- - 

Reports: Zoology. Vols. 1-32. 

Plates. Large 4° 1880-89 

Narrative of the Cruise, with 

General Account of the Scientific Re- 
sults of the Expedition. Vol. i (in 2 
parts) 1885 

Narrative. Vol. 2. Magnetical 

Observations, &c. 1882 

Physics and Chemistry. Vols, i 

and 2 1884 and 1889 

Botany. 2 vols. 1885-86 

Deep-Sea Deposits 1891 

Summary of Results. 2 parts 1895 

[For Contents, see United Kingdom, H ; 
Appendix 2. J 



Challes, — de. See Allgemeine Historic, 
Vol. 1 8 : Appendix i. 

Challice, J. A. Scheme for the Effectual 
Suppression of the East African Slave 
Trade. 8* 1869 

The same. Appendix, 1871 ; Ad- 
denda, 1872. 8* 1872 

Chalmers, Andrew. Transylvanian Re- 
collections : Sketches of Hungarian 
Travel and History. 12* 1880 

Chalmers, Rev. James. On the Manners 
and Customs of some of the Tribes of 
New Guinea. 8* {^Glasgow, 1886] 

Pioneering in New Guinea. Maps 

and illustrations. 8° 1887 

and W. Wyatt Gill. Work and 

Adventure in New Guinea, 1877-85. 
Maps ami illustrations. Crown 8° 1885 

Chalmers, John. The Origin of the 
Chinese : an attempt to trace the con- 
nection of the Chinese with Western 
Nations in their Religion, Superstitions, 
Arts, Language, and Traditions. Small 
8° 1868 

Chaloner, Sir Thomas. See Hakluyt, 
Vol. 2 : Appendix i. 

Chaloner, Edward, and — Fleming. 

The Mahogany-Tree, its Botanical Char- 
acter, Qualities, and Uses, with practical 
suggestions for selecting and cutting it 
in the regions of its growth in the West 
Indies and Central America ; with No- 
tices of the projected Interoceanic Com- 
munication of Panama, Nicaragua, and 
Tehuantepec. ]\Iap and plates. 8° 

Liverpool, 1850 

Chambaud, Louis. Nouveau Diction- 
naire Fran9ois - Anglois et Anglois- 
Fran9ois ; contenant la signification des 
Mots, avec leurs diffierens usages. Revue, 
corrigee, augmentee de plusieurs mille 
nouveaux articles, par Jean Perrin. 2 
vols. 4° 1778 

Chamberlain, Basil Hall. The Lan- 
guage, Mythology, and Geographical 
Nomenclature of Japan, viewed in the 
light of Aino Studies, including " An 
Ainu Grammar" by John Batchelor, and 
a Catalogue of Books relating to Yezo 
and the Ainos. (Memoirs of the Litera- 
ture College, Imperial University of 
Japan, No. I.) Large 8° Tokio, 1887 

Chamberlin, T. C. See United States, 
G, (• ; K (Wisconsin) : Api^endix 2. 

Chambers, Charles. The Meteorology 
of the Bombay Presidency. 4° 1878 

and F. Chambers. Magnetical and 

Meteorological Observations made at 
the Government Observatory, Bombay, 
in the years 1879 to 1882. Folio 

Bombay, 1883 

S(e Robinson, G, T, 

Chambers, Capt. Report on Irrigation 
from the Taptee River ; with Plans in a 
separate case. [From the India Records] 
8° Bombay, 1861 

Chambers, C. H. See Gastaldi, B. 
Chambers, F. Report on the Administra- 
tion of the Meteorological Department in 
Western India for the year 1878-79. 
Folio* Bombay, 1879 

See Robinson, G. T., and Chambers, 

Chambers, George F. Handbook of 
Descriptive and Practical Astronomy. 
Plates. 12° London, 186 1 
The Handbook Dictionary : a Prac- 
tical and Conversational Dictionary of 
the English, French, and German Lan- 
guages, in parallel columns, for the use 
of Travellers and Students. 12° 1883 
Chambers, Robert. Ancient Sea-Margins, 
as Memorials of Changes in the Relative 
Level of Sea and Land. l^Iap and plate. 
8° 1848 

Tracings of Iceland and the Faroe 

Islands. 12* 1856 

Chambers, Trant. See Myers, F. 
Chambers, William. Things as they 
are in America. 8° 1854 

Chambeyron, and — Banare. Instruc- 
tions Nautiques sur la Nouvelle-Cale- 
donie . . . ; suivies d'une Note sur 
les Isles Loyalty par M. Jouan. [No. 
458 of the Publ. of the Depot des Cartes 
et Plans de la Marine.] Maps. 8° 

Paris, 1869 
Chamerovzow, Louis A. Borneo Facts 
verstis Borneo Fallacies : an Inquiry 
into the alleged Piracies of the Dyaks of 
Serebas and Sakarran. 8* 1851 

Chamich, Father Michael. History of 
Armenia, from B.C. 2247 to a.d. 1780, or 
1229 of the Armenian Era. Translated 
from the Original Armenian by J. Audall; 
to which is Appended a Continuation of 
the History by the Translator from 1780 
to the present date. 2 vols. Map and 
plates. 8° Calcutta, 1827 

Chamier, Capt. My Travels ; or. An 
Unsentimental Journey through France, 
Switzerland, and Italy. 3 vols. 8° 

Chamisso, Adelbert von. Reise um 
die Welt mit der Romanzoffischen 
Entdeckungs-Expedition in 1815-18, auf 
der Brigg Rurik, Capt. Otto v. Kotzebue. 
Maps and portraits. 2 vols. 12° 

Leipzig, 1846 
Chamondopoulon, Mena D. Vnaypailna 
^v(TiKi] Kut rioAtTtK7;. Illustrations. 
12° Athens, 1888 

Champion, P. Industries Anciennes et 
Modernes de I'Empire Chinois d'apres 
des notices traduites du Chinois par 
Stanislas Julien. Plates. 8° Paris, 1869 



Champlain, S- de. Qiluvres de Champlain, 

publiees sous la patronage de I'Universite 

Laval par I'AbbeC.-H. Laverdiere. 2nd 

edition. 6 vols. Maps and plates. 4° 

Quebec, 1870 

See Marcel ; also Hakluyt Soc. Publ., 

Vol. 23 ; Purchas, Vol. 4 : Appendix i. 

Champlouis, Nau de. Notice sur la 
Carte de I'Afrique sous la domination 
des Romains . . . d'apres les 
travaux de Fr. Lacroix. 4* Paris, 1864 

ChampoUion, — . Sec Young, T. 

Chancellor, Richard. See Hakluyt, Vol. 
1 ; Purchas, Vol. 3, Book 2: Appendix i. 

Chandler, Dr R. Travels in Asia 
Minor and Greece. 2 vols, in i. Maps 
and plates. 4° 1817 

Chandless, W. Visit to the Salt Lake : 
being a Journey across the Plains and a 
Residence in the Mormon Settlements at 
Utah._ Map. 8° 1857 

Chandoin, E. Trois Mois de Captivite au 
Dahomey. Illustrations. 12° Paris, 1 891 

Chandra Das, Sarat. Narrative of a 
Journey to Lhasa in 1881-82. Map. 
Folio Calcutta, 1885 

Chanler, W. Astor. See Davis, R. H. 

Chanter, J. R. Lundy Island : a Mono- 
graph, Descriptive and Historical, with 
Notices of its Distinguishing Features in 
Natural History. Map. 12° 1877 

Chantre, Ernest. Etudes Paleoethno- 
logiques, ou Recherches Geologico-Ar- 
cheologiques sur I'industrie et les Moeurs 
de I'homme des temps antehistori(|ues 
dans le nord du Dauphine et les environs 
de Lyon. Plates. 4° Paris, 1867 

Notice Historique sur la vie et les 

travaux de J. J. P'ournet. 8* Lyons, 1870 

Recherches Anthropologiques dans le 

Caucase. 5 vols. 4° Paris 

Tome Premier. Periode Prehistorique. 

Map and plates 1885 

Tome Second. Periode Protohis- 

torique. Texte. Illustrations 1886 

The same. 

Tome Troisieme. 

Tome Quatrieme. 

elles. Map and plates 

Chantreau, P. N. Voyage 

Atlas 1886 

Periode Historique. 

Populations actu- 

phique. Politique, et Litteraire, fait en 
Russe 1788 et 1789. 2v0ls.ini. Maps 
and plates. 12° Hamburg, 1794 

Chanvalon,T. de. Voyage a la Martinique, 
contenant diverses Observations sur la 
Physique, I'Histoire Naturelle, I'Agri- 
culture, les Moeurs et les Usages de 
cette Isle, faites en 1751 et dans les 
anneessuivantes. Map. 4° Paris, 1763 

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Park. Illustrations. Crown 8° 

Boston, Mass., 1889 

The Land of the Cliff-Dwellers. 

Illustrations. 8° Boston, Mass., 1892 

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View of the Fiscal and Judicial System 
of Administration introduced into the 
Conquered Territory above the Ghauts, 
under the Authority of the Commissioner 
in the Dekhan. 8° Bombay, 1838 

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Wild Spain (Espana Agreste) : Records 
of .Sport with Rifle, Rod, and Gun ; 
Natural History and Exploration. Illus- 
trations. 8° 1893 

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ampton to Cape Town. Plates. 8° 


Chapman, F. R. Notes on the Depletion 
of the Fur-Seal in the Southern Seas. 
(Reprinted from the Canadian Record of 
Science, October 1893.) 8* 1893 

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of .South Africa, comprising Fifteen Years' 
Hunting and Trading, with Journeys 
across the Continent from Natal to 
Walvisch Bay, and Visits to Lake Ngami 
and the Victoria Falls. 2 vols. Maps 
and plates. 8° 1868 

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Remarks upon the Ancient City of 
Anurajapura or Anuradhapura, and the 
Hill Temple of Mehentele, in the Island 
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pendix I. 

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" Rosamond" to Newfoundland and the 
Southern Coast of Labrador. Map and 
plates. 8° 18 18 

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and the East Indies ; to which is added 
the Coronation of the Present King of 
Persia, Solyman the Third. Maps and 
plates. Folio 1686 

Sir John Chardin's Travels in Persia. 

Never before translated into English. 
2 vols. Illustrations. 8° 1720 

Voyages du Chevalier Chardin en 

Perse, et autres lieux de I'Orient. Por- 
trait and plates. 4 vols. 4° 

Amsterdam, 1735 

Voyages en Perse et autres lieux de 

I'Orient. . . . Nouvelle edition, . . . 
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8° and Atlas, folio Paris, 181 1 

See Brun ; also Harris, Vol. 2 ; 

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6, p. 608 ; The World Displayed, Vols. 
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Politique de Marseille, Ancienne et 
Moderne. 12° Marseilles, 1826 

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Histoire cle I'lsle Espagnole ou de S. 
Domingue, ecrite particulierement sur 
des Memoires manuscrits du P. Jean- 
Baptiste le Pers, et sur les Pieces 
originales qui se conservent au Depot 
de la Marine. 2 vols. 4" Paris, 1730 

Histoire et Description Generale de la 

Nouvelle France, avec le journal historique 
d'un Voyage fait par ordre du Roi dans 
I'Amerique Septentrionale. 3 vols. Maps 
and plates. 4° Paris, 1744 

The same. 6 vols, illaps. 12° 

Paris, 1744 

Histoire du Paraguay. 6 vols. Maps. 

12" Paris, 1757 

Journal of a Voyage to North-America, 

undertaken by order of the French King ; 
containing the Geographical Description 
and Natural History of that Country, 
particularly Canada, ... in a Series 
of Letters. . . . Translated from the 
French. 2 vols. Map. S" 1761 

The History of Paraguay ; contain- 
ing ... a Full and Authentic Account 
of the Establishments formed thereby the 
Jesuits from among the savage Natives. 
. . . Written originally in French. 2 
vols. 8° Dublin, i'j6() 

See Allgemeine Historic, Vols. 14, 

16 : Appendix i. 

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Explorations in Mexico and Central 
America, from 1857- 1882. Translated 
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S. Conant. Maps and illustrations. 
Large 8° 1887 

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Etymology : a Derivative Dictionary of 
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Verba Nominalia, or Words Derived 

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Amazonas Peruano. 8* Lima, 1877 

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Views. 4° Leipzig, \TJ% 

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Lebanon, their Manners, Customs, and 
History ; with a Translation of their 
Religious Code. Map. 8° 1855 

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Pinkerlon, Vol. i : Appendix i. 

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Paris a Jerusalem et de Jerusalem a 
Paris, en allant par la Grece, et revenant 
par I'Egypte, la Barbaric, et I'Espagne. 
2nd edition. 2 vols. Map. 8" 

Paris, 181 2 

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[3], Vol. I : Appendix I. 
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Kimbundu oder der Angola-Sprache. 

Separatabdruck aus der Zeitschrift fiir 

Afrikanische Sprachen, 1889. Heft 4. 

8" 1889 

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Excursions into Spain. Plates. 2 vols. 

8" 1843 

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Chaudouet, F. See Lecousturier. 
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sade a la Cour du Roi de Siam. Plates. 

16° Paris, 1687 

See Allgemeine Historic, Vol. 10 : 

Appendix i. 

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Voyages Pedestres dans toutes les regions 

de ces Montagnes. 2 vols. Map. 8° 

Paris, 1834 

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strom im Ost-Spitzbergischen Meere. 8'' 

Vienna, 1875 

Die geographische Ausstellung auf 

dem zweiten internationalen Geographen- 
Congresse zu Paris. 8* Vienna, 1875 

Central-Afrika nach dem gegenwar- 

tigen Stande der geographischen Kennt- 
nisse. 8* Vienna, 1876 

Die Englische Nordpolexpedition 

1875-76 unter Capitaa Nares, und ihre 
Resultate. Map. 12* Vienna, 1877 

Ueber Sonnenflecken. 12* 

Vienna, 1879 

Die Sahara, oder Von Oase zu Oase. 

Bilder aus dem Natur und Volksleben in 
der grossen afrikanischen Wliste. Map 
and plates. 8° Vienna, 1879 

Die mittlere Hcihe Afrika's. Map. 

8* Vienna, 1881 

Afrika im Lichte unserer Tage. I\Iap. 

12* Vienna, 1881 

Reisen und F'orschungen im alten 

und neucn Kongostaate. Maps and 
illustrations. Large 8° Jena, 1887 

See Hellwald, Y. von. 

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ensayo arqueologico. 2nd edition. Plate. 
Small 8* Mexico, 1876 

La Piedra del Sol. Plates. 4* 

Mexico \\%%ol:^, 

Chazallon, A. M. R Annuaire des 

Marees des Cotes de France, pour Pan 

1839. 18° Paris, 1839 

Memoire sur les divers moyens de se 

procurer une Base, par la Mesure directe, 
par la Vitesse du son, par des Observa- 
tions Astronomiques ; description d'un 
Nouvel Instrument pour mesurer la 
Vitesse du Vent, et formules relatives a 
la Resolution des Triangles Gcodesiques. 
Plates. 8* Paris, 1857 



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pour les ans 1849-65 [wanting 1856]. 2 
vols. 16° Paris, 1848-65 

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Pacific as it was and is. 8* 1851 

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Cabo-Verdiana, ou Descrip^ao Geogra- 
phico-Historica de Provincia das Ilhas 
de Cabo- Verde e Guine. Vol. i. Plan 
and plates. 8° Lisbon, 1841 

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ranee, le Nil, le Soudan, I'Egypte. 
Maps. 4" Paris, 1 89 1 

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E, a : Appendix 2. 

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Empire of Morocco, its Animals, Pro- 
ducts, Climate . . . ; with the Language, 
Religion, . . . Customs, and Character 
of the Moors, the History of the Dynas- 
ties since Edris, the Naval Force and 
Commerce of Morocco, and the Char- 
acter. . . ofthe reigning Emperor. Trans- 
lated from the French. 2 vols. 8° 1788 

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age de M. le Capitaine de Bonnemain a 
R'Dames, 1856-57. Map. %* Paris, i%x,y 

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a Poitiers, . . . suivi de ITtineraire de 
Tours a Poitiers, &c. 12° Poitiers, 1S51 

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of the Russian Military Expedition to 
Khiva in 17 17. Translated from the 
Russian by R. Michell. 8* 1873 

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Appendix i. 

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Navigation of the Euphrates. Plate. 
Folio 1833 

Expeditions for the Survey of the 

Rivers Euphrates and Tigris in 1835-37 ; 
preceded by Geographical and Historical 
Notices of the Regions situated between 
the Rivers Nile and Indus. Maps and 
plates. 4 vols. [Vols, i and 2 only.] 4° 


Remarks on the Tubular Life-Boat 

invented by H. Richardson, Esq. Plate. 
12* 1853 

Russo-Turkish Campaigns of 1828 

and 1829. Maps. 8° 1854 
Narrative of the Euphrates Expedi- 
tion carried on by order of the British 
Government during the years 1835, 1836, 
and 1837. Appendices. Map and plates. 
8° 1868 

Alexander the Great's Invasion of 

India. (From the Journal of the U.S. 
Institute of India.) Maps. 8* 1889 

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8* 1879 

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pendix I. 

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man of Lankenau and Oelnitz. Map 
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of Troy ; with a Map of that Region 
delineated from an actual survey. Trans- 
lated, with Notes and Illustrations, by 
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composition elementaire des differents 
bois, et sur le rendement annuel d'un 
hectare de Forets. 8° Paris, 1844 

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Guinea : Appendix 2. 

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laide Observer.) Map. 8* 

Adelaide, 1886 

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Arctic Regions in search of Franklin. 
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James Ross, 1848-49.] 4* 1873 

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1765 to 1840. 8° Boston, Mass., 1846 

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zine.) 8* 1857 

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Euplectella Aspergillum ("Venus's 
Flower- Basket"), from the Philippine 
Islands, &c. Plates. 4* 1878 

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tions on the White Nile in 1875. MS. 
Folio* [1888] 

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Judetului lasi. 8° Bucharest, 1888 

Dictionar Geografic al Judetului 

Vasluiu. 8° Bucharest, 1889 

See Filipescu-Dubau. 

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Geography. Illustrations. Crown 8° 


Longman's School Geography for 

Australasia. Illustrations. Crown 8" 



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mercial Geography. Maps. 8^ 1889 

Handbook of Commercial Geograpliy. 

3rd edition. Maps. 8° 1892 

A Smaller Commercial Geography. 

12° 1890 

An Examination of the Coal and Iron 

Production of the principal Coal and 
Iron producing Countries of the World, 
with reference to the English Coal 
Question. Diagram. 8* 1890 

Letter addressed to the Members of 

Council of the Royal Geographical 
Society on the System of Orthography 
for Native Names of Places. 4* [1890] 

Longman's School Geography for 

India and Ceylon. Illustrations. Crown 
8° 1891 

See Stanford, E. ; White, A. G. 

and C. H. Leete. Longman's 

School Geography for North America. 
Illustrations. 8° Neiv York, 1890 

and Prof. J. A. Liebmann. Long- 
man's School Geography for South 
Africa. Illustrations. 8° 189 1 

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and back to England. Folio I747 

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(Surveys) : Appendix 2. 

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of the Exploration of the Queen Charlotte 
Islands for the Government of British 
Columbia. Illustrations. 8° 

Victoria, B.C., 1884 

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Caucasus. In French.] Lithographed. 
Map. 4* 1857-63 

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Pologne, Ancienne et Moderne. See 
Malte-Brun, V. A. 

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riaux pour I'Etude Stratigraphique et 
Paleontologique de la Province d'Angola. 
Plates. 4° Geneva, 1888 

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d'Asie, Armenie, Kurdistan, et Meso- 
potamie. Map atid illustrations. 12° 
Paris, 1892 

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Monde. Plates. Folio Paris, 1822 

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Russischen Kosakenheere. (Erganzungs- 
heft, 71 — Petermann's Mittheilungen. ) 
Plate and map. 4° Got ha, 1883 

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Asante and Fante Language called Tshi 
[Chwee Twi] ; based on the Akuajjem 
Dialect, with reference to the other 
(Akan and Fante) Dialects. 8' Basle,i^J$ 

A Dictionary of the same, with a 

Grammatical Introduction, and Appen- 
dices on the Geography of the Gold 
Coast, and other subjects. 8° Basle, iSSi 

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aus dem Sudan. Separatalxlruck aus der 
" Zeitschrift fiir Afrikanische Sprachen," 
1889-90. Heft 2. 8* Schorndorf, 1889 

Sprachproben vom Sudan zwischen 

Asante und Mittel Niger. Separat- 
abdruck aus der "Zeitschrift fiir Afrik- 
anische Sprachen," 1889-90. Heft 2. 
8* Schorndorf, 1890 

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Papers) : Appendix 2. 

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Observations made by Captain Back 
during his late Arctic Expedition. 4* 


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tions at San Jorge, Central Uruguay, in 
1867-68, and on Pamperos there, with 
the Relation of these and other Storms 
at San Jorge and Buenos Ayres to each 
other. Large 8* 1880 

The Gauchos of San Jorge, Central 

Uruguay. 8* 1881 

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Mediterranean, including a Visit to the 
Seven Churches of Asia. 3 vols. 8° 


Christopher, J. S. Natal, a Cotton, 
Sugar, Grazing, and Agricultural 
Country ; with a Map of the Colony, 
and a Vocabulary of the Natal or Zulu 
Language. 8° N.D. 

Christy, H. See Lartet, Edouard. 

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and Drugs. Nos. 7 to 11. Illustrations. 
8* 1884-87 

New and Rare Drugs. 8* 1888 

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pedition to Western Russia. Vol. 5. 
[In Russian.] Small 4° 

St Petersburg, 1874 

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Education. 8* Calcutta, 1870 

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in the Amazon Valley. 8* 1870 

The Rapids of the Madeira Branch of 

the Amazon River : a Preliminary Re 
port upon the Madeira and Mamore 
Railway, based upon the Maps and 
Surveys made by the Engineers, Jose 
and Francisco Keller. Map. 8* 1870 

Explorations made in the Valley of 

the River Madeira from 1749 to 1868. 8" 


The Route to Bolivia via the River 

Amazon : a Report to the Govern- 
ments of Bolivia and Brazil. Maps. 8° 


Report of Mr George Earl Church 

upon Ecuador. 8* Washington, 1883 

The Venezuela Central Railway and 

its Sources of Traffic. 8* 1888 

See Keller, Jose. 



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China. (From the Engineering A^aga- 
zine, February 1893.) 8* 1893 

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Voyages and Travels. Maps and p/afes. 

8 vols. Folio 1707-47 

[For full Title and Contents of the 

eight volumes, see Appendix i.] 

Churchill, Col. C. H. Mount Lebanon: 
a Ten Years' Residence from 1842 to 
1852, describing the Manners, Customs, 
and Religion of its Inhabitants, with 
Historical Records of the Mountain 
Tribes. 3 vols. 8" 1853 

The Druzes and the Maronites under 

the Turkish Rule from 1840 to 1863. 
8" 1862 

Churchill, G. C. See Gilbert, J. 

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late in Samoa : a Record of Four Years' 
Sojourn in the Navigators Islands, with 
Personal Experiences of King Malietoa 
Laupepa, his Country and his Men. 8" 


Churi, Joseph H. Sea, Nile, the Desert, 
and Nigritia : Travels in company with 
Capt. Peel, R.N., 1851-52; with 13 
Arabic Songs . . . translated . . . and 
set to Musical Annotation, with other 
Arabic Songs. 8° 1853 

Chydenius, K. Svenska Expeditionen 
till Spetsbergen ar 1861 under ledning af 
Otto Torell. Ur Deltagarnes Anteck- 
ningar och andra Handlingar. Map 
and plates. Large 8° Stockholm, 1865 

Chy Fa Hian. See Fa Hian. 

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gazione del Tevere e della sua Foce in 
Fiumicino. Plates. 8° Rome, 1845 

Sul Tevere, suUa Linea piu con- 

veniente pet la Unione dei due Mari e 
sulla Marina Mercantile dello Stato 
Pontificio. 8* Rome, 1847 

Osservazioni Idraulico-Nautiche sui 

Porti Neroniano ed Innocenziano in 
Anzio. Plan. 8* Rome, 1848 

Risultati di Studi Idrodinamici, 

Nautici e Commerciali sul Porto di 
Livorno. Plan. 8* Florence, 1853 

Appendice. Plan. 8* Rome, 1855 

Sul Porto-Canale di Pesaro. Plan. 

8* Pesaro, 1857 

Sul Nuovo Emissario del Lago di 

Bientina e sulla Botte sotto I'Arno. 
Map. 8* Rome, 1857 

[The above six are bound in i vol.] 

Cenni sul Moto ondoso del Mare e 

suUe Correnti di Esso. Plate. 4° 

Rome, 1856 

Sul Moto ondoso 'del Mare e sulle 

Correnti di esso, Specialmente su Quelle 
Littorali. Seconda edizione. Plates. 
8° Rome, 1866 

Cialdi, Commendat. Alessandro. Les 

Ports-Canaux. Maps. 8* Rome, 1866 

Port - .Said a M. Ferdinand de 

Lessep. . . . Lettre du Comm. A. 
Cialdi , . . avec un Post-scriptum. 8* 

Rome, 1868 

Le Phenomene du Flot Courant, a 

propos du Naufrage de la Fregatte Russe 
" Alexandre-Newski. " Lettre, &c. 8* 

Rome, 1869 

A MS. Translation into French of 

part of the work " Cenni sul Moto ondoso 
del Mare," &c. Folio* n.p., n.d. 

See Tessan. 

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nella state del 1830. 8° Florence, 1831 

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Deutschen Reiches. 8* Vienna, 1885 

See Dorn, A. 

Cie^a de Leon, Pedro de. Parte Primera 
de la Chronica del Peru, que tracta la 
demarcacion de sus provincias, la descrip- 
cion dellas, las fundaciones de las neuvas 
ciudades, los ritas y costumbres de los 
Indios, y otras cosas estranas dignas de 
ser sabidas. 12" Antwerp, 1554 

The Seventeen Years' Travels of Peter 

de Ciezo through the mighty Kingdom 
of Peru, and the large Provinces of Car- 
tagena and Popayan in South America, 
from the City of Panama, on the Isthmus, 
to the Frontiers of Chile. Map. Small 
square 8° 1709 

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Appendix i. 

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Historic, Vol. 2 : Appendix i. 

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on "Les Monnaies d'Athenes," par 
M. Beule. (Extrait des Nouvelles 
Annales des Voyages, Novembre 1858.) 
8* Paris, 1858 

Les Russes sur I'Amur. Compte 

Rendu. (Extrait des Nouvelles Annales 
des Voyages.) 8* Paris, 1862 

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Terrestre en Filipinas. 4* 

Manila, 1893 

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la Geographic Physique et de la Geologic : 
Voyages photographiques dans le Dau- 
phine, la Savoie, le Nord de I'ltalie, la 
Suisse, et le Tyrol. [2 Maps separate.] 
Plates. 8° Paris, 1882 

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Appendix i. 

Clancey, J. C. Aid to Land-Surveying 
(Larger edition ; in English only), 
containing complete Sets of Logarithmic, 
Traverse, Levelling, and other Tables, 
and accompanied with 542 illustrations 
on the subject. Folio Calcutta, 1882 



Clancey, J. C. Aid to Land-Surveying 
(in English and Burmese), accompanied 
by 234 illustrations on the subject. 2nd 
edition. Folio Rangoon, 1890 

Calculating Tables for Use in Burma. 

Folio Rangoon, 1890 

Examination Questions in Surveying. 

2nd edition. Illustrations.. Folio 

Rangoon, 1892 

Claparede, Arthur de. Annuaire Uni- 
versel des Societes de Geographic, 1892- 
93. 12° Geneva, 1893 

Clapperton, Capt. Hugh. Journal of a 
Second Expedition into the Interior of 
Africa, from the Bight of Benin to Soc- 
catoo ; to which is added the Journal of 
Richard Lander from Kano to the Sea 
Coast, partly by a more Eastern Route. 
Map and portrait. 4° 1829 

See Denham, D. ; Lander, R. 

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analand. 2nd edition. 8* [1883] 

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for Emigration. 8* Port -of -Spain, 1886 

Clark, J. Leslie. Emigration to Vene- 
zuelan Guayana, &c. 8* 1868 

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of Climate ; with an Account of the Best 
Places of Resort for Invalids in England, 
the South of Europe, &c. 8° 1841 

Clark, John. Lectures on Accompts, or 
Book-keeping, after the Italian manner, 
by Double Entry of Debtor and Creditor. 
Small 4° 1732 

Clark, John. Proposed Plan for Ocean 
Telegraphy. Two Papers. 8* 1861 

Clark, John A. Glimpses of the Old 
World, or Excursions on the Continent 
and in Great Britain. 2 vols. 8° 1840 

Clark, J. W. See Gallon, Vacation 

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Instrument. Small 8° 1884 

Transit Tables for 1886 ; giving the 

Greenwich Mean Time of Transit of the 
Sun and of certain Stars for every dav in 
the year ; with an Ephemeris of the Sun, 
Moon, and Planets. 12° 1886 [1885] 

Transit Tables for 1887 ; giving the 

Greenwich Mean Time of Transit of the 
Sun and of certain Clock Stars for every 
day in the year. Computed from the 
"Nautical Almanac for Popular Use." 
12° 1887 

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Limited : Reix)rt on the Central Territory 
of Peru. 4* 1891 

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Notes of Study and Travel. Map and 
plans. 8° 1858 

See Galton, Vacation Tourists. 

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Moyle. The Kandahar Railway. 8* 


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France, Belgium, Prussia, Russia, India, 
Australia, made at the Ordnance Survey 
Office, Southampton, under the direction 
of Sir Henry James. Plates. 4° 1866 

Geodesy. 8° Oxford, 1880 

See James, Sir H. 

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Askja, by E. Delmar Morgan ; contain- 
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8° 1882 

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Acclimatisation in India ; with a Me- 
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and W. A. Bell. The Denver 

Pacific Railway, its Present Position 
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British Association for the Advancement 
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Atlantic and round Cape Horn into the 
Pacific Ocean, for the purpose of extend- 
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other objects of Commerce, by ascer- 
taining the Ports, Bays, Harbours, and 
Anchoring Berths in certain Islands and 
Coasts in those Seas. Maps and plates. 
4° 1798 

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The Naval and Military Resources of 

the Colonies. Small 8* 1879 

See White. 

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being the Narrative of a Journey of 
Exploration through the South China 
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2 vols. Maps and illustrations. 8° 1883 

The Truth about Tonquin : being the 

Times Special Correspondence. 12° 


English Policy in the Far East : being 

the Times Special Correspondence. 8° 


Amongst the Shans ; with upwards 

of Fifty whole-page Illustrations, and a 
Historical Sketch of the Shans, by Holt 
S. Hallett ; preceded by an Introduction 
on the Cradle of the Shan Race, by 
Terrien de Lacouperie. Map. 8° 1885 

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western China. R.G.S. Supplementary 
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and Holt S. Hallett. Report on 

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China ; with Account of Exploration- 
Survey by Holt S. Hallett, accompanied 
by Surveys, Vocabularies, and Appendices. 
Maps and illustrations. Folio [1884] 

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Power, and Resources of the British 
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Measures of different Countries are re- 
duced to a Common Measure known to 
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8*) N.I). 


CoL— COM. 

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Book through the United States of 
America and the Canadas ; containing 
the Routes and Distances on the Great 
Lines of Travel, by Railroads, Stage 
Roads, Canals, Lakes, and Rivers. Map. 
12° Ne-LU York, 1851 

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and among the Indians of the North- 
West Territory, in 1830, disclosing the 
Character and Prospects of the Indian 
Race. 2 vols. 8° 1833 

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tobal Colon enviada de Lisboa a Barce 
lona en Marzo de 1493. Nueva edicion 
critica ; conteniendo las variantes de los 
diferentes textos, juicio sobre estos, re- 
flexiones tendentes a mostrar a quien la 
Carta fue escrita, y varias otras Noticias, 
por el Seudonimo de Valencia. jSIap. 
16" Vienna, 1869 

La Historia de D. Fernando Colon, 

en la qual se da particular y verdadera 
relacion de la Vida y Hechos de el Almi- 
rante D. Christoval Colon su padre, y 
del descubrimiento de las Indias Occi- 
den tales . . . que tradujo de Espaiiol 
en Italiano Alonso de Ulloa ; y aora, por 
no parecer el Original Espaiiol, facada 
del traslado Italiano. Folio 

N.P., N.D. 

Lettera rarissima di Cristoforo Co- 
lombo riprodotta e illustrate dal Cavaliere 
Ab. Morelli. Small 8° Bassano, 1810 

Letter of, describing his First Voyage 

to the Western Hemisphere. Small 8* 

Neiv York, 1875 

Los Restos de Colon. Informe de la 

Real Academia de la Historia al Gobierno 
de S. M. sobre el supuesto hallazgo de 
los verdaderos restos de Cristoval Colon 
en la Iglesia Catedral de Santo Domingo. 
Plates. 12* Madrid, 1879 

Origine, patria e gioventu di Cristo- 
foro Colombo. Studi critici e docu- 
mentari con ampla analisi degli atti di 
Salinerio per Celsus. Large 8° 

Lisbon, 1886 

De Insulis nuper inventis. The 

Letter of Christopher Columbus announc- 
ing the Discovery of the New World : a 
Facsimile of the Earliest Edition, with 
Illustrations, reproduced for John S. 
Kennedy, President of the Lenox Library. 
12° New York, 1890 

The Spanish Letter of Columbus to 

Luis de Sant' Angel Escribano de Racion 
of the Kingdom of Aragon, dated 15th 
February 1493. [Reprinted in facsimile.] 
Translated and edited from the Unique 
Copy of the Original Edition (printed at 
Barcelona early in April 1493. ) 4° 1891 

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Espagnols. 8* Paris, 1892 

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Part 2. Vols. 2 and 3 1894 

Part 3. Vols. I and 2 1892-93 

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Redemption of Captives in 1720; with 
lists of more than 400 Slaves ransomed 
from Mequinez, also exact draughts of 
that place, Alcasar, Oran, and its neigh- 
bourhood. Maps and plates. 8^ 1735 

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Map and plates. 12" Paris, l^"]^ 

The same. Gabonais-Pahouins-Gal- 

lois. Map and plates. 12° Paris, 1875 
Notice Necrologique sur M. le Mar- 
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8* Cairo, 1877 
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tions . . . made in a late Journey through 
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8° 1697 

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2, 3rd edition, 1697 ; Vol. 3, 2nd edi- 
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Memoirs and Remarks made in above 

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an enlarged and illustrated edition of 
Winscombe Sketches ; with original 
illustrations by Edward Compton, and a 
Chapter on the Geological History of the 
Mendips by Prof. C. Lloyd Morgan. 
8" 1892 

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I'Amerique Meridionale, depuis la Cote 
de la Mer de Sud jusqu'aux Cotes du 
Bresil et de la Guiana, en descendant la 
Riviere des Amazones. Map. 8° 

Paris, 1745 

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made within the inland parts of South 
America, from the Coasts of the South Sea 
to the Coasts of Brazil and Guiana, down 
the River of Amazons. Map. 8" 1747 

Journal du Voyage fait par Ordre du 

Roi, a riCquateur, servant d'lntroduction 
Historique a la Mesure des trois premiers 
Degres du Meridien ; avec Supplement, 
servant de reponse a quelques objections. 
2 vols. Maps and plates. 4° 

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for the Committee of the Palestine Ex- 
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8° 1886 

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Crown 8° 1889 

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mala, and an English-Mexican Vocab- 
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i«taun. 2 vols. Map and plates. 8° 





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of the Recent Progress of Ethnology 
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la Question. 8* The Hague, 1858 

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Verfassung ; Stadte ; Land ; Bewohner ; 
Handelsbeziehungen ; Produkte ; poli- 
tische Verhaltnisse ; Europaer und 
deren Vertreter. ]\Iap and plait. 8° 

Bej'lin, 1880 

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on the Recent Surveying Operations in 
the Persian Gulf, in 1857-60; with a 
brief Review of the Existing Charts, and 
a Table of Maritime Positions. 8* 1862 

La Pilote du Golfe Persique, com- 

prenant le Golfe d'Omman . . . Traduit 
de I'Anglais par M. Hocquart. 2 parts. 
8° Paris, 1866 

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hausen). See New South Wales : Ap- 
pendix 2. 

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Report on the Railways in India for 
1886-87. Map and diagrams. Folio 


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The Central Alps of the Dauphiny. By 
W. A. B. Coolidge, H. Duhamel, and T. 
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Dauphiny Alps. 

The Lepontine Alps. By W. M. 

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scribed Cromleac near Rathkenny, Co. 
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Dudhi of the Mirzapur District, with 
Special Reference to its Land Assess- 
ment. Maps. Folio* Allahabad, 1879 

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Wales ; with an Introductory Compen- 
dium of the General Principles of that 
Science, and Comparative Views of the 
Structure of Foreign Countries. Part i. 
Maps. 8° 1822 

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Australia. Plan and illustrations. 8° 


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of British and Irish Produce exported 
to British Possessions, and of the Im- 
ports to the United Kingdom from those 
Possessions, during the years 1874 and 
1884. Diagrams. 8* 1886 

Norman River Bar. Plans. P'olio* 

[Brisbane^ 1888 

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ties of Salt. 8* Albany, N. v., i^T, 

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South Pole and round the World, per- 
formed in H.M.S. "Resolution" and 
"Adventure," 1772-75; in which is 
included Captain Furneaux's Narrative 
of his Proceedings in the "Adventure" 
during the separation of the ships. 
2 vols. Portraits, maps, and plates. 4° 


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et autour du Monde, en 1772-75, dans 
lequel on a insere la Relation du Capit. 
Furneaux et Forster. 6 vols. 8° 

Paris, 1778 

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et Bibliographic par James Jackson). 
Map. 8* Paris, 1879 

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King. Voyage to the Pacific Ocean, for 
making Discoveries in the Northern Hemi- 
sphere, to determine the Position and 
Extentof theWestSide of North America, 
its Distance from Asia, and the Practica- 
bility of a Northern Passage to Europe ; 
under the Direction of Captains Cool<, 
Gierke, and Gore, in H.M.S. the "Re- 
solution" and "Discovery," 1776-80. 
3 vols. A/aJ>s and plates. 4". [2 copies] 


Maps and Plates to above. Large folio. 

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pendix I. 

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1884-85. Mr John M. Cook's Visit to 
the Soudan : an Address, delivered at 
the Royal Normal College for the Blind, 
Upper Norwood. 8* [1885] 

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Excursion in Australian Wonderland. 
Map and plates. 4° 1889 

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The same. Another edition ; with 

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Papers of the late Major-General Sir 
Peter Scratchley ; with an Introductory 
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The Times Special Correspondence from 
China in 1857-58, with Corrections and 
Additions. Map and plates. 12° 1858 

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Official Journal of a March from Santa 
Fe, in New Mexico, to San Diego, in 
Upper California. 8* Washington, 1849 

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of the Practical Electric Telegraph of 
Great Britain, or the Brunei Award 
Vindicated ; in seven Letters, &c. 8° 

Bath, 1868 

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tric Telegraph : Was it Invented by Pro- 
fessor Wheatstone ? 2 vols. Cicfs. 8° 


The same. 4th edition. 8" 1866 

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dom, G, War Office Publ. : Appendix 2. 
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Maritime and Inland Discovery. 3 vols. 
12° 1830-31 

Histoire Generale des Voyages de 

Decouvertes Maritimes et Continentales 
depuis le Commencement du Monde 
jusqu'a nos jours. Traduite de I'AngJais 
par Ad. Joane et Oldnick. 3 vols. 1 2° 


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of the Arabs Examined and Explained ; 
or, An Inquiry into the Early History and 
Geography of Central Africa. Map. 8° 


Inner Africa Laid Open, in an At- 
tempt to Trace the Chief Lines of Com- 
munication across that Continent south 
of the Equator ; with the Routes to the 
Muropue and the Cazembe, Moenenioezi, 
and Lake Nyassa ; the Journeys of Krapf 
and Rebmann on the Eastern Coast, and 
the Discoveries of Oswell and Living- 
stone in the heart of the country. A'lap. 
8° 1852 

Claudius Ptolemy and the Nile ; or. An 

Enquiry into that Geographer's real 
merits and speculative errors, his know- 
ledge of Eastern Africa, and the authen- 
ticity of the Mountains of the Moon. 
3Iap. 8° 1854 

Dr Livingstone's Reise vom Fluss 

Liambey nach Loanda, in 1853 -54> 
kritisch und kommentarisch beleuchtet. 
Map. 4* Gotha, 1855 

Memoir of the Lake Regions of East 

Africa Reviewed (in reply to Capt. R. 
Burton). 8* 1864 

Dr Livingstone's Errors. 8* [1865] 

Memoire sur le Tacuy de Barros. 8* 

Paris, 1869 

Notice sur P. Paez. 8* Paris, 1872 

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graphical Society. Small 8* 1874 

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ous Globe and its Phenomena. Maps, 
plate, dfc. 8° 1876 

See Parrot, F. 

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and Swiss Guide- Books. 12° 1889 

Was ist eine " Erste Besteigung." 

Separatabdruck aus No. 375 vom 26 
Mai 1893, ^'cr Oesterr. Alpen-Zeitung. 
Large 8* P'ienna, 1893 

Die Deutsch redenden Gmeinden im 

Grauen oder Oberen Bunde (Rhatien) 
der Schweiz. Separatabdruck aus 
Nos. 376-7, Oesterr. Alpen-Zeitung. 
Large 8* 1893 

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du Haut-Dauphine. Map. 12° 

Grenoble, 1887 

The same. Supplement. 12° 

Grenoble, 1890 

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Using the Ilydropneumatic Baroscope, 
with Tables for the Direct Determina- 
tion of the Difference of Level. [2 leaves.'\ 
Tables. 4* N.P., N.D. 



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United Kingdom : a Descriptive and 
Statistical Work of Reference, contain- 
ing also some Important and Serious 
Facts connected with the Over-Popula- 
tion, Distress, and Chronic Scarcity of 
Employment in England. 3rd edition. 
8° Brighton, 1888 

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Heat over the Earth's Surface ; or, New 
Theory of Tropical Heat, Polar Cold, 
Mountain Snows, and the Earth's Di- 
urnal Revolution. 8* Liverpool, 1878 

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the Ecliptic observed at Markree during 

1848-56, and whose places are supposed 

to be hitherto unpublished. 4 vols. 8° 

Dublin, 1851-56 

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fornia) : Appendix 2. 

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or, Slavery and the Slave Trade in 
Africa, 1875. ^^<^P- 8° 1875 

See Berlioux. 

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Guide : a Sketch of the Present State of 
the Six Provinces, with a Digest of the 
Constitution and Land Regulations. 
Maps. 12° 1857 

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Dictionary of Contemporaries, containing 
Biographical Notices of Eminent Charac- 
ters of Both Sexes. 9th edition, revised 
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Commerce in Pigtail and Petticoats ; 
or, An Overland Journey from China 
towards India. Map and plate. 8° 1871 

The Mishmee Hills : an Account of 

a Journey made in an Attempt to Pene- 
trate Thibet from Assam to open new 
Routes for Commerce. Map and plates. 
12° 1873 

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to Jenolan Caves. Map. Large 8* 

Sydney, 1885 

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of the County of Armagh, with Obser- 
vations on the Means of Improvement. 
Maps. 8° Dublin, 1804 

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"Twelfth Night." Small 8* 1878 

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East. Charts and illustrations. 8° 1882 

The Western Pacific : being a De- 
scription of the Groups of Islands to the 
North and East of the Australian Con- 
tinent. Charts and illustrations. 12° 


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Reptilia and Batrachia obtained l)y the 
Orton Expedition to Equador and the 
Upper Amazon, with Notes on other 
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Account of the Island, the Religion, &c., 
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"Alert": Four Years in Patagonian, 
Polynesian, and Mascarene Waters, 
1878-82. Plates. Large 8" 1883 

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Maps and illustrations. 8° Paris, 1888 

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Storico ; Economico sulla Linea di 
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verso il Canale di Suez. 8* Casale, 1869 

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Guinea. 12* Rome, 1872 

II Tanjanika, Bacino chiuso. Map. 

4* [Ttirin, 1873] 

Cenni Generali intorno ad un Viaggio 

nella Bassa Albania (Epiro), ed a 
Tripoli di Barberia compiuto dal Set- 
tembre 1874 al Gennaio 1875. Map. 
4* Turin, 1875 

Cenni sui Lavori del Comitato Polare 

Internazionale (Sessioni d'Amburgo, 
1879, e di Berna, 1880), e sulla Pro- 
gettata Stazione Scientifica Italiana nelle 
Eniisfero Meridionale. Lettura fatta 
il 5 Dicembre 1880 alia Societa Geo- 
grafica Italiana. 8* Rome, 1880 

Sulle Progettate Stazioni per Osser- 

vazioni Fisiche Sistematiche nelle 
Regioni Polari. 4* [Rome'] 1880 

Cenni Intorno all' Attuale Indirizzo 

degli Studi Geografici. 8* Turin, 1881 

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di Tunisi. 2nd edition. 8* Tw'in, 1881 

II Sahara : Appunti e Considerazioni 

di Geografia Fisica. Map. 8* Rome, 1882 

I'Hegiaz Settentrionale tra El-Wigh, 

Medina e Bedr Honen. Map and plans. 
Small folio* [7>m«] 1885 

Delia Superficie Terrestre come 

Oggelto Precipuo della Geografia. 4* 

Turin, 1885 

I Precursori di Cristoforo Colomix) 

verso I'America, Conferenza tenteta alio 
Societa Geografica. Italiana il 30 Marza 
1885. 8* Roma, 1886 



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(Dal Supplemento alia 6a Edizione della 
Enciclopedia Italiana.) 4* Turin, 1889 

Della opportunita di costituire un 

comitato apposilo per promuovere siste- 
maticamente la Corografia scientific adella 
Regione Italiana e Proposta per I'attna- 
zone pratica dell' Idea. 8* Genoa, 1892 

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siques des Pyrenees. Alap. 4° Paris, i^^i 

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Physical Geography of the Arabian 
Frontier of Egypt, at the Earliest Epoch 
of Egyptian History and at the Present 
Time. Maps. 8° Edinburgh, 1848 

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Life of Matthew Fontaine Maury. 
Compiled by his daughter Diana Fon- 
taine Maury Corbin. 8° 1888 

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Bugey. 8* Bourg, 1885 

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e Fran5a. 12° Lisbon, 1874 

Viagens : Franca, Baviera, Austria, 

e Italia. 12° Lisbon, 1875 

De la part prise par les Portugais 

dans la Decouverte de I'Amerique. 8* 

Lisbon, 1876 

Portugal e o Movimento Geographico 

Moderno. 8* Lisbon, 1877 

Nolicia do Cunene. 12* Lisbon, 1878 

L'llydrographie Africaine au XVI<= 

Siecle, d'apres les Premieres Explora- 
tions Portugaises. 8* Lisbon, 1878 

Catalogos e indicis as Publica^aoes 

da Sociedade de (ieographia de Lisboa. 
8" Lisbon, 1889 

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Cao. Memoria apresentada a loa sessao 
do Congresso Internacional dos Orienta- 
listas. Plates. 8* Lisbon, 1892 

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Ajipendix i. 
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liographique des Ouvrages relatifs a 
I'Empire Chinois. 2 vols. Large 8° 

Paris, 1878-85 

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rages publics en Chine par les Euro- 
peens au XVIP et au XVIII° Siecle. 
4* Paris, 1883 

Le Conflit entre la France et la 

Chine : Etude d'Histoire Coloniale et de 
droit International. 8* Paris, 1883 

Le Consulat de France a Hue sous la 

Restauration : Documents inedits tires 
des Archives des Departements des 
Affaires Etrangeres de la Marine et des 
Colonies. 8° Paris, 1884 

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8* Paris, 1890 

See Odoric de Pordenone ; also Cata- 
logues : Appendix 2. 

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lon, containing an Account of the 
Country, Inhabitants, and Natural Pro- 
ductions ; with a Tour round the Island 
in 1800, the Campaign in Candy in 1803, 
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2 vols, in I. Plates. 4° 1807 

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Africa. Pubblicazione della Societa 
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ao Estabelecimcnto Portuguez de S. 

Joao Baptista de Ajuda na Costa da 

Mina, em 1865. J'lan. 8° Lisbon, 1866 



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Vol. 15 : Appendix i. 
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Windward Coast of Africa ; the Religion, 
Character, Customs, &c., of the Natives, 
with a System upon which they may be 
Civilised, and a Knowledge attained of 
this extraordinary quarter of the Globe, 
and upon the Natural and Commercial 
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man. 8° Paris, 1857 
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ages et sur les Progres de la Geographic 
depuis 1800 jusqu'en 1856. Royal 8* 

Lagny, N.D. 

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nographie et de I'Histoire naturelle d'une 
partie d'Afriquc Australe Interieure (du 
cours superieur du Fleuve Orange au 
cours du Zambeze). Royal 8* 

Paris, 1858 

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Rapport sur les Progres de I'Ethno- 
graphie et de la Geographic en Amcr- 
ique pendant 1858 et 1859. 8° 

Paris, i860 

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Burke, 1860-61 ; Macdouall Stuart, 
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Trois des plus Anciens Monuments 

Geographiques du Moyen Age, con- 
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and L. de. Rosny. Tableau de la 

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descubierto nuevamente en el Jucatan, 
del afio de 19 a esta parte, &c. Folio 
Seville, 1522 

Cortes, Hernan or Fernando. Carta 
tercera de relacion . . . por D. 
Fernando Cortes . . . de las cosas 
sucedidas . . . en la conquista . , . de 
la . . . Ciudad de Temixlitan. Folio 
[Cuioacan^ 1522 

— — Carta, o quarta relacion, que Fer- 
nando Cortes . . . embioal . . . Seiior 
Don Carlos ... en la qual estan otras 
Cartas y Relaciones que los Capitanes 
Pedro de Alvarado y Diego de Godoy 
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ate sotto I'aspetto Geografico e Storico. 


Maps and illustrations 



Provincia di Firenze 












Massa Carrara 









■ Grosselo 



Regione Siciliana 



Provincia di Palermo 





































































Regione Calabrese. Provincia di 
















Corti, Siro. Le Provincie d'ltalia, stiuli- 
ate sotto I'aspetto Geografico e Storico — 
continued: — 

37. Provincia di Chieti 

38. Aquila 

39. Teramo 

40. Campobasso 

41. Torino 

42. Cuneo 

43. Novara 

44. • Alessandria 

45. Cagliari 

46. Sassari 

47. Genova 

48. Porto Maurizio 

49. Venezia 

50. Verona 

51. Vicenza 

52. Belluno 

53. Padova 

54. Rovigo 

55. Treviso 

56. Udine 

57. Bologna 

58. Ferrara 

59. Piacenza 

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from the edition of 161 1 ; to which are 
now addtd his Letters from India, &c., 
and Extracts relating to him from various 
authors ; being a more particular Account 
of his Travels (mostly on foot) in different 
parts of the Globe, with his Orations, 
Character, Death, &c. 3 vols. Plates. 
8° 1776 

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Gerald Graham's Field Force at Suakin. 
Pla7t and illustrations. 8° 1886 

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seu Expositio Methodica Plantarum om- 
nium in Algeria necnon in regno Tune- 
tano et imperio Maroccano hucusque 
notarum : ou Flore des Etats Barbar- 

Cosson, E. — continued. 

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I, Premiere partie, Historique et Geo- 
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Appendix 2. 

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Promenades dans lesdeux Amerique*, 

1876-77. Maps. 12° Paris, 1880 

De Paris au Japon a travers la Siberie, 

Voyage execute du 6 Mai au 7 Aoiit 
1 88 1. Maps and illustrations. 12° 

Paris, 1883 

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Japon, Chine, Indo-chine, et Tonkin 
(4 Aout 1881 — 24 Janvier 1882). Maps 
and illustrations. 1 2" I'aris, 1 884 

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Malaisie — Australie — Nouvelle Caledonia 
— Tahiti — Mexique. Map. 8° 

[Paris] 1885 

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trations. 8* Paris, 1886 


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(Borneo). 8* Paris, 1886 

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Paris, 1886 

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Monde en 365 jours, 1884-85. Maps and 
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Map and illustratiotis. 8* Paris, 1888 

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Illustration. 8* Auxerre, 1890 

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8* 1875 

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Travels of Lewis and Clarke, with a 
Commentary on the Zoological results of 
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Positions Geographiques du (Jlobe, re- 
cueillies et mises en ordre d'apres les 
Authorites les plus modernes, en deux 
parties, renfermant les expressions de 
position de tous les points maritinies 
connus, classes par ordre alphabetique, 
avec les Noms des Observateurs ou des 
Auteurs auxquels les chiffres sont dus ; 
plus un Appendice. 8° Paris, 1828 

Guide des Marins pendant la Naviga- 
tion Nocturne, ou Description Generale 
des Phares, Fanaux, &c. , construits pour 
la surete de la Navigation. Plate. 8° 
Paris, 1829 

Description Generale des Phares, 

Fanaux, et Remarques, existant sur les 
Plages Maritimes du Globe, a I'usage de 
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a Saint Malo : Itineraire, descriptif et 
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De Nantes a Brest, a Saint-Nazaire, a 

Rennes, et a Napoleonville : Itineraire, 
descriptif et historique. Map. Small 
8° Paris, 1865 

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Ensaio Economico sobre o Com- 
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3rd edition. Small 8" Lisbon, 1828 

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Considera96es geraes sobre os rios 

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do Purus e Hyurua. 4* 1863 

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Explora90 do Rio Hyupura. 4* 

Rio de Jancii'O [1864] 

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J. de. 

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Japon, para observar el transito del 
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8 de Diciembre de 1874. Illustrations. 
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Palm, and other Poems. 8* 

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The Terraces of Rotomahana, a Poem ; 
to which is Prefixed a Paper on Geyser 
Eruptions and Terrace Formations, by 
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A Visit in Verse to Halemaumau. 

8* Honolulu, 1885 

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Birds, together with the Native Names 

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The Tanala. Map. 8* 

Faravohitra, 1881 
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pendix 2. 
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made during the years 1871 and 1872. 
Sections, fuaps separate. 8*^ 

Iiulianopolis, 1872 

See Owen, D. D. 

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Septentrionales de la Patagonia, 1862-63. 
Royal 8° Santiago de Chile, 1863 

Expedition across the Southern Andes 

of Chili, with the oVjject of opening a 
new line of communication from the 
Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean by the 
Lake of Nahuel-Huapi and the Rivers 
Limay and Negro. (Translated by Sir 
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in the Burman Empire, and more par- 
ticularly at the Court of Amarapoorah. 
Plates. 8" "^ 1821 

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Tribes of Indians hitherto unknown, 
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Country of the Grisons. Maps and 
plates. Large paper. 2 vols. Folio 


The same. 6th edition, 3 vols. 

Maps and plates. 4° 1803 

Account of the Russian Discoveries 

between Asia and America ; to which 
are added the Conquest of Siberia, and 
the History of the Transactions and 
Commerce between Russia and China. 
Maps. 8° 1804 

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5 : Appendix i. 

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Peuple de la Grande-Bretagne. Public 
[i.e. translated from the Greek] par S. M. 
Mavrogordato. Folio * 

Constantinople, 1867 

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ports of the Topographical Bureau in 
relation to Internal Improvements in 
the Territory of Wisconsin. Maps. 8* 
Washington, 1840 

Reports, Plans, and Estimates for the 

Improvement of the Neenah, Wiskonsin, 
and Rock Rivers, the Haven of Rock 
River, and a Pier at the Northern 
Extremity of Winnebago Lake. Maps. 
8* Washington, 1840 

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Historical Description of Ancient Greece. 

vols. Map and filan. 8° 1828 
A Geoernnhical and Historical De- 
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8" 1832 


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Description of Ancient Italy. 2 vols. 
With a map and plan of Rome. 8° 

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United Brethren in that Country to the 
Present Time, and a Sketch of the 
Mission in Labrador. 2 vols. Maps and 
plates. 8° 1820 

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Appendix i. 

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Appendix 2. 

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Ligulata, Fer., de Madras. Plate. 8* 
Brussels [1869] 

Quelques Observations sur le Hyalrea 

Tridentata, Lamarck. Plate. 8* 

Brussels [1873] 

Monographic du Genre Sinusigera, 

D'Orb. Plates. 8° Brussels, 1877 

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the Southern Provinces of Naples. Alap 
and plates. 4° 1821 

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3, Grands et Petits Voyages of De Bry, 
by Ludovic, Earl of Crawford and 
Balrarres. Plates. 4° 1884 • 

Dim Echt Observatory Publications — 

Vols. I and 2. Mauritius Expedition, 
1874. Division i. 4° 

Dun Echt, Aberdeen, 1876-77 

Vol. 3. Mauritius Expedition, 1874. 

Division 2. Determinations of Longitude 

and Latitude. Map and diagram. 4° 

Dun Echt, Aberdeen, 1885 

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tion, John Martin Crawford, U.S. Con- 
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with a General Industrial Map by the 
Depart, of Trade and Manufactures, 
Ministry of Finance for the World's 
Columbian Exposition at Chicago. 

Crawford, John Martin — continued. 
Vol. 3. — Agriculture and Forestry, with 

coloured Maps. 
Vol. 4. — Mining and Metallurgy, with a 
set of Mining Maps by A. Heppen, 
Vol. 5 — Siberia and the Great Siberian 
Railway, with a General Map by the 
Department of Trade, &c. 

• See Dokuchaev. 

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8° 1880 

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Crown 8° 1884 

Reminiscences of Foreign Travel. 8° 


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of State for India on the Constitution and 
Management of the East Indian Railway 
Company. 8* 1867 

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Archi]3elago ; containing an Account of 
the Manners, Arts, Languages, Keli- 
aions, &c., of its Inhabitants. 3 vols. 
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Governor-General of India to the Court 
of Ava in 1827 ; with an Appendix con- 
taining a Description of Fossil Remains, 
by Professor Buckland and Mr Clift. 
Map and plates. 4° 1829 

• Journal of an Embassy from the 

Governor-General of India to the Courts 
of Slam and Cochin-China, exhibiting a 
view of the actual state of those King- 
doms. 2nd edition. 2 vols. Maps and 
plates. 8° 1830 

A Sketch of the Geography of 

Borneo. 8* 1852 

A Descriptive Dictionary of the 

Indian Islands and adjacent Countries. 
Map. 8° 1856 

A Few Notes on Sir Charles Lyell's 

"Antiquity of Man," anM on Prof. 
Huxley's "Evidence as to Man's Place 
in Nature." 8* 1863 

On the Migration of Cultivated 

Plants in reference to Ethnology : 
Articles of Food. 8° 1866 

Naturalisation of the Bark of Peru in 

India. 8* 1866 

On the Supposed Aborigines of India 

as distinguished from its Civilised In- 
habitants. 8* 1867 

On the Classification of the Races of 

Man according to the Form of the Skull. 
8* 1867 

On the Skin, the Hair, and the Eyes, 

as Tests of the Races of Man. 8* 1867 



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Animal Food of the Natives of Australia 
in reference to Social Position, with a 
Comparison between the Australians and 
some other Races of Man. 8* 1867 

On the History and Migration of 

Cultivated Plants yielding Intoxicating 
Potables and Oils. 8° 1868 

See Murray, Hugh. 

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and Navigation of the Douro. Plans. 
8- 1866 

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illustrations. 8" 1880 

Round the Calendar in Portugal. 

Illustrations. 8° 1890 

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the Indian Mutiny, as set forth in the 
Official Correspondence. 8* [1857] 

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Herzegovina, Dalmatia, and Montenegro, 
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zungsheft, 56 — Petermann's ^Iittheil- 
ungen). jy sheets of maps. 4° Gotha,\%']'i 

Die Reliktenseen (Erganzungsheft, 

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4° Gotha, 1887 

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gascar. 8* Paris, 1883 
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Berlin, 1892 
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Rome, 1607 

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du Sud : contenant, I. Voyage dans 

I'inlerieur des Guyanes (1876- 1877), 

exploration du Maroni et du Vary ; II. 

De Cayenne aux Andes (1878- 1879) 

[^^exploration de I'Oyapock, du Paron, de 

il'l9a, et du Yapura; III. A travers la 

iNouvelle Grenade et le Venezuela ( 1880- 

I1881), exploration, en compagnie de M. 

[E. Le Janne,duMagdalena,du Guaviare, 

jet de rOrenotjue ; IV. Excursion chez lez 

[Cuaraounos (1881). Maps and illustra- 

\tions. 4'^ Paris, 1883 

See Thouar. 

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Montevideo, 1888 
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Vol. I : ^Vppendix i. 

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Cause of the Motion of 


Part 3. On the 

On the 

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Physical Cause of Ocean Currents. 

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1854. 8* 1856 



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Cur— D. 

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Message of Gov. Fenton to the Legisla- 
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8° 1880 

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actually accomplished, corrected up to 
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Geographical ; 3. Linguistic. Frontis- 
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Geneva, 1891 

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Europe and North America. Maps and 

frontispiece. 8° 1891 

[Communication on the above subject.] 

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The Ethics of African Geographical 

Explory. 8* [1892] 

Remarks on the Position of the British 

Political Interests in Eastern Equatorial 
Africa in 1892. Map. ?>* Hertford, iS()2 

Essay on the Progress of African 

Philology up to the year 1893. Pre- 
jiared for the Congress of the World at 
Chicago, U.S. With three Appendices. 
8* 1893 

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Brussels, 1854 

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Vermont, 1874 

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Mineralogical Notes and an Account of 
Cuvier's Geological Discoveries, by Pro- 
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Edinburgh, 1813 

Discours sur les Revolutions de la 

Surface du Globe, et sur les changemens 
qu'elles ont produits dans le Regne 
Animal. Plates. 4° Paris, 1826 

and Alex. Brongniart. Essai sur la 

Geographic Mineralogique des Environs 
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Paris, 181 1 

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from the Times of the Knights of the 
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M. A. D. 16° 1869 



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Royal %" Bombay, 1876 

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Report on the Results of a Census of 

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grams. 8° Wellington, 1893 

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eene beoordeling van een Werkje, over 
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Java. 8° Amsterdam, 1816 

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vols in I. 8° Naples, 1834 

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considera96es acerca dos productos re- 

mettidos para a Exposi^ao de Vienna de 

Austria no fim de Janeiro de 1873. 8° 

Lisbon, 1873 

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Translated from the German by Harry 
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Inhalntants of certain Groups of Islands 
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Haarlem, 1866 

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tion for the Exploration of the Fly River. 
[Newspaper cuttings.] 8* Sydney, 1877 

The same. Afap. 8* Sydney, 1877 

New Guinea Exploration. Extract 

from the Log-Book of the Steam-Launch 
" Neva." (N. S. W. Legislative As- 
sembly Publication.) Folio* 

[Sydney, 1877] 

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I saw. 2 vols. Map and plates. 8° 1880 

See British New Guinea: Appendix 2, 

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Williams, Lieut. -Col. E. 

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Isthmus of Tehuantepec, in the Republic 
of Mexico. Map and plates. 8° 1851 

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dix 2. 

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sources. Map and plates. 8° Boston, xiyo 

Harbors of Alaska, and the Tides 

and Currents in their Vicinity. Plates. 
4* \_Washi71gton, 1873] 

Report of Geographical and Hydro- 
graphical Operations on the Coast of 
Alaska. Map. 4° [Washington, 1873] 

Report on Mount St Elias. Map and 

plate. 8* [Washington, 1875] 

On the so-called Chukchi and Na- 

mollo People of Eastern Siberia. 8* 
[Philadelphia'] 1881 

Notes on Alaska and the Vicinity of 

Bering Strait. Map. 8* 

[Ne2v Haven, Conn., 1881] 

See United States, F : Appendix 2. 

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Publ., Vol., 87 : Appendix i. 

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North- West Boundary. 8° 1873 

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pendix 2. 

Dallas, R. C. The Plistory of the 
Maroons, from their Origin to the Estab- 
lishment of their Chief Tribe at Sierra 
Leone, including the Expedition to Cul^a 
for the purpose of procuring .Spanish 
Chasseurs, and the State of the Island of 
Jamaica for the last ten years ; with a 
Succinct History of the Island previous 
to that period. 2 vols. Maps and illus- 
trations. 8° 1803 

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Monsoons of the Arabian Sea and North 
Indian Ocean. Plates. 4* Calcutta, 18S7 

The Climatology of Afghanistan. 

(From J. United Service I. of India, Vol. 
20, No. 88.) 8* [Simla, 1891] 

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land, B : Appendix 2. 

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e il Concetto .Scientifico della Geografia. 
8* Pome, 1880 

Pellegrino Matteucci ed il suo Diario 

inedito. Map. 8* Pome, 1885 

See Ragazzi. 

Dallaway, J. Constantinople, Ancient 
and Modern, with Excursions to the 
Shores and Islands of the Archipelago 
and to the Troad. Map and plates. 4° 




Dallet, C. Histoire de I'Eglise de Coree. 
precedee d'une Introduction sur THis- 
toire, les Institutions, la Langue, les 
Moeurs, et Coutumes Coreennes. 2 vols. 
Map and plates. 8° Paris, 1874 

D'Almeida. See Almeida. 
D'Almeida, William Barrington. Lire 
in Java ; with Sketches of the Javanese, 
2 vols. 8° 1864 

Dalrymple, Alexander. Historical Col- 
lection of the several \'oyages and Dis- 
coveries in the South Pacific Ocean. 
2v0ls.ini. Maps. 4° 1770-71 

[For Contents, see Appendix i.] 

Collection of Nautical Memoirs and 

Journals, mostly published originally at 
the charge of the East India Company, 
now reprinted for the use of the Royal 
Navy. 4° 1806 

Dalrymple, Alexander. Essay on Nautical 

M'Cluer, John. Description of the Coast 

of India, 1787-90. 
Dalrymple, A. General Remarks for the 
use of those who have not been ac- 
customed to Navigate unfrequented 
Macaulay, Hugh. Directions for En- 
tering the Harbour of Olinchy, on the 
west side of the island Hai-lin, adjacent 
to the S. Coast of China. 
Howel, Mr. Memoir of the harbour 

Bissell, Capt. Austin. Voyage from 
England to the Red Sea, and along 
the East Coast of Arabia to Bombay, 
Inverarity, Captain David. Memoir of 
a Chart of the N.W. Coast of Mada- 
gascar, 1803 ; and Comoro Islands, 
by the Hon. Thomas Howe, 1766. 
Dalrymple, A. Memoir of a Chart of 
the Passages at the Southern Extremity 
of Asia. 
Dalrymple, A. Catalogue of Authors 
who have written on Rio de la Plata, 
Paraguay, and Chaco, 1807. 

Tracts, from 1764 to 1808. 3 vols. 

[For Contents, see Appendix i.] 
Tracts, from 1769 to 1793. 4° 


Vox Populi Vox Dei : Lord Weymouth's 
Appeal to a General Court of India 
Proprietors considered 1769 

Scheme of a Voyage to Convey the Con- 
veniences of Life to New Zealand 


Two Letters to the Court of Directors 
for Affairs of the United Company of 
Merchants of England trading to the 
East Indies, concerning the proposed 
Supervisorship 1 769 

Dalrymple, MQ-x.axi&tr—contimied. 

Letter to Dr Hawkesworth, occasioned 
by some groundless and illiberal im- 
putations in his Account of the late 
Voyages to the South 1773 

Observations on Dr Hawkesworth's Pre- 
face to the 2nd edition. 

Reply to a Letter from Andrew Stuart, 
Esq., to the Hon. the Directors of the 
East India Company. [Account of the 
subversion of the Legal Government at 
Madras by imprisoning the Governor, 
Lord Pigot, in August 1776.] 

Explanation of the Map of the East India 
Company's Lands on the Coast of 
Choromandel 1778 

Memoir on Watering the Circars 1793 
Tracts, from 1791 to 1807. Royal 8° 

Memorial to the East India Company 1791 
The Poor Man's Friend 1795 

A Fragment on the India Trade, 1791 


Thoughts of an Old Man, of Independent 

Mind though Dependent Fortune, on 

the Present High Price of Corn 1800 

Longitude : a Full Answer to the 

Advertisement concerning Mr Earn- 

shaw's Timekeeper in the Morning 

Chronicle, 4th February, and Times, 

I3lh February 1806 

On the Catholic Question, properly 

Roman Catholic Question 1807 

Notes on Two Letters to Brother 

Abraham concerning the Roman 

Catholics 1807 

Catalogue of Printed Books and 

Tracts by, before ist January 1792. 

Catalogue of Authors who have 

written on Rio de la Plata, Paraguay, 
and Chaco. [With Manuscript and 
other Additions by Sir Woodbine 
Parish to 1840.] 4° 1807 

Oriental Repertory: Vol. i,from April 

1 79 1 to January 1793 ; Vol. 2, concluded 
in 1808. Maps and plates. 4° 1793- 1808 
[For Contents, see Appendix i.] 
Dalrymple, G. Elphinstone. On the 
New Settlement in Rockingham Bay, 
and advance of Colonisation over North- 
Eastern Australia, including Mr Dal- 
rymple's Report on his Journey from 
Rockingham Bay to the Valley of La- 
goons. 8° 1865 

The Syrian Great Eastern Railway to 

India, by an entirely New Route. 8* 1S78 

See .Smith, Joseph W. 

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Visit to a Clan of Alxirs on the Dihing 
River. [From the India Records, No. 
23] Bengal, 1855 

Descriptive Ethnology of Bengal. 

Lithograph portraits. Large 4° 

Calcutta, 1872 



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Guiana . . . ; together with an Account 
of its Climate, Geology, Staple Products, 
and Natural History. 2 vols. Map 
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estremo Oriente al seguito di S. A. R. 
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tions. Folio* Milan, 1885 

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Map. 8* Boston, Mass., 1877 

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ing, and Pioneering Life in the Northern 
Territory of South Australia. Map. 8° 


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Shan States. Folio* Rangoon, 1888-90 

Daly, General H. D. Report on the 
Political Administration of the Territories 
comprised within the Central India 
Agency, for the year 1868-69 1869 

Ditto, for 1869-70 1870 

Ditto, for 1870-71 1871 

Ditto, for 1871-72 1873 

Ditto, for 1873-74. [From the India 

Records, Nos. 75, 82, 86, 102, 114.] 

Dalzel, A. See Chevalier, M. 

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Dahomy, an Inland Kingdom of Africa, 
compiled from Authentic Memoirs ; with 
Introduction and Notes. Alap and 
plates. 4° 1793 

Dalzeli, N. A. Observations on the 

Influence of Forests, and on the General 

f Principles of Management as applicable 

' to Bombay. [From the India Records, 

No. 76.] 8" Bombay, 1863 

Damberger, C. F. Travels in the Interior 
of Africa, from the Cape of Good Hope 
to Morocco, from the year 178 1 to 
1797, through Cafifraria, the Kingdoms 
of Mataman, Angola, Massi, Monoemugi, 
Muschako, &c., likewise across the Great 
Desert of Sahara and the Northern Parts 
of Barbary. 2 vols, in i. Map and 
plate. 8" DtiHin, 1801 

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Diary of a Tour in Greece, Turkey, 
Egypt, and the Holy Land. 2 vols. 
Plates. 12° 1 84 1 

Dames, Dr Wilhelm. See Richthofen. 
Dampier, Capt. William. A New Voyage 
round the World, describing particularly 
the Isthmus of America. Maps. 8° 


New Voyage round the World, de- 
scribing particularly the Isthmus of 
America, several Coasts and Islands in 
Ul.e West Indies, the Isles of Cape Verde, 

Dampier, Capt. "^iWiaLta— continued. 
the Passage by Terra del Fuego, the 
South Sea Coasts of Chili, Peru, and 
Mexico, the Isle of Guam, one of the 
Ladrones, Mindanao, and other Philip- 
pine and East India Islands near 
Cambodia, China, Formosa, Luconia, 
Celebes, &c.. New Holland, Sumatra, 
Nicobar Isles, the Cape of Good Hope, 
and Santa Hellena ; their Soil, Rivers, 
Harbours, Plants, Fruits, Animals, and 
Inhabitants ; their Customs, Religion, 
Government, Trade, &c. 4 vols. Maps 
and plates. 8° 1 729 

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Oceanic Chart, illustrating the Geogra- 
phical Distribution of Marine Animals. 
Map. 8* Washington, 1853 

I. On Parallel Relations of the 

Classes of Vertebrates, and on some 
Characteristics of the Reptilian Birds. 
2. The Classification of Animals based 
on the Principle of Cephalisation ; on 
Fossil Insects from the Carboniferous 
Formation in Illinois. 3. Classification 
of Herbivores ; Note on the Position of 
Amphibians among the Classes of Verte- 
brates. 8° Netv Haven, Conn., 1863-64 

Corals and Coral Islands. Plates. 

8'' 1872 

The same. 3rd edition. ]\Iaps and 

illustrations. Large 8° Neiv York [1890] 

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Island, Vesuvius, and Kilauea. (From 
\\\& American Journal of Science, Vol. 31, 
May 1886.) 8* 1886 

A Dissected Volcanic Mountain : 

some of its revelations. (From the 
American Journal of Science, No. 190.) 
8* New Haven, Conn., 1886 

Kilauea after the Eruption. (From 

the American Journal of Science, Vol. 
33-) 8* [1887] 

Papers on the Volcanic and Geological 

History of the Hawaiian Islands. (From 
the Atnerican Journal of Science, Nos. 
33-37, June 1887 to March 1889.) Maps 
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Areas of Continental Progress in 

North America, and the Influence of the 
Conditions of these Areas on the Work 
carried forward within them. (From 
the Bull. Geol. Soc, America, Vol. i, 
1889.) 8* [1889] 



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the Deep Troughs of the Oceanic De- 
pression ; Are any of Volcanic Origin ? 
(From the American Joitrnal of Science. ) 
Map. 8* {Ne-M Haven, Conn., \^'&(j\ 

Danckeiman, Dr A. von. Die meteoro- 
logischen Beobachtungen der Giissfeldt'- 
schen Loango- Expedition. Nebst einem 
Anhang, Resultate der Beobachtungen 
von Dr O. Lenz am Ogowe. Plate. 4° 
Leipzig, 1878 

Association Internationale du Congo. 

Memoire sur les Observations Meteoro- 
logiques faites a Vivi (Congo Inferieur) 
et sur la Climatologie de la Cote sud- 
ouest d'Afrique en general. Map and 
plates. 4* Berlin, 1884 

Beitrage zur Kenntniss des Klimas 

des Deutschen Togolandes und seiner 
Nachbargebiete an der Gold und Sklaven 
Kilste, Plan and plate. 8* 

Berlin, 1890 

Danckwerth, Caspar, and J. Meyer. 
Newe Landesbeschreibung der zweij 
Hertzogthiimer Schleswich und Holstein, 
zusambt vielen dabeij gehorigen newen 
T andkarten, die auff Ihr Konigl. Maijtt. 
zu Dennemarck, Norwegen, &c., und Ihr 
Fiiistl. Diirchl. beeder regierenden Hert- 
zogen zu Schleswich Holstein, &c., aller 
und gnadigsten befehle von dero Konigl. 
Maijtt. bestalten Mathematico Johanne 
Mejero, IIus. Cimbro, Chorographice 
Elaborirt, diirch Casparum Danckwerth, 
D., zusammen getragen und verfertigt. 
Vorin auch das alte Teiitschland kiirtzlich 
beschrieben, mitbegriffen ist. Maps. 
Folio N.P., 1652 

[Register published by J. J. Babst, 
Gllickstat, annexed.] 

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Pinkerton, Vol. 10 : Appendix i. 

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Question. Map. 8" 

Annapolis, Md., 1885 

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of the Country bordering upon the River 
Hunter, the Lands of the Australian 
Agricultural Company ; with the Ground- 
Plan and Allotments of King's Town, 
New South Wales. Plate. 8° 1828 

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gical Papers) : Appendix 2. 

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tiir hohere Unterrichtsanstalten. (49th 
edition) herausgegeben von Dr A. Kirch- 
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Leitfaden fiir den Unterricht in der 

Geographie. (125th edition) herausgege- 
ben von Dr A. Kirchhoff. 12° 

Halle, 1879 

Kleineres Handbuch der Cieographie. 

Auszug aus des Verfassers Vierbandigem 
Werke. 4th edition. 8° Leipzig, 1883 
■■ See Ritter. 

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Hygrometer, which Measures the Force 
and Weight of Aqueous Vapour in the 
Atmosphere, and the Corresponding 
Degree of Evaporation. 8* [1820] 

Daniell, Samuel, and William Daniell. 

Sketches representing the Native Tribes, 
Animals, and Scenery of Southern Africa. 
\% plates. 4° 1820 

Daniell, W. F. Sketches of the Medical 
Topography and Native Diseases of the 
Gulf of Guinea, Western Africa. 8° 


Observations on the Copals of West- 
ern Africa. 8* 1857 

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Atlantic Expedition) : Appendix 2. 

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sen, 10. 

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Stamm- und Sprachverwandte der Sla- 

wen. Historisch und Philologisch. 8° 

Presshnrg, 1828 

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grafo e Matematico e le sue opere in 
Firenze. Memoria Storica di lodoco 
Del Badia. 8* Florence, 1881 

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tion for Colonial Engineers, edited by J. 
T. Hurst, No. 3). Map. 8° 1877 

Report to the Secretary of State for 

India in Council on the Records of the 
India Office. Vol. i, Part i. Map. 8° 


Bengal, its Chief Agents and Gover- 
nors. 8* [1888] 

Report to the Secretary of State for 

India in Council on the Portuguese 
Records relating to the East Indies con- 
tained in the Archivo da Torre do 
Tombo, and the Public Lil^raries at 
Lisbon and Evora. 8° 1892 

Danvers, Juland. Report to the Secre- 
tary of State for India in Council on 
Railways in India to the end of the year 
1859. The same, for the years 1860-61, 
1861-62, 1862-63, 1863-64, 1864-65, 
1865-66, 1866-67, 1867-68, 1868-69, 
1879-80. Maps. Folio 1860-69, 1880 

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Daces, ou Chronique de la Guerre de 
quatre ans ( 1 736- 1 739). Publiee, traduite, 
et annotee par Emile Legrand. I. Texte 
Grec. [No. 14 of Publ. de I'Ec. des 
Langues Orient. Viv.] 8" Paris, 1880 

Ditto. ,11. Traduction. [No. 15 of 

Publ. de I'Ec. des Langues Orient. Viv.] 
Portrait. Large 8° Paris, 1881 

Ditto, in. [No. 20 I'Ec. 

des Langues Orient, Viv.] Large 8° 

Pans, 1888 


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Taisingof Sina, vertoont in de Benaming, 
Grens-palen, Steden, Stroomen, Bergen, 
Gewassen, Dieren, Gods-dienst, Tale, 
Letteren, &c. Plates. Folio 

Amsterdam, 1670 

Gedenkwaerdig Bedryf der Neder- 

landsche Oost-Indische Maetschappye, 
op de Kuste en in het Keizerrijk van 
Taising of Sina ; behelzende het tweede 
Gezandschap aen den Onderkoning Sing- 
lamong en Veldheer Taising Lipoui ; 
door J. van Kampen en K. Nobel. Ver- 
volgt met een verhael van het voorgeval- 
len des jaers 1603, 4, en 6, op de Kuste 
van Sina, en ontrent d'Eilanden Tayo- 
wan, Formosa, ay en Quemuy, onder't 
gezag van B. Bort ; en het derde Gezand- 
schap aen Konchy, Tartarsche Keizer 
van Sina en Oost-Tartarye, onder P. van 
Hoorn. [Imperfect.l Map aitd plates. 
Folio Amsterdam, 1670 

Asia, of Naukeurige lieschryving van 

het rijk des Grooten Mogols, en een 
groot gedeelte van Indien ; behelsende 
de Landschappen van Kandahar, Kabul, 
Multan, Ilaikan, Bukkar, Send of Diu, 
Jesselmeer, Attak, Penjab, Kaximir, 
Jangapore, Dely, Mando, Malva, Chitor, 
Utrad, Zuratte of Kambaye, Chandisch, 
Narvar, Gwaliar, Indostan, Sanbat, 
Bakar, Nagrakat, Dekan, en Visiapour ; 
beneffens een volkome beschryving van 
geheel Persie, Georgie, Mengrelie, en 
andere Gebuur-gewesten, vertoont in de 
Benamingen, (}rens-palen, Steden, Ge- 
wassen, Dieren, &€. Map and plates. 
Folio Amsterdam, 1672 

Naukeurige Beschryving van Asie ; 

behelsende de gewesten van Mesopo- 
tamie, Babylonie, Assyrie, Anatolie, of 
Klein Asie ; beneffens eene volkome 
Beschrijving van gantsch, Gelukkigh, 
Woest, en Petreesch of Steenigh Arabie. 
Vertoont in een bondigh ontwerp van's 
Lants benamingen, bepalingen, verdeil- 
ingen, steden, vlekken, gewassen, dieren, 
zeden, en aert der inwoonders, bestiering, 
geschiedenissen en godsdienst, inzonder- 
heit die van d'oude Arabieren, Mahomet 
en Mahometanen. 2 vols. Map and 
plates. Folio Amsterdam, 1680 

Description de I'Africjue, contenant 

les Noms, la Situation, et les Confins de 
toutes ses Parties, leurs Rivieres, leurs 
Villas, et leurs Habitations, leurs Plantes 
et leurs Animaux ; les Coiitumes, la 
Langue, les Richesses, la Religion, et le 
Gouvernement de ses Peuples. J\faps 
and plates. Folio Amsterdam, 1686 

Beschryving van Eilanden der Archi- 

pel, eertijts Egeesche Zee, nu Archipel, 
en de Eilanden Cyprus, Rhodos, S. Ste- 
fanio, Karpathos, Kasos, Kos of Lango, 
Nizaria, &c. [Imperfect. 1 Maps and 
plates. Folio 1688 

Dapper, O. Naukeurige beschryving van 
Morea eertijts Peloponnesus; ende Eilan- 
den, gelegen onder de Kusten van Morea, 
en binnen en buitende Golf van Venetien; 
waer onder de voornaemste Korfu, Cefa- 
lonia, Santa Maura, Zanten, en andere in 
grooten getale ; behelzende derzelver 
Lantschappen, Steden, Rivieren, Poelen, 
Bergen, Gewassen, Dieren, &c. Maps 
and plates. Folio Amsterdam, 1688 

D'Aramon. See Aramon. 

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de Chile. Illust7-ations. 8° 

Valparaiso, 1890 

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States, Historical, (jeographical, and 
Statistical. Maps. 18° 

Philadelphia, 1828 

and Theodore Dwight. A New 

(iazetteer of the United States of 
America : containing a Copious Descrip- 
tion of the States, Territories, Counties, 
Parishes, Districts, Cities, and Towns ; 
Mountains, Lakes, Rivers, and Canals ; 
Commerce, Manufactures, Agriculture, 
and the Arts generally, of the United 
States ; also the Extent, Boundaries, and 
Natural Productions of the Principal Sub- 
divisions, the Latitude and Longitude of 
Cities and Towns, and their Bearing and 
Distance from Important Places, with the 
Population of 1830. 8° 

Hartford, Conn., 1833 

Dard, J. Dictionnaire Fran9ais-Wolof, 
Fran9ais-Bambara, suivi du Dictionnaire 
Wolof-Francais. 8° Paris, 1825 

Grammaire Wolofe, ou meihode pour 

etudier la Langue des Noirs qui habitent 
les Royaumes de Bourba-Yolof, de Walo, 
de Damel, de Bour-Sine, de Saloume, de 
Baole, en Senegambie ; suivie d'un Ap- 
pendice ou sont etablies les particularites 
les plus essentielles des Principales 
Langues de I'Afrique Septentrionale. 8° 
Paris, 1826 

Dardye. See Bourgade la Dardye. 

Daron, Etienne A^ogh'ig de. Histoire 
Universelle. Traduite de I'Armenien et 
annotee par E. Dulaurier. 1'^'^'= partie. 
[18 of Publ. de I'Ec. des Langues Orient. 
Viv.] Large 8" Paris, 1883 

Darondeau, B. Melanges Hydrographi- 
ques, ou Recueil de Documents relatifs 
a I'Hydrographie et a la Navigation ; 
Extraits des Annales Maritimes et 
Coloniales publiees par MM. Bajot et 
Poirre. 3 vols, in 2. Maps. 8° 

Paris, 1846 

Notice sur les Erreurs des Compas 

dues aux attractions locales a bord des 
Navires en Bois et en Fer, suivie d'ln- 
structions sur les nioyens de determiner 
ces Erreurs et de les corriger. 8* 

Paris, 1858 


Darondeau, J. B. Tableau General des 
Phares et Fanaux des Cotes de HoUande 
et de Belgique. 8° Paris, 1849 

Tableau General des Phares et Fanaux 

des Cotes Orientales de I'Amerique du 
Nord. 8° Paris, 1851 

Tableau General des Phares et Fanaux 

des Cotes de la Mediterranee, de la Mer 
Noire et de la Mer d'Azoff. 8° 

Paris, 1852 

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Appendix 2. 

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tions on the Volcanic Islands visited 
during the Voyage of H.M.S. " Beagle," 
together with some brief Notices on the 
Geology of Australia and the Cape of 
Good Hope : being the second part of 
the Geology of the Voyage of the 
"Beagle," &c. Map. 8° London, x^/^a^ 

Geological Observations on South 

America : being the third part of the 
Geology of the Voyage of the ' ' Beagle " 
. . . 1832 to 1836. Map. 8" 1846 

The Structure and Distribution of 

Coral Reefs. 2nd edition. Plates. 
Small 8° 1874 

The Life and Letters of Charles 

Darwin, including an Autobiographical 
Chapter. Edited by his son Francis 
Darwin. 3 vols. Portraits and illustra- 
tions. 8° 1887 

Journal of Researches into the Natural 

History and Geology of the Countries 
visited during the Voyage of H.M.S. 
" Beagle" Round the World, under the 
command of Capt. Fitzroy, R.N. (From 
the corrected and enlarged edition of 
1845.) Illustrations. 12° 1 889 

The same. A new edition. Illustra- 
tions. 8° 1890 

On the Structure and Distribution of 

Coral Reefs ; also Geological Observa- 
tions on the Volcanic Islands and parts 
of South America visited during the 
Voyage of H.M.S. "Beagle." With 
... a Critical Introduction to each 
work by Prof. John W. Judd, F.R.S. 
Maps and illustrations. 12° 1 890 

See Fitzroy. 

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World. Plate. 8* 1875 

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jection and Use of Maps for Military 
Purposes. Folio* 1 890 

See United Kingdom, G, War Office 

Publ. : Appendix 2. 

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Constantinople, 1859 

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che ha trovato nuovamente il Re di 

Spagna. Poemetto in ottava rima. Pub- 

licato per cura di Gustavo Uzielli. 12° 

Bologna, 1873 

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and Extinct Volcanos, of Earthquakes 
and of Thermal Springs ; with Remarks 
on the Causes, &c. 2nd edition. Maps. 
8° 1848 

Daubeny, Henry. The Climate of San 
Remo as adapted to Invalids. 8* 1865 

Daubree, A. Experiences Synthetiques re- 
latives aux Meteorites. Rapprochements 
auxquels ces experiences conduisent, tant 
pour la Formation de ces Corps Plane- 
taires que pour celle du Globe Terrestre. 
8* ^ Paris, 1866 

Rapport sur les progres de la Geologie 

Experimentale. 4* Paris, 1867 

Les Eaux Souterraines aux Epoques 

Anciennes, role qui leur revient dans 
rOrigine et les Modifications de la 
Substance de I'Ecorce terrestre. Maps 
and illustrations. 8° Paris, 1887 

Les Eaux Souterraines a, I'Epoque 

Actuelle, leur Regime, leur Temperature, 
leur Composition au pointy de vue du 
role qui leur revient dans I'Economie de 
I'Ecorce terrestre. 2 vols. Maps ajid 
illustrations. 8° Paris, 18S7 

Recherches experimentales sur le 

role possible des Gaz a hautes tempera- 
tures donnes de Ires fortes pressions et 
animes d'un Mouvement fort rapide dans 
divers Phenomenes Geologiques. 8* 

Paris, 1 89 1 

Application de la methode experi- 
mentale au role possible des Gaz Souter- 
rains dans I'histoire des Montagnes Vol- 
caniques. 8* Paris, 1892 

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Vol. 8 : Appendix i. 

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dix 2. 

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Etudes Geographiques, Statistiques, et 
Historiques, sur la Region au sud des 
Etablissements Fran9ais en Algerie. 
Map. Royal 8" Paris, 1845 

— — and — Fabar. La Grande Kabylie : 
Etudes Historiques. Table. Royal 8" 
Paris, 1847 

Daunou, P. C. F. De la America Meri- 
dional, con algunas Observaciones acerca 
de este importante objeto. 8* 

Buenos Ay res, N.D. 

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les Marees de Cotes de France. 8° 

Pans, 1838 

LTnfluence de la Pression Atmo- 

spherique sur Iq Niveau moyen de la 
Mer. 8* Paris, 1839 



Daussy, Pierre. Nouvelle Methode pour 
calculer la Marche des Chronometres. 
8* Paris, 1841 

Table des Positions Geographiques 

des principaux lieux du Globe, 1836, '37, 
40, '41, '42, '43, '44, '46, '47, '48, '50, 
'51, '54-56. 8* 

Memoire Descriptif de la Route de 

Tehran a Meched et de Meched a Jezd, 
reconnue en 1807 par M. Truilhier, suivi 
d'un Memoire les Observations faites en 
1807, par le Capitaine Truilhier, dans 
son Voyage en Perse. Maps. 8° 

Paris, 1 84 1 

Notice sur la Vie et les Travaux de, 

par M. de la Roquette. Portrait. 8* 
Paris, 1 86 1 

See Hell, X. H. de ; Truilhier, Capt. 

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aries, Italian : Appendix 2. 

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pendix 2. 

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Voyage d'Exploration dans I'Empire 
Chinois. 2 vols. Maps. Small 8° 

Paris, 1875 

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the Turkish Language, with a Discourse 
on the Language and Literature of the 
Turkish Nations, a copious Vocabulary, 
Dialogues, a Collection of Extracts in 
Prose and Verse, and lithographed 
Specimens of various Ancient and Mod- 
ern Manuscripts. 4° 1832 

Davidson, Prof. George. Directory for 
the Pacific Coast of the United States. 
8° Washington, 1858 

The Abrasions of the Continental 

Shores of N.W. America, and the sup- 
[xjsed ancient Sea-levels. 8* 1873 

The Shoaling of the Bar at the En- 
trance to San Francisco Harbour. 8* 

\^San Francisco, 1884] 

Identification of Sir Francis Drake's 

Anchorage on the Coast of California in 
the year 1579. Maps and plates. Large 
8* [1890] 

The Discovery of Humboldt Bay, 

California. Maps and plate. 8* 

San I'rancisco, 1891 

Early Voyages on the North -West- 
ern Coast of America. 8* 

[Washington, 1894] 

See United States, F, Coast and 

Geodetic Survey : Appendix 2. 

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the Far East ; or. Recollections of 
Twenty-one Years passed in Java, Singa- 
pore, Australia, and China. 12° 1846 

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of To-Day : a Guide for Tourists and 
Settlers. Maps and illustrations. 12° 
^(w York, 1889 

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Travels in Africa. Plates. 4° 

Privately printed, 1839 

Davie, J. Constanse. Letters from Pa- 
raguay, describing the Settlements of 
Monte Video and Buenos Ay res, the 
Presidencies of Rioja Minor, Nombre de 
Dios, St Mary, and St John, &c. 8° 


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Accessibility, Climate, and Resources 
Described, with especial reference to 
English Invalids. Plates. 8° 1858 

Davies, John. See Olearius. 

Davies, R. H. Report on the Trade and 

Resources of the Countries on the North- 

\\'estern Boundary of British India. 8° 

Lahore, 1862 

Central Asia. Report on the Trade 

and Resources of the Countries on 
the North-Western Boundary of British 
India. [Parliamentary Report.] Folio* 


Davies, Walter. General View of the 
Agriculture and Domestic Economy of 
South Wales ; containing the Counties 
of Brecon, Caermarthen, Cardigan, Gla- 
morgan, Pembroke, Radnor. 2 vols. 
Maps. 8° 181 5 

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Tiber, from its Mouth to its Source ; 

with some account of its Trilmtaries. 

Map and plates 1873 

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Appendix i. 
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Tribe, across the Continent, about the 
year 1700. 8* Worcester, Mass., 1883 

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on Interoceanic Canals and Railroads 
between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. 
Maps. 8° Washington, 1867 

See "Polaris"; Schubert; also 

United .Stales, E, a : Appendix 2. 

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over those of the Southern Hemisphere, 
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vegetal et le regne animal ; sur I'agri- 
culture, I'industrie, et le commerce decet 
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Mathematick Learning. Done out of 
French, by A. P. Gen. Maps and plates. 
■ Folio 1693 

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raire de I'lle de Sardaigne, pour faire suite 
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Portrait, maps, and plates. 8° 

Turin, i860 

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un Singulier et le Panslavisme est de- 

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millions oublie devant I'histoire : Petition 
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reforme dans I'enseignement de I'histoire. 
8° Paris, 1869 

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noeud Gordien de sa situation politique. 
8* Paris, 1869 

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to 1887; with a Preface by Lieut.-Col. 
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M. de Paravey relatifs a I'Origine Chal- 
deenne des Zodiaques et a I'age qui 
resulte de ceux retrouves en Egypte. 8* 
Paris, 1832 
la Moriciere and Lieut. Gen. 
A. Bedeau. Projets de Colonisation 
pour les Provinces U'Oran et de Con- 
stantinc. 8° Paris, 1847 

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containing a great variety of Geogra- 
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Greece, Crim and Noghaian Tartaries, 
Circassia, Sweden, Lapland, Prussia, 
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Paris, 1880 

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Egypte. 4* Paris, 1883 

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thenc, a I'occasion de la latitude de 
Syene. 8* [Paris, 1879] 

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and Southern Hemispheres, comprising 
Three Voyages round the World, to- 
gether with a Voyage in the Pacific 
Ocean and Oriental Islands. Map atui 
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— — Pitcairn's Island. 8* N.P., n.d. 

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See Reineke. 

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Appendix i. 

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vers le Grand Emir, Chef des Princes 
Arabes du Desert, connus sous le nom de 
Bedouins, ou d'Araljcs Sccnitcs . . . ; 
avec la Description generale d'Arabic, 
faite par le Sultan Ismael Abulfeda. 
Plates. 12° Amsterdam, 17 18 

Voyage de Syrie et du Mont-Liban. 

2 vols in I. 12° Paris, 1722 



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Happy, by way of the Eastern Ocean and 
the Streightsof the Red Sea, performed by 
the French in 1708-10. Map attd plates. 
12° 1730 

De la Roquette, Dezos. Sur les Decou- 
vertesfaitesenGroenland. 8* Paris, \%t,^ 

Recherche.s sur I'Origine, I'Etymo- 

logie, et la Signification Primitive de 
quelques Noms de lieu en Normandie. 
Traduites du Danois par M. de la 
Roquette. 8" Paris, 1835 

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Travaux de Prof. Keilhau. 8* 

Paris, 1838 

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Moderne, Vol. 22. 8* Paris, 1849 

Le Prince Galitzin et le Lieut. Bellot, 

Notices Biographiques. Portrait, map, 
and facsimile. 8* Paris, 1854 

Notice sur la vie et les travaux de 

John Brown. 4* Paris, 1863 

Note sur I'lle d'Hai-nan, sur les 

Religieux de la Mission de la Chine. 8* 
Paris, N.D. 

Le Cosmographe Espagnol Martin 

Fernandez de Enciso : Etude Biogra- 
phique. 8* N.P., N.D. 

Notice Necrologique sur. Royal 8* 

Poissy, N.D. 

^VeDaussy; Eyries; Franklin; Hell; 

Hansteen ; Humboldt ; Jomard ; Prevost. 

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Filosofia y riqueza de la Lengua 
Mexicano. 8* Guadalajara, 1889 

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la Isla de Cuba. 12 vols, in 8. Maps 
and plates. Folio Paris, 1840-56 

Pritnera Parte. Historia fisica y 

1. Introduccion, Geografia, Clima, 

Poblacion, Agricultura 1842 

2. Comercio maritimo, Rentas y 

Gastos, Fuerza Armada 1842 

Segunda Parte. Historia Natural. 

3. Mamiferos y Aves (por Alcides 

D'Orbigny) 1845 

4. Reptiles (por Cocteau y Bibron) y 

Peces 1843 

5. Moluscos (por A. D'Orbigny) 1845 

6. Foraminiferas (por A. D'Orbigny) 


7. Crustaceos, Aragnides, e Insectos 

(Guerin Meneville, H. Lucas, 
Jacquelin Duval, De Selys Long- 
champs, Bigot) 1856 

8. Atlas de Zoologia 1855 

De la Sagra, Ramon — continued. 

9. Botanica (Criptogamia o Plantas 

Cellulares, por Camilo Montagne) 


10. and II. Botanica (Fanerogamia o 

Plantas Vasculares, por A. A. 

Richard) 1845-50 

12. Atlas de Botanica 1855 

Cuba en i860, o sea Cuadra de sus 

Adelantos en la Poblacion, la Agricul- 
tura, el Comercio, y las Rentas Publicas. 
Suplemento a la primera parte de la 
" Historia politica y natural de la Isla 
Cuba." Folio Paris, 1862 

See Poey, A. 

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I : Appendix i. 

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Collec9a6 de Noticias : Appendix i. 

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pendio de Geografia Universal, y par- 
ticular de la Monarquia Espanola. 
Plates. 8* Havana, 1852 

Nueva Tabla de Cuentas ; con el 

sistema Metrico aplicado a todo la 
Monarquia Espaiiola y multitud de 
noticias utiles. Part2. 18* Havana, 1852 

Compendio de Geografia, Fisica, 

Politica, Estadistica, y Comparada de la 
Isla de Cuba. 8* Havana, 1854 

Nuevos Elementos de Geografia e 

Historia de la Isla de Cuba. 18* 

Havana, 1856 
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De la Vega, Garcilasso. Commentarios 
Reales, que tratan del Origen de los 
Yncas, Reyes que fueron del Peru, de su 
Idolatria, Leyes, y Govierno en Pax y en 
Guerra, de sus vidas y conquistas, y de 
todo lo que fue aquel Imperio y su Re- 
publica, antes que los Espaiioles pas- 
saran a el. 2 vols in i. Small folio 

Ltsboji, 1609-17 

Historia general del Peru : Trata el 

descubrimiento de el ; y como lo ganaron 
los Espaiioles ; las Guerras civiles que 
huvo entre Pizarros y Almagros, sobre la 
partija de la tierra ; castigo y levan- 
tamiento de Tyranos, y otros sucesos 
particulares, &c. 2nd edition. Folio 

Madrid, 1722 

Primera parte de los Commentarios 

Reales, que tratan del Origen de los 
Yncas, &c. 2nd edition. Small folio 
Madrid, 1723 

La Florida del Inca : Historia del 

Adelantado, Hernando de Soto . . . y 
de otros heroicos Caballeros Espanoles e 
Indios . . ; van enmendadas en esta 
impresion, muchas erratas de la primera : 
y aiiadida copiosa tabla de las cosas 
notables ; y el Ensaio Cronologico, que 
contiene, las sucedidas, hasta en el aiio 
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. . . descritti da lui medisimo in 54 
lettere familiari . . . all'erudito 
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being a Complete Book of Reference and 
Guide for the Traveller to every known 
Port and chief City in the Whole World, 
&c. Maps. 12° 1 87 1 



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Map. 8° Paris, 1841 

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Fellatah Empire ; with an Appendix. 
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Ocean, Eastern Archipelago, Banka 
Strait, China Sea ; Directions for the 
Si Kiang or West River, the Yang- 
tze-Kiang, the Gulf of Pe-Chile, and for 
the Tien-Tsin Ho or Pei Ho ; Japan 
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Industrielles, et Manufacturieres sur ce 
Departement. Plates. Folio 

Toulon [1833] 

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augmentee et entierenient refondue par 
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Fjort, being an English Trader's Experi- 
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Plates. 8° Paris, 1830 

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Map, plans, and illustrations. 8° 1883 

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toba, Keewatin, and North-West Ter- 
ritories. Map. 8* Ottawa, 1877 

Navigation of Hudson's Bay. 8* 


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pendix 2. 

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Hongkong, 1876 

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New Construction of the Compensation 
Balance. 8° 1842 

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On the Aneroid Barometer, a newly 

invented Portable Barometer. 8° 1849 

On the Construction and Manage- 
ment of Chronometers, Watches, and 
Clocks. 8° 1850 



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Brazil, with Notes on the Abolition of 
Slavery, the Finances of the Empire, 
Religion, Meteorology, Natural History, 
&c. Maps and illustrations. 8° 1886 

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de La Perouse . . . Redige par M. de 
Rossel. 2 vols, and Atlas. Charts, 
plans, Qfc. 4° Paris, 1 808 

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Discovery, Conquest, Topography, &c., 
of the Country ; with a View of the 
Manners and Customs of the Spaniards 
and the Native Indians. 2 vols, in i. 
Map. 8° 1807 

See Phillips [2], Vol. i : Appendix i. 

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saharien. Extreme-sud de I'Algerie : le 
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le pays des Touareg Hoggar, I'Adrar, 
Tin Bouctou, Agades, 1888-89. -^^«/ "' 
separate case. 8° Algiers, 1890 

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Algerien, Gourara, Touat, Tidikelt, 
Cararanes, et Transsaharien. Deux Con- 
ferences. Map. 8* Algiers, 1891 

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Brazil. Translated from "A Geographia 
Physica do Brazil," and reprinted from 
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[Rio de Janeiro, 1884] 
■ Contribuicao para o Estudo da Geo- 
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8* [Rio de Janeiro, 1885] 

Os Picos Altos do Brazil. 8* 

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Syrien au Premier Siecle des Croisades 
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Vol. 12, 1st and 2nd parts, of the same.] 
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Supplement, contenant 1° un comple- 
ment du Dictionnaire Bibliographique 
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Raisonnee des Articles. i. (A — M.) 
8'' Paris, 1878 

Supplement, ii. (N — Z.) 8° Paris, 1880 

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dans rOcean Pacifique : i. Mission 
Catholique des Gambier — Archipels des 
Tuamotus, des Marquises, Tubuai, Cook, 
Wallis — lie Rapa, &c. ; 2. Les Nou- 
velles- Hebrides — Geographic — Histoire 
— Colonisation J"ran9aise — Liberes et 
recidivistes — Politique de I'Australie — 
Negociations Anglo-Fran9aises. 12° 

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Nouvelles Observations sur les Fosses 
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Embouchures du Danube comparees a 
celles du Rhone ; Projet de Canalisa- 
tion maritime du Bas-Danube. [Large 
paper. 'X Map. 8° Paris, 1870 



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torique et Administrative de la Gaule 
Romaine. Vols, i, 2, 3, and 4. Maps 
and plates. Large 8° Paris, 1876-93 

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Politique, Colonisation, Commerce. 8° 

Paris, 1837 

— — L'Algerie en 1844. 8° Paris, 1844 

L'Algerie en 1846. 8" Paris, 1846 

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sique. Encyclopedic Methodique. 5 

. v.. Is. 4° Paris, 1795 

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le livre des phrases de truis caracteres, 
avec le grand commentaire de Vu'o'ng 
tan thang. Texte, transcription An- 
namite et Chinoise, explication litterale 
et traduction completes. [No. 17 of 
Publ. de I'Ec. des Langues Orient. Viv.] 
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Tien ca Dien. Texte en caracteres 
figuratifs, transcription en caracteres 
latin', et tiaduction. [No. 19 of Publ. de 
I'Ec. des Langues Orient. Viv.] Laige 
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The same. Kim Van Kieu Tan 

Truyen. Public et traduit pour la 
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I, and Vol. 2, Pts. i and 2. [IP Seric, 
Vols. 14 and 15 (2 parts) of Publ. de 
I'Ec. des I>angues Orient. Viv.] Large 
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de Syrie. 8* Paris, 1862 

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Abyssinie, 1839-43, Part 4: Appendix 2. 

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Sejours dans les Glaciers et les hautes 
regions des Alpes de M. Agassiz et de 
ses compagnons de voyage. Accom- 
pagnees d'une Notice sur les Glaciers de 
I'AUee-Blanchc et du Val-Fcrrct par 
M. Agassiz, et d'un Aper5u sur la 
Structure Geologique des Alpes par ^L 
Studer. Maps. 8" Paris, 1845 

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^ais ; or, P'rench Coasting Pilot for the 
Coast of Flanders (Belgium) Channel, 
the Bay of Biscay, and Mediterranean. 
To which is added, the Coast of Italy 
from the River Var to Cape Spartivento, 
with the North Coast of Sicily and the 
Island of Corsica. Maps. 4° 1805 

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8* Paris, 188 1 

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Lonjitud por la observacion de las 
Ocultaciones de Estrellas por la Luna. 
Nuevo Metodo para predecir la oculta- 
cion i calcular la Lonjitud. Plates. 8° 
Santiago de Chile, 1890 

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pendix I. 

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Book to Saratoga Springs, Niagara 
Falls, and Canada ; containing Routes, 
Distances, Conveyances, Expenses, Use 
of Mineral Waters, Baths, Description 
of Scenery, &c. Maps and plates. 18° 
Buffalo, 1 84 1 

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Road and Rail, with a Short Account of a 
Visit to Andorra. Mapincover. 8° 1884 

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" Gorgon " ; or. Eighteen Months on 
H.M.S. "Gorgon," engaged in the 
Suppression of the Slave Trade on the 
East Coast of Africa ; including a Trip 
up the Zambesi with Dr Livingstone. 
Map. 8° 1869 

Fair Italy : The Riviera and Monte 

Carlo. Comprising a Tour through 
North and South Italy and Sicily, with 
a Short Account of Malta. Post 8° 1884 

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Hakluyt Soc. Publ., Vol. 25: Appendix i. 

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XVP au XIX« Siecle. [Publ. de I'Ec. 
des Langues Orient. Viv., Vol. 13.] 
Map. 8° Paris, 1880 

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cription Geographique et Ethnographique 
d'apres des Documents Ofificiels Chinois 
traduits pour la premiere fois. [Publ. 
de I'Ecoie des Langues Orientales Viv., 
IIP Serie, Vol. i.] Maps and illustra- 
tions. Large 8° Paris, i886 

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" Nyanza," R.N.Y.C. : being the Record 
of a Three Years' Cruise in a Schooner- 
Yacht in the Atlantic and Pacific, and 
her subsequent Shipwreck. I\Iap and 
illustrations. 8° Edinburgh, 1892 

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spheres. Plates. 8° 1858 

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(No. 56) : Appendix 2. 

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Plate. 8* Oran, 1877 

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Organisation, Objects, and Development 
of the Works of the Geographical Ex- 
ploring Commission in the Republic of 
Mexico. 8* New Orleans, 1S85 

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General Collection of Voyages, p. 610: 
Appendix i. 

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The Memoirs of, written by himself; 
containing a True and Full Account of 
the Discovery and Conquest of Mexico 
and New Spain. 2 vols. 8° 1844 



Diaz del Castillo, Conquistador Bernal. 

See Cartas de Indias, p. 612 ; Kerr, 
Vols. 3, 4 : Appendix i. 

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Marriage of the Czarevitch. Portraits. 
8^ 1867 

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Navigation from Akyab to Toungoop. 
[F'rom the India Records, No. 19, PubHc 
Works Dept.] 8° Calcutta, 1856 

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matical Geography ; with a Preface by 
Laurie. 12° 1863 

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the N.W. Provinces, 1867-68. [From 
the India Records, N.W. Prov., Part i.] 
8° Allahabad, 1868 

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of Experiments on, and Analysis of. 
Specimens of Kunkur, on the Grand 
Trunk Road, near Naubutpore. [From 
the Records of India, N.W. Prov., Vol. 2] 
8° Agra, 1855-64 

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Appendix i. 

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Reedi, or Hook Money of Ceylon. 8* 


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on the Coast of North- West America by 
Mr R. Brown. 8* [1868] 

Notes of Mosses and Hepaticre, col- 
lected by Robert Brown, Esq., on the 
North-West Coast of America. 8* 


See Inglefield ; Lindsay. 

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ment under a Bureaucracy. 8° 1853 

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Jerusalem Railway (with plans). [Foreign 
Office Reports, 1893 : Miscellaneous 
Series, No. 288, Turkey.] 8* 1893 

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of Her Majesty's hired Barque "Pagoda" 
[1844-45]. (From United Service Maga- 
zine, June and July 1850.) 8* 1850 

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Illustrations. 8° 1889 

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Travels in New Zealand, with Con- 
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Botany, and Natural History. 2 vols. 
Plates. 8" 1843 

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en el Polo Norte. 12° Madrid, n.d. 

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to recently explored Sites of Classical 
interest : Mycente, Tiryns, Dodona, 
Delos, Athens, Olympia, Eleusis, Epi- 
daurus, Tanagra ; a popular Account 
of the results of recent Excavations. 
Translated by Emma R. Perkins ; with 
an Introduction l)y Reginald Stuart 
Poole. 8° 1893 

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penzone speziell in Indischen Archipel. 
Nach Dr van der Burg's " De Geneesheer 
in Nederlandsch Indie" (i Band, 2 
Auflage), mit Genehmigung des Autors. 
8° Hamburg, 1887 

"Dido," H. M.S. .S'^^Keppel. 

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der physischen Geographic und Geologic 
von Mittel-Syrien. Map and photo- 
graphs. 8° Vienna, 1886 

Der Gebirgsbau der Westalpen. Maps. 

8° Vienna, 1891 

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Dindymos zum Pontus, [Ergan-zungs- 
heft, 94 — Petermann's Mittheilungen.] 
Photograph and maps. 4° Got ha, 1889 

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Municipalite : Rapport sur I'assainisse- 
ment de la Ville. 3 parts. Large 8° 

Alexandria, 1892-93 

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herzogthum Baden, ihre Statistik, ihre 
Pflege, ihre Erzeugnisse. 8° 

Karlsruhe, 1863 

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d'apres les fouilles executees en 1884, 
1885, 1886, sous les auspices du Musee 
du Louvre. Illustrations. Large 4° 

Paris, 1893 

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Don Pedro Nino, Conde de Buelna. 4° 

Madrid, 1782 

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Britain : a Record of Travel in English- 
speaking Countries during 1866 and 1867. 
2nd edition. Vol. 2 only. Maps and 
plates. 8° 1869 

The same. 8th edition. With Addi- 
tional Chapters on English Influence in 
Japan and China, and on Hong Kong and 
the Straits Settlements. Crown 8° 1885 

Gerrymandering in Africa. (From 

The United Service Magazine, November 
1890.) Map. 8* 1890 

Problems of Greater Britain. 2 vols. 

Maps. 8" 1890 

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See Pelham, Vol. 2 : Appendix i, 



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Result of a Voyage to the South Seas 
to Ascertain the Actual Fate of La 
Perouse's Expedition ; interspersed with 
Accounts of the Religion, Manners, 
Customs, and Cannibal Practices of the 
South Sea Islanders. 2 vols. Maps 
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gavine. [From the India Records, No. 
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See Hennell ; Kemball. 

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Canals, Railroad and Steamboat Routes, 
Tables of Distances, &c. Map. 1 2° 

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Memories of a Great Lone Land. 

(From the Westminster Review, March 

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Habits of the Mairs, their Subjugation, 
Civilisation, and Conversion into an 
Industrious Peasantry, Maps and plates. 
4° . 1850 

Report on Ajmeer and Mairwara, 

illustrating the Settlement of the Land 
Revenue and the Revenue Administra- 
tion of those Districts up to the com- 
mencement of 1853. 4° Agra, 1853 
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tion of the Earth on the Motion of Pro- 
jectiles. (From the Proceedings of the 
Royal Artillery Institution, May 1893.) 
8* 1893 
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North- West Coast of America, 1785-88. 
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Blake, Admiral and General at Sea ; 
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Plate. 8° 1852 

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8° 1879 

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Dictionary of English and Hindustani, 

■ 12° 1847 

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Countries adjoining to Hudson's Bay, 

in the North-West part of America . . ; 

with an Abstract of Captain Middleton's 

Journal, and Observations upon his 

behaviour during his voyage, and since 

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See Middleton, C. 

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Advance into Central Asia : Notes of a 
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" Dodding^on," East Indiaman. See 



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an Account of the Principal Parts to be 
Visited, with a Brief Description of the 
Scenery, and all particulars connected 
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Small 8° 1879 

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Volume i. 
Hannonis Periplus — Scylacis Periplus — 
Agatharchides de Mari Rubro — Arriani 
Periplus Ponti Euxini — Periplus Maris 
Erythraii eidem vulgo adscriptus — 
Nearchi Peraplus ex Arriani Indicis — • 
Marciani Heracleotae periplus, cum 
fragmentis Artemidori et Menippi — 
Anonymi periplus Maris Euxini. 

Volume 2. 
Dicsearchi Status Graecise — Dica^archi 
Descriptio Montis Pelii — Isidori Chara- 
ceni Mansiones Parthicse — Scymni 
Chii, vulgo Marciani Heracleotae, Orbis 
Descriptio — Scymni Fragmenta a Luca 
Ilolstenio collecta — Plutarchi Libellus 
de Fluviis adscriptus — Agathemeri 
Compendiariarum Geographic Expo- 
sitionum — Strabonis Epitome. 
Doe, F. M. Notice des Principaux 
Monuments de la Ville de Troyes. 12° 
Troyes, 1838 
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nach dem Rio Grande und Futah- 
Djallon, Reiseskizzen aus Nord-West- 
Afrika. Map and illustrations. 4° 

Leipzig, 1884 

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logicas practicadas en Cordoba (Repub- 

lica Argentina) durante el aiio de 1884. 

8* Buenos Ayres, 1885 

The same, 1885. 8* 

Buenos Ayres, 1886 

Resultados de algunas Mediciones 

Barometricas en la Sierra de Cordoba. 
8* Buenos Ayres, 1886 

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diurna de la Temperatura en algunos 
puntos de la Republica Argentina y de 
America del Sur en general. III. 
Variabilidad de la Temperatura de 
Ushnaia. 8* Buenos Ayres, 1886 

The same. IV. Variabilidad de la 

Temperatura en Concordia. 8* 

Buenos Ayres, 1887 

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Department of Agriculture, Ministry of 
Crown Domains, for the World's Colum- 
bian Exposition at Chicago ; editor of 
the English translation, John Martin 
Crawford. Large 8° St Petersburg, \?><^^ 

Dollen, W. Resultate einer astrono- 
misch - geodatischen Verbindung zwi- 
schen Pulkciwa und den Ufern des 
Ladogasees. 8* n.p., 1858 

Die Zeitbestimmung vermittelst des 

tragbaren Durchgangsinstruments im 
Verticale des Polarsterns. 4* 

St Petersburg, 1863 

The same. Zweite Abhandlung. 4* 

St Petersburg, 1874 

Zeitstern-Ephemeriden auf das Jahr 

1886 fiir die Zeitbestimmung vermittelst 
des tragbaren Durchgangsinstruments 
im Verticale des Polarsterns. 4* 

St Petersburg, 1886 

Stern-Ephemeriden auf das Jahr 1887 

zur Bestimmung von Zeit und Azimut 
mittelst des tragbaren Durchgangs- 
instruments im Verticale des Polarsterns. 

St Petersburg, 1886 

Large 8* 
St Petersburg, 1887 

Large 8* 
St Petersburg, 1888 

Large 8* 
St Petersburg, 1890 
Description of the 

Large 8* 

The same, 1888, 

The same, 1889 

The same, 1891 

DoUond, George. 

Atmospheric Recorder, or Self-Regis- 
tering Apparatus for the various Changes 
of the Barometer, Thermometer, &c. 
Plate. Royal 8* n.d. 

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de Lipari fait en 1781, ou Notices sur 
les lies ylioliennes, pour servir i 
I'Histoire des Volcans. 8" Paris, \^%l 

See Pinkerton, Vol. 5 : Appendix i. 

" Dolphin," Cruise of. See Lee, S. P. 

Dombay, Francisci de. Grammatica 
linguK Mauro - Arabics juxta vernaculi 
idiomatis usum ; accessit Vocabularium 
Latino-Mauro-Arabicum. Plate. Small 
4° Vienna, 1800 



Domenech, Abbe Em. Missionary Ad- 
ventures in Texas and Mexico : a 
Personal Narrative of Six Years' Sojourn 
in those Regions. Translated from the 
French. Map. 8° 1858 

Manuscrit Pictographique Americain, 

precede d'une Notice sur I'ldeographie 
des Peaux-Rouges. 8° Paris, i860 

Seven Years' Residence in the Great 

Deserts of North America. 2 vols. 
Map and plates. 8° i860 

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leras de Talcaide Chilian. 8* 1849 

Memoria sobre la Colonizacion en 

Chile. 8* _ [1850] 

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Publ., Vol. 81 : Appendix i. 

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op het Eiland Java. Map and plates. 
8" The Hague, 1836 

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main, its History, with Statistics, with 
References to the National Domain, 
Colonisation, Acquirement of Territory, 
the Survey, Administration, and Several 
Methods of Sale and Disposition of the 
Public Domain of the United States ; with 
Sketch of Legislative History of ihe Land 
States and Territories, and References 
to the Land System of the Colonies, and 
also that of several Foreign Governments. 
3rd edition. Maps and diagi-ams. 8° 
Washington, 1884 

Eleventh Census of the United States, 

Robert P. Porter, Superintendent. Extra 
Census Bulletin : Indians — Eastern Band 
of Cherokees of North Carolina. Maps 
and plates. 4* Washington, 1892 

Extra Census Bulletin : Indians — The 

Six Nations of New York — Cayugas, 
Mohawks (Saint Regis), Oneidas, Onon- 
dagas, Senecas, Tuscaroras. Maps and 
plates. 4° Washington, 1892 

Doniphan's Expedition. See Wislizenus. 

Donkin, John G. Trooper and Redskin 
in the Far North-West : Recollections of 
Life in the North-West Mounted Police, 
Canada, 1884-88. Map and portrait. 8° 


Donkin, Lieut. -General Sir R. Dis- 
sertation on the Course and Probable 
Termination of the Niger. Maps. 8° 1S29 

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the Chinese, with some Account of their 
Religious, Governmental, Educational, 
and Business Customs and Opinions, 
with special but not exclusive reference 
to Fuhchau. 2 vols. Plates. 12° 1866 

Doolittle, Thomas. Earthquakes Ex- 
plained and Practically Improved : occa- 
sioned by the late Earthquake on 8th 
September 1692, in London, many other 
parts in England, and beyond Sea. 18° 


D'Orbigny, A. Voyage dans I'Amerique 
Meridionale (le Bresil, la Republique 
Orientale de I'Uruguay, la Republique 
Argentine, la Patagonie, la Republique 
du Chili, la Republique de Bolivia, la 
Repul)lique du Perou), execute pendant 
les Annees 1826, 1827, 1828, 1829, 1830, 
1831, 1832, et 1833. 9 vols. Small folio 
Paris, 1835-47 
Vols. I. and II. — Partie Historique. 
Portrait 1835-43 

Vol. III.— Pt. I.— Historique (1844). 
Pt. 2. — Geographic (1846). Pt. 3. 
— Geologie (1842). Pt. 4. — Paleon- 
tologie (1842). 
Vol. IV. — Pt. I. — L'Homme Ameri- 
cain (de I'Amerique Meridionale), 
considere sous ses Rapports Phy- 
siologiques et Moraux (1838-39). 
Pt. 2. — Mammiferes [by A. D'Or- 
bigny and P. Gervais], (1847). Pt. 
3. — Oiseaux (1835-44). 
Vol. v.— Pt. I.— Reptiles (1847). 
Pt. 2. — Poissons [by A. Valen- 
ciennes] (1847). Pt. 3. — Mollusques 
(1835-43). Pt. 4.— Zoophytes (1839- 
46). Pt. 5. — Foraminiferes (1839). 
Vol. VL— Pt. I.— Crustaces [by A. 
Milne Edwards and H. Lucas] 
(1843). Pt. 2.— Insectes [by E. 
Blanchard and A. Brulle] (1837-43). 
Vol. VII.— Pts. i and 2.— Crypto- 
gamie ; Sertum Patagonicum ; Cryp- 
togames de la Patagonie, et Florula 
Boliviensis ; Cr) ptogames de la 
Bolivia [by C. Montague] (1839). 
Pt. 3. — Palmiers ; Palmetum Orbig- 
nianum ; Descriptio Palmarum in 
Paraguaria et Bolivia crescentium 
[by C. F. P. von Martius] (1847). 
Vol. VIII.— Atlas Historique, Geo- 
graph'que, Geologique, Paleonto- 
logique, et Botanique (1847). 
Vol. IX. — Atlas Zoologique (1847). 

L'Homme Americain (de I'Amerique 

Meridionale), considere sous ses Rapports 
Physiologiques et Moraux. 2 vols. 
Map. %" Paris, 1839 

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Doria, G. I Naturalisti Italiani alia Nuova 
Guinea e specialmente delle loroscoperte 
Zoologische. Part i. 8° Rome, 1878 
D'Orleans. See Orleans. 
Dorn, Alexander. Die Seehafen des 
Weltverkehrs, dargestellt von Josef Ritter 
von Lehnert, Johann Holeczek, Dr Karl 
Zehden, Dr Theodor Cicalek, Ernst 
Becher, Rudolf Pajer, Adolf Schwarz 
[and, in the case of Vol. 2, the follow- 
ing additional names], Robert Mtiller, 
Friedrich Ritter Muller von Elblein, 
Eduard Edlen von Friedenfels, Alfred 
Freiherrn von Koudelka, unter Redac- 
tion von Alexander Dorn. i Band. — 



Dorn, Alexander — continued. 

Hafen Europas sowie der Asiatischen 
und Afrikanischen Kiisten des Mittel- 
meerbeckens. 2 Band. — Hiifen ausser- 
halb Europas und des Mittelmeerbeckens. 
Plans and ilhistrations. Large 8° 

Vienna, 1891-92 

Dorn, B. Melanges Asiatiques. [Einige 
IJemerkupgen zur Geographie Persiens ; 
Auszii<4e aus zwei morgenlandischen 
Schiiftstellern, betreffend das Kaspische 
Meer und angranzende Lander ; Mor- 
genlandische Benennungen derFahrzeuge 
auf dem Kaspischen Meere.] 8° 

St Petersburg, 1 870 

Liventaire des Monnaies des Khalifes 

Orientaux, et de plusiers autres Dynas- 
ties. 8* St Petersburg, 1877 

See Neamet Ullah. 

Dornseiffen, Dr J. See Holland: Ap- 
pendix 2. 

Dorpfeld, Dr W. See Schliemann. 

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Letters. [Smithsonian Institution, Bureau 
of Ethnology Publ.] 8* 

Washington, 1891 

See United States, G, b : Appen- 
dix 2. 

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coveries, Dependencies, and Missions in 
Asia and Africa. Small 8° 1893 

Doucette, M. dela. Histoire, Antiquites, 
Usage, Dialectes des Hautes - Alpes. 
Map and platei. 8° Paris, I'izQ 

Doue, J. M. Bertrand de. De la Fre- 
quence comparee des Vents superieurs et 
inferieurs sous le climat du Puy en Velay, 
et de leur distribution. 8* 

Versailles, 185 1 

Quatrieme Memoire sur la frequence et 

la capacite pluvieuse des Vents superi- 
eurs et inferieurs sur la Station du Puy. 
8* Paris, 1857 

Dougall, John. See Tofifio de San 

Doughty, C. M. On the Jostedal-bras 
Glaciers in Norway. Plate. 8* 1866 

Documents Epigraphiques recueillis 

dans le Nord de I'Arabie. [The author's 
account of his travels is given in English.] 
Plates. 4° Paris, 1884 

Travels in Arabia Deserta. 2 vols. 

Map, plates, Ss'c. Cambridge, 1 888 

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Jumna, between Agra and Ooreah. Plate. 
[From the India Records, N.-W. J'ro- 
vinces. Part 2.] 8° Agra, 1855-64 

Douglas, Capt. See Eyries, Vol. 2 : Ap- 
pendix I. 
Douglas, Prof. Robert K. China. Map 
ami illustrations. 8' 1882 

Douglass, James Nicholas. The Wolf 
Rock Lighthouse ; with an Abstract of 
the Discussion upon the Paper. Plates. 
8° 1870 

Doull, Alex. Report and Outline of a 
Plan by which an Extensive Railway 
may be constructed in the British North 
American Colonies, combining its execu- 
tion with an enlarged scheme of Colon- 
isation and Reclamation of Waste Land. 
Maps. 8* 1850 

Employment and Colonisation of the 

Million, based upon a proposed Railway 
Communication from the Atlantic to the 
Pacific. 8* 1 85 1 

Project for Opening a North-West 

Passage between the Atlantic and Pacific 
Oceans, by means of a Railway on Brit- 
ish Territory. 8* 1852 

Dounton. See Downton. 

Douthwaite, A. W. Notes on Corea. 
16" Shanghai, 1884 

Douville, J. B. Voyage au Congo et dans 
ITnterieur de I'Afrique Equinoxiale, 
1828-30. 3 vols. 8° Paris, 1832 

Atlas to the same. 4° Paris\\'iyi\ 

Ma Defense, ou Reponse a I'Anonyme 

Anglais du Fo7-eign Quarterly Review, 
sur le Voyage au Congo ; avec Projet de 
Voyage en Afrique. 8* Paris, 1832 

Voyage au Congo et dans I'lnterieur 

de I'Afrique Equinoxiale, &c. [A Re- 
view of the Work, and of M. Douville's 
Reply, " Ma Defense," &c. J 8* 1832 

Trente mois de ma Vie, quinze mois 

avant et quinze mois apres mon Voyage 
au Congo ; suivie de details sur les 
Mceurs et les Usages des Ilabitans du 
Bresil et de Buenos Ayres, et d'une 
Description de la Colonic Patagonia. 8° 
Paris [1833] 

Dove, Prof. H. W. Repertorium der 
Physik. Band IV. Meteorologie, speci- 
fische Warme, strahlende Wiirme. Maps 
and plates. 8° Berlin, 1841 

Remarks on his recently-constructed 

Maps of the Monthly Isothermal Lines of 
the Globe, and on some of the principal 
conclusions in regard to Climatology 
deducible from them ; with an Intro- 
ductory Notice by Col. Edward Sabine. 
8* 1849 

Die Verbreitung der Warme auf der 

Oberflache der Erde erliiutert durch Iso- 
thermen, thermische Isanomalen, und 
Temperaturcurven. Maps and tables. 
4» Berlin, 1852 

The Distribution of Ileat over the 

Surface of the Globe, illustrated by Iso- 
thermal, Thermic Isalinormal, and other 
Curves of Temperature. Folio 1853 

Die Verbreitung der Warme in der 

nordlichen Hemisphiire innerhalb ties 
40. Breitengrades, auf zwei von II. Kie- 
pert entworfenen Karten : i , Karte der 
nordlichen Hemisphiire ; 2, Karte der 
Nordpolarlander. 8* Berlin, \%'i,% 



Dove, Prof. H. W. The Law of Storms 
considered in connection with the Or- 
dinary Movements of the Atmosphere. 
2nd edition. Translated by R. H. Scott. 
Charts. 8° 1862 

Die Monats- und Jahresisothermen in 

der Polarprojec.ion, &c. Maps. Oblong 
4° Berlin, 1864 

Dove, Dr Karl. Das Klima des ausser- 
tropischen Siidafrika mit Beriicksichti- 
gung der geographischen und wirtschaft- 
lichen Beziehungen nach klimatischen 
Provinzen dargestellt. Maps. 8° 

Gottingen, 1888 

Kulturzonen von Nord-Abessinien. 

(Erganzungsheft, 97 — Petermann's Mit- 
theilungen). Alap. 4" Gotha, 1890 

Studien uber Ostafrika. 3. Die mut- 

masslichen Verbreitungsgungen der [Ma- 
laria in Ostafrika. 4* Stuttgart, 1891 

Niederschlagsmengen am Kap der 

Guten HofTnung. 4* Got ha, 1892 

Ueber meteorologische und verwandte 

Beobachtungen in Siidwestafrika. 8* 

Dow, A. See Ferishta. 

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and Stars by the Moon during 1853. 
4* Washington, 1853 

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Astley, Vol. i ; Gottfried ; Kerr, Vols. 
7, 8, 9 ; Allgemeine Historic, Vol. i ; 
Purchas, Vol. i, Book 3 : Appendix i. 

Doyne, W. T. Report upon the Plains 
and Rivers of Canterbury, New Zealand. 
Plans. Folio* Christchurch, 1864 

Second Report upon the River Wai- 

makariri and the Lower Plains of Canter- 
bury, New Zealand. Folio * 

Christchurch, 1865 

Dozon, Aug. See Nalivkine, V. P. 

Drach, S. M. Deductions from Mr 
Glaisher's "Meteorological Corrections." 
8* 1851 

Observations on Base-Length of 

Great Pyramid, and Royal Coffer's Di- 
mensions. 8* 1872 

Hypothetical Phoenician Mariner's 

Guide, or Supposed Names on Euro- 
pean, &c. , Coasts, as derived from the 
Hebrew Language, on the presumption 
that the Phoenician Commonsense Names 
were distorted by their Greek successors 
to form the base of the Lying Legends 
passing current in the World as the 
Greek-Latin Mythology. MS. 

" Drache." Die Ergebnisse der Unter- 
suchungsfahrten S. ^L Knbt, "Drache" 
(Kommandant Korvetten-Kapitan Holz- 
hauer), in der Nordsee in den Sommern 
1 88 1, 1882, und 1884. Maps, S^c. 4° 
Berlin, 1886 

Dragovna, Marko. Pokushai za Biblio- 
graphiju o Tsornoi Gori sastalvno Marko 
Dragovna, 8° Cettinje, 1892 

Drake, C. F. Tjrrwhitt. Modern Jeru- 
salem ; with a Memoir. 8" 1875 

See Burton, R. F. 

Drake, Sir Francis. Lives and Voyages 
of Drake, Cavendish, and Dampier ; in- 
cluding an Introductory View of earlier 
Discoveries in the South Sea, and the 
History of the Buccaneers. Portraits. 
16° Edinburgh, 1831 

See Barrow ; Peralta ; also Hakluyt 

Soc. Publ., Vols. 4, 16 ; Burney, \o\. i ; 
Callander, Vol. i ; Churchill, Vol. 8 ; 
Gottfried ; Hakluyt, Vols. 2, 3, 4; Harris, 
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15; Purchas, Vol. 4, Book 6; World 
Displayed, Vol. 5 ; New Collection, 
Vol. 3 ; Allgemeine Historie, Vols. 1,12: 
Appendix i. 

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Appendix i. 

Drake, John. See Hakluyt, Vol. 4 : Ap- 
pendix I. 

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considerees principalement sous^les Rap- 
ports de la Geologic, de I'Economie 
Politique, Rurale et Forestiere, de I'ln- 
dustrie et du Commerce. 2 vols. Alaps 
and tables. 8° Paris, 18 13 

Draper, Lyman C. Madison, the Capital 

of Wisconsin, its Growth, Progress, 

Condition, Wants, and Capabilities. 8* 

Madison, Wis., 1857 

Drapiez, M. Notice sur I'Etablissement 

Geographique de Bruxelles. Plates. 12* 

Brussels, 1836 

— ■■ — The same. Plate. 12* Brussels, 1&42 

Drasche, R. von. Die Insel Reunion 
(Bourbon) im Indischen Ocean. Eine 
geologisch - petrographische Studie, mit 
einem Anhange liber die Insel Mauritius. 
A/aps and plates. 4° llenfia, iSjS 

Drayson, Major - General Alfred W. 

Sporting Scenes amongst the Kaffirs of 
South Africa. Plates. 8° 1858 

Drayton, Michael. [Poly-Olbion.] A 
Chorographicail Description of all the 
Tracts, Rivers, Mountains, Forests, and 
other parts of this Renowned Isle of 
Great Britain, with intermixture of the 
most Remarkable Stories, Antiquities, 
Wonders, Rarities, Pleasures, and Com- 
modities of the same. Divided into two 
Bookes ; the latter containing Twelve 
Songs, never before Imprinted, Digested 
into a Poem by Michael Drayton, 
Esquire. With a Table added, for Direc- 
tion to those Occurrences of Story and 
Antiquitie, whereunto the Course of the 
Volume easily leades not. Frontispiece 
and portrait. 12° 1622 [1876] 

The same, continued. 12° [1876] 



Drayton, Michael. The Second Part, or 
a Continuance of Poly-Olbion from the 
Eighteenth Song. Containing all the 
Tracts, Rivers, Mountaines, and Forests, 
intermixed with the most Remarkable 
Stories, Antiquities, Wonders, Rarities, 
Pleasures, and Commodities of the East 
and Northern Parts of this Isle, lying 
betwixt the two famous Rivers of Thames 
and Tweed. 12° 1622 [1876] 

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the Roman Alphabet generally to the 
Languages of India. 8* [1875] 

The Jummoo and Kashmir Territories : 

a Geographical Account. Maps and 
plates. 8° 1875 

The Northern Barrier of India : a 

Popular Account of the Jummoo and 
Kashmir Territories. Map and plates. 
8= 1877 

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torische Nachricht von der Rom. Kaiserl. 
Gross -Botschaft nach Constantinopel ; 
worinnen ganz besondere Nachrichten 
von der Tiirken Policey, Religion, 
Griechischen Antiquitaten, &c. Por- 
traits and plates. Small 4° 

Nuremberg, 1723 

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1834. 12° 1838 

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Projet d'une Exploration Geographique 
Internationale des Terrains qui semblenl 
presenter le plus de Facilites pour le 
Percement d'un Canale Maritime Inter- 
oceanique. Map. 8* Parts, 1876 

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dix I. 

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herausgegeben von Prof. Dr Friedrich 
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ferent Cities of Germany, Italy, Greece, 
and several Parts of Asia, as far as the 
Banks of the Euphrates, in a Series of 
Letters, containing an Account of what 
is most Remarkable in their Present 
State, as well as in their Monuments of 
Antiquity. Maps and plates. Folio 


Drummond, A. T. The Distribution of 

Canadian Forest Trees in its Relation to 

Climate and other Causes. 8° 

Montreal, 1885 
Drummond, Major H. Report on the 

Deposits of Graphite near Almorah, 1850. 

[From the India Records, Vol. i, N.W. 

Provinces.] Plate. 8° Agra, 1855 

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Mrvca,. Maps and illustrations. 8° 1888 
Tropical Africa. 4th edition. Map 

and illustrations. 8° 1891 

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for the Northern Part of the Colony of 

New Zealand. 12° Auckland, 1854 

Drury, Colonel Heber. Reminiscences 

of Life and Sport in Southern India. 

12° 1890 

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ing Adventures of R. D., during his 
Fifteen Years Captivity on the Island of 
Madagascar. Written by himself. 12° 


Madagascar, or Robert Drury's Jour- 
nal during Fifteen Years Captivity on 
that Island. [Title -page imperfect.'] 
Small 8° N.D. 

See Lafond de Lurcy, Vol, 6 : Appen- 
dix I. 

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UeberBewegungen derKontinentezur 

Eiszeit und ihren Zusammenhang mit den 
Warmeschwankungen in der Erdrinde. 
8* Berlin, 1889 

Gronlands Gletscher und Inlandeis. 

Plates. 8* Berlin, 1892 

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croquis de Geographic militaire .... 
8° Paris, 1875 

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Character. Manners, and Customs of the 
People of India, and of their Institutions, 
Religious and Civil. 4° 1817 

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phic de Strabon : Etude Critique de la 
Methode et des Sources. Large 8° 

Paris, 1 89 1 

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nissredeauf I'aul Erman. 4* Berlin, 1853 

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Survey of the County of Down, with 
Observations on the Means of Improve- 
ment. Map and plates. 8° 

Dublin, 1802 

Statistical Survey of the County of 

Antrim, wiih Obseivations on the Means 

of Improvement. Afaps and plates. 8° 

Dublin, 1812 

Dubrovin. See Prejevalsky. 

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for Reclaiming Land between Bombay 
and Trombay ; with a Memorandum by 
Lieut. -Col. A. De Lisle. Maps. [From 
the India Records, No. 68, Bombay.]i863 



Ducat, Lieut. W. M. Papers relating to 
Canal Irrigation in Sind, with Sugges- 
tions for its Improvement. Maps. [From 
the India Records, No. 69, Bombay.] 1863 

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and a Treatise on Lime-Burning. 3 pts. 
Maps and plates. 8 * An napoHs, 1837-39 

— — — Report on the New Map of Maryland, 
1834. 8* Annapolis, 1834 

and J. H. Alexander. Reports of 

the Geologist and Engineer on the New 
Map of Maryland, 1835-36. Maps. 2 
parts. 8" Bahi/nore, 1835-37 

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Adventures in Equatorial Africa ; with 
Accounts of the Manners and Customs 
of the People, and of the Chace of the 
Gorilla, Crocodile, and other Animals. 
Map and plates. 8° 1861 

— ;- Voyages et Aventures dans I'Afrique 
Equatoriale, Moeurs et Coutumes des 
Habitans, &c. Maps and plates. Royal 
8° Paris, 1863 

A Journey to Ashango-Land, and 

Further Penetration into Equatorial 
Africa. Map and plates. 8° 1867 

The Land of the Midnight Sun : 

Summer and Winter Journeys through 
Sweden, Norway, Lapland, and Northern 
Finland ; with Descriptions of the 
Inner Life of the People, their Manners 
and Customs, the Primitive Antiquities, 
&c. 2 vols. Map and illustrations. 8° 

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la Boussole circulaire faites a bord des 
Navires de I'Etat en 1873, 1874, et 1875. 
Square 8* Paris, 1875 

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pendix I. 
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3 vols. Plates. Folio Florence, 1646-47 

See Hakluyt, Vol. 4: Appendix i. 

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Dufau et Guadet. Dictionnaire Uni- 
versel abrege de Geographic Ancienne 
comparee. 2 vols, in i. Map. 8° 

Paris, 1820 

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Nyassa . . . : Statement submitted to the 
Commission of the Free Church of Scot- 
land. Map separate. 8* Edinburgh, 1875 

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Political Survey. Maps. 8* 

Edinburgh, 1868 

Address to the Royal Historical So- 
ciety. 8* 1892 

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tudes : being an Account of a Voyage to 
Iceland, Jan Mayen, and Spitzbergen in 
1856. Maps and plates. 8° 1857 

Speech of, with the Comments of the 

English Press. 8* 1874 

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(Florence, Siena, Pisa, and Lucca), with 
Genoa. (The Story of the Nations Series.) 
Map and illustrations. 8" 1892 

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graphic, redige conformement au Pro- 
gramme du Gouvernement a I'usage de 
I'Enseignement moyen du degre supe- 
rieur. 4th edition. 12° Brussels, 1873 

Congres International de Geographic 

Commerciale. Deux ieme Session. Rap- 
port presente a la Societe Beige de Geo- 
graphic, le 3 Novembre 1879. 8* 

Brussels, 1879 

La Question du Congo depuis son 

origine jusqu' aujourd'hui : , Explora- 
tions, Associations du Congo, Etat Inde- 
pendant du Congo, Conference de Berlin, 
Geographic du Bassin du Congo. Maps. 
8* Brussels, 1885 

La Densite de la Population en Bel- 

gique et dans les autres pays du Monde. 
8* Brussels, 1887 

Le Parlage de I'Afrique entre les 

puissances Europeennes. Map. 8* 

Brussels, 1890 

H. M. Stanley a la Societe Royale 

Beige de Geographic de Bruxelles. 8* 
Brussels [1890] 

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Ministere de I'Agriculture, de I'lndustrie, 
et des Travaux publics. Guide du 
Batelier, ouvrage public d'apres les ordres 
du Gouvernement. Edition de 1889. 
Maps and plans. i?° Brussels, 1889 

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Recherches sur les Terrains Volcaniques 
des deux Siciles compares a ceux de la 
France centrale. Maps. Small 8° 1838 

Dufton, Henry. Narrative of a Journey 
through Abyssinia, in 1862-63 ! with 
an Appendix on "The Abyssinian Cap- 
tives Question." Maps. 8° 1867 

Dugdale- See Varenius. 

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phique, Historique, Chronologique, Poli- 
tique, et Physique de I'Empire de la 
Chine et de Tartaric Chinoise. 4 vols. 
Maps and plates. Imp. folio Paris, ly^^ 

Description Geographique, Historique 

. . . et Physique de I'Empire de la Chine 
et de la Tartaric Chinoise, &c. 4 vols. 
Maps and plates. 4° The Hague, 1736 

A Description of the Empire of China, 

and Chinese Tartary, together with the 
Kingdoms of Korea and Tibet . . . 
From the French of J. B. du Halde, 
with Notes ... by the translator. 
2 vols. Maps and plates. Folio. 1738-41 

The General History of China: con- 
taining a Geographical, Historical, 
Chronological, Political, and Physical 
Description of the Empire of China, 
Chinese-Tartary, Corea and Thibet, &c. 
3rd edition. 4 vols. 8° 1741 



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a Guide for Visitors. 12° Calcutta, 1888 

Appendix to Ince's Guide to Kashmir, 

Rawal Pindi to Srinagar : a Detailed 
Account of the New Jhelum Valley Road ; 
together with a Brief Note of Five other 
Routes leading into the Valley. Maps 
in separate cover. 12^ Calcutta, 1892 

Duke, Surgeon-Major O. T. A His- 
torical and Descriptive Report on the 
Districts of Thal-Chotiali and Harnai, 
with the adjacent Country inhabited 
by Biluch and Pathan Tribes. Maps. 
Folio. Calcutta, 1883 

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6, A Collection of Modern and Con- 
temporary Voyages and Travels : Ap- 
pendix I. 

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Dumergue, E. Machjerus, the Prison 
House of John the Baptist, its Geogra- 
phical and Biblical Locality identified. 
8* Douglas , 1875 

The Chotts of Tunis ; or, The Great 

Inland Sea of North Africa in Ancient 
Times. Map. 12* 1883 

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New \'oyages and Travels : Appen- 
dix I. 

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de Tunis. 8^ Geneva, 1858 

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ment de la Population de la Villa de 
Geneve de 1845-72. Tables. 4° 

Geneva, 1876 

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Collection of Modern Contemporary Voy- 
ages and Travels : Appendix i . 

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Wales, E : Appendix 2. 

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Turks in Asia. 2 vols. Map. 8" 1855 

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of 1885. 8 
Duncan, George. 

. . . 4th edition 

The same, 

Duncan, John 

ilVoolwicli, 1887] 

Geography of India 

12° Madras, 1868 

loth edition. 16" 1880 

Travels in Western Africa 

in 1845 and 1846, comprising a Journey 
from Whydah through Dahomey to 
Adofoodia, in the Interior. 2 vols. Alap, 
8" 1847 

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tory. Vols. 1-6. Plates. 4" [1877-83] 

Sec India, C (Palseontologia Indica) : 

Appendix 2. 

Dundonald, Earl of, and H. R. Fox 
Bourne. The Life of Thomas, Lord 
Cochrane, tenth Earl of Dundonald, &c. 
2 vols. Portrait. %" 1 869 

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Explanatory Remarks in illustration of 
a Map of Spitzbergen. 8* 

Stockholm, 1865 

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in Commemoration of Peter S. du 
Ponceau, late President of the American 
Philosophical Society. 8* 

Philadelphia, 1844 

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Isthmus of Panama, with Remarks on 
its Physical Geography, and its Prospects 
in connection wiih ihe Gold Regions, 
Gold Mining, and Washing. 8* 1852 

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Emigration, its Geography, Climate, 
&c. 8* [1866] 

Dunlop, R. H. W. Hunting in the Hima- 
laya ; with Notices of Customs and Coun- 
tries from the Elephant Haunts of the 
Dehra Doon to the Bunchowr Tracks in 
Eternal Snow. Map and plates. 8" i860 

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(Reprinted from ihe Asiatic Quarterly 
/vVotVw for January 1889.) 8* 1889 

The Key of Western China. (Re- 
printed from the Asiatic Quarterly 
AVz^iVrcfor April 1889.) 8* 18S9 

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a Narrative of a Year's Expedition on 
horseback and on foot through Kash- 
mir, Western Tibet, Chinese Tartary, 
and Russian Central Asia. 2 vols. Maps 
and illustrations. Small 8° 1893 

Dunn, A. J. St Louis du Rhone, the 
New French Port in the Mediterranean. 
Map. 8* 1880 

Dunraven, Earl of. The Great Divide : 
Travels in the Upper Yellowstone in the 
Summer of 1874. Map and plates. 8° 


Dunsford, H. A. H. The Opening of 
the Arctic Sea. Map. 12* 1890 

Dunsterville, Commander Edward. 
The Lights of the British Islands. Cor- 
rected 10 1856. 8° 1856 

• The L'ghts of the Coasts and Lakes 

of British North America. Ctrr.ced to 
1856. 8° 1856 

The Lighthouses, Lighted Beacons, 

and Floaii.ig Lights of the United Slates. 
Corrected to 1856. 8° 1 856 

The Lights of the West India Is'ands 

and adjacent Coasts. Corrected to 1856. 
8° 1856 

Admiralty Catalogue of Charts, Plans, 

Views, and Sailin;^ Directions. 8" i860 

The Admiralty List of the Belgian, 

Dutch, Hanoverian, Danish, Prussian, 
Russian, Swedish and Norwegian Lights. 
Corrected to i860. 8° i860 

{^Also F^leven other Admiralty Lights, 
])ul>lished in 1860-62.] 

Dunton, John. See Churchill, Vol. 8 : 
Appendix i. 



Dunwoody, H. H. C. See United States 

(Signal Service) : Appendix 2. 
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Italy in 1785. 8° 1788 

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Du Perier, — . General History of all Voy- 
ages and Travels throughout the Old and 
New World, from the First Ages to this 
Present Time, illustrating both the 
Ancient and Modern Geography ; con- 
taining an accurate Description of each 
Country, its Natural History and Pro- 
ducts, the Religion, Customs, Manners, 
Trade, &c., ot the Inhabitants, and 
whatsoever is curious and remarkable in 
any kind. Plates. 8° 1708 

Du Perier, Lieut. Notes sur I'Atterrissage 
du Rio de la Plata, et sur les differentes 
Routes que I'on peut suivre pour remonter 
ce Fleuve jusqu'a Buenos Ayres. 8° 

Paris, 1842 
Duperrey, Capit. L. I. Voyage autour du 
Monde, execute par ordre du Roi, sur la 
corvette "La Coquille," pendant les 
annees 1822, 1823, 1824, et 1825. 9 vols. 
5 vols., 4°, Atlas ; and 4 vols., folio 

Paris, 1826-30 
Vol. I. — Partie Historique [all pub- 
lished] 1829 
Vol. 2. — Hydrographie et Physique. 
Maps 1829-30 
Vol. 3. — Botanique, par D'Urville, 
Bory de St Vincent et Brongniart ; 
Cryptogamie, par Bory de St Vin- 
cent, 1828 ; Phanerogamic, par 
Brongniart, 1829. 
Vol. 4. — Zoologie. Vol. i . Par I^essen 
et Garnot 1826 
Vol. 5. — Zoologie. Vol.2. Par Lessen 
et Guerin Meneville 1830 
Vol. 6. — Histoire du Voyage. Atlas 


Vol. 7. — Hydrographie. Atlas 1827 

Vol. 8. — Histoire Naturelle, Botanique. 

Atlas 1826 

Vol. 9. — Histoire Naturelle, Zoologie. 

Atlas 1826 

Magnetisme Terrestre. 8° 

Paris, 1834 

Du Perron, A. Sec Bernouilli, J. 

Du Petit-Thouars, A. Voyage autour 

du Monde sur la fregate "La Venus," 

pendant les annees 1836-39 Paris 

Relation. Vols. 1-4. Map. 8° 1840-43 

Zoologie (1855) et Botanique (1864). 

[Forming Vol. 5.] 8° 
Physique, par U. de Tessan. Vols. 
6-10. 8° 1842-44 

Atlas Pittoresque. Folio 1841 

de Zoologie. Folio 1846 

de Botanique. Folio 1846 

Hydrographique. Folio 1845 

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de Suez. Deux Rapports a I'Academie 
des Sciences. 8* Paris, 1857-58 

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I'Afrique Centrale : Etude Geographique. 
Map. 8* Montpellier, 1875 

Commission superieure du Chemin de 

Fer Trans-Saharien. Notes sur I'or- 
ganisation du .Service des Etudes et la 
reglementation des chantiers de construc- 
tion. Map. 8* Montpellier, 1879 

Le Chemin de Fer Trans-Saharien, 

Jonction Cploniale entre I'Algerie et le 
Soudan. Etudes preliminaires du projet, 
et Rapport de Mission. Maps. 8° 

Paris, 1879 

La Circulation des Venls a la Surface 

du Globe : Principes fondamentaux de 
la Nouvelie Theorie. 4* Paris, 1891 

La Circulation des Vents et de la 

Pluie dans I'Atmosphere. 8* Paris, 1892 

Dupont, E. Societe Beige des Ingenieurs 
et des Industriels : Conference donnee a 
la Societe le 29 Fevrier 1888, sur les 
Resultats de I'Exploration Scientifique 
qu'il a faite au Congo en Juillet-Decembre 
1887. 8* Brussels, 1888 

Lettres sur le Congo : Recit d'un Voy- 
age scientifique entre I'Embouchure du 
Fleuve et le Confluent du Kassai. . Maps 
and plates. 8° Paris, 1889 

Dupre Deloire, E. F. M. Voyage a la 
Grande-Chartreuse, 1822. 12° 

Valence, 1830 

Une Visite a la Chartreuse pres de 

Pavie. Plates. 11° Milan, 1861 

Guida al Sacro Monte di Varallo. 

Nuovaedizione. Plates. 12° Varallo, 'a. n. 

Dupre, — . See Eyries, VqI. 14 : Ap- 
pendix I. 

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a Narrative of Two Years Residence in 
Jerusalem and Palestine, with Notes on 
the dispersed Canaanite Tribes. 2 vols. 
8° 1856 

Dupuis, Joseph. Journal of a Residence 
in Ashantee, comprising Notes and Re- 
searches relative to the Gold Coast and 
the Interior of Western Africa. Chiefly 
collected from Arabic MSS. and Informa- 
tion by the Moslems of Guinea. Map and 
plates. 4° 1824 

Dupuis, J. L'Ouverture dii Fleuve Rouge 

au Commerce et les Evenements du 

Tong-Kin, 1872-73 : Journal de Voyage 

et d'Expedition. Map and portrait. 4° 

Paris, 1879 

Dupuy, R. Geography of Mauritius, for 
use in Schools and Colleges. Map. 
12" Port Louis, i?>^2 

Dupuy, — . L'etat de I'enseignement de 
la geographic en France. 8^ Paris, N. D. 

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generales sur I'Amazone. 8* 

Paris, 1871 

Les Indiens du Bresil, et en particulier 

du Bassin de I'Amazone. 8* 

Bordeaux, 1872 



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I'ensemble des voies navigables de 
I'Amerique du Sud, et du Bassin de 
I'Amazone en particulier, 8* 

Bordeaux, 1872 

Le Rio Negro du Nord et son bassin. 

8* Paris, 1872 

L'Amazone Bresilien. 8* Paris, 1873 

Le Solimoes ou Haut Amazone 

Bresilien. 8* Paris, 1873 

Le Rio Doce. 8* Paris, 1873 

Voyages au Chimborazo, a I'Altar, et 

Ascension au Tunguragua. [Stiibel, 
translated.] 8* Paris, 1874 

Les Missions Catholiques Franfaises. 

Texte 12°, Atlas 4° Paris, 1874 

Durand, J. P. L. See Phillips [i], Vol. 

4 ; [2] Vol. I : Appendix i. 
Durand, T. See Nery. 
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of the Board of Relief for the Destitute 
in Graham Town during 1834-35. 8° 

Cape Town, 1836 

D'Urban, Fortia. Dissertation sur le 

Passage du Rhone et des Alpes par 

Annibal. Map. 8° Paris, 1821 

Recueil des Itineraires Anciens, com- 

prenant I'ltineraire d'Antonin, la Table 
de Peutinger, et un Choix des Periples 
Grecs. 4° Paris, 1845 

Duret, Theodore. Voyage en Asie : Le 
Japon, la Chine, la Mongolie, Java, 
Ceylan, I'lnde. 12° Paris, 1874 

Durham, F. A. The Lone Star of 
Liberia : being the Outcome of Reflec- 
tions on our own People. 8° 1892 
Durier, C. Le Mont- Blanc. Maps and 
plates. 8° Paris, 1877 
Durlacher, Alfred. Report on the Con- 
dition of the Colony of Western Australia, 
as shown by the Census taken 31st De- 
cember 1859. Folio Freemantle, i860 
Duro, Cesareo Fernandez. Disquisi- 
ciones Nauticas. Conformacion, adorno 
y armamento de Naves Antiquas. Mo- 
letias y sufrimientos de sus tripulantes. 
Como eran las Carabelas de Colon. Los 
colores Nacionales. Prestigio y signifi- 
cacion de la bandera y el fanal. Buques 
Coraceros en el Siglo XV., y otras 
noticias. 8° Madrid, 1876 

La Mar descrita por los Mareados. 

MasDisquisciones, &c. %° Madrid, 1877 

Navegaciones de los Muertos, y Vani- 

dades de los vivo-. Libro Tercero de 
las Disquisiciones Nauticas. 8° 

Madrid, 1878 

Los Ojos en el cielo. Libro Cuarto 

de las Disquisiciones Nauticas 8° 

Madrid, 1879 

Colon y Pinzon. Informe relativo 

a los pormenores de descubrimiento del 
Nuevo Mundo presentado a la Real 
Academia de la Historia. 4° 

Madrid, 1883 

Durocher, J, See Gaimard, Paul. 
Durrant, W. See Galton, Vacation 

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corvette " L' Astrolabe," execute par 
Ordre du Roi, pendant les annees 1826, 
'27, '28, '29, sous le commandement de 
M. J. Dumont D'Urville, &c. 13 vols, 
in 12 8°, and i vol. 4°; Atlas, 3 vols, in 
7 folio, and i vol. elephant folio 

Paris, 1830-35 
Histoire du Voyage, par Dumont 
D'Urville. 5 vols. Illustrations 

Philologie, par Dumont D'Urville. 2 
vols, in I 1833-34 

Botanique, par A. Lesson et A. 
Richard 1832 

Zoologie, par J. R. C. Quoy et J. P. 
Gaimard. 4 vols. 1830-33 

Faune Entomologique de I'Ocean 
Pacifique, par J. A. Boisduval. i^'^ 
ptie, Lepidopteres, 1832 ; 2""= ptie, 
.Coleopteres et autres ordres, 1835 
— in I. 
Observations Nautiques, Meteorolo- 
giques, Hydrographiques. et de Phy- 
sique. Par Dumont D'Urville. 2 
parts in i. 4° 1833-34 

Atlas. Historique, 3 vols, "j 

Botanique, i vol. J-Fol. 1833 

Zoologie, 3 vols. J 

Hydrographique. Elephant folio 


Rapport sur les Operations de la 

Campagne de la corvette " I'Astrolabe." 
Maps. 8* Paris, 1838 

Expedition au Pole Antarctique des 

corvettes "I'Astrolabe" et la "Zelee." 
Maps. 8* Paris, 1840 

Notice Necrologique, par M. de la 

Roquette. Royal 8* Poissy, N. D. 

Voyage au Pole Sud et dans I'Oceanie 

sur les corvettes " L' Astrolabe " et " La 
Zelee," execute par ordre du Roi pendant 
les annees 1837, '38, '39, '40, sous le com- 
mandement de M. J. Dumont D'Urville, 
&c. 22 vols, in II, 8°; Atlas, 7 vols, 
in 5, folio Paris 

Histoire du Voyage, par Dumont 
D'Urville. 10 vols, in 5 1842-46 
Anlhropologie, par — Dumoutier. 8° 

Zoologie, par — Hombrom et Ilonor^ 
Jacquinot, 5 vols, in 2, 1846-54 
(Mammiferes et Oiseaux, par — 
Pucheran ; Reptiles et Poissons, par 
A. Guichenot; Crustaces, par H. 
Jacquinot et II. Lucas ; Insectes, 
par E. Blanchard ; Mollusques, 
Coquilles, et Zoophytes, par L. 



D'Urville, Dumont J. Voyage au Pole 
Slid et dans I'Oceanie sur les corvettes 
" L' Astrolabe " et "La Zelee "—£■<?« - 

Botanique, par — Hombron et H. 
Jacquinot. 2 vols, in I, 1845 ^"^ 
1853 (Piantes cellulaires, par C. 
Montagne ; Piantes vasculaires, par 
J. Decaisne). 
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■ • Botanique 




'in I. 


1847 J 





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— A Correspondence relating 
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to the 


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liothek der neuesten und wichtigsten 
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Adelaide, 1893 

See Streich. 



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Map. 8° 1887 

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the Natural History of the Country ; also 
Facts and Arguments from which the 
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rendered probable. Maps and plates. 8° 


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Appendix i. 

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ceedings of the late Embassy to China, 
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the Journey from the Mouth of the 
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Maps and plates, z^" 1 8 1 7 



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Maps. 8" 18 1 8 

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History of the Boat which gave Peter 

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Representation of the Siege of Therou- 

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the Natural History of the Country, and 
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Map and plates. 8° 1859 

Madagascar Revisited, describing ihe 

Events of a New Reign and the Revolu- 
lion which followed, &c. Map and 
plates. 8° 1867 

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of the Barometer. 8* [1886] 

Address Delivered to the Royal Me- 
teorological Society. (From the Quar- 
terly Journal of the Royal Meteorological 
Society, N o\. \T,.) Large 8* 1887 

The same, on i8th January 1888, 

including a Discussion of the Green- 
wich Observations of Cloud during the 
Seventy Years ending 1887. (F"rom the 
Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteor- 
ological ."Society.) 8* 1888 

El Mas'iidi. See Nicholson, John. 

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count of the Kingdom of Caubul, and its 
Dependencies in Persia, Tartary, and 
India ; comprising a View of the Afghaun 
Nation, and a History of the Dooraunee 
Monarchy. Map and plates. 4° 1815 

Elphinstone, Hon. Mountstuart. Re- 
port on the Territories conquered from 
the Paishwa. 8° Bombay, 1838 

History of India, the Hindu and 

Mahometan Periods. 8° 1857 

See Eyries, Vol. 14 : Appendix i. 

" Elpis Melena." Calabria and the 
Liparian Islands in the year i860. 8° 1862 

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Great Level of the Fens, called Bedford 
Level, and other Fens, Marshes, and Low- 
Lands in this Kingdom. Map. 8° 1793 

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tory. Maps. Large 8° 1882 

Elton, Charles J. The Career of Colum- 
bus. 8° 1892 

Elton, J. F. With the French in Mexico. 
Alaps and illustrations. 8° 1867 

F"rom Natal to Zanzibar ; with De- 
scriptive Notes of Zanzibar, Mombasah, 
the Slave Trade, Sir Bartle Frere's 
Expedition, &c. 12* Durban, x^-jt, 

— — Travels and Researches among the 
Lakes and Mountains of Eastern and 
Central Africa. Edited and completed 
by H. B. Cotterill. Maps and plates. 
8" 1879 

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Pinto, A. 

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the World. Plates. Royal 8° 1854 

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England, by the Contment of Europe, 
Egypt, and the Red Sea, to India. 
2 vols. Plates. 8° 1830 

Emanuel, H. Diamonds and Precious 
Stones, their History, Value, and Dis- 
tinguishing Characteristics. Plates. 4° 


Emanuel, Louis. Jottings and Recollec- 
tions of a Bengal " Qui Hye ! " Illus- 
trations. 12° N.D. 

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schungsreisen des neunzehnten Jahihun- 
derts in synchronistischer Uebersicht. 
4° Brunswick, 1880 

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Gegenden um den Schneebcrg in Oester- 
reich. 12" Vienna, 1803 

Emerson, J. S, Kilauea after the Erup- 
tion of March 1886. Communications 
to Prof. W. D. Alexander, Surveyor- 
General of Hawaian Islands, by Messrs 
J. S. Emerson, L. L. Van Slyke, and 
F". S. Dodge. Plates. 8* [1887] 

Emery, Lieut. J. B. Letters to W. D. 
Cooley, on the Geography of Mombas, 
East Africa. MS. Folio* 1833-35 

Emin Pasha in Central Africa : being a 
Collection of his Letters and Journals. 
Edited and Annotated by Prof. G. 
Schweinfurth, Prof. F. Ratzel, Dr R. 
W. Pelkin, and Dr G. Hartlaub. 
Tianslated by Mrs R. W. Felkin. Map 
and portraits. 8° 1888 



Etnin Pasha. See Hassan. 

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States, G, c (Monographs and Bulletins); 
H, a (Prof. Papers): Appendix 2. 

and Becker, G. F. See United 

States, A (Tenth Census, Vol. 13) : Ap- 
pendix 2. 

Emory, Major W. H. Notes of a Mili- 
tary Reconnois'ance from Fort Leaven- 
worth, in Missouri, to San Diego, in 
California,including Parts of the Arkansas, 
Del Norte, and Gila Rivers (containing 
the Reports of Col. Albert, Col. St 
George Cooke, and Capt. Johnston), 
made in 1846-47. Maps and plates. 8° 
Washington, 1848 

Observations, Astronomical, Magnetic, 

and Meteorological, made at Chagres 

and Gorgona, Isthmus of Darien, and at 

the City of Panama, New Granada. 4* 

Cambridge, Mass., 1850 

Report on the United States and 

Mexican Boundary Survey. Vol. i. 
Part I. — Containing Personal Account, 
General Description of the Country, the 
Lower Rio Bravo from Mouth of Devil's 
River to El Pasco del Norte, &c. Part 
2. — Geological Reports, by Parry and 
Schott ; Palaeontology and Geology of 
the Boundary, by Hall ; and Description 
of Cretaceous and Tertiary Fossils, by 
Conrad. Maps and plates. 4° 

Washington, 1857 

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Vol. I ; Collec9ao tie Noticias, Vol. 2, 
p. 610 : Appendix i. 

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America, illustrating Manners, Customs, 
and Scenery ; containing also numerous 
Facts in Natural History, collected during 
a Four Years' Residence in Tropical 
Regions. 8° 1836 

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Comet in 1832, with a Survey of the 
(irounds on which the New Elements 
rest. Translated from the German by 
G. B. Airy. 8* Cambridge, 1832 

Encke's Comet, Ephemeris of, 1839. 8* 


'* Endeavour." See Parkinson. 

Enderby, Charles. The Auckland Islands: 
a Short Account of their Climate, Soil, 
and Productions, and the Advantages of 
Establishing there a Settlement at Port 
Ross, for carrying on the Southern Whale 
Fisheries. Map and view. 8* 1849 

Endlich, F. M. Catalogue of Minerals 
found in Colorado. 8° 

Washington, 1878 

On the Erupted Rocks of Colorado. 

8* Washington, 1878 

Enfantin, — . Colonisation de I'Algerie. 
Map. 8" Paris, 1843 

Engel, Carl. The Mui-ic of the Most 
Ancient Nations, particularly of the 
Assyrians, Egyptians, and Hebrews ; 
with Special Reference to Recent Dis- 
coveries in Western Asia and in Egypt. 
Plates. 8° 1864 

An Introduction to the Study of 

National Music ; comprising Researches 
into Popular Songs, Traditions, and 
Customs. 8° 1866 

Engel, — . See Allgemeine Historic, Vol. 
20 : Appendix i . 

Engelhardt, G. See Wrangell. 

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Parrot. Reise in die Krym und den 
Kaukasus. 2 vols, in i, and vol. of 
plates. Maps and plates. 8° Berlin, 181^ 

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nach : a Work for General Readers. 
Plates. 8° 1854 

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toire de la Ville de Francfort et des Villes 
principales du Rhin. Plates. 12° 

Heidelberg, n.d. 

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Unterricht in der Handelsgeschichte, 
&c. 8° Erlangen, 1892 

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graphica. 2 vols in i. 8° Leipzig, 1857-58 

Engestrom, Laurent d'. Rapport a sa 
Majeste le, Roi de Suede., par son 
Ministre d'Etat et des Affaires Etrangeres, 
en date de Stockholm le 7 Jan. 181 3. 
Small 4* Stockholm, 181 3 

Englefield, Sir H. C. A Description 
of the principal Picturesque Beauties, 
Antiquities, and Geological Phasnomena 
of the Isle of Wight. Maps and plates. 
Folio 18 16 

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des tropischen Afrika ; aus den Abhand- 
lungen der Kon'gl. Preuss. Akademie 
der Wissenschaften zu Berlin vom Jahre 
1 89 1. 4° Berlin, 1892 

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Journey through Nubia to Darfoor, 
Maps. 8° 1 88 1 

Entrecasteaux, Admiral d'. See Dentre- 

Epp, F. Schilderungen aus Hollandisch- 
Ostindien. 8° Heidelberg, 1852 

Eratosthenes. See Berger ; De la Nauze. 

Erbach, E. Graf zu. Wandertage eines 
Deutschen Touristen im Strom- und 
Kiistengebiet des Orinoko. Maps and 
illustrations. 8° Leipzig, 1892 

Erckert, R von. Der Kaukasus, und 
seine Volker. NacheigenerAnschauung. 
Map, tables, and illustrations. 8° 

Leipzig, 1887 

Erdaneta (or Urdaneta), Andres de. 
See Burney, Vol. 2 : Appendix i. 

Erdmann, A. Om de lakttagelser ofver 
Vattenhojdens och Vindarnes Foran- 
dringar, &c. Map and plate. 4° 

Stockholm, 1856 



Erdmantl, A. Beskrifning ofver Dalk- 
arlsbergs Jernmalmsfalt uti Nora Socken 

och Orebro Lan. Plates. 4* 

Stockholm, 1858 
Expose des Formations Quaternaircs 

de la Suede. Maps. 8* ; and Atlas, 4° 
Stockholm, 1868 

See Sweden, A : Appendix 2. 

Erdmatin, E. See Sweden. A (Geologiska 

Undersokning) : Appendix 2. 
Erdy, Janos. De Tahulis Ceratis in 

Transsilvania Repertis, Commentatus est. 

ErdelybenTalalt Viaszos Lapok. Plates. 

Royal 8* Budapest, 1856 

A Boszna es Szerb Regi Ermek. 

Plate. 4* Budapest, \^<^% 

Numi Transiivaniae. Erdely Ermei 

Kepatlaszszal. 2 parts. Plates. 4° 

Budapest, 1862 
"Erebus" and "Terror." The Zoo- 
logy of the Voyage of H.M.S. " Erebus " 
and "Terror," under the command of 
Capt. Sir James Clark Ross, during the 
years 1839 to 1843. • • • Edited by John 
Richardson and John Edward Gray. 
2 vols. Map ami plates. 4° 1844-75 

Vol. I. — Summary of Voyage, by J. 
D. Hooker ; Mammalia, by J. E. 
Gray ; Birds, by G. R. Gray and 
R. B. Sharpe. 
Vol. 2. — Reptiles, by G. R. Gray and 
A. Giinther ; Fishes, by Sir J. 
Richardson ; Crustacea, by E. J. 
Miers ; Insects, by A. White and A. 
G. Butler ; Mollusca, by E. A. 

The Botany of the Voyage, &c. See 

Hooker, Sir J. D. 

See Hooker, Sir J. D. ; Malte-Brun. 

Eredia, Emanuel Godinho de. Malaca, 
rinde Meridionale, et le Cathay. Manu- 
scrit Original autographe de Godinho de 
Eredia, appartenant a la Bibliotheque 
Royale de Bruxelles. Reproduit en fac- 
simile, et traduit par M. Leon Janssen 
. . .; avec une Preface de M. Ch. 
Ruelens. Maps and illustrations. 4° 
Brussels, 1882 
Erhardt, J. Vocabulary of the Enguduk 
Iloigob, as Spoken by the Masai-Tribes 
in East-Africa. 12° Ludiuigsburg, 1857 
Erigen (or Erigena), John. See Hak- 
luyt. Vol. 2; Kerr, Vol. i : Appendix i. 
Ericsson, J. Solar Heat, and the Tem- 
perature of the Surface of the Moon. 
[Newspaper cuttings.] 4* 1869 

Erizzo, Conte Francesco Miniscalchi. 
Scopcrte Artiche Narrate. Maps and 
plates. 8" Venice, 1855 

Erlenmeyer, E. Ueber den Einfluss des 
Freiherrn Justus von I/iebig auf die Ent- 
wicklung der reinen Chemie. 4° 

Munich, 1874 

Erman, A. Archiv fur wissenschaftliche 

Kunde von Russland. Vols, i to 25. 8" 

Berlin, 1841-67 

Reise um die Erde, durch Nord- 

Asien und diebeiden Oceane in 1828-30. 
3 vols, z plates. 8° 1835-48 

Beitrage zur Klimatologie des Rus- 

sischen Reiches. 12* N.P., n.d. 

Beobachtungen der Gros-e des Luft- 

drucks iiber den Meeren und von einer 
sehr bestimmten Beziehung dieses Pha- 
nomens zu den geographischen Co- 
ordinaten der Orte. Table. 12* n.d. 

Ueber Ebbe und Fluth an den 

Ochozker und Kamtschatkischen Kiisten 

■ des grossen Oceans. 8* 1845 

Travels in Siberia, including Excur- 
sions northwards to the Polar Circle, 
and southwards to the Chinese Frontier. 
Translated by Cooley. 2 vols. Map. 8° 


Ortsbestimmungen bei einer Fahrt 

durch den Grossen und Atlantischen 
Ocean auf der Corvette Krotkoi und 
darauf begriindete Untersuchung der 
Stromungen in diesen Meeren. 8* 1852 

See Hoppe, J. ; Schweinfurth. 

Erman, Paul. See Du Bois Reymond. 
Ermel, Alexander. Eine Reise nach 

der Robinson-Crusoe-Insel. Map and 
ilhistrations. 8° Hamburg, 1889 

Ernst, A. La Exposicion Nacional de 
Venezuela en 1883, obra escrita de 
orden del ilustre Americano General 
Guzman Blanco. Plates. Folio 

Caracas, 1884 

See Venezuela : Appendix 2. 

Erpenius, Thomas. Rudiments de la 

Langue Arabe ; Traduits en Fran^ais, 
accompagnes de Notes et suivis d'un 
Supplement indiquant les Differences 
entre le Langage Litteral et le Langage 
Vulgaire, par A. E. Hebert. 8° 

Paris, 1844 

Ersch, J. S. Literatur der Mathematik, 
Natur- und Gewerbs-Kunde, &c. ; neue 
fortgesetzte Ausgabe von F. W. Sch- 
weigger-Seidel. 4° Leipzig, 1828 

Erskine, Anna, Lady .S"^^ Graham, D. C. 

Erskine, J. Elphinstone. Journal of a 
Cruise among the Islands of the Western 
Pacific, including the Feejees and others 
inhabited by the Polynesian Negro 
Races. Map and plates. 8° 1853 

Erskine, St Vincent W. Original Journals 
of. MS. 2 cases and i vol. 1868-76 

Escher, A. See Linth. 

Eschricht, Prof. Om de Nordiske 
Hvaldyrs Geographiske Udbredelse i 
Nservarende og i Tidligere Tid. Map. 
8* Copenhagen, N.i). 

Escobari, Dr Isaac. Analogies Philolo- 
eriques de la langue Aimara. 8* 
^^ Paris, \^^l 

Escott, A. See Riddle. 


£SG— £VA. 

Esguerra, J. Diccionario Jeografico de 
los Estados Unidos de Colombia. 8° 

Bogota, 1879 

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Purchas, Vol. 4, Book 8 : Appendix I. 

Esperandieu, Capt. Emile. Musee de 
Perigueux : Inscriptions Antiques. (Pub- 
lications de la Societe Historique et 
Archeologique du Perigord. ) Plates. 8° 
Paris, 1893 

" Espiegle." See Ommanney. 

Espinosa y Tello, Don Josef. Me- 
morias sobre las Observaciones Astro- 
nomicas hechas por los Navegantes 
Espaiioles en distintos Lugares del 
Globo. 2 vols. Plates. 4° Madrid, 1809 

Espy, Prof. James P. Second and 
Third Reports on Meteorology, 1843-45 ; 
with Directions for Mariners. Charts 
and diagrams. Oblong folio 

Washington, 1850 

Fourth Meteorological Report. 

Message from the President of the 
United States to the Senate. Charts 
and plates. 8° Washington, 1857 

Esquemeling, John. The Buccaneers of 
America : a True Account of the most 
remarkable Assaults committed of late 
years upon the Coasts of the West Indies 
by the Buccaneers of Jamaica and Tor- 
tuga (both English 'and French); with 
facsimiles of all the original engravings, 
&c. Reprinted from the edition of 1684. 
Large 8° 1893 

See Burney, Vol. 4 : Appendix i. 

Essex, Earl of. See Hakluyt, Vol. 5 ; 
Purchas, Vol. 4, Book 10: Appendix i. 

Estancelin, L. Recherches sur les 
Voyages et Decouvertes des Navigateurs 
Normands en Afrique, dans les Indes 
Orien tales et en Amerique ; suivies 
d'Observations sur la Marine, le Com- 
merce, et les Etablissemens Coloniaux 
des Fran9ais. 8° Paris, 1832 

Estrey, Dr Cte. Meyners d'. La Pa- 
pouasie ou Nouvelle-Guinee Occidentale. 
Ouvrage accompagne de Gravures et 
d'une Carte dressee et gravee par K. 
Hausermann. 4° 

Paris and A/nsterdain, 1881 

Etheridge, Col. A. T. Narrative of the 
Bombay Inam Commission and Supple- 
mentary Settlements. [From the India 
Records, No. 132.] Folio* Poona, 1873 

Etheridge, R., jun. See New South 
Wales, B : Appendix 2. 

Ethersey, R. Observations on the 
" Bore," or Rushing Tide, in the North- 
ern parts of the Gulf of Cambay. and 
che entrances of the Myhee and Sabur- 
mutee Rivers. Map. [From the India 
Records, No. 26.] 8° Bombay, 1856 

See Powell, F. T. ; also India, C (Geo- 
logical Papers) : Appendix 2. 

Etienne, Dr E. Le Cllmat de Banana eti 
1890, suivi des Observations Meteorolo- 
giques faites du i"^"' decembre 1889, an 
16 mai 1891. [Publications de I'Etat 
Independant du Congo, No. 7.] Small 
folio* Brussels, 1892 

Eton, W. Survey of the Turkish Em- 
pire, in which are considered — i. Its 
Government, Finances, Military and 
Naval Force, Religion, History, Arts, 
Sciences, Manners, Commerce, and 
Population ; 2. The State of the Pro- 
vinces, including the Ancient Govern- 
ment of the Crim Tartars, the Subjection 
of the Greeks, their Efforts towards 
Emancipation, and the Interest of other 
Nations in their Success ; 3. The Causes 
of the Decline of Turkey ; 4. The 
British Commerce with Turkey, &c. 8° 


Ettingshausen, Baron von [Dr Con- 
stantin]. See New South Wales, B : 
Appendix 2. 

"Eugenie." 6'e<? Virgin. 

Europseus, D. E. D. Vorlaufiger Entwurf 
iiber den Urstamm der indoeuropiiischen 
Sprachfamilie und seine vor-indoeurop- 
aischen Abzweigungen, namentlich die 
finnisch-ungarische. Plate and tables. 
8* Helsingfors, 1863 

Die Stammverwandtschaftdermeisten 

Sprachen der alten und Australischen 
Welt. 4* St Petersburg, 1870 

The same. New edition. 4* 1877 

Ett fornfolk med langskallig afrikansk 

hufvudskalstyp i norden, bestamdt till 
sprak och nationalitet. 12° 

Helsingfors, 1873 

■ Die finnisch-ungarischen Sprachen 

und die Urheimath des Menschenge- 
schlechtes. 8° Helsingfors, N.D. 

Eustace J. C. Classical Tour through 
Italy, 1802. 4 vols. Map. 8° 181 5 

Evans, A. J. Through Bosnia and the 
Herzegovina on foot, during the Insur- 
rection, August and September 1875 ; 
with an Historical Review of Bosnia, 
and a Glimpse at the Croats, Slavonians, 
and the Ancient Republic of Ragusa. 
Map and plates. b° 1876 

Evans, Arthur J. See Freeman, E. A. 

Evans, Captain Sir Frederick J. Re- 
duction and Discussion of the Deviations 
of the Compass observed on board of the 
Iron-built Ships and Wood-built Steam- 
Ships in H.M.'s Navy, and the "Great 
Eastern." Plates. 4* 1861 

A Review of Oceanic or Maritime 

Discovery, Exploration, and Research, 
as made in the half century 1831-81. 8*. 

Report on Admiralty Surveys for 

the year 1879. Folio* i88r 

See Richards ; also United Kingdom, 

A, Hydrc^r. Off. Publ. : Appendix 2. 



Evans, Captain Sir Frederick J., 
and Archibald Smith. Admiralty 
Manual for Ascertaining and Applying 
the Deviations of the Compass caused 
by the Iron in a Ship. Plates. 8° 1862 

Evans, Lieut. H. L. Letter on the 
Establishment of Vernacular Libraries. 
[From the India Records, N.W. Pro- 
vinces, Vol. I.] 8° Agra-, 1855 

Evans, Morris. Report on the proposed 
Abdul Medjid Railway. Folio 1855 

Evans, Patrick F. From Peru to the 
Plate, Overland. Map. 8* 1889 

Everard, Robert. See Churchill, Vol. 6 : 
Appendix i. 

Everest, Sir George. Account of the 
Measurement of an Arc of the Meridian 
... in India. 4° 1830 

Account of the Measurement of Two 

Sections of the Meridional Arc of India. 
With vol. oi plates. 4° 1847 

Everest, Robert. A Journey through 
Norway, Lapland, and part of Sweden ; 
with some Remarks on the Geology of 
the Country, &c. Maps and plate. 8° 1829 

A Journey through the United States 

and part of Canada. 8° '855 

Everett, Edward. Europe, or a General 
Survey of the Present Situation of the 
Provincial Powers. By a Citizen of the 
United States. 8° 1822 

Everill, Capt. H. C. Exploration of 
New Guinea : Capt. Everill's Report. 
8* Sydney, 1886 

Eves, C. Washington. Jamaica at the 
Royal Jubilee Exhibition, Liverpool, 
1887. Map and portraits. 8° 1887 

— — The West Indies. Published under 
the Auspices of the Royal Colonial Insti- 
tute. Maps and illustrations. 12° 1889 

Evesham, John. See Hakluyt, Vol. 2 ; 
Kerr, Vol. 7 : Appendix i. 

Evliya, Effendi. Travels in Europe, 
Asia, and Africa, in the Seventeenth 
Century. Translated from the Turkish 
by Ritter Joseph von Hammer. 4° 1846 

Ewald, A C. A Reference-Book of Modern 
Geography for the use of Public Schools 
and Civil Service Candidates. 12° 1870 

Ewart, Lieut. J. S. See Dalrymple, 
Repertory, Vol. I : Appendix i. 

Ewart, W. Settlement in India, and 
Trade with Central Asia. 8* 1858 

Ewbank, Thomas. Life in Brazd, or 
the Land of the Cocoa and the Palm. 
Woodcuts. 8° 1856 

North American Rock-Writing, and 

other Aboriginal Modes of Recording 
and Transmitting Thought. Large 8* 
Morrisatiia, N. V., 1866 

Exner, A. H. China : Skizzen von 
Land und Leuten mit besonderer 
Beriicksichtigung kommerzieller Ver- 
haltnisse. Portrait, plan, and illustra- 
tions. 4" Leipzig, 1889 

Exquemelin. See Esquemeling. 

Eydoux, — . See Vaillant. 

Eyre, Edward John. Journals of Expedi- 
tions of Discovery into Central Australia, 
and Overland from Adelaide to King 
George's Sound, in 1840-41 ; including 
an Account of the Manners and Customs 
of the Aborigines, and the State of their 
Relations with Europeans. 2 vols, ^^aps 
and plates. 8° 1845 

Eyre, Sir Vincent. The Military Opera- 
tions at Cabul which ended in the Re- 
treat and Destruction of the British 
Army, January 1842 ; with a Journal of 
Imprisonment in Affghanistan. 2nd 
edition. Map. 8° 1843 

On Metallic Boats and Floating 

Waggons for Naval and Military Service, 
with some Observations on American 
Life-Preserving Cars. Plates. Royal 8* 


A Retrospect of the Afifghan War, 

with Reference to Passing Events in 
Central Asia. Map. 8* 1869 

Eyries, Jean Baptiste Benoit. Abrege 

des Voyages Modernes. 14 vols in 7- 

8° Paris, 1822-24 

[For full Title and Contents of the 

volumes, see Appendix I.] 

Recherches sur la Population du 

Globe Terrestre. 8* Paris, 1833 

Notice Biographique, par M. Dezos 

de la Roquette. Royal 8* Paris, 1855 

See Humboldt, Alex. von. 

Ezquebel, Jean de. See Gottfried : Ap- 
pendix I. 

Ezziani, Aboulqasem Ben Ahmed. Lc 
Maroc de 1631 a 1812. Extrait de 
I'ouvrage intitule " Ettordjeman Elmo' 
Arib'an Douel Elmachriq Ou Lmaghrib," 
de Aboulqasem Ben Ahmed Ezziani, 
public et traduit par O. Houdas. 
[2nd Series, Vol. 18 of Publ. de I'Ec. 
des Langues Orient. Viv.] Large 8° 

Paris, 1886 

Faber, F. (Schmidt). See Switzerland, 

B : Ajjpendix 2. 
Fabian, R. See Hakluyt Soc. Pub)., 

Vol. 7 : Appendix I. 
Fabre, Citoyen. Essai sur la Theorie 

des Torrens et ties Rivieres. Plates. 4° 

Paris, 1797 

Fabri, D. Friedrich. Bedarf Deutsch- 

land der Colonicn ? Eine politisch- 

okonomische Betrachtung. Drilte Aus- 

gabe. 8° Gotha, 1884 
Fiinf Jahre Deutscher Kolonial- 

politik. 8" Gotha, 1889 

Fabri, Johann Ernst. Kurzer Abriss der 

Geographic. 8" Halle, 1794 

J 54 


Fabricius, Prof. Adam Kristoffer. La 

premiere invasion des Normands dans 1' 
Espagne Musulmane en 844. See Trans- 
actions. 8° Lisbon, 1892 

See Portugal, B : Appendix 2. 

Fabricius, J. S. See Norway, A (Norske 
Lods) : Appendix 2. 

Fabricius, O. Fauna Groenlandica, sys- 

tematice sistens animalia Grcenlandise 

occidentalis hactenus indagata, &c. 8° 

Copenhagen, 1780 

Fabritius, W. Baku as a Central Point 
of the Overland Route to India. [Trans- 
lated by Capt. F. C. H. Clarke.] Folio* 


Fabvre, Capt. Retour en France de la 
corvette "la Recherche;" Rapport sur 
la Seconde Campagne dans les Mers du 
Nord et au Spitzberg. 8* Paris, 1839 

See Gaimard. 

Facius, J. F. See Pausanias. 

Fa Hian. Foue Koue Ki, ou Relation 
des Royaumes Bouddhiques : Voyage 
dans la Tartaric, dans 1' Afghanistan, et 
dans ITnde, execute a la fin du IV^ 
Siecle, par Chy Fa Hian. Traduit 
du Chinois et Commente par Abel 
Remusat ; revu, &c., par Klaproth et 
Landresse. Maps and plans. 4° 

Paris, 1836 

See Legge. 

Faidherbe, General L. Notice sur la 
Colonic du Senegal, et sur les Pays qui 
sont en relation avec elle. Alap. 8* 

Paris, 1859 

Chapitres de Geographic sur le 

Nord-Ouest de I'Afrique. Map. 8* 

Saint-Louis, 1864 

Memoire sur les Elephants des armees 

Carthaginoises. Map. 8* Bonn, 1867 

Voyage des cinq Nasamons d'Hero- 

dote dans I'lnterieur de la Libye. Map. 
8* Algiers, 1867 

Recherches Anthropologiques sur les 

Tombeaux Megalithiques de Roknia. 
Plates. 8° Bonn, 1868 

Collection complete des Inscriptions 

Numidiques (Libyques), avec des Aper- 
9us Ethnographiques sur les Numides. 
4° Lille, 1870 

Essai sur la langue Poul, Grammaire 

et Vocabulaire. 8° Paris, 1875 

Le Zenaga d^s tribus Senegalaises. 

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See Ancelle. 

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William Bentinck, M,P.,on the Superior 
Advantages of a Steam Passage to the 
East Indies by the Gulf of Mexico and 

Fairbairn, 'Ae.nry— continued. 

the Pacific Ocean, as compared with the 
Proposed Route by the Red and Mediter- 
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[Pisa] 1867 

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I Petrolii in Italia. Estratti da 

Relazioni e Rapporti Scientifici sulla 
esistenza del Petrolic in Italia. Maps. 
16* Florence, 1869 

— — - See Wassa. 

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ment de Carthage, suivies de Renseigne- 
ments sur plusieurs inscriptions Puniques 
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scriptive Catalogue of the Fossil Remains 
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the Nerbudda, Perim Island, &c., in the 
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8° Calcutta, 1859 

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See Strabo. 

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Fe : an Account of its Journey from 
Texas through Mexico, with particulars 
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On the Discovery of the Mississippi, 

and on the South-Western, Oregon, and 
North-Western Boundary of the United 
States ; with a translation from the 
Original MS. of Memoirs, &c., by 
R. Cavelier de la Salle and the Chevalier 
Henry de Tonty. Map. 8° 1844 



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See United States, K (Oregon) : Ap- 
pendix 2. 
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Collections relating to Natural History, 
selected from the Principal Writers of 
Antiquity on that subject. 4° 

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The same. 3rd edition, with Addi- 
tional Notes by Thomas Falconer. 8° 


New and Universal Dictionary of the 

Marine : being a Copious Explanation 
of the Technical Terms and Phrases 
usually employed in the Construction, 
Equipment, Machinery, Movements, and 
Military as well as Naval Operations of 
Ships, with such parts of Astronomy and 
Navigation as will be found useful to 
Practical Navigators ; to which is an- 
nexed a Vocabulary of French Sea 
Phrases and Terms of Art. Modernised 
and much enlarged by W. Burney. 
Plates. 4° 1830 

See Strabo. 

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gonia, and the adjoining parts of South 
America ; containing an account of the 
Soil, Produce, Animals, Vales, Moun- 
tains, Rivers, Lakes, &c., of those 
Countries ; the Religion, Government, 
Policy, Customs, Dress, Arms, and Lan- 
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See Molina, J. 

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Travail presente au Congres International 
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10 au 14 aout 1891. 8* Berne, iSgi 

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Maltese - Italiano - Inglese arricchito di 
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e marineria. . . . Preceduto da una 
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wiihrend des Jahres 1890. 2 vols. I^arge 
8° St Petersburg, 1892-93 

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Yucatan, from its Discovery to the 
Close of the Seventeenth Century. 
Map. 8° 1854 

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of Acoustical Figures, and on the Forms 
of Fluids Vibrating on Elastic Surfaces. 


By J. 


Experimental Researches in 

tricity. Plates. 4* 

On Faraday as a Discoverer. 

Tyndall. 8* 

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3 ; Allgemeine Historic, Vol. i : Ap- 
pendix I. 

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Gun, Camera, and Note-book to Lake 
N'gami and back. Map, plan, and 
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bulary. 12° 1856 

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Profitable Investment of Capital in the 
Ottoman Empire ; with Statistics of the 
Trade and Commerce of the [28] Princi- 
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Modern Turkey. 8° 1872 

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Friendly Islands ; with a Sketch of their 
Mission History. A/aps and plates. 
12° 1855 

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Greece, 1880 ; with twenty-seven illus- 
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8" 1882 

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e le Colonic Italiane sul Mar Rosso. 
Maps. 12° Caserta, 1887 

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Appendix 2. 



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pendix I. 

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pendix 2. 

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Sketches of Japanese Life and Manners. 
Illustrations. 8° 1885 

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I'Afrique. 8* Geneva, 1883 

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Map. 8* Geneva, 1885 

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Geographiques tenu a Paris en 1889 : 
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Geographiques des Suisses dans le cours 
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Les Progres de rEnseignement de la 

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Neuchdtel, 189 1 
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Plate. 8* Sydney, 1881 

Western Australia, its Past His- 
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its Future Position in the Australian 
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and the most Authentic Sources of In- 
formation. Issued under the auspices of 
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Sydney, 1888 

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Plates. 4* Geneva, 1859 

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8* Gene7m, 1862 

Sur la structure en eventail du Mont 

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Paris, 1867 

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See Murchison. 

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Caucase. Map and plate. ^^ 

Geneva, 1875 

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Favre de la Campagnie de lesvs, . . . 
sur son arrivee a la Chine, et I'estat 
present de ce Royaume. 12° Paris, 1662 
[Bound up with Joseph Tissanier's 
Voyage to Tonquin.] 

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Privately printed, Calcutta, 1870 

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Life and Death. Map and plates. 1 2° 

See Brunton, T. L. 

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Appendix i. 

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Portrait, plan, and illustrations. 4° 

Bueiws Ay res, 1889 

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Plates. 12° Rome, 1821 

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Tenasserim. Map and illustrations. 8* 

Rome, 1888 

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Report of an Examination made in 1834 
of the Elevated Country between the 
Missouri and Red Rivers. Map. 8° 

Washington, 1835 

Report of a Geological Reconaissance 

in 1835 from the Seat of Government by 
the way of Green Bay and the Wisconsin 
Territory to the Coteau de Prairie. 
Plates. 8° Washington, 1836 



Featherstonhaugh, G. W. A Canoe 
Voyage up the Minnay Sotoo; with an 
Account of the Lead and Copper Deposits 
in Wisconsin, of the Gold Region in 
the Cherokee Country, and Sketches 
of Popular Manners, &c. 2 vols, in i. 
Maps and plates. 8° 1847 

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of an Expedition in Nubia between 
Assouan and Abouhamid. 8* CazV<?, 1878 

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the Turkestan Gazette. From the 
Russian, by R. Michell. Folio* n.d. 

See Yule, H. 

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graphy, and History of the Upper Anui- 
Daria. [In Russian.] 8° 

St Petersburg, 1873 

See Yule, IL 

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pans. Vol. I : Appendix i. 

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die von ihm in 1832 bis 1837 in West- 
Sibirien ausgefiihrten astionomisch-geo- 
graphischen Arbeiten. Herausgegeben 
vonStruve. Map. 8° St Petersburg, I^t,^ 

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dix 2. 

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Home ; or, Bush Life in Natal when a 
Young Colony [1852-57]. Illustrations. 
Crown 8° i81]7 

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President, Major H. W. Feilden, to the 
Members of the Norfolk and Norwich 
Naturalists' Society. 8* 1886 

Notes from an Arctic Journal. 8° 


See Nares ; also Arctic, C : Appen- 
dix 2. 

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New South Wales, B : Appendix 2. 

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Madi or Moru Tribe of Central Africa. 
(From the Proceedings of the Royal 
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84.) Portrait. 8* Edinburgh, 1884 

Note on a Case of Elepliantiasis 

Arabum. Illustrations. 8* 

Edinburgh, 1889 

Notes on the For Tribe of Central 

Africa. Plate. 8* Edinburgh, 1885 

Uganda und sein Herrscher Mtesa. 

8* Munich, 1885 

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Waganda Tribe of Central Africa. Plate. 
8* Edinburgh, 1886 

Observations on Malaria and Enteric 

P^ever, and on the Suitability of Tropical 
Highlands for European Settlement. 8* 


Uganda. (From The Imperial and 

Asiatic Quarterly Review.) 8* 1892 

Ncue ethnographische Gegenstande 

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Berlin, 1892 

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C. T. 

and Mrs R. W. See Emin Pasha. 

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{Berne, N.D.] 

Geologische und topographische 

Wanderungen im Aare und Rhonegebiet 
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Plates. 12* Berne, 1 880 

Itinerarium fiir das . . . Excursions- 

gebiet des S. A. C. fiir die Jahie 1882 
und 1883. Die westlichen Berner Kalk- 
alpen und der westliche Theil des 
Finsteraarhorn-Central Massivs. Bear- 
beitet und durch geologische und mine- 
ralogische Notizen vervoUstiindigt von 
Edmund v. Fellenberg. Nebst geologi- 
schen und botanischen Notizen von Prof. 
J. Bachmann in Bern und Prof. O. 
WolfinSitten. Map. 12° Berne, \%%2 

Beilage zu Jahrbuch XXIV. S.A.C. 

Zweiter Nachtrag zum kritischen Ver- 
zeichniss der gesammt Literatur ilber 
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1885-87.) 12° Berne, 1889 

See Roth, A. 

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Blanc, 1827. Plates. 4° 1827 

Journal written during an Excursion 

in Asia Minor, 1838. Map and plates. 
8° 1839 

Account of Discoveries in Lycia, 1840. 

Map and plates. Royal 8° 1841 

Account of the Ionic Trophy Monu- 
ment excavated at Xanthus. Plates. 
Royal 8° 1848 

Travels and Researches in Asia Minor, 

more particularly in the Province of 
Lycia. Maps and plates. 8° 1852 

Coins of Ancient Lycia before the 

Reign of Alexander ; with an Essay on 
the relative Dates of the Lycian Monu- 
ments in the British Museum. Map ana 
plates. Royal 8° 1855 

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8* 1849 



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System of Geography, or a General 
Description of the World, containing a 
Pariicular and Circumstantial Account of 
all the Countries, Kingdoms, and States 
of Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. 
2 vols. Maps and plates. Folio 1764 

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and its Environs. Map. 12° Leeds, 1858 

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pedition to the Upper Reaches of the 
Irrawaddy, and subsequently to the 
Indawgyi Lake, in May and June 1890. 
Map. Folio* Rangoon, 1890 

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Callander, Vol. i ; Hakluyt, Vol. 4 : 
Appendix i. 

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Suggestions for a History of the 

Origin and Migrations of the Maori 
People. Plate. 8* Auckland, 1885 

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Pembrokeshire. Map and plates. 4° 181 1 

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pendix I. 

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Physischen Erdl^eschreibungvon Kurland 
und Naturgeschichte von Liefland. Plate. 
8° Piga, 1784 

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Handbook and Directory, and Com- 
pendium of Useful Information. (Edition 
of 1890-91.) Portrait. 8° Colotnbo, 1890 

The Ceylon Mercantile and Planting 

Directory . . . 1891-92. 8° 

Colombo, 1 89 1 

See Ferguson, John. 

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his Work in Ceylon, and the French 
Translation thereof by the Abbe Le 
Grand. (Extracted from Journal No. 
36, Vol. 10, of the Royal Asiatic Society, 
Ceylon Branch.) 8* 1888 

See Daalmans. 

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Atabubu. Map and plates. Folio* 1891 

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the Inauguration of the new Province of 
Uva . . . ; with Descriptions of the 
Divisions of the Province, and Letters on 
the need for Railway Extension. Maps. 
12° [Colombo'] 1886 

Ceylon in the "Jubilee Year" ; with 

an Account of the Progress made since 
1803, and of the Present Condition of its 
Agricultural and Commercial Enter- 
prises, the Resources awaiting Develop- 
ment by Capitalists ; specially prepared 
maps, and numerous illustrations. 3rd 
edition. 8° 1887 

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to Visitors and Settlers. (From the 
Journal of the Royal Colonial Institute, 
April 1892.) 8* 1892 

The Ceylon Handbook and Directory, 

and Compendium of Useful Information. 
[Edition of 1893-94.] 8° Colombo, i^()t, 

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Manufactures of Glasgow and the West 
of Scotland. [Published with other Papers 
for the British Association Meeting at 
Glasgow, 1876.] 12° Glasgow, 1876 

Ferguson, Wm. America, by River and 
Rail ; or. Notes by the Way on the New 
World and its People. Frontispiece. 8° 


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the Dimensions and Track of a Cyclone 
experienced at Bombay, Nov. 1862. 
Map. 8* Bombay, 1862 

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Topography of Jerusalem. Plans and 
plates. Small folio 1847 

The Palaces of Nineveh and Perse- 

polis Restored : an Essay on Ancient 
Assyrian and Persian Architecture. 
Plates. 8° 185 1 

Tree and Serpent Worship ; or, Illus- 
trations of Mythology and Art in India 
in the First and Fourth Centuries after 
Christ, from the Sculptures of the 
Buddhist Topes at Sanchi and Amravati 
. . . ; with Introductory Essays, and 
Descriptions of the Plates. Plates and 
photographs, 4° 1868 

Rude Stone Monuments in all Coun- 
tries, their Ages and Uses. Illustra- 
tions. 8° 1872 

A History of Architecture in all 

Countries, from the Earliest Times to the 
Present Day. 2nd edition. 4 vols. 
Illustrations. 8° 1873-76 

Ditto. 3rd edition, in 5 vols. Edited 

by R. Phene Spiers. Vols, i and 2. Illus- 
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A Short Essay on the Age and Uses 

of the Brochs and Rude Stone Monu- 
ments of the Orkney Islands and the 
North of Scotland. 8* 1877 

On the Norwegian Origin of Scottish 

Brochs. Square 8* 1878 

See Tristram. 

and J. Burgess. The Cave Temples 

of India. Map and illustrations. Im- 
perial 8° 1880 

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The History of Hindostan. Translated 
from the Persian. 2nd edition. Revised, 
altered, corrected, and greatly enlarged, 
by Alexander Dow. 2 vol«. Maps and 
plates. 4° 1 770 

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Appendix i. 



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greso del Apostadero de Iquitos. 8* 

Lima, 1869 

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Rio Otuquis, Exploracion Practicada en 
1886. 12* Buenos Ayres, iSSg 

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(Extrait du Bulletin de la Sociit^ de 
Statistique, &^c. , de risere. ) 8* 

Grenoble, 1893 

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leur Histoire et leurs Traditions com- 
parees. 8° Paris, 1867 

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Exploration of the North Polar Region. 
4* Mexico, 1890 

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Fluids and Solids relative to the Earth's 

Surface, comprising Applications to the 

Winds and Currents of the Ocean. 4* 

New York, i860 

Recent Advances in Meteorology. 

In Annual Report of the Chief Signal 
OfBcer for the year 1885. Part 2. 4* 
Washington, 1886 

See United States, F, and H, h : 

Appendix 2. 

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triangulations presenle a la Commission 
permanent. Association Geodesique In- 
ternationale. 4° 1887-92 

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Abyssinie, dans les Provinces du Tigre, 
du Samen, et de I'Amhara. 2 vols. 
Plates. 8°; and Atlas, fol. /'arw, 1847-48 

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Wanderings in Persia, Afghanistan, 
Turkistan, and Beloochistan, with His- 
torical Notices of the Countries lying 
between Russia and India. Translated 
by Capt. Jesse, and edited by H. D. 
Seymour. Map a7id woodcuts. 8° 1857 

History of the Afghans. Translated 

by Capt. Jesse. Maps. 8° 1858 

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Survey : Appendix 2. 

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Patrie. 12° Paris, 1890 

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Sciences Geographiques, &c., Economie 
Publique ; Voyages . . . publics sous 
la direction de M. le Baron de Ferussac. 
28 vols. 8° Paris, 1 824-3 1 

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tions Physiques, Mathemaliques et Botan- 
iques, faites sur les Cotes Orientales de 
I'Amerique Meridionale, &c. Maps and 
plates. 4° Paris, 1725 

See Callander, Vol. 3 ; Apjiendix i. 

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Africa Portugueza. 8* Lisbon, 1884 

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Memorandum by W. Fidler, with some 
Additions and an Index by Mr G. M. 
Craufurd, showing the Leading Events 

Fidler, W. — continued. 

(chiefly Political) chronologically ar- 
ranged, in the Company's career, from 
1599 to 1858. Folio* 1875 

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on New South Wales, by various hands. 
Containing an Account of the Surveyor- 
General's late Expedition to two New 
Ports, the Discovery of Moreton Bay 
River .... a Route from Bathurst to 
Liverpool Plains ; together with other 
Papers on the Aborigines, the Geology, 
the Botany, the Timber, the Astronomy, 
and the Meteorology of New South 
Wales and Van Diemen's Land. Edited 
by Barron Field. Maps and plates. 8° 


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the Advantages attendant upon making 
St John's, Newfoundland, a Port of Call 
for Trans- Atlantic Steamers. Map. 8* 


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and illustrations. 8° New York, 1893 

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Bibliography, being a Catalogue of Books 
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Chirita. 8° Jassy, 189 1 



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Terrestre Monumentale a I'Echelle de 
TffTriisose 40 metres de circonference. 
Plates. 8* Paris, 1888 

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assumed name of Mahomet, made the 
Campaigns against tlie Wahabees for the 
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Travellers in some of the parts least 
visited of Asia and Africa. Translated 
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Natural Boundaries of Empires, and 

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The same. 7th edition 187 1 

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Ktt/ EAAttSi irpoiATTopiKris ap^atoXo- 
ytas. 8* Athens, 1869 



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Reise nach West-Sibirien im Jahre 

1876. Maps aiid plates. 8° 

Berlin, 1879 

Bemerkungen iiber einige Eingeborne 

des Atoll Ontong-Java (" Njua"). 8* 
[Berlin, 1 881] 

Ueber seine in den Jahren 1879 bis 

1882 unternommenen Reisen in der 
SUdsee. 8* Berlin, 1882 

Die Rassenfrage in Oceanien. 8* 

Berlin, 1882 

Ueber weisse Papuas. 8* 

{Berlin, 1883] 

Ueber Naturprodukte der westlichen 

Siidsee, besonders der deutschen Schutz- 
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Wilhelms-Land und Englisch-Neu- 
Guinea in den Jahren 1884 u. 1885 an 
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trata, opera varia Istorica ; in cui, 
non solo regolatamente si descrive con 
perfetta Corografia la situazione, Pro- 
montori, Porti, Seni di Mare, Citta, 
Castella, P'ortezze, nomi delle medesime, 
e lor Origine, ma anche con esatta 
Cronologia si registrano i Dominanti, 
I'antiche Republiche, e fatii di Armi in 
esse accaduti, dagli anni del Mondo 306 
fin al corrente di Cristo 1690. Vol. i. 
Map. Folio Naples, 1691 

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Bologna, 1881 

Sopra la projezione Cartografica isogo- 

nica. Nota. 4* Bologna, 1882 

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Misure lincrari, superficiali ed an- 

golari offerte dalle Carte Geografiche. 
8* Florence, 1886 

Le Projezioni quantitative ed equi- 

valenti della Cartografia. 8* Rome, 1887 

Le Projezioni Cordiformi nella Carto- 
grafia. 8* Rome, 1889 

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Geografiche. 8* Rome, 1890 

I globi di Gerardo Mercatore in 

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Verhaltnisse im siidlichen Galla-Lande 
und Wito. 8* Hamburg, 1877 

Das Massai-Land (Ost-aequatorial 

Afrika). Bericht liber die im Auftrage 
der Geographischen Gesellschaft in Ham- 
burg ausgeflihrter Reise von Pangani bis 
zum Naiwascha-See. Map and illustra- 
tions. 8° Hamburg, 1885 

Mehr Licht im dunkeln Weltteil. 

Betrachtungen liber die Kolonisation des 
tropischen Afrika unter besonderer 
Beriicksichtigung des Sansibar-Gebiets. 
8° Hamburg, 1885 

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Studien liber das Klima der Mittel- 
meerlander. (Ergiinzungsheft, 58 — 
Petermann's Mittheilungen.) Maps. 4° 
Got ha, 1879 

Die Dattelpalme. (Ergiinzungsheft, 

64— Petermann's Mittheilungen.) Alaps. 
4° Got ha, 1 88 1 

Beitrage zur Geschichtc der Erd- 

kunde und der Kartographie in Italien 
im Mittelalter. Sammlung mittelalter- 
licher Welt- und Seekarten Italienischen 
Ursprungs und aus Italienischer Biblio- 
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Expedition of General Mexia against 

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England, in the latter end of the year 
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Charter and Proceedings of the Hud- 
son's Bay Company with reference to 
the grant of Vancouver's Island. Map. 
12° 1847 

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Native Cultivation, Products, and Capa- 
bilities of the Coast Lands of the Melindi 
District. 4* [1891] 

Report on the Spice and other Culti- 
vation of Zanzibar and Peniba Islands. 
8* 1892 

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I^gypt, Palestine, and Greece. Plates. 
4" 1834 

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the /l':gean ; or. Notes of a Voyage 
in a Sailing Yacht. Maps, plan, and 

illustrations. Crown 8' 


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the Surveying Voyages of His Majesty's 
Ships "Adventure" and "Beagle." 
See King, P. P. 

Zoology of the Voyage of H.M.S. 

"Beagle" during the years 1832 to 
1836. Edited by Charles Darwin. 
[Fossil Mammalia, by R. Owen ; Mam- 
malia, by G. R. Waterhouse ; Birds, by 
J. Gould ; Fish, by Leonard Jenyns ; 
Reptiles, by Thos. Bell.] 3 vols. 
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Sailing Directions for South America. 

Part 2 : La Plata, Patagonia, Falkland 
and Staten Islands, Chile, Bolivia, and 
Peru. 8° 1848 

Further Considerations on the Great 

Isthmus of Central America. Map. 8* 

Swinging Ship for Deviation. 2 

editions. 8* 1857-59 

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Authority of the Board of Trade. See 
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'58, '62. 4 parts. 8° 1857-62 

Great Circle Sailing. 12° 1858 

Report of the Mett orological Depart- 
ment of the Board of Trade, 1858. 8° 


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and 1861. 2 editions. 8* 1859-61 

Notes on Meteorology. 8° 1859 

Passage Table and General Sailing 

Directions. 8° 1859 

Barometer Manual. 8° 1861 

Brief Sketch of the Scientific Cart-er 

of the late. By Sir R. I. Murchison. 8* 


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Isle de Madagascar. 2 parts. 4° 

Paris, 1758 

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Geography and Natural History of the 
Country, Colonies, and Inhabitants, 
from the Cape of Good Hope to 
Angola. Map. 8° 1856 

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in Mantchu Tartary : being a Summer's 
Ride beyond the Great Wall of China. 
Map and plates. 8° 1863 

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for Travelling Parties. 16° Montreal, 1877 

Report on .Surveys and Preliminary 

Operations on the Canadian Pacific 
Railway up to January 1877. Map. 
8° Ottawa, 1877 

Canadian Pacific Railway : Reports 

and Documents in reference to the 
Location of the Line and a western 
Terminal Harbour. Maps. 8° 

Ottawa, 1878 

Report in reference to the Canadian 

Pacific Railroad. Map. 8° Ottazva, \%T() 

Report and Documents in reference 

to the Canadian Pacific Railway, 1880. 
Maps. 8° Ottawa, 1880 

Papers on Time-Reckoning and the 

Selection of a Prime Meridian to be 
Common to all Nations. Diagrams. 
8* Toronto, 1879 

England and Canada : a Summer 

Tour between Old and New West- 
minster, with Historical Notes. Map. 
Crown 8° 1884 

Universal or Cosmic Time ; together 

with other Papers, &c., in the possession 
of the Canadian Institute respecting the 
Movement for reforming the Time- 
System of the World, &c. (From Proc. 
Can. Inst.) Plate. 8* Toronto, 1885 

Time- Reckoning 'or the Twentieth 

Century. From the Smithsonian Re- 
port for 1886. 8* Washington, 1889 

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the Isle of France : being an Account of 
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1768-69, a differentes parties du Monde, 
pour eprouver en Mer les Horloges 
Marines inventees par M. F. Berthoud. 
2 vols. Maps. 4° Paris, 1773 

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de. Discoveriesof the French in 1768 and 
1769, to the South-east of New Guinea, 
with the Subsequent Visits to the same 
Lands by English Navigators, who gave 
them new names ; to which is Prefixed 
an Historical Abridgement of the 
Voyages and Discoveries of the Spaniards 
in the same Seas. Translated from the 
French. Charts and plates. 4° 1791 

A Voyage round the World, per- 
formed during the years 1790-92, by 
Etienne Marchand. . . , Translated 
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See Marchand. 

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pendix I. 

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on the Coasts of Van Diemen's Land, on 
Bass's Strait and its Islands, and on part 
of the Coasts of New South Wales. 4° 


Voyage to Terra Australis, under- 
taken for the purpose of completing the 
Discovery of that vast Continent, in 
1801-3, in H.M.S. "Investigator," and 
subsequently in the "Porpoise" and 
"Cumberland " ; with an Account of the 
Shipwreck of the "Porpoise," arrival of 
the "Cumberland" at Mauritius, and 
Imprisonment of the Commander during 
six years and a half in that island, 
3 vols. Atlas and plates. 4° 18 14 

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Resortsand Watering- Places ; with Maps 
showing Distribution of Temperature and 
Rainfall throughout Ireland. Frontis- 
piece. 8° 1888 

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of the Mississippi Valley, with a con- 
densed Physical Geography of the 
Atlantic, United States, &c. 2 vols, in 
I. 8° Cincinnati, 1832 

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Obras Poeticas. 8° Cadiz, 1 878 

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torise Hungarica; Fontes Domestici, 
Vol. 4.) 4° Budapest, 1885 

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Caprera and the Hero of the Two 

Worlds : a Geographical and Historical 

Account. Map and illustrations. 12° 

Naples, 1888 

L'Isola di Caprera e I'Eroe dei due 

Mondi : Cenni Geografici e Storici. 
Map and illustrations. 8" Naples, 1888 



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de. Nouveau Portulan de la Mediter- 
ranee, ou Guide complet du Pilote, sur 
toutes les Cotes, lies, Bancs, at Ports 
conipris depuis Cadix jusqu'a la Mer 
Noire. 2 vols. 8° Toulon, 1829 

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Tourists. Frontispiece. 12° 1 889 

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Baden-Baden. Based on the German. 
Maps. 12° Baden- Radeti, 1865 

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A : Appendix 2. 

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Baluchistan : a Survey, with Observa- 
tions Astronomical, Geographical, Bo- 
tanical, &c., of a Route through Mekran, 
Bashkurd, Persia, Kurdistan, and 
Turkey. Map and illustrations. 8° 1 882 

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Nil et la Mer Rouge. Maps and ilhtstra- 
tions. 4° Cairo, 1893 

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sten Handclsplafze in Europa, nebst 
anderen zu den Wechselgeschafften 
dienlichen Nachrichten. 6th edition. 
12° Frankfurt a. M., 1788 

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Dahomey. 4* [I'aris, 1 891] 

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times, ou Histoire Naturelle, Agraire, 
Civile, et Medicale, du Comte de Nice et 
pays limitrophes. 2 vols, in i. 8° 

Farts, 1 82 1 

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Uebersichtskarte des mittleren Theiles 
von Siid-Amerika ; mit einem Vorworle 
von W. Haidinger. Afap. 8* 

Vienna, 1854 

Bericht iiber die Durchstechung der 

Landenge von Suez. 8* Berlin [1857] 

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of " The Arabian Nights": being Travels 
through Egypt, Arabia, and Persia, to 
Bagdad. With an Introduction by 
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Adoptada per el Supremo Gobierno 
como testo de enseiianza en la Re- 
piiblica. Small square 8° 

Guatemala, 1874 

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3 : Ai)]icndix I. 

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Interoceanique a niveau des deux 
Oceans dans le Darien. Maps and 
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Mineure, ou Campagnes du Marechal 
Paskevitch en 1828 et 1829 ; ct Tableau 
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Guinee, sa Geographic, ses Races, et 
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.Stone Implements in Southern India. 
Map. 8* 1868 

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pendix 2. 

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Upper and Lower California, from their 
First Discovery to the Present Time ; 
comprising an Account of the Climate, 
Soil, Natural Productions, Agriculture, 
Commerce, &c. Map and plates. 8° 


Forbes, Charles. Vancouver Island, its 
Resources and Capabilities as a Colony. 
Prize Essay. 8° Victoria, B.C., 1^2 

Notes on the Physical Geography of 

Vancouver Island. Map. 8* [1864] 

Forbes, Charles S. Iceland, its Vol- 
canoes, Geysers, and Glaciers. A/ap 
and plates. 8° i860 

Forbes, D. On the Aymara Indians of 
Bolivia and Peru. Plates. 8° 1870 

Forbes, Edward. The Rebitions of 
Natural History to Geology and the 
Arts. 8* 1851 



Forbes, Edward. The Natural History 
of the European Seas. Edited and 
continued by K. Godwin-Austen. Map. 
12° 1859 

See Seeniann ; Sjiratt. 

Forbes, Frederick. Thesis on the Nature 

and History of Plague, as observed in 

the N.-W. Provinces of India. Map. 8° 

Edinburgh , 1 840 

Forbes, Commander F. E. Five Years 
in China, from 1842 to 1847 ; with an 
Account of the Occupation of the Islands 
of Labuan and Borneo by Her Majesty's 
Forces. IVoodciits. 8" 1848 

Six Months' Service in the African 

Blockade, 1848. Map. 8° 1849 

Dahomey and the Dahomans : being 

the Journals of Two Missions to the 
King of Dahomey, and Residence at his 
Capital in 1849 and 1850. 2 vols. Plates. 
8" 1851 

Forbes, G. F. Report on Cotton in the 
Southern States of North America. 
Folio* 1866 

Forbes, Dr H. O. On Some of the Tribes 
of the Island of Timor. Plates. 8* 1884 

A Naturalist's Wanderings in the 

Eastern Archipelago : a Narrative of 
Travel and Exploration from 1878 to 
1883. Map and illustrations. ^' 1885 

On Attempts to Reach the Owen 

Stanley Peak : a Report to the Royal 
Scottish Geographical Society on the 
New Guinea Expedition. Map. 8* 

Edin/>urgh, 1888 

British New Guinea as a Colony. 8* 


The Chatham Islands and their Story. 

(From the P'ortnightly Review for May 
1893.) 8* 1893 

The Chatham Islands and t'leir Rela- 
tion to a former Southern Continent. 
(Roy. Geo. Soc. Suppl. Papers, Vol. 3.) 
Map. Large 8" 1 89 j 

The Geographical Society [of Aus- 
tralasia] and Mr H. O. Forbes. [News- 
paper cuttings.] 12* N.P., N.n. 

Forbes, Mrs H. O. Insulinde : Ex- 
periences of a Naturalist's Wife in the 
Eastern Archipelago. Map. Crown 8" 


Forbes, James. Oriental Memoirs : a 
Narrative of Seventeen Years' Residence 
in India. 2nd edition. Revised by . . . 
the Countess de Montalembert. 2 vols. 
8° 1834 

Forbes, Prof. James D. Travels through 
the Alps of Savoy and other Parts of the 
Pennine Chain ; with Observations on 
the Phenomena of Glaciers. Maps and 
plates. Royal 8"^ Edinburgh, 1843 

Norway and its Glaciers, visited in 

1851 ; with Excursions to the High Alps 
of Dauphine, Berne, and Savoy. Maps 
and plates. 8° Edin/mrgh, 1853 

Forbes, Prof. James D. Occasional 
Papers on the Theory of Glaciers. 
Plates. 8^ Edinburgh, 1859 

Forbes, John. A Physician's Holiday ; 
or, A Month in Switzerland in the Sum- 
mer of 1848. Map and illustrations. 8° 


Forbes, Litton. Two Years in Fiji. 
Small 8" 1875 

Forbes, Major. Eleven Years in Ceylon, 
comprising Sketches of the Field Sports 
and Natural History of that Colony, and 
an Account of its History and Anti- 
quities. 2 vols. Plates. 8" 1840 

Forbiger, A. Ilandbuch der alten Geo- 
graphic. 3 vols. ]\Iaps. 'i" Leipzig, 1842-48 

Forbin, Comte. Voyage dans le Levant 
en 181 7 et 18 18. Plate. 8° /'«;-«, 1819 

See Allgemeine Historic, Vol. 18 : 

Phillijxs [3], Vols. I, 2, 9: Ai)pendix i. 

Force, Peter. Remarks on the English 
Maps of Arctic Discoveries in 1850 and 
1 85 1. 8* Washington, 1852 

Forchhammer, E. Papers on Subjects 
relating to the Archivology of Burma. 
[Various sizes and dates. ] Mapand plates. 

Forchhammer, G. HansChristian Oersted. 
Et Mindeskrift laest i det Kong. Danske 
Videnskabernes Selskabs Mode, 7lh Nov- 
ember 185 1. 8* Copenhai^cn, 1852 

Bidrag til skildringen af Danmarks 

Geographiske Forhold i deres AfliKn- 
gighed af Landets indre Geognostiske 
Bygning. 4* Copenhagen, 1858 

Om Sovandets Bestanddele og deres 

Fordeling i Ilavet. Map. 4* 

Copenhagen, 1859 

Notitser angaaende den sandsynlige 

Forekomst af Juraformationen i det 
nordlige Jylland. 8* Copenhagen, 1863 

Forchhammer, P. W. Topographic von 
Athen. Map. 8° A'iel, 1841 

Ditto, another edition. 

Gottingen, 1873 

Die Griindung Roms. Map. 8* 

Kiel, 1868 

Daduchos. Einleitung in das Ver- 

stiindniss der Hellenischcn Mythen, 
Mythensprache, und mythischen Bauten. 
Plates. 8* A'iel, 1875 

DasErechtheion. Plates. 4* A'iel, 1879 

Mykenji und der Ursprung der My- 

kenischen Funde. 8° J\iel, 1880 

Das goldene Vliess und die Argonau- 

ten. 8* N.i'., N.D. 

Ueber das mythische und geograph- 

ische Wissen des /Eschylos, oder die 
Wanderungen der lo. Map. 4* N.r., n.d. 

Erkliirung der liias auf Grund der in 

der beigegebenen original Karte von 
Spratt unci Forchhammer dargestellten 
topischen und physischen. Eigenthiim- 
lichkeiten der Troischen Ebene. Ein 
Beitrag zur Erledigung der llomerischen 
Vtage. 4" Kiel, 1884 



Forchhammer, P. W. Prolegomena zur 
Mythologie als Wissenschaft, und Lexikon 
der Mythensprache. Large 8° 

Kiel, 1 89 1 

Die Kyanen und die Argonauten. 

Map. 8* Kiel, 1891 

Ford, Francis Clare. Argentine Re- 
public. Reports, &c. 8* 

Buenos Ay res, 1866 

Ford, Isaac N. Tropical America. 

Jllustraiions. 8° 1893 

Forel, Dr F. A. Le Lac Leman : Precis 

Scientifique. 12* Basle, 1886 

La Capacite du Lac Leman. 8* 1888 

Le Leman. Monographic linmolo- 

gique. 2 vols. Maps. 8° 

Laii sail lie, 1892-95 
Foreman, Henry. The Routes to Aus- 
tralia considered in reference to Com- 
mercial and Postal Literests. By the 
Directors of the Australian Direct Steam 
Navigation Company via Panama, in 
a Letter to the Right Hon. Viscount 
Canning. Map. 8* 1854 

Foreman, J. The Philippine Islands : a 
Historical, Geographical, Ethnographi- 
cal, Social, and Commercial Sketch of the 
Philippine Archipelago and its Political 
Dependencies. Map and frontispiece. 
8° 1890 

Forester, T. Rambles in Norway among 
the Fjelds and Fjords of the Central and 
Western Districts. 12° 1855 

Rambles in the Islands of Corsica and 

Sardinia, with their History, Antiquities, 
and Present Condition. Map and plates. 
Imperial 8" 1858 

Forlong, F. G. R. Report on the Toun- 
goop Mountain Road. [From the India 
Records, No. 19.] 8° Calcutta, 1856 

See Fraser and Forlong. 

" Forlorn Hope," Ship. .S'^^M'Cormick, 

Formaleoni, Vincenzio. Saggio sulla 
Nauiica Antica de' Veneziani ; con una 
illustrazione d'alcune carte Idrografiche 
antiche della Biblioteca di S. Marco, che 
dimostrano ITsole Antille prima della 
scoperta di Cristoforo Colombo. Maps. 
Small 4" Venice, 1783 

Fernando, D. See Peragallo. 
Forni, G. Viaggio nell' Egitto e nell' 
Alta Nubia. 2 vols. Plates, 8° 

Milan, 1859 
Forrest, Lieut.-Col. A Picturesque Tour 
along the Rivers Ganges and Jumna, in 
India. Map and coloured plates. Large 
4° 1824 

Forrest, Alexander. Western Australia. 
North-West Exploration : Journal of 
Expedition from De Grey to Port 
Darwin. Map and plates. Folio* 

Perth, IV. A., 1880 

Forrest, George W. See India, K 
(Bombay) : Appendix 2. 

Forrest, Sir John. Newspaper cuttings 
referring to his Australian Explorations 
{^Inquirer and Commercial News\ 8* 


Explorations in Australia : I. Ex- 
plorations in Search of Dr Leichardt and 
Party : II. From Perth to Adelaide, 
around the great Australian Bight ; 
III. From Champion Bay, across the 
Desert to the Telegraph and to Adelaide ; 
with an Appendix on the Condition of 
Western Australia. Maps and plates. 
8° 1875 

Journal of Proceedings of the Western 

Australian Exploring Expedition through 
the Centre of Australia, from Champion 
Bay on the West Coast to the Overland 
Telegraph Line between Adelaide and 
Port Darwin. Map and plates. Folio* 
Perth, IV. A., 1875 

Report on the Kimberley District, 

North -Western Australia. Map and 
plates. Folio* Pert A, IV. A., 1883 

The Kimberley District, North- 
western Australia. Folio* [1886] 

Forrest, J. See Longridge ; Murray, 
John ; Peniston. 

Forrest, Thomas. Voyage to New Guinea 
and the Moluccas, from Balambangan ; 
including an Account of Magindano, 
Sooloo, and other Islands, and a Vocabu- 
lary of the Magindano Tongue. A/aps 
and plates. 4° 1780 

Forrester, Joseph James. Papers relat- 
ing to the Improvement of the Navigation 
of the River Douro, from its mouth to 
the Barca de Vilvestre in Spain, and to 
the Maps of that River, and of the Wine 
District of the Alto-Douro. 8* 

Oporto, 1844 

Documents relating to Mr Fori ester's 

Topographical Works of the Wine Dis- 
tricts of the Alto-Douro and River Douro, 
ordered to be published by the Muni- 
cipal Chamber of Oporto. 8* 

Oporto, 1848 

The Oliveira Prize Essay on Portugal; 

with the Evidence regarding that Country 
taken before a Committee of the House 
of Commons in May 1852, and the 
Author's Surveys of the Wine Districts 
of the Alto-Douro. Map. 8° 1853 

Memoria sobre o Curativo da Molestia 

nas Videiras. A/ap Oporto, 1857 

Forsell, Carl. Statistik ofver Sverige. 
Map. 8° Stockholm, 1833 

Nagra underrattelser hiirande till 

Kartan ofver Sodra delen af Swerige och 
Norrige eller Skandinavien. 4* 

Stockholm, 1826 




Forskal, Petrus. Descriptiones Anima- 
lium, Avium, Amphbiorum, Piscium, 
Insectorum, Vermium, qure in itinere 
Orientali ohservavit Petrus P'orskal, Prof. 
Haun : Post mortem auctoris edidit 
Carsten Niebuhr. Adjuncta est Materia 
Medica Kahirina atque Tabula Maris 
Rubi Geographica. Map. 4° 

Copenhagen, 1775 

Flora Egyptiaco-Arabica, sive descrip- 
tiones Plantarum, quas per zFgyptum 
Inferiorum ec Arabiam Felicem detexit, 
illustravit Petrus Forskal, Prof. Haun : 
Post mortem auctoris Carsten Niebuhr. 
Accedit Tabula Arabije Felicis Geo- 
graphica- Botanica. Map. 4° 

Copenhagen, 1775 

Forster, Dr A. E. Verzeichniss der in 
Druck vercifFentlichten Arbeiten von 
Friedrich Simony . . . Large 8* 

Vienna, 1893 

Forster, Brix. Deutsch-Ostafrika, Geo- 
graphic und Geschichte der Colonic. 
Map. 8" Leipzig, 1890 

Forster, Rev. Charles. Historical Geo- 
graphy of Arabia, or the Patriarchal 
Evidences of Revealed Religion ; with 
an Appendix containing Translations, 
and an Alphabet and Glossary of the 
Hamyaritic Inscriptions recently dis- 
covered in Hadramaut. 2 vols. Maps. 
8° 1844 

The One Primeval Language traced 

experimentally through Ancient Inscrip- 
tions in Alphabet Characters of Lost 
Powers from the Four Continents, in- 
cluding the Voice of Israel from the 
Rocks of Sinai, and the Vestiges of 
Patriarchal Tradition from the Monu- 
ments of Egypt, Etruria, and Southern 
Arabia ; with Plates, Glossaries, and 
Translations ; the Harmony of Primeval 
Alphabets, in case. 2 vols. 8° 185 1 

The Israelitish Authorship of the 

Sinaitic Inscriptions vindicated against 
the incorrect "Observations" in the 
" Sinai and Palestine " of the Rev. A. P. 
Stanley. 8*^ 1856 

Essay addressed to Lord Lyndhurst 

on the True Date of Korah's Rebellion, 
or its Date in the Margin of our English 
Bible, n.c. 1471, the true one; with an 
Introductory Letter to the Bishop of 
Winchester. 8* Privately printed, 1864 

Forster, Dr F. Statistisch-topographisch- 
historische Uebersicht des Preuszischen 
Staats. Afap. 8° Berlin, N.D. 

Vienne : Guide illustre par le Dr Fr. 

Forster. 1 0th edition. Map and plates. 
12° Vienna, 1873 

Forster, George. Voyage round the 
World in H.M. doop "Resolution," 
commanded by Capt. Cook, 1772-75. 
Alap. 2 vols. 4" 1777 

Forster, George. Journey from Bengal 
to England, through the Northern Part of 
India, Kashmire, Afghanistan, and Persia, 
and into Russia, by the Caspian Sea. 
2 vols. Map. 4° 1798 

See Eyries, Vol. 13 : Appendix I. 

Forster, J. Reinhold. Observations made 
during a Voyage round the World, on 
Physical Geography, Natural Plistory, and 
Ethic Philosophy, especially on the Earth 
and its Strata, Water and the Ocean, the 
Atmosphere, the Changes of the Globe, 
Organic Bodies, and the Human Species. 
Chart and table. 4° 1778 

Geschichte der Entdeckungen und 

Schiff-fahrten im Norden. Maps. Small 
8° Frankfurt, a. d. Oder, 1784 

History of the Voyages and Discoveries 

made in the North. Translated from the 
German. Maps. 4° 1786 

See Bartolomeo ; Granger ; Kalm ; 

Osbeck ; Riedesel ; Thunberg ; also Kerr, 
Vol. I ; Laharpe, Vol. 21 ; Pinkerton, 
Vol. 9 : Appendix i. 

and George Forster. Characteres 

Generum Plantarum, quas in itinere ad 

• Insulas Maris Australis, Collegerunt, 

Descripserunt, Delinearunt, annis 1772- 

75. Plates. 4° 1776 

Forsyth, Joseph. Remarks on Antiquities, 
Arts, and Letters in Italy. 2 vols. 8° 


Forsyth, Capt. J. The Highlands of 
Central India : Notes on their Forests 
and Wild Tribes, Natural History, and 
Sports. Plates. 8° 1872 

Forsyth, Sir T. D. Memorandum on 
Routes from the Punjab to Eastern 
Turkistan. [From the India Records 
(Punjab), No. 2.] 8° Lahore, 1868 

Trade Routes between Northern India 

and Central Asia. 8* [Exeter, 1869] 

Report of a Mission to Yarkund in 

1873, under Command of Sir T. D. 
Forsyth, with Historical and Geographical 
Information regarding the Possessions of 
the Ameer of Yarkund. A/ap in cover, 
and photographs. 4° Calcutta, 1875 

Ditto, German translation in Ergan- 

zungsheft, 52 — Petermann's Mittheilun- 
gen. Map. 4° Gotha, 1877 

Autobiography and Reminiscences of 

Sir Douglas Forsyth. Edited by his 
Daughter. Afap and portrait. 8° 1887 

See Prejevalsky. 

Forsyth, W. The Rules of Evidence as 
ai^plicable to the Credibility of History. 
8* 1874 

Fort, G. Seymour. British New Guinea. 
Report on British New Guinea, from 
Data and Notes by the late Sir Peter 
Scratchley, Her Majesty's Special Com- 
Folio* Brisbane, 1886 




Fortescue, G. K. A Subject Index of the 
Modern Works added to the Library of 
the British Museum in the years 1880-85. 
Compiled by G. K. Fortescue. 4° 1886 

Fortescue, Hon. John W. The Influence 
of Climate on Race. (From the Nine- 
teenth Century, May 1893.) 8* 1893 

Fortescue, W. I. See Tudor. 

Fortia. See Pinkerton, Vol. 6 : Apjjendix 

Fortin, P. The Straits of Belle Isle. 8* 
Montreal, 1877 

Fortis, Alberto. Travels into Dalmatia : 
containing General Observations on the 
Natural History of that Country and the 
Neighlxjuring Islands . . . ; to which 
are added, by the same Author, Obser- 
vations on the Island of Cherso and 
Osero. Translated from the Italian, &c. 
Maps and plates. 4° 1778 

Fortunat, Dantfes. Nouvelle Geographic 
de rile d'Haite, contenant des Notions 
historiques et topographiques sur les 
autres Antilles. Alap and illustrations. 
12° Paris, 1888 

Fortune, Robert. Journey to the Tea 
Countries of China, including Sung-lo 
and the Bohea Hills ; with a Short 
Notice of the East India Company's Tea 
Plantations in the Himalaya Mountains. 
Map and plates. 8° 1852 

Report upon the Tea Plantations of 

Deyra, Kumaon, and Gurhwal, N.W. 
Provinces, 1851. [From the India Re- 
cords, N.W. Prov., Vol. I.] Agra, 1855 

Residence among the Chinese, In- 
land, on the Coast, and at Sea : being 
a Narrative of Scenes and Adventures 
during a Third Visit to China, from 
1853-56. Plates. 8° 1857 

Yedo and Peking : a Narrative of a 

Journey to the Capitals of Japan and 
China, &c. Map and plates. 8° 1863 

Forwood, W. H. See Sheridan. 

Foster, Dr C. Le Neve. See Lock. 

and William Topley. On the 

Superficial Deposit of the Valley of the 
Medway, with Remarks on the Denuda- 
ti<m of the Weald. Plates. 8* 1865 

Foster, Capt. See Tiark. 

Foster, Major Hubert. Uganda. See 
United Kingdom, G, War Office Publ.: 
Appendix 2. 

Foster, John. Fosteriana : consisting of 
Thoughts, Reflections, and Criticisms of 
John Foster, selected from Periodical 
Papers not hitherto published in a col- 
lective form, and edited by Henry G. 
Bohn. 12° 1858 

Foster, J. J. The Jenolan Caves. Map 
and plan. 8° Sydney, 1890 

Foster, J. W. The Mississippi Valley, its 
Physical Geography, including Sketches 
of the Topography, Botany, Climate, &c. 
Maps and sections. 8° 1869 

Foster, J. W., and J. D. Whitney. 

Report on the Geology and To|X)gra]ihy 
of a Portion of the Lake Superior Land 
District, in the State of Michigan. 
Part I, Copper Lands. Maps and plates. 
8° Washington, 1850 

Report on the Geology of the Lake 

Superior I>and District. Part 2, The 
Iron Region, together with the General 
Geology. Plates. 8° Washington, 1851 

Foster, William. See Bird wood. 

Fossett, F. Colorado, ils Gold and 
Silver Mines, Farms and Stock Ranges, 
and Health and Pleasure Resorts : 
Tourist's Guide to the Rocky Mountains. 
Maps and plates. 8° Neiv York, 1879 

Fotherbye, R. See Purchas, Vol. 3, Book 
4 : Appendix i. 

Fotheringham, L. M. Adventures in 
Nyassaland : a Two Years' Struggle with 
Arab Slave-dealers in Central Africa. 
Illustrations. 8° 1891 

Foucauld, Vicomte C. de. Reconnais- 
sance au Maroc, 1883-84. Text and 
Atlas. 4° Paris, 1888 

Foulk, George C. See Buckingham. 

Fouque, F. Santorin et ses Eruptions. 
Maps and plates. 4° Paris, 1879 

Fouquet, — . See Callander, Vol. 3 : Ap- 
pendix I. 

Foureau, F. Une Mission au Tademayt 
(Territoire d'In-Salah) en 1890. Map 
and illustrations. 8° Paris, 1890 

Fournel, Marc. La Tripolitaine, les 
Routes du Soudan. 12° Paris, 1887 

Fournereau, L. Les Ruines Kmers du 
CamlK)dge-Siamois. 8* Paris, 1889 

Fournet, J. J. See Chantre, Ernest. 

Fournier, C. \. N. Guide de I'litranger 
a Lyon. Map. 12° Lyons. 1826 

Fowler, George. Three Years in Pers-a, 
with Travelling Adventures inKoordistan. 
2 vols. Plates. 8" 1841 

History of the War . . . l)etween 

Turkey and Russia, and Russia and the 
Allied Powers of England and France 
. . . to the end of 1854. Maps. 12° 

Fowler, H. A Narrative of a Journey across 
the Unexplored Portion of British Hon- 
duras, with aShort Sketch of the History 
and Resources of the Colony. Map and 
photograph. 8° Belize, 1879 

A Paper on a Living Ancient City 

said to Exist in Central America at the 
Present Time, in almost the same state 
in which the Cities were found in the 
Country at ihe time of the Conquest, 
with an Account of its People. 8* 

^Belize, 1880] 



Fox, General C. R. Engravings of 
Unpublished or Rare Greek Coins, with 
Descriptions: Part i, Europe; Part 2, 
Asia and Africa. 2 Parts. Plates. 4* 1862 

On a Coin of Giauconnesus. 8* 1869 

Fox, Edward. Pleasure Paths of Travel. 
8" 1857 

Fox, Gustavus V. The First Landfall of 
Columbus : Is there, extant, evidence 
enough to prove the First Landing-PIace 
of Columbus in the New World ? Maps. 
Large 8° Neiv York, 1883 

Fox, Robert W. Observations on Mineral 
Veins. Plates. 8* Falmouth, 1837 

Fox, William. Brief History of the Wes- 
leyan Missions on the Western Coast of 
Africa, including Biographical Sketches ; 
with some Account of the European 
Settlements, and of the Slave Trade. 
Map and plates. 8" 1 85 1 

Fox, Hon. W. Hot Springs District of the 
North Island. Folio* IVellington, 1874 
See M'Clintock, Sir F. L.; 

See Ilakluyt, Vol. 2: Ap- 

" Fox," Ship 


Foxe, John. 
l^endix i. 

Foxe, Capt Luke. North -West Fox ; 
or. Fox from the North-West Passage, 
beginning with King Arthvr, Malga, 
Ocihvr, the two gems of Iseland, 
Estotiland and Dorgia ; following with 
Briefe Abstracts of the Voyages of Cabot, 
Frobisher, Davis, Waymouth, Knight, 

1 ludson. Button, Gibbons, Bylot, Baffin, 
ITankridge ; together with the Courses, 
Distance, Latitudes, Longitudes, Varia- 
tions, Depths of Seas, Sets of Tydes, 
Currents, Races, and Over-falls ; with 
other Observations, Accidents, and Re- 
markable Things. . . . Small 8° 1635 

6"^^ Ilakluyt Soc. Publ., Vol. 5 ; All- 

gemeine Ilistorie, Vol. 17: Appendix i. 

Foy, Richard. Renseignements Nauti(|ues 
sur quelques Ports de I'Oceanie, de la 
Nouvelle Hollande, et de la Mer Rouge. 
8° Paris, 1866 

Fraas, Oscar. Aus dem Orient. Geo- 
logische Beobachiungcn am Nil, auf der 
Sinai-IIalbinsel und in Syrien. Plates. 
8" Stuttgart, 1867 

Fracastoro, Hieronomo. See Ramusio, 
Vol. I : Appendix i. 

Fraissinet, E. Le Japon, Ilistoire et 
DescrijHion ; Moeurs, Coutumes et Re- 
ligion. . . . Nouvelle edition aug- 
mentee . . . par V. A. Malte-Brun. 

2 vols. Map. 12° Paris, 1864 
Framji, Dhanjibhai. Grammar of the 

Iluzvarash or j>roper Pehlvi Language, 
as read by the Zoroastrians of Iran and 
India. Royal 8" Bombay, 1855 

On the Origin and Authenticity of 

the Arian Family of Languages, the 
Zand Avesta and the Huzvarash. In- 
scriptions. 8° Pomhay, 1861 

Francesetti, L. Lettres sur les Vallees 
de Lanzo. Plates. Small 4° Turin, 1823 

FranchetA. 6V6' France, B,rt: Appendix 2. 

Francia, Dictator. See Robertson, J. P. 
and W. P. 

Francis, Francis, junr. Saddle and 
Mocassin. 8" 1887 

Francisco, Domingo. See Purchas, Vol. 
I, Book 4: Ajipendix I. 

Francklin, William. Observations made 
on a Tour from Bengal to Persia, in . . . 
1786-87 ; together with a Short Account 
of the Remains of the celebrated Palace 
of Persepolis, &c. 8" i790 

See Pinkerton, Vol. 9 : Appendix i. 

Francoeur, L B. Geodesic, ou Traite de 
la Figure de la Terre et ses Parties. . . . 
(^uatrieme edition, revue et corrigee sur 
les manuscrits inedits de M. Francceur, 
par M. Francanir fils ; augmentee de 
Notes sur la Mesurc des Bases, par M. 
Mossard. Plates. 8" Paris, 1865 

Francois, Curt von. Die Erforschung 
des Tschuapa und Lulongo. Reisen in 
Centralafrika. Maps and illustrations. 
8" Leipzig, 1888 

See Wissmann. 

Francq, F. de. De la Formation et de 
la Repartition des Reliefs Terrestres. 
MSS. 4° 1856 

Frank, Guiseppe. Viaggio a Parigi e 
per una gran parte dell' Inghilterra e 
della Scozia, ])er quanto concerne Spe- 
dali, Carceri, Staljilimcnti di Pul)blica 
Beneficenza e d'Instruzione Medica. 
2 vols, in I. Tables. 8° Milan, 1813 

Frankland, George. Report on the 
Transactions of the Survey Department 
of Van Diemen's Land, from the foun- 
dation of the Colony to the end of Col. 
Arthur's administration. 8" Hobart, 1837 

Franklin, James. The Present State of 
Hayti (St Domingo), with Remarks on its 
Agriculture, Commerce, Laws, Religion, 
Finances, and Population, &c. 8" 1828 

Franklin, Capt. Sir John. Narrative of 
a Journey to the Shores of the Polar Sea, 
in 1819-22; with an Appendix on various 
subjects relating to Science and Natural 
History. Maps and plates, some coloui-ed. 
4" 1^23 

Narrative of a Second Expedition to 

the Shores of the Polar Sea in the years 
1825, 1826, and 1827; including an 
Account of the Progress of a Detachment 
to the eastward, by John Richardson. 
Maps and plates. 4" 1828 

Report of the Committee apjxiinted 

by the Lords Commissioners of the 
Admiralty to Incjuire into the Report on 
the recent Arctic Expeditions in Search 
of Sir John Franklin ; together with the 
Minutes of Evidence taken before the 
Committee, and Pa])ers connected with 
the subject. Maps. [Parly. Rcj).] Folio 




Franklin, Capt. Sir John. Additional 
Papers relative to the Arctic Expedition 
under the Orders of Captain Austin and 
Mr William Penny. Maps. Folio 1852 

Papers relative to the recent Arctic 

Expeditions in Search of Sir John 
Franklin and the Crews of H.M.S. 
" Erebus" and " Terror." Maps. Folio 


Notice Biographique, par M. de la 

Roquette. Portrait, maps, attd facsimile. 

4* N.P., N.D. 

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Commissioners of the Admiralty, 12th 
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— — Letter to Viscount Palmerston. 

See Pelhani, Vol. 2 



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pendix i. 

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Stadte in Kleinasien. Maps. 4* 

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Note di Viaggio. Map and illustra- 
tions. 8° Turin, 1885 

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tary to the Chief Commissioner, British 
Burmah [A. F.], in the Public Works 
Department, on a Proposal, by Colonel 
Fraser, the Chief Engineer, to Promote 
the Construction of a Railway from 
Rangoon to Prome. Folio* 

Rangoon, 1867 

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Forlong. Proposed New Route to 
Siam, Saigon, China, and Japan, across 
the Isthmus of Kraw. MS. Folio* 1862 

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of the Snowy Range of the Himala 
Mountains, and to the Sources of the 
Jumna and Ganges. Map. 4° 1820 

Journey into Korasan in 1821-22, in- 
cluding some Account of the Countries 
tothe North-East of Persia. Map. 4° 1825 

Travels and Adventures in Persian 

' Provinces on the Southern Banks of the 
Caspian Sea, with Notices on the Geo- 
logy and Commerce of Persia. 4° 1826 

Historical and Descriptive Account 

of Persia, from the Earliest Ages to the 
Present Time ; with a Detailed View of 
its Resources, Government, Population, 
Natural History, and the Character of its 
Inhabitants, particularly the Wandering 
Tribes ; including a Description of 
Afghanistan and Beloochistan. Map and 
plates. 12° Edinburgh, 1834 

Travels in Koordistan, Mesopotamia, 

&c. ; with Sketches of the Character 
and Manners of the Koordish and Arab 
Tribes. Plate. 8° [1835?] 

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from Constantinople to Tehran, with 
Travels through various parts of Persia. 
2 vols. 8° 1838 

See Eyries, Vol. 14 : Appendix i. 

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■ Ditto, for 1892-93. Map. 8° 

Perth, W.A., 1893 

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Agriculture and Mineralogy, Present 
State and Circumstances, of the County 
of Wicklow, with Observations on the 
Means of their Improvement. Map. 
8° Dublin, 1 80 1 

Gleanings in Ireland, particularly 

respecting its Agriculture, Mines, and 
Fisheries. 8° 1802 

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ment for the East. From Personal Ex- 
perience. 8* 1878 

Fraunhofer, Joseph von. Gesammelte 
Schriften, im Auftrage der mathematisch- 
physikalischen Classe der Koniglich 
Bayerischen Akademie der Wissens- 
chaften, herausgegeben von E. Lommel. 
Portrait and illustrations. 4* 

Munich, 1888 

See Bauernfeind. 

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The Golden Bough : a Study in Com- 
parative Religion. 2 vols. Frontispiece. 
8° 1890 

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Island off the West Coast of Ireland, 
plotted in a MS. map written by Sieur 
Tassin, Geographer Royal to Louis XIII. 
Map. Small 8* 1879 

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and its Agricultural Resources. Map 
and illustrations. 8* Ottawa, 1885 

Across Canada. Afap and illustra- 
tions. 8* Ottawa, 1886 

Agricultural Canada : a Record of 

Progress. Map. 8* 1889 

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Vestiges d'Asserbo et de Solxjrg, decou- 
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Danemark. Plates. 8° Copenhagen, 1855 

Sur la Construction des Salles dites 

des Geants. IVoodcuts. 8* 

Copenhagen, 1857 

Om Bygningsmaaden af Oldtidens 

Jffittestuer. IVoodcuts. Royal 8* 

Copenhagen, 1862 

Ueber den Bau der Riesenbetten der 

Vorzeit. Royal 8* Copenhagen, 1863 



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logiska Undersokning (C, 83) : Appen- 
dix 2. 
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die Danipferwege -zwischen dem Kanal 
und New York, nach den Journal-Auszli- 
gen der Dampfer des Norddeutschen 
Lloyd, 1860-67, nehst Wind und Wetter 
in derselben Zeit. Maps. 4* 

Hamburg, 1870 

Mittheilungen aus der Norddeutschen 

Seewarte. IV. Die Normalwege der 
Hamburger Dampfer zwischen dem 
Kanal und New York, nach den Journal- 
Ausziigen derselben in den Jahren i860, 
1869, 1S72. Plates. 4* Hamburg, 1872 

Jahres-Bericht der Norddeutschen 

Seewarte fiir das Jahr 1870. Large 8* 

Hamburg, N.U. 

Siebenter Jahres-Bericht der Deutschen 

Seewarte fiir das Jahr 1874. Square 8° 
Hamburg, N.I). 

See Arctic, H : Appendix 2. 

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Roman. (" The Story of the Nations" 
Series.) Alap and illustrations. 8" 1892 

The History of Sicily from the Earliest 

Times. 4 vols. Maps. 8° 

Oxford, 1891-94 
[Vol. 4. Edited from Posthumous 
MSS., with Supplements and Notes 
by Arthur J. Evans.] 

See White, A. S. 

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, .Sketch of the Temahuq or Towarek 
Language. 8° 1862 

Freeman, J. J. The Kaffir War : a 
Letter to Earl Grey, containing Remarks 
on the Causes of the piesent War, &c. 
8* 1851 

Tour in South Africa ; with Notices of 

Natal, Mauritius, Madagascar, Ceylon, 
Egypt, and Palestine. Map. 12° 1851 

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Hontuku, in the Interior of West Africa. 
Map. Roy. Geo. Soc. Suppl. Papers, 
Vol. 3. Large 8° 1892 

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Journal of, on a Visit from Cape Coast 
to Ashantee, in the Interior of Western 
Africa. [Wesleyan Methodist Missionary 
Report, 1840.] 8* 1840 

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Schweden und Norwegen. Afap. 12° 
Berlin, 1844 

Freminvillfc — . See Phillips [3], Vol. 
2 : Appendix I. 

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E, a (No. 88) : Ajipendix 2. 

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the Exploring Expedition to the Rocky 
Mountains in 1842, and to Oregon and 
Noith California in 1843-44. Maps and 
plates. 8° Washington, 1854 

Geographical Memoir upon Upper 

California, in illustration of his Map of 
Oregon and California. 8* 

Washington, 1848 

Life of, and his Narrative of Explora- 
tions and Adventures in Kansas, Ne- 
braska, Oregon, and California. Memoir 
by S. M. Smucker. Portrait and plates. 
12° A^ew York, 1856 

French, S. G. See United States, K 
(Texas) : A])pendix 2. 

Frenzel, Carl. Deutschlands Kolonien, 
Kurze Beschreibung von Land und 
Leuten unserer aussereuropiiischen Besitz- 
ungen, Nach den neuesten Quellen 
bearbeitet von Carl Frenzel. Zweite, 
vermehrte Auflage, mit einer Beschrei- 
bung der Samoa Inseln, herausgegeben 
von G. Wende. Maps and illustrations. 
8° Hanover, 1889 

Frere, A. M. [Mrs Godfrey Clerk]. The 
Antipodes and Round the World ; or. 
Travels in Australia, New Zealand, 
Ceylon, China, Japan, and California. 
Plates. 8° 1870 

Frere, Sir H. Bartle E. Extracts from 
Rough Notes, containing information with 
reference to the relative sizes of the three 
Zillas into which the British Districts in 
Sind are divided, as compared with the 
older Zillas of the Bombay Presidency. 
[From the India Records, No. 17.] 8" 
Bombay, 1855 

Narrative of the Early History, &c. , 

of the Bhonslays of Satara. [From the 
India Records, No. 41.] Bombay, 1857 

Speech of His Excellency the Right 

Hon. Sir Bartle Frere, Bart. , and others, 
delivered on the occasion of the Banquet 
given to His Excellency ujwn his return 
to Cape Town, nth June 1879. 8* 1879 

Obituary Notice. By his daughter 

Mary E. J. Frere. 8* [1885] 

See India, C (Geological I'apers) ; 

British Africa, Zanzibar : A])pendix 2. 

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Central Caucasus and Bashan, including 
Visits to Ararat and Tabreez, and Ascents 
of Kazbek and Elbruz. Maps and plates. 
8° 1869 

Italian Alps : Sketches in the Moun- 
tains of Ticino, Lombardy, the Trentino, 
and Venetia. Map and plates. Small 8° 


Climbs in the Caucasus. 8* [1888] 

Ostern in Afrika. i. Die Illigel- 

region der Kiiste Kabyliens. 2. Der 

Tebel luriura. Map andplate. Large 8* 

[Vienna] 1888 



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Travel in the Caucasus. (From " Proceed- 
ings" K.G.S.) Map and plates. 8* 1890 

The Forests of Abkhasia. 8* 1890 

See I)ent. 

and Adm. W. J. L. Wharton. 

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Appendix 2. 

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Anliqua et Nova, or a System of Antient 
and Modern Geography. 4° 1742 

Methode pour eludier la Geographic; 

avec un Discours jjreliminaire sur I'Elude 
de cette Science, et un Catalogue des 
Cartes, Relations, Voyages, et Descrip- 
tions necessaries pour la Geographic. 
Vol. I. 12° Paris, 1768 

Freston, William. Report of the Con- 
ference presided over by the Duke of 
Manchester, on the Question whether 
Colonisation and Emigration may be 
made Self-supporting or even Profitable 
to those investing Capital therein ; with 
Appendix. 8* 1869 

Frewer, Ellen E. See Holub, Dr E. ; 

Frey, Col. H. Campagne dans le Haut 
Senegal et dans le Haut Niger [1885-86]. 
Maps. 8° Paris, 1888 

Cote Occidentale d'Afrique ; Vues, 

Scenes, Croquis. Maps and illustra- 
tions. 4" Paris, 1890 

Freycinet, Louis de. Voyage autour du 
Monde, entrepris par Ordre du Roi . . . 
execute sur les corvettes de S. M. 
"L'Uranie" et "La Physicienne," pen- 
dant les annees 1817, 1818, 1819, et 
1820, &c. 9 vols. 4°, and 4 folio 

Paris, 1826 44 
Ilistorique. 2 vols, in 3, 4°, 1827-39 ; 

and Atlas, folio, 1825. 

Zoologie (by J. R. C. Quoy and P. 

Gaimard). 4°; and Atlas, folio 1824 

Botanique (by C. (Jaudichaud). 4°; 

and Atlas, folio 1826 

Observations du Pendule. 4° 1826 

Magnetisme terrestre. 4° 1842 

Meteorologie. 4" 1844 

Navigation et Hydrographie. 4°; and 

Atlas, folio 1826 

See Peron. 

Freygan, M. and Mme. Letters from 
the Caucasus and Georgia, with an 
Account of a Journey into Persia in 181 2, 
and an Abridged History of Persia since 
the Time of Nadir Shah. Translated 
from the French. Map and plates. 8" 1823 

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du Sud aux Cotes du Chily ct du Perou, 
fait pendiint les annees 1712, 1713, and 
1714. Par M. Frezier. Maps and plates. 
4° Paris, 1 716 

Frezier, — . The same. Vol. 2. Plates 
and maps. 12° Amsterdam, 17 17 

A Voyage to the South Sea and 

along the Coasts of Chili and Peru, in the 
years 1712, 1713, and 1714 . . . ; with a 
Postscript by Dr Edmund Halley, and an 
Account of the Settlement, Commerce, 
and Riches of the Jesuites in Paraguay. 
Maps and plates. Small 4° 17 17 

Relation du Voyajje de la Mer du Sud 

aux Cotes du Chily et du Perou, 1712-14; 
avec une Reponse a la Preface Crititjue 
du livre intitule "Journal des Olxser- 
vations Physiques, Mathematiques, et 
Botaniques du R. P. Feuillee," &c. 
Maps ami plates. 4° Paris, 1 732 

See Burney, Vol. 4 ; Callander, Vol. 

3; AUgemeine Historic, Vols. 12, 15: 

Api:)endix i. 
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Verbreitung des Aniarktischen Treil)eises. 

Ein Beit rag zur Geographic der Sud- 

)>olargebiele. Map. 8° Leipzig, 1893 
Frickmann, A. Instructions pour la 

Navigation de la Cote Quest d'Ecosse. 

Traduites et mises en ordre par M. 

Frickmann. 1''= Partie. Hebrides ou 

lies de rOuest. 8° /'rt;vV, 1869 

See France, B, b (No. 501, &c.): 

A])pendix 2. 

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Dorn, A. 

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graphische Uarstellung Alt- und Neu- 
Polens. Maps. 8° Berlin, 1839 

Friederichsen, L. Zur Kartographie 
der Republik Costa-Rica, in Central 
Amerika. 8* Hamburg, 1877 

Die Deutschen Seehiifen. Ein prak- 

tisches Handbuch fiir SchifTskapitane, 
Rheder, Assekuradeure, Schiflsmakler, 
Behijrden, &c. Erster Theil ; Die Hiifen, 
Liisch- und LadeplJitze an der Deutschen 
Ostseekiiste. Plans. 4° Hamlmrg, 1889 

The same. Zweiter Theil ; Die 

Hafen, Losch- und LadeplJitze an der 
Deutschen Nordseekiiste. Maps and 
plans. 4° Hamburg, 1891 

See .Sievers. 

Friederici, Charles. Bil)liotheca Orien- 
talis, or a complete List of Books, 
Papers, Serials, and Essays published in 
1 88 1 in England and the Colonies, 
Germany and France, on the History, 
Languages, Religions, Antiquities, and 
Literature of the East. Compiled by 
Charles Friederici. 8° [1882] 

The same. Published in 1883 in 

England, &c., compiled by Charles 
Friederici. [8th year.] 8° 1883 

Friedlander, Herman. See Phillips [3], 
Vol. 5, New Voyages and Travels : Ap- 
IK'ndix I. 

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nichtperiodischen Vorgange in der At- 
mosphiire. 8* Vienna, 1866 



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Atlantic Expedition) : Appendix 2. 

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the Banks of the Atrato to the Bay of 
Cupica, on the Coast of the Pacific, in 
the year 1827. 8* [1853] 

Fries, J. O. See Sweden, A (Geologiska 
Undersokning) : Appendix 2. 

Frilley, G., and J. Wlahovitj. Le 
Montenegro Contemporain. Map and 
plates. 12° Paris, 1876 

Frisby, Professor Edgar. See United 
States, D, Naval Observatory : Appen- 
dix 2. 

Fritsch, Gustav. Drei Jahre in Siid- 
Afrika. Reiseskizzen nach Notizen des 
Tagebuchs zusanimengestellt. Coloured 
plates. 8° Brcslau, 1868 

Die Eingeborenen Slid - Afrika's, 

ethnographisch und anatomisch besch- 
rieben. Map and plates. Large 8°, and 
Atlas 4° Breslau, 1872 

Fritsch, Dr K. von. Reisebilder von den 
Canarischen Inseln. (Ergiinzungsheft, 
22 — Petermann's Geographischen Mit- 
theilungen.) Maps. 4" Gotha, 1867 

and others. Tenerife geologisch 

topographisch dargestellt. Ein Beitrag 
zur Kenntniss vulkanischer Gebirge vf)n 
K. V. Fritsch, G. Hartung, und W. 
Reiss. Eine Karte und sechs Tafeln 
mit Durchschnitten und Skizzen nebst 
erliiuterndem Text. Folio 

JVinterthiir, 1867 

and W. Reiss. Geologische Bosch ■ 

reibung der Insel Tenerife. Ein Beitrag 

zur Kenntniss vulkanischer Gebirge. 8* 

Winter thnr, 1868 

W. Reiss, and A. Stiibel, San- 

torin. The Kaimeni Islands. Maps and 
photographs. 4* 1867 

Fritsche, H. Geographische, magnet- 
ische und hypsometrische Bestimmungcn 
an zwei und zwanzig in der Mongolei und 
dem nordlichen China gelegenen Orten, 
ausgefiihrt in den Jahren 1868 und 1869. 
4* 1870 

Geographische, magnetische, und hyp- 
sometrische Bcstimmungen an 27 im 
nordostlichen China gelegenen Orten 
. . . 1 87 1. (From Repert. Meteorol. 
St Petersburg, Vol. 3.) 4* 

St Peter slmrg, 1873 

Ein Beitrag zur Geographic und 

Ix;hre vom Erdmagnetismus Asiens und 
Eurojias. (Ergiinzungsheft, 78— Peter- 
mann's Mittheilungen.) 5 maps. 4° 

Gotha, 1885 

On Chronology and the Construction 

of the Calendar, with special regard to 
the Chinese Computation of Time com- 
pared with the European. 8* 

St Petersburg, 1886 

Uclier die Bestimmung der Geo- 
graphischen Liinge und Breitc und der 

Fritsche, H. — continued. 

drei Elemente des Erdniagneti.smus durch 
Beobachtung zu Lande sowie erdmag- 
netische und geographische Messungen 
an mehr als tausend verschiedenen Orten 
in Asien und Eurojm ; ausgefiihrt in den 
Jahren 1867-91. Maps. 8° 

St Petersburg, 1893 

Die magnetischen Localabweichungen 

bei Moskau und ihre Beziehungen zur 
dortigen Local-attraction. [Extract from 
B.S. imp. Naturalistes de Moscow, No. 
4.] Maps. 8* 1893 

See Schrenck. 

Frobel, Julius. Seven Years' Travel in 
Central America, Northern Mexico, and 
the Far West of the United States. 
Plates. 8° 1859 

and Oswald Heer. Mittheilungen 

aus dem Gebiete der theoretischen 
Erdkunde. 8° Ziirich, 1834 

Frobenius, Herman. Die Heiden-Neger 
de-i Aegyptischen Sudan. Map. 8° 

Berlin, 1893 

Froberville, M. de. Rapport sur Its 
Races Negres de I'Afrique Orientale au 
Sud de I'Equateur. 4* Paris, 1850 

Frobin, Count de. See Forbin. 

Frobisher, Sir Martin. Instructions when 
going on a Voyage to the North-West 
Parts and Cathay, in the Time of Queen 
Elizabeth : a Letter from Sir Henry 
Ellis to S. Lyons. 4* 1816 

5"^^ Gottfried ; Hakluyt, Vol. 3 ; Hak- 

luyt Soc. Publ., Vols. 5, 38; Pinkerton, 
Vol. 12 ; AUgemeine Historic, Vol. 17 : 
Appendix i. 

Frodsbam, Thomas, junior. Track to 

Macquarie Harbour, Tasmania. Folio* 

Hobart, 1878 

Froger, Sieur. See Churchill, Vol. 8 : 
Appendix i. 

Frolich, Erasmus. Notitia Elementaris 
Numismatum Antiquorum illorum, qune 
Urbium liberarum, Regum et Principum, 
ac Personarum illustritem appellantur. 
Plates. 4° Vienna, 1758 

Frome, Colonel. Outline of the Method 
of Conducting a Trigonometrical Survey, 
for the Formation of Geographical and 
Topographical Maps and Plans, Military 
Reconnaissance, Levelling, &c., with the 
most useful Problems in Geodesy and 
Practical Astronomy. Plates. 8° 1862 

Fromentin, Eugene. Sahara ct Sahel. 
I. Un etc dans le Sahara ; 11. Uneannee 
dans le Sahel. Illustrations. Imp. 8° 
Paris, 1887 

Fromm, Dr E. See Weigel. 

Froude, James Anthony. Oceana, or 
England and her Colonies. Illustrations. 
8° 1886 

The English in the West Indies, or 

the Bow of Ulysses. Illustrations. 8° 




Fry, Herbert. London in 1881. 
trated with Bird's-eye Views 
principal Streets. 11 lustrations. 

of the 

London Illustrated by Twenty Bird's- 
eye Views of the Principal Streets, also 
by a Map showing its Chief Suburbs and 
Environs, and by a Street-Map of Central 
London originally compiled by the late 
Herbert Fry. Crown 8° 1890 

Fuchs, Edmund, and E. Saladin. The 
Coal and Mineral Deix)sits of Indo-China. 
Translated and abstracted by Charles 
Smith. 8* 1883 

Fuentes, Manuel A. Biblioteca Peruana, 
de Historia, Ciencias, y Litteratura. 
CoUeccion de Escritos del anterior y 
presente siglo de los mas acreditados 
autores peruanos. i. (Antiguo Mercuric 
Pferuano, i) ; ii. (do., 2); iii. (do., 3). 
12° Lima, 1 861 

Lima, or Sketches of the Capital of 

Peru, Historical, Statistical, Adminis- 
trative, Commercial, and Moral. Plates 
and portraits. 8° Paris, 1866 

Fulcherius Carnotensis. See Purchas, 
Vol. 2, Book 8 : Appendix i. 

Fulford, H. E. Report of a Journey in 
Manchuria. Folio* 1887 

FuUjames, Major G. Geological and 
Statistical Notes on portions of the Rewa 
Kanta Districts, from the Camp of 
Baroda to Chota Oodepoor, East ; to 
Nandod and Laureea Bhurr, on the Ner- 
budda River, South-west ; and a Descrip- 
tion of the Iron Ores of these districts. 
[From the India Records, No. 23.] 

Bombay, 1856 

See India, C ((Geological Papers) : 

Appendix 2. 

Fulton, Major R. Report and Notes on 
the Country traversed by the Kyaing-ton- 
Chiengmai Mission in 1890-91. Maps 
and plans. 8° Simla, 1893 

Fumagalli, Giuseppe. Bibliografia Etio- 
l>ica. Catalogo descrittivo e ragionato 
degli scritti pubblicati dalla invenzione 
della slampa fino a tutto il 1891 intorno 
alia Etiopia e regione limitrofe. 8° 

Milan, 1893 

Funck. See Illens d' and Funck. 

Funnel, William. Voyage round the 
World, containing an Account of Capt. 
Dampier's Expedition into the South 
Seas in 1703-4, with his various Adven- 
tures, Engagements, &c. Maps and 
plates. 8° 1 707 

See Callander, Vol. 3 ; Harris, Vol. 

I ; Kerr, Vol. 10 : Appendix i. 

Fiirer, C. Christophori Fiireii ab Hai- 
mendorf, . . . Itinerarium /Egypti, 
Arabioe, Palsestinre, Sytire, aliarumque 
Regionum Orientalium, &c. Portrait 
and plates. Small 8° Nuremberg, 1621 

Fumeaux, Captain. See Cook. 

Fuss, G., A. Sawitsch, and G. Sabler. 

Beschreibung der zur Ermittelung des 
Hohenunterschiedes zwischen dem 
Schwarzen und dem Caspischen Meere. 
Herausgegeben von W. Struve. Map. 
4° St Petersburg, 1849 

Fyers, Col. A. B. Itinerary of Principal 
and Minor Roads in the Island of Ceylon. 
2nd edition. Part i. Principal Roads. 
Large 8* [Colombo, 1881] 

Fytche, Colonel Albert. Papers regard- 
ing the Coal Mines at Thatay Khyoung. 
[From the India Records, No. 39.] 8" 
Calcutta, 1863 

Supplement to the British Burma 

Gazette, 2 1st December 1867: Letter on 
the Operation of the License Tax in 
British Burma, from Colonel A. Fytche 
to E. H. Lushington. 4* Pangoon, 1867 

Narrative of the Mission to Mandalay 

in 1867. [India Office Rep.] Folio* 
Pangoon, 1867 

Burma Past and Present, with Personal 

Reminiscences of the Country. 2 vols. 
Map and plates. 8° 1878 


G , R. Overland Communication 

with Western China. By R. G. Map. 
8* Liverpool, 1872 

Gabb, W. M. On the Indian Tribes and 
Languages of Costa Rica. 8* 

Philadelphia, 1875 

See United States, K (California) : 

Appendix 2. 

Gachet, N. See Covino. 

Gadsby, John. My Wanderings : being 
Travels in the East in 1846-47, 1850-51, 
1852-53. 2 vols. Map. Small 8" 


Gaetan, Juan. See Callander, Vol. i ; 
Ramusio, Vol. i ; Allgemeine Historic, 
Vol. 18 : Appendix i. 

GafTarel, P. Les Colonies Fran9aises. 8° 
Paris, 1880 

Ditto. 4th edition. 8° Paris, 1888 

Les Explorations Fran9aises depuis 

1870. Maps and illustrations. 12° 

Paris, 1882 

L'Algerie. Histoire, Conquete, et 

Colonisation. Maps, coloured plates, and 
illustrations. 4" Paris, 1883 

Gage, Thomas. Nouvelle Relation des 
Voyages dans la Nouvelle Espagne, ses 
Diverses Aventures, et son retour par la 
Province de Nicaragua, jusques ^ la 
Havane ; avec la Description de la Ville 
de Mexique telle qu'elle estoit autrefois, 
et comme elle est a present. 2 vols. 
Maps atid plates. 12° Ajnsterdam, i6<)^ 



Gage, Thomas. Svirvey of the Spanish 
West Indies : being a Journal of 3,300 
miles on the Continent of America, giving 
an Account of the Spanish Navigation 
thither, their Government, Castles, I'orts, 
Negros, Mulattos, Indians, &c., . . . with 
a Grammar of the Indian Tongue called 
PoconchiorPocoman. Map. Small8°i702 

See Thevenot, Vol. 4 : Appendix i. 

Gaimard, Paul. Voyage en Islande et au 
Groenland, execute pendant les annees 
1835 et 1836 sur la corvette " La 
Recherche," commandee par M. I're- 
houart, dans le but de decouvrir les traces 
de " La Lilloise" ; public sous la direc- 
tion de M. Paul Gaimard. ... 8 
vols. 8°, I small 4°, 2 imperial folio 

Paris, 1838-52 
Gaimard, Paul. Ilistoire du Voyage. 

Vol. I. 
Robert, Eugene. 

The same. 

Mequet, Eugene 

age. 8° 
Marmier, Xavier. 


Litterature Islandaise. 

Lottin, Victor. Physique, 

Vol. 2. 
Journal du Voy- 
Histoire de I'lslandc. 


Robert, E. Mineralogie et Geologic. 
8° 1840 

The same. Atlas. Small 4° 1838 

Zoologie et Medicine. 8° 1851 

Atlas Historique [i and 2 in one]. 

Imperial folio. 
Atlas Zoologique, Medical, et Geogra- 
phique. Imperial folio. 
— Voyages de la Commission Scientifique 
du Nord en Scandinavie, en Laponie, au 
Spitzberg, et aux Eeroe, pendant les 
annees 1838, 1839, et 1840, sur la 
corvette " La Recherche," commandee 
par M. Fabvre ; publics sous la direction 
de M. Paul Gaimard. 16 vols. 8°, 3 
folio Paris, n.d. 

Marmier, Xavier. Relation du Voyage. 
2 vols. Frontispiece. 8° 

Histoire de la Scandinavie. 8° 

Litterature Scandinavie. 8° 

Martins, C. ; Vahl, J.; Lsestadius, 
L. L. ; Bravais, A.; Duroclier, J.; 
Siljestrom, P. A. ; Boeck, C. ; and 
Robert, E. Geographic Physique, 
Geographic Botanique, Botani(|ue, 
et Physiologic. 2 vols. 8° 
Robert, E. Geologic, Mineralogie, 

et Metallurgie. 8° 
Durocher, J. Geologic, Mineralogie, 

Metallurgie, et Chimie. 8° 
Lottin, v.; Bravais, A.; Lilliehciok, 
C. B. ; Siljestrom, P. A. ; Meyer, 
E. G. ; Larochc - Poncie, J. Uc ; 
Fabvre, Le Capitaine, et les Officers 
de la corvette "La Recherche." 
Magnetisme Tcrrestre. 3 vols. 8° 

Gaimard, 'Pb.vX— continued. 

Lottin, V. ; Bravais, A. ; Lilliehook, 
C. B. ; Siljestrom, P. A. ; Martins, 
C. ; Larochc- Poncie, J. De ; Loes- 
tadius, L. L. ; and Pottier, E. 
Meteorologie. 3 vols. 8" 
Lottin, V. ; Bravais, A. ; Lilliehook, 
C. B, ; and Siljestrom, P. A. 
Aurores Boreales. 8° 
Lottin, V. ; Bravais, A. ; Lilliehook, 
C. B. ; LarochePoncie, J. De; et 
les Officers de la corvette "La Re- 
cherche." Astronomic et Hydro- 
graphie. 8° 
Atlas Historique et Pittoresque. 2 

vols. Imperial folio. 
Atlas de Physique, de Geologic, et de 
Zoologie. Imperial folio. 

Sec Freycinet. 

Galanti, Giuseppe M. Napoli e Contomi, 
nuova editione, intieramente riformata 
dall' editore Galanti. Maps and plates. 
8° Naples, 1829 

Galbraith, Joseph A., and Samuel 
Haughton. Manual of Mathematical 
Tables. 12° i860 

Galbraith, William. Barometric Tables, 
by which the Heights of Mountains, the 
Difference of Levels, &c., may be Com- 
puted. 8° Edinburgh, 1833 

Mathematical and Astronomical Tables, 

preceded by an Introduction containing 
the Construction of Logarithmic and 
Trigonometrical Tables, Plane and Spheri- 
cal Trigonometry, their Application to 
Navigation, Astronomy, Surveying, and 
Geodetical Operations. 8° 

Edinburgh, 1834 

Trigonometrical Surveying, Levelling, 

and Railway Engineering. 8° 1842 

On Trigonometrical Surveying, and its 

Application to Correct the Maps and 
Charts of the Hebrides. Map. 8* 1844 
Galiano, Pelayo Alcald. Memoria sobre 
la Situacion de Santa Cruz de Mar 
Pequena en la Costa Noroeste de Africa. 
8* Madrid, 1878 

Memoria sobre Santa Cruz de Mar 

Pequeiia y las Pesquen'as en la Costa 
Noroeste de Africa. Maps. 8* 

Madrid, 1879 

Mas Consideraciones sobre Santa Cruz 

de Mar Pequena. Map. 8* 

Madrid, 1879 

Galiffe, J. A. Italy and its Inhabitants, 

an Account of a Tour in that Country in 

1816-17. 2 vols. 8" 1820 

Galignani's Guide through Holland and 

Belgium. 18° Paris, 1824 

Traveller's Guide through France. 

8th edition. 16" Paris, 1827 

Galindo, Colonel Don Juan. On Central 
America. 8* 1836 

Galinier. See Ferret, A., and Galinier. 



Galitzin, Prince Emmanuel. La Fin- 
lande: Notes Kecueillies en 1848 pendant 
line Excursion deSt Petersbourg aTorneo. 
2 vols, in I . Maps and plates. 8° 

Paris, 1852 

Galland, M. Recueil des Rits et Cere- 
monies du Pelerinage de la Mecque, 
aiiquel on a joint divers Ecrits relatifs a 
la Religion, Sciences, et aux Moeurs des 
Turcs. 8° Amsterdam, 1764 

Gallatin, Albert. The Right oi the U nited 

States of America to the North- Eastern 

Boundary claimed by them. Maps. 8° 

New York, 1840 

Memoir on the North-Eastern Bound- 
ary, in connection with Mr Jay's Map; 
with a Speech on the same subject by 
the Hon. Daniel Webster. Map. 8* 
New York, 1843 

Galle, Dr Andreas. Dr A. Philippson's 
barometrische Hohenmessungen im Pelo- 
ponnes. 8* Berlin, 1889 

Gallee, Prof. J. H. See Holland : Ap- 
pendix 2. 

Gallenga, A. Country Life in Piedmont. 
8" 1858 

The Pearl of the Antilles. 12° 1873 

Gallieni, Commander. Missiond'Explora- 
tion du Haut-Niger. Voyage au Soudan 
Fran9ais (Haut-Niger et Pays de Segou), 
1879-81. Maps and illustrations. Small 
folio Paris, 1885 

Gallo, L. Storia del Cristianesimo nell' 
Impero Barmano, preceduta dalle Notizie 
del Paese. 3 vols, (forming Vols. 18, 19, 
and 20 of the "Collezione di Vite del 
pill distinti Religiosi della Congregazione 
dei chierici RR. di S. Paoli detti Barna- 
biti"). 12° Milan, 1862 

Gallo, V. Trattato di Navigazione. 2 
vols. 8° Trieste, 1851 

Gallois, L. Les Geographes Allemands 
de la Renaissance. Plates. 8° /'a;?^, 1890 

De Orontio Finneo, Gallico Geo- 

grapho. Plates. 8° Paris, 1890 

Gallo^7ay, John Alex. Communication 
with India, China, &c. Observations on 
the Pro|X)sed Improvements in the Over- 
land Route via Egyjit, with Remarks on 
the .Ship Canal, the Boulac Canal, and 
the Suez Railroad. Map. 8° 1844 

Gait, John. Letters from the Levant. 
Map. 8" 1 813 

Galton, Francis. Narrative of an Explorer 
in Tropical South Africa. Maps and 
plates. 8° 1853 

The same, being an Account of a 

Visit to Damaraland in 185 1, with a New 
Ma]>, and an Ap]>endix bringing up the 
History of Damaraland to a recent date, 
together with a Biographical Introduc- 
tion by the Editor ; also Vacation Tours 
in i860 and 1861, by George Grove, 
Francis Galton, and W. C. Clark. 
[Minerva Library Series.] Portrait 
and illustrations. 8° 1 889 

Galton, Francis. Catalogue of Models 
and Specimens illustrative of the Art of 
Travel. 8* 1858 

Art of Travel; or, Shifts and Con- 
trivances Available in Wild Countries. 
Woodcuts. 12° i860 

The same. 6th edition. Illustrations. 

12° 1876 

• Meteorographica, or Methods of 

Ma]5ping the Weather. 600 illustra- 
tions. Oblong 4* 1863 

On Stereoscopic Maps taken from 

Models of MountainousCountries. Photo- 
graph. 8* 1865 

• Vacation Tours and Notes of Travel 

in i860. Maps. 8° 1861 

Clark, W. G. Naples and Garibaldi. 
Spottiswoode, G. A. A Tour in Civil 
and Military Croatia and through 
part of Hungary. 
R. D. Sclavonic Races. 
G. H. K. A Gossip on a Sutherland 

A Visit to Peru. 
Graian Alps and Mount 

Bowen, C. C. 
Cnwell, J. J. 

Stephen, Rev. 
Hawkins, F. 

L. TheAllelcin-H..rn. 
V. Partial Ascent of 

Mont Cervin (Matterhorn). 
Tyndall, J. From Lauterbriinnen to 

the ^ggischhorn by the Lauwinen- 

Thor in one day. 
Clark, J. W. Journal of a Yacht 

Voyage to the Faroe Islands and 

Tozer, H. F. Norway. 
Galton, F. A Visit to North Spain at 

the Time of the Eclipse. 
Noel, Hon. R. Syrian Travel and 

Syrian Tribes. 

- Vacation Tours in 1861. Maps. 8° 



Weir, Rev. A. St Petersburg and 

Marshall, W. The Country of 

Tozer, H. 

Young, Rev. C. 
Rio Madeira. 

CoUinson, R. Nine Weeks in Canada. 

Sclater, P. L. A Naturalist's Impres- 
sions of Spain, 

Geikie, A. Geological Notes on 

Seemann, B. Fiji and its Inhabitants. 

Durrant, W. The Kru Coast, Cape 
Palmas, and the Niger. 

Grove, G. Nabloos and the Samari- 

J. M. Christmas in Montenegro. 

F. The Monks of Mount 
The Amazon and 



Galton, Francis. Vacation Tours in 
1862-63. S" 1864 

Tristram, Rev. H. B. Winter Ride 

in Palestine. 
Bertram, J. G. Fish - Culture in 

Kennedy, C. Malcolm. The Turks of 

Gordon, Lady Duff. Letters from the 

Clark, W. G. Poland. 
Powell, David. The Republic of 

Tyrwhitt, Rev. R. St John. Sinai. 
Lubbock, Mrs. The Ancient Shell- 
Mounds of Denmark. 
Mayo, Charles. The Medical Service 

of the Federal Army. 
Greive, Rev. W. T. The Church and 

People of Servia. 
Gordon, Hon. Arthur. Wilderness 

Journeys in New Brunswick. 

On the Employment of Meteorological 

Statistics in determining the best course 
for a ship. 8* 1873 

Galvano (or Galvam), Antonio. See 
Astley, Vol. i ; Churchill, Vol. 8 ; Plak- 
luyt. Vol. 4; Hakluyt Soc. Publ., Vol. 
30 ; Kerr, Vol. 2 ; Purchas, Vol. 2, 
Book 10 ; Allgemeine Historic, Vol. i : 
Apjiendix i. 

Gama, Antonio de S. da. Memoria 
sobre as Colonias de Portugal, situadas 
na Costa Occidental d'Africa, em 1814, 
precedida de um Discurso I'reliminar, 
augmentada de alguns additamentos e 
notas, 8" Paris, 1839 

Gama e Siva, L. da. Do Amazonas ao 
Oyapock. Relatorio da Commissao ao 
norte da Costa da Provincia do Para. 
8* Parii, 1877 

Gama, Stefano de. See Astley, Vol. i ; 
Kerr, Vol. 6 ; Allgemeine Historic, Vol. 
I : Appendix i. 

Gama, Vasco da. Roteiro da Viagem que 
em Descobrimento da India, pelo Cabo 
da Boa Esperan^a, em 1497. Puljlicado 
por Diogo Kopke, e o A. da Costa Kiva. 
Map and portrait. 8° Oporto, 1838 

Roteiro da Viagem em 1497. Correcta 

e Augmentada de algumas Observa96es 
principalmente Philologicas, por A. 
Ilerculano e o Barao do Castello de 
Paiva. Map, portraits, and facsimile. 
8° Lisbon, 1861 

Vlamisches Tagebuch iiber Vasco da 

Gama's zweite Reise 1 502- 1 503. Heraus- 
gegeben von. H. C. G. Sticr. 12* 

Brims'vick, 1890 

Reproduction in photo-lithography of 

a Letter in Portuguese from Godinho 
de Eredia, referring to the death of Vasco 
da Gama. Folio* \_Lisbon, 'i^.\^.'\ 


Gama, Vasco da. See Berjeau; also 
Astley, Vol. i; Gottfried; Hakluyt Soc. 
Publ., 42; Laharpe, Vol. i; Purchas, 
Vol. I, Book 2; Ramusio, Vol. i ; "A 
General Collection of Voyages," &c. ; 
Allgemeine Historic, Vol. i ; New Col- 
lection, Vol. 2, p. 608; "The World 
Displayed," Vol. 8, p. 609 : Appendix i. 

Gamazoff, M. Notes of a Voyage in 
Turkey and Persia (1848-52), by the late 
General Chirikoff, Russian Commissioner 
for defining the Turco-Persian Boundary. 
[In Russian.] Map. 8° 

St Petersburg, 1875 

Gamba, Chev. Voyage dans la Russie 
Meridionale, et particulierement dans les 
Provinces situees au dela du Caucase, 
fait depuis 1 820 jusqu'en 1824. 2 vols. 
Maps. 8° Paris, 1826 

Gambini, Raffaele. Dissertazioni intorno 
la Storia e la Fisica del Lago Trasimeno. 
8° Perugia, 1826 

Gambino, Giuseppe. Delia Popolarita e 
Diffusione degli studi Geografici : Pensieri 
e Suggerimenti ad uso di chi Insegna e di 
chi impara Geografia. 12° Palermo, 1886 

Gamble, J. Essay on the Different Modes 
of Communication by Signals, containing 
a History of the Progressive Improvements 
in this Art, from the First Accounts of 
Beacons to the most Approved Methods 
of Telegraphic Correspondence. Plates. 

4° 1797 

Gamble, John G. Catalogue of Printed 
Books and Papers relating to South 
Africa. Part 2, Climate and Meteorology. 
8* Cape To-wn, 1885 

Cape of Good Hope. Altitudes above 

Sea-level of Places in South Africa south 
of 20° S. Latitude. 8* Cape To7on, 1886 

See Cape Colony, C : Appendix 2. 

Gamb6a, Pedro Sarmiento de. Viage 
al Estrecho de Magallanes en los afios de 
1579 y 1580. Plates. 8° Madrid, i"] (A 

See Burney, Vol. 2 : Appendix I. 

Games, Gutierre Diez de. See Dicz. 

Gamitto, Major A. C. P. O Muata 
Cazembe e os povos Maraves, Chevas, 
Muizas, Muembas, Lundas e outros da 
Africa Austral. Diario da Expedi9ao 
Portugueza commandada pelo Major 
Monteiro, 1831-32. Map and plates. 8° 
Lisbon, 1854 

See Lacerda, F. J. M. de ; Monteiro. 

Gamond, Thome de. Carte d' Etude du 
Canal de Nicaragua. Avec documents 
par Felix Belly. 4° Paris, 1858 

Gamwell, S. C. The Official Guide and 
Handbook to Swansea and its District. 
Map. 12° Swansea, 1880 

Gan, K. Notices of Ancient Greek and 
Roman Authors on the Caucasus. Part i. 
From Homer to the 6th Century A.D. 
[In Russian.] 8° Tijlis, 1884 



Gan, K. The same, rait 2. Byzantine 
Writers. [In Russian.] 8° Tiflis, 1890 

Gana, Henry Sewell. British Capital 
and Chilian Industry : Nitrates, Gold 
Mines, and Coal Mines ; with a Map of 
the Nitrate Fields, Gold and Coal Mines. 
4* 1889 

Gancedo, Alejandro. MenioriaDescri])tiva 
de la rrovincia de Santiago del Estero. 
Map, plans, and plates. 8° 

Buenos Ayres, 1885 

Gandini, F. Itineraire Postale et de Com- 
merce de r Europe. 12° Milan, 1828 

Ganeval, A. La France dans 1' Europe, 
Commerciale et Industrielle. 12* 

Lyons, 1875 

Ganglbauer, L. See Paulitschke. 

Gannet, Henry. On the Arable and 
Pasture Lands of Colorado. 8* 

Washington, 1878 

A Dictionary of Altitudes in the 

United States. [U. S. Geol. Survey, 
Bulletin No. 5.] 8° Washington, 1884 

See Porter ; also United States, 

G, b, c: Appendix 2. 

Ganot, — . Elementary Treatiseon Physics, 
Experimental and Applied. Translated 
by E. Atkinson. 7th edition. Plates. 8° 


Projet d'Exploration au Pole Nord. 

Plate. 8* N.i'., N.D. 

Ganzenmiiller, Dr Konrad. Tibet, nach 
den resultaten geographischer Forsch- 
ungen friiherer und neuester Zeit (mit 
einer Einleitung von H. von Schla- 
gintweit-Sakunllinski). 8° 

Stuttgart, 1878 

How to Enliven Geographical In- 
struction, and to Lighten it. (Reprinted 
from the American Geographical Society, 
Bulletin No. 4, 1887.) 8* 1887 

Erklarung geographischer Namen, zur 

Belebung des geographischen Unterrichts 
und zur Erleichteiung des Studiums der 
Erdkunde. 8* Vienna, 1888 

Garay, Franciscus de. See Gottfried : 
Appendix i. 

Garay, Don Jose de. An Account of the 
Isthmus of Tehuantepec, in the Republic 
of Mexico, with Proposals for Establish- 
ing aCommunication between the Atlantic 
and Pacific Oceans, based upon the Sur- 
veys and Reports of a Scientific Commis- 
sion. Maps. 8" 1844 

Reconocimiento del Istmo de Tehuan- 
tepec, practicado en los anos 1842 y 1843, 
con el objetodeCommunicacion Oceanica. 
Maps. 8° 1844 

Survey of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, 

executed in 1842 and 1843, with the 
intent of establishing a Communication 
between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. 
Maps. 8" 1844 

Garcia, Diego. See Gottfried: Appen- 
dix I. 

Garcia, J. A. Relaciones de los Vireyes del 
Nuevo Reina de Granada, ahora Estados 
unidos de \'^enezuela, Estados unidos de 
Colombia y Ecuador. 8° 

New York, 1869 

El Monitor Rebelde " Huascar," i 

sus Incidentcs juzgados conforme a la 
Autoridad de la Ciencia, de la Lei, i de 
la Jurisprudencia Internacional. Large 
8° Lima, 1877 

Garcia y Cubas, A. Memoria para servir 
a la Carta General de la Republica 
Mexicana. Maps. 8° Mexico, 1 86 1 

Garcia y Garcia, Aurelio. Derrotero de 
la Costa del Peru. 8" Lima, 1863 

The same. 2nd edition. 8° 

Lima, 1870 

Peruvian Coast Pilot. Map. 8" 

New York, 1866 

Garcia, P. A. See Angelis, Vols. 3, 4. 6 : 
Appendix i. 

Garcin, F. Au Tonkin : Un an chez les 
Muongs, souvenirs d'un officier. Maps 
atid illustrations. 12° Paris, 189 1 

Gardiner, Comm. Allen F. Narrative of 
a journey to the Zoolu Country in South 
Africa, undertaken in 1835. Maps and 
coloured plates. 8° 1836 

Visit to the Indians of the Frontiers 

of Chili. Map and plates. 12° 1841 

See Marsh and Stirling. 

Gardiner, Charles L. W. See Jonge. 

Gardner, A. K. Paris Illustrated. Plates. 
8° 1847 

Gardner,ChristopherT. Translation [with 
Chinese text] of Inscription on Tablet at 
Hang Chow, recording the changing 
the T'ien Chu Tang (Roman Catholic 
Church) into the T'ien Hao Rung. 8* 


Appendices to Report on the 

Trade of Ichang for the year 1883, pub- 
lished in "China," No. 6 (1884). 8* 
Illustrations. Folio 1884 

Report on the Consular District of 

Newchwang, by Christopher Thomas 
Gardner. 8* [Newchwang, 1885] 

Gardner, G. Travels in the Interior of 
Brazil, princijially through the Northern 
Provinces and the Gold and Diamond 
Districts, during the years 1836-41. 
Plate. 8° 1846 

GargioUi, L. F. M. G. Description de 
la Ville de Florence et de ses Environs. 
2 vols. Map and plates. %° Florence, 1^19 

Garlington, Ernest A. Report on Lady 
Franklin Bay Expedition of 1883, U.S. 
Signal Service Notes, No. 10. Chart. 
8* Washington, 1883 



Garneau, F. X. Histoire du Canada 
dopuis sa Decouveite jusqu'a nos jours. 
3 vols. 8" Quebec, 1852 

Garner, Robert. The Natural History 
of the County of Staflord, comprising its 
Geology, Zoology, Botany, and Meteor- 
ology ; also its Antiquities, Topography, 
Manufactures, &c. Plates. 8" 1844 

Garnier, F. Notice sur le Voyage d' Ex- 
ploration effectue en Indo-Chine, ]iar 
une Commission Franyaise pendant les 
annees 1866-68. Map. 8* Paris, 1869 

Note sur 1' Exploration du Cours du 

Canibodge, par une Commission Scien- 
tifique Franyaise. Map. 8* Paris, 1869 

■ Voyage d'Exploration en Indo- 
Chine, elilectue pendant les annees 1866, 
1867, et 1868, &c. 2 vols. Maps and 
plates, and atlas folio. 4'^ Paris, 1873 

— -^ De Paris au Tibet, Notes de Voyage. 
Map and illustrations. 12" Paris, 1882 

Garnet, — . See Pinkerton, Vol. 3 : Ap- 
l>endix i. 

Garrick, H. B. W. See India, A, 
Archceok)gical Survey : Appendix 2. 

Garson, Dr J. G. See Bent. 

Gasca, P. de la. See Cartas de Indias, 
p. 612; iVllgemeine Historie, Vol. 15: 
ApjDendix i. 

Gaspar, F. Memorias para a Historia da 
Capitania de S. Vicente, hoje chamada 
de S. Paulo, do Estado do Brazil. 8" 

Lisbon, 1797 

Gaspari, Adam C. Lehrbuch der Erd- 
l^eschreibung zur Erliiuterung sowuhl 
des neuen Methodischen Schulatlasses. 
8° Weimar, 181 1 

Gasparrini, Guglielmo. Descrizione 
delle Isole di Tremiti, e del modo come 
rendorle coltive. 8" Naples, 1838 

Gastaldi, Bartolomeo. Alcuni dati sulle 
Punte Alpini situate fra la Levanna ed il 
Roccianielone. Plates. 8* Turin, 186S 

Lake Habitations and Pre-historic 

Remains in the Turbaries and Marl-Beds 
of Northern and Central Italy. Trans- 
lated from the Italian, and edited by 
C. II. Chambers. 8" 1865 

See Martins, C. ; Vogt, C. 

Gastrell, Col. J. E. See India, F, a : 
Appendix 2. 

and Henry F. Blanford. Rejwrt 

on the Calcutta Cyclone of the 5th 
October 1864. Table. 8* Calcutta, 1866 

Cyclone Rej^rt. Maps and charts, 

without letterpress. Folio * 

Calcutta, 1865 

Gastrell, William S. H. Argentine 
Republic : Rejiort for the year 1892 on the 
General Condition of the Argentine Re- 
public. No. 1 147, Diplomatic and Con- 
sular Rejxirts on Trade and Finance, 
Foreign Office. 8* 1893 

Gates, Sir Thomas. See Hakluyt, Vol. 
5 : Appendix i. 

See Churchill, Vol. 6 : Ap- 

Beschreibung des 
Nuremberg, 1792 

Kurzer BegrilT der 
Gottingen, 1793 

Litvanorvm ceter- 

Gatonbe, J. 

pendix I. 

Gatschet, A. S. Analytical Report upon 
Indian Dialects spoken in .Southern 
California, Nevada, and on the Lower 
Colorado River. 8* Washington, 1876 

The Numeral Adjective in the Kla- 
math Language of Southern Oregon. 8* 

N.l'., N.I>. 

Gatterer, C. W. J. 

Harzes. Part i. 8^ 
Gatterer, Johann C. 

Geographie. 12" 
An Prvssorvm, 

orumcive popvlorvm letticorvm originem 

a Sarniatis liceat repetere ? Map. 

Small 4° N.l'., 1792 95 

Gaubil, Anthony. Sec Astley, Vol. 3 ; 

vVllgemeine Historic, Vol. 5 : Appendix i. 
Gauchez, Victor. Conference sur I'Ap- 

])lication du mouvement de la Mer. 

Plates. 8* Brussels, 1881 

Gaudichaud, C. See Freycinet, Vaillant. 
Gaume, Monsignor. See Horner. 
Gaupillat, G. En Ballon Libre. Plate. 

8* Paris, 1892 

See Martel. 

Gaussin, P. L. J. B. Du Dialecle de 

Tahiti, de celui des lies Marquises, et 

en general de la Langue Polyncsienne. 

8" Paris, 1853 

Gautier, J. Le Voyageur dans le Roy- 

aume des Pays-Bas. Map. 12" 

Brussels, 1827 
Gavazzi, A. F. Mfteorologijski odnosi 

na Sljemenn god 1888. 8* N.I'., 1889 

Ditto, for 1889. 8* N.l'., 1890 

Vransko Jezero u Dalmaciji. Map. 

8* Zagreb, 1889 

Usee Rijeke Krke 8* Zagreb, 1890 

Die Regenverhiiltnisse Croatiens. 

Maps. 8* Vienna, 189 1 

■ — — Konstante sredne dnevne temperature 
zraka za hrvatske postaje. 8* 

Zagreb, 1893 
Gawler, J. C. Sikhim. With Hints on 
Mountain and Jungle Warfare. iMap 
and plates. 8° 1873 

Gay, Claudio. Historia Fisica y Politica 
de Chile, segun Documentos ailquiridos 
en esta Rejiublica durante doce aiios de 
Residencia en ella ; y publicada bajo 
los auspicios del Supremo Gobierno. 
23 vols. Portrait, plates, and maps. 8", 
and 3 vols, large 4" Paris, 1844-54 

Historia. 5 vols. 8" 1844-49 

Documentos sobre la Historia, la Esta- 
distica, y la Geografia. 2 vols. 8" 
Botanica. Vols. 2 to 8. 8" 1845-52 
Zoologia. Vols. 2 to 8. 8" 1847-54 
Plates. 3 vols. Large 4" 1854 

Gay, J. Bibliographic des Ouvrages re- 
latifs a I'Afrique et a I'Araljie. Cata- 
logue Methodique. 8° San Remo, 1875 



Gayangos, Pascual de. Cartas y Rela- 
ciones de Hernan Cortes al Emperador 
Carlos V. Large 8° raiis, 1866 

Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the 

Spanish Language in the British Museum. 
Vol. 4. Large 8° 1893 

See Hakluyt Soc. Publ., Vol. 40: 

Appendix i. 

Gayet, Al. Itineraire illustre de la Haute 
Egypte, les anciennes capitales des^ bords 
du Nil, avec Cartes de la Haute Egypte 
et de la Basse Egypte. 12° Paris 

Gaze, Anth. MeAeriou yewypa^ta 

IlaAata Kai Xea. 4 vols. Maps. 8° 

Venice, 1807 

" Gazelle," Voyage of the. Die For- 
schungsreise S.M.S. "Gazelle," in den 
Jahren 1874 bis 1876, unter Kommando 
des Kapitan zur See Freiherrn von Sch- 
leinitz, herausgegeben von dem hydro- 
graphischen Amt des Reichs-Marine- 
Amts. 5 vols. 4" Berlin 

1. Der Reisebericht. Maps and plates 


2. Physik und Chemie. Alap and 

diagrams 1888 

3. Zoologie und Geologie. Plates 1889 

4. Botanik. Plates 1889 

5. Meteorologie 1890 
Gazetteers and Geographical Dictionaries, 

sec General : Appendix 2. 

Geare, Allen. See Churchill, Vol. 8 : 
Appendix i. 

Geare, Captain M. See Purchas, Vol. 4, 
Book 6: Appendix i. 

Geary, G. Through Asiatic Turkey : 
Narrative of a Journey from Bombay to 
the Bosphorus. 2 vols. Alap and plates. 
Square S'' 1878 

Burma after the Conquest, viewed in 

its Political, Social, and Commercial 
Aspects from Mandalay. 8° 1886 

Geddes, George. Rain : Evajxiration 
and Filtration. 8* Albany, N.Y.,\%';jt^ 

Report on the Agriculture and In- 
dustry of the County of Onondaga, State 
of New York ; with an Introductory 
Account of the Aborigines. Map and 
plates. 8" Albany, N. V., i860 

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Position of P'ifty Points in Turkish 
Armenia and Kurdistan : Observations 
made in 1889. [In Russian.] 4* 

St Petersburg, 1891 

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dix 2. 

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tive of a Journey across the Republic 
from the Pacific to the Gulf in December 
1873 and January 1874. Maps and 
photographs. 8" 1874 

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Geology of the British Isles. 12° 

Edinburgh, 1864 

The Scenery of Scotland viewed in 

connection with its Physical Geology. 
Maps and illustrations. 12° 1 865 

• The same, 2nd edition. 8° 1887 

Elementary Lessons in Physical 

Geography. Maps. 12° 1878 

Text Book of Geology. 2nd edition. 

Illustrations. 8° 1885 

The Teaching of Geography : Sug- 
gestions regarding Principles and 
Methods for the use of Teachers. 12° 


An Elementary Geography of the 

British Isles. 18° 1888 

Annual Report of the Geological 

Survey and Museum of Practical Geo- 
logy for the year ending December 31, 
1892. 8* 1893 

The Work of the Geological Survey : 

a Paper read before the Federated Insti- 
tution of Mining Engineers. (Extract 
from the Transactions of the Institution.) 
8* 1893 

See Galton, Vacation Tourists ; Mur- 

chison ; Symons. 
Geikie, Prof. James. The Great Ice 

Age and its Relation to the Antiquity of 

Man. Maps. 8° 1874 
The same. New edition. Plates aiul 

maps. 8° 1894 

Fragments of Earth Lore : Sketches 

and Addresses, Geological and Geo- 
graphical. Maps and illustrations. 8° 

Edinburgh, 1893 

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phen, Dr Jakob Melchior Ziegler; nach 
handschriftlichen Quellen, ein Denkmal 
der Freundschaft, von Dr G. Geilfus. 
Portrait. 8° IV inter thur, 1884 

Geinitz, Dr E. See Germany, C (Fors- 
chungen, &c., Vol. l) : Appendix 2. 

Geiseler, — . Die Oster- Insel, eine 
Statte prahistorischer Kultur in der 
Siidsee : Bericht des Kommandantern 
S. M. Kbt. " Hyane," Kapitiinlieu- 
tenant Geiseler, iiber die t thnologische 
Untersuchung der Oster-Insel (Rapanui), 
an den Chef der Kaiserlichen Admiralitat. 
Map and plates. Large 8* 

Berlin, 1883 

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Deutschen Alpen. % plates of diagrams. 

Folio Leipzig, 1885 

[Atlas to Paper in Mitt. Ver. Erdk., 

Leipzig, 1884.] 

Geistbeck, Dr Michael. Der Weltver- 
kehr. Telegraphic und Post, Eisen- 
bahnen und Schifiahrt in ihrer Ent- 
wickelung dargestellt. Maps and illus- 
trations. 8° Freiburg in Breisgau, 1887 

Gelcich, J6zsef. See Austria- Hungary, 
B : Appendix 2. 



Gell, Sir William. Geography and 
Antiquities of Ithaca. Map and plates. 
4° 1807 

Itinerary of Greece ; with a Com- 
mentary on Pausanias and Stralio. 
Plates. 4° 1 8 10 

Itinerary of the Morea : being a 

Collection of the Routes of that Penin- 
sula. Map. 8° 18 1 7 

Narrative of a Journey in the Morea. 

Plates. 8° 1823 

Topography of Rome and its Vicinity. 

2 vols. IVoodaits. 8° 1834 

Map to Topography of Rome. [In 

8° covers.] 

Gemelli. See Careri. 

Gemma Frisius. See Phrysius. 

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Callander, Vol. 3 : Appendix I. 

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Schwalbach in the Duchy of Nassau. 
2nd edition. 8° Wiesbaden, 1855 

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I'Inde, a I'occasion du Passage de Venus 
sur le Disque du Soleil, le 6 Juin 1761, 
et le 3 du meme mois 1769. 2 vols. 
]\Iaps and plates. 4° Paris, 1779-81 

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jilanatory of a Chart of Madagascar and 
the North-Eastern Archipelago of Mau- 
ritius. Map. 4* 1819 

George, C. Description of a Self- 
Replenishing Artificial Horizon. 8* 


Description of an Improved Double 

Sextant. Plate. 8* 1876 

Description of a Mercurial Barometer. 

8* 1876 

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und naturhistorische Beschreibung des 

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Konigslmrg, 1797 

[A Russian Translation of Georgi's 

" Russland : Beschreibung aller Nationcn 
des Russichen Rciches," itc] 2 vols., 4 
parts. Plates. 4° [6'/ Petersburg] 1 799 

Georgii, Ludwig. Alte Geographic, 
beleuchtet durch Geschichte, Sitten, 
Sagen der Volker, und niit vergleichenden 
Beziehungen auf die ncucre Lander- und 
Vijlkcrkunde. 8° Sttittqart, 1838-40 

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Habitants. 2 vols. Map and plates. 8° 

J'aris, 1845 

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in the Himalaya. Edited by Lloyd. 
Map. 8° 1 84 1 

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Facts, Figures, and I'ancies from Tran- 
sylvania. 2 vols. Map and illustrations. 
8° 1888 

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comprising his Ten Years Campaigns 
among the Lions of Northern Africa ; with 
a History and Description of Algeria. 
Plates. 12° 1857 

Lion Hunting and Sporting Life in 

Algeria. Plates. 12° 1857 

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tion Fiancaise. 6th edition. Maps ami 
illustrations. 8° Quebec, 1884 

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Allgemeine Historic, Vol. 7 : Appendix i. 

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Geophysik. Abhandlungen aus dem 
Geographischen Seminar der Universitiit 
Strassburg. i. Band. Maps and plates. 
8° Stuttgart, 1887 

Geographische Abhandlungen aus den 

Reichslanden Elsass-Lothringen. Mit 
Unterstiitzung der kaiserl. Regierung zu 
.Strassburg, herausgegeben von Prof. Dr 
G. Gerland. Erstes Heft. Maps. 8° 
Stuttgart, 1892 

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Orientale d'Afrique. 8* {Paris, 1868] 

Quclques Mots sur I'Oman et la Sultan 

de Maskate. 8* [Paris, 1868] 

Traite des projections des cartes 

geographiques. Plates. Royal 8° 

Paris, N.D. 

Gerritsz, Hessel. The Arctic North- 
East and West Passage : Detectio Freti 
Hudsoni, or Hessel Gerritsz's Collection 
of Tracts by himself, Massa, and De 
Quir, on the N.E. and W. Passage, Si- 
beria, and Australia. Reproduced, with 
the maps in photo-lithogra])hy, in Dutch 
and Latin, alter the editions of 1612 and 
1613 ; augmented with a new English 
Translation by F. J. Millard, and an 
Essay on the Origin and Design of this 
Collection by S. Muller. Maps. Square 
8^ Amsterdam, 1878 

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round the World, comprising a Winter 
Passage across the Andes to Chili, with 
a Visit to the Gold Regions of California 
and Australia, the South Sea Islands, 
Java, &c. 3 vols. 8° 1853 

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lands mit Westasien. 8° 1862 

See Baer and Helmersen, 24. 

Gesenius, W. Ueber die Himjaritische 
Sprache und .Schrift. 8* N.P. 1841 

Gesner, A. New Brunswick, with Notes 
for Emigrants. Comprehending the Early 
History, an Account of the Indians, 
Settlement, Topography, Statistics, Com- 
merce, Timber, Manufactures, Agricul- 
ture, Fisheries, Geology, Natural History, 
Social and Political State, Immigrants, 
and contem))lated Railways of that 
Province. 8" 1847 

1 82 


Gessi Pasha, Romolo. Setti Anni nel 
Sudan Egiziano. Esplorazioni Caccie e 
Guerra contro i Negrieri. Memorie di 
Komolo Gessi Pascia riunite e pubblicatc 
da suo figlio Felice Gessi coordinate dal 
Cap. Manfredo Camperio. ]\Iap and 
illustrations. 8° Milan, 189 1 

Seven Years in the Soudan : licing 

" a Record of Explorations, Adventures, 
and Campaigns against the Arab Slave 
Hunters. Collected and edited by his 
son Felix Gessi. I^Iap, portrait, and 
illustrations. 8° 1892 

Gestro, Raffaello. See Issel. 

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kraft. 8° Oldenburg, 1862 

Anmerkungen zu Gedanken iiber die 

Naturkraft. 8* Oldejiburg, 1 863 

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Pondicherry, 1870 

Ghedeonov. See Gedeonoff. 

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per le Isole di Malta e Gozo. Small 8° 
Alessinn, 181 1 

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Maps and plates. 8* 1861 

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Commerce in Europe. Maps. 12° 1891 

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and Fall of the Roman Empire ; with an 
Introductory Memoir of the Author. 
J^ortrait. Imperial 8° 1836 

Gibbon, Lieut. L. See Ilerndon. 

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and Bolivian Guano, its Nature, Pro- 
perties, and Results. 8* 1844 

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8"^ 1889 

Gibbs, J. See Osorio. 

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mique en Portugal et le Vicomte de San 
Januario. Large 8* Paris, 1881 

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Paper read at the Burdett Hall, Lime- 
house, on 30th March 1868. 8* 1868 

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Gibson, John. Great Waterfalls, Catar- 
acts, and Cieysers Described and Illus- 
trated. Map and illustrations. 8° 1887 

Gibson, T. A. Etymological Geography : 
being a Classified List of Terms of most 
frequent occurrence, entering into the 
Composition of Geographical Names. 
12" Edinburgh, 1835 

Gibson, Walter M. The Prison of Wel- 
tevreden, and a Glance at the East Indian 
ArchijK'Iago. Plates. 8° New York, 1855 

Gibson, Com. William. See United 
Stales, E, a (No. 41, B) : Apjiendix 2. 

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rilistoirc du Portugal au XIX*^ Siecle. 
8" Paris, 1875 

Giffard, Edward. A Short Visit to the 
Ionian Islands, Athens, and the Mf)rea. 
Plates. 12° 1837 

Giglioli, Dr E. H. Viaggio intorno al 
Globo della R. pirocorvetta Italiana 
"Magenta" neglianni 1865, '66, '67, '68. 
Relazione descrittiva e scientifica ; con 
uno Introduzione Etnologica di Paola 
Mantegazza. Alaps and photographs. 4° 
Milan, 1875 

Studi sulla razza Negrita. Plate. 8* 

Florence, 1876 

II Brasile nel 1876. 8* Florence, 1877 

La Scoperta di una Fauna abissale nel 

Mediterraneo, Prima Campagna talasso- 
grafica del R. piroscafo " Washington " 
sotto il commando del capitano di vascello 
G. B. Magnaghi. (Luglio, Settembre 
1 88 1.) Relazione preliminare. 8* 

Rome, 1 88 1 

Avifauna Italica: Elenco delle specie di 

uccelli stazionarie o di passagio in Italia 
colla loro, sinonimia volgare e con notizie 
pill specialmente intorno alle migrazioni 
ed alia nidificazione. 8° Florence, 1886 

Esposizione Coloniale ed Indiana 

tenuta in Londra nel 1886. 8* Rome,\%'&'] 

Primo Resoconto dei Risultati della 

Inchiesta Ornitologica in Italia. Parte 
prima. Avifauna Italica, elenco siste- 
matico delle specie di uccelli stazionarie 
o di passaggio in Italia con nuovi nomi 
volgari e colle notizie sinqui fornite dai 
Collaboratori nella inchiesta Ornito- 
logica. Alap. 8° Flo7-ence, 1889 

The same. Parte seconda. Avifauna 

Locali. Risultati della inchiesta Orni- 
tologica nelle singole Provincie. 8° 

Florence, 1 890 

The same. Parte terza ed ultima. 

Notizie d'Indole Generale, Migrazioni, 
Nidificazione, Alimentazione, &c. 8° 

Florence, 189 1 

See Issel ; Scaramucci ; Sommier. 

and A. Issel. Proposte General i per 

la Esplorazione Biologica completa del 
Mediterraneo e dei Mari adiacenti. 8* 
Pome, 1885 

and A. Zannetti. Istruzioni Scienti- 

fiche pei Viaggiatori raccolte dal Prof. A. 
Issel. Istruzioni per fare le Osservazioni 
Antropologiche et Etnologiche. 8* 

Pome, 1880 

Gilbard, Lieut-Col. G. J. A. Popular 
History of Gibraltar, its Institutions, and 
its Neighbourhood on both sides of 
the Straits, and a Guide-book to their 
])rincipal places and objects of interest. 
Map and plate. Small 8° Gibraltar, \2&z 

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chas, Vol. 4, Book 8 : Appendix i. 

Gilbert, G. K. See United States, Q,b, c : 
A|>pendix 2. 

Gilbert, G. M. Treatise on the Aiirop- 
leustic Art, or Navigation in the Air by 
means of Kites or Buoyant Sails, with a 
Description of the Charvolant or Kite 
Carriage. Plates, Small 4* 1851 




Gilbert, Sir Humphrey. See Ilakluyt, 

Vol. 3 : Appendix i. 
Gilbert, J., and G. C. Churchill. The 

Dolomite Mountains : Excursions through 
Tyrol, Carinthia, Carniola, and Friuli, in 
1 86 1, '62, and '63. Maps and coloured 
plates. 8° 1864 

Gilbert, Sir J. H. Remarques sur la Re- 
lation qui existe entre les Sommes dc 
Temperature et la Production Agricole. 
8* Geneva, 1886 

Gilbert, P. Observations sur la Carte 
du Nil de M. Miani. 8* Brussels, n.d. 

Gilbert, Dr William, (iviliclmi Gilberti 
Colcestrensis, medici Londinensi-;, de 
Magnete, magneticisque corporihus, et 
de magno Magnete Tellure, Physiologia 
noua, plurimis et argumentis ct experi- 
mentis denionstrata. Plates. Small folio 


Gilby, Dr. See Monson. 

Gilchrist, J. Borthwick. Hindoostanee 
Philolcjgy, comprising a Dictionary, 
English and Hindoostanee, with a 
(Grammatical Introduction ; with a Plate 
exhibiting a comparative view of the 
Roman and Oriental characters used in 
the Hindoostanee Language. Vol. i. 8*^ 


Gilder, W. H. Ice-Pack and Tundra: 
an Account of the Search for the 
"Jeannette," and a Sledge Journey 
through Siberia. Maps and illustrations. 
8° 1883 

Schwatka's Search : Sledging in the 

Arctic in quest of the Franklin Records. 
Maps and illustrations. 8" N. D. 

Giles, Ernest. Diary of Explorations in 
Central Australia, August to November 
1872. P'olio* Adelaide, 1873 

Geographic Travels in Central Aus- 
tralia from 1872 to 1874. Map. 8° 

Mellwurne, 1875 

The Journal ofaForgotten Expedition. 

Map. 8" Adelaide, 1880 

Australia twice Traversed, the Romance 

of H)xploration : being a Narrative com- 
piled from the Journals of Five Exploring 
Expeditions into and through Central 
.South Australia and Western Australia, 
from 1872 to 1876. 2 vols. Portrait, 
maps, and ilhtstrations. 8° [2 copies. ] 


See South Australia, A : Appendix 2. 

Giles, Geo. M. A Rcjiort of an Investi- 
gation into the Causes of the Diseases 
known in Assam as Kala-Azar and ]5eri- 
Beri. Plates. Large 8* Shi Hong, 1890 

Giles, H. A. From Swatow to Canton 
Overland. 8* Shanghai, 1877 

Giles, Pearce. The True Source of the 

Mississippi. Maps and frontispiece. 8* 

Buffalo, N. K, 1887 

Gilii, Filippo Luigi. Risultati delle 
Osservazioni Meteorologiche fatte nell' 
anno 1805. 8* Rome, 1806 

Osservazioni Meteorologiche, 1806-7-8. 

8* ^ Rome, 1807-9 

Gill, David. Trigonometrical Survey of 
South African Colonies. 8* 1 879 

Gill, Diogo. See " General Collection of 
Voyages," p. 610 : Appendix I. 

Gill, George. The Student's Geography, 
Physical and Descriptive, Industrial and 
Commercial, Political and Social, Ety- 
mological and Historical. Maps, d^c. 
12° 1890 

Gill, Mrs. Six Months in Ascension : 
an Unscientific Account of a Scientific 
Expedition. A/ap. Square 8° 1878 

Gill, Thomas. Bibliography of South 
Australia. 8° 1886 

Gill, Capt. W. The River of Golden 
Sand : the Narrative of a Journey through 
China and Eastern Tibet to ikirmah ; 
with an Introductory Essay by Colonel 
Henry Yule. 2 vols. AIcips and plates. 
8° 1880 

The same. Condensed by Edward 

Colborne Babcr ; edited, with a Memoir 
and Introductory Essay, by Colonel 
Henry Yule. Portrait, map, and illus- 
trations. Small 8° 1883 

Gill, Rev. W. Wyatt. New Guinea Re- 
visited : a Supplement to Mr M'Farlane's 
Papers in the April, May, June, and 
August Numbers of the .Sunday Magazine, 
1874. 8* _ 1874 

Papers on New Guinea in the Leisure 

Hour. 8* 1875 

Life in the Southern Isles, or Scenes 

and Incidents in the South Pacific and 
New Guinea. Map and plates. 12° 1876 

Tristan D'Acunha. 8* 1877 

Historical Sketches of Savage Life in 

Polynesia, with illustrative Clan Songs. 
8° Wellington, 1880 

Jottings from the Pacific. Illustra 

tions. 8" 1885 

See Chalmers. 

Gillam, Capt. J. See Allgemeine His- 
toric, Vol. 17 : Appendix i. 

Gillieron, J. Petit Atlas Phonetique du 
Valais Roman (Sud du Rhone). Oblong 
12° Paris, N.D. 

Gilliss, Lieut. J. M. The United States 
Astronomical Expedition to the Southern 
Hemisphere during 1849-52. Vols, i, 
2, 3, 6. 4 vols. A/a/'s and plates. 

Washington, 1855-56 

Gillmore, Parker. The (ireat Thirst 
Land : a Ride through Natal, Orange 
Free State, Transvaal, and Kalahari 
Desert. Plate. 8" [1878J 

Through Gasa Land, and the Scene 

of the Portuguese Aggression : thcjourney 
of a Hunter in .Search of Gold and Ivory. 
Afap. 8 " N. I). 

1 84 


Gilly, W. S. Narrative of an Excursion 
to the Mountains of Piemont in the year 
1823, and Researches among the Vaudois 
or Waldenses, Protestant Inhabitants of 
the Cottian Alps. 4th edition. Maps 
and plates. 8° 1827 

Gilmore, Q. A. See United States, H, a : 

Appendix 2. 
Gilmour, Rev. James. Among the 
Mongols. Mapandilhtstrations. S^N.D. 

More alx)ut the Mongols. Selected 

and arranged from the diaries and papers 
of James Gilmour, by Richard Lovett. 
8° 1893 

Gilpin, V7. Observations, relative chiefly 
to Picturesque Beauty, made in the year 
1772, on several parts of England, 
particularly the Mountains and Lakes of 
Cumberland and Westmorland. 3rd 
edition. Vol. i. Plates. 8° 1792 

Ginanni, Francesco. Istoria Civile, e 
Naturale delle Pinette Ravennati, &c. 
4° Rome, \'n/i, 

Ginders, A. Extracts from a Report on 
the Ilanmer Plains Sanatorium. Map 
and plates. 8* 1891 

Ginsburg, Dr Christian D. The Moabite 
Stone : a P'ac-simile of the Original 
Inscription, with an English Translation, 
and a Historical and Critical Commen- 
tary. 4*" 1870 

Report on the Exploration of Moab. 

8* 1872 

Giordano, F. Cenni sulle Condizioni 
Fisico-Economiche di Roma e suo Ter- 
ritorio. Maps. 8° Florence, 187 1 

Giovio, P. Descriptio Britannire, Scotiae, 
Hybernire, et Orchadum, ex libro Pauli 
Jovii, episcopi Nucer, de imperils, et 
gentibus cogniti orbis. 8° Venice, 1548 
Gipps, Sir G. Report of the Progressive 
Discovery and Occupation of New South 
Wales, during the Period of his Adminis- 
tration of the Government. Maps. 
Folio* 1 84 1 

Girard, Charles. American Zoological, 
Botanical, and Geological Bibliography 
for 1 85 1. 8* Neivhaven, 1851 

Girard, Jules. La Photographic appliquee 
aux Etudes G^ographiques. 12* 

Paris, 187 1 

Essai d'Orographie Sousmarine de 

rOcean Atlantique Septentrional. Map. 
8* Paris, 1872 

Les Explorations Sousmarines. 

Illustrations. 8° Paris, 1874 

Voyage dans les Highlands et les 

Hebrides. Map. 8* Paris, 1878 

La Nouvelle-Guinee. Ilistorique de 

la Decouverte— Description Geographique 
— La Race Pajjoue — IVIoL'urs et Coutumes 
des Indigenes — Produits du Sol — 
Colonisation. Map. 8* Paris, 1883 
Girard, M. B. Souvenirs de I'Expedition 
dc Tunisic. 8* Paris, 1883 

Girard, P. S. Description Generale des 
dififerens Ouvrages a executer pour la 
Distribution des Eaux du Canal de 
I'Ourcq dans I'interieur de Paris, et 
devis detaille de ces Ouvrages. Map 
and plates. 4° Paris, 18 10 

Giraud, Victor. Les Lacs de I'Afrique 
Equatoriale : Voyage d'Exploration exe- 
cute de 18S3 a 1885. Maps and illtistra- 
tions. 4° Paris, 1890 

Girava Tarragones, Hieronymo. Dos 
Libros de Cosmograj^hia. Map. 4° 

Milan, 1556 
Gironiere. See De la Gironiere. 
Giros (or De Quir) P. F. de. See Quiros. 
Gisborne, Lionel. Darien Ship-Naviga- 
tion. Engineer's Report. Alaps. 8* 1852 

The Isthmus of Darien in 1852. 

Journal of the Expedition of Inquiry for 
the Junction of the Atlantic and Pacific 
Oceans. Maps. 8° 1853 

Gisborne, William. The Colony of New 
Zealand, its History, Vicissitudes, and 
Progress. Map. 8° ^ 1888 

Gislason, K. Donsk Ordabok med 
Islenzkum Pydingum. Small folio 

Copenhaf;en, 1 85 1 
Gistel, Dr Johannes. Maximilian der 
Erste, Konig von Bayern, oder des 
Oberstpostmeister Napoleon's Gefangen- 
schaft, Errettung vom Tode, und P'lucht. 
12* Munich, 1854 

Das Ileilbad zum Heiligen Kreuz- 

brunnen bei Wartemberg. 8* 

Stranbing, 1856 

Neueste Geographic und Statistik des 

Konigreichs Bayern. 8° Straubing, 1856 

Die slid west bayerische Schweiz, oder 

das Algau im allgemeinen und ein Theil 
von Sonthofcn insbesondere, &c. 8* 

Straubing, 1857 
Giustiniani, Lorenzo. Dizionario Geo- 
grafico-Ragionato del Regno di Najx)li. 
12 vols. 8° Naples, 1797-1816 

Givry, A. P. Pilote Fran9ais. Instructions 
Nautiques, Partie des Cotes de France 
compris entre la Pointe de Barfleur et 
Dunkcrque, et entre les Casquets et la 
Pointe de Barfleur, Environs de Cher- 
bourg. 2 vols. 4° Paris, 1842-45 

Memoire sur I'Emploi des Chrono- 

metres a la Mer, et sur les Principales 
Observations dc 1' Astronomic Nautique. 
Plate. 8° Paris, 1846 

Gladisheff, — , and — Muravieff. See 
Khanikoff" ; also Central Asia, B : Ap- 
pendix 2. 
Gladstone, W. E. See Laveleye ; Mac- 
kenzie and Irby ; Schliemann. 
GladTvin, Francis. A Narrative of the 
Transactions in Bengal during theSoobah- 
daries of Azeem Us Shan, Jaffer Khan, 
Shuja Khan, Sirafraz Khan, and Alyvirdy 
Khan. Translated from the Persian by 
Francis Gladwin. 8° Calcutta, 1788 



Glaisher, Ernest H. A Journey on the 
Berliice River and Wicroonie Creek. 
8* Georgetown, 1885 

Glaisher, James. On the Meteorology of 
Scotland, June 1856 to Sept. 1857. 8* 

On the Meteorology of England 

during the Quarters ending March, June, 
September, 1857 ; March, June, Sep- 
tember, December, 1858 ; March, June, 
1859. 8* 1857-59 

On the Determination of the IVIean 

Temperature of every Day in the Year, 
from all the Thermometrical Observa- 
tions taken at the Royal Observatory, 
Greenwich, from 1814 to the end of 
1856. 8* 1858 

On the Meteorological and Physical 

Effects of the Solar Eclijise of 15th 
March 1858. Plates. 8* 1858 

Glanius, — . See Struys. 

Glas, George. History of the Discovery 
and Conquest of the Canary Islands. 
Translated from a Spanish MS. ; with an 
Enquiry into the Origin of the Ancient 
Inhabitants, and a Description of the 
Canary Islands and the Modern History 
of the Inhabitants. Map. 4° 1764 

See Pinkerton, Vol. 16 : Appendix i. 

Glaser, Eduard. Von Hodeida nach 

San'a vom 24 April bis I Mai 1885. 
(Abdruck aus Dr A. Petermann's Milteil- 
ungen, 1886, Heft i.) Map. 4* 1886 

The same. (Abdruck aus Dr A. 

Petermann's Mitteilungen, 1886, Heft 2.) 
4* 1886 

Siidarabische Streitfragen. 8* 

Prague, 1887 

Skizze der Geschichte und Geographic 

Arabiens, von den altesten Zeiten bis 
zum Propheten Muhammad, nebst einem 
Anhange zur Beleuchtung der Geschichte 
Abessyniens im 3 und 4 Jahrhundert n. 
Chr. Zweiter Band. 8" Berlin, 1890 

See Ilommel. 

Glasfurd, C. L. R. Papers relating to 
the Dejiendency of Bustar. Map and 
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Map. 8* 1878 

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1868.) 8° 1891-93 



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spoken between Yale, I^illooet, Cache 
Creek, and Nicola Lake) ; together with 
a Phonetic Chinook Dictionary, adapted 
for use in the Province of British Columbia. 
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Comixjsition of the Military Forces, and 
their Duties in Peace and War. A/aps 
and />ort)-aits. 8° 1893 

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8" 1822 

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8° 1 892 

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Search of Friends with Sir John Franklin. 
Map and plate. 8° 1850 

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Mirror, containing the Sea-coasts of the 
Northern, Eastern, and Western Naviga- 
tion ; setting forth in divers necessarie 
Sea-cards all the Ports . . . , as also the 
.Situation of the Northerly Countries as 
Island, the Strate Davids, the Isle of Jan 
Mayen, Bear - Island, Old - Greenland, 
Spitzbergen, and Nova Zembla . . . ; 
whereunto is added a brief instruction of 
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for 1877, '78, '85, '88, '89, '90, '93. 
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St John, 1864 

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Chart. 8* N.D. 

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Expedition under the command of Lieut. 
A. R. Gordon, R.N., 1885. Plates and 
charts. 8° N.D. 

Report of the Hudson's Bay Expe- 
dition of 1886 under the command of 
Lieut. A. R. Gordon, R.N. Charts and 
illustrations. 8° N.n. 

Sec Martin. 

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with Notes on that Country. Map, 
plates, and photographs. 8° 1876 

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and viap of the Country prepared under 
Colonel Gordon's supervision, from origi- 
nal Letters and Documents. Edited by 
George Birkbeck Hill. 8° 1881 

Sec I lake ; Wilson, A. ; also W , 

C. M. 

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\\ innipeg via Peace River P.ass. Map 
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1863-65. 2n(l edition. 8" 1865 

Last Letters from I'-gyi't, to which are 

added Letters from the Cape ; with a 
Memoir by her daughter Mrs Ross. 
Plate. Sm.all 8" 1875 

See Galton, F., V.iration Tourists, 

1 88 


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by the more Simple Astronomical Obser- 
vations. For the use of R.A. Officers 
engaged in Exploration. 8* 

Woolwich, 1 88 1 

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of Eromanga : being a Memoir of the 

Rev. George N. Gordon and Ellen 

Catherine Powell his Wife. Plate. I2° 

Halifax, N.S., 1863 

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adapted to New, Short, and Accurate 
Methods for Finding the Longitude by 
Chronometers and Lunar Distances. 
Maps. Royal 8° 1853 

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ditions, 1891. (From the " Proceed- 
ings of the Royal Artillery Institution.") 
Map. 8* Woolwich, 1891 

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Scheme proposed to be carried out under 
the "Norfolk Estuary Act, 1846." 4* 
Glasgow, 1846 

Report to the Committee of the 

Bedford Level Corporation, and to the 
Eau Brink Commissioners on the Norfolk 
Estuary Scheme. 8* 1849 

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Sonmeeanee, and Seaport of the Pro- 
vince of Lus. [From the India Records, 
No, 17.] 8° Bombay, 1855 

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a Tour through Persia in 1820. 12° 1833 

See Murray, Hugh. 

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River. Maps. Folio Rangoon, 1879-80 

Hydraulic Work in the Irawadi 

Delta. Plates. 8* 1893 

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Extract from the Journal of the Party of 
the Kashgar Embassy detached to the 
Pamir and Wakhan, from 2nd to 19th 
April 1874. Folio* 1874 

Yarkund Mission : Report by Lieut. - 

Col. T. E. Gordon, dated Yarkund, 17th 
May 1874. Folio* 1874 

The Roof of the World : being a Nar- 
rative of a Journey over the high Plateau 
of Tibet to the Russian Frontier and 
the Oxus sources of Pamir. Maps and 
plates. Square 8° 1876 

Journey to the Pamir. [In Russian.] 

8* St Petersburg, 1877 

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ix;ndix i. 
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See United Slates, F, Coast and 

(Geodetic Survey : Apjiendix 2. 
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4, Book 10 : Appendix i. 
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Mcditerraneo. 8° Leghorn, 1815 

"Gorgon." &<? Devereux. 

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Trabajos de Esploracion del Rio Val- 
divia i sus afluentes. A/aps. 8* 

Santiago, 1869 

Reconocimientos de la costa com- 

prendida entre la rada de los Vilos i el 
Rio Choapa, i del Rio Valdivia i costa 
comprendida entre el morro Bonifacio i 
el Rio Maullin. Plan. 8* Santiago, 1870 

Esploracion de la Costa de Llanquihue 

i Archipielago de Chiloe. Plans. 8° 

Santiago, 1871 

Esploracion del Seno de Reloncavi, 

Lago de Llanquihue i Rio Puelo. Plans. 
8° Santiago, 1872 

Esploracion de las Costas deColchagua 

i de Curico i de la Albufera de Vichuquen. 
Map and plans. 8* Santiago, 1873 

Instrucciones sobre el litoral de 

Valdivia, entre Punta Galera i el Rio 
Tolte. Map. 8° Santiago, 1878 

— — Jeografia Nautica i Derrotero de las 
Costas del Peru. Santiago, 1879 

Noticias del Desierto i sus Recursos. 

8* Santiago, 1879 

Jeografia Nautica de Bolivia. Map. 

8* Santiago, 1879 

Noticias sobre las Provincias Litorales 

correspondientes a los Departamentos de 
Are(juipa, lea, Huancavelica i Lima, por 
la Oticina Ilidrografica. A/ap. 8* 

Santiago, 1880 

— — Algimos Naufragios ocurridos en las 
Costas Chilenas desde su descubrimiento 
hastaelanode 1800. 8* Valparaiso, 1890 

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the Orkneys. Plate. S° 1868 

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E, a (Nos. 37, 38, 39, 42, 43, 46, 61): 
Appendix 2. 

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analysee, ou les Systemes d'Eratosthenes, 
de Strabon, et de Ptolemee compares 
entre eux et avec nos connoissances 
modernes. Maps. 4° Paris, 1 790 

Recherches sur la Geographic Syst^- 

matique et Positive des Anciens, pour 
servir de base i I'Histoire de la Geo- 
graphic Ancienne. 4 vols. Maps 4° 
Paris, 1 798- 18 13 

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et specialement de celles de Hannek et 
de Kayhar. Maps. 4* Paris, 1867 

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und Americanische Historien, inhaltende 
warhasstige und volkommene Beschrei- 
bungen aller West-Indianischen Land- 
schafften, Insulen, Konigreichen, und 
Provinzien. Seecusten, fliessenden und 
stehenden Wassern, &c. (" Mistoria 
Antipodum.") Maps and plates. Folio 
Frankfort, 1 631 



Gottfried, Johan Lodewyk. De 

aanmerkenswaardigste en alombcro- 
emde Zee- en Landreizen der Portu- 
geezen, Spanjaarden, Engelsen, en 
allerhande Natien : zoo van Fransen, 
Italiaanen, Deenen, Hoogh- en Neder- 
Duitsen als van veele andere Volkeren. 
Voornaamenlyk ondernomen tot Ondek- 
king van de Oost- en West-Indien, 
midsgaders andere verafgelegene Gewes- 
ten des Aardryks. 8 vols. Maps and 
plates. Folio. Leyden. [Title 1727 : 
1706 where dated in detail.] For Con- 
tents, see Appendix i. 

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Kitter-Orden. Plates. 8° Leipzig, 1819 

Gottsche, Dr C. Land und Leute in 
Korea. Map. 8* Berlin, 1886 

Gotz, Dr W. Die Verkehrswege im 
Dienste desWelthandels. Einehistorisch- 
geographische Untersuchung samt einer 
Einleitung fur eine Wissenschaft von den 
geographischen Entfernungen. A/aps. 
8° Stuttgart, 1888 

Gould, Augustus A. Report on the 
Invertebrata of Massachussetts, published 
agreeably to an order of the Legislature. 
2nd edition, comprising the Mollusca. 
Edited by W. G. Binney. Plates. 8° 
Boston, 1870 

Gould, Benjamin Apthorp, Report on 
the History of the Disct)very ol Neptune. 
8* Washington, 1850 

The Transatlantic Longitude, as 

Determined by the Coast Survey Ex- 
pedition of 1866 : a Report to the 
Superintendent of the U.S. Coast Survey. 
4° Washington, 1869 

Gould, Charles. Report upon the Subject 
of Gold in the Colony of Van Diemen's 
Land, referred to in the last Report of 
the Governor of Tasmania, 1862. Alap. 
Folio* 1864 

An Introduction to the Birds of 

Australia. 8" 1848 

Gould, — , and — Dovne. Instruction for 
making Gaspe, and Mitis and Rimouski, 
in the River St Lawrence. 8° 1832 

Gouldsbury, V. S. Correspondence re- 
lating to the Recent Expedition to the 
Upper Gambia, under the Administrator 
V. S. Gouldsbury. Maps. P'olio* 1881 

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Appendix I. 

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Illtistratioiis. 4" Paris, 1893 

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Ilakluyt, Vol. 3; Ternaux-Compans, 
Vol. 20 : Appendix i. 

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3 : Appendix i. 

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" Governor Ready," Ship. See Wilson, 
T. B. 

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caspian Railway, its Meaning and its 
Future. Translated and Condensed from 
the Russian of I. Y. Vatslik. (From the 
J. United Service I. of India, Vol. 18, 
No. 75. Simla, 1889.) 4* 1889 

• See Kuropatkin, A. N. 

Gowen, J. R, Plints on Emigration to 
the New Settlement on the Swan and 
Canning Rivers, on the West Coast of 
Australia. Map and plate. 8* 1829 

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in a Sledge, a Mid-Winter Journey 
across Siberia. Alap and illustrations. 
8" 1889 

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Allgemeine Historic, Vol. 5 : Appen- 
dix I. 

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pendix I. 

Graaf, N. See Allgemeine Historic, Vol. 
10 : Appendix i. 

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Ostkysten af Grondland, efter Kongelig 
Befaling udfdrt i Aarene 1828-31. Plates. 
4° Copenhagen, 1832 

Narrative of an Expedition to the East 

Coast of Greenland, sent by Order of the 
King of Denmark, in Search of the Lost 
Colonies. Translated from the Danish 
by G. Gordon M'Dougall, for the Royal 
GeographicalSocietyofLondon. Map. 8° 


Graberg da Hemso, Count J. G. Annali 
di Geografia e di Statistica. 2 vols. 
Maps. 8°, Genoa, 1802 

LeconsElementaires deCosmographie, 

de Geographic, et de Statistique. 12° 

Genoa, 18 13 

Scandinavie vengee de I'accusation 

d'avoir produit les Peuples barbares qui 
detruisirent TEmpire de Rome. 8^^ 

Lyons, 1822 

■ Notice Biographique, par L. J. E. G. 

18* Florence, 1831 

Das Sultanat Mogh'rib-ul-Aksa, oder 

Kaiserreich Marokko ; in Bezug auf 
Landes- Volks- und Staats-Kunde besch- 
rieben. 8" Stutti^art, 1833 

Specchio Geografico e Statistico dell' 

Impero di Marocco. J'lates. 8" 

Genoa, 1834 

Degli ultinii Progressi della (jeografia. 

8* Alilan, 1839 

Nota concernenta la Carta Nautica del 

(jenovese Becario, fatta nell' anno 1435. 
Map. 16° Plorence, N.D. 

See Rafn. 

Grabham, Michael C. The Climate and 
Resources of Madeira as regarding chiefly 
the necessities of Consum])tion and the 
Welfare of Invalids, Map and plate. 
8° 1870 



Grablovitz, Giulio. Sulle osservazionc 
mareografiche in Italia e specialmcnte 
su quelle fatli atl Ischia. 8* Genoa, 1893 

Gra^a, Francisco Calheiros da, Memoire 
siir I'origine ct la cause de rechauffement 
des eaux du Gulf Stream. Traduction 
par Desire Mouren. Small 8* 

Kio Je Janeiro, 1875 

Memoria sobre a l)etermina9ao das 

Linhas Magneticasdo Brazil. 8* 

liio de Janeiro, 1882 

Estudos sobre a Barra de 1 aguna, 

M^r90 de 1882. 2nd edition. 8* 

Kio de Janeiro, 1883 

Grad, A. Charles. L' Australia Interieure : 
Explorations et Voyages a travers le 
Continent Australien, 1860-62. ]\Iap. 
8"^ Paris, 1864 

Grad, C. Resultats Scienlifiques des Ex- 
plorations de rOcean Cilacial a I'Est de 
SjMtzbergen en 1871. Map. 8* 

Paris, 1873 

Graf, Prof. J. H. Die kartographischen 
Bcstrebungen Johann Rudolf Meyers 
von Aarau, und antlere zeitgenossische 
Versuche einer Vermessung der Schweiz. 
8* Berne, 1883 

Einige bernische Pioniere der Aljien- 

kunde aus dem XVI. bis XVIII. Jahr- 
hundert. 8* Berne, 1891 

Notice sur la plus ancienne carte 

connue du Pays de Neuchatel. Afap. 
8* Neitchatel, 1892 

Beitrjige zur Topographic und Geo- 
graphic der Schweiz. 8* Berne, 1893 

Die Karte von Gyger und Haller aus 

dem Jahre 1620. 8* Berne, 1893 

Die Einfiihrung der Stundenzonenzeit 

und ihre Bedeutung fiir Handel, Verkehr 
und das biirgerliche Leben Schweiz. 
8* N.D. 

See Switzerland, A (Bibl. Nat. 

Suisse) : Appendix 2. 

Graham, Alexander, and H. S. Ashbee. 
Travels in Tunisia ; with a Glossary, a 
Map, a Bibliography, and fifty illustra- 
tions. Large 8° 1887 

Graham, C. C. Additional Inscriptions 
from the Hauran and the Eastern Desert 
of Syria. Edited, with a Preface and 
Notes, by John Hogg. 8* 1859 

Graham, Major D. C. Statistical Re- 
jxjrt on the Principality of Kolhajwor ; 
to which are appended Extracts from 
brief Notes relative to Kolhaix)or and 
its indei^endent Jageerdars, by Major G. 
Malcolm ; together with copies of the 
Treaties, &c., entered into between the 
Hon. East India Company and the 
Kolhajxxjr State, between 1766 and 
1829. Edited by R. Hughes Thomas. 
Maps, plates, facsimiles, and tables. 
[From the India Records, No. 8.] 8° 

Bombay, 1854 

Graham, Major D. C. Historical Sketch 
of the Bheel Tribes inhabiting the Pro- 
vince of Khandesh ; accompanied by an 
Outline down to 1843, with continuation 
from 1843 to 1855, by Capt. J. Rose. 
Compiled and edited by R. H. Thomas. 
Map. [From the India Records, No. 26.] 
8° Bombay, 1856 

Glimpses of Abyssinia ; or, Extracts 

from Letters written while on a Mission 
from the Government of India to the 
King of Abyssinia in the years 184 1, 
1842, and 1843. Edited by his sister 
Anna, Lady Erskine. 12" 1867 

Graham, Lieut.-Col. J. D. Observations 
of the Magnetic Dip, at several jxisi- 
tions, chiefly on the South-Westcrn, the 
North-Eastern, and Northern Frontiers 
of the United States, and of the Magnetic 
Declination at two positions on the River 
Sabine, made in 1840, 1842-45. 4* 

Philadelphia, 1846 

Report on the Harbours of Lake 

Michigan. 8" Washington, 1857 

Report on the HarlKHirs, &c. , in 

Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Michi- 
gan. 8° Washington, 1857 

A Lunar Tidal Wave in Lake Michi- 
gan Demonstrated. Plates. 8* 

Philadelphia, i860 

Report on the Improvement of the 

Harbours of Lakes Michigan, St Clair, 
Erie, Ontario, and Champlain, i860. 
8" Washington, i860 

Reports in Relation to the Intersection 

of the Boundary Lines of the States of 
Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, 
being a portion of Mason and Dixon's 
Line. Map. 8° Washington, i860 

See Peirce, B. 

Graham, Maria. Journal of a Voyage to 
Brazil, and Residence there, during part 
of the years 1821, '22, '23. Plates. 4° 


Journal of a Residence in Chile during 

1822, and a Voyage from Chile to Brazil 
in 1823. Plates. 4° 1824 

Graham, Lieut. S. L. See United States, 
E, a (No. 86) : Api:)endix 2. 

Graham, William. The Jordan and the 
Rhine, or the East and the West : being 
the Result of Five Years Residence in 
Syria, and Five Years Residence in Ger- 
many. 8° 1854 

Graham, William. See Phillips [3], Vol. 

3 : Appendix I. 
Graham, W. W. 

Up the Himalayas : 

Mountaineering on the Indian Alps. 
[Three Papers from Good Words.] Illus- 
trations. 8* N. D. 

Gramaye, J. B. Republica Namurcensis 
Hannonice et Lutsenburgensis. 18° 

Amsterdam, 1634 

See Purchas, Vol. 2 : Appendix I. 



Grambcheffsky, Colonel. See Cliom- 

Grammont, Lucien de. Onze Mois de 
Sous- Prefecture en Basse-Cochinchine, 
conlenant en outre une Notice sur la 
langue Cochinchinoise, des Phrases 
usuelles Fran^aises-Annamites, iS:c. Alap. 
8° , Napolc'on-Vendde, 1863 

Grand, Emile. Defense et Occupation de 
la Colonic d'Alger. Map. 8° 

Toulon, 1837 

Grandidier, Alfred. Ilistoire Physi(]ue, 
Naturclle, et Politique de Madagascar. 
Vol. I — Geographic Physique et Astro- 
nomique. Atlas. V^ partie. 8*^ fasci- 
cule. 4° Paris, 1878 

Histoire de la Geographic de Mada- 
gascar. (Deuxieme tirage, revu et aug- 
niente en 1892.) Map. 4" Paris, 1885 

Granel, Joaquin. Discursos pronunciados 
en el Senado Argentino en la discussion 
del Proyecto para fijar la Capital de la 
Nacion. 8* Buenos Ayres, 1867 

Granger, — . A Journey through Egypt. 
Translated by J. R. Forster. 8° 1773 

Granmont, — . See Barney, Vol. 4 : Ap- 
pendix I. 

Grant, Charles, Viscount de Vaux. The 
Ilistoryof Mauritius, or the Isle of France, 
and the Neighbouring Islands, from their 
First Discovery to the Present Time, 
composed principally from the Papers 
and Memoirs of Baron Grant, &c. Maps. 
4° 1801 

Grant, C. The Gazetteer of the Central 
I'rovinces of India. 2nd edition. Map. 
8*" Na^pur, 1870 

Grant, C. Mitchell. The (}ol'd Mines of 
Oriental .Siberia. 8" [1870] 

Grant, Charles Scovell. West African 
Hygiene, or Hints on the Preservation of 
Health and the Treatment of Tropical 
Diseases, more especially on the West 
Coast of Africa. 2nd edition. 12° 1884 

Grant, Lieut. -Col. C. W. Indian Irri- 
gation : being a short Description of 
the System of Artificial Irrigation and 
Canal Navigation in India. 8* 1854 

See India, C, Geological Papers : 

Appendix 2. 

Grant, J. .SVt' Eyries, Vol. 4: Appendix i. 

Grant, Col. James Augustus. A Walk 
across Africa, or Domestic Scenes from 
my Nile Journal. 8° 1864 

An African Explorer: the late Colonel 

J. A. Grant, C.B. (From BlackwooiCs 
Magazine, April 1892.) 8* 1892 

See Nicholls, K. ; Nardi; Speke; 


Grant, Robert. See Johnston, A. K. 

Granville, A. B. St Petersburg : Travels 
to and from that Capital, through 
Flanders, &c. 2 vols. Maps and plates. 
8° 1828 

Gras, A. le. Manuel de la Navigation 
dans la Mer Adriali(iue, d'apres Marieni, 
Beautemps-Beaupre,&c., et lesdocuments 
les plus recents. Map and plates. 8^ 

Paris, 1855 

Sailing Directions for the Dardanelles, 

the Sea of Marmora, and the Bosphorus. 
8" 1855 

Routier de I'Australie : Instructions 

pour Naviguer, sur la Cote Sud et Est, 
detroit de Torres et Mer de Corail. 
Traduit et annote d'apres les travaux 
hydrographiques les plus recents. 2 vols. 
Map. 8° Paris, 1855-61 

Phares dcs Mers du Cdobe, d'apres les 

Documents Franc^ais et Etrangers. 8" 

J'aris, 1856 

- — ;- Supplement au Livre des Phares. 
Etat general des Phares allumes ou 
modifies depuis la Publication du Livre 
des Phares. Corrige 1857. 8" 

Paris, 1857 

Renseignemenls Hydrographiques sur 

les lies Formose et Lou-Tchou, la Coree, 
la Mer du Japon, les lies du Japon (Ports 
d'llakodadi, Nangasaki, Simoda et Yedo), 
et la Mer d'Okhotsk. 8" Paris, 1859 

Phares de la Mer du Nord (Belgique, 

Holland, Hanovre, Danemark, Norvege), 
la Mer Baltique (Prusse, Russie, Suede), 
et la Mer Blanche. Corriges 1859, '61, 
'62, '64, '69. 8° Palis, 1859-69 

Routier de la Baie de Fundy et de la 

Nouvelle-Ecosse. Paris, 1861 

Phares des Cotes des lies Britannitjues. 

Corriges 1861, '62, '63. 8"" Paris, 1861-63 

Phares des Cotes Orientales de 

I'Amerique du Sud. 1861-64. 8° 

Paris, 1861-64 

Phares des Cotes Occidentales 

d'Afrique et des lies eparses de I'Ocean 
Atlantique. Corriges 1862-63. 

Paris, 1862-63 

Phares de la Mer des Antilles et du 

Golfe du Mexique. Corriges 1862-69. 
8" Paris, 1862-69 

— ■ — Phares des Mers des Indes et de Chine, 

de I'Australie, Terre de Van-Diemen, et 

Nouvelle-Zelande. Corriges 1862-63. 8" 

Paris, 186263 

Phares de la Mer Mediterranee, de la 

Mer Noire, et d^ la Mer d'Azof (Espagne, 
France, Italic, Etatsdel'ICglise,Autriche, 
Grece, Turquie, et Russie). Corriges 
1862-63. 8" Paris, 1862-63 

Phares des Cotes Nord et Ouest de 

P'rance, et des Cotes Ouest d'Espagne et 
de Portugal. Corriges 1862-69. 8" 

Paris, 1862-69 

Phares des Cotes Orientales de 

I'Amerique Anglaise et des Etats-Unis, 
1862-64. 8° Paris, 1862-64 

— Routier de la Cote Sud et Sud-est 
d'Afrique. De I'lle Robben a Natal. 8° 
Paris, 1863 



Gras, A. le. Instructions Nautiques sur la 
Mer Balticiue et le Golfe tie Plnlande. 
2nie edition. Tom. I. Plates. 8° 

Paris, 1864 

Routier des Cotes N.O., Quest, et 

Sud d'Espagne. Plates. 8^ Paris, 1869 

Considerations generales sur la Mer 

Mediterranee. Resume des Vents, 
Courants, et Routes de cette Mer. Choix 
d'Extraits de documents nautiques 
empruntes a differents auteurs. 8° 

Paris, 1866 

Description des Cotes du Royaume de 

Portugal, &c. Maps. 8° Paris, 1869 

Sec Spratt, J. A. B. ; also France, 

B, h : Appendix 2. 

Grassi, Guido. See Issel. 

Graty, Colonel Alfred M. du. Memoire 
sur les Productions Minerales de la Con- 
federation Argentine. 8° Paris, 1855 

La Republique du Paraguay. Maps 

aitd plates. 8° Brussels, 1862 

Gravier, G. Creations d'Observatoires 
Circumpolaires. 8* Paris, 1877 

Les Normands sur la Route des Indes. 

Square 8* Rouen, 18S0 

Etude sur une Carte inconnue, la 

premiere dressee par Louis Joliet en 1674. 
8* Paris, 1880 

See Soleillet. 

Gray, A. The Maldive Islands ; with a 
Vocabulary taken from Fran9ois Pyrard 
de Laval, 1602-7. 8* 1878 

Gray, David. Rejxjrt on New Whaling 
Grounds in the Southern Seas. 8* 

Peterhead, 189 1 

Gray, G. R. List of the .Specimens of Birds 
in the Collection of the British Museum. 
Part 5, Gallinx'. 12° 1867 

See " Erebus." 

Gray, John Edward. List of the Speci- 
mens of Lepidopterous Insects in the 
Collection of the Biitish Museum. 12° 


Catalogue of Shield Reptiles in the 

Collection of the British Museum. Part i. 
Testudinata (Tortoises). Plates. 4" 1855 

Synopsis of the Species of Starfish in 

the British Museum. Plates. 4" 1866 

See " Erebus." 

Gray, J. Errol. Diary of a Journey to the 
Bor Khamti country, and sources of the 
Irrawaddy, made by Mr J. Errol Gray, 
season 1892-93, from Assam. Folio* 


Gray, Robert. The Birds of the West of 
Scotland. Published for the Brit. Asso. 
Meeting, 1876. 12° Glasgow, 1876 

Gray, Roderick. Tongariro, the Sacred 
Mountain of the Maori. 12* [1892?] 

Gray, T. See Spence. 

Gray, Major W., and Surgeon Dochard. 

Travels in Western Africa in 1818-21, 
from the River Gambia, through Woolli, 
Bondoo, Galam, i&c. , to the River Niger. 
Maps and plates. 8° 1829 

Gray, Mrs. Fourteen Months in Canton. 
Small 8" 1S80 

Grazilhier, J. See Astley, Vol. 3 ; Allge- 
meine Historie (J. Barbot), Vol. 4 : 
Appendix i. 

Greathed, W. H. Report on the Com- 
munication Ixjtween Calcutta and Dacca. 
[From the India Records, No. 19.] 8° 
Calcutta, 1856 

Greaves, John. See Churchill, Vol. 2 ; 
Ray ; Thevenot, Vol. i : Appendix i. 

Greely, General Adolphus W. Three 
Years of Arctic Service : an Account of 
the Lady Franklin Bay Exjjedition of 
1881-84, and the attainment of the 
Farthest North. 2 vols. Portrait, maps, 
and illustrations. Large 8" 1 886 

International Polar Expedition. Re- 
port on the Proceedings of the United 
States Expedition to Lady Franklin Bay, 
Grinnell Land. 2 vols. Maps and 
illustrations. 4° Washington, 1888 

■ Will Dr Nansen succeed ? (From 

The Forum, August 1891.) 8* 1891 

See United States, PI, b : Appen- 
dix 2. 

Greely Relief Expedition. Report of 
Board of Officers to consider an Expedi- 
tion for the Relief of Lieut. Greely and 
Party. 8° Washington, 1884 

Green, A. H. On the Natural History 
and Hunting of the Beaver on the Pacific 
Slope of the Rocky Mountains. With 
Notes by R. Brown. 8* 1870 

R. Russell, J. R. Dakyns, J. C. 

Ward, C. Fox Strang^ays, W. H. 
Dalton, and T. V. Holmes. The 
Geology of the Yorkshire Coalfield. 
[Mem. Geol. Survey, England and 
Wales.] Frontispiece and plans. 8" 1878 

Green, A. O. A Practical Arabic Grammar. 
Part I. 2nd edition. 12" Oxford, 1887 

Green, B. R. Numismatic Atlas of Ancient 
History, containing a Selection of 360 
Grecian Coins of Kings, disposed in 
Chronological Order, from the Earliest 
Period to the Beginning of the Fourth 
Century ; from the Works of Havercamp, 
Pellerin, Duane, Visconti, Combe, 
Mionnet, &c. 21 Plates. Folio 1829 

Green, Commander F. M. An Account 
of the Progress in Geography in the 
year 1884. 8* Washington, 1885 

See United States, E, a (Nos. 63 and 

65) : A]ipendix 2. 

Green, Major H. W. R. Report on the 
Affairs of Khelat, from 1857 to i860. 
Alap. [From the India Records, No. 34.] 
8° Calcutta, 1861 



Green, J. Remarks in Support of the New 
Chart of North and South America. 4° 


Green, J. R. A Short History of the 
English People. Maps and tables. Small 
8° 187s 

and Mrs Green. A Short Geo- 
graphy of the British Islands. Maps. 
12° 1884 

Green, William. Picture of the New 
World in Miniature, in which the various 
Empires, Kingdoms, States, principal 
Islands, Colonies, and Discoveries of 
Europe, Asia, and America, are alpha- 
betically arranged, &c. 12° N.D. 

A Description of Sixty Studies from 

Nature, a Guide to the Beauties of the 
North of England. 12° 1810 

Green, William Spotswood. The High 
Alps of New Zealand, or a Trip to 
the Glaciers of the Antipodes, with an 
Ascent of Mount Cook. Frontispiece, 
maps, and sections. Small 8° 1883 

Among the Selkirk Glaciers : being 

the Account of a Rough Survey in the 
Rocky Mountain Regions of British 
Columbia. Alap and illustrations. 
Crown 8° 1890 

Green, W. L. Notice of Prof. Jas. D. 
Dana's " Characteristics of Volcanoes." 
8* Honolulu, 1890 

Greene, F. V. The Russian Army, and 
its Campaigns in Turkey in 1877-78. 
2nd edition, and Atlas. 8° 1880 

Greenhow, Robert. History and Present 
Condition of Tripoli, with some Accounts 
of the other Barbary States. 8* 

Riclunond, Va., 1835 

Memoir, Historical and Political, on 

the North-West Coast of America and 
the adjacent Territories. Map. 8° 

Washington, 1840 

The History of Oregon and Cali- 
fornia, and the other Territories of the 
N.-W. Coast of America ; accompanied by 
a Geographical View and Map of those 
Countries. 8° Boston, Mass., 1844 

Greenough, George Bellas. Memoir of 
a (Geological Map of England, to which is 
added an Alphabetical of the Hills 
arranged according to Counties. 8* 1840 

Greenough, W. W. See Krapf, J. L. 

Greenwood, Thomas. A Tour in the 
States and Canada : Out and Home in 
Six Weeks. Illustrations. Small 8° 1883 

Gregorieff, V. V. See Grigorief. 

Gregorovius, F. Corsica, in its Picture- 
sque, Social, and Historical Aspects. 
Translated by R. Martineau. 12° 1855 

Gregory, F. See Mueller, F. von. 

Gregory, F. A. A. Zecmans Gids voor 
de Vaarwaters van Java, naar en door 
den Molukschen Archipel en Terug. 
Uitgegeven door Jacob Swart. 4° 

Avisterdam, 1853 

Gregory, Francis T. Journal of the 
N.-W. Australian Exploring Expedition, 
April to November 1861. 8" 1862 

Gregory, Col. J. F. See Sheridan. 

Gregory, Richard A. Elementary Phy- 
siography : being a Description of the 
Laws and Wonders of Nature. New 
edition. Illustrations. Small 8° 1893 

Grehan, A. Le Royaume de Siam. 2nd 
edition. Plates. 8° Paris, 1868 

The satne. 3rd edition. Map and 

plates. 8° Paris, 1869 

Greig, William. Hochelaga Depicta ; or 
the History and Present State of the 
Island and City of Montreal. Maps and 
plates. 12° MoJitreal, 1839 

Greive, Rev. W. T. See Galton, F., 
Vacation Tourists. 

Grelot, G. Relation Nouvelle d'un 

Voyage de Constantinople. Plates. 4° 

Paris, 1680 

Grenfell, General Sir F. See Budge. 

Grenfell, Rev. George. See Bentley. 

Grenville, Sir R. See Astley, Vol. i ; 
Hakluyt, Vol. 2 ; Kerr, Vol. 7 : Ap- 
pendix I. 

Greswell, Rev. W. P. Our South African 
Empire. 2 vols. Map. 8° 1885 

History of the Dominion of Canada. 

Under the auspices of the Royal Colonial 
Institute. Maps. Small 8° Oxford, 1890 

Geography of the Dominion of Canada 

and Newfoundland. Under the auspices 
of the Royal Colonial Institute. Maps. 
Crown 8° Oxford, 1891 

Geography of Africa south of the 

Zambesi, with Notes on the Industries, 
Wealth, and Social Progress of the States 
and Peoples. Maps. Crown 8° 

Oxford, 1892 

Outlines of British Colonisation ; with 

an Introduction by Lord Brassey. Crown 
8° 1893 

Greuben, Otho F. van der. See Gott- 
fried : Appendix I. 

Greville, R. K. See Murray, Hugh. 

Grewingk, Dr C. Beitrag zur Kennt- 
niss der orogra]:)hischen und geognos- 
tischen Beschaffenheit der Nord-West- 
KiJste Amerikas, mit den anliegenden 
Inseln. Maps and plates. 8° 

St Petersburg, 1 850 

Uel>er Eisschiebungen am Worzjarw- 

See in Livland. Plate. 8* Dorpat, 1869 

Grey, Edwrard. See Hakluyt Soc. Publ., 
Vols. 84, 85 : Appendix I. 

Grey, E. H. A Narrative of the Cruise 
of the yacht " Maria" among the Feroe 
Islands in the Summer of 1854. Map 
and plates. 4° 1855 

Grey, Sir George. Vocabulary of the 
Dialects of South-Western Australia. 
18' 1H40 



Grey, Sir George. Journals of Two Ex- 
peditions of Discover)' in North West and 
Western Australiaduring 1837-39, describ- 
ing many newly discovered, important, 
and fertile Districts, with Observations on 
the Moral and Physical Condition of the 
Aboriginal Inhabitants, &c. 2 vols. 
Maps and plates. 8° 1841 

Poems, Traditions, and Chaunts of 

the Maories. [In the Maori Language.] 
8° Wellington, 1853 

Polynesian Mythology, and Ancient 

Traditional History of the New Zealand 
Race, as furnished by their Priests and 
Chiefs. Plates. 8° 1855 

Grey, H. The Classics for the Million : 
being an Epitome, in English, of the 
Works of the principal Greek and Latin 
Authors. 2nd edition. 12° 1881 

Griado, Matias Alonso. La Republica 
del Paraguay. ]Map. Large 8* 

Asuncion, 1S88 

Gribble, J. D. B. K Manual of the 
District of Cuddapah in the Presidency 
of Madras. Maps, and map in cover. 
8° Madras, 1875 

Grieben, A. H. Uruguay ; ist dieses 
Land fiir Wollproduction und Stani- 
mschiiferein fiir deutsche Rechnung, und 
deutschen Auswanderern zu empfehlen ? 
8* Berlin, 1864 

Uruguay ; Viehzucht und Ackerbau 

auf den Estancien, wie sie betrieben 
werden, und wie sie betrieben werden 
konnen. 8* Berlin, 1864 

Grieben, Theobald. Zuverliissiger Weg- 
weiser im Harz und dcssen Umgegend. 
Map. 12° Berlin, 1857 

Grieben's Rcise-Bibliothck. No. 38. 

Die Bohmischen Kurorte Franzensbad, 
Marienbad, Carlsbad, Teplitz. Mit 
Beriicksichtigung von Eger und Elster 
. . . Zweite Auflage. Maps and cuts. 
16° Berlin, 1861 

Grieg, James A. See Norway, A : Ap- 
]-endix 2. 

Grierson, George A. An Introduction 
to the Maithill Language of North Bihar, 
containing a (Grammar, Chrestomathy, 
and Vocabulary. Part i. Grammar; 
Part 2. Chrestomathy and Vocabulary. 
[Extra Numbers to Journal of the Asiatic 
Society, Bengal : Part i for 1880, and 
Part I for 1882.] 8° Calcutta, 1881-82 

The Modern Vernacular Literature 

of Hindustan. [Special Number of 
Journal of Asiatic Society of Bengal : 
Part I for 1888.] Plates. 8° 

Calcutta, 1889 

Grierson, Capt. J. M. See United 
Kingilom, G, War Office Publications : 
Appendix 2. 

Griesbach, Carl Ludolf. Die Erdbcbcn 
in den Jahrcn 1867 und 1868. 8* 

Vienna, 1869 

Griesbach, Carl Ludolf. On the Geology 
of Natal in South Africa. Map and plate. 
8* 1 87 1 

Grieve, James. .S^^Krasheninnikov, S. P. 

Griffin, Appleton P. C. Discovery of 
the Mississippi : Bibliographical Account. 
Part 2. Secondary Authorities. Map. 
8° [New York, 1883] 

Griffin, G. W. New South Wales, her 
Commerce and Resources. 8° 

Sydney, 1888 

Griffin, James. A Plain and Popular 
System of Practical Navigation and Nau- 
tical Astronomy, comprising Methods for 
Ascertaining the Latitude by Meridian, 
Single and Double Altitudes, the Longi- 
tude by Chronometer and Lunar Observa- 
tions, and the Variation of the Compass 
by Amplitudes and vVzimuths ; including 
a Journey from London to Madeira, a 
Set of requisite Tables, and an Appendix. 
Revised and considerably enlarged by 
W. Turnbull. Map and plates. 8° 1854 

Griffin, James. Flags, National and 
Mercantile. Plates. 8° Portsmouth, 1883 

Griffin, L. H. The Rajas of the Punjab : 
being the History of the Principal States 
in the Punjab and their Political Rela- 
tions with the British Government. 
Large 8° Lahore, 1870 

The Punjab Chiefs : Historical and 

Biographical Notices of the Principal 
Families in the Territories under the 
Punjab Government. Large 8° 

Lahore, 1865 

The Burman and his Creed. (From 

The Fortnightly Review.) 8* 1890 

Griffini, D. M. Delia Vita di Monsignor 

Gio. Maria Percoto .... Missionario 

ne' Regni di Ava e di Pegu. Plate. 4° 

Udine, 1 78 1 

Griffis, W. E. The Mikado's Empire. 
Map and plates. 8° New York, 1 876 

■ Corea, the Hermit Nation. I^Iap 

and illustrations. 8° 1882 

Griffith, — . See Pemberton. 

Griffith, C. Darby. Speech on the 
subject of the Euphrates Railway and 
the Suez Canal, 15th August 1857. 8* 

Griffith, Richard. Geological and Mining 

Survey of the Connaught Coal District 

in Ireland. Maps. 8° Duldin, 1818 
Griffith, William. Journals of Travels in 

Assam, Burma, Bootan, Affghanistan, 

and the neighbouring Countries. . . . 

Arranged by John M'Clelland. folates. 

8° Calcutta, 1847 

See India, I : Apjx^ndix 2. 

Griffiths, Hon. Mrs Emily W. See 

Griffiths, J. Travels in Europe, Asia 

Minor, and Araliia. Map and plates. 4° 





Grigorief, V. V. Geography of Central 
Asia: Kabul and Kafiristan. [In Russian.] 
Map and plates. 8° Si reterslnirg, 1867 

The Bamian Route to Cabulistan 

from the Valley of the Oxus. Trans- 
lated by R. Michell. Folio* 1878 

See Ritter, Carl. 

Grijalva, H. de. See Barney, Vol. i : 
Appendix i. 

Grijalva, Juan de. See Gottfried ; Allge- 
nieine Historic, Vol. 13: Appendix i. 

Grimes, J. Stanley. Cieonomy : Creation 
of the Continents by the Ocean Currents. 
An advanced system of Physical Geology 
and Geography. 12° Pliilailelphia, 1885 

Grimoult, — . Renseignements Nautiques 
sur la Nouvelle Caledonie et les Isles 
Loyalty. 8° Paris^ 1859 

Grimston, Edward. See Acosta ; also 
Ilakluyt Soc. Publ., Vol. 60: Ap- 
pendix I. 

Grindlay, Capt. Melville. View of the 
Present .State of the Question as to 
Steam Communication with India, with 
an Appendix. Map. 8* 1837 

Grinfield, Edward William. The Chris- 
tian Cosmos : The Son of God the 
Revealed Creator. 12° 1857 

Grisebach, A. La Vegetation du Globe, 
d'apres sa Disposition suivant les 
Climats. Esquisse d'une Geographic 
Comparee des Plnntes. Ouvrage traduit 
de I'AUemand, avec I'autorisation et le 
concours de I'Auteur, par P. de Tchihat- 
chef, avec des Annotations du traduc- 
teur. 2 vols. Map. 8° Paris, 1875-78 

Grissinger, Dr Karl. Untersuchungen 
iiber die Tiefen- und Temperatur - Ver- 
haltnisse des Weissensees in Karnten. 
Map and diagram . 4* [C<»/^rt] 1892 

Studien zur physischcn Geographic 

der Tatra-Gruppe. 8* Vienna, 1893 

Artaria's Orts-Lcxikon der Oester- 

reichisch-Ungarischen Monarchic (incl. 
OccuiKitionsgelnet, 1885) nach der Ziih- 
lung von 1890, enthaltend alle Orte mit 
mehr als 2,000 Einwohnern. 12* 

Vienna, 1893 

Die Schneegrcnze in der " Hohen 

Tatra." 8* Vienna, n.d. 

Grodekoff, Col. N. The Kirghiz and 
Karakirghiz of the Syr-Daria Territory. 
Vol. I. Juridical Customs. [In Russian.] 
I^rge 8" Tashkent, 1889 

See Marvin. 

Groeneveldt, W. P. Notes on the Malay 
Archipelago and Malacca. Compiled 
from Chinese Sources. Map. 8° 

Batavia, 1877 

and Dr J. L. A Brandes. Cata- 

lojus der Archeologische Verzameling 
van het Bataviaasch Gcnootschap van 
Kunsten en Wetenschap|x?n. Mit Aan- 
teekeningen omtrent de op verschillende 

Groeneveldt and 'RxsnA&s— continued. 
Voorwerpen voorkomende Inscripties en 
een voorloopigen Invcntaris der besch- 
reven .Steenen. 8* Batavia, 1887 

Grogniet, Francois. See Bumey, Vol. 
4 : Appendix I. 

Gromchefsky (or Grambchefsky), Capt. 
Rej)ort of his Journey in 1889-90. 
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See .Steveni. 

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of the Fifteen Provinces which compose 
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Antiquitate Republics Batavicse liber 
singularis. [Title-page wand ng.'\ 8° 

[The Hague, 16 10] 

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History of the Low Countrey Warrs. 8° 


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Keralio. ] Maps and plates. 4° 

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among the Zulu-Kafirs of Natal and 
Zulu-land, South Africa. Map and 
plates. 8° Philadelphia [1864] 

The Isizulu : a revised edition of a 

Grammar of the Zulu Language, with an 
Introduction and an Appendix. 8° 1893 

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Relacion del Viaje de algimos Mercaderes 
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en el Mar Bermejo, los aiios de 1708 y 
dos sigueentes ; puesto en Espaiiol de 
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See Galton. 

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On certain Phenomena of Voltaic 

Ignition and the Decomposition of Water 
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Plate. 4* 1847 

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and the Equator considered as a Source 
of Error in the Present Construction of 
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Plate. 8* 1848 

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Lord Aberdeen and the Ameer of 

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ossir L'Avventuroso Ciciliano. Romanzo 
storico scritto nel M.CCC.XL, pubbhcato 
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Viaggiatori Italiani nelle Indie Orientali. 
12° Leghorn, 1875 
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Tunisia e specialmente sulle province di 
Susa e Monastir, con aggiunta di due 
lettere Archeologiche di Orazio Antinori. 
Map and plates. 16° Florence, 1867 
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pendix I. 
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8° Lisbon, 1878 
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Occidentale (Moeurs et Histoire). Par 
un Voyageur. Traduit du Chinois par 
M. Gueluy, Missionnaire. Maps. 8° 

Louvain, 1887 
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de quelques Observations d' Histoire 
Naturelle et de Physique, faites dans les 
Alpes Fran9aises, et d'un Precis de la 
Meteorologie d'Avignon. 24° 

Avignon, 1829 

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ou Aborigene de ITle Formose. 8* 1869 

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et de rile de Samos. Maps. 8° 

Paris, 1856 



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lIistorii|uc, et Archeologique de la Pale- 
stine, accompagnee de Cartes detaillees. 
Judee. Vols. 1-3. Map. Large 8° 

Paris, 1868-69 

The same. 2""^ partie. Samarie. 

Vols. I and 2. Plates. Large 8^ 

Paris, 1874-75 

The same. 3""^ partie. (jalilee. 

Vols. I and 2. Map. Large 8° 

Paris, 1880 

Guerin- Menneville, — . See Abyssinia 
(Voyage en yVbyssinie, 1839-43, Part 4) : 
Appendix 2. 

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De Manila a Albay (Primera edici(Sn) ; 
De Manila a Marianas (Segunda edicion) ; 
De Manila a Tayabas (Segunda edicion). 
3 vt)ls. 12° Madrid, 1887 

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Question and Bizerta. Maps and ilhis- 
tr at ions. 8° 1 881 

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tion Mineralogicjue de la France. Part 
I. 4" Paris, 1780 

Atlas of Maps, &c. 4° /'ar/j [1766-79] 

Guevara, Father. The History of Para- 
guay, the Rio de la Plata, and Tucunian. 
[An al)ridgcd translation from the in- 
edited MS.] MS. Folio N.i\ 

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de' Fiunii : Trattato Fisico-Mateniatico ; 
con le Annotazioni di Eustachio Manfredi. 
2 vols. Portrait and plates. 8° 

Milan, 182 1 

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tutti i Paesi Bassi, altrimenti delti 
(jermania Inferiore. Alaps. Folio 

Antwerp, 1567 

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Abyssinie, 1839-43, Part 4) : Appendix 2. 

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Collection of Voyages, p. 610 : Ap- 
pendix I. 

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des Iluns, des Turcs, des Mogols, et des 
autres Tartares Occidentaux, &c. ; avant 
et depuis Jesus-Christ jusqu'a present ; 
precedee d'une Inlroduction contenant 
des Tables Chronol. et Historiques des 
Princes qui ont regne dans I'Asie. 4 
vols, in 5. 4° Paris, 1756-58 

See Pinkerton, Vol. 11 : Appendix i. 

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Geographic en General et Historique en 
Particulier. 8* Paris, 1836 

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des Chateau, Bourg,et Forets de Fcmtaine- 
bleau. 2 vols. Small 8° Paris, 1 73 1 

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Geograjjhie, et le Conmiercc de la partie 
occidenlale de Madagascar. Map. 8° 
Paris, 1845 

Guillain, — . Documents sur I'Histoire, la 
Geograjihie, et le Commerce I'Afrique 
Orientale. Expose Critique des diverses 
notions acquises sur I'Afrique Orientale 
depuis les temps les plus recules jusqu' a 
nos jours. Relation du Voyage d'Ex- 
ploration a la Cote Orientale d'Afrique, 
execute pendant les annees 1846, 1847, 
et 1848, par le brick " Le Ducouedic." 
3 vols. 8", and Atlas folio Paris, n. n. 

Guillaume, H. The Amazon Provinces 
of Peru as a Field for European Emigra- 
tion : a Statistical and Geographical 
Review of the Country and its Resources, 
including the Gold and Silver Mines ; 
together with a mass of Useful and 
Valualjle Information. Map and illus- 
trations. Crown 8" 1888 

Guillemard, Dr F. H. H. The Cruise 
of the "Marchesa" to Kamschatka and 
New Guinea, with Notices of Formosa, 
Liu-Kiu, and various Islands of the Malay 
Archipelago. 2 vols. Alaps and illus- 
trations. 2," 1886 

The Life of Ferdinand Magellan, and 

the first Circumnavigation of the Cilobe, 
1 480- 1 52 1 . Portrait, maps, and illustra- 
tions. Crown 8° 1890 

Guillemine, C. Notice sur M. de Com- 
piegne. , 8* Cairo, 1877 

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Dessins d'apres nature par Felix Regamey. 
2 vols. Illustrations. 4" Paris, 1878-80 

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Gabon a Brazzaville. Alap and illustra- 
tions. 12° Paris, 1889 

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casie et la Peninsule d'Apcheron : Sou- 
venirs de Voyage. Alaps. 12° Paris, \%<^\ 

La Peninsule d'Apcheron et le Petrole 

Russe. (From Kevue des Deux Alondes, 
15 May 1 89 1.) 8* Paris, 1891 

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Etudes sur les Mouvements de I'Atmo- 
sphere. Premiere partie. Plates. 4" 
Christiania, 1876 

The same. Deuxieme Partie. Plates. 

4" Christiania, 1880 

Gumaelius, O. Sec Sweden, A : Ajjpen- 
dix 2. 

Giimbel, C. W. Geognostische Beschrei- 
bung des Ost-bayerischen Grenzge- 
birges, oder des Bayerischen und Ober- 
pfalzer Waldgebirges. Alap and plates. 
8° Gotha, 1868 

Vorlaufige Mittheilungen iiber Tief- 

seeschlamm. 8* N.i*., 1870 

Die geognostische Durchforschung 

Bayerns. 4* Alunich, 1877 

-. See Switzerland, B : Appendix 2. 

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Norton Shaw, Esq., M.D., on the 
Subject of the Tjue Figure and Dimen- 
sions of the Earth. 8* 

Privately printed, Guernsey, 1862 



Gumpach, Johannes von. The True 
Figure and Dimensions of the Earlh, 
newly determined from the Results of 
Geocletic Measurements and Pendulum 
Observations. ... In a Letter to G. B. 
Airy, Astronomer Royal. Diagrams. S'' 


Gumprecht, Otto. Der mittlere Isonzo 
und sein Verhaltniss zum Natisone. 
Ein Beitrag zur Losung der Frage nach 
deni Alter des Isonzosystems. Map and 
profile. 8* Leipzig, 1886 

Gumprecht, T. E. Barth und Overwegs 
Untersuchungsreise nach dem Tschad- 
see und in das Innere Africa. Maps. 
Royal 8° Berlin, 1852 

See Stein and Horschelmann. 

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et delineatione Islanditx; interioris, cura 
Societatis Litterarire Islandicre his teni- 
poribus facienda. 12* Bessastadii, 1834 

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Kingdom, H, "Challenger": Appen- 
dix 2.. 

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(Jeophysik und I'hysikalischcn Geo- 
graphie. 2 vols, in I. 8" 

Stuttgart, 1884-85 

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graphic (Bibliothek Geographischer 
Handi)iicher herausgegeben von Prof. Dr 
Friedrich Ratzel. ) Jllustrations. 8° 

Stuttgart, 1890 

Johannes Kepler und der tellurisch- 

kosmischeMagnetismus. (Penck'sGeogr. 
Abhandlungen. Band 3, Heft 2.) 
Figures. I^arge 8* Vienna, 1888 

• Lehrbuch der physikalischen Geo- 

gra])hie. Plates, &fc. 8" Stuttgart, 1891 

— — Luftdruckschwankungen in ihrem 
Einflusse auf die festen und fliissigen 
Beslandtheile der Erdoberflache. Dia- 
grams. 8" 1894 

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their Natives. Map and illustrations. 
Large 8° 1887 

The Solomon Islands, their Geology, 

General Features, and Suitability for 
Colonization. Maps. Large 8° 1887 

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Colonization. 8* Philadelphia, 1839 

Report to the Secretary of State of 

the United States of Information in 

respect to Liberia. Map and plates. 8* 

Washington, 1850 

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sl<"gg-sio, or Sjxiculum Regale. Trans- 
lated by Anne Gurney. 8* 

\^Norwich'\ N. D. 

Gurney, Henry, and C. H. Allen. 
Tri|H)li, Tunis, Algeria, and Morocco: 
Re])ort to the Committee of the British 
and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society. 8* 


Gurney, John Henry. A List of the 
Diurnal Birds of Prey, with References 
and Annotations ; also a Record of 
Sj^ecimens preserved in the Norfolk and 
Norwich Museum. 8° 1884 

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2 : Appendix I. 

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4, Book 8 ; Raniusio, Vol. 3: Appendix I. 

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Reise in den Centralen Chileno-Argen- 
tinischen Andes. Large 8* Berlin, \W>^ 

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4th edition [by Hermann Wagner]. 8° 
Hanover, 1879 

Guthrie, Mrs Maria. Tour performed in 
the years 1795-96 through theTauridaor 
Crimea, the antient kingdom of Bos- 
phorus, the once powerful Republic of 
Tauric Cherson, and all the other Coun- 
tries on the North Shore of the Euxine, 
ceded to Russia by the Peace of Kainardgi 
and Jassy. Maps and plates. 4° 1 802 

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Petersburg to Astrakhan and the Crimea. 
2 vols. 8" 1874 

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Modern Geography, or a Geographical, 
Historical, and Commercial Cirammar, 
and Present State of the several Kingdoms 
of the World ; the Astronomical part by 
J. Ferguson. 4° 1788 

Geographical, Historical, and Com- 
mercial Grammar, and Present State of 
the several Kingdoms of the World ; 
with a Geographical Index, &c. Maps. 
8° 1808 

Compendio di Geografia Universale, 

Ragionata, Storica, e Commerciale. 
Maps. 8" Milan, 18 10 

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Mexico, 1885 

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politicas del Jeneral. Vol. I. 8° 

Bogota, 1865 

Gutuere. See Ilakluyt, Vol. 2 : Ap- 
pendix I. 

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History, Ancient and Modern, com- 
prising a Retrospect of the Foreign 
Intercourse and Trade with China. 
2 vols. Map and tables. 8° 1834 

China Opened, or a Display of the 

Topograj)hy, History, Customs, &c., of 
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and Peter du Ponceau. Two 

Letters on the Chinese System of Writ- 
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logical Tables, with other Tables useful 
in Practical Meteorology. 8° 

Washington, 1852 



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and rhysical. 8° Washington, 1858 

Ditto, 4th edition. Edited by William 

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The Earth and Man, or Physical 

Geography in its Relation to the History 
of Mankind. Abridged.] 5th edition, 
i860; and 6th edition, 1863. 8° 

On the Appalachian Mountain System. 

(From the American Journal of Science, 
Vol. 31, March 1861.) Map. 8* 

Nerv Haven, Conn., 1861 

Geographic Physiciue Comparee, con- 

sideree dans ses Rapports avec I'llistoire 
de THumanite. Maps. 12° Paris, 1888 

— — See Faure. 

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A])pendix i. 

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liakluyt Soc. Publ.jVol. 29: Appendix i. 

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Salvador, comprendiendo ; su Historia 
Natural, sus Producciones, Industria, 
Comercio e Inmigracion, Climas, Esta- 
distica, &c. 8° San Salvcuior, 1883 

Guzmdn, Dr Gustave E. See Guatemala : 
A))pendix 2. 

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que han hecho los Religiosos de la Com- 
pania de Jesus, en la India Oriental, y 
en los Reynos de la China y Japon. 2 
vols. Folio Alcala, 1601 

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Provincias del Rio de la Plata. JSIap. 
Folio. MS. 1612 

Gyatsho, Lama Scrap. See India, F, c : 
Appendix 2. 

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Constitution der Atmosphjire und die 
Strahlenbrechung in derselben. 4* 

St Petersburg, 1866 

Astronomiska lakttagelser och Under- 

sokningar antstalda pa Stockholm's Ol)- 
servatorium. Vol. I. Nos. i and 2. 8* 

Stockholm, 1876, 1880 
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tinopoleos Topographia lib IV. 16" 

Leyden, 1632 

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zamitasarol es Zongorak Hangolasarol 

Merseklet nelkiil liszta Viszonyok 

szerint. 4° Budapest, 1858 


H , T. A Short Way to Know the 

World, or the Rudiments of Geogra])hy. 
By T. H. Frontispiece. 12° 17 12 

Haacke, Dr Wilhelm. Bioekogra])hie 
Museenpflege und Kolonialthierkundc, 
Drei Abhandlungen verwandten Inhalts 
nebst einer lOinleitung in die Biogra|)hie 
der Organismen. 8" J^^'ta, 1886 

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Island of Ceylon. Translated from the 
Dutch, ninstrations. 8° 1821 

• See Phillips [3], Vol. 5 : Appendix i. 

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graphical and Geological Exploration of 
the Western Districts of the Nelson 
Province, New Zealand. 8° 

Nelson, 1861 

Report on the Geological Survey of 

the Province of Canterbury. Folio* 

Christchurch, 1864 

Report on the Formation of the 

Canterbury Plains. Map and geolos^ical 
sections. Folio* Christchurch, 1864 

Report on the Headwaters of the 

River Waitaki. 4* Christchurch [1865] 

Report on the Headwaters of the 

River Rakan. Maps and plates. Folio* 
Christchurch, 1866 

Moas and Moa Hunters. Small 8* 

Christchurch, 187 1 

Researches and Excavations carried 

on in and near the Moa Bone Point 
Cave, Sumner Road, in the year 1872. 
Small 8* Christchurch, 1874 

Geology of the Provinces of Canter- 
bury and Westland, New Zealand. Maps 
and plates. 8° Christchurch, 1879 

The Progress of Geology. 8* 

Dunedin, 1883 

Humanism and Realism in their Re- 
lation to Higher Education. 8* 

Dunedin, 1883 

In Memoriam : Ferdinand R. Von 

Hochstetter. Portraits. Large 8* 

Christchurch, 1884 

Habenicht, H. Die Spuren der Schopf- 
ungsperioden in der Oberfliichengestal- 
tung der Erdc, und daraus abgeleitete 
Katastrophentheorie. Map and photo- 
graphs. 8* Gotha, 1875 

Einige Gedanken iiber die haupt- 

sachlichsten recenten Veranderungen 
der Erdoberfliiche. 8* Gotha, 1882 

Vorschlag zur Erlangung exakter 

Positionen in Inner-Afrika. (Frtmi 
Ausland, Nr. 9, 1885.) 4* 1885 

Ueber das Woher und Wohin des 

gegenwartigen geophysischen Zusstandes. 
Map. 8* Vienna, 1888 

Das seismische Problem. IMap. 

Large 8* Vienna, 1889 

Haufigkeit der Eisberge im Golf- 

strome und Klimaschwankungen. 4* 

Habersham, A. W. My Last Cruise ; 
or. Where we Went, and What we Saw : 
l)eing an Account of Visits to the Malay 
and Loo-Choo Islands, the Coasts of 
China, Formosa, Japan, Kamtschatka, 
Siberia, and the Mouth of the yVmoor 
River. Plates. 8'^ Philadelphia, 1857 


Hacke, William. Collection of Original 
Voyages. [For full Title and Contents, 
see Appendix i.] 
Hacker, B. Wegweiser oder kurze 
Erkliirung der Merkwiirdigkeiten und 
mahlerischen Ansichten in der Stadt 
Salzburg und der Umgebung. 3rd edi- 
tion. 12* Salzburg, 1830 
Hadfield, William. Brazil, the River 
Plate, and the Falkland Islands ; with 
the Cape Horn Route to Australia ; in- 
cluding Notices of Lisbon, Madeira, the 
Canaries, and Cape Verds. Woodcuts. 
8° 1854 
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Translated by Clara Bell. Small 8° 1883 

Indische Reisebriefe. 3rd edition. 

Illustrations. 8° Berlin, 1893 

Haefkens, J. Reize naar Guatemala. 

Plates The Hague, 1827 

Centraal Amerika, uit een Geschied- 

kundig, Aardrijkskundig en Statistiek 
Oogpunt beschouwd. Maps and plates. 
8° Dordrecht, 1832 

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the Nicobar Islands, their Natural Pro- 
ductions, and the Manners, Customs, 
and Superstitions of the Natives. 8* 


Hafiz (the Persian Poet). See Nott. 

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en de Papoesche Eilanden. Historische 

Bijdrage, 1500- 1883. 2 vols. Map. 8° 

Batavia, 1884 

Hage, C, and H. Tegner. Ueber die 

Bedingungen eines Handelsverkehrs 

mit dem westlichen Sibirien. Bericht 

Uber eine Spezial-Untersuchungs-Reise. 

Aus dem Danischen ubersetzt von Dr 

Richard Lehmann. Map. Small 8* 

Halle, 1 88 1 

Hagemeister, Jules de. Commerce of 

New Russia, Moldavia, and Wallachia. 

Translated by Triebner. Map and tables. 

8° 1836 

Essai sur les Ressources Territoriales 

et Commerciales de I'Asie Occidentale, 
le Caractere des Habitans, &c. 8*" 

.9/ Petersburg, 1839 

See Baer and Helmersen, 3. 

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Erd- und Volkerkunde, Handel und 
Mission. Mit einem Anhang, Die 
Gilbert-Inseln. Map. 8° Leipzig, 1886 

Kaiser Wilhelms-Land und der Bis- 

marck-Archipel. Maps and illustrations. 
Crown 8" Leipzig [1S86] 

Hagerty, Frank H. The Territory of 
Dakota : The State of North Dakota ; 
the State of South Dakota ; an Official 
Statistical, Historical, and Political Ab- 
stract ; Agricultural, Mineral, Commer- 
cial, Manufacturing, Educational, Social, 
and General Statements. 8° 

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Expedition made by Charles F. Hall, 
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Papers) : Appendix 2. 


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of the Combined Naval and Military 
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plete Account of the Colony of Hong 
Kong, and Remarks on the Character 
and Habits of the Chinese ; with Per- 
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A few Remarks relative to the Slave 

Trade on the East Coast of Africa. 
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Address of Mr Holt S. Hallett, upon 

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Western and Central China, treating 
with the Pro]X)sed Connection of Burmah 
with China by Railway. Delivered be- 
fore the Birmingham Chamber of Com- 
merce on the 26th May 1887. 8* 1887 

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8° 1890 

Sec Col()uhoun. 

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Appendix i. 

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de Geologic, ou Seconde Partie des 
Elements d'Inorganomie particuliere. 
Maps and plates. 8° Paris, 1839 

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The Nile above the Second Cataract : 
Precis of Information. Compiled in the 
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Master-General's Department. Part I. 
Sarras to New Dongola ; Part 2. New 
Dongola to Abn-Hamed and Khartum. 
Maps. 8° 1884 

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St Petersburg, 1848 

England and Russia : comprising the 

Voyages of John Tradescant the elder, 
Sir Hugh Willoughby, Richard Chan- 
cellor, Nelson, and others, to the White 
Sea, &c. Translated by J. S. Leigh. 
8° 1854 

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formation on Various Points connected 
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and the Nature of his Relations with 
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Records, xxiv. , N. S. ) 8° Bombay, i^f,6 
Treaties, Engagements, &c. , concluded 
between Her Britannic Majesty and 
His Highness the Imaum of Muskat, 
and between the Hon. East India Com- 
pany and His Highness, 1798 to 1846. 
Treaty (concluded Sept. 1833) Ijetween 
the United States of America and the 
Imaum of Muskat. 
Treaty (concluded 17th Nov. 1844) Ije- 
tween the King of the French and the 
Imaum of Muskat. 
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the known World. IVith a table. 12° 

Leeds, 1839 



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Sport in South-Eastern Africa. Edited 
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Syria, Moab, Abyssinia, and Egypt. 
Plates. Small 8" 1875 

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of the Origin, Progress, and final Dis- 
sohuion of the (lovernment of the 
Rohilla Afgans in the Northern Pro- 
vinces of I lindostan. 8" 1787 

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series. 8* Madras, 1864 

Report on the High Ranges of the 

Annamullay Mountains. 8* Madras, 1866 

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Journey from Madras, through the 
Countries of Mysore, Canara, and 
Malabar, for the express purpose of In- 
vestigating the State of Agriculture, 
Arts, C-ommerce, Religion, Manners, 
Customs, History (Natural and Civil), 
and Antiquities, in the Dominions of the 
Rajah of Mysore, and the Countries 
acquired by the Hon. East India Com- 
pany from Tippoo Sultaun. 3 vols. 
Plates. 4° 1807 

Account of the Kingdom of Nepal, 

and of the Territories annexed to this 
Dominion by the House of Gorkha. 
A fap ami plates. 4° Ediiiluii'gh, 18 19 

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formed under the direction of Captain 
Edwards in the years 1790-92; with 
the Discoveries made in the South Sea, 
and the many Distresses experienced by 
the Crew from Shipwreck and Famine, 
in a Voyage of 1,100 miles in open boats 
Ixjtween Endeavour Straits and the 
Island of Timor. 8° Berwick, 1793 

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Colonist Forty Years Ago : a Journey 
from Port Phillip to South Australia in 
1839, and a Voyage from Port Phillip to 
Adelaide in 1846. By an Old Hand. 
Illustrations. 8" Adelaide, 1880 

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Sinai, the Hedjaz, and Soudan : 

Wanderings around the Birth-place of 
the Prophet, and across the ylithiopian 
Desert from Sawakin to Chartum. 
Maps. 8" 1857 

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tistical, and Historical Descrii>tion of 
Hindoslan and the adjacent Countries. 
2 vols. R[ap. 4° 1820 

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Maps. 8' 1828 

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the Northern Coast of the County of An- 
trim, with the Antiquities, Manners, and 
Customs of that Country. Map and 
plates. 8° Dublin, 1790 

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Parts of Turkey. Part I. ^gyptiaca, 
or some Account of the Antient and 
Modern State of Egypt, as obtained in 
1801-2. 4° 1809 

See Pinkerton, Vol. 3 : Appendix i. 

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Minor, Pontus, and Armenia, with some 
Account of their Antiquities and Geology. 
2 vols. Map and plates. 8° 1842 

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dication of the Negotiators of the Treaty 
of 1783 respecting the North Eastern 
Boundary of the United States. 8* 1842 

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wood, Vol. 4: Appendix I. 

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Old Land, being Papers suggested by a 
visit to Egypt at the end of 1869. 
Plates. 8" 1 87 1 

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schlesien zur Russisch-Kayserlichen 
Armee nach der Ukraine. Vol. i. Maps. 
8° Gotha, 1787 

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ages, Vol. 2, p. 611 : A])pendix I. 

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wichtigsten Kartenprojektionen insbe- 
sondere die zenitalen EntwUrfe nebst 
Tafeln zur Verwandlung von geogra- 
phischen Koordinaten in Azimutale. 
Plates. 8° Stuttgart, 1889 

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Denkmal auf das Grab der beyden letzten 
Grafen von Purstall. Plans. 8° 

Vienna, 182 1 

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der Literatur). 8° Vienna, 1840 

Abhandlung iiljer die Siegel der 

Araber, Perser, und Tiirken. J'late. 4* 
Vienna, 1848 

Bericht iiber die in den letzen vier 

Jahren 1845 48 zu Constantinopel ged- 
ruckten und lithographirten Werken. 
[In two pamphlets.] 8* Vienna, 1849 

Uebersicht der Literaturgeschichte 

der Araber. 4* Vienna, 1850 

Ueber die Namen der Araber. 4* 

Vienna, 1852 

Das Kamel. 4* Vienna, 1854 

Ueber die Arabische Geographic von 

Spanien. 8* Vienna, 1854 

Ueber die Arabischen Worter in 

Spanischen. 8* Vienna, 1855 

Geschichte Wassaf's. Persisch her- 

ausgegeben und Deutsch libersetzt. 
Vol. I. 4" Vienna, 1856 

See Eviiya EfTendi. 



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Ueher die Mcnschenclasse, welche von 
den Arabern " Schoubije " genannt 
wird. 8* yiciiiia, N.D. 

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I'veports on the Frequency of Suits for 
Ouster. (Records, N.W. Provinces of 
India, Part 25.) Large 8° ^gra, 1856 

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8* Paris, 1887 

Note sur la Mappenionde de Diego 

Ribero (1529), conservee au Musee de la 
Propagande de Rome. 8* Pan's, 1887 

— — Notice sur une Mappenionde Portu- 
gaise anonyme de 1502, receniment 
decouverte a Londres. Maps. 8* 

Paris, 1887 

• Note sur une Carte Marine inedite de 

Giaconio Russo de Messine (1557). Map. 
8* Paris, 1888 

Les Origines de la Cartographic de 

I'Europe Septentrionale. Maps. 8* 

Paris, 1889 

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Climate, Soil, and Production of British 
Guiana, and on the Advantages of Emi- 
gration to, and Colonising the Interior 
of, that Country. 8* 1840 

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ance commonly termed Heat Lightning, 
and on certain Correlative Phenomena. 
8* N.D. 

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Geography, Flora, Fauna, &c. , of Nor- 
thern Formosa, with Comparisons be- 
tween that District and Hainan, and 
other Parts of China. Map. 4* 

i'Paiitui, 1882] 

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nieabnahnie niit der Hohe im Asiatischen 
Monsungebiet. 8* Vienna, 1873 

Ueber gewisse l)etrachtliche Unregel- 

niassigkeiten des Meeres-Niveaus. 8* 

Vienna, 1875 

Zur baronietrischen Hohenmessung. 

8* Vienna, 1876 

Zur Meteorologie der Alpengipfel. 8* 

Vienna, 1878 

Untersuchungen liber die Regen- 

verhaltnisse von Oesterreich - Ungarn. 
[Parts I and 2.] 8* Vienna, 1879, 1880 

Ueber den taglichen (Jang einiger 

meteorologischen Elemente in Wien 
(Stadt). 8* 1881 

Ueber den taglichen Gang des Luft- 

druckes, der Temperatur, der Feuchtig- 
keit, Bewiilkungund Windstiirke auf den 
Plaleauxder Rocky Mountains. 8* 1881 

Hann, Prof. Julius J. Ueber die Tem- 
peratur der Siidlichen Heniisphjire. 8* 
Vienna, 1882 

Handbuch der Klimatologie. Illus- 
tration. 8^ Stuttgart, 1883 

Ueber die kliniatischen Verhaltnisse 

von Bosnien und der Ilerzegowina. 8° 

\^Viennd\ 1883 

Einige Resultate aus Major von 

Mechow's meteorologischen Beobach- 
tungen im Innern von Angola. 8* 

iVienna\ 1884 

Beitrage zur Kenntniss der Verthei- 

lung des Luftdruckes auf der Erdolier- 
flache. Large 8* [F?>«««]i886 

Bericht liber die Fortschritte der 

geographischen Meteorologie. 8* [1888] 

Resultate der meteorologischen Beo- 

bachtungen der franzbsischen Polar- 
Expedition, 1882-83, am Cap Horn. 
Maps. Folio* [P'ienna, 1889] 

Temperatur-Mittel aus der Periode 

185 1 -1885 flir die osterreichischen Alpen 
und deren Grenz gebiete. 4* N.I'., N.D. 

Ueber die Luftfeuchtigkeit als kli- 

niatischer Factor. 8° [ Vienna, 1 889] 

Zur Meteorologie des Sonnblickgij^fels. 

8* Vienna, 1889 

Beitrage zur Arktischen Meteorologie. 

Nach den "Contributions to our Know- 
ledge of the Meteorology of the Arctic 
Regions ; " Part 4 and Part 5. London, 
1 885- 1 888. Large 8* [Vienna] i^2,g 

Die meteorologischen Ergebnisse der 

Lady Franklin Bay Expedition, 1881-83. 
Large 8* [ Vienna] 1890 

Resultate der meteorolc^ischen Beo- 

bachtungen an der finnlandischen inter- 
nationalen Polarstation in Sodankylae. 
4° 1890 

Die Ergebnisse der danischen inter- 

nationalen Polar- Expeditionen im Jahre 
1882-83. 4° 1890 

Resultate der meteorologischen Beo- 

bachtungen auf dem CJipfel von Pike's 
Peak (Colorado), 4,308 meter (14,134 
feet), nach Beoliachtungen von Nt)vember 
1874 bis inclusive Juni 1888. 4* [1S91] 

Studien liber die Luftdruck- und 

Temperaturverhaltnisse auf dem Sonn- 
blickgipfel, nebst Benierkungen liber 
deren Bedeutung flir die Theorie der 
Cyclonen und Anticyclonen. 8* 

Vienna, 1891 

Die neue Anemometer- und Tem- 
peratur - Station auf dem Obergipfel 
(2,140 M.). 4* 1893 

Ergebnisse der meteorologischen 

Beobachtungen der niederlandischen in- 
ternationalen Polar- Expedition, 1882-83, 
in der Kara- See. Large 8° 1893 

What additional Stations are desired 

for Meteorological and for Climatological 
pur]KKes. (Extract from the Papers of 
the Chicago Meteorological Congress, 
August 1893.) 8* Chicago, 1893 



Hann, Prof. Julius J. Der trigliche Gang 
der Temperatur auf dem 01)ergipfel (2140 
m.) unci einige Folgcrungen aus clem 
selben. 2 plates. 8* Vienna, 1893 

See Kirchhoff; Penck's Abhand- 

lungen, 2 ; Rohlfs ; also Switzerland, B : 
Appendix 2. 

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ing in Buenos Ayres," &c., by Wilfred 
Latham, Esq. 16* Buenos Ayres, 1867 

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a Tale of Pekin. 12° 1888 

Hannibal. A Dissertation on the Passage 
of Hannibal over the Alps. Maps. 8" 
Oxford, 1820 

See Beaujour, Baron F. de. 

Hannington, Rev. James. The Last 
Journals of Bishop Hannington, from 
1st August 1885 to the day of his death, 
29th October 1885, containing a detailed 
Account of his Journey through Masai 
Land, his Capture and Imprisonment. 
8° 1886 

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Mann, Abbe ; also Ramusio, Vol. i : 
Appendix i. 

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Sphaerae Materialis, hactenus ab omni- 
bus Philosophis, et Mathematicis magno 
studiosorum incommodo neglecto nunc 
vero in lucem tradito. 4° Cologne, 1559 

Hanoteau, A. Essai de Grammaire de 
la Langue Tamachek', renfermant les 
principes du Langage parle par les 
Imouchar'ou Touareg, des Conversations 
en Tamachek', des Facsimile d'ecriture en 
caracteres Tifinar'. Alap. 8° Paris, i860 

and A. Letourneux. La Kabylie 

et les Coutumes Kabyles. 3 vols. Map 
and diaf^ram. 8° Paris, 1872-73 

" Hansa." See Koldewey. 

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(North Atlantic Expedition) : Appendix 2. 

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Hanson, William. Geographical Ency- 
clopx'dia of New South Wales, including 
the Counties, Towns, and Villages within 
the Colony, with the Sources and Courses 
of the Rivers and their Tributaries . . . 
Map and diagrams. Large 8° 

Sydney, 1892 

Hansteen, C. Untersuchungen iiber den 
Magnetismus der Erde. Uel^ersetzt von 
P. T. Hanson. Maps and plates. 4° 

Christiania, 1819 

Souvenirs d'un Voyage en .Sii)erie. 

Traduits du Norvegicn ])ar Mme. Colban, 
et revus par MM. Sedillot et De la 
Rocjuelte. Map. 8" Paris, 1857 

See Sabine. 

and Lieut. Due. Resultate mag- 

netischer, astronomischer, und meteoro- 
logischer Beobachtungen auf einer Rcisc 
nach dem Oestlichen Sibirien in den Jah- 
ren 1828-30. Maps. 4" Christiania, 1863 

Han-way, Jonas. An Historical Account 
of the British Trade over the Caspian 
Sea, with a Journal of Travels from 
London through Russia into Persia, and 
back again through Russia, Germany, 
and Holland. 4 vols, in 3. Maps and 
plates. 4° 1753 

The same. 2ncl edition. 2 vols. 

Maps. 4° 1754 

The same. 3rd edition. Maps attd 

plates. 4° 1 762 

— — ■ See P ; also New Collection of 

Travels, Vol. 4 ; " The World Displayed," 
Vols. 14, 15, p. 609: Appendix i. 

Harant, Kristof. Gesta z Kralovstvi 
Ceskeho do Benatek, odtud do zeme 
Svate, zeme Judske a Dale do Egypta, 
a Potom na Horu Oreb, Sinai a Sv. 
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North - Eastern France. 



illustrations. Crown 8° 


South - Eastern France. 



illustrations. Crown 8° 


South -Western France. 



illustrations. Crown 8° 


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by a Committee of the Academy of 
Sciences of France, agreeably to which 
Tornados are caused by Heat ; while, 
agreeably to Peltier's Report to the same 
lx)dy, certain Insurers had been obliged 
to pay for a Tornado as an Electrical 
Storm. 8* Philadelphia, 1852 

Queries and Strictures respecting 

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Nouveau Monde, d'apres des Documents 
nouveaux ou peu connus, tires des 
Archives de Lisbonne et de Modene, 
suivi du texte inedit d'un recit de la 
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Pieces, Gothiques, P>an9aises, Italiennes, 
et Latines, du Commencement du XV 1'= 
Siecle, non decrites jusqu'ici, precedee 
d'une Histoire de la Bibliotheque Colom- 
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a Critical, Documentary, and Historic 
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Descriptionss of 250 Maps or Glol)es, 
existing or lost, constructed before the 
year 1536 ; to which are added a Chrono- 
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Attempted, or Accomplished between 
1431 and 1504; Biographical Accounts 
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meeanee, and the Country lying between 
Kurachee and Ilinglaj, in the Lus Terri- 
tory, in 1840. Royal 8° Bombay, 1855 

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gical Stations in China ; and 2° Proposals 
for Cooperation in the Publication of 
Meteorological Observations and Ex- 
change of Weather News by Telegraph 
along the Pacific Coast of Asia. Map. 
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des Aufstandes. Zweites Heft. Maps 
and illustrations. 8* Vienna, 1882 



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B. Zimmermann. Beginn der Opera- 
tionen unci Vormarsch der K. K. Truppen 
die ersten Actionen. Die politische Lage. 
Drittes Heft. Maps and illustrations. 
8* Vienna, 1882 

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Delta of the Danube, and of the Works 
recently executed at the Sulina Mouth. 
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States and in Canada, including a De- 
scription of the St Lawrence and the 
Mississippi Rivers and their main Tribu- 
taries. 8° 1875 

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one of the Series of Lectures delivered 
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der Ostkuste Afrikas. Map and illustra- 
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Modern Tupi of the Amazonas. (From 
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On the Tertiary Basin on the Maranon. 

8* New Llaven, Conn., 1872 

Contributions to the Geology and 

Physical Geography of the Lower Ama- 
zonas : The Erere- Monte- Alegre District 
and the Table-Topped Hills ; with 
Supplement on the Devonian Brachio- 
poda of Erere, by Richard Rathbun. 
Plates. Small 8* Buffalo, N.Y., I'^T a, 

Preliminary Report of the Morgan 

Expedition, 1870-71. Report of a Re- 
connaisance of the Lower Tapajos. 
[Bulletin of the Cornell University 
(Science), Vol. I., No. i.] Sketch map. 
8* Ithaca, N.Y., 1874 

Notes on the Manufacture of Pottery 

among Savage Races. 12* 

Rio de Janeiro, 1875 
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A Complete Descriptive and Statistical 
Gazetteer of the United States of America, 
containing a particular Description of the 
States, Territories, Counties, Districts, 
Parishes, Cities, Towns, and Villages, 
Mountains, Rivers, Lakes, Canals, and 
Railroads ; with an Alxstract of the 
Census and Statistics for 1840. 8° 

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Agriculture of the County of Monmouth, 
with Observations on the Means of its 
Improvement. Map. 8° 18 12 

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Pascha, die agyptische Aequatorial Pro- 
vinz und den Ssudan von Vita Hassan 
unter der Mitarbeit von Elie M. Baruck. 
Aus dem franzosichen Original libersetzt 
und mit Anmerkungen versehen von Dr 
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^7SO) 175 1 > 1752, containing Observa- 
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of the Scriptures. Map. 8° 1 706 

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chen Chartum und dcm Rothen Meere bis 
Suakin und Massaua. Anhang — Th. von 
Heuglin : einarabischcnSchriftstcllcr liber 
die Bedja - Lander. (Ergjinzungsheft, 
6 — Petermann's Mittheilungen.) Map. 
4° Goika, 1 86 1 

See IV'termann, Dr A. 

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and Rev. M. Harvey. Newfound- 
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See " Novara." 


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8° 1880 

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Formen der Unebenheiten der Erdober- 
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tanlium illustrante. Scripsil in Acroasi. 
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[For full Title and Contents, see Ap- 
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and Sir Andrew Clarke. Copy 

Report by Mr Hawkshaw and Sir 
Andrew Clarke upon the possibility of 
combining Naval and Military Require- 
ments with the objects of Dover Harbour 

• Bill. MaJ>. [Parly. Rep.] Folio 1873 

Copy of Final Report by Mr John 

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Map. [Parly. Rep.] Folio 1873 

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Ap]>endix i. 

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Scenery, with a Description of the 
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Panoramic Views along the line of the 
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New York, 1870 

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Yellowstone and Firehole Rivers. ( From 
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Plates. 8* Washington, 1879 

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G, a : Appendix 2. 

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The same. 19th edition. 1889 

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Personal Narrative of Adventure in 
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Map of Russia. [In Russian.] 8* 

[6V ]\-tcrsburg\ 1865 

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Die Bohrversiiche zur Entdeckung von 

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— — Das Vorkommen und die Entstehung 

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Zur Frage iiberdasbehaupteteSeichter- 

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Russlands, und iil^er neue montanistische 

Untersuchungen und Massnahmen in 

Russland. 12* St Petersburg, 1876 
Zur Frage iilier die central-russische 

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schen Wissenschaften den von der 
kaiserlichen Akademie der Wissens- 
chaften zu St Petersburg von 1831 bis 
1879, herausgegebenen Schriften ver- 
danken. 1879 

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mit besonderer Riicksicht auf ihre 
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Tables. 1879 

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Notizen liber einige anderc Unkriiuter 

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land vorkonimcnde giftige und ver- 
meintlich giftige Arachniden. 1881 

Helmerson and Schrenck — couthtued. 

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gische und physico-geographische Beo- 
bachtungen in Olonezer Bergrevier. 
Map and atlas 1882 

Vol. 6. — Koppen, F. T. Das Fehlen 
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sein des Rehs und des Edelhirsches in 
der Krim. Nebst Excursen liber die 
Verbreitung einiger anderer Siiuge- 
thiere in Russland, und einem An- 
hange : zur Herpetologie der Krim. 

Nachschrift zum Aufsatze " Das 

Fehlen, &c.," enthaltend einige weitere 
Nachtrage und Berichtigungen. 

Die Verbreitung des Elenthiers im 

Europaischen Russland, mit besonderer 
Berlicksichtigung einer in den fiinfziger 
Jahren begonnenen Massenwanderung 
desselben. Nebst einem Anhange, en- 
thaltend: Das vermeintliche Vorkom- 
men des Bison im Gouvernement Nish- 
ni Nowgorod. Mit einer Karte. 

Notiz liber die Rlickwanderung der 

Dreissena Polymorpha, Pall. Nebst 
einem Anhange : Ueber kiinstliche 
Verpflanzung der Flusskrebse in Russ- 

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Prof. A. E. Nordenskjold's Reisewerk : 
Die Umsegelung Asien's und Europa's 
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Beziehung auf die Geschichte der Rus- 
sischen Entdeckungsreisen im und am 
Siberischen Eismeer. Map 1883 

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Halbinsel. Theil I. Saugethiere. Plate 


Vol. 8.— Tolstoi, Graf. D. A. Ein Blick 
auf das Unterrichtwesen Russland's im 
18 Jahrhundert bis 1782. Aus dem 
Russischen ul)ersetzt von P. von 

Poljakow, I. Anthropologisches und 
Priihistorisches aus verschiedenen 
Theilen des Europaischen Russlands. 
Aus dem Russischen iibersctzt von Fr. 
Russow. Plates. 

1. Anthropologische Reisedurch den 
mittleren und ostlichen Theil des 
Europaischen Russland's. Plates. 

2. Untersuchungen in Bezug auf 
die Steinzcit im Gouvernement 
Olonez, im Flussthal der Oka und 
am oberen Laufe der Wolga. 
Plates. 1885 

Vol. 9. — Pleske, Theodor. Uebersicht 
der Saugethiere und Vogel der Kola- 
Halbinsel. Theil II. Vogel und Nach- 
triige. 1886 

Helmert, F. R. See Germany, A : Ap- 
pendix 2, 



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1831 ; with Continuations from 1832 to 
1853 by Lieuts. Kemball and Disbrowe. 
Royal 8" Bombay, 1856 

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nouvellement decouverte au Sud-(Juest 
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Nouvelle decouverte d'un tres grand 

pays situe dans I'Amerique, entre le 
Nouveau Mexique et la Mer Glaciale. 
Maps and plates. 12" Utrecht, 1697 

Nouveau Voyage d'un pais plus 

grand (jue I'Europe. Plates. 12° 

Utrecht, 1698 

Hennepin, L. A new Discovery of a Vast 
Country in America, extending above 
Four Thousand Miles, between New 
France and New Mexico ; with a Descrip- 
tion of the Great Lakes, Cataracts, Rivers, 
Plants, and Animals, also the Man- 
ners, Customs, and Languages of the 
several Native Indians . . ; with the Ad- 
vantages of a Shorter Cut to China and 
Japan. Maps and plates. Small 8° 1699 

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Meteorology in its connection with 

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tur, necnon terrestri ac primigenio Para- 
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Cosniography, in Four Books, contain- 
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The same for the year 1889 (also 

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The same for the year 1895 (also 

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Ports, Aden to Pamban Pass ; Part II. 
Eastern and Burma Ports, Negapatam to 
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8" 1854 
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8° i860 

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thu. Map. 8* Berlin, 1893 

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South American Sketches, or a Visit 

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8° 1863 

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a Narrative of Wanderings round the 
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Assembly of Copies of Reports, &c., of 
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General Report, on the Assinniboine and 
Saskatchewan Exploring Expedition ; 
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Explorations in the Interior of the 

Labrador Peninsula, the Country of the 
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2 vols. Map and coloured plates. 8° 1863 

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Special Report on the Distribution of the 
" Queliec Group" in the Province. 8° 
Fredericton, 1865 

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tronomy, for the use of Schools and 
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cation a la Carte Generale des Possessions 
Neerlandaises dans le Grand Archipel 
Indien. 4° The Hague, 1841 

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Branches from the Main Routes round 
the World. Maps and illustrations. 8° 


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tion. 2 vols. Plates. 4° 1834 

The same. 3rd edition. 2 vols. 

Maps and plates. 4° 1842 

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Wealth of Arizona : a Handlxjok to its 
History, Towns, Mines, Ruins, and 
Scenery. Illustrations. 12° 

San Francisco [1877] 

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Histoire de la Vie de, et de ses Voyages 
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par Hoci-li et Yen-Thsong. Traduite 
du Chinois par S. Julien. 8° 

Paris, 1853 

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Parts I and 2. Map and plates. 8* 


Gedachtnissrede auf Karl Zcippritz 

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berg. 8* Konigshers;, 1885 

Bericht iiber die Fortschritte in 

der geographischen und topographischen 
Kenntniss der alten griechischen Welt. 
8° Got ha, 1890 

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Canton, 1872 

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8* 1873-74 

China and the Roman Orient : 

Researches into their Ancient and 
Mediaeval Relations, as represented in 
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Chinese Recorder.^ 8* 1885 

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Al)original Tribes of the Central Pro- 
vinces [of India] . . . Edited, with 
Notes and Preface, by R. Temple. 8° 
\Nagporc\ 1866 

See Smith, Dr George ; also India, C 

(Geological Papers) : Appendix 2. 


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ujwn the (ieology and Mineralogy of the 
State of New Hampshire. Map. 8* 

Manchester, N.H., 1869 

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of Alassachusetts. Woodcuts. 8° 

Amherst, 1833 

— — Report on a Re-Examination of the 
Economical Geology of Massachusetts. 
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Valley, especially its Fossil Footmarks, 
made to the Government of the Common- 
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Central Africa by Barth and Overweg, 
and of two supposed New Languages in 
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On Acra-, a Syracusan Colony in the 

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ties. Royal 8* 1852 

Further Notice respecting the Sinaic 

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On Two Events which occurred in the 

Life of King Canute the Dane. 8* 1855 

On the Sicilian and Sardinian Lan- 
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On the History of Iceland, and the 

Icelandic Language and Literature. 8* 


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On some Inscriptions from Cyprus, 

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On the supposed Scriptural Names of 

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on the Chief Heliopolitan Inscriptions, 
Temples, Deities, and Sun-Worship. 8* 


Notes on the Byblus-Rush and the 

Byblus-Bok. [2 kaves.'\ 8* 1864 

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which the Central Equatorial Lakes are 
laid down nearly in their True Positions. 
Maps. 8* , 1864 

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Egyptian Sculptures and Incriptions in 
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Further Account of Assyrian and 

Egyptian Antiquities in Turkey, with a 
Notice of the Roman Remains at Da- 
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On some Roman Antitjuities recently 

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P'erozepoor, Ramnuggu, &c. Edited Ijy 
R. Hughes Thomas. Royal 8" 

Bombay, 1855 

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bad. Royal 8° Bombay, 1855 

Further Correspondence relative to 

the Introduction of a Rough Survey and 
Revenue Settlement in the Province of 
Sind. Map. Royal 8° Bombay, 1859 

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so\. oi Maps. 4" 1870 

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Indische Alphabetten. Bijdrage tot de 
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Sniivll 8° Lexington, Ky., 1836 

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during a Nine Weeks Ramble through 
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Austrian Lomljardy, Venice, Carinthia, 
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the Rhine, and Holland. Map. 4° 1 831 

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Kh'e, also called Seang-kh'e, to dis- 
tinguish it from Wei-kh'e, another Game 
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Shanghai [1866] 

List of the Principal Tea Districts in 

China, and Notes on the Names apjilied 
to the various kinds of Black and (Jrcen 
Tea. Small 8* Shanghai, 1876 

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Vol. I. Maps, plates, and facsimiles. 
1889. Vol. 2 [Text and plates). 8° 

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sbkning [Ser. C, No. 93) : Appendix 2. 




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hemia, Saxony, Prussia, Hanover, &c. , 
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of the Author being conducted a State 
Prisoner from the eastern parts of 
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See Schreuder. 

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Illustrations. 8* Washington, 1887 

Textile Fabrics of Ancient Peru. 

Illustrations. 8* Washington, 1889 

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applicable to Lighthouses. Plate. 8* 


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The Quarantine Laws, their Abuses 

and Inconsistencies. A Letter addressed 
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Scales of Equal Parts, applicable to the 
various Purposes of Engineering, Archi- 
tectural, and General Science. Plate. 8° 


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Native (Question. 8* Kimberley, 1877 

Eine Culturskizze des Marutse- 

Mambunda - Reiches in Slid - Central- 
Afrika. 8" Vienna, 1879 

The Victoria Falls : a Few Pages from 

the Diary of Emil Holub, M.D., written 
during his Third Trip into the Interior 
of Southern Africa. 1 2* 

Grahanistown, 1879 

— Die Colonisation Afrikas : A. Die 
Franzosen in Tunis, vom Standpunkte 
der Erforschung und Civilisirung Afrikas. 
8* Vienna, 1881 

The same. B. Die Englander in Siid- 

Afrika, vom Standpunkte der Erforschung 
und Civilisirung. i. Die Eingebornen- 
Frage Slid- Afrikas. 8* Vienna, 1882 

Holub, Dr "E-VxA.— continued. 

The same. 2. Der Export und Im- 
port des Caplandes. 8* Vienna, 1882 

The same. Die Stellung des Arztes 

in den transoceanischen Gebieten, vom 
Standpunkte der Erforschung und Civili- 
sirung. 4 heft. 8* Vienna, 1882 

Die nationalokonomische Bedeutung 

der Afrikaforschung. 8* Vienna, 1881 

Dr E. riolub's osterreichisch-unga- 

rische Afrika - Expedition. General- 
Ausweis der bis zum August 1881 einge- 
langten Beitrage. 8* Vienna, 1881 

Die Stidafrikanischen Salzseen. Map. 

8* Frankfort 0. M., 188 1 

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Forschungen, und Jagden, auf meinen 
Reisen von den Diamantenfeldern zum 
Zambesi, 1872-79. 2 vols. Maps and 
illustrations. 8'^ Vienna, 1 88 1 

Seven Years in South Africa : Travels, 

Researches, and Hunting Adventures, 
between the Diamond - Fields and the 
Zambesi, 1872-79. Translated by Ellen 
E. Frewer. 2 vols. Map atid illustra- 
tions. 8° I 88 I 

Elephanten - Jagden in Slid - Afrika. 

Ausserordentlicher Vortrag, gehalten im 
Club osterreichischer Eisenbahn-Beamten 
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Von der Capstadt ins Land der 

Maschukulumbe. Reisen im sudlichen 
Afrika in den Jahren 1883-87. 2 vols. 
Maps ami illustrations. 8° Vienna, 1890 

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Sec Kienitz. 

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Fossilien aus der Uitenhage-Formation 
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Munich, 1889 

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contenant plus de quarante mille angles 
horaires calcules pour toutes les latitudes 
depuis 0° jusqu'a 70° ... 2 vols. 
Imperial 8" Paris, 1863 



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and two other British Merchant Seamen, 
on the Island of Arguin, on the West 
Coast of Africa, in 1844-45. ^2* 1845 

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in the East : Adventures, Discoveries, 
Experiments, and Historical Sketches 
relating to the Punjab and Cashmere, in 
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Medica, and a Medical Vocabulary in 
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2 vols in I. Map and plates. 8° 1852 

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Map and plates. 8° Edinburgh, 1863 

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containing . . . : i. The Present Defi- 
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Nature, Motion, and Effects of Light, 
particularly that of Sun and Comets ; 3. 
An Hypothetical Explication of Memory; 
4. Explication of the Cause of Gravity, 
or Gravitation, Magnetism, &c. ; 5. Dis- 
course of Earthquakes, their Causes and 
Effects ; 6. Lectures for Improving Navi- 
gation and Astronomy ; with the Author's 
Life published by R. Walter. Plates. 
Folio 1705 

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in the years 1839-43, &c. 2 vols. Map 
and plates. 4° 1847 

Notes of a Tour in the Plains of India, 

the Himala, and Borneo, being Extracts 
from the Private Letters of Dr Hooker, 
written during a Government Botanical 
Mission to those Countries. Part i. 
England to Calcutta. 8* 1848 

Observations made when following 

the Grand Trunk Road across the Hills 
of Upper Bengal, &c. , in the Soane 
Valley, and on the Kymaon Branch of 
the Vindya Hills. 8* Calcutta, 1848 

— ■ — On the Climate and Vegetation of the 
Temperate and Cold Regions of East 
Nepal and the Sikkim Himalaya Moun- 
tains. Royal 8* 1849 

Notes, chiefly Botanical, made during 

an Excursion from Darjiling to Tonglo, a 
lofty Mountain on the confines of Sikkim 
and Nepal. 8* Calcutta, 1849 

Elevation of the Great Table Land of 

Thibet. 8* 1849 

Introductory Essay to the Flora of 

New Zealand. 4* 1853 

Himalayan Journals, or Notes of a 

Naturalist in Bengal, the Sikkim and 
Nepal Himalayas, the Khasia Mountains, 
&c. 2 vols. Maps and plates. 8° 1854 

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tribution of the North American Flora. 
8* 1878 

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Lil)rary of Famous Books.) Portrait, 
maps, and illustrations. 12° 189 1 

and J. Ball, Journal of a Tour in 

Marocco and the Great Atlas ; with an 
Appendix, including a Sketch of the 
Geology of Marocco by G. Maw. Map 
and plates. 8° 1879 

and Thomas Thomson. Introduc- 
tory Essay to the Flora Indica ; including 
Preliminary Observations on the Study 
of Indian Botany, a Summary of the 
Labours of Indian Botanists, a Sketch 
of the Meteorology of India, Outlines of 
the Physical Geography and Botany of 
the Provinces of India. Maps. 8° 1855 

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Iceland in 1809. 2 vols. Maps and 
plates. 8° 1813 

Directions for Collecting and Preserv- 
ing Plants in Foreign Countries. 4* 

Glasgow, 1828 

Notes on the Botany of the Antarctic 

Voyage conducted by Capt. James Clark 
Ross in H.M. Discovery ships "Erebus" 
and "Terror," with Observations on the 
Tussac Grass of the Falkland Islands. 
Plate. 8* 1843 

Biographical Sketch of Sir William J. 

Hooker. Small 8* 1865 

La Vie et les Ecrits de. Par A. de 

Candolle. 8* Paris, 1866 

See Murray, Hugh ; also Eyries, Vol. 

7 : Appendix 2. 

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Journey from Perth to Port Walcott on 
the North-West Coast of Australia, per- 
formed by T. Hooley, Esq., with a 
view to finding a Practicable Route for 
Driving Stock to the North District of 
Western Australia. [Cuttings from the 
Perth Gazette of 14th December 1866.] 
Folio* Perth, 1866 

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the U.S. Revenue -steamer "Corwin" 

in the Arctic Ocean, ist November 1880. 

Chart. 8° Washington, 1881 
The Cruise of the "Corwin" in the 

Arctic. 8* San Francisco, 1 881 
Report of the Cruise of the U.S. 

Revenue -steamer "Thomas Corwin" in 

the Arctic Ocean, 1881. Plates. 4° 

Washington, 1884 
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West Indies and British Honduras. Folio* 
Report upon the Forests of Jamaica. 

Map. Folio* 1886 
Report upon the Forests of St Vincent. 

Folio* 1886 
Report upon the Forests of Honduras. 

Folio* Kurnool, 1887 



Hooper, E. D. M. Report upon the 
Forests of St Lucia. Folio* 

Madras, 1887 

Report upon the Forests of Grenada 

and Carriacou. Folio* 1887 

Report upon the Forests of Tobago. 

Map. Folio* Matiras, 1887 

Report upon Antigua in relation to 

Forestry. Map. Folio* Madras, 1888 

Hooper, W. H. Private Journal of the 

Voyage of the "Isabella" in Search of 

a North-West Passage. MS. 4° 1818 

Private Journal of the Voyage of the 

" Hecla" and "Griper." MS. Folio 


Private Journal of the First Voyage of 

the "Hecla "and "Fury." 2 vols. MS. 
4° 1821-23 

Private Journal of the Second Voyage 

of the "Hecla" and "Fury." 2 vols. 
MS. 4° 1824-25 

Ten Months among the Tents of the 

Tuski, with Incidents of an Arctic Boat 
Expedition in Search of Sir John Frank- 
lin, as far as the Mackenzie River and 
Cape Bathurst. Map and illustrations. 
8° 1853 
Hoom, Lord van. Embassy to Kang-hi, 
Emperor of China and Eastern Tartary. 
See Astley, Vol. 3 ; Allgemeine Historic, 
Vol. 5 : Appendix i. 
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Bonne-Esperance, avec un Journal His- 
torique d'un Voyage de Terre, fait par 
ordre du Gouverneur feu Mgr. Ryk. 
Tulbagh, dans I'lnterieur de I'Afrique. 
Plates. 8° Amsterdam, 1778 
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(From the Calcutta Review, January 
1893.) 8* 1893 
Hope, Rev. H. The Canadian Settlers' 
Guide. Maps. 8° i860 
Hopkins, B. J. Astronomy for Every-day 
Readers. 2nd edition. Illustrations. 
12° 1893 
Hopkins, Edward Augustus. Memoria 
accompaiiando un Proyecto de Ley, pro- 
veyendo los medlos de disponer de las 
tierras publicas de la Confederacion 
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The Problem of the Northmen : a 

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— — - The Discovery of the Ancient City of 
Norumbega : a Communication to the 
President and Council of the American